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Conference clt::linkworks

Title:Realizing Vannevar Bush's vision
Notice:"MEMEX" is now "LinkWorks (TM)"
Created:Thu Aug 13 1987
Last Modified:Wed Jan 22 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:337
Total number of notes:1095
Number with bodies:0
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1.05CASEE::CLARKThu Aug 13 1987Welcome
2.06CASEE::CLARKThu Aug 13 1987LinkWorks documents - current
3.013XAPPL::CLARKThu May 07 1992MEMEX & LinkWorks documents - archive
4.01XAPPL::CLARKMon Jan 06 1992LinkWorks network kits for end-users
5.02--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 13 1987Related Conferences
6.05CASEE::CLARKSat May 06 1989LinkWorks status, schedule, ...
7.03RTL::CLARKWed Apr 03 1991LinkWorks presentations and training
8.02CURIE::VANTREECKFri Aug 14 1987Ease of understanding is important
9.01CASEE::CLARKFri Aug 14 1987What about revising and deleting surrogates?
10.03PRAGMA::GRIFFINWed Aug 19 1987Throwing water on information access - security
11.0SWAMI::LAMIAThu Aug 20 1987QFD as a sample HyperInformation application
12.02CASEE::CLARKThu Aug 20 1987STARS as a HyperInformation application
13.01CASEE::CLARKThu Aug 20 1987"The Paranoia of the Information Age"
14.03KBOMFG::PIMFri Aug 21 1987Navigation Statistics ?
15.08GLORY::RAOFri Aug 21 1987MEMEX interface to NOTES & VTX
16.01CASEE::CLARKFri Aug 28 1987HyperInformation & System Management
17.017BISTRO::RAABMon Aug 31 1987To become a MEMEX lover...
18.0CASVWed Sep 09 1987The Real World
19.08VIKING::FLEISCHERThu Sep 10 1987Association by Links vs. Association by Descriptors
20.02FLIPIT::PHILPOTTThu Sep 10 1987"Hypertext: An Introduction and Survey" -- Jeff Conklin
21.01PIXEL::TRAVISWed Sep 16 1987comments/questions on the architecture (see 2.4)
22.01HARDY::BERNSTEINTue Sep 22 1987HyperInformation Philosophy
23.026HARDY::BERNSTEINWed Sep 23 1987The Word Tree
24.03CASEE::CLARKWed Sep 23 1987A view of MEMEX from a VLSI CAD perspective
25.02CASEE::LAVERDUREWed Sep 23 1987A taxonomy of ways of indicating
26.023CLT::WYMANTue Aug 18 1987HyperCard
27.01HARDY::BERNSTEINFri Oct 02 1987MEMEX Archive
28.07HARDY::BERNSTEINFri Oct 02 1987Geometry of Virtual Address Space
29.0HARDY::BERNSTEINFri Oct 02 1987The Nature of Things
30.02BCSE::DMCOBURNTue Oct 06 1987MEMEX and Databases?
31.01GLASS::RAOThu Oct 08 1987CASE in HYPERSPACE
32.01THEBAY::WOODRISat Oct 10 1987DECworld Directory Services: You Are Here
33.03CASEE::CLARKTue Oct 13 1987DECwindows HELP will be MEMEX-based
34.01CASEE::RAYNERMon Oct 19 1987DBMS or UI enhancement?
35.0CASEE::CLARKMon Oct 26 1987Overview of MEMEX - Presentation at ZKO
36.0VIKING::FLEISCHERWed Oct 28 1987Images and Hypertext in Cornell Med School Network
37.07CASEE::CLARKFri Oct 30 1987"DECwindows Applications and MEMEX" presentation
38.03CASEE::CLARKWed Nov 04 1987IBM responds to HyperCard with Guide on PS/2
39.02CASEE::CLARKWed Nov 04 1987Lotus responds to HyperCard with ???
40.02PHOBOS::WICKERTWed Nov 04 1987A prototype system around?
