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Conference clt::dtm

Title:DEC/Test Manager - 'DTM Classic!'
Notice:Current version: V3.7-2 (see Note 3.2)
Created:Sat Jan 25 1986
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2062
Total number of notes:7720
Number with bodies:31
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1.0FUTBAL::HOBDAYThu Mar 14 1985Welcome and Purpose
2.01--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 18 1985DTM Kit location in 2.1
3.02--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 20 1985general DECSET kit locations in 3.1
4.0STSat Mar 23 1985Info to Sales Product Training
5.0STSat Mar 23 1985Sales Product Training NOTE FIL
6.01TOOLS::DINTINOMon Mar 25 1985DTM V1.1 Kit information
7.07TKOVWed Mar 27 1985???
8.0XENON::TANNENBAUMThu Mar 28 1985Wanted: Settable Defaults
9.0FUTBAL::DICKAUThu Mar 28 1985Default template/benchmark dirs
10.03XENON::TANNENBAUMSat Mar 30 1985Callable DTM
11.02XENON::TANNENBAUMSat Mar 30 1985SHOW COLLECTION During Epilogue
12.03XENON::TANNENBAUMTue Apr 02 1985REVIEW mode & Epilogues
13.03NOVA::HENSONThu Apr 04 1985RES files like LOG files
14.02R2ME2::MAILMANTue Apr 09 1985Selective Update
15.0SPEEDY::CARRELLWed Apr 10 1985Define commands
16.0SPEEDY::CARRELLWed Apr 10 1985Define keys
18.01SPEEDY::CARRELLWed Apr 10 1985REVIEW summary banner
19.0SPEEDY::CARRELLWed Apr 10 1985Current test position lost
20.0SPEEDY::CARRELLWed Apr 10 1985"Screen mode" review
21.0NOVA::HENSONTue Apr 16 1985Re-submission of Collections.
22.014XENON::TANNENBAUMThu Apr 18 1985Controlling Protection
23.02HARE::COWANThu Apr 25 1985Default filespecs
24.01USWAV3::GELINWed May 01 1985DTM with FMS / TDMS jobs?
25.04METOO::GRIEBThu May 23 1985Wish list -- DTM Review mode
26.0METOO::GRIEBThu May 23 1985Review collection-name
27.05KIRK::MOOREThu Jun 13 1985Next Release ?
28.0TOOLS::DICKAUWed Jun 19 1985DTM V2 spec available
29.0HARE::TARBAYThu Jun 20 1985wishlist - specify default que
31.0SPEEDY::CARRELLMon Jun 24 1985DTM filling the disk
32.0TOOLS::DICKAUMon Jun 24 1985DTM D2.
33.07GOLLY::COWANThu Jun 27 1985Wishlist: Personalized commands
34.0FUTBAL::DINTINOMon Jul 15 1985New DTM T2.
35.01SPEEDY::CARRELLTue Jul 23 1985DTM CONVERT documentation
36.0KOALA::COMPILERTue Jul 23 1985trouble printing results
37.02IJSAPL::VANDOORNTue Aug 06 1985Interactive testing needs pty?
38.03TOOLS::DICKAUThu Aug 08 1985User-specified screens
39.0METOO::TALCOTTMon Aug 12 1985Wishlist: ^C during review
40.0WSGATE::BARRYFri Aug 16 1985Help with interactive mode
41.02GLIVET::JAMISONMon Aug 19 1985DTM contradiction?
42.0TOOLS::DICKAUMon Aug 19 1985Proposed DTM keypads
43.04METOO::TALCOTTTue Aug 20 1985Wish List - Turn of success msgs
44.05NUWAVE::CASTALDITue Aug 27 1985User's guide missing ?
45.01KOBAL::KELLERMANTue Aug 27 1985Wishlist - "CLASS+"
46.0KOBAL::KELLERMANTue Aug 27 1985Prolog + Epilog Generations
47.01KOBAL::KELLERMANTue Aug 27 1985Wishlist - /GENERATION qualifie
48.0EIFFEL::JOYCEWed Aug 28 1985Resetting term. characteristics
49.01CADCAM::ROBERTTue Sep 03 1985printing dtmug on LN
50.01SPEEDY::CARRELLSat Sep 07 1985SET BENCHMARK default
51.01SPEEDY::CARRELLSat Sep 07 1985REMOVE TEST test * messages
53.0ALGOL::WESTFri Sep 13 1985Request to mod group/remark=
54.03ALGOL::WESTFri Sep 13 1985Request to reduce waiting
55.01ZEPPO::TIBBERTSun Sep 15 1985DTM & CMS
56.07CADZOO::ROBERTTue Sep 17 1985dtmug_draft.lpr incomplete
57.01SPEEDY::BAZEMOREThu Sep 19 1985Time stamps
58.01GUIDO::MORTONFri Sep 20 1985Using CMS as file location
59.08MLOKAI::MACKFri Sep 20 1985The tests themselves?
60.03APTECH::BOWERTue Oct 01 1985Epilogue file not run
61.01APTECH::BOWERWed Oct 02 1985Interactive qualifier
62.01SPRITE::OSMANThu Oct 03 1985running VNOTES in batch
63.09MANANA::JFAUSTWed Oct 09 1985Filtering out things besides da
64.03CADCAM::ROBERTFri Oct 11 1985Dtmug missing pages?
65.0APTECH::BOWERThu Oct 17 1985Some Minor Problems
66.02MANANA::JFAUSTMon Oct 21 1985Latest User's Guide?
67.01LYMPH::INGRAHAMWed Oct 23 1985ALLIN1/FMS etc
68.02TLE::CARRELLWed Oct 23 1985PLAY default filespec
69.0TLE::CARRELLWed Oct 23 1985DTM and large screens
70.01MANANA::JFAUSTThu Oct 24 1985RECREATE loses /REMARK
71.02MANANA::CAMPBELLFri Oct 25 1985DTM Update kit
72.03MANANA::CAMPBELLFri Oct 25 1985Keypad Keys Not Defined
73.01LYMPH::INGRAHAMMon Oct 28 1985T2 Upgrade
74.01MANANA::JFAUSTTue Oct 29 1985RECREATE nit
76.03SEARS::PSDSTESTWed Oct 30 1985.CON files problem
77.033171::CAMPBELLFri Nov 01 1985I can't RECORD
78.01TLE::BAZEMOREMon Nov 04 1985Show/Unsuccessful
79.01TLE::BAZEMOREWed Nov 06 1985UPDATE wishlist
81.01MANANA::JFAUSTThu Nov 07 1985Cant update inter record?
82.01XANADU::HASKELLMon Nov 18 1985RECREATE loses collection
83.0SPAGS::DAILEYTue Nov 19 1985LN
85.02XANADU::HASKELLThu Nov 21 1985Control-Y ends test?
86.05TOOLS::DICKAUThu Nov 21 1985DEC/Test Manager V2.
87.09XANADU::CAMPBELLThu Nov 21 1985What's the DIFF
88.03WOOLCO::LEMMONFri Nov 22 1985CMS$DIFFERENCES error...
89.07LYMPH::INGRAHAMFri Nov 22 1985Ordering Tests
90.04KATIE::CRABBTue Nov 26 1985Graphics Testing
91.08LYMPH::INGRAHAMMon Dec 02 1985FILTER wish list
92.08DSSDEV::STANSBURYMon Dec 02 1985Parallel Testing
93.02NOVA::HENSONWed Dec 04 1985How can I use DTM$MAILBOX?
94.02SWATT::SCHAUBERThu Dec 05 1985Any Training/Seminars ?
95.01XANADU::HASKELLWed Dec 11 1985Publish session file format?
96.02XANADU::CAMPBELLTue Dec 17 1985Does COMPARE work?
97.02METOO::TALCOTTTue Dec 17 1985Rqst for subsystem to handle ^C
98.0METOO::TALCOTTTue Dec 17 1985Typo in Release Notes, Sec. 6.
99.01MANANA::JFAUSTMon Dec 23 1985show/res neq show/diff
100.04MANANA::JFAUSTTue Dec 31 1985V2.
101.04457::LEMMONThu Jan 02 1986CMS$DIFFERENCE Bug?
102.01KIRK::MOOREFri Jan 03 1986More wished for filters
103.03KIRK::MOOREFri Jan 03 1986Details of time filter requeste
105.02TOOLS::DICKAUMon Jan 13 1986Session editing
106.01PYRITE::WRIGHTTue Jan 14 1986moving dtm libraries
107.01LINCON::BOGGSThu Jan 16 1986DTM for interactive benchmark?
108.02BEEPIE::KARDONThu Jan 16 1986Installation guide location?
109.09GOLD::WRIGHTMon Jan 20 1986help with filters (date)
110.0CLT::DICKAUMon Jan 27 1986DTM product awareness meeting info
111.01VNAWed Jan 29 1986What is in CLT::DTM$PUBLIC?
112.011BLUES::CASTALDIWed Jan 29 1986Mail notification in V2.
113.06XENON::STANSBURYThu Jan 30 1986Line Numbers / Time Limit?
114.01OFFPLS::DUPONT2Fri Feb 07 1986Automating testing of TDMS appl.
115.01VNAThu Feb 13 1986Explain interact testing
116.01CEDSWS::RELYEAThu Feb 13 1986DTM error simulating terminal
117.03VNAFCC::GEROLDFri Feb 14 1986V2.
119.08CLT::OBRYANSat Mar 01 1986Suggested change to behavior of Review PRINT
121.01NUWAVE::METZGERWed Mar 05 1986filter problem
123.05VISION::FULTIThu Mar 06 1986HELP?
124.0CLT::BRAFFITTMon Mar 10 1986No response after CTRL/P C in DTM/REC
125.09MLOKAI::MACKMon Mar 10 1986Questions on regression testing
126.0752321::EDERWed Mar 12 1986interactive tests: spurious differences
127.0KOBAL::DICKAUMon Mar 17 1986DTM T2.1 kit available
128.06CHOVAX::BONINIMon Mar 17 1986Current version of DTM
129.01LYMPH::MCCAMYFri Mar 21 1986Inconsistent Results
130.03NUWAVE::METZGERWed Apr 02 1986error writing to sys$output
131.01ANYWAY::BROWNThu Apr 03 1986Getting at the pseudo terminal
132.03APTECH::MURRAYFri Apr 04 1986DTM with COBOL/INDENT
133.01JAKE::UYENOTue Apr 08 1986DTM in firmware testing?
134.02REGAL::PIKORATue Apr 08 1986DTM Help - Can't get DTM help while in DTM
135.05DSSDEV::SAUTERWed Apr 09 1986Another BMK file
136.06CLT::DICKAUWed Apr 09 1986Command name needed
137.013MLOKAI::MACKThu Apr 10 1986Problem or cockpit error?
138.0VAXRT::WORRALLWed Apr 16 1986DTM
139.02BANZAI::RDBCOGTue Apr 22 1986Re-running collections
140.02NOVA::RDBCOGFri Apr 25 1986Resubmitting collections
141.02GRDIAN::COUTUWed Apr 30 1986Execution of prolog when creating interactive testt
143.02CLT::DICKAUWed May 07 1986T2.1-13, editing session files, available
144.02CHEERS::HARVELLMon May 12 1986Performance using DTM or PTYCON???
145.03NWGEDU::DINGEMANSThu May 15 1986Testing programs with non-printable results
146.02CHAPLN::ROMBERGThu May 15 19862 Ins, 2 Outs
147.02WHOARU::ROBERTMon May 19 1986DTM problem
149.08VOGON::GOODENOUGHTue May 20 1986Automatic SET DEFAULT doesn't do what I mean!
150.02IJSAPL::PSQ_THEOFri May 23 1986Screen compare/marking interactively
151.02CLT::DICKAUSat May 24 1986Session editors, lend us your comments!
152.010NUWAVE::METZGERWed May 28 1986more filter wishlist
153.02TLE::CLARKWed May 28 1986DTM subsystem SUBMIT fails in a DCL procedure
154.04CHOVAX::BONINIThu May 29 1986Test dependent test input
155.01CROW::REEDTue Jun 03 1986Possible alternate screen comparison algorithm?
156.03NUWAVE::METZGERTue Jun 03 1986why default to dtm$lib ?
157.02CEDSWS::RELYEAThu Jun 05 1986Problems running a collection
158.02CROW::REEDTue Jun 10 1986Session Recording Commands?
159.03CHOVAX::BONINIWed Jun 11 1986Problem running test in BATCH
160.01DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYFri Jun 13 1986DTM makes mess on floor - film at 11.
161.018624::ARAGONFri Jun 13 1986What the latest
162.01PRSSUD::VEROTue Jun 17 1986problem during a display session
163.03CLT::DICKAUThu Jun 19 1986DTM T2.1-23, final baselevel, available
164.010CLT::DICKAUFri Jun 20 1986DTM V3 wishlist Part I
165.09CLT::DICKAUFri Jun 20 1986DTM V3.
166.012CLT::DICKAUFri Jun 20 1986DTM V3.
167.02CLT::DICKAUFri Jun 20 1986DTM V3 wishlist Part IV
168.019NOVA::SQL_TAYFri Jun 20 1986Problem with filter DIRECTORIES
169.03KIRK::MOOREFri Jun 27 1986cms cre ele x.session
170.0KIRK::MOORETue Jul 01 1986Thanks for reassurance
171.014GL::PIKORAWed Jul 02 1986Extraneous CTRL characters ?
172.01KIRK::WOLFEThu Jul 03 1986SHOW HISTORY bug
173.011IJSAPL::VANDOORNFri Jul 04 1986DTM & ACMS
174.0CLT::DICKAUMon Jul 14 1986Last call for wishes...
175.05SUPER::BEYERMon Jul 21 1986Comments Requested on DTM Setup
176.0CLT::OBRYANMon Jul 21 1986bug in DTMT2.1-23, symbol DTM$COLLECTION_NAME
177.02IOSG::BALCOMBETue Jul 22 1986keypad problems.
178.064GL::CHESTNUTTWed Jul 23 1986*.*_SCREENS ?
179.022CLT::DICKAUThu Jul 24 1986Compiled V3 wishlist
180.03HITECH::LIEBThu Jul 24 1986problem executing filter file
181.02NOD::HAUBNERThu Jul 24 1986question about bench mark files
182.01TSE::SCHAUBERThu Jul 24 1986Internal error
183.04GL::CHESTNUTTTue Jul 29 1986Only diff is DCL prompt $
184.034GL::CHESTNUTTTue Jul 29 1986Interactive PROLOGUE experiences
185.024GL::CHESTNUTTTue Jul 29 1986/AUTOCOMPARE?
186.03NOD::HAUBNERWed Jul 30 1986DTM and CMS
187.02TLE::CARRELLWed Jul 30 1986null local vaiables
188.04TLE::CARRELLWed Jul 30 1986DTM REVIEW dumps back to DCL unexpectly
189.01GUIDO::WINNWed Jul 30 1986"Locked" collection,T2.1-23
190.0VIRTUE::WINNTue Aug 05 1986DTM 2.1-23 bug?
191.01MLOKAI::MACKThu Aug 07 1986PCA from DTM: IMGFILMIS
192.0METOO::TALCOTTThu Aug 07 1986Minor nit - Missing err msg
193.02NOVA::JOHNSTONThu Aug 07 1986Some observations and suggestions
194.07WHOARU::ROBERTFri Aug 08 1986using DTM to test VLS interactive applic.
195.03VIRTUE::WINNFri Aug 08 1986Variables wanted in DTM REVIEW
196.02IOSG::WILLIAMSONMon Aug 11 1986Manual screen comparison problem
197.034GL::PIKORAWed Aug 13 1986Updating - Error message. Priv problem ?
198.01IOSG::BALCOMBEThu Aug 14 1986DTM wrecks my terminal
199.03WHOARU::ROBERTMon Aug 18 1986Problem running Vls in Dtm interactively
201.02CLT::DINTINOTue Aug 19 1986DTM Final Field Test Update kit available
202.02CLT::BRAFFITTThu Aug 21 1986Probs with DTM T2.1-3
203.0AIMHI::GRAYMon Aug 25 1986New User in Merrimack
204.04GOLD::ROSCOETue Aug 26 1986Installation and Runtime errors
205.07GOLD::ROSCOETue Aug 26 1986screen size
206.02VNADC1::GEROLDWed Aug 27 1986Order of tests in coll
207.03FNYFS::KEATINGWed Aug 27 1986Possible Different Use for DTM
208.0124GL::CHESTNUTTFri Aug 29 1986unknown escape sequence?
209.01FURILO::FEINBERGWed Sep 03 1986Feedback... Successful use of VMS tools.
210.02SWIFT::WALTONWed Sep 10 1986DTM bugchecked VMS
212.05CLUSTA::MCDONALDTue Sep 16 1986problem? with DTM in .COM files
213.01JEREMY::ADYWed Sep 17 1986UPDATE taking sooo long?
214.01CADCAM::ROBERTThu Sep 18 1986New DTM users's Guide
215.08MMOMon Sep 22 1986DTM for Load Simulation?
216.03RDGEWed Sep 24 1986How long is a piece of string
217.06CLT::DINTINOTue Sep 30 1986Pre-SDC DTM V2.1 kit available.
218.09BCSE::SPT_BRINKLEYMon Oct 06 1986{WAIT} command?
219.0REGAL::PIKORAWed Oct 08 1986Missing Characters ?
220.01JRDVMon Oct 13 1986What relates virtual mem.
221.01AMUZED::BINDERTue Oct 14 1986DTM with GEN on a VAXstation
222.02BIZET::MAHONEYTue Oct 14 1986Help
223.01VNAEIS::WONDRASun Oct 19 1986Demoprograms ???
224.07BARAKA::LASTOVICAMon Oct 20 1986Does DTM make 8
225.0BARAKA::LASTOVICAMon Oct 20 1986DTM 2.1-3
226.02SAUTER::SAUTERWed Oct 22 1986DTM versus CMS
227.05SWATT::SCHAUBERFri Oct 24 1986How to test graphics programs
228.03BCSE::SPT_BRINKLEYMon Nov 03 1986Modify test/input problem
229.01PCASSO::KORMANMon Nov 03 1986EDCS and DTM
230.06BCSE::SPT_BRINKLEYWed Nov 05 1986How to make time fly
231.01CURIUM::MILOSZMon Nov 10 1986FMS screens and DTM v2.1
232.02KRYPTN::STEVENSMon Nov 10 1986Problem with date filter
233.04KIRK::WOLFETue Nov 11 1986cntl-b causes image exit
234.02JETSAM::MCCULLERSThu Nov 13 1986Does DTM work with SET HOST?
235.04BCSE::SPT_BRINKLEYThu Nov 13 1986DTM doesn't finish it's job
236.02BCSE::SPT_BRINKLEYThu Nov 13 1986Arrow keys break my heart
237.09BCSE::SPT_BRINKLEYThu Nov 13 1986compare screen feature?
238.015SNO78C::BELAKHOVThu Nov 13 1986User comment on DTM (misguided) ???
240.02IOSG::BALCOMBEMon Nov 17 1986cms reservations ignored.
241.04GOTSWS::VIKTORSSONMon Nov 17 1986DTM for RDB-database and more
242.034GL::FRAMPTONThu Nov 20 1986filtering problems
243.01DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYTue Nov 25 1986Question about using DTM variables
244.01SNO78C::KHOURYWed Nov 26 1986v2.
245.05REGAL::FRAMPTONTue Dec 02 1986\COMPARISON_TYPE qualifier
246.020SUPER::CONNELLWed Dec 03 1986Advice on DTM Training
247.07YALI::LASTOVICASat Dec 06 1986Wait in script doesn't seem to do it w/ SET HOST
248.06NATASH::MENARDTue Dec 09 1986Help?!?! New User
249.03TSE::SCHAUBERTue Dec 09 1986BIG Regression Problem
250.05ERLANG::DICKENSFri Dec 12 1986ivp fails when dtm installed via rsm
251.03STKMon Dec 15 1986Must result be in ASCII-format?
252.03SUPER::CONNELLWed Dec 17 1986Philosophy question...
253.03JON::BERNSTEINMon Dec 29 1986CTRL/C and CTRL/Y questions
254.015GLIVET::BUFORDThu Jan 08 1987"Elapsed time" regression testing?
255.05HARDY::CONNELLThu Jan 08 1987DTM outline V2
256.03MUNEDU::MICRONEWSMon Jan 12 1987No filtering done during recording
257.03FNYADG::POTTSThu Jan 15 1987DTM crashing during COMPARE
258.01XANADU::JFAUSTTue Jan 20 1987SHOW COLL pid not hex
259.02GOTSWS::VIKTORSSONSun Jan 25 1987Filter- and COPY test probl.
260.09PRSIS7::RASCARWed Jan 28 1987Set up my account
261.03SUPER::CONNELLWed Jan 28 1987Looking for .BMKs and .SESSIONs
262.05MLOKAI::MACKThu Jan 29 1987Need advice -- automate or no?
263.01GOTSWS::VIKTORSSONWed Feb 04 1987delete test-description
264.03ANNECY::BULTEFri Feb 06 1987Problems with NCP
265.034GL::DIAMONDThu Feb 12 1987Can I compare by hand???
266.03DSSDEV::CHESTNUTTMon Feb 16 1987when does a blank NE blank?
267.04TRCTMon Feb 16 1987User-Defined Filters?
268.01MUNEDU::MICRONEWSThu Feb 19 1987test graphics on non-Digital terminal
269.06CSC32::S_VOGELTue Feb 24 1987%DTM-F-BADBUG
270.02JRDVTue Feb 24 1987How can I input ^P?
271.04BIRMIC::NATHWANIWed Feb 25 1987BINARY Data
272.03HARDY::CONNELLThu Feb 26 1987DTM and PCA bug ??
273.02CLT::ARSENAULTFri Feb 27 1987DTM T2.2 available
274.07CLT::ARSENAULTTue Mar 03 1987OLTP testing proposal for DTM V3.
275.07MARVIN::LINCOLNWed Mar 04 1987DTM hanging
276.014GL::DIAMONDWed Mar 04 1987Suggestions
277.01SUPER::CONNELLWed Mar 11 1987Setting inter vs. noninter
278.05CLT::ARSENAULTThu Mar 12 1987DTM V2.2 available
279.03PIKES::BILLINGSLEAThu Mar 12 1987Cataloging sessions
281.04CSC32::S_VOGELWed Mar 18 1987V2.1 Documentation Error?
