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Conference noted::ibmpc-93

Title:'93 conference archived; use NOTED::IBMPC-94 now
Notice:'93 conference archived; use NOTED::IBMPC-94 now
Created:Tue Dec 29 1992
Last Modified:Tue Nov 01 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3102
Total number of notes:24522
Number with bodies:0
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1.02RANGER::BACKSTROMThu Mar 26 1992Welcome to RANGER::IBMPC-93
2.05RANGER::BACKSTROMSun Feb 02 1992Conference and Noting Guidelines
3.011RANGER::BACKSTROMSun Feb 02 1992Conference & Other Notices
4.035RANGER::BACKSTROMSun Feb 02 1992Related/Other Conferences and Finding Out Their Status
5.02RANGER::BACKSTROMSun Feb 02 1992Keywords
6.05DAVE::MITTONTue Mar 10 1992Directory Listings
7.02DAVE::MITTONThu Mar 12 1992Old IBMPC* Conference Directories
10.017RANGER::BACKSTROMSun Feb 02 1992Tips On Searching Conferences
11.01RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Dec 29 1992Quick Reference to RANGER::IBMPC-93 Topics
20.091DAVE::MITTONTue Mar 10 1992Introductions
21.03RANGER::BACKSTROMThu Aug 05 1993The Official Farewell Topic (O tempora, o mores)
22.081DAVE::MITTONTue Mar 10 1992Conference Discussions
100.0RANGER::BACKSTROMThu Mar 26 1992The Official 'Items For Sale' Topic
110.0RANGER::BACKSTROMSun Mar 08 1992Official 'Items Wanted' Topic
120.0RANGER::BACKSTROMSun Feb 02 1992Troubleshooting Guidelines
140.03RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Feb 04 1992Tricks and Tips
150.02RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Feb 04 1992Terms and Acronyms Explained
151.013RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Dec 29 1992Asking About Terms, Acronyms & Such
200.020RANGER::BACKSTROMSun Feb 02 1992Frequently Asked (Common, Typical) Questions, FAQ
201.062RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Dec 29 1992Miscellaneous Questions And Possibly Also Answers
250.020RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Mar 24 1992Announcing: Computer Shows & Other Public Events
251.070RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Mar 30 1992Asking about: Computer Shows & Other Public Events
260.025RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Mar 25 1992Vendor/product support (BBS, fax, phone, address)
261.059RANGER::BACKSTROMSat Apr 11 1992Asking about vendors (BBS, phone, address, etc.)
299.07RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Jun 23 1992Vendor (PC SW/HW, Mailorder) Topics...
300.01022RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Jun 23 1992The Official Gateway (2
301.013EMDS::LOTZSun Jun 21 1992The Official USA FLEX Topic
302.019KAHALA::RECKARDWed Jun 10 1992The Official Sitek or PC Outlet Topic
303.09RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Jun 23 1992The Official EPS Topic
304.03RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Jun 23 1992The Official QUANTEX Microsystems, Inc. Topic
305.014ALEX::CONNTue Oct 20 1992The Official ARES Microdevelopment Inc. Topic
306.04RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Jun 23 1992The Official Standard Computer Topic
307.02RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Jun 23 1992The Official Altec Topic
308.013SOLVIT::FERRARATue Jan 05 1993The Official Budget Computer Topic
309.025RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Jul 01 1992The Official Zeos Topic
310.02RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Jul 01 1992The Official CompuAdd Express Topic
311.014RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Jul 01 1992The Official Compudyne Topic
312.07RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Jul 01 1992The Official PC Brand Topic
313.04WMOIS::POSCOWed Sep 02 1992The Official PC USA Topic
314.056RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Jul 01 1992The Official FastMicro Topic
315.07RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Jul 01 1992The Official Dell Computer Corp. Topic
316.011RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Jul 01 1992The Official Insight Computers Topic
317.04RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Jul 01 1992The Official V-COM Enterprises, Inc. Topic
318.01CIMNET::KYZIVATTue Jul 21 1992The Official MDS Topic
319.04WHCOX::WHCOXThu Jul 23 1992The Official CENTRIX Topic
320.01TODD::WARNOCKWed Aug 26 1992The Official TOUGHCOM Topic
321.019LANDO::STYLIANOSMon Aug 24 1992The Official SpeedWare Topic
322.01TPSYS::BUTCHARTSat Jan 02 1993The Official S.A.G. Electronics Note
323.013JOKUR::CIOFFITue Dec 29 1992The Official ZENON Topic
324.07LEDS::BIANCHIThu Jan 07 1993The Official Expo-Tech Topic
325.01MAST::REISERTFri Jan 08 1993The Official 'Everex' Topic
326.0ALOSWed Jan 13 1993The Official 'Image Microsystems' Topic
327.010CTHQ::ROSENBERGFri Jan 15 1993The Official 'NPC' Topic
328.010JOCKEY::BOURNEJFri Jan 15 1993The Official 'VTECH' Topic
329.01CFSCTC::SHAPIROSun Jan 24 1993The Official DTK Basenote
330.022CSC32::M_VASKEMon Mar 08 1993The Official 'COMTRADE' Topic
331.05BOXORN::HAYSWed Apr 14 1993The Official AST topic
332.06RANGER::SACKSTue Mar 30 1993XINERGY - L and W clone maker. Any experience
499.0RANGER::BACKSTROMThu Mar 05 1992--- Topics For Reseved Issues Start Here ---
500.0199RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Dec 29 1992Digital Printers (LA*, LN*, LJ*, etc.) and PC's
501.015RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992Where to find software (public domain, shareware)
502.058RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992File/data compression (ARC, ZIP, ZOO, etc.)
503.0487RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992The Official Media Vision (Sound & Video) Topic
504.015RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Jan 04 1993The Official GeoWorks (PC/GEOS) Topic
505.092RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Jan 04 1993Disk Compression Utilities (Stacker, SuperStor, etc.)
506.08no::authorWed Nov 18 1992DTN access for USA 1-8
507.07RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Jan 04 1993The Official Quarterdeck DESQview and DESQview/X Topic
508.091RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Jan 04 1993The Official Quarterdeck QEMM[-386] Topic
509.012RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Jan 04 1993The Official Qualitas 386max/BLUEmax Topic
510.0716RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Jan 04 1993The Official Adaptec SCSI contr., driver (ASPI) Topic
511.031TODD::WARNOCKWed Jun 10 1992Employee Purchase Program (EPP) for Lotus Products
512.065WAGON::IANNUZZITue Apr 07 1992Employee Purchase Program (EPP) for Microsoft Products
513.01RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Jan 05 1993DECpc (DECstation) Employee Purchase Program
514.0181RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Jan 06 1993The Official ATI Technologies Topic
515.0286CFSCTC::SHAPIROWed Jan 06 1993The Official Monitor Topic
516.070VMSDEV::CLABORNSun Jan 10 1993The Official 'Managing Your Money' (MYM) Topic
517.076ESBLAB::KINZELMANSun Jan 10 1993The Official CompuServe Topic
518.089PEAKS::OAKEYTue Jan 12 1993The Motherboard Base Note
519.034RANGER::BACKSTROMThu Jan 14 1993DECpc's (DECstations): Drivers, setup disks, etc.
520.06PEAKS::OAKEYSun Jan 17 1993The support chipset base note
521.064RANGER::BACKSTROMFri Feb 12 1993Misc. Discounts/Offers/Bargains
522.022MAST::REISERTMon Feb 15 1993Official Hard Disk Specification Topic
523.088JOCKEY::SHARKEYASat Feb 27 1993The Official Video Adapter Topic
524.0270CFSCTC::SHAPIROWed Mar 03 1993The Official Tape Backup Topic
600.0RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992Computer/Editor/Language/Etc Wars aka Ratholes
601.019RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992What is the best computer?
602.029RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992What is the best operating system?
603.022RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992What is the best mouse/trackball?
604.037RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992What is the best [VT-]terminal emulator?
605.015RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992What is the best editor?
606.033RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992What is the best wordprocessor?
607.06RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992What is the best spreadsheet?
608.09RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992What is the best database?
609.0120RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992What is the best sound board?
610.098RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992What is the best C/C++ compiler?
611.0106RANGER::BACKSTROMFri Mar 26 1993Reminisce here
699.0RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992--- New Notes Start Here --
700.022NEWVAX::MURRAYFri Jan 01 1993RRD4
701.0204KLUSTR::GARDNERSat Jan 02 1993high-end CDROM drives?
703.037TROOA::AKERMANISSat Jan 02 1993144
704.05SANFAN::LESLIE_DASat Jan 02 1993Time/Date reset even with external CMOS battery
705.035DKAS::BEAUDETSat Jan 02 1993Gateway TelePath FAXModem problem
706.01TOOK::NIPSat Jan 02 1993MS C7.
707.018CARTUN::ISRAELITESun Jan 03 1993Why a Math Processor?
708.0CARTUN::ISRAELITESun Jan 03 1993Building a Community Network...
709.021ESBLAB::KINZELMANSun Jan 03 1993MS-Word for Windows envelope printing question
710.08ESBLAB::KINZELMANSun Jan 03 1993Kermit non-standard IRQ question
711.022ESBLAB::KINZELMANSun Jan 03 1993Boca Modem/fax question
712.09ESBLAB::KINZELMANSun Jan 03 1993Corel - Microsoft compatibility?
713.02SAAVAK::ZEMONMon Jan 04 1993Local SCSI or PATHWORKS?
714.03QUABBI::"vixie@pa.dec.com"Mon Jan 04 1993need technical manual for Intelligent Graphics Controller (433ST)
715.014PNR1::ELLIOTTMon Jan 04 1993Help with my floppy drive!
716.04NEWOA::SAXBYMon Jan 04 1993Serial Printer - Centronics 15
717.06MARX::FLEMINGMon Jan 04 1993PC/PC modem file transfer
718.01PRMSMon Jan 04 1993ATI Windows "build5
719.019WRKSYS::AMORELLIMon Jan 04 1993Help with scanner
720.07ACE::BURTONMon Jan 04 1993VMS PCDisk Location?
722.01VERGA::MACDONALDMon Jan 04 1993Installing F-15 Strike Eagle III
723.012AMCIVO::NGUYENMon Jan 04 1993ViVa Data/Fax Internal Modem ?
724.07RLTIME::RTGUESTMon Jan 04 1993JoinData Motherboard 'Turbo' switch
725.08COPCLU::HENRIKVJTue Jan 05 1993SCSI adapter to PC's
726.042MR4DEC::TDAVISTue Jan 05 1993Mail-order Memory recommendations
727.01SPESHR::SWETTTue Jan 05 1993DECstation 316 setup needed
728.03RUSURE::EDPTue Jan 05 1993Voice/Data Switch
729.02BRASS::KRIEGERTue Jan 05 1993 Buying checklist sought...
731.07RENFRO::POWELLTue Jan 05 1993vendor for new PCXAT-BB tape drive?
732.0121CIVIC::PCTOGO::KENNEDYTue Jan 05 1993The Official Gravis Ultrasound Topic
733.01RECYCL::MCBRIDETue Jan 05 1993System configuration help needed - CAD etc - NOVICE
734.038ISMGTue Jan 05 1993Help with RZ23 on a a PC
735.03CSC32::S_HALLTue Jan 05 1993Modems disconnect while online
738.094STAR::BOIKOWed Jan 06 1993245MB Drive for $376 through DEC..
739.0HPSRAD::LUDWIGWed Jan 06 1993Sony SRS-58PC Active Speakers
740.08MRKTNG::BROCKWed Jan 06 1993Trouble adding a Digital floppy drive
741.04MAST::REISERTWed Jan 06 1993How do I get hi res out of DECpc 452ST?
742.04TPSYS::SHAHWed Jan 06 1993DMA and Timer Errors in QAPlus
743.06GVPROD::CHAPACOUWed Jan 06 1993DS325/433 exp. box, can they coexist ?
744.014BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jan 06 1993Getting a section of a PostScript file into PowerPoint
745.05KRELL1::SNYDERWed Jan 06 1993multiple user calendar software
746.017NCBOOT::PEREZWed Jan 06 1993What is the status of the LK45
747.04KAOA12::635Wed Jan 06 1993What is the meaning of bit-width in a SIMM?
749.02NODEX::BHAVNANIWed Jan 06 199312M RAM on 4
750.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Jan 07 1993Mouse Cursor disappear in Resource Workshop
752.04NEWOA::BAILEYThu Jan 07 19932
753.07CARROL::CONDOThu Jan 07 1993help needed for DecJet2
754.010COLRDO::J_WESTThu Jan 07 1993Need for TCP/IP driver and API
755.023ZENDIA::FERGUSONThu Jan 07 1993Microsoft C/C++ V7.
756.01MSBCS::BORSOMThu Jan 07 1993Passthrough with Appian TIGA card?
757.08PARITY::MITCHELLThu Jan 07 1993Windows V3.1; not enough memory error
758.017AIMHI::MACPHEEThu Jan 07 19938
759.042CRAZY::FLATHERSThu Jan 07 1993format/s a: problem on laptop
760.02PTOVAX::PEARLMANThu Jan 07 1993PrintShop Deluxe driver available now
761.054QOQUAQ::PELTZThu Jan 07 1993Color printers...
762.0141CSC32::D_LEWISThu Jan 07 1993Diamond Graphics adapters
763.08ZGOVFri Jan 08 1993Cyrix 486DLC-33 PC
764.03SAC::EDMUNDSFri Jan 08 1993Application keypad not recognised for "+"
765.09CRIME::BONGARTZFri Jan 08 1993HP DeskJet 55
766.0MAIL::HUMBERTSONFri Jan 08 1993Ultrastor 15F IDE/IO Board?
767.04NODEX::BHAVNANIFri Jan 08 1993433ST BIOS not caching more than 4M RAM
769.06STAR::GUINEAUSat Jan 09 1993TWIN - FAST file transfer between PC and Amiga over serial port
770.018TANG::RHINESun Jan 10 1993Strange SB Pro Problem
771.0SAAVAK::ZEMONSun Jan 10 1993Jumper advice for Mitsubishi M4851-112U floppy
773.02HEADER::STS_DFSun Jan 10 1993Pioneer 486SX/25 Info Please
774.0284ESBLAB::KINZELMANSun Jan 10 1993Corel questions
776.016KOBAL::KIRKSun Jan 10 1993Windows CD player.
777.011TANNAY::BETTELSMon Jan 11 1993Problems between the ATI Ultra Graphics Card and PAS-16 Sound Board with Music Prose
778.03SUTRA::NIMRODMon Jan 11 1993Help with WD1
779.03NEWVAX::PAVLICEKMon Jan 11 1993DOSSHELL colors blink
780.07SHIPS::BRADSHAW_AMon Jan 11 1993What does Scroll Lock key do?
781.012CSC32::R_IVERSMon Jan 11 1993Keyboard problem: arrow keys prod. numbers, shift "stuck"
782.058NIOMAX::LAINGMon Jan 11 1993BACKUP/RESTORE general question
783.03RUSURE::EDPMon Jan 11 1993Gravis Joystick
784.01WEREOK::GOUVEIAMon Jan 11 1993Mouse won't work under windows after mucking with serioal ports
785.019PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Jan 11 1993Upgrading a SX to DX/DX2 via chip swap?
786.02NIOMAX::LAINGMon Jan 11 1993"Floppy Tape" problems
787.016MAST::SCHUMANNMon Jan 11 1993Windows SETUP problems
788.0MAST::REISERTMon Jan 11 1993Lotus selling old software to students
789.02HGOVC::LAWRENCEMon Jan 11 1993DEC pc keyboard on clone, no good?
792.09JOCKEY::SHARKEYATue Jan 12 1993Is Olympic still there?
793.028HARDY::JONESTue Jan 12 1993Communications/Modem Problem?
794.015TOPTEN::CALADIETue Jan 12 1993Phoenix beep=3,1,2 ???
795.01SHIPS::BRADSHAW_ATue Jan 12 1993video prob. with Word for Windows
796.06VMSINT::MONTAGUETue Jan 12 199335mm slide production hw&sw
797.06NIKLUS::STENGELTue Jan 12 1993How to access an external RX26
798.010CSC32::R_IVERSTue Jan 12 1993IDE and MFM on same machine.
799.03CURTIS::CURTISTue Jan 12 199324
801.010AKOCOA::PDICKERSONWed Jan 13 1993Setup ZOOM fax/modem (COM, IRQ options)
802.05SEDOAS::DEMOPC::It's OnlyWed Jan 13 1993Laplink -> Com3 problem....
803.01PNR1::ELLIOTTWed Jan 13 1993help with NEC hard drive
804.027CSCOA1::QUINN_JWed Jan 13 1993TOWERS? What Are They?
805.03SEAWLF::TORPWed Jan 13 1993Problem - New Format / Old SCSI Disk Fails
806.02SOJU::SLATERWed Jan 13 1993Bill Gates & Microsoft
807.0ROCKS::SHARMAWed Jan 13 1993Info on Fujitsu DC12
808.06FROCKY::JOACHIMSOHNWed Jan 13 1993converting WinWord Documents to .PCX, .WRI, etc. format
809.02WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAWed Jan 13 1993EXISTS.COM available anywhere?
810.04I18N::GREENWOODWed Jan 13 1993Fixing record attributes on files from PC to VMS
812.0HDLITE::HORTONWed Jan 13 1993Need info on Toshiba T16
813.029MSDOA::STOGNERWed Jan 13 1993Use C/C++ or Microsoft Visual Basic ?
814.01BIS1::BHP695::FORSTERThu Jan 14 1993AST 6 Pack Premium upgrade ???
815.02BNGBNG::BOURGEOISThu Jan 14 1993int 96
816.01GVPROD::ILANZ::DAWKESThu Jan 14 1993ODT ? No prizes for silly guesses !
817.02MSDOA::HYMESThu Jan 14 1993Generic CADD 6 documentation anyone?
818.01MDCRAB::MARSHALLThu Jan 14 1993Realtime data collection and display?
819.04OTOOA::OTOP19::AndersonThu Jan 14 1993DEC 466D2LP & clicking
820.03TOMBO::BOILARDThu Jan 14 1993Software Recomendations
821.013STAR::GUINEAUThu Jan 14 1993Nautilus - Magazine on CDROM
822.07MSDOA::STOGNERThu Jan 14 1993New Adaptec 154
823.07RENFRO::POWELLThu Jan 14 1993Parity Memory and error detection
824.076NEWOA::BAILEYThu Jan 14 1993Getting started with ZMODEM
825.09VTLAKE::KRAMERThu Jan 14 1993Floptical Drives Info Needed
826.04SLO::VUJNOVICFri Jan 15 1993What does your Parrot sound like? (SB)
828.06NWGEDU::DINGEMANSFri Jan 15 1993Lots of .TMP files spoiling disk space
829.03AKOCOA::DROMANOFri Jan 15 1993Installing DOS from 3.5" to PC/AT with 5.25.
830.01MANWRK::ADRIANFri Jan 15 1993keyboard interrupts
831.03PCOLA::BATTLESFri Jan 15 1993Where is SPEAKER.EXE?
832.0COLRDO::J_WESTFri Jan 15 1993Unlimited PC Hardware & Software Support
833.03GLDOA::MACKFri Jan 15 1993TokenRing on DECpc TigerII
834.01TROOA::LFUNGFri Jan 15 1993DECpc4
835.05VAOUFri Jan 15 1993Tseng ET4
836.010HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGSat Jan 16 1993PCXAR-CD (Quantum 24
837.05HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGSat Jan 16 1993Miniscribe 8
838.03KAOFS::V_LEDOUXSat Jan 16 1993Low level format IDE disk on a DECpc 433dxLP?
841.03TYSON::KURATASun Jan 17 1993KORN shell for DOS ?
842.01TAVENG::FENSTERSun Jan 17 1993Looking for program to buffer I/O from serial ports
843.07HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGSun Jan 17 1993Dual-IDE, What Cable Do I Need?
844.02MOUTNS::G_FROEHLINSun Jan 17 1993 Hard disk problem with Maxtor 712
846.0BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Jan 18 1993
847.07HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Jan 18 1993Maxtor 7213AT Jumpers?
848.01VICKI::PAHIGIANMon Jan 18 1993Pointer to CASE forum?
849.01APACHE::BROWNMon Jan 18 1993Packard Bell Legend Multimedia?
851.05BIZZY::HAMSONMon Jan 18 1993SCSI II as VLB Master?
852.09GNPIKE::MIKELISMon Jan 18 1993Building your own vs buying preconfigured
853.03MPGS::QUISTGMon Jan 18 1993upgrade issues...?
854.01LABC::RUMon Jan 18 1993Out of environment space?
855.01WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Jan 18 1993Image Morph from Griffin?
856.0122TPSYS::SHAHMon Jan 18 1993Fax/modem base note
857.019CPDW::ROSCHMon Jan 18 1993How to ftp ?
858.06CSSE::ELDRIDGEMon Jan 18 1993English to German and Back
859.05SAAVAK::ZEMONMon Jan 18 1993Help with DEPCA config
860.025MEMORY::SOVIEMon Jan 18 1993Windows, 32 Bit Disk Access?
861.01VAXRIO::AMORESEMon Jan 18 1993Where anti-virus TBAV5
862.08ALOSMon Jan 18 1993How to reclaim logical drive formatted NTFS?
864.02MILKWY::DBROWNTue Jan 19 1993VGA in VAXmate compatibility
865.010MUDIS3::BARVUS::HATHWAYTue Jan 19 1993VGA monitor internals?
866.01RTOVCTue Jan 19 1993HELP DEC-PC 325 add a second harddisk prblem
868.01CHEFS::BRIGGSRTue Jan 19 1993WPSPLUS for DOS anyone?
869.02WMOIS::ALUKONISTue Jan 19 1993QIC-6
870.0223MAST::REISERTTue Jan 19 1993Official Quicken/Quicken for Windows Topic
871.041STAR::BECKTue Jan 19 1993The Official IRQ Topic
872.07VERGA::MACDONALDTue Jan 19 1993Internally Mounting an RRD42
873.019CSC32::B_WEISSTue Jan 19 1993Cornell Systems?
875.07HEADER::STS_DFTue Jan 19 1993Official EasternTech Note
877.06PIPA::ENGTue Jan 19 1993Any background mode file transfer sw?
878.06SOJU::SLATERTue Jan 19 1993Philippe Kahn & Borland
880.04RUSURE::EDPWed Jan 20 1993Television Tuner
882.05OSLWed Jan 20 1993Info on Conner CP-31
883.016TAVENG::FENSTERWed Jan 20 1993Can a TLZ
884.06MR4DEC::DERAMOWed Jan 20 1993Application Errors in Windows
885.010AIDEV::LANDINGHAMWed Jan 20 1993Need help id'ing SIMMS
886.042VAXCAP::BONNEAUWed Jan 20 1993Some questions on SMARTDRV
887.017SYOMV::CLARYThu Jan 21 1993RZ55,DS32
888.03MSAMThu Jan 21 1993IBM PS2 & DECpc 333sxLP Problem
889.05MPGS::RJBROWNThu Jan 21 1993Remote access over Network to PC ?
891.03CURRNT::GURRANThu Jan 21 1993Conventional Memory Loss - help
892.05SIOG::CORCORANThu Jan 21 1993READER.EXE problem
893.038RANGER::PESENTIThu Jan 21 1993The Official Retail Outlet Topic
894.05MEAD::FULLERThu Jan 21 1993Help on PC products
895.04ASDG::FISHBEINThu Jan 21 1993Default port for TERMINAL in WINDOWS 3.1
897.0KAOOA::DAVYThu Jan 21 1993Looking for DesignCAD 2D/3D/BasiCAD Users
898.034NECSC::LEVYThu Jan 21 1993Memory - Does 8 meg = 8192 or 7168?
899.04PARITY::MITCHELLThu Jan 21 1993PS Files in Windows NT
901.07CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Jan 22 1993read/timeout in batch file?
902.01SUTRA::NIMRODFri Jan 22 1993Fujitsu M2622SA Jumpers ???
903.0ARNIES::SIMSAFri Jan 22 1993Pin Connection for standard Parallel Cable 36M - 25M Sought
904.077DATABS::HUBERMANFri Jan 22 1993Printers, any recommendations?
905.02SQM::ROYFri Jan 22 1993Modem:Works w/dos,Fails w/windows
906.019KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 22 1993The Official Reflection (Walker, Richer & Quinn) Topic
907.06PCOLA::NIEFTSat Jan 23 1993386 4
908.08CSOA1::FULTONSat Jan 23 1993ALL-IN-1 message to PC
909.01DECAUX::NOIRAM::KEINDLSat Jan 23 1993ide + scsi: 2 disks ok, 3 disks -> boot from a:
910.017KLUSTR::GARDNERSat Jan 23 1993Windows-based SCSI tape backup?
911.034PINBOT::ERVINSat Jan 23 1993CD-ROM and SCSI adapters
912.011ADVLSI::MACGREGORSat Jan 23 1993DO DEC RGB Monitors use standard connectors?
913.017RANGER::PESENTISun Jan 24 1993Generic Disk Drive question
914.010KDX2Sun Jan 24 1993Downloading VMS to PC, maintaining VMS file structure
915.04EICMFG::DRECHSELMon Jan 25 1993boot from any partition on any disk ??
916.03EICMFG::DRECHSELMon Jan 25 1993Big IDE drives (>4
917.013RTOEU::MNEELYMon Jan 25 1993IDE Problem?
918.050ECADSR::BIROMon Jan 25 1993Turbo TAX V1
919.018BELFST::DOGGARTMon Jan 25 1993Trident 89
920.020CURRNT::CARSONMon Jan 25 1993Quicken V6.
921.035KALKI::LANGMon Jan 25 1993Terminal Emulator which supports SSU
922.07SPESHR::ROCKWELLMon Jan 25 1993Screen Freezing on GALACTIX,WOLF3D
923.07CSSE::ELDRIDGEMon Jan 25 1993RD32 for "D" Drive?
924.0PEAKS::WELLSMon Jan 25 1993Any "Conference Planning" software out there
925.023VMSDEV::CLABORNMon Jan 25 1993What's your favourite PC magazine?
926.0DSSDEV::DAVISMon Jan 25 1993Math tutor/refresher software?
927.020AIDEV::LANDINGHAMMon Jan 25 1993Need help from fellow Panasonic KX-P2123 owner
928.016GRANMA::GTOPPINGMon Jan 25 1993FAX s/w recommendations??