41.06CRVAX1::LAMPSONFri Nov 06 1987Power of Info Tech.: The Genesis of Hypertext (Jon Backstrom)
42.08CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 09 1987VTX in a HyperInformation Environment
43.01CASEE::CLARKWed Nov 11 1987Hypertext: Tomorrow's Literature -- Ted Nelson
44.09TLE::CLARKTue Nov 17 1987Digital markets Kodak's Kims System
45.03CASEE::LAVERDUREWed Nov 18 1987HyperText '87 Workshop
46.0CASEE::LACROIXSat Nov 21 1987Hewlett-Packard introduces New Wave
47.0MDVAX3::SOCHATue Nov 24 1987Hyper-HyperInformation
48.09MDVAX3::SOCHATue Nov 24 1987Products that should use MEMEX
49.05COOKIE::TAYLORTue Dec 15 1987MEMEX vs DSMS - Solving the same problem?
50.0CASEE::LAVERDUREMon Dec 21 1987"What You Need to Know About Hypertext" -- Paul Saffo
51.03CASEE::CLARKTue Jan 05 1988Customizing HyperInformation Browsing
52.01MDVAX3::SOCHASun Jan 10 1988User interface style
53.01CASEE::CLARKMon Jan 18 1988"Voyager Gallery - A HyperVideo Database" from ODC
54.02CASEE::CLARKWed Jan 20 1988Is HyperInformation compatible with other vendors?
55.01COLORS::HARDYWed Jan 20 1988A New Magazine: HYPERAGE
56.02LDP::GAYMon Jan 25 1988Is there a spec for the browser?
57.04UTRUST::R_DEVRIESFri Feb 05 1988Wealth of research info -- a HyperInformation application?
58.01CASEE::CLARKMon Feb 08 1988Concepts & Plans -- For Digital Internal Use Only
59.06CASEE::RAYNERWed Feb 10 1988MEMEX Database Implementation Strategy
60.01CASEE::CLARKTue Feb 16 1988"On Implementing a Cost-effective Hypertext System"
61.02CASEE::LACROIXWed Feb 17 1988Nelsonisms
62.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Feb 17 1988HyperCard or Guide data --> MEMEX?
63.0HYEND::RLEEThu Feb 18 1988Spring 88 Seminars on Hypertext & Xtoolkit
64.0HYEND::RLEEFri Mar 18 1988"Intermedia" as hypertext demo (24-Mar-88)
65.0CURIE::NORDLANDWed Mar 23 1988Market for Management Software Untapped
66.0CASEE::LAVERDURETue Mar 29 1988Is this the definition of "HyperInformation"?
68.02COLORS::HARDYTue Apr 12 1988Autodesk buys into Xanadu system
70.08SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Apr 15 1988Hypercard/Guide experiences
71.01DPDMAI::FRAMELIThu Apr 21 1988HyperCard/Turbo Pascal guru needed
72.05WAV12::SLATTERYThu Apr 21 1988Sales Informationbase - a HyperInformation application?
73.0AKOV12::SYKESFri Apr 22 1988TIMA - A Field Service Opportunity
74.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu May 26 1988IDEX, son of Guide, from OWL.
75.0XANADU::FLEISCHERFri May 27 1988Content-based Information Retrieval Conference
76.02CASEE::LAVERDUREThu Jun 16 1988Semantic connections
77.01LDP::LISCOUSKIMon Jun 20 1988HyperCard in a Simulation Environment
78.01LDP::LISCOUSKIMon Jun 20 1988hyper - operating systems?
79.02OTOOTue Jun 21 1988Textract VAX/BI interface
80.02CASEE::LAVERDUREWed Jun 22 1988Electronic Whole Earth Catalog - will it make money?
81.02LARVAE::BURGESSFri Jun 24 1988MEMEX Information Engines Ltd.
82.024VIDEO::SFREEMANFri Jun 24 1988Describe a perfect Hypertext Workstation
83.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Jun 30 1988Speaking of performance...
84.04CASEE::CLARKThu Jun 30 1988Will HyperInformation users need VAXstations?
85.03HYEND::RLEEMon Jul 11 1988Hypertext with Rdb ?
86.04HILLST::KAISERTue Jul 12 1988CACM (July 1988): special issue on Hypertext
87.09CASEE::CLARKTue Jul 12 1988Any Hypercard compatibility mode?
88.0AIAG::CARIFIOTue Jul 12 1988ai and hypertext: one man's view
89.01PHDVAX::MURRAYTue Jul 19 1988MEMEX and CDA: compatible?
91.01OED::BEYERTue Jul 26 1988How will MEMEX invoke applications?