282.05COMICS::WALTONMon Mar 30 1987require explanation of RECORD - DISPLAY
283.06CIM::PIUSMon Mar 30 1987Need DTM Experts Advise
284.06COMICS::JUDDFri Apr 03 1987crash in PCDRIVER+AD5 (ref. note 225)
285.04COMICS::CROSBIETue Apr 07 1987PCA under DTM COLNAMNOT found
286.02BRIANE::MAHONEYThu Apr 09 1987Problem with /INPUT
287.05NEWVAX::DFOSTERTue Apr 14 1987DTM & CMS for non-DEC applications
288.01CSC32::K_MEADOWSWed Apr 22 1987Output missing in Benchmark file
289.05RSTS32::KATZThu Apr 23 1987TESTS on PDP11 ?
290.03MDVAX1::ENDSLEYTue May 05 1987Thoughts for VAXset seminar?
291.07MDVAX1::ENDSLEYWed May 13 1987My problem, or DTM's?
292.06GVAADG::HANNAThu May 14 1987RDB to RMS: Can I use DTM ??
293.06TRCOThu May 14 1987Screen Compares and Aborted COPY
294.01MDVAX1::ENDSLEYFri May 15 1987DCL Prompt filtering?
295.01MDVAX1::ENDSLEYFri May 15 1987PLAYing .SESSION files from CMS
296.02MDVAX1::ENDSLEYFri May 15 1987New flavor for ^P^Z requested
297.015CLT::TAYLORTue May 19 1987V3.
298.04BRIANE::MAHONEYWed May 20 1987Asynchronous Input
299.03OTOUFri May 22 1987DTM WITH ACMS
300.05ROMMon May 25 1987Pseudo-driver documentation?
301.02PANIC::STOTTORFri May 29 1987Escape sequence errors with TDMS
302.05COMICS::MENDELSOHNMon Jun 01 1987Novice DTM questions.
303.08CIM::PIUSTue Jun 02 1987DTM Filter Help Needed
304.01PANIC::STOTTORWed Jun 03 1987Comparison Types usage
305.01MDVAX3::ENDSLEYWed Jun 03 1987Test description/collection dependencies?
306.010MDVAX3::ENDSLEYWed Jun 03 1987Request to run filters/prologue before BMK created
307.01CORE::KAYEThu Jun 04 1987course offered?
309.01TLE::MAILMANMon Jun 08 1987wishlist: benchmark search-lists
310.02TROPPO::RICKARDTue Jun 09 1987? BADBUG WITH V2.1 ?
311.01PANIC::STOTTORTue Jun 09 1987DTM with DBMS
312.05CIM::PIUSTue Jun 09 1987Empty Result File Causing DTM To Fail
314.01MED::MAYERTue Jun 16 1987SET HOST/DTE, DTM and Consoles
315.02CIM::PIUSWed Jun 17 1987Can DTM Work With Two Nodes On A Cluster?
316.01OCKER::SHCHIUSun Jun 21 1987HOW TO use DTM to control process/virtual terminal
317.01CLT::ARSENAULTTue Jun 23 1987Gathering Opinions, DDIF & DTM
318.02CSC32::NOLLWed Jun 24 1987^S^Q suppression; re: 171.*
319.02GOLDQA::SCHOFIELDFri Jun 26 1987CREA TEST/REC from .COM file
320.02CANYON::MCNALLYMon Jun 29 1987DTM PLAY fails
321.01MDVAX3::ENDSLEYTue Jun 30 1987What's this here "EXTRACT" gizmo?
322.01COGVAX::SNASSRWed Jul 01 1987Problem w/ Compare/ignore
323.03TLE::COHENFri Jul 10 1987filtering addresses?
324.0CLT::TAYLORTue Jul 14 1987DTM Guide organization
325.02KAOFS::B_ZINNTue Jul 14 1987Negative Unsuccessful
326.07TAVSWS::SHEFTELWed Jul 22 1987Questions about DTM.
328.010CAADC::HOLLEYFri Jul 31 1987Process hangs/creating scripts
329.02AYOV12::ASCOTTTue Aug 04 1987%LIB-E-KEYNOTFOU ???
330.06JON::BERNSTEINTue Aug 04 1987Filter problems????
331.01MATTER::COSMANTEGNAThu Aug 06 1987Pain when reviewing
332.06RIVEST::KENDALLFri Aug 07 1987Group commands not setting error status.
333.02CSC32::S_CONNORTue Aug 11 1987problems entering ACMS in DTM TEST/RECORD
334.03CSC32::S_CONNORTue Aug 11 1987CTRL/P W wait delta time value
335.05CSC32::S_CONNORThu Aug 13 1987output file as .BMK file?
337.02PRAGMA::GRIFFINTue Aug 18 1987SHOW or PRINT test run dates
338.08INFACT::NORTHERNFri Aug 21 1987PROBLEM, Screen painting hanging
339.02PASCAL::BAZEMOREMon Aug 24 1987Restarting comparisons
340.02TALLIS::ZANZERKIATue Aug 25 1987DIFF utility
341.01SOUSA::ZANZERKIAThu Aug 27 1987Order of execution
342.01BCSE::DTPTINKERThu Aug 27 1987Testing DECwindows???
343.02CSC32::S_CONNORThu Aug 27 1987DTM WAIT hh:ss:nn not working
344.0CLT::EARLEFri Aug 28 1987Need DTM Reference Account
345.01TALLIS::ZANZERKIATue Sep 01 1987Line cont. in @file
346.02TALLIS::ZANZERKIAThu Sep 03 1987DTM in unrecoverable mode ??
347.02LYOMon Sep 07 1987DTM with a BSO simulator such as BSO/DEBUG
348.06CLT::GILBERTWed Sep 09 1987Notes from a TCS conversion
349.03TALLIS::ZANZERKIAWed Sep 09 1987Same problem again...
350.01DECSIM::TAYLORWed Sep 09 1987Using unnecessary, unavailable disk space!
351.01CSC32::S_VOGELWed Sep 09 1987ACCVIO, 39 tests in collection
352.01FDCV1Thu Sep 10 1987VAXSET
353.01TAVMTS::SHEFTELSun Sep 13 1987Run DTM stucks while Submit works out
354.03CORE::KAYETue Sep 15 1987selective date/time filter?
355.01CORE::KAYETue Sep 15 1987SCAN Users Guide?
356.02CEDSWS::RELYEAWed Sep 16 1987No form feed when playing back session
357.01NEWVAX::SGRIFFINFri Sep 18 1987Large System Test Facilities?
358.01PASCAL::BAZEMOREFri Sep 18 1987/Groups and /Group
359.04BIGAPL::DAVIESTue Sep 22 1987Access file conflict
360.05DAVIDS::DAVIDWed Sep 23 1987PCDRIVER.EXE on VMS T5.
361.01NAC::JENSENWed Sep 23 19871 screen at 9:49
362.02NEWVAX::BOBBThu Sep 24 1987Mumps testing?
363.05CUJO::GILLETTEThu Sep 24 1987DTM and the 327
364.01NERDS::SARENSat Sep 26 1987Tell me I'm not crazy-benchmark does work, right?
365.02TAVMon Sep 28 1987PLAY & RUN
366.05ODIHAM::JONES_SMon Sep 28 1987DTM and Rally ?
368.02TAVMTS::ARIEWed Sep 30 1987need demo tools of the VAX-SET.
369.01SHRBIZ::STOCKDALEWed Sep 30 1987Using DTM as a tool for VMS upgrades
370.01OTELLO::LOOIThu Oct 08 1987DTM and sys$output.
371.06HANZI::NICHOLASHOTue Oct 13 1987Unsuccessful record comparision in interactive test
372.02VAXWRK::SEVERANCETue Oct 13 1987CTRL/P E, CTRL/P B Question
373.02TALLIS::ZANZERKIAMon Oct 19 1987being compared....
374.0TALLIS::ZANZERKIAMon Oct 19 1987Review support tool.
375.01TLE::REAGANWed Oct 21 1987When do new DTM$$TEST_RUN.COMs appear?
376.04DUBFri Oct 23 1987Looking for DTM front-end
377.08TALLIS::ZANZERKIAFri Oct 23 1987.BMK file
378.06DINER::SHUBINFri Oct 30 1987SUBMIT/NOPRINT. also modifying collections
379.03TALLIS::ZANZERKIAMon Nov 02 1987History??
380.08MEIS::FONSECATue Nov 03 1987sys-f-opincompl from smg$read_verify?
381.04CSC32::SAUNDERSWed Nov 04 1987ACCVIO on collection or delete
382.02DINER::SHUBINThu Nov 05 1987Problem with /CONFIRM message in RECREATE
383.01TLE::FINLAYSONThu Nov 05 1987Can DTM create concealed logical names?
384.02CLUSTA::ELLIOTTEThu Nov 05 1987opinions on workaround please
385.02DINER::SHUBINMon Nov 09 1987DTM hung after REVIEW command
386.01MUNEDI::WEIGLTue Nov 10 1987non-DEC terminals supported?
387.01XANADU::COPPOLATue Nov 10 1987VT33
388.02CSC32::S_CONNORWed Nov 11 1987ctrl seq input to pseudo driver
389.02CUJO::MCFARLANDWed Nov 11 1987GPX graphics/timing testing
390.03CUJO::GENUCHIFri Nov 13 1987Input/Output Coordination
391.0CLT::DINTINOMon Nov 16 1987Explanation of pseudoterminals.
392.0CLT::DINTINOMon Nov 16 1987Recording an interactive test explained.
393.0CLT::DINTINOMon Nov 16 1987Playing back an interactive test explained.
394.02DSSDEV::MASTROMARINOMon Nov 16 1987Embedded CR & TIME FILTER
395.04MEIS::FONSECATue Nov 17 1987Online QAR system?
396.01TLE::MAILMANTue Nov 17 1987Inconsistent prompts
397.05TLE::MAILMANTue Nov 17 1987command line recall
398.07DSSDEV::S_CHANThu Nov 19 1987Question on the DIRECTORIES filter
399.01CSC32::M_KETERMon Nov 23 1987DTM crashes system when creating test
400.02CIM::PIUSWed Nov 25 1987What does it mean by "Error in description"?
401.02RAGS::GRUNDSTROMWed Nov 25 1987Can you add a test to a collection ?
402.03TAVMTS::SHEFTELMon Nov 30 1987DTM 2.
403.02TLE::BENOITMon Nov 30 1987Problem with STOP collection on V5.
404.01UBEAUT::GILLFri Dec 04 1987odd characters in session
405.02CIM::PIUSFri Dec 04 1987Why RETURN key has to be hit to proceed a recording
407.03NEWVAX::BOBBMon Dec 07 1987basic questions
408.01DSSDEV::S_CHANMon Dec 07 1987The date didn't get filter out
409.02BOEHM::DONAHUEWed Dec 09 1987Crash in PCDRIVER
410.01CORE::KAYEThu Dec 10 1987is DTM it?
411.04DSSDEV::S_CHANThu Dec 10 1987Strange characters in result and benchmark
412.01CORE::KAYEMon Dec 14 1987format of VERSION for filter?
413.02RIVEST::KENDALLTue Dec 15 1987Another SCREEN compare problem.
414.03PHDVAX::LARSONWed Dec 16 1987Problems creating tests from .INP
415.02SUBTLE::ROUTLEYWed Dec 16 1987Insufficient Virtual Memory
416.0COMICS::MEGARITYWed Dec 16 1987DTM 2.2 and PF keys
417.04CSC32::S_CLOUGHESYWed Dec 16 1987Does DTM work with the mouse??
418.03CORE::KAYEThu Dec 17 1987SCAN & s'eol'
419.02VAXWRK::SEVERANCEFri Dec 18 1987Broadcasts?
420.01MEIS::FONSECAFri Dec 18 1987Why lack of 'T' timing records?
421.01PHDVAX::LARSONWed Dec 23 1987Suppress display on create test/input
422.05DINER::SHUBINThu Dec 31 1987problem moving DTM library to a new cluster
423.01DSSDEV::MASTROMARINOFri Jan 01 1988An error with a vanishing act!!!
424.04SUBTLE::ROUTLEYMon Jan 04 1988Interlock problems
426.05SUBTLE::ROUTLEYWed Jan 06 1988Wishlist
428.09DSSDEV::S_CHANFri Jan 08 1988Mysterious spaces before DATE filter
429.06CIM::PIUSMon Jan 11 1988Modify *.session, *.bmk w/ LSE or EDT ?
430.01HPSVAX::REIGELUTHMon Jan 11 1988Problem using SCOPE Forms Manager?
431.01TUBORG::R_WILLIAMSWed Jan 13 1988Problem with interactive record over TELNET application
432.01EARWIG::COLETue Jan 19 1988Why does TEAMDATA think DTM is a terminal?
433.05MUHTSC::MARTINTue Jan 19 1988FMS-screens twice after ^P^P
434.03SAC::DINSDALE_NTue Jan 19 1988DTM Problems/Questions
435.01MATTER::COSMANTEGNAWed Jan 20 1988Recovery of Session Files
436.01KAOAWed Jan 20 1988SMG and TIME Filter
437.01SUBTLE::ROUTLEYWed Jan 20 1988No ERROR staus returned!
438.0PHDVAX::LARSONThu Jan 21 1988DTM wish list
439.05VIDEO::OSMANMon Jan 25 1988how will DTM support both v4 and v5 of vms?
441.04SKYLRK::MARCOTTEMon Jan 25 1988input from a program not session file?
442.03MSDOA2::GOULDWed Jan 27 1988Help
443.02MDVAX3::ENDSLEYWed Jan 27 1988DTM timing out a collection before its completion
444.09DILLAN::KAKAFri Jan 29 1988DTM & Event flags.
446.01FASTER::STRANGEFri Jan 29 1988Memory Size
447.02GORP::MARCOTTEFri Jan 29 1988QIO params for PCdriver?
449.0229Mon Feb 01 1988DTM crashes system with 3rd party server
450.03TAVTue Feb 02 1988Display comments on playback...
451.01MARVIN::STRACHANTue Feb 02 1988Does PCDRIVER support reads with zero timeout?
452.03SMAUG::GIANATASSIOTue Feb 02 1988DTM on VMS V5.
453.04TALLIS::ZANZERKIAMon Feb 08 1988Backup of DTMLIB
454.042HOT::BAZEMOREMon Feb 08 1988Simulating logicals in an Interactive test?
455.02DIXIE1::GRACEMon Feb 08 1988DTM & Non-screen Benchmarks
456.01ATLAST::ATYAMTue Feb 09 1988ALL-IN-1 Exit screen (KP
457.09TLE::REIDTue Feb 09 1988ACCVIO from DTM COMPARE (not again!)
459.02VAXWRK::SEVERANCEMon Feb 15 1988PCDRIVER missing in batch
460.07TLE::REIDMon Feb 15 1988Crash while doing a RECREATE
461.01RDGENG::CLEVELANDTue Feb 16 1988Any date for V3?
462.01CAMTWO::BRENNANWed Feb 17 1988BMK_SESSION getting created in CMS library
463.06DINER::SHUBINFri Feb 19 1988Problem in collection.COM file
464.01VNADC6::GEROLDMon Feb 22 1988Prompt mixed with esc-seq
465.01MDVAX1::LINCOLNWed Feb 24 1988asynch/synch events on DTM
466.0NOWIMP::DADDAMIOThu Feb 25 1988DTM kit for VMS V5 FT2
467.03MALLET::TARZEYFri Feb 26 1988Problems with Benchmark Files
468.04TLE::REAGANSat Feb 27 1988How to I UNCOMPARE a collection?
469.01MDVAX1::LINCOLNMon Feb 29 1988Distributed Appl testing with DTM
470.02CIM::PIUSWed Mar 02 1988Intrinsic Timer For Message
471.011LOWLIF::SDAVISWed Mar 02 1988noninteractive problems
472.01COMICS::BAKERWed Mar 02 1988Crash due to lack of pool?
473.01ULTRA::HSUWed Mar 02 1988Unknown control or escape sequence "$c"
474.03MUNCSS::WALTERThu Mar 03 1988Can DTM save screens and if so how ?
475.01ULTRA::HSUThu Mar 03 1988Terminal characteristics block bad
476.04LOWLIF::SDAVISMon Mar 07 1988indexed file testing problems
477.01TLE::REIDTue Mar 08 1988Prob with Benchmarks/search lists
478.01DSSDEV::COSTELLOFri Mar 11 1988DTM/PCA ?
479.0EAGLE1::KIRKFri Mar 11 1988Script generator
480.01LOWLIF::SDAVISTue Mar 15 1988user input during tests
481.02FREDW::MATTHESWed Mar 16 1988SHOW TEST/BRIEF alignment problem
482.014CLT::DTMFri Mar 18 1988DTM V2.3 available
483.01TLE::JBISHOPFri Mar 18 1988@ file, SET VERIFY, line continuation
484.0VNADC6::GEROLDTue Mar 22 1988Unknown esc seq "CANB" ??????
485.01CADSYS::HEBERTTue Mar 22 1988Batch problem on VMS 5
486.02HANEY::HRIADILThu Mar 24 1988DTM & real-time I/O devices
489.01MDKCSW::VANBUSKIRKTue Mar 29 1988Problem using 2 CMS libraries
490.02TLE::WILDTue Mar 29 1988Update Generation Problem
492.01CLT::TALCOTTFri Apr 01 1988V2.3 Accvio when removing a test from groups
493.03AKOV11::ROWEMon Apr 04 1988Suggestions on Documenting Tests
494.05DSSDEV::COSTELLOTue Apr 05 1988Search Lists in DTM
495.01DSSDEV::MASTROMARINOTue Apr 05 1988Terminal Freezes.
496.01MERIDN::KPHILLIPSWed Apr 06 1988DTM Applicability?
497.02DSSDEV::PIEKOSThu Apr 07 1988Fatal Error Unlocking Library.
498.01LAIDBK::STETAKFri Apr 08 1988FMS Clarification Needed
499.01FUEGO::CLEAVELANDTue Apr 12 1988Line length limit
500.06NUTMEG::MITCHELLThu Apr 21 1988Displaying without DISPLAY?
501.01MUNEDI::WEIGLThu Apr 21 1988DTM and graphics
502.07MUNEDI::WEIGLThu Apr 21 1988long output in interactive tests
503.04COMICS::KEYMon Apr 25 1988DTM with ORACLE forms - one screen per character?
504.02ATLAST::ATYAMMon Apr 25 1988Problem with keypad {ENTER}
505.01CLT::TALCOTTMon Apr 25 1988V2.3: IVP failure can leave files around
506.06FORTY2::BOONHAMWed Apr 27 1988DTM 2.2 ACCVIO on REVIEW
507.06CAMTWO::ARENDTWed Apr 27 1988DTM not using CMS WHY??
508.03SPLUNG::CHESTNUTTWed Apr 27 1988^PW (wait) and DTM V2.3
510.06SPLUNG::CHESTNUTTThu Apr 28 1988^R == ^PC
511.05SPLUNG::CHESTNUTTThu Apr 28 1988ASTERROR when using ^PI in V2.3
512.03DSSDEV::MASTROMARINOSat Apr 30 1988Terminal Freezes.
513.0FEY::LEVINEMon May 02 1988Help On DTM
514.010CLT::DINTINOTue May 03 1988Interactive tests may hang under VMS V5.
515.02DSSDEV::COSTELLOFri May 06 1988DTM Library left in inconsistant state after ACCVIO.
516.01CAMTWO::ARENDTSun May 08 1988DTM & MMS ?
517.0131Mon May 16 1988Non standard date format
518.02TLE::GRIEBTue May 17 1988Restart would be nice
519.01VICTOR::CLARKFri May 20 1988Customer Usage of DTM
520.02VAXWRK::SEVERANCEFri May 20 1988VMS 4.5 and DTM 2.1 -> VMS 4.6, DTM 2.2 upgrade problem
521.08SNO78A::KHOURYTue May 31 1988problems with pcdriver !
522.02UTRTSC::OOSTERHOFWed Jun 01 1988Bugchecking from batch
523.02CAMTWO::WAYWed Jun 01 1988No Way to MODIFY Collection in 2.2 (?)
524.01BMT::LIEBERMANWed Jun 01 1988question about DTM filter
525.01TALLIS::ZANZERKIAFri Jun 03 1988VDIFF V1.2 tool available
526.023CLT::DADDAMIOFri Jun 03 1988DTM V3.
527.02UTRTSC::OOSTERHOFMon Jun 06 1988Old bugs...
528.02CAMTWO::WAYTue Jun 07 1988Question on Interactive test restrictions...
529.03PLATA::MOETue Jun 07 1988DTM for Performance Testing ?
530.03GOLD::COLEFri Jun 10 1988Problem installing?
531.02VAXWRK::SEVERANCEMon Jun 13 1988nopriv'ed user accessing benchmark directory
532.03CLT::HENNINGMon Jun 20 1988After timeout, STOP
533.0BONVAL::DONAHUEWed Jun 22 1988Minor problem with IVP
534.03MANANA::LANOUEFri Jun 24 1988Cursors Compatibility?
535.03CSDPIE::CHINWed Jul 06 1988DTM 2.2 compatible w/CMS 3.
537.04CSC32::P_SCHMIDTMon Jul 11 1988Stuck - increased resource demand for 2.3?
538.01COORS::S_CONNORFri Jul 15 1988dtm-f-unknown escape sequence
539.09ALIVE::HUSTONFri Jul 15 1988DTM V2.3 reports problem with lib, bad version
540.02CSC32::P_SCHMIDTTue Jul 19 1988Why SYS-F-DISCONNECT in batch????
541.01ALIVE::HUSTONWed Jul 20 1988V2.3 crash while comparing results with benchmark
542.04SPLUNG::CHESTNUTTThu Jul 21 1988VT1
543.07REVERB::HANNAThu Jul 21 1988file currently locked by another user
545.0137711::HOLLERANTue Jul 26 1988DTM Pass Thru
546.03NEXUS::M_KETERWed Jul 27 1988Control Y turned off by DTM with Submit
547.04CADSE::DUNCANThu Jul 28 1988DTM graphics capability?
548.02MEMVSat Jul 30 1988DTM Benchmarking experience, problems.
549.06CAMONE::ARENDTMon Aug 01 1988Session>Input>Session Problems
550.03PIXEL::DANIThu Aug 04 1988New DTM user with a problem
551.01NWGEDU::DINGEMANSWed Aug 10 1988Filtering local language dates
552.03NANUCK::REHORTue Aug 16 1988Any experience with INGRES?
554.01HANZI::DAVIDCHANWed Aug 17 1988INSUF. Virtual Memory
555.07BRSADG::VANHOOFWed Aug 17 1988Problems of a new DTM user
556.02ULTRA::KENDALLThu Aug 18 1988I can PLAY but I can't RUN.
557.03BRSDVMon Aug 22 1988Unwanted translation of logicals
558.07HANZI::DAVIDCHANMon Aug 22 1988Key Stroke Missing in RALLY
559.03MUHTSC::MARTINMon Aug 22 1988F$GETJPI not giving terminal name
560.02ULTRA::KENDALLMon Aug 22 1988Scripts stop on long displays.
