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Conference clt::decplan

Title:DECplan Public Conference
Notice:See 88.60 for T1.2 kit
Created:Thu Dec 17 1987
Last Modified:Tue Feb 06 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2057
Total number of notes:9807
Number with bodies:0
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1.08CLT::REILLYThu Dec 17 1987Public Conf for VAX DECPlan
2.0CASEE::LAVERDUREMon Dec 21 1987Major growth predicted for electronic calendaring
3.04CASEE::LAVERDUREMon Dec 21 1987Response to inquiries
4.03CLT::REILLYTue Jan 05 1988Preliminary DECPlan plans
5.07SHIRE::GOLDBLATTMon Jan 18 1988A little more info ?
6.08XWORLD::STUARTWed Jan 27 1988integration w/ analysis tools?
7.03NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Mar 11 1988Calendar question
8.01CSSAUS::BELLMon Mar 14 1988Project Management Facility
9.05SHIRE::GOLDBLATTTue Apr 12 1988current status ?
10.05ATLAST::ELLISThu Apr 21 1988non-DECwindows access to DECplan
11.018ATLAST::ELLISTue Apr 26 1988View_fellow_attendees?
12.01ATLAST::ELLISThu Apr 28 1988ALL-IN-1 TM functions missing from DECplan
13.01VAXWRK::FRIEDMANNWed May 11 1988costing capabilities in DECPlan?
14.04TOOK::DUSOThu May 26 1988Data Flow Component (DFD)
15.02IOSG::HEALEYWed Jun 08 1988User Evaluations?
17.02HLDGMon Jun 13 1988project history
18.02CASEE::COWANFri Jun 17 1988HPS Quality product requirements
19.01ATLAST::ELLISFri Jul 15 1988Generic Negotiation?
20.09DLOACT::DAVISMon Aug 01 1988line mode interface still?
21.09CASEE::CLARKMon Aug 01 1988Cartoon-for-the-Day (DECwindows son-of-COOKIE)
22.032CADSE::CERNESETue Aug 09 1988Lonnnng migration path
23.010TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Aug 26 1988Security
24.09CVG::PETTENGILLTue Aug 30 1988DECplan and pocket calendars
25.012ATLAST::WAYERFri Sep 02 1988a few questions
26.02BRDWLK::STGERMAINWed Sep 21 1988DECPlan vs ???
27.01CURIE::ROCCOTue Sep 27 1988UNIX?
28.0DEALIN::LOMBARDOTue Oct 04 1988Checking out my possibilities.
29.0DRFIX::VAUGHANFri Oct 28 1988Handling Equipment resources vs human
30.09PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 29 1988DECplan and PCTE+-conforming discretionary access control
31.044MARX::SOHAFri Nov 04 1988FT Site_Qualification/Kit Query
32.05AUSSIE::BELLTue Nov 08 1988Competition?
33.03HLDGWed Nov 09 1988questions on functionality
34.01CVG::PETTENGILLThu Nov 10 1988Daily notes?
35.01BCSE::RODERICKMon Dec 05 1988Setting Date and Time Criteria Widgets
36.04SKYWAY::BOLLIGERBThu Dec 15 1988Where to get the Phase 1 documents???
37.01MANANA::KALOGERTue Dec 20 1988Looking for business day time expressions
38.013JHNTHN::SARENSat Dec 24 1988Add my name as 'interested'
39.02MANMon Jan 09 1989Multi Language Version ?
40.01JHNTHN::SARENMon Jan 09 1989Looking for EPIC-PRODUCER
41.01SHIRE::GOLDBLATTFri Feb 03 1989any changes expected ?
42.01HLDGTue Feb 07 1989CLI compatible
43.01FDCV1Tue Feb 07 1989Need assistance obtaining docset
44.018TRUCKS::JAMES_IWed Feb 22 1989Project Management wish list
45.03TPOVTue Feb 28 1989Please send us the field test kit
46.07FNYFS::DONALDSONThu Mar 09 1989Books etc
47.01BAHTAT::CORNWALLMon Apr 03 1989A copy of the kit please...
48.01MUDIS3::AKERNMon Apr 24 1989converting spm v1.2 to decplan
49.05LAIDBK::STETAKMon May 22 1989Message to Existing VAX PM Customers?? Please advise!!!
50.08KOBAL::REILLYWed May 24 1989DECplan Phase 1 Plans Available
51.0REFLEX::MARCAThu Jun 08 1989Phase 1 Issues and Requirements from Teamware Project
52.03LAIDBK::STETAKFri Jun 16 1989Help!! Non-Software Project Management Requirements
53.03TOOK::SNOVERThu Jun 22 1989Distributed Computing
54.01SNOCFri Jul 14 1989Integrating VAXset with project management aids?
55.04DLOACT::DAVISFri Jul 14 1989DECplan -> DECwrite
56.02BLKWDO::HANSONThu Jul 27 1989Matrix management info
58.04VAOAMon Aug 28 1989Callable DECplan?
59.03JIT535::OSAWATue Sep 19 1989PMSS
60.01DLOACT::DAVISThu Sep 28 1989show keywords = garbage
61.017DLOACT::DAVISThu Sep 28 1989status please
62.06PAOIS::RENSONWed Oct 18 1989try DECPLAN in FRANCE
63.0CADJR::CERNESEFri Oct 20 1989Market ?
64.0CADJR::CERNESEFri Oct 20 1989Demo ?
65.06RBW::WICKERTWed Nov 08 1989December baselevel functionality question -database routines?
66.02CSOA1::CONTINIMon Nov 13 1989PID specific to DECplan??
67.02EMASS::MCDONALDThu Nov 16 1989Questions
68.01DLO25::DAVISWed Nov 22 1989DECplan IFT and outside use
69.013JOELS::SARENSun Dec 17 1989DECPLAN or PM or PMF or VUE or QUICKNET
70.01BEEKER::MCDONALDMon Dec 18 1989What's in a name...
71.03PRSIS4::CAENENThu Dec 21 1989Re-scheduling options
72.026KOBAL::REILLYThu Dec 21 1989DECplan V1.
73.06MAIL::KUTZWed Jan 03 1990Multiple Project support
74.03MAIL::KUTZWed Jan 03 1990TrackStar vs DECplan
76.01SHOT::HOULEWed Jan 10 1990will it include Project workbench functionality
77.0PRSUD1::MORANDFri Jan 12 1990DECplan presentation ?
78.06LORAIN::RICARDThu Jan 25 1990DECplan V1.
79.05CGOATue Jan 30 1990ALL-IN-1 TM vs. DECplan positioning?
80.01036577::MCDONALDWed Feb 07 1990Another crystal ball question
81.03MUTTON::LAMBFri Feb 09 1990Motif and daytimer output?
82.0MUHIS::LNALLINThu Feb 15 1990Field Test April GY
83.01PRSIS7::CAENENThu Feb 22 1990ready to use DECplan IFT
84.01RDGENG::BESTThu Feb 22 1990Request for info on Docs ans software
85.03MQOUFri Feb 23 1990Want to be IFT site
86.0144GL::BROWNThu Mar 01 1990Comments on DECplan Documentation/Help
87.034GL::BROWNThu Mar 01 1990Documentation Releases and Updates
88.061KOBAL::REILLYFri Mar 02 1990DECplan Kit
89.012NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Mar 02 1990Date mismatch on SQL$INT
90.09OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 02 1990ACCVIO when starting DECplan
91.01KOBAL::REILLYFri Mar 02 1990X1.
92.01MARVIN::COBBFri Mar 02 1990Error opening help library
93.0MARVIN::COBBFri Mar 02 1990ACCVIO dismissing "Open Planner"
94.01COOKIE::REUTERFri Mar 02 1990ACCVIO creating Personal Resource
95.012RBW::WICKERTMon Mar 05 1990Help finding RDB V3.1
97.0RUTILE::TOUGHTue Mar 06 1990ACCVIO on closing/opening Day View
98.01NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Mar 06 1990Preserving data between releases
99.0OSLACT::OLAVTue Mar 06 1990ACCVIO when double click on the timeslot
101.0BEEDLE::DICKAUTue Mar 06 1990A word about the Day View
102.01HANNAH::BATCHELDERNTue Mar 06 1990Can't create the database?
103.010COOKIE::REUTERWed Mar 07 1990Some usability comments
104.01UTROFF::UTES48::VANDERNIETThu Mar 08 1990Dump on WBS
105.02UTROFF::UTES48::VANDERNIETThu Mar 08 1990Placement of tasks in window
106.0UTROFF::UTES48::VANDERNIETThu Mar 08 1990Dump on Close View in WSB
107.01BIGIST::HARDINGThu Mar 08 1990X Toolkit Warning: null child passed to XtManageChildren
108.0ORAN::ORANThu Mar 08 1990RDB PAK woes
109.0ORAN::ORANThu Mar 08 1990Day View Problems
110.0ORAN::ORANThu Mar 08 1990Crash trying to customize columns in a task view
111.01ORAN::ORANThu Mar 08 1990Does the logical DPL$Planner work?
112.0PB::BENNETTSun Mar 11 1990Crash trying to create an equipment planner
113.01HACMAN::HACKSun Mar 11 1990External FT sites??
115.03IKE22::EIKENBERRYMon Mar 12 1990Novice Questions..
116.03MTITAN::FREWINMon Mar 12 1990Creating Relationships in a Precedence Network
117.01PRSIS7::LARDUINATTue Mar 13 1990Problem creating table view
118.02DEMON::TEAL::CARDUNERTue Mar 13 1990Some comments/observations
119.04KETJE::HAESAERTSFri Mar 16 1990DECplan for ULTRIX ?
120.01NEGD::MCDONALDSat Mar 17 1990Estimating tools
121.0VLAB::READMon Mar 19 1990Crash report
122.06GIDDAY::CHADDWed Mar 21 1990Transaction State not set?.
