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Conference clt::decset

Notice:DECset V12.1 (see Notes 4.21 & 4.23)
Created:Tue Nov 12 1991
Last Modified:Fri May 23 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:328
Total number of notes:1286
Number with bodies:61
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1.0LEAKIM::ROLFHAMREWed Nov 13 1991Welcome
2.01GOLLY::FULLERTONFri Nov 22 1991Other DECset NOTES Conferences
3.0HARPY::FULLERTONMon Dec 02 1991VAXset / DECset Resource List
4.0+25GOLLY::CHURCHILLMon Dec 09 1991DECset kit announcements
5.0EDSDS6::SANTEEThu Dec 01 1994General DECset information
6.0LEAKIM::ROLFHAMREWed Nov 13 1991reserved
7.0LEAKIM::ROLFHAMREWed Nov 13 1991reserved
8.07ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOThu Nov 14 1991Documentation to learn DECset as integrated environment
9.013TRCOA::BROWNFri Nov 22 1991DECset Today Presentation?
10.01BUFFER::RAUSENThu Nov 21 1991Need pointers to other decset conferences
11.01EMC2::ARBUAHSat Nov 23 1991
12.0BIGUN::ANDERSONSun Nov 24 1991Draft Sales Update (program announce of V11)
13.0BIGUN::ANDERSONSun Nov 24 1991FRS Date (as at Oct 91)
14.02TROOA::NAISHMon Nov 25 1991Which Debugger in DECset?
15.06PAOIS::LHERAULTTue Nov 26 1991DECset/DECfuse convergence ?
17.011ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOThu Nov 28 1991DECset COHESION presentation
18.01MUDIS3::GRIMMFri Nov 29 1991Pointer on DXSCCS documentation
19.02STKHLM::STENSTROMFri Nov 29 1991Current status of DECset V11
20.03CFSCTC::SANCLEMENTEFri Dec 06 1991DECset/ACAS integration question
21.016OSLACT::OLAVTue Dec 10 1991DECset V11 EFT3 and Cohesion status?
22.08HERCUL::MOSERSun Dec 22 1991Installation Problem with DECSET kit...
23.06CRONIC::DUNLOPThu Jan 02 1992Install script for DECSET/Ultrix clients??
24.01GYUPCC::BALTESKONISFri Jan 10 1992ACAS IVP Failure
25.01TPSYS::ZIMRANThu Jan 16 1992PCA and DECthreads
26.01TPSYS::ZIMRANThu Jan 16 1992PCA and DECthreads
27.04BASEX::KAIRYSThu Jan 23 1992Problems with dxsccs
28.015CLAPPR::WHITAKERThu Jan 23 1992ACAS Kit
29.014KEPERA::GRBTue Feb 04 1992DECset on OSF/1
30.011IOSG::BURTONThu Feb 06 1992Multi-platform s/w development?
31.08YOSMTE::HATTRUP_JAFri Feb 07 1992SPD (33.86) for DECset - ULTRIX
32.01MLCADG::VALLEMon Feb 10 1992DECset & ACAS as an example of control integration. Any doc available?
33.02HARPY::FULLERTONThu Feb 13 1992Problem with DECset Builder Installation
34.03SMAC1Fri Feb 14 1992CMS -> sccs: VMS -> U*IX ?
35.01GOOEY::VANGILDERSun Feb 16 1992Suggestion for VMS installation procedure
36.0BERNWed Feb 19 1992Title in startup procedures (suggestion)
37.01XNOGOV::PAVITTThu Feb 20 1992 ACAS_INV_AUTHSRVUNR (e), Authentication server unreachable on node
38.01MUNICH::BEICHTThu Feb 27 1992SSB and FCS of decset, when?
39.011OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 06 1992Latest kit?
40.04BUFFER::UNGUREANUMon Mar 09 1992Beginners question
41.011VSSCAD::MAYERMon Mar 16 1992DEC Compilers Required for the Debugger?
42.03BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Mar 18 1992LSE problems on MIPS
43.01MUNICH::BEICHTFri Apr 03 1992Could the decset tar-file be compressed?