929.012NLFDC::MULHUIJZENMon Jan 25 1993Powersupply
930.014SOLVIT::AR5LGT::MERRILLMon Jan 25 1993486-5
931.0461581::PICKOWICZMon Jan 25 1993DTK FEAT-3331 PTI-217 controler
932.020--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 25 1993Microsoft Video for Windows
933.011UTRUST::TIMMERTue Jan 26 1993Seagate ST
935.07SPESHR::ROCKWELLTue Jan 26 1993floppies don't see media change
936.02DSM::DOOLEYTue Jan 26 1993VAXmate and bubblejet printer
937.03DATABS::FERWERDATue Jan 26 1993Disk Error: Invalid media type, Missing Operation System
938.0MAST::REISERTTue Jan 26 1993Digital - Now ranked among leading PC vendors
939.028VAXCAP::BONNEAUTue Jan 26 1993Recommendations regarding Hard Cards?
940.012DSSDEV::DAVISTue Jan 26 1993DOS, Windows technical books recommendations
941.04ZENDIA::FERGUSONTue Jan 26 1993EDT-like editor for the PC ?
942.021JEKYLL::HYDETue Jan 26 1993What role does cache play in 486 systems?
943.020VNASWS::HAUSBWed Jan 27 1993PAS16 and Trantor SCSI driver
944.06MARX::FLEMINGWed Jan 27 1993novice serial port questions
945.01USHSWed Jan 27 1993WPS-PLUS for DOS ??
946.012NWDWed Jan 27 1993ALL-IN-1 port print to HP Laser
947.03MDCRAB::MARSHALLWed Jan 27 1993Expense reports with Excel
948.079HANNAH::BAYWed Jan 27 1993*Official* virus topic
949.026SOLVIT::MEREDITHThu Jan 28 1993Kodak product discounts for employees
950.04OTOMAT::MATTOCKThu Jan 28 1993Error code 114 on PS2-5
951.02CPDW::ROSCHThu Jan 28 1993print to com3 from windows, nothing happens
953.05MIMS::CRISAFULLI_CThu Jan 28 1993Capturing RS-232 Bits
954.01PEAKS::OAKEYThu Jan 28 1993Floppy cableing question-are edge connectors required?
955.023MPO::MPO11::DERENThu Jan 28 1993CD-ROM Install Problem
957.03KISMIF::MARAThu Jan 28 1993Help Needed For DEC 433LP
958.04SPEZKO::FRAZIERThu Jan 28 1993Seagate ST3144A info ??
959.010SNOCFri Jan 29 1993VR299 monitor on DECpc 433?
960.0CURRNT::CARSONFri Jan 29 1993Origin FX
961.011ASDG::ADAVISFri Jan 29 1993486 locking up, RTC interrupt error
962.03SPESHR::ROCKWELLFri Jan 29 1993WinQVT dialer with Scholar modem
963.08SPESHR::ROCKWELLFri Jan 29 1993LAT term emulatir with file xfer
964.054TNPUBS::FORTENFri Jan 29 1993Trouble with EMM386.EXE
965.0REGENT::FORTIERFri Jan 29 1993What would you like in a low cost personal laser printer?
966.0561581::PICKOWICZFri Jan 29 1993Adaptec low level format
967.0GUFFAW::GRANSEWICZFri Jan 29 1993DCU Computer Loans
968.0AKOCOA::ROLLINSFri Jan 29 1993JOB: 2 PC MGRS-GIA, Acton
969.02COMET::LEVETTFri Jan 29 1993Invoice/Billing Program
970.0ECADSR::SHERMANFri Jan 29 1993DECpc 32
971.038KAOFS::V_LEDOUXFri Jan 29 1993Speeding up a 486-33 to 4
972.01TPSYS::BUTCHARTSat Jan 30 1993The Official Hard Drive Super Source (HDSS) Topic
973.01EPS::MARISat Jan 30 1993VGA->Video and ? on Windows display driver
974.09VMSNET::S_VORESat Jan 30 1993SHARE.exe Questions
975.01MOUTNS::G_FROEHLINSun Jan 31 1993Floppy disk problem and ATCLK stretch in AMI BIOS
976.01GANTRY::HULLSun Jan 31 1993New HPDJ Print Driver for Turbo Tax for Windows
977.017NLFDC::MULHUIJZENMon Feb 01 1993AMI BIOS memory change problem
978.015GANTRY::HULLMon Feb 01 1993Bulk Ink for HP Deskjet printers (B/W & Color)
979.02RANGER::BRADLEYMon Feb 01 1993document formatter
980.02GUCCI::BJELTEMAMon Feb 01 1993WIN (brand) PC problems
982.04DELNI::VENKATMon Feb 01 1993Print redirector program in windows
983.07--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 01 1993Seller Beware!!!!!!
984.05SIOG::K_BOYLEMon Feb 01 1993DECpc325 Password Removal
985.02WOTVAX::SHAWPMon Feb 01 1993IRQ Clash with MIDI Interface
986.023QOQUAQ::PELTZMon Feb 01 1993Dilemma with color printers and scanners
987.03NC17Mon Feb 01 1993Maybe I can beat Murphy!
988.018SOJU::SLATERMon Feb 01 1993PARADOX for WINDOWS Released 2/1/93
989.03DSM::DOOLEYMon Feb 01 1993Wordperfect and LJ25
990.09SNOFS1::ZANOTTOMon Feb 01 1993Redirecting the console ?
991.01DELNI::VENKATMon Feb 01 1993Printer device driver source for windows
992.06GLDOA::JOLLYMon Feb 01 1993Will the [Logitech] mouse live?
993.037EICMFG::BINGERTue Feb 02 1993Laser jet printers, for an IBM PC
994.04STKEIS::BYSTAMTue Feb 02 1993Strage errors on DECpc 32
995.01SUBWAY::LAROUCHETue Feb 02 1993Which floating point processor?
997.09BSS::M_JORDANTue Feb 02 1993sound from programs?
998.0HLFSTue Feb 02 1993Toshiba T31
999.03SOJU::SLATERTue Feb 02 1993Gates: NT, OS/2, servers, CAIRO, Etc.
1000.02TRCU11::WEISSTue Feb 02 1993Problems with Installing Gravis Joystick
1001.022NIOMAX::LAINGTue Feb 02 1993MIDI songs for soundboard?
1002.09KALVIN::DUMASTue Feb 02 1993Sick VAXmate
1004.018ROYALT::HALPINTue Feb 02 1993EISA and Ethernet card questions
1005.0NECSC::LEVYTue Feb 02 1993Table top SCSI disk?
1006.03RTOEU::MNEELYWed Feb 03 1993Ink for Canon BJ-3
1007.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Feb 03 1993Trident TVGA Sierra?
1008.012JARETH::HOLOHANWed Feb 03 1993Access RX5
1009.08RUTILE::MANNINGWed Feb 03 1993What's wrong with "ASSIGN H=C" ??
1010.09SQM::BROWNWed Feb 03 1993Ethernet; Cabling choices
1011.03AWARD::COHENWed Feb 03 1993printing from Printshop to unlisted printers
1012.01MCIS2::NORTONWed Feb 03 1993Excel Charting - Tables & Shading Grids??
1013.03KOBAL::SULLIVANWed Feb 03 1993Looking for groupware software
1014.02BRADOR::HATASHITAWed Feb 03 1993PCXAG-AD Drivers
1015.025CARTUN::ISRAELITEWed Feb 03 1993SCSI/IDE Together
1018.02SYOMV::CLARYThu Feb 04 1993Synchronous comm on PC's
1019.03HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Feb 04 1993Doc Mgmt tools like TIMA ?
1020.06LEMAN::MBROWNThu Feb 04 1993Overhead Projector Display for PC & Windows NT?
1021.01BEAGLE::SEDANThu Feb 04 1993Lubalin true type font?
1022.02RUSURE::EDPThu Feb 04 1993Video Problems
1023.013NIOMAX::LAINGThu Feb 04 1993Wierd MEMORY errors?
1024.012EMC2::POTTSThu Feb 04 1993SCSI hard drive installed - no boot!
1025.029PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Feb 04 1993How does one print from Windows?
1026.017NLFDC::MULHUIJZENFri Feb 05 1993IDE question
1028.06NECSC::LEVYFri Feb 05 1993Tandy model number for DECpc 45
1029.04CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Feb 05 1993Importing EPS to PowerPoint (PPT)?
1031.010MNATUR::LISTONFri Feb 05 1993PC Warehouse
1032.038LEDDEV::DEMBAFri Feb 05 1993Joysticks
1033.016MPGS::THIBAULTFri Feb 05 1993Comm port problem- any help appreciated
1034.02COPCLU::HENRIKVJFri Feb 05 1993Wollongong company/utilities
1035.030ODIXIE::SMITHJSat Feb 06 1993Struck with disk drive fever-need a doctor!
1036.012CARTUN::ISRAELITESun Feb 07 1993Color Printing on a 2123
1037.01PARVAX::ROBINSONSun Feb 07 1993DRDOS script as a TSR? (postscript translator)
1038.09GLDOA::COMFORTMon Feb 08 1993Unreliable Floppy Drive - Prescription
1039.04UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Feb 08 1993WordPerfect (WP51) variable question
1040.01GALVIA::BROSNANMon Feb 08 1993simple TSR ?
1041.01SUTRA::NIMRODMon Feb 08 1993Gammelink CP Fax ?
1042.05SHIPS::HICKS_RMon Feb 08 1993Won't run on DEC PC?
1043.024SPESHR::MCMANUSMon Feb 08 1993PC-based Postscript doc viewer
1044.04YUPPY::AMERRMon Feb 08 1993Olympic PC and hard disk corruption with floppy drive
1045.01NEWOA::SAXBYMon Feb 08 1993Help with Victor.
1046.01CFSCTC::SHAPIROMon Feb 08 1993PDP to PC
1047.013BITBKT::FORBESMon Feb 08 1993smartdrv + 2nd hard drive = hang
1048.05PHAROS::NORMANMon Feb 08 1993MS-Word problem (Normal View ?)
1049.04RDGENG::READINGMon Feb 08 1993Has Excel got a Jeckyll & Hyde feature????
1050.016STAR::DZIEDZICMon Feb 08 1993A little (!) Pentium humor
1051.05ZENDIA::FERGUSONMon Feb 08 1993call to system() is corrupting something?
1052.06SCRLET::M_HYDEMon Feb 08 1993Ungrounded outlets and PC's
1053.01VAXWRK::LUCCHESIMon Feb 08 1993Info on HP SCSI drive?
1054.02SNOCMon Feb 08 1993Lan Manager Question
1056.04EICMFG::DRECHSELTue Feb 09 1993Seagate ST355
1057.05SEDMTS::DEMOPC::PinkTue Feb 09 1993BIOS Problem - Help Please
1058.015CLEGG::HILTONTue Feb 09 19938mb machine has insufficient memory!
1059.02WMOIS::ALUKONISTue Feb 09 1993Norton Commander and mouse pointer disappearing
1061.03RUSURE::EDPTue Feb 09 1993Supplies
1062.05MXOVTue Feb 09 1993Faster: 433dx or 45
1063.021YNGSTR::BROWNTue Feb 09 1993Laserjet 4(IV)/4M(IVM) note
1064.03MVBLAB::KINZELMANTue Feb 09 1993CD rom compatibility question
1065.01ELMAGO::BRAPIENTue Feb 09 1993Need info on Weitek 4167-33 Math Coprocessor.
1066.02BSS::J_WETHERNTue Feb 09 1993Question on co-processor on a 386
1067.011HGRDTue Feb 09 1993Video Processing System?
1068.08BAHTAT::HILTONWed Feb 10 1993SCSI cable lengths
1069.08KYOA::KOCHWed Feb 10 199372
1070.01SMURF::CRANSTONWed Feb 10 1993Speedstar 24X vs Stealth 24
1071.09HLDEWed Feb 10 1993Diamond SpeedStar 24X
1072.04THEMV1::GAGANAKISWed Feb 10 1993DECpc 433st Setup Bug...
1073.03MOLAR::ROBERTSWed Feb 10 1993Need 'old' IBM-PC AT drive type codes
1075.04AREA47::MONGARDIENWed Feb 10 1993PB with VGA card on XT/286
1076.08PCOLA::HAMWed Feb 10 1993Video Display Problem, GIF Files
1077.02NAC::BLANCHARDWed Feb 10 1993Leading Edge XT and adding 3.5" Drive?
1079.02PHAROS::NORMANWed Feb 10 1993Mouse available w Windows not DOS?
1080.03GALVIA::BROSNANWed Feb 10 1993interrupt 21H, function 1CH ...
1081.04ZENDIA::FERGUSONWed Feb 10 1993NON-WINDOWS screen lock program available?
1083.06PEAKS::WELLSWed Feb 10 1993Trouble with EPSON FX85 and printing Graphics files
1084.028HKOVC::KATSONWed Feb 10 1993The Offical Hard Disk Specs Topic
1085.012NECSC::LEVYThu Feb 11 1993How to MAXIMIZE base & expanded memory?
1086.039WMOIS::BELANGER_FThu Feb 11 1993New PC demonically-posessed!
1087.010KAOAThu Feb 11 1993Extending hard disk partitions.
1088.02MUCTEC::WESTERThu Feb 11 1993Okidata configuration
1089.04TALK::JARVISThu Feb 11 1993Software Inventory Tool?
1091.03HANNAH::BAYThu Feb 11 1993Norton says disk is "
1092.05NITMOI::HDECAD::STUKALINThu Feb 11 1993Hard Drive 49
1093.01CSC32::J_DAMMThu Feb 11 1993LK25
1094.02UTRTSC::BESEMERFri Feb 12 1993Adaptec & MIDI, no workie
1095.02STAR::BLAKEFri Feb 12 1993PC print serving (kind of)
1096.02TROOA::HENDRIKSEFri Feb 12 1993network driver required
1097.038CUPTAY::DECAROLISFri Feb 12 1993Hand-held Scanners
1099.03VERGA::MACDONALDFri Feb 12 1993Keyboard (LK45
1100.08CGOWGS::OAKLEYFri Feb 12 1993When does a program use the numeric coprocessor???
1101.01WRKSYS::AMORELLIFri Feb 12 1993Need help with scanner !
1102.01KYOA::KOCHFri Feb 12 1993PC Magazine Freeware available anywhere?
1103.07CTHQ::ROSENBERGSun Feb 14 1993Probs w/install/setup of Teac dual Floppy Drive
1105.01NEWOA::SAXBYMon Feb 15 1993Integrated Packages for DOS.
1106.06JOKUR::CIOFFIMon Feb 15 1993Can't see both drives
1107.03LURE::CERLINGMon Feb 15 1993Determining graphics capability of a system
1108.06CSC32::MASIASMon Feb 15 1993Landmark Diagnostics
1109.0CSC32::MASIASMon Feb 15 1993FCC certification
1110.02MAST::REISERTMon Feb 15 1993Ultrix tool for reading/writing MS-DOS disks
1111.09CURRNT::CARSONMon Feb 15 1993Pentium Details, any one ?
1112.06JOKUR::BASBAL::FALKOFMon Feb 15 1993KERMIT and COM4
1113.013HEFTY::FRANKBMon Feb 15 1993Paradise 3.1 drivers
1115.05TPSYS::SHAHMon Feb 15 1993HP Deskjet Printing problems
1116.017--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 15 1993scsi/rd53?
1117.02CNTROL::SWINEHARTMon Feb 15 1993Crosstalk Icon Removal???
1118.0SYSMGT::HALLYBMon Feb 15 1993x86 / Microsoft (?) floating point format
1119.011COOKIE::SEAGLEMon Feb 15 1993EISA versus ISA, technical discussion
1120.016GVATue Feb 16 1993Accounting/finance application recommended?
1121.02FAILTE::MCERLANEVTue Feb 16 1993Help EISA vs MCA vs ISA
1122.05RUTILE::MANNINGTue Feb 16 1993System errors running Windows
1123.05PEAKS::OAKEYTue Feb 16 1993Unable to install an Intel SatisFAXion 4
1124.015VTLAKE::TURNER_DTue Feb 16 1993Need help connecting LV16P to PC...
1125.088CACHE::SETOTue Feb 16 19931655
1126.06COSMO::JANICHTue Feb 16 1993Adaptec 1542C SCSI controller availability (US, Europe)?
1127.02SALEM::TAYLOR_JTue Feb 16 1993Nashua area help?
1129.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Feb 16 1993Will Not boot from IDE disk?
1130.0PORI::MASTRANGELOTue Feb 16 1993Edison Technologies info??
1131.0HEFTY::NADEAUBTue Feb 16 1993need help on microchannel system
1132.08KYOA::KOCHTue Feb 16 1993What does the additional 512k of Video RAM give me?
1133.02KYOA::KOCHTue Feb 16 1993Anybody heard of these Lotus products?
1134.03HARBOR::JACKSONTue Feb 16 1993DOS history?
1136.09HOCUS::WOODTue Feb 16 1993128
1137.0147AKOCOA::PDICKERSONWed Feb 17 1993MS-DOS V6.
1138.04CSC32::A_DEBRITOWed Feb 17 1993Advanced Diagnostic diskette?
1140.05SOLVIT::FERRARAWed Feb 17 1993MS-WORD fonts and char sizes?
1141.033BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Feb 17 1993MSCDEX problem
1142.03TFH::TODDWed Feb 17 1993Print Drivers for HP LaserJet 2p...
1143.03SPESHR::ROCKWELLWed Feb 17 19937
1144.022SMEGIT::DOWNINGWed Feb 17 1993Local vs. Mail Order
1145.05LUNER::COXWed Feb 17 1993DOS 5.
1146.04SQM::MKINGWed Feb 17 1993MS-WORKS from another company ?
1147.0104CALS::EGOLFWed Feb 17 1993Canon BJ-2
1148.07USPMLO::WILLIAMSWed Feb 17 1993HELP!!! how to change NON-DOS partition to DOS
1149.06POBOX::KLARSONWed Feb 17 1993Problems Installing Floppy Drives - HELP!
1150.01GLDOA::HACKWed Feb 17 1993Floppy "syntax" error between PS/1 and PS/2's.
1151.03SPESHR::ROCKWELLWed Feb 17 1993PN for color video cable (in PCXAV-AA)??
1152.0ANDREW::OSTROMThu Feb 18 1993Are ME544-HE simms useable in TIGER II (lp) systems?
1153.020CHEFS::BRIGGSRThu Feb 18 1993LA75/316 combination
1154.07WMOIS::BELANGER_FThu Feb 18 1993Multiple Operating Systems on same PC ??
1156.04ISTWI1::YEGENThu Feb 18 1993Serial mouse not recognized... HELP!!!!!
1157.07STAR::GUINEAUThu Feb 18 1993real pentium info
1158.0ALOSThu Feb 18 1993Questions on "GA-486" motherboard and local bus
1159.06MACNAS::GKENNELLYThu Feb 18 1993Supressing `proceed' question in FORMAT
1160.03PHAROS::NORMANThu Feb 18 1993MSWindows Terminal Script ?
1161.032ENTIAT::GORDONThu Feb 18 1993Help on NT PC Configuration....
1162.02HGOVC::MONTYWONGThu Feb 18 1993Appian and ACAD 12 driver
1163.01ISIDRO::FELIXFri Feb 19 1993maxtor 6
1164.03BROKE::JBAUERFri Feb 19 1993Help -- Keyboard 'locks up' intermittently
1165.07SHIPS::SHADBOLT_SFri Feb 19 1993Address of Digital Research required
1166.022SOLVIT::NNGUYENFri Feb 19 1993Mitsumi CD-ROM questions on capacity & cache
1167.02STAR::GUINEAUFri Feb 19 1993DOS in insert mode
1168.010MPGS::QUISTGFri Feb 19 1993RRD5
1169.04EICMFG::BINGERFri Feb 19 1993Writeable CDrom for the PC.
1170.07VERGA::MACDONALDFri Feb 19 1993Microsoft Office
1171.0MAATJE::JANSENFri Feb 19 1993SVGA locking problem with DECpc 1
1172.012YUPPY::BURGESSMFri Feb 19 1993RZ55/BA42A/Trantor ?
1173.02TROOA::SODHAFri Feb 19 1993Maxtor MA7245A drive specs wanted
1174.03WHELIN::CHANSat Feb 20 1993What is the different between Chinon CDS-431 and CDS-435?
1175.04SOLVIT::NNGUYENSun Feb 21 1993Is Acer BIOS good?
1176.0LARVAE::SPIRESMon Feb 22 1993Genius/IRQ/DMA/Address?
1177.01SUBURB::JAMESHMon Feb 22 1993Slow D drive install.
1178.02MUDIS3::VUSW12::RGRUETERMon Feb 22 1993DECstation 22
1179.07LISVAX::MARIANOMon Feb 22 1993STACKER : really good ?
1180.03KAOA12::TROU94::YUENMon Feb 22 1993Wrong gender on serial A/B switch
1181.0RANGER::HUTZLEYMon Feb 22 1993I*M Page printer 4126-
1182.07PAMSRC::635Mon Feb 22 1993Problems with 66mhz?
1183.02NWTIMA::PETERSEN_EJMon Feb 22 1993Deskjet 5
1184.02AIMHI::MACPHEEMon Feb 22 1993Batch file help
1185.02BROKE::BNELSONMon Feb 22 1993Official Tri-Star note
1186.04SCAACT::HILDEBRANDMon Feb 22 1993Looking for a T1 interface
1187.057GOEDUX::GOODWIN_WATue Feb 23 1993386 to 486 upgrade $199.
1188.010BELFST::DOGGARTTue Feb 23 1993Sound from RRD4
1189.02VAXVLS::AMULDOONTue Feb 23 1993D/S 35
1190.01XSTACY::GRAINNETue Feb 23 1993Inhibit setup from ROM on ST series
1191.0MOVIES::MOORETue Feb 23 1993Windows tool now available
1192.013D::SEARSTue Feb 23 1993CMOS, Bios and Boot problems on Gateway
1193.013PAMSRC::635Tue Feb 23 1993Looking for SCSI tape driver
1194.01BRAT::ABSURD::RYANTue Feb 23 1993Hypertext language needed
1195.028POWDML::PARKERTue Feb 23 1993rd54 on a vaxmate
1196.0NOBOZO::WILLIAMSTue Feb 23 1993Interested in a DS32
1197.02MEAD::FULLERWed Feb 24 1993Building a PC ?
1198.01ROCKS::ROBINSONWed Feb 24 1993QBASIC question
1199.019MUDIS3::TKELLERERWed Feb 24 1993The Official DOS batch (.BAT) file topic
1200.02BACHUS::WOODWed Feb 24 1993Stream/Block files Vax -> PC
1201.028VAXVLS::DEVILLYWed Feb 24 1993Memory management on DOS V5
1202.010BUSY::CLEMENTWed Feb 24 1993IBM AT 286 Memory Upgrade?
1203.04VAXWRK::BBERRYWed Feb 24 1993Local Bus at 5
1204.012VERGA::MACDONALDWed Feb 24 1993PostScript Printing on VMS
1205.029AUSTIN::UNLANDWed Feb 24 1993MS-Win driver for 1152 a scarce item ...
1206.06WOOF::VISCAROLAWed Feb 24 1993Programming serial ports
1207.024MPGS::NIKITASThu Feb 25 1993High speed modem advice needed
1208.01CSLALL::ROSSOWThu Feb 25 1993Need an cable for LA75
1209.038TEMPE::RABINOThu Feb 25 1993America On-Line
1210.0CSC32::MASIASThu Feb 25 1993COM3 and Parallel settings
1211.02STAR::MARISONThu Feb 25 1993normal vs. VESA mode?
1212.02RUTILE::BUCZMAThu Feb 25 1993Corvision or Oracle for PC?
1213.08GANTRY::HULLThu Feb 25 1993Broken CMS/QIC tape and a fix that worked
1214.07SEDPCW::MCMICHAELThu Feb 25 1993Equipment Determination
1215.011ENTIAT::GORDONThu Feb 25 1993LB-Intelligent SCSI Controller?
1216.0WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAThu Feb 25 1993$2
1217.05CHICHZ::EDELMANNThu Feb 25 1993Crosstalk V2 and Dial Modifier
1218.01CSOA1::RANKINThu Feb 25 1993HP PC terminal emulator
1219.01CURRNT::POWELLThu Feb 25 1993PC -> VAX -> "PC" -> ????
1220.03TOOHOT::LEEDSThu Feb 25 1993unattened VMS Zmodem xfers ??
1222.03SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Feb 26 1993Acquiring software for internal use
1223.020STRATA::TAIFri Feb 26 1993Lotus Improv Demo Available
1224.04ACETEK::TIMPSONFri Feb 26 1993Memory Problem
1225.0DV78Fri Feb 26 1993BitCom vt2
1226.01ODIXIE::WALLSFri Feb 26 1993Helping on adding third comm port to system
1227.03GAAS::KOZIOLFri Feb 26 1993How can I intercept PRINT from a DOS Application to go to a DISK FILE ?
1228.02CARTUN::ISRAELITEFri Feb 26 1993What is GDI.EXE ?
1229.03SUOSW3::WUENSCHSun Feb 28 1993Olivetti Quaderno
1230.02ODIXIE::STUMPFSun Feb 28 1993data modems on DECpc notebooks
1231.01HGOVC::MONTYWONGSun Feb 28 1993LOCAL BUS write-up
1232.07MEAD::FULLERMon Mar 01 1993CD and sound card
1233.02ONOIS1::SABIAUXMon Mar 01 1993slot configuration in PC..
1234.01CLUSTA::NATUSCHMon Mar 01 1993Excell, Set Database, Set Criteria, Extract?
1235.06GVPROD::BOERSMon Mar 01 1993HP55
1236.01CFSCTC::SHAPIROMon Mar 01 1993Steve Jackson Games Court Case
1237.07VMSNET::S_VOREMon Mar 01 1993.IMG Disk Image file?
1239.06BONNET::BRAYMon Mar 01 1993Powerpoint V3 and Lots of fonts?
1240.08STAR::MEIERMon Mar 01 1993VMS -> PC using XMODEM retries after 2K bytes
1241.010STAR::MEIERMon Mar 01 1993Convert VMS .IMG to something for MS Paint
1242.03PEACHS::SILVERSTEINMon Mar 01 1993backup problems
1243.02SPESHR::JOHNSONMon Mar 01 1993PC Anywhere
1244.07INDYX::ramMon Mar 01 1993Balancing memory speed with clock speed
1245.07RTOIC::KERNTue Mar 02 1993WIN 3.1 driver for ET3
1246.03BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMTue Mar 02 1993Dr Watson in Win 3.1?
1247.02EVTAI1::BAUDELOTTue Mar 02 1993LA75 sources
1248.09ODIXIE::SMITHJTue Mar 02 1993Need help on disk controllers!
1249.01STAR::GUINEAUTue Mar 02 1993NIKON film scanner announced
1250.016EICMFG::BINGERTue Mar 02 1993Making The PC *GO* faster
1251.01SOLVIT::NNGUYENTue Mar 02 1993Can you run 386-programs on 286-machine?
