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Conference clt::laserdisc

Title:Laser Videodisc Forum
Notice:Hi-Fi for your Eyes and Ears
Created:Thu Feb 20 1986
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:875
Total number of notes:5335
Number with bodies:25
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1.010ELUDOM::CLARKThu Dec 01 1983Laser Videodisc Forum
2.0135ELUDOM::CLARKThu Dec 01 1983Laserdisc fans - sign in, please
3.05XAPPL::CLARKThu Sep 26 1991Related conferences
4.0+6XAPPL::CLARKMon Sep 16 1991For Sale, Swap or Wanted
5.09ELUDOM::CLARKThu Dec 01 1983Pioneer LD66
6.03ELUDOM::CLARKTue Jan 03 1984Pioneer LD-7
7.01ELUDOM::CLARKThu Dec 01 1983Cleaning laserdiscs -- don't use Windex!
8.0GRDIAN::RIESFri Jan 06 1984Sylvania VP-72
9.0GRDIAN::RIESFri Jan 06 1984Starship Audio-Industries
10.03GRDIAN::RIESFri Jan 06 1984The Instant Replay - LV rental/sales in Waltham, MA
11.01GRDIAN::RIESFri Jan 06 1984Industrial laserdisc players
12.03EIFFEL::MATUSThu Jan 12 1984"Raiders of the Lost Ark"
13.0ELUDOM::CLARKWed Jan 18 1984DEC's 1st Laserdisc player
14.01ELUDOM::CLARKWed Jan 25 1984Opening a VP-1
15.0ELUDOM::CLARKWed Jan 25 1984The Space Disc - a Winner!
16.02ELUDOM::CLARKWed Jan 25 1984NASA disc from JPL
17.0ELUDOM::CLARKFri Jan 27 1984Opening a VP-1
18.01ELUDOM::CLARKTue Feb 14 1984A clear win for LV!
19.01ELUDOM::CLARKFri Feb 17 1984Disc Reviews
20.01GRDIAN::RIESFri Feb 24 1984New LV hardware on the way
21.01ELUDOM::CLARKMon Mar 05 1984Space Archive #2 announced
23.01HYDRA::NUEBLINGWed Apr 04 1984Xtra-link
24.02ELUDOM::CLARKThu Apr 05 1984Bye, bye CED!!!
25.0ELUDOM::CLARKFri May 11 1984Dime Test for disc "flatness"
26.02ELUDOM::CLARKSun Jun 03 1984LV advertising is on the way
27.09GROK::HERBERTTue Jun 05 1984New Releases
28.02ELUDOM::CLARKMon Jun 25 1984more Space Discs!
29.03VAXWRK::ST_LAURENTThu Jul 19 1984VP1
30.03VAX4::MATUSTue Jul 24 1984Are European discs the same?
32.0GROK::HERBERTTue Aug 28 1984Laserdiscs in New England
33.02ELUDOM::CLARKMon Sep 10 1984VP-1
34.03ELUDOM::CLARKMon Sep 10 1984Videodisc/Apple interface
36.03WR1FOR::POLLAKMIThu Sep 13 1984warm discs on cold players
37.05GRDIAN::RIESTue Sep 18 1984Taking Defectives Back
38.07ELUDOM::CLARKMon Sep 24 1984"Empire" is on the way
39.02WR1FOR::POLLAKMITue Sep 25 1984romancing the stone
41.02XENON::MUNYANWed Oct 10 1984New Laser Disk Machines?
42.0ELUDOM::CLARKThu Oct 11 1984"GWTW" controversy
43.0EXODUS::LARUEMon Oct 15 1984Starship Audio
44.011GRDIAN::RIESFri Nov 09 1984New 8" discs
45.02GROK::HERBERTFri Nov 16 1984Disks marked as NOT-CX
46.08MARRHQ::LARUEFri Dec 07 1984Gas laser vs. diode laser
48.03GROK::HERBERTMon Dec 10 1984How long can CLV discs really be
49.03VAXWRK::ST_LAURENTMon Dec 31 1984Interested in disc swapping
50.03ELUDOM::CLARKWed Jan 09 1985LVD discs lose 1
52.02ELUDOM::CLARKSun Jan 13 1985Teac LV1
53.01ELUDOM::CLARKMon Jan 21 19853 LV vendors, 1 LV manufacturer
54.0ELUDOM::CLARKMon Feb 18 1985Laser Flash "newletter"
55.01ELUDOM::CLARKMon Feb 18 1985"Laserworks" newsletter
56.03ELUDOM::CLARKMon Feb 18 1985Laser Disc Newsletter (LDN)
57.08ELUDOM::CLARKMon Feb 18 1985Discovision mystery side!
58.01GROK::HERBERTMon Feb 18 1985Will they steal 1
59.05ATOTue Feb 19 1985A new reader's comments
61.05RSTS32::MILLERMon Mar 18 1985Idiots at Instant Replay
62.08ELUDOM::CLARKMon Mar 18 1985Pioneer PR821
63.0GROK::HERBERTTue Mar 19 1985IVIS demo at MKO
64.0ELUDOM::CLARKMon Mar 25 1985Space #4: Mars and Beyond
65.0ELUDOM::CLARKWed Mar 27 1985Laserdisc still-frame and audio
66.024SPHINX::DAVISFri Apr 12 1985Laser rentals?
67.02SPHINX::DAVISMon Apr 15 1985Bad disks...How often?
68.01GROK::HERBERTMon Apr 29 1985Test discs
69.021THORBY::MARRAMon May 06 1985Sony LDP-1
70.02VIA::MATUSFri May 10 1985Cheap Disks
71.012SPHINX::DAVISFri May 24 1985Best deal on LV player?
72.06SPHINX::DAVISTue Jun 04 1985Best quality disks
73.0ELUDOM::CLARKThu Jun 13 19853 LV space discs from NASA/JPL
74.04ELUDOM::CLARKMon Jun 17 1985Which LV/CD player?
75.04ELUDOM::CLARKFri Jun 28 1985DISC DEALS - new LV fanzine
77.0ELUDOM::CLARKFri Jun 28 1985LV BBS from Starship
80.02ORPHAN::CLARKTue Jul 16 1985"Jazzin'" - 8" or 12"
81.0ELUDOM::CLARKWed Aug 07 1985Video Vision Survey & Sale
82.0ELUDOM::CLARKWed Aug 07 1985Space #5: Greetings From Earth
83.0ELUDOM::CLARKSat Aug 24 1985Info from Video Vision
84.024ELUDOM::CLARKSat Aug 24 1985The lonely LV outpost
85.03SPEEDY::MEIERSun Aug 25 1985Disc quality
86.02GROK::HERBERTMon Aug 26 1985Yellowdata
87.04SPHINX::DAVISMon Aug 26 1985LV Encylopedia
90.03ELUDOM::CLARKThu Sep 05 1985Loud, low-freq & crackle
91.0ELUDOM::CLARKThu Sep 05 1985New LV titles
92.011SERPNT::SONTAKKEFri Sep 13 1985CAV? CLV?
93.03ELUDOM::CLARKThu Sep 19 1985LD-7
95.0ELUDOM::CLARKThu Sep 19 1985Your own LV disc!
96.02ORPHAN::CLARKWed Sep 25 1985Do 8" LV discs turn slower?
97.06GROK::HERBERTWed Sep 25 1985Is there really CAA?
99.05JYNNAN::DIXONTue Oct 01 1985Calling European Owners
100.0ELUDOM::CLARKSat Oct 05 1985New LV titles - September '85
101.02PARSEC::KARDELLTue Oct 08 1985Laser players for $269
102.0JYNNAN::DIXONWed Oct 23 1985LV Discs with Teletext
103.0ELUDOM::CLARKSat Oct 26 1985New LV titles - October '85
105.01PISA::CLARKWed Nov 13 1985Antique LV discs for sale
106.05SARAH::P_DAVISWed Nov 13 1985Questions from a neophyte
107.0HANOI::CLARKWed Nov 13 1985Reason for delay of LV movies
108.0APPLE::MATUSTue Nov 19 1985VideoMart - LV rental in Nashua, NH (near ZKO)
109.03GWEN::SUTTONWed Nov 20 1985Help for a Novice?
110.0ELUDOM::CLARKWed Nov 27 1985Cleaning an LV rental disc
111.0ELUDOM::CLARKWed Nov 27 1985CX or not CX? That is the ???
112.02GWEN::SUTTONTue Dec 03 1985New at Christmas?