124.07SCAACT::DAVISThu Mar 22 1990Import/Export from DECplan/TM - how? format?
125.01DNEAST::WESTLAKE_SUEThu Mar 22 1990DECPLAN over the network???
126.07NHASAD::JANEBTue Mar 27 1990VT1
127.01GOTA1::JGRONVALLWed Mar 28 1990PRELIMINARY SPD & FCS ??????????????
128.02BURYST::EDMUNDSWed Mar 28 1990*** BUGCHECK ***
129.0DECWET::DADDAMIOWed Mar 28 1990ACCVIO on show assignments during modify task
130.02UMASK::BOWERThu Mar 29 1990Create database suggestions
131.03DEMON::DEMON::ZIMMERMANFri Mar 30 1990X1.
132.06PB::BENNETTMon Apr 02 1990Problem with "Extended X
133.01JOEKUP::KUPREVICHTue Apr 03 1990Internal Course Development?
134.01BURYST::EDMUNDSTue Apr 03 1990Can't use X1.
135.03BURYST::EDMUNDSWed Apr 04 1990Crash in WBS
136.0BURYST::EDMUNDSFri Apr 06 1990ACCVIO in Table View
137.01SDOGUS::MWEAVERMon Apr 09 1990
138.02IOOHUB::STREITThu Apr 12 1990Questions from an interested customer
140.01CIVAGE::SPRICEFri Apr 13 1990"Crashing" a schedule
141.04DEMON::CYCLPS::ZIMMERMANMon Apr 16 1990Starting DECplan T1.
142.01CIVAGE::SPRICETue Apr 17 1990Client Server Installation / need help I think????
143.041GYRO::GRILLOTue Apr 17 1990Problem attaching to server
144.01PRSIS4::WDAVIESWed Apr 18 1990Pre-Requisite Layered Products Questions
145.03PRSIS4::LARDUINATWed Apr 18 1990Response time in table view
146.05DEBIT::HOLDENWed Apr 18 1990Any way to have private db/shared server?
147.01MARVIN::COBBThu Apr 19 1990External resources
148.013BEEDLE::DICKAUThu Apr 19 1990Alarms on repeated events appear to hang server
149.02GYRO::GRILLOThu Apr 19 1990Can't mark or unmark days
150.013BOHEME::BONFISSUTOFri Apr 20 1990Problem attaching to server
151.05OPG::ANGUSFri Apr 20 1990I may a use, needs some answers
152.019STAR::DUTKOFri Apr 20 1990DECplan FT1 (T1.
153.02WRKSYS::STALZERFri Apr 20 1990Installation of Time Manager Probs
154.01HGOVC::ANDREWWAITESMon Apr 23 1990Linking Resources
155.03ENGSV1::IMERMon Apr 23 1990Too big *.PS size
156.05SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Apr 23 1990HELP! from an anguished user - me!
157.04HGOVC::ANDREWWAITESTue Apr 24 1990Renumbering and RLE Queries
158.03MUNLEG::WAGENHAEUSERTue Apr 24 1990No window manager buttons ?
159.03HERON::BOSSARDTue Apr 24 1990Save / Save as ... in Table view
160.0EICMFG::RICHTERTue Apr 24 1990Problem with Calendar Customization
161.04GOSOX::RYANTue Apr 24 19903
162.02HERON::BOSSARDWed Apr 25 1990Direct Manipulations
163.05GIANTS::KEANEWed Apr 25 1990Scheduling Output
164.01VNASWS::GEROLDWed Apr 25 1990DPL not on RDB T4.
165.01SICBL::LITTLEWed Apr 25 1990Installation System Parameter - WSMAX
166.01PB::BENNETTWed Apr 25 1990DW Calendar Convert Bugcheck
167.020BURYST::EDMUNDSWed Apr 25 1990Some general feedback
168.03BEEDLE::DICKAUWed Apr 25 1990DECwindows Calendar Conversion warning
169.0JUMBLY::FRYThu Apr 26 1990CASCADE cf DECplan?
170.012HGOVC::ANDREWWAITESFri Apr 27 1990Scheduling Blues
171.03SICBL::LITTLEFri Apr 27 1990Stopping the Server
172.06GIANTS::KEANEFri Apr 27 1990Assignment List
173.02GIANTS::KEANEFri Apr 27 1990Updating Schedules
175.01HGOVC::ANDREWWAITESMon Apr 30 1990Ad Hoc Reporting
176.07MARVIN::COBBMon Apr 30 1990Copying a planner?
177.07ORAN::ORANWed May 02 1990Initial (bad) experiences with DECplan - feedback appreciated
178.07SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu May 03 1990Suggestions: To QAR or not?
179.01CHPSC::DANKOWThu May 03 1990DECplan Presentation Required!!!
180.07STARCH::WHALENThu May 03 1990Month View -> Day view bug(?) and client crash
181.02ORAN::ORANThu May 03 1990Here's a good one!
182.034HANNAH::BATCHELDERNFri May 04 1990Printing
183.0GLENNA::REILLYFri May 04 1990Principal Engineer Position Available
184.01BOHEME::BONFISSUTOMon May 07 1990Need info and presentations
185.05BOHEME::BONFISSUTOTue May 08 1990Update of resource load
186.01VAOAThu May 10 1990Rollup subprojects to parent project
187.02HAMPS::SINGH_HFri May 11 1990Scheduling
188.04SUBURB::GALECMon May 14 1990SPD or pointers to ......
189.03PACKER::JOHNMon May 14 1990DECPLAN/PMF questions
190.09CANPAC::CKELLEHERMon May 14 1990Precedence Network Problem
191.05MARVIN::WARWICKMon May 14 1990Performance ?
192.03--UnknownUser--Thu May 17 1990DECplan / PMF / VAXpm comparison documents out there?
193.01NOVA::TOLOSKYMon May 21 1990questions for the decplan developers
194.02AKOV12::ISRAELITEMon May 21 1990"Tranaction State Not Set"
195.01RUTLND::LARSENTue May 22 1990Error inserting into table message
196.04BOHEME::BONFISSUTOTue May 22 1990Defining a Project calendard
197.01PARZVL::ODONNELLWed May 23 1990How do I invoke DECplan?
198.020RUTLND::GANZThu May 24 1990Can't edit task names - passed handle is invalid
199.02ANNECY::ROUXFri May 25 1990What about Security ?
200.03MAIL::NIEMANNMon May 28 1990Server fails with nouid error
201.04WOODRO::COBBThu May 31 1990DECplan vs. PSDI Qwiknet
202.05REGENT::GRIGASThu May 31 1990my pn got blown away!
203.01DWOVAX::ERSEKFri Jun 01 1990Plans for PC-based client?
204.01BEEDLE::DICKAUMon Jun 04 1990DECplan server and RDB T4.
205.02STRIKE::C_MASTERSMon Jun 04 1990Object Not Found Error.
206.01CANYON::LEEDSTue Jun 05 1990Is RDB RTO ok ??
207.04MOVIES::GROSSMITHWed Jun 06 1990Cluster alias for server?
209.04STAR::TDONOVANThu Jun 07 1990Project planners lost over night
210.0CHEFS::MANTEGNARThu Jun 07 1990Navigator Window Feature
211.06MOVIES::GROSSMITHFri Jun 08 1990Problems upgrading from 171 to 2
212.09MOVIES::GROSSMITHFri Jun 08 1990Day-at-a-glance view?
213.0DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSSat Jun 09 1990Low UAF quotas during install => ACCVIO
215.04STAR::TDONOVANMon Jun 11 1990RDB backup not working
216.06REGENT::GRIGASTue Jun 12 1990ft2 usage questions
217.05FREBRD::POEGELTue Jun 12 1990Error installing latest kit
218.04WJG::GUINEAUTue Jun 12 1990Creating arcs in WBS with Motif window manager!
219.01PENUTS::JKEENANWed Jun 13 1990Format for Day View names when saving?
220.08CHPSC::DANKOWThu Jun 14 1990VAX-PM to DECplan Conversion
221.03MTITAN::FREWINThu Jun 14 1990Error Deleting a Planner
222.05BEEDLE::DICKAUFri Jun 15 1990Error Getting From Table
223.01GIANTS::KEANEMon Jun 18 1990DFS Access to kit?
224.011MARVIN::COBBMon Jun 18 1990Security won't let me get at my planner
225.03SAC::MANTEGNA_RTue Jun 19 1990Resource Availability window
226.04SAC::MANTEGNA_RTue Jun 19 1990OBJECT Not Found
227.02OOTOOL::OCONNELLTue Jun 19 1990Help! How do you run it?
228.07VNASWS::GEROLDWed Jun 20 1990RDB T4.
229.01VMSONE::BICKFORDWed Jun 20 1990Help with DECplan Overview
230.02SWAM2::MASTROMAR_JOWed Jun 20 1990How to start server?
232.05MARVIN::COBBWed Jun 20 1990Error modifying task created in PN without WBS
233.0YORKY::SHAUGHNESSYThu Jun 21 1990We need your input!
234.03MARVIN::COBBThu Jun 21 1990"Lost connection" on schedule
235.08MUNLEG::WAGENHAEUSERFri Jun 22 1990Requested access denied
236.06BREAKR::FRANKWed Jun 27 1990Problems with commitment values
237.01NUBB::HANCKELThu Jun 28 1990spatial arrangement of objects in wbs
238.012DATABS::OCONNELLThu Jun 28 1990How to reorder position of tasks in WBS?
239.02DUGGAN::VIDYASHANKERThu Jun 28 1990Pak has terminated
240.05AYOV29::PBRADYTue Jul 03 1990"Lost Connection" on Create Planner
241.02MARVIN::COBBTue Jul 03 1990Correct handling of external tasks
242.01EVOAI2::BOURGESWed Jul 04 1990informations about course materials.
244.01SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Jul 10 1990Is dis a bug?