94.05RAINBO::HARDYFri Jul 29 1988Boston Computer Society HYPERMEDIA Group
95.07WAV14::SOMMERFELDSat Jul 30 1988VAX server for a Macintosh?
96.05HPSCAD::DDOUCETTEWed Aug 03 1988Library Example Database: A HyperInformation application?
97.0CASEE::CLARKWed Aug 10 1988"The Persistence of Hypertext"
98.02CASEE::CLARKSun Aug 21 1988Same deliverables, new terminology
99.01CASEE::CLARKTue Aug 23 1988HyperInformation spec will be several documents
100.05WAV12::SLATTERYTue Aug 30 1988Case Study: 3 Digital Sales Documents
101.01HPSCAD::DDOUCETTEWed Aug 31 1988HyperInformation and UNIX?
102.05CLUSTA::BAIRDWed Sep 21 1988MEMEX and IPSE
104.01GLASS::RAOMon Oct 03 1988Hypermedia v/s Hypertext
105.01TOPDOC::PRESCOTTMon Oct 03 1988HyperExpo Boston, 1
106.01CLT::GILBERTTue Oct 04 1988Hard questions
107.0TLE::MSMITHTue Oct 04 1988NSE/Links demo notes
108.0GALVIA::VONSUCKWed Oct 05 1988Structured Document Processing & MEMEX...
110.03TYCOBB::RLEEThu Oct 20 1988Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, etc.
111.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Nov 04 1988MEMEX <-> Bookreader?
112.02KOBAL::GOODFri Jan 27 1989Sun 386i hyperhelp
113.01DOODLE::WSHINDLERFri Feb 03 1989Is this Live or is this MEMEX?
114.0CASEE::CLARKMon Feb 06 1989IBM's Linkway -- HyperCard-like product
115.0BOSTAC::MORRISSat Feb 11 1989Motorola LIfE (Linked Information Environment) System
116.05VMSDEV::WEISENFELDTue Feb 14 1989Use of Icons/highlighting for indicating links
117.01SHANE::MIKEThu Mar 09 1989DECwindows HELP Notes Conference
118.03MQOP12::P_BOURASSATue Mar 14 1989Intermedia project at Brown Univ. in Rhode Island
119.0CASEE::CLARKThu Mar 16 1989HyperPAD (Personal Appl. Designer) from Brightbill-Roberts
120.05KAOOTue Mar 21 1989Vannevar Bush and the Patent Office
121.0CASEE::CLARKMon Apr 10 1989"Instant Replay of History" from ABC & Optical Data Corp.
122.01CASEE::CLARKTue Apr 18 1989Lotus ships "Magellan"
123.01AKAMAI::HILLWed Apr 19 1989Navigating existing databases
124.01MEGLON::MERMELLFri Apr 21 1989CASEE::MEMEX$PUBLIC: isn't public
125.0CASEE::CLARKSat Apr 22 1989"Mercury: A Prototype Electronic Library"
126.0HERON::BUCHANANTue May 02 1989PUSH hypertext product?
127.0TPS::RLEESun May 07 19891st World Electronic Media Symposium, Geneva, 3-8 Oct 89
128.0TPS::RLEESun May 07 198913th SCAMC, Washington, DC, 5-8 Nov 89
130.0CASEE::CLARKTue May 16 1989SIGIR '89 includes Hypermedia panel, Multimedia tutorial
131.05TRCAThu May 25 1989Hypertext development products, please
132.02DIXIE1::CARNELLWed Jun 07 1989New service: DEC Hyperinformation Services
133.02TPS::RLEEFri Jun 09 1989Hypertext publications and articles
134.0AIS7::FORGEYTue Jun 27 1989Xerox Analyst
135.0TLE::MSMITHThu Jul 20 1989MEMEX phase
136.021CASEE::DARDAILLERFri Aug 04 1989Feedback solicited on graphical query examples
137.05CASEE::CLARKWed Aug 09 1989The Answer Garden project at MIT
138.0CALBAN::GILLISFri Sep 01 1989Please add FILEVIEW as a V1.
139.01OSLACT::OLAVFri Sep 01 1989MEMEX documents in DECwindows bookreader format?
140.02INTER::JONGTue Sep 12 1989SDML support?
141.02HIGHER::KULKARNIThu Sep 14 1989I need a MEMEX PID, ASAP of course....
