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Conference clt::dwics_user

Title:DWICS User Conference
Created:Tue Mar 01 1988
Last Modified:Wed Sep 12 1990
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:98
Total number of notes:436
Number with bodies:0
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1.01CLT::RONANTue Mar 01 1988Welcome
2.06TOPDOC::COPPOLATue Mar 22 1988RNO or MEM file Protected
3.0CLT::FANEUFTue Mar 22 1988Actual prototype announcement
4.01BCSE::COBURNWed Mar 23 1988Getting started?
5.02CLT::FOUNTASWed Mar 23 1988Accvio selecting CANCEL in callback editor
6.0CLT::UTZWed Mar 23 1988Remember to use the DRM.olb
7.0CLT::RONANThu Mar 24 1988caveat - FT1-->FT2 Compatibility
8.01CLT::FOUNTASMon Mar 28 1988Integer parameter invalid??
9.0RANCHO::PRICEWed Mar 30 1988How about an Operate-the-Interface function?
10.01RANCHO::PRICEWed Mar 30 1988Pixmap Editor Needs Improvement
11.01RANCHO::PRICEWed Mar 30 1988Toolbox widgets should look like the widget
12.02RANCHO::PRICEWed Mar 30 1988Defer prompting for widget name and label
13.03CLT::DOUCETTEFri Apr 01 1988Few minor problems
14.02CLT::WIXONMon Apr 04 1988Can't move/resize work area Menu
15.08CLT::RONANFri Apr 08 1988Version T
16.01ALEXWS::ALEXTue May 10 1988ACCVIO in Pulldown
17.06CLT::FANEUFFri Jul 08 1988DWICS phase
18.02INFACT::DATZMANWed Jul 13 1988Need DWICS for BL8
19.01CLT::FANEUFThu Jul 28 1988DWICS cabilities input solicited
20.0INFACT::DATZMANThu Aug 04 1988DWICS for IFT2??
21.010WJG::GUINEAUFri Aug 05 1988T
22.01ODIUM::DOUGTue Aug 16 1988short product description?
23.01INFACT::DATZMANFri Sep 02 1988User Guide???
25.023CLT::RONANThu Sep 15 1988DWICS Prototype for FT2 available
26.02INFACT::DATZMANMon Sep 19 1988Can't copy UID files to a TK5
27.01TEASE::WEAVERThu Sep 22 1988DWICS as a tool to understand the toolkit
28.03ODIUM::DOUGSun Sep 25 1988everything i've always wanted
29.03ODIUM::DOUGMon Sep 26 1988quit pushbutton on pulldown menu?
30.0CLT::RONANTue Sep 27 1988new version reads in decburger
31.04SKIPP::HOYTThu Sep 29 1988User Interface Management Systems
33.02CLT::FANEUFThu Oct 06 1988Draft DWIGNEN (DWICS) spec available
34.03SKYLRK::LOSCHENMon Oct 17 1988latest Ultrix dwics?
35.09RANCHO::PRICETue Nov 01 1988Why not generate UIL instead of UID files?
36.010CSSE32::DUTKOThu Nov 10 1988DWICS Unit of Measure?
37.06CLT::RONANMon Nov 28 1988Icon Editor Facility - Callable/Widget interface
38.07GERUND::SMITHMon Dec 19 1988user-defined widgets in DWIGEN?
39.02HOT::DUFFYWed Jan 11 1989What's the story on problems in T
41.03SICVAX::TIMMINSWed Feb 01 1989UIL-based dwics for Ultrix???
42.022DECWET::SIEBOLDThu Feb 02 1989Where is the kit really?
43.01CALL::SWEENEYSat Feb 04 1989Conference Discussion
44.018CALL::SWEENEYSat Feb 04 1989Other Interactive User Interface Editors
45.011BIGIST::ARDLEYTue Feb 07 1989image mismatch when running dwics
46.0BAGELS::HARROWWed Mar 22 1989Software Development Job Opportunities!
48.01MISFIT::EPSTEINJWed Mar 29 1989PID?
49.01MAMIE::NNGUYENTue Apr 25 1989Using Print Screen key?
