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Conference clt::rpg

Created:Mon Feb 03 1986
Last Modified:Thu Feb 13 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:302
Total number of notes:684
Number with bodies:3
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1.06DYNAMO::BRAFFITTFri Jan 06 1984Introduction
2.0TURTLE::BRAFFITTTue Jul 31 1984Doc error - page 13-11
3.0KOBAL::SZYMANSKIThu Aug 02 1984Doc error - page 3-3
4.0DUBTue Aug 21 1984An observation... (or gripe)
5.01NATASH::RUDETue Sep 11 1984Shared Files / Variable Length
6.0NATASH::RUDEWed Sep 12 1984Question 'What Tools"
7.01NATASH::RUDEWed Sep 12 1984Information of Conversion Tools
8.0TURTLE::BRAFFITTWed Sep 19 1984Append recs to shared rel file
9.01NATASH::RUDEWed Sep 26 1984Info. on Some Competition?
10.0TURTLE::BRAFFITTWed Oct 03 1984Numeric flds in TDMS rec buf
11.0ALGOL::STERNWed Oct 10 1984VAX RPG Package Meeting
12.0ALGOL::STERNWed Oct 10 1984Meeting Follow-up
13.0ALGOL::STERNWed Oct 10 1984Second RPG Package Meeting
14.0ALGOL::STERNWed Oct 10 1984Second Meeting Follow-up\
15.0ALGOL::STERNWed Oct 10 1984Visit to Para Research
16.0ALGOL::STERNThu Oct 18 1984Third RPG Package Meeting
17.0ALGOL::STERNThu Oct 18 1984Para Research Corporate Visit
18.02TURTLE::BRAFFITTTue Oct 23 1984V1.1 differences from V1.
19.0HARE::STERNTue Oct 30 1984Fourth RPG Package Meeting
20.01NANOOK::STOREYSat Nov 03 1984High End VAX RPG performance.
22.0ALGOL::STERNTue Nov 06 1984Fifthe RPG Package Meeting
24.0ALGOL::STERNWed Nov 14 1984Sixth RPG Package Meeting
25.0TURTLE::BRAFFITTFri Nov 16 1984Doc error - appendix A
28.01OBIWAN::BEDNARIKMon Dec 10 1984Does/will a DAB exist?
29.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTThu Jan 03 1985V1.1 Performance Summary
30.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTMon Jan 07 1985Remove RPG program id
31.03KOBAL::BRAFFITTTue Jan 08 1985External indicators
32.0TURTLE::BRAFFITTTue Jan 08 1985V1.1 install guide errors
33.01GVASA::CASELLINIWed Jan 09 1985D and S "cards" on DEC RPG II ?
34.0TURTLE::BRAFFITTThu Jan 10 1985Doc note - page 13-16
35.0HARE::STERNTue Jan 15 1985Seventh RPG Meeting
36.0HARE::STERNTue Jan 15 1985Eighth RPG Meeting
37.0HARE::STERNTue Jan 15 1985Ninth RPG Meeting
38.02FUTBAL::BRAFFITTThu Jan 17 1985Wish list items from Mark Sachs
39.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTTue Jan 22 1985Bug in editor COMPILE command
40.0ALGOL::BRAFFITTMon Jan 28 1985Doc error - page 4-4
41.0TURTLE::SZYMANSKIWed Jan 30 1985One file - one buffer
44.0FUTBAL::BRAFFITTWed Feb 06 1985ISAM support
46.0GOLLY::BRAFFITTTue Feb 19 1985Doc error - page 4-27
47.0FUTBAL::BRAFFITTWed Feb 20 1985File sharing notes
49.0FUTBAL::BRAFFITTTue Mar 05 1985Bug in RTL support for UDATE
50.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTTue Mar 12 1985Bug in fetch overflow
51.0FUTBAL::BRAFFITTThu Mar 14 1985RPG II program CALLing FMS
52.01BRSADV::VANTRICHTTue Mar 19 1985info conversion SYS/3 with CCP