142.0CASEE::CLARKTue Sep 19 1989Shneiderman on Hypertext, 21-Sep-89, Cambridge, MA
143.01TLE::MSMITHTue Sep 19 1989MEMEX V1 Phase 1 Review notice
144.0CASEE::CLARKFri Sep 22 1989"HyperView V1.
145.0CASEE::CLARKThu Sep 28 1989ANSI X3V1 requests Hypermedia Contributions
146.03THEBAY::MARTINCOWed Oct 25 1989Hypertext applications on VMS?
147.0ROMCSA::RUSSOMon Oct 30 1989Whose Hypercard idea ?
148.01DOCU2::DONNELLYThu Nov 30 1989Internal field test - is it available ?
150.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Dec 06 1989First gut reaction about HyperView
152.04CADSYS::HEBERTTue Jan 23 1990How does HyperDemo find the HyperSession repository?
153.05DECWET::FURBUSHThu Feb 01 1990Looking for a hypertext authoring application
154.0CASEE::CLARKFri Feb 02 1990Clipper Progam -- DSSG Online Information System
156.01CASEE::CLARKWed Feb 07 1990When will {product-name} support MEMEX?
157.04HBO::STRYKERThu Feb 08 1990Let me test what I think reality is here...
158.03CASEE::CLARKTue Feb 20 1990InfoExplorer (TM) on IBM's AIX V3 for RISC System/6
159.02SIEVAX::BURGESSWed Feb 21 1990Xanadu tumblers
160.03OTOOTue Feb 27 1990Partnership / field test required
161.0CASEE::CLARKFri Mar 09 1990"Electronic Books" hypermedia seminar in Boston, May 5th
162.02SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Mar 20 1990MEMEX IFT2? February has been and gone.
163.02STLACT::LAFRANCEFri Mar 23 1990Calling all TECHNICAL CASE_types...
164.04SELECT::BOGATYFri Apr 06 1990HyperConfusion: a beginner
165.01FUTURA::MCNULTYMon Apr 09 1990How do I create a personal repository?
166.04CASEE::CLARKFri Apr 13 1990Getting started with MEMEX IFT2 applications
167.02LOVADA::SCHERRERTue Apr 17 1990Starting HyperSession as a detached process
169.06HBO::STRYKERTue Apr 17 1990Can't seem to read Bookreader files
170.0CASEE::CLARKWed Apr 18 1990Interconnecting two HyperCardfiles
171.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Apr 18 1990How real is IFT2? Is it a safe investment?
172.04SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Apr 18 1990First impressions of IFT2 UI and hyperapplications
173.01SLATER::SLATERWed Apr 18 1990IFT2 HyperApplications Link Granularity
174.02CASEE::CLARKWed Apr 18 1990IFT2 NOTE-ing Etiquette
175.0ESRAD::PANGAKISThu Apr 19 1990What does MEMEX mean for course developers?
176.01SELECT::BOGATYFri Apr 20 1990Connections as 'surrogate connections' ?
177.01KITSAI::BANSALSat Apr 21 1990Memex with Images and Graphs
178.0CASEE::CLARKMon Apr 30 1990MEMEX is moving from Valbonne to Spit Brook Road
179.08OKYAH::BREIBARTMon Apr 30 1990Beyond Hypertext: missing half?
180.03DECWET::TARDIFFWed May 02 1990V comes before U in the Digital Standard Alphabet?
181.04MUNLEG::WALTERFri May 04 1990A Task List application would be great !
182.09HITPS::PRENTICEThu May 17 1990Wanted: Hypercard-like application
183.01TRAVAJ::FRACCHIAThu May 31 1990Help problem running HyperDemo IFT2
185.02ESRAD::PANGAKISTue Jun 05 1990What does it really take to use HIS?
186.04WIMP::METHOTTue Jun 12 1990"Glossing" part of Hypermedia?
187.0RTL::CLARKMon Jun 25 1990Conference moved to CLT::MEMEX
188.01EVETPU::GOUNWed Jul 11 1990Saving changes made in the Repository window
190.0RTL::CLARKMon Sep 17 1990MEMEX V1 deliverables
191.02TRIBSA::DAVIESMon Sep 24 1990Technology exposure on UK TV
192.0RTL::CLARKFri Sep 28 1990User Interface Strategies '91 -- satellite course
193.0RTL::CLARKFri Oct 05 1990JIPDEC - CID Symposium on Trends of Intelligent Hypermedia
194.03CASEE::RAYNERTue Oct 30 1990ACM Hypertext '91 Conference -- December '91
196.03COSBY::TIBBERTFri Nov 09 1990"Application not registered" error using Dw V3 IFT
197.010DECWET::HUNTFri Nov 09 1990MEMEX/Motif IFT on ULTRIX?
