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Conference clt::fuse

Notice:See note #4 for kit locations
Created:Tue Oct 30 1990
Last Modified:Fri May 23 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1276
Total number of notes:4364
Number with bodies:70
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1.0CURIE::MFORBESWed Oct 31 1990Welcome!
2.0CURIE::MFORBESWed Oct 31 1990What is FUSE?
3.05CURIE::MFORBESWed Oct 31 1990Conference Structure
4.0+42CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990DEC FUSE Kits
5.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Documentation
7.01CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Demos and Training
8.01BENONI::ARNOLDTue Jan 07 1992Entering Bug Reports (QARs)
9.07BENONI::RWDThu Apr 30 1992Available Patches
10.08CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Build: Bugs
11.05CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Build: Suggestions
12.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Build: Integration
13.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Build: Future
14.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Build: Release Notes
15.0+9UHUH::TALCOTTSat Mar 11 1995Digital Porting Assistant kit announcements
16.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
17.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
18.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
19.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
20.06CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Call Graph: Bugs
21.01CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Call Graph: Suggestions
22.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Call Graph: Integration
23.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Call Graph: Future
24.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Call Graph: Release Notes
25.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
26.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
27.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
28.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
29.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
30.03CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Control Panel: Bugs
31.04CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Control Panel: Suggestions
32.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Control Panel: Integration
33.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Control Panel: Future
34.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Control Panel: Release Notes
35.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
36.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
37.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
38.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
39.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
40.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Cross Ref: Bugs
41.03CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Cross Ref: Suggestions
42.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Cross Ref: Integration
43.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Cross Ref: Future
44.01CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Cross Ref: Release Notes
45.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
46.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
47.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
48.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
49.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
50.011CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Debug: Bugs
51.06CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Debug: Suggestions
52.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Debug: Integration
53.04CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Debug: Future
54.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Debug: Release Notes
55.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
56.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
57.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
58.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
59.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
60.08CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Edit: Bugs
61.06CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Edit: Suggestions
62.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Edit: Integration
63.03CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Edit: Future
64.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Edit: Release Notes
65.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
66.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
67.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
68.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
69.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
70.02CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Help: Bugs
71.01CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Help: Suggestions
72.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Help: Integration
73.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Help: Future
74.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Help: Release Notes
75.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
76.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
77.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
78.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
79.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
80.04CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Profile: Bugs
81.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Profile: Suggestions
82.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Profile: Integration
83.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Profile: Future
84.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Profile: Release Notes
85.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
86.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
87.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
88.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
89.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
90.019CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Code Manager: Bugs
91.01CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Code Manager: Suggestions
92.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Code Manager: Integration
93.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Code Manager: Future
94.01CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990Code Manager: Release Notes
95.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
96.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
97.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
98.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
99.0CURIE::MFORBESThu Nov 01 1990--
100.03CIMNET::KISHANMon Nov 05 1990'mwm' osf/motif kit location
101.03SUBWAY::TIAMSICMon Nov 05 1990docs? any kind of docs?
102.0CURIE::MFORBESTue Nov 06 1990details: graph widget --> crash
103.0DATABS::BALLOUWed Nov 07 1990Update 'Kits' note, please.
104.02OZROCK::HUNTERSun Nov 11 1990Fuse on VAX?
105.01SUBWAY::TIAMSICSun Nov 11 1990difference between IFT and EFT1?
106.04CIM::KAIRYSTue Nov 20 1990Setld nightmare
107.0CURIE::MFORBESMon Nov 26 1990this notesfile....
108.02TRUCKS::THRUSSELL_RTue Nov 27 1990Where are the Kits ?
109.08USWS1::GRANTWed Nov 28 1990FUSE closed a sale
110.03SWAM3::MOREH_JAFri Nov 30 1990"fuse dosn't run"
111.0516828::zemonWed Dec 05 1990How do I get emacs to work?
112.03TRUCKS::THRUSSELL_RWed Dec 05 1990Cannot start Fuse anymore
113.04HERON::BOSSARDThu Dec 06 1990Is FUSE used by its development team ?
114.03SYOMV::KRASMon Dec 10 1990Announce and FRS?
115.07SMURF::KASPUTYSMon Dec 10 1990Interaction between Call Graph/debugger
116.0FORTSC::GAVINWed Dec 26 1990Fuse closed Another Sale !!!
117.02VNASWS::HAUSBFri Dec 28 1990Debugger Problem.....
118.01DATABS::BALLOUWed Jan 02 1991Cruft in release notes postscript file.
119.09DATABS::BALLOUWed Jan 02 1991C++ reserve words.
120.01OLDTMR::PSMITHWed Jan 02 1991Do I really need 4.1 for EFT2?
121.05ISIDRO::BARRIOFri Jan 04 1991FUSE: message server already running....
122.02GUIDUK::ELLENBECKERFri Jan 04 1991Demo code available?
123.01GUIDUK::ELLENBECKERFri Jan 04 1991SPD for FUSE?
124.0VNAACT::HAUSBMon Jan 07 1991How do I stop FT2 Tools from REZISING ??
125.03SYOMV::KRASThu Jan 10 1991resource name/font problems
126.03JURA::ARBUAHThu Jan 10 1991DMS installations of eft2
127.02DOWNBE::LOWEThu Jan 10 1991file whereabouts ?
128.05JURA::ARBUAHFri Jan 11 1991Message Server
130.04SUBWAY::TIAMSICThu Jan 17 1991eft2 editor/debugger/call browser ?
131.02SYOMV::KRASWed Jan 23 1991error starting fuse.
132.02PAVONE::ARGENTOThu Jan 24 1991End-User Tools integration
133.0MR4DEC::MFORBESFri Jan 25 1991Graphs and Monochrome...
134.01LAIDBK::ELLISONFri Jan 25 1991Server bug on Xcfb 4.1 systems or is it FUSE?
135.0MR4DEC::MFORBESMon Jan 28 1991Notesfile to move soon...
136.02SUBWAY::TIAMSICMon Jan 28 1991slides?
137.01QCAVMon Feb 04 1991Will FUSE work with PCSA for ULTRIX ?
138.01JURA::ARBUAHTue Feb 05 1991Upgrade to V4.1 cause startup probs in DMS environment
139.04CSOA1::NAUWed Feb 06 1991Memory requirements: will 12MB work OK?
140.02FORTSC::GAVINThu Feb 07 1991DBX problem
141.04MR4DEC::MFORBESMon Feb 11 1991why shell, vi, emacs often fail.
142.0136397::MCDONALDWed Feb 13 1991General questions (3rd party, internal use,...)
143.0MR4DEC::MFORBESThu Feb 14 1991FUSE Notesfile to move AGAIN...
144.0858453::SPACKMANFri Feb 15 1991FUSE Questions - need help
145.02TROAWed Feb 20 1991Integrity Checking Tool
146.0UTES16::SYSTEMThu Feb 21 1991Call graph browser missing colors
147.02RONAN::RONANSat Feb 23 1991SSB Installation: unable to connect to msg server
148.01RONAN::RONANSat Feb 23 1991DEC C kit on net?
149.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOMon Feb 25 1991Need DEC FUSE PostScript presentation material
150.02VNASWS::HAUSBMon Feb 25 1991SSB-Kit: Resize Windows
151.01ULTRA::KENDALLTue Feb 26 1991General question.
152.03CFSCTC::DSMITHTue Feb 26 1991problem with DS5
153.02PAVONE::DEMATTETue Feb 26 1991what's changed ? I don't know :-)
154.02BRUMMY::HAQUETue Feb 26 1991Invoke DEC C from Builder-How?
155.01AIDA::CARCANOWed Feb 27 1991CG Browser crash!?!
156.01DDIF::SURTEESThu Feb 28 1991Why does the new kit require DXMMWM11
157.01BAHTAT::HILTONFri Mar 01 1991Newest FUSE sought
158.03KETJE::DIERICKFri Mar 01 1991V1
159.01TENERE::SILVAMon Mar 04 1991TPU and FUSE?
160.01RONAN::RONANTue Mar 05 1991Couldn't create and connect to messge server
161.01DECWET::STOPPANITue Mar 05 1991Missing bottom shadow color?
163.05PIDA::SANTIAGOFri Mar 08 1991trouble copying DECfuse V1
164.01DECWET::STOPPANIFri Mar 08 1991Code Manager Bug
165.01KETJE::DIERICKMon Mar 11 1991Question to FUSE developers
166.06TENERE::SILVATue Mar 12 1991System resources required?
167.02VNASWS::HAUSBTue Mar 12 1991Startup Problem... HELP
168.06PAXVAX::HARRIGANTue Mar 12 1991fuse: msg/c: fatal: Problem with read -- 9
169.01KETJE::DIERICKWed Mar 13 1991Fuse doesn't run anymore...
170.06STKHLM::STENSTROMThu Mar 14 1991Working with FUSE in the real world
171.05F18::DABLERThu Mar 14 1991Can't copy from caboom or krisis
172.04KETJE::DIERICKMon Mar 18 1991TABs in fuse editor
173.05KETJE::DIERICKMon Mar 18 1991Emacs and FUSE, one more time
174.01KYOA::FRANKTue Mar 19 1991FUSE customer questions
175.02JMPOFF::RONANTue Mar 19 1991Call Graph Browser: Call tree bug?
176.02SALSA::MOELLERThu Mar 21 1991'unsupported' C++ debugging?
177.02TAVThu Mar 28 1991focus not moved automatically in debug
178.02SKYLRK::SCHAEFERMon Apr 01 1991msg/c connect error
179.02SAC::WOOD_JTue Apr 02 1991Windows debugger for DEC Fortran ?
180.02STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Apr 03 1991Problem with CGB
181.02MARCOM::CLARKWed Apr 03 1991FUSE DEMO Needed
182.0BENONI::FORBESWed Apr 03 1991Phase
183.04TENERE::SILVAThu Apr 04 1991Black and white screen FUSE resource default values?
184.01KETJE::BEYENSThu Apr 04 1991Using oracle .pc files
185.02WESSEX::maxwellThu Apr 04 1991Feedback on using FUSE
186.03STKHLM::STENSTROMThu Apr 04 1991Info in the XREF database
187.02DECWET::JFAUSTThu Apr 04 1991installation HANGS
188.06TENERE::SILVAFri Apr 05 1991FUSE icon bitmaps?
189.08KYOA::FRANKMon Apr 08 1991msg/c connect error
190.0EMERY::emeryMon Apr 15 1991DECfuse and Gosling's Emacs
191.01COPTOR::BIRGERThu Apr 18 1991Plans for a DEC developed dbx - support for C++
192.02XNOGOV::JOEFri Apr 19 1991Kit location ...
193.02ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOSat Apr 20 1991Degugging multilanguage programs
194.02ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOSat Apr 20 1991Functional comparision between make and mms
195.01BEBBI::THOMMENTue Apr 23 1991Editor / Modify fontsize
196.09WESSEX::maxwellWed Apr 24 1991FUSE on 4.2 - anyone tried it?
197.06RIVAGE::SILVAThu Apr 25 1991DECwrite files and FUSE?
198.06UCROW::GUERRIERIThu Apr 25 1991Running FUSE where the server is a VMS workstation
199.03ERIC::ALDERTONMFri Apr 26 1991Install fails - can anyone help - urgent
200.02COPCLU::THOMASSENTue Apr 30 1991Will LMF be used by FUSE?
201.02DATABS::BALLOUTue Apr 30 1991Call graph browser problem.
202.02TLE::PETERSONTue Apr 30 1991Debugger hangs if FUSE started non-interactively
203.02TLE::PETERSONTue Apr 30 1991Debugger mouse cursor
204.01TLE::PETERSONTue Apr 30 1991Debugger doesn't autoload saved buttons
205.0ESCROW::COCHRANEWed May 01 1991More message server woes
206.02COMUTE::EDHALAThu May 02 1991Error while checking out demo file
207.01BENONI::FORBESFri May 10 1991/usr/bin/fuse patch for Builder
208.01WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFMon May 13 1991Incomplete demo environment?
209.01KYOA::FRANKMon May 13 1991Code Manager Problem
210.02WELLIN::GRAHAMMon May 13 1991limit stacksize unlimited ?
211.01GLORY::DEVINEMon May 13 1991Call Graph Browser (almost)
212.0ODIXIE::FRAZIERGRMon May 13 1991URGENT: Resource Needed for Customer Event
213.02KETJE::DIERICKTue May 14 1991FUSE 1.X PID needed to close a sale
214.01KETJE::PUTMANSTue May 14 1991Customize profiler ?
215.04THEWAV::CREIGHANTue May 14 1991Fuse performance problem on a DS5
216.02CIGRBX::NELSONThu May 16 1991Call Graph Trace Failure
217.021WIDGIT::WESTFri May 17 1991Support for DEC Ada
218.04ODIXIE::STAROSTAMon May 20 1991Need SoftBench competitive info
219.01BOUNCR::WATSONThu May 23 1991FUSE in distributed environment?
220.03KETJE::GEVAERTMon May 27 1991Code manager memory leak ?
221.04BENONI::KASPUTYSTue May 28 1991V1.1 Field Test Qualification Questionnaire Available
222.04BENONI::KASPUTYSTue May 28 1991FUSE Video Available
223.01AUNTB::GRAYFri May 31 1991Populate new library with source?
224.04TAVMon Jun 03 1991shell env. vars recognized?
225.01BREAKR::ZELLERMon Jun 03 1991IDE Software thru Pictures & FUSE
226.03CIGRBX::NELSONTue Jun 04 1991DECfuse Issues
227.01MLNADWed Jun 05 1991makefile generation for mixed language appl.
