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Conference clt::decwindows_user_interface

Title:DECwindows User Interface Design
Notice:For DECwindows user interface discussions...both XUI and Motif
Created:Thu Dec 11 1986
Last Modified:Fri Oct 18 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:605
Total number of notes:3213
Number with bodies:0
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1.07CLT::GOODWed Dec 17 1986Welcome
2.04CLT::GOODWed Dec 17 1986Purpose of DECwindows UID
3.017KALKIN::BUTENHOFThu Dec 18 1986click-click or click-release?
4.05CURIE::VANTREECKFri Dec 19 1986Whose look and feel?
5.08KALKIN::BUTENHOFFri Dec 19 1986Non-rectangular active regions
6.015DVINCI::ROSETue Dec 23 1986Comments on the UID spec
7.02FREDWS::FREDWed Dec 24 1986Terminal Topics
8.09PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986rules for deep interations?
9.01PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986invokable tools?
10.0PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986key equivalents
11.0PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986data transfer
12.05PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986order of regions
13.04PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986wrap the menu bar
14.0PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986menu options too restrictive
15.014PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986active regions
16.01PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986modeless/modal dialogue boxes
17.01PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986adaptable help
18.09PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986keystroke shortcuts
19.02PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986function key guidelines
20.02PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986clipboard
21.06PIXEL::NEUMANNWed Dec 24 1986appearance settings
22.02GALAGR::MOODYWed Dec 24 1986Messages and errors
23.01GALAGR::MOODYWed Dec 24 1986Undoing ??
24.016CASEE::WYMANMon Dec 29 1986Command String Generation (Learn from History...)
25.02CASEE::WYMANMon Dec 29 1986DECwindows and the rest of the world...
26.01CADSYS::COOKWed Dec 31 1986Serious problems with the specification
27.0CSSE32::MERMELLSun Jan 04 1987Comments on the UID spec
28.07PIXEL::NEUMANNMon Jan 05 1987general comments
29.0PHUBAR::WELLSTue Jan 06 1987More Commentary
30.0PIXEL::NEUMANNThu Jan 08 1987more general comments
31.03CASEE::WYMANFri Jan 09 1987Scroll Bars -- Outer Bounds of Utility?
32.02VIA::WERTHEIMERFri Jan 09 1987To MS-Window, or not to MS-Window?
33.0VIA::WERTHEIMERFri Jan 09 1987MS-Windows Style Guide - use it for UID V2.1?
34.013HADRON::EXTONMon Jan 12 1987DECwindows feedback
35.0CLT::BURLINGAMETue Jan 13 1987Another set of comments on V2 spec
36.0ORION::BAECHTOLDThu Jan 15 1987DECwindows spec comments
37.0ORION::BAECHTOLDThu Jan 15 1987On-line Info System Proposal
38.0TOKLAS::FELDMANThu Jan 15 1987Comments on the organization of the spec
39.04TOKLAS::FELDMANThu Jan 15 1987Comments on mouse useage
40.0TOKLAS::FELDMANThu Jan 15 1987Random nits
41.05DECWET::DITTOThu Jan 15 1987Menu/Command Line Interaction
42.01CASEE::COWANFri Jan 16 1987Addition user profile items
43.0CASEE::COWANFri Jan 16 1987More misc comments
44.05IPG::BOWIEFri Jan 16 1987Comments on DECwindows UID V2.
45.0PIXEL::COHENMon Jan 19 1987Some late comments...
46.01VIA::WERTHEIMERMon Jan 19 1987Suggested Design for a Command Window
47.07PHUBAR::WELLSTue Jan 20 1987What does the top-level of the workstation look like?
48.05CASEE::WYMANWed Jan 21 1987Is anybody listening?
50.01CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Does active text cursor blink?
51.0CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Minor inconsistencies in 6-Feb version
52.03CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Highlighting of text-entry field
53.0CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987How to change scale value missing
54.0CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987No more "Proceed, keep box"?
55.0CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Scroll boxes
56.0CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Can user rearrange regions?
57.0CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Pull-down dialog boxes
58.03CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Hierarchical pull-down menus
59.0CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Mouse button 3
60.03CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Hold screen
61.06CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Up and Down arrow in dialog box
62.0CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Short cuts for clipboard functions
63.01CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Clipboard Page Menu
64.0CLT::TREGGIARIMon Feb 09 1987Two missing topics
65.03CLT::TREGGIARITue Feb 10 1987Outline of moving window
66.04DEDHED::SPINEWed Feb 11 1987For our faraway friends...
67.014BAVIKI::GOODFri Feb 13 1987Command syntax across products
68.0STAR::STONEHILLMon Feb 16 1987UIDS comments
69.07CLT::BENNISONMon Feb 16 1987active regions
70.03STAR::STONEHILLMon Feb 16 1987UIDA comments
71.03CLT::BURLINGAMEMon Feb 16 1987Document V2.1 comments
72.03CLT::BURLINGAMEMon Feb 16 1987Comment on Appendix C
73.06CLT::BENNISONMon Feb 16 1987comments on command line stuff
74.05CLT::BENNISONMon Feb 16 1987comments on clipboard stuff
75.0CLT::BENNISONMon Feb 16 1987comments on menu stuff
76.01CLT::BENNISONMon Feb 16 1987miscellaneous (but important :-) ) comments
78.01CLT::BENNISONTue Feb 17 1987Bad page numbers on my comments
79.01CLT::TREGGIARIWed Feb 18 1987Mousing and Basic Editing
80.037993::HALBERTWed Feb 18 1987Selection can be used for many things
81.0437993::HALBERTWed Feb 18 1987Semantic equivalence and macro facilities
82.03ORION::BAECHTOLDThu Feb 19 1987UID V2.1 Spec Comments
83.01CLT::OBRYANThu Feb 19 1987UID V2.
84.02CADSYS::PRENTICEThu Feb 19 1987minor comments on V2.1 9-Feb-1987 (hardcopy)
85.02CLT::WILSONThu Feb 19 1987Review Period Extended
86.07PBSVAX::HALBERTThu Feb 19 1987Application user-interaction styles
87.0CLT::WILSONSun Feb 22 1987Leaving the scroll bars
88.07VIA::WERTHEIMERSun Feb 22 1987Comments on the Application-Level UID
89.01VIA::WERTHEIMERSun Feb 22 1987Comments on the System-Level UID
90.08VIA::WERTHEIMERSun Feb 22 1987Mouse-Sensitive Help -- A stolen idea
91.0PIXEL::NEUMANNMon Feb 23 1987(long) list of comments
92.03CLT::WHITESIDETue Feb 24 1987what next?
