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Conference clt::oo_program

Title:Object-Oriented (Technology) Program
Created:Tue May 08 1990
Last Modified:Wed Feb 07 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:144
Total number of notes:631
Number with bodies:0
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1.03KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Welcome!
2.01KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990The OO Program Office
3.081KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Who's Who
4.013KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Related Notesfiles
5.017KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Talks and Conferences
6.018KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Books and Papers
7.010KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Courses
8.0KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Reserved
9.0KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Reserved
10.0KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Reserved
11.0KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Reserved
12.0KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Reserved
13.0KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Reserved
14.0KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Reserved
15.0KOBAL::SCHAFFERTWed May 23 1990Reserved
16.0DEBTOR::HARBISONThu May 31 1990ACA Services V2.
17.0KOBAL::FREBURGERThu May 31 1990IBM Smalltalk/PM Rumor
18.02VOGON::ATWALThu May 31 1990C++ standard?
19.01BIGUN::ANDERSONSun Jun 03 1990Object-oriented COBOL : a clean superset (believe it or not))
20.01BIGUN::ANDERSONSun Jun 03 1990OO analysis and design : there is a demand
21.02--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 04 1990Also from Italy
22.0CURRNT::SPENCERWed Jun 06 1990SCOOP in Europe
23.05SORA::FREBURGERTue Jun 12 1990199
24.02SORA::FREBURGERTue Jun 12 1990Digital Joins OMG - Press Release
25.04SORA::FREBURGERTue Jun 12 1990GNU Smalltalk V1.1
26.017COUNTWed Jun 13 1990What's our position on Eiffel?
27.01KOBAL::FREBURGERFri Jun 15 1990Seeking executive nominees for OMG pilot course
28.01KOBAL::FREBURGERTue Jun 19 1990OMG Standards Manual - copies available for review
29.06HENRY::APFELBAUMWed Jun 20 1990ObjectOry
30.04CIMNET::MJOHNSONWed Jun 20 1990Programming Language/Environment for Prototyping
31.07GLORY::RUTTFri Jun 29 1990Thoughts on OO in Applications world
32.02KOBAL::FREBURGERMon Jul 23 1990Metrics
33.010KOBAL::FREBURGERMon Jul 23 1990Megabrowser?
34.0SUPER::EARLEWed Jul 25 1990Carleton U. and reasons for "pure" OOP
35.05KOBAL::FREBURGERThu Jul 26 1990OMG RFI for The Object Request Broker
36.03KOBAL::FREBURGERWed Aug 01 1990Digital signs OODB joint-development partnership with Objectivity
37.03COUNTTue Aug 07 1990Statement of Digital's position on OO?
38.0KOBAL::FREBURGERFri Aug 10 1990CDA OO API Phase
39.0UTROP1::LEERKAMPFri Aug 24 1990OO-Tools VT2xx --> DEC Windows?
40.01--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 29 1990OO Curriculum and Q2 Schedule
41.0ACESMK::RLEESat Sep 01 199027-sep-9
42.0FDCV1Fri Sep 07 1990Training - Duplication of Effort?
43.0GRANE::HEINTZEThu Sep 13 1990WANTED: Information on Objective C and other OO languages
44.0SMAUG::ABBASIFri Sep 14 1990FYI: OO topics in ACM
45.02BIGUN::ANDERSONFri Sep 21 1990Where does Digital want to be in OO :leader?
46.039FMCSSE::HEINTZEThu Sep 27 1990What OOPLs are available for internal Projects?
47.05BYENGThu Oct 04 1990OO & Standards
48.0WOOK::LEETue Oct 16 1990OO Architecture?