228.01MLNADWed Jun 05 1991missing work-in-progress?
229.02CTOAVX::BERNIERThu Jun 06 1991FUSE Debugger - redirecting input and output?
230.02STKHLM::STENSTROMThu Jun 06 1991FUSE, dbg and Fortran.
231.01NACAD::KASISCHKEFri Jun 07 1991defuse installation error with motif 1.1
232.04SANFAN::CANNING_TOFri Jun 07 1991LSE like for fuse ?
233.0MR4DEC::JAINWed Jun 12 1991customer feedback on FUSE/dbx...
234.05SYOMV::KRASThu Jun 13 1991LSE is needed
235.04OLDTMR::FRANCEYMon Jun 17 1991installation error?
236.03COPTOR::BIRGERFri Jun 21 1991DECfuse + PC's = BAD PERFORMANCE ?????
237.05CIM::WETHINGTONTue Jul 02 1991segmentation fault in profiler
238.01TENERE::SILVAWed Jul 03 1991Signal problem with debug?
239.04TROAFri Jul 05 1991FUSE 1.1 IFT Wanted
240.02COPTOR::BIRGERMon Jul 08 1991Minimum OSF/MOTIF installed - what is needed???
241.0SMURF::PIPERWed Jul 10 1991Need FUSE V1.1 Field Test Sites
242.02DGOSWFri Jul 12 1991msg/s Server ALready running !
243.01EMC2::ARBUAHFri Jul 12 1991FUSE V1.1
244.04DECWET::REHMMon Jul 15 1991FUSE vs. Brown Univ. FIELD
245.04BENONI::KASPUTYSTue Jul 16 1991DEC FUSE for Ultrix V1.1 IFT Kit Available - See Note 4.5
246.01CRLVMS::HALSTEADTue Jul 16 1991Bug in FUSE v1.1 installation script
247.02TASTY::JEFFERYThu Jul 18 1991swap space requirements on Sun Sparcstation
248.01CTOAVX::ROCKWELLThu Jul 18 1991Probles setting breakpoints in DEC FORTRAN program
249.02MTVIEW::BOWThu Jul 18 1991Server is VMS with DECwindow - help
250.01VOGON::MORRELLFri Jul 19 1991Partition usage for DECFuse.
251.01MTVIEW::BOWFri Jul 19 1991tar checksum error, should I re-tar?files seems OK
252.03KETJE::DIERICKMon Jul 22 1991Severe bug in FUSE editor
253.0KETJE::DIERICKMon Jul 22 1991FUSE 1.1 Gimme more Gimme more ....
254.05KETJE::DIERICKMon Jul 22 1991RCS docs ?
255.03KETJE::DIERICKMon Jul 22 1991Fuse 1.1 RCS problem
256.0GOZOLI::BERTINOWed Jul 24 1991New DEC FUSE demo available soon! Order yours today!
257.01CIGRBX::NELSONThu Aug 01 1991FUSE make question
258.05CECEHV::REE_BFri Aug 02 1991FUSE does not install with Motif 1.1.1
259.01TASTY::JEFFERYMon Aug 05 1991What happens when debugging C++
260.01SMURF::PIPERThu Aug 08 1991FUSE & SoftBench
261.02YIPPEE::DICKOWed Aug 14 1991decfuse fuse de partout ( no control panel !! )
262.01CHOWDA::DYERWed Aug 14 1991FUSE with Micro-focus COBOL??
263.02BRSSWS::MANISEMon Aug 19 1991composed characters/azerty keyboard
264.02SMURF::JPSFri Aug 23 1991How do I change working dir?
265.03JMPOFF::RONANFri Aug 23 1991Cursor Disappears
266.02SMURF::JPSFri Aug 23 1991Keyboard accelerator
267.02MR4DEC::VIDYASHANKERFri Aug 23 1991Installation Problem - Xlib Error
268.04RDVAX::RICHARDSONTue Aug 27 1991FUSE V1.
269.04SAC::WOOD_JWed Aug 28 1991Problem with SPACEOUT demo: Code Manager file check-out lock problem
270.06TENERE::SILVAMon Sep 02 1991msgs/s: fatal: Problem with file lock -- 75?
271.01TENERE::SILVAMon Sep 02 1991Builder graph node name fonts?
272.04ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOTue Sep 03 1991Need info on 'tool integrator'
273.0MGOSMon Sep 09 1991Fortran Demo Files ???
274.0BENONI::KASPUTYSMon Sep 09 1991DEC FUSE V1.1 EFT Kits Available - see note 4.6
275.02PAVONE::DEMATTEWed Sep 11 1991Warning message at installation time
276.01CSC32::BONNEWed Sep 11 1991Stepping into subr doesn't set code
277.01CSC32::BONNEWed Sep 11 1991Graphically set bp in subr (DFR 3.
278.01CSC32::BONNEWed Sep 11 1991Common block prevents setting watch graphically
279.01CSC32::BONNEWed Sep 11 1991set watch fires hundreds of times too much?
280.01CSC32::BONNEWed Sep 11 1991DFR -O
281.01BENONI::KASPUTYSWed Sep 11 1991RELEASE NOTE: C++ kit missing important CC script
282.09TLE::MISHRAThu Sep 12 1991Allowing FUSE tools to send messages to a new tool integrated using DEC FUSE EnCASE
283.02DCOPST::COLSRV::ASHERISACOFFThu Sep 12 1991Scanning user libraries?
284.01TLE::MISHRAFri Sep 13 1991TIL Error: Does not create FUSE_RECV functions in FUSE_ {schema class}.c file
285.02DECWET::SHELLTue Sep 17 1991fuse EnCASE and X Applications
286.05OLDTMR::FRANCEYThu Sep 19 1991display on remote xterm
287.09STKHLM::STENSTROMSat Sep 21 1991FUSE and COBOL?
288.01ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGMon Sep 23 1991DEC C++ and DECfuse 1.1?
289.08OLDTMR::FRANCEYMon Sep 23 1991multiple sessions
290.01VAOUMon Sep 23 1991watch problem in 1.1
291.05LJOHUB::GIBIANTue Sep 24 1991c++ & fuse ... demo wanted
292.01UFP::RJLTue Sep 24 1991DECmpp 12
293.02SUBWAY::SIMONTue Sep 24 1991Print bugs in Fuse debugger V1.
294.01SUBWAY::SIMONTue Sep 24 1991How to redirect output to VT3XX-type from debugger
295.01MTVIEW::BOWTue Sep 24 1991experience with CMA thread and FUSE wanted
296.02OLDTMR::FRANCEYThu Sep 26 1991need rolling demo
297.04OLDTMR::FRANCEYThu Sep 26 1991dynamic display problem
298.05OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Sep 30 1991Another Sales presentation available
299.03ZSAZSA::READINGSTue Oct 01 1991DEC Fuse V1.1 EFT + DEC Fortran
301.04XNOGOV::JOETue Oct 01 1991Tabs & regexps ?
302.01SYOMV::KRASTue Oct 01 1991Bookreader Docs?
303.02ZSAZSA::READINGSThu Oct 03 1991Debugger hangs opening Fortran program
304.01BIGRED::DANIELSFri Oct 04 1991V1.1 at a symposium?
305.03KETJE::VANDEVYVERWed Oct 09 1991make and dependencies in SCCS
306.02LJOHUB::GIBIANWed Oct 09 1991Easy to obtain c++ compiler compatible with Fuse
307.02LJOHUB::SPOONERWed Oct 09 1991Potential customer problems with integration
308.02KETJE::DIERICKThu Oct 10 1991Request for PS version of GNUmake doc from FUSE 1.1 EFT
309.01BRSSWS::ROETSFri Oct 11 1991dec c c89 error output
310.0KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Oct 14 1991EMACS flavors
311.06STKHLM::STENSTROMMon Oct 14 1991FUSE 1.1 questions.
312.03STKHLM::STENSTROMMon Oct 14 1991FUSE 1.1 EFT performace
313.03KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Oct 14 1991Urgent Fix Request : wrong dependencies in builder-graph
314.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Oct 14 1991Urgent Fix Request : GNUmake cannot find (valid) makefiles
315.011TROOA::NAISHWed Oct 16 1991LARGE FORTRAN Application Performance Problems
316.0BIGUN::PHILLIPSThu Oct 17 1991Customer feedback after FUSE presentation/demo/hands-on
317.07BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Oct 18 1991LSE support?
318.04KETJE::DIERICKMon Oct 21 1991FUSE and DECtpu
319.01SAC::WOOD_JTue Oct 22 1991Problem with compose-keys in Fuse editor
320.01ROMTue Oct 22 1991HW requirements for Fuse
321.02OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Oct 23 1991I got those Customer FUSE Blues
322.03TROOA::NAISHWed Oct 23 1991X Related Error Messages
323.02OSLACT::DAGFRAThu Oct 24 1991problems with debugger when source files is in multiple directories
324.01TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKEThu Oct 24 1991Fuse displaying to Macintoshes?
325.03TROOA::NAISHFri Oct 25 1991SEGMENTATION error with Debugger and FORTRAN
326.05BENONI::KASPUTYSMon Oct 28 1991DEC FUSE V1.1 pre-SSB kits are available
327.02EPIK::HOLOHANMon Oct 28 1991DECfuse print widget
328.01RHETT::KUMARMon Oct 28 1991Debugging CBREAK mode C programs
329.06BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Oct 29 1991Fonts to big
330.02BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Oct 29 1991ladbx support?
331.01TASTY::JEFFERYWed Oct 30 1991DECfuse on Ultrix OSF/1 ???
332.019BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Oct 31 1991Pre-SSB problems
333.01BIGRED::DANIELSFri Nov 01 1991Chevron's wish list
334.01TROOA::NAISHFri Nov 01 1991FORTRAN Program to big to be PIXIE'd
335.01BIGUN::PHILLIPSSun Nov 03 1991Third party tools integration
336.010OSLACT::OLAVMon Nov 04 1991Autobuild?
337.02OSLACT::OLAVMon Nov 04 1991C++ Class Browser PAK?
338.0TROOA::NAISHMon Nov 04 1991Cross Referencer + Debugger with FORTRAN
339.01SMURF::PIPERMon Nov 04 1991Four ISV's Integrate with FUSE -- More to Come
341.02QUIVER::WASHABAUGHMon Nov 04 1991lint
342.0BENONI::SHASTRYTue Nov 05 1991DEC FUSE V2.
343.01LJOHUB::GIBIANTue Nov 05 1991Code Manager and "naming" releases
344.02VNASWS::HAUSBWed Nov 06 1991Fuse 1.1 no go: msg/s: warning: syntax error
345.010BENONI::KASPUTYSWed Nov 06 1991New FUSE V1.1 documentation draft updates available
346.02BIGUN::PHILLIPSThu Nov 07 1991Remote tool invocation
347.01KETJE::DIERICKThu Nov 07 1991Serious problem using DEC FUSE on DEC PC 433 with WindX
348.01BENONI::SHASTRYTue Nov 12 1991 DEC FUSE Open-House
349.01LJOHUB::GIBIANTue Nov 12 1991Make and code library (SCCS, RCS) philosophy of operation
350.01ADO75A::SHARPEWed Nov 13 1991Fuse capabilities on other than C, Pacsal, ADA, etc
351.01METZ::CYVOCTWed Nov 13 1991pre-ssb kit ??
352.0BENONI::KASPUTYSWed Nov 13 1991DEC FUSE V1.1 SQM kits are available
353.02QUABBI::"wolman@crl.dec.com"Wed Nov 13 1991Problem with V1.1 sqm kits
354.02QUIVER::PICKETTWed Nov 13 1991Print on Call Graph Browser?
355.01TROOA::NAISHWed Nov 13 1991Additiona I/O window in Debugger
356.012KERNEL::CARPENTERSThu Nov 14 1991Debug problems
357.01ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGMon Nov 18 1991worlwide customer ref. sites?
358.02OLDTMR::FRANCEYTue Nov 19 1991Prob w/file open --13
359.01FORTSC::MAKTue Nov 19 1991when dec c++ support?
360.0BENONI::SHASTRYTue Nov 19 1991 DEC FUSE v2.
361.02AIWEST::FOSTERWed Nov 20 1991SPD for FUSE 1.1?
363.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Nov 26 1991V1.1 presentation materials...
364.02DOWNBE::LOWEWed Nov 27 1991Software resellers for FUSE
365.02PAPERS::CORNEFri Nov 29 1991Problems keeping the Call Graph Browser up to date
366.01OLCROW::HSUMon Dec 02 1991Problem bringing up two fuse debuggers.
367.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHMon Dec 02 1991Problem with checking in elements under RCS
368.0CSSE32::MERMELLTue Dec 03 1991Announcement of Technology Exchange Program 3 - CASE
369.01REDBCK::tomTue Dec 03 1991EFT Fuse 1.1 on Sun kills news
370.01TROOA::NAISHWed Dec 04 1991Xref Database Update Logic
371.03TROOA::NAISHWed Dec 04 1991Examine Range in FORTRAN Array in Debugger
372.07MICROW::CAHILLWed Dec 04 1991msg/s: server already running & msg/c: can't create client
373.0RHETT::KUMARFri Dec 06 1991Code Manager and fonts?
374.03QUIVER::WASHABAUGHMon Dec 09 1991Debugger Woes - Can' Get Started
377.014THEWAV::CREIGHANWed Dec 11 1991PAK for EnCASE?