44.02MLNThu Apr 09 1992ACRBASE2
45.08IJSAPL::KLERKMon Apr 13 1992DECset example seems incomplete
46.03BASTAR::KAIRYSMon Apr 13 1992DTM and PCA doc subsets missing from latest Ultrix kit
47.04DENVER::HOWESat Apr 18 1992Searching for PTECH information
48.02MUNICH::BEICHTTue Apr 28 1992Problems with dxlse and c89
49.02HURRU::SIEWERTWed Apr 29 1992ACA part of field test?
50.09CIM::WETHINGTONFri May 08 1992PCA problems
51.05CIM::WETHINGTONFri May 08 1992Problems with SCA
52.04REVIEW::KAKAMon May 18 1992DECset for VMS when?
53.02HANSBC::BACHNERThu May 21 1992please add /DEVICE_CONVERTER=BLANK_PAGES to your DOCUMENT command ...
54.010HANSBC::BACHNERFri May 22 1992FT4 (VMS) installation problems
55.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLTue May 26 1992DEC3GL Implementation Toolkit
56.01LARVAE::BURGESSThu Jun 11 1992Some docs needed urgently - help needed
57.04COUNTFri Jun 12 1992DECset T11.
58.08LSTTue Jun 16 1992Error 'Cannot create lock file (cm4)' on create element
59.03TOKLAS::feldmanTue Jun 16 1992DECset for ULTRIX PAK
61.06PTOVAX::MCGROSKYThu Jun 18 1992dxsccs - reserve All_Files hangs windows
62.04REVIEW::KAKAThu Jun 25 1992When will we go public with data file formats?
63.03EMASS::COLEFri Jun 26 1992DECset V11.
64.0SWAM2::JANES_DEWed Jul 01 1992Ada and "make" program builder
65.01SWAM2::JANES_DEWed Jul 01 1992SCA and 2167A report on ULTRIX?
66.01ALICAT::MACKAYWed Jul 01 1992Debugger seems to keep files open - bug?
67.04KETJE::GHYOOTMon Jul 06 1992DECset V11 VMS miscellaneous questions.
68.0BREAKR::HERGOTTue Jul 07 1992DECset and MLS+
69.02I8BEVO::FINDLEYTue Jul 07 1992Problems w/ LSE diagnostic files
70.01EMASS::COLETue Jul 14 1992Latest SQL Kit, Docs and a License
71.02FUNYET::ANDERSONTue Jul 14 1992V11 Sanity Kit installation problem
72.03MUCTEC::APPSWed Jul 22 1992?DECset V1.1 sanity kit - LSE-G license required?
73.03GALVIA::ECULLENWed Jul 22 1992Urgent need for solution to dxdb crash on ultrix
74.0SSPADE::FREEDMANWed Jul 29 1992Where to Enter QARs for Ultrix Window-based Products
75.05CSOA1::COLLINSFri Aug 28 1992ULTRIX/SQL retirement
76.06MARVA2::SWANSONFri Sep 04 1992LSE on Ultrix docs
77.02AIMHI::MIKER::RAYMONDFri Sep 11 1992DECset VMS H-kit
78.0ZYDECO::PEACOCKTue Sep 15 1992pcac traps?
79.05TRCOA::MCMULLENWed Sep 16 1992Product directions???
80.01CSC32::HENNINGThu Sep 17 1992DSD
81.01LSTMon Oct 05 1992Where are the docs for MMS in DECSET 11.
82.01GIDDAY::WANTue Oct 06 1992Is a new license required for DECSET V11?
83.05CX3PT2::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHFri Oct 09 1992Probs installing DSDEBUG - missing files, etc.
84.06HTSC19::WILLIAMMon Oct 12 1992Problem installing DSD V1.
85.01SMAUG::FURNANZMon Oct 12 1992What kits (and where) is avialable for VAX ULTRIX?
86.03KERNEL::FISCHERITue Oct 13 1992VAXSET-G license
87.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Oct 13 1992Why isn't kit announcements updated?
88.02COPCLU::BENTERIKWed Oct 14 1992Online files for courses CMS and MMS
89.02MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREThu Oct 15 1992Any DECset brochure available?
90.04BLKPUD::FARRINGTONRThu Oct 15 1992Kit location for VMS?
91.0GOLLY::CHURCHILLThu Oct 15 1992Useability study for the next version of DEC Test Manager
92.01FRAMBO::KREBSWed Oct 21 1992Where is the SSB kit??