1252.06SCAHUB::RESENDETue Mar 02 1993DEC Logo TrueType Font?
1253.04FSOA::SWANEYTue Mar 02 1993is this a Rockwell?
1254.012DYOSW8::WILDERTue Mar 02 1993PC voice mail - new note
1255.09DOCWIZ::WOODBURNTue Mar 02 1993D: drive problem
1257.014SWLAVC::LEUNG_CHTue Mar 02 1993RLL/IDE/SCSI?
1258.02HYEND::T_HOLLANDTue Mar 02 1993PS/2-Model 25-
1259.05MORO::WALDO_IRTue Mar 02 1993?1-8
1260.065AWARD::COHENTue Mar 02 1993PROCOMM/PROCOMM PLUS questions
1261.03LUDWIG::SADINTue Mar 02 1993windows printing problem...why me?
1262.07GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJWed Mar 03 1993Loadhigh soundblaster ?? possible ??
1265.06KAOOA::SOWREYWed Mar 03 1993French-Canadian Text From an LN
1266.02XCUSME::TOMASWed Mar 03 1993LA75/DEC 32
1267.05TNPUBS::FORTENWed Mar 03 1993Operating System not found
1268.0511971::LANDINGHAMWed Mar 03 1993What video in 433W?
1269.010STAR::MARISONWed Mar 03 1993VMS format/copy to DOS disk?
1270.03JUPITR::STEWARTWed Mar 03 1993LCG
1271.01MPGS::THIBAULTWed Mar 03 1993Tandy 316 problem- system doesn't recog Rx23
1272.0NZOMIS::TOMBLINWed Mar 03 1993Screen Saver Source
1273.04KAOU93::HUTTThu Mar 04 1993PLOTTER PROBLEMS
1274.07SKYLAB::FISHERThu Mar 04 1993What is loadfix?
1275.06HARBOR::JACKSONThu Mar 04 1993PowerPoint and DEC Print Drivers
1276.022GNPIKE::MIKELISThu Mar 04 1993WINDOWS and SCSI don't mix?
1277.07XSTACY::GRAINNEThu Mar 04 1993SCSI T-connector
1278.010CACHE::SETOThu Mar 04 199332-bit disk access
1280.020OTOOA::YURKOVICHThu Mar 04 1993FAXing WORD for Windows Documents
1281.09NEMAIL::ADAMThu Mar 04 19932 HDD in 316
1282.02CHEFS::DICKSONBFri Mar 05 1993mixed memory speeds?
1283.05UFRCS1::KRAEMERFri Mar 05 1993RZ57 Manufacturer and Spec's ?
1284.02CHEFS::OSBORNECFri Mar 05 1993An old-fashioned challenge
1285.09COFFEE::PFAUFri Mar 05 1993PC-KWIK
1286.09DV78Fri Mar 05 1993Audit Software Wanted
1287.010LEDS::SKRALYFri Mar 05 1993Reading Mac files on a PC
1288.03SIOG::CORCORANFri Mar 05 1993MOUSE in autoexec.bat
1289.04XSNAKE::WEILERFri Mar 05 1993What's happened to the 5
1290.0SCAACT::RESENDEFri Mar 05 1993"Infinite Storage" viable STACKER alternative?
1291.04KAOA12::635Sat Mar 06 1993ESDI controller with 2 drives won't boot
1292.09DYOSW8::WILDERSat Mar 06 1993Official Resume Software note
1293.03GOLLY::ZAREMBASat Mar 06 1993Looking for driver for Panasonic KX-P2123 printer
1295.05BOOKS::ANGELONESun Mar 07 1993Sound Blaster Pro and GW 4DX-33V problems.
1297.04KETJE::BHP695::FORSTERMon Mar 08 1993Help with Tape drive from TEAC
1298.03CACHE::SETOMon Mar 08 1993Adaptec EZ-SCSI
1300.0LANDO::ROYMon Mar 08 1993Info on a PC vendor ABS......
1301.07MEAD::FULLERMon Mar 08 1993SVGA question
1302.09CSC32::T_HUTCHINMon Mar 08 1993Third mouse botton non-functional
1303.01IJSAPL::KLERKMon Mar 08 1993Faulty/Dangerous CHKDSK: correct version anywhere?
1304.0FSOA::SWANEYMon Mar 08 1993A VESA driver for the VRT32
1305.03TPSYS::SHAHMon Mar 08 1993Used Software Scam
1306.02PORI::MASTRANGELOMon Mar 08 1993PS/2 keyboard extension cable?
1307.05SEAWLF::TORPMon Mar 08 1993Looking for Mobilizer Conference
1308.02ESBLAB::KINZELMANMon Mar 08 1993Multispin?
1310.0KYOA::KOCHMon Mar 08 1993How do we get more EPP for 3rd party items?
1311.011COPCLU::COPHJ::henrikvjTue Mar 09 1993Drivers for SCSI TAPE QIC 525 (PCXAT-AC)
1312.01FAILTE::MCERLANEVTue Mar 09 1993X25 and OS/2 help please
1313.03ESBLAB::KINZELMANTue Mar 09 1993Compatibility with DEC modems?
1314.05TAVTue Mar 09 1993Internal Stack Overflow from Win 3.1?
1315.040AOKET::KROENINGTue Mar 09 1993RZ56e spin up software......
1316.012KAOOA::SOWREYTue Mar 09 1993LJ25
1317.016MORO::BEELER_JETue Mar 09 1993OCR recommendations?
1318.0HITEKS::DOTYTue Mar 09 1993What printer driver to use?
1319.03EICMFG::BINGERWed Mar 10 1993Low, cost networking. or how to use the old XT
1320.04CLADA::JSMYTHWed Mar 10 1993Upgrade Memory on PS/2 Model 5
1321.05NLFDC::MULHUIJZENWed Mar 10 1993TTL to VGA ?
1322.02HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Mar 10 1993Convert Harvard Graphics doc to Windows ?
1323.0JOCKEY::AL35Wed Mar 10 1993Hidden FORMAT switches
1324.04EARRTH::DLANDRYWed Mar 10 1993TLZ
1325.03CLADA::JSMYTHWed Mar 10 1993intermittent unexpected bouts of beeping
1326.03HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Mar 10 1993General Protection Fault ?
1327.03CLARID::CHARLESWed Mar 10 1993Help: Thunderboard & Quicken
1328.0LUDWIG::HIVELYWed Mar 10 1993book for accad
1329.04SASE::MATTOCKWed Mar 10 1993Uniplex?????
1330.08BTOVT::ZUKSWERTWed Mar 10 1993Graphic formats, digitizers, graphic viewers, digital cameras
1331.08AOKET::KROENINGWed Mar 10 1993Num Lock off command for the 325c
1333.02RUSURE::VMILLERThu Mar 11 1993Wanted - clear-topped demo hard disk drive
1334.09GIDDAY::HUTCHISONPThu Mar 11 19932 x Adaptec 152
1335.031MKOTS4::SMITHThu Mar 11 1993Large DOS Games/Apps won't load...
1337.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Mar 11 1993115.2K baud anyone?
1338.02TECRUS::ROSTThu Mar 11 1993Microsoft Publisher (and DTP in general)
1339.01BOLT::ARNOTTThu Mar 11 1993eisa ethernet options
1340.04LMOPST::AIDEV::POLIKOFFThu Mar 11 1993CLEAR for C
1341.0SIOG::S_FARRENThu Mar 11 1993VR262 on PC
1342.0FRSTSC::WICHThu Mar 11 1993Works V2.
1343.0135Thu Mar 11 1993Banner software Postscript/Color?
1344.013PAMSRC::635Thu Mar 11 1993Programs to convert .DSK files?
1345.05DEVIL1::CRAIGThu Mar 11 1993MediaVision Employee Discount Deal?
1346.02TARKIN::CALEYThu Mar 11 1993433ST NO VIDEO problem:
1347.04SOJU::SLATERThu Mar 11 1993Free C/S Demo With PDOXWIN
1348.02CSC32::A_DEBRITOFri Mar 12 1993Power Supply Connections
1349.033CHIRPA::SOVIEFri Mar 12 1993Print Shop Deluxe Opinions?
1350.05WMOIS::TILLERYFri Mar 12 1993What monitor will work with IBMPC comp.?
1352.024CACHE::SETOFri Mar 12 1993VL Bus
1353.010SATRN::STEWARTSat Mar 13 1993BAT file questions
1354.04BLOFLY::GORDONSat Mar 13 1993Conner IDE woes
1355.06ESBLAB::KINZELMANSat Mar 13 1993Mem mapping question
1356.01SYOMV::CLARYSun Mar 14 1993Pathworks Browser net location?
1357.04WEREOK::GOUVEIASun Mar 14 1993Need software support for home computer - help!
1360.01BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Mar 15 1993How to print Windows help?
1361.02MINNY::CIMDOS::braidoMon Mar 15 1993DESQview and SETHOST ?!
1362.09SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Mar 15 1993ANSI Graphics help ?
1363.01TROOA::LFUNGMon Mar 15 1993French Keyboard Layout
1364.016POTS::VISSERMon Mar 15 1993one-floppy floppy copy?
1365.06MIMS::WILBUR_DMon Mar 15 1993emm386 and mouse conflict
1366.02DECWET::SHOEMAKERMon Mar 15 1993Framing Error Problems with DECmodem V32 (DF296-DA)...
1367.06SYOMV::CLARYMon Mar 15 1993Terminal emulator - VT1
1368.01CSC32::A_DEBRITOMon Mar 15 1993KLH switch and jumper settings
1369.03HLDETue Mar 16 1993performance analysis MS-WINDOWS ?
1370.02SUTRA::JAHAN::JAHANTue Mar 16 1993Benchmark pgms needed
1371.02PRLVMS::JEANPICTue Mar 16 1993help needed on a decpc 45
1372.0LOAD::JAMIETue Mar 16 1993Adding a Seagate to a DECPC333
1373.010MUDIS3::TKELLERERTue Mar 16 1993Identifying available hard drives??
1375.03CTHQ::ROSENBERGTue Mar 16 1993The Offical "Tangent" Topic
1376.02RANGER::RICHTue Mar 16 1993DOSKEY and environment variable substitution
1377.01CALS::HANKSTue Mar 16 1993Adding scsi drive with an ide drive
1378.01ROBOTS::NGTue Mar 16 1993Is DEC notebook a good buy?
1379.018CFSCTC::SHAPIROTue Mar 16 1993* OFFICIAL * Norton Utilities Topic
1380.06TNPUBS::FORTENTue Mar 16 1993Maximum Memory limitations
1381.01CACHE::SETOTue Mar 16 1993Winmark?
1384.05CECEHV::PAASEN_RWed Mar 17 1993Music on paper
1385.03SNOCWed Mar 17 1993? Graphics conversion: Freehand to PowerPoint ?
1386.02DEMON::PANGAKISWed Mar 17 1993How can I find out the hardware specifics of a PC
1387.029ESBLAB::KINZELMANWed Mar 17 1993DR-DOS experiences?
1388.03JOCKEY::BOURNEJWed Mar 17 1993MAXTOR 7213S Jumper Info Needed
1389.010MCDOUG::dougWed Mar 17 1993? Driving multiple large monitors from a laptop?
1390.06TANG::RHINEWed Mar 17 1993BATCH procedure help PLEASE
1391.026SOJU::SLATERWed Mar 17 1993WINDOWS Users: MSD
1392.01AOSG::LESNIAKWed Mar 17 1993floppy info wanted
1393.02ACOSTA::MIANOThu Mar 18 1993.MPG (MPEG) View for SuperVGA
1394.07JUPITR::BOURQUEThu Mar 18 1993Looking for telemarketing/calendar SW
1395.011OSLThu Mar 18 1993How do I connect PS-2 keyboard?
1396.05JGODCL::VOSSThu Mar 18 1993problem formatting 4
1397.01SMAUG::RITZThu Mar 18 1993FASTBACK V1.
1399.03ISLNDS::MASHIAThu Mar 18 1993Packed file is corrupt?
1400.025DELNI::STRATHMEYERThu Mar 18 1993INT24 Diskette Error??
1401.015CACHE::SETOThu Mar 18 1993Check Your Microsoft Registeration
1402.04MIMS::WILBUR_DThu Mar 18 1993Using Your Pro-Movie-Spectrum Card
1403.0GUCCI::EWISEThu Mar 18 1993SONY CDU-51
1404.0MPGS::NIKITASFri Mar 19 1993Need info on Toshiba/AMI DIPS
1405.0WEREOK::GOUVEIAFri Mar 19 1993Request for debugging input from customers
1406.042EICMFG::BINGERFri Mar 19 1993The Official quiet PC topic (nearly)
1407.0GOLLY::ZAREMBAFri Mar 19 1993Problem printing using TurboCad and Panasonic kx-p2123 printer
1408.02CACHE::SETOFri Mar 19 1993Legal or Illegal
1409.013AIMHI::DECARTERETSun Mar 21 1993Computer Animation for the PC
1410.03ERLANG::JAINSun Mar 21 1993How to put 3rd SCSI disk on 333c?
1411.01BTOVT::ROGATE_JSun Mar 21 1993RZ26 and NEC Contrlr
1412.02AIMHI::DECARTERETSun Mar 21 1993Can my CD player be used as CDROM?
1413.03STAR::GUINEAUSun Mar 21 1993swap ctrl and caps lock keys?
1414.0CHIRPA::SOVIESun Mar 21 1993Check for Virus
1415.02WARABI::DEGROOTMon Mar 22 1993Problem with Future Domain SCSI & RZ24L ?
1416.016GVPROD::CHAPACOUMon Mar 22 1993RZ24L jumpers setting ?
1417.07SEDOAS::DEMOPC::AMon Mar 22 1993CP backup and IOMEGA tape drive problems.
1418.02HOBBLE::YOUNGMon Mar 22 1993Alternative to the DEC mouse
1419.0HARDY::DBLDOG::DONHAMMon Mar 22 1993COM2: not seen until soft boot
1420.02OTOOA::YURKOVICHMon Mar 22 1993ProComm+ local printing
1421.03STAR::GUINEAUMon Mar 22 1993recover data from corrupted floppy
1422.09CSOA1::FULTONMon Mar 22 1993New modem & kermit problem
1423.010CAM3::NAGINEMon Mar 22 1993HP 55
1424.04BROKE::RAMSHAWMon Mar 22 1993Help with Magitronic 386sx motherboard?
1425.021SPECXN::LEITZMon Mar 22 1993Need HD write enable/protect help
1426.01OTOOA::YURKOVICHMon Mar 22 1993VR299 and SVGA?
1427.04SOLVIT::SOARNG::TIMMONSMon Mar 22 1993How do they do that?
1428.07CACHE::SETOMon Mar 22 1993Return
1430.0ADVLSI::BLEAKNEYMon Mar 22 1993IBM 3119 Full Page Scanner
1431.06IW::WARINGMon Mar 22 1993DECpc 34
1432.018EICMFG::DRECHSELMon Mar 22 1993Multi-Session CD's
1433.04VERGA::MACDONALDMon Mar 22 1993Drivers Needed
1434.01ECCGY4::KRAFTTue Mar 23 1993Security with modem connection
1435.05MONTOR::MIKELISTue Mar 23 1993Trident 89
1437.05CHOVAX::RASKISTue Mar 23 1993Alternative to docking stations?
1438.05SWAM1::HITCHMAN_JETue Mar 23 1993list of S/W for Sale
1439.05WIZKID::ESTESTue Mar 23 1993Phar Lap err?
1440.033GVAADG::AMAZONWed Mar 24 1993HP Deskjet 5
1441.02NOVA::AMWAYWed Mar 24 1993PC Diagnostics
1442.06SISDA::LARSENWed Mar 24 1993Filesize in bytes from VMS?
1443.05NLFDC::MULHUIJZENWed Mar 24 1993.DL files. What are they ?
1444.02BUSY::CLEMENTWed Mar 24 1993Remove PIN on Controller ???
1445.02MAGS2::MAGALETTAWed Mar 24 1993floppy problems
1446.01HDLITE::HOPEWELLWed Mar 24 1993SCU for Application DEC4
1447.02CACHE::SETOWed Mar 24 1993BCS Mega Meeting on April 3-4
1448.03GNPIKE::MIKELISWed Mar 24 1993Switching Drive Assignments on a dual-TEAC Floppy
1449.08PAMSRC::635Wed Mar 24 1993Reading VMS CD's on a MSCDEX/PC system?
1450.05WIZARD::OPERATORWed Mar 24 19931/4" Tape Backup and SY-TOS
1452.04GVPROD::CHAPACOUThu Mar 25 1993Really a circuitry error ?
1453.07EICMFG::BINGERThu Mar 25 1993ALL system startup info to a file?
1454.020BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Mar 25 1993Help! My computer is sick
1455.04HOBBLE::YOUNGThu Mar 25 1993SCSI-ID for an internal mounted RRD42
1456.04HOBBLE::YOUNGThu Mar 25 1993Tapebackup on 4mm-DAT
1457.013RELYON::CYGANThu Mar 25 1993Question - SMARTDRIVE
1458.01SALEBT::HEARNSThu Mar 25 1993HIMEM.SYS causes keyboard to hang!
1459.025GUFFAW::GRANSEWICZThu Mar 25 1993Bad Allocation Units-CHKDSK,SMARTDRV,write caching
1460.08CFSCTC::CFSCTC::RYANThu Mar 25 1993My mouse is afraid of the dark
1461.02ZAYIUS::BROUILLETTEThu Mar 25 1993Cabling questions...
1462.03RICKS::PHIPPSThu Mar 25 1993Kodak on CD Drives
1463.03FAILTE::MCERLANEVFri Mar 26 1993Help on MCA, IBM FUD
1464.03ECACAD::HenryFri Mar 26 1993Running shells from the AUTOEXEC.BAT
1465.06BUSY::CLEMENTFri Mar 26 1993How to CMOS setup AT?
1466.05WRKSYS::THOMASFri Mar 26 1993Disk serial numbers?
1467.09DCEIDL::PELLEGRINOFri Mar 26 1993Sony Recordable MiniDisk; 6
1468.09OTOOA::OTOP19::AndersonFri Mar 26 1993Video Memory - where is it?
1469.0MACNAS::BOREILLYFri Mar 26 1993tape streamer wanted
1470.02SPESHR::ROCKWELLFri Mar 26 1993superVGA on Cirrus video?
1471.013NRLABS::CONNELLYFri Mar 26 1993TAXCUT 93 HELP
1472.018CACHE::SETOFri Mar 26 1993Diamond Viper VLB with 2 MB
1473.06SISDA::LARSENSat Mar 27 1993Amazing Facts
1474.090AKOCOA::PDICKERSONSun Mar 28 1993Microsoft DOS 6 official product announcement
1475.07SATRN::STEWARTSun Mar 28 1993uudecode for VMS
1476.0MEOCMon Mar 29 19938514 and VESA port on DECpc
1477.019MTVIEW::SCOTTMon Mar 29 1993booting new drive hangs
1478.0UTRUST::TIMMERMon Mar 29 1993VGA adaptor/monitor problem
1479.0GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJMon Mar 29 1993Booting ...VIDEO TEST : error 2
1480.01KYOA::HUSBYMon Mar 29 1993Emulation software for DEC point of sale PCs?
1481.020TLE::TOKLAS::FELDMANMon Mar 29 1993Official UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Note
1482.01SPECXN::BONOMOMon Mar 29 1993Troubleshooting tools sought for Windows / DOS
1483.022SKYLAB::FISHERMon Mar 29 1993Official After Dark note
1484.09MNATUR::LISTONMon Mar 29 1993Looking for feedback on Panasonic KX-441
1485.02CECEHV::PAASEN_RTue Mar 30 1993RSA
1486.03MSDOA::CAWLEYTue Mar 30 1993S/W Driver for SCSI QIC tape
1487.01SSPADE::CARIGNANTue Mar 30 1993Don't DoubleSpace all of C: if you also run NT
1488.02QUABBI::"berenson@nova.enet.dec.com"Tue Mar 30 1993TurboTax General Protection Fault
1489.01SPESHR::HOMTue Mar 30 1993XT ext port???
1490.08LARVAE::DRSD27::GALVINTue Mar 30 1993SCSI and IDE HDDs co-existing together, booting off SCSI ?
1491.011SDSNET::SZYSZLOTue Mar 30 1993TC - Treasure Chest Computers
1492.06CSLALL::CDUBOISTue Mar 30 1993help on d-base
1493.016SYOMV::CLARYTue Mar 30 1993Bad day at Borland?
1496.01TOOK::PELAGATTITue Mar 30 1993help with EPSON EQUITY I +
1498.07SIERAS::PARKTue Mar 30 1993Emulaser
1499.03ODIXIE::STUMPFWed Mar 31 1993PMT() function in a spreadsheet
1500.01GALINA::SSMITHWed Mar 31 1993DEC 32
1501.04SONATA::TAFTWed Mar 31 1993Increasing ISA Bus Clock Speed???
1502.05BUSY::CLEMENTWed Mar 31 1993format hard drive > 32mb
1503.05CURRNT::CARSONWed Mar 31 1993Microsoft Money
1504.017TARKIN::TINGWed Mar 31 1993Drawing program recommendations
1505.0EPS::AXELWed Mar 31 1993Need Windows SW for Complete Fax/PortablePlus
1506.03ESSB::JMURPHYWed Mar 31 1993Drive Window problem
1507.05QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Wed Mar 31 1993VESA drivers for Pardise SVGA 1meg card
1508.03MAST::REISERTWed Mar 31 1993Novell DOS (DR-DOS 7.
1509.012XANADU::HOVEYWed Mar 31 1993pc/pc modem connect
1510.022RICKS::PHIPPSThu Apr 01 1993The Official DOS 7 Note
1511.01BLASTA::PelkeyThu Apr 01 1993Question: 425c with Weitek coprocessor
1512.012NITMOI::HDECAD::STUKALINThu Apr 01 1993Forgetfull BIOS ?
1513.02HGOVC::MINGFUNGThu Apr 01 1993VESA VL bus'd everything?!
1514.02HGOM26::TERENCELEUNGFri Apr 02 1993CMOS set up for ST9
1515.01MOVIES::MOOREFri Apr 02 1993SYSTEMPRO/XL Hosts 1
1516.03SA1794::FRANKBFri Apr 02 1993Need a KX-P1
1517.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Apr 02 1993Tools to analyse/diagnose XMS ?
1518.0ESTASI::TURCHETTIFri Apr 02 1993help for PC24
1519.01BNGBNG::BOURGEOISFri Apr 02 1993Is CA-SUPERPROJECT for Windows any good
1520.02TINGAU::HEFELEFri Apr 02 1993THURMAN??
1521.0SKIGOD::PFROMERFri Apr 02 1993Windows terminal emulator w/TDSMP
1522.04STAR::DZIEDZICFri Apr 02 1993Two LPT ports sharing one IRQ?
1523.03CADSYS::LEMONSFri Apr 02 1993Connecting home to work
1524.0NCBOOT::PEREZSat Apr 03 1993Questions about Winqvt
1525.07NCBOOT::PEREZSat Apr 03 1993Got those LA5
1526.025NCBOOT::PEREZSat Apr 03 1993Confusion over sound, CD, and MS Sound System
1527.0143MRKTNG::BOEHMSat Apr 03 1993DOS V6.
1528.03RADIA::PERLMANSun Apr 04 1993emacs for pc?
1529.05VCSESU::BRANAMMon Apr 05 1993VGA and memory problem
1531.019WMOIS::BELANGER_FMon Apr 05 1993Can't install Windows 3.1 with DR-DOS
1532.04SNAX::KENNEDYMon Apr 05 1993386PART.PAR file...
1533.02GVAMon Apr 05 1993SIMPLE fax software
1534.012--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 05 1993How to hook up two printers for output from one PC?
1535.029376::KANNANMon Apr 05 1993Problem with Volante Warp1
1536.013PAMSRC::635Mon Apr 05 1993The official Ethernet Topic
1537.02SELLIT::NUZZOMon Apr 05 1993Calculating Checksum for DOS Files?
1538.04NEST::CURRYMon Apr 05 1993Stacker 3.
1539.06EDUOZ::BOERSTue Apr 06 1993ADAPTEC SCSI Upgrade to DOS6 aborted
1540.04RAGS::ARCETue Apr 06 1993What does SL, SX, DX etc mean?
1541.04TITUS::PERKINSTue Apr 06 1993Toshiba DOS/WIN upgrade questions
1542.07CLARID::HOFSTEETue Apr 06 1993Tools for remote access to PC's?
1543.01DECWET::KOWALSKITue Apr 06 1993WDCTRL, MEMMAKER, 386MAX conflicts
1544.04AOKET::KROENINGTue Apr 06 1993What controller for VRT16-DA on 325c
1545.09BUSY::CLEMENTTue Apr 06 1993DEC 3.5" FD to a IBM Clone?
1546.028VMSINT::MONTAGUETue Apr 06 1993Change user/company name easily?
1547.0PAMSRC::635Tue Apr 06 1993Linux (free U*IX clone) for IBM PC clones
1548.020DNEAST::SIVRET_JOHNTue Apr 06 1993Strange files
1549.05ANOVAX::COMFORTWed Apr 07 1993Gamepads Vs. Joysticks
1550.04AIMHI::DECARTERETWed Apr 07 1993User-proof Windows
1551.02USCTR1::BJORGENSENWed Apr 07 1993File Recovery/Repair for WorkShts
1552.025CSC32::T_HUTCHINWed Apr 07 1993Will SMARTDRV and DBLSPACE work together?
1553.03SOFCAD::KNIGHTWed Apr 07 1993UUCP/UUPC modem script for DF296?
1554.02XCUSME::TOMASWed Apr 07 1993Toshiba 16
1555.035CUJO::WALTHERWed Apr 07 1993DOS 6 dblspace problems..??!!
1556.016HURON::MYERSWed Apr 07 1993MS-DOS 6.
1557.09CTHQ::PICKARDWed Apr 07 1993"brewed" systems?
1558.03SOLVIT::SILVAWed Apr 07 1993FAXIT?
1559.04CHEFS::DICKSONBThu Apr 08 1993BUS extenders?
1560.08FSHBYT::HYMESThu Apr 08 1993PC Companies - closings/extinction
1561.04CARTUN::ISRAELITEThu Apr 08 1993Post Script in Software?
1562.08MAST::DUTTONFri Apr 09 1993Adding a CMS tape drive to a DECpc45
1563.02SPESHR::PICCICUTOFri Apr 09 1993Dual Serial Card doc needed. PC4XD-AB
1564.020RICKS::PHIPPSFri Apr 09 1993DBLSPACE Question
1565.03HARBOR::JACKSONFri Apr 09 1993XONXOFF memory use?