378.05ADO75A::SHARPEThu Dec 12 1991FUSE vs Softbench, a third party view!
379.04SUOSWS::KENNTNERFri Dec 13 1991V1.1 SSB RIS installation failes
381.01SYOMV::KRASTue Dec 17 1991DEC DTM Encased?
382.03TROOA::NAISHThu Dec 19 1991General FUSE Questions
383.02CIM::WETHINGTONThu Dec 19 1991Question on C++ Browser display
384.01PAPERS::CORNEMon Dec 23 1991Call Graph Browser - relations with other CASE products?
385.02CIM::WETHINGTONMon Dec 23 1991Questions on C++, SUN support
386.02VIA::TIBBITTSThu Jan 02 1992Problem installing FUSE in DMS environment
387.03ODIXIE::STAROSTAThu Jan 02 1992Problems using "Display" with Debugger
388.01ODIXIE::STAROSTAMon Jan 06 1992Making Debug I/O Window smarter
389.03TROOA::NAISHTue Jan 07 1992Cross Ref Case Sensitive: FORTRAN isn't
390.03QUABBI::"gibian@talent.ljo.dec.com"Wed Jan 08 1992Display of variables in fuse debugger
391.04SCAACT::VISWESWARANThu Jan 09 1992Fuse on Alpha OSF/1 ??
392.05QUIVER::WASHABAUGHThu Jan 09 1992Cross Referencer Problems
393.02POSEUR::CARRUTHERSFri Jan 10 1992Setting a display to a VAX 31
394.0BENONI::SHASTRYMon Jan 13 1992CABOOM node number has changed
395.01SWAM2::MARTIN_KEMon Jan 13 1992Can FUSE do "tcov"?
396.03TLE::TLE::WHIPPLEWed Jan 15 1992SCCS code library directory ownership and sccs preprocessor
397.04POSEUR::CARRUTHERSWed Jan 15 1992FUSE and the ALL-IN-1 Distributed File Cabinet Server
398.0KETJE::VANDEVYVERThu Jan 16 1992GNUmake and RCS, a smooth combination?
399.01TLE::RAGED::whippleThu Jan 16 1992Request for diagnosis of fuse startup error
400.01HAGELN::mythThu Jan 16 1992What About VAX ULTRIX?
401.01BASEX::KAIRYSFri Jan 17 1992TPU integration: what/where/how
402.01AUSTIN::SHWIFFFri Jan 17 1992Need help with installation
403.02POSEUR::CARRUTHERSTue Jan 21 1992Have any DEC groups integrated other tools?
404.03KETJE::VANDEVYVERWed Jan 22 1992View depth of BUILDER
405.01TRCOA::TROTTIThu Jan 23 1992DECFUSE with C++ front
406.03DOPEY::DICKENSFri Jan 24 1992DECwindows bookreader documents for FUSE ?
407.01AZUR::DICKOFri Jan 24 1992FUSE ON HERCULES ??
408.0DOPEY::DICKENSFri Jan 24 1992fuse_create_links script
409.02POBOX::HAYES_JMon Jan 27 1992How do we license on SUNs?
410.01LUXTue Jan 28 1992FUSE and PCs
411.0THEWAV::KRUEGERWed Jan 29 1992fverify FUSBASE11
412.02TLE::PRADHANWed Jan 29 1992ild and Ada
413.02RDVAX::RICHARDSONThu Jan 30 1992Server already in use error on DMS Clients...HELP
414.05TENNIS::KAMSat Feb 01 1992Can FUSE produce C code ONLY?
415.0OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Feb 04 1992Looking for a C++ demo
416.02CSOA1::MANNThu Feb 06 1992Debugger problem with C++
417.01DOWNBE::LOWEFri Feb 07 1992FUSE v Centreline and Smartsystem ?
418.02BACHUS::VANDORMAELMon Feb 10 1992Loop in find & replace !!!!
419.03KETJE::DIERICKMon Feb 10 1992Distributed Build with GNUmake question
420.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Feb 10 1992documentation or interface to xref-db?
421.01TROOA::NAISHMon Feb 10 1992Code Manager Segmentation Violation
422.04OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Feb 12 1992"Spaghetti & Meatballs" Graphics
423.01I::STOCKSThu Feb 13 1992Problem with interpretation of pathnames
424.01POBOX::HAYES_JThu Feb 13 1992.til for VUIT and DTM?
425.01DECWET::CARRUTHERSFri Feb 14 1992DEC OSF/1 Install
427.03WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DASun Feb 16 1992FUSE Install Concerns
428.01BACHUS::VANDORMAELMon Feb 17 1992Segmentation with two editor !!!!
429.01STKHLM::BACKSTROMMon Feb 17 1992Navigate from within the editor?
430.01BENONI::SHASTRYMon Feb 17 1992Request for Documentation topics
431.02STKHLM::BACKSTROMTue Feb 18 1992"variable" is not defined
432.01KETJE::DIERICKThu Feb 20 1992With love from Belgium : course materials for DEC FUSE
433.01STKHLM::STENSTROMThu Feb 20 1992FUSE / C++ demo resources needed
434.04STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TThu Feb 20 1992Watch in FUSE debugger Problem!
435.01SOLVIT::FERRARAFri Feb 21 1992Code Manager across multiple libraries
436.01AUNTB::CLARKMon Feb 24 1992Interface with Endeavor (Legent) Config Mgmt
437.03TLE::RAGED::whippleMon Feb 24 1992Debugger variable recognition and C++ source file extension
438.02TLE::WILLIAMSMon Feb 24 1992V1.
439.08QUIVER::WASHABAUGHMon Feb 24 1992Poor Performance Checking In files w/RCS
440.02AUNTB::CLARKMon Feb 24 1992IDE integration with FUSE
441.03TLE::WILLIAMSMon Feb 24 1992Builder's Graph Update command
442.013SOLVIT::FERRARATue Feb 25 1992How to run Fuse remotely?
443.01BIGUN::ANDERSONWed Feb 26 1992Distributed teamware capability - WE MUST??
444.0BENONI::FORBESThu Feb 27 1992Xt Resource Editing Kit
445.02TLE::D_CARROLLThu Feb 27 1992Intalling on a hidden node
446.05OSITEL::BRITTAINFri Feb 28 1992Problems with FUSE <-> DECC++
447.07GOLLY::ZAREMBAFri Feb 28 1992Problem with keyboard input when displaying to a DECpc 433
448.01COOCHZ::BECKERFri Feb 28 1992MicroFocus COBOL
449.05POSEUR::CARRUTHERSFri Feb 28 1992Interesting question for running FUSE remotely
450.0GLOSS::KAPLANFri Feb 28 1992FUSE/DTM/VUIT Field Test Sites
451.06MRKTNG::SAXENAFri Feb 28 1992How Can We Help You To Sell FUSE?
452.01ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGSun Mar 01 1992Fuse Config in dist. environment?
453.0BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Mar 02 1992Realtime and FUSE? DECelx?
454.03STKHLM::BACKSTROMMon Mar 02 1992RCS and gnumake support?
455.01ULTRA::KENDALLMon Mar 02 1992Documentation/On-line help not very helpful.
456.07MUDIS3::MIRKEWITSCHMon Mar 02 1992
458.01LJOHUB::SPOONERMon Mar 02 1992BUG: Can't set breakpoint in ladbx
459.0BIGUN::ANDERSONTue Mar 03 1992SUN's Tooltalk drive
461.01KETJE::DIERICKTue Mar 03 1992FUSE for OSF/1 field test ???
462.01STKHLM::BACKSTROMTue Mar 03 1992Included files & nondefault dirs in CGB
464.03TYSON::KURATAWed Mar 04 1992Builder does not build correct makefiles
465.01OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Mar 05 1992Integ. of VERILOG's Logiscope in Softbench
466.03QUABBI::"pierson@mpsg.mps.mlo.dec.com"Thu Mar 05 1992Problems building xref db
467.03THEWAV::CREIGHANFri Mar 06 1992What's Digital's position on Comunique?
468.01THEWAV::CREIGHANFri Mar 06 1992TOOLBUS on DEC?
469.06THEWAV::CREIGHANFri Mar 06 1992BMS vs. MCMS?
470.02DOWNBE::LOWEMon Mar 09 1992FUSE DEC C++ support for Oregon ?
471.03TAVTue Mar 10 1992Profiler problem and question
472.05RIPPLE::KOTTERRITue Mar 10 1992DEC Fuse for RISC Obsolete?
473.0OLDTMR::FRANCEYTue Mar 10 1992offering $'s for FUSE demo
474.03VAOUWed Mar 11 1992PAK for GIA?
475.01BACHUS::ROETSThu Mar 12 1992builder editor multiple files
476.0MRKTNG::SAXENAFri Mar 13 1992FUSE Literacy Survey
477.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Mar 17 1992CodeManager crashes on big libraries
478.01HERON::BOSSARDTue Mar 17 1992Peculiar behavior when starting FUSE on remote node with incomplete hosts database.
479.01TAVIS::ANAT_DWed Mar 18 1992c++ & debug on sunSPARC station with DEC fuse?
480.02TLE::RAGED::whippleWed Mar 18 1992WHY: Unable to start ULTRIX shell
481.05HERON::BOSSARDThu Mar 19 1992OSF/1, builder and make ...
482.03MRKTNG::SAXENAFri Mar 20 1992Announcing DEC FUSE Pack (FUSE + DTM + VUIT)
483.0MRKTNG::SAXENAFri Mar 20 1992DEC FUSE for OSF/1 EFT Announcement
484.03KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Mar 24 1992Skip Intermediate in GNU-make?
485.03QUABBI::"joe@hollie.rdg.dec.com"Tue Mar 24 1992DECFuse distributed build problems
486.03THEWAV::CREIGHANTue Mar 24 1992What is TE/SEE?
487.0BRUMMY::HAQUEWed Mar 25 1992Metrics on FUSE-Any supported?
489.05QUABBI::"joe@hollie.rdg.dec.com"Thu Mar 26 1992DECfuse software rot ...
490.02POSEUR::CARRUTHERSThu Mar 26 1992EMACs fonts
491.02CIM::KAPLANFri Mar 27 1992DEC FUSE Pack
492.02QUIVER::STEFANISun Mar 29 1992DECfuse on SCO Unix platform?
494.02KYOA::FARESETue Mar 31 1992On SUN, OPENLOOK or MOTIF??
496.02BIGUN::ANDERSONWed Apr 01 1992keywords
497.01BACHUS::ROETSThu Apr 02 1992where is caboom ?
498.01MLNORO::BONFISSUTOMon Apr 06 1992Other User documentation apart HANDBOOK ?
499.02TROOA::MSCHNEIDERMon Apr 06 1992FUSE installation on nonstandard system
500.01MUNEDI::WDRESPLINGMon Apr 06 1992C++ Class -Browser Pak
501.04MUNICH::MHEINETue Apr 07 1992IVP failed with V4.2a on DS 5
502.01MUNICH::BEICHTWed Apr 08 1992Future plans for DECfuse
503.01KYOA::FARESEThu Apr 09 1992SunOS V4.1.2 and FUSE?
505.08PAPERS::CORNETue Apr 14 1992Problems starting the C++ class browser
506.02RHETT::SHEPPARDWed Apr 15 1992can't set bkpts in FORTRAN subrtns
507.0NEWPRT::MOREH_JAMon Apr 20 1992"1. REFERENCE 2. HPUX"
508.0STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Apr 22 1992FUSE and ORACLE together?
509.0TROOA::NAISHWed Apr 22 1992Moving Demos/Examples from 'cc' to 'c89' (DEC C)
510.02TROOA::NAISHWed Apr 22 1992decburger demo missing from kit
511.011KETJE::VANDEVYVERThu Apr 23 1992FUSE and TPU example crashes
512.01QUABBI::"gibian@ljohub.enet.dec.com"Thu Apr 23 1992Customizing functions in FUSE tools
513.06STKHLM::STENSTROMTue Apr 28 1992Problems with ClassBrowser
514.01TROOA::MSCHNEIDERThu Apr 30 1992sizing?
515.02SMURF::PIPERFri May 01 1992FUSE & future ports -- short note
516.04VNASWS::HAUSBMon May 04 1992Does someone have LSE integrated ?
517.08MLNFri May 08 1992msg/c : Cannot connect socket
518.01SWAM2::BENEDICT_JIFri May 08 1992OASYS OR GNU C++
519.02MLCADG::VALLEMon May 11 1992Spontaneous Window Resizing on SUN
520.04XANADU::GUPTAWed May 13 1992error msg from check-in source to FUSE
521.02BCSE::ZUCKERMANThu May 14 1992Problems with code manager in FUSE
522.01MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREThu May 14 1992DEC FUSE pack vs. DECset
523.06FRIDYS::MCCAINThu May 14 1992DEC FUSE pack and DEC FUSE C++ integrated ?
524.0QUABBI::"gibian@ljohub.enet.dec.com"Thu May 14 1992What's the right way to report bugs now?
525.01OSITEL::BRITTAINWed May 20 1992C++ template support - when ?
526.01VINO::KOMARWed May 20 1992FUSE on the DEC OSF/1 V2.
527.03VINO::KOMARWed May 20 1992FUSE & ODE II ???
528.01AZUR::VALETSun May 24 1992Suggestion for V2 ?...
529.02EEMELI::PEURAMon May 25 1992FUSE and OSF/1 (MIPS)
530.02TYSON::KURATAWed May 27 1992OSF/1 and FUSE error
531.06KBOMFG::NISSLBECKMon Jun 01 1992Portmapper not responding
532.04WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Jun 02 1992Editor core dumping
533.03HPSRAD::LUDWIGTue Jun 02 1992Fatal: server already running???