53.0HARE::BRAFFITTWed Mar 20 1985Record locks across terminal I/O
54.0STSat Mar 23 1985Info to Sales Product Training
55.0STSat Mar 23 1985Sales Product Training NOTE FIL
56.0HARE::BRAFFITTTue Mar 26 1985Match fields bug with empty file
57.05FUTBAL::JOHNSTONFri Apr 05 1985IBM System 38 RPG III Conversion
58.0HARE::BRAFFITTTue Apr 09 1985Contact for conversion questions
59.0FUTBAL::BRAFFITTTue Apr 09 1985Emulating RPGDMP with SORT/DUMP
60.0HARE::BRAFFITTMon Apr 15 1985EXIT/SAVE will not always exit
63.03ALGOL::DAVIDSONTue May 14 1985System 36 Full Procedure files
64.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTTue May 14 1985Doc error - page 4-18
65.02TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed May 29 1985PDP-11 RPG II
66.0HARE::BRAFFITTWed May 29 1985Restriction in look-ahead fields
67.0HARE::SZYMANSKIMon Jun 03 1985Compiler bug in file conditionin
68.0FUTBAL::SZYMANSKIMon Jun 10 1985Compiler bug
70.0HARE::BRAFFITTThu Jun 20 1985Bug (Ouput/CHAINed/Indexed)
71.0FUTBAL::SZYMANSKIThu Jun 27 1985Compiler bug
72.0HARE::BRAFFITTFri Jul 12 1985T2.
73.0R2ME2::BRAFFITTThu Aug 08 1985FMS V2 sample program
75.0HARE::BRAFFITTMon Sep 09 1985IVP failure
76.0HARE::BRAFFITTFri Sep 13 1985Time in first page heading
78.0GOLLY::BRAFFITTWed Sep 18 1985S&D specs -> FMS .FLG -> TDMS
80.06HARE::BRAFFITTWed Oct 09 1985V2 on VMS/MicroVMS V4.4
82.0HARE::BRAFFITTWed Oct 09 1985TDMS error with RPGTDMS.COM
83.0HARE::BRAFFITTThu Oct 10 1985VAX RPG II V2.
84.0ALGOL::BRAFFITTTue Oct 15 1985V2.
85.02LISVAX::VALENTEThu Oct 17 1985RPG & TDMS
86.02SWSNOD::KURATAFri Oct 18 1985IBM: $#@ chars & Same FILE/FIEL
87.0GOLLY::BRAFFITTWed Oct 23 1985Continuing from runtime errors
88.0HARE::BRAFFITTMon Oct 28 1985Emulating SHTDN(SHUTDOWN) opcode
89.0HARE::BRAFFITTMon Oct 28 1985V2.
90.0HARE::BRAFFITTMon Oct 28 1985VAX RPG II V2 calling VAX Rdb/VM
91.0FUTBAL::SZYMANSKITue Oct 29 1985Sample program using DECgraph
92.0HARE::BRAFFITTWed Nov 06 1985TDMS and NRO numeric data
93.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTMon Nov 11 1985DECUS talk information
94.0ALGOL::DAVIDSONTue Nov 12 1985VAX RPG II V2 calling SMG sample
95.0R2ME2::BRAFFITTWed Nov 13 1985Editor bug - COMP/LIS and /COPY*
97.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTThu Nov 14 1985RPG Cross Reference Utility
98.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTFri Nov 15 1985Installation IVP failure
99.0R2ME2::SZYMANSKITue Nov 19 1985Internal compiler error
100.0GOLLY::BRAFFITTWed Nov 27 1985V2.
101.0GOLLY::BRAFFITTFri Dec 13 1985Emulating RPG II DEBUG opcode
102.0R2ME2::BRAFFITTMon Dec 16 1985V2.
103.0GOLLY::BRAFFITTWed Jan 08 1986V2 Editor bug - syntax check
104.0TURTLE::GILBERTTue Jan 21 1986VAX Notes Conversion
105.02NANUCK::FORDMon Jan 27 1986Can H1-H9 not abort program?
106.0R2ME2::BRAFFITTThu Jan 30 1986Converting use of *BLANK/*ZERO
108.0CLT::BRAFFITTFri Feb 14 1986PRINTER files (RSTS vs VMS)
109.0CLT::BRAFFITTTue Feb 25 1986V2.
