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Conference clt::software_reusability

Title:Software Reusability Issues
Created:Wed Feb 12 1986
Last Modified:Wed Mar 08 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:60
Total number of notes:250
Number with bodies:0
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1.03CLT::INSTALLWed Feb 12 1986Purpose of conference and Introduction
2.01CLT::CANDELATue Feb 25 1986References in the literature
3.03TOOLS::BUTENHOFThu Mar 20 1986Approachable Systems reusability status
4.02TOOLS::BUTENHOFThu Mar 20 1986Object based components
5.028TOOLS::BUTENHOFThu Mar 20 1986Cataloging components
6.02STAR::JONESMon Mar 24 1986Testgen software reusability project
7.013PBSVAX::KILIANTue Apr 01 1986What is a "reusable component?"
8.01PBSVAX::KILIANWed Apr 09 1986Some more questions...
9.07REGINA::SICHELTue Apr 15 1986Extending the concept of filters
10.010CLT::CANDELATue Apr 22 1986Call for candidate components
11.0DSSDEV::STANSBURYMon Apr 28 1986Reusability Issues
12.01STAR::JONESTue Apr 29 1986Talk on software reusability in software testing.
13.0DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYTue Jul 01 1986Interesting article from Computerworld
14.06CLT::CANDELATue Apr 14 1987ADA, Software Reusability and the DoD
15.0MDVAX3::SMITHMThu Apr 30 1987JIAWG mandates reuse
16.04AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Jun 23 1987Software reusability from comp.lang.misc
17.04MDVAX1::SMITHMThu Jul 02 1987cost/benefits in VMS
18.0CHANCE::OBRYANWed Jul 08 1987July IEEE Software: Reuse
19.0SUPER7::GUTHRIEFri Sep 02 1988'Reusable' documentation components
20.0MDRA3::MILAGROSTue Jan 31 1989P.A.K.'s ???
22.03SETC::HUTCHINGSFri Jan 12 1990Summary of the Dec. 15th 1989 Workshop on S'ware Reusability
23.0TRNPRC::HUTCHINGSMon Jan 29 1990Summary of this Conference - 3 years' worth of DECies' thoughts on Reusabilty, plus my own thoughts.
24.0TRNPRC::HUTCHINGSTue Sep 25 1990Reusability & Repeatability - by Terry Startsman & Ralph James (EIS)
25.0TRNPRC::HUTCHINGSFri Oct 05 1990Making Reuse really happen in Engineering.......
26.0RIKKA::PALOSun Oct 21 1990The state of the union .. from comp.software-eng
27.0CUCKOO::OTTENWed Feb 20 1991Who pays for reuse??
28.03UCROW::GUERRIERIThu Mar 21 1991"ReNews - The Electronic Software Reuse Newsletter," Vol. 1 No. 1 - March, 1991
29.01UCROW::GUERRIERIThu Mar 21 1991IEEE Software Reuse Presentations
30.0TRNPRC::HUTCHINGSFri Mar 22 1991Outline for a course on Software Reuse? - comments? Anyone interested in helping dev. it?
31.0SIEVAX::NATIONWed Jun 19 1991Interested in a Re-usable library/catalogue
32.0WECROW::GUERRIERIThu Aug 01 1991OOPSLA/91 OO design architecture workshop
33.0WECROW::GUERRIERIMon Sep 09 19915th Annual Workshop on Software Reuse - Call For Participation
34.0WECROW::GUERRIERIMon Sep 09 1991The Practical Reuser - Vol. 2, No. 4 Aug. 1991
35.0WECROW::GUERRIERITue Dec 10 1991Software Reusability Survey/Questionnaire
36.0WECROW::GUERRIERITue Mar 10 1992"Brochure" of April seminar on reuse, domain analysis, reengineering
37.0SETC::HUTCHINGSMon Feb 01 1993Some possible reuse metrics, from the Reuse Change program
38.01SETC::HUTCHINGSMon Feb 01 1993Software Reuse Incentive scheme from the UK
39.047WECROW::GUERRIERIWed Feb 10 1993IWSR-2 Position Papers
40.09WECROW::GUERRIERIMon May 03 1993IWSR-2 Trip Report
41.0NUTS2U::LITTLETue May 04 1993Creating and utilizing reusable software components
42.011WECROW::GUERRIERIFri May 07 1993Call for Papers on Reuse
43.0VNASWS::LOBSANGTue Jun 29 1993National Software Reuse Directory
44.0WECROW::GUERRIERIWed Jun 30 1993Public Ada Library (PAL)
45.03WECROW::GUERRIERIThu Jul 01 1993Conferences/Workshops which include Reuse topics
46.01CIM::LORENWed Jul 07 1993Software Engineering Institute (SEI) topic
47.0SETC::HUTCHINGSFri Jul 09 1993Minutes of the Software Reuse change team mtg, July 93
48.0SETC::HUTCHINGSThu Jul 29 1993BOEING's "STARS" and SPC's "SYNTHESIS" Reuse programs
49.02WECROW::GUERRIERITue Oct 26 1993WISR-6 Position Papers
50.0NUTS2U::LITTLETue Nov 23 1993Hyperized WISR4,5,6 Papers in RTG Reuse Library
51.0SETC::HUTCHINGSFri Jan 21 1994The Benefits of Software Reuse. Comments invited
52.02OOTOOL::RYEThu Jan 27 1994Reuse metric operational definition - Please comment
53.0WECROW::GUERRIERIFri Feb 04 1994ACM-SAC'94 - Reusability Track Program
54.016WECROW::GUERRIERIWed Feb 09 1994Is quality benefit with reuse really obvious?
55.0CIM::LORENThu Feb 10 1994Internal CASE Recommendations
56.0PIPE::STARTSMANThu Feb 17 1994Minutes of 2/16 Reuse Design Team Meeting
57.0PIPE::STARTSMANTue Mar 01 1994Reuse Organizational Issues to be Addressed
58.01WECROW::GUERRIERIWed Jul 27 1994ICSR-3 Advance Program & Information
59.06MICROW::GUERRIERISat Dec 03 1994Reuse and OOP
60.0NETRIX::"guerrier@tay1.dec.com"Fri Feb 24 1995Symposium on Software Reusability (SSR'95) Preliminary Program and Registration