534.03WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DATue Jun 02 1992Standards for FUSE
535.01MLNORO::BONFISSUTOWed Jun 03 1992Is RCS a standard tool ?
536.01ADO75A::SHARPEFri Jun 05 1992DTM questions ...
537.05XLIB::MARSONTue Jun 09 1992Problem with starting the debugger
538.01MIMS::HOOD_RTue Jun 09 1992Prob displaying to Sun, dbg/dbx
539.01MLNFri Jun 12 1992Guidelines for UNIX development environments?
540.05MLNFri Jun 12 1992A Comparison of SCCS/RCS/CMS; who wrote it?
541.01PRSSUD::PADOVANIMon Jun 15 1992Debugger issues
542.0OTOP39::JROSSMon Jun 15 1992PVCS from Intersolv
543.05KETJE::VANDEVYVERWed Jun 17 1992nasty side effect of RCS in multi-developper env.
544.04KETJE::VANDEVYVERWed Jun 17 1992fusepack kit location?
546.0CGOOA::DANCHOThu Jun 18 1992FUSE and Cobol?
547.01DPDMAI::GROVEMon Jun 22 1992SGI-Team Vision
548.03PARVAX::JANOCKTue Jun 23 1992IDE Software Thru Pictures and FUSE!
549.09CIM::WETHINGTONFri Jun 26 1992Large FUSE application experience
550.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHTue Jun 30 1992GNU Make and Verbos Output
551.01UTRTSC::MIKFri Jul 03 1992C++ Call Graph Browser trace
552.05GUIDUK::BERKUNTue Jul 07 1992DEC C++ Fuse support for OSF/1?
553.03DLO13::BUTTNERTue Jul 07 1992Motif 1.1.3 ?
554.01TLE::RAGED::whippleWed Jul 08 1992NLSPATH overridden
555.01TLE::RAGED::whippleWed Jul 08 1992C source not displayed when debugging C++ main program
556.07NEWPRT::MOREH_JAThu Jul 09 1992"FUSE cannot start"
557.02PAOIS::MORIN_DFri Jul 10 1992Looking for FUSE-DECCXX-USER pak
559.09BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Jul 15 1992FUSE C++ PAK !!!!! HELP!!!!
560.09ZYDECO::PEACOCKThu Jul 16 1992fuse problems
561.01HOTAIR::ENGQUISTTue Jul 21 1992Can fuse debugger be directly invoked?
563.012GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Jul 24 1992Various FUSE Problems at Customer Site
564.02GOLLY::CIRCA::zarembaMon Jul 27 1992Fuse on SunOS, where can I obtain a kit?
565.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Jul 28 1992curses, term, library Q's...
566.0KYOA::GRADYWed Jul 29 1992INGRESS and FUSE?
567.0SMURF::PIPERThu Jul 30 1992Need FUSE Testimonials & Reference Sites
568.03ZYDECO::PEACOCKTue Aug 04 1992arguments to a program from debugger
569.03DENVER::LANGFELDTWed Aug 05 1992Debugger question
570.01SWAM2::JANES_DEThu Aug 06 1992Code Manager: Limits on comment field?
571.02OSITEL::BRITTAINFri Aug 07 1992Quick Mem Config Question
572.01DPDMAI::GROVEFri Aug 07 1992Request for Additional Functionality
573.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSSun Aug 09 1992Need counter to dbx is bad message
574.03PAOIS::LHERAULTMon Aug 10 1992EnCASE needed to use EnCASED tool ?
575.02PAOIS::LHERAULTWed Aug 12 1992
576.05PEACHS::GINGHERWed Aug 12 1992Help! Fuse 1.1 dies with Seg fault (core dump).
577.03NODEX::PALThu Aug 13 1992FUSE on VMS ??
578.03FRUST::HAMILTONFri Aug 14 1992FUSE Demo problems...
579.08AKO452::PAGEFri Aug 14 1992gnumake fails to build in fuse
580.02SUBWAY::COMASWed Aug 19 1992DEC FUSE with C++ and DEC Object/DB together?
581.02HSKPRF::JJARVINENWed Aug 26 1992fuse already running
582.01RONAN::RONANWed Aug 26 1992Illegal Instruction after install
583.07TLE::TLE::WHIPPLEWed Aug 26 1992Segmentation violation when starting the FUSE debugger
584.0AKO452::PAGEMon Aug 31 1992ci fails: bad diff output?
585.01AKO452::PAGEMon Aug 31 1992RCS 5.6 ?
586.0POBOX::ALLENTue Sep 01 1992Cost Justification info
587.01CGOOA::GUNDERSONWed Sep 02 1992DECdesign and DEC FUSE integration?
588.011ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed Sep 02 1992product redundancy?
589.01COPCLU::THOMASSENThu Sep 03 1992How to get a dxterm in the debugger
590.01RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Sep 11 1992Aide-de-Camp to replace code mgr
591.02LYOISA::JACQUINTue Sep 15 1992A version on HP ?
592.07TLE::RAGED::whippleTue Sep 15 1992Debugger problems with C and C++source file recognition and path
593.0BIGUN::ANDERSONThu Sep 17 1992Training wanted - volunteers for Australia?
594.02KAZAN::BENOITFri Sep 18 1992lint with BUILDER & EDITOR
595.04KAZAN::BENOITFri Sep 18 1992Questions for 2
596.01CIM::GARTNERFri Sep 25 1992Fuse Editor and form feed characters???
597.01BENONI::DESIRAZUTue Sep 29 1992Soliciting Field Test Sites
598.04TROOA::NAISHTue Sep 29 1992FUSE & VUIT on Multi-Header DECstation
599.01TROOA::NAISHThu Oct 01 1992Enhanced Support for DECladebug in FUSE
600.09SMOKN::MEAGHERThu Oct 01 1992Larger Editor Window/Fonts?
601.09ZYDECO::PEACOCKFri Oct 02 1992dump a graph to printer?
602.0XNOGOV::JOEMon Oct 05 1992C++ Class browser and structs
603.03TOOLS::GREENWOODMon Oct 05 1992can't find the builder
604.01BACHUS::VANDORMAELWed Oct 07 1992FUSE EDITOR , problem editing several files at the same time
605.01RONAN::RONANWed Oct 07 1992Demo material for C++ integration?
606.02LENO::GRIERWed Oct 07 1992Why does it require MWM V1.1.
607.01SMOKN::MEAGHERWed Oct 07 1992Builder w/FORTRAN Defaults?
608.01CFSCTC::PAGEThu Oct 08 1992fuse and Stp in loop?
609.07EEMELI::PEURATue Oct 13 1992FUSE 1.2 IFT tools fail to locate dpml.so
610.03QUIVER::WASHABAUGHTue Oct 13 1992Xtoolkit warnings when starting up V1.2 IFT on ULTRIX
611.01SUBWAY::COMASTue Oct 13 1992How to use DEC C++ and not cfront in IFT 1.2?
612.01KAZAN::BENOITWed Oct 14 1992Customization Setting in Resource file
613.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHWed Oct 14 1992New behavior of file filter in the Fuse Editor in V1.2
614.012QUIVER::WASHABAUGHWed Oct 14 1992Fuse Editor in V1.2, likes and dislikes
615.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHFri Oct 16 1992Possible Cross Reference Bug: Can't find usages of a MACRO using directory
616.011QUIVER::WASHABAUGHFri Oct 16 1992FUSE Editor Bug in V1.2
617.01ASIMOV::DITOMMASOFri Oct 16 1992Problem installing FUSEA12
618.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHFri Oct 16 1992FUSE 1.2 IFT Code Manager Behavior
619.04WARNUT::PAVERDMon Oct 19 1992Problem running FUSE
620.01PEACHS::SILVERSTEINMon Oct 19 1992Release date for V1.2?
621.01SUBWAY::COMASMon Oct 19 1992Pixie and Prof graphs for C++ code in FUSE. When?
622.04TLE::UJALA::PRADHANMon Oct 19 1992profiling using prof and Ada
623.02QUIVER::WASHABAUGHTue Oct 20 1992V1.2 Memory Problems
624.04HGOVC::RAGHUWed Oct 21 1992Managing SCO UNIX development
625.0TROOA::NAISHWed Oct 21 1992ObjectCenter and NAG Support?
626.01SUBWAY::COMASWed Oct 21 1992dxdiff and code-manager together?
627.01XANADU::GUPTAWed Oct 21 1992need kit location for FUSE on OSF
628.04XANADU::GUPTAWed Oct 21 1992Looking for FUSE kit location on MIPS DEC/OSF1
629.06GUCCI::JWHITEWed Oct 21 1992need to describe EnCASE process to vendors
630.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHThu Oct 22 1992V1.2 Cross Referencer
631.02MIMS::HOOD_RThu Oct 22 1992No Graph to Browse in Graph Browser
632.0OSITEL::BRITTAINFri Oct 23 1992Advertising Campaign
633.01UHUH::EIKENBERRYFri Oct 23 1992Can't find datatypes.h included by fuse.h
634.01GUIDUK::DANIELSONFri Oct 23 1992Good white paper on FUSE?
635.01TLE::UJALA::PRADHANMon Oct 26 1992Warning: The database does not contain path names consistent
636.01TLE::UJALA::PRADHANMon Oct 26 1992call graph browser crash
637.07QUIVER::WASHABAUGHMon Oct 26 1992V1.2 Debugger
638.02TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKETue Oct 27 1992Problem setting breakpoints in source files
639.07SDTMKT::JOHNSTONWed Oct 28 1992FUSE Resource Sheet
640.0TLE::BEGIN::PRADHANThu Oct 29 1992
641.01CFSCTC::PAGEThu Oct 29 1992EnCASE/fusescript_shell demo fails?
642.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHThu Oct 29 1992V1.2 Code Manager
643.02SWAM2::MARTIN_KEThu Oct 29 1992FUSE does not start w/all tools
644.01SUBWAY::COMASThu Oct 29 1992load configuration on command line?
645.01BIGUN::MAYNESun Nov 01 1992Exclude /usr/include stuff
646.01EEMELI::TAVIMon Nov 02 1992Q: profiler & colors
647.07TOOK::SWISTMon Nov 02 19921.2 IFT Install doesn't work at all, seg fault
648.03DCOPST::COLSRV::ASHERISACOFFMon Nov 02 1992Ultrix 4.3 & FUSE V1.1?
649.07MLCADG::VALLETue Nov 03 1992Cannot connect to Fuse Script server error
650.04STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TTue Nov 03 1992Problem adding ladbx to tool menu in DEC fuse for c++
651.03R2ME2::BRINKLEYTue Nov 03 1992How to Install EnCASE V1.2 from 1.2 Field Test Kit
653.06SUOSW3::NIESSERWed Nov 04 1992FUSE in distributet environment
654.01STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TThu Nov 05 1992Argument list to long when trying to list files in the code manager RCS in FUSEc++
655.03QUIVER::WASHABAUGHThu Nov 05 1992v1.2 Call Graph Brower
656.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHMon Nov 09 1992FUSE 1.2 Builder
657.01TLE::UJALA::PRADHANTue Nov 10 1992code manager check-in/out does not preserve last modifica<tion time
658.05GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Nov 13 1992alpha fuse license problem unrecognized cpu
659.01STKHLM::STENSTROMFri Nov 13 1992Debugger questions
660.01ZYDECO::PEACOCKMon Nov 16 1992debugger help text truncated
661.02ZYDECO::PEACOCKMon Nov 16 1992Fuse 1.1 debuggers
662.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHMon Nov 16 1992Setting complicated breakpoints in the FUSE debugger
663.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHMon Nov 16 1992FUSE Profiler
664.03KETJE::DIERICKWed Nov 18 1992Urgent: FUSE and OSF/1 Alpha problem
665.01QUIVER::PICKETTWed Nov 18 1992FUSE 1.2 IFT Zombie Processes?
666.03TOOHOT::ROCHAWed Nov 18 1992SPD - OSF/AXP
667.01QUIVER::PICKETTFri Nov 20 1992FUSE 1.2 IFT Code Manager bug
668.01MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREThu Nov 26 1992Two questions: DEC FUSE vs Ada and Telesoft
669.013QUIVER::PICKETTMon Nov 30 1992Comments on IFT 1.2 2
670.01STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Dec 01 1992FUSE issues from customer
671.02BEGIN::UJALA::PRADHANWed Dec 02 1992PAKs for IFT2
672.01HKGACT::EDMONDLEUNGSun Dec 06 1992Documentations for DEC FUSE
673.03TOOHOT::SANFORDSun Dec 06 1992FUSE Editor. Multiple file Search/Replace?
674.0PAOIS::GUILLOTThu Dec 10 1992pty problem
675.04SWAM2::MARTIN_KEThu Dec 10 1992Fortran help needed
676.03SWAM2::MARTIN_KEThu Dec 10 1992Child/Parent tracking
677.0HOCUS::HUSTONMon Dec 14 1992Great Fuse Review
678.01PSYCHD::MICHAELSMon Dec 14 1992Messages sent on startup by EnCASEd tool
679.0SMURF::PIPERTue Dec 15 1992DECset not "discontinued"
680.03QUIVER::PICKETTWed Dec 16 1992FUSE 1.2 EFT Installation
681.02QUIVER::WASHABAUGHThu Dec 17 1992FUSE 1.2 EFT Debugger still can't examine pointer variables in C!!!!