113.07OPUS::SZCZYPEKWed Dec 04 1985LD-7
114.02PISA::CLARKSun Dec 08 1985LV disc sale at Instant Replay
115.060APPLE::MATUSSun Dec 15 1985"Star Wars" trilogy
116.0SPHINX::DAVISMon Dec 30 1985Beverly Hills cop
117.04GRAMPS::BERRYThu Jan 02 1986more diode vs. gas laser
118.0JYNNAN::DIXONFri Jan 03 1986UK December Releases
119.05JYNNAN::DIXONFri Jan 03 1986Quality of Film-transriptions
122.03HEART::DIXONTue Jan 14 1986International News from LDR
125.012TLE::CLARKTue Feb 25 1986Yamaha will join the LV ranks!
126.011TKTVWed Mar 12 1986Trick Play on CLV Disc ?
127.01TLE::CLARKWed Mar 12 1986Do-it-yourself LD-7
128.013HUGO::PETRARCATue Mar 18 1986MAGNAVOX, you must be kidding . . .
129.01ODIXIE::COLEThu Apr 17 1986A "Carpenters" Music Disc is available
130.07FREMEN::RYANWed Apr 30 1986DEC + LV --> IVIS
131.02TLE::CLARKWed May 07 1986Removing Scratches from LV Discs
132.05SKYLRK::POLLAKThu May 15 1986"Raiders of the Lost Ark" & other Indiana Jones films
133.0EUCLID::WHITETue May 27 1986Boston Compact Disk (BCD) sells LV disc at Harvard Square
135.06EUCLID::WHITETue May 27 1986How does an LV player read a disc?
136.04WATNEY::BESSANTMon Jun 02 1986Anybody besides Pioneer make a digital unit??
138.0TLE::CLARKWed Jun 04 1986Manhattan Transfer's "Vocalese" disc
140.05GRDIAN::HOFFMANSat Jun 07 1986Flaming at Instant Replay
141.06RSTS32::TABERMon Jun 16 1986Alternatives to Instant Replay
142.010TLE::CLARKSun Jun 22 1986Ken Crane's LV mail order
143.03TLE::CLARKSat Jul 12 1986"The Return of the Jedi" in CAV?
144.01TLE::CLARKSat Jul 12 1986"Back to the Future" teaser
145.02TLE::CLARKSat Jul 12 1986LV time base correction techniques
147.04PAMPAM::CLARKWed Jul 23 1986Greetings from Secam land
148.01PYRITE::WEAVERThu Aug 07 1986Manufacturing costs of laserdiscs?
149.07TLE::CLARKFri Aug 08 1986Why so little LV coverage in the press?
150.020RSTS32::HERBERTFri Aug 08 1986Laserdiscs in Merrimack & assorted tangential remarks
151.01GODZLA::HUGHESTue Aug 26 1986Sources of technical information
152.06GODZLA::HUGHESTue Aug 26 1986Frame rates revisited
153.05GODZLA::HUGHESTue Aug 26 1986Diagnose-it-yourself for LV
154.02GODZLA::HUGHESTue Aug 26 1986Video noise on LV output
155.03FANTUM::R_WOLFThu Sep 04 1986CLD-9
156.014WATNEY::BESSANTFri Sep 05 1986CAV/CLV, what is the difference
157.011RANI::HOFFMANWed Sep 17 1986 A CLD-9
158.04RAINBW::MILLERThu Sep 18 1986Sight & Sound - LD store in Amherst, NH
159.05PAMPAM::CLARKThu Sep 25 1986Help refute LV is dead!
161.02MARVIN::DIXONMon Sep 29 1986PAL goes Digital, but not yet!
162.01SPHINX::DAVISTue Oct 07 1986Laserdisc commercial!?!
163.03PARSEC::KARDELLFri Oct 10 1986Sansui LV players ?
164.013CASEE::CLARKMon Oct 13 1986Pioneer LD-838D -- LV-only player w/ Digital Audio
165.03CASEE::CLARKMon Oct 13 1986"Compact Laserdisc" from Pioneer
166.01CASEE::CLARKMon Oct 13 1986"Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"
167.02CASEE::CLARKMon Oct 13 1986Posting titles from The Instant Replay
168.0CASEE::CLARKSat Oct 18 1986IBM Adopts Pioneer LV Player for InfoWorld
169.0CASEE::CLARKSun Oct 19 1986Laser Disc Sales Soar!
170.03SKYLRK::POLLAKMon Oct 20 1986Hitchcock films on disc.
171.011CASEE::CLARKTue Oct 28 1986Scanning, colorizing, and other artistic crimes
172.04GODZLA::HUGHESTue Oct 28 1986Dual format discs
173.0PARITY::KARDELLTue Oct 28 19869
174.06SKYLRK::POLLAKTue Oct 28 1986Walt Disney is pulling out of the LV business
175.052494::CLARKFri Oct 31 1986MCA's Encore Editions
176.02RADON::WEAVERFri Oct 31 1986Space Archive #6: Encounters
177.02CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 02 1986LaserActive '86 tradeshow
178.0PARITY::KARDELLMon Nov 03 1986Jewel of the Nile
182.0RAINBO::RIESMon Dec 08 1986Hello out there!!!
183.01CASEE::CLARKTue Dec 09 1986Video Vision --> Optical Data Corporation
184.0MARVIN::DIXONWed Dec 17 1986BBC "Doomsday Discs" announced
185.01GODZLA::HUGHESMon Dec 29 1986Panasonic TQ-2
186.014GODZLA::HUGHESMon Dec 29 1986The Perfect Vision
187.0ACE::WILLIAMSMon Dec 29 1986Laserland - LV rental/sales in Denver, CO
188.0CASEE::CLARKWed Jan 14 1987Laserdisc Players are more than movie machines!
189.02TKOV6Mon Jan 26 1987Muppet Movies
190.05RAINBW::MILLERMon Jan 26 1987Quality of rentals at Instant Replay
191.0115448::MELLITZWed Jan 28 1987Laserdisc manufacturing problems?
193.01CASEE::CLARKFri Jan 30 1987A cure for "LASERDISC Isolation"
194.07CSSE::MILLERFri Jan 30 1987Log your bad rentals here!
195.01ELWOOD::QUISTGFri Jan 30 1987Pioneer CLD-9
196.016GODZLA::HUGHESWed Feb 04 1987Surround sound
197.01ACE::WILLIAMSThu Feb 05 1987If only I could erase some!!
198.02DEPOT::BRITOFri Feb 06 1987Cuomos - LV rentals in Salem, NH (soon)
199.015CRVAX1::KAPLOWSun Feb 08 1987Laser Rot?
200.022VIDEO::HOFFMANMon Feb 09 1987Instant Replay rides again...
201.0CASEE::CLARKSun Feb 15 1987The Instant Replay in Boston
202.02CASEE::CLARKWed Feb 18 1987Natural Sound getting into the LV business
203.03PARITY::KARDELLSun Feb 22 1987Star Trek Bloopers Disc ?
204.08--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 23 1987Laser to VCR hookup
206.035ADVAX::BURQUEWed Mar 18 1987Instant Replay - Notes Summary
207.04MONSTR::HUGHESMon Mar 23 1987Sherlock Holmes and the noisy soundtrack
208.01CASEE::CLARKTue Mar 24 1987Video on the CD horizon
209.0ACE::WILLIAMSThu Mar 26 1987only for one person
210.05MARVIN::DIXONMon Mar 30 1987LaserVision is dead - long live CD Video
212.04AKOVFri Apr 10 1987Sleeping Beauty
213.0COVERT::HUGHESFri Apr 17 1987New releases via Starship
214.03ACE::WILLIAMSFri May 08 1987The Pioneer LD-S1..?
215.0HAZEL::MELLITZMon May 11 1987Siskel and Ebert discover LD's
216.015XCUSME::WILSONWed May 20 1987Function Electronics - [no longer] LD rentals in Fitchburg, MA
217.01ACE::WILLIAMSWed May 27 1987What is "laser rot"?
218.011UFP::LARUEMon Jun 08 1987Pioneer LD-1
219.01MONSTR::HUGHESWed Jun 10 1987Color subcarrier
220.06RAINBW::MILLERThu Jun 11 1987Has MACROVISION moved to Disk?
221.01CASEE::CLARKFri Jun 12 1987Disc good in 198
222.04CASEE::CLARKFri Jun 12 1987S.J. Tickler - LV rentals in Manchester, NH
223.01VIDEO::HOFFMANSun Jun 14 1987Sight & Sound (no longer in Boston)
224.0CASEE::CLARKTue Jun 16 1987CD-V makes big splash at CES
225.0CASEE::CLARKTue Jun 16 1987Philips CDV-LP disc == Pioneer LV disc
226.0CASEE::CLARKTue Jun 16 1987CD-V introduction spawns LV reissues!
227.0CASEE::CLARKTue Jun 16 1987Let's discuss CD-V in the LASERDISC Conference
228.03CASEE::CLARKSat Jun 27 1987Nice TOY...but is it worth it?