561.02SNOCMon Aug 22 1988Can you use 327
562.03KERNEL::LYNETue Aug 23 1988Access Violation in DTM
563.01HANZI::DAVIDCHANWed Aug 24 1988INSEF - Insufficient Event Flag
564.010DSSDEV::JHARRISFri Aug 26 1988IOERROR
565.02CSC32::S_CONNORMon Aug 29 1988DTM error using SUBMIT, 'SYSTEM-F-RADRMOD'
566.05HANZI::DAVIDCHANTue Aug 30 1988URGENT --- Psuedo Terminal Number
567.01FORTY2::JONESTue Aug 30 1988Some software is too slow for $ DTM PLAY
568.07BMT::INGUAGGIATOTue Aug 30 1988Support for DECintact?
569.05TLE::GIOVINAZZOTue Aug 30 1988RESULT file ends early
570.05MDVAX3::COARSat Sep 03 1988DTM imposing arbitrary format upon non-interactive output
571.01IJSAPL::BOOGAARDMon Sep 05 19882.2: DTM-F-BUG after deleting a test
572.01PRSNRD::GROSThu Sep 08 1988Using DEC Tools for quality assurance
573.02MVCAD3::BECKERTue Sep 13 1988 < General Information Please... >
574.01BAHAMT::G_CHINWed Sep 14 1988DTM error in CREATE COLLECTION
575.04VAXWRK::MORGANWed Sep 14 1988problems setting host to an RSX-11M+ system
576.07FREDW::MATTHESWed Sep 14 1988V3 wishlist item
577.01BRSDVThu Sep 15 1988Screens wrong marked, using input file
578.0NEXUS::T_NORWOODFri Sep 16 1988DTM and virtual terminals
579.04ASIC::MWILSONMon Sep 19 1988Two DISKs, One DTM SET LIBRARY
580.01ATLAST::ATYAMMon Sep 19 1988MODIFY in batch
581.05CIM::PIUSTue Sep 20 1988DTM filter for node names?
583.04BRSDVThu Sep 22 1988Hang during CREATE/RECORD
584.02ATLAST::ATYAMThu Sep 22 1988Problem with ALL-IN-1 UDPs
585.06MEREK::WESTONFri Sep 23 1988Testing a COM file that reads from sys$input - Problems!
586.02BOEHM::L_GROSSMANFri Sep 23 1988$ DTM @file-spec ! terminates current procedure
587.02ISTG::TENGFri Sep 23 1988Termination character
588.01ECADThu Sep 29 1988displaying benchmark
589.03CIMAMT::NARAHARIThu Sep 29 1988Course/training info?
590.07ECADFri Sep 30 1988help /RECORDS for comparisons
591.0ISTG::ABBRUZZESETue Oct 04 1988LOGOUT problem
592.01MINDER::GOODMANThu Oct 06 1988Can DTM do this?
593.08ISTG::ABBRUZZESETue Oct 11 1988Anyone using VMS5.
594.01CADSE::GAMACHETue Oct 11 1988Interactive test of SMG applications
595.02FSTVAX::LYONSWed Oct 12 1988ANC and DTM?
597.05SNO78C::DEANGELISSun Oct 16 1988DTM Create test/rec/int from .COM?
598.01ULTRA::KENDALLMon Oct 17 1988MODIFY TEST does too.
599.01TLE::GRIEBMon Oct 17 1988hidden logical madness
600.02AKOV88::RIGGMon Oct 17 1988file protect on library
601.08HANZI::DAVIDCHANMon Oct 17 1988Using DTM on VWS
602.09HANZI::DAVIDCHANTue Oct 18 1988Time Filter Fails occassionally
603.03SWSCIM::PIUSWed Oct 19 1988Why DTM recording hangs for large screen output?
604.03TLE::GRIEBWed Oct 19 1988ya can't win em all.
605.01MUNEDI::WEIGLThu Oct 20 1988FMS and automatic compare
606.01TFOR2::GOODNOWFri Oct 21 1988DTM and DECwindows
607.01WARDER::JOSHIWed Oct 26 1988Beginning to wait...
608.01HANZI::DAVIDCHANThu Oct 27 1988Numeric Keypad Mistranslated
609.03COUNTThu Oct 27 1988DTM used for testing XCON - who knows?
610.02MQOSThu Oct 27 1988Overhead with scripts for perf. eval.
611.05GALVIA::SPAINFri Oct 28 1988DTM on Ultrix
612.021HANZI::DAVIDCHANFri Oct 28 1988DTM Batch Error
613.01TLE::MAILMANMon Oct 31 1988benchmark doesn't exist error
614.03TLE::REIDWed Nov 02 1988ACCVIO with DTM command file
615.012RACHEL::BARABASHThu Nov 03 1988Bizarre error involving CMSPROSHR
616.0234858::ENDSLEYFri Nov 04 1988Precreating benchmarks & User written filters
617.01IND::BAUMGARTNERTue Nov 08 1988DTM with VAXDSM?
619.04GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Nov 09 1988cursor freeze on long escape seq string
620.03SNOCThu Nov 10 1988Request for S:RW on PTYn:?
621.01UTRTSC::KUIJPERMon Nov 14 1988SMP bugcheck with DTM 2.3 on V5.
622.03PCASSO::MACGREGORTue Nov 15 1988escape codes please
623.01ULTRA::KENDALLWed Nov 16 1988A patch for emulator I/O time-out???
624.01SWSCIM::PIUSWed Nov 16 1988Why interactive compare doesn't show the 1st diffe
625.05SWSCIM::PIUSWed Nov 16 1988VAX884
626.03MANANA::LANOUEWed Nov 16 1988show/diff, replace benchmark, alphabetize
627.01GRANMA::BJOHNSONWed Nov 16 1988POWERHOUSE and DTM ??
628.02NEXUS::M_KETERMon Nov 21 1988Different File Yields No Differences
629.01CSDPIE::CHINTue Nov 29 1988DTM BMKs not inserted CMS Classes
630.02OZZAIB::LAGROTTATue Nov 29 1988ADA/175
631.02AKOV11::KUMOREKWed Dec 07 1988Problems with comments in .inp file
633.04ECADMon Dec 12 19882 unrelated problems using DTM
635.02KOBAL::FULLERTONTue Dec 13 1988DTM V3.
636.04KOBAL::FULLERTONTue Dec 13 1988DTM V3.
637.010SQGUK::CLEVELANDWed Dec 14 1988duff collection
638.09KOBAL::FULLERTONWed Dec 14 1988DTM V3.
639.01SMOOTH::DINTINOWed Dec 14 1988New location of kits for DTM V2.1, V2.2 and V2.3.
640.01STEREO::CASCIOThu Dec 15 1988Read Protected Kits
641.01NANOOK::LEBELThu Dec 15 1988UNKNOWN_SEQ - 1 more time
642.01HANZI::DAVIDCHANTue Dec 20 1988Invalid I/O channel
643.02NEXUS::M_KETERWed Dec 28 1988Running Noninteractive Test Interactively
644.06ULTRA::MADDENThu Dec 29 1988Interactive tests and output > 8
645.03OSLADA::OLAVThu Dec 29 1988How to start DECwindows user interface?
646.02MDVAX3::SLATTERYFri Dec 30 1988Macro keys during record
647.01JGO::APETERSTue Jan 03 1989Total outsider asks info
648.01SQM::MCCAFFERTYTue Jan 03 1989Comment field length
649.02SQM::MCCAFFERTYTue Jan 03 1989REGIS
650.0BIS::VANHOOFWed Jan 04 1989Limit on filenames ?
651.01BIS::VANHOOFWed Jan 04 1989strange behaviour of F$MODE
652.01PHDVAX::LARSONWed Jan 04 1989set host problems
653.06XANADU::LANOUEWed Jan 04 1989trouble in batch land
654.01AITG::FRIEDMANThu Jan 05 1989Decwindow troubles
655.02SWSCIM::PIUSThu Jan 05 1989Why DTM generates multiple version result files?
656.03AITG::FRIEDMANMon Jan 09 1989Decwindows woe
657.03DSSDEV::JHARRISWed Jan 11 1989Can't Stop a Collection
658.07MARVIN::COBBWed Jan 11 1989ACCVIO in REVIEW with PPF output
659.02MARVIN::COBBWed Jan 11 1989Pass/Fail status
660.01NERSW5::OUYANGWed Jan 11 1989DTM running with menu-application...
661.02CSC32::P_SCHMIDTThu Jan 12 1989system crash - dual processor
662.02AKOV68::WOODRUFFFri Jan 13 1989DTM PROBLEM
663.02CADSYS::COOKThu Jan 19 1989SDC DECwindows compatible kit?
664.044GL::FULLERTONTue Jan 24 1989V2.3 Fix for PCDRIVER Crash on SMP VAXes
665.01NBC::RANGANATHWed Jan 25 1989question on DTM test/record syntax
666.03RTPSWS::ABEDThu Jan 26 1989Masking ORACLE Date and Time
667.04ULYSSE::GRANTSat Jan 28 1989Is there a PAK available?
668.04BCSE::JTINKERMon Jan 30 1989Cannot copy Release Notes from CLT
669.01TSCMon Jan 30 1989Extract question
670.01DIXIE1::SUDDALATue Jan 31 1989EX
671.01VIA::MEHRINGThu Feb 02 1989SDC User's Guide Part No.?
672.02IJSAPL::KLERKMon Feb 06 1989I can RUN but not PLAY
673.03GALVIA::STEPHENSMon Feb 06 1989delete collection also deletes benchmarks
674.03ECADTue Feb 07 1989problem with COMPARE in batch mode
675.03CSC32::M_KETERFri Feb 10 1989DTM Hangs Immediately in Interactive Test
676.02NEXUS::M_KETERMon Feb 13 1989Login to UNIX Machine Hangs With NOTYPEAHEAD Set
677.04KBTOYS::WESTERVELTTue Feb 14 1989on-line documentation?
678.03AKOV11::KUMOREKTue Feb 14 1989DTM Classes
679.01TAMARA::LANOUETue Feb 14 1989A problem with interactive testing
680.02NEXUS::S_CONNORWed Feb 15 1989DTM unknown escape sequence
681.0CSC32::R_TROYWed Feb 15 1989INVEXCPTN bugchecks
682.01IJSAPL::KLERKThu Feb 16 1989What are .BMK_SCREENS files for?
683.06MDVAX3::COARFri Feb 17 1989COMPARE says `BUG - Bad LDB'
684.01CSC32::R_TROYFri Feb 17 1989Source code please.
685.02HANZI::DAVIDCHANTue Feb 21 1989Which first? EPILOUGE or FILTERS
686.02NANTES::COSTEUXWed Feb 22 1989CTRL/A in a .SESSION file ?
687.01TLE::MEGAWed Feb 22 1989TRACE_BACK filter truncates result file
688.01CADSYS::HARVEYThu Feb 23 1989Help-new user
689.01ELISFri Feb 24 1989How does DTM record the input during a TEST
690.03FSTTOO::LYONSFri Feb 24 1989run vs submit
692.08TLE::ROGERSThu Mar 02 1989Rumor of Incompatabilities for next DTM
693.02VNAACT::GEROLDFri Mar 03 1989VS 31
694.01EXIT26::ZIKAFri Mar 03 1989DTM Description
695.01AITG::HUBERMANFri Mar 03 1989Problems with a DECwindows application.
696.026Wed Mar 08 1989UPDATE problem
697.01SQM::TREMBLAYThu Mar 09 1989DTM and VMS Classes
698.01MOORE::VANDERPOOLThu Mar 09 1989Interactive DECWindow run problem
699.01SYSTEM::HELLIARFri Mar 10 1989VAXforms and DTM - not really
700.02CIMNET::TOBINFri Mar 10 1989new user with some odd problems
701.01CSC32::P_SCHMIDTMon Mar 13 1989polling the terminal???
702.01STP::ANDERSONTue Mar 14 1989Does V3.
703.03XANADU::LANOUEWed Mar 15 1989Difference file created, no differences found
704.03UNTADI::LASSWITZThu Mar 16 1989How to use DTM for command driven applications?
705.03ELISThu Mar 16 1989Routines Wanted
706.01HANZI::DAVIDCHANMon Mar 20 1989Changing terminal characteristics for a test
707.02DEALIN::LOMBARDOMon Mar 20 1989GPX support
708.05NEXUS::M_KETERThu Mar 23 1989Output File Goes to Wrong Directory
709.03FIVER::KEARNEYFri Mar 24 1989Performance of CREATE COLLECTION
710.01MDVAX3::COARMon Mar 27 1989Documentation question (really!)
711.04PRIM11::CAMPBELLMon Mar 27 1989Experience for Training
712.03CAIRN::HARRISMon Mar 27 1989problem with SHOW COLLECTION
713.04PRIMEWed Mar 29 1989%SYSTEM-F-PRIVINSTALL error on DTM/DECW
714.01IJSAPL::KLERKFri Mar 31 1989Inconsistent (random) success/fail on ACMS / DTM
715.01KNOTTS::MILANESIFri Mar 31 1989Moving Tests to other nodes
716.03OSLPBK::OLAVSun Apr 02 1989Create directory for library
717.03LEWEY::DESELMSWed Apr 05 1989Problem with VT3.
718.02NEXUS::M_KETERWed Apr 05 1989Command file runs at dcl, not in DTM
719.07SKYWAY::KARTHThu Apr 06 1989Test on 3
720.0REVEL::STOLLERThu Apr 06 1989X errors seen during Create Test
721.01BIS::VANHOOFThu Apr 06 1989Reuse Bechmark Files
722.02BALZAC::MARTINMon Apr 10 1989How to use DTM with DECwrite
723.05CVG::BURNSTue Apr 11 1989DTM with Field Test VMS versions
724.0KOBAL::FULLERTONWed Apr 12 1989DTM Internal Field Test T3.
725.01MTA::WATSONWed Apr 12 1989DW and DTM?
727.02BALZAC::MARTINThu Apr 13 1989DTM V.3.
728.010KYOV5Fri Apr 14 1989DTM inserts "$" character
729.03SRFSUP::WEBERMon Apr 17 1989VAXset Document
730.02BOUDIN::GLOYDTue Apr 18 1989DECw Pseudo Device for DTM
731.01EMC2::MESNIERFri Apr 21 1989Testing distributed product
732.010GUFFAW::GOYETTEFri Apr 21 1989A Couple Problems with DTM T3.
734.01USWAV1::LOEWTue Apr 25 1989Relating input file to output?
735.03MTA::WATSONTue Apr 25 1989Miscellaneous Questions
736.01MTA::WATSONTue Apr 25 19891 More Miscellaneous Question
737.03HAMSC2::MARTINWed Apr 26 1989Crash on uVAX 31
738.02NEXUS::M_KETERWed Apr 26 1989Invalid I/O Channel on Multiprocessor
739.01CAIRN::HARRISThu Apr 27 1989
740.01UTRTSC::VISMon May 01 1989access violation and quota problem
741.01CSDPIE::BURESThu May 04 1989SHOW COLL on batch queue
742.01HAMPS::MUTCHMon May 08 1989Problem with /CHARACTERISTICS
743.01CSC32::P_SCHMIDTMon May 08 1989hang-up during play
744.05UTRTSC::VDRIELTue May 09 1989DTM V2.3-VMS V4.7 crashes
745.04DSSDEV::JHARRISTue May 09 1989partial escape while creating interactive test
746.05RENTA::ARSENAULTTue May 09 1989DTM V3.
747.01AQUINO::PATRICIATue May 09 1989New user-what OS can I use?
748.0SWSCIM::PIUSWed May 10 1989Thanks Domenic, I will use CHARACTER comparison
749.01LAIDBK::STETAKFri May 12 1989Smartstar and 3rd Party Forms Support
750.01LAIDBK::STETAKFri May 12 1989Generic Filters??
751.01LAIDBK::STETAKFri May 12 1989EXTRACT Command SESSION File Parameter Clarificatiion
752.01URSA::HEUSSFri May 12 1989DECwindows interface questions (V3.
753.05CIMNET::CARROLLWed May 17 1989Is this a good tool for an IVP?
754.03TLE::KRUGERThu May 18 1989More information for SHOW TEST/VARIABLE?
755.01NAC::KLASMANTue May 23 1989Can I save (and use) RES files from multiple test runs?
756.02HOTAIR::ANDREWSThu May 25 1989another {wait} problem
758.01TOOK::L_OUELLETTETue May 30 1989Unable to use DTM V3.
759.0CSSE32::NAIDUFri Jun 02 1989VAXset release training announcement
760.0SHALOT::ATYAMSun Jun 18 1989Few wishes from an ALL-IN-1 user
761.06EMASS::ISLERTue Jun 20 1989DTM and SMG?
763.01CSC32::P_SCHMIDTTue Jun 27 1989can I change job names?
764.03TOOK::A_CHENTue Jun 27 1989DTM problem on VMS V5.2
765.02HANDVA::DAVIDCHANThu Jun 29 1989DTM V3.1?
766.04JRDICE::KANAZAWAMon Jul 03 1989wrong BENCHMARK. CMS version problem ?
767.01JRDICE::KANAZAWATue Jul 04 1989Disabling .BMK_SCREENS creation
768.02SMVDV1::SCHANDWed Jul 05 1989DTM/PCA
769.01GALLOP::COOPERMFri Jul 07 1989vaxset v7 - what version dtm,cms,etc
770.09URSA::HEUSSMon Jul 10 1989DTM V2.3 & FMS comparison timing problems
771.03FERNEY::NEJJARTue Jul 11 1989Many test descriptions at teh same time?
772.06SHALOT::WAYERThu Jul 13 1989Can't play in DECwindows
773.07SPLUNG::CHESTNUTTMon Jul 17 1989File_name filter problem
774.03ODIHAM::LOWETue Jul 18 1989DTM with INGRES tools ?
775.02STAR::HARDYTue Jul 18 1989DTM mailbox size?
776.03VOGON::CHINNICKWed Jul 19 1989Error - terminal char. block bad
777.018MARVIN::COBBWed Jul 19 1989VMS V5.2 breaks DTM
778.04SMVDV1::SCHANDWed Jul 19 1989%SYSTEM-F-IVCHAN, invalid I/O channel
779.03LYNCHM::LYNCHFri Jul 21 1989Callable Interface trouble
780.02TOOLS::BRAFFITTTue Jul 25 1989DTM V3.
781.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTTue Jul 25 1989DTM V3.
782.01CRATE::GREEN_KWed Jul 26 1989unknown escape sequence
783.02CRATE::GREEN_KThu Jul 27 1989Seeing it working
784.04CSC32::M_KETERThu Jul 27 1989Test Not Recorded Correctly After 1
785.06PRIMES::VEACHThu Jul 27 1989ALL-IN-1/DTM Revisited
786.01CARTUN::LEVINEFri Jul 28 1989Want To Get Started With DTM
787.01TENERE::HIRVOISMon Jul 31 1989DTM, new version color compatible ?
788.04UBEAUT::GILLTue Aug 01 1989system crash, filter/scan, test created twice from input
790.02NBOFS1::HERMANNTue Aug 08 1989Why virtual terminal's
792.01ULYSSE::HIRVOISThu Aug 10 19892 DECwindows terminal sessions
793.01HYDRA::COARTue Aug 15 1989Problem creating collection under DECwindows
794.03HYDRA::COARTue Aug 15 1989Some glitches in the DECwindows interface
795.02CURRNT::PREECEThu Aug 17 1989Overview ??
796.01VINO::BEELERThu Aug 17 1989collection rebuild & groups
797.010HBO::BACHELDERFri Aug 18 1989DTM from VMSINSTAL problem
798.01SMAUG::MURALIFri Aug 18 1989Can;t record a test interactively with DTM V3.
799.04TLE::EIKENBERRYFri Aug 18 1989Fix of corrupted history file?
800.03YUPPY::FISKEAMon Aug 21 1989Quick pre-sales question, please...
801.06MLNAD2::POGLIANIMon Aug 21 1989Multiple Testcase occurrences within a collection
802.07HBO::BACHELDERMon Aug 21 1989What does /FILTER=DATE do?
803.04HBO::BACHELDERTue Aug 22 1989Use of logicals in DTM?
804.01GIDDAY::KINGWed Aug 23 1989DTM timeout ( 443 and 293.4 revisited !?)
805.01CADSE::TATEWed Aug 23 1989BUG DTM/DECwindows using DECwrite HELP
806.04HARPY::FULLERTONWed Aug 23 1989DTM V3.1 FT Kit is Now Available !!
807.05URSA::HEUSSMon Aug 28 1989End of test discrepancies in compare
808.03GUCCI::MOHRMon Aug 28 1989Looking for DTM-327
809.04SWSCIM::PIUSTue Aug 29 1989dtm v3.1 ft bug in DTM MODIFY TEST/INTERACTIVE
810.02AZTECH::RYERTue Aug 29 1989Problem with command files & 3.1?
811.02SWSCIM::PIUSTue Aug 29 1989Problem with cms library element as template files
812.03KALE::BEETHAMTue Aug 29 1989Running multiple tests Simultaneously
813.0EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Aug 30 1989Testing of Client and Server programs to hardwired devices.
814.01POOL::GMURRAYFri Sep 01 1989DTM DECwindows record keeps crashing
815.01CONCRT::LUCASSun Sep 03 1989Will DTM have APEX's C scripting capabilities...?
816.01GAOVSun Sep 03 1989DTM RUN order...
817.03IJSAPL::KLERKTue Sep 05 1989RECORD/PROLOGUE disables ^P-time sequences
818.05CREDIT::PANTWed Sep 06 1989GPX Hardware Problem
819.03STAR::MICHAUDThu Sep 07 1989.RES file locked during filter
820.01UVRMNT::HERRLICHThu Sep 07 1989Why are collections "snapshots" of the tests?
821.01GAOV11::EDGARFri Sep 08 1989DTM Presentation.
822.01TENERE::HIRVOISMon Sep 11 1989DTM 3.1 process frozen
823.01SRFSUP::MCCARTHYTue Sep 12 1989DTMing reports?
824.01DRIVEN::MACKWed Sep 13 1989Problem in DECw interface making coll from group
825.01LEWEY::STANGEThu Sep 14 1989Test Manager / UNIX-ULTRX???
826.01BRILLO::BIRCHThu Sep 14 1989CanI use DTM for this?
827.03SQM::MCCAFFERTYFri Sep 15 1989Anyone seen this?
828.0HARPY::_FULLERTONFri Sep 15 1989DEC/Test Manager T3.1-12 Kit is Now Available
829.01MUNEDI::WEIGLTue Sep 19 1989VT24
830.01MUNEDI::WEIGLTue Sep 19 1989version compatibility
831.02TENERE::HIRVOISTue Sep 19 1989Wrong VMS DECWINDOWS version ?