49.0TLE::AMARTINThu Oct 25 1990Help needed for workstation sales demo
50.0WJOUSM::ZARRELLAFri Oct 26 1990Discussion for DIDSP
51.05RTL::WILPOLTWed Nov 28 1990classes/ software components wanted
52.0ACESMK::RLEEMon Dec 03 199014-17 APR 91 / CIM Databases / Cambridge, MA
53.0OFFHK::MURRAYWed Dec 12 1990Info needed on OMG and HP work on OO standard terms of reference
55.0TOOHOT::ROCHAMon Jan 14 1991PCCC 3/27-29/91, req for participants
56.0DECWET::NSHOMWed Jan 23 1991DEC C++ V1.
57.0NOVA::ZAGUREKWed Jan 30 1991ObjectMaker/Booch 9
58.01LUTZ::HEUSERFri Feb 01 1991Distributed Trellis announcement
59.03SUPER::EARLEThu Feb 14 1991I-Cubed - Digitally developed OO UI for managing distributed databases
60.01MILRAT::FROLICHFri Mar 29 1991Intro To Object-Oriented Programming
61.0MILRAT::FROLICHThu Apr 04 1991C Programming Intro
62.0MILRAT::FROLICHThu Apr 04 1991C Programming Advanced
63.0NXTGEN::APFELBAUMWed Apr 24 1991Courses being developed?
64.01CRLVMS::SCHAFFERTWed May 08 1991Knowledge Based vs. OO
65.0OSLTue May 21 1991Graphics package?
66.077TROATue May 28 1991Common DEC Class for Products
67.02TROAWed Jun 26 1991OO Presentation Wanted
68.0HGRDTue Jul 16 1991Want Info on Debug
69.0DECWET::NSHOMWed Jul 17 1991DEC C++ Internal Field Test for RISC/ULTRIX systems.
70.014GL::FREBURGERMon Jul 22 1991Announcing Object Oriented Task Forces
71.06PCL::JAMESFri Jul 26 1991Corporate Class Library -- RFI
72.0ALLVAX::APPELTue Jul 30 1991Open invitation , PDES Toolkit Prototype demo
73.01TRADE::ASHRAFWed Jul 31 1991Software Development Week '91-Fall, Sep. 8-13
74.0KOBAL::FREBURGERMon Aug 05 1991ECOOP'92: Preliminary Call for Contributions
75.0DATABS::MOOREThu Aug 15 1991OM TF - Completion Criteria
76.07DATABS::MOOREThu Aug 15 1991OM TF - Type Evolution issues
77.0DATABS::MOOREThu Aug 15 1991OM TF - Security issues
78.0DELNI::J_HEBERTFri Aug 16 1991Object Oriented Curriculum and Schedule
79.02SDTMKT::DAVISONWed Aug 21 1991Object Oriented Resources
80.04DATABS::OBRIENFri Oct 25 1991some presentations on OO technology, programming, and databases
81.01CPDW::ROSCHMon Nov 25 1991Glossary Wanted
82.03RUNT::COOPERMon Nov 25 1991OOPSLA '91 trip reports
83.0GLOSS::DULMon Dec 02 1991James Odell lecture and discussion
84.0COUNTFri Dec 13 1991Request for information on OO projects (internal or external)
85.0CRLVMS::SCHAFFERTFri Dec 13 1991OMG ORB Spec Available
86.07CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Jan 20 1992OO debating time...
87.01VOGON::HAIGHAWed Jan 22 1992Help me to market OO.
89.09VOGON::HAIGHAFri Feb 07 1992graphical OO modeller - not pretty but....
90.02TAVSun Feb 23 1992Pointers to Documents
91.0VOGON::HAIGHAWed Mar 18 1992Aid for the Third (Parties) World
92.0PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHWed Mar 18 1992DEC Trellis Article in JOOP
93.0PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHFri Mar 20 1992Object-Oriented Language Comparison Matrix
94.0KOBAL::FREBURGERMon Mar 23 1992OO Seminar at DECworld as part of COHESION Track
95.03GLDOA::BREWISSat Apr 04 1992DECworld OODB Speaker?