1566.06BLOFLY::GORDONMon Apr 12 1993PC mouse/mouse system mouse
1567.016TMAKXO::RCANTRELLMon Apr 12 1993memory parity errors
1569.02BUSY::CLEMENTMon Apr 12 1993NONSTD.SYS ???
1570.02SPESHR::JOHNSONMon Apr 12 1993Anyone know anything about Idea Fisher?
1571.0SPESHR::JOHNSONMon Apr 12 1993Anyone know anything about Knowledge Seeker?
1572.02SOLVIT::EGHLIMAMon Apr 12 1993Turbo-c++ V3.1, Hangs system in debug mode
1573.04ELWOOD::NAKAYAMATue Apr 13 1993Local bus ET4
1574.02METSYS::GOODWINTue Apr 13 1993Graphics programming on DECpc 45
1575.09DSSDEV::CHESTNUTTTue Apr 13 1993Memory problem with scanner & dos 6.
1576.02ESBLAB::KINZELMANTue Apr 13 1993Micro Channel Simms?
1577.010BUSY::CLEMENTTue Apr 13 1993Quantum 1
1578.01ODIXIE::STUMPFTue Apr 13 1993McAffee and LotusNotes certified?
1579.061SKYLAB::FISHERTue Apr 13 1993Low End CD Drives
1580.0213AKOCOA::PDICKERSONTue Apr 13 1993* MS-DOS 6 Knowledge Base articles from Microsoft
1581.04WELCLU::DREWTue Apr 13 1993Give me a BREAK !
1582.08BARIWed Apr 14 1993Mouse PS2 type connector to serial line question
1583.031PONDER::WEBBERWed Apr 14 1993PC User Information/Documentation
1584.04CSC32::R_IVERSWed Apr 14 1993Mouse troubleshooting!
1585.015HARBOR::JACKSONWed Apr 14 1993MS-DOS V6.
1586.01POKIE::PATTERSONWed Apr 14 1993Some DECpc LP/MT questions
1588.011YOUWOT::JONES1Thu Apr 15 1993Print problems. HP DeskJet 55
1589.016RUTILE::MANNINGThu Apr 15 1993Epson inkjet printer ?
1590.04CURRNT::CARSONThu Apr 15 1993dma probs on sb-16
1591.08HELIX::SULLIVANThu Apr 15 1993What are these CHIPS!!
1592.018RUSURE::EDPThu Apr 15 1993CD Drive for IDE Controller?
1593.03WHOSThu Apr 15 1993Specialized Printer Requirement
1594.0HGOVC::MINGFUNGThu Apr 15 1993VL Bus - Master/Slave
1595.0129376::LEITZThu Apr 15 1993parsing env variables?
1596.0AKOCOA::PDICKERSONThu Apr 15 1993New DEC logo TrueType font available|MSWINDOWS 2745
1597.014ELWOOD::KAPLANThu Apr 15 1993DEFRAG
1598.01STUDIO::SAULThu Apr 15 1993Disk transfer rate about 1/2 speed
1599.01HKGACT::CHAKLEEThu Apr 15 1993DECvoice capability on PC
1600.02OZROCK::GROHNFri Apr 16 1993Dual IDE contollers
1601.012MPGS::MICHAUDFri Apr 16 1993RAMDRIVE assignnments fixed??
1603.04BITBKT::FORBESFri Apr 16 1993MS Foundation Class Library question
1604.04BOUVS::OAKEYFri Apr 16 1993PC Rental tips
1605.01ROYALT::LECLAIRFri Apr 16 1993Mouse Installation HELP needed
1606.0SPESHR::ROCKWELLFri Apr 16 1993VPIC on APPIAN/433W??
1607.05GVPROD::FITZGERALDSun Apr 18 1993Name/Add/Tel for HMC, China
1608.08KDX2Mon Apr 19 1993DECUS software availability?
1609.06HOCUS::WOODMon Apr 19 1993help configuring CDROM??
1610.03SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Apr 19 1993CRC disk error ? HELP!
1611.02ESBSMon Apr 19 1993PS/2, SCSI, CD-ROM questions
1612.016SMURF::LANGONEMon Apr 19 1993MidWest Micro/Infotel 14.4/DF Modem
1613.016ALOSLS::ALTMNT::KozakiewiczMon Apr 19 1993Erratic mouse problems
1614.053SPECXN::KANNANMon Apr 19 1993Shareware or "BaitWare".....
1615.02HOBBLE::YOUNGMon Apr 19 1993df242 and df296 Modem Support
1616.02MACNAS::JFOXTue Apr 20 1993Need DPATH.COM and a linker.
1617.07CIGRBX::LEWISTue Apr 20 1993Drive type for PHOENIX BIOS
1618.0EICMFG::BINGERTue Apr 20 1993HP Lasetjet III print in French
1619.04RUSURE::EDPTue Apr 20 1993Monitor Loses Synchronization
1620.039CTHQ::ROSENBERGTue Apr 20 1993Dialing in from a PC
1621.02DNEAST::SIMON_ANDYTue Apr 20 1993LA36 printer to clone PC ?
1622.01ESBLAB::KINZELMANTue Apr 20 1993Visual Basic run time lib?
1623.03GANTRY::HULLTue Apr 20 1993CD not recognized on SCSI cable
1624.05UNTADI::LEWISWed Apr 21 1993WFWG & DRDOS no go
1625.014HKOVC::KATSONWed Apr 21 1993Editing huge text files
1626.03GVPROD::BOWERSWed Apr 21 1993DECstation 333 user disk
1627.05GALVIA::BREATHNACHWed Apr 21 19933 Qs: SVGA vs VGA+, SCSI, SCSI & DiskDoublers
1628.0RTOEU::MNEELYWed Apr 21 1993Display problems??
1629.03WMOIS::POSCOWed Apr 21 1993Toshiba Cdrom Installation Problems...
1630.0FGTMCC::SYSTEMWed Apr 21 1993Print "LBM" format
1631.036LEZAH::FLESSAWed Apr 21 1993Any experience with children's shrink-wrapped sw
1632.0VOYAGR::BONDWed Apr 21 1993Need info on IBM Proprinter
1633.044CSDNET::DICASTROWed Apr 21 1993IDE and SCSI details
1634.04INDEV1::GSMITHWed Apr 21 1993How can I boot from drive 'B'
1635.014MACNAS::JFOXThu Apr 22 1993Need a Cobol Linker
1636.02WOTVAX::LIVINGSTONEPThu Apr 22 1993FAST P.C. Audit Pack
1637.032STAR::BOIKOThu Apr 22 1993Computer Speakers - What brand/model do u use?
1638.03MAST::REISERTThu Apr 22 1993Official DR-DOS 6.
1639.06TRCOA::REGINAThu Apr 22 1993VT131 emulator on PC
1640.01ANOVAX::COMFORTThu Apr 22 1993SB game port type?
1641.016KAOOA::AHMEDThu Apr 22 1993Airport X-ray and Notebook PC's!
1642.010NOVA::EASTLANDThu Apr 22 1993Soundblaster reinit problems
1643.01SHALOM::HEWITTThu Apr 22 1993Anyone have Gutenberg Bible image on CD-ROM?
1644.07NCBOOT::VENTURAThu Apr 22 1993SoundBlaster MIDI Pin-Outs?
1645.07CADSYS::LEMONSThu Apr 22 1993Connecting a high-speed leased or switched circuit to a PC
1646.01LBDUCK::DEADERICKThu Apr 22 1993Need app to manage CAD software aqcuisition
1647.01USCTR1::BJORGENSENFri Apr 23 1993Digital Fiscal Date Calc for the PC?
1648.06OFFPLS::ABSURD::RYANFri Apr 23 1993Scanner-to-parallel???
1649.0ROMTSS::FURLONGFri Apr 23 1993SCSI comparison report??
1650.04SPESHR::HAMILTONFri Apr 23 1993Flip-Flop Cursor
1651.01NWDFri Apr 23 1993LK25
1652.02MSBCS::MCINTYREFri Apr 23 1993Help for 8th Grade Math
1653.021DYOSW8::WILDERSun Apr 25 19931x3 vs 1x9 simms
1654.01MQOOA::LEMon Apr 26 1993Need details for LPTx's addresses
1655.03ABACUS::ERICKSONMon Apr 26 1993SCSI 174
1656.08CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Apr 26 1993COM1 Troubleshooting
1658.03MITCH::MITCHELLMon Apr 26 1993 Is shareware conference still alive?
1659.016GAUSS::ROSENBLUMMon Apr 26 1993DECPC 32
1660.04KYOA::WALKERMon Apr 26 1993Trantor T338 MiniSCSI and RZ23
1661.02SOLVIT::FERRARAMon Apr 26 1993Hard Disks for DECpc 42
1662.06SPESHR::JOHNSONMon Apr 26 1993Printing to PostScript Printers
1663.01PAWN8::CYRMon Apr 26 1993Good platform for CAD apps?
1664.06FRETZ::HEISERTue Apr 27 1993AMD 486 clones
1665.014CLADA::BREATHNACHTue Apr 27 1993SCSI v's SCSI 2
1666.04RSNC::BRUILTue Apr 27 1993WD1
1667.07STAR::GUINEAUTue Apr 27 1993multi-head WIndows?
1668.09WELSWS::CADDTue Apr 27 1993WD1
1669.03OFFPLS::ABSURD::RYANTue Apr 27 1993Seeking course-authoring software
1670.03GEOFF::SCHULTZTue Apr 27 1993Color LCD displays for overhead projectors
1671.06SHIPS::SORRELL_GWed Apr 28 1993Screen Saver/Clipper????
1672.0CGOWGS::OAKLEYWed Apr 28 1993Imagine troubles with 466 S3 graphics setup
1673.05LJOHUB::STELLWed Apr 28 1993Hard drive upgrade/replace question
1674.04WILBRY::JACKSONWed Apr 28 1993Memory Upgrade Questions
1675.0ANVIL::ANDREWSWed Apr 28 1993DECwrite time seeking 386 sx with Co-processor
1676.028SOFBAS::SHAPIROWed Apr 28 1993RIPOFFS !!
1677.02UTRUST::TIMMERThu Apr 29 1993WordPerfect printing to DOS text file.
1678.07MKOTS1::GRADYThu Apr 29 1993QPC V1.1 Announcement
1679.05ASDG::ACITOThu Apr 29 1993Modem Stuck after Connection to Office Phone
1680.04CLADA::BREATHNACHThu Apr 29 1993Benchmarks,Landmark,PowerMeter
1681.099ADTSHR::FOUNTASThu Apr 29 1993Questions on VRC16 (17") color monitor
1682.03SPECXN::ROBERTSThu Apr 29 1993Keyboard mapping question -- How to get old AT keyboard mapping back
1683.03BSS::STPALY::MOLLERThu Apr 29 1993Playing games with scanner grey scales
1684.02HGOVC::LAWRENCEFri Apr 30 1993PAS 16 - enter WIN 3.1 gives no sound
1685.0VAXVLS::DEVILLYFri Apr 30 1993DECstation 3
1686.09BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Apr 30 1993WinWOrd graphics import?
1687.0COPCLU::COPHJ::henrikvjFri Apr 30 1993Multiport card PC6XD-AA problem ????
1688.07SALEM::NELSON_DFri Apr 30 1993HELP! NO VIDEO!
1689.019TLE::TOKLAS::FELDMANFri Apr 30 1993The Official Cleaning and Maintenance Note
1690.02MPGS::MICHAUDFri Apr 30 1993Driving simulators..any good?
1691.010FAIRFri Apr 30 1993VGA drivers and WIN.INI?
1692.01PMASON::BROWNFri Apr 30 1993AT Keyboard acts like an XT???
1693.0TUXEDO::WRAYFri Apr 30 1993Looking for a video card
1694.05SUBSYS::SCHNAREFri Apr 30 1993Require Help with new SUPRA modem.
1695.0TPSYS::SHAHSun May 02 1993PROMATE Fax/phone switch, info needed
1696.015CSOA1::BEJCEKSun May 02 1993RD53 "Heals" itself
1697.05MIMS::QUINN_JMon May 03 1993What is best Color Laptop?
1698.09ALLVAX::BEERMANMon May 03 1993Initialization (profile) file utilities for DOS, VMS, ULTRIX
1699.02SMURF::MANDELLMon May 03 1993Cursor Blinks Too Fast
1700.06MR4DEC::RFRANCEYMon May 03 1993Can I kermit via laptop's Xircom?
1701.024BROKE::BNELSONMon May 03 1993Changing Allocation Unit Size in MS-DOS
1703.056SOLVIT::AR5LGT::MERRILLMon May 03 1993Problem with Stacker, HELP!
1704.05UFRCS1::PIETERSONMon May 03 1993QEMM 6.
1705.04RANGER::NADKARNIMon May 03 1993The (un)official US Logic note
1706.04CSC32::W_LINVILLETue May 04 1993ballistic program needed
1707.014EICMFG::BINGERTue May 04 1993How hot do the 486DX25
1708.013WR2FOR::HARRIS_MATue May 04 1993Great deal on $699 Orchid P9
1709.0KELVIN::LUDWIGTue May 04 1993Difference btwn NEC 3FGX and 3FGE monitors?
1710.03NOVA::ARNOLDTue May 04 1993Micron Computer PCs
1711.05GANTRY::OS_RAJVANSHITue May 04 1993Which one : MS-WORD, Ami Pro, WordPerfect ?
1712.04BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonTue May 04 1993PS/2 style mouse - serial port
1713.05AOSG::NORDLINGERTue May 04 1993Naive PC VGA and diskspace questions
1714.0VERGA::MACDONALDWed May 05 1993HP1
1715.07SHIPS::MAILROOMWed May 05 1993SCSI card problems
1716.04FRUST::STELTERWed May 05 1993Status of PARADOX Conference?
1718.024COPCLU::COPHJ::henrikvjWed May 05 1993Upgrade of RRD42 to multi-session ??
1719.05WHOSWed May 05 1993Font Management S/W?
1720.033VMSDEV::CLABORNWed May 05 1993The Official 'Personal Information Manager (PIM)' Note
1721.06CNTROL::SWINEHARTWed May 05 1993How to transfer 123 for VAX model to a PC?
1722.03QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Wed May 05 1993Software for doing DOS installations
1723.03KYOA::KOCHWed May 05 1993Why can't I run CARMEN anymore?
1724.019I18N::GREENWOODThu May 06 1993DEC 245MB disk - a good deal?
1725.01CHFS32::WRIGHTThu May 06 1993games conference still alive??
1726.07TPSYS::WONGThu May 06 1993SB Pro Deluxe?
1727.08TUXEDO::WRAYThu May 06 1993Little-Big-LAN
1728.03MONTOR::MIKELISThu May 06 1993Radio Shack Video Adapter @149.95?
1730.02SOJU::SLATERThu May 06 1993HiJaak Under WIN NT
1731.016SYSMGT::HALLYBThu May 06 1993The Official PCMCIA Topic
1732.03MR4DEC::RONThu May 06 1993S/W vendors - honest and otherwise
1733.018HGOVC::LAWRENCEThu May 06 1993Logitech Color Scanman not working good
1734.02NEWVAX::SGRIFFINFri May 07 1993Indexed sequential access on PC?
1735.02BIGUN::BAKERFri May 07 1993Fax S/W with DDE or DLL?
1736.02GANTRY::HULLFri May 07 1993XIMAT vs. RHOMAT tape formats?
1737.012BSS::STPALY::MOLLERFri May 07 1993Hi Res VGA windows mode shifts screen position
1738.01ULYSSE::YLOUPC::LouisFri May 07 1993How to disable 1 Mbyte of Memory ?
1739.07ISTWI1::YEGENFri May 07 1993Heard about MICRONICS?
1740.05MSBCS::BROWN_LFri May 07 1993Byte Magazine Windows Benchmarks
1741.02NEWVAX::PAVLICEKSat May 08 1993Timer chip counter 2 failure
1742.04OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUSat May 08 1993excel - file size=infinity
1743.01STKHLM::BACKSTROMSat May 08 1993Window outside screen!
1745.05MPGS::THIBAULTSun May 09 1993Cable for Scholar to DECsta??
1747.06TANG::RHINESun May 09 1993Strange Booting Problem
1748.031HSSWS1::GREGMon May 10 1993RD54 via WD1
1749.02IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon May 10 19934
1750.0CSC32::C_LEEMon May 10 1993PCP1L-AA, PIN OUT ??
1751.0MPGS::KUSNETZKYMon May 10 1993SCO UNIX and SCO ODT certified on DECpc LP and MT
1752.09CURRNT::BAILEYMon May 10 1993Windows loses keyboard driver?
1753.01DAVE::MITTONMon May 10 1993The Computer Trading Post?
1754.04QOQUAQ::PELTZMon May 10 1993Dashboard vs. Norton Desktop
1755.025HSSWS1::GREGMon May 10 19932.88MB floppy controllers for the PC
1756.07HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon May 10 1993No Room For DOS Partition?
1757.0MEXVMon May 10 1993Raw -> any exportable graphical format
1758.011BIGUN::FEIGLETue May 11 1993Windows Drivers for DECpc32
1759.03UTRUST::TIMMERTue May 11 1993AMI bios cache options
1760.02BAHTAT::HILTONTue May 11 1993What modes can my MONITOR do?
1761.03--UnknownUser--Tue May 11 1993RZ26 on 466dx2?
1762.08LABC::MAPPSTue May 11 1993Orchid Prodesign IIs Q's
1763.015EARRTH::KOUTue May 11 1993Speech Recognition
1764.05MFGVAX::AROWEWed May 12 1993Compression on TLZ
1765.01EISJAT::TEDESCOWed May 12 1993New SPINUP pointer so no need for target
1766.01POKIE::ADAMSWed May 12 1993ibmpc-92 giving inappropriate device error
1767.03CSC32::C_LEEWed May 12 1993PCP1
1768.01--UnknownUser--Wed May 12 1993Interested in evaluating PC keyboards?
1769.013GRANMA::GTOPPINGWed May 12 1993HELP! Disk problem!!
1770.0ELYSEE::FUMSWed May 12 1993Intel Connection fax card
1771.02IJSAPL::LAATThu May 13 1993Funny noises ...
1772.0CTHQ::ROSENBERGThu May 13 1993The Official PC Professional Topic
1773.08HANNAH::BAYThu May 13 1993Are STACKS needed? How can you tell?
1774.010TRCOA::DAL_MOLINThu May 13 1993Bios Upgrade Recommendations????
1775.01OZROCK::GROHNFri May 14 1993ACTIX graphics enginee 32
1776.05LUDWIG::HIVELYFri May 14 1993dblspace and lost clusters
1777.05SMURF::CRANSTONFri May 14 1993Sound Blaster SDK Price?
1778.03USHSFri May 14 1993INFO? WANG 14.4/14.4E FAX/DATA MODEM
1779.02MSBCS::BORSOMFri May 14 1993Help! Need DOS Screen Design Tool
1781.02REGENT::LAIFri May 14 1993How can I hook FAX machine and FAX modem together?
1782.03POBOX::ZWIKELFri May 14 1993Local Bus IDE Problem/Questions
1783.02GVPROD::BORBOENSat May 15 1993Disk controller failure
1784.02UNYEM::CLARYSun May 16 1993Classroom control app...
1785.05SANFAN::LESLIE_DAMon May 17 1993On Connecting an Apple ImageWriter II
1786.01BRAT::ROY_RMon May 17 1993MaxFax Modem help
1787.02GRANMA::GTOPPINGMon May 17 1993DIGITAL 11
1788.01DCEIDL::BUTENHOFMon May 17 1993Digital's Microsoft Office for Digital MAILbus products...
1790.0919825::PACIELLOMon May 17 1993DOS hangs in Windows subprocess
1791.01411SRUS::HUDSONMon May 17 1993CMS, DTM, ... needed for the PC
1792.01POBOX::ZWIKELMon May 17 1993PATHWORKS for Windows NT?
1793.09TANG::RHINETue May 18 1993Any Joystick Experts???
1794.019SPEZKO::REICHERTTue May 18 1993SYTOS+/525MB QIC Problem
1795.0131RUSURE::EDPTue May 18 1993Shrinkwrap Licenses
1796.09FAIRTue May 18 1993Genealogy <--> Org Chart
1797.01HKOVC::KATSONWed May 19 1993Windows App Security?
1798.0LUNER::DLANDRYWed May 19 1993SIMMS,Will Trade for Printer
1799.01MSBCS::BORSOMWed May 19 1993Looking for Dan Bricklin's Demo
1800.02GJOWed May 19 1993Audio Media Label Printing Software
1801.0GIDDAY::CALLAGHANThu May 20 1993VR319 on a PC
1802.0MUGGER::KEENThu May 20 1993WIN/SHARE/VIDEO problem.
1803.04CARLSN::YUNGThu May 20 1993Decstation 32
1804.012PAMSRC::ALF::BARRETTThu May 20 1993The Official ZyXEL modem topic
1805.020MARIN::KIRKThu May 20 1993Strange performance problem under Windows.
1806.02TANG::RHINEThu May 20 1993SCSI Performance, should I be doing better?
1807.01MRKTNG::MURRAYFri May 21 1993Autocad Video driver for DECpc VGA 1
1808.06EMASS::SKALTSISFri May 21 1993problems with bundled terminal emulation
1809.03MARIN::KIRKSat May 22 1993Strange behaviour of mouse cursor & arrow keys
1810.04THEMV1::GAGANAKISMon May 24 1993Photo-CD's compatible with CD-Rom??
1811.011MACNAS::DOHENYMon May 24 1993Considering a DECpc 466d2 LP...
1812.0FLEX7::PATON_SMon May 24 1993Looking for COM2 with an internal modem
1813.02DCLAVC::TIMMERMon May 24 1993dBASE 2.
1814.04DYOSW8::WILDERMon May 24 1993DOS apps under windows??
1815.05STAR::GUINEAUMon May 24 1993Amiga ANIM to PC FLI or AVI or...?
1816.02PCOJCT::YOUNGMon May 24 1993Win Driver for IBM 3852?
1818.015TANG::RHINETue May 25 1993MSCDEX Tuning Question
1819.05EVMS::GODDARDTue May 25 1993Bourne Shell for DOS
1820.075Tue May 25 1993Ever heard of the blue moon sale?
1821.01SOJU::SLATERTue May 25 19931993 Borland Conf. Trip Report
1822.02MR4DEC::RFRANCEYTue May 25 1993PostScript Previewer available???
1823.028BGYBRD::UDICKTue May 25 1993STACKER and DOS 6
1825.03KAPLAN::KAPLANWed May 26 1993Is DOS "SET" callable from within C?
1826.01ESSAT::THOMPSONWed May 26 1993Prompting for a password before startup
1827.06TROOA::BALDOCKWed May 26 1993Auto Dialer?
1828.02LEDDEV::CAMUSOWed May 26 1993** Phantom Philes Problem **
1829.03NOVA::SUNKARAWed May 26 1993DIGITAL EMPLOYEE discount for WINDOWS software
1830.04HGOVC::MONTYWONGWed May 26 1993Appian WNT display driver?
1831.03HGOVC::MONTYWONGWed May 26 1993Alpha PC notes conference?
1832.02CURRNT::POWELLWed May 26 1993COM3 questions
1833.03KAOOA::TPALFREYMANWed May 26 1993Gravis/Links386 problems
1834.05MR4DEC::RFRANCEYWed May 26 1993postscript and brain problem (mine)
1835.04EMDS::HSIEHWed May 26 1993How to read the CPU type from outside?
1836.06GAAS::KOZIOLWed May 26 1993HOW DO I EXIT WINDOWS using a .BAT ???
1838.0TRINTY::GOETZEWed May 26 1993Clip-art files on CALDEC:: moving to TRINTY::
1839.010HELFUN::LAAMANENThu May 27 1993Problems with Adaptec 1542C and Toshiba 34
1840.0HGOVC::JONASLEUNGThu May 27 1993special character for PC
1841.0CURRNT::BAILEYThu May 27 1993Fax switch recommendations?
1842.01MSBCS::CSGPERFThu May 27 1993DECpc AXP 15
1843.02SHANE::PACIELLOThu May 27 1993FreeLance Graphics Help
1844.03RANGER::GLICKLERFri May 28 1993What is logging a drive?
1845.0MLNCSC::CESANIFri May 28 1993winmark figure for 45
1846.0SPEZKO::LEMIEUXFri May 28 1993need info on IBM hd controller
1847.03NOVA::SUNKARAFri May 28 1993DIGITAL 17" PC Monitor
1848.010TANG::RHINEFri May 28 1993DEC Discount on Fast! Disk Cache
1849.021MICRON::BARBOSAFri May 28 199316 bit Pro Audio S vs. 16 bit SB
1850.04ECFAFri May 28 1993Tape Cipher ST-15
1851.0MSBCS::CSGPERFFri May 28 1993AXP Personal Computer Performance Primer Available
1852.08TUXEDO::WRAYFri May 28 19931-slot sound + CD-ROM?
1853.0711SRUS::HUDSONFri May 28 1993Hand Scanner for $89.
1855.03SPESHR::JOHNSONSun May 30 1993I'd like to *really* understand PC's
1856.04KAHALA::HOLMESTue Jun 01 1993Tandy (Radio Shack) Notebooks ?
1857.01WHO2Tue Jun 01 1993Epson AP325
1858.01BOOKS::ANGELONETue Jun 01 1993HELP - PC Mag back issue articles NEEDED !
1859.01CARLSN::HARTKEMEYERTue Jun 01 1993Panasonic KX-P43 information
1860.01CSS::MEREDITHTue Jun 01 1993Has anyone run an MD41
1861.07RTOEU::MNEELYWed Jun 02 1993Advice on SVGA cards
1862.05STAR::GUINEAUWed Jun 02 1993Reveal 14.4K FAX/MODEM
1863.07LASSIE::HERBISONWed Jun 02 1993I can't use modem from Windows 3.
1864.0MSBCS::NARAHARIWed Jun 02 1993Prmg. the Programmable Interval Timer (8254)
1865.04INTERN::SWABOWICZWed Jun 02 1993New SCSI installation...d rive a & B no longer work
1866.0SOJU::SLATERWed Jun 02 1993New Product: Visual SQL
1867.0KELVIN::LUDWIGWed Jun 02 1993Video controller for VRT16-HA?
1869.012OFFPLS::ABSURD::RYANWed Jun 02 1993Parallel-to-SCSI cable?
1870.017CFSCTC::TROIAWed Jun 02 1993Adding Second Hard Drive-How to?
1871.06DELNI::STRATHMEYERWed Jun 02 1993Using VESA displays under Windows?
1872.04KAOAThu Jun 03 1993The Great Goof-up Software Company
1873.01RTOIC::KERNThu Jun 03 1993Where is SONATA::PC_PROGRAM?