229.08HAZEL::MELLITZMon Jun 29 1987Videomat - LV rentals in So. Nashua, NH
232.01HAZEL::MELLITZFri Jul 31 1987Lechmere's rides again?
233.01CASEE::CLARKMon Aug 03 1987Summary of initial CD-V, etc. players
234.03CASEE::CLARKMon Aug 03 1987What is the format of a CD-V video signal?
235.01SWAPS::LEWISWed Aug 12 1987surround system update
236.01COROT::CERTOWed Aug 19 1987Usenet list of LV sources.
237.02RETORT::RONFri Sep 04 1987The new LV players are BETTER
238.03CRUISE::JBONINTue Sep 08 1987"E.T." finally on video
239.05HALLEY::FRIDAYThu Sep 10 1987What's a good monitor for the 1
241.04OXMYX::POLLAKThu Sep 24 1987Anyone checked out the disc "Pulling-G's"?
242.04RSTS32::HERBERTFri Sep 25 1987Digital sound and CAV
243.021CASEE::CLARKSun Sep 27 1987What's happening at The Instant Replay?
247.0CASEE::CLARKThu Oct 08 1987LV-based Video Merchandising
248.05RETORT::RONMon Oct 19 1987LV discs at Lechmere's
249.012FANTUM::R_WOLFThu Nov 19 1987Disc Storage
250.05CRUISE::JBONINMon Nov 30 1987Pioneer's LV response to Super VHS
253.01VIKING::RIESWed Dec 02 1987And if you missed the one in note 251
254.02HYEND::DBURQUEThu Dec 03 1987Brown's TV & Video - LV rentals in Worcester, MA
255.02CRUISE::JBONINMon Dec 14 1987HiFi Mono
256.03314Thu Dec 17 1987Side reversal on "Ruthless People"
257.05NEWVAX::BONANNOMon Dec 21 1987LD838D for $4
258.05PULSAR::ROCKYWed Dec 30 1987Tower Records -- LV discs in Boston
259.01CASEE::CLARKMon Jan 18 1988"Voyager Gallery - A HyperVideo Database" from ODC
260.010TOOTER::RIESTue Jan 19 1988Sights & Sounds/The Service Bench -- Norwood, MA
264.011MAGIC1::BEAUDETMon Feb 08 1988want to make good 1st impression!
265.01HALLEY::FRIDAYMon Feb 15 1988Questions about other formats
266.0109CASEE::CLARKTue Feb 16 1988Letterbox format preserves wide-screen aspect ratio
269.02OXMYX::POLLAKTue Feb 23 1988"Blade Runner" - Criterion CAV release
271.05PRGMUM::FRIDAYWed Feb 24 1988Can the 1
272.02JACKAL::PINEAUWed Mar 02 1988World at War on disc?
273.0158383::PAQUETTEFri Mar 04 1988"Poorly Recorded Movies" on LaserVision
274.04FSLENG::JAINSat Mar 19 1988Looking for HEAVY METAL on disc
275.02BSS::ENGERFri Mar 25 1988LOST HORIZON the musical?
278.04BEING::LARSENTue May 17 1988Sony enters the LV world -- MDP-2
279.020BEING::LARSENTue May 17 1988Pioneer's new LD-W1 double-LV player
280.02ANDREW::OSTROMThu May 19 1988Used LD-7
281.0321Mon May 23 1988THE PRISONER
282.04STAR::HUGHESThu May 26 1988Laser Video Disc Companion
283.065TLE::CLARKFri May 27 1988Sight & Sound/Wok Talk -- LV retail/mail-order in Waltham, MA
284.01OXMYX::POLLAKMon Jun 06 1988Blue Angles video
287.0318889::MARTELMon Jun 27 1988Rock n' Mania to sell LaserDiscs
290.01CASEE::CLARKFri Jul 15 1988The Laser Disc Collector - a new fanzine
291.0CASEE::CLARKFri Jul 15 1988Straight Laser magazine - free issue
292.05ENGINE::KAEPPLEINThu Jul 21 1988Used Movie disks at IR for $19.98 ea.
293.02SUNRIZ::JBONINTue Aug 02 1988Zoom Video Laserdisc rentals - Westboro, MA
294.03SUNRIZ::JBONINTue Aug 02 1988Royal Piano - LD rental/sales in Worcester, MA
297.02CLT::ORTHOBERMon Aug 08 1988$4 CEDs (sigh) at Building 19 1/2, Burlington, MA
298.0AKOV11::BOYAJIANFri Aug 12 1988Article: "Laser video discs not taking off as expected"
299.04AKOV11::BOYAJIANFri Aug 12 1988Image Entertainment
300.04MOSAIC::WATERSTue Aug 30 1988LD-7
302.018QUARK::LIONELFri Sep 02 1988CLD-3
303.05CASVFri Sep 02 1988Help! on those code schemes
305.01ENGINE::KAEPPLEINMon Sep 12 1988A New Standard in Surround Sound Demos
306.0102EASY::BRITOWed Sep 21 1988Laserland - LD rentals in Westboro, MA on Rt. 9
307.0QUARK::LIONELThu Sep 22 1988Sony MDP-7
308.0AKOV11::BOYAJIANTue Sep 27 1988Something rotten in the state of Camelot
309.05MARVIN::DIXONMon Oct 03 1988Official UK CD-V launch
312.06HYEND::DBURQUETue Oct 11 1988Star Wars Jitter
313.05USMFG::GHIGGINSFri Nov 18 1988Empire Of The Sun
314.02CANIS::RIESTue Nov 29 1988Wok Talk Cataloges and new releases
315.03TALLME::FRIDAYThu Dec 01 1988Fellini's Satyricon anyone?
316.011CSSE32::RHINEWed Dec 07 1988$19.95 per disc! -- LV liquidation at VideoMat
317.04HYEND::DBURQUEFri Dec 09 1988North Shore LV Search
320.02TALLME::FRIDAYFri Dec 30 1988Looking for laserdiscs in Rochester, NY
321.01BOOKS::ANGELONEMon Jan 09 1989Pioneer CDV-1
322.01GLORY::APPLEGATEWed Jan 11 1989Hearns vs. Leonard on laserdisc?
323.03SKYLRK::POLLAKWed Jan 11 1989Three Men and a Baby
324.014MEMORY::SLATERThu Jan 12 1989On the horizon?
325.011--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 17 1989LV close-out sale, 1-21-89
326.06CASEE::CLARKSat Jan 21 1989Pioneer 1
328.0ELWOOD::FRIDAYTue Jan 31 1989Rebate for purchasers of Sony laser disk players
329.0BOOKS::ANGELONEWed Feb 01 1989Highland sale 2/1
330.01ASABET::BOYAJIANWed Feb 22 19892
331.08MEMORY::SLATERWed Feb 22 1989VIR
332.03CASEE::CLARKSat Feb 25 1989"Archaeology by Laser Light"
333.07QUARK::LIONELMon Feb 27 1989Explanation of LV encoding from the Usenet
334.027USMFG::GHIGGINSWed Mar 01 1989Laser Y/C (S-video) Connections
335.0MOSAIC::WATERSMon Mar 13 1989Philips CLV488
336.01APEHUB::RONMon Mar 13 1989Curious about 2
337.0CASEE::CLARKMon Apr 10 1989"Instant Replay of History" from ABC & Optical Data Corp.
338.03WONDER::KORMELUKWed Apr 19 1989Laser Improvements
339.012RUBY::BOYAJIANFri Apr 28 1989"Forbidden Planet" Criterion (CAV) review
340.012CANIS::RIESSat May 13 1989Big Sale on LV players, check it out!!!
341.0TPS::RLEEMon May 15 1989SIGGRAPH 89 Challenge: PYGMALION NEEDS YOU!
342.0TPS::RLEETue May 16 1989"Two Digital Pies in the Sky", David Ranada
343.07QUARK::LIONELTue May 16 1989CLD-3
344.04STAR::HUGHESTue May 30 1989Pioneer new 1989 models: 87
345.010--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 01 1989LV vs. CED (NeedleVision) history debate
347.02APEHUB::RONThu Jun 08 1989Pioneer CLD-3
348.03RUBY::BOYAJIANThu Jun 15 1989Discs to avoid -- Caveat emptor!
349.0BOOKS::ANGELONEFri Jun 16 1989New Pioneer Party
350.0QUARK::LIONELThu Jun 01 1989Newsweek article about laserdiscs
351.011MOSAIC::WATERSTue Jun 20 1989Sales at LaserLand
352.014APEHUB::RONWed Jun 21 1989Pioneer CLD-3
354.09RUBY::BOYAJIANSat Jul 08 1989GHOSTBUSTERS - Criterion LV review
355.07APEHUB::RONMon Jul 10 1989Sharing expensive service manuals?