93.04BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Oct 22 1992DECSET11
94.0MSDOA::CLARKTue Oct 27 1992problems with SDTMKT::CASE$PUBLIC
95.0LEAKIM::ROLFHAMRETue Nov 03 1992DECset launches a big direct mail campaign in US and Europe
96.02HANTue Nov 03 1992Wich modules require motif on Ultrix ?
97.01XLIB::BRUNELLTue Nov 03 1992Which license is correct?
98.01DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSFri Nov 06 1992FORTRAN/DECset debugger killed on unaligned access on ULTRIX 4.3
99.010EEMELI::TAVIWed Nov 11 1992Futures of DECset ?
100.06AZTECH::ROBBINSTue Nov 17 1992dsdbx crashes with bus error
101.01STKHLM::STENSTROMThu Nov 26 1992DECset as C++/OO environment?
102.01MAIL::ELLISFri Dec 04 1992location of CBI on Net
103.02SMURF::PIPERTue Dec 15 1992DECset not "discontinued"
104.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUThu Dec 17 1992LSEcommand.ps ... .ps where are they ?
105.0+5RASPC::BATESMon Dec 21 1992Product Manager?
106.02HOBBLE::KEMPTue Dec 22 1992need a presentation
107.0LSTMon Dec 28 1992Error 'DCL-W-INVFILSPE, input or output file specification too long'
108.05TOOHOT::MARTINMon Dec 28 1992DECset debugger questions
109.0TAVTue Dec 29 1992Tool for hierarchical development and maint.
110.0IOOSRV::STREITTue Dec 29 1992Suggested improvement for DECset documentation
111.04CSOA1::DUFFYWed Dec 30 1992DECset (SCA) Alpha VMS port schedule?
112.04CSOA1::DUFFYWed Dec 30 1992When will SCA support C++?
114.06TAVWed Jan 06 1993DECset = Open ?
115.04ISLNDS::SCHWABETue Jan 12 1993Clarification on install needed
116.01MMODNS::TNKJLN::nesterMon Jan 18 1993Debbuger License Question
117.0LEMAN::ROSSIERWed Jan 20 1993DECset debugger vs. 'old'VMS debugger
118.01GYPSC::CASE4U::KLBARTHTue Feb 02 1993Looking for a DECset demo
119.0CIRCUS::DETLEFSTue Feb 09 1993Need DEC Test Manager Bookreader docs
120.02SISDA::AMELIThu Feb 11 1993Looking for DECset training!
121.05OZROCK::BARTLEYMon Feb 15 1993SCA installation barfs on OpenVMS AXP V1.5 FT3
122.03CX3PT1::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHThu Feb 25 1993DECSET 11.1?
123.05CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Mar 01 1993Individual components v. whole DECset???
124.0SDTMKT::PIPERTue Mar 02 1993DEC FUSE V2.
125.05SUBWAY::WANGTue Mar 02 1993PC Tools that can integrate with DECset
126.02ZPOVC::SINSPSWed Mar 03 1993Debugger V6.
127.02ZPOVC::SINSPSFri Mar 05 1993object file built despite no dependency ?
128.02KAZAN::BENOITMon Mar 08 1993CMS: wanted informations please ?
129.02TOSSUB::TOTAWed Mar 10 1993DECSET products work with DECSET license?
130.02FOOSW1::FINDLEYWed Mar 10 1993Sharing VMS files with a UNIX system
131.0STKHLM::STENSTROMThu Mar 11 1993How is DECset sold, today?
132.01ARGLE::WHITEThu Mar 11 1993I cannot READ_ME_FIRST
133.04ZENDIA::WHITEFri Mar 12 1993lse and sca installation problem
134.05BASTAR::KAIRYSMon Mar 15 1993Looking for some documentation...
135.01ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKFri Mar 19 1993Suggestions ???
136.04AZUR::KOREVAARFri Mar 19 1993Where is UHUH?
137.0HDLITE::DEGREGORYFri Mar 19 1993Where is the QAR database ?
138.01ZURWed Mar 24 1993%SYSTEM-F-ROPRAND, stepping through ADA program with V6.
139.05MLNMon Mar 29 1993DEC Test Manager not on SUN (FUSE pack too?)
140.01TRUCKS::CONNOLLYMon Mar 29 1993Problem with LSE startup on OpenVMS Alpha
142.01SAC::EXTON_MTue Apr 13 1993DECset on FT VMS?