199.03COSBY::TIBBERTFri Nov 16 1990Keeping MEMEX links in sync with application data
200.01GALVIA::STONESMon Nov 19 1990"I18NOpenFile: Couldn't open file" at application startup
201.01VOGON::MORGANThu Nov 22 1990MEMEX and a chimpanzee's kneecap and ...
202.01PUBSMon Dec 03 1990How will you package the connections?
203.0KASINO::SCHAPERFri Dec 14 1990European Conference on Hypertext 199
204.0RTL::CLARKWed Jan 02 1991Hyperinformation topic in DCVN "Document Management" broadcast on 8-Jan
205.0RTL::CLARKThu Jan 03 1991MEMEX V1 will be called "LinkWorks"
206.0RTL::CLARKFri Jan 04 1991Seminar on CBR & Linkworks - Jan 17 @ZKO, Jan 24 @MRO
208.01MR4DEC::LYSAKOWSKIThu Jan 10 1991Availability on DOS, OS/2, Mac Platforms?
209.01OTOOTue Jan 22 1991Hypertext product for VT32
210.03TRNAF1::VIALETue Jan 29 1991How to overlay buttons on images and use them?
211.03AUNTB::WALLACEThu Feb 14 1991Which applications will be hyperized?
212.02RTL::CLARKSun Feb 24 1991Japanese Electronic Book standard soon
213.0ULTXWed Feb 27 1991LinkWorks presentation or PID
214.05TROAMon Mar 04 1991What can we say about hypertext/information? about LinkWorks?
215.03RDGENG::HAYWARDThu Mar 07 1991Where to start when adding MEMEX to an Application
216.02STRIKE::KANNANFri Mar 08 1991Clarifying "Highlight On/Off" menu item
217.02STRIKE::KANNANMon Mar 11 1991Documentation comments and questions from a novice....
218.01STRIKE::KANNANMon Mar 11 1991Selective following of links...
220.01LIBNAN::ABEDThu Mar 14 1991Questions about highlighting and linking
221.07MARX::WALSHThu Mar 14 1991Linking to ascii text files
222.01LIBNAN::ABEDFri Mar 15 1991Hyperspace Navigator?
223.06CASEE::BALLADELLIWed Mar 27 1991VTX V5.
224.05CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Apr 04 1991How are links shared among users?
225.0R2ME2::CLARKWed Apr 10 1991Incompatible Linkbase change in upcoming EFT2 release
227.03XAPPL::CLARKMon May 20 1991LinkWorks talk by a hyperapplication developer
228.03WEREOK::MSMITHWed Jul 17 1991LinkWorks V1 Product Announcement
229.08SMAUG::DESMONDFri Aug 02 1991Links between applications on different nodes?
230.01AIRONE::VINCENZIFri Aug 23 1991Questions about competition & hyperized applications
231.01OSLACT::JENSHFri Aug 30 1991List of linkable objects in Link menu?
232.06XAPPL::CLARKMon Sep 09 1991WorldWideWeb project at CERN
233.01SNOMAN::AARONTue Sep 17 1991LinkWorks demo?
234.0COSBY::TIBBERTTue Sep 17 1991Ted Nelson 1972/73 paper or email address?
235.01COSBY::TIBBERTTue Sep 17 1991HyperHelp is now the DECwindows Motif Help System
236.04METMV2::SLATTERYThu Sep 19 1991Linking to dictionaries and thesauri
237.01TELFY::VANDEBRUGFri Sep 27 1991Generate linkbases automatically?
238.0XAPPL::CLARKMon Oct 14 1991User Interface Strategies '92 -- satellite course
239.01CSC32::B_BRADACHWed Nov 06 1991Order number for the LinkWorks V1 documents
240.01WELLIN::GRAHAMMon Dec 09 1991Linkworks presentation ?