357.0AD::RICHESSONMon Jul 17 1989Discs for Trade
358.03QUARK::LIONELMon Jul 24 1989CLD-3
359.08RAIN::DELPHIASun Jul 30 1989Can an IVIS disc be played on a home LV player?
360.04GIDDAY::LAXTONWed Aug 02 1989LVs Down Under?
361.04PARITY::KARDELLWed Aug 02 1989Philips model 488 (?) LV player
362.01EXPRES::FISTERMon Aug 07 1989Remastered `Mad Max' series?
363.04QUARK::LIONELTue Aug 08 1989Pioneer Elite CLD-91 LV player
364.08CASEE::CLARKWed Aug 09 1989Digital effects on CLV discs
365.04AD::RICHESSONFri Aug 18 1989Dead VP-1
366.023CASEE::CLARKTue Aug 22 1989Video Signals - LD rentals in Acton, Sudbury & West Boylston, MA
367.010DISCVR::FISTERThu Sep 07 1989Batman on LV!
368.01QUARK::LIONELMon Sep 11 1989Noise bars
369.0STAR::HUGHESWed Sep 13 1989Shaste Video -- new LV mail-order in Nashua, NH
370.04CASEE::CLARKWed Sep 20 1989Laserland - LD rental/sales in Natick, MA on Rt. 9
371.029QUARK::LIONELThu Sep 21 1989Random discussion 5" CD-V's
372.03MPGS::LAVNERTue Sep 26 1989VIDEO WATCH to rent/sell laserdiscs in a big way!!!
374.04PRCSWS::FRANKLINLAUWed Sep 27 1989In Hong Kong...
375.02FDCVThu Sep 28 1989Headed to Japan in Spring of '9
376.09MILPND::STALLINGSWed Oct 04 1989Looking for "West Side Story" on LV
377.03PRGMUM::FRIDAYWed Oct 04 1989Is the repressed "Casino Royale" out yet?
378.02MOOVFri Oct 06 1989Columbus Day Sales??
379.0FDCVFri Oct 06 1989News on the booming LV industry
380.017QUARK::LIONELSat Oct 07 1989Japanese animated LV's
381.045RAINBO::RIESMon Oct 16 1989Qustionaire on Letter Boxing
382.08CASEE::CLARKMon Oct 23 1989"The Terminator" LV being remastered
383.0CASEE::CLARKWed Oct 25 1989Pioneer to buy Discovision from IBM & MCA
385.09HGOVC::CHAKLEEThu Nov 02 1989How to set up a surround sound system?
386.03MPGS::LAVNERMon Nov 06 1989"Lethal Weapon", "Dead Calm" and "Dead Bang"
387.06DDIF::FRIDAYThu Nov 09 1989CD+G anyone?
388.06SSPENG::HIDERThu Nov 09 1989P.E. Fletcher sells out to Tech Hi-Fi
389.01MFGMEM::MICHAUDFri Nov 10 1989Entire "Shadows and Light"??
390.04MFGMEM::MICHAUDFri Nov 10 1989Master Catalogue??
391.0HGOVC::CHAKLEETue Nov 14 1989Black & White only
393.0CADSE::SMITHThu Nov 16 1989Porgy and Bess on LV?
395.010RUBY::BOYAJIANWed Nov 22 1989Multi-standard PAL/NTSC-to-PAL player from Pioneer
398.08MOOVWed Nov 22 1989Help with setup??
399.017SITBUL::HIDERWed Nov 22 1989Tech Hi Fi - LD rental/sales in Nashua, NH
400.06MFGMEM::MICHAUDMon Nov 27 1989Purchase directly??
401.09LACVTue Nov 28 1989MacroVision or Copyguard on LV discs?
402.01EVETPU::FRIDAYWed Nov 29 1989Buy 2 LVs, get 1 free at Rowes (Rochester, NY)
403.06HGOMThu Nov 30 1989What about the PIONEER CLD-5
405.017MOSAIC::RIESFri Dec 08 1989LD sales at Sight & Sound in Waltham, MA
406.08CASEE::CLARKWed Dec 13 1989Best price on a Pioneer 1
407.03DDIF::FRIDAYMon Jan 08 1990What are "laser singles"
408.02MFGMEM::MICHAUDMon Jan 08 1990Larry Carlton on Laserdisc!!
410.03RUBY::BOYAJIANFri Jan 12 1990TWILIGHT ZONE imports
411.015AUNTB::PRESSLEYTue Jan 16 1990Laserdisc rentals in the Boondocks?
412.01QUARK::LIONELThu Jan 25 1990Slasher movies of another kind
413.05PRCSWS::FRANKLINLAUWed Feb 21 1990Overseas mail-order??
414.014HGJCFri Feb 23 1990Surround sound connection
415.01RIPPLE::CARNESE_CHTue Feb 27 19903
416.03MFGMEM::MICHAUDWed Feb 28 1990Where do YOU buy LD's??
418.07CASEE::CLARKMon Mar 05 1990Policy: Negative comments are not appropriate
419.012UFP::LARUEMon Mar 05 1990Dialogue lost in the Indiana Jones IJatLC letterbox edition
420.09MILKWY::MARTELFri Mar 16 1990"Wizard of OZ" in 'stereo'
421.06BRYAN::ARCHERSat Mar 17 1990Analog vs. Digital audio
422.0IAMOK::MCELROYThu Mar 22 1990Defect In Letterbox Version Of The Robe
423.01QUARK::LIONELThu Mar 29 1990Victor/Victoria
424.04STAR::BANKSFri Apr 06 1990LD-X1
425.07SOUR::BERGEYMon Apr 09 1990Looking for Foghorn Leghorn
427.01MSD36::RONTue Apr 24 1990Barr Digital -- LD mail-order in Redmond, Washington
428.05CSC32::M_ANTRYWed Apr 25 1990Want real JETS inside your house...heres how...
430.014TOMCAT::HEPBURNWed May 02 1990Sony laserdisc pressings
431.05--UnknownUser--Mon May 14 1990Blockbuster Video Hits For <$1
433.018STAR::BOUCHARDMon May 21 1990Suggestions for high-end LV player wanted
434.04BTOVT::EDSON_DWed May 23 1990LD7
435.03JUPITR::POTTERGWed May 23 1990Maintaining an older LV player
436.05RIPPLE::BEEBE_JAFri May 25 19906
437.0CUERVO::MICHONWed Jun 06 1990Looking for Silent CAV Films
438.05CSSE::SCOTTSun Jun 10 1990Anyone like PR821
439.01LACVFri Jun 22 1990Purchasing LD's in Fort Lauderdale?
440.012RUBY::BOYAJIANSat Jun 23 1990Upcoming Letterbox reissues
442.07KAHALA::HEPBURNFri Jul 06 1990Will LD's stay topgun??
443.028BOOKS::ANGELONEWed Jul 11 1990Pioneer CLD-98
446.09HGJCMon Jul 23 1990Surround speaker placement
447.02--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 24 1990"Tango and Cash" letterboxing complaint
448.0QUARK::LIONELThu Jul 26 1990How to lobby for CAV releases
449.03SAMUEL::MARRAFri Aug 03 1990Pioneer 1
451.019STAR::HUGHESThu Aug 09 1990Radio Shack (Tandy) enters the LD market
452.02FORTY2::DIXONFri Aug 10 1990Cinemascope on Video?
453.03AIAG::WEISSMANMon Aug 13 1990Differences between Pioneer CLD-3
454.010MQOAMon Aug 13 1990CLD-1
455.035HPSTEK::CYGANWed Aug 15 1990So, what's it going to take?
456.014RTL::CLARKThu Aug 16 1990Blockbuster Video to start renting laserdiscs
457.05ALAZIF::wherryThu Aug 16 1990"Twin Peaks" on LD?
458.03RTL::CLARKWed Aug 29 1990IBM to market Pioneer industrial LV player
460.05JORGE::SCHUHMACHERFri Sep 07 1990Sony MDP-333 now for $499
461.04ENGINE::KAEPPLEINMon Sep 10 1990Survey: How do you use your LD library?
462.03--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 10 1990Laserland...Doom and Gloom!
463.0CADSE::AMARALWed Sep 12 1990Magnavox CDV-3
464.03NAC::HAWKESWORTHWed Sep 12 1990Recording LV onto VHS cassette
466.04MILKWY::MARTELThu Sep 13 19903
468.06MLTVAX::N1BFKWed Sep 26 1990Advantages to S-VHS (S-video) connections?