1874.0NZOMIS::WILSONRAYThu Jun 03 1993DECpc 466 Windows Drive Box is EMPTY!
1875.01JUPITR::REYNOLDSThu Jun 03 1993Pionex PC Info Wanted
1876.05STAR::DZIEDZICThu Jun 03 1993WINA2
1877.01FLYWAY::ISPCThu Jun 03 1993IBM Keyboard on a DECpc ?
1878.02MONTOR::MIKELISThu Jun 03 1993need pin-assignments for 9-pin serial connector
1879.03BAHTAT::HILTONThu Jun 03 1993Double the ext. cache on 45
1880.01TRKWSH::COMFORTThu Jun 03 1993Joysticks and Soundblaster question
1881.04PLOUGH::FORSYTHEThu Jun 03 1993PC's for non-profit organization?
1882.03CSC32::B_CANTRELLThu Jun 03 1993CD-ROM driver needed
1883.04WHO2Fri Jun 04 1993memory parity errors
1885.08--UnknownUser--Sat Jun 05 1993Looking for RZSPINUP.EXE/SPINUP2.EXE
1886.05YEOLD::STRONBERGSun Jun 06 1993PCs and Compatibility with VAX back ends
1887.0KJAVMon Jun 07 1993Looking for a CAD driver.
1888.019MEAD::FULLERMon Jun 07 1993SIMMS ?
1889.04IJSAPL::WOODROWMon Jun 07 1993Bi-directional parallel cable for Intellilink-6.
1890.012BAHTAT::HILTONMon Jun 07 1993Safe Format
1891.07PAMSRC::ALF::BARRETTMon Jun 07 1993PCX/TIF/GIF to Color Postscript?
1892.09MSBCS::BROWN_LMon Jun 07 1993PageMaker question
1893.08DOMO::NEILMon Jun 07 1993Variable COMPARE Errors
1894.01BOSETB::BIANCOMon Jun 07 1993FTP problem with telnet and DOS 6.
1895.06NEWOA::SAXBYTue Jun 08 1993Problems with APPEND
1896.060STAR::DZIEDZICTue Jun 08 1993The official WinFAX note
1897.03BAHTAT::WORRALLTue Jun 08 1993Vista pro
1898.04BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jun 08 1993DECpc 45
1899.01NLFDC::MULHUIJZENTue Jun 08 1993Eztape latest version
1900.01RUTILE::BUCZMATue Jun 08 1993Oracle on PCs,Costs, contacts etc
1901.02BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jun 08 1993Cable connection questions
1902.04FIEVEL::FILGATETue Jun 08 1993MathCad 4.
1903.05SPESHR::JOHNSONTue Jun 08 1993Order of execution of lines in CONFIG.SYS under DOS 6
1904.012MR4DEC::WILLINGERTue Jun 08 1993HP55
1905.02PAKORA::GAITKENHEADTue Jun 08 1993UK PC-user question
1906.02BEOIS1::MALOSCHYTZKIWed Jun 09 1993Jumper settings for MAXTOR 7
1907.04TENTO1::BOURNEJWed Jun 09 1993Who makes PC6XR-FD
1908.02SASE::HARRISWed Jun 09 1993Western Digital
1909.05MPGS::MICHAUDWed Jun 09 1993Reformat = Line Return to Manufacturer..always?
1910.01RELYON::CYGANWed Jun 09 1993Compression Util Compat.?
1911.08HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Jun 09 1993What is .PIC files ?
1912.03KYOA::KOCHWed Jun 09 1993Monitor is losing its color...
1913.02VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOWed Jun 09 1993VRT19 on DECpc433dx LP?
1914.07WDCIS::WICKERTWed Jun 09 1993Moving MORE's temp file?
1915.026SOLVIT::PAGLIARULOWed Jun 09 1993I need a what...?
1916.06ECFAWed Jun 09 1993433ST AND DE-2
1917.01KIBBIE::MCNULTYWed Jun 09 1993Microtek part number for MD3
1918.01STAR::BOIKOThu Jun 10 19933D Animation to Video tape..?
1919.02DRAC::HUELVESThu Jun 10 1993DECpc425st SDLC and FBBS software problems
1920.04EVMS::FENSTERThu Jun 10 1993Looking for repair site near ZKO
1921.01CIMTWO::AGBEAR::HORNERThu Jun 10 1993Anyone experienced problems with DOS6 EMM386 and windows?
1922.06ASDG::PATELThu Jun 10 1993questions on image scanners+fax modems
1923.02N2ITIV::LEEThu Jun 10 1993 Ultrastor 24F & 34F SCSI controllers
1924.04GEOFF::SCHULTZThu Jun 10 1993Max memory on a DECpc 316?
1925.03ZIGLAR::FPRUSSThu Jun 10 1993i86
1926.012SWAM2::WONG_HEFri Jun 11 1993Questions about a SCSI expansion box
1927.0UTROP1::IDETA_PLFri Jun 11 1993Positioning RAMdisk in memory
1928.02VANTEN::MITCHELLDFri Jun 11 1993PC6XR-CC PC6XT-CB ?
1929.02BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jun 11 1993BIOS setsup monitor???
1930.01BAZZER::CULLEYFri Jun 11 1993Canon P-J-1
1931.0SOJU::SLATERFri Jun 11 1993Computer Industry Article - Fortune Mag. 6/14/93
1932.014CSLALL::GASPAROLAFri Jun 11 1993Expert help badly needed
1933.04BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jun 11 1993How to size and shift a monitor
1934.05FRSBEE::GRAHAMSat Jun 12 1993What'll extra Video memory get me?
1935.030HSSWS1::GREGSun Jun 13 1993The Great Floppy Scam
1936.0WEORFI::DUNHAMSun Jun 13 1993PS/2 Model 8
1937.02HGOVA::KIMWAHNGMon Jun 14 1993SIMM RAM <--> SIP RAM ?
1938.010TKOV51::FUJIMOTOMon Jun 14 1993Audio through SB from SCSI-CD
1939.0TKOV51::FUJIMOTOMon Jun 14 1993please tell me info. about EISA.
1940.05VMSNET::M_HYDEMon Jun 14 1993An American PC in Japan?
1941.09VANINE::LOVELLMon Jun 14 1993PC (Workstation) Memory Management blues
1943.03--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 14 1993DOS 6.
1944.0ONOIS1::SABIAUXMon Jun 14 1993SCSI prog tools/docs
1945.09CHOOKE::KLUMPESMon Jun 14 1993Vaxmate and RX23 and DOS V5...
1946.01BROKE::NEWMANMon Jun 14 1993strange Logitech mouse problem;
1947.08VANINE::LOVELLTue Jun 15 1993Internal PC cable for RRD42 audio to Sound Board?
1948.05HEAVY::JAMIETue Jun 15 1993DECstation memory on another PC ?
1949.0VANTEN::MITCHELLDTue Jun 15 1993Arc-solo?
1950.01CX3PST::MOUTNS::SCADUTOTue Jun 15 1993Jumper help needed!
1951.03BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jun 15 1993Pink Scroll Bars
1952.02COKPIT::BMCHATTIETue Jun 15 1993ZX Spectrum Emulator Query ?
1953.02FLEX7::ALLAM_STue Jun 15 1993Problem with Logimouse, Windows, and DOS apps
1954.0124MSBCS::PAGLIARULO_GTue Jun 15 1993'Free' CA Software (CA-Simply Money)?
1955.01RELYON::CYGANTue Jun 15 1993Max. ISA length..?
1956.06TNPUBS::FORTENTue Jun 15 1993Removing SIMMs from 433T PC
1957.0EICMFG::BINGERTue Jun 15 1993Maxtor disk failure in the WINbook (notebook)
1958.01GLDOA::ROGERSTue Jun 15 1993old or new?
1959.09MR4DEC::RFRANCEYTue Jun 15 1993Compudyne SCSI & RZ55 problems
1960.03ONOIS1::SABIAUXTue Jun 15 1993MSDOS 5.
1961.04ZPOVC::INDOWed Jun 16 1993MEM.EXE, conventional memory less than 64
1962.08SUBURB::JAMESHWed Jun 16 1993Windows hangs
1963.01MSDOA::MCCLOUDWed Jun 16 1993Segate st-1144a jumpers
1964.014SPEZKO::A_FRASERWed Jun 16 1993Internet and Usenet access from home PC?
1965.09SIREN::KENOYERWed Jun 16 1993Floppy-based Notebook?
1966.08IAMOK::GENTILEWed Jun 16 1993SMARTDRV and defrag on a 433T?
1967.03KELVIN::LUDWIGWed Jun 16 1993How to reduce LK45
1968.03TLE::TOKLAS::FELDMANWed Jun 16 1993Fair price for DECjet 1
1969.06NEMAIL::ADAMThu Jun 17 1993cant load emm386.exe
1970.08HGOVC::ROGERTSEThu Jun 17 1993BIOS too old for new Conner disk?
1971.012RUTILE::MANNINGThu Jun 17 1993Windows hanging/re-booting
1972.01CLARID::MINVIELLEThu Jun 17 1993Looking for optimized autoexec and config
1973.03CSOA1::FULTONThu Jun 17 1993DECpc 32
1974.04DSSDEV::CLOUTIERThu Jun 17 1993What is "Peek and Spy"?
1975.01SIREN::KENOYERThu Jun 17 1993Adaptec Config files
1976.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Jun 17 1993Monitor Shadows?
1977.024WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAThu Jun 17 1993COLOR 24-BIT faltbed scanner for PC or MAC. $499
1978.01GLDOA::ROGERSFri Jun 18 19935
1979.03GENIE::GUTAFri Jun 18 1993ASSIGN IN MS-DOS 5.
1980.01MUDIS3::VUSW4::RGRUETERFri Jun 18 1993Floppy and VGA addresses
1981.02GVAFri Jun 18 1993two "c>" prompts on leaving windows?
1982.01HELFUN::LAAMANENFri Jun 18 1993Bad Memory (User's); How to Reset DECpc466D2LP CMOS ?
1983.01SLOVAX::PAGESun Jun 20 1993RZ56 Access Problems with Adaptec 152
1985.03ODIXIE::STUMPFMon Jun 21 1993PRO 38
1986.06TOOK::MCPHERSONTue Jun 22 1993? Drive large monitor off DECpc 425SL laptop?
1987.04LANDO::PREISIGTue Jun 22 1993PC failure (ports and soundblaster). Ideas?
1988.04NOVA::SUNKARATue Jun 22 1993ISA bus limitations
1989.07PLAYER::BROWNLTue Jun 22 1993IBM PS/1, won't boot from floopy
1990.08GENRAL::MDS_DRAFTERTue Jun 22 1993Can ramdrive be doublespaced?
1991.0DSSDEV::CLOUTIERTue Jun 22 1993Comments on FileMaker by Claris
1992.02KYOA::ERICKSENTue Jun 22 1993Multimedia & Scanner Question for demo
1993.01NWDWed Jun 23 1993HP Deskjet 55
1994.08HDLITE::MORINWed Jun 23 1993VGA drivers for DECstation 32
1995.02NOVA::SUNKARAWed Jun 23 1993VLB -> SCSI . Is it faster? Any problems?
1996.016AXEL::FOLEYWed Jun 23 1993DOS 6 bug fixes???
1997.01CHIRPA::LINWed Jun 23 1993Unofficial Digital Vision, Inc. Note
1998.043SUBWAY::DAVIDSONWed Jun 23 1993Buying advice wanted
1999.07RTOIC::KERNWed Jun 23 1993Special Offer from WP?
2000.05DPDMAI::LAWRIEWed Jun 23 1993help for feable memory
2001.04DNEAST::FIKE_MIKEThu Jun 24 1993memmaker hanging windows with V6.
2002.0NGHIAN::NGHIAThu Jun 24 1993How to test sound standards?
2003.06MSBCS::ASHFORTHThu Jun 24 1993Microsoft Sound System
2004.014HYDRA::ALDENThu Jun 24 1993Looking for REALLY working 45
2005.02SCAACT::COXThu Jun 24 1993Voice-based BBS questions
2006.04METMV4::DRGThu Jun 24 1993Problems running games on DEC 466DX2LP
2007.010OWLMED::GENTILEThu Jun 24 1993Windows Memory Problems on 433T
2008.04PDVFri Jun 25 1993What is a port address ?
2009.01SOJU::SLATERFri Jun 25 1993New C/S Article: Tips for Success
2010.06MYJAM::MYSELFri Jun 25 1993PC Publication for Novice
2011.0SOJU::SLATERFri Jun 25 1993List Of Papers And Presentations
2012.09CALDEC::GOETZEFri Jun 25 1993Looking for icons
2013.010FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Jun 25 1993Grammar, Grammatik and others?
2014.09ASDS::SEGERSun Jun 27 1993PC hangs trying to boot from drive C
2015.03IOSG::VANDENBONMon Jun 28 1993How do I make Drive B my permanent Drive A
2016.01HLDEMon Jun 28 1993IF EXIST <directory_name> hint
2017.010CADSYS::LEMONSMon Jun 28 1993Master list of BBS, on AmeriBoard BBS
2018.01VERSA::TIMMELMon Jun 28 1993466st and z-ram 16meg simms don't config
2019.09ESBLAB::TATOSIANTue Jun 29 1993Announcing IBM PC DOS 6.1
2020.03VNABRW::KRAMER_FTue Jun 29 1993self running PC Demo wanted!!
2021.03MEAD::FULLERTue Jun 29 1993Node SWOPS & OS2 ?
2022.01GRANPA::PWILLIAMSTue Jun 29 1993AUTOEXEC not executing in DOS V6.
2023.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Jun 29 1993Do we have to purchase DECwrite for internal pc's
2024.06TLE::FRIDAYTue Jun 29 1993Need help with erudite .BAT file
2025.04SNOCWed Jun 30 1993SpeedCache+?
2026.06BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Jun 30 1993Tracing COM port I/O?
2027.0FORTY2::KOKOLAKISWed Jun 30 1993How can load and execute a program ?
2028.03TNPUBS::FORTENWed Jun 30 1993DEC 433T Problems
2029.0RBW::WICKERTWed Jun 30 1993Faster hard-disk FORMAT utility?
2030.06STRATA::TAIWed Jun 30 1993Floppy Drive Continuously Spins and Won't Read
2031.019SOFBAS::SHAPIROWed Jun 30 1993The ** OFFICIAL ** memory management topic
2032.03RENFRO::POWELLWed Jun 30 1993ASPI compliant SCSI boards
2033.013ZPOVC::XKOVThu Jul 01 1993Problem installing Coreldraw3.
2034.05HAMCL3::PLEWKAThu Jul 01 1993serial problem ??
2035.03VIVIAN::GOODWINThu Jul 01 1993Interlink cable
2036.09RDGENG::FRYThu Jul 01 1993Can't boot from B drive?
2037.02CSC32::R_IVERSThu Jul 01 1993Where is IBMPC-92 notesfile?
2038.04NIOMAX::LAINGThu Jul 01 1993Lotus 123 rel.4 - minor bug?
2039.014CSC32::R_IVERSThu Jul 01 1993How to use RZ73 on PC?
2040.01CARLSN::YUNGThu Jul 01 1993PC443-A@ + PC44M-aa Compatable?
2041.02SOJU::SLATERThu Jul 01 1993Software App. Sales Trends
2042.01SUBURB::JAMESHFri Jul 02 1993Windows Execution Error
2044.0HAMCL3::HOFHANSLFri Jul 02 1993IIT 387 Matrix Operations
2045.02ODIXIE::PFLANZFri Jul 02 1993Pro-Pipe Application Software???
2046.0GRANPA::FBOWLESFri Jul 02 1993Batch Compilers
2047.026STAR::BOIKOFri Jul 02 1993Best price for 34
2048.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGSat Jul 03 1993QEMM VIDRAM on S3 video adapter ?
2049.01NEWOA::MACLEODMon Jul 05 1993PROMISE cache Controllers, anyone
2050.023IAMOK::GENTILEMon Jul 05 1993Help! Massive problems downloading!
2051.01ZPOVC::XKOVTue Jul 06 1993SCO Unix performance on DECpc34
2052.04SASE::HARRISTue Jul 06 19933Com EtherLink card
2053.08--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 06 1993Help, My 386 has fallen and it can't get up.
2054.01EMDS::ARDUINOTue Jul 06 1993HELP: MoneyCounts 7.
2055.02MEAD::FULLERTue Jul 06 1993Mulitimedia ?
2056.01VSSCAD::FITZGERALDTue Jul 06 1993urgent pc expert needed for Clinton MA business..
2057.02GNPIKE::MIKELISTue Jul 06 1993DR DOS / MS DOS
2058.04SANDZ::HASSANTue Jul 06 1993Reverse print panasonic laser 442
2059.01COMET::MARTINTue Jul 06 1993A case of HD install...
2060.0MPGS::SCHWARTZTue Jul 06 1993COURSE: Supporting Windows 3.1
2061.0MPGS::SCHWARTZTue Jul 06 1993COURSE: DOS Memory Mgmt
2062.01SUBWAY::DAVIDSONTue Jul 06 1993Neuron Data Tools?
2063.03CARROL::KOUTue Jul 06 1993HP ScanJet II Plus SCSI compatibility ?
2064.04HGOVC::LAWRENCEWed Jul 07 1993New DEC Logo wanted...
2065.0LUDWIG::HIVELYWed Jul 07 1993Problem with HGW
2066.01GENIE::GUTAWed Jul 07 1993New Microsoft Mouse generates a Deadlock !
2067.01MACNAS::RTAYLORWed Jul 07 1993466d2 video drivers win 3.1
2068.09AYOV27::AYOP17::tmccrorieWed Jul 07 1993How to connect to COMPUSERVE
2069.04PIETWed Jul 07 1993VRT16-DA monitor on a DECPC?
2070.03POLAR::MOKHTARWed Jul 07 1993programming a Windows like interface
2072.013TAOVThu Jul 08 1993MODEM DEAF - no dial tone
2074.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Jul 08 1993Disk caching program known problems ?
2075.07CSGVAX::SJAWAHRANIThu Jul 08 1993Color Scanner problems?
2076.08CSC32::T_HUTCHINThu Jul 08 1993Poor performance after DOS6 upgrade
2077.01STUDIO::CONNELLYThu Jul 08 1993KRP5
2078.01SIOG::ODONNELLFri Jul 09 1993Trident 9
2079.06FAILTE::MCERLANEVFri Jul 09 1993Drivers for S3 chipset under OS/2
2080.0SUOSWS::WUENSCHFri Jul 09 1993Corrupted Files with interlink on DOS 6.
2081.08DREGS::BLICKSTEINFri Jul 09 1993What is "Genie"?
2082.0KAOOA::DAVYFri Jul 09 1993HELP req'd for XTALK/DEC DIALUP Connection
2083.02JULIET::BLINCOE_CAFri Jul 09 1993Help with "Divide Overflow"??
2084.011TENTO1::BOURNEJSat Jul 10 1993PC Tools v5.1 & DOS v5.
2085.05TANG::RHINESat Jul 10 1993QAplus Problem
2086.04SASE::HARRISSun Jul 11 1993Looking for SMC ARCNET PC1
2087.04TRPDRV::LARRIVEEMon Jul 12 1993Software Toolworks Multimedia problem
2088.03IJSAPL::KLERKMon Jul 12 1993PROGMAN General Protection Fault
2089.0DPDMAI::ANDREWSMon Jul 12 1993Lotus 3.1, Smartdrive problem
2090.04TEKAPO::KERRISKMon Jul 12 1993Prob with internal modem on COM4 - help!
2091.016SPEZKO::REICHERTTue Jul 13 1993PCTOOLS-TANDBERG-Config Capacity Wrong
2092.01GRANMA::FDEADYTue Jul 13 1993Processor
2093.033D::COULTERTue Jul 13 1993The Official Compaq computer topic
2094.01BROKE::BNELSONTue Jul 13 1993Looking for documentation on X86 architecture
2095.0CGOOA::POPOFFTue Jul 13 1993Roland PR1
2096.06KYOA::KOCHTue Jul 13 1993PC monitoring software for usage & performance?
2097.010KIBBIE::MCNULTYTue Jul 13 1993Kodak Photo CD on an RRD42 ???
2098.01VNABRW::KRAMER_FWed Jul 14 19938
2099.01EEMELI::KINNARIWed Jul 14 1993Backup software for Backpack tape drive
2100.032GNPIKE::MIKELISWed Jul 14 1993Memory/Swap file questions
2101.07BUSSTP::BMCHATTIEWed Jul 14 1993Microsoft in the UK
2102.04NWDWed Jul 14 1993DECpc 466d2 MT and BA35
2103.04DYOSW8::WILDERWed Jul 14 1993MOunting "rails" for disk drives??
2104.01METMV3::DRGThu Jul 15 1993Recovery from Format disk??
2105.04UTRTSC::XAVEERThu Jul 15 1993Vaxmate and parallel printer
2106.02CSC32::A_DEBRITOThu Jul 15 1993Motherboard internals
2107.08BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Jul 15 1993Exabyte EXB-82
2108.02MUNSBE::CHEQUERThu Jul 15 1993MS-C and extended memory.
2109.0SLOAN::HOMThu Jul 15 1993Making DOS/Windows Floppies
2110.08RDGENG::OWENSThu Jul 15 1993Help on PC performance needed
2111.04VAXWRK::OXENBERGThu Jul 15 1993The Official ROYAL Computer Topic
2112.05CHIRPA::SOVIEThu Jul 15 1993Citizen 24
2113.02PHEKDA::HEUSSThu Jul 15 1993SoundBlaster in use??
2114.048RICKS::PHIPPSThu Jul 15 1993Question of SIMM prices
2115.0AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERThu Jul 15 1993Clicking/Static on SoundBlaster
2116.03MILKWY::HASSANThu Jul 15 1993Need help for second Hard drive installation.
2117.02WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAThu Jul 15 1993DOS6PREP- check your media!
2118.013KARRAK::ORMEFri Jul 16 1993CD still going?
2119.03ISTWI1::YEGENFri Jul 16 1993Locking the FDU
2120.03IJSAPL::KLERKFri Jul 16 1993NOEMS HIGHSCAN - where documented?
2122.05MOVIES::MOOREFri Jul 16 1993Any modelling/simulation sw?
2123.08--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 16 1993Beggers won't be choosers
2124.010KLUSTR::BOSPC1::GardnerFri Jul 16 1993Ideas for a secure PC?
2125.02BROKE::SHAHFri Jul 16 1993creating U*ix like pointers in MS-DOS
2126.057CHIRPA::LINFri Jul 16 1993The Official Ami Pro Note
2127.01RANGER::GLICKLERSun Jul 18 1993Logical search list
2128.01HKOVC::KATSONSun Jul 18 1993Epson GT8
2129.05WEOOIS::TrickettMon Jul 19 1993Booklet printing in Word 4 Windows
2130.06DEKVC::CSMISMon Jul 19 1993Unlimited use license???
2131.03MUDIS3::TKELLERERMon Jul 19 1993Price of notebook in USA???
2132.03MALTM1::SMEDBERGMon Jul 19 1993ET4
2133.08MILKWY::HASSANMon Jul 19 1993WinFAX to Amipro or Word.
2134.0KAOFS::S_BAINSMon Jul 19 1993AST Bravo 433's
2135.083RELYON::CYGANMon Jul 19 1993DRAM prices to SOAR???
2136.02NOVA::SUNKARAMon Jul 19 1993Printing POSTSCRIPT files
2137.01BSS::GUTZMERMon Jul 19 1993Re-writting the boot files
2138.01SIOG::ODONNELLMon Jul 19 1993TVGABIO.SYS for Trident 89
2139.0PENUTS::WHITNEYMon Jul 19 1993The Official System Architect Note
2140.07BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jul 20 1993Multiple config and autoexec bootup
2141.013SKYE::MAURERTue Jul 20 1993TrueType Fonts question
2144.0SOJU::SLATERTue Jul 20 1993List Of C/S Texts
2145.01CSC32::J_WETHERNTue Jul 20 1993Stuck with 8 or 33 MHz speed?
2147.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Jul 21 1993Real time clock problem with DECpc ?
2148.07USCTR1::MREICHWed Jul 21 1993WINDOWS Terminal help?
2149.07WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAWed Jul 21 1993Here's 3 new hot deals. DAT drives, NEC CDROM's
2150.02POBOX::DURBINWed Jul 21 1993MS DOS 5.
2151.017STOWOA::BROWN_KWed Jul 21 1993Employee Discount on Portable Sound Plus
2152.08MUDIS3::TKELLERERThu Jul 22 1993Some info comparing 486 CPU chip specs
2153.0SNOCThu Jul 22 1993Norton's NDIAGS and Cyrix
2154.0HGOVC::XKOVThu Jul 22 1993info needed for microsoft mouse.
2155.011RUTILE::BUCZMAThu Jul 22 1993Upgrading a 286 with a new floppy disk?
2156.01SMURF::LANGONEThu Jul 22 1993Hayes Smartcom for Windows
2157.02SKYLAB::FISHERThu Jul 22 1993Mouse/Keyboard adaptors
2158.05PAMSRC::ALF::BARRETTThu Jul 22 1993The official DOS UUCP (UUPC, FSUUCP) topic
2159.0NWGEDU::MACKNEYThu Jul 22 1993Internal modem hangs PC
2160.02CXDOCS::SISTERHENThu Jul 22 1993Autocad12
2161.07TAOVThu Jul 22 1993MAXTOR 712
2162.011SNAX::VIRGONAFri Jul 23 1993Parallel Printer fakeout; trying to make PC think a live printer is attached...
2163.027SIOG::S_FARRENFri Jul 23 1993DOS 6 and LOADHIGH MOUSE
2164.0VNASWS::HONISCHFri Jul 23 1993run a PCXAG-AD without VGA part??
2165.01ATSE::LABAFri Jul 23 1993DIR of unformatted disk under Windows hangs system?
2166.06WREATH::TALBOTFri Jul 23 1993Group purchase offer in Merrimack NH
2167.037PENUTS::WHITNEYFri Jul 23 1993Computer Furniture
2168.0STOWOA::PJOHNSONFri Jul 23 1993News about one of the 'free s/w' offers
2169.010NIOMAX::LAINGMon Jul 26 1993DEC's 2.88M floppy drive - $5
2170.06PEAKS::RICHARDMon Jul 26 1993Invalid COMMAND.COM
2172.0UNTADI::BAUERTue Jul 27 1993DOS 6 / MEMMAKER / KEYB problem
2173.04RTOIC::KERNTue Jul 27 1993Printer on Ethernet?
2174.0KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jul 27 1993ram card driver
2175.01SMURF::PISCHETOLATue Jul 27 1993Help needed on IBM/AT Memory Error
2176.05ACESPS::WETTYTue Jul 27 1993VOICE with WINDOWS??