110.0CLT::BRAFFITTTue Feb 25 1986V2.
112.03CLT::BRAFFITTMon Mar 17 1986V2.1 optional tasks
114.0CLT::BRAFFITTWed Mar 26 1986VMS V4.2 and VT1
115.0CLT::BRAFFITTWed Apr 02 1986VAX RPG II Wish List
116.0CLT::BRAFFITTWed Apr 02 1986Using /COPY versus DCL plus lists
117.01CLT::BRAFFITTFri Apr 04 1986Techniques for handling run-time errors
118.0CLT::BRAFFITTFri Apr 04 1986Using DEBUG to continue from runtime errors
119.0CLT::BRAFFITTTue Apr 08 1986Deblocking records from IBM magtape
120.02CSC32::B_ARMSTRONGWed Apr 16 1986What to use instead of TESTN?
121.04CSC32::B_ARMSTRONGThu Apr 17 1986sugg slight mod to IVP code.
122.0CLT::BRAFFITTSat Apr 19 1986RPG/EDIT/START_POS problem on VMS V4.4
123.01CLT::SZYMANSKIThu May 01 1986Compiler bug: PARMD of subscripted item
125.0CLT::BRAFFITTWed May 21 1986V2.1 compared with IBM Sys/34
126.0CLT::BRAFFITTFri May 30 1986T2.1-1 '*' indicator changes/problem
127.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONFri Jun 06 1986S/34 Conversion questions
128.01REFUGE::GREENFri Jun 06 1986Calling Vax RPG Programs from other Programs
129.01CSC32::B_ARMSTRONGWed Jun 11 1986prob using ADDROUT w/ external indicator
130.0CLT::BRAFFITTWed Jun 11 1986Editor COMPILE with separate .LIS / .OBJ dirs
131.02CEDSWS::FINNERTYWed Jun 11 1986Any VAX RPG source code around ???
132.01TRCOFri Jun 13 1986Help Reading 2D S/34 Floppies
133.0CLT::BRAFFITTMon Jun 16 1986DSPLY opcode with CONSOLE device
134.0CLT::BRAFFITTMon Jun 16 1986New V2.1 dates and updated field test compiler
135.0CLT::BRAFFITTFri Jun 20 1986Online QAR system availability
136.0CLT::BRAFFITTMon Jun 30 1986Modifying PRINTER file FL and OL at runtime
137.0CLT::BRAFFITTMon Jun 30 1986Using multiple pre-execution time tables
138.0CLT::BRAFFITTWed Jul 02 1986CHECK qualifier documentation error
139.0CLT::BRAFFITTThu Jul 10 1986Automatic indicator display in DEBUG
142.0CLT::BRAFFITTMon Jul 28 1986%FDV-F-TCA and WORKSTN programs
143.0CLT::BRAFFITTMon Jul 28 1986Descending Keys
144.0CLT::BRAFFITTMon Jul 28 1986SLN (starting line number) and WORKSTN files
145.0CLT::BRAFFITTWed Jul 30 1986V2.1 (SDC) online kit/docs
146.0CLT::BRAFFITTThu Aug 07 1986UNIVAC and resulting inds on arith. overflow
147.0CLT::BRAFFITTThu Aug 14 1986UNIVAC RPG II and split-control fields
148.01ASYLUM::GREENFri Aug 15 1986DEBUG & Displayed Indicators
149.0CLT::BRAFFITTFri Aug 15 1986Announcing V2.1 DECUS material
150.0CLT::BRAFFITTMon Aug 18 1986Accessing RPG RTL routines from DEBUG
152.01ASYLUM::GREENWed Aug 20 1986SETLL With Relative Files
153.0122598::MOBBYLINTue Aug 26 1986Migration RPG convert fail to extend table
155.01STRASB::HONOREMon Sep 08 1986share data
156.02STRASB::HONOREMon Sep 08 1986diff. gap/ibm & RPG II
157.01STRASB::HONOREMon Sep 08 1986p1....p8
158.01TAVMon Sep 08 1986problems in conversion from S/36 RPGII to VAX RPGIIPGII
161.011761::PLAISTEDMon Sep 22 1986IBM's SUBR
162.0CLT::BRAFFITTWed Sep 24 1986Screen handling and FMS terminators
163.0OBIWAN::HANSONMon Oct 06 1986Fun w/CDD,TDMS,RDB,etc.