469.02ACE::WILLIAMSThu Sep 27 1990What is a Pioneer LD-V 22
471.01KAHUNA::SUMNERTue Oct 02 1990Panisonic LX2
473.0ESRAD::MILLERThu Oct 11 1990Re-release of "Blues Brothers" w/ digital sound
474.05ALAZIF::wherryFri Oct 12 1990IMAX on LD
476.02MFOIS1::TURCHIFri Oct 19 1990What is "sub-code" on Pioneer CLD 15
477.015RHODES::BOYDSat Oct 20 1990What are great movies on laserdisc?
478.012CADSE::SMITHMon Oct 29 1990LD-7
479.02FORTY2::DIXONWed Oct 31 1990Laserdiscs in Belgium??
480.013LODGE::LENFri Nov 02 1990Sony MDP-333/51
481.05RUBY::BOYAJIANFri Nov 30 1990Problems with Criterion CLOSE ENCOUNTERS
482.08USMFG::MOUELLETTEMon Dec 10 1990LD Sales In NH?
483.0MPGS::LAVNERFri Dec 14 1990Stop & Shop Selling Laser Discs !!!
485.01AIAG::WEISSMANFri Dec 28 1990video noise on "The Empire Strikes Back"
486.02MILKWY::MARTELFri Dec 28 1990Movies sped-up on some discs
488.033ORABX::WSATue Jan 08 1991LD vs. VHS comparisions
489.01VISUAL::WEAVERWed Jan 09 1991NEC liquidation sale from C.O.M.B.
492.04STAR::BANKSMon Jan 14 1991"Live and Let Die": What a disaster
493.011JUPITR::POTTERGMon Jan 14 1991"The Little Mermaid" re-pressing
494.012ORABX::WSATue Jan 15 1991Comparisons of VHS & LV versions of specific films
495.0MFOIS1::TURCHIMon Jan 21 1991teletext TELEVIDEO ?
497.05ORABX::WSAMon Jan 28 1991Used LV discs from Ceba Video
498.011HALLEY::FRIDAYThu Oct 22 1987Radio Shack has LV players/discs in Littleton, MA
499.02QUARK::LIONELWed Feb 06 1991"Diva" from Image Entertainment?
500.012RUBY::BOYAJIANThu Feb 07 1991Moose and Squirrel
501.0103QUARK::LIONELThu Feb 07 1991Columbia House Laserdisc Club
502.07ORABX::WSAThu Feb 07 1991199
504.0+4ORABX::WSAThu Feb 07 1991J&R Frogg has mail-order LD's
505.010ARGUS::HARVEYMon Feb 11 1991HDTV and laserdisc
506.01RTL::CLARKTue Feb 12 1991Used LV discs from Video Brokers
507.03HPSTEK::SKRYPEKFri Feb 15 1991Video Connection - LD rentals in Worcester, MA
508.01DEKTOL::ROBBINSSat Feb 16 1991What to look for in a player?
509.02QUARK::LIONELMon Feb 18 1991Image gets rights to Disney catalog
510.012CSSE::MAURERFri Feb 22 1991The Criterion Collection
511.07DEMING::ROSCOEMon Feb 25 1991Pressing Quality: What's going on??!!!
512.05MADRE::GYEEMon Feb 25 1991Latest LD player models? brands? manufacturers?
513.02MADRE::GYEEMon Feb 25 1991need owner's manual for 3
514.09CSSE::MAURERWed Feb 27 1991Phil Collins - "Seriously Live"
515.064RHODES::BOYDThu Feb 28 1991Re-release of "Alien" and "Aliens"
516.062CSSE::MAURERSun Mar 03 1991Surround sound in a home theater environment
517.01SUFRNG::WSAWed Mar 06 1991Deja Vu with new format.
519.0RUBY::BOYAJIANThu Mar 14 1991Review: SILVERADO (Criterion, CAV, letterboxed)
520.02ASABET::MCLAUGHLINFri Mar 15 1991LV player repair
521.05STAR::HUGHESTue Mar 19 1991"A Video Standard" (LD-1
522.03RTL::CLARKSun Mar 31 1991Pioneer CLD-3
523.0SDOGUS::ARVIDSONTue Apr 02 1991Star Trek: The Next Generation on Laserdisc questionaire
524.022DECSIM::TAIWed Apr 03 1991Help: Pioneer 98
526.01DECSIM::TAIThu Apr 04 1991Difference between "letterbox" and "wide screen"?
527.0SUFRNG::WSAWed Apr 10 1991Review: Chinatown
528.0R2ME2::CLARKThu Apr 11 1991"Dan's Apartment" -- interactive laservideo on NYC cable
529.01EUCLID::KAEPPLEINFri Apr 19 1991Sight & Sound ships LD's to Europe (no longer)
530.010UFHIS::JMASLENTue Apr 23 1991Sony/Pioneer unreliable?
531.04LEVEL7::BARNOLDTue Apr 23 1991Are these PBS series on LD?
532.028DECSIM::TAITue Apr 30 1991Letterbox nightmare - top & bottom chopped
533.09KBOMFG::AMBERGERThu May 02 1991Laserdisc in Germany
535.04STAR::HUGHESMon May 13 1991"Life of Brian" on LD at end of May-91
536.09MQOAThu May 23 1991Pioneer's new "n
537.06SUFRNG::WSAThu May 30 1991Which quick demo?
538.011ODDONE::PAYNE_RWed Jun 05 1991UK laserdisc shops
539.03JLGVS::GUNNERSONWed Jun 05 1991Article in Entertainment Weekly
540.010GLDOA::PENFROYThu Jun 06 1991Poor transfer quality
542.04SALISH::PARTLOWMAThu Jun 13 1991Dew Factor?
544.0AKOVMon Jun 17 1991James Taylor "In Concert" remastered with Digital Sound?
545.011DEMING::ROSCOEMon Jun 17 1991Digital Video Transfer (e.g., new letterboxed "Terminator")
546.06JUPITR::POTTERGMon Jun 17 1991Walt Disney's "Jungle Book" on laserdisc?
547.0JLGVS::GUNNERSONFri Jun 21 1991Great Finds, Deals on Discs
550.02AMIGA::RIESWed Jul 03 1991Big LD sale at Rock 'n' Mania
551.042SUFRNG::WSAWed Jul 03 1991New "Star Trek" (movie) & "New Generation" releases
552.017R2ME2::PAVANELLOMon Jul 08 1991Video Max - LD rental/sales in Tyngsboro, MA (formerly Nashua, NH)
553.03JURAN::ROSCOETue Jul 09 19913-D laserdiscs?
554.06KAHALA::HEPBURNWed Jul 10 1991What is a "Japanese import" disc?
555.03KAHALA::HEPBURNThu Jul 11 1991"Image Music" discs
556.014LRCSNL::LAXTONThu Jul 11 1991International courier to Down Under?
557.08MILKWY::RENWed Jul 17 1991"Dances With Wolves" on LD?
558.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Jul 18 1991Help bring laserdiscs to Video Harbor in Townsend, MA
560.02UGThu Jul 18 1991Cookin' (Amherst St.) selling laserdiscs in Nashua, NH
561.083RHODES::BOYDThu Jul 18 1991Disney finally releases "Fantasia" in Fall '91
562.01FENNEL::MAURERFri Jul 19 1991Experiences of writing to Criterion anyone ?
563.04AIAG::WEISSMANMon Jul 22 1991What is crosstalk?
564.03DECSIM::TAIWed Jul 24 1991Digital video buffer + CLV = CAV?
565.016XAPPL::CLARKFri Jul 26 1991Comparing Pioneer CLD-3
567.011SKIME::VEZINAThu Aug 01 1991List of LD sources (write-locked)
569.08DECSIM::TAIWed Aug 07 1991For sale notes: one topic or many?
570.04MPGS::QUISTGMon Aug 12 1991new SONY TV, need laser advice.
571.013QUARK::LIONELTue Aug 13 1991Carver getting into LD players
575.07JUPITR::POTTERGWed Aug 28 1991Need an AUDIO/VIDEO switching box.
577.04UFHIS::JMASLENThu Aug 29 1991DSP-A/V receiver center channel power
578.09STAR::VANDENHEUVELFri Aug 23 1991Small LD sale at Lechmere
579.09XAPPL::CLARKMon Oct 07 1991Pioneer announces laserdisc recorder -- only $3
580.016QUARK::LIONELThu Oct 10 1991Sears now selling Pioneer CLD-M9
581.05DECSIM::DECSIM::TAIFri Oct 11 1991Lake Ripple Video - LD rentals in Grafton, MA
582.05QUARK::LIONELThu Oct 10 1991Image Entertainment catalog on 8" LD
583.034DECSIM::DECSIM::TAIFri Oct 25 1991Important Remastered LDs
584.07NOVA::ARNOLDWed Nov 06 1991Source for aftermarket poly-lined sleeves
585.07BAHTAT::HILTONThu Nov 14 1991NTSC laser --> PAL VHS
586.02BAHTAT::HILTONFri Nov 15 1991Digital output from Pioneer 145
587.0MILKWY::RENFri Nov 15 1991Untouchable Sound - LD rentals in Milford, MA
588.05QUARK::LIONELThu Dec 05 1991Sony MDP-6
589.018PIETThu Dec 05 1991Combination LV/CD players?