245.01WJG::GUINEAUWed Jul 11 1990Some observations
246.011GIANTS::KEANEThu Jul 12 1990Project Start Date
247.03ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOFri Jul 13 1990About DECplan 'repository'
248.01DECWET::SHOEMAKERFri Jul 13 1990Problem installing DECplan -SYSTEM-F-SHRIDMISMAT
249.04ULYSSE::BIGNOTTITue Jul 17 1990"value computation failed"
250.0449342::POLLAKTue Jul 17 1990Tasks with identical names.
251.012MARVIN::COBBTue Jul 17 1990"Unevaluated predecessors"
252.015STARCH::WHALENTue Jul 17 1990DECPlan and INSPECT
253.03ULYSSE::BIGNOTTIWed Jul 18 1990strange behavior to my PN
254.01DMOPST::COPSPD::GLARGAARDWed Jul 18 1990Beginner trouble? - Outstanding conflicting lock.
255.01MOVIES::RAKSHITWed Jul 18 1990
256.01ODIXIE::LACORTIWed Jul 18 1990pricing?
257.01ISTG::KITANOWed Jul 18 1990DECPLAN MANUALS????
258.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Jul 19 1990Where is the Gantt chart ?
259.015DMOPST::COPLE3::GLARGAARDThu Jul 19 1990Inst. T1.
260.02AULTPK::BROOMEThu Jul 19 1990DECplan on a PC with X-windows
261.06CIVIC::U2CANB::JANEBThu Jul 19 1990Questions about using DECplan today
262.05BEEDLE::DICKAUThu Jul 19 1990BUGCHECK when bringing up PN with RDB T4.
263.01MARVIN::COBBFri Jul 20 1990Database verification
264.01MARVIN::COBBFri Jul 20 1990Schedule doesn't complete
265.04MARVIN::COBBFri Jul 20 1990Precedence network won't display
266.01WJG::GUINEAUMon Jul 23 1990RESOURCE view crashes on CUST-COLM ADD ASSIGN DESC.
267.07WJG::GUINEAUMon Jul 23 1990resources
268.02STAR::TDONOVANMon Jul 23 1990Calendar conversion error
269.0249342::POLLAKTue Jul 24 1990Subproject problems
270.01ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOTue Jul 24 1990Using DECtrace on DECplan database
271.07COPCMT::RIISWed Jul 25 1990Installation Procedure Fails
272.0449342::POLLAKWed Jul 25 1990Suggestions/wishes
273.03MOVIES::RAKSHITWed Jul 25 1990BUGCHECK with VMS5.4-4hw cluster running RDB v 3.1b, after installing T1.
274.03MIVC::BURRWed Jul 25 1990Problem converting DecCalendar to DECPlan
275.01WHZGUY::ROODYThu Jul 26 1990MB2 needs shift lock "off"?
276.02USCTR2::ZAPPIAThu Jul 26 1990Object and DPL$SERVER Username
277.02STAR::TDONOVANThu Jul 26 1990Scheduling problem
278.06MIVC::BURRThu Jul 26 1990DECPlan in an endlless loop
279.0949342::POLLAKFri Jul 27 1990multiple planners.
280.03SUOSW3::BOCKFri Jul 27 1990!!! BUGCHECK during installation !!!
281.06ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOTue Jul 31 1990Listing Resources assigned to a Task
282.04ACESMK::ALEXANDERTue Jul 31 1990EOF during install of 226
283.01WOOK::LEETue Jul 31 1990Access Violation
284.01MAIL::KUTZTue Jul 31 1990New schedule?
285.05MAJORS::JONESJThu Aug 02 1990Crash after Scheduling
286.02GBUSTA::LUSTMANTue Aug 07 1990dpl$client in endless loop
287.04AIMHI::TINIUSTue Aug 07 1990%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation, during installation
288.03DGC::COCHRANEWed Aug 08 1990Invalid Tag Code and Request Rejected
289.01SAC::MANTEGNA_RFri Aug 10 1990Use the KISS method
290.03ZURFCC::MUELLERURFri Aug 10 1990precedence netrork: %DPL-E-DESELFAI
291.0649342::POLLAKMon Aug 13 1990passed handle is invalid
292.01TOOK::QBARRYTue Aug 14 1990Questions: Interface to DECdesign and Monte Carlo scheduling.
293.04TOOK::QBARRYTue Aug 14 1990Novice questions.
294.08ZUDEV1::MUELLERURWed Aug 15 1990Performance
295.02GVMIND::VASICWed Aug 15 1990Multinational characters display ?
296.03MOMO::ANTETOMASOWed Aug 15 1990"TRANSNOTSET" and Corrupt Database
297.01ANNECY::GRONDINThu Aug 16 1990full list of planners ?
298.01STLACT::LINCOLNThu Aug 16 1990differences--SPM?
299.02TODD::WARNOCKFri Aug 17 1990Do I need Rdb, or will the imbedded version suffice ?
300.02TOOK::PITKINFri Aug 17 1990Lost in RLE...
301.06TOOK::PITKINMon Aug 20 1990Client process with 9
302.04TOOK::PITKINMon Aug 20 1990Overprint of description on report.
303.0649342::POLLAKTue Aug 21 1990PN disappeared
304.03SEEJAY::BUTLERTue Aug 21 1990How to customize day view settings
305.04TOOK::PITKINWed Aug 22 1990Multiple objects stopping printing
306.02ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOWed Aug 22 1990What is the EARNED VALUE ?
307.03TOOK::PITKINWed Aug 22 1990Resource name not primary object?
308.01MARVIN::COBBThu Aug 23 1990SYSMAN causes %DPL-E-INVEXPR
309.01ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOThu Aug 23 1990Some problems vith DAY VIEW
310.01WARNUT::JOSHIThu Aug 23 1990Pounds or Dollars ?
312.01BREAKR::JANESFri Aug 24 1990Decplan vs Microsoft, C-spec, Word, Excel
313.01MDVAX3::WRIGHTTue Aug 28 1990Possible features?
314.04RVRCTY::JOHNTue Aug 28 1990Shared Calendars among project team
315.01TOOK::PITKINWed Aug 29 1990Wish I could copy report format
316.015TOOK::PITKINWed Aug 29 1990Trivial schedule questions
317.02TOOK::PITKINFri Aug 31 1990Printing resources and tasks?
318.01MSDOA::KRESSENBERGTue Sep 04 1990customer beta sites
319.01ELIS::DOEVEWed Sep 05 1990Release date of DECplan ?
320.02AISG::LEEWed Sep 05 1990demo video?
321.02TOOK::PITKINWed Sep 05 1990Questions on productivity control.
322.03ALICAT::MACKAYThu Sep 06 1990Resource problem during a project schedule
323.09MARVIN::COBBThu Sep 06 1990DECplan hangs or performance problem
324.01BOMBE::ALDENTue Sep 11 1990Days of the week?
325.012BEEDLE::DICKAUTue Sep 11 1990Good news on the Performance Front
326.02TRCOTue Sep 11 1990Help on DECplan RFP
327.03BOMBE::ALDENWed Sep 12 1990CCT interface?
328.0FMCSSE::ELLISONThu Sep 13 1990too much wasted space!
329.04FMCSSE::ELLISONThu Sep 13 1990PN lines lay on top of each other
330.03VINO::VOBAThu Sep 13 1990Rdb Required?
331.02VINO::VOBAThu Sep 13 1990Should we go with DECplan?
332.01CMASS2::ROYALThu Sep 13 1990Another Day View Customization Problem
333.01TRCAThu Sep 13 1990Cost analysis question
334.024VNASWS::GEROLDFri Sep 14 1990Table view questions
335.02SAC::HAYCOCKSFri Sep 14 1990Task list levels wrong?
336.01FMCSSE::ELLISONTue Sep 18 1990will DPL's DWC be .ge. the V5.4 DECW$calendar?
337.03FRUST::WENZELFri Sep 21 1990Some special questions
338.05MARVIN::DAVISONFri Sep 21 1990Scream !
339.017BROOD::SISTITue Sep 25 1990first impressions
340.07OSLThu Sep 27 1990DECplan Reference Guide?
341.01GIANTS::KEANEThu Sep 27 1990DPL$DATABASE.RUJ question
342.08BIGUN::ANDERSONFri Oct 05 1990Problems with PN
343.03IRNBRU::WILSONFri Oct 05 1990Training...user interface.
344.03ROMWed Oct 10 1990Database conversion after installation.
345.01CSMET2::KELTWed Oct 10 1990Need startup info !
346.01SAC::MANTEGNA_RWed Oct 10 1990Server starting up problems
347.02BCSE::WEIERThu Oct 11 1990DECplan impact on Calendar?
348.03IRNBRU::WILSONThu Oct 18 1990WBS...mouse buttons inoperative!
349.03GUESS::WALTHERThu Oct 18 1990"ghost" data-base entry and accvio
350.02FCOIS::GOUTINFri Oct 19 1990Wanted : DECplan Presentation ...
351.0TRCAFri Oct 19 1990Micromate
352.05BURGIS::BURGISMon Oct 22 1990I need some help with DECplan
353.05RAGS::KUSCHERTue Oct 23 1990Report Editor
354.02ENGSV1::TUNATue Oct 23 1990Some problems/questions with scheduling .
355.03BGOMon Oct 22 1990U: Need the kits after 19.july!!!!!!
356.01YUPPY::WOOLLEYFri Oct 26 1990Next release?
357.05KAOFS::K_MAINSun Oct 28 1990Does DECplan support color ?
358.06CVG::PETTENGILLSun Oct 28 1990Changing the Time Differential Factor (TDF)
359.017FERVOR::LEZONTue Oct 30 1990Unable to attach to server error...
360.01FERVOR::LEZONTue Oct 30 1990installation error...