93.07ABLE::MARTYTue Feb 24 1987Another long list of comments
94.03CASEE::CLEOVOULOUTue Feb 24 1987UID V2.1 Comments
95.0TOKLAS::FELDMANTue Feb 24 1987Looks real good; suggest a centralized keymap
96.0BAVIKI::GOODTue Feb 24 1987Status of UID V2.1 spec
97.03CASEE::COWANWed Feb 25 1987Misc V2.1 comments
98.05CASEE::COWANWed Feb 25 1987Change --> Stress
99.06ATLAST::BOUKNIGHTWed Feb 25 1987Keyboard Labelling - Isn't It Important Also?
100.02IECG::GREENWOODFri Feb 27 1987Compose key
101.01VIA::WERTHEIMERSun Mar 01 1987The Command Window -- let's reconsider it
102.011VIA::WERTHEIMERSun Mar 01 1987No User Access to the UI Editor
103.01VIA::WERTHEIMERSun Mar 01 1987"ListMenu" -- A Possible System Application
104.0VIA::WERTHEIMERSun Mar 01 1987Clipboard -- Back to Basics
105.01CLT::WILSONMon Mar 02 1987Menu Bar Details
107.0CLT::BENNISONWed Mar 04 1987Dialog box questions/comments
108.0DALI::BRACKETTFri Mar 06 1987A few more comments and questions
109.05CLT::TREGGIARIFri Mar 06 1987Menu-bar idea
110.04SARAH::S_COHENMon Mar 09 1987Select-menu-item suggestion
111.07SARAH::DAHLMon Mar 09 1987Comments on V2.1 from Core Applications and CDE
112.05CLT::BURLINGAMEWed Apr 08 1987MENU REGION question
113.0BUGSY::BECKERWed Jun 24 1987Memory required for both DECWindows and VWS?
114.023BUGSY::BECKERWed Jun 24 1987Using an Editor in your application?
115.01CLT::BENNISONWed Jun 24 1987Command Regions
116.01CASEE::COWANThu Jun 25 1987One window or many?
117.01BCSE::RYANThu Jul 02 1987"Edit" vs. "Clip[board]"
118.011BCSE::RYANThu Jul 02 1987Selecting multiple objects
119.03BCSE::RYANThu Jul 02 1987Controls in the work region
121.01BCSE::RYANThu Jul 02 1987Can a label be a control?
122.01BCSE::RYANThu Jul 02 1987Alternate representations for "on" toggles
124.03JHEREG::TANNENBAUMTue Jul 14 1987SHIFTed keys?
125.01CLT::CASADAYThu Jul 16 1987Hierarchical Dialogue Boxes?
127.07CADSYS::COOKWed Aug 05 1987Style guide document problems
128.01SQM::HALLYBWed Aug 05 1987Comments: Style Guide Rev. 1 Scroll Bars
129.023BCSE::RYANWed Aug 05 1987Selecting text vs. selecting "objects"
130.02BCSE::RYANWed Aug 05 1987Button boxes
131.012BCSE::RYANWed Aug 05 1987Exit and Quit on the File menu
132.014BCSE::RYANWed Aug 05 1987"Unique" items on pop-up menus
133.01BCSE::RYANWed Aug 05 1987Standard behavior when too much/not enough is selected
134.012BCSE::RYANWed Aug 05 1987Hint window
135.010BCSE::RYANWed Aug 05 1987File selection box - different directories
136.04BCSE::RYANWed Aug 05 1987Reaching the end of a text field line
137.02BCSE::RYANWed Aug 05 1987Actions both in a menu and on a push button
139.01BCSE::BRINKLEYWed Aug 05 1987Add Print Selection to Standard
140.01ORAN::ORANThu Aug 06 1987ICON Window
141.02SQM::HALLYBThu Aug 06 1987Color commentary
142.07VIA::DESAIFri Aug 07 1987Keyboard interface to other widgets
143.05VIA::DESAIFri Aug 07 1987Recognizing items generating option menu
144.05VIA::DESAIFri Aug 07 1987Option menu changing dialog appearance
145.03VIA::DESAIFri Aug 07 1987Hiding inactive listbox/text widgets
146.034BCSE::RYANFri Aug 07 1987Global selection
147.019BCSE::RYANFri Aug 07 1987Input focus, selection, and MB1
148.03BCSE::RYANFri Aug 07 1987No deselection?
149.06BCSE::RYANFri Aug 07 1987Pending Delete
150.0BCSE::RYANFri Aug 07 1987Input focus on Figure 7-3
151.018OPHION::HAYNESFri Aug 07 1987Who's Who?
152.023PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Using the HELP key as a shift key with an MB
153.06PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Grammar and typographical nits
154.01PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Highlighting of Menu Items
155.02PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Anchoring of Submenus and Highlighting Parent Menu
156.04PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Title bars and push-to-back button on Dialog Boxes
157.01PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987"On" Toggle Button in Pending state
158.01PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Multi-line text fields and RETURN
159.05PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987"Value Added" feature for Scales
160.02PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Pop-up usage by Option Menu
161.02PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Up and Down Arrows in Multi-field Dialog Boxes
162.01PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Delete Forward Word (SHIFT/F13)
163.03PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Recommended Function Key Definitions (7.2.4)
164.09PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Command Region 7.2.5
165.02PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Secondary Selection
166.01PHUBAR::WELLSFri Aug 07 1987Fonts
167.02JHEREG::TANNENBAUMMon Aug 10 1987Select All Question
168.0JHEREG::TANNENBAUMMon Aug 10 1987CTRL as a modifier
169.07TOKLAS::FELDMANMon Aug 10 1987Text editing should match what we have
170.01MOSAIC::GIOKASMon Aug 10 1987Schizophrenic Guide
171.09BUGSY::BECKERTue Aug 11 1987Mouse/Menu Memory
172.07KIRK::JOHNSONWed Aug 12 1987Revolution and the Status Quo
173.013CLT::WHITESIDEWed Aug 12 1987Selection proposal
174.01SQM::HALLYBWed Aug 12 1987Non-linear scales needed
175.018PHUBAR::WELLSWed Aug 12 1987Lack of Close Button/Box/Icon in Window Title Bar
176.01PHUBAR::WELLSWed Aug 12 1987Application Defined Buttons in Title Bar
177.02PHUBAR::WELLSWed Aug 12 1987DECicon Icon Database (and Editor???)