591.0KA1GFN::HORTONWed Dec 11 1991Video Excellence - LD rentals coming to Southboro, MA
592.0PHAROS::WRESINSKIWed Dec 11 1991Premiere Video - LD rentals in Framingham, MA
593.07RUBY::BOYAJIANSun Dec 15 1991Looney Tunes comparitive shopping
594.02UFHIS::JMASLENTue Dec 17 1991Comparing Philips, Pioneer & Sony PAL/NTSC players
595.011CSCMA::BALDWINFri Dec 20 1991Laserdisc player "start-up" models?
596.08SWAM2::MIYAMOTO_KYFri Dec 20 1991ClearDisc laser disc cleaner
597.01AKOCOA::CWALTERSMon Dec 23 1991Interfacing a LD player to a PC
598.06SWAM2::MIYAMOTO_KYThu Dec 26 1991Star Trek Collector's Edition Copies
599.04ESGWST::RAMGIRIMon Dec 30 1991LD stores in Silicon Valley
601.012USMFG::MOUELLETTEWed Jan 08 1992"Jaws" Letterboxed
602.06SKIME::VEZINAThu Jan 09 1992"Eric Clapton Live In Concert"
603.0SKIME::VEZINAThu Jan 09 1992"The Soul Cages" by Sting
604.0OXNARD::KLEEThu Jan 09 1992"Weld" by Neil Young
605.06AXEL::FOLEYFri Jan 10 1992"The Commitments" on LD?
606.06QUARK::LIONELFri Jan 10 1992Sony MDP-11
607.03AKOCOA::CWALTERSMon Jan 13 1992No CX indicator on Pioneer CLD-M9
608.02UFHIS::JMASLENThu Jan 23 1992Why is RGB input "soft"?
609.05EPS::BAUERTue Jan 28 1992Quality of used/abused discs?
610.02EPS::BAUERTue Jan 28 1992Titles and credits chopped off
611.010EPS::BAUERTue Jan 28 1992Why not more films on laserdisc?
612.09ZONEV::ROBBINSWed Jan 29 1992Letterboxed "Brainstorm" chopped and distorted
614.01BIGRED::PARKERWed Jan 29 1992Sony MDP-74
615.05EPS::BAUERFri Jan 31 1992"Untouchables" in letterbox format
617.017EPS::BAUERFri Jan 31 1992Old movies vs. New movies
618.04EPS::BAUERFri Jan 31 1992Looking for jungle/exploration/wilderness titles
619.05DECSIM::DECSIM::TAIFri Jan 31 1992"Defending Your Life"
620.05EPS::BAUERSat Feb 01 1992Gangster films on laserdisc
621.05EPS::BAUERMon Feb 03 1992Is panned-n-scanned "Return of the Jedi" any good?
622.02EPS::BAUERWed Feb 05 1992Quality of "Emerald Forest" film-to-laser transfer
623.08ORABX::WSAThu Feb 06 19921991 Consumer Poll from Laser Disc Newsletter (LDN)
624.05ELWOOD::BURQUETue Feb 11 1992"Total Recall" is a Total Waste!
625.0CSC32::C_BESSANTWed Feb 12 1992Vid-Star - LD rental/sales in Colorado Springs, CO
626.02XAPPL::CLARKWed Feb 12 1992Sound Shop - LD rental/sales in Colorado Springs, CO
627.04XAPPL::CLARKWed Feb 12 1992Laser Shack - LD rental/sales in Colorado Springs, CO
628.011ATSE::VMILLERFri Feb 14 1992Neophyte looks for advice
629.0EMDS::KAEPPLEINSun Feb 16 1992LD sale at The Instant Replay - 22% off new, 5
630.0EPS::BAUERMon Feb 17 1992"Lord of the Flies" - So Sharp
631.038FENNEL::MAURERWed Feb 19 1992"Terminator 2" Collector's Edition
632.08SCOVAX::PARSONSMon Feb 24 1992"Apocalypse Now" is missing a scene
633.04EPS::BAUERTue Feb 25 1992"Planet of the Apes" series
634.0WMOIS::POSCOWed Feb 26 1992Yamaha CDV-17
635.010EPS::BAUERThu Feb 27 1992My name: Bond, James Bond? - your info please
636.01DKAS::BARNOLDSat Feb 29 1992"Civil War" on laserdisc?
637.07GLDOA::PENFROYMon Mar 02 1992My Garage Door is DISCgusted!
638.01NOVA::ARNOLDMon Mar 02 1992The Cook, the Thief...
639.0QUARK::LIONELThu Mar 05 1992Video Thunder - LD rentals in Nashua, NH
640.0AKOCOA::CWALTERSMon Mar 09 1992Main Dunstable Video - LD rentals in Nashua, NH
641.010ESMAIL::DBOYDTue Mar 17 1992LD sales at Tower Records in Boston, MA
642.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Mar 18 1992Peter O'Toole on laserdisc
643.0SSDEVO::MARKSFri Mar 20 1992Rampart Video - LD rental/sales in Colorado Springs, CO
644.026SMAUG::LEHMKUHLMon Mar 23 1992Panasonic LX1
645.07SCAACT::AINSLEYMon Mar 23 1992Connecting Pioneer CLD-M9
646.09SMURF::SZCZYPEKWed Mar 25 1992Philips CDV-6
647.010SWAM2::MIYAMOTO_KYMon Mar 30 1992Improving disc quality
648.01SCOVAX::PARSONSThu Apr 02 1992"Shimmering" effect
649.0QUARK::LIONELTue Apr 14 1992Laserdisc facts and figures from Stereo Review
650.02SWAM2::MIYAMOTO_KYTue Apr 14 1992"Star Trek 4" - Special Edition
651.06AKOCOA::CWALTERSFri Apr 17 1992Pioneer CLD M9
652.02CSC32::R_SCHROEDERTue Apr 21 1992Problems with Pioneer LD players
653.026TOHOPE::WSAThu Apr 23 1992Most wanted, desired, longed for, etc, releases.
654.05QUARK::LIONELFri Apr 24 1992Transfer to video while drunk?
655.01QUARK::LIONELFri Apr 24 1992LD software distributors/manufacturers address/phone numbers
656.03EPS::BAUERThu Apr 30 1992Humprey Bogart boxed set?
657.014XOVER::GUNNERSONFri May 01 1992Pioneer CLD-S2
658.014DECSIM::DECSIM::TAIWed May 06 1992"Blade Runner" - Director's Cut
659.02TOHOPE::WSAMon May 11 1992"The Quiet Man" collectors edition
660.017NOBOZO::GIROUXTue May 12 1992S-video and TV questions
661.016USMFG::MOUELLETTEWed May 13 1992New "Star Trek" boxed set
662.015EPS::BAUERThu May 14 1992Not much sound from rear surround speakers
663.04XAPPL::CLARKFri May 15 1992"Dune" on TV and laserdisc
664.01XOVER::GUNNERSONMon May 18 1992RCA LDR4
665.0SMAUG::LEHMKUHLTue May 19 1992Image Entertainment catalogue?
666.0KAHALA::HEPBURNFri May 22 1992ZZ Top Video Collection
667.01BOOKS::ANGELONETue May 26 1992CD-ROM support by multi-purpose LD player
668.06SCOVAX::PARSONSThu May 28 1992Hughes AK-1
669.04ENTIAT::GORDONMon Jun 01 1992Panasonic LX1
670.06MANGMon Jun 01 1992"Dead Again" on laserdisc
671.01MANGMon Jun 01 1992"Deceived" on laserdisc?
672.0VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERTue Jun 02 1992Pioneer PDL 42
673.010ENTIAT::GORDONTue Jun 02 1992LD mailorder?
674.04BIGRED::PARKERTue Jun 02 1992Are UK discs compatible with US players?
678.05COOKIE::STENOISHThu Jun 18 1992Laser Palace - disc rentals in Colorado Springs
679.01FIGS::BANKSWed Jul 01 1992Do TV stations ever use LDs?