143.0GOLLY::LEAKIM::ROLFHAMREMon Apr 19 1993DW Testing?
144.01GNPIKE::MIKELISFri Apr 23 1993Need PCA Case Studies
145.0WECROW::FULLERTONMon Apr 26 1993Serious problem with DTM and CMS V3.6 Interaction
146.02CX3PT3::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHTue Apr 27 1993General user concerns.
147.01BOSMCH::NOCELLATue May 04 1993An Updated Demo?
148.03CSC32::COLTERTue May 04 1993PCA support for C++ in VMS ?
149.02ACESMK::GOEBELWed May 05 1993DEC3gl Implementation Toolkit price reduction
150.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXFri May 07 1993SCA ACTIMAGE problem with SCA$PRO_SHARE
151.02MLNFri May 07 1993LSE on ULTRIX to support SDL language (and Fuse integration)
152.02CSC32::S_ROCHFORDFri May 07 1993VAXSET license question - LSE
153.01XKOVFri May 14 1993Upgrade problem with DECset 11.
154.02ALKIE::SYSTEMThu May 20 1993Porting to VAXFT
155.0EVTAI1::BONNIERTue May 25 1993VAXset and Temporary PAks concern
156.02WEREOK::MSMITHTue May 25 1993DECset v11.1 highlights
157.03ANNECY::POULAINWed Jun 09 1993Ultrix and OSF/1 languages/compilers support of SCA
158.0TAVThu Jun 10 1993Integrating SCA <-> LSE <-> CMS
159.01KETJE::GHYOOTWed Jun 23 1993Urgen LSE AXP question.
160.01UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERMon Jul 05 1993Does DECset support the VAX 4
161.01ULTOE::browderTue Jul 13 1993Looking for DECSET 11.
162.01MSAMThu Jul 15 1993what is data point ?
163.01LSTFri Jul 16 1993VMS 6.
164.01MSAMThu Jul 22 1993personal license to a user and node ?
165.04ZPOVC::PETERDINGTue Aug 03 1993Debugger V6.
166.04AMCFAC::DISHNEAUWed Aug 04 1993MMS Crashes When Calling CMS Routines
167.01BJ6Fri Aug 06 1993PCA Collector on DECset V11.1
168.0TAVTue Aug 31 1993Customer looking for DECset-like tools in OSF/1
169.01COMICS::YOUNGThu Sep 02 1993LSE/SCA documentation for V4.
170.01MINNY::SEITZTue Sep 07 1993DECset under Windows NT ?
171.01GOLLY::LEAKIM::ROLFHAMRETue Sep 07 1993DECset V12 Phase
172.0GUCCI::BJELTEMAWed Sep 08 1993ultrix PCA question
173.04EBYGUM::BAILEYPTue Sep 21 1993DTM and CMS coupling problem
175.01NYOSTue Sep 28 1993DECset Presentation ???
176.0CX3PST::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHWed Oct 06 1993update CMS version in DECSET savesets?
177.03STRASB::HONOREThu Oct 07 1993DECset on DEC OSF/1
178.03EBYGUM::BAILEYPTue Oct 12 1993%LIB-F-INSVIRMEM, insufficient virtual memory
179.0MUNICH::ERNSTMon Oct 18 1993DECset USER license for Ultrix??
180.03VNABRW::KARTNER_MTue Oct 19 1993unable to gather stack PCs on AXP (PCA4.1-1)
181.0SDTPMM::MSMITHThu Nov 11 1993DECset v12 phase
182.0TAVSun Nov 14 1993Customer looking for LSE sources
183.01CHOWDA::HARNOISMon Nov 15 1993a few questions...
184.05STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Nov 24 1993The FUTURE of DECset
185.01STKHLM::STENSTROMThu Nov 25 1993Current version ?
186.04SDTPMM::MSMITHMon Nov 29 1993DECset v11.2 presentation
187.02CSOA1::MANKOMon Dec 20 1993LSE install fails
188.01TAVTue Dec 28 1993CMS/MMS integration
189.01TAVTue Dec 28 1993SCA / TFM question
190.02TPOVC::THYANGTue Jan 04 1994 Cross Reference/ Ada question
191.02COMICS::YOUNGThu Jan 06 1994Debugger V6.