241.04STAR::PRAETORIUSThu Dec 19 1991Hyperbole - a self-consciously named hypertext system
242.0XAPPL::CLARKFri Dec 20 1991DECUS users want to mail links & hyperized ALL-IN-1 Mail
244.02BASLIN::RYANMon Jan 06 1992Hyperapplication for flat files (e.g., ASCII text)
245.01CARROL::LEFEBVREMon Jan 06 1992Linkworks Documentation?
246.0XAPPL::CMURRAYFri Jan 10 1992"After the Book" (Call for papers on hypertext)
247.0XAPPL::CLARKTue Jan 14 1992LinkWorks presentation at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) on 29-Jan-92
248.01R2ME2::CMURRAYTue Jan 14 1992New book on V. Bush, Memex, Hypertext
249.06GUIDUK::BECKERTue Jan 14 1992LinkWorks relationship to Cohesion, CDD/Repository & SGML
250.0JENEVR::RLEEFri Jan 17 1992Thought Experiment ...
251.03JBEICH::BEICHMANSun Jan 19 1992Hyperized Shakespeare marketing opportunity
252.03R2ME2::DARDAILLERMon Jan 20 1992ECHT'92 --- 3
253.01JENEVR::RLEEWed Jan 29 1992PAWS, Inc. QFD trip report suggests "Jump" navigation
254.02SNOMAN::AARONFri Feb 14 1992Lost links due to old (pre-SSB) linkbase
255.01XAPPL::CLARKFri Mar 06 1992Group annotation and Mailing links
257.0WEREOK::MSMITHMon Mar 16 1992LinkWorks ordering info for Sun, VMS
259.010CALS::THACKERAYTue Mar 24 1992LinkWorks support on Mac and PC?
260.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Mar 26 1992Keeping links in sync with application data
261.02IOSG::WDAVIESThu Apr 02 1992Usability of LinkWorks, in general
262.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Apr 02 1992Linkable objects and "granularity" of objects
263.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Apr 02 1992"Active" and "Record" are confusing in the LinkWorks Manager
264.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Apr 02 1992LinkWorks users need a "starting point"
265.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Apr 02 1992Link menu accelerators
266.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Apr 02 1992Linknet vs. Path
267.06IOSG::WDAVIESFri Apr 03 1992Navigation in a single window
269.02IOSG::WDAVIESWed Apr 08 1992Set default to "View in Default Window"
270.02IOSG::WDAVIESThu Apr 09 1992Link navigation is not as smooth as path navigation
271.03IOSG::WDAVIESThu Apr 09 1992Creating links is too slow
272.05TSOThu Apr 09 1992Visiting without moving input focus
273.01WEREOK::MSMITHMon Apr 27 1992Gathering requirements for LinkWorks V2
274.05CECTUV::NANZTue May 05 1992Info about hypertext, WAIS & WWW for an external group?
275.02TSOFri May 08 1992Benchmarks available for LinkWorks & Bookreader?
276.03KAMPUS::ALTENHOFENMon May 18 1992smpplayer and Xclips hyperapplications for MIPS
277.01BIGUN::MAYNEThu May 21 1992Getting Notes to use my Notebook
279.01BIGUN::MAYNEThu May 21 1992Linking between VMS and ULTRIX
280.0XAPPL::CLARKTue May 26 1992How should multiple selection be handled?
281.01OZROCK::FARAGOWed May 27 1992Using ACAS to cold-start applications
282.03CASDOC::THOMASMon Jun 15 1992"Beyond Hypertext" book wins international award
283.01PAPERS::WOODTue Jun 16 1992'Linkbase lock error' on ULTRIX DECwindows for OSF/Motif v1.1.3
284.03KEEGAN::THOMSONThu Jun 18 1992Are we ready to create *real* Linkwork-ed environments yet?
285.0OLYMP::RUEFFFri Jun 19 1992Who presented hypermedia/multimedia at DECworld?
286.06WIDGIT::WESTMon Jul 20 1992Linkworks, ULTRIX, Sybase and DECpresent
287.04EPS::WILLIAMSWed Jul 22 1992LinkWorks needs to be easier to use
288.01XAPPL::CLARKTue Aug 04 1992HyperOrganizer to be featured in LinkWorks presentation
289.09WILBRY::OCONNELLWed Sep 09 1992Links disappear when an application database moves
290.0I8BEVO::FINDLEYTue Sep 15 1992Links between Bookreader and user appl. w/ ties to DECplan?