682.04TROOA::NAISHThu Dec 17 1992FUSE V1.2 IFT2 X11 Install Problem
683.01PSYCHD::MICHAELSFri Dec 18 1992debug messages?
684.0PSYCHD::MICHAELSTue Dec 22 1992Questions about the system dialog messages
685.0PSYCHD::MICHAELSTue Dec 22 1992Tools Menu
686.0BENONI::LSWFri Jan 08 1993FUSE NOTES file moving
687.01EPIK::HOLOHANMon Jan 11 1993Dev environment set up
688.01ZYDECO::PEACOCKMon Jan 18 1993debugger help missing
689.01ZYDECO::PEACOCKMon Jan 18 1993catching SIGTERM in the debugger
690.01FMNIST::olsonTue Jan 19 1993No /usr/local/bin to cp into...minor bug
691.01CFSCTC::PAGEThu Jan 21 1993Has FUSE 1.2 Moved ?
692.05RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Jan 22 1993-display command line switch ignored
693.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Jan 25 1993Respect *my* colors?
694.04DOPEY::DICKENSMon Jan 25 1993different problem with debugger starting in fuse V1.1
695.03GOLLY::CIRCA::zarembaTue Jan 26 1993problem installing V1.1 C++ support
696.02OSLACT::OLAVWed Jan 27 1993Learn Control Panel unavailable in 1.2?
697.01TAVWed Jan 27 1993Makefile generation.
698.02HOPOFF::WILLIAMSWed Jan 27 1993alpha/spaceout/profiler hanging
699.05IJSAPL::OOSTENThu Jan 28 1993FUSE on Sparc1
700.06RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Jan 28 1993can't connect to message server
701.02RLAV::SMITH_DFri Jan 29 1993How many FUSE X-Terminals Per Flamingo?
702.01BREAKR::HATue Feb 02 1993SGI competition
703.01ZYDECO::PEACOCKTue Feb 02 1993HELP!!!!!
704.02ZYDECO::PEACOCKTue Feb 02 1993Debug an unowned file
705.02WATNOW::gerryWed Feb 03 1993*** ERROR : You are NOT running on a Alpha AXP machine *** ???
706.01ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed Feb 03 1993Options Help Missing on FT1.2?
707.04OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Feb 03 19931.2eft SPACEOUT spaced out ?
708.01OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Feb 04 1993Fuse & OSF/1 features ?
709.05OSLThu Feb 04 1993FUSE debugger hangs
710.05KAL::MFORSERFri Feb 05 1993PAK problem with FUSE 1.2 and OSF/1
711.09OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Feb 08 19931.2eft a mess on 1
712.06TROOA::NAISHMon Feb 08 1993Config Rules for OSF/ALPHA?
713.03OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Feb 09 1993Wot, no Lit ?
714.08ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed Feb 10 1993install question
715.01ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed Feb 10 1993scroll bar confusion (1.1)
716.01SUBWAY::YANNIOSWed Feb 10 1993Cant't Invoke: EMACS, VI or ULTRIX shell (V1.1)
717.02RDGENG::CARAUXThu Feb 11 1993msg/s: can't get host name.
718.02SEND::TIBBITTSThu Feb 11 1993Alpha install problem
719.01GOLLY::CIRCA::zarembaFri Feb 12 1993How do I modify cxx command when using DEC C++ with IFT 1.2
720.01DPDMAI::GROVEFri Feb 12 1993FUSE & Atherton CM
721.01DPDMAI::GROVEFri Feb 12 1993Create CGB db from Makefile?
722.05ZYDECO::PEACOCKMon Feb 15 1993select buffer size in editor
723.05ZYDECO::PEACOCKTue Feb 16 19931.2 debugger seg faults
724.04KERNEL::MORGANIWed Feb 17 1993FUSE on AXP problems with non-local source trees
725.03ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed Feb 17 1993installation problems
726.06ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed Feb 17 19931.2 EFT debugger setenv
727.03ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed Feb 17 19931.2 EFT debugger loses control
728.02RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Feb 18 1993INCLUDE directive ignored in .xrefrc
729.03AMCUCS::AHUJAThu Feb 18 1993Can't install FUSE V1.2 EFT
730.02ADO75A::SHARPEThu Feb 18 1993DTM with Fuse V1.2 for OSF/1 on Alpha?
731.03AMCUCS::AHUJAMon Feb 22 1993Can FUSE help in reverse engineering ?
732.011AOSG::PDERRTue Feb 23 1993fuse for OSF/1 AXP BL12 ??
733.06BASTAR::KAIRYSTue Feb 23 1993SSB 1.2 date?
734.05OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Feb 24 1993CGB graph update wrong ?
735.01MR4DEC::DITOMMASOWed Feb 24 1993V1.2eft dumps core on R4
736.0SDTMKT::PIPERTue Mar 02 1993DEC FUSE V2.
737.04KOALA::MORGANWed Mar 03 1993Problem using Class Hierarchy Browser
738.0TLE::MOQUINFri Mar 05 1993SPD/SSA - DEC FUSE V1.2 for DEC OSF/1 AXP Systems
739.0TLE::MOQUINFri Mar 05 1993SPD/SSA-DEC FUSE V1.2 for ULTRIX Systems 33.66.
740.0TLE::MOQUINFri Mar 05 1993SPD/SSA-DEC FUSE V1.2 for Sun[R] 37.25.
741.06CAADC::NELSONTue Mar 09 19931.2, msg/s: fatal: Server already running
742.01RHETT::CHOYTue Mar 09 1993fuse: user license & shell
743.01AMCUCS::AHUJATue Mar 09 1993Saving the Cross-Reference Database
744.01CHEERS::HOLOHANWed Mar 10 1993Error starting FUSE 12
746.01MUDIS3::STEINMETZTue Mar 16 1993Help needed on using pixie for big processes
747.01AMCUCS::AHUJATue Mar 16 1993Urgently looking for FUSE 1.2 kit on Alpha.
748.0GOLLY::HARTWed Mar 17 1993FUSE scaling: a tool and a survey
749.03SWAM2::MARTIN_KEThu Mar 18 1993Batch debugging?
750.01STKHLM::STENSTROMMon Mar 22 1993Updated list of integrators
751.04BER::SPANDOECKTue Mar 23 1993msg/c: fatal no control panel present
752.04SWAM2::MARTIN_KETue Mar 23 1993FUSE 1.2 AXP PAK soon to expire
753.01SWAM2::MARTIN_KEThu Mar 25 1993Need Code Manager like product
754.01KAZAN::BENOITFri Mar 26 1993V1.2 SUN installation problem
755.02MLNMon Mar 29 1993DEC Test Manager not on SUN (FUSE pack too?)
756.01AZUR::DICKOMon Mar 29 1993fuse: msgs/s: fatal: Problem with file lock -- 75
757.0UHUH::CLEAVELANDMon Mar 29 1993FUSE usability - input please
758.02UHUH::CLEAVELANDMon Mar 29 1993Tool groups - do you use them?
759.03GUIDUK::BERKUNMon Mar 29 1993demo under osf/alpha?
760.01WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Mar 30 1993FUSE editor & help problem in DECathena
761.01QUIVER::KENDALLTue Mar 30 1993Compile option in fuse editor crashes W/S
762.08BASTAR::KAIRYSTue Mar 30 1993Installation glitches
763.01IRNBRU::CARTYWed Mar 31 1993C++ Fuse, do I install C++ or specific fuse kits!
764.02TLE::MORSHEDThu Apr 01 1993Fuse debugger's input buffer...
765.03RDGENG::CARAUXMon Apr 05 1993Can't connect server
766.010MUNICH::BEICHTMon Apr 05 1993Redirecting input in the debugger
767.02BLKPUD::NORRISMWed Apr 07 1993Fuse Crash with Kernel Access Violation
768.01RHETT::SHEPPARDWed Apr 07 1993FUSE on DMS problem
769.01BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Apr 08 1993No pak available for FUSE-ADA-USER.
770.03RHETT::LOHThu Apr 08 1993max number of simultaneous user problem
771.02QUIVER::M_NOHELTYMon Apr 12 1993QUESTION on RCS interface, comments on v1.2
772.01HGTAI1::PRCSWSWed Apr 14 1993The problems with FUSE V1.1
773.02GLUPS::BROCHARDWed Apr 21 1993Decfuse licenses types
774.01RHETT::LOHWed Apr 21 1993problem with graph browser - strange characters
775.02RHETT::LOHWed Apr 21 1993problem with Fortran main calling C subroutine
776.01EVTIS9::LANNEROThu Apr 22 1993OSF/1 AXP config guideline
777.0EMASS::MACOMBERMon Apr 26 1993DEC OSF/1 missing from release notes
778.01PEACHS::WILKWed Apr 28 1993C and C++
779.01KOALA::HOLOHANWed Apr 28 1993Ladbx error
780.03TYSON::KURATAWed Apr 28 1993Need to get input from a file on profile
781.01DECWET::HUNTTue May 04 1993good press for FUSE and DEC C++
782.04RHETT::SHEPPARDTue May 04 1993FUSE editor seg fault
783.01OSITEL::BRITTAINWed May 05 1993Wrong popup - cosmetic error
784.02OSITEL::BRITTAINWed May 05 1993fuse-deccxx-user license check wrong ?
785.01RHETT::SHEPPARDWed May 05 1993no FORT/C links in Browser
786.01MLNFri May 07 1993LSE on ULTRIX to support SDL language (and Fuse integration)
787.0SYORRK::krasSat May 08 1993FUSE gets Kudos for C++
788.01HANNAH::B_COBBWed May 12 1993Latest FUSE kit?
789.02ZORO::PRADHANThu May 13 1993FUSE debugger and 64-bit addresses
790.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHFri May 14 1993Problems with Code Manager and RCS
791.02XLIB::EDWINFri May 14 1993Incremental Linker for DEC FUSE V1.2 ??
792.02TLE::MORSHEDMon May 17 1993Fuse debugger and delays after commands
793.01TLE::MORSHEDMon May 17 1993Fuse debugger and never ending pauses
794.01TLE::MORSHEDMon May 17 1993Source dislpay suggestion for debugger
795.02STKHLM::STENSTROMTue May 18 1993Debugger problems
796.02TPOVC::STEVEHSUWed May 19 1993Problems for DEC Fuse by using NFS client/server
797.02NOVA::CHRISWed May 19 1993SAVE Configuration = Segmenation Fault (coredump)
798.01XLIB::EDWINThu May 20 1993Debugger problems with FUSE V1.2
799.02BLKPUD::NORRISMFri May 28 1993Upgrading to V1.2, Disk Space Problems
800.01RCOCER::SALEHIMon May 31 1993Debugger does not display C source code
801.04TPOVC::STEVEHSUTue Jun 01 1993Help: profiler core dump
802.01HKGACT::EDMONDLEUNGWed Jun 02 1993DEC FUSE documents for OSF/1 AXP
803.03DEMON::MARSHFri Jun 04 1993Want comments on on-line training
805.02RONAN::RONANTue Jun 08 1993Sparcstation 1
806.03RONAN::RONANTue Jun 08 1993Demo for V12 on Sun?
807.03EEMELI::LINNA_ALHOThu Jun 10 1993fuse v 1.2 pak for Fuse Base System?
808.01PEROIT::MURRAYFri Jun 11 1993incorrect stack level display
809.0PEROIT::MURRAYFri Jun 11 1993Unaligned access
810.0PEROIT::MURRAYFri Jun 11 1993comments on quote command
811.01RONAN::RONANWed Jun 16 1993Need C++ for Sun
812.04HARDY::BICKFORDWed Jun 16 1993Remote display problems
814.03RONAN::RONANWed Jun 16 1993license manager (FLEX/LM) problem?
815.01DRINKS::BINGHAMWed Jun 16 1993Note to moderators - This conference is incorrectly listed in easynotes.lis
816.03TAVThu Jun 17 1993Fortran debug problems.
817.02RONAN::RONANThu Jun 17 1993weird font on Help (V1.1)
818.02RONAN::RONANFri Jun 18 1993Problems/ v/V1.2 for Sun installation
819.02TAVMon Jun 21 1993Fuse PM.
820.01VNASWS::HAUSBMon Jun 21 1993How do you print Graphs ?????
821.03RHETT::WEILBACHERWed Jun 23 1993global environment ...
822.01VNASWS::HAUSBThu Jun 24 1993DECladebug problem
823.06RDGENG::BERENTSun Jun 27 1993FUSE problem with DECladebug remote debug
824.012KERNEL::MORGANIMon Jun 28 1993Why do you need tcp set up ?
825.03RHETT::SHEPPARDMon Jun 28 1993cross refs in a dir tree
826.01RHETT::WEILBACHERTue Jun 29 1993<dbg> printenv; I still don't get it.
827.06VNASWS::HAUSBThu Jul 01 1993Need Help with distributed Build
828.0SDTMKT::JOHNSTONWed Jul 14 1993Chuck Piper Moving to NT-land
829.02TLE::MORSHEDWed Jul 14 1993extra blank lines to standard output
830.03SWAM2::JANES_DEWed Jul 14 1993Debugger does not display Ada source code automatically
831.011RHETT::KATZThu Jul 15 1993What PAK for running ladbx under FUSE?