178.0PHUBAR::WELLSWed Aug 12 1987Locator State and Transitions in Figures
179.0ZIN::MCGREGORThu Aug 13 1987Review Deadline Approaching
180.09SARAH::BUEHLERThu Aug 13 1987Confusion on the interface paradigm
181.0PBSVAX::HALBERTThu Aug 13 1987Gray text may be unreadable
182.02DELNI::JONGThu Aug 13 1987Comments and Opinions on Style Guide
183.0DELNI::JONGThu Aug 13 1987Multi-Path Interfaces
184.02TLE::LUPTONThu Aug 20 1987LSE EXPAND Menu and List Box Widget
185.02IAGO::SCHOELLERMon Aug 24 1987Has anyone built a better mouse trap?
186.0GOSOX::RYANFri Aug 28 1987Announcing conference BCSE::DW-Mail
187.0CASEE::LACROIXWed Sep 02 1987The palette model
188.054GL::DESAIFri Sep 11 1987Non-text selection beyond window boundary
189.024GL::DESAIFri Sep 11 1987COPY SELECTION in the same application window
190.01CASEE::CLARKMon Sep 14 1987Guidelines for multiple-window applications?
191.01VIA::DESAIMon Sep 14 1987contiguous/non contiguous extension of selection
192.03IPG::GOODENOUGHThu Sep 24 1987More on Scroll Bars
193.0DSSDEV::KROBINSONWed Sep 30 1987users define keys -how?
194.02IPG::GOODENOUGHThu Oct 01 1987Live icons?
195.021BCSE::JACKSONFri Oct 02 1987Icon Boxes and Applications
196.011AITG::WELLSThu Oct 08 1987Dismissal of Pop-up Menus
197.07AITG::WELLSMon Oct 12 1987Segmenting the Main Window
198.08CASEE::COWANTue Oct 13 1987Operating on global selections
199.012BCSE::D_SMITHFri Oct 16 1987Dragging Objects in Scrollable Windows
200.010DSSDEV::LACLAIRFri Oct 16 1987F11 and F14 ?
201.04DSSDEV::ROBINSONMon Nov 02 1987Certification testing?
202.06STAR::VANNOYTue Nov 17 1987Revision 3 of Style Guide ready
203.08PRAGMA::GRIFFINMon Nov 23 1987object-verb, verb-object, or don't-care?
204.06CASEE::BERRYWed Nov 25 1987insertion cursor and selection range : foes of firends ?
205.02BUGSY::BECKERTue Dec 01 1987Radio buttons in menus and dialog boxes.
206.015VIDEO::PORCHERTue Dec 01 1987Where's the ALT key for QuickCopy?
207.01VIDEO::PORCHERTue Dec 01 1987Stuff Stuff
208.04SIMUL8::HASKELLTue Dec 01 1987Scroll Bar Stepping Arrow Action
209.012SIMUL8::HASKELLTue Dec 01 1987Inoperative Buttons
210.03DSSDEV::ROBINSONThu Dec 03 1987All text widgets use default bindings?
211.022DSSDEV::BIBEAULTFri Dec 04 1987TAB vs. RETURN in text fields
212.01AITG::WELLSWed Dec 09 1987Graying pull-down menu names in the menu bar
213.05AITG::WELLSWed Dec 09 1987Optional arguments to command items
214.02DEDHED::SPINEWed Dec 09 1987DECwindows User Interface Trade Fair Catalog
215.02TLE::AKIThu Dec 10 1987Appearance of MODAL and MODELESS dialog boxes
216.0DECWIN::VANNOYThu Dec 10 1987Getting changes made to the Style Guide
217.01OPHION::KARLTONSun Dec 13 1987Status in the title bar
218.0QNTMSW::BERUBEMon Dec 14 1987Input Focus Highlighting?
219.015CLT::WILSONTue Dec 15 1987Search Functions in DECwindows
220.032HOT::ASHLUNDWed Dec 16 1987Default Push Buttons
221.01SMAUG::MURALIMon Dec 21 1987Ideas and suggestions on kbd mapping
222.06CASEE::CLARKTue Dec 22 1987Strategy for the DECwindows Help User Interface
223.012CASEE::BERRYTue Dec 29 1987use of mouse buttons
224.0CASEE::BERRYTue Dec 29 1987more consistency on dialog boxes ?
226.05SMAUG::MURALIWed Dec 30 1987SPAWN capability in window environment
227.013CASEE::BERRYWed Jan 06 1988proposed syntax for use of multiple windows
228.03CASEE::BERRYWed Jan 06 1988composite views
229.0CASEE::BERRYWed Jan 06 1988semantics and proposed syntax for hierarchical objects
230.04BPT::MOREAUMon Jan 18 1988Redefining accelerators - what about the menu text?
231.0CLT::WILSONMon Jan 18 1988Usability interviews with DECwindows Users
232.08CLT::DOUCETTEWed Jan 20 1988navigation window icon?
233.0GUDLRD::AKIWed Jan 20 1988Interface for Defining Keys
234.06SMURF::HALLThu Jan 21 1988Have it your waaayyyyyyy!!!!
235.034CASEE::CLARKSat Jan 23 1988Application defaulting, customizing, tailoring, profiles ...
236.02CLT::FULLERTONMon Feb 01 1988Option to disable blinking?
237.03CLT::DOUCETTETue Feb 02 1988Command region
238.06CASEE::BERRYWed Feb 03 1988Can we make the mouse cursor disapear ?
239.02CYCLPS::PANGAKISWed Feb 03 1988Do workstations really improve productivity? Of course, right?
241.07STAR::VANNOYWed Feb 03 1988Application Design and its Relationship to Golf
242.052HOT::REILLYWed Feb 03 1988Input focus etiquette
243.06CLT::DOUCETTEThu Feb 04 1988selection expressions?