291.03XAPPL::CLARKWed Sep 16 1992ACM LINKS Forum Digest - Hyperness and Related Issues
292.010XAPPL::CLARKMon Sep 28 1992Linkbase Editor prototype
293.01SX4GTO::AUSTINMon Oct 05 1992MetaCard: HyperCard-like Unix application
294.01XAPPL::CLARKFri Oct 09 1992LinkWorks engineering is in transition
295.03XAPPL::CLARKWed Nov 18 1992"The Computer Is Not Sorry" features hypertext from Eastgate
296.01KERNEL::FISCHERIFri Nov 20 1992Cannot retrieve pathlist
297.0XLIB::CHANGMon Nov 23 1992How to port a linkworks application to Alpha
298.02CSC32::L_DVORAKWed Jan 20 1993"No Such Linkbase" error in distributed environment
299.0COPCLU::BENTERIKWed Feb 10 1993Seeking hypertext systems
300.05CCAD1Mon Feb 15 1993Notepad facility with links to bookreader
301.0XAPPL::DARDAILLERWed Feb 17 1993Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) File for alt.hypertext
302.01CSC32::L_DVORAKFri Mar 12 1993Links in v1.1 of DECwindows Mail don't get highlighted
303.03CSC32::V_STROUDMon Mar 15 1993logical to relocate lwk_personal.linkbase ?
304.01DPDMAI::GREERWTue Apr 13 1993lwk_query from Batch?
305.01KAMPUS::STHOMASWed May 05 1993Is it possible to set recording linknet
306.01CADSYS::LEMONSTue May 25 1993Bookmarks in Bookreader (via Cardfiler and LinkWorks) problems on a remote node
307.01DONVAN::STAMSFri May 28 1993%DCL-W-IVQUAL, unrecognized qualifier \TIMEOUT\
308.010SCAACT::RESENDEFri Jul 16 1993LinkWorks name reusable?
309.04RCOCER::SALEHITue Sep 28 1993OSF1/Ultrix kit?
310.01BERNThu Sep 30 1993starting appl on fileservie or local makes a diff
311.02XAPPL::REYERMon Oct 04 1993
312.02NODEX::MCGREALFri Dec 17 1993
313.01TRUCKS::YOUNGWed Jan 05 1994
314.0CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Jan 19 1994LinkWorks Setup, SYSTEM-W-NOALLPRIV??
315.01BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERTue Feb 22 1994But information linking is now "base" functionality
316.02CSOA1::MOLLEYTue Mar 22 1994
317.01MANMThu Mar 24 1994
318.05BLGThu Apr 21 1994Creation of links from within program
319.01OTOOA::BCARRThu Apr 21 1994
320.01LISTIM::SILVA_AFri May 06 1994WORKFLOW documentation
321.01ZURThu May 19 1994Are different cell with same database allowed?
322.01ODIXIE::WALTERSFri May 20 1994Groupware applications
323.03MUNICH::STEFANMon Jul 11 1994How to save links ?
324.01TPSYS::BECKThu Jul 14 1994
325.0STAR::PRAETORIUSTue Jul 19 1994LIfecycle Global HyperText
326.01CSOA1::FLOYDFri Jun 16 1995OSF V3.2/V3.2B
327.02LEMAN::ANNOUNCEMENTMon Jul 17 1995European Training Opportunities
328.0DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIMon Aug 14 1995Linkworks Server on WNT-Alpha SQl server ?
329.0KERNEL::ANDERSONLThu Sep 28 1995Error 636 Max links exceeded with mail
330.0HGOVC::MANJREKARTue Oct 03 1995Linkworks Image & Linkworks Mass Store ??
331.01TPOVWed Nov 22 1995errors fr INSTMGMT.COM
332.0BEJVC::ARTHURWANGFri Jan 19 1996netrider's TCP/IP
333.01ODIXIE::CAWTHONWed Jan 24 1996Help-LW Search Error
334.01HAN::ROEPERWed Mar 27 1996Windows NT Server external Methods
335.0TPSPS1::TSCMGRTue Jul 02 1996Where is the location of LNX V3.
336.0TROOA::dhcpMon Aug 12 1996HELP! configuring managment cell - connection refused
337.0GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Aug 29 1996Linkworks and X.4
337.0LISALF::siwbWed Jan 22 1997External mail config. problem