2177.05KAOFS::V_LEDOUXTue Jul 27 1993Autocad 12 compatiblity with V1
2178.07AOSG::TOMTue Jul 27 1993looking for inexpensive .bmp to .pcx converter
2180.06CALS::GLASERWed Jul 28 1993Need Help With Intermittent Memory Errors
2181.0TKOV51::FUJIMOTOWed Jul 28 1993Tell me! Educational Soft.
2182.047VAXWRK::OXENBERGWed Jul 28 1993encyclopedia
2183.05VNZVWed Jul 28 1993File compression on VMS and the PC?
2184.03GUCCI::HERBThu Jul 29 1993Where is HAMfest?
2185.03FROTHY::sqgukThu Jul 29 1993Printing probs. Help please.
2186.02WOTVAX::GREENDThu Jul 29 1993DOS Boot Password
2187.02ICS::KETTThu Jul 29 1993What is a PC4XT-CA Tape Drive?
2188.05EXOCET::ATTWOOLThu Jul 29 1993Adaptec DMA caused RZ to go bad ?
2189.04UNYEM::CLARYThu Jul 29 1993Video garbage on DECpc 433LP
2190.05SUBWAY::DAVIDSONThu Jul 29 1993Farewell
2191.01CALDEC::GOETZEThu Jul 29 1993DoDot: phone number for Halcyon
2192.0SIOG::S_FARRENFri Jul 30 1993Fujitsu DL56
2193.04GNPIKE::MIKELISFri Jul 30 1993PostScript vs PCL ?
2194.0GNPIKE::MIKELISFri Jul 30 1993Help with HP printer emulation
2195.03MILKWY::JSIEGELFri Jul 30 1993Unwanted page feed from windows print...help
2196.04MIASYS::LARRIVEEFri Jul 30 1993Windows V3.1 doesn't always see soundblaster card
2197.04HGOVC::MONTYWONGFri Jul 30 1993LK45
2198.02HGOVC::MONTYWONGFri Jul 30 1993VL-BUS and PCI write-up?
2199.02HGOVC::MONTYWONGFri Jul 30 1993S3 problem with Acad 12 and Windows
2200.08CURRNT::CARSONMon Aug 02 1993Bustec VLB SCSI-2 Controller
2201.01WPOPTH::WADMMon Aug 02 1993Network Drive Benchmark Test/Utility
2202.03RTOIC::KERNMon Aug 02 1993Floppy Device Driver?
2204.03USA::CHAVISMon Aug 02 1993Need info on Calera OCR/Scanning Package
2205.03GLDOA::SHOTWELLMon Aug 02 1993Looking for VRAM
2206.02SCCAT::JONESMon Aug 02 1993Who makes Japanese word-processing software?
2207.08SHANE::PACIELLOMon Aug 02 1993VGA or SVGA: Which Do I have?
2208.01CGOOA::BARNABETue Aug 03 1993Is TK5
2209.01--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 03 1993Memory expansion on old PC3
2210.010KERNEL::REESJTue Aug 03 1993" Sound Project...Final Year Project "
2211.017SMAUG::MENDELTue Aug 03 1993HP Cartridge Number for DECjet 1
2212.012SUBWAY::DAVIDSONTue Aug 03 1993What's an IBM 286 worth?
2213.05HDLITE::HOPEWELLTue Aug 03 1993Output boot sequence to a file?
2214.03SNOCWed Aug 04 1993Stock Market program??
2215.010IJSAPL::KLERKWed Aug 04 1993Mysteriously disappearing CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT
2216.018HGRDWed Aug 04 1993Jumper setting for RZ23
2217.0VNABRW::PSCSWed Aug 04 1993Thinkpad and DE-21
2218.012AIAG::BILLMERSWed Aug 04 1993Color, B&W Gif viewers?
2219.04MPGS::QUISTGWed Aug 04 1993those "upgradable" mom boards ?!"
2220.08SAC::EDMUNDSWed Aug 04 1993PC stores recommended in MA/NH?
2221.03ESBSWed Aug 04 1993ANSI.SYS replacement with VT1
2223.04PEAKS::WELLSWed Aug 04 1993Peachtree Accounting Package question???
2224.03UNYEM::FEBUSJWed Aug 04 1993Lotus, PC1
2226.05OSLJAN::ulfhThu Aug 05 1993Questions on barcodes???
2228.03IJSAPL::KLERKThu Aug 05 1993Does the PCT63-BC (DECPC 45
2229.011CSC32::R_IVERSThu Aug 05 1993Drive number(name) questions!
2230.03SHANE::PACIELLOThu Aug 05 1993VT42
2231.03RENFRO::POWELLThu Aug 05 1993multiple hi-res heads on a single PC?
2232.05DABEAN::WOODThu Aug 05 1993Procomm for Windows Keybd MAp
2233.04VANINE::LOVELLFri Aug 06 1993Notebook PC Modem to Telephone System connections in USA (RJ-11?)
2234.01USCTR1::MREICHFri Aug 06 1993logging screen display to printer?
2235.0TYSON::KURATAMon Aug 09 1993Need IBM 3161 emulator
2236.07XLIB::JUNGCLASMon Aug 09 1993known file extentsions...
2237.011USFHSL::SPATOULASMon Aug 09 1993Borland SW purchases ??
2238.016USFHSL::SPATOULASMon Aug 09 1993Windows .grp files lost ????
2239.0NWTIMA::PETERSEN_EJMon Aug 09 1993Ultrastor and 466MTE / PCT73 / 466d2 MTE
2240.09HYDRA::BECKMon Aug 09 1993Try RAINBO in place of RANGER (for the moment)
2241.07RWCVAX::COULSONTue Aug 10 1993The Official XTree, XTreeGold Topic
2242.012REGS::BOERSTue Aug 10 1993RRD42 problems
2243.02ATSE::VMILLERTue Aug 10 1993Does 4
2244.012SISE::ANDERSONWed Aug 11 1993yacc and lex - commercial products
2245.0LEEDS::JOHNWed Aug 11 1993Anyone know bout E-QUIP software???
2247.018SCAHUB::RESENDEWed Aug 11 1993Adding > 2 IDE drives?
2248.0TRCOA::ANGUSWed Aug 11 1993New Packet Driver Information
2249.05QUABBI::"mills@athena.tay.dec.com"Wed Aug 11 1993My PC is going deaf
2250.04GVAThu Aug 12 1993Help needed for Lemmings II:the Tribes
2251.0STAR::GUINEAUThu Aug 12 1993WinVision frame grabber
2252.020CSC32::R_IVERSThu Aug 12 1993Disk partitions explanation!
2253.05NEURON::BERBRICKThu Aug 12 1993?? Expander box for 42
2254.04REGENT::CIAMPAThu Aug 12 1993Trouble loading MS-DOS
2255.02KAOFS::R_HARPERThu Aug 12 19932.88 drive and media in 72
2256.02NBOFS1::KASTENMEIERFri Aug 13 1993PC-SW for MD41
2257.03KAOFS::V_LEDOUXFri Aug 13 1993Chinese characters on IBMpc/Dos
2258.09UNYEM::CLARYFri Aug 13 1993Burned by BACKUP
2259.08MARVA2::DANGFri Aug 13 1993Fujitsu 1-gig drive
2260.04BUSY::PENNIESun Aug 15 1993la5
2261.05DV78Mon Aug 16 1993Can't change file attributes
2262.03BUOVAX::NIKKIMon Aug 16 1993Proble with 4-way switch, help pls....
2263.05GLDOA::SPATOULASMon Aug 16 1993Problems with HP5
2264.017TOOK::MCCARTHYMon Aug 16 1993PCI Local Bus...Comming Soon...
2265.09ERLANG::SATHAYEMon Aug 16 1993Computer Store recommendations
2266.03GEOFF::SCHULTZMon Aug 16 1993How to copy a bootable hard disk drive?
2267.025DPDMAI::JONESMon Aug 16 1993The official AMBRA topic
2269.02SIOG::T_CUNNINGHAMTue Aug 17 1993windows on compaq 286
2270.09FSCORE::KAYETue Aug 17 1993TurboCad - is it any good?
2271.023ROMA::ULFHTue Aug 17 1993Looking for a modem!!!
2272.03TNPUBS::FORTENTue Aug 17 1993Postscript printing problems
2273.02--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 17 1993Alpha PC Usability Evaluation
2274.04CIM1::FLOYDTue Aug 17 1993Sound / Multi-Media / CD controller
2275.014IJSAPL::KLERKTue Aug 17 1993PCDISK error Non-DOS disk on good 1.44 floppy
2276.03TRNOI2::IW1AXR::IRATOTue Aug 17 1993High speed "serial" communcation board
2277.02SUBURB::JAMESHTue Aug 17 1993Postscript to PCX
2278.0MACNAS::RTAYLORTue Aug 17 1993Wangtek SCSI drivers/jumper config?
2279.05HANNAH::BAYTue Aug 17 1993Technical details on PC booting process
2280.023HANNAH::BAYTue Aug 17 1993Etiquette for portable computer users
2281.018RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Aug 17 1993looking for scanner drivers and software
2282.09DVLPTue Aug 17 1993Adaptec 154
2283.07ERLANG::JAINTue Aug 17 1993Abort, Retry, Fail? Doesn't abort, retry, or fail
2284.04ELWOOD::ATRANWed Aug 18 1993Can not read/write High density floppy disk
2285.02SNOCWed Aug 18 1993PCTAZ-BA/ TLZ
2286.03EEMELI::KINNARIWed Aug 18 1993PC stores in San Francisco and New York?
2287.03SLOAN::HOMWed Aug 18 1993i486SXA
2288.013VERVAN::FYFEWed Aug 18 1993DOS V6-Make System Floppy Prob.
2289.01AKOCOA::EINERMANNWed Aug 18 1993Parallel -> Serial Converter?
2290.05VAXWRK::OXENBERGWed Aug 18 1993Windows NT share same disk with DOS/Win3.1
2291.06LIOVAX::POELKERWed Aug 18 1993VLB 486DX-5
2292.06OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUWed Aug 18 1993Support for VMS portion of KERMIT and [XYZ]MODEM
2293.03CHICHZ::EDELMANNThu Aug 19 1993How to disable CTRL-C?
2294.02VNABRW::GLASER_HThu Aug 19 1993PENMAN-Plotter
2295.0SLOAN::HOMThu Aug 19 1993APM.sys
2296.03PENUTS::WHITNEYThu Aug 19 1993Driver for STAR NX242
2297.03ZENDIA::BORSOMThu Aug 19 1993MS-DOS6 upgrade disappears D drive files
2298.03TRCOA::BROWNThu Aug 19 1993Mouse Pin standards?
2299.0KCBBQ::MULLINThu Aug 19 1993DOS/screen/keyboard Trapping
2301.05KAHALA::HOLMESFri Aug 20 1993upgrade/backup question
2302.01VPSF::OLESINFri Aug 20 1993LATIN2
2303.034PAMSRC::ALF::BARRETTFri Aug 20 1993Control-U hack?
2304.01DV78Fri Aug 20 1993How to write to specific disk sector?
2305.01HKOVC::KATSONSun Aug 22 1993System Degrade using Syquest 88M
2306.03GVPROD::MORANDMon Aug 23 1993TYin2
2307.07WONDER::BURNSMon Aug 23 1993help...BAD PARTION TABLE
2308.04NLFDC::MULHUIJZENMon Aug 23 1993Irwin on Compuserve ?
2309.08TANG::RHINEMon Aug 23 1993Rainbow --> PC Conversion???
2310.08CONSLT::ARDUINOMon Aug 23 1993Seagate ST-3144A IDE
2311.02SWAM2::BARNETTE_NEMon Aug 23 1993Bus-based Lasermaster Winprinter
2312.0SOJU::SLATERMon Aug 23 1993Network Card Problems - TELNET/Ethernet to VAX
2313.015WELCLU::SMITHMTue Aug 24 1993EMM386 hangs - no message
2314.05NIOMAX::LAINGTue Aug 24 1993Icon Manager - Viewer?
2315.01NIOMAX::LAINGTue Aug 24 1993More than 5
2316.05NIOMAX::LAINGTue Aug 24 1993simple .WAV player?
2317.03PAMSRC::ALF::BARRETTTue Aug 24 1993Reading AmigaDOS floppies on IBM PC?
2318.015VAXWRK::PEREZTue Aug 24 1993RZ56 not FORMATTING
2319.016OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUTue Aug 24 1993KEAterm
2320.04WR2FOR::HARRIS_MATue Aug 24 1993Sound Blaster Pro-2 install disks?
2321.01CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Aug 24 1993Mouse problem on DECpc-333 laptop
2322.01HGOVC::MINGFUNGWed Aug 25 1993Help VLB Incompatibility?
2323.03FROTHY::FullerWed Aug 25 1993pc nfs ?
2324.04FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Aug 25 1993General Protection Fault...
2325.06MSDOA::MCCLOUDWed Aug 25 1993SBPRO & 669mb hard disk
2326.01USCTR1::MREICHWed Aug 25 1993Generic/Text printer -> .PS file :(
2327.04WKOL1Wed Aug 25 1993information needed on VESA VL-Bus Ethernet NICs
2328.01NEMAIL::ADAMThu Aug 26 1993AMBRA?
2329.03RUTILE::BUCZMAThu Aug 26 1993Can a VGA monitor be used with an EGA card?
2330.02VANINE::LOVELLThu Aug 26 1993Keyboard INPUT from within .BAT file
2331.07ECACAD::HenryThu Aug 26 1993Help with setting up an Old PC (give me SCSI anytime!!!)
2332.02QUABBI::"burnette@cookie.athena.tay.dec.com"Thu Aug 26 1993Background (Zmodem) File transfer ?
2333.03FSOA::SJAWAHRANIThu Aug 26 1993Scanner/ Colormate problem
2334.021GNPIKE::KYZIVATThu Aug 26 1993Viper + VRC16 ok at 128
2335.0GIDDAY::PUDIPEDDIFri Aug 27 1993LQ35
2336.02PARITY::4MYPC::AldrichFri Aug 27 1993WD Ethernet Board - Jumper Request...
2337.03BLUFSH::FORBESFri Aug 27 1993system() can't find command interpreter
2338.05SWAM2::BARNETTE_NEFri Aug 27 1993DBLSPACE free space sucked into a black hole...
2339.01WASHDC::SARASINSun Aug 29 1993Cant read audio cd's with rrd42-da
2340.06BLUFSH::FALSAFISun Aug 29 1993PS/2 CMOS setup?
2341.05BUOVAX::NIKKIMon Aug 30 1993HP55
2342.04CTHQ::PICKARDMon Aug 30 1993IBM PC-DOS V6.1
2343.010GEOFF::SCHULTZMon Aug 30 1993Diagnosing a cache or memory problem
2344.04MUNICH::SCHMISSRAUTMon Aug 30 1993VLB Fast SCSI-II Disk Performance
2345.01SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Aug 31 1993crossposted from shareware conf
2346.011NPSS::HARRISTue Aug 31 1993Dos6 EMM386 hangs system with pathworks running
2347.03MKOTS1::WAITTTue Aug 31 1993Virus Found Need Help
2348.013CIM1::FLOYDTue Aug 31 1993Speed of memory
2349.02ZENDIA::SCHOTTTue Aug 31 1993Video - Sound mixing on a PC
2350.03SOJU::SLATERTue Aug 31 1993Client/Server Mail Distribution List - Announcement
2351.0WOODRO::NNGUYENTue Aug 31 1993?Video to VGA converter available?
2352.0SOJU::SLATERTue Aug 31 1993VBAssist 3.
2353.0SOJU::SLATERTue Aug 31 1993Client/Server Bibliography
2354.0HARDY::EARLEWed Sep 01 1993Anyone running NEXTstep on PC?
2355.04TOOK::R_SPENCEWed Sep 01 1993Screen Captures. How can I do it.
2356.019NODEX::GUPTAWed Sep 01 1993DECjet 2
2357.07DKAS::JONESWed Sep 01 1993warning, long note about multimedia stuff
2358.06GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Sep 02 1993PCMCIA card for note book PCs
2359.0YUPPY::BURGESSMThu Sep 02 1993PCMCIA ISDN cards ?
2360.0GLDOA::HACKThu Sep 02 1993MEMory counts vary with Physical installed.
2361.03COKPIT::BMCHATTIEThu Sep 02 1993Declaser 21
2362.016CACHE::SETOThu Sep 02 1993making T-shirt
2363.01TROOA::CURZONThu Sep 02 1993are we in there?
2364.03COKPIT::BMCHATTIEFri Sep 03 1993Print driver for TRS8
2365.0GAOV11::GLYNNFri Sep 03 1993Tommysoftware Cad/Draw
2366.02ASD::BOOTHFri Sep 03 1993IBM PS/2 and DEC SCSI disk
2367.06EICMFG::BINGERFri Sep 03 1993Memory management or power management on notebook
2368.02NPSS::HARRISFri Sep 03 1993NEMM by 3Com
2369.06RTOEU::DSHATZFri Sep 03 1993Need EZTAPE for MSDOS 6.
2370.02TINGAU::HEFELEFri Sep 03 1993Cannon BJ1
2371.04RANGER::DAVEFri Sep 03 1993Best PASCAL compiler for Windows?
2372.07GUCCI::HERBFri Sep 03 1993Looking for SCSI driver
2373.01GUCCI::HERBSun Sep 05 1993PKUNZIP with one floppy?
2374.06RTOEU::MNEELYTue Sep 07 1993Disk problems: Ctl and Disk?
2375.04FMAJOR::KROENINGTue Sep 07 1993DECstation 212...replace sims
2376.010RUSURE::EDPTue Sep 07 1993Setting Environment Variables
2377.01BAHTAT::HILTONTue Sep 07 1993Faster DECpc LP for Nothing
2378.06CSC32::VAN_ERONTue Sep 07 1993Scholar and Com2 port
2379.01VERGA::MACDONALDTue Sep 07 1993OS/2 ??
2380.04NOVA::ARNOLDTue Sep 07 1993ZIF socket question
2381.07TUXEDO::BARYIAMESTue Sep 07 1993Problems with S3 1.71 drivers
2382.06VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Sep 07 19932nd Hard Drive (425C)
2383.0PCPLOD::LDNTue Sep 07 1993IBMBIO.LDR - What is it ????
2384.08NWDTue Sep 07 1993PC Software Access over Internet?
2385.05TEACH::WICKERTTue Sep 07 1993Internal audio cable between CD and Sound board
2386.03CAPNET::JOYST::GavalisTue Sep 07 1993Virus on Britannica Family Choice CD-ROM?
2387.05RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKIWed Sep 08 1993IIT 8
2388.02IJSAPL::KLERKWed Sep 08 1993How reliable is FORMAT to find bad blocks?
2389.06VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WWed Sep 08 1993SCSI Future Domain - driver needed
2390.0BROKE::SHAHWed Sep 08 1993New serial port board from Hayes
2391.01ISOISA::HAKKARAINENWed Sep 08 1993improper date returned to Windows apps
2392.02RTOIC::KERNThu Sep 09 1993Documentation for Multi I/O card URGENTLY needed.
2393.02GMAJOR::KROENINGThu Sep 09 1993DECstation 212 manual...showing dip switches
2394.03UNYEM::CLARYThu Sep 09 1993Font corruption (Win 3.1)
2395.07MIMS::ALLIN1Thu Sep 09 1993Complete Communicator FAX Package
2396.03NWDWed Sep 01 1993Which bus works west? OOPS, BEST
2397.06NODEX::BHAVNANIThu Sep 09 1993AmiPro doesn't recognize all fonts
2398.06FSOA::SJAWAHRANIThu Sep 09 1993CDROM for PC 433 workstation
2399.02BOGUSS::MARVIVEThu Sep 09 1993I am no Slave, Master, are you??
2400.01ALFAXP::M_HYDEThu Sep 09 1993Does DOS have a null device?
2401.01STTNG::reisertThu Sep 09 1993How do you copy DOS 6 container file?
2402.03HURON::MYERSThu Sep 09 1993Can't run DOS Prompt from Windows.
2403.08OGWV5Thu Sep 09 1993multilingual word-processor.
2404.02SEDTU7::MCMICHAELFri Sep 10 1993Undelete gone missing!
2405.02GUCCI::CULBERTSONFri Sep 10 1993DECLASER 11
2406.016KDX2Fri Sep 10 1993US Robotics modem special
2407.05KELVIN::MCCARTYFri Sep 10 199316 MB SIMMs in 45
2409.02METSYS::BOOTHEMon Sep 13 19936
2410.01GEOFF::SCHULTZMon Sep 13 1993Video controller advice needed for AutoCAD system.
2411.04SPECXN::KANNANMon Sep 13 1993Help with installing two IDE drives....
2412.02HLFSMon Sep 13 1993ADAPTEC ACB2
2413.01SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Sep 14 1993DRIVERS !!!
2414.0VERGA::MACDONALDTue Sep 14 19934
2415.01WMOIS::SKOWYRATue Sep 14 1993Bernoulli disk drive???
2416.063D::SEARSTue Sep 14 1993Need software that tests GDI functions
2417.013FILTON::DAVIES_JTue Sep 14 1993IBM PS/1
2418.02ELWOOD::KEDDYTue Sep 14 1993printer ribbon
2419.03KELVIN::NEVINTue Sep 14 1993Program to link part number and invoice
2420.05BRAT::JANEBTue Sep 14 1993Recover partition still on disk?
2421.02ASDG::LEGERTue Sep 14 1993Printing Freelance Graphics
2422.04ROBOAT::HEBERTTue Sep 14 1993Dingbats
2423.03ASD::DIGRAZIATue Sep 14 1993Restoring configuration info (CMOS) on DECpc 466ST?
2424.07ODIXIE::WALLSTue Sep 14 1993EMM386 will not load
2425.02HLFSWed Sep 15 1993WYSE6
2426.08SIOG::E_CUSACKWed Sep 15 1993Low Level Format
2427.03COPCLU::COPHJ::HENRIKVJWed Sep 15 1993Future Domaine & PC Tools ?
2428.06PKDEV1::DUPREWed Sep 15 1993DOS vs Windows Video Trade-off
2429.09RANGER::PITONIAKWed Sep 15 1993Upper memory question
2431.06KIBBIE::MCNULTYWed Sep 15 1993POST failure (Help!)
2432.05VERGA::MACDONALDWed Sep 15 1993Problem with MSCDEX.EXE & Pathworks
2433.011TUXEDO::WRAYWed Sep 15 1993Looking for a multimedia amp
2434.06RTOIC::KERNWed Sep 15 1993SoundBlaster ASP16 Questions
2435.013LEDS::GOLDERWed Sep 15 1993A strange Problem
2436.0SUPER::MATTHEWSWed Sep 15 1993Seeking Compaq and Epson printer documentation
2437.0ANGLIN::GREENEWed Sep 15 1993need MDI SCSI help
2439.05PVAX1::JPHIThu Sep 16 1993Looking for Postscript driver
2440.01COPCLU::COPHJ::HENRIKVJThu Sep 16 1993A pointer please !
2441.03SCHOOL::LEKASThu Sep 16 1993The Official Logitech Soundman-16 note
2442.03HELIX::SULLIVANThu Sep 16 1993Best place to get low-cost SIMMs?
2443.01GUCCI::BJELTEMAThu Sep 16 1993intermittent floppy I/O problem
2444.03TROOA::DCHENGThu Sep 16 1993Seagate ST4182 info needed
2445.02VLNVAX::JABLONSKYThu Sep 16 1993CD-ROM kit from DAK.
2446.01EDISTO::greeneFri Sep 17 1993ST2511 help?
2447.02SCAHUB::RESENDEFri Sep 17 1993DoubleSpace and Interlink Coexistence
2448.09TOOK::MCPHERSONFri Sep 17 1993Need information on Lotus Notes...
2449.05CSC32::R_IVERSFri Sep 17 1993Errors on 3.5" floppy drive!
2450.03DIODE::CROWELLFri Sep 17 1993AST Advantage Pro 486 - Mem SIMMS?
2451.02SVCVAX::RIHMFri Sep 17 1993Help on PCP1
2452.02TROU45::D_CHENGFri Sep 17 1993Conner CP3
2453.0COOKIE::BOONESat Sep 18 1993SEAGATE ST21/22 controller info ??
2454.0TINGAU::HEFELESat Sep 18 1993Volume LABEL from HLL??
2455.06EZ2GET::STEWARTSat Sep 18 1993CD-ROM internal audio connectors?
2456.04NECSC::LEVYSun Sep 19 1993Driver for HP DeskJet 5
2457.030FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Sep 20 1993***STUDENT*** discounted software from vendors
2458.02POWDML::SMCCONNELLMon Sep 20 1993425c IDE Drive problem?
2459.01TALE::63814::PascalMon Sep 20 1993DEC PC 333
2460.07MSBCS::ASHFORTHMon Sep 20 1993Micrografx "Graphics Works-" any opinions?
2461.0SPEZKO::MERMELLMon Sep 20 1993DESKtop PC Integration Focused TEP session
2462.05ASD::DIGRAZIAMon Sep 20 1993Windows 3.1 won't run, and configuring video on DECpc 466ST?
2464.07ZENDIA::FERGUSONMon Sep 20 1993433T, Western Digital SCSI controller, RZ25 problems
2466.0CHOVAX::PUKTue Sep 21 1993Posted in LAPTOPPC conference too
2467.010VMSDEV::CLABORNTue Sep 21 1993PC speaker too loud!
2468.04STKHLM::LETTERSTALTue Sep 21 1993Reading odd disk-formats....
2469.017CSC32::R_IVERSTue Sep 21 1993Quicken question!
2470.09TOOK::GUERTINTue Sep 21 1993WordPerfect 6.
2471.019STUDIO::SEALETue Sep 21 1993Has MORTAL::IBMPC_SHAREWARE moved?
2472.0311SRUS::DENNY::PERIQUETTue Sep 21 1993Problem with FAXing document with fancy font
2473.0RHETT::KNORRTue Sep 21 1993Looking for Mail Order Business Software
2474.0GVAADG::AMAZONWed Sep 22 1993HP DJ5
2475.010HDLITE::MASSEYWed Sep 22 1993The Official CrossTalk Topic
2476.01LEARNWed Sep 22 1993FAX MODEM DEPCA IRQ3 Contention
2477.0BPSOF::LENARTWed Sep 22 1993TLZ
2478.01ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed Sep 22 1993Epson Equity II - keyboard?
2479.04OSLWed Sep 22 1993WESTERN DIGITAL WD 1
2480.022ODIXIE::WATSONPHWed Sep 22 1993Leave on or Turn off?