192.01KAOFS::M_ROYFri Jan 14 1994Concurrent license question
193.01EBYGUM::BAILEYPFri Jan 21 1994Help with CAL for CASE tools
194.03SDTPMM::MSMITHThu Jan 27 1994DECset EDS press release
195.03OSLThu Feb 03 1994DECSET112 installation fails to open NETPROXY.DAT
196.0SDTPMM::MSMITHWed Feb 09 1994DECset v12 product requirements
197.01MUNICH::BEICHTFri Feb 25 1994Future of DECSET on RISC/Ultrix
198.03SDTPMM::MSMITHFri Mar 11 1994DECset eXcursion Demo
199.01CX3PST::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHTue Mar 15 1994problems RESERVing from SCCS
200.02LSTTue Mar 22 1994*** SUG *** Change Method for Finding Free Global Pages/Sections
201.01BOBWAY::PEZZINIMon Mar 28 1994Reader Comment for Guide to CMS on VMS
202.0GOLLY::LEAKIM::ROLFHAMREThu Apr 21 1994Meet EDS Engineering Event, April 28
203.03SUBURB::HARWOODJMon Apr 25 1994Restrictions to using SCA
204.02UTRTSC::RVISSERThu Apr 28 1994Partnumbers for documentation
205.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed May 04 1994Installation on non-system disks possible ?
206.01JRDVWed May 11 1994SCA V3.1 on DECnet Phase V
207.08OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUFri May 27 1994DSDEBUGUISHR.EXE not found
208.06UTOPIE::KREISLERTue May 31 1994PCA V4.2 and Rdb ---> ACCVIO
209.06AUSSIE::BELLMon Jun 20 1994CMS recommendations from comp.software.config-mgmt
210.02VNABRW::KARTNER_MThu Jun 23 1994SCA Loading problems with AXP and Pascal5.2
211.01GUOVFri Jun 24 1994DECSET presentation on line?
212.0ROWDY::PAINTERMon Jul 11 1994C++ class browser needed
213.03DBOT14::HANLEYTue Aug 02 1994Decset 11.2 mandatory for OpenVMS V6.1
214.01STKHLM::BACKSTROMFri Aug 12 1994OpenVMS 6.1 and 11.2-1?
216.04SISDA::KWAGNERTue Aug 30 1994Problems storing MS Word files in CMS
217.03CX3PST::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHThu Sep 01 1994Documented to run tools out of same suite?
218.01LSTFri Sep 16 1994August AXP CD has DECSET products in [NAS_PROD_SERVER] directory
219.02STAR::GRIFFINTue Oct 11 1994Using PDL with DECSET
220.02ZURFri Oct 14 1994internal/external Field-Test for DECset V12 available ?
221.0ZURMon Oct 31 1994DECset V12 Release-Notes / New Features ?
222.01CX3PST::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHFri Nov 04 1994Problems running DECset with DECnet/OSI?
223.01QCAVThu Dec 01 1994DECset for OVMS AXP 6.1 compatible with V/V 5.5-2
224.01TROOA::RJUNEAUWed Jan 04 1995Need pointer: CMS manuals not in listed locations
225.05COOKIE::BREYThu Jan 05 1995DECset V12 availability?
226.02AZUR::BONETTOMon Jan 16 1995DECset customer (EDS & perf. questions)
228.029CX3PST::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHTue Jan 31 1995Preliminary comments on DECset T12.
229.03TPOVC::SIMONLEESun Mar 12 1995Cluster-wide support
230.01TAVSun Mar 26 1995Looking for DTM knowledge
231.01BACHUS::LEENMon Apr 10 1995DECset V12.
232.03VNABRW::KARTNER_MTue Apr 18 1995How to supress .RES_SCREEN files ?
233.02ZURThu Apr 27 1995MMS file Generation for VAX and Alpha
234.02DV78Fri Apr 28 1995info on Battlemap?
235.01VNABRW::BACHNER_HWed May 10 1995DECset V11.2 hardcopy documentation
236.0STAR::FREYBERGERThu May 11 1995Question on DTM V3.6 kit availability
238.02GRANPA::EHEROLDTue May 16 1995MS Windows GUI Plans ???