361.01BIGUN::PRICEThu Nov 01 1990Release of EFT3
362.03MAST::RAINVILLEThu Nov 01 1990Problems with Scheduler
363.07VERN::CARPENTERFri Nov 02 1990dpl$server won't start
364.01RAGS::SIEBOLDFri Nov 02 1990Problem with workbreakout structure print
365.01MAST::RAINVILLEFri Nov 02 1990Constarined dates on PN
366.02SAC::STEVENSON_MMon Nov 05 1990Customer Questions - Any answers ?
367.013SHALOT::ELLISMon Nov 05 1990DECwindows and ALL-IN-1 Time Management
368.04MAST::RAINVILLETue Nov 06 1990Precedence Network Printing
369.05URSA::HEUSSWed Nov 07 1990Can't get PN to work at all
370.011BGOThu Nov 08 1990DECplan and MS/DOS - OS/2?
371.03HERON::SERAINThu Nov 08 1990making squeleton plan is not possible?
372.03URSA::HEUSSTue Nov 13 1990Cant get report to work
373.03MED::MED::FONTAINETue Nov 13 1990It's only a fflesh wound, come back and ffight, or .CRASHES...Crashes...crashes...
374.010AIDA::BONFISSUTOFri Nov 16 1990HELP me on DECplan and QWIKNET
375.01PAOIS::LHERAULTMon Nov 19 1990Nothing before july, 1991 ?
376.02MARVIN::DAVISONTue Nov 20 1990Problems with WBS children
377.0STRASB::FOURNAUXWed Nov 21 1990what are save by save function ?
378.05MSDSWS::HENDERSONWed Nov 21 1990New kit today?
379.01MIVC::BURRWed Nov 21 1990Security- Lost access to my planner
380.02FROCKY::ROLACAFri Nov 23 1990documentation on Decplan's Proj.managem.facilities
381.0VSDDMon Nov 26 1990Update schedule please (72.*)
382.06RBW::WICKERTWed Nov 28 1990What's the status?
383.07MIVC::BURRWed Nov 28 1990Printing
384.015MIVC::BURRThu Nov 29 1990Human Interface - CRTL-MB1
385.04MYOPE::MACKAYSun Dec 02 1990Problems and errors with EFT3 reports and Gantt charts
386.010WHCOX::WHCOXMon Dec 03 1990DECplan T1.
387.01STRASB::FOURNAUXMon Dec 03 1990requirements for use DECplan
388.01SUBSYS::SCHNAREMon Dec 03 1990DECPLAN Training
389.04FSATue Dec 04 1990T1.
390.03BGOTue Dec 04 1990When will the new docs be available?
391.05FERVOR::LEZONTue Dec 04 1990DECplan T1.
392.0194GL::DEHOLLANTue Dec 04 1990BL7/EFT3 Performance Note
393.02FDCV14::HEUSSTue Dec 04 1990Updating parent tasks
394.01WOOK::LEETue Dec 04 1990DECwindows Calendar Conversion Error
395.0REDBRD::COOLEYWed Dec 05 1990GOOD JOB!!!!!
396.07STAR::TDONOVANWed Dec 05 1990Importing a DTIF file
397.0BIGUN::ANDERSONWed Dec 05 1990simulating projects?
398.0ARRODS::COLLINSMThu Dec 06 1990lost connection when setting times to tasks
399.03BLAZAR::WILDThu Dec 06 1990Decplan scheduling capabilities?
400.08HEARNS::KURATAThu Dec 06 1990Where are the docs ?
401.01MARVIN::COBBFri Dec 07 1990Tidying up database
402.01ULYSSE::LEFOLFri Dec 07 1990Relation between WBS and Tasks list?
403.02ULYSSE::LEFOLFri Dec 07 1990deletion of resources
404.01ULYSSE::LEFOLFri Dec 07 1990dump with graph view
405.03FDCV14::HEUSSFri Dec 07 1990Copying Work Breakdown Structures
406.03ULYSSE::LEFOLMon Dec 10 1990Dump with Object modify
408.0CAPT::WALSHMon Dec 10 1990User interface: Misplaced controls
409.03STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANMon Dec 10 1990Who is the product manager?
410.03SAC::MANTEGNA_RTue Dec 11 1990CHART problems
411.06MARVIN::COBBTue Dec 11 1990Should printing work in -325?
412.02MARVIN::COBBTue Dec 11 1990External tasks/milestones in -325
413.08REDBRD::WRIGHTTue Dec 11 1990Task Progress Indication on Gantt Charts?
414.07PHDVAX::MARTINTue Dec 11 1990Location of DECPLAN PAKS
415.03QUICHE::PITTWed Dec 12 1990A few thoughts from a total novice
416.03LYO11::BERGERWed Dec 12 1990Unable to install T1.
418.08REDBRD::COOLEYThu Dec 13 1990Scheduler uncooperative
419.01VNASWS::GEROLDThu Dec 13 1990Still can't produce any report
420.012MIZZEN::DEMERSThu Dec 13 1990trying to schedule a meeting
421.01ULYSSE::LEFOLFri Dec 14 1990resources and scheduling
422.017PRAVDA::JACKSONFri Dec 14 1990Error converting DECwindows calendar database
423.07WOOK::LEEFri Dec 14 1990Renaming a planner?
424.01REDBRD::WRIGHTFri Dec 14 1990Remaining schedule?
425.04REDBRD::COOLEYSun Dec 16 1990External Task - Don't do this!
426.010BREAKR::FRANKTue Dec 18 1990DPL$CA_SETUP.COM missing?
427.04MQOSWS::P_BOURASSATue Dec 18 1990DoD 5
428.0F18::COOLEYWed Dec 19 1990Subproject musings/questions/suggestions
429.05REDBRD::COOLEYWed Dec 19 1990Annotation Editor maniac on the loose!
430.04ZURFCC::MUELLERURThu Dec 20 1990DPL$STARTUP.COM does not work
431.02NECK::THOMPSONFri Dec 21 1990VMSINSTAL fails - stack dump
432.03GIANTS::KEANEThu Dec 27 1990Filter question
433.09GIANTS::KEANEFri Dec 28 1990PN Cycle
434.02PJWL::LAMBMon Dec 31 1990Wishlist - DECplan to call program on alarm
435.02URABUS::FRIEDMANNWed Jan 02 1991lost planner
436.014GIANTS::KEANEWed Jan 02 1991Resource table questions
437.03AUNTB::FRYLANDThu Jan 03 1991Followup questions...
438.01TRNAF1::VIALEThu Jan 03 1991Uhm... which is the tool
439.03BGOThu Jan 03 1991Problem installing DECplan from 2
440.01FDCV14::HEUSSThu Jan 03 1991what is the current default view behaviour??
441.01REDBRD::ENDSLEYThu Jan 03 1991Changing default units for task creation
443.03CX3PST::WSC11Fri Jan 04 1991Crash in DPL$CLIENT
444.02SAC::HAYCOCKSFri Jan 04 1991Installation fails - invalid ident
445.07FDCV14::HEUSSFri Jan 04 1991"not found" error while scheduling
446.02VOGON::LANDLESFri Jan 04 1991Creating project planner in EFT3
447.0REDBRD::ENDSLEYFri Jan 04 1991Suggestion: Shade tasks/milestones in PN navigation window
448.01MTITAN::FREWINMon Jan 07 1991Assigned Resources vs Minimum Comitment
449.02REDBRD::ENDSLEYMon Jan 07 1991Searching for an easy way to assign a resource to the project
451.011REDBRD::ENDSLEYMon Jan 07 1991Deleting a Resource taking forever
452.034WOOK::LEEMon Jan 07 1991Client won't start properly. Server trouble?
453.08VNAACT::GEROLDTue Jan 08 1991How to print WBS on ONE page ?
454.02BGOTue Jan 08 1991Problem with scheduling!
455.03MIVC::BURRTue Jan 08 1991Precedence not opening
456.014CAPT::WALSHTue Jan 08 1991Estimated schedule task start dates
457.05KOBAL::BROWNTue Jan 08 1991Comments on EFT3 dcoumentation
458.011BIGRED::GAUTTue Jan 08 1991Planner Security Issue
459.02MARVIN::RUSLINGWed Jan 09 1991
460.02IRNBRU::WILSONWed Jan 09 1991TASK TABLES...inputting data?
461.03MARVIN::COBBWed Jan 09 1991Tutorial doesn't handle DECW$BOOK redefinition
462.0MARVIN::COBBWed Jan 09 1991Security on dpl$training.com
463.05YORKY::SHAUGHNESSYWed Jan 09 1991Feedback requested - possible usability change in graph views
464.012BIS1::SINNAGHELThu Jan 10 1991Command Interface
465.010STARCH::WHALENThu Jan 10 1991scheduling differences
466.011LYO11::BERGERThu Jan 10 1991PostScript printing, should it work ?
467.01MARVIN::COBBThu Jan 10 1991Printing scaled networks
468.04WARNUT::JOSHIThu Jan 10 1991EFT3 VMS5.3 or VMS5.3-1 / DECchart for GANTT ?
469.012BURYST::EDMUNDSFri Jan 11 1991Feedback on training
470.016KOBAL::DEHOLLANFri Jan 11 1991DECplan Speedup
471.03NOBOZO::HENNESSYFri Jan 11 1991Need simple GANTT maker
472.05DDIF::WALSHFri Jan 11 1991Usability: Resource availability and date formats
473.08VNASWS::GEROLDMon Jan 14 1991GANTT charts of personal planners ?
474.02MARX::SYSTEMMon Jan 14 1991Upgrade failure, metadat version
475.01JURA::HOUZEMon Jan 14 1991Print resource table: bugcheck
476.05GIDDAY::HADDADMon Jan 14 1991Can you please tell me where to find a TSP?
477.012F18::COOLEYTue Jan 15 1991Copy planner fails
478.01WOOK::LEETue Jan 15 1991Database has wrong protection after server-only installation
479.01SCHLIE::SMANNTue Jan 15 1991
480.04CHENG5::CHPSC1::DANKOWWed Jan 16 1991How to delete an object?
481.02MIVC::BURRWed Jan 16 1991How to use filters with assignments?