244.011CLT::HARROWFri Feb 05 1988Toggles are different in menus
245.02BAVIKI::GOODFri Feb 05 1988User reactions to DECwindows VMS IFT1.1
246.0STAR::VANNOYFri Feb 05 1988Updates to Revision 3 of the Style Guide
247.0STAR::VANNOYFri Feb 05 1988Updates to Chapter 1 (Introduction)
248.01STAR::VANNOYFri Feb 05 1988Updates to Chapter 2 (Main Window)
249.02STAR::VANNOYFri Feb 05 1988Updates to Chapter 3 (Subareas)
250.0STAR::VANNOYFri Feb 05 1988Updates to Chapter 4 (Menus)
251.04STAR::VANNOYFri Feb 05 1988Updates to Chapter 5 (Dialog Boxes)
252.05STAR::VANNOYFri Feb 05 1988Updates to Chapter 6 (Standard Menus and Dialog Boxes)
253.01STAR::VANNOYFri Feb 05 1988Updates to Chapter 7 (keyboard and Pointer)
254.03STAR::VANNOYFri Feb 05 1988Updates to Chapter 8 (Selection)
255.0STAR::VANNOYFri Feb 05 1988Cross Chapter or global Updates
256.01CASEE::CLEOVOULOUSat Feb 06 1988(Some) dialog boxes should resize usefully
257.05OPHION::KARLTONSat Feb 06 1988respones to 253 (7-1 on RETURN key semantics)
258.0BAVIKI::GOODMon Feb 08 1988Style Guide feedback from IDA - customer in Norway
259.01BAVIKI::GOODMon Feb 08 1988DECwindows performance goals
260.01MALLET::EXTONTue Feb 09 1988Feedback on DECwindows UI
261.04CLT::DOUCETTETue Feb 09 1988response to 252.3 (CLOSE menu item)
262.0SARAH::DAHLWed Feb 10 1988Style Guide Update 6-4: "Print" on File Menu
263.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Feb 10 1988Ideas sought for Stock Market application
264.0KELLS::DONOHUEWed Feb 10 1988Drop shadows for menus?
265.03SARAH::DAHLFri Feb 12 1988Comments on Option Menu Graphic Design
266.0CADSYS::COOKFri Feb 12 1988RE: 249.2 Command dialog boxes
267.01CASEE::THOMSONWed Feb 17 1988Help for the Title bar
268.037STAR::VANNOYThu Feb 18 1988Menu Accelerator Key proposal
269.011SARAH::DAHLThu Feb 18 1988Alternative Syntax for HELP
270.03CASEE::BERRYTue Feb 23 1988cry in the dark for a date editor
271.0CLT::HARROWWed Feb 24 1988Comments on CLOSE in FILE menu
272.02BAVIKI::GOODWed Feb 24 1988Re 251.4 - changes to option menus
273.03CLT::WILSONSun Feb 28 1988Cycling with Tab and Shift/Tab
274.0204GL::DESAISun Feb 28 1988switch input focus w/KB (a.k.a F5 key)?
275.02GOSOX::RYANTue Mar 01 1988Scroll bar issues
276.02STAR::VANNOYThu Mar 03 1988New Version (Rev 4) of Style Guide available
277.04TLE::LUPTONSun Mar 06 1988VUE Print...?
278.03IPG::MIOTTOMon Mar 07 1988The COMPOSE key is sacred!
279.05CLT::HARROWTue Mar 08 1988Method to single-step a Scale value?
280.06ANVIL::BUEHLERSat Mar 12 1988Purging mouse/type ahead
281.01CLT::WIXONTue Mar 15 1988Request for Interview Participants
282.06STAR::VANNOYTue Mar 22 1988Compose Key issue resolution
283.01CLT::WILSONWed Mar 23 1988Caution Message When Closing?
284.03SMURF::RAOThu Mar 24 1988DECwindows window manager limitation
285.07DSSDEV::ROBINSONWed Mar 30 1988Quick Copy - what triggers it?
286.07CASEE::RAYNERThu Mar 31 1988Window placement algorithms
287.02CADSYS::PRENTICEThu Mar 31 1988Pie Menus?
288.010BLT::TRAVISWed Apr 06 1988Windows equivalent of ^C/^Y?
289.05CAPTIN::KIRKThu Apr 07 1988Fuzzy Fonts ?
290.04RGB::SEILERSat Apr 09 1988DECwindows support for ^O?
291.020VIDEO::OSMANWed Apr 20 1988we'd like style guide to allow automatic keyboard
292.028REINIG::REINIGMon Apr 25 1988Does the input focus owner always own the PRIMARY selection?
293.032HOT::ASHLUNDWed Apr 27 1988some stylistic questions
294.01DEDHED::SPINETue May 03 1988Human Factors in Design course
295.05VIA::BOWERThu May 05 1988SHIFT/Drag MB1 question for object selection
296.0SMURF::HERSHMon May 09 1988Comments from the (Ultrix) field
297.09VIA::DESAIFri May 13 1988Pulldown menu stays around on double click
298.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu May 19 1988What's Changed, if Anything?
299.02GOSOX::RYANFri May 27 1988Disabling "Paste"
300.010CLT::UTZWed Jun 01 1988modal dialog boxes and window manager
301.01DSSDEV::ROBINSONMon Jun 13 1988How much text is a "word"?
302.09SMURF::LONGOTue Jun 14 1988editor of choice?
303.015STAR::VANNOYWed Jun 15 1988HELP is NOT on MB3
304.020RAINBO::GIOKASFri Jun 17 1988Small screen usability testing with VMS server
305.03CASEE::CLARKMon Jun 27 1988Auto-sized vs. Fixed-sized Push Buttons
306.010CLT::GOODSat Jul 02 1988Copyright notice proposal
307.09ASPEN2::BOIKOWed Jul 20 1988De-Iconisized - no input focus..?
308.0CASEE::CLARKMon Jul 25 1988Style Guide strategy for Help
309.0CASEE::CLARKMon Jul 25 1988Help pull-down menu in Style Guide Chapter 6
310.01CASEE::CLARKMon Jul 25 1988Invoking Help in Style Guide Chapter 7
311.0CASEE::CLARKMon Jul 25 1988Help Authoring in Style Guide Chapter 9
312.05LDYBUG::AMIDONMon Jul 25 1988Character-Cell/DECwindow interfaces?
313.04CASEE::CLARKWed Jul 27 1988Multi-word menu name?