832.03EEMELI::TBACKSTROMWed Sep 20 1989Can several files be "benchmarks"?
833.04CSC32::M_KETERWed Sep 20 1989DTM/DW - Run Collection on Remote Node
834.03PANIC::LILBURNThu Sep 21 1989Unknown_seq with DECForms
835.0HANDVA::DAVIDCHANFri Sep 22 1989some 'DTM' on ULTRIX?
836.01KERNEL::MENDELSOHNFri Sep 22 1989DTM queries on filters and timing
837.01HYDRA::COARFri Sep 22 1989Interactive versus noninteractive use of DTM
838.03PCASSO::VANDERPOOLThu Sep 28 1989remote test from boot node using 3.1-12
839.01VAXRIO::PEIXOTOFri Sep 29 1989V4.7 INVEXCEPTN using DTM V2.3 via LAT terminals
840.06HARPY::FULLERTONTue Oct 03 1989DEC/Test Manager T3.1-13 Kit is Now Available
841.0HARPY::FULLERTONFri Oct 06 1989DTM DECwindows and screen-saver
842.02TLE::BURMEISTERFri Oct 06 1989DTM variable help
843.01EQUINE::DANITue Oct 10 1989DTM beginner
844.05--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 11 1989Where can I get a copy of DTM v3.
845.0HARPY::FULLERTONWed Oct 11 1989DTM V5.1 Compatable Kit Now Available
846.0HARPY::FULLERTONWed Oct 11 1989DEC/Test Manager T3.1-14 Kit is Now Available
847.02GRNDAD::STONEThu Oct 12 1989Filtering no longer works on new version.
848.0CARTUN::LEVINEMon Oct 16 1989Interactive Problems
849.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Oct 17 1989Date field filter problem v3.
850.01BIGIST::CURRANWed Oct 18 1989Compare/sentinel usage
851.01CREDIT::PANTWed Oct 18 1989dtm/decwindows v3.
852.01GLDOA::RMYERSFri Oct 20 1989Details on successful implementations
853.02EMILE::GRAMONDFri Oct 20 1989interactive don't works properly
854.04MUNEDI::WEIGLSat Oct 21 1989DECforms: unknown escape sequence
855.02UTRTSC::DORLANDMon Oct 23 1989PCDRIVER and PSI/X29 output problem.
856.03UHAINA::BASSINNEMon Oct 23 1989DTM/DECwindows Record failing?
857.02CLYPPR::EASTLANDMon Oct 23 1989Can a test be temporarily de-activated
858.01ODIHAM::LOWETue Oct 24 1989Interactive record failure
859.06MUNICH::KILADISTue Oct 24 1989MODIFY TEST/INPUT=.../TERM=... problem
860.08GLDOA::RMYERSWed Oct 25 1989Directly edit a session file???
861.01MUNICH::KILADISFri Oct 27 1989CREATE TEST/INPUT=... problem
862.01CUJO::LENTZTue Oct 31 1989DTM for data recovery?
863.01CXCAD::KIDDERTue Oct 31 1989DTM$FILTER.EXE missing
865.03COLFri Nov 10 1989INVEXCEPTN bugcheck,PCDRIVER+C4E or +C41!!
866.02OOTOOL::PANTFri Nov 10 1989dtm t3.1-12 decwindows testing
867.01SKYLRK::KURATATue Nov 14 1989DECForms timing seems off
868.01SQLRUS::GRIGLACKTue Nov 14 1989Problems after system crash
869.04DEKVFri Nov 17 1989No termination of test collection?
870.02NBOFS1::HERMANNFri Nov 17 1989Two kinds of bugchecks with V2.3
871.07WJOUSM::BILLSFri Nov 17 1989What is test run order in a group?
872.01SUPER::OLIVEIRAFri Nov 17 1989DTM V3.1 Installation guide
873.0HARPY::FULLERTONTue Nov 21 1989Using VAXset V9 Guide
874.01DAHL::HEILMANTue Nov 21 1989Crash/loop on playback of DECWRITE session
875.04REGENT::FARRELLTue Nov 21 1989Run does not appear to complete OK...
876.03EDUOZ::BOWENWed Nov 22 1989
877.01KAOFS::M_ROYMon Nov 27 1989DTM SHOW/SIMILARITIES on PCA output ?
878.07STAR::MICHAUDMon Nov 27 1989Inconsistent "Incomplete Run" status
879.02HARPY::FULLERTONTue Nov 28 1989DEC/Test Manager V3.1 SSB Kit Now Available
880.04WJOUSM::BILLSWed Nov 29 1989BMK_SCREENS, RES, RES_SCREENS, and DIF question
881.01PERONI::CARPENTERWed Nov 29 1989Corrupt library problems
882.06CADSE::TATEThu Nov 30 1989what dose this error mean??
883.02GOLLY::MILLERThu Nov 30 1989V3.1 DECwindows Script Recording Hints
884.0GOLLY::MILLERThu Nov 30 1989DECwindows Testing w/ ASCII Compare
885.01VFOVAX::LAPRADEMon Dec 04 1989need DTM presentation material
886.02DSSDEV::JHARRISWed Dec 06 1989255 character limit
887.02CURIE::LAWWed Dec 06 1989problems recording a test, pcdriver
888.03POLAR::YUILLWed Dec 06 19893.
889.01MNATUR::LISTONWed Dec 06 1989DECWindows mandatory for V3.1?
890.02CASEE::ANKANWed Dec 06 1989SET TERMINAL/INQUIRE question
891.03ESCROW::LANGWed Dec 06 1989Compare fails with collection run
892.03TAVENG::SHAIThu Dec 07 1989Hebrew escape sequences
893.04LSTFri Dec 08 1989PACER Software Won't Let DTM Connect The PC Device
894.03SOJU::FRANCUSMon Dec 11 1989DTM 3.1 hangs
895.01DCWSTue Dec 12 1989Scrolled text revisited
896.06QUARK::LIONELTue Dec 12 1989Date and time filters in V3.1 too aggressive
897.08UBEAUT::HARRIDGEWed Dec 13 1989Screen freeze with DECforms
898.01SUBWAY::INGUAGGIATOWed Dec 13 1989Support use of logic?
899.02HORSEY::GENTILEWed Dec 13 1989Problem invoking my image from DTM
901.0CSC32::S_CONNORThu Dec 14 1989DTM stack dumps on VR29
902.09GOLLY::MILLERFri Dec 15 1989Auto-Synchronizer Prototype for DECwindows Scripting
903.03SNOCTue Dec 19 1989DEBUG and DTM
904.02ROMTSS::SCALONWed Dec 20 1989problem with RECORD/APPEND DTM 3.
905.04AKOLD1::WARRENWed Dec 20 1989DTM/FMS compatability
906.03DEMON::FREEMANWed Dec 20 1989Problems with Noninteractive tests under DECwindows
907.02DAHL::HEILMANThu Dec 21 1989Want to have same SESSION replay on VMS and ULTRIX
908.03TOKLAS::FELDMANThu Dec 21 1989Command line equivalent to Skip text fields??
910.02DAHL::HEILMANTue Dec 26 1989DTM-F-BAD_DATA_STR message (DTM V3.1)
911.01GLDOA::RMYERSFri Dec 29 1989Changing the system date for process????
912.01DAHL::HEILMANWed Jan 03 1990Running tests on secured workstation?
913.07DEMON::FREEMANWed Jan 03 1990More problems with DECwindows interface
914.03TLE::WILLIAMSWed Jan 03 1990DTM 3.1 on VMS 5.3 logs out ULTRIX 3.1 session on DECstation 31
915.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Jan 08 1990Can't run, can't stop
916.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Jan 08 1990Documentation in DECwindows bookreader format?
917.02ADTSHR::DIAZMon Jan 08 1990"Error showing differences"...
918.0HARPY::FULLERTONWed Jan 10 1990A user's comments ( posted here with permission of author )
919.01TLE::BAHLOWed Jan 10 1990Declare_network_object failure on a DECwindows Record
920.0DEMON::FREEMANWed Jan 10 1990Access VIolation when running a collection
921.01CASPRO::DEADERICKWed Jan 10 1990DTM and the PCA
922.016HANDVA::DAVIDCHANThu Jan 11 1990but failed to load xtrap extension
923.07ACESPS::WALTONFri Jan 12 1990Is there a CBI course for DTM?
924.04VMSDEV::BUNNELLTue Jan 16 1990help, ACCVIO during DTM compare
925.04NANOOK::ABRAMSTue Jan 16 1990Modifying a test script in the middle without effecting either end
926.0GOLLY::MILLERWed Jan 17 1990Word of caution about multi-platform/system testing
927.01ECADSW::CHOINIEREWed Jan 17 1990CLI warning in batch mode
928.0AUDIO::MCGREALWed Jan 17 1990Trace mechanisms for applications after they have shipped
929.03VINO::ROMWed Jan 17 1990comparison aborted due to CMS error
930.05TLE::FINLAYSONMon Jan 22 1990Can DTM define variables as global symbols?
931.02STAR::KUNKELWed Jan 24 1990THUNDERBOLT and DTM Issues
932.01HANDVA::DEREKLAMThu Jan 25 1990First filtering problem with DTM V3.1
933.01IJSAPL::CAMERONWed Jan 31 1990DTM version compatibility with VMS 5.1-1
934.0QUICHE::PITTThu Feb 01 1990DTM and VAX P.S.I. ? Any suggestions?
935.03NWGEDU::DINGEMANSMon Feb 05 1990Ignoring GPX capabilities in V3.
936.02HGOVC::MICHAELWANTue Feb 06 1990information on using DTM + ACMS ?
937.01LSTTue Feb 06 1990SET TERM in Prologue File Causes 'Invalid Device'
938.01HALLES::COSTEUXWed Feb 07 1990Fatal Bugcheck at PCDRIVER+
939.0HARPY::FULLERTONWed Feb 07 1990Cross Platform testing on ULTRIX ?
940.08COMICS::TURPIEWed Feb 07 1990DTM 3.
941.05HARPY::FULLERTONThu Feb 08 1990DEC/Test Manager T3.2-2 Kit is Now Available
942.03CSC32::S_CONNORThu Feb 08 1990DTM-E-NOTFINISHED, collection not finished running
943.01CSGFri Feb 09 1990Can DTM record SMG screens?
944.02KYOA::HANSONMon Feb 12 1990Suggestion/Help for 3.
945.02DEMON::FREEMANMon Feb 12 1990problem running DECwindows collection
947.02WIDGIT::HICKEYTue Feb 13 1990DTM / VAX ELN ???
948.01KLEINE::ANDERSONTue Feb 13 1990Multi-user tests: wishlist, and questions
949.09GIDDAY::SCHIPPWed Feb 14 1990Interactive tests and CMS libraries
950.01TRADE::SWENSONMon Feb 19 1990Difficulty copying documentation
951.01WLW::MOYERTue Feb 20 1990Can tape be used for testing input?
952.02LSTTue Feb 20 1990Error 'Unexpected Client Attempted to Connect to DTM' during DECW Test
953.02LSTTue Feb 20 1990Record fails with /variable switch and large test name
954.0HLYCOW::DKREMERTue Feb 20 1990Overheads for DTM and VAXset
955.01AKOFIN::COSKERTue Feb 20 1990Date&Time Filter problems
956.04GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Feb 20 1990DTM V3.
957.01TPLAB::SAEYSWed Feb 21 1990DTM V3.1, DTM V3.2 for VMS5.2 ?
958.01LSTThu Feb 22 1990Using Record Comparison Not Consistent ? (Documented)
959.05WJOUSM::BILLSThu Feb 22 1990Crashed an 88
960.0TOOLS::DIAZFri Feb 23 1990Error playing a DECwindows test
961.0CSSD::LOWEFri Feb 23 1990V3.1 with VMS V5.
962.01MARVIN::COBBFri Feb 23 1990DTM bug when invalid default directory
963.05THRILL::BILLSWed Feb 28 1990Non-DECwindows test sync help?
964.01MINNY::SEITZThu Mar 01 1990DTM Version for VMS 4.5?
965.01VFOVAX::TYSONFri Mar 02 1990v3.1 & DECwindows CREATE TEST error
966.02AFILE::RBROWNFri Mar 02 1990Mouse loss under decwindow
967.02MAJORS::SPENCETue Mar 06 1990Double prologue; no MODIFY COLLECTION
968.01TLE::FINLAYSONWed Mar 07 1990How to check the state of a collection
969.02TENERE::HIRVOISThu Mar 08 1990run collection failes (dtm/dec)
970.02CSC32::P_SCHMIDTThu Mar 08 1990dhq port hung
971.01JANELL::PLANTEThu Mar 08 1990illegal I/O function code
973.01MAGI::STANGELThu Mar 08 1990DTM hangs on third collection
974.01TENERE::HIRVOISFri Mar 09 1990Mask editor and comparison
975.0HARPY::FULLERTONFri Mar 09 1990IMPORTANT NOTICE - Please Replace V3.1 and T3.2-2 with V3.1A
976.03SRFSUP::GREGORYFri Mar 09 1990problem with show/result
977.011VAXWRK::NORDLINGERMon Mar 12 1990INVEXCEPTN bugcheck at PCdriver+CB6
978.05STRASB::HONORETue Mar 13 1990ACMS+RDB+DECforms with dtm
979.03CLYPPR::THERIAULTWed Mar 14 1990SYSTEM error on COMPARE
980.01OOTOOL::RAVITZWed Mar 14 1990Who is using DTM for DECwindows testing ?
981.01VANDAL::DINSDALEFri Mar 16 1990RALLY Screens hang with DTM
982.01VEGGI::BACHELDERFri Mar 16 1990Defaults?
983.04AZTECH::LASTOVICAMon Mar 19 1990system crash at pcdriver +
984.06GUIDUK::MILLERMon Mar 19 1990Process $hibers forever
985.012GOLLY::MILLERTue Mar 20 1990DEC/Test Manager T3.2-3 Kit is Now Available (EFT 1)
986.01MAVIC::D_MOORETue Mar 20 1990Listening for the "bell" on COMPOSE/M
987.05HQBIC::DCARRTue Mar 20 1990IVCHAN error when using "LO" to end DTM session
988.0HQBIC::DCARRTue Mar 20 1990Copying Libraries to new accounts. (one way)
989.01STAR::MICHAUDWed Mar 21 1990DTM and Search Lists?
990.05IJSAPL::WOODROWWed Mar 21 1990ACCESS VIOLATION in test subprocess
991.01CSC32::P_SCHMIDTThu Mar 22 1990ftdriver sysgen parameters?
992.01CUJO::LENTZMon Mar 26 1990can TEK 41
993.04DEALIN::LAMBERTMon Mar 26 1990Can't find prolog or epilog file when default directory differs from test create directory
994.011TMCUK3::BARKERTue Mar 27 1990DTM and Ultrix???!!!
995.01DENVER::BISHOPTue Mar 27 1990TEK terminals supported?
996.01TENERE::HIRVOISWed Mar 28 1990how to position a window in the screen ?
997.07BCSE::KLASMANWed Mar 28 1990v3.1a, VMS v5.3 problem
998.01CSC32::S_CONNORWed Mar 28 1990SHOW ALL/OUT=different_node::ltannnn: (no output)
999.07BCSE::KLASMANThu Mar 29 1990Another instance of WAIT not working
1000.01MORK::BISHOPThu Mar 29 1990DTM and TEK again
1001.03BUCKY::SEVERANCEFri Mar 30 1990DTM-E-NOCOMPARE problem
1002.02TENERE::HIRVOISWed Apr 04 1990queue manager crash
1003.01TENERE::HIRVOISWed Apr 04 1990multiple terminals tests
1004.01SUBWAY::INGUAGGIATOWed Apr 04 1990Script compatibility when upgrading
1006.04BCSE::KLASMANThu Apr 05 1990Insufficient Priv or file prot violation during filtering
1007.06COMICS::HOLLOWAYMon Apr 09 1990DTM3.
1008.02TLE::EIKENBERRYTue Apr 10 1990show/benchmark and concealed logical translations
1009.03CSC32::C_HEISLERWed Apr 11 1990Switch between graphics and text?
1010.01JANELL::PLANTEThu Apr 12 1990input file question
1011.01DSM::GOULDThu Apr 12 1990Exceeded Quotas ?
1012.0HARPY::FULLERTONThu Apr 12 1990DEC/Test Manager PCDRIVER Fix is Now Available
1013.02ODIXIE::SHILLINGMon Apr 16 1990CASE - RFP responses needed asap - THANKS!
1014.02MAIL::PICKETTMon Apr 16 1990Using DTM as a conversion utility?
1016.01GOLLY::MILLERWed Apr 18 1990DEC/Test Manager T3.2-4 Kit is Now Available (EFT 2)
1018.01ROMFri Apr 20 1990Callable Interface and Review Subsystem
1019.02MARX::WALSHFri Apr 20 1990Error creating Terminal test description in DECwindows
1020.02BLKPUD::TAYLORJMon Apr 23 1990Workaraound for Unknown escape sequence problem ?
1021.0BAHTAT::CHRISTENSENMon Apr 23 1990DTM with ACCENT?
1022.01GOLLY::FULLERTONTue Apr 24 1990CBI Course for DEC/Test Manager Now Available
1023.02BLUFSH::KHARETue Apr 24 1990Problems testing a DECwindows Application
1024.02QUIVER::WASHABAUGHTue Apr 24 1990problem createing tasks in decwindows
1025.03NAC::PDESMONDWed Apr 25 1990%RMS error and a BUG: two probs in 3.1A
1026.02AFILE::RBROWNThu Apr 26 1990Extra ButtonReleases in the .INP files - DTM recording Decwindows stuff
1027.01OSLACT::OLAVFri Apr 27 1990%DTM-E-Error simulating terminal, unknown control or escape sequence "$?'".
1028.02NWACES::GENTILETue May 01 1990Prologue File Problems
1029.04DPDMAI::RAWLINSTue May 01 1990JAM Forms Manager with DTM?
1030.01TOOLS::BOURQUARDTue May 01 1990question and minor bug
1031.04VIA::LCLARKThu May 03 1990Privileges problem
1032.0VIA::LCLARKFri May 04 1990Some UI problems
1033.07VIA::LCLARKFri May 04 1990T3.2-4: Exceed byte count after errors
1034.02VIA::LCLARKFri May 04 1990T3.2-4: crash in edit mask
1036.010BUDDRY::C_HEISLERFri May 04 1990Duplicate line at end of results file
1037.07CADSYS::HARVEYFri May 04 1990Problem with LIB$SPAWN in application program
1038.01GUESS::CALUCCIMon May 07 1990re reusable test suite
1039.02VIA::LCLARKTue May 08 1990T3.2-4: Occasional loss of wm
1040.09UKEDU::RUSSELLWed May 09 1990history records for success,unsuccessful testing
1041.08SFCPMO::TEGLOVICWed May 09 1990DECWindows Recording, No Beep
1042.06CSC32::C_HEISLERThu May 10 1990HUNG processes on DECwindows run
1043.03VIA::LCLARKFri May 11 1990T3.2-4: can't create masks
1044.06BCSE::GARDNERFri May 11 1990Can't run DTM from a boot node (DECWindows)
1045.05CADSYS::CHAMPAGNEFri May 11 1990xlib badlength
1046.04CSC32::C_HEISLERFri May 11 1990BADREQUEST in DECwindows test
1047.02CLUSTA::EFRANKFri May 11 1990%STR-F-ILLSTRCLA in record of LSE extraction
1048.03DSM::SCHWARTZMon May 14 1990DTM with VAX DSM Crashes VMS
1049.0FROLIC::REHMMon May 14 1990DTM locks up. How frustrating!
1050.08GIDDAY::HADDADWed May 16 1990DTM V3.1, VMS V5.3 and Crashing 643
1051.01POOL::TRUMPLERFri May 18 1990Bug in SUBMIT dialog box
1052.04GOLLY::JAMISONTue May 22 1990Open Meeting to Evaluate DTM DECwindows Testing
1053.01CLYPPR::DIAMONDThu May 24 1990DTM library in use by whom?
1054.03BLKPUD::WILLOUGHBYDThu May 24 1990Program checking LTA device, gets PTYnn: not valid
1055.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon May 28 1990FMS-screens duplicated on ^P ^P
1056.07CSC32::C_HEISLERTue May 29 1990Test on 87
1057.03PANIC::LILBURNWed May 30 1990$SET H
1058.01VFOVAX::BASCHALWed May 30 1990Tests with input that varies between runs.
1059.01VFOVAX::BASCHALWed May 30 1990Yet Another "Wait" Question (YAWQ?)
1060.02GIDDAY::HADDADWed May 30 1990Product Manager?
1061.04HAMSWS::STREMICKThu May 31 1990Bad Session file - invalid format - DTM-E-SESSION_BAD
1062.01LAKES::COPPERSMITHThu May 31 1990VERIFY/RECOVERY slow with many collections.
1063.08VALKYR::RUSTMon Jun 04 1990Filter performance in 3.2?
1064.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Jun 06 1990rms-f-flk problem under DTM V3.
1065.01TENERE::HIRVOISThu Jun 07 1990synchro and replay
1066.03CIMNET::POTUSThu Jun 07 1990Error Messages and the speed of light squared!
1067.04TOOLS::PERIQUETFri Jun 08 1990DTM hangs in interactive mode
1068.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Jun 14 1990Suppressing the WAITING messages ?
1069.01BUTCON::HAYMANThu Jun 14 1990Variables within Input files
1070.04LSTThu Jun 14 1990Error Simulating Terminal with DTM 3.1A - revisited
1071.02MADNES::PIUSFri Jun 15 1990Does DTM support a user definable timeout value?