482.0LORAIN::RICARDWed Jan 16 1991responses to some reported problems
483.06DPDMAI::PAYETTEWed Jan 16 1991DECplan in US Price Book already!
484.04VSDDThu Jan 17 1991Slide show available ?
485.06MVSXThu Jan 17 1991Problems with standards report
486.0MVSXThu Jan 17 1991merging planners
487.05MAMTS3::SVEACHFri Jan 18 1991Cannot Get to the Documentation
488.07MTITAN::FREWINFri Jan 18 1991Can't Delete Personal Planner
489.01DPDMAI::RAWLINSFri Jan 18 1991Subproject Rollups Functional?
490.07LORAIN::RICARDFri Jan 18 1991External ULTRIX FT sites wanted
491.01STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Jan 21 1991Bookreader hangs
492.0BURYST::EDMUNDSMon Jan 21 1991Problems modifying node boxes (QAR #712)
493.07FDCV14::HEUSSMon Jan 21 1991Server Administrator function planned???
494.09MIVC::BURRMon Jan 21 1991Printing of table views
495.03SAC::STEVENSON_MTue Jan 22 1991DPL Database sizing
496.013STARCH::WHALENTue Jan 22 1991Problems negotiating
497.01FDCV14::HEUSSTue Jan 22 1991STARTUP and SHUTDOWN nit
498.01FMCSSE::C_MASTERSWed Jan 23 1991Missing DPL$CA_SETUP.COM
499.03FMCSSE::C_MASTERSWed Jan 23 1991Planner not found from Create External Resource
500.06SEARAY::EASTWed Jan 23 1991Establishing precedence relationships when there's lots of nodes
501.03BGOThu Jan 24 1991What about a resource like "Various"?
502.02MVSXThu Jan 24 1991Missing tasks
503.01UTOPIE::VERONIKAThu Jan 24 1991assertion warning, attempt to relock a mutex
504.03SMAUG::GRAHAMThu Jan 24 1991Another infinite loop
505.09KOBAL::SHAVERThu Jan 24 1991DECplan Customer Presentation
506.0VIA::POONThu Jan 24 1991Installing DECplan causes Cardfiler to ACCVIO.
507.03BHUNA::RFOXFri Jan 25 1991Can we go with EFT1.
508.02VOGON::LANDLESFri Jan 25 1991Problems Customizing Reports
509.01TINCUP::KIMMELFri Jan 25 1991Access Violation under FT3
510.0SAC::MANTEGNA_RMon Jan 28 1991325.1 Validation of UIC for DPL$SERVER
511.05VLNVAX::TSMITHMon Jan 28 1991Unable to attach to server
512.03QUICHE::PITTTue Jan 29 1991More performance thoughts and problems ...
513.0STARCH::WHALENTue Jan 29 1991Need ability to change location of external planner
514.01MAST::RAINVILLETue Jan 29 1991Gantt Chart Crashing
515.02GOLLY::ARSENAULTTue Jan 29 1991Assortment of new user comments
516.01F18::COOLEYTue Jan 29 1991futures?
517.01GEMINI::CULLENWed Jan 30 1991Wrapping long descriptions
518.03CRONIC::PISCOPOWed Jan 30 1991DECplan comp. with V4.
519.01DPDMAI::RAWLINSWed Jan 30 1991Interior Tasks in PN
520.04HANThu Jan 31 1991Problems with NEAGTIVE LAG (sometimes called OVERLAP or LEAD)
521.06SMAUG::GRAHAMThu Jan 31 1991"Object not deleted" error when scheduling
522.026DEMON::DEMON::CARDUNERThu Jan 31 1991Lecture/Lab Training note
523.0ESSB::KENNEDYThu Jan 31 1991%DPL-E-DESELFAI, Deselection failed
524.018KOALA::RYANThu Jan 31 1991Schedule confusion - automatic assignment to all resources
525.01DPDMAI::RAWLINSFri Feb 01 1991Use of Task Status
526.01DPDMAI::RAWLINSFri Feb 01 1991Calculation of Effort based on Dates?
527.01VNASWS::GEROLDMon Feb 04 1991Only very small agendas possible ?
528.01KOALA::RYANMon Feb 04 1991How to set lag between milestones?
529.03LESLIE::EDMUNDSMon Feb 04 1991The DECplan schedule
530.021SMAUG::GRAHAMMon Feb 04 1991Some comments on printing...
531.02QUICHE::PITTTue Feb 05 1991I want a day's holiday/leave/vacation ...
532.04KOALA::RYANTue Feb 05 1991Replace local resource with external resource?
533.06QUICHE::PITTTue Feb 05 1991Problem with the online course ...
534.03ABACUS::CONNERTYTue Feb 05 1991Need to see DECplan in action
535.06LORAIN::RICARDTue Feb 05 1991Request for multi-user usage data
536.02JURA::HOUZEFri Feb 08 1991Convert from VAX PM to DECplan
537.015VNASWS::GEROLDFri Feb 08 1991A new DPL$LIBRARY = reinstall DECplan ?
538.02RTL::DMULLENFri Feb 08 1991Default stretch for assignments question
539.014MARX::MANZELLAFri Feb 08 1991DECplan fails with new version of CMA
540.02SMAUG::GRAHAMSat Feb 09 1991Database Recovery Clinic Required
541.03IRNBRU::WILSONMon Feb 11 1991Work specifications?
542.04VINO::WELLINGTONMon Feb 11 1991Specifying non-work days?
543.02IRNBRU::WILSONTue Feb 12 1991Scheduling using effort & finish dates.
544.05SMAUG::GRAHAMTue Feb 12 1991QAR System Not Working Right?
545.01STARCH::WHALENWed Feb 13 1991Want to be able to assign resources as a group
546.0YORKY::SHAUGHNESSYWed Feb 13 1991Bug with related fields in a Filter expression
547.09MVSXThu Feb 14 1991help for scheduling
548.09STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Feb 15 1991Tough customer questions
549.02VNASWS::GEROLDTue Feb 19 1991Honor my non-working days,please
550.03STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Feb 19 1991Filter on Keywords ?
551.05VSDDTue Feb 19 1991
553.01CNTROL::GORRTue Feb 19 1991DPL$LIBRARY CLUSTER Wide Definition?
554.010GYPSC1::SCHUBERTWed Feb 20 1991scheduler decisions: who when what?
555.09SMAUG::SMARTINWed Feb 20 1991DPL-E-TRANSNOTSET again...
557.012SUNETA::harterThu Feb 21 1991External Dependencies
558.01ONESVC::LOPEZThu Feb 21 1991DEcplan fails vms
559.03JERRY2::SALMONThu Feb 21 1991DECplan Scheduling problem
560.01COOKIE::WOODFri Feb 22 1991Day View Print?
561.01JURA::HOUZEMon Feb 25 1991Not Found ?
562.03WHELIN::LAMBERTMon Feb 25 1991How do you use the Filter dialogue box?
563.04WHELIN::LAMBERTMon Feb 25 1991Forcing page breaks at the bottom of sort groups in reports
564.01SANFAN::CLARK_JATue Feb 26 1991Report WBS number format.
565.04STARCH::WHALENTue Feb 26 1991Planners stuck together
566.03POLAR::RIDGEWed Feb 27 1991Date problem on questionnaire and a question..
567.09DPDMAI::RAWLINSWed Feb 27 1991Many Users, Many Projects, Cross-Project Functions
568.05WHELIN::LAMBERTWed Feb 27 1991Copying generic subactivity set to other related parent activities
569.0UKCSSE::RDAVIESThu Feb 28 1991Is a DECplan 'Manager' planned?
570.01MVSXThu Feb 28 1991Customization problem
571.02KOBAL::SHAVERThu Feb 28 1991Training DECplan Field Support People
572.02WHELIN::LAMBERTThu Feb 28 1991Are global resources implemented yet, and how to if so?
574.01FILTON::COUPER_JFri Mar 01 1991DECplan installation help needed
575.04F18::COOLEYFri Mar 01 1991What does Show Confidential Information do?
576.02SUNETA::harterFri Mar 01 1991Some Comments and Questions
577.01DATABS::ROYALFri Mar 01 1991Delete a field from a report layout
578.01POLAR::RIDGEMon Mar 04 1991Where Can I find a n Install KIT??
579.01AUNTB::FRYLANDMon Mar 04 1991What to do until DECplan is available?
580.014SEEJAY::BUTLERTue Mar 05 1991Is this really a time managment tool?
581.01AUNTB::SCHMIDTTue Mar 05 1991Startup problems
582.09DATABS::ROYALTue Mar 05 1991Solid lines for PN print out?
583.01IRNBRU::WILSONTue Mar 05 1991OPEN TASK...STATUS selection?
584.03BGOWed Mar 06 1991Is DECplan suitable for very large and complex plans?
585.05DATABS::ROYALWed Mar 06 1991Unable to schedule w/constrained res.
586.05STARCH::WHALENWed Mar 06 1991Disappearing precedence network
587.01WECROW::FACCENDAWed Mar 06 1991Auto Assign problems
589.04ZGONI1::GAGLIARDOThu Mar 07 1991error message: INVALID TAG CODE
590.02AIRG::REEDThu Mar 07 1991Question will EFT# run with RDB V4.
591.01SUNETA::harterThu Mar 07 1991Sorting lost on print view
592.04MVSXFri Mar 08 1991rdsbugchk.dmp file in log directory
594.01HEARNS::KURATAFri Mar 08 1991Is there and interface spec to DECplan
595.06RTL::DMULLENMon Mar 11 1991PN Missing most of Critical Path
596.010DATABS::ROYALMon Mar 11 1991Changing annotated date formats
597.01ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOTue Mar 12 1991Command line and callable interface : will they be available ?
598.0FROIS1::IRISWed Mar 13 1991Where is the PERSONAL NAME field??