680.0TOHOPE::WSAMon Jul 06 1992"Teacher's Pet"
681.08ESMAIL::DBOYDMon Jul 06 1992Pioneer "Special Edition" discs
682.014ATSE::VMILLERTue Jul 07 1992Please check auto-wrap setting
683.09MR4DEC::RONTue Jul 07 1992"The Jolson Collection" - 8 movies on 6 sides
684.0KAHALA::HEPBURNWed Jul 08 1992Tom Petty - Take the Highway Live
685.02WMOIS::WAITT_DThu Jul 16 1992Rentals in the Fitchburg/Leominster area?
686.0AIAG::WEISSMANThu Jul 16 1992Videosmith - LD rentals in Cambridge & Brookline, MA
687.08TOHOPE::WSAThu Jul 23 1992Criterion CAV vs. CLV
689.05KAHALA::HEPBURNWed Jul 29 1992"Laser Lock" -- mistracking on specific discs
690.020SUFRNG::WSATue Aug 11 1992Laserdisc: Technology of past or future?
691.018FIGS::BANKSMon Aug 17 1992How hard should they try when restoring a film?
692.02RUBY::BOYAJIANTue Sep 01 1992The Final Send Off
693.0DPE::STARRThu Sep 03 1992New lower prices from Image & Pioneer!
694.02FENNEL::MAURERFri Sep 04 1992New release of "Spartacus" from Criterion
696.09EZ2GET::STEWARTMon Sep 07 1992"Basic Instinct"
697.08SUFRNG::WSAWed Sep 09 1992Letterboxed editions of Indiana Jones films
698.02APHE::WITTMon Sep 14 1992"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"
699.06TLE::TATHAMMon Sep 21 1992Expect amount of flaw in a laserdisc?
700.0TAMARA::JAYNESun Oct 04 1992Sampling, Digitizing, Nyquist's Theorem, Aliasing
701.05ROBRT::VEZINATue Oct 06 1992Laser City - LD sales/rentals in Shrewsbury, MA
702.09KERNEL::HOGGANDThu Oct 08 1992UK surround sound advice
703.03MSAMSun Oct 11 1992Pioneer CLD-D75
704.0ROBRT::VEZINAWed Oct 28 1992"James Taylor In Concert"
705.01LARVAE::REINThu Oct 29 1992Seeking LD stores in greater New York City
706.06SUBURB::TAYLORGTue Nov 03 1992The UK LaserDisc note
707.029XOVER::GUNNERSONWed Nov 04 1992Disney's animated "Beauty and the Beast"
708.01ROBRT::VEZINAThu Nov 05 1992Stevie Ray Vaughan "Live at the El Mocambo"
710.013TLE::FRIDAYMon Nov 23 1992Looking for combo players handling CDI
711.01ATSE::VMILLERMon Nov 30 1992ATSE node is moving on (or near) 11-Dec-92
712.01QUARK::LIONELTue Dec 22 1992Panasonic LX-9
713.018ROULET::BERNIERWed Dec 23 1992Karaoke?
714.04DECWIN::TRNADO::BREAUWed Dec 30 1992Surround sound, Yamaha RX-V1
715.06KERNEL::HOGGANDMon Jan 04 1993"Henry V"
716.010LACVWed Jan 06 1993Buying laserdisc demo discs
717.01XAPPL::CLARKThu Jan 07 1993LD rentals in Newton or Taunton, MA?
719.06XAPPL::CLARKFri Jan 08 1993"The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
720.022XAPPL::CLARKFri Jan 08 1993Upcoming releases
721.02QUARK::LIONELWed Jan 13 1993Pioneer's "LaserActive" multimedia laserdisc format
722.03MIANO::MIANOMon Jan 18 1993How are laserdiscs priced?
723.02EZ2GET::STEWARTMon Jan 18 1993Price Club - LD sales in Orange County, CA
724.04DNEAST::COOK_CHESTERTue Jan 19 1993Lifespan of VHS vs. LD
725.0DNEAST::COOK_CHESTERTue Jan 19 1993"Fisher King" from Criterion
726.08CSOA1::AYLWARDWed Jan 20 1993Developing specs for interactive video
727.06ELWOOD::BURQUEWed Jan 20 1993LD66
728.0SUFRNG::WSAThu Jan 21 1993Audrey Hepburn films on disc
729.02ODIXIE::WATSONPHFri Jan 22 1993Color wash-out problem
730.04AKO588::PILOTTEMon Jan 25 1993To equalize or not to equalize
731.02SMURF::WALTERSTue Jan 26 1993Kodak picture discs (PhotoCD) viewable on an LD player?
733.0SUFRNG::WSAWed Feb 10 19931992 Consumer Poll from Laser Disc Newsletter (LDN)
735.014SMAUG::LEHMKUHLThu Feb 11 1993"Fawlty Towers"
736.01QUARK::LIONELThu Feb 11 1993Pioneer LC-V2
737.03USPMLO::SULLIVANThu Feb 25 1993Help needed for research paper on Laserdiscs
738.01USAGE::WANGMon Mar 01 1993"JFK: The Director's Cut"
739.04SUFRNG::WSATue Mar 09 1993Image will be releasing _Twin Peaks_
740.04MKOTS4::PARASThu Mar 11 1993Sony MD 445 LD player
741.04SISDA::AMELIWed Mar 17 1993DTBC or Digital Time Base Collector...What does it do?
742.06SMURF::WALTERSMon Mar 29 1993Work by Gary Sinise on laserdisc
743.02KERNEL::HOGGANDMon Apr 05 1993"Das Reingold - The Ring Cycle"
744.030MR4SRV::DALMTN::MEANYTue Apr 06 1993Disney animation (e.g., "1
745.04EZ2GET::STEWARTTue Apr 06 1993LD player audio craps out
746.019SUFRNG::WSAMon Apr 19 1993_The Abyss_ Special Edition
747.05CRLRFR::BLUNTWed Apr 21 1993VPD5
748.04DCEIDL::CLARKThu Apr 22 1993Europe Laserdisc (europe-ld) mailing list
749.0DCEIDL::CLARKThu Apr 22 1993European market laserdisc players
750.04SMAUG::LEHMKUHLThu May 20 1993"The Player" - Criterion edition
751.04DCEIDL::CLARKTue May 25 1993Laserdisc articles available from the Internet
752.027DCEIDL::CLARKThu May 27 1993Bob Niland's laserdisc articles from the Internet
753.04BHUNA::BHARRISWed Jun 02 1993LD w/ 5-CD carousel?
754.01DPDMAI::GORDONJMon Jun 07 1993$15 Laserdisc @ WARDs
755.02SMURF::WALTERSThu Jun 10 1993Whereabouts of Digital LV courses?
756.05FILTON::NOBLEWed Jun 16 1993NTSC laserdisc vs. PAL laserdisc
757.01DCEIDL::CLARKMon Jun 21 1993European laserdisc software outlets
758.04SPEZKO::TOMGMon Jun 21 1993Computer Animation
759.01CSSE::MERCIERMon Jun 21 1993LX1
760.09SPEZKO::TOMGThu Jun 24 1993Problem with CLD-1
761.08QUARK::LIONELThu Jun 24 1993"Dark Star" - The Directors' Cut
762.01DCEIDL::CLARKThu Jun 24 1993Flicks on Disc - LD mail order
763.022DCEIDL::CLARKFri Jun 25 1993Home THX from Lucasfilm
764.0SMAUG::LEHMKUHLWed Jul 07 1993"Sex, Lies, and Videotape"
765.022IJSAPL::KLERKFri Jul 16 1993"Thunderbirds" in letterbox
766.07JUPITR::DBOYDThu Jul 29 1993"Robocop" makes it to W I D E screen!
767.0DCEIDL::CLARKMon Aug 02 1993SunCoast - LD sales in Nashua, NH
768.0ATSE::VMILLERThu Aug 05 1993Farewell...
769.03MVDSTue Aug 10 1993Is this a defective disc?
770.0QUARK::LIONELWed Aug 18 1993Tewksbury Audio & Video - LD mailorder
771.05MR4DEC::AWILLIAMSTue Aug 24 1993"Wizard of Speed and Time"
772.01TRLIAN::VIDIOT::PATENAUDEMon Aug 30 1993Bo-Lin - LD rental/sales in Pelham, NH
773.04HLDEThu Sep 02 1993Greetings from a new LD fan in The Netherlands
774.02HLDEWed Sep 08 1993Looking for The Wild Bunch and Apocalypse Now
775.02STAR::VANDENHEUVELMon Sep 27 1993Laser Craze - LD Sale/Rental in Boston open 'til midnight
776.05PTPMSun Oct 03 1993Are dual-side players as reliable as single-side?
777.07BONZAI::SYSTEMTue Oct 26 1993Mitsubishi M-6
780.012USCTR1::DLAVALLEYMon Nov 08 1993Great surround sound tracks?