314.05VIA::MCEVOYWed Jul 27 1988how to deal with stdin on ultrix?
315.016TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Aug 02 1988testing the password interface?
316.0IOS::JANUSTue Aug 09 1988DECwindows restrictions to command interface
317.013CASEE::CLARKWed Aug 10 1988Distinguishing "click" from "drag"
318.02KATZE::AKIMon Aug 15 1988Clarification on syntax/sematics for selection
319.030STAR::KLEINSORGESat Aug 27 1988Input Focus Revisted
320.0CASEE::CLARKMon Aug 29 1988Guidelines for designing product icons
321.03TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Aug 29 1988security of the username during login
322.01TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Aug 29 1988Login another user?
323.0BAVIKI::GOODWed Aug 31 1988Scroll bar inconsistency
324.027HPSTEK::EKOKERNAKWed Aug 31 1988Keep submenus on screen
325.0BAVIKI::GOODTue Sep 06 1988Application pop-up menus from the icon box
326.08TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Sep 07 1988The UI should be a slave, not a mother
327.02CASEE::CLARKWed Sep 14 1988Small is good; big is an option
328.02SKETCH::SCHRIERWed Sep 14 1988Scrolling Menus?
329.06CASEE::CLEOVOULOUFri Sep 16 1988How to handle moving between 75dpi and 1
330.012VIA::ASHLUNDFri Sep 23 1988What if box titles are too long?
331.08LOPTSN::FERWERDAThu Sep 29 1988Operations on graphical objects?
332.01DSSDEV::LACLAIRThu Sep 29 1988C-S Help on OK, CANCEL and APPLY?
333.018OED::BEYERThu Oct 06 1988UI look: is the new Style Guide for real?
334.01SFCPMO::PINAThu Oct 06 1988what causes this %system-f-accvio
335.011LISP::WELLSWed Oct 12 1988Name-changing Toggle Menu Items: State or Action?
336.09CASEE::CLARKWed Oct 19 1988When does selection "go away"?
337.01REINIG::REINIGFri Oct 21 1988Can I copy selection to myself?
338.08STAR::VANNOYFri Oct 21 1988Refresh Window function key
339.04YAK::WELLSFri Oct 21 1988Suggestion for "edge of logical buffer" binding
340.0YAK::WELLSFri Oct 21 1988Text widget bindings not described in XUI Style Guide
341.016GOSOX::RYANMon Oct 24 1988Operands of popup menus
342.0LDP::GABRIELWed Oct 26 1988Scroll bar action
343.01DELNI::JONGFri Oct 28 1988On Data Validation
344.07TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Nov 01 1988available whitespace on the display
345.02IOSG::HORSFIELDWed Nov 02 1988calendar font change on appointment days
346.01BOSTAC::MORRISFri Nov 04 1988Shift-MB3 in VUE
347.03CREDIT::RAVITZMon Nov 14 1988Return key with multiple-line text fields
348.04CRLVMS::HALBERTWed Nov 16 1988Font consistency
349.025SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Nov 17 1988"Cancel" or "Dismiss"
350.05TLE::D_SMITHFri Nov 18 1988Disabled Menu items on submenus
351.01TLE::CARRELLFri Nov 18 1988Global selection questions
352.07CADSYS::YOSTFri Nov 18 1988Passing private data from UID to application
353.022GOSOX::RYANFri Nov 18 1988DECwindows customization
354.07CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 21 1988Dynamic pulldown menus
355.06WUWEI::FLADUNGWed Nov 23 1988List Box rubber bands gone?
356.02MJG::GRIERWed Nov 23 1988Meta-data maintenance from sub-contexts in client
357.03NOBOZO::SHELLEYWed Nov 23 1988DECterm vs style-guide
358.06CASEE::CLARKFri Nov 25 1988"Asynchronous" dialog box grabs input focus
359.06CASEE::CLARKFri Nov 25 1988Dialog boxes and input focus
360.08MJG::GRIERMon Nov 28 1988Multiple views of the same data - auto. update?
361.012DCC::ALDENWed Nov 30 1988Context sensitive help on pull-down menus
362.015GOSOX::RYANThu Dec 01 1988Mouse-ahead
363.0--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 06 1988Problem creating child window widgets
364.0616BITS::PUDERFri Dec 09 1988A use for the scroll-bar intersection
365.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Dec 15 1988Application-specific window movement
366.03DSSDEV::BIBEAULTMon Dec 19 1988Document location changed?
367.01GOSOX::RYANWed Dec 21 1988Resizing of pushbutton areas
368.010SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Dec 29 1988Feedback to the user on what's reqd/optional
369.01POBOX::WALLINTue Jan 03 1989Icon color dynamic change.
370.02BCSE::KREFETZTue Jan 03 1989OSF decision
371.02HOT::DESAIFri Jan 20 1989HP/Microsoft style guide anyone?
372.07CASEE::CLARKTue Jan 24 1989Is there life after OSF/Motif?
373.012GOSOX::RYANFri Jan 27 1989Accelerator issues
374.0DC1Mon Feb 13 1989XUI/DECwindows Available for customers
375.02VEDANO::CARMELOTue Feb 14 1989Help Menu on the MenuBar
376.01WBC::NICHOLSONWed Feb 22 1989input focus = crash!
377.021XANADU::RODERICKThu Feb 23 1989Rapid Prototyping Tools
378.01MLNOI1::CARCANOFri Mar 10 1989Scroll window and sliders
379.03IOSG::TYLDESLEYTue Mar 14 1989Compose key support?
380.02VIA::ASHLUNDThu Mar 16 1989questions about wait cursor
381.0BAGELS::HARROWWed Mar 22 1989Software Development Job Opportunities!
382.01TOOK::MERSHONMon Apr 03 1989Customize for Applications with Multiple App. Windows
383.03PAULUS::BERGERWed Apr 05 1989Accelarators in translated applications
384.02VIA::ASHLUNDWed Apr 05 1989accelerators on popups too?
385.09KAPEC::brennanThu Apr 06 1989Scrollbars in a infinite workarea?
386.04CASEE::CLARKSun Apr 09 1989"Stack" of selections?
387.08CASEE::DARDAILLERMon Apr 24 1989Navigation window behavior in SVN vs NetEd
388.03THAVFri May 12 1989I can't find Xmu and XC_gumby.
389.01TPS::RLEEMon May 15 1989SIGGRAPH 89: PYGMALION Needs YOU!