50.0FUEL::grahamWed May 24 1989DWIGEN...dreams from USENET....
51.07VAOUThu Jun 08 1989when will it be a product?
52.02RTOIC::RSTANGEMon Jul 17 1989MS-DOS oriented questions.
53.01VAOUMon Jul 24 1989field test site?
54.01BERNThu Jul 27 1989ddif mailing, iconifying
55.01CONCRT::LUCASMon Aug 21 1989Are kits available ??
56.0DARTS::STRYKERTue Aug 29 1989Can't select objects?!?
57.03FNYTC6::FIRTHWed Sep 06 1989Free publicity for DWICS?
58.09SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Sep 22 1989Visual User Interface Tool
59.0SICVAX::TIMMINSMon Sep 25 1989Q. latent Motif support in VUIT?
60.03CADSE::REHMThu Sep 28 1989
61.0FUEL::grahamTue Oct 03 1989Sun Has "GUIDE"....
62.03DENVER::MALKOSKIThu Oct 05 1989Telelogics Questions
63.08RAB::DUFFYThu Oct 19 1989The NeXt Interface Builder
64.01CURIE::FORBESTue Oct 24 1989Icon Editor?
65.0FUEL::grahamThu Dec 21 1989HP IVI/IPT Tools...what's new?
66.01CERN::EJMWed Jan 03 1990DWICS for DECW V2.
67.04BLYTH::CORNWALLWed Jan 17 1990WHERE IS THE KIT .....?
68.03SICVAX::TIMMINSMon Jan 22 1990ULTRIX/RISC VUIT, please
69.09LMBASS::CLARKTue Jan 23 1990VUIT field test info? Please
70.0MUSKIE::WEBSTERWed Feb 14 1990EXOcode for RISC/Ultrix...
71.035SX4GTO::PRICEThu Feb 15 1990You DON'T have to wait for VUIT
72.02BOHEME::BONFISSUTOThu Mar 08 1990VUIT demo in Cannes
73.01VIA::ASHLUNDFri Mar 09 1990suggestion for VUIT on-line help
74.01FRAMBO::REHBERGTue Mar 20 1990release uims
75.0RTL::FANEUFThu Apr 19 1990UI Technical seminar (short notice)
76.03TAVThu May 10 1990VUIT Documentation
78.05SCAACT::BROWNLTue May 15 1990VUIT for UIL-DRM (non-Motif??????)
79.017RTL::FANEUFFri May 25 1990VUIT available in pre-field test baselevel form
80.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Jun 05 1990VUIT available on other platforms?
81.03RTL::REYERSun Jun 10 1990VUIT schedule update
82.02CADSE::REHMTue Jun 19 1990PMAX VUIT kit access problems
83.02STLACT::LINCOLNTue Jun 19 1990VUIT/DECforms positioning?
84.01ALEXWS::ALEXWed Jun 20 1990VUIT BL2 placement and compatability
85.02SICVAX::TIMMINSWed Jun 20 1990SURVEY: UIL usage -- when required?
86.02COUNTMon Jul 09 1990"Application development in a DECwindows environment"
87.02TALENT::RECOVERYWed Jul 11 1990Multi-terminal support
88.05GOSOX::RYANMon Jul 16 1990Generate C code too
89.0FRAMBO::JUERGEN_LSTue Jul 17 1990Other Tools for DECwindow ?
90.01VNASWS::GEROLDThu Jul 19 1990text with value changed
91.01KAZAN::BARANESThu Jul 26 1990Hide and Seek for VUIT Kit !
92.02RT95::STILLWAGGONMon Jul 30 1990VUIT in the USA price book?
93.014RTL::S_SMITHFri Aug 31 1990Location of VUIT Field Test Kit
94.01VOGON::DRUMGOOLEThu Sep 06 1990Bug Reports for FT kit
95.01SUBWAY::GERUNDOThu Sep 06 1990Looking For Vuit on RISC AGAIN????
96.0STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Sep 07 1990Icons not displayed correctly
97.0TOOLS::CATANOFri Sep 07 1990New Conference for VUIT
98.01VOGON::DRUMGOOLEMon Sep 10 1990Callbacks Editor bug.