599.03GAZERS::NOONANWed Mar 13 1991Calendar info, not Project Manager info
600.04DATABS::ROYALWed Mar 13 1991Force est. start date?
601.02JURA::HOUZEThu Mar 14 1991Helpless Messages
602.02--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 14 1991**URGENT server problem**
603.015MVSXFri Mar 15 1991Expenditure and Schediuling
604.014JURA::HOUZEMon Mar 18 1991Availability Exception and Scheduling
605.02CHIEFF::TRUJILLOMon Mar 18 1991Server or RDB problems?
606.09MARVIN::DAVISONMon Mar 18 1991Reports with Milestones and Tasks ?
607.09ABOX::PECKTue Mar 19 1991Server process compute bound upon Client attach.
608.08VNASWS::GEROLDWed Mar 20 1991Cannot scan free time
609.03DATABS::ROYALWed Mar 20 1991UNDO and/or confirmation needed on destructive operations
610.07SHIRE::TONINATOWed Mar 20 1991problem printing Gantt & Task Table
611.03COOKIE::BERENSONWed Mar 20 1991GANTT Chart Options
612.02NRADM::GLENNWed Mar 20 1991Task Printing with Comments ?
613.0BIGRED::HELLERThu Mar 21 1991Competitive positioning
614.0SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Mar 22 1991DECplan to timesheet interface?
615.03IRNBRU::WILSONFri Mar 22 1991PRINTING a PN on A3 and PLOTTERS?
616.01DPDMAI::PAYETTEFri Mar 22 1991Digital News/DECplan in Sept?
617.01FDCVFri Mar 22 1991Error opening cursor
618.02MAIL::KUTZFri Mar 22 1991EFT4?
619.06RTL::DMULLENFri Mar 22 1991Gantt using Resource Group question
620.01BIS1::SINNAGHELTue Mar 26 1991Delete project problem after VAXPM to DECPLAN Conversion
621.0SHIRE::TONINATOTue Mar 26 1991object not deleted problem
622.08CAPNET::BLESSLEYTue Mar 26 1991Prob w/T1.325 installation under VMS 5.4-2
623.01DOWNBE::LOWETue Mar 26 1991Re-sizing windows on PC's ?
624.03OSLWed Mar 27 1991Time Management questions
625.0MARVIN::DAVISONWed Mar 27 1991Bring back my objects :)
626.02VNASWS::GEROLDFri Mar 29 1991Cancel a NOP ?
627.07MTITAN::FREWINFri Mar 29 1991Problem converting T1.
628.04BEBBI::STOECKLIMon Apr 01 1991DECplan and DECwindows Motif ?
629.09BIG::SCHOTTMon Apr 01 1991Problem upgrading database
630.06USSAIL::MARTINMon Apr 01 1991DECPlan/TM vs DECplan
631.06ABOX::PECKMon Apr 01 1991%RDMS-I-BUGCHKDMP Converting T1.
632.02DPDMAI::RAWLINSMon Apr 01 1991EFT4 Successful Install - Praises!
633.04BGODI1::ARNEMTue Apr 02 1991Instal err creat new database
634.01STARCH::WHALENTue Apr 02 1991Trouble entering dates...
635.06RAGS::KUSCHERTue Apr 02 1991dpl$server loops and quits (FT4)
636.02MODEL::POMFRETTue Apr 02 1991Basic Questions
637.08DELNI::MCGORRILLTue Apr 02 1991DBA's or User & Sysmgr tools?
638.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHTue Apr 02 1991Interior Tasks and Precedence Networks
639.03ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Apr 03 1991HW and SW prerequisites
640.01BGOWed Apr 03 1991Problem starting the server
641.03MVSXWed Apr 03 1991Period and expenditures
642.02STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Apr 03 1991No WBS in FT4 ?
643.03KOALA::RYANWed Apr 03 1991Can't access distant servers with new baselevel
644.05MTITAN::FREWINWed Apr 03 1991Error Message when Scheduling - "Unrecognized Property Code"
645.01CUPMK::DUBEWed Apr 03 1991DECplan vs. UltraPlanner (Productivity Solutions)
646.01BIGRED::BEANEWed Apr 03 1991Verify database: how to recover
647.03LTRBOX::JOHNSONWed Apr 03 1991EFT4, DPL$CLIENT, and no NCSSHR
649.0BEEDLE::DICKAUThu Apr 04 1991Server hang/loop problem in T1.
650.01WR1FOR::ANDREW_MIThu Apr 04 1991AIL help sought
651.03REDBRD::WRIGHTThu Apr 04 1991Air Force Gantt charting requirements.
652.022LESLIE::LESLIEFri Apr 05 1991DPL server hangs machine
653.01BGOFri Apr 05 1991DECpaln vs. Artemis?
654.08BGOFri Apr 05 1991Some questions about DECplan.
655.02PHDSRV::LUSKFri Apr 05 1991DRI?
656.02MVSXMon Apr 08 1991Crash in the startup.
657.04RUTILE::63613::HOUZEMon Apr 08 1991Copy planners and different RDB versions
658.05HAS4::SCHROEDERMon Apr 08 1991Help with Conversion
659.04REGENT::BORTMANMon Apr 08 1991Cannot print, create more planners, or schedule
660.05LESLIE::EDMUNDSTue Apr 09 1991VAX ULTRIX client
661.07MAIL::HYSLIPKTue Apr 09 1991EFT4 DECplan server crashes
662.06BEEDLE::DICKAUTue Apr 09 1991Error inserting into table
663.0MARVIN::RAWLINGSWed Apr 10 1991Small Calendar nits
664.02MIVC::BURRWed Apr 10 1991Upgrade problem
665.01MARVIN::RUSLINGWed Apr 10 1991Invalud Value Computation Request
666.01CSC32::COMULADAWed Apr 10 1991Status questions on DECPLAN
667.04DELNI::BIROWed Apr 10 1991BLOWN upgrade, Blownup installation
668.02DPDMAI::RAWLINSWed Apr 10 1991Problem Saving View in EFT4
669.01BIGRED::HELLERWed Apr 10 19912 QUESTIONS: Negotiation and On-line Training Update
670.010ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Apr 11 1991Basic practical questions...
671.02MARVIN::RAWLINGSThu Apr 11 1991Scheduling Problem
672.01REGENT::BORTMANThu Apr 11 1991Task Priority does not work
673.03GWYNED::WALKERFri Apr 12 1991Invalid Lock Mode
674.016WECROW::FACCENDAFri Apr 12 1991Constrained dates aren't.......
675.02COOKIE::BERENSONFri Apr 12 1991Tasks that consume time but not resource
676.06ABOX::PECKMon Apr 15 1991Bad DDIF output - printing a PN
677.04COPCLU::LINERTue Apr 16 1991Profile/Problem entering dates
678.05SUOSW3::BOCKTue Apr 16 1991Lost Connection Problem
679.01FULCRM::PICKETTWed Apr 17 1991dcp problem fetching plr1
680.01HARBOR::SYSTEMWed Apr 17 1991remote client hangs
681.01FSDB46::SAINTThu Apr 18 1991Infinite expansion of tas
682.06FSDB46::SAINTThu Apr 18 1991Couldn't display the Resource Loading Chart
683.024GL::BROWNThu Apr 18 1991Writers/Editors using DECplan?
684.0QUIVER::WASHABAUGHThu Apr 18 1991Reference to Project Managerment Books/Articles
685.03STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Apr 19 1991Resource categories and documentation needs
686.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Apr 19 1991Error messages: help for final users
687.01DPDMAI::RAWLINSFri Apr 19 1991Which Attributes are Rolled Up?
688.01SANFAN::CLARK_JAFri Apr 19 1991Remarks cut short?
689.04CHEFS::JONESJMon Apr 22 1991ANNOTATION problems
691.07COOKIE::BERENSONMon Apr 22 1991Precedence information in tables?
692.04TINCUP::KIMMELMon Apr 22 1991Layout sends precedence network out of bounds; causes compute loop and acc vios on CVT
693.01TINCUP::KIMMELMon Apr 22 1991Navigate window box doesn't travel with you as you traverse the precedence network workarea
695.04COOKIE::BERENSONMon Apr 22 1991Debugging Information Needed
696.02COOKIE::SORENSENMon Apr 22 1991PN layout algorithm blues
697.013MTITAN::FREWINMon Apr 22 1991Maintaining/Backing up the Rdb database....
698.025RIVAGE::BORDASTue Apr 23 1991How to display BCWS ?
699.03RIVAGE::SABIANITue Apr 23 1991Direct costs ?
700.06IRNBRU::WILSONTue Apr 23 1991PRINTING ON A3 and/or PLOTTERS.
701.0GLENNA::REILLYTue Apr 23 1991Material, Travel, and other costs in DECplan V1.
702.04BGOTue Apr 23 1991Bug in GANTT diagrams?
703.03ADO75A::SHARPETue Apr 23 1991Ultrix only customers
704.03NOBHIL::CLARK_ROWed Apr 24 1991Printing text problems
705.02STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Apr 24 1991DPL$SERVER loops when #users>1
706.010ZURFCC::MUELLERURWed Apr 24 1991I am not able to negotiate tasks
707.0FRITOS::TALCOTTWed Apr 24 1991How about a better name for the online training?
708.07ABOX::PECKWed Apr 24 1991"Not Found" error message when Scheduling
709.03TENERE::SABIANIWed Apr 24 1991Help ! Don't understand resource constrained schedule
710.01TLE::FOSTERWed Apr 24 1991DECplan help from Ultrix client dies
711.06ROMWed Apr 24 1991Early start is after Late start?
712.0PUTTER::WARFIELDWed Apr 24 1991Looking for a demo3
713.06APBHUB::MADSENThu Apr 25 1991Trouble with "Import..." capability
714.04ABOX::PECKFri Apr 26 1991DECplan Server failed and *cannot* be restarted - need assistance!!