390.01PRSUD1::SIMONWed May 17 1989Scale boxes,list boxes and push buttons questions
391.03OED::BEYERThu May 18 1989Three bronx cheers for modal dialog boxes
392.01BAVIKI::GOODFri May 26 1989Display of accelerators in menus can be confusing
393.04DINER::SHUBINThu Jun 01 1989Input/message areas
394.07AIRPRT::GRIERSun Jun 25 1989Accelerators and dialog boxes
395.0CASEE::CLARKMon Jul 17 1989Scrolling stops with MB1-up -- no scroll-ahead
396.05CASEE::CLARKWed Jul 19 1989Designing new interfaces with Motif in mind
397.02DDIF::MCEVOYFri Jul 21 1989question on icon text
398.02AIDA::CARCANOThu Jul 27 1989Force lost_focus in stext when clicking on push button
399.03AIDA::CARCANOFri Jul 28 1989Modal msg box and grabbed keyboard
400.03GPSDCC::BROWNTue Aug 08 1989Where are errors documented???
401.06CASEE::CLARKMon Aug 14 1989Disabled `Pending Delete' with entire document selected
402.015CADSE::REHMMon Aug 14 1989Application defaulting...a different twist
403.019GOSOX::RYANFri Aug 18 1989Page navigation
404.014GL::SCAERFri Aug 18 1989How are clipboard operations supposed to work?
405.02TOWNS::BAGWILLWed Aug 23 1989Novice questions for XUI under ULTRIX
406.01DINER::SHUBINWed Aug 23 1989User-extensibility and customization
407.0FUEL::grahamThu Aug 24 1989UIDL/ADI: Call for Participation
408.013DAS::D_SMITHTue Sep 12 1989SAVE ALL versus SAVE
409.034GOSOX::RYANThu Sep 14 1989Color customization in a multi-window application
411.05KLEMOM::SCHMIDTTue Sep 19 1989Question: how to translate default values
412.03EMILE::CHARMOILLETue Sep 26 1989xview informations need
413.01DEDHED::SPINETue Sep 26 1989What the XUI Style Guide Review Board has been up to....
414.03REINIG::REINIGThu Sep 28 1989How about keeping MB2 pop-ups on screen
415.07KOBAL::SHAUGHNESSYMon Oct 09 1989Dialog boxes without iconify button
416.05RADIUS::REHMMon Oct 09 1989Mulitple "Main Windows" as part of the XUI/Motif Style
417.0CASEE::LACROIXWed Oct 18 1989The Case Against User Interface Consistency
418.01CUJO::GEORGEWed Oct 18 1989XUI on Cray???
419.015GOSOX::RYANWed Nov 22 1989Icon labels
420.01ENGWS3::IMERTue Nov 28 1989Translation Problem with Help Widget
421.0XANADU::BERRYTue Dec 05 1989Organizer tool available
422.05CASEE::CLARKWed Dec 13 1989When should a menu item be disabled?
423.02CASEE::CLARKWed Dec 13 1989Whither the "New" item in the File menu?
424.06CASEE::CLARKTue Dec 19 1989Quit, Close & Exit menu items + XUI vs. Motif
425.03WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIThu Dec 21 1989Help needed using DwtWindow() function.
426.09NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Feb 08 1990I'm a heretic, OK?
427.08ORAN::ORANSat Feb 17 1990Another bad XUI/ICCCM interaction: point-to-focus and global selection
428.01SALSA::RANGERTue Mar 13 1990XV1
429.08RTL::RAVENTue Mar 27 1990Companion to the OSF/Motif Style Guide
430.09WILD1::GOFFWed Mar 28 1990using "do not enter" cursor when modal dialog box displayed?
431.074GL::SPINETue Apr 03 1990OSF/Motif Style Guide
432.07VIA::ASHLUNDWed Apr 04 1990clarification on title bar & File operations
433.0114GL::SPINEWed Apr 04 1990Chord cancel in DECwindows/Motif
434.05VIA::ASHLUNDThu Apr 05 1990QuickCopy (Quick Transfer) in Motif
435.08RTL::RAVENMon Apr 09 1990Updated Outline for the Companion to the Style Guide
436.014GL::SPINESun Apr 22 1990Motif Keyboard Traversal
437.04GOSOX::RYANMon Apr 23 1990How about a name change?
438.0ALLVAX::WALLERTWed May 02 1990CAD/CAM/CIM Style Guide available
439.0RTL::RAVENFri May 04 1990No first Draft of Style Guide
440.039BOBBY2::WOODBURYWed May 16 1990Discussion: A consistent Motif Interface from DEC
441.01SCATHA::FLANNERYFri May 25 1990Command-Key Equivalents
442.014GL::SPINEFri May 25 1990Dialog Box Issues
443.04GL::SPINEFri May 25 1990Push Button Definitions
444.04GL::SPINEFri May 25 1990Help buttons in dialog boxes; other Help stuff
445.024GL::SPINEFri May 25 1990Arranging Push Buttons In Dialog Boxes
446.04GL::SPINEFri May 25 1990Explicit focus and dialog boxes...
447.014GL::SPINEFri May 25 1990Switch Windows
448.014GL::SPINEFri May 25 1990Searching for a <TAB>
449.014GL::SPINEFri May 25 1990Motif Style Guide customization chapter
450.01GOSOX::RYANThu Jun 07 1990Keyboard semantics for (globally) selectable items
451.01RTL::RAVENFri Jun 08 1990UPDATED Docplan for Style Guide Companion
452.02RTL::RAVENMon Jun 11 1990VUIT/Style Guide question
453.02KONING::KONINGThu Jun 14 1990Motif style questions
454.04GL::SPINEFri Jun 15 1990Motif - User Interface Design Principles
455.04GL::SPINEFri Jun 15 1990Motif - Input and Navigation Models
456.04GL::SPINEFri Jun 15 1990Motif - Selection and Control Activation
457.034GL::SPINEFri Jun 15 1990Motif - Application Design Principles
458.04GL::SPINEFri Jun 15 1990Motif - Window Manager Design Principles
459.04GL::SPINEFri Jun 15 1990Motif - International Implementation
460.0KAORSC::K_BURECHAILOTue Jun 19 1990Accelerators, popup_dialog_box, title bar and mouse cursor position
461.044GL::SPINEWed Jun 20 1990Motif - Controls, Groups and Models Reference Pages
462.0TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Jul 19 1990context sensitive 'style-guide' behavior help (CSSGBH)
463.012LENO::GRIERThu Aug 02 1990Large forms - techniques for dealing with
464.03LENO::GRIERFri Aug 03 1990Selection-type data entry
465.010GOSOX::RYANFri Aug 03 1990UI for Boolean expressions
466.04RTL::RAVENTue Aug 07 1990Draft of "Companion" Available
467.05DEDHED::spineFri Aug 24 1990Button ramblings...