832.02JULIET::HATTRUP_JAThu Jul 15 1993Regression Test tools Alpha/OSF1/AXP
833.01MISERY::MACHADO_CAMon Jul 19 1993Version control on binary files
834.01HEN::PLESSASFri Jul 23 1993dbx failing on OSF/1
835.0RHETT::SHEPPARDTue Jul 27 1993details in callgraph printouts
836.0SCHOOL::WASHABAUGHThu Jul 29 1993Note from the Internet - Can anyone help
837.0OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Aug 02 1993Amazing disappearing text act in FUSE Editor
838.01UHUH::CLEAVELANDWed Aug 04 1993FUSE Help broken on OSF/1 V1.3
839.0SDTMKT::JOHNSTONWed Aug 04 1993DEC FUSE Training video now available
840.03SDTMKT::JOHNSTONFri Aug 06 1993UNIX Review reprints now available
841.01DECSIM::VICTORFri Aug 13 1993problem with setting breakpoint
842.01HERR::crosbieMon Aug 16 1993Page breaks and the FUSE editor?
843.02STKHLM::STENSTROMMon Aug 16 1993FUSE and PAKS ,again...
844.01AKOCOA::JANDERSONMon Aug 16 19933rd Party Tool Integration - listing?
845.02PUXGPX::LHERAULTThu Aug 19 1993Pb with UIDPATH variable
846.03TKTVFS::IMAMURAFri Aug 20 1993FUSE editor problem.
847.08STKHLM::STENSTROMFri Aug 20 1993C++ Class Browser Problems
848.01ZORO::PRADHANMon Aug 23 1993DEC FUSE on DEC OSF/1
849.02RHETT::CHOYMon Aug 23 1993fuse v1.2a: 'help' broke on motif v1.1.3a
850.0GLOSS::RANKINWed Aug 25 1993Can't use SIGALRM in EnCase program
851.03SFCPMO::JOHNSTONMon Aug 30 1993Ada and Builder problem
852.02PRSSUD::PRONIERMon Aug 30 1993debugger C++ hang
853.01TAVTue Aug 31 1993Customer looking for DECset-like tools in OSF/1
854.04HANSBC::BACHNERWed Sep 08 1993errors loading into and checking out from sccs
855.0463134::PRADHANThu Sep 09 1993pixie
856.02ULTOE::browderTue Sep 14 1993IBM's Configuration Management Version Control VS FUSE Code Manager
857.01ROCK::SANTIAGOThu Sep 16 1993Fuse 1.2 prob oin Ultrix 4.2A
858.0263134::PRADHANThu Sep 16 1993cross referencer and call graph browser interaction
859.02SSPADE::BINGHAMThu Sep 16 1993Question about IGNORE in .xrefrc files
860.01RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Sep 17 19931.2 / 1.2A diffs ?
861.02DECSIM::VICTORFri Sep 17 1993Does PRINT work on class brower (V1.2A) ?
862.02CRIME::GENTILIMon Sep 20 1993Installing V1,2A on ULTRIX 4.3 does not work!
863.03RHETT::SHEPPARDMon Sep 20 1993problems with FUSE-C-USER
864.01IBM::CALATOTue Sep 21 1993DEC FUSE V2.
865.07OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Sep 21 1993Builder refuses to generate C++ rules
866.04HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGTue Sep 28 1993Questions on using FUSE V1.2
867.02SYORRK::krasTue Sep 28 1993Conference for Team/SEE and CohesionWorx?
868.03DPDMAI::GROVETue Sep 28 1993Sun/Solaris Support
869.01RHETT::SHEPPARDWed Sep 29 1993Cross-Ref dies with seg fault
870.02RHETT::CHOYWed Sep 29 1993way to adjust debugger command pane height
871.01HELIX::WIENERWed Oct 06 1993Some general FUSE questions.
872.02CREME::FORDFri Oct 08 1993define and vset in debugger: how do they work?
873.01IBM::CALATOTue Oct 12 1993DEC FUSE V2.
874.04CSC32::SCHLABSWed Oct 13 1993Where to get license for fuse/osf, vtx didn't have it
875.02MUNICH::BEICHTThu Oct 14 1993Fuse problem on OSF/1 with long hostnames
876.02CHOVAX::DANYLUKFri Oct 15 1993unbundling debugger?
877.05PEACHS::FORDMon Oct 18 1993V1.2a, Ultrix v4.3a, debugger won't work
878.04CIGRBX::SHUBERTWed Oct 20 1993Problems with license for latest version
879.02IJSAPL::BLEDOEGThu Oct 21 1993OSF/1 pixie dumps core
880.03IJSAPL::BLEDOEGThu Oct 21 1993COHESIONworX: missing functionality?
881.04IJSAPL::BLEDOEGTue Oct 26 1993PROBLEM: DECladebug hangs
882.02STKHLM::STENSTROMTue Oct 26 1993FUSE DECC++ Support 1.2 kit
883.04AMER::MORETTIThu Oct 28 1993unresolvable symbol Xmstrings
884.03SCHOOL::WEEKSFri Oct 29 1993Help setting pointers to source directories in the debugger
885.01DECSIM::VICTORFri Oct 29 1993FUSE C++ debugger manual?
886.01ZPOVC::POHINGThu Nov 04 1993docu on IXI X.desktop on the net ??
887.01HGOVC::JOELBERMANThu Nov 04 1993COmmitment for continued FUSE development?
888.0LYOISA::JACQUINMon Nov 08 1993Rolling demo for OSF/1 on the Network
889.0BANZAY::TIDONATue Nov 09 1993FUSE debug features & question
890.01CRONIC::ANTROBUSTue Nov 09 1993Source file not displayed in debugger area
891.02RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Nov 11 1993FUSE & dxterm die with seg fault
892.02MINNY::WALDISPUEHLFri Nov 12 1993Need DEC FUSE references!
893.02BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANWed Nov 24 1993DEC FUSE C++ support vs DEC FUSE Support for C++
894.06RHETT::LOHWed Nov 24 1993DECfuse debugger chokes on ORACLE 7 program
895.02EEMELI::TAVIMon Nov 29 1993DEC Object/DB and FUSE with C++ ?
896.01THEWAV::CREIGHANMon Nov 29 1993What's in the Ada option?
897.01AZUR::DICKOTue Nov 30 1993DEC FUSE editor replaces _ ( underscore ) by " <-"
898.04OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Dec 01 1993Q; Creating Ada Makefiles...
899.02UTOPIE::RINGHOFER_MThu Dec 02 1993license issue with Fuse C++ Support
900.02OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Dec 07 1993FUSE dbx and Ada problems
901.02NOVA::GRAVESThu Dec 16 1993OSF/1 T2.
903.03MUNICH::ERNSTFri Dec 31 1993Funnies with FUSE on OSF/1 and C++ Graph Browser
904.0TKOV5Fri Jan 14 1994Ada Opt.
905.09RHETT::LOHThu Jan 20 1994strange DECfuse debugger problem
906.0MLNTue Jan 25 1994DEC OSF/1 FUSE debugger hanging on a big fortran program
907.03PEACHS::HALEYMon Jan 31 1994breakpoint errs w/ FUSE 1.2a on U4.3a
908.04BASTAR::KAIRYSWed Feb 02 1994Problem: FUSE on OSF installs in /usr/kits
909.02MIMS::GINGHER_AWed Feb 02 1994Host Shell problem 1.2A+4.3A
910.06UKARC1::WOOD_JThu Feb 03 1994DECladebug "hangs" with clock-cursor on C++ programs
911.01JER::HARROWMon Feb 07 1994What message does Builder use to display source associated with an error message?
912.01RHETT::SHEPPARDMon Feb 07 1994alias command in Debugger
913.01QUICK::VICTORMon Feb 07 1994Cannot specify my own make in Builder.
914.04ZORO::PRADHANTue Feb 08 1994Adding default rules to makefiles
915.03EEMELI::TAVIWed Feb 09 1994FUSE & BX integration ??
916.01RHETT::BONNEMon Feb 14 1994watch event not working in v1.2 on OSF v1.3?
917.01QUICK::VICTORMon Feb 21 1994fuse ladbx bug: DBG: invalid function name
918.014OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Feb 28 1994Questions: Remote dbg, EnCASE etc.
919.02DECSIM::BOGDANOVWed Mar 02 1994DECladebug question
920.03SFCPMO::JOHNSTONFri Mar 04 1994Problems w/ada_debug-FUSE Debugger
921.03MARVIN::HAQUEMon Mar 07 1994ClearCase: what timescales for internal users?
922.03TRNMon Mar 07 1994DEC FUSE 1.2A & OSF/1 T2.
923.04BSS::HEWITTWed Mar 09 1994TFM vs. Powerbuilder and SQL
924.01CRXHF::TRANFri Mar 11 1994cross ref. in Emacs under FUSE 1.2
925.03GLDOA::HOLBELWed Mar 16 1994Docs?
926.05GLDOA::HOLBELWed Mar 16 1994FUSE Profiler and ATOM?
927.06TASTY::JEFFERYFri Mar 18 1994Debugger displaying very large arrays.
928.06SPSEG::SANKARANFri Mar 18 1994Does v1.2 run on OSF/1 v2.
929.02ZORO::PRADHANMon Mar 21 1994xrefrc
930.01GLDOA::HOLBELTue Mar 22 1994Field Test V2 available ??? Please.
931.0TKOV5Tue Mar 22 1994PROBLEM: C++ LKG Entry
932.01CADSYS::YODLOWSKIMon Mar 28 1994C++ Class Browser can't open hh files
933.01SDTPMM::CACCIOLATue Mar 29 1994DEC FUSE V2.
934.02KAOATue Mar 29 1994Debugging memory corruption in source code
935.05TKOV5Wed Mar 30 1994where V1.2A Docs
936.04CADSYS::YODLOWSKITue Apr 05 1994Fuse Problems with C++
937.05BOBSEG::SEGRESTSat Apr 09 1994FUSE 1.2A is not ready for Prime Time
938.04BOBSEG::SEGRESTSun Apr 10 1994Anyone using FUSE with X.desktop ???
939.05TAVMon Apr 11 1994COBOL?
940.02HGOVC::TIMA_BURANCEWed Apr 13 1994DECfuse code manager questions
941.01RHETT::LOHWed Apr 13 1994Restoring button definitions automatically???
942.0PIETFri Apr 15 1994Debugger not displaying source code
943.01DPDMAI::GROVEFri Apr 15 1994Date for DEC FUSE port to IBM AIX
944.01DPDMAI::GROVETue Apr 19 1994DEC FUSE features/futures
945.04NYOSTue Apr 19 1994FUSE 1.2A and ULTRIX 4.4?
946.04KAOAThu Apr 21 1994FUSE/COHESIONworX questions - handling sub-directories, etc.
947.01CADSYS::YODLOWSKIFri Apr 22 1994fuse_emacs dosen't see ~/.Xdefaults commands
948.03DECSIM::RETHMANFri Apr 29 1994Does FUSE V1.2A run on OSF/1 T3.
949.02JER::HARROWTue May 03 1994How do you prevent a nodes from moving when selected in the class browser?
950.03JER::HARROWTue May 03 1994How do you find instances of a class?
951.05ZENDIA::ELKINSTue May 03 1994"Error: the 'CC' command could not be found..."
952.03SUPER::BICKFORDTue May 03 1994decladebug problem with OSF/1 2.
953.0SDTPMM::JOHNSTONWed May 11 1994FUSE in a nutshell
954.03FEENIX::OMALLEYWed May 18 1994RCS Wrappers?
955.03OSITEL::BRITTAINTue May 31 1994PC X-Server config for Fuse
956.02FORC1Tue May 31 1994 Can Profiler read Script Files?
957.03MICKIE::kimptonWed Jun 01 1994File suffixes/extensions in the builder
958.02RHETT::LOHThu Jun 02 1994Can't use FUSE DECladebug
959.03RHETT::LOHThu Jun 02 1994Can't setup for both FUSE DECladebug & Debugger
960.01PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGFri Jun 03 1994Pre-define Code Manager Library?
961.01GOLLY::CIRCA::zarembaFri Jun 03 1994Software Visualization Demo Kit
962.04GOLLY::CIRCA::zarembaFri Jun 03 1994Visualization Demo Feedback
963.01SEAWLF::BOLLINGERMon Jun 06 1994Ada/C++/Other language statement expansion
964.01RT95::TEDESCOTue Jun 07 1994TPU from Dec on OSF/1 with FUSE?
965.04MLNTSC::VOCIWed Jun 08 1994problem witn environment variable osf/1
966.08MUNICH::BEICHTMon Jun 13 1994Problem with editor on fuse 1.2A
967.0WRKSYS::RICHARDSONFri Jun 17 1994OSF-1 novice needs .so symbol table help
968.03STKHLM::STENSTROMMon Jun 20 1994Need update on a few things
969.09OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Jun 21 1994DEC FUSE: Quo vadis ?
970.01DECSIM::BOGDANOVWed Jun 22 1994more Code Manager questions
971.02IOOSRV::HITTENMILLERMon Jun 27 1994SUN license setup for V1.2, HOW?
972.02SDTPMM::JOHNSTONTue Jun 28 1994Off-base support for FUSE
973.011RECV::LYNESTue Jun 28 1994Custom Fonts for DECladebug under FUSE T2.
974.02IOOSRV::HITTENMILLERWed Jul 06 1994Problem running FUSE on SUN?
975.01OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Jul 07 1994TotalView Debugger from BBN Systems
976.06SAC::DUNNE_CMon Jul 11 1994Fuse for OSF V1.3a ??
977.06TAVWed Jul 13 1994Profiler: Nothing to display ?
978.03MUNICH::BEICHTTue Jul 19 1994Problems with code manager with RCS and debugger setting source directory
979.01RHETT::KNORRTue Jul 19 1994Licenses, DECladebug, pty's, and FUSE
980.01MDCRAB::RICHMONDThu Jul 21 1994Process Weaver or SynerVision like tools?