2481.0SIOG::ODONNELLWed Sep 22 1993HELP needed with Trident 89
2482.05MRKTNG::BROCKWed Sep 22 1993DJ2
2483.019AOSG::NORDLINGERWed Sep 22 1993Microsoft office on CD thru EPP?
2484.03QUABBI::"parent_todd%dneast.dnet.dec.com@nntpd.lkg.dec.com"Wed Sep 22 1993JPEG Viewer????
2485.02LEEDS::JOHNWed Sep 22 1993whats the diff between class 1 and class 2 faxmodem
2486.0STAR::BOIKOWed Sep 22 1993Where can I get 3DBENCH?
2487.01CSOA1::RANKINWed Sep 22 1993Modem and Caller I.D.
2488.04METSYS::BOOTHEThu Sep 23 1993FAX modems ?
2489.0MOMO::ANTETOMASOThu Sep 23 1993Kouwell Comm board jumpers?
2490.011MTADMS::GAGNON_KThu Sep 23 1993RZ26 Jumper settings
2491.01MANENG::KEENThu Sep 23 1993Windows driver for LN
2492.02RTOEU::MSCHULZFri Sep 24 1993DEC LA 5
2493.09DVLPFri Sep 24 1993EZ-SCSI v2.
2494.07RCOJDS::SHOWALTERFri Sep 24 1993MS-DOS 6.
2495.012SNAX::VIRGONAFri Sep 24 1993Using mouse for DOS appl from DOS "window" withing MS Windows
2496.03ICS::MCINTYRE_RFri Sep 24 1993CD System for DEC 45
2497.012STIXS::OBARAFri Sep 24 1993Sound card to go with a RRD42
2498.07DYOSW8::WILDERFri Sep 24 1993Instant Artist???
2499.02GLDOA::RBROWNSun Sep 26 1993PCCONF ??
2500.05EICMFG::BINGERMon Sep 27 1993Error 13 EMM386 exception sys crash
2501.01PEKING::WESTLAKENMon Sep 27 1993TZ3
2502.01SUBURB::JAMESHMon Sep 27 1993Atari ST Emulator?
2503.013CARROL::KOUMon Sep 27 1993MS Visual C++ 32bit Edition Questions
2504.08GANTRY::HULLMon Sep 27 1993Free upgrade for Lotus Approach V2.1
2505.05AIMHI::BARRYMon Sep 27 1993win in autoexec
2506.0CAMONE::ZIOMEKMon Sep 27 1993Dbase4 for windows
2507.04CSC32::J_RYERMon Sep 27 1993Unshielded speakers and monitor distortion
2508.05SSDEVO::G_REIDMon Sep 27 1993Number of Pins on memory SIMMs
2509.06SEFITue Sep 28 1993REQUEST: SCSI controller information
2510.04HGOVC::MONTYWONGTue Sep 28 1993Need help from UK s/w engg
2511.05TLE::CSCAPE::AnastasiaTue Sep 28 1993Problem with DECmultijet 1
2512.015ISLNDS::YOUNGTue Sep 28 1993Compare KEATerm and REflections 2/4
2513.0CONSLT::GILLESTue Sep 28 1993Toshiba 31
2514.07ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Sep 28 1993Show at Marlboro Trade center?
2515.01TOOK::GUERTINTue Sep 28 1993Two days left - NeXTSTEP Promotional Evaluation Kit
2516.02HAMCL3::HOFHANSLTue Sep 28 1993387 powerconnector ?
2517.07EPS::MEGATue Sep 28 1993Performance Modeling Software?
2518.07MKFSA::FLATHERSTue Sep 28 1993best source for used/idle 386's ?
2519.01CARROL::KOUTue Sep 28 1993DELL memory question
2520.02CALDEC::DMILLERTue Sep 28 1993MSDOS Disk Utility for ULTRIX Floppies??
2521.024AIDEV::LANDINGHAMWed Sep 29 1993FAX/modem board recommendations?
2522.02032486::RHINEWed Sep 29 1993Problem with VMSmailing PC generated postscript files
2523.0SOJU::SLATERWed Sep 29 1993Client/Server Information on CompuServe
2524.07SISDA::WOLFWed Sep 29 1993procomm plus/modem prob.
2526.08BSS::WALKERWed Sep 29 1993Disk Performance Expectations
2527.034STAR::BOIKOWed Sep 29 19933DBENCH: Rating/System List
2528.02HGOVC::MICHAELWANThu Sep 30 1993Xircom and MS windows problem
2529.03VERGA::RANGANATHThu Sep 30 1993How dial a FX number using internal modem
2531.01RANGER::BRADBURYThu Sep 30 1993Looking for Swim Meet software to purchase
2532.04NLFDC::MULHUIJZENThu Sep 30 1993Portable XT upgrade ?
2533.05ELIS::ELIS::SPOORENDONKThu Sep 30 1993Does Digital has a ZIP licence ?
2534.0BAHTAT::HILTONThu Sep 30 1993Posted Write
2535.04ABACUS::UIDIOT::SmithThu Sep 30 1993SpaceManager: Upgrade to DOS 6 DoubleSpace?
2536.07ODIXIE::RYANKEThu Sep 30 1993DOS 6 Upgrade?
2538.03GVAADG::AMAZONFri Oct 01 1993SPEEDISK defragging question
2539.04RTOEU::MNEELYFri Oct 01 1993Experience: Conner CP-3
2540.05PRAVDA::JacksonFri Oct 01 1993Cheap 3.5" HD floppies!
2541.01YEOLD::STRONBERGFri Oct 01 1993Novice questions about writing to floppies
2542.0ODIXIE::STUMPFFri Oct 01 1993Got me too
2543.0YUPPY::BURGESSMSat Oct 02 1993Encryption/Licensing for CD kits
2545.0PRMSSat Oct 02 199324 bit animation player?
2547.04CFSCTC::CFSCTC::RYANSat Oct 02 1993Invisible floppy drive due to CMS 25
2548.04GAOXCS::SYSTEMSun Oct 03 1993Help on PCs in WAN please
2549.06GNPIKE::KYZIVATSun Oct 03 1993SAT software (DOS or WINDOWS)
2550.0KXOVAX::SECRISTSun Oct 03 1993Scheme for MS-DOS, OSF/1, Ultrix, and VMS
2551.010RTOEU::MNEELYMon Oct 04 1993Help - Disk Geometry not in SETUP.
2552.04HAMCL3::HOFHANSLMon Oct 04 1993ET4
2553.02SIOG::E_CUSACKMon Oct 04 1993Lk45
2554.0ATYISA::ALLIN1Mon Oct 04 1993Need ET4
2555.02UHUH::MARISONMon Oct 04 19932 questions...
2556.04DBSALF::MILLSMon Oct 04 1993Framegrabber needed
2557.04STAR::DZIEDZICTue Oct 05 1993Boot-time "select partition" program?
2558.01035658::LENTue Oct 05 1993I want Motif style cut and paste
2559.05OWLMED::gentileTue Oct 05 1993Device Conflict
2560.01ESSB::MCKNIGHTTue Oct 05 1993PC hanging on HDU check
2561.0COOKIE::SORENSENTue Oct 05 1993problems with logitech mouse and MS Win 3.1.
2563.03EEMELI::KINNARIWed Oct 06 1993Digital's (Irwin) 8
2564.0PEKING::MOONTWed Oct 06 1993OMW info please
2565.02MSDOA::HICKSTWed Oct 06 1993Zenith Z-Lite Notebook PC
2566.04QUABBI::"parent_todd%dneast.dnet.dec.com@nntpd.lkg.dec.com"Wed Oct 06 1993PD Player for MediaPlayer files (.avi)????
2567.02THELAB::ASBRIDGEWed Oct 06 1993IBM PS2 Model 8
2568.04OWLMED::gentileWed Oct 06 1993Can't use expanded memory with Windows
2569.08CTHQ::BERSONWed Oct 06 1993Serious Disk Error Message
2570.023ICS::BEANWed Oct 06 1993Pls help me configure ADAPTEC 1522 to RRD4
2572.013CACHE::SETOThu Oct 07 1993Help! - VMS zip/unzip destroyed my DECwrite doc files
2573.02--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 07 1993Help! - VMS zip/unzip destroyed my DECwrite doc files
2574.04FMAJOR::KROENINGThu Oct 07 1993RZ55 spin up spects
2575.025NLFDC::MULHUIJZENThu Oct 07 1993Upgrading XT to 386 SX
2576.05HYDRA::ALDENThu Oct 07 1993SCSI driver in 433W PC?
2577.03MONIA::MONIAThu Oct 07 1993Advice on workstation/PC replacement needed
2579.03TLAENG::CHAMRATFri Oct 08 1993PCXAG-AE APPIAN Graphic video adapter and AUTOCAD
2580.08ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Oct 08 1993Boot ADAPTEC 152
2582.01RTOIC::KERNFri Oct 08 1993FAX/MODEM/VOICEMAIL Board?
2583.06TRUCKS::MILES_BFri Oct 08 1993VGA ?? VAXMate
2584.01NOVA::SUNKARAFri Oct 08 1993What is this error mean?
2585.07ANGLIN::SEITZFri Oct 08 1993What needed for music from CD?
2586.0TROOA::LEONGFri Oct 08 1993TELNET to DECserver 9
2587.01EICMFG::BINGERFri Oct 08 1993PC Scanner to CDrom, Archiveing, small office
2588.01KYOSS1::MIANOSat Oct 09 1993Watch out for Symantec C++
2589.02SATRN::STEWARTSat Oct 09 1993ACTS time service
2590.03KIBBIE::MCNULTYMon Oct 11 1993Corporate Systems Center
2591.01PSYLO::DUMASMon Oct 11 199332
2592.02YOUWOT::BLACKMon Oct 11 1993.AU Files?
2593.06SALEBT::HEARNSMon Oct 11 1993Modem alway returns BUSY?
2595.03NOVA::SUNKARAMon Oct 11 1993LPT1: not rerouted ..... What does this mean?
2596.04COPCLU::COPHJ::HENRIKVJTue Oct 12 1993DTC 328
2597.05SYSTEM::JOHNSONTue Oct 12 1993date function in batch files
2598.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue Oct 12 1993CD to sound board or to SCSI?
2599.0METSYS::BOOTHETue Oct 12 1993Aries FAX-It '89
2600.02SYSTEM::JOHNSONTue Oct 12 1993memory problem with 386dx 2
2601.012POBOX::RUTSCHOWTue Oct 12 1993Parsons Tax package
2602.04GVPROD::FITZGERALDTue Oct 12 1993Mr. Ziff's Address???
2603.05WEDOIT::LANDRYTue Oct 12 1993Thermal Compound for CPU Heatsink?
2604.03GUCCI::PRICCIOTue Oct 12 1993SCSI adapter help
2605.02DANGER::LEAHYTue Oct 12 1993'nother windows program manager
2606.02TINGAU::HEFELEWed Oct 13 1993Question about Sharp Printer
2607.05SIOG::E_CUSACKWed Oct 13 1993Memory Manager Anyone!
2608.020NITMOI::MICHAUDWed Oct 13 1993Me > Overheating > 486dx33 tolerance.
2609.06NEWVAX::MURRAYWed Oct 13 1993Soundblaster, little Sound in Windows
2610.08MR4DEC::RFRANCEYWed Oct 13 1993problems with rrd4
2611.0PEKING::MOONTWed Oct 13 1993PC configuration help please
2612.05KELVIN::LUDWIGWed Oct 13 1993PCTAZ-AD (154
2613.010MR4DEC::URRA::AKETTWed Oct 13 1993Playing audio CDs on system speakers
2614.04TAVWed Oct 13 1993CMOS memory error
2615.023NASZKO::ISAAKWed Oct 13 1993Nashua NH Retail Sources
2616.01GNPIKE::LUONGWed Oct 13 1993Trouble configure the AT&T / Paradyne PCMCIA Fax/Modem
2617.06SNOFS1::GEORGEWed Oct 13 1993Disk problem
2618.0USWRSL::HARRIS_MAWed Oct 13 1993PKzip has been ported to OpenVMS!
2619.012MUDDY::WATERSWed Oct 13 1993How to install MS Office without PW or TL or Mobil
2620.07RTOIC::KERNThu Oct 14 1993Help on File Transfer
2621.02HGOVC::LAWRENCEThu Oct 14 1993PAS mini mixer error message, PID MID?
2622.0MR4DEC::WILLINGERThu Oct 14 1993Mystery Network Interface Card
2624.014KDX2Thu Oct 14 1993Help! Special effects/multimedia/video/presentation stuff!
2625.016BRWSTR::WATSONThu Oct 14 1993Third SW deals gone??
2626.06TYSON::KURATAFri Oct 15 1993Need help on RZ57 spinup
2627.09SAC::HAYCOX_IFri Oct 15 1993What backed up these files ?
2628.010VAXRIO::AMORESEFri Oct 15 1993AMIECU software for Adaptec AHA-2742T?
2629.06EST::ENGFri Oct 15 1993Low cost video capture cards?
2630.02RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKIFri Oct 15 1993Software outlet in Detroit area
2631.04GLDOA::TREBILCOTTFri Oct 15 1993Client/Server Demo Center on wheels
2632.05WMOIS::JULIA_RFri Oct 15 1993Need info on DECTAPE II's
2633.02EMASS1::OBRIENFri Oct 15 1993386DX-33 doesn't run at 33MHz
2634.04CXDOCS::KUSHNERFri Oct 15 1993EISA and ISA
2635.03ROBOAT::HEBERTSat Oct 16 1993Global search and replace
2637.025Sun Oct 17 1993Any Alfred's Basic Piano user's out there?
2638.01HGOVC::KIMWAHNGSun Oct 17 1993VESA master and slave ?
2639.01ELWOOD::KAPLANMon Oct 18 1993No mouse under Lotus
2640.04DOMO::NEILMon Oct 18 1993Question on IRQ2 availability.
2641.03NLFDC::MULHUIJZENMon Oct 18 1993Inkjet 51
2642.07R2ME2::GREENWOODMon Oct 18 1993Some programs will not load - system hangs
2643.04R2ME2::GREENWOODMon Oct 18 1993Corrupt swap file for windows
2644.08--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 18 1993Ventura Publisher
2645.01CARAFE::GOLDSTEINMon Oct 18 1993Evergreen/Cyrix 386SX to 486 upgrade
2646.01CSC32::K_YOUNGMon Oct 18 1993External Adapter kit for 5 1/4" drive
2647.017KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Oct 18 1993scsi tape drive
2648.0EZ2GET::STEWARTMon Oct 18 1993 Secret features
2649.02ISLNDS::HEIERTue Oct 19 1993DEC34
2650.01HGOVC::LAWRENCETue Oct 19 1993Any other DEC color inkjet printer?
2651.04BRSVMS::CORNELISTue Oct 19 1993Chemical Structure Formula Editor?
2652.0202MANTue Oct 19 1993MS-DOS 6.2 UPDATE WITHOUT CHARGE
2653.03CSC32::M_MENKHUSTue Oct 19 1993need packet drivers for de2
2654.06GRANPA::CRILEYTue Oct 19 1993Need help LN
2655.09VANINE::LOVELLTue Oct 19 1993Cache diagnostics?
2656.01LARVAE::RICHARDSON_JWed Oct 20 1993Help in locating 'decision/knowledge base-ware'
2657.04LEMAN::PAIVAWed Oct 20 1993Seagate Hard Disks Info
2658.013LEDS::LUCIERWed Oct 20 1993IBM ASCII Characters on DEC Printers
2659.011VICKI::CRAIGWed Oct 20 1993blank business cards on laser stock?
2660.05CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Oct 20 1993chklist.ms
2661.0GLDOA::TREBILCOTTWed Oct 20 1993Client/Server Demo Center on Wheels
2662.04NSTG::FOXWed Oct 20 1993MSDOS Tools that run on VMS?
2663.03BSS::J_WETHERNWed Oct 20 1993Foreign language tutor programs
2664.02GANTRY::HULLWed Oct 20 1993Cross-linked files nightmare
2665.06PTOVAX::PEARLMANWed Oct 20 1993IBM AMBRA special sale?
2667.01HANDVC::ALANCHOWWed Oct 20 1993hard disk problems
2668.08CSC32::MASIASWed Oct 20 1993Lightning for windows
2669.07CECEHV::MEER_MThu Oct 21 1993Seagate ST 157 A problems
2670.02NYOSThu Oct 21 1993Consumer Report
2672.06CARTUN::ISRAELITEThu Oct 21 1993DECpc LPv vs. DECpc LPx lines
2673.04PMESD::WALTHERFri Oct 22 1993Sound Blaster and XIRCOM conflict
2674.01AKOVFri Oct 22 1993GAMES and Networks
2675.01MQOOA::DESROSIERSFri Oct 22 1993DIGITAL SOUND PRO 16 sound card by Cardinal
2676.023ODIXIE::STUMPFFri Oct 22 1993Pentium from Digital?
2677.0LEVERS::WAGNERFri Oct 22 1993PC4XT-AA Tape Driver
2679.02SIOG::E_CUSACKFri Oct 22 1993German Keyboard Driver.
2681.09OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUFri Oct 22 1993Keep the KEY under the doormat?
2682.03USWRSL::HARRIS_MAFri Oct 22 1993Info on RE24L-E drives?
2683.01CARTUN::ISRAELITEFri Oct 22 1993HP 4 Postcript Problems
2684.03CAPNET::PJOHNSONSat Oct 23 1993LapLink under Windows?
2685.017LIOVAX::POELKERSat Oct 23 1993quatro pro for <$5
2687.01HGOVC::KIMWAHNGSun Oct 24 1993Can PC Anywhere control multi PCs ?
2688.01GUCCI::PRICCIOMon Oct 25 1993Speakers?
2690.09DBSALF::TOLLIVERMon Oct 25 1993Change IRQ for mouse?
2691.04TNPUBS::FORTENMon Oct 25 1993Becoming a BETA tester
2692.05CSC32::MASIASMon Oct 25 1993Change default windows fonts
2693.011CSC32::MASIASMon Oct 25 1993Cyrix dxII 66 input
2694.04KAOAMon Oct 25 1993Techno-humour
2695.011SLOAN::HOMMon Oct 25 1993Upgrading from 8
2696.011BAHTAT::HILTONMon Oct 25 1993SCSI Problems/TLZ
2697.01GANTRY::ALLBERYMon Oct 25 1993Generating call trees
2698.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Oct 26 1993What are these?
2699.05HEART::MACHINTue Oct 26 1993memory allocation failure?
2700.09ROCKS::KEANETue Oct 26 1993A "compatibility" question on ISA
2701.04EDISTO::greeneTue Oct 26 1993Re-direct LPT1: output to a file?
2702.06GENRAL::ARSENEAUTue Oct 26 1993Cirrus VLB Graphics Card Won't Work
2703.02SICJD::DURBINTue Oct 26 1993Where did ShareWare Directories go to-
2704.018LIOVAX::POELKERTue Oct 26 1993TSENG W32 BEATS P9
2705.010VLNVAX::OPR_SANVILLEWed Oct 27 1993Help with Flat-Screen
2706.07RT93::LAROCCOWed Oct 27 1993General Protection Fault
2707.08ADISSW::FERRARAWed Oct 27 1993VT3
2708.03KETJE::ROBBENSWed Oct 27 1993VESA for DOS on 425i ?
2709.01HGORS::KIMWAHNGWed Oct 27 1993TechNet, NSEpro, any others ?
2710.0CONSLT::GILLESWed Oct 27 1993Looking for parts for a P.C 386DX
2711.011CSC32::M_BLESSINGWed Oct 27 1993"Free" CA-Simply Tax now available
2712.05ZENDIA::BORSOMWed Oct 27 1993DOS Player for AutoDesk .FLC files?
2713.012TANG::RHINEThu Oct 28 1993Mouse won't work in windows with DOS driver loaded
2714.05EEMELI::KINNARIThu Oct 28 1993WD1
2715.03TEKVAX::KOPECThu Oct 28 1993Perfect Paul comes to a PC near you (DECtalk)..
2716.012CHEFS::WILLIAMSONGThu Oct 28 1993Hidden files MS-Dos 3.3
2717.09STUDIO::SEALEFri Oct 29 1993Word Perfect 6.
2719.0KAOAFri Oct 29 1993KEAterm and Zmodem
2720.01ISIDRO::PARRAFri Oct 29 1993DIY VGA to VIDEO, IDEAS??
2721.05STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Oct 29 1993How should I expand my storage?
2722.06A1VAX::BRAUNFri Oct 29 1993Invitation to try CONFERENCING FT2
2723.012MROA::NBUFTONFri Oct 29 1993Telephone Line Noise Filtering
2724.03GLDOA::STREKFri Oct 29 1993LPx Keyboard mapping problem
2725.09SAC::RYDER_PSun Oct 31 1993CD video + sound problems
2726.01AOSG::NORDLINGERMon Nov 01 1993Temperature range of laser printer
2727.05SOJU::SLATERMon Nov 01 1993.CLP -> .BMP -> .EPS
2728.01LARVAE::LEYTONMon Nov 01 1993ALL-IN-1 to Port Epson Stylus 8
2729.03LEDS::HOMMon Nov 01 1993LPT (printer) Setup escape sequences
2730.02MR4DEC::DEVLPR::KETTMon Nov 01 1993486SX vs 486DLC-33
2731.07HGOVC::MONTYWONGMon Nov 01 1993Looking for Adaptec aspiedos.sys
2732.02HGOVC::SIMONLAUTue Nov 02 1993How to get auto 386 enhanced mode in MS WIN 3.1 ?
2733.012HGOVC::MICHAELWANTue Nov 02 1993Display problem with monitor
2734.03MOVIES::POTTERTue Nov 02 1993IDE compatibility
2735.06SLO::VUJNOVICTue Nov 02 1993Anyone remeber the Plus 2
2736.04BXCSRV::PER4MA::DistefanoTue Nov 02 1993Any help geting an LA21
2737.05TENTO1::BOURNEJTue Nov 02 1993Qbasic question?
2738.03CARTUN::ISRAELITETue Nov 02 1993386 to 486 Processor Upgrade
2739.04SPEZKO::SMITHTue Nov 02 1993MS-DOS V6 Messages Reference???
2740.01ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Nov 02 1993DOS 5.
2741.05MILPND::DEFELIPPITue Nov 02 1993change video resolution on 45
2742.02GANTRY::SHIVESTue Nov 02 1993Clipart of children/kids
2743.0ZAMBIA::WELLSTue Nov 02 1993Question about mouse support in SVGA modes
2744.0JGODCL::LOENDERSLOOTWed Nov 03 1993CHINON CX357 jumpersettings?
2745.07MPGS::QUISTGWed Nov 03 1993Smart Drive = CD-Speedway ?
2746.012LARVAE::DARRALL_DWed Nov 03 1993Power Builder
2747.03VERGA::RANGANATHWed Nov 03 1993How do I use MS windows to emulate VT1
2748.012VERGA::MACDONALDWed Nov 03 1993NEC Triplespeed
2750.05BPSOF::LENARTWed Nov 03 1993VESA video driver for LP and MTE
2751.02STAR::DZIEDZICWed Nov 03 1993DR DOS and compression - automatic?
2752.01KYOSS1::HANSONWed Nov 03 1993Best conference for KEATERM discussion?
2753.030WREATH::SCOPAWed Nov 03 1993Canon BJC-6
2754.01--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 04 1993Strange Problem...
2755.01KAOAThu Nov 04 1993Cheap Video
2756.05OSLThu Nov 04 1993Strange noice with soundblaster pro card
2757.0NOKNOK::LANDRYThu Nov 04 1993Need 8kx8s to fix cache
2758.01ROMThu Nov 04 1993Connecting a SONY RGB monitor to the VGA
2759.02MR4DEC::DEVLPR::KETTThu Nov 04 1993Etherworks card and Novell
2760.08RANGER::DIETZThu Nov 04 1993Specs on PCXAR-CG i
2761.02BRWSTR::WATSONThu Nov 04 1993Experience with GVC par. ethernet adapter?
2762.02NYOSThu Nov 04 1993ETHERWORKS Manual
2763.01FXTROT::ALLEMANGThu Nov 04 1993TI Micromarc Inkjet Printer?
2765.02SIOG::E_CUSACKFri Nov 05 1993Intel SatisFAXion
2766.02HTSC19::SIMONLAUFri Nov 05 1993My choice is SB, but .....
2767.01PASTA::SCOTTFri Nov 05 1993Recycling old iron XT & ST
2768.04DPDMAI::ALVARADOFri Nov 05 1993New Compaq PCs?
2769.03VERGA::RANGANATHFri Nov 05 1993POLYCOM32
2770.03MR4DEC::DEVLPR::KETTFri Nov 05 1993Help....fdisk failing on second/slave drive
2771.05CUSTOM::SHIVESFri Nov 05 1993BMP to WMF conversion
2772.013SIERAS::PARKSat Nov 06 1993Adding second hard disk and Stacker
2773.01TRNOIS::TESTASun Nov 07 1993DECstation 425 SCSI configuration problem
2774.01SPANNA::BALLETTASun Nov 07 1993Reversing pixels colour for print purposes
2775.03TYSON::KURATASun Nov 07 1993Termination resistor for RZ57 ?
2777.01HGOVC::WILSONWONGMon Nov 08 1993Problem when install powerpoint in window V3.1
2778.04STAR::NORDHMon Nov 08 1993Digital Powers High-End PCs with PCI
2779.0STAR::NORDHMon Nov 08 1993MS-DOS 6.
2780.07HLDEMon Nov 08 1993Artisoft Lantastic network question
2781.05GENRAL::TURCHECKMon Nov 08 1993MS-DOS Format problem
2782.02DYOSW8::WILDERMon Nov 08 1993Animation with presentation??
2783.0CAPNET::ANGELONEMon Nov 08 1993Multimedia for sale
2784.02WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Nov 08 1993Misc uploads: CTMIPS, NEWSCR. DRVLOAD
2785.04BAYES::VARGASMon Nov 08 1993Problem loading PATHWORKS on system with DOS V 6.2
2786.022ACOSTA::MIANOMon Nov 08 1993Sources for SCSI expansion boxes?
2787.0KAOFS::M_LUKMon Nov 08 1993PCA-4
2788.010KETJE::ROBBENSTue Nov 09 1993Request for PC benchmarks
2789.0ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Nov 09 1993"MF-3
2790.07MSDOA::MCCLOUDTue Nov 09 1993PRO35
2791.02DRINKS::CARIGNANTue Nov 09 1993NEC 4FG monitor has a pincushion. Any adjustment?