781.010QUARK::LIONELTue Nov 16 1993Criterion edition of Terry Gilliam's "Brazil"
782.06HLDEMon Nov 22 1993Problems ordering from Criterion
783.0TLE::FRIDAYMon Nov 29 1993Border's Books & Music - LD sales in Rochester, NY
784.0TLE::FRIDAYMon Nov 29 1993Record Theater - LD sales in Rochester, NY
785.06ZPOVC::TANTue Nov 30 1993THX vs. Dolby Pro Logic discs
787.08SAMDHI::SMITHERWed Dec 01 1993John Woo on laserdisc
788.03CSC32::R_HARVEYMon Jan 03 1994Denon 31
789.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Jan 03 1994Looking for an LD store near Landover, MD
790.0UFP::LARUETue Jan 04 1994Tower Records/Video - LD sales in Annapolis, MD
791.0UFP::LARUETue Jan 04 1994The Video Station - LD rental and sales in Alexandria, VA
792.03DCEIDL::CLARKWed Jan 05 1994Buy the Japanese import or wait for the US release?
793.04QRYCHE::STARRThu Jan 06 1994Sight & Sound used laserdisc listings
794.016CHEFS::TAFF::WobFri Jan 07 1994"Jurassic Park" on LD
795.0DCEIDL::CLARKFri Jan 07 1994Hi-Vision MUSE LaserDisc players - HDTV in Japan
796.0SCHOOL::SHOOPSun Jan 09 1994Video Warehouse - LD rentals in Shrewsbury, MA
797.04HLDEMon Jan 17 1994"The French Connection" aspect ratio?
798.04HLDEMon Jan 24 1994Colour stains
799.01HLFSTue Jan 25 1994Dutch corner...
800.010HLFSWed Jan 26 1994Quality of CD-I
801.05KERNEL::HOGGANDMon Jan 31 1994"Babylon 5" on laserdisc?
802.04CSC32::R_HARVEYMon Jan 31 1994California LD factory destroyed?
803.0TOHOPE::WSAMon Feb 07 19941993 Consumer Poll from Laser Disc Newsletter (LDN)
804.05SMURF::WALTERSTue Feb 15 1994Pattern over picture?
805.0SMURF::TOMGTue Mar 01 1994"The Ultimate Oz"
806.08WRKSYS::RICCIOFri Mar 04 1994"Snow White" soon to be released on video
807.0DCEIDL::CLARKThu Mar 10 1994Columbia/Tri-Star takes over RCA/Columbia titles
808.019GLDOA::PENFROYTue Mar 15 1994"Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
809.02DCEIDL::CLARKTue Mar 22 1994Forbidden commentary on early James Bonds discs from Criterion
810.01SMURF::TOMGThu Mar 31 1994Player problems: "scraping" and faint gray band
811.08HYLNDR::BROWNThu Mar 31 1994"Budget" Home Theater for $25
812.015NITMOI::MICHAUDMon Apr 04 1994Dual-side (auto-reverse) switching time?
813.01KERNEL::HOGGANDMon Apr 18 1994Importing US laserdisc hardware and software into Europe
814.04DECSIM::TAITue Apr 19 1994Yamaha's Cinema DSP
815.01PYXIS::WANGTue May 03 1994"Highlander" rerelease
816.01DCEIDL::CLARKFri May 06 1994Rent-A-Movie - LD rentals in Pepperell, MA
817.07HLDEThu May 19 1994Question for the "Star Trek: TNG" conference
818.05SEDPCW::SEDHAL::hall_jTue Jun 14 1994MDP85
819.08DECSIM::TAIMon Jun 20 1994CLV disc playing time
820.02AIAG::WEISSMANFri Jul 29 1994"Reality Bites" censored?!?
821.02SKYE::MAURERMon Aug 01 1994Laserdisc info on the WWW
822.06PYXIS::WANGMon Aug 08 1994"The Crow"
823.0SMAUG::LEHMKUHLThu Aug 25 1994"Blackadder I: The Dark Ages"
824.0SMAUG::LEHMKUHLThu Aug 25 1994"Four Weddings and a Funeral"
825.0DECSIM::TAITue Sep 06 1994"Great National Parks"
826.08ROWLET::AINSLEYTue Sep 06 1994Laserdiscs labelled "Edited for Content"
827.01HGOVC::ESCUADRASat Sep 10 1994Dolby effect from laser to tape?
828.011CHEFS::TAFF::WobWed Sep 14 1994"Aladdin"
829.04SOLVIT::SNORAT::OLOUGHLINWed Sep 21 1994Tech/performance Q & A
830.01MERIDN::FRIESThu Sep 22 1994Audio playback woes on CAV discs
831.01DECSIM::TAIMon Oct 10 1994Top Laserdisc Sales lists
832.02AIAG::LATHAMThu Oct 13 1994Guides to what's out on LaserDisc
833.0TLE::FRIDAYFri Oct 14 1994Border's in Peabody Mass. sells LDs
834.02TOHOPE::WSAThu Oct 20 1994"Dances With Wolves" Collectors Edition
835.013TOHOPE::WSAThu Oct 20 1994"Jurassic Park"
836.06KERNEL::HOGGANDSat Dec 10 1994"True Lies"
837.0TOHOPE::WSAMon Dec 12 1994"That's Entertainment III" (Collector's Edition)
838.013SOLVIT::SNORAT::OLOUGHLINWed Dec 14 1994Home LD library suggestions
839.02HYLNDR::BROWNWed Dec 14 1994What is "AC-3"?
840.05ZEKE::MAURERWed Dec 28 1994alt.video.laserdisc FAQ ?
841.01WRKSYS::HOBSONMon Jan 02 1995Panasonic LX-6
842.0CGOOA::CRICKThu Jan 05 1995Magnavox CDV3
843.04STRSHP::TAIWed Jan 11 1995Pioneer AC-3 ready laserdisc players and others
844.07SMURF::TOMGMon Jan 30 1995Rolling Interference/Video Hum
845.0TOHOPE::WSAThu Feb 09 19951994 LDN poll results
846.0MLTVAX::MILLSTue Feb 14 1995Reds
847.0QETOO::BASQUEWed Feb 15 1995Laserdisc Rentals in Tewksbury
848.05HLFSWed Feb 22 1995Cambridge (MA) adresses
849.01ZEKE::MAURERMon Feb 27 1995Criterion Laserdisc Club experiences ?
850.02SMURF::TOMGTue Feb 28 1995Criterion Robin Hood
851.03SMURF::TOMGMon Mar 06 1995Repair Advice Needed
852.05ZEKE::MAURERTue Mar 07 1995Forrest Gump
853.04NSICThu Mar 30 1995Journey to the far side of the Sun / Doppelganger
854.04HGOVC::ESCUADRAFri May 05 1995Lion King
855.010PCBUOA::ANGELONEThu Aug 10 1995Rent/Buy locations
856.0HYLNDR::BROWNFri Sep 15 1995Zoom TV/ Pay-per-view DVD
857.04CADSYS::TAIFri Sep 15 1995Upcoming Dolby AC-3 LDs releases
858.05MALThu Sep 28 1995a L/D Novice:
859.04CADSYS::SHEPARDSat Nov 04 1995How to price used LDs?
860.0LEMAN::BUGNONMon Nov 06 1995Need some help for laser disc in french version !
861.0ZEKE::MAURERSun Dec 03 1995Replacing an aging MDP-333 - want help
862.0SUFRNG::WSATue Feb 13 19961995 LDN Poll Results
863.026AXEL::FOLEYTue Mar 19 1996DVD's. Where do LD's fit?
864.01TPOVC::BONGESCUADRASat Mar 23 1996What is a video CD version 1?
865.06EVMS::BMANFri Apr 26 1996Panasonic LX-K67
866.02NETRIX::"heinisch@gaas.enet.DEC.Com"Wed May 01 1996Yamaha CDV-16
867.02EVMS::BMANFri May 03 1996DIE HARD
868.0EVMS::BMANMon Aug 12 1996Q: Quality of "gold" Drunken Master II
869.01EVMS::BMANMon Aug 12 1996 Q:Japan IJ Trilogy or US Single Indy discs?
870.01EVMS::BMANMon Oct 14 1996V.E. or AVS?
871.0+8CSC32::J_KALINOWSKIFri Dec 06 1996Independence Day 4
872.01FJIVTue Dec 31 1996Need help ordering LDs. Thanks
873.0 *+15EVMS::BMANMon Mar 17 1997HELP: vertical line video noise on discs - ???
874.0 *+1FABSIX::S_MCCORMICKFri Apr 11 1997Sony MDP65
875.0 *+1SALEM::GILONWed Apr 23 1997Panasonic LX6