468.07YOSOY::spineWed Sep 12 1990Style Guide Compliance Checklist
469.024GL::SPINEMon Sep 24 1990Silence isn't golden...
470.02RTL::RAVENFri Sep 28 1990Newer Draft of COmpanion
471.05RTL::CLARKMon Oct 08 1990The new world of Motif accelerators
472.0RTL::CLARKMon Oct 08 1990Positioning of Motif secondary windows (dialog boxes)
473.0RTL::CLARKMon Oct 08 1990Preserving file name case(s) in a VMS Motif title bar
474.06RTL::CLARKMon Oct 08 1990Position of application-specific menus in a Motif menu bar
475.06CLTMAX::dickMon Oct 22 1990The Style Guide on GObE and NETED
476.03CASEE::RAYNERThu Oct 25 1990Multi-argument Operations in WIMP Environment
477.02PSTWKS::THOMASThu Oct 25 1990Announcing HyperHelp V1.
478.01SALSA::MOELLERMon Nov 05 1990XUI Devel Kit still available ?
479.0RTL::RAVENMon Nov 05 1990IFT Draft of "Companion" available
480.014GL::TSEMon Nov 05 1990Motif default colors
481.02KOBAL::WILSONMon Nov 12 1990Support for mixed font in menus
482.03KOBAL::WILSONWed Nov 14 1990Consistency of Print menu items
483.08KOBAL::WILSONWed Nov 14 1990When should push button have an ellipsis?
484.05KOALA::RYANWed Nov 28 1990Proposed icon convention to represent open/closed states in SVN
485.06NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Dec 06 1990Please can DECterm give me F1
486.01ZIBBY::ROBINSONWed Jan 02 1991Motif db titles need application name?
487.02LENO::GRIERThu Jan 10 1991menu entry names across multiple classes in a window
488.02DEDHED::SPINETue Jan 15 1991Porting XUI Applications to Motif
489.0TLE::DINGEEWed Jan 16 1991Minimum requirements and porting subsets?
490.04RGB::SEILERWed Feb 20 1991Motif scrollbar grabs keyboard input
491.010RTL::CLARKWed Mar 06 19913 approaches to providing "quick" and "verbose" actions in menus
492.0COLTue Mar 12 1991problem with xuidemo
493.02DEDHED::SPINETue Apr 02 1991Motif User Interface futures...
494.05ZIBBY::ROBINSONFri Apr 05 1991Motif "On Context" for menu pulldown entries?
495.03WEORG::TRAPASSOThu Apr 11 1991XUI Style Guide - still available?
496.06R2ME2::CLARKWed Apr 17 1991Motif Extended/Multiple Select
497.04GUESS::WARNERWed Apr 17 1991Proposed standard for Motif screen captures
498.01GUESS::DERAMOTue Apr 23 1991"Level One Certification" vs "Level Two validation"
499.02DEDHED::SPINEFri Apr 26 1991Contents of the help pulldown menu
500.04GL::TSEFri May 10 1991Motif mouse interaction for graphics
501.04R2ME2::CLARKMon May 13 1991Potential for Motif accelerator chaos
502.01ZIBBY::ROBINSONWed May 15 1991LK2
503.04ZIBBY::ROBINSONFri May 17 1991Motif doesn't do menu positioning?
504.04XAPPL::CLARKWed May 22 1991Motif input focus and typing hassles
505.02HOBBLE::GRIEBLINGThu May 23 1991XUI support question
506.03TOKLAS::feldmanThu May 23 1991Beginning user questions
507.0DEDHED::SPINEWed May 29 1991The Hitchhiker's Guide to QuickCopy in Motifspeak
508.01CHOWDA::HARNOISThu May 30 1991Tuning a cluster for quicker response time
509.03BOMBE::ALDENFri May 31 1991Customizing the slider
510.04TLE::RAMANWed Jun 05 1991Request for UI suggestions for aborting operations in progress
511.04GL::TSEWed Jun 12 1991Motif graphics interaction
512.0DEDHED::SPINEThu Jun 13 1991"OSF/Motif Style Guide" questionnaire
514.04GL::TSEWed Jun 26 1991Extensions to the Motif graphics interaction style
516.03ALLVAX::SCHMIEDERMon Jul 08 1991UIDPATH environment variable & interaction with Toolkit
517.03ALLVAX::SCHMIEDERMon Jul 08 1991UID filename conventions on ULTRIX (.uid enforced?)
518.0PIPE::TSEThu Jul 11 1991How do you use color?
519.01TAOVTue Jul 16 1991How to draw a graph on the specific window widget?
520.01ZIBBY::ROBINSONTue Aug 06 1991When must we implement Motif "text editing" keys?
521.01RDGENG::HAYWARDThu Aug 08 1991Shouldn't Motif menu[s | items] push in, not out ?
522.03DATABS::BWILSONTue Aug 13 1991Question Dialog with Cancel button
523.04DEDHED::SPINEWed Aug 21 1991Help menu changes recommened by the UEC SIG
524.04XAPPL::CLARKWed Sep 11 1991Return and Enter should push buttons wherever they are
525.0HGOVC::BENNYCHANMon Oct 21 1991DECwindows Motif Migration - VT12
526.08XAPPL::CLARKTue Oct 22 1991Seeking a consistent Options menu UI and behavior
527.0KOBAL::RAVENThu Oct 24 1991Motif video available--free
528.020AIRBAG::SWATKOWed Oct 30 1991SM "save settings" behavior violates style guide and user expectations
529.02TLE::EIKENBERRYWed Nov 06 1991Horizontal Scrolling and the Style Guide
530.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Nov 07 1991Just listening to customers isn't enough
531.0HANNAH::ALFREDFri Nov 08 1991Should DECwindows support cut buffers?