1072.09UNIVSE::STRYKERTue Jun 19 1990I can't seem to use Variables properly
1073.01CSC32::P_SCHMIDTTue Jun 19 1990vt3
1075.0DOOBIE::millerFri Jun 22 1990Caution on use of /DISPLAY & /COMMAND qualifiers
1076.0AFILE::RBROWNFri Jun 22 1990Post processor for DTM Decwindows .INP files
1077.0AFILE::RBROWNFri Jun 22 1990Emacs source to adjust DTM Decwindows .INP positions
1078.08SWTHOM::COSTEUXFri Jun 29 1990Problem starting DTM under DECwindows
1079.06KETJE::GHYOOTFri Jun 29 1990%DTM-F-EXTLOADFAIL problem
1081.06CADSE::REHMFri Jun 29 1990Can't record DECwindows Test on VMS 5.3-2
1083.06HANDVA::DEREKLAMSun Jul 01 1990Fail to record decterm test
1084.02DOOBIE::millerMon Jul 02 1990DEC/Test Manager T3.2-6 Kit is Now Available (EFT 3)
1085.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon Jul 09 1990DTM-T3.2-4 - CMS-V3.3 - and CMSPROSHR.EXE problem
1086.04MUCTEC::SECHSERWed Jul 11 1990DECwindows DTM crasheswith OPCDEC fault
1087.01TUNER::COPPERSMITHWed Jul 11 1990Phase
1088.01LSTWed Jul 11 1990Relationship between {WAIT} and DTM$DELAY_TIMEOUT
1089.01SMAUG::G_CHINThu Jul 12 1990DTM can't find the directory in the system area
1090.01FSDEV4::GTHORNEFri Jul 13 1990CREATE/TEST/INP=x.dat/INTERACT (in Batch)
1091.03LOEDGE::OCONNELLMon Jul 16 1990error activating cms$event_action.exe
1092.03STLACT::MOSERTue Jul 17 1990Detecting screen changes in interactive mode
1093.03LSTTue Jul 17 1990Characters Randomly Dropped During Collection Run
1094.010GIDDAY::HADDADWed Jul 18 1990Error Message Handler and DTM$DTM
1095.01LABC::TANIGUCHIWed Jul 18 1990need DTM V2.3 ASAP!
1096.02TALLIS::KOCHWed Jul 18 1990^C has disasterous side effects? Or headset error?
1097.02LSTWed Jul 18 1990Sentinel Does Not Seem To Work
1098.02AKOFAT::KUMOREKFri Jul 20 1990Problem using input files
1099.01TALLIS::KOCHFri Jul 20 1990FILTER example in TPU.
1100.01TALLIS::KOCHFri Jul 20 1990HELP bug #1
1101.01TALLIS::KOCHFri Jul 20 1990HELP bug #2
1102.02TALLIS::KOCHFri Jul 20 1990SHOW KEY command missing? Or headset error?
1103.02SUOSW4::KAISERTue Jul 24 1990ACMS and DTM, help please
1104.02TALLIS::KOCHTue Jul 24 1990RECREATE error trashes collection & group.
1105.02TALLIS::KOCHTue Jul 24 1990Need help getting logical variable to work.
1106.01TALLIS::KOCHTue Jul 24 1990BATCH output not the same as interactive output.
1107.01TALLIS::KOCHTue Jul 24 1990Two suggestions for DTM
1108.02HARPY::FULLERTONTue Jul 24 1990Should DTM Compare Characters in Images?
1109.05VAXUUM::KOHLBRENNERWed Jul 25 1990Need basic help
1110.03PASMThu Jul 26 1990Screen hangs in DTM V3.1 on VMS V5.3-2
1111.02RUTILE::GUYThu Jul 26 1990TDMS error under DTM
1112.05CSC32::P_SCHMIDTThu Jul 26 1990custom dtm submit??
1113.02BCSE::KLASMANFri Jul 27 1990REVIEW SHO/DIF uses 2 different comparison utilities?
1114.02VAXUUM::KOHLBRENNERFri Jul 27 1990How to filter the three file id numbers?
1115.010COOKIE::LJONESSat Jul 28 1990Search list support
1116.06NOVA::GRIGLACKTue Jul 31 1990ACCVIO trying to delete collection
1117.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Aug 01 1990Process hangs (LAT problem ?).
1118.06BREAKR::JANESWed Aug 01 1990No logical name match, DECwindows SET DISPLAY
1119.04UTRTSC::HOFMANFri Aug 03 1990-ivchan- once again V3.
1120.01CAPT::WALSHFri Aug 03 1990X and Y resources ignored?
1121.01STLACT::MOSERMon Aug 06 1990Range Checking in the Output...
1122.05MUCTEC::SECHSERTue Aug 07 1990DTM gives XLIB errors when recording DECwindow test
1123.03HNDYMN::MCCARTHYTue Aug 07 1990BUG - Collection in use when not. It can't be stopped
1125.02COOKIE::GIONFRIDDOWed Aug 08 1990MWM hanging...
1126.01GUESS::DOUCETTEThu Aug 09 1990DIRECTORIES filter replaces <
1127.01EVETPU::WALSHFri Aug 10 1990Updating correct results yields blank benchmark
1128.01TENERE::HIRVOISMon Aug 13 1990Is there any training ?
1129.01MSESU4::MCCULLERSMon Aug 13 1990Request for DTM Scripts
1130.01VFOVAX::BASCHALTue Aug 14 1990Can you edit .RES_SCREENS?
1131.06BCSE::KLASMANTue Aug 14 1990Anything wrong with having output of 1 test be the input to another?
1132.01TLE::EIKENBERRYWed Aug 15 1990DTM, CMS, and PAKs
1134.03BZA::ZAHAVIThu Aug 16 1990Using DTM to demo a product
1135.02LVIRA::STRYKERFri Aug 17 1990How to Print with DECwindows interface?
1136.01SWAM2::MASTROMAR_JOFri Aug 17 1990DTM for G2?
1137.02MUCTEC::SECHSERMon Aug 20 1990libraries, libraries, libraries ...
1138.04LVIRA::STRYKERMon Aug 20 1990Status: Result Description Error ??
1139.06ROMCSA::VENTURINOThu Aug 23 1990help on DTM to test DECwindows applications
1140.02CSC32::M_KETERThu Aug 23 1990Will DTM 3.1A or 3.1B run on VMS T5.4-4ET ?
1141.0MINDER::TAYLORMMon Aug 27 1990AS/4
1142.01SIMD::BARDEZMon Aug 27 1990PLAY command in Batch !
1144.02WJOUSM::BILLSTue Aug 28 1990ALL-IN-1 Screen Comparison Fails
1145.02KAOFS::M_ROYTue Aug 28 1990DATE FILTER info/fix not documented
1146.02GUESS::DOUCETTETue Aug 28 1990show/diff truncates last 8 chars?
1147.01BLKPUD::WILLOUGHBYDWed Aug 29 1990ACCVIO and other stories
1148.08MUCTEC::SECHSERWed Aug 29 1990Obsolete version of XTrap
1149.02BANZAI::THERIAULTWed Aug 29 1990Quota Exceeded...3.1a
1150.01CSC32::M_KETERWed Aug 29 1990Help in Review; Date/Time Filters together
1151.012CADSYS::CHAI::CHAMPAGNEThu Aug 30 1990Diff bet RUN and PLAY?
1152.02SDEVAX::ULLOAFri Aug 31 1990ULTRIX DTM
1153.05BLKPUD::WILLOUGHBYDWed Sep 05 1990interactive and non-interactive REVIEW
1154.05BLKPUD::HOLLOWAYSThu Sep 06 1990PLAY finishes prematurely
1156.03HARDY::TIERNANWed Sep 12 1990SHOW/RESULT for noninteractive test
1157.01TOOK::ICENOGLEWed Sep 12 1990Esc Sequence Interpreter Bug? (version 3.1B)
1158.08STARV3::MACGREGORThu Sep 13 1990V3.2-6 upgrade takes away the session manager
1159.05DOOZER::RUSSELLThu Sep 13 1990ACMS,DTM and PCA !
1160.03HARDY::TIERNANThu Sep 13 1990Noninteractive test - template
1161.04CSC32::M_KETERFri Sep 14 1990DTM Play from a DECterm, and Submitting a DW Test
1162.03GOLLY::MILLERMon Sep 17 1990DEC/Test Manager V3.2 Internal SQM Kit Available
1163.01TOWNS::ASHERISACOFFTue Sep 18 1990Capabilities of DTM, work with UNIX wkstations?
1164.0HARDY::TIERNANThu Sep 20 1990Wanted: DTM TECHNICAL reviewer
1165.05FRIDYS::MCCAINFri Sep 21 1990Latest version for VWS
1167.01FILTON::LANETue Sep 25 1990DTM Overhead Slides?
1168.01SALISH::ABARBANEL_CATue Sep 25 1990Formal DTM training?
1169.02BROKE::VISHUWed Sep 26 1990File protection violation after upgrade to DTM V3.2
1170.0GOLLY::MILLERWed Sep 26 1990That pesky MWM client positioning
1171.02MAIL::PICKETTThu Sep 27 1990Integration/Stress testing with DTM
1172.04JRDVFri Sep 28 1990TIME filter bug?
1173.01CADSYS::CHAI::CHAMPAGNEFri Sep 28 1990DIRECTORY filter replaces wrong item
1174.07GOLLY::MILLERFri Sep 28 1990DEC/Test Manager T3.3-1 (VMS V5.4 only)
1175.01--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 02 1990Am I forgetting something?
1176.05MARX::LEVINFri Oct 05 1990record/input/append problems
1177.02FMCSSE::DIXMon Oct 08 1990Help with use of DTM please????
1179.01REFINE::MARTOCCHIOTue Oct 09 1990Difference between DTM V3.
1180.03CSC32::C_HEISLERTue Oct 09 1990REQUIREDSYNCH errors
1181.013PINBOT::ERVINTue Oct 09 1990incomplete run in batch mode
1182.01POSEUR::CARRUTHERSTue Oct 09 1990License problem with DTM V3.2
1183.05MOVIES::BENSONWed Oct 10 1990dtm trashed my library!
1184.01LSTWed Oct 10 1990Screens Compared Even When Noauto Compare Enabled
1185.03COMICS::STUBBINGTONWed Oct 10 1990submit/hold and prologue files not working...
1187.02CSC32::C_HEISLERTue Oct 16 1990DTM and MOTIF
1188.02PINBOT::ERVINSun Oct 21 1990help using DTM logical names
1189.07HSOMAI::MYERSMon Oct 22 1990Highlighting Problem.
1190.08CGOSWed Oct 24 1990Regis + DTM V3.1A
1191.05EN::DICKThu Oct 25 1990no filtering being done for DATE and TIME
1192.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Oct 25 1990SIMTERM and UNKNOWN_SEQ errors with DTM-V3.1B
1193.01EICMFG::HAMMERFri Oct 26 1990/SENTINEL not working correctly ?
1194.07JUNO::WESTONFri Oct 26 1990Test stops with DTM-E-RUNFAILED
1195.01TLET8::ASHFORTHMon Oct 29 1990Inability to collect PCA coverage data from DTM
1196.02MOVIES::WATTSTue Oct 30 1990beginner's DTM/DECwindows problem
1197.03STARV3::MACGREGORTue Oct 30 1990Irregular behavior from DTM V3.2
1198.04TLET8::ASHFORTHWed Oct 31 1990DTM 3.3 problems with XTRAP proliferation, protected images
1199.04TLET8::ASHFORTHWed Oct 31 1990Miscellany concerning DTM 3.3
1200.01TLET8::ASHFORTHWed Oct 31 1990DTM 3.3 QARs
1201.01TLET8::ASHFORTHWed Oct 31 1990DTM 3.3 Key sequences
1202.01TLET8::ASHFORTHThu Nov 01 1990DTM Record; Pause command
1203.01REFINE::MARTOCCHIOThu Nov 01 1990Is this a channel problem or a DTM problem?
1204.0REFINE::MARTOCCHIOThu Nov 01 1990Procedure for Interactive Tests
1205.01CSC32::C_HEISLERThu Nov 01 1990Cancel from command procedure run
1206.01TLET8::ASHFORTHFri Nov 02 1990DTM 3.3 vagaries, especially with PCA
1207.02TLET8::ASHFORTHFri Nov 02 1990Slow replay of session file input
1208.08JRDVTue Nov 06 1990ACCVIO in RECORD/INPUT
1209.02SMURF::BATTue Nov 06 1990setprv returned 681 when enabling priv=4 in SECURITY code!
1210.02SFCPMO::THOMASTue Nov 06 1990Trouble with SPAWN from Debug file, in DTM
1211.02HURON::MYERSTue Nov 06 1990DTM v3.2 crashing on VMS 5.4?
1212.07RIVAGE::FREMONTWed Nov 07 1990%DTM-F-OUTMBXINIT, Error Initializing output mailbox
1213.03DATABS::HEATHWed Nov 07 1990Some tests in a group not running
1214.03KURTAN::HOLMBERGThu Nov 08 1990DTM vs test on database application
1215.01TLET8::ASHFORTHFri Nov 09 1990Getting testy with DTM 3.3 IFT 2
1216.02TAVENG::SHLOMOSun Nov 11 1990Bad CLD in the DTM 3.2 CLT Installation Kit
1217.014TAVENG::SHLOMOSun Nov 11 1990STARTIOFAIL returned by XTRAP under DTM\Decwindows
1218.01NEMAIL::MCKIESun Nov 11 1990Help needed for Fidelity in Boston
1219.03TLE::D_SMITHMon Nov 12 1990Library corrupted by DTM 3.2
1220.09SFCPMO::MILLERTue Nov 13 1990COLLECTION.COM hangs at write to mailbox.
1221.01TLET8::ASHFORTHTue Nov 13 1990Play malfunction under DTM 3.3 (IFT 2)
1222.04LSTTue Nov 13 1990Play finishes then logout hangs system
1223.02TLET8::ASHFORTHThu Nov 15 1990More slowdown on playback - off-by-one event handling?
1224.0DOOZER::RUSSELLThu Nov 15 1990help required on DTM with ORACLE
1225.04CLUSTA::FERRARAThu Nov 15 1990control y doesn't work in dtm???
1226.04TLET8::ASHFORTHMon Nov 19 1990Crash of 3.3-2
1227.0TLET8::ASHFORTHMon Nov 19 1990Captive DECwindows accounts for DTM testing
1228.02COOKIE::MANZANARESMon Nov 19 1990SHOW COLL/CLASS=BENCH=gen problem
1229.03MARVA1::KIMMELMon Nov 26 1990FATAL BUGCHECK - Mutex count nonzero
1230.013SYSTEM::GILROYWed Nov 28 1990<CR> in result file causes filter problem
1231.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONWed Nov 28 1990Is it possible to redirect session files?...
1232.01REFINE::MARTOCCHIOThu Nov 29 1990Command Interpretor Problems with DTM V3.2
1233.01LENO::MILANESIFri Nov 30 1990{WAIT} vs {DELAY} Help?
1234.04NOMUNY::WSC135::C_HEISLERMon Dec 03 1990PF1, etc and EXTRACTing input files
1235.03COMICS::STUBBINGTONWed Dec 05 1990Can you specify when DTM should - compare screens?
1236.05LSTWed Dec 05 1990Callable Interface - DTM$DTM Returns 1 Character to Output Routine
1237.01VAXUUM::KOHLBRENNERWed Dec 05 1990SYS$OUTPUT not terminal...
1238.01YOMUNY::WSC135::C_HEISLERMon Dec 10 1990COPY function WISHLIST item
1239.01MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Dec 10 1990Help to copy Doc Set?
1240.0NOMUNY::WSC135::C_HEISLERWed Dec 12 1990More suggestions/problems
1241.01WINER::DIXMon Dec 17 1990Problem recording CTRL-C
1242.010BERNTue Dec 18 1990record always starts at DCL?
1243.01MOVIES::BENSONWed Dec 19 1990RESULT file format question.
1244.01MOVIES::BENSONThu Dec 20 1990ACCVIO in 3.3-3
1245.01TOOLS::BRAFFITTFri Dec 21 19903.3-3 performance improvement?
1246.01FRITOS::TALCOTTFri Dec 28 1990T3.3-3 Sysexception during a DECwindows Quit Session playback
1247.08AIAG::KIMFri Jan 04 1991Can we edit SESSION file ?
1248.06CSC32::M_KETERFri Jan 04 1991Error 'DTM-F-FAOCNTMISSING' During Record from Command Procedure
1249.06TAVMon Jan 07 1991DTM for performance tests
1250.04SMURF::BATMon Jan 07 1991TCP/IP transport connection failure
1251.03CALS::MALINGTue Jan 08 1991Has DATE filter changed behaviour?
1252.01FSDEV1::DBOUFFARDWed Jan 09 1991Need info on establshd DTM env.
1254.03CX3PST::WSC135::C_HEISLERWed Jan 09 1991Set template sys$disk:[]
1255.03SICVAX::WICKERTWed Jan 09 1991Block Mode terminal support?
1256.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONThu Jan 10 1991dtm 3.2 - decterm window causing unsuccessful run
1257.01GOLLY::MILLERSun Jan 13 1991XTrap V3.1 Now Available
1258.01BSLOPE::BOURQUARDMon Jan 14 1991problem using DTM with CMS and DFS
1259.08FMCSSE::DIXTue Jan 15 1991Problem updating new tests.....
1260.06WIGWAM::VIJAYTue Jan 15 1991Is DTM available on ULTRIX?
1261.04LSTTue Jan 15 1991(SUG) Add Prologue and Epilogue to /Class qualifier
1262.09TLE::HAMNETTWed Jan 16 1991DTM give us "Library is invalid" messages when locked
1263.01TLE::HAMNETTWed Jan 16 1991"-DTM-F-BAD_DATA_STR, Structure field of the passed LDB is invalid"
1264.01CX3PST::WSCWed Jan 16 1991More wishlist items.
1265.03PHONE::ZAMBREWed Jan 16 1991T3-3 sysexception error while recording test
1266.02TALLIS::KIRKFri Jan 18 1991Bug? - pressed incorrect key
1267.01MISFIT::SCHULTZDFri Jan 18 1991PCDRIVER <--> VMS V5.1 compatibility
1268.01BIGRED::GARRETTSun Jan 20 1991PCDRIVER version mismatch after 5.4-1 upgrade
1269.02FRITOS::TALCOTTMon Jan 21 1991T3.3-3 large integers for job numbers
1270.01PHONE::ZAMBRETue Jan 22 1991looking for Xtrap kit for DTM 3.2
1271.04TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed Jan 23 1991Possible logical problem in DTM$$TEST_RUN.COM
1272.05ZURThu Jan 24 1991error opening MAIL_TEST.SESSION as input
1273.03ACESMK::GAMBLEThu Jan 24 1991Program version number failures
1274.07CX3PST::WSC135::C_HEISLERThu Jan 24 1991ILLFILEINLIB with input file in DTMLIB
1275.08CSC32::FRECHETTEFri Jan 25 1991DTM hangs when running RMU/SHOW STAT file
1276.04CX3PST::WSC135::C_HEISLERFri Jan 25 1991Max rec in results files
1277.05R2ME2::FLECCHIAMon Jan 28 1991Can't playback BASIC program doing asynchronous ^C trapping...
1278.05CLUSTA::EFRANKMon Jan 28 1991DTM access violates
1279.01CX3PST::WSC135::C_HEISLERMon Jan 28 1991TERMCAP.TC file and DTM
1280.02REBEL1::FAUCHERThu Jan 31 1991KPn functions and SHOW/DIFF?
1281.01ROULET::BARNESThu Jan 31 1991problem with RECORD/INPUT
1282.07BROKE::DNELSONSat Feb 02 1991COMPARE erroneously indicates success
1284.01AIAG::DUROCHERMon Feb 04 1991system resource requirements
1285.01TOOK::MCQUEENEYMon Feb 04 1991Am I missing something?
1286.01SAC::HAYCOCKSTue Feb 05 1991DTM and SET HOST/LAT, X29?
1287.01TPS::TAOTue Feb 05 1991Hanging Screen - ACMS/DECforms Appl. w/DTM
1288.03TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed Feb 06 1991%CLI-W-NOCOMD when a FILTER is specified
1289.01CHOWDA::HARNOISWed Feb 06 1991DECtm CBI??
1290.05BSS::GALLAGHERWed Feb 06 1991Variable length input format on V3.2 session files
1291.01CX3PST::WSCWed Feb 06 1991ACCVIO during REVIEW in 132 col mode?
1292.01CROW::MATTHESThu Feb 07 1991callable interface ??
1293.01MOVIES::BENSONThu Feb 07 1991DTM in DCL
1294.01ASABET::J_REIDFri Feb 08 1991What is the latest version of DTM?
1295.03AISG::LANDINGHAMFri Feb 08 1991Record/playback of DECwindow drags?
1296.04REBEL1::FAUCHERWed Feb 13 1991RECORDFAILED - anny ideas?
1297.01HPSVAX::KONEILLThu Feb 14 1991DTM script ends prematurely
1299.03BERNFri Feb 15 1991Scrolling FMS-masks
1300.05MARVA1::KIMMELMon Feb 18 1991Comparing REAL records
1301.05MARVA1::KIMMELTue Feb 19 1991FMS key sequences filtered? by DTM
1302.03LSTTue Feb 19 1991Error Using CTRL/P-I While Recording Interactive Test
1303.03COLWed Feb 20 1991Overhead using DTM
1304.03TLE::EIKENBERRYWed Feb 20 1991Failure to Correctly Restore Default DIrectory
1305.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONThu Feb 21 1991DTM and Oracle Forms Product - synch problem...
1306.01KAOFS::M_ROYThu Feb 21 1991DTM Input and Benchmark questions
1307.03ABSISG::DAWSONThu Feb 21 1991Wish list item
1308.03YF23::LAFRANCEThu Feb 21 1991<<<Can DTM test an Oracle Application? >>>
1309.03MARVA1::KIMMELFri Feb 22 1991"LO" being used inseatd of "LOGOUT"?
1310.03CX3PST::WSCFri Feb 22 1991VMSINSTAL-E-EXPIRED with DTM 3.2 on VMS 5.3-2
1311.05KAOFS::M_ROYMon Feb 25 1991DTM-F-EXTLOADFAIL with V3.2
1312.01EMASS::WISCHOWMon Feb 25 1991editing session/input files - not easy!
1313.06INDICT::PECENKATue Feb 26 1991DATE filter - unpredictible behaviour dd-mmm-yyyy in BMK, d6-FEB-1991 in RES
1314.03FMCSSE::DIXWed Feb 27 1991Still a problem with CMS CLASSES in DTM
1315.04AKOMON::MARCEAUThu Feb 28 1991Portability of Scripts - DECWindows & VT1
1316.01TENERE::DUNONThu Feb 28 1991DTM T3.3-3 with Ultrix X server
1317.0LSTThu Feb 28 1991Wish List Items - Modify Collection, Modify Group Name, etc
1318.01TENERE::DUNONFri Mar 01 1991are VMS and Ultrix session files compatibles ?
1319.03FRITOS::TALCOTTFri Mar 01 1991DTM T3.3-3: Show library when lib is undefined
1320.07TENERE::DUNONTue Mar 05 1991DTM-E-PLAYFAILED with T3.3-4
1321.0TLET8::ASHFORTHTue Mar 05 1991DECwindows war stories...
1322.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue Mar 05 1991Unexplained behavior...
1323.06KAOFS::M_ROYTue Mar 05 1991Using FTDRIVER with VMS V5.4 causing diff.
