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Conference clt::linkworks_bugs

Title:LinkWorks Bug Reports
Created:Tue Mar 14 1989
Last Modified:Mon Nov 04 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:97
Total number of notes:247
Number with bodies:0
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1.0XAPPL::CLARKTue Jan 07 1992Welcome
2.01XAPPL::CLARKTue Jan 07 1992How to file VMS problem reports using QAR
19.0CASEE::CLARKThu Nov 02 1989BL6 won't run on VMS T5.3-462 (FT2)
20.0CASEE::CLARKFri Nov 03 1989Translating BL5 source code to BL6
21.01CASEE::PAVANELLOTue Nov 07 1989BL6 kit and DECwindows V2
22.01CSSE32::MERMELLTue Nov 21 1989BL6 allows incomplete installation
23.01HERON::BOSSARDMon Dec 18 1989Context-sensitive help in HyperDemo can't find help library
24.01CASEE::CLARKTue Dec 26 1989MEMEX IFT1 requires VMS V5.3 (SSB Release)
25.01RTL::GLOYDThu Dec 28 1989Rename "connection_menu" argument to his_create_dw_ui
26.01DECWET::TARDIFFFri Jan 05 1990No HyperDemo help on ULTRIX - bad location
27.03CASEE::CLARKMon Jan 29 1990IFT1 HIS$SHARE link fails on VMS X5.4-4CE
28.02DECWET::BALLENGERWed Feb 14 1990Missing SVN widget on ULTRIX T4.
29.02DECWET::BALLENGERSat Feb 24 1990HIS, Xlib, or server problems on ULTRIX/UWS T4.
30.04DECWET::BALLENGERSat Feb 24 1990Cross-platform repository access, bug or feature???
31.01DECWET::BALLENGERSat Feb 24 1990The apply callback and hyperdemo
32.04CSSE32::MERMELLSat Apr 14 1990Dev Toolkit IFT2 install error: %VMSINSTAL-E-BADSPEC
33.01LOVADA::SCHERRERTue Apr 17 1990HyperDemo X errors on VMS X5.4-4CE
34.04CASEE::PAVANELLOWed Apr 18 1990HyperCalendar IFT2 won't start up
35.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Apr 18 1990HyperCardfiler can't find connections
36.08HBO::STRYKERWed Apr 18 1990Bookreader can't open MEMEX IFT2 books
37.01HBO::STRYKERWed Apr 18 1990Calendar exits when you SET TARGET?
38.01COSBY::TIBBERTMon Apr 23 1990Timing dependency in DECwindows Autostart
39.06DECWET::BALLENGERTue Apr 24 1990Wrong image in memexfac
40.01DECWET::BALLENGERWed Apr 25 1990Can't get the Connection Menu to appear
41.02CADSYS::HEBERTWed Apr 25 1990HyperMail cold-start comes up iconized
42.01DECWET::BALLENGERThu Apr 26 1990Hyperapplications on ULTRIX get "Invalid Domain" error
43.03DECWET::BALLENGERThu Apr 26 1990Registry UIL files on ULTRIX kit?
44.01DECWET::BALLENGERThu Apr 26 1990Problem with installing HIS on VAX ULTRIX
45.06ESRAD::PIXIE::TOWNSENDThu Apr 26 1990Figures in Bookreader docs are hard to read
46.0CASEE::CLARKMon Apr 30 1990MEMEX is moving from Valbonne to Spit Brook Road
47.07DECWET::BALLENGERWed May 02 1990Connect function error: Application not registered
48.04CSSE32::MERMELLTue May 08 1990User's Guide and "path" confusion
49.08DECWET::BALLENGERThu May 10 1990Cold start problems
50.06LOIOSH::GOUNWed May 16 1990Crash copying path to clipboard
51.01DECWET::BALLENGERFri May 18 1990Problem with returning a his_list in the get surrogate callback
52.04JULIET::BARDSLEY_JEFri May 25 1990Can't open HyperDemo help library
53.02CRAYON::GENTTue May 29 1990HyperCalendar database (in)compatibility & help
54.02LOIOSH::GOUNWed May 30 1990HyperMail can't find connections
55.02BLT::TRAVISFri Jun 08 1990HyperCalendar ACCVIO on SHOW CONNECTIONS
56.03DECWET::BALLENGERSat Jun 09 1990Releasing surrogate objects
57.03TIOGA::santiagoThu Jun 28 1990hypercalendar doesn't work on R4
58.01AZUR::BENOLIELWed Jul 04 1990Can't add or create a Network in HyperSession Environnement
59.01AZUR::BENOLIELWed Jul 04 1990HyperSession allows duplicate path in Navigation List
60.01VMSTST::FRASERSat Jul 07 1990ACCVIO on Delete Connection
61.01RTL::CLARKTue Jul 17 1990LPS4
62.01DECWET::BALLENGERThu Jul 26 1990Several HIS crashes on DECwindows V3 BL4
63.01STRLIT::DCHAVEZThu Aug 09 1990Hypersession Run-time error
64.03CADSYS::HEBERTWed Aug 22 1990Hypersession segmentation fault on Ultrix V4.