164.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSun Nov 02 1986Possible problem with MOVE opcode
165.03AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSun Nov 02 1986Question on O spec SPACE
166.05SNO78C::BELAKHOVMon Nov 03 1986Problems with compiler ???
167.01DUBSWS::D_OSULLIVANFri Nov 07 1986System-38's RPG III
169.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSat Nov 15 1986File sharing question
170.02PD75Mon Nov 17 1986Text for teaching RPG?
171.01CSC32::B_ARMSTRONGWed Nov 19 1986where does RPG.TMP come from
172.02AMRETO::KEEFETue Nov 25 1986Zoned numeric data support?
173.01PRSUD1::ROWLANDSFri Dec 05 1986FMS and Numeric Display
174.01MICASA::LINDQUISTFri Dec 05 1986RPG II Conversion products?
175.0TAVSun Jan 04 1987qualifier check=blanks_in_numeric does not work
176.0CSC32::B_ARMSTRONGFri Jan 09 1987prb updating vbl len rec
178.01AMRETO::KEEFETue Jan 27 1987Problem with LOKUP
179.02BLGMon Feb 16 1987performance of RPG
180.01SHEILA::BRODRIBBThu Mar 12 1987RPG with DEBUG gives %DEBUG-E-INVDSTREC, invalid DST record
181.03CSC32::C_HALBIGWed Sep 02 1987Cant print 66 lines/page on HP Laserjet
182.0JENEVR::KEEFEMon Sep 21 1987item lists for system services
183.01NEXUS::L_CALLAHANWed Sep 30 1987How to define Array in CDD for RPG?
184.02GIDDAY::VETTEThu Oct 01 1987RSTS/E RPG II record length?
185.01CSC32::B_ARMSTRONGFri Oct 23 1987when is RPG$LDA1 loaded from in program?
186.03NZOVWed Oct 28 1987achieving SDA (S&D) functionality with FMS?
187.01SUCASA::LINDQUISTThu Oct 29 1987Installation Problem
188.0CLT::BRAFFITTSat Oct 31 1987V2.1 /CROSS compiler abort
189.0CLT::BRAFFITTThu Nov 05 1987V2.1 doc error page 6-7 (should be SYS$EXAMPLES)
190.02KAOFS::M_MORINMon Jan 04 1988RMS-F-MRS error at run-time.
191.02PRSNRD::GROSFri Feb 12 1988Help from FRANCE
192.03CSC32::B_ARMSTRONGThu Feb 18 1988How to link to an RPG subroutine
193.01GIDDAY::MCGINTYThu Mar 17 1988Indexed files and missing data
194.01CSC32::B_ARMSTRONGWed Mar 23 1988is PRINT/NOFEED/PASSALL broke?
195.02KAOFS::M_MORINWed May 11 1988Printing to LG
196.058378::M_MORINWed May 11 1988RPG training anywhere?
197.01IJSAPL::VONKWed Jun 15 1988line or portion of frm lies outside visible scr ra
198.02UTROP1::PAULUSSEMon Jun 20 1988reference site RPGII
199.010AUNTB::WARNOCKMon Jun 27 1988Does RPG work under VMS v5.
200.04UTRUST::SCHOUTENTue Aug 16 1988RPG and FMS restriction on fields ??
201.0UTRUST::SCHOUTENTue Aug 16 1988AST routines in RPG II ???
202.0PHDVAX::LANDISFri Aug 19 1988Perf. data needed on RPG vs. COBOL
203.02KIRIN::B_ARMSTRONGThu Aug 25 1988inputting negative overpunched data
204.06GENRAL::RINESMITHWed Aug 31 1988LSE enviroment?
205.04CSC32::R_SPEARSThu Sep 15 1988Getting rid of extra pages
206.04KYOA::SACHSMon Oct 24 1988Bug or Feature?
207.03DEREK::DANESINOWed Nov 09 1988IBM S/38 RPG III to Migration RPG II
208.01CSC32::R_SPEARSTue Nov 15 1988sending escape sequences
209.01GIDDAY::BRETTSun Nov 20 1988Segmented key for indexed file
210.01DEREK::DANESINOWed Nov 23 1988The opposite of CVTFILE
211.03CSC32::R_SPEARSMon Dec 12 1988Compiling from the editor
212.07TPOVWed Jan 11 1989help!! RPG calling FMS
213.02CSC32::B_ARMSTRONGThu Jan 19 1989why can't i write over decnet?
214.01POBOX::SZILVASYMon Jan 23 1989RPGIII -> VAX
215.02CSC32::R_HALLTue Jan 24 1989DSPLY or SNDOPR
216.01YUPPY::CHISHOLMThu Feb 02 1989RPG II Conversion Aids ref sites needed
218.02CGOOMon Feb 13 1989wang ?
219.01LISVAX::PASANTOSWed Feb 15 1989diff RPG S36 and RPG II VAX
220.03NZOVMon May 22 1989SQL Module Language?
221.01MAVSN1::STOTTFri May 26 1989Documentation??
223.013IDE::LEBLANCThu Jun 22 1989VAX RPG II - Phase 4B
224.01CSC32::ARMSTRONGThu Jun 29 1989how to read by relative rec num.
225.05RHODES::WOODSTue Jul 11 1989RPG II routines REENTRANT?
226.06GIDDAY::KINGWed Jul 12 1989%LIB-F-BADLOADADR with rpg 2.1 under VMS 5.1 ?
227.011TROAThu Jul 13 1989RSTS => VMS RPG
228.05ADTSHR::BRAFFITTWed Jul 26 1989Update on LIB-F-BADBLOADR problem
229.07TOOLS::BRAFFITTThu Jul 27 1989Processor / OS certifications
230.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed Aug 02 1989VAX RPG II product contacts
231.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Aug 04 1989VAX RPG II status ?
232.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTFri Aug 11 1989V2.1 compiler restriction - TESTB
233.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTThu Aug 17 1989RPG II for ULTRIX
234.02TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed Aug 23 1989Input specs -> VAX CDD CDDL (revised - 2-
235.01TOOLS::BRAFFITTFri Sep 08 1989V2.1 release notes addendum (1st draft)
236.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGMon Sep 11 1989VAX RPG on VMS v5?
237.02CSC32::T_PARMELEETue Sep 12 1989TPU-F-IDMISMAT
238.02CSC32::T_PARMELEEWed Sep 13 1989subroutine or goto, which is faster?
239.012OTOUMon Sep 18 1989RPG/TDMS training?
240.03COLA1::LUEBKEWed Sep 20 1989IBM /38 AND AS4
242.05NZOVTue Oct 17 1989CDD/Plus and FILLER (unreferenced) fields
243.05TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed Oct 18 1989VAX RPG II Product Phase Down Plan
244.0IMBIBE::SACHSWed Oct 18 1989Anyone havea Work Statement Boilerplate?
245.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTTue Nov 07 1989V2.1 shipped from SSB 27-Oct-1989 with updated SPD adding new processor support
246.04NZOVWed Nov 08 1989DIGITAL NO, IBM YES
247.01COMICS::HOLLOWAYMon Nov 13 1989Rpg/edit eating extra lines randomly.
248.02NZOVWed Nov 15 1989RMS format of RIGHT OVERPUNCHED NUMERIC?
249.01DUBWed Nov 15 1989SORT with file open Read/Write
250.04NZOVWed Nov 22 1989RPG->COBOL TOOL!
251.01TOOLS::BRAFFITTMon Dec 04 1989Request for RPG II compiler on MIPS-based systems
252.02CSC32::R_HALLMon Dec 11 1989tuning / features
253.0CSCMA::PLAISTEDWed Jan 10 1990VAX RPG II Retirement
254.07GLORY::JSTEWARTWed Feb 07 1990RPG Field names
255.016TOOLS::BRAFFITTThu Mar 08 1990VAX RPG II status (retirement still on hold)
257.02CSC32::R_WILLIAMSMon Apr 16 1990IVP fail of 2.1 -- RPG-F-HLTINVON
258.04NCESW1::GUILLEMINFri Jun 01 1990HELP Card F col 22
259.02GIDDAY::CHANMThu Jun 21 1990/COPY_CDD compilation errors.