1324.01HURON::MYERSTue Mar 05 1991Cannot RUN collections, DTM 3.3
1325.01TENERE::DUNONWed Mar 06 1991DTM Ultrix for interactive or non_interactive testing ?
1326.01POBOX::WALLENWed Mar 06 1991load testing with DTM?
1327.01WXYZ::DEMBAWed Mar 06 1991Can DTM be used to test DECWindows menu driven products?
1328.02EDUOZ::KOWed Mar 06 1991Why!!!
1329.02TOOLS::SARAHThu Mar 07 1991Channel errors when trying to create a collection
1330.02KAHALA::SUTERThu Mar 07 1991Error parsing DECWINDOWS_INTERFACE
1331.0PRIMES::ZIMMERMANNThu Mar 07 1991DTM and SBS...?
1332.0ABSISG::DAWSONThu Mar 07 1991Thanks for the help
1333.03CX3PST::WSC135::C_HEISLERFri Mar 08 19914
1334.02COMICS::STUBBINGTONTue Mar 12 1991ACCVIO AND ROPRAND when running a collection...
1335.012KAOFS::M_ROYTue Mar 12 1991Input file content questions
1336.04AISG::LANDINGHAMTue Mar 12 1991Can't set focus to proper text widget
1337.01CSC32::FRECHETTETue Mar 12 1991Wish List Item - Keypad Diagram
1338.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Mar 13 1991Can I keep insert order of test_description in group ?
1339.05KINRYU::JENNINGSWed Mar 13 1991customer questions - No knowlegeable resource available..
1340.03GRANE::HEINTZEThu Mar 14 1991%LIB-E-ACTIMAGE, error activating image PTD$1
1341.05HAM::HOFFMANNFri Mar 15 1991Extract-format has changed from V3.1 to V3.2 ?
1342.02HAM::HOFFMANNFri Mar 15 1991V3.2 modifies terminal environment?
1343.01FRITOS::TALCOTTFri Mar 15 1991Request that /Variable parse handle spaces outside of quoted strings
1344.09I18N::LEEFri Mar 15 1991partial .BMK_SCREENS and .RES_SCREENS files
1345.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONWed Mar 20 1991Does DTM SUBMIT jobs via a system service call?...
1346.01HURON::MYERSWed Mar 20 1991Help with account parameters.
1347.03GSRC::LIOUWOLKThu Mar 21 1991DECSERVER hangs on a restart after playback
1348.01TENERE::DUNONFri Mar 22 1991turn off ouput info from the load script ( T3.3-4)
1349.04NOVA::THERIAULTFri Mar 22 1991crea coll/CLASS=()..wrong gen.
1350.05HURON::COVEMon Mar 25 1991Problem using DTM$RESULT
1351.09UTRTSC::LITHThu Mar 28 1991SERVER ACCVIO when using PLAY/DECW under DTM 3.2
1352.04I18N::LEEThu Mar 28 1991DTM SUBMIT/USER can't use another CLI
1353.02DSVBFri Mar 29 1991'Working' message comming from RALLY !
1354.08HAMCL3::HOFFMANNSat Mar 30 1991DTM RECORD fails when /INPUT and /REALTIME used together
1355.01BROKE::VISHUWed Apr 03 1991Help! Unable to USE DTM library
1356.02NOVA::THERIAULTWed Apr 03 1991-DTM-F-NOMAP,
1357.01SYSTEM::WATSONWed Apr 03 1991Help with possible syc prob please
1359.03CSSE32::REEDThu Apr 04 1991Creating a Test, Recording a Test. Example for DTM V3.2
1360.03CX3PST::WSC135::C_HEISLERThu Apr 04 1991COMMENTS not correct in DECW interface
1361.0CHOWDA::HARNOISMon Apr 08 1991Tests for Motif Applications
1362.03SMAUG::SPOONERTue Apr 09 1991Redirecting SYS$OUTPUT and SYS$ERROR
1363.01NEWOA::DIXONTue Apr 09 1991Problem using CMS with DTM
1364.01IMADV8::LAWLERFri Apr 12 1991Tests recorded on vt24
1365.03LSTMon Apr 15 1991* SUG * DTM should handle Regis Position Indicator differently
1366.04DSVBTue Apr 16 1991rally sofware recording / INP files can't run after being extracted
1367.01HURON::MYERSWed Apr 17 1991DTM$INIT not used with remote DTM/DECWINDOW?
1368.02NOVA::THERIAULTThu Apr 18 1991/CLASS failing no file fnd
1369.01DSVBThu Apr 18 1991Comments under DTM/DecWindow
1370.01RUTILE::ADNETThu Apr 18 1991DTM with PCA and ACMS ?
1371.02KOALA::NUEBLINGThu Apr 18 1991/APPEND problem
1372.01COLFri Apr 19 1991%DTM-E-SIMTERM-ERR on VT42
1375.02TAVSun Apr 28 1991DELTA-TIME EDITING...
1376.01--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 30 1991Date for ALPHA support?
1377.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed May 01 1991asterr, kept pressing up/down arrow keys
1378.04BGOThu May 02 1991Submit/interactiv problems
1379.011KEBLER::WSC135::C_HEISLERThu May 02 1991DTM 3.2 & Rally, DATAOVERUN error
1380.03GIDDAY::HADDADFri May 03 1991%SYS-F-IVDEVNAM and Batch Mode! Can you help please
1381.0CVG::DONOVANMon May 06 1991INT: 5
1382.02SALISH::MARTINEZ_DATue May 07 1991Problem Using DTM 3.2 in DECWindows?
1383.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONTue May 07 1991DTM Ctrl P-W does not work sometimes with Rally...
1384.06COMICS::STUBBINGTONWed May 08 1991Partial filtering of date using DTM with Rally...
1385.03MARVIN::BERRYWed May 08 1991Is any of this possible ?
1386.01TRCOWed May 08 1991RTE - looking for information
1387.02COMICS::STUBBINGTONWed May 15 1991dtm bmk on 5.2 fails to compare same test on 5.4
1388.01FRITOS::TALCOTTWed May 15 1991Minor bug in V3.3 installation procedure
1389.03KEBLER::WSC135::C_HEISLERWed May 15 1991DTM 3.2 recognize color
1390.03MARVA1::KIMMELThu May 16 1991Comparison of submitted batch reports
1391.01HANNAH::SMITHFri May 17 1991Epilog/filter for job entry numbers from SUBMIT/PRINT and for File-id's...
1392.01BROKE::RICHARDSFri May 17 1991printf to stderr not captured in results file
1393.02TOOK::DMCLUREMon May 20 1991DTM CONVERT (from a DTM V2.3 to DTM V3.2) crashes?
1394.01CHOWDA::HARNOISWed May 22 1991Ques. on submitting Decw tests
1395.03GAUGAN::SANCLEMENTEThu May 23 1991Problem with Decwindows Test Record
1396.0MILNER::WSC135::C_HEISLERThu May 23 1991Customer SUGGESTIONS for DTM
1397.02MILNER::WSC135::C_HEISLERThu May 23 1991RECREATE and commands over 128 characters long
1398.02KEBLER::WSC135::C_HEISLERThu May 23 1991REVIEW loses keypad
1399.02NWGEDU::DINGEMANSThu May 23 1991DECwindows tests from behind a VT12
1400.03GLDOA::BREWISFri May 24 1991Time/Date Stamp Filter?
1402.03DSGN6::DEANGELISTue May 28 1991same keystrokes for two tests
1403.01TONTO::ARDENMon Jun 03 1991DTM accessing CMS over network
1404.015INFACT::HILGENBERGTue Jun 04 1991Using /CLASS (CMS)
1405.01INFACT::HILGENBERGTue Jun 04 1991the COMPOSE key on a MAC; finding it, changing it
1406.02BRUMMY::LUMMISWed Jun 05 1991Is DTM the tool - RALLY App ?
1407.02TLE::RAMANWed Jun 05 1991Request for UI suggestions for aborting operations in progress
1408.01CAADC::PMWMILNEWed Jun 05 1991DTM used with other testing products
1409.02CGOOWed Jun 05 1991Stress Tesing using DTM???
1410.04WIDGIT::WESTThu Jun 06 1991ULTRIX vs. VMS ??
1411.05SKIGOD::PFROMERMon Jun 10 1991discrepency in date filtering between DTM version
1412.06EDUOZ::KOTue Jun 11 1991Using text/data files as benchmark?
1413.01DDSEE6::STANGELTue Jun 11 1991Can't record terminal tests
1414.01CNTROL::REESERWed Jun 12 1991Unable to record a test session
1415.03NEWOA::SPRIGGSThu Jun 13 1991DTM, DECforms and evolving functionality
1416.07CHOWDA::HARNOISFri Jun 14 1991IVCHAN errors
1417.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONMon Jun 17 1991record/realtime - applic hangs on playback...
1418.03COMICS::STUBBINGTONMon Jun 17 1991XIO Fatal error on record using DECwindows V3...
1419.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 17 1991Dynamic memory exhausted
1420.0COMICS::STUBBINGTONMon Jun 17 1991run collection - should decterm window stay or go?
1421.01GOLLY::BUIRKLETue Jun 18 1991DEC Test Manager for Ultrix RISC EFT kit available
1422.0RIPPLE::NORDLAND_GETue Jun 18 1991Can we use DTM to do system sizing?
1423.05LSTWed Jun 19 1991Problems with Ingres Forms after Upgrade
1424.01ADTSHR::BRAFFITTThu Jun 20 1991DTM CRE COL error - T3.3-3 version mismatch?
1425.02COUNTFri Jun 21 1991DTM would benefit from an online demo in the kit
1426.01TOOLS::PERIQUETFri Jun 21 1991Lock established on 'y' or 'n' prompt
1427.06SHAWB1::COOKECMon Jun 24 1991Help needed on using $QIOW in interactive tests
1428.02VINCI::BERTUZZITue Jun 25 1991DTM setup for multi-user environement
1429.04TINCUP::BYRNETue Jun 25 1991A bug recording from input files?
1430.01SIOG::MKELLYWed Jun 26 1991Cursor hangs/disappears - Please advise
1431.04NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHFri Jun 28 1991How is DECWindows recording accomplished?
1432.013HGRDMon Jul 01 1991Triggering sequence not functioning in DTM T3.3 on Motif
1433.02AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue Jul 02 1991Std method to abort DW playback?
1434.02COOKIE::D_BERRYTue Jul 02 1991Decwindows testing - recording and replaying on diff workstations types
1435.06SDOGUS::PURCELLTue Jul 02 1991DTM presentation needed
1436.01DECWET::HANKSWed Jul 03 1991Ultrix -->> vms again
1437.01CHOSRV::KURTZMon Jul 08 1991Testing the Data Interface
1438.03HARDHD::EGHLIMATue Jul 09 1991DTM T3.3-4 , error
1439.05RIPPLE::HAUGHT_ELTue Jul 09 1991Recording off PS/2 running as an X device
1440.04CSC32::FRECHETTETue Jul 09 1991DTM access violation
1441.01CHOWDA::HARNOISThu Jul 11 1991AUTOSYNCH_POLYTEXT8 question
1442.02KOTTKE::MAYFri Jul 12 1991HELP WITH SIO: Err %x24 creating net object in OpenDECnetStream()!
1443.01DSVBTue Jul 16 1991long INP file name length create a problem if recording with filters
1444.01IJSAPL::DIRKSThu Jul 18 1991Filter for numeric date field?
1445.04SWTHOM::COSTEUXFri Jul 19 1991Runfailed problem ...
1446.02LSTMon Jul 22 1991Show history/transaction=all not working on DTM 3.2
1447.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue Jul 23 1991Date and Time filter behavior ?
1448.02RUTILE::GUYTue Jul 23 1991Invalid I/O channel
1449.04ZENDIA::WHITETue Jul 23 1991DECTERMS, DTM and RALLY??
1450.03ESCROW::ROWLANDSThu Jul 25 1991Games for a large DTM environment
1451.03TLE::FUELLEMANNThu Jul 25 1991Problems deleting a collection run in batch.
1452.0TROOA::KAMPFri Jul 26 1991Some DTM questions using Natural from SOftware/AG
1453.03CX3PT3::WSCMon Aug 05 1991Questions on DTM signalling?
1454.01MILNER::WSC135::C_HEISLERThu Aug 08 1991Error Fetching on CREATE in DECWindows
1457.01TEAMThu Aug 15 1991Problem recording from input file
1458.0KEBLER::WSC135::C_HEISLERFri Aug 16 1991BLOCK MODE supported?
1459.02KERNEL::YOUNGMMon Aug 19 1991Can you RECORD in batch?
1460.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon Aug 26 1991License vs unit numbers for DTM on a VS31
1461.02KEBLER::WSC135::C_HEISLERTue Aug 27 1991DTM and SET MESSAGE
1462.09DECEAT::DGUERRAWed Aug 28 1991DTM and VMS 5.5?
1463.01KERNEL::MENDELSOHNWed Aug 28 1991Do Benchmark tests work with non-interactive tests as well as interactive tests.
1464.06DEALER::BAHIAWed Aug 28 1991/comp=char fails
1465.01CAPITN::CHAN_EDWed Aug 28 1991UIS and DTM?
1467.0GIDDAY::SHCHIUThu Aug 29 1991restore control environment problem
1468.04ZENDIA::WHITEFri Aug 30 1991update problem?
1469.0UNTADH::BACHNERMon Sep 02 1991DTM V3.2 and DECwindows/MOTIF
1470.01RUTILE::GULLIETWed Sep 04 1991prob with cluster transfert
1471.02ZENDIA::CIGNOTTIThu Sep 05 1991HELP - IFT2/T3.3-4 install problems!
1472.03VERGA::LMELEWSKIThu Sep 05 1991A beginner needs help
1473.0GLIND1::HYNSONFri Sep 06 1991Question of synchronization
1474.01MILNER::WSC135::C_HEISLERMon Sep 09 1991Documentation error, page 8-3
1475.0HARPY::FULLERTONTue Sep 10 1991V3.1 Guide missing a /INTERACTIVE qualifier on terminal record example
1476.0TLE::ARSENAULTTue Sep 10 1991DTM COMPARE says: %STR-F-STRTOOLON, string is too long...
1477.02CX3PT3::WSCTue Sep 10 1991/HEADER qualifer on install .
1478.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUFri Sep 13 1991function key always holdup in typahdbuffer problem
1479.01KOPEC::REMPELAKISFri Sep 13 1991Access to DTM message codes
1480.0DSVBMon Sep 16 1991recording from the latest updated INP files / RALLY / DECwindowinterface-normal interface
1481.02DSVBTue Sep 17 1991VMSinstall under DTM stops at the install end, but works with record/in=install.inp install
1482.0DSVBWed Sep 18 1991How to get faster the DIFF files / dedicated CPU
1483.01STUWed Sep 18 1991set host .. set term/inq
1484.02RUTILE::RAWLINSONWed Sep 18 1991Help with the Callable Interface using Pascal
1485.07NESTOR::MARKThu Sep 19 1991XIO fatal IO errors
1486.01FORTSC::DUFFYWed Sep 18 1991Recording a DECw session??
1487.02COOKIE::C_DAVISTue Sep 24 1991Q's on how to save hours or minutes
1488.01GLDOA::MCKENNATue Sep 24 1991user defined filters
1489.0GOOBER::FRYLANDWed Sep 25 1991INGRES tools with DTM Again?
1490.02CX3PST::WSCThu Sep 26 1991questions on DISPLAY results
1491.01DSVBFri Sep 27 1991Debugging collection test by test.
1492.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONMon Sep 30 1991noninteractive test and empty results file?
1493.05CX3PST::WSCMon Sep 30 1991Accvios using DTM$DTM.
1494.09HARPY::FULLERTONMon Sep 30 1991Updated DECset Test Manager - T3.3-7 Kit is now available
1495.01CPCOD::HOPKINSTue Oct 01 1991.CON files? QIO error?
1496.02DEALER::BAHIATue Oct 01 1991Sync under terminal testing?
1497.02CX3PST::WSCMon Oct 07 1991Wrong versoin number for T3.3 in DECSET.
1498.01KURTAN::HOLMBERGWed Oct 09 1991FILTER/DATE : supported date formats ?
1499.03TLE::FUELLEMANNWed Oct 09 1991Can a collection stop itself.
1500.03INDICT::PECENKATue Oct 15 1991DTM/Oracle - need to press function keys twice instead of once
1501.04GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Oct 16 1991editing session file problem |
1502.010REFINE::HUGHESWed Oct 16 1991need help with non-DECwindow interactive test
1503.01HGRDWed Oct 16 1991need help dtm on vs352
1504.03JARETH::FREYBERGERThu Oct 17 1991DTM V3.2 and V5.5; (A5.5) -- interactive (session) test failures.
1505.03TARRA::WEYANTMon Oct 21 1991interactive test benchmark characteristics differ from result
1506.01NOVA::THERIAULTTue Oct 22 1991Unexercized Test List?
1508.01CIM::WETHINGTONTue Oct 22 1991Need docs for cmd line interface on RISC
1509.07DOWNBE::LOWEWed Oct 23 1991Problem installing T3.3
1510.0RUTILE::RAWLINSONWed Oct 23 1991Problem with Callable Interface ?
1510.0DECWIN::MATTHESWed Oct 23 1991not due to callable intf'ce
1510.0SMOOTH::DINTINOThu Oct 24 1991
1510.0HARPY::FULLERTONThu Oct 24 1991
1510.0DECWIN::MATTHESThu Oct 24 1991Great minds
1510.0RUTILE::RAWLINSONFri Oct 25 1991DTM 3.2
1511.05KURTAN::HOLMBERGMon Oct 28 1991DTM and SET HOST/DTE = PROBLEM ???
1512.01COMICS::TURPIETue Oct 29 1991dtm with dfs ?
1513.01CSC32::M_KETERTue Oct 29 1991DTM Record hangs after entering run command
1515.03DOWNBE::LOWEMon Nov 04 1991User interface confusion
1516.0FROCKY::WENZELTue Nov 05 1991SQL-Fortran/ALL-IN-1/graphics ?
1517.06KURTAN::HOLMBERGTue Nov 05 1991DTM and PCA - how do they work together ?
1518.02KEBLER::WSC135::C_HEISLERTue Nov 05 1991VT12
1519.016SMOOTH::DINTINOWed Nov 06 1991DTM Kit announcements for ALPHA/VMS.
1520.03MOVIES::COMPTONThu Nov 07 1991ALPHA DTM Problem Reports
1521.03SOLVIT::BENAVRAMThu Nov 07 1991Inconsistent Filtering
1522.0DOOZER::RUSSELLMon Nov 11 1991Accessing PCA from DTM windows
1523.01SYOMV::KRASTue Nov 12 1991DTM for FUSE? Please?
1524.05KERNEL::MENDELSOHNMon Nov 18 1991Problems selecting screens to compare
1525.01SQM::VOMon Nov 18 1991where to find the latest version of DTM?
1526.03SAC::EXTON_MTue Nov 19 1991Partial screen VT comparisons
1527.03IJSAPL::KLERKThu Nov 21 1991VTEST product: a DTM look-alike for better and worse
1528.03KEBLER::WSC135::C_HEISLERThu Nov 21 1991Textronics terminal, SIMTERM and UNKNOWN errors
1529.02CAMONE::MARTINThu Nov 21 1991Test epilogue won't run with T3.3-5
1530.01SQM::VOMon Nov 25 1991Installation guide for dtm v3.3 ?
1532.012RUTILE::63546::CAGNINThu Nov 28 1991Migrating an existing application to ACMS
1533.01JARETH::FREYBERGERMon Dec 02 1991COLLINUSE error, Collection being compared? (DTM V3.2)
1534.02THEWAV::CREIGHANMon Dec 02 1991A few customer questions on DTM
1535.014RUTILE::ADANETue Dec 03 1991MDV with DTM
1536.0PWBIH::BRATHWAITEThu Dec 05 1991dtm benchmark comparison headaches
1537.01RUTILE::63546::CAGNINFri Dec 06 1991RECORding from a given point within an interactive application?
1539.015COMICS::STUBBINGTONTue Dec 10 1991extracting file produces diff res on next record
1540.07SMAUG::DESMONDTue Dec 10 1991Running a DTM/DECW collection.
1541.01SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRWed Dec 11 1991Problem recording using filters and CTRL/P W
1542.0ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOWed Dec 11 1991DTM V3.2 and DECwindows/MOTIF error
1543.03VNABRW::PIEBERThu Dec 12 1991Mouse event synch at RUN with DECwindows Q's.
1544.02CHOWDA::HARNOISFri Dec 13 1991noninteractive test question
1545.02KEBLER::KEBLER::C_HEISLERFri Dec 13 1991Print, PCA from DECwindows interface
1546.0TLE::HILDEFri Dec 13 1991DECWindows testing...HELP! and comments
1547.08CALS::ALBOROUGHMon Dec 16 1991Curing the hang when running on Ultrix
1548.02CSC32::D_MCADOOMon Dec 16 1991Filter VTX Escape Sequences?
1549.02RUTILE::HOMOLATue Dec 17 1991DTM library purge?
1550.02CALS::ALBOROUGHWed Dec 18 1991Testing on several platforms
1551.02BUOVAX::CARBALLEIRAThu Dec 19 1991problem running DTM
1552.05CURRNT::DALBYFri Dec 20 1991DTM and VAX-IW ?
1553.02DSSDEV::HANNAMon Dec 23 1991version filter on interactive test filters too much
1554.01EDWIN::GREBUSTue Dec 24 1991DECwindows testing over LAT transport?
1556.01CPCOD::HOPKINSMon Dec 30 1991questions on DECwindow tests
1557.010CHOWDA::HARNOISTue Dec 31 1991session file problem
1558.01ODIXIE::STAROSTAMon Jan 06 1992DTM driving tests on remote machines
1559.010DEMING::MARTUCCITue Jan 07 1992VTX application needs input delay
1560.02SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRTue Jan 07 1992Problem filtering benchmark file
1561.02WILARD::SIMONIANTue Jan 07 1992Software Testworks or Atron Evaluator vs. DTM
1563.02--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 10 1992DECdtm warning at bootup.
1564.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue Jan 14 1992Collection modifications problem.
1566.01CSC32::VANDENBERGWed Jan 15 1992Delete key differences v5.3-1/V5.4-2 VMS
1567.03CSC32::M_KETERThu Jan 16 1992Another STARTIOFAIL after 1 hour of running collections
1568.07KEBLER::KEBLER::C_HEISLERFri Jan 17 1992DTM 3.2, VMS 5.4-3, MOTIF
1569.01MLNCSC::BELLONITue Jan 21 1992DTM V3.3 FT documentation ??
