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Conference clt::sdt

Title:Software Design Tool Forum
Notice:Please rever to conference CLT::DECDESIGN
Created:Tue Dec 10 1985
Last Modified:Tue Aug 14 1990
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:130
Total number of notes:885
Number with bodies:0
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1.01SOFCAD::KNIGHTTue Dec 10 1985Welcome to the Software Design Tools Conference
2.0430SOFCAD::KNIGHTWed Jan 08 1986Interest List
3.01SOFCAD::KNIGHTWed Jan 08 1986What's in a name?
4.016245::SUNGWed Jan 08 1986What is SDT?
5.0SOFCAD::KNIGHTThu Jan 09 1986Documents
6.048162::DTLSat Jan 11 1986please consider country specific issues.
7.0252362::WYMANMon Jan 13 1986SDL (CCITT Specification and Description Language)
8.052362::WYMANMon Jan 13 1986MML - CCITT Man-Machine Language Design Methodology
9.0248162::DTLTue Jan 14 1986Please update your DECnet database
10.0448162::DTLTue Jan 14 1986is CCITT a mandatory standard to follow?
11.02SOFCAD::KNIGHTThu Jan 30 1986Administrivia
12.07ATLAST::BOUKNIGHTSat Feb 01 1986SDT vs USE-IT?
13.0152384::WYMANThu Feb 06 1986The More the Better?
14.0352384::WYMANFri Feb 07 1986Unique Added Value and SDT...
15.0852384::WYMANFri Feb 07 1986Other Structure Editors/DB's In DEC Today...
16.03DYO78Wed Mar 12 1986ProMod anyone?
17.0SOFCAD::KNIGHTMon Apr 28 1986Phase 1 and Documents
18.02BOEHM::PARKETue Apr 29 1986Interest
19.07TLE::PEARLWed May 07 1986lack of VT24
20.01TLE::PEARLThu May 08 1986ESG Marketing comments on SPEC
21.0TLE::PEARLThu May 08 1986ESG Marketing comments on Business Plan
22.06EUROPE::SCHERRERMon Aug 11 1986IEEE SDD document
23.01CLT::BURLINGAMEWed Sep 24 1986ADT base level 1 completed
24.02KIRK::WOLFETue Jan 06 1987What happened?
25.011MDVAX3::WOODALLFri Feb 06 1987Logical to Physical?
26.0SOFCAD::KNIGHTThu Mar 26 1987Wish list
27.02BAVIKI::GOODTue Apr 21 1987Looking for volunteers for ADT usability tests
28.03SSDEVO::WELLSWed Jul 01 1987Is a kit available?
29.0CSSAUS::BELLSat Aug 29 1987See also CASE
30.07CAADC::MAYMon Oct 05 1987Is the Conference Needed?
31.05DPDTue Nov 03 1987? Questions ?
32.07COMEDY::HESLINThu Nov 19 1987Spec Queries
33.0SHIRE::GOLDBLATTFri Dec 18 1987comparison ?
34.03THATIS::SIMPSONTue Dec 22 1987ADT & CDD co-ordination?
35.05ARTFUL::SCOTTWed Jan 27 1988DECWindows in IFT1 -- so where's ADT?
37.0MANA::MCLANEThu Feb 25 1988ADT V1 SPEC available
38.01GLORY::RAOThu Mar 03 1988Product Positioning
39.0334849::RAOFri Mar 04 1988V1.
40.0TAVMTS::ARIESun Mar 06 1988V1.
41.02TAVMTS::ARIESun Mar 06 1988V1.
43.02CYCLPS::TARQUINIOWed May 18 1988Integrated Training and ADT
44.01CADSE::CERNESEWed Jun 01 1988IDECUS, V1.
45.0MANA::MCLANETue Jun 28 1988Call for External Field Test Sites
46.04CQ::REHBERGWed Jul 13 1988Integration Of ADT With The IPSE Environment
47.01EIGER::TAPPYFri Aug 19 1988Real-Time Extension
48.02INFACT::DATZMANThu Aug 25 1988Is there ADT for DECwindows FT2?
49.05CLT::EARLEThu Aug 25 1988What is a Methodology?
50.0UHURU::LAMBERTFri Aug 26 1988Post DECwindows Trade Fair Trauma
51.012CQ::REHBERGTue Aug 30 1988Internal Field Test Site information
52.01CAADC::VISIONMANGUWed Oct 26 1988Is there an Update to the Spec. Doc.?
53.06VAOAWed Oct 26 1988GANE AND SARSON?
54.04CAADC::VISIONMANGUMon Nov 07 1988Are we getting closer to FT
55.0CQ::REHBERGWed Nov 09 1988
56.01SHIRE::GOLDBLATTFri Nov 25 1988big guns
57.01SHIRE::GOLDBLATTWed Jan 11 1989modelling questions
58.07JHNTHN::SARENTue Jan 17 1989How about some sort of a manual
59.03HAMPS::LOWEFri Jan 20 1989ADT integration ?
60.04TOOLS::REHBERGTue Jan 24 1989Current published schedule
61.0TOOLS::REHBERGSat Jan 28 1989Availability of ADT documentation, specs, and information.
62.022TOOLS::REHBERGTue Jan 31 1989Registry of those {considering | planning | actually} using ADT as a development platform
63.01SHIRE::GOLDBLATTFri Feb 03 1989any changes ?