981.03RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Jul 21 1994Trace/BPT trap in debugger
982.01PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGMon Jul 25 1994...shell path....:/usr/kits/fuse/bin ?
983.02MUNICH::BEICHTTue Jul 26 1994Problems debugging threads with fuse debugger
984.02THEWAV::CREIGHANTue Jul 26 1994A few Code Manager questions
985.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 28 1994Need .ps copy of v1.2 hdbk
986.0MUNICH::BEICHTMon Aug 01 1994Problem with debugger with short C source
987.03AZUR::DICKOWed Aug 03 1994modifying tabs in fuse editir
988.01ATYISA::SIPFri Aug 05 1994Where is FUSE 1.2A for OSF/1 kit ??
989.03THEWAV::CREIGHANTue Aug 09 1994Builds taking advantage of SMP?
990.03STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TFri Aug 12 1994Fuse and DEC c++ license problems in OSF/1 v2.
991.021BOBSEG::SEGRESTMon Aug 15 1994V2.
992.01ZURTue Aug 16 1994DECladebug hangs, the old story
993.01THEWAV::CREIGHANTue Aug 16 1994Fuse 2.
994.01ZPOVC::COLINTONGWed Aug 17 1994C++ Questions
995.01ZPOVC::COLINTONGWed Aug 17 1994Browser support for C++
996.0MQOSWS::A_YASSIRWed Aug 17 1994SUN And DECfuse Questions ???
997.02LANCHZ::HILDEBRANDThu Aug 18 1994Can DEC FUSE be run with eXcursion?
998.01CFSCTC::HUSTONThu Aug 18 1994Please clarify Global Grouping
999.02RDGENG::BERENTWed Aug 24 1994No links between debug and call graph browser in V2.
1000.02HELIX::SKALTSISWed Aug 24 1994Any plans to port to an Intel platform?
1001.02AIAG::KIMThu Aug 25 1994Debuging a threaded application
1002.0MUNICH::BEICHTFri Aug 26 1994Problem debugging C++ names using glockenspiel c++
1003.04BREAKR::JANESSun Aug 28 1994FORTRAN 9
1004.02THEWAV::CREIGHANWed Aug 31 1994What's in V2.
1005.02LEMAN::BEZENCONWed Sep 07 1994TotalView WWW Advertising / Fuse why not ?
1006.01AIAG::KIMWed Sep 07 1994Bug in "Source DIrectories..." ?
1007.05LATINA::CARVAJALThu Sep 08 1994fuse: msg/s: fatal: Server already running
1008.04GOLLY::RODGERSTue Sep 13 1994Ideas for documenting how to use FUSE
1009.0--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 14 1994Draft Marketing Materials available
1010.03COMICS::TURPIEThu Sep 22 1994system debugger not accessible
1011.0156945::KATKIThu Sep 22 1994New FUSE debugger in 2.
1012.01CFSCTC::KATKIFri Sep 23 1994FUSE1.2 debugger on OSF3.
1013.01RHETT::SHEPPARDWed Sep 28 1994license for SUNOS ?
1014.01RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Sep 29 1994CrossReferencer ignores SOURCE & INCLUDE directives
1015.03RHETT::FORDMon Oct 03 1994Is ADA Supported on OSF/1 AXP?
1016.01RDGENG::BERENTWed Oct 05 1994Minor bug when exiting DECladebug in Fuse V2.
1017.04ADO75A::SHARPETue Oct 11 1994Test manager and fuse?
1018.04RHETT::SHEPPARDMon Oct 17 1994Where are FUSE QARs ?
1019.01MPGS::LAVINMon Oct 17 1994I need to go back!!!
1020.05BROKE::ALEXANDERFri Oct 21 1994A few questions on the cross-reference analyzer.
1021.01CFSCTC::HUSTONFri Oct 21 1994Trouble starting FUSE DECladebug on a C++ executable
1022.06OTOUMon Oct 31 1994FUSE vs Softbench & CodeCenter
1023.02LGP3Mon Oct 31 1994emacs + static database == fast editing...
1024.06RHETT::LOHTue Nov 01 1994How to debug a child process with Fuse DECladebug
1025.0SEAWLF::GUILESThu Nov 03 1994Anyone have C++ or Ada Language Templates?
1026.01BROKE::SADLERFri Nov 04 1994struct/field lookups with Cross Ref
1027.011ADO75A::SHARPESun Nov 06 1994FUSE and Configuration Management?
1028.01LGP3Wed Nov 09 1994C++ support in base fuse subset or additional subset? tx.
1029.03SEAWLF::GUILESFri Nov 11 1994C Language Templates help needed +more
1030.02CRAIGA::SCHOMPFri Nov 11 1994A question to the fuse editor developers...
1031.02DECSIM::BOGDANOVThu Nov 17 1994RCS (beta)
1032.0PADO::marcFri Nov 18 1994special 'makemake'
1033.04HDLITE::MODITue Nov 22 1994FUSE V2.
1034.01XMAGIC::VELIJANIA_FRSun Nov 27 1994What's FUSElite?
1035.04PEACHS::FORDThu Dec 08 1994DECfuse Debugger; can you print double precision?
1036.02BOSMNP::PICARDMon Dec 12 1994Command Line Interface
1037.05DPDMAI::GROVETue Dec 13 1994VxWorks & ClearCase Integration
1038.02DV78Tue Dec 13 1994multi-processor debugging of C++?
1039.01ROWDY::PAINTERFri Dec 16 1994FUSE 2.
1040.04RHETT::LOHMon Dec 19 1994When will Fuse v2.1 for OSF/1 be available?
1042.0SDTPMM::CACCIOLAWed Dec 21 1994DEC FUSE V2.
1043.01CFSCTC::KATKIWed Dec 28 1994FUSE Profiler IO window does not allow user input
1044.04OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Jan 10 1995Competing with SparcWorks TeamWare ?
1045.0OTOOA::WNOELWed Jan 11 1995Objectivity + other 3rd party tools support
1046.01BROKE::ALEXANDERFri Jan 13 1995DEC FUSE V2.1 for OSF/1 AXP needs "DEC C++ shared libraries", subset CXXSHRDA3
1047.02TAVThu Jan 19 1995Call Graph Browser ignores mouse
1048.02MLNADTue Jan 24 1995In a multiuser env. Code Manager can lose work!
1049.03NETRIX::"gian@"Wed Jan 25 1995fix/patches available for fuse v2.
1050.08BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVEThu Jan 26 1995Editor Fonts
1051.01OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Jan 30 1995Q: DFClassbrowser resources for node spacing ?
1052.03COMICS::WOODTue Jan 31 1995QARs for FUSE on ULTRIX ??
1053.010RHETT::LOHWed Feb 01 1995Can't use dbx in Fuse at all
1054.015RHETT::LOHWed Feb 01 1995critical decladebug/fuse and dbx/fuse problem
1055.02RHETT::SHEPPARDWed Feb 01 1995env variables in debugger
1056.01RHETT::LOHThu Feb 02 1995Should Fuse clean up fusemsg file automatically?
1057.01OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Feb 13 1995problems debugging Ada
1058.02CADSYS::VICTORMon Feb 13 1995Problem debugging Motif code
1059.06RHETT::LOHWed Feb 15 1995How to change default make in Fuse/builder?
1060.06TAVSun Feb 26 1995Training Courses?
1061.02OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Feb 27 1995Support for Gnu compilers ?
1062.01OFOSS1::PUCHRIKMon Feb 27 1995Fuse V2.1 and OSF/1 V3.2
1063.01TKOVOA::MATSUNO_RThu Mar 02 1995Trace feature disappear
1064.01CADSYS::VICTORWed Mar 08 1995Debugger I/O Window is all confused
1065.02CADSYS::VICTORWed Mar 08 1995could you make printing variables easier in FUSE ladbx interface?
1066.01COMICS::WOODWed Mar 08 1995Fuse debugger and ADA on ULTRIX V4.4 ??
1067.04AOSF1::krasWed Mar 08 1995FUSE and CDE?
1068.01RDGENG::HAQUETue Mar 14 1995Profiler does not understand time
1069.03AOSF1::krasWed Mar 15 1995Sun & Alpha FUSE interoperate?
1070.06CFSCTC::KATKIFri Mar 17 1995Using ADA within the FUSE frmaework
1071.08UNXA::DERZINSKITue Mar 21 1995Any suggestions for setting up large projects or integrating large existing projects?
1072.02OSLLAV::MARTINR_PFri Mar 24 1995The FUSE profiler shows internal functions instead of my source code???
1073.02SWTHOM::MEYERMon Mar 27 1995DEC FUSE:Editor print in Postscript format ?
1074.04GOLLY::HARTMon Mar 27 1995Opinions on current FUSE colors and fonts needed.
1075.06GOLLY::HARTTue Mar 28 1995Post V2.1 wish list
1076.02SNOCWed Mar 29 1995decladebug and dbx and fuse and OSF/1 v3
1077.04CSOA1::STUTSONFri Mar 31 1995Big opportunity!
1078.01RHETT::HALETKYMon Apr 03 1995ADA and the Call Graph Browser
1079.02NETRIX::"orna@tavis.iso.dec.com"Tue Apr 04 1995Digital UNIX 3.
1080.0GOLLY::MICHAELSFri Apr 07 1995Request for requirements for Porting Assistant V2
1081.01DWOVAX::EROSTue Apr 11 1995How do I point FUSE to a new version of DECladebug?
1082.01CALDEC::RAHWed Apr 12 1995DECfuse problem w/Motif shared library
1083.01SAWA::STEFANOWICZThu Apr 13 1995FUSE & ACMSxp
1084.02RHETT::SHEPPARDMon Apr 17 1995call graph browser oddity
1085.02GRANPA::JCONNORSWed Apr 19 1995Ada Support Binaries ?
1086.02AZUR::BONETTOWed Apr 19 1995Last version of RCS?
1087.02AEOENG::GINDREMon Apr 24 1995group list window is too small
1088.03MUCTEC::WENDLMon Apr 24 1995run applications from fuse?
1089.02CFSCTC::KATKIMon Apr 24 1995FUSE V2.1-1 Editor Configuration box does not work...
1090.02CFSCTC::KATKITue Apr 25 1995FUSE Builder GUI has missing buttons...
1091.01NETCAD::DESMONDFri May 05 1995Automatic (cron?) database updates?
1092.01NETCAD::DESMONDFri May 05 1995Unexpected symbols in database?
1093.0GALVIA::STONESMon May 08 1995Atomic
1094.03NETRIX::"moore@ozy.dec.com"Mon May 08 1995C++ Example?
1095.01NETRIX::"moore@ozy.dec.com"Mon May 08 1995Xdefaults
1096.01NETRIX::"moore@ozy.dec.com"Tue May 09 1995Emacs
1097.01RHETT::SHEPPARDTue May 09 1995FUSE hangs with 'out of ptys'
1099.0NETRIX::"moore@ozy.dec.com"Tue May 09 1995Builder
1100.01OZROCK::MOORETue May 09 1995Builds
1101.0OZROCK::MOORETue May 09 1995Sorry for the previous mess - Netscape stuffed up...
1102.01NETRIX::"moore@ozy.dec.com"Wed May 10 1995Setting environment variables from within the debugger?
1103.04TAVThu May 11 1995Debugger beginner questions
1104.0RDGENG::JOSLINRThu May 11 1995RCCS classes?
1105.03CFSCTC::KATKIThu May 11 1995Debugger <-> Call graph browser interaction no longer available in FUSE 2.1 ??
1106.01MUNICH::BEICHTFri May 12 1995Question regarding Fortran 9
1107.0NAMIX::jptTue May 16 1995comments on FUSE (netland)
1108.02CALDEC::NUCKLESWed May 17 1995FUSE installation problem
1109.0RHETT::LOHTue May 23 1995Minor suggestion for Fuse Editor
1110.02TAVWed May 24 1995Debugger/Break Question
1111.012RHETT::LOHWed May 24 1995Fuse Builder question in Fuse v2.1
1112.013RHETT::LOHWed May 24 1995Problem saving position for Fuse Editor
1113.02MPGS::RUSSOThu May 25 1995Software development tool to isolate memory leaks ?
1114.02DPDMAI::GROVETue Jun 06 1995FUSE & Team-SEE
1115.01HDLITE::PASHAPOURMon Jun 12 1995Can't ftp port_assist_t1
1117.03SMURF::DIRCEWed Jun 14 1995call graph browser/platinum
1118.02RDGENG::JOSLINRThu Jun 15 1995SCCS API
1119.01CADSYS::VICTORFri Jun 16 1995it'll be great if the various parts of fuse are more integrated.
1120.01OZROCK::TREGEAGLEThu Jun 22 1995Troubles with postscript output
1121.02HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu Jun 22 1995Fix hints?!
1122.01GERUND::WOLFESat Jun 24 1995influencing the setup of a distrib. build
1123.010RHETT::LOHWed Jun 28 1995Problem with Fuse Editor font size
1124.03UKARC1::WOOD_JThu Jun 29 1995Suggested enhancement to Fuse Editor for Replace & Find Next
1125.03NETRIX::"uri_l@tavis.enet.dec.com"Thu Jun 29 1995Problems with Step & Next in FUSE 2.1A
1126.01NYOSS1::SIMONThu Jun 29 1995Fuse support on AlphaStat 1
1127.02LEMAN::BEZENCONFri Jul 07 1995Solaris 2.x support
1128.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROThu Jul 13 1995DEC FUSE, C, C++ Debugger capabilities
1129.01TROOA::LFUNGTue Jul 18 1995Debugger for a running process
1130.04EVTAI1::BROCHARDThu Aug 03 1995Fuse editor - journal file and recovery
1131.03BACHUS::BIS1Fri Aug 04 1995Debug I/O window behaving different from dbx and program IO (Fuse V2.