715.05APBHUB::MADSENFri Apr 26 1991How do you "Import" RELATIONSHIPS
717.04SAC::STEVENSON_MMon Apr 29 1991"MODIFIED" Indicator
718.03ROMMon Apr 29 1991DPL$SERVER process loop while scheduling
719.02WECROW::FACCENDAMon Apr 29 1991Dates not updating on Precedence Network
720.03FORTY2::BILLINGTONTue Apr 30 1991Minimum Duration of an Arc
721.03MARVIN::COBBTue Apr 30 1991How to handle part-time resources joining project part way through?
722.012MARVIN::COBBTue Apr 30 1991Handling project leader's overhead
723.01NEWOA::LOVELLTue Apr 30 1991Installation fails if DECW$BOOK not under SYS$COMMON
724.02ATSE::PALMERTue Apr 30 1991Error creating new planner
725.011TINCUP::KIMMELTue Apr 30 1991Scheduling error about unevaluated predecessors
726.0434GL::WALLERTTue Apr 30 1991DECplan VT Client
727.01DPDMAI::TATUMTue Apr 30 1991Flip-flopped WBS
728.0DELNI::P_COLEWed May 01 1991Install fails on CMA$RTL not found
729.06VINO::TLITTWed May 01 1991Multi-day meetings confuse (me, decplan?)
730.0BEBBI::STOECKLIThu May 02 1991Gantt Chart error
731.02APBHUB::MADSENThu May 02 1991Import... option on the Planners window (?)
733.018DPDMAI::JONESDSMon May 06 1991Database corrupted
734.0CRBOSS::COLBATHTue May 07 1991Installation Error "Error Executing Statement DROP INDEX SIDX_COOP_PACKETTYPE
735.02CPDW::BISHOVTue May 07 1991Bookreader or .PS Tutorial/Introduction Texvailable?
736.02WDFRT1::OLHEAP::JFISCHERTue May 07 1991Disk Space Requirements Problem - Install is Aborting
737.02MAJORS::SPENCETue May 07 1991Prerequisites for DECplan T1.
738.094GL::DEHOLLANTue May 07 1991Hints for Import
739.05JPS1::FRIEDMANNTue May 07 1991printing WBS from light on dark screen
740.05MARVIN::RAWLINGSWed May 08 1991Recovering from a lost connection
741.03OK4ME::MCCROHANWed May 08 1991Whither DECplan (Vs QWIKNET)
742.03DOCU2::GARYThu May 09 1991DecPlan On-Line training
743.01REDBRD::ENDSLEYThu May 09 1991Suggestion: Batching updates to enhance UI perf?
744.05ELNCHZ::BECKERThu May 09 1991Data base driven project management
745.02PEN3::CIAMPAThu May 09 1991LOST CONNECTION?!?!
746.01REDBRD::TAYLORThu May 09 1991Milestones deleted during copy
747.01MAIL::KUTZThu May 09 1991EFT5?
748.03MAJORS::SPENCEFri May 10 1991How can I move DPL$LIBRARY: ?
749.03REDBRD::ENDSLEYFri May 10 1991"Not found" when linking root to child task in WBS
750.05COOKIE::SORENSENFri May 10 1991Assertion failed in SubtractLTPeriod
751.05SHALOT::VINYARDFri May 10 1991Child/Sibling problems
752.01JOEKUP::KUPREVICHMon May 13 1991VMS RDB to ULTRIX SQL copy
753.04ABOX::PECKTue May 14 1991Object is selected in another view...???
754.01REDBRD::ENDSLEYTue May 14 1991"Invalid additional information" invoking Resource Loading chart
755.02MARVIN::DAVISONWed May 15 1991Revision numbers ?
756.03RUTILE::63613::HOUZEWed May 15 1991Miscellaneous Questions: Subprojects, Resource levelling, Recommendations, etc ...
757.01KOBAL::DEHOLLANWed May 15 1991FT5 Performance hints
758.03AKOFAT::BIBEAULTWed May 15 1991Converting Qwiknet Export to .DTIF
759.03REDBRD::ENDSLEYThu May 16 1991Aproportional contribution of multiple resources to a task
760.02DPDMAI::RAWLINSThu May 16 1991EFT-5 FIND Not Adequate for PN
761.08OK4ME::MCCROHANThu May 16 1991Calendar and Misc Questions.
762.0KAOFS::K_MAINFri May 17 1991Vacation, training, on-call schedule - can decplan handle ?
763.08COOKIE::SORENSENFri May 17 1991what is the status of STATUS?
764.05REGENT::CIAMPAFri May 17 1991HELP, Lost some info!
766.05F18::COOLEYMon May 20 1991How Superior is DECPlan???
767.03CPDW::BISHOVMon May 20 1991Can't create new planners after deleting old ones
768.03AKOCOA::BIBEAULTMon May 20 1991Lotus/123 -> .DTIF -> DECplan?
769.04CIMNET::LMADONIAMon May 20 1991T1.
770.0STKHLM::MNILSSONTue May 21 1991Filter needed in planner box
771.01JURA::LAROCHETue May 21 1991Cannot create 2 customized views.
772.02--UnknownUser--Wed May 22 1991FUNCTIONALITY...a few questions.
773.03BIS1::STESWed May 22 1991Resource scheduling problem (2tasks,1resource)
774.04CPDW::BISHOVWed May 22 1991Error number
775.03STKHLM::MNILSSONThu May 23 1991Expenditure problems
776.09STKHLM::MNILSSONThu May 23 1991Should assigments appear in calender ?
777.029BIGRED::GAUTThu May 23 1991Printing Headaches - The Sequel
779.01MJOSWS::ARAZAWAThu May 23 1991* Error Inserting Into Table
780.06IRNBRU::WILSONFri May 24 1991GANTT not legible.
781.07COOKIE::REUTERFri May 24 1991Some observations on usability
782.02COOKIE::SORENSENFri May 24 1991how do you use "Original Effort"
783.01STKHLM::MNILSSONTue May 28 1991Missing chapters in documentation
785.06BER::SPOIDAWed May 29 1991"Factory Calendar" Manageable -?
786.07UFORIA::WHIPPLEWed May 29 1991Preview of coming attractions! EFT6 installation notes! Forewarned is four-armed?
787.03RAGS::KUSCHERWed May 29 1991DPL$CA_
788.09MARVIN::DAVISONThu May 30 1991OR relationships in PN ?
789.09HANThu May 30 1991Any predicted efforts per assignment available?
790.010BGOThu May 30 1991U: Some questions!
791.01IRNBRU::WILSONFri May 31 1991Where is my GANTT?
793.09ABOX::PECKMon Jun 03 1991Negative remaining effort???
794.06MARX::ROSSMon Jun 03 1991HELP - I just deleted a subtask with lots of children - what files do I need to restore??
795.01KYOA::FRANKMon Jun 03 1991Any available demo
796.01DPDMAI::MATUSZMon Jun 03 1991Local Print
797.03ABOX::PECKTue Jun 04 1991EFT5 Server failure
798.05OK4ME::MCCROHANTue Jun 04 1991Sharing arcs in a Precedence Diag.
799.0DPDMAI::MATUSZTue Jun 04 1991Local Print2
800.08QUIVER::ABEYRD::WASHABAUGHTue Jun 04 1991Can't Access a Resource Planner - Request Access Denied
802.01JUNO::WESTONWed Jun 05 1991Can't modify Default Availability as per Tutorial
803.05VINO::TLITTWed Jun 05 1991Coexisting with the manual world with TM
804.03VINO::TLITTWed Jun 05 1991Alarms for cancelled meeting
805.02ALICAT::MACKAYThu Jun 06 1991Another resource loading/DECchart problem!
806.08MARVIN::COBBThu Jun 06 1991Person assigned to task twice
807.01LORAIN::RICARDThu Jun 06 1991Update to DECplan RISC/ULTRIX plans
808.03KYOA::FRANKFri Jun 07 1991DECplan & DECchart installation
809.01NBOIS2::OTTFri Jun 07 1991DECplan for sale?
810.02ABOX::PECKFri Jun 07 1991Task name confusion...
811.01LTRBOX::JOHNSONFri Jun 07 1991EFT5 install error - UIC.TMP; does not exist
812.04BGOSun Jun 09 1991BUG in AVAILABILITY?
813.04BGOSun Jun 09 1991Enter just dates without specifying days?
814.03KYOA::FRANKMon Jun 10 1991Remaining Effort Problem
815.03BIS1::STESMon Jun 10 1991Gant Chart per resource: is it possible?
816.02ABOX::PECKMon Jun 10 1991EFT5 Server Failure
817.03MANIOK::HERTHTue Jun 11 1991Problem printing PN
818.011TINCUP::KIMMELTue Jun 11 1991When to use subprojects vs. opening multiple planners
819.01HXOUTue Jun 11 1991TM - like DECwindows, integrated with ALL-IN-1?
820.0DLOPAS::DLO22::RAWLINSTue Jun 11 1991Security/Owner when Copying a Planner
821.03QUIVER::WASHABAUGHTue Jun 11 1991Problems with Negotiation
822.07JOEKUP::KUPREVICHWed Jun 12 1991IFT6?
823.01TAVThu Jun 13 1991Server in looping condition?
824.018PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Jun 13 1991Question regarding Constrained dates
825.01MANIOK::HERTHThu Jun 13 1991Updating external resources ?
826.04TINCUP::KIMMELThu Jun 13 1991Modifying name of external planner doesn't seem to carry through
827.06RUTILE::63613::HOUZEFri Jun 14 1991External Resource and Multiple planners
829.01LEVERS::KIRKFri Jun 14 1991New name for new Kit???
830.012LEVERS::KIRKFri Jun 14 1991EFT6 Installation problems
831.02DATABS::BALLOUFri Jun 14 1991More trouble entering dates...Ultrix (RISC) FT5
832.01KYOA::FRANKFri Jun 14 1991External Resource & Negotiation
833.011RAGS::KUSCHERFri Jun 14 1991FT6 Task status different
834.06QUICHE::PITTMon Jun 17 1991EFT6 kit bug - DCL-E-INVIFNEST
835.08DATABS::BALLOUMon Jun 17 1991Bug in Ultrix/RISC EFT6 kit?