1570.01KEBLER::KEBLER::C_HEISLERTue Jan 21 1992ACCVIO on display of benchmark file
1571.01LOOPBT::WIECHMANNWed Jan 22 1992Warnings on bad escape sequences
1572.04SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRThu Jan 23 1992Timing problem?
1573.01CHOWDA::HARNOISFri Jan 24 1992V3-3.11 concerns
1574.06LBDUCK::DEADERICKMon Jan 27 1992DTM$TEST_NAME--how to capture it?
1575.04REFINE::BELCHMon Jan 27 1992VXT (DEC X term) crashes DTM T3.3-3/VMS 5.4-2/Motif 1.
1576.02KERNEL::JACKSONTue Jan 28 1992ACMS and DTM
1577.02SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRWed Jan 29 1992Problems with VT42
1578.04COMICS::TURPIEWed Jan 29 1992EXTLOADFAIL / XIO Fatal IO error
1579.02LSTWed Jan 29 1992Error 'DTM-F-SIGSTATUS' When Trying to Mark Screen
1580.01TLE::REINIGThu Jan 30 1992DTM-F-BUG when I don't have write access to a library
1582.01TLE::REINIGThu Jan 30 1992DTM-F-BADLIB when reviewing a collection with no tests
1583.01TLE::REINIGFri Jan 31 1992Why didn't I get a bad status
1584.01DEMING::MARTUCCIMon Feb 03 1992Review sho/dif keypad function KP2?
1585.02NOVA::MOYTue Feb 04 1992accvio on modi var/val=
1586.01TLE::ELYTue Feb 04 1992Possible memory leak in DTM on the ADU
1587.02GUIDUK::SOKOLOWSKIWed Feb 05 1992Using DTM to test a DECforms-ACMS Appl?
1588.07NODEX::JENSENWed Feb 05 1992Errors (ASTERROR & PARTESCAPE) while navigating a form during record operation.
1589.011SHAWB1::HUGHESSThu Feb 06 1992dtm 3.2 accvio /compare = char
1590.04RTL::CHENFri Feb 07 1992SHOW/DIFF skipped BMK screen 1.
1591.02GUIDUK::SOKOLOWSKIFri Feb 07 1992Copy between Libraries??
1592.07BODACH::CKEARNSMon Feb 10 1992Why can't I extract this file ?
1593.01QUARK::LIONELMon Feb 10 1992Using CMS search lists for benchmarks, or similar methods
1595.01DSVBTue Feb 11 1992Multiple transaction process testing
1596.02CADSYS::FILLY::CHAMPAGNEWed Feb 12 1992Queue busy causes skipped test
1597.02XNOGOV::PAVITTThu Feb 13 1992sh5: acasld: not found
1598.07MAJORS::COCKBURNThu Feb 13 1992Filter/Mask day of week questions
1599.05MILNER::MILNER::C_HEISLERFri Feb 14 1992DTM 3.1A on VMS 5.5?
1600.01LOOPBT::WIECHMANNFri Feb 14 1992anxiously awaiting FUSE integration
1601.0SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRMon Feb 17 1992Invisible cursor problem
1602.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon Feb 17 1992Test execution order vs creation order (again)..
1603.05NEMAIL::IANNUZZISMon Feb 17 1992Looking for SPD for DTM
1604.02TLE::ELYMon Feb 17 1992More problems w/ DTM on ALPHA
1605.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue Feb 18 1992DATE filter selection ?
1606.03TLE::GUSTAF::PARMLINDWed Feb 19 1992DTM version T3.3-11 accvio problem
1607.02SMAUG::RITZWed Feb 19 1992default directory for CMS fetch?
1608.01NOVA::C_DAVISThu Feb 20 1992EX lock on DTM$x_$111$DUA126
1609.02TAEC::LADRETThu Feb 20 1992BadMailbox problem ???
1610.01VERGA::PANNELLThu Feb 20 1992Need a users guide for DTM
1611.02TKTVFS::MATSUNAGAThu Feb 20 1992%DTM-E-SIMTERM_ERR, any hints please!
1612.02MAJORS::COCKBURNFri Feb 21 1992SHOW/DIFFERENCES question
1613.0NOVA::C_DAVISFri Feb 21 1992NOSUCHFILE on a file that exists
1614.01SFSCV1::GARRISONNATue Feb 25 1992VXT2
1615.03CX3PT3::CSC32::CBUTTERWORTHTue Feb 25 1992arrow keys giving strange behavior in record.
1616.010SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Feb 26 1992DTM and national date syntax filter problem
1617.06RANGER::JAARSMAWed Feb 26 1992Need Help with filters
1618.01LUXFri Feb 28 1992Return codes for the callable interface
1619.03VICKI::DODIERFri Feb 28 1992V3.2 DTM prob's with V5.5 VMS
1620.01LSTFri Feb 28 1992Error 'ASTERROR' Trying to Record Test with Serial Devices
1621.03BIGRED::DOMINEYWed Mar 04 1992Product manager's name please
1622.01VICKI::DODIERThu Mar 05 1992General "What is DTM" questions
1623.04MEO78B::MANDERSONThu Mar 05 1992MAIL_COLLECTION problem
1624.01KRELL1::SNYDERFri Mar 06 1992Loading windows session into debugger?
1625.01STAR::REALMUTOFri Mar 06 1992SMG$READ_STRING and SYS$INPUT question
1626.0DOWNBE::LOWEWed Mar 11 1992Window mis-alignment on re-run
1627.01STKHLM::HOLMWed Mar 11 1992Test run with known problems gives success
1628.0ZURWed Mar 11 1992Nothing happens on Alt_l-S
1629.0ZURThu Mar 12 1992DTM stops playing after a while
1630.02MGOSThu Mar 12 1992same with FORMS$CHECKING
1631.01BOSTON::BOSTON::IANNUZZIFri Mar 13 1992Any known gotchas from v3.1 to v3.2?
1632.03ZPOVC::LAYCHOOMon Mar 16 1992DTM in batch environment
1633.03VINO::LIAOMon Mar 16 1992DECWindow/Motif Recording
1634.0ZPOVC::LAYCHOOThu Mar 26 1992Third Parties Tools ?
1635.04TLE::REINIGThu Mar 26 1992Where did the null character go
1636.01GIDDAY::OMELEYTue Mar 31 1992STOPping Collection leaves pointer to dead PID
1637.03HGRDTue Mar 31 1992dtm crash decwin/motif server on VAXstation 325
1638.03NOVA::C_DAVISTue Mar 31 1992Getting more out of DTM library
1639.06KAUFBX::ZERBONIAThu Apr 02 1992Tons of Screens in DTM .BMK File
1640.03FDCV14::WILLIAMSTue Apr 07 1992DTM V3.3 SSB Date
1641.01TLE::BAHLOTue Apr 07 1992DTM crashes when a test prolog or epilog is defined
1642.01CVMS::DOTENWed Apr 08 1992Is DTM V3.3 PAK name still DTM?
1643.01LSTThu Apr 09 1992How do you do DECwindows testing on a VXT2
1644.01LSTThu Apr 09 1992When program aborts in test prolog, collection aborts
1645.02VINO::LIAOThu Apr 09 1992DECwindow/Motif 1-2-3
1646.01ZURFri Apr 10 1992%DTM-F-BUG... DTM V3.2 and VMS 5.5
1647.01HGRDSun Apr 12 1992Save Screen while DTM window is hidden
1648.04VINO::LIAOTue Apr 14 1992the subject is 'mask'
1649.03PASSES::PASSES::C_HEISLERTue Apr 14 1992INSVIRMEM on SHOW/DIFF in Decwindows mode
1651.01WEORG::ROGOFFWed Apr 15 1992TRANSMOG - Extracting Examples from SDML Sources
1652.01NODEX::GUPTAThu Apr 16 1992Problem recording DECwindows test
1653.01TROU51::HANDYThu Apr 16 1992DTM-E-NODECWINDOWS error with DECW interface
1654.01XK12Sat Apr 18 1992Manual???
1655.02PASSES::PASSES::C_HEISLERTue Apr 21 1992Suggestion
1656.01PEACHS::BELDINFri Apr 24 1992Is Xtrap server extension required?
1657.03LSTMon Apr 27 1992.Imagetext8 record now appears as .Polytext8
1658.01NOVA::THERIAULTWed Apr 29 1992EVENT FLAG 29 ?
1659.04VINO::LIAOFri May 01 1992compare aborted
1660.01DSSDEV::WIELETue May 05 1992alpha_dtm IVP question
1661.01LSTFri May 08 1992DTM 3.2-5 Fails to Load Xtrap Using DW V2 on VMS 5.4-2
1662.04COMICS::STUBBINGTONMon May 11 1992problem using ftdriver and set host/x29 (hang)
1663.01NODEX::GUPTAThu May 14 1992DECwindows test?? HELP!!!!
1664.01PASSES::PASSES::C_HEISLERFri May 15 1992Suggestion, don't clear status line
1665.01LSTMon May 18 1992DTM 3.2-5 gives bad message about VMS version
1666.04SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRTue May 19 1992Xtrap problem - present status?
1667.0AIDEV::HOOVERTue May 19 1992Editing session files in T3.3
1668.02VINO::SHEAThu May 21 1992Playback inconsistency
1670.0VINO::SHEAThu May 21 1992auto-synchronization warnings
1671.0VINO::SHEAThu May 21 1992Twice to delet collection
1672.0SLBLUZ::HEFFERNThu May 21 1992acs link and run results
1673.01TYSON::KURATATue May 26 1992Copy of version DTM V3.
1674.02CURRNT::DAWWed May 27 1992DTM Presentation/Slides/Edu Training course slides anyone ???
1675.01SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRFri May 29 1992Filtering capabilities in V3.3?
1676.01LSTMon Jun 01 1992No Record Confirmation and DTM Window Frozen
1678.01SAC::DUNNE_CTue Jun 02 1992Testing SYSTEL applications
1679.02GUIDUK::SOMERTue Jun 02 1992Screen/Window captures, I/O synchronization
1680.06COMET::WILLIAMSBThu Jun 04 1992DTM 3.3 problems with History and ^PW
1681.02WARNUT::GOODMANDFri Jun 05 1992Use of button-boxes
1682.03KERNEL::HUDSONMon Jun 08 1992DTM doesn't know about user-based CMS licence
1683.04SMOOTH::DINTINOTue Jun 09 1992Kit announcements for DTM on OpenVMS ALPHA.
1684.09KERNEL::MENDELSOHNWed Jun 10 1992V3.2 problem with Benchmark contents
1685.0GOLLY::CHURCHILLWed Jun 10 1992Requirements for Portable DTM V2.
1686.01LSTThu Jun 11 1992How to add interactive input after input file (DECwindows)
1687.03GALVIA::SPAINTue Jun 16 1992Filtering asctime from result files
1688.01KAOFS::M_ROYTue Jun 16 1992CTRL-C problem (again)
1689.02GALVIA::SPAINThu Jun 18 19922 result files created
1690.06DSTEG::DABROWSKIThu Jun 18 1992DTM? 3.3 Documentation
1691.01TRNMon Jun 22 1992Recording user input ?
1692.01CADSYS::FILLY::CHAMPAGNETue Jun 23 1992Alpha FT error
1693.02GALVIA::SPAINWed Jun 24 1992problems with multiple access to library
1695.01USCTR1::PSCOTTTue Jun 30 1992Looking for training
1696.03STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Jul 01 1992DTM Usage Guidelines
1698.02DSM::GOULDMon Jul 06 1992Want tests for VAX and Alpha
1699.01DSM::GOULDMon Jul 06 1992which DTM environment should I use ?
1700.06DSM::GOULDWed Jul 08 1992Need some expert advice.
1701.05NOVA::CHOWed Jul 08 1992ACCVIO with ALPHA DTM
1702.01OFFSIC::ZERBONIAWed Jul 08 1992Losing LAT Info. Inside of DTM
1704.03CVG::TRUMBLEWed Jul 08 1992%STR-F- %STR-F-INSVIRMEM, message during compare.
1705.0HARPY::FULLERTONMon Jul 13 1992DECset V11.
1706.01DOWNBE::LOWETue Jul 14 1992Moving a window freezes on running test
1707.02HGRDThu Jul 16 1992Masking the screen in command line mode
1708.03SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon Jul 20 1992CMS error although not installed ...
1709.03SSBN1::COPPERSMITHMon Jul 27 1992User guide?
1710.03LSTTue Jul 28 1992What does DTM-E-NOIOBUFF mean ?
1711.04HARPY::FULLERTONWed Jul 29 1992SPR on Automatic Screen Comparison
1712.014BITBKT::HARRIOTTFri Jul 31 1992new user problems with decw. dtm
1713.03DSM::GOULDMon Aug 03 1992What is a SCREEN ?
1714.03SAUTER::SAUTERTue Aug 04 1992Alpha templates in CMS library
1715.03SAUTER::SAUTERTue Aug 04 1992Alpha DTM_REVIEW> EXIT doesn't
1716.0HARPY::FULLERTONWed Aug 05 1992Documentation Error for Motif Benchmark Update
1717.02SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRFri Aug 07 1992Patch apparently fails to work
1718.0PAOIS::LHERAULTMon Aug 10 1992DTM Licensing question
1719.02DSM::GOULDTue Aug 11 1992error reading broadcast classes
1720.01BITBKT::HARRIOTTWed Aug 12 1992DTM error messages description
1721.06HARPY::FULLERTONWed Aug 12 1992Some Questions on DTM Test Execution
1722.06BITBKT::HARRIOTTFri Aug 14 1992Xtrap causing DTM RECORD problems on new node
1723.03LSTMon Aug 17 1992Anyone ever run eXcursion with DTM ?
1724.01FROCKY::HSCHAEFERTue Aug 18 1992Realtime-feature-question
1725.02THEWAV::CREIGHANTue Aug 18 1992Another DTM and Rdb question
1726.01STAR::MEIERTue Aug 18 1992How to see prompt string in output file?
1727.02BITBKT::HARRIOTTFri Aug 21 1992DTM V3.2 won't respond to MB3
1728.04JRDVMon Aug 24 1992DTM-F-BAD_CHARBLOK on Alpha DTM V3.3
1729.04FROCKY::KREBSTue Aug 25 1992set host .... set term/inquire
1730.01BODACH::JDUGGANWed Aug 26 1992Problem with displaying DIF (difference) files
1731.01SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRWed Aug 26 1992%SYSTEM-F-ROPRAND when using DTM with MMS
1732.01FROCKY::KREBSThu Aug 27 1992realtime test is hanging
1733.0NOVA::THERIAULTThu Aug 27 1992-DTM-E-CNTSTR, can it be corrected?
1734.01LSTThu Aug 27 1992DTM/Ultrix - How do I find the names of my DTM libraries ?
1735.05FROCKY::KREBSTue Sep 01 1992QIO's not detected by DTM??
1736.04FROCKY::KREBSTue Sep 01 1992Strange diff. caused by prompt
1739.02FROCKY::KREBSTue Sep 01 1992Engin. groups using DTM?
1740.01KEBLER::KEBLER::C_HEISLERTue Sep 01 1992Verb defined by CLD lost by DTM
1741.05FROCKY::KREBSThu Sep 03 1992Duplicated wait records
1742.08DSVBThu Sep 03 1992how /comparison_type = records parameter works with DECwindow ? tested output longer than one screen
1743.03LSTFri Sep 04 1992Time filter ignores and changes text
1744.02ZENO::SHELHAMERTue Sep 08 1992Unwanted screen save during collection run
1745.01ZURWed Sep 09 1992V5.5-1, DTM 3.2-5, DECwindows (MOTIF) example test hangs / crashes (?)
1746.0FROCKY::KREBSThu Sep 10 1992Testing several parallel sessions?
1747.03DSVBFri Sep 11 1992NCM commands with { .....} give an NCL error : NCL invalid command (within an INP file)
1749.01ENTIAT::GORDONWed Sep 16 1992Installation Guide for v3.2 or v3.3...
1750.01UTRTSC::OOSTINDJERFri Sep 18 1992some questions
1751.02KEBLER::KEBLER::C_HEISLERMon Sep 21 1992XTRAP error VMS displaying on Ultrix
1752.01FROCKY::KREBSWed Sep 23 1992Screen comparison??
1753.01FROCKY::KREBSWed Sep 23 1992SMG and time stamps
1754.0SHALOT::BIGGSThu Sep 24 1992DTM usage with PC front end and Corvision
1755.01R2ME2::RICOTue Sep 29 1992project leader name
1756.0LSTWed Sep 30 1992DW Record starts before Record Tool appears
1757.03ULTMAT::BELANGERWed Sep 30 1992DTM fails with %STR-F-STRTOOLON, string is too long (greater than 65535)
1758.02COMICS::TURPIEThu Oct 01 1992Record Regis on VT34
1759.03FROCKY::KREBSFri Oct 02 1992record/epilog yields DCL error
1761.01BITBKT::HARRIOTTWed Oct 07 1992DTM V3.3 crashes DECw/Motif 1.1-92
1762.02AZUR::BODINThu Oct 08 1992Question about filter for file names
1763.0--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 08 1992Questions on DTM/Ultrix...
1764.01EMASS::GANZThu Oct 08 1992DEFINE/USER SYS$INPUT hangs
1765.0AZUR::FONTAINEFri Oct 09 1992DTM 3.3 user guide for decwindows use
1766.0FRIDYS::MCCAINTue Oct 13 1992support for multiple displays need answer asap
1767.01TAVWed Oct 14 1992E_DU319
1768.0RUTILE::GUYMon Oct 19 1992DTM slides
1769.0TINCUP::S_ROSCIOTue Oct 20 1992Multiple systems testing
1770.03UTRTSC::LAKENSTue Oct 20 1992Esq sequense for VT42
1771.01TAVTue Oct 20 1992Test X application running elsewhere?
1772.01LSTTue Oct 20 1992Server Crash when playing DECwindows Test
1773.0GOLLY::CHURCHILLTue Oct 20 1992Useability study of the Portable DEC Test Manager
1774.01BLKPUD::FARRINGTONRMon Oct 26 1992Global variable not being redefined?
1775.01FROCKY::KREBSMon Oct 26 1992test unsuccessful - no differences
1776.03VINO::CASTELLANOTue Oct 27 1992back pointer error
1777.04ZURTue Oct 27 1992DTM V3.2-5, VMS 5.5, DTM> CREATE TEST/INTERACTIVE demands CMS license ?!
1778.01CSC32::K_MEADOWSWed Oct 28 1992Break up DTM libraries
1779.02LSTWed Oct 28 1992Using single character QIO requires extra keystroke with DTM
1780.02UTRTSC::HALLINGThu Oct 29 1992DTM license exceed problem
1781.02NWGEDU::DINGEMANSThu Oct 29 1992Testing UNIFACE applications?
1782.02FRAMBO::KREBSThu Oct 29 1992DTM$RESULT not defined EPILOG after record
1783.0GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Nov 04 1992record process hang after remote logout
1784.01NRSTA2::CALLAHANThu Nov 05 1992DTM-W-NOTRANSLATE when using .inp to record test
1785.01AZUR::FONTAINEThu Nov 05 1992%SET-W-NOTSET - -SET-I-UNKTERM, unknown terminal type
1786.01SNOCSun Nov 08 1992RALLY and DTM - current status?
1787.03NOVA::CHRISMon Nov 09 1992IOERROR and NOSTOP when stopping DTM pending jobs
1788.01DSVBMon Nov 09 1992%DTM-E-ILLFILEINLIB, Template file XYZ contains illegal DEC Test Manager library specification
1789.0TAEC::FLEURETTue Nov 10 1992Synchronization problems
1790.0SDOGUS::PURCELLTue Nov 10 1992SHOW/DIFF and PRINT/DIFF have different results
1791.02KEBLER::MILNER::C_HEISLERWed Nov 11 1992WAITFORTEXT records in DECwindows session file
1792.01KAOFS::M_ROYWed Nov 11 1992RES & BMK are differently recorded
1793.04BACHUS::ROELANTSThu Nov 12 1992Autosynch_imagetext8
1794.02FROCKY::KREBSThu Nov 12 1992URGENT: Test is hanging in LOGIN
1795.03CX3PT1::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHThu Nov 12 1992Using DTM on PC via Pathworks.
1796.01XSTACY::JLUNDONFri Nov 20 1992DTM test problem- new user!
1797.04TAVMon Nov 23 1992HELP beginner with DTM/DECwindows
1798.03SMAUG::DANAMon Nov 23 1992PLAY and RUN give different results
1799.02LARVAE::EVANS_MWed Nov 25 1992Oracle and interactive testing (SQL*Forms)
1800.01EICMFG::HILLSTue Dec 01 1992Help! Where Actually are the ULTRIX Kits?
1801.03LSTTue Dec 01 1992Error 'No SaveScreen File Specified' Trying To Play DECwindows Test
1802.01NOVA::DIAMONDFri Dec 04 1992Traceback filter stops at exception
1803.06MINNY::ACTWS3::BERENSMon Dec 14 1992passing cntrl characters
1804.02SHAWB2::FARRINGTONRTue Dec 15 1992Apparently erroneous error message.
1805.02LSTWed Dec 16 1992How to modify timing in tests under DTM 3.3
1806.01CHOVAX::KURTZWed Dec 16 1992Test Cases & Test Data
1807.04NOVA::DIAMONDThu Dec 17 1992bug on Alpha, DTM-F-NOMAP
1808.03NOVA::DIAMONDThu Dec 17 1992show collection -> DTM-F-BUG/LIB-F-BADBLOADR
1809.04ZURFri Dec 18 1992DTM 3.3, VMS 5.5-2, MOTIF 1.1: DTM$XTRAP not found at DTM activation
1810.04NOVA::DIAMONDMon Dec 28 1992Traceback filter for Alpha?
1811.04STAR::COPPERSMITHSat Jan 02 1993simultaneous library access causes accvio?
1812.01HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Jan 06 1993Is image file makes IVP fails?
1813.01COMICS::TURPIEFri Jan 15 1993screen comparison future ?
1814.03TLSEFri Jan 15 1993Any equivalent DTM on OSF/1
1815.0UTRTSC::RVISSERTue Jan 19 1993QUEUE_MANAGER getting overloaded
1816.02LSTWed Jan 20 1993DTM$DELAY_TIMEOUT works differently with 3.3 (not documented)
1817.02QCAVMon Jan 25 1993Urgent Help required
1818.02COMET::BISHOPTue Jan 26 1993A couple simple questions...
1819.02LSTMon Feb 01 1993Discussion of /TYPEAHEAD removed from DTM 3.3 text
1820.02SHAWB1::SUMNERCTue Feb 02 1993default dir, even with set template ?