64.04DEKVFri Feb 10 1989DECwindow version , Design tool?
65.010TOOLS::REHBERGFri Feb 24 1989IFT1 generally available at 5:
67.05TOOLS::REHBERGTue Feb 28 1989ADT X
68.01JHNTHN::SARENSun Mar 05 1989Great documentation
69.02BISTRO::KIRKThu Mar 09 1989When can the customers have it?
70.05FOYER::HESLINWed Mar 29 1989real time case tools futures
71.03ROLL::BEFUMOTue Apr 04 1989A few questions . . .
72.01AKOV68::MITCHELLTue Apr 04 1989ft -ADT/CDDPLUS
73.01SKYWAY::BERENSTue Apr 04 1989when will ext. field test version available ?
75.08BISTRO::KIRKMon Apr 17 1989What does ADGE mean to ADT?
76.0DEMPR4::HERRFri Apr 28 1989Running demo for ADT
77.03JOELS::SARENSat Apr 29 1989Is ADT announced to the world?
78.0EMC2::CATTELTue May 16 1989Desperately seeking for help on VDM and formal methods
79.01VANISH::BROOMFIELDFri Jun 02 1989Advice required
80.02VANISH::BROOMFIELDFri Jun 02 1989Configuration Details?
81.01MAMIE::PHANFri Jul 07 1989Real-Time Teamwork ???
82.06WHELIN::LAMBERTMon Jul 31 1989Gane & Sarson Course Still Around?
84.01BNCHMK::MIKE_MCGWed Aug 02 1989Current public status of VAX ADT
85.04DELIBE::CRIMMINThu Aug 03 1989ADT EFT is Available!
87.03USRCV1::SHOWALTERMon Oct 09 1989Need for Real Time VAX/VMS Tools
88.0USRCV1::SHOWALTERFri Oct 13 1989AST Routines and "Event Driven" Logic in DECdesign
89.02AYOV28::PDAGLEISHMon Oct 16 1989Problems accessing the 'sister' conference
90.0SYOMV::KRASSat Oct 21 1989DECdesign Demonstration
91.03SHARON::BURLINGAMEMon Oct 23 1989I thought this might be of general interest
92.01CSGWed Oct 25 1989SDL: Emerging A&D Standard
93.0MINNY::SEITZWed Oct 25 1989Official slide show available?
94.0VAOAThu Nov 02 1989Why 2 conferences - ADGE and SDT?
95.04NMS::KINGTue Nov 07 1989Gayne & Sarson ?
97.03IW::WARINGTue Nov 14 1989Anyone got an SPD?
98.01VAXWRK::HAJINLIANTue Dec 12 1989ADT's DDIF output problems
99.02LAIDBK::CREIGHANMon Dec 18 1989Object changes in DECdesign
100.05NCDEL::WATERHOUSEThu Dec 21 1989Version 5.3 please!!!???
101.0SHARON::BURLINGAMEMon Jan 15 1990ADT is now DECdesign
103.0LEMAN::COSTAFri Jan 19 1990Server configuration for 8 stations
104.0MSDOA::PETERSONFri Jan 19 1990DECdesign Course?
105.0JAYDA::LOFTINTue Jan 23 1990DECdesign - Example designs?
106.05PRCSWS::EDDIELEUNGWed Jan 31 1990Any CASE/DECdesign presentation materials
107.011DELCHZ::HERBSTThu Feb 08 1990How do you include DECdesign documents in VAX Document?
108.06KITSAI::BANSALMon Feb 19 1990Flow chart generator
109.02JET::SOUSAFri Mar 02 1990FT Version Expired March 1
110.03KLEINE::ANDERSONThu Mar 08 1990Event partitioning?
111.01KLEINE::ANDERSONThu Mar 08 1990Yourdon OO A library ?
112.05PRCSWS::EDDIELEUNGFri Mar 23 1990Leveling of DFD, HOW ?
113.02LFOIS1::BOQUETThu Mar 29 1990CDA$ACCESS problem
114.01CBOSWS::FRYLANDThu Mar 29 1990Training dates???
115.01ELNCHZ::THOMPSONThu Apr 19 1990DECDesign Code Generator conferences?
116.06FDCV14::WILLIAMSTue May 01 1990Expected FCS date??
117.0MED::TENBRINKESun May 06 1990Add me to your interest list
118.01MSAMWed May 09 1990Competition to EXSYS on Data General
119.02SYOMV::BARROWSWed May 16 1990Pointer to Current Kit
120.02ELIS::DOEVEWed May 23 1990PAK needed for Field Test version
121.02RNDPIN::NUCKLESFri Jun 08 1990question on X-Support
122.01NMGDV4::DOEVEFri Jun 15 1990Converting form old field test version to newer version of DECdesigna.a
123.01KETJE::ROBBENSWed Jun 27 1990Any pointers somewhere ?
124.01CARTUN::CLIFFORDWed Jul 04 1990Looking for User DOC
125.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERThu Jul 05 1990SPD available?
126.03CRUISE::JBONINMon Jul 09 1990error invoking design/system
127.02ZGOMTue Jul 17 1990Problem in installation v1.
129.0TOOK::QBARRYMon Aug 13 1990Problem with cross ref and/or getting data for other uses.
130.0CQ::REHBERGTue Aug 14 1990Please refer to CLT::DECDESIGN for all further discussions