532.01STAR::DIGIOIAMon Nov 11 1991XLoadQueryFont help
533.0PAVONE::GIANNITue Nov 12 1991User Interface Design Courses in Europe?
534.0NOSTRL::CHRISMon Nov 18 1991X-windows programming tutorial?
535.03LENO::GRIERFri Nov 29 1991Partially complete forms and "Ok" and "Cancel"
536.01XAPPL::CLARKMon Dec 02 1991OK, Apply, Reset and Cancel buttons in a dialog box
537.01NOHOST::LEVINTue Dec 03 1991Produce C code from RAGS!!
538.03BBIVMon Dec 09 1991Need basics of printing
539.03KBOTMon Dec 16 1991Documentation for OSF
540.04HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jan 07 1992Making Motif PushButtons clearer whether "on" vs. "off"
541.0HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jan 07 1992More consistent use of Ctrl and Shift with Delete, LF, and arrow keys
542.015HANNAH::SEARSMon Jan 13 1992Menu bars in dialog boxes?
543.07GUESS::WARNERFri Jan 17 1992Open or Open... to call a main app. window?
544.03HANNAH::SEARSMon Jan 27 1992Options menu entry greyout vs. no display
545.01TILTS::VANDERPOTFri Jan 31 1992interleaf hangs with XUI
546.011OSLACT::OLAVTue Feb 11 1992Modifier for reference copy operation?
547.04KOBAL::RAVENMon Feb 17 1992Wish list for revised "Companion"
549.010ZUREDU::SANDROThu Feb 20 1992Style Guide Questions
550.01HANNAH::SEARSFri Feb 21 1992Can Widgets have own resource file?
551.04PAKORA::PWESTONWed Feb 26 1992X.desktop information?
552.03HANNAH::SEARSMon Mar 02 1992Svn Double vs single click
553.05MODEL::NEWTONWed Mar 11 1992Making DECwindows printing easier to use
554.02GLINDA::GODFREYThu Mar 19 1992File Selection, Wildcarding and Highlighting
555.08PAULUS::RIMPLERTue Mar 31 1992Motif User Interface Style Guide?
560.06GOOEY::RAVITZTue Apr 07 1992Motif 1.2 style guide HOT off the press
561.03GOOEY::RAVITZTue Apr 07 1992Motif 1.2 style guide comments
562.011MIDI::DANFri Apr 10 1992Bookreader team needs input
563.01HTSC19::KENNETHTue Apr 28 1992How to use the British "Pound" sign in X window
565.02CHELSY::GILLEYFri May 01 1992How should an indicator light appear?
566.06GOOEY::VANGILDERWed May 13 1992How much functionality has to be available through the pulldown menus?
567.06GOOEY::VANGILDERWed May 13 1992Drag and drop
568.04XAPPL::DARDAILLERTue May 19 1992Enlarging/Shrinking a dialog box
569.06XAPPL::DARDAILLERTue May 19 1992Radio box with only pixmap toggle buttons
570.0GOOEY::RAVITZTue May 26 1992Announcing the Motif User Interface Committee
571.010GOOEY::VANGILDERTue Jun 02 1992Button Bars
572.03LENO::GRIERWed Jun 03 1992File Selection DIalog for creating new files?
573.06SKYE::SNORF::NORMANFri Jun 05 1992Dialog box button spacing inconsistencies
574.03GVRIEL::SCHOELLERTue Jun 16 1992Bogus accelerator in the Companion (Ctrl-E for Exit)
575.08GVRIEL::SCHOELLERTue Jun 16 1992Proper handling of WM_SAVE_YOURSELF ????
576.01QBOUMon Jun 22 1992Shared-X like HP ??? (Do we have)
577.04REVIEW::KAKAThu Jun 25 1992An alternative to menus.
578.01CSC32::JJONESSat Jun 27 1992LSE environment file wanted
579.01HOBBLE::YOUNGFri Jul 31 1992HP VUE vs. IXI-Desktop
580.02GANTRY::OS_WOLOKThu Aug 27 1992Screen Capture for a Dual-Headed workstations
581.02--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 11 1992MrmNCreateCallBack, what is it ??
582.01GOOEY::RAVITZMon Sep 14 1992customizing resources for one application from another (from DECWINDOWS_PROGRAMMING)
583.01CAMONE::ARENDTWed Sep 23 1992Object editor question
584.07SYOMV::KRASMon Sep 28 1992"Close" behavior
585.02STAR::BMATTHEWSTue Sep 29 1992Multi-click and Motif
586.02LENO::GRIERFri Oct 09 1992Multiple primary windows, what does Exit do?
587.01OXNARD::ASHLUNDWed Oct 28 1992fyi: INTERCHI'93 conference, Amsterdam
588.01GANTRY::OS_BIDKARThu Nov 19 1992Help decburger.uil accelerators
589.01--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 14 1992MOTIF menu select is BLANK !!!
590.06LENO::GRIERThu Dec 17 1992Style for a Combo Box
591.03MARX::GRIERFri Jan 15 1993OK sensitivity when no access to object
592.01COMICS::WOODWed Feb 24 1993ULTRIX v4.3 DwtAppl.h doesn't compile with 'c89' ansi standard compiler
593.01FAILTE::HUTCHESONTFri Apr 16 1993reports on windows?
594.01NOVA::CHRISThu Jul 01 1993Is black the universal fallback color?
595.0GOOEY::VANGILDERFri Sep 24 1993New Motif 1.2 fallback key bindings
596.01CACHE::MORANFri Sep 24 1993Do we have Tk/Tcl available?
597.01CLARID::HOFSTEETue Oct 05 1993UI review group?
598.0GOOEY::VANGILDERThu Nov 11 1993New recommendations for accelerators
599.02CYPHER::BERRYWed Jan 19 1994Repository of icon images
600.0MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERWed Oct 12 1994Ultrix 4.4 / Russian Interface
601.0KERNEL::DAVIDCTue Aug 29 1995Missing DECW$.FOR files.
602.0ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Dec 15 1995Training materials about GUI general issues
603.02TKOV6Fri Dec 22 1995I want to remove CUSTOMIZE menu
604.0CERN::CARNEYMon Jan 29 1996Is the "Decorate" X resource dynamically controllable?
605.01PADNOM::COSTEUXThu Oct 17 1996Documentation on VUE$ calls ?