836.01LEVERS::KIRKMon Jun 17 1991EFT6 Install Error - too many command parameters
837.02KYOA::FRANKMon Jun 17 1991Recovering planners
838.01BGOMon Jun 17 1991Sub-projects?
839.03THEWAV::LEWMon Jun 17 1991VMS Resources to Use
840.09LEVERS::KIRKMon Jun 17 1991Lost (?) planners going to EFT6
841.012IRNBRU::WILSONTue Jun 18 1991EFT6...any benefits???
842.01STARCH::WHALENTue Jun 18 1991Upgrade procedure questions....
843.04DPDMAI::JONESDSTue Jun 18 1991IVP access violation
844.011UFORIA::WHIPPLETue Jun 18 1991Preview of coming attractions! V1.
845.0VERN::CARPENTERWed Jun 19 1991Lost access to a project.
846.01VERN::CARPENTERWed Jun 19 1991Loas access to project.
847.01SMAUG::RESNICKWed Jun 19 1991EFT6 ULTRIX Release Notes are Unreadable
848.01BIGRED::GAUTWed Jun 19 1991Printing Headaches - The Mini Series
849.03QUIVER::WASHABAUGHThu Jun 20 1991Server Hangs/Loops, FT6
850.01EUCLPT::MCLARENThu Jun 20 1991Planners only visible from creating workstation
851.02DOWNBE::LOWEThu Jun 20 1991Problem starting server
852.02PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Jun 20 1991"Error updating Table" error after FT6 install
853.04KYOA::FRANKThu Jun 20 1991Help - Customer Questions
854.03UFORIA::WHIPPLEThu Jun 20 1991VUE for V1?
855.03PAPERS::WINNFri Jun 21 1991New installation of FT6 kit and conversion
856.09DPDMAI::MATUSZFri Jun 21 1991client dumps on name edit
857.014BIGUN::ANDERSONSun Jun 23 1991URGENT need to print : FT6, VMS 5.4
858.01OSLMon Jun 24 1991Internal error running CPM schedule
859.01BIGUN::TANNERTue Jun 25 1991plr1
860.05SWAM2::COHEN_ROTue Jun 25 1991Convert/Update DB from FT3 to FT6
861.06KOBAL::REILLYWed Jun 26 1991WARNING: graph view 'zoom' bug in FT5/FT6
862.04BGOWed Jun 26 1991Both DECplan and Timemanager client &server capability on the same node?
863.06ABOX::PECKWed Jun 26 1991* Unrecognised property code - EFT6
864.07QUIVER::WASHABAUGHWed Jun 26 1991Trouble creating External Resource
865.01ASICS::EDMUNDSWed Jun 26 1991Need PAK
866.08REDBRD::WRIGHTWed Jun 26 1991More trouble with negotiation.
867.02RUTILE::63613::HOUZEThu Jun 27 1991Original Effort: Rollup ?
868.04BIGUN::ANDERSONThu Jun 27 1991Use of DECplan for managing a Digital Services Unit
869.0AIDEV::MAGERSThu Jun 27 1991Wanted , Decplan kit that doesn't require RDB4.
870.06BRSMV1::BRSMV1::DELCOURTEThu Jun 27 1991EFT6 installation problem
871.01QUICHE::PITTFri Jun 28 1991Can't print at all after X5.4-3 upgrade ...
872.04TINCUP::W_ROBERTSFri Jun 28 1991Client has been hung now for 24 hours
873.06DPDMAI::TATUMFri Jun 28 1991Filtering tasks w/o predecessors
874.03LEVERS::KIRKFri Jun 28 1991Is stopping a client a bad action?
875.06TINCUP::KIMMELSat Jun 29 1991Changing names of external tasks
876.06REDBRD::ENDSLEYSun Jun 30 1991Report on hours to be expended, by individual/task/month?
877.03BIGUN::TANNERMon Jul 01 1991DECPLAN ultrix client performance??
878.06TINCUP::KIMMELMon Jul 01 1991Help! My planner owner has no security access!
879.01DPDMAI::MATUSZMon Jul 01 1991Critical Path Interrupted
880.03--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 02 1991"Passed handle is invalid" when scheduling EFT6....
881.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 02 1991Server crash while scheduling - EFT6
882.01REGENT::SWOTINSKYTue Jul 02 1991Problem with resource assignments
883.01MARX::MANZELLATue Jul 02 1991Mandating assignments to external resources
884.01KILARA::MCLARENWed Jul 03 1991Why restriction on multiple servers?
885.03ASICS::EDMUNDSWed Jul 03 1991Calendar conversion problems continue with EFT6
886.06MARVIN::COBBWed Jul 03 1991Rude message if SYSGEN parameters too low
887.01JEKYLL::HYDEWed Jul 03 1991New DECplanner alert - question about interior task assignments
889.03KILARA::MCLARENWed Jul 03 1991Early/late schedules with contrained resources?
890.0MARVIN::COBBFri Jul 05 1991Client hanging with EFT6
891.02GLIND1::MYERSSun Jul 07 1991Location of printed_online_decplan
892.0GLENNA::REILLYMon Jul 08 1991UiGphNETEDPress crash in FT6 after MB2 select
893.01DPDMAI::TATUMTue Jul 09 1991Print Columns exactly as in View?
894.01ULYSSE::BOSWed Jul 10 1991Pb install ft6 BADSPEC DECW$BOOKSHELF
895.01VSDDWed Jul 10 1991Problems seen with Verify Database...
896.05VINO::VOBAWed Jul 10 1991EFT6 Quality
897.01RAGS::KUSCHERWed Jul 10 1991External Tasks and Subtask Time Charges
898.015VINO::VOBAThu Jul 11 1991The Sad State of Print...
899.03VINO::VOBAThu Jul 11 1991Task Description Junked When Print... To Text
900.04GUESS::WOODFri Jul 12 1991CPM not working!
901.016MAIL::KUTZFri Jul 12 1991Performance feedback
902.0FZOVAX::SPACE1::COOLEYSat Jul 13 1991Client hanging on delete planner
903.01MINNY::MUELLERURMon Jul 15 1991Crashes...
904.06JESDP5::KUMAGAITue Jul 16 1991ACCVIO during installation & running DPL$CLIENT
905.01TOKLAS::feldmanWed Jul 17 1991DPL/RDM$BIND_BUFFERS
906.0STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Jul 17 1991Where to specify Time Charges
907.01STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Jul 17 1991Values of negotiation attributes
908.02RAGS::KUSCHERWed Jul 17 1991Time charge deliver incomplete data to External task
909.04STARCH::WHALENWed Jul 17 1991FT6 Scheduling message question
910.0STARCH::WHALENWed Jul 17 1991Trying to delete "test" planners
911.02GUESS::WOODWed Jul 17 1991Reusable DECplan planners?
912.02COUNTWed Jul 17 1991Anyone using DECplan to run a marketing team?
913.012UFORIA::WHIPPLEWed Jul 17 1991FT7 Installation Notes
914.02CSC32::COMULADAWed Jul 17 1991HW/SW supported under DECPLAN??
915.02TOKLAS::feldmanWed Jul 17 1991Tutorial: hotspot overkill
916.0STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Jul 18 1991Time Charges must be simple to create
917.01CADSE::HARDINGThu Jul 18 1991Error trying to create a planner
918.0BIGUN::ANDERSONThu Jul 18 1991Anyone looked at ARTEMIS TEAM?
919.01JESDP5::KUMAGAIMon Jul 22 1991Sever isn't invoked from SYSTARTUP_V5.COM
920.02STKHLM::LUNDSTROM_BMon Jul 22 1991Error:Object is selected in another view or by another user and cannot be modified, acknowledged
921.05YOSMTE::CHAN_EDMon Jul 22 1991Do these features exist in DECplan?
922.02TINCUP::KIMMELMon Jul 22 1991Exporting DECplan data for Primavera
923.01GIAMEM::DFISHERMon Jul 22 1991Dis-connecting a Sub-project
924.02COOKIE::SORENSENTue Jul 23 1991day view printing is here (almost?)
925.03CPCOD::WHITMORETue Jul 23 1991Allowing access to project planner - invalid context handle
926.023MERIDN::SIMONIANWed Jul 24 1991DECplan vs. MicroSoft Project, impartial user
927.014MANIOK::HERTHWed Jul 24 1991Overhead, productivity and time charges
928.07STARCH::WHALENWed Jul 24 1991mailing information about proposals...
929.05JESDP5::KUMAGAIThu Jul 25 1991Setting a single day to Exception Calendar?
930.01MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREThu Jul 25 1991Estimation and QA testing
931.01DPDMAI::JONESDSThu Jul 25 1991Drm__FetchLiteral client crash
932.018MANIOK::HERTHFri Jul 26 1991Persons assignment exeeds persons commitment...
933.02OSLMon Jul 29 1991Problems with BCWS and Fixed Baseline
934.04RUTILE::63532::HOUZEMon Jul 29 1991A cycle was detected ....
935.01RUTILE::63532::HOUZEMon Jul 29 1991Number could not be formatted
936.02FMCSSE::NORMANMon Jul 29 1991Resource leveling?
937.02VLNVAX::TSMITHMon Jul 29 1991DECplan sending reminders 3 days late
938.02CFSCTC::CERNESEMon Jul 29 1991Customized resource calendars and free time scans
939.03CFSCTC::CERNESETue Jul 30 1991Location Planner - Suggestions?
940.02HVDSQR::HERRLICHTue Jul 30 1991Error loading house_11.dtif, unsupported document format
941.03MUL::HASLERWed Jul 31 1991Beginners frustration
942.09MTITAN::FREWINThu Aug 01 1991Insufