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Title:Presence - Virtual Reality and Multisensory I/O
Notice:Latest reports in notes 40.last and 169.last
Created:Fri Feb 10 1989
Last Modified:Wed Jan 31 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:253
Total number of notes:1090
Number with bodies:0
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1.03BAVIKI::goodFri Sep 04 1992Welcome
2.0254BAVIKI::GOODFri Mar 31 1989Please sign in here
3.02BAVIKI::GOODFri Mar 31 1989On-line documents
6.02BAVIKI::GOODMon May 15 19893-D Brainstorming session from April, 1988
7.01BAVIKI::GOODMon May 15 1989Trip report - Banff, Unigraphics, and HFS '88 - November, 1988
8.09GEKO::MACEACHERNWed Apr 12 1989Data Glove?? Please more info
9.06BAVIKI::GOODWed Apr 12 1989Gibson - "The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception"
10.01BAVIKI::GOODMon Apr 17 1989CHI '89 conference and Presence
11.02BAVIKI::GOODWed Apr 26 1989Chapel Hill Workshop on Volume Visualization
12.08USABLE::GOODThu Sep 02 1993VPL Research, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
13.0BAVIKI::GOODTue May 16 1989Visualization seminar - June 12 and 13, Boylston, MA
14.05BAVIKI::GOODTue May 30 1989Atari's Hard Drivin'
15.09IE::BROOKEWed May 31 1989Fidelity of simulation
16.03BAVIKI::GOODFri Jun 09 1989First demos (stereoscopic display) running in Spit Brook
17.01ZEKE::KOZIKOWSKIThu Jun 15 1989Internationalization?
18.02BAVIKI::GOODFri Jun 23 1989Source code for stereoscopic Lynx-Sega demos
19.01BAVIKI::GOODWed Jul 19 1989Presence project plan
20.02TPS::RLEEThu Aug 10 1989Project Plan Wish List
21.05BAVIKI::GOODFri Aug 11 1989SIGGRAPH '89
22.0PIQUE::FREANMon Aug 14 1989MacWorld Expo Report
23.01IE::BROOKETue Aug 15 1989A 3D translator...
24.0ENUF::LEWISTue Aug 22 1989UIST '89 Announcement
25.0BAVIKI::GOODThu Aug 24 1989SUE has a req open - possibly includes Presence work
26.0ZEKE::KOZIKOWSKIThu Sep 14 1989Presence for the Handicapped
27.0BAVIKI::GOODFri Sep 15 1989DataGlove - from Macintosh to DECwindows?
28.0BAVIKI::GOODMon Sep 18 1989Information Detective
29.03BAVIKI::GOODMon Sep 18 1989Walking while working with computers
31.0BAVIKI::GOODMon Oct 23 1989Sony's multimedia consortium
32.01BAVIKI::GOODThu Oct 26 1989Presence at Fall DECUS '89
33.0CHEESE::KAISERSat Oct 28 1989Digital's workstation vision
34.0BAVIKI::GOODThu Nov 02 1989SEG '89 - Society of Exploration Geophysicists' trip report
35.01SQM::KOZIKOWSKIMon Nov 06 1989Set your mind free. What should Presence be?
36.0BAVIKI::GOODWed Nov 29 1989Direct Linear Computation of 3D Motion and Depth, or Gibson Was Right
37.0BAVIKI::GOODWed Nov 29 1989Synthesizer discussion from COMMUSIC conference
38.0BAVIKI::GOODWed Dec 13 1989December demos
39.04BAVIKI::GOODMon Dec 18 1989DEC Multi-Media Workshop - January 29 and 3
40.045BAVIKI::GOODThu Jan 18 1990Monthly progress reports - Spit Brook
41.012BAVIKI::GOODFri Jan 19 1990University of Washington Human Interface Technology Laboratory
42.02CHEESE::KAISERSun Jan 21 1990"Cyberspace" viewer for laptops
43.01CHEESE::KAISERTue Jan 23 1990Using a musical computer
44.015BAVIKI::GOODFri Feb 02 1990Eye tracking
45.03BAVIKI::GOODThu Feb 22 1990Jaron Lanier coming to Boston ICA - Feb. 27 at 8 pm
46.02BAVIKI::GOODFri Feb 23 1990Usenet newsgroup sci.virtual-worlds
47.0BAVIKI::GOODTue Feb 27 1990Work at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC)
48.03BAVIKI::GOODTue Feb 27 1990Autodesk - Sausolito, CA
49.01BAVIKI::GOODTue Feb 27 1990Being in Nothingness
50.011BAVIKI::GOODTue Mar 06 1990Sense8 - Sausalito, CA
51.01USWAV1::BRAMHALLTue Mar 06 1990Hasbro has a need!
52.01BAVIKI::GOODFri Apr 20 1990Participatory Design Conference - PDC '9
53.04SNDPIT::SMITHSat May 12 1990Private Eye from Reflection Technology
54.03BAVIKI::GOODMon May 14 1990First Conference on Cyberspace
55.0CAM::ARENDTTue May 15 1990Chemical and Power plant design
56.0SQM::KOZIKOWSKITue May 29 1990Optical Tweezers as a possible candidate for Presence?
57.02SQM::KOZIKOWSKITue May 29 1990Imagined pictures possess 3-D properties
58.03USWAV1::BRAMHALLThu Jun 07 1990Body Suit at UNH?
59.023BAVIKI::GOODTue Jun 19 1990General press coverage
60.013BAVIKI::GOODTue Jun 19 1990Digital press coverage
61.02STAR::ROBINSONThu Jun 21 1990New virtual reality software for Amigas
62.0BAVIKI::GOODThu Jul 12 1990Press release - University of Washington grant
63.01BAVIKI::GOODThu Jul 12 1990Seminars by William Bricken at Digital sites
64.01BAVIKI::GOODTue Jul 24 1990"Inside Virtual Reality" by Jeremy Wolff
65.06BAVIKI::GOODTue Jul 31 1990Reactions to William Bricken's Spit Brook seminar?
66.03BAVIKI::GOODWed Aug 01 1990SIGGRAPH '9
67.0BAVIKI::GOODThu Aug 02 1990Toys from Mattel and Abrams/Gentile Entertainment (AGE)
68.01RIKKA::PALOMon Aug 06 1990Subject: Visualization Machines from Newsgroup comp.parallel
69.02RIKKA::PALOFri Aug 24 1990RealityNet (tm)
70.0BAVIKI::GOODTue Sep 04 1990Market research (Dataquest, etc.)
71.02BAVIKI::GOODThu Sep 06 1990Participatory Design of Presence Technology paper
72.01BAVIKI::GOODFri Sep 21 1990MITI Consortium
73.01BAVIKI::GOODTue Sep 25 1990Southwest Engineering shut down - We need your help
74.0BAVIKI::GOODFri Sep 28 1990Work at LIFIA-IMAG ACROE laboratory in Grenoble
75.03BAVIKI::GOODTue Oct 02 1990Virtual Reality '9
76.02BAVIKI::GOODFri Nov 02 1990RPI Advanced Technology Group
77.0BAVIKI::GOODMon Nov 12 1990Second International Conference on Cyberspace
78.01BAVIKI::GOODMon Nov 12 19901
79.01BAVIKI::GOODMon Nov 12 1990Banff Centre for the Arts
80.0BAVIKI::GOODFri Nov 16 1990Multimedia Engineering notes conference
81.02LAOTZU::KELLYMon Nov 19 1990Artificial life and medical applications
82.02LAOTZU::KELLYWed Nov 28 1990Patent questions
83.06LAOTZU::KELLYMon Dec 03 1990Computer Museum VR Exhibit
84.01USABLE::GOODWed Sep 01 1993Virtual Technologies - Palo Alto, CA
85.04BAVIKI::GOODFri Dec 14 1990University of Alberta
86.0STAR::ROBINSONTue Dec 18 1990$8
87.01BAVIKI::GOODWed Dec 19 1990Polhemus, Inc. - Colchester, VT
88.04BAVIKI::GOODWed Dec 19 1990Ascension Technology Corp. - Burlington, VT
89.0USABLE::GOODWed Sep 01 1993Leep Systems, Inc. - Waltham, MA
90.0USABLE::GOODTue Sep 07 1993Spaceball Technologies - Lowell, MA
91.01BAVIKI::GOODWed Dec 19 1990Hinton Instruments - Oldford, England
92.0USABLE::GOODTue Sep 07 1993Vendor list
93.0BAVIKI::GOODWed Dec 19 1990Hardware designer needed
94.03LAOTZU::KELLYFri Dec 21 1990What do we tell customers?
95.0BAVIKI::GOODMon Jan 07 1991Software Usability Engineering now on ZKO2-1
96.05BAVIKI::GOODThu Jan 10 1991RAD project reports
97.01BAVIKI::GOODFri Jan 18 1991Virtual Reality: Directions of Growth
98.0BAVIKI::GOODMon Jan 21 1991Report reviewers wanted
99.0BAVIKI::GOODThu Jan 24 1991NASA Space Science Data Center
100.03BAVIKI::GOODTue Feb 05 1991HIT Lab Industrial Symposium: February 21-22, 1991
101.0HERON::RUMEAUTue Feb 19 1991IMAGINA'91: a deep dive into virtual realities
102.0STEREO::BEAUDETTue Feb 19 1991Technology for People With Disabilities
103.01LILAC::BALSFri Feb 22 1991Virtus Walkthrough demo
104.02BAVIKI::GOODTue Feb 26 1991Focal Point from Bo Gehring - Seattle, WA
105.0CAPD::BEAUDETFri Mar 08 1991World Congress on Technology
106.0KOBAL::GOODFri Mar 08 1991The Virtual Reality Film Documentary
107.0KOBAL::GOODFri Mar 08 1991Call for papers: Presence journal
108.0GALVIA::STONESThu Apr 04 1991CDA-Audio. Call for product requirements
109.04KOBAL::GOODMon Apr 22 1991DESIGNSTATION and ElectroGIG
110.02RICKS::AKHIANITue May 07 1991U.S. Senate Hearing on Virtual Reality, Wednesday, May 8th
111.01PIPE::GOODThu May 09 1991CHI '91
112.03PIPE::GOODMon May 13 1991Bibliography of Japanese research
113.0SMURF::TIERNEYMon May 27 1991A Palmtop That Fits On a Hard Hat
114.0PIPE::GOODMon Jun 10 1991SUE Open House - Thursday, June 2
115.03MUDIS3::DEMIRSOYTue Jun 18 1991Virtual reality and architecture ?
116.02PIPE::GOODTue Jun 25 1991Shooting Star Technology - Burnaby, BC
117.04PIPE::GOODThu Jun 27 1991SRI International
118.0PIPE::GOODMon Jul 15 1991Talk by Chris Fry from Honeywell on July 23
119.01MUDIS3::DEMIRSOYThu Jul 25 1991low-cost VR systems ?
120.0PIPE::GOODFri Jul 26 1991Presence talk at WSL, Palo Alto - Monday, August 5
121.0KOBAL::FERWERDATue Aug 13 1991Virtual Reality declared illegal
122.01USABLE::GOODWed Sep 01 1993Telepresence Research - Portola Valley, CA
123.01USABLE::GOODWed Sep 01 1993The Telepresence Alliance
124.01USABLE::GOODWed Sep 01 1993Crystal River Engineering - Groveland, CA
125.0USABLE::GOODWed Sep 01 1993Fakespace - Menlo Park, CA
126.02PIPE::GOODTue Aug 13 1991Logitech Inc. - Fremont, CA
127.0PIPE::GOODTue Aug 13 1991SimGraphics - South Pasadena, CA
128.0PIPE::GOODTue Aug 13 1991Gaertner Research - Norwalk, CT
129.01PIPE::GOODTue Aug 13 1991TiNi Alloy - Oakland, CA
130.0USABLE::GOODTue Sep 07 1993EXOS Inc. - Woburn, MA
131.0USABLE::GOODWed Sep 01 1993Virtual Research - Santa Clara, CA
132.03PIPE::GOODTue Aug 27 1991Mandala products from The Vivid Group - Toronto
133.0USABLE::GOODWed Sep 01 1993Division Ltd. - Bristol, UK
134.0PIPE::GOODThu Sep 05 1991Presence paper for CHI '92 conference
135.0PIPE::GOODFri Sep 06 1991ACCESS.bus interconnect announced
136.0JENEVR::RLEETue Sep 10 1991TECH: Lightweight Stereoscopic Glasses
137.02PIPE::GOODWed Sep 11 1991VR work in the UK
138.06MR4DEC::GAYThu Oct 10 1991Xtensory, a V.R. spinoff from DEC?!!
139.01HERON::RUMEAUThu Oct 24 1991Seminars in Europe ?
140.0KALI::PLOUFFMon Oct 28 1991Popular Magazine to Cover VR
141.0PIPE::GOODFri Nov 01 1991HIT Lab Trip Report - October 1991 Consortium Meeting
142.0PIPE::GOODTue Nov 05 1991DPMAEF VR Conference Trip Report
143.03JENEVR::RLEEWed Nov 06 1991Video Review: Virtual Reality Conference - 199
144.0JENEVR::RLEEThu Nov 07 19914-DEC-1991 / Virtual Video in the Electropresent / the Space
146.01KALI::PLOUFFThu Dec 19 1991W Industries "Virtuality" Networked Game Machine
147.04KOBAL::FERWERDAWed Jan 08 1992Bobsled team hopes for high-tech edge
148.01PIPE::GOODWed Jan 15 1992NEC's virtual reality system
149.0PIPE::GOODFri Jan 24 1992VPL introduces MicroCosm system for the Mac
150.0STOKES::MCKINLEYWed Jan 29 1992Boston conference: Telemanipulator Technology
151.0PIPE::GOODThu Jan 30 1992VR and Sequoia at San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)
152.0PIPE::GOODFri Feb 07 1992CHI '92
153.0PIPE::GOODFri Feb 07 1992Third International Conference on Cyberspace postponed
154.01PIPE::GOODWed Feb 26 1992Worldesign - Seattle, WA
155.0ACESMK::RLEESat Mar 14 199218-MAR-92 / Jacob: What U Look is What U Get / Media Lab, Cambridge, MA
156.0HSOMAI::PALOFri Apr 10 1992Medicine Meets Virtual Reality
157.0PIPE::GOODMon Apr 13 1992Matsushita: selling kitchens through VR
158.01PIPE::GOODThu Apr 16 1992Presence: Journal from MIT Press
159.09GYADOC::KAMINSKITue Apr 21 1992VR Intro Video Wanted
160.02LAOTZU::KELLYThu Apr 23 1992VR alive at DEC
161.01MR4DEC::GAYMon Apr 27 1992How many dimensions in V.R.?
162.0PIPE::GOODWed Apr 29 1992Dry run of CHI '92 talk
163.0PIPE::GOODFri May 01 1992VR talk and demos at ZKO on Wednesday, June 17
164.0PIPE::GOODFri May 29 1992HIT Lab Trip Report - May 1992 Consortium Meeting
165.01MR4DEC::AVESPERMon Jun 01 1992VEOS has been released
166.0PIPE::GOODMon Jun 01 1992MR Toolkit released
167.02PIPE::GOODMon Jun 29 1992AVS VR toolkit
168.0ROMA::SKEENThu Jul 02 1992Any chance of a quick demo ????
169.066LAOTZU::KELLYTue Jul 14 1992DEC'S A-LIFE & VR GROUP
170.01PIPE::GOODWed Aug 05 1992Japan/Korea report (ICAT '92) from Bob Jacobson
171.05PIPE::GOODThu Aug 06 1992SIGGRAPH '92
172.02GYADOC::KAMINSKIWed Sep 16 1992VR Future Facts, Assumptions, Scenarios (Workshop Results)
173.0TAGART::SCOTTWed Sep 23 1992VRAIS '93
174.02USABLE::GOODFri Sep 25 1992Ono-Sendai - San Francisco, CA
175.0USABLE::GOODMon Oct 05 1992VREAM, Inc. - Chicago, IL
176.0USABLE::GOODMon Oct 05 1992Straylight Corp. - Warren, NJ
177.03USABLE::GOODWed Oct 07 1992Global Devices - Granite Bay, CA
178.07USABLE::GOODWed Oct 07 1992Dealing with Division and other companies
179.0USABLE::GOODThu Oct 08 1992Multipoint - Westford, MA
180.01OXNARD::ASHLUNDWed Oct 28 1992INTERCHI'93, Amsterdam
181.01BREAKR::HAMon Nov 16 1992VR applications / kits
182.01USABLE::GOODThu Nov 19 1992Digital Image Design Inc. - New York, NY
183.01USABLE::GOODThu Nov 19 1992Eben Gay now on his own at Erg Engineering
184.01USABLE::GOODTue Nov 24 1992Fall US DECUS '92
185.01KALI::PLOUFFWed Dec 30 1992Boston Area Events in 1993
186.03USABLE::GOODWed Dec 30 1992AVS VR toolkit ported to Alpha OSF/1
187.09LAOTZU::KELLYFri Jan 08 1993Starting Out In VR
188.0USABLE::GOODTue Jan 12 1993Usability groups moving to IDC
189.0USABLE::GOODTue Feb 02 1993Cybernet Systems Corp. - Ann Arbor, MI
190.01BOLTON::PLOUFFTue Feb 02 1993Media Interactivity Matrix
191.02USABLE::GOODThu Feb 04 1993Lateiner Dataspace Group - Woburn, MA
192.0USABLE::GOODFri Feb 12 1993Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) - Mountain View, CA
193.0USABLE::GOODMon Feb 15 1993Portable torque-feedback device patent issued
194.04USABLE::GOODWed Feb 17 1993Entertainment applications
195.02LEMAN::SELBYMon Mar 08 1993Consumer Packaged Goods
196.06VERGA::FACHONTue Mar 09 1993Sensor technology
197.01ESOA11::HAYESMTue Mar 09 1993Jaron Lanier at Media Medical Systems
198.0USABLE::GOODWed Mar 24 1993FBI VR system for the 1996 Olympics?
199.04USABLE::GOODFri Apr 02 1993Kubota Pacific - Santa Clara, CA
200.011VERGA::FACHONTue Apr 20 1993Mondo 2
201.0USABLE::GOODWed Apr 21 1993All the HMDs
202.05VERGA::FACHONMon Apr 26 1993SEGA Visor
203.04USABLE::GOODMon Apr 26 1993VR and the US Government
204.07CSC32::MOLLERSun May 23 1993Video Productions using VR
205.02CSC32::MOLLERSun May 23 1993VR Metadata - Any documents?
206.02CSC32::J_FELDMANWed May 26 1993HMD's and windows?
207.03STKAI1::TIRRONENFri Jun 04 1993VR for Telecom
208.0USABLE::GOODThu Jun 10 1993HIT Lab Trip Report - May 1993 Consortium Meeting
209.0USABLE::GOODFri Jun 25 1993VR Engineering Review - June 24, 1993
210.01LMOPST::LAOTZU::KELLYTue Jun 29 1993Alpha WTK Port Progress
211.0USABLE::GOODThu Jul 08 1993Visions of Reality - South San Francisco, CA
212.01USABLE::GOODMon Aug 09 1993SIGGRAPH '93
213.04KELVIN::MCKINLEYWed Aug 18 1993Boston: The Other Side: A VR Arena
214.0USABLE::GOODWed Aug 25 1993Easy-to-point wand patent
215.0USABLE::GOODWed Sep 01 1993Superscape from Dimension International
216.0USABLE::GOODWed Sep 01 1993n-Vision - Vienna, VA
217.0USABLE::GOODWed Sep 01 1993VRontier Worlds - Stoughton, WI
218.0USABLE::GOODWed Sep 01 1993Tektronix - Beaverton, OR
219.0USABLE::GOODThu Sep 02 1993Virtual Presence - London, England
220.0GYADOC::KAMINSKIThu Sep 02 1993Marketing Applications?
221.0USABLE::GOODTue Sep 07 1993Virtual Vision - Redmond, WA
222.0USABLE::GOODTue Sep 07 1993Midiator from Key Electronics - Fort Worth, TX
223.03USABLE::GOODWed Sep 08 1993Leaving Digital
224.02FRUST::HAMILTONFri Sep 10 1993Flight Simulators
225.0USABLE::GOODTue Sep 14 1993CRL talk tomorrow
226.019LMOPST::LAOTZU::KELLYFri Oct 01 1993Gleanings From The Usenet
227.07LMOPST::LAOTZU::KELLYFri Oct 01 1993
228.03STKHLM::REVEMANMon Oct 18 1993ALife anywhere?
229.02KELVIN::MCKINLEYWed Oct 20 1993VR/Telepresence in ocean/space study
230.01LMOPST::LAOTZU::KELLYMon Oct 25 1993VR at DEC Suggestions
231.03GAUSS::BRANDENBERGTue Oct 26 19933DO
232.02SEIKO::CHIARINIMon Nov 08 1993VR in DEC?
233.02SMPVAX::SIMPSONMon Nov 22 1993
234.0GAUSS::BRANDENBERGTue Dec 28 1993Kaiser Electro-Optics
235.0GAUSS::BRANDENBERGTue Feb 08 1994RGB Spectrum video format converters
236.02BEGOOD::HEBERTThu Feb 24 1994virtual Egypt demo
237.01SLOVAX::63789::GREBLEWed Mar 16 1994VR in Mining????
238.01LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TIWed Mar 16 1994Virtual Wind Tunnels
239.02ROMA::PASITue Mar 22 1994info about GVS and Sense8
240.01KELVIN::PACHECOThu Mar 24 1994Virtual Vision & Boeing Demo/Presentation of VGA HMDs 3/31 RSVP
241.01CECEHV::SALEM_HTue Apr 05 1994VR-demo
242.02RDVAX::REDNERTue Apr 12 1994VR conferece June 6-7, 1994
243.02WRKSYS::BRANDENBERGTue May 24 1994Cheap HMD
244.0RDVAX::REDNERWed Jun 01 1994Ontario Telepresence Project News
246.01ROMEOS::COHENDATue Sep 06 1994Demo Available?
247.0BPSAXP::TUBAFri May 05 1995VR development tool
248.01OSLLAV::PER_PMon May 15 1995fyi/fwiw: VRML - VR meets web
249.01ULYSSE::DENISThu Jun 01 1995Proto in TELECOMS
250.05QCAVFri Jun 02 1995Need VR Peripherals & S/W Info
251.0LABC::HATue Aug 01 1995SHARE conference worker
252.0OTOOA::CREASERMon Oct 09 1995VR for Medical Instruction?
253.0MPGS::KELLYWed Jan 31 1996bye from Dikk Kelly