96.0PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHFri Apr 10 1992
97.03UNTADH::BRAEUTue Apr 28 1992What language should a novice use?
98.0HGRDFri May 01 1992Request for suggestion to my academic project
99.0MSDOA::SECRISTThu May 07 1992Portable XLISP V1.1 (VMS,CP/M,MS-DOS,RT,RSX,OSF/1)
100.01VOGON::HAIGHAFri May 08 1992Rumour after rumour!!
101.01COUNTMon Jun 01 1992Questions about ACAS and CORBA - urgent
102.0WILBRY::ASCHNEIDERFri Jul 31 1992DEC Object/DB V1.
103.01PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHFri Aug 14 1992OO CASE QFD Session
104.0AZUR::SAMOUNThu Aug 27 1992object view ?
105.0GRTVAX::THERRIENFri Sep 04 1992Announcing DEC C++ for OpenVMS VAX V1.1
106.0UTROP1::OOSTENHThu Oct 15 1992OOPSLA'92 tip
107.01HERON::BUCHANANMon Nov 16 1992OO customer seminar
108.0HERON::FRONThu Jan 07 1993Seminar announcement
109.01ESSB2::EMCGUINNESSMon Jan 18 1993Dynamic OOA and Tool Support ?
110.0BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Jan 18 1993comp.object FAQ
111.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Feb 08 19931992 Object-Oriented Brochure
112.0WILBRY::BENNETTMon Apr 12 1993Need Your Input!
113.02EMC2::HILLSTue Apr 20 1993OOA/OOD methods material sought
114.0CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Apr 26 1993Dynamic v Static API?
115.02MSAMTue Apr 27 1993CORBA Question
116.0SUBWAY::KABELTue Apr 27 1993Managing libraries
117.01PLAYER::PETITTue May 11 1993OMG question
118.0NUTS2U::WOODSMon Aug 02 1993What Motif GUI Class Libraries are used?
119.0UTROP1::OOSTENHTue Aug 10 1993ECOOP'93 visit report
120.0IJSAPL::OOSTENMon Aug 30 1993OO strategy underlying Client-Server?
121.016IJSAPL::VRIES_RThu Sep 16 1993OO-Program still exist?
122.01GRILLA::ROGERSMon Oct 25 1993location of Smalltalk conference??
123.05EMC2::HILLSTue Oct 26 1993Request for Testimonials on PC Case tools for Booch
126.01ZUSE::FRASCHThu Feb 10 1994Common Object Model - What's that?
127.01MRKTNG::BENNETTWed Feb 16 1994Issue #2 - OO Gazette!
128.0LUPO::SIMINOMon Mar 21 1994Ontos on Alpha
129.01SEND::PATRICKFri Apr 15 1994internal COM spec available
130.02WELLIN::GRAHAMWed Apr 27 1994OO Inventory Systems/Business Objects ?
131.01ALXNDR::NICHOLSONMon May 02 1994ODMG 93
132.04ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROMon May 09 1994White Paper
133.01BLOFLY::brianl.snm.dec.com::kissTue May 31 1994details of Objectworld in July ??
134.0BAHTAT::WALLS_TMon Jun 20 1994OMG- Object Analysis and Design
135.011MONTOR::KYZIVATTue Jun 21 1994Digital has chosen OpenStep as a primary strategic object technology
136.0GENIE::KALBERERWed Sep 14 1994Questions about OO Technologies
137.0KRYSTL::JOHNSONMon Nov 07 1994Looking for field interest in VisualWorks
138.01STKHLM::STENSTROMMon Nov 21 1994The Big One - Strategy...
139.04CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Nov 30 1994OO and standards
141.01CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Mar 01 1995OO on the WWW
142.01QDOVTue Apr 25 1995DEC UNIX over ULTRIX
143.01HERON::TIG23::KHANWed Sep 13 1995Help badly wanted
144.03SAPEC3::TRINHWed Jan 17 1996Object Repository