2792.0KDCFS1::KHOTue Nov 09 1993Driver for Kodak Diconix 3
2793.09AIMHI::DECARTERETWed Nov 10 1993No speed increase with ATI Ultra Pro
2794.04TNPUBS::FORTENWed Nov 10 1993Memory Parity Error
2795.01DABEAN::NEARYWed Nov 10 1993 AST REMM.sys Rampage II Expanded Memory Manager
2796.04NPSS::HARRISWed Nov 10 1993Western Digital WD8
2797.03POLAR::MOKHTARWed Nov 10 1993what does VL bus look like ?
2798.010HANNAH::BAYWed Nov 10 1993"Healthy Eating" packages?
2799.03RTOIC::KERNThu Nov 11 1993RLL and IDE Together?
2800.05HGORS::KIMWAHNGThu Nov 11 1993Problem with Cirrus Logic display adapter ?
2801.09VERGA::RANGANATHThu Nov 11 1993Microsoft products notes
2802.04MROA::SJAWAHRANIThu Nov 11 1993File Structure of MS-DOS
2803.01VERGA::RANGANATHThu Nov 11 1993ORACLE on PC
2804.010KAOFS::D_CHENGThu Nov 11 19931.44 floppy failure, why?
2805.02TARUGO::LUISFri Nov 12 1993Searching VAXMATE related things
2806.02ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Nov 12 1993QAPLUS has "midas touch" with COM1?
2807.01HGOVC::MONTYWONGFri Nov 12 1993LPv-25sx benchmark figure?
2808.02ODIXIE::MURDOCKFri Nov 12 1993Printing .tif / .pcx files..?!?!
2809.01TAVIS::RONENSun Nov 14 1993sound blaster pro error
2810.04MITCH::MITCHELLSun Nov 14 1993 What's a PC5
2811.02TAVIS::RONENSun Nov 14 1993lk45
2812.02TUXEDO::KEEGANSun Nov 14 1993draft printing
2813.02HTSC19::SIMONLAUSun Nov 14 1993MS FOXPRO notes conference pointers needed.
2814.09MOUTNS::G_FROEHLINMon Nov 15 1993Adaptec' EZ-Drivers, Corel's SCSI Drivers
2815.02FSTSC1::AURANDMon Nov 15 1993Sync. transfer with Adaptec 1542C and Toshiba XM34
2816.05SWSDEV::HORNERMon Nov 15 1993Trying to swap drive A and B by switching DS lines
2817.012TROOA::CHUBBMon Nov 15 1993I/O card--BIOS problem. Need help!
2818.02RTOIC::KERNMon Nov 15 1993CMOS Read and Write
2819.011HGORS::KIMWAHNGMon Nov 15 1993Not Enough Memory with Clipper ?
2820.04HAMER::MACEMon Nov 15 1993memory utility
2821.01SPNRBT::kddMon Nov 15 1993Furture Domain 85
2822.02POLAR::KAOP95::coneillMon Nov 15 1993Adding RZ23 to PC
2823.02THEBOX::NYLANDMon Nov 15 1993MSCDEX for DOS 6
2824.02THEBOX::NYLANDMon Nov 15 1993BTW, I already went thru all the replies in note 51
2826.0WHO2Tue Nov 16 1993LATCOM, terminal server, modem, and Carbon Copy?
2827.014NMS::KEOGHTue Nov 16 1993Deleting the extended partition
2829.04LANDO::PREISIGTue Nov 16 1993Drives become inaccesable when system warms up
2830.022FXTROT::ALLEMANGTue Nov 16 1993MS-Office vs. Lotus SmartSuite
2831.05SALEM::ROSSOWTue Nov 16 1993Looking for an OCR Wand
2832.07SPNRBT::kddTue Nov 16 1993Write Precomp and landingzone
2833.01HTSCTue Nov 16 1993Using RZ55/RZ23L-E with Adaptec 154
2834.04CRACKR::RITZTue Nov 16 1993What word processer (2-72
2835.05BRAT::JANEBTue Nov 16 1993I/O CARD PARITY INTERRUPT / Windows Freeze
2836.02VNABRW::SEDLBAUER_WWed Nov 17 1993unbreakable autoexec.bat
2837.0VNABRW::ERDEIWed Nov 17 1993Uniform needed
2838.01AEOENG::BOMMARTWed Nov 17 1993DECpc 4xxxx DT familly ?
2839.04TNPUBS::BELLUSCIWed Nov 17 1993global memory? error
2840.0SPECXN::LEITZWed Nov 17 1993DECpc pointers to literature
2841.08ASABET::POMEROYWed Nov 17 1993Hidden file problem
2842.01KELVIN::LUDWIGWed Nov 17 1993ult2dos for MSDOS?
2843.0GEEPX::SWANSONWed Nov 17 1993VGA Info?
2844.01UNXA::DERZINSKIWed Nov 17 1993Printing FAX image .pcx with dot matrix printer question
2845.01CARTUN::ISRAELITEWed Nov 17 1993Postscript Fonts and WIN.INI
2846.03RTOEU::MNEELYThu Nov 18 1993Boot problem/Conner Question
2847.03ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Nov 18 1993Win 3.1 file mgr touches A: Reboot!?!
2849.04NWDThu Nov 18 1993IRQ 9 or not IRQ 9
2850.03NWDThu Nov 18 1993INTEL vs CYRIX vs AMD vs ??? cpu chips
2851.02ZPOVC::TANThu Nov 18 1993VESA driver for ATI video card?
2852.013UNTADI::BAUERFri Nov 19 1993DOS 6.2 & QEMM 7.
2853.06USWRSL::HARRIS_MAFri Nov 19 1993Some Tidbits from Las Vegas - COMDEX Fall93
2854.01CSOA1::BEJCEKSun Nov 21 1993Reformat SCSI? How?
2855.06TPSYS::WESTSun Nov 21 1993Help on setting up printer
2856.02FIEVEL::FILGATESun Nov 21 1993CMOS, generic
2857.011ROKCTR::GRAHAMSun Nov 21 1993Reformat a RZ35 SCSI Drive?!?!
2858.04LYOISA::LABIAUMon Nov 22 1993dblspace.bin not found
2859.04GVAADG::AMAZONMon Nov 22 1993Norton Unmovables
2860.012CSCMA::M_PECKARMon Nov 22 1993United Computer Resources?
2861.04LIOVAX::POELKERMon Nov 22 1993ROBOTECH now available on net!
2862.04WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Nov 22 1993Making TWO keyboards talk on 1 PC- at same time.
2863.03MOUTNS::G_FROEHLINMon Nov 22 1993Programming SCSI tape
2864.02ISLNDS::HEIERMon Nov 22 1993Yet another LNO3-PC Printer problem
2865.04HLDGTue Nov 23 1993XT, keyboard arrow keys and SETHOST/KERMIT
2866.0BPSOF::LENARTTue Nov 23 1993can't install NETCON
2867.01LSNCSC::TAVERNONTue Nov 23 1993MTE has proprietary video slot??
2868.01NZOMIS::HOWARDTue Nov 23 1993Bulletin Board / Remote access software?
2869.05TKTVFS::TSUCHIYA_RTue Nov 23 1993Conner CP-3137
2870.03BCFI::ODSATERTue Nov 23 1993MAXTOR XT-438
2871.02NETONE::DICASTROTue Nov 23 1993Wich resistors to remove on scsi drive
2873.04JUPITR::COOMBSTue Nov 23 1993graphics .bmp/.gif/.tga across modem problem
2874.07SWAM2::WONG_HETue Nov 23 1993Master/Slave IDE drives
2875.05MOUTNS::G_FROEHLINTue Nov 23 1993Asynchronous COM port programming under Windows
2876.03UTRTSC::VDBURGWed Nov 24 1993CONNOR disks give 'device timeout'
2877.03MSBCS::MSD623::ShahWed Nov 24 1993Help with network
2878.05CACHE::SETOWed Nov 24 1993DOS Copy command
2879.03EICMFG::BINGERWed Nov 24 1993Barcodes onto sticky labels??
2881.06LEEDS::JOHNWed Nov 24 1993tablet question. will it work? VSXXX-AB
2883.01HGOVC::MICHAELWANThu Nov 25 1993Problem with DBLSPACE after upgrade to 6.2
2884.01NWDThu Nov 25 1993LN
2885.02FREEBE::NEARYThu Nov 25 1993Basic question on getting started
2886.02ROMThu Nov 25 1993VGA drivers for DECPC 45
2887.04RSNC::KRELEKAMPThu Nov 25 1993Info wanted about PS/2 model 3
2888.02BELFST::HARRINGTONThu Nov 25 1993URGENT: 45
2889.015RDGENG::FRYThu Nov 25 1993Can't boot DOS 6 setup disk
2890.01BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonFri Nov 26 1993RIPL woes
2892.01TPSYS::BUTCHARTFri Nov 26 1993DIP -> SIMM conversion
2893.01JULIET::LEZAMA_ROSat Nov 27 1993Parsing or Macro?
2894.02ISLNDS::HEIERSat Nov 27 1993Need help locating PC Training.
2895.021ATSE::LABASat Nov 27 1993Flight Simulator 5 and Soundblaster Pro
2896.02JULIET::MEYER_EDSat Nov 27 1993Help with Packard Bell computer?
2897.02KAOFS::CARSWELLSun Nov 28 1993Lowlevel Format ok, but FDISK nogo?
2898.032TOOK::GUERTINMon Nov 29 1993Circuit City Add in Last Thursday's Boston Globe
2899.09STRWRS::KOCH_PMon Nov 29 1993Customer wants realtime interaction between 2 people
2900.04NPSS::HARRISMon Nov 29 1993monitor size
2901.01SUBURB::BEETMon Nov 29 1993Frustration and support issues with home PCs
2902.06KYOSS1::HANSONMon Nov 29 1993Content/Concept based retrieval packages, PC only?
2903.01--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 29 1993Official "Special Deals" (hardware/software) Topic
2904.01KBOENG::HEIDENMon Nov 29 1993FOTOMAN plus experience ?
2905.05--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 29 1993Need 486dx Motherboard with built ins....
2907.02TPSYS::WESTMon Nov 29 1993mixed memory in one bank
2908.0NWDMon Nov 29 1993MAC "WORKS WP" vs IBM "WORD WP"
2909.02VMSNET::RRICKMon Nov 29 1993New Borland Pricelist?
2910.0RDGE44::POTTSGTue Nov 30 1993Hang on CODEPAGE PREPARE in autoexec.bat
2911.02RGNET8::BOUTHIETTETue Nov 30 1993General Protection Fault w - printing from WIN apps
2912.05PENUTS::WHITNEYTue Nov 30 1993LapLink
2913.05NMS::KEOGHTue Nov 30 1993Monitor is HOT HOT HOT
2914.03DC1Tue Nov 30 1993MSOUND parallel port sound device
2915.03TNPUBS::FORTENTue Nov 30 1993PC hangs with Ethernet Card
2916.04SAHQ::LUBERTue Nov 30 1993DOS and Hard Disk Upgrade woes
2917.019TANG::RHINETue Nov 30 1993How much does one gain from local bus???
2918.02CRACKR::RITZWed Dec 01 199332
2919.011DPDMAI::UNLANDWed Dec 01 1993OS/2 Special Edition for Windows
2920.08NOVA::BOIKOWed Dec 01 1993ReelMagic Video Card - Any info on this..?
2922.02MACROW::ALAMWed Dec 01 1993How to bypass "write protect" check on a CMS tape drive
2923.03DECPRG::LISKAWed Dec 01 1993PCXAT-BB on DECpc466ST gives "General tape error
2924.01ECACAD::HenryWed Dec 01 1993Micro Channel Sound Card
2925.02JULIET::CRABTREE_LAWed Dec 01 1993Feature connector on DECpc LP ???
2926.0ONOIS1::SABIAUXThu Dec 02 1993VIDEO 21'' drivers
2927.0SIOG::E_CUSACKThu Dec 02 1993Location of batteries
2929.0OSLACT::NWO653::oyvindo_pThu Dec 02 1993Designer 4.
2930.04RDGENG::FRYThu Dec 02 1993FU333/325 motherboard cache fixed
2931.014BXCNEI::COUTUREThu Dec 02 1993Sound output from CD thru Soundboard
2932.01FINALY::MCLEODLCThu Dec 02 1993WD1
2933.03KISMIF::RJBROWNThu Dec 02 1993problem with xcopy and large directories
2934.08CONSLT::OWENThu Dec 02 1993Lab Automation Software and Hardware
2935.03PH4VAX::KRYSTOThu Dec 02 1993Future Domain BBS Dial Up Phone Number?
2936.010EPS::QUINNThu Dec 02 1993Program occasionally resets system time clock
2937.03GIDDAY::MUNNFri Dec 03 1993Big storage requirements
2939.0HLDEFri Dec 03 1993old memory boards jumper setting?
2940.04FUTURS::SAXBYFri Dec 03 1993Praise in UK Computer press for Digital PC.
2941.07HEN::PLESSASFri Dec 03 1993old monitor any good?
2942.06FLAMER::OXENBERGSat Dec 04 1993Surge Suppresors?
2943.01HANDLE::HANDLEYSun Dec 05 1993Multimedia Software search
2944.05TYSON::KURATASun Dec 05 1993Recommendations on network cards wanted
2945.03ELMAGO::BSIMONSSun Dec 05 1993pc-to-pc communication?
2946.05MSBCS::BROWN_LSun Dec 05 1993New PCBENCH V8 and WINBENCH V4
2947.0NLFDC::MULHUIJZENMon Dec 06 1993Seagate ST177I specs
2948.05RUSURE::EDPMon Dec 06 1993CHKDSK
2949.0TUXEDO::TITCHENERMon Dec 06 1993SCU Hangs updating CMOS!
2950.03JUPITR::STEWARTMon Dec 06 1993Enet card undetected, LPT2?, LPX?
2951.03NETONE::DICASTROMon Dec 06 1993OEMDISK dir contents for video drivers
2952.01SIOG::E_CUSACKMon Dec 06 1993DECNB.386
2953.05CONSLT::OWENMon Dec 06 1993Plotting/Graphing/Data Analysis programs?
2954.027TINCUP::EDWARDSMon Dec 06 1993Can I choose to NOT install DBLSPACE?
2955.06SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Dec 06 1993Modem speed ?
2956.0RUSURE::EDPMon Dec 06 1993Street Map CDs
2957.09WMOIS::JULIA_RMon Dec 06 1993Logitech scanner memory problem
2958.04TALLIS::KOCHMon Dec 06 1993Programming questions
2959.07WMOIS::JULIA_RMon Dec 06 1993Lost allocation units problem
2960.08WRKSYS::JACKSONMon Dec 06 1993DOS window hangs?
2961.012BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Dec 07 1993IBM 486SLC2 boards?
2962.05SIOG::CORCORANTue Dec 07 1993some CD info needed please!
2963.03CESARE::CATERINITue Dec 07 1993HELP on Conner CP33
2964.0DPDMAI::WISEETue Dec 07 1993DOS Resource Guide
2965.05JULIET::MEYER_EDTue Dec 07 1993Security cable / Floppy lock
2966.026GROOVE::DADDIECOTue Dec 07 1993Need Help in Capturing Conventional Memory
2967.03HANNAH::BAYTue Dec 07 1993SETUP hotkey on PS/2-8
2968.01HKOVC::KATSONTue Dec 07 1993AMI BIOS problem - Beep code wanted
2969.03BELFST::HARRINGTONWed Dec 08 1993eXcusion Woes
2970.03BRAT::LAVESWed Dec 08 1993Switching floppy assignments
2971.015AOSG::NORDLINGERWed Dec 08 1993PDA, subnotebook & Laptops below 32 F?
2972.01PCBOOT::RYBAK::ChrisWed Dec 08 1993Please advise, which colour laptop (Xmas '93)
2973.01SNOFS1::ZANOTTOThu Dec 09 1993MSDOS C compiler ?
2975.010SIOG::ODONNELLThu Dec 09 19932 Joystick wiring Diagram ?
2976.04PRAVDA::JacksonThu Dec 09 1993Changing keymappings? how?
2977.05CMEM3::GOODWINThu Dec 09 1993problem with mouse
2978.06MSBCS::MSD623::GlicklerThu Dec 09 1993Boot questions
2979.022CSC32::VAN_ERONThu Dec 09 1993multimedia help please
2980.01CSOA1::RANKINThu Dec 09 1993Print Driver Help?
2981.01RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKIFri Dec 10 1993DECpc 425SL & Diamond Speedstar PRO
2982.015NLFDC::MULHUIJZENFri Dec 10 1993Performance
2983.03ROYALT::PULSIFERFri Dec 10 1993CBSI (Computor Business Services Inc.)
2984.0HGORS::KIMWAHNGFri Dec 10 199316 bits Mview (MPEG viewer) ?
2985.032NCBOOT::PEREZFri Dec 10 1993General DOS-type questions
2986.03ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Dec 10 1993Big Mem; Windows swap file needed?
2987.02USCTR1::CLCOLEFri Dec 10 1993PC File Conversion Tool
2988.016ROMEOS::LE_THFri Dec 10 1993Cloning systems...How?
2989.010NECSC::PECKARFri Dec 10 1993Seek Error reading Drive A
2990.04ICS::BEANFri Dec 10 1993153 Kb for DOS? Gimme a break!
2991.02ISIDRO::BURGOSSun Dec 12 1993Computer stores in Monterey (California) ?
2993.04OZROCK::GROHNSun Dec 12 1993RRD42 on Dos /windows
2994.0MYJAM::MYSELMon Dec 13 1993lapatop pointing device - feedback wanted
2995.01KELVIN::LUDWIGMon Dec 13 1993WordPerfect V5.1 and Canon BJ-2
2996.010SMAUG::CAMBRIAMon Dec 13 1993Need TM-34
2997.012ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Dec 13 1993VGA to Tek RGBHV 19" monitor - possible?
2998.034DBSALF::QUINNMon Dec 13 1993PDP Emulator?
2999.08EPS::HARRISMon Dec 13 1993FDISK vs the RZ28
3000.04NWDMon Dec 13 1993Unix "dd" to pc floppy
3001.01HGOVC::MONTYWONGMon Dec 13 1993Cyrix chip on DECpc 333sx?
3002.04HGOVC::LAWRENCEMon Dec 13 1993.ARJ files, compressed files?
3003.02PARITY::FERRANTEMon Dec 13 1993Looking for "Movies to GO" shareware
3004.02HGOVC::LAWRENCETue Dec 14 1993CD drive panel icon for PAS16?
3005.06LEMAN::TAVERNONTue Dec 14 1993QUANTUM LPS27
3006.01ASD::POWERSTue Dec 14 1993Pinout of DB15 connector on back of Sound Blaster Card
3007.05MIYATA::LEMIEUXTue Dec 14 1993CD drive controller info needed
3008.04OFOSTue Dec 14 1993Full Modem Control question ...
3009.0TNPUBS::FORTENTue Dec 14 1993List of EMM386 Error Codes
3010.02RMDSRV::BURTTTue Dec 14 1993dos backup problem - cross posted in windows
3011.01TUXEDO::BLOUNTTue Dec 14 1993Kiddesk and sound card question
3012.04TOPTEN::CALADIETue Dec 14 1993Maximum ISA addressable Memory !
3013.01ZENDIA::BORSOMTue Dec 14 1993.AVI --> .FLC?
3014.0LUDWIG::HIVELYTue Dec 14 1993DIP switches for EPSON LX-81
3015.01BIS1::BHP275::VanGastel@BROWed Dec 15 1993Genius GS-45
3016.03LEMAN::EMADWed Dec 15 1993425SL -> Passive Matrix Color ?
3017.09JEREMY::PHILIPPEWed Dec 15 1993ProAudioSpectrum 16 help needed
3018.02SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Dec 15 1993RIP Graphics anyone ???
3019.04EOS::SHANNONWed Dec 15 1993Reveal Multi-Media
3020.013VMSSG::DEANEWed Dec 15 1993DECwrite to MS-Word converter?
3021.0155Wed Dec 15 1993Why does my VAX print so much faster than my PC?
3022.025Wed Dec 15 1993What can talk to the CJ-1
3023.02ASD::BOOTHWed Dec 15 1993Problem printing .BMP files
3024.012MSBCS::MSD623::GlicklerWed Dec 15 1993Hang on windows exit
3025.04WHO3Thu Dec 16 1993MultiMedia CD Problem
3026.04R2ME2::BRINKLEYThu Dec 16 1993MediaVision's MultiMedia Double CD 16
3028.09ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAThu Dec 16 1993Want to run your IDE drives 5
3029.03AKOCOA::BBLANCHARDThu Dec 16 1993Internet/Kermit/commmand file question
3030.013CSOA1::RANKINFri Dec 17 1993SCSI tape and CD - PAS?
3031.01HGOVC::MINGFUNGFri Dec 17 1993SoundBlaster/DEC
3033.0VAXRIO::AMORESEFri Dec 17 1993LQ57
3034.05COMICS::WBROWNFri Dec 17 1993Customer Service par excellence
3035.0CAPNET::KUSNETZKYFri Dec 17 1993ODT V3.
3036.02EZ2GET::STEWARTFri Dec 17 1993 Network (Ethernet) Analyzer?
3037.02SIOG::ODONNELLSat Dec 18 1993Fahrenheit VA + Modem = NO BOOT
3038.08DECWET::FARLEESun Dec 19 1993Help for visually handicapped PC user
3039.01CSOADM::BESKEMon Dec 20 1993System Hangs, where too from here?
3040.04CX3PST::WSCMon Dec 20 1993Conner Qic-8
3041.0JGO::BEXMon Dec 20 1993C2
3042.012RTOIC::KERNMon Dec 20 1993How to turn a VAX into useful equipment?
3043.05SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Dec 20 1993Windows Print Driver ???
3044.01CACHE::THOMPSONMon Dec 20 1993Text Color in Excel
3045.0KALEV::PIIPMon Dec 20 1993Ultrastor 22C controller
3046.09GNPIKE::KYZIVATMon Dec 20 1993config problems on a 466MT
3047.06DNEAST::CURTIS_ALLENMon Dec 20 1993looking into a CD
3048.01ATZIS2::NEUNTEUFL_WTue Dec 21 1993DTK motherboard description wanted
3049.010NR75Tue Dec 21 1993MSCDEX not working when loaded high
3050.07BSS::GUTZMERTue Dec 21 1993LOAD= in WIN.INI
3051.08CARROL::YOUNGTue Dec 21 1993Hard Disk Drive Controllers
3052.03LOOKIN::LUCKMANTue Dec 21 1993Dblspace and drive assignments.
3053.0USCTR1::BJORGENSENTue Dec 21 1993Office 4.
3054.01CSC32::J_COMSTOCKTue Dec 21 1993Seagate ST351A/X jumper setup??
3055.07CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Dec 21 1993Dial-in sequence hangs
3056.05OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUTue Dec 21 1993to write music on
3057.05ZPOVC::TANWed Dec 22 1993VGA to NTSC/PAL encoder
3058.09HGOVC::LAWRENCEWed Dec 22 1993COMM IT? or something else
3059.01HPCGRP::GRIESWed Dec 22 19933.5 floppies and an old AT.
3060.012SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Dec 22 1993PKUNZIP automatic ???
3061.0STRWRS::KOCH_PWed Dec 22 1993AUI Ethernet/LAT support board for HP Paintjet XL3
3062.02UTRTSC::VDBURGThu Dec 23 1993Printer driver WP5.1 for Brother M15
3063.0SEDSWS::HENSThu Dec 23 19933D Stereogram generator?
3066.0HLFSThu Dec 23 1993Weitek 4167 (Mitac) Philips P346
3067.02JUGHED::GATESThu Dec 23 1993need help on TRident card
3068.0ASIC::MORAThu Dec 23 1993316SX Memory Upgrade: 256K, 1M, 2M or 4M SIMMs
3069.0ICS::BEANFri Dec 24 1993what differences are there?
3070.01MLNTSC::CASAROTTIFri Dec 24 1993CD Mitsumi and audio output
3071.01BELFST::HARRINGTONFri Dec 24 1993Entertainement
3072.0EICMFG::BINGERFri Dec 24 1993Sector not found on Floppy disk (3.5 and 5.25)
3073.04NETONE::DICASTROSun Dec 26 1993Windows wont run in enhanced mode
3074.0BIGVAX::RUDESun Dec 26 1993Question on FastData 486
3075.04RANGER::MEIERMon Dec 27 1993SmartDrive V4.
3076.05HGOVC::LAWRENCEMon Dec 27 1993MCSDEX.EXE of PAS16 under DOS 6.2
3077.03LJSRV2::BROWNTue Dec 28 1993Kid Pix Problems
3078.06NUTS2U::LITTLETue Dec 28 1993Panasonic 562 CDROM drive?
3079.02RNDHSE::WALLTue Dec 28 1993Soundblaster 16 ASP, Toshiba XM-34
3080.05CECVWed Dec 29 1993Can't access my D: disk????
3081.01WMOIS::TAYLOR_RWed Dec 29 1993decwriter 95 color problems
3082.03ODIF11::LICATAWed Dec 29 1993Decstation 316 and 8
3083.0BSS::GUTZMERWed Dec 29 1993C compiler for the IBM PC with Z8
3084.0CESARE::CATERINIThu Dec 30 1993Philips CDROM CM221 any info?
3085.04TRUCKS::SMITH_BThu Dec 30 1993Bootable compressed floppy
3086.01IJSAPL::VELTMANThu Dec 30 1993SONY CDU-1
3087.04MOUTNS::G_FROEHLINThu Dec 30 1993Future Domain TMC168
3088.01ANGLIN::BENNETT_GThu Dec 30 1993configure hp5
3089.011BROKE::HANCKELThu Dec 30 1993cat and mouse games
3090.03NSTG::FOXThu Dec 30 1993CDROM Drives that can be Mounted Vertically?
3091.0NOVA::BOIKOFri Dec 31 1993AMD 486/66 out yet?
3092.01DRSERC::ROBERTFri Dec 31 1993COMMAX laptop - anyone heard of this company?
3093.0DRSERC::ROBERTFri Dec 31 1993AUSTIN laptop
3094.01NCBOOT::PEREZSat Jan 01 1994Cheap, simple 327
3095.09ODIXIE::WALLSSat Jan 01 1994Power on and Nothing Happens....Help
3096.07STAR::ABBASISun Jan 02 1994edit, memory, dos
3097.06HOO78C::GIELTJESSun Jan 02 1994problem to add second disk (1e Seagate, 2e WD)
3098.01ALFHUB::WILLARDSun Jan 02 1994MAC to PC audio conversion?
3099.07CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Jan 03 1994Free upgrade MSDOS V6.
3100.0SLO::VUJNOVICMon Jan 03 1994Quantum 54
3101.01TIMASA::DRABICKYMon Jan 03 1994Will there be an IBMPC-94 conference?
3102.0RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Jan 03 1994Conference archived. Use NOTED::IBMPC-94 now.