1821.04LSTTue Feb 02 1993Status is unsuccessful but there are no differences
1822.01LSTThu Feb 04 1993Pressing compose/s too quickly causes DECwindows to hang
1823.07TPTEST::REMPELAKISTue Feb 09 1993DTM RUN and JVMS
1824.01PAVONE::MUGGIAWed Feb 10 1993DTM kit for Alpha/Delta
1825.03KERNEL::DENNISWed Feb 10 1993Interactive test hang V3.1
1826.01VICKI::DODIERThu Feb 11 1993Template and library must be in different directory?
1827.04WMOIS::PHILPOTThu Feb 11 1993error in test collection
1828.04AIAG::SURESHThu Feb 11 1993Some simple questions from a DTM novice
1829.01COMICS::TURPIEThu Feb 18 1993512/5
1830.01TPTEST::CHINSun Feb 21 1993Traceback filter w/JVMS
1831.02GOLLY::ARSENAULTWed Feb 24 1993DTM V3.4 FT1 Available
1832.0MEOCTue Mar 02 1993DTM in Defence
1833.01THUNDA::STRUCKThu Mar 04 1993DTM and J-VMS problem
1834.03VICKI::DODIERFri Mar 05 1993Does DTM 3.3 work with MOTIF 1.1 ?
1835.01LSTTue Mar 09 1993Delay is longer after collection run and before comparison (V3.3)
1836.09SHAWB1::SUMNERCTue Mar 09 1993CTRL A's but why ?
1837.01DATABS::FERWERDAMon Mar 15 1993CREATE COLLECTION reserved operand fault
1838.06CX3PT3::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHWed Mar 17 1993Problems masking interactive tests.
1839.02AIAG::SURESHThu Mar 18 1993DTM-E-NOCREATE [Cannot create collection)
1840.03RUTILE::GUYMon Mar 22 1993Dynamic filtering for dates
1841.01CLUSTA::EFRANKMon Mar 22 1993DTM Timeout... how, where, when???
1842.01SHAWB2::SUMNERCWed Mar 24 1993Does NOTYPEAHEAD need to be set ?
1843.02SHAWB2::SUMNERCWed Mar 24 1993Can you double time delays in session files ?
1844.03WMOIS::PHILPOTWed Mar 24 1993Review isn't showing me all the diffs...
1845.02MLNMon Mar 29 1993DEC Test Manager not on SUN (FUSE pack too?)
1846.02KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Mar 29 1993Some advanced DTM questions
1847.04TLE::ROBINSONTue Mar 30 1993DTM-F-BADLIB mean the library's hosed?
1848.01MSDOA::CAWLEYTue Mar 30 1993test plan for Alpha?
1849.0TAVThu Apr 01 1993MERCURY Interactive Corporation
1850.01LARVAE::BURGESSTue Apr 06 1993VAX PSI and DTM question?
1851.03BLKPUD::SUMNERCWed Apr 14 1993extloadfail with DTM from PC
1852.04SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Apr 14 1993'Automatic interactive' test ??
1853.05LARVAE::SINCLAIR_SFri Apr 16 1993Where's the competition ?
1854.01GOLLY::LEAKIM::ROLFHAMREMon Apr 19 1993Do you do DECwindows Testing using DTM?
1855.02SMOKN::MEAGHERTue Apr 20 1993Large Programs/Automatic Test Generation
1856.04KERNEL::FLOWERSWed Apr 21 1993Location of V3.2-6.
1857.01SMBIII::FRECHETTEWed Apr 28 1993DECwindows test hangs
1858.01EMC2::ROUIBAHTue May 04 1993Record from VMS to OSF/1 AXp
1859.03BLKPUD::SUMNERCTue May 11 1993MOTIF and Filter gives error
1860.05BLKPUD::SUMNERCTue May 11 1993Difference in tests from 31
1861.0BLKPUD::SUMNERCTue May 11 1993Record in Motif, Run on CC give colour change ?
1862.0CGOOA::LEUCHTERWed May 12 1993Resources for DTM sale?
1863.04KERNEL::DENNISMon May 17 1993ILLFILEINLIB on EXTRACT after upgrade V3.2 -> V3.3
1864.02STAR::TCARRMon May 17 1993DTM interactive test will not work on AXP
1865.04BLKPUD::SUMNERCWed May 19 1993dec windows interface not supported ?
1866.02TBJVOA::YASUFUKUThu May 20 1993SIMTERM_ERR on Japanese VT
1867.0BLKPUD::SUMNERCThu May 27 1993Future of DTM ?
1868.01KAOFS::M_ROYFri May 28 1993Is DTM looking at the window position
1869.0ECGLD3::STEWARTWed Jun 02 1993Stress test Powerhouse with DTM
1870.0SAC::EXTON_MFri Jun 11 1993DTM for Demos
1871.02EASI::RAVIFri Jun 18 1993FLAMINGO: Unable to record a session !
1872.04KYOA::KOCHWed Jun 23 1993DTM: can it be used as batch input engine?
1873.02KAOFS::M_ROYFri Jun 25 1993DTM RECORD hangs on SMG application
1874.02MLNTSC::DOMANESCHIFri Jun 25 1993Interactive test on IBM host
1875.06SMARIO::LOWEMon Jun 28 1993Escapes with Spaces ?
1877.03SWTHOM::COSTEUXFri Jul 02 1993DTm and the difference file under Decwindow ?
1878.03EBYGUM::SUMNERCThu Jul 08 1993No backspace with CTRL P I for .inp files ?
1879.0GSRC::TRAINERFri Jul 16 1993DTM playback problem with PEX
1880.07CASE4U::VERVECKENTue Jul 27 1993Interactive testing and masking
1882.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUSun Aug 01 1993problem with dtm$pcdriver on time field on rec boundry
1883.02HAN::PAULSONThu Aug 05 1993Where are the DTM 3.3 "user doc files"?
1884.04COMICS::TURPIEFri Aug 06 1993PCDRIVER and NPageDyn calculation
1885.01MUNICH::STUMFOLLWed Aug 11 1993Recording a subprocess. Is it possible?
1886.0TAVIS::UZIELMon Aug 16 1993A tool for acceptance test OSF/1
1887.06OZROCK::BARTLEYWed Aug 18 1993Suggestion for additional TIME format to be able to filter
1888.02OZROCK::BARTLEYWed Aug 18 1993DTM on OSF/1?
1889.01SPRNGR::KEYESThu Aug 19 1993Stuck trying to run a test script
1890.012DECC::REINIGFri Aug 20 1993.INP files are useless under DTM V3.3
1891.0616BITS::FYFETue Aug 24 199314
1892.02DECC::REINIGTue Aug 24 1993getting the right benchmark
1893.0WECROW::FULLERTONFri Aug 27 1993Comment handling in .INP files is yucky in DTM T3.4-1
1894.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOThu Sep 02 1993DTM RECORD can't filter when benchmark is in CMS
1895.0COPCLU::SCHOUBOThu Sep 02 1993PRINT /BENCHMARK from REVIEW (with CMS) prints wrong file?
1896.0COPCLU::SCHOUBOThu Sep 02 1993Only 49 lines in Windows SHOW /DIFF?
1897.0PEACHS::MACEACHERNMon Sep 13 1993DTM causing DECTerm problems.
1898.0111SRUS::FYFEWed Sep 15 1993DTM V3.3 - works on VAX - bugs on AXP
1899.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Sep 16 1993Running a collwction concurrently ??
1900.01LSTFri Sep 17 1993DTM 3.3 Record Fails on 4
1901.01NCBOOT::SHARROWFri Sep 17 1993DTM hangs / lose <cr>
1902.0KAOU3Thu Sep 23 1993Recording the test log in the result file???
1903.06EBYGUM::BAILEYPFri Sep 24 1993Problems with viewing 132 width FMS files - works with 8
1904.02EBYGUM::BAILEYPTue Sep 28 1993Problem printing screens in DTM V3.3
1905.03ULYSSE::FINKAWed Sep 29 1993DTM as a terminal emulator wrapper ?
1906.08EBYGUM::BAILEYPWed Sep 29 1993DTM not filtering date properly
1907.06POLAR::BOSWICKWed Sep 29 1993Just starting out; with some basic questions
1908.02MLNTSC::DOMANESCHIThu Sep 30 1993How to direct the RESULT file
1909.0KAOU3Thu Sep 30 1993Hints for DTM 3.3 DECwindows script directives
1910.01VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue Oct 05 1993DTM 3.1 - hang
1911.04EBYGUM::BAILEYPFri Oct 08 1993Getting %DTM-E-SIMTERM_ERR with V3.3 and a VT42
1912.0MARIN::ROSSIMon Oct 11 1993Ather products...
1913.0611SRUS::FYFEMon Oct 11 1993why so many versions of the .RES file ?
1914.02EBYGUM::FARRINGTONRMon Oct 18 1993Using DTM from captive account?
1915.04UTRTSC::DOCTERThu Oct 21 1993difference between run and play/real
1916.01CLOUD9::HOOVERMon Oct 25 1993Where's the kit (*not* 1455.*, 1456.*)
1917.02DISCOS::CASTELLANOTue Oct 26 1993successful comparison without result file?
1919.01INFACT::DATZMANThu Nov 11 1993Filtering question
1920.01BLKPUD::CLOUGHCMon Nov 22 1993DTM-USER License question ?
1921.02ROMFri Dec 03 1993How use DTM for Data Entry ?
1922.02MUNICH::STUMFOLLMon Dec 06 1993Problem to run DECW$CLOCK collection
1923.0LSTTue Dec 07 1993Reproducible DECwindows Server Crash on 31
1924.02EBYGUM::BAILEYPMon Dec 13 1993Callable DTM?
1925.05EBYGUM::BAILEYPTue Dec 14 1993Using the Keypad when recording tests
1926.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Dec 16 1993Test recording problem under DECwindow
1927.02BROKE::ROWLANDSMon Jan 03 1994alpha - cms benchmarking not found
1928.0HTSC19::TONYLIUThu Jan 06 1994access violation,v3.3
1929.01SMBIII::FRECHETTEMon Jan 17 1994Rooted Logical Names
1930.02TLE::PERIQUETWed Jan 19 1994DTM ignoring control-c in interactive tests
1931.07UKARC1::CHAMBERLINTue Jan 25 1994DTM v3.4 on OpenVMS AXP - concurrent access problem
1932.03WECROW::FULLERTONSun Jan 30 1994DECset EDS Press Release - Cross Posted from DECset Notes
1933.01POLAR::BOSWICKMon Jan 31 1994DTM and new version of DECForms
1934.0EPOXY::LUPTONMon Jan 31 1994BUG - GUI Modify Library box has duplicate label
1935.0EPOXY::LUPTONMon Jan 31 1994BUG - Mislabeled toggle in Review\Open box
1936.012SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue Feb 01 1994DTM use without CMS installed ?
1937.02KAOOA::LATTUCAFri Feb 04 1994DTM for a Clinet/Server MS Windows Application
1938.06MUNICH::RADLERWed Feb 09 1994Modify Epilog and Prolog-Files does not work
1939.03LSTThu Feb 17 1994DTM RUN Still Takes 2
1940.03LASSIE::IMMIFri Feb 25 1994Filter's
1941.03FORTY2::GRIFFITHSMWed Mar 02 1994Timeouts and Compare messages?
1942.01LEVEL4::L4NOD2::SWANSONTue Mar 08 1994Pilot or DTM errors?
1943.04CASE4U::VERVECKENWed Mar 09 1994Redirecting the output - Possible??
1944.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUThu Mar 10 1994DMT-USER license problem
1945.04WARNUT::GOODMANDThu Mar 10 1994Comparing records
1946.02LEVEL4::L4NOD2::SWANSONWed Mar 16 1994/AUTOCOMPARE vs. /NOAUTOCOMPARE in interactive char. cell
1947.0LEVEL4::L4NOD2::SWANSONThu Mar 17 1994How can I change a DECwindows mask?
1948.03AWECIM::WELLSThu Mar 17 1994Location of DTM V3.5 documentation
1949.02FORTY2::GRIFFITHSMFri Mar 25 1994DTM's Portability.
1950.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Mar 30 1994any significance to template procedure's exit status?
1951.01COMICS::YOUNGThu Mar 31 1994Dual window differences display from DECwindows interface?
1952.03HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Mar 31 1994DTM logical variables and search lists
1953.03SAC::BETTS_WMon Apr 11 1994Testing of queue based application.
1954.01EVTAI1::RENOUVELTue Apr 19 1994DTM and LTM incompatibility. ....
1955.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Apr 20 1994DTM and Decforms and arrow keys sequences ?
1956.05HAN::PAULMANNWed Apr 27 1994Problems using DTM together with INGRES
1957.01GLDOA::CAMPBELLWed Apr 27 1994Performance measurement, manual vs DTM
1959.05LSTThu Apr 28 1994SUGGESTION: Remove Duplicate Screens from Screens Files
1960.02KAOAThu May 05 1994Unable to STOP a collection after SUBMIT fails abnormally
1961.02RAYON::RASOOLMThu May 12 1994benchmark file problems
1962.0CLUSTA::VAUGHANFri May 13 1994Access violation during record
1963.05CAMONE::WAYWed May 25 1994Access Violations, then "corrupted" library
1964.01JUPITR::KIFERWed May 25 1994How to modify test_Description/type=interactive_or_non-interactive
1965.01STKHLM::JOHANSSONTue Jun 07 1994Compare problems via set host to ultrix.
1966.01SMAUG::POSNERFri Jun 10 1994Can DTM be used to test X/windows appls on UX/AOSF?
1967.02MUNICH::RADLERTue Jun 14 1994modify test causes session file to be locked
1968.0WECROW::FULLERTONFri Jun 17 1994Farewell and Good Luck !
1969.01BACHUS::LEENThu Jun 23 1994merge two DTM libraries
1970.03SNOCMon Jul 04 1994MASK fails, FILTER works on dates
1971.02JUPITR::KIFERThu Jul 21 1994collection prologue file - illegal library specification
1972.03IAMOK::MAGUIREWed Jul 27 1994Internal Business Application DTM Users
1973.0JUPITR::KIFERFri Jul 29 1994collect pca data for a collection vs one test in the same data file?
1974.01MGMFOS::WILLOUGHBYMon Aug 01 1994Help learning about DTM
1975.04MARVIN::WARRINGTONFri Aug 12 1994Mismatch of benchmark and result file using LAT connection
1976.05UTRTSC::BARKWed Aug 17 1994V3.5 ACCVIO when using the mask editor
1977.01SATRN::KIFERTue Aug 23 1994pass p1 into .session files?
1978.06NWGEDU::DINGEMANSThu Aug 25 1994EXTRACT does not give time info from /REALTIME
1979.04CASE4U::VERVECKENThu Sep 01 1994Result File filled with <CTRL>A at the end of a batch run
1980.01LSTTue Sep 06 1994Can't Run DECwindows Collection on Remote Workstation; Does DTM$DECW$DISPLAY Work ?
1981.03KERNEL::CURRENLMon Sep 19 1994modify input - retain benchmark
1982.01PASSES::PASSES::C_HEISLERWed Sep 21 1994DTM$DELAY_TIMEOUT and test ends
1983.01COMICS::JUDDTue Sep 27 1994COLLECTIONs and directory specifications
1984.03SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon Oct 03 1994Problem recording a Decwindow test from a VXT2
1985.05GENIE::OCHSNERMTue Oct 04 1994DEC-XTRAP extension for SUN?
1986.03GIDDAY::SHCHIUMon Oct 24 1994accvio on hightlighting dtm lib,collection,test
1987.03LEVEL4::RFPL::SWANSONWed Nov 09 1994Trouble parsing RECORD command: /VAR/EPI/PRO/INPUT
1988.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon Nov 21 1994DTM-USER license problem on Alpha.
1989.06GIDDAY::SMALLThu Nov 24 1994Weird terminal behaviour with DTM and DECintact
1990.03LEVEL4::RFPL::SWANSONWed Nov 30 1994View benchmark without collection
1991.09TLE::VOGELFri Dec 09 1994VERIFY/REPAIR hangs
1992.01TAVENG::PALGYSun Jan 08 1995Recording DECWINDOWS test stuck ...
1993.03COMICS::DENNISMon Jan 09 1995Benchmark comparison failure questions.
1994.01HAMIS3::KRAMERWed Jan 11 1995Test Manager for Windows
1995.0STAR::FREYBERGERThu Jan 12 1995OpenVMS <-?-> DTM
1996.04CSC32::C_HEISLERMon Jan 16 1995VTA needed now?
1997.01SEDSWS::CLIFFEWed Jan 18 1995$DTM RECORD & DTM> RECORD Give different results
1998.02TAVENG::CHANOCHSun Jan 29 1995DTM and DECwindows (Motif 1.2, VMS 6.1) ????
1999.01GIDDAY::SHCHIUSat Feb 18 1995how to capture system message within batch ?
2000.01ODIXIE::CAWTHONThu Mar 02 1995Is Bug #882 fixed yet?
2001.01NSICFri Mar 03 1995Looing for XTRAP docs
2002.01TEKDEV::YUILLWed Mar 08 1995/MASK and SHOW/DIFF
2003.013LEVEL4::L4NOD2::SWANSONMon Mar 13 1995Comparison_Aborted - clueless as to why
2004.01SMBIII::FRECHETTETue Mar 14 1995Suggestion: Collection Processing
2005.02TAVSun Mar 26 1995Looking for DTM knowledge
2006.013LEVEL4::L4NOD2::SWANSONTue Mar 28 1995DECwindows questions - DTM T3.6-2
2007.01XKOVWed Apr 19 1995DTM problem on VXT2
2008.01LEVEL4::L4NOD2::SWANSONThu Apr 27 1995Test names run together
2009.07RPSTRY::ELLIOTTEThu May 04 1995Does DTM create my CMS element?
2010.01ZURTue May 30 1995%DTM-E-ILLFILEINLIB
2011.09DECCXX::REINIGTue Jun 06 1995Why are there so many locks?
2012.04SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon Jun 19 1995DTM and UNIFACE problem ?
2013.01DECCXX::REINIGWed Jun 21 1995Stopping a pending collection gives error
2014.02STAR::BISHOVMon Jun 26 1995Latest DTM (v3.6?) documentation location?
2015.05CXXC::REINIGWed Jun 28 1995%SYSTEM-W-ENDOFFILE, end of file
2016.07KERNEL::SMITHWed Sep 06 1995interactive decwindows test fail
2017.03CHGVWed Sep 20 1995ALPHA VMS 1.5 and concealed logicals
2018.02CHGVWed Sep 20 1995Testing an application that uses a lot of dates
2019.07TWOTOO::HERNANDEZTue Oct 10 1995DTM under DECwindows .... how can I get it to work?
2020.026CX3PST::WSC5Mon Oct 23 1995DTM DECwindows - %DTM-F-NOMSGBLK,
2021.06CXXC::REINIGTue Oct 24 1995submit/cputime requires verify/recover
2022.02ROMEOS::LESLIE_DAThu Oct 26 1995Need structure of WaitForText command in session file
2023.010KERNEL::SMITHWed Nov 22 1995Keypad {KPx} conversion query
2024.01CX3PST::WSC5Fri Dec 08 1995DTM V3.6-
2025.07CX3PST::WSC5Thu Dec 14 1995DTM repeating screens
2026.03CXXC::REINIGMon Dec 18 1995A more efficient DTM$$TEST_RUN.COM
2027.03DECCXX::REINIGTue Jan 02 1996What version of CMA$TIS_SHR do you need?
2028.01HANDVC::STEVELIUThu Jan 04 1996How to save multiple DTM-runs for later review?
2029.05CX3PST::WSC5Wed Jan 24 1996Date/time suggestion
2031.02YOOVFri Feb 23 1996Loop(), EndLoop()
2032.02UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERWed Mar 06 1996INVEXCEPTN bugchecks with combination ACMS / DTM ?
2033.01NEWVAX::TROMBETTAFri Mar 15 1996Compare screens help needed
2034.01SEDSWS::BRODIEWed Apr 03 1996SSb release date
2035.05NEWVAX::TROMBETTAMon Apr 08 1996Help with DTM variables
2036.01NEWVAX::TROMBETTAMon Apr 22 1996{WAIT} using a variable
2037.02KZIN::HUDSONTue May 21 1996information sent to sys$error is ignored by DTM (alpha vms 6.2, dtm 3.6-4)
2038.0+4CSC32::EHAMon Aug 19 1996ACCVIO on library verify for Alpha
2039.03GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Sep 03 1996multiple windows support under one screen ?
2040.011RDGENG::WOOD_JFri Sep 06 1996problems with v3.7-2 on Alpha: truncated .RES file; date/time formats
2041.01GIDDAY::SHCHIUSun Sep 08 1996few queries about DTM support
2042.02RDGENG::WOOD_JThu Sep 12 1996/NOFILTER requires /NOFILTER=ALL
2043.03COMICS::EDWARDSNThu Sep 26 1996AXP and VAX DTM differences with DECforms field
2044.01SMBIII::FRECHETTEWed Oct 02 1996Question on filtering
2045.01TKTV2Thu Oct 24 1996Quesiton about non-interactive test
2046.03SSPADE::GRECOFri Nov 15 1996Compare and bmk_screens
2047.02NEWVAX::TROMBETTAFri Nov 15 1996DTM and terminal I/O
2048.04CSC32::D_SANFORDTue Nov 26 1996DTM uses CMS license - not good for CMS-USER license
2049.05VARESE::MUGGIATue Dec 10 1996Writing to an output file from an interactive test
2051.0 *TEAMLK::AXELTue Feb 11 1997DEC Test Manager T3.8 - DECset T12.2
2052.0 *+2KERNEL::SMITHThu Feb 13 1997Year 2
2053.0 *+5CATMAX::SKALTSISThu Feb 13 1997upgrading 3.3 -> 3.7(?); are there potential gotcha's?
2054.0 *GALVIA::MCCARTHY_MWed Feb 19 1997DTM Variable , Access Violation
2055.0 *GALVIA::MCCARTHY_MWed Feb 19 1997Corrupt variable
2056.0 *+3GALVIA::MCCARTHY_MWed Feb 19 1997Found Workaround to DTM variable Bug
2057.0 *+1GALVIA::MCCARTHY_MTue Feb 25 1997Filter Problem
2058.0 *TEAMLK::AXELThu Apr 03 1997Annc: DECset V12.3 Requirements - Phase
2059.0 *+2NEWVAX::CCOLEMANTue Apr 08 1997Automating DTM Tests/Menu Driven
2060.0 *+2NEWVAX::RIGGSFri Apr 11 1997callable interface - message handler problems
2061.0 *+2SSAG::SUSSWEINTue May 13 1997do I have to recreate/coll for set bench to take effect?
2062.0 *+1CSC32::J_HEISLERMon Jun 02 1997ACCVIO on Verify on Alpha VMS V7.1 and DTM 3.7