239.04EDSDS6::TOWNSENDTue Jun 06 1995Warning: Environment Manager Installation Bug
241.018CERN::HOBBSTue Jul 04 1995SCA - ACCVIO on Alpha VMS V6.2
242.01CSC32::N_WINGWed Jul 05 1995Environment Manager Resource File
243.04UHUH::MARISONThu Jul 06 1995CMS Client IFT is finally available!!!
244.014PASSES::SPONGE::C_HEISLERThu Jul 06 1995Motif required for DECset 12.
245.05VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue Jul 11 1995MMS v.12 and ACMS
246.01ZURWed Jul 12 1995MMS standalone installable ??
247.02SNOCMon Jul 17 1995product manager? PID?
248.04NYOSS1::PLUNKETTTue Jul 18 1995Trying to get started with DECSET
249.08LEMAN::LA_GIOIAFri Jul 21 1995decset v12.
250.06VNABRW::PIEBERFri Aug 04 1995VAXSET/DECSET lic required for MMS w DECset 12.
251.01KERNEL::SMITHMon Aug 07 1995SCA Argument help
252.02COPCLU::SCHOUBOTue Aug 15 1995CMS Windows client is great! A few suggestions...
253.05CSC32::EHAFri Sep 15 1995Missing CMA$TIS_SHR.EXE after installation on a VMS 5.5-2 system
254.0PCPLOD::LUCKMANSThu Sep 21 1995CMS Windows looks great, But..
255.01LOW8::AHOFri Sep 22 1995DECSET & DECSIM problem in DCLTABLES
256.0+7HANSBC::BACHNERWed Sep 27 1995why are logical names enclosed in quotes in environment manager's context files ?
257.05HANSBC::BACHNERThu Sep 28 1995dialog box pops up and disappears immediately when exiting from Session Manager
258.02HANSBC::BACHNERThu Sep 28 1995Environment Manager crashes when modifying file spec of context
259.0+2HANSBC::BACHNERThu Sep 28 1995internals question
260.01HANSBC::BACHNERThu Sep 28 1995documentation for context (db) file format ?
261.05HANSBC::BACHNERThu Sep 28 1995icons of MMS, LSE, CMS, and PCA need some work
262.01HANSBC::BACHNERFri Sep 29 1995Environment Manager should clean up behind itself
263.0+2HANSBC::BACHNERWed Oct 04 1995symbols with embedded spaces can't be defined
264.05HANSBC::BACHNERWed Oct 04 1995problem setting context
265.02CSC32::N_WINGWed Oct 04 1995DECset SPD
266.03CSC32::PRICETue Oct 10 1995C++ CFLAGS for buildfile ?
267.01NETRIX::"vervecken@remivr.rto.dec.com"Wed Oct 18 1995Settings Window layout in EnvMgr
268.01NETRIX::"vervecken@remivr.rto.dec.com"Wed Oct 18 1995LSE default working directory not set
269.0ZURMon Oct 30 1995Where is DSDEBUG6S.SAV ?
270.02VLNVAX::BELCULFINETue Oct 31 1995License question on Alpha/VMS
271.021MUNICH::STUMFOLLTue Nov 07 1995DECset Environment Manager always crashes ....
272.02CHUECA::JMGUERRAWed Nov 08 1995MMS 3.
273.01TAVThu Nov 09 1995DECset V11.2 supported on OpenVMS VAX V6.2 ?
274.04SUBSYS::GUHANTue Nov 14 1995Can I make substitutions inside a macro expansion In an MMS file?
275.01SPDBMP::M_SMITWed Nov 15 1995Unusual directory input for environment manager not accepted
276.01EASE::FOOTETue Nov 21 1995Problems installing LSE and SCA components
277.02LEMAN::LA_GIOIAWed Nov 22 1995sca v4.3 accvio
278.01COMICS::HASLUCKDWed Nov 29 1995Bad Logic Error - internal
279.02OSLMR::MARTINR_PThu Nov 30 1995The FUTURE of DECset???
280.03HGOVC::KITTYCHIMFri Dec 01 1995question on DECset package license
281.02GIDDAY::DONNELLYThu Dec 07 1995PCA requires 2 licenses on AXP?
