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Conference clt::edd

Title:* EDD (EDitor for Diagrams) *
Created:Mon Feb 03 1986
Last Modified:Wed Jun 17 1992
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:53
Total number of notes:130
Number with bodies:0
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.01TURTLE::BRAFFITTThu Feb 11 1982EDD
2.05TURTLE::BRAFFITTWed Mar 10 1982Controls characters in EDD
3.03TURTLE::SOLONWed Mar 10 1982Cursor keys
4.0TURTLE::BRAFFITTFri Mar 12 1982Fill
8.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTMon Sep 13 1982Initial ideas for REGIS version
9.01KOBAL::BRAFFITTMon Sep 27 1982Page size
10.01TURTLE::SOLONTue Sep 28 1982Filespec on exit.
11.01KOBAL::BRAFFITTTue Sep 28 1982Space compression on output
13.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTWed Jan 19 1983EDD X1-1
14.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTMon Jan 24 1983VMS V3B early base level
15.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTFri Jan 28 1983Suggestion on /NOCONVERT_TABS
16.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTWed Mar 30 1983ASCII code 173
17.0DYNAMO::BRAFFITTThu Sep 22 1983Use of TAB key as advance word
18.0DYNAMO::BRAFFITTFri Jan 06 1984Plans on doing EDD in XYZ
19.06XENON::FREANWed Jan 25 1984Personal Installation
20.0DYNAMO::BRAFFITTTue Mar 06 1984No VT2
21.0--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 06 1984
22.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTMon Apr 16 1984More wishlist
23.01GVATue Jul 17 1984Special Graphics Set
24.05AURORA::HALLYBFri Aug 10 1984More on installation
26.03KOBAL::BRAFFITTThu Oct 18 1984Problem on LAT with VT22
27.05KOBAL::BRAFFITTThu Oct 25 1984CTRL/E and spurious lines
28.01TURTLE::BRAFFITTSat Oct 27 1984CTRL/E and spurious lines
29.0KOBAL::BRAFFITTTue Apr 30 1985EDD eumlation in TPU
30.05R2ME2::BRAFFITTTue May 07 1985EDD X2.
31.0R2ME2::BRAFFITTWed Jul 03 1985# columns in buffer
32.01TAVThu Jul 11 1985Right to Left
33.0TINCUP::DCHAVEZTue Sep 03 1985Where is everyone??
34.02HARE::BRAFFITTWed Oct 09 1985Cursor in message window
35.01AYOV14::ASCOTTMon Nov 11 1985/OUTPUT problem
36.01TURTLE::GILBERTTue Jan 21 1986VAX Notes Conversion
37.0CLT::BRAFFITTWed Mar 26 1986VMS V4.2 and VT1
38.01JAWS::STRYKERThu Jul 03 1986Box drawing
39.01TKTV2Wed Jul 09 1986TROUBLE(?!) ON EDT EDITOR
40.01KAOFS::LATTUCATue Aug 19 1986tpu commands not working
41.05RICKS::PEKKALATue Oct 14 1986What is EDD?
42.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Nov 09 1987EDD with TPU V2 field test or VMS V5 field test
43.02DELNI::CANTORWed Nov 11 1987Obsolete and missing notes references in help.
44.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSun Feb 28 1988EDD private directory command procedure
45.02RAVEN1::NELSONTue May 10 1988VT24
46.02WHIZ::GERMANOWed Jul 20 1988trouble running EDD
47.04WHIZ::GERMANOMon Oct 03 1988fix under VMS v5.
48.04AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Oct 07 1988EDD X2.
49.01OKEY::COHENThu Jun 08 1989Form Feed <FF>
50.03CHEFS::BOWDENRWed Jan 17 1990Help with 2 errors
51.01TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed Jun 06 1990Rectangular cut/paste in EVE V2.6
52.05PRSFSA::SORIEULThu Mar 14 1991How to get KIT?
53.01ISLNDS::HOWDWed Nov 13 1991section file problem