1132.05UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_BMon Aug 07 1995zlx-m1: x-server hangs with hyperhelp
1133.0FRUST::STELTERMon Aug 07 1995Looking for Fuse Specialist or Consultand
1134.03UKARC1::CHAMBERLINWed Aug 09 1995Debugger becomes detached in Fuse 2.
1136.01GALVIA::STONESWed Aug 16 1995BUG: debugui hangs then crashes after decladebug fails to load image.
1137.07BACHUS::ROETSThu Aug 17 1995fuse 2.1a and decladebug 3.
1138.01MUNICH::BEICHTTue Aug 22 1995Problem with ada compile and fuse
1139.01RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Aug 25 1995filesize limits in editor ?
1140.03STKHLM::BEETSWed Sep 06 1995Segmentation fault with fuse 2.1A, decladebug 3.
1141.01CSC32::S_CLOUGHESYWed Sep 20 1995looking for nmake
1142.01OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Sep 21 1995A list of Customer Qs (and my As)
1143.0POOF::LUPTONThu Sep 21 1995FUSE V2.1a Marketing Handout
1144.02LEMAN::DYSLIThu Sep 28 1995Porting Assistant released ?
1145.03OTOP89::tsueFri Oct 06 1995HELP! 21
1146.04DPDMAI::GROVEWed Oct 11 1995can't reach pty directory
1147.02GOLLY::HORNERWed Oct 11 1995Looking for sites to test FUSE V3.
1148.01HGOVC::JAMBUThu Oct 12 1995X emulation on PC ??
1149.01RHETT::SHEPPARDMon Oct 16 1995xrefdb hangs
1150.01PYXIS::WANGFri Oct 20 1995XEmacs
1151.01REDDWF::ozaxp.sno.dec.com::GiffordSun Oct 29 1995Fuse on HP
1152.04CADSYS::BOGDANOVWed Nov 01 1995cvs under fuse?
1153.02MUNICH::ERNSTThu Nov 16 1995? on functionality of FUSE editor
1154.02GOLLY::HORNERThu Nov 16 1995DECFUSE T3.
1155.02RHETT::LOHFri Nov 17 1995FUSE license confusion
1156.04MAHONE::DMCWEENEYMon Nov 20 1995FUSE on OpenVMS
1157.01DECC::J_WARDTue Nov 21 1995FUSE C++ class browser does not understand templates
1158.02DECC::J_WARDTue Nov 21 1995C++ class browser does not handle nested classes
1159.01DECC::J_WARDTue Nov 21 1995C++ class browser does not handle forward declarations of classes
1160.08DPDMAI::GROVEFri Nov 24 1995Support for or Integration with CMVC
1161.02DECC::J_WARDTue Nov 28 1995DEC FUSE 2.1 C++ class browser doesn't work with more than one unnamed class
1162.01DECC::J_WARDTue Nov 28 1995DEC FUSE 2.1 C++ class browser and implicit assignment op declaration
1163.01DECC::J_WARDTue Nov 28 1995DEC FUSE 2.1 C++ class browser and local classes
1164.01DECC::J_WARDTue Nov 28 1995DEC FUSE 2.1 C++ class browser and exception specifications
1165.01OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Nov 30 1995Code logic/control-flow abstraction ?
1166.01RHETT::HALETKYThu Nov 30 1995Fuse Help?
1167.01TKTVFS::KOBAYASHI_MTThu Nov 30 1995file open fails on Compare
1168.02MBALDY::LANGSTONFri Dec 08 1995DEC Fuse and C++ RTL versions
1169.02OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Dec 12 1995Ada + ladebug ladbx + Fuse2.1A
1170.01RHETT::HALETKYWed Dec 13 1995FUSE Debugger?
1171.01RDGENG::HAQUEWed Dec 13 1995kprofile and FUSE?
1172.04TAVThu Dec 21 1995Debugger display different from applic. display?
1173.01TAVThu Dec 21 1995debugger crash with BadAccess to private resource
1174.011NETRIX::"uri_l@venus.iso.dec.com"Sun Dec 24 1995FUSE T3.
1175.02USCTR1::nqsrv41Fri Jan 05 1996License Rules?
1176.02NETRIX::"ofer@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Thu Jan 11 1996builder problem
1178.01DV78Fri Jan 12 1996debugger?????
1179.01OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Jan 16 1996Strangeness in Builder graph
1180.0MPGS::APGARThu Feb 01 1996How do I specify -nosharedobjs when invoking decladebug?
1181.01OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Feb 05 1996Pass on your FUSE/Ada experiences -PLEASE!
1182.01ODIXIE::ROWENMon Feb 05 1996mf-cobol?...
1183.01HDLITE::MODIWed Feb 07 1996FUSE V2.1 tutorial hangs..on ZLXp-L2 system
1184.01SMURF::SHAMon Feb 12 1996Unable to start Host Shell during testing application
1185.0+3MQOU18::A_YASSIRWed Feb 14 1996Porting Assistant Demo
1186.01NAMIX::jptMon Feb 19 1996cross-referencer dies (UNIX T4.
1187.05MXOCMon Feb 19 1996Doubts about DEC FUSE
1188.01CFSCTC::KATKIMon Feb 26 1996FUSE Builder crashes under CDE display
1189.02TAVTue Feb 27 1996Overstrike mode in editor
1190.01MUGGER::WHITHAMTue Mar 12 1996minor bug in examples code
1191.02SWTHOM::LORENZOMon Mar 18 1996Editor's tab size
1192.01RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Mar 22 1996collapse/expand in Monitor/View
1193.01MUNICH::ERNSTFri Mar 22 1996"check in" crashes CM with segmentation violation
1194.04NETRIX::"edu@.unx.dec.com"Fri Mar 22 1996
1195.01COPSSun Mar 24 1996License name for porting assistant ???
1196.06TAVTue Mar 26 1996dbx in FUSE 3.
1197.03MUDIS3::DSCHMIERWed Mar 27 1996DECfuse 2.1 documentation in PostScript format anywhere ?
1198.02SWTHOM::LORENZOWed Mar 27 1996VALID_ADA_SUFFIXES question (fuse 2.1a)
1199.03AOSG::LANZAThu Apr 04 1996Builder Fatal Error
1200.04HGOM11::HELENZHOUWed Apr 17 1996AGAIN, DOES FUSE RUN WITH eXcursion on PC?
1201.02PEACHS::LAMPERTWed Apr 24 1996.xrefrc -I flag doesn t seem to work.
1202.05TAVMon Apr 29 1996Problems debugging Ada with ladebug
1203.0+3METZTue Apr 30 1996Fuse displays the bad source line after a return statment
1204.02HDLITE::BRYANTTue May 07 1996Debug Running Process
1205.03UHUH::CHAYAWed May 08 1996Makefile generation in the Builder
1206.01DV78Thu May 09 1996multiple directories in config?
1207.09TKOV51::EGAWAThu May 23 1996Help doesn't work on FUSE/Japanese
1208.04KETJE::DELAMPERFri May 24 1996Fuse 3.
1209.02TAVSun May 26 1996FUSE editor speller?
1211.01ADA9X::BRETTWed Jun 12 1996Nedit is a plausible replacement for the little text widget thing
1212.02SEAWLF::GUILESTue Jun 18 1996Browsing structures?
1213.04SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUTue Jun 18 1996Fuse v3.
1214.02UHUH::JRICHARDSFri Jun 21 1996How large are your projects?
1215.01NETRIX::"ofer@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Mon Jun 24 1996Heap Analyzer for DU 3.2?
1216.01CAIRN::HARRISTue Jun 25 1996Builder crash redrawing graph
1217.03VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon Jul 08 1996DEC Fuse documentation...
1218.01HPCGRP::DEGREGORYWed Jul 17 1996Program Visualizer Colors
1219.0CASDOC::CATANOWed Jul 24 1996External Training Available for FUSE
1220.02CASDOC::CATANOTue Jul 30 1996FUSE Handbook for V3.
1221.0CASDOC::CATANOWed Aug 28 1996External Web Home Pages available for FUSE and Porting Assistant
1222.03HPCGRP::DEGREGORYMon Sep 09 1996How to "read" a line from the editor
1223.03HAN::DOERINGMon Sep 09 1996FUSE Support needed in Frankfurt/GY
1224.02CAIRN::HARRISFri Sep 13 1996Windows gotcha - finding a Tab
1225.03NETRIX::"koski@mars.iso.dec.com"Thu Sep 26 1996FUSE 3.
1226.01CXXC::REINIGWed Oct 02 1996Reading black on black is hard
1227.04CAIRN::HARRISThu Oct 03 1996Builder suggestion
1228.03CAIRN::HARRISThu Oct 03 1996Environment variable seems to disappear
1229.01HPCGRP::DEGREGORYFri Oct 04 1996hiprof and -env
1230.011CAIRN::HARRISTue Oct 08 1996Fontology
1231.01CAIRN::HARRISTue Oct 08 1996Swap Marks?
1232.01UFHIS::JPARETIThu Oct 10 1996third degree problem
1233.01CAIRN::HARRISFri Oct 11 1996build message synchronization
1234.0+4RHETT::HALETKYThu Oct 17 1996DFEditor Shift-arrow behavior
1235.0TLE::ROLFHAMREThu Oct 17 1996Porting Assistant kit problem on Digital UNIX V4.
1236.01CAIRN::HARRISFri Oct 18 1996Stop Build doesn't
1237.02SEAWLF::FOHLINSat Oct 19 1996C, C++ and Fortran9
1238.08ASIC::MASTERSMon Oct 21 1996Code Manager- File Revision Problem
1239.05CAIRN::HARRISWed Oct 30 1996stale error icons in Fuse editor
1240.03RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Nov 01 1996FUSE Training via DCU
1241.01NETRIX::"stuckmann@rto.dec.com"Tue Nov 05 1996core dump with atom/third
1242.03RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Nov 07 1996argv[
1243.09TAVTue Nov 12 1996Segmentation fault FUSE 3.1/DU 3.2c
1244.01CXXC::MJHANSMon Nov 18 1996Performance tools don't seem to exit after lower-level programs do
1245.0TLE::FINLAYSONMon Nov 25 1996New Prototype Profiling Tools Available
1246.01CXXC::MJHANSTue Nov 26 1996"Rank tools" in profiler resizes window every time
1247.01CXXC::MJHANSTue Nov 26 1996Program visualizer needs to be more robust
1248.01CXXC::MJHANSTue Nov 26 1996"Event window" in program visualizer can get lost
1249.01CXXC::MJHANSTue Nov 26 1996Control of events seems inconsistent
1250.01CXXC::MJHANSTue Nov 26 1996Better support needed for pixie's "-pids" option
1251.01CXXC::MJHANSTue Nov 26 1996Program profiler needs to have "multiple run" support in "Setup"
1252.02WOTVAX::HAQUEMon Dec 02 1996V3 problems at large FUSE site
1253.02SCASS1::GROVEFri Dec 20 1996DEC FUSE Version Incompatability?
1254.02DECCXX::COLEENMon Jan 06 1997Colors in the fuse editor?
1255.02RHETT::SHEPPARDTue Jan 07 1997ladebug v4.
1256.02ROCK::HANKSFri Jan 10 1997Why does the DB give me this?
1257.01VAXRIO::MIRIAMMon Jan 13 1997Class browser and include
1258.0+4MXOCWed Jan 22 1997Problems trying to debug programs generated by Galaxy from visix
1259.0 *+2PEACHS::DALEYFri Jan 31 1997Key customizations unreliable, and how to interpret DFEditor
1260.0 *+6NPSS::KILSDONKMon Feb 10 1997running fuse
1261.0 *+8RHETT::SHEPPARDTue Feb 25 1997ladebug 4.
1262.0 *+3RTOMS::PARETIJMon Mar 03 1997fortran with c directives
1263.0 *+1MANMWed Mar 12 1997BadFont error
1264.0 *+3ZPOVC::COLINTONGThu Mar 13 1997Support for GNU Compilers
1265.0 *+1CSC32::K_MARTINFri Mar 21 1997TT_ERR_PTYPE_START Attempt to launch instance of ptype failed
1266.0 *+1NETRIX::"stuckmann@archix.rto.dec.com"Thu Mar 27 1997error while launching fuseclass
1267.0 *+2TLE::LUCIAWed Apr 02 1997Usenet FUSE question -- please answer author directly
1268.0 *+1OSITEL::BRITTAINFri Apr 11 1997New Prod Mgr?
1269.0 *CAIRN::HARRISMon Apr 14 1997Please make resize of Open File window permanent
1270.0 *+2CAIRN::HARRISMon Apr 14 1997Bad Search-Editor interaction
1271.0 *+3NQOSTue Apr 22 1997Customer request
1272.0 *+2CXXC::MJHANSTue Apr 22 1997Question about namespace member names
1273.0 *+2CFSCTC::STRAIGHTWed May 07 1997McCabe's Battle Map?
1274.0 *+3CAIRN::HARRISTue May 13 1997Installation issue
1275.0 *+1CAIRN::HARRISTue May 13 1997first report on T4.
1276.0 *+1CAIRN::HARRISMon May 19 1997Fuse editor, T4.