260.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTMon Sep 17 1990Doc error - p. 5-16 (DEBUG chapter)
262.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed Oct 24 1990Doc error - p. 5-17 (DEBUG chapter)
263.03HILLST::AMELIThu Nov 01 1990RPG III --> "C " tool?
264.03TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed Nov 21 1990VAX RPG II order numbers
266.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTTue Dec 18 1990VAX RPG II product transition and Migration RPG II
267.01NYSBU::RUFINOWed Jan 09 1991Need RPG Programming Manual/Guide - Help!
268.02TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed Jan 16 1991RPG feature comparison (Rev. 1)
269.01TALLIS::KIRKWed Apr 03 1991Large RPG images wanted
270.01SUBWAY::LOUIEWed Apr 17 1991RPG and VMS 5.4
271.03JMPOFF::OSTWed Apr 24 1991Porrting RPG from IBM to VAX
272.05TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed May 01 1991VAX RPG II support futures
273.01COPCLU::JACOBSENTue Jun 11 1991Mig-RPG users?
274.02BSS::HEWITTThu Jun 27 1991VAX RPG II on 4
275.04LISVAX::ISABELThu Jul 04 1991Conversion RPG III (IBM) -> any VAX language
276.01EEMELI::MAIJALATue Nov 26 1991Migration to ULTRIX ? UNIBOL ?
277.02SHAWB1::HUGHESSMon Dec 23 1991Continue,Exit or Kill
278.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERThu Mar 05 1992Chance to oust system 32 and AS 4
279.02TAVWed Mar 25 1992RPG2.1: %DEBUG-E-INVDSTREC...
280.01TROOA::NAISHThu Apr 09 1992ASNA RPG (S/36) on ULTRIX?
281.01EVMS::KILGALLENSun Jul 12 1992Which RPG ships libraries with VMS?
282.02DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSMon Aug 31 1992Internal compiler error number 5
283.0VNABRW::HERRMANN_CWed Nov 25 1992Parkside "Transpiler" ?
284.01WIZZY2::WIRZBICKIFri Nov 27 1992-- Bit flipping in RPG? --
285.03KAOFS::M_ROYMon Dec 21 1992Difference between RPG & RPG II
286.06MUDIS3::ABENDERMon Mar 01 1993what is RPG 4 ??
287.0ONOIS1::AUGERMon Mar 29 1993VAX31
288.04USAGE::BRAFFITTFri Apr 23 1993VAX RPG II EXEs on OpenVMS AXP using VEST
289.01PACKED::BRAFFITTWed Sep 15 1993Contacts - VAX RPG II and VAX RPG
291.02LOBSTR::LEBELFri Feb 04 1994Interactive versus Batch
292.03VAXSPO::GILSONMon Mar 28 1994RPG on OPENVMS AXP - real 64 bit compiler available???
293.01KJAVTue Mar 29 1994invalid numeric data Error message
294.06ZPOVC::JASONCHANTue Oct 25 1994RPG II for OSF/1
295.01SWTHOM::DEGAGETue Nov 29 1994RPG II and OpenVMS 6.1
296.01HORUS::MAINTAINERWed Feb 22 1995VAX RPG Contacts??
297.04WHOSWed Apr 05 1995support for RPG Migration Package?
298.02DAIVC::RUDYThu May 04 1995RPG II which calls DECform
299.01LYOISA::GUERPILLONTue Jul 18 1995RPG compiler on ALPHA/OpenVMS ?
300.01LYOISA::GUERPILLONTue Jul 18 1995OK, thanks
301.0ANNECY::AYADZEDDAM_AWed Jul 03 1996Any news about RPG on OPENVMS AXP ?
302.0 *+2MANMTue Feb 04 1997S36 to OpenVMS Alpha migration?