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Conference clt::snobol

Title:SNOBOL4 Programming Language
Notice:SNOBOL4 and ICON discussed here
Created:Mon Feb 03 1986
Last Modified:Tue Aug 09 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:40
Total number of notes:116
Number with bodies:0
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1.01HARE::STANWed May 01 1985Welcome
2.013CASEE::CLARKWed Feb 08 1989The SNOBOL4 and ICON Fan Club
3.05HARE::STANWed May 01 1985SNOBOL4's available for VMS
4.06TOOLS::STANThu May 16 1985SNOBOL4 Documentation
5.01TOOLS::STANFri May 10 1985ICEBOL -- Yearly SNOBOL4 Conference
6.09SUPER::HARBOMon May 20 1985Keywords case-sensitive?
7.02NCVAX1::SSMITHTue May 21 1985Adding procs. to TRW SNOBOL4?
8.0RANI::LEICHTERJTue May 21 1985APLBOL - an interactive SNOBOL
10.06SUPER::HARBOThu Jun 27 1985Icon available at DEC?
11.0ELUDOM::CLARKFri Jun 28 1985Griswold on SNOBOL and Icon
12.06SUPER::HARBOMon Jul 08 1985Sending for 5.9
13.01DEMILO::PETTYFri Oct 04 1985-include statement usage
14.01R2ME2::YARBROUGHTue Nov 12 1985Want to buy SPITBOL?
15.04TLE::CLARKWed Nov 13 1985SCAN vs. SNOBOL4
16.01BERGIL::HARBOWed Dec 04 1985Sources for ICON
17.0TURTLE::GILBERTTue Jan 21 1986VAX Notes Conversion
18.03DEREP::STSAUVEURFri Mar 07 1986What is SNOBOL
19.01MODEL::YARBROUGHTue Jul 01 1986New version of SPITBOL/VMS V4.4
20.01JUNIPR::DMCLUREFri Aug 22 1986Announcing: Battle of the Languages
21.0NAC::HARBOWed Apr 22 1987Icon available for ATARI ST
23.01CASEE::CLARKThu Jan 14 1988Reinstall SPITBOL after a VMS upgrade
24.04CASEE::CLARKThu Jan 14 1988SPITBOL loops forever on VMS V5
27.0KETJE::HAENTJENSFri Mar 17 1989SETHOST.LOG for an Icon run
28.0KETJE::HAENTJENSFri Mar 17 1989STAGE2 + Icon: Anyone?
29.01ARRCEE::CATENAWed Apr 05 1989icon v7.* for msdos?
30.01SKANDA::rasTue May 09 1989SNOBOL4 for the Macintosh
31.01KETJE::HAENTJENSThu May 18 1989ICON 3-page summary
32.0KETJE::HAENTJENSWed May 24 1989Call FORTRAN from ICON
33.0KETJE::HAENTJENSThu May 25 1989ICON.COM for V7/VMS
34.01CHEESE::KAISERFri Sep 22 1989Icon now available commercially
35.0RTL::CLARKThu Jul 19 1990"The Icon Newsletter"
36.0ALLVAX::PETERSMon Mar 25 1991Information on Idol
37.01CIVMon Mar 09 1992How SNOBOL appears to itself
38.0CIVMon Mar 09 1992A Finite State Machine driver for VT1
39.01CIVTue Apr 28 1992String processing language(s) on Alpha?
40.0DCEIDL::CLARKTue Aug 09 1994SCAN customer seeks replacement for OpenVMS Alpha