282.03CX3PST::WSC5Fri Dec 08 1995DECSETA_MC12
283.09CSC32::EHAFri Dec 08 1995DECSETA_MC12
284.02LATINA::GREGORIOTue Dec 12 1995PCA & start_off_collection
285.07NETRIX::"vervecken@remivr.rto.dec.com"Fri Dec 22 1995LSE -- submit SPR
286.03NETRIX::"vervecken@remivr.rto.dec.com"Wed Jan 17 1996strange behaviour????
287.02KISMIF::MARAThu Jan 18 1996Question Modifying LSE Pull-Down Items
288.03CX3PST::WSC5Thu Jan 25 1996Install guide missing on DEC VAX cdrom
289.0+4UHUH::MARISONTue Jan 30 1996CMS Client for Windows v1.
290.0+3NETRIX::"vervecken@remivr.rto.dec.com"Tue Feb 13 1996default directories.....
291.01CSC32::EHAMon Feb 19 1996Context default not working.
292.03WRAFLC::GILLEYSun Mar 10 1996SCA 4.3-
293.03CSC32::EHAWed Mar 13 1996VMS 7.
294.01BLOFLY::thewiz.pc.sno.dec.com::coldrickdThu Mar 21 1996Some questions
295.05JRDVThu Mar 28 1996Error during CMS REPLACE command
296.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Apr 03 1996UNASEFC, pca v4.3-4 on AXP/VMS V7.
297.03SPDBMP::M_SMITTue May 21 1996License errors in OPERATOR.LOG file
298.01CRONIC::ANTROBUSFri May 24 1996PCA & SCA DECSET V12.
299.05NETRIX::"vervecken@remivr.rto.dec.com"Wed May 29 1996European DECUS DECset presentation missing
300.04UTRTSC::BOORMon Jun 03 1996ACCVIO of PCA V4.3-4 Alpha with 'set counter program by routine'
301.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Jun 19 1996DECSET-V12.1 availability. When ?
302.03SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue Jun 25 1996DECSETA_MC12
303.02CECAMO::JAGERMANWed Jul 24 1996License problem with decset
304.03SMBIII::FRECHETTEWed Jul 24 1996eXcursion and Environment Manager
305.0+3CSC32::EHAFri Aug 02 1996Environment manager logicals not working
306.0+3CRONIC::ANTROBUSMon Aug 05 1996DTM problems with DECset V12.1
307.0+3LNZALI::BACHNERFri Aug 16 1996running V12.
308.07ATZIS1::PIEBERMon Oct 28 1996timeline for DECset 12.1 documented bugs?
309.01ATZIS1::PIEBERMon Oct 28 1996DECset 12.1 - generate MMS-file problem.
310.03UTRTSC::DORLANDMon Nov 11 1996CMS install failed DECSET 12.1
311.03SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Nov 27 1996CMS/MMS from PCs ?
312.02ZPOVC::NWEFri Dec 06 1996DECSet & CDE
313.0+6VIRGIN::PFISTERRTue Jan 14 1997don't start the environment manager
315.0 *+7DELNI::AULENBACKTue Jan 28 1997V12.1 Install Fails, Because of License?? Why
316.0 *+1KERNEL::PULLEYWed Feb 05 1997LSE$source list not working and blank directory??
317.0 *COMICS::EDWARDSNThu Feb 06 1997DECset on Ultrix...
317.0 *+1TEAMLK::AXELTue Feb 11 1997DECset T12.2
318.0 *+2MLNCSC::BORGINIWed Feb 19 1997DECset 11.2 with OpenVMS Alpha 7.
319.0 *+4TLE::REAGANSat Feb 22 1997Can't install DECSET on Alpha
320.0 *+1SMBIII::FRECHETTEFri Mar 21 1997Documentation error in the Installation Guide for PCA
321.0 *+5CSC32::EHAWed Mar 26 1997LSE/CMS fetch being truncated.
322.0 *+1TAVTue Apr 01 1997DECSET products compatability to OPENVMS V7.1
323.0 *TEAMLK::AXELThu Apr 03 1997Annc: DECset V12.3 Requirements - Phase
324.0 *+1SMBIII::FRECHETTEMon Apr 21 1997License Question
325.0 *+5GIDDAY::SHCHIUMon Apr 28 1997pca accvio, no data collected etc help.,
326.0 *+1TAVWed Apr 30 1997MMS 3.1-
328.0 *+1CSC32::EHAThu May 22 1997EVNMGR SET_LINKER problem.