65.03KOALA::BANTISWed Jun 20 1990ACCVIO returning null object from Get Surrogate Callback
66.01OPG::RAYERTue Nov 13 1990MEMEX IFT2 files cause Dw V3 "Application not registered" error
67.0RTL::CLARKWed Nov 14 1990Repairing HyperCalendar IFT2 database for VMS Dw V3
68.05KAOU35::DLEROUXWed Nov 28 1990Compound String incompatible with Dw V3
69.02TLE::MSMITHWed Dec 05 1990Problems with unsaved Network and duplicate Network
70.01CIMFIE::TRAGESERFri Dec 14 1990Demos and include files removed from DECwindows V3?
71.03HERON::DEVRIESFri Mar 15 1991DECwindows V3 --LinkWorks -- Calendar Subj: NAS Partners Meeting I N T E R O F F I C E M E M O R A N D U M Date: 13-Mar-1991 16:48 CET From: R
72.0UFORIA::WHIPPLESun Mar 24 1991Wishlist: Switch source and target
73.02STRIKE::KANNANWed May 01 1991Enabling LinkWorks....
74.03R2ME2::PAVANELLOFri May 10 1991Mips Kits needs fixing
75.01MIPSBX::thomasFri Jun 07 1991ULTRIX nits.
76.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Jul 11 1991Restoring the Link menu's Alt+Select accelerator
77.04IOSG::GEEWed Aug 21 1991HyperFiles: segmentation fault
78.04OSLACT::JENSHWed Aug 28 1991Existing but invisible Calendar link
79.03CASEE::BALLADELLIFri Aug 30 1991Go Back problem after Cold Start with no LinkWorks Manager
80.03DISORG::GILLISTue Sep 10 1991I18Nopenfile: couldn't open file lwk$dymui-mrwfailure
81.01XAPPL::CLARKTue Sep 17 1991"contents" variable not set by HyperFiles
82.01IOSG::GEETue Oct 22 1991New ULTRIX kit?
83.02KASINO::ALTENHOFENThu Nov 28 1991UID file version mismatch on ULTRIX
84.02MUTTON::LAMBTue Mar 24 1992Following link hangs Bookreader (Dw Motif T1.1)
85.01IOSG::WDAVIESWed Apr 08 1992Bookreader ACCVIO on Delete Link
86.02UNITED::MCDONNELLThu Apr 23 1992Linkworks Setup ACCVIO under MOTIF T1.1
87.07R2ME2::PAVANELLOTue Jun 16 1992'Linkbase lock error' on ULTRIX DECwindows for OSF/Motif v1.1.3
88.01GOOEY::SCHOELLERWed Sep 23 1992Problems when trying to ld on Sun
89.0XAPPL::REYERMon Oct 04 1993LinkWorks retirement
90.0HAMFri Jun 09 1995Windows 95 and Linkworks win3
91.01NETRIX::"mark.millen@sno.mts.dec.com"Mon Nov 13 1995LinkWorks on NT problem
92.0NETRIX::"catubig@cop.dec.com"Tue Apr 30 1996consultant
93.0NETRIX::"catubig@cop.dec.com"Tue Apr 30 1996consultant
94.01NETRIX::"catubig@cop.dec.com"Tue Apr 30 1996Win NT (ALPHA) Linkwork Server 3.
95.0VNABRW::64312::DigitalTue Jul 02 1996APOGetAttribute come back without attributes
96.0RTOMS::dhcp-2Tue Aug 13 1996Support for dynamic TCP/IP addresses
97.0HGOVC::EDDYWANGMon Nov 04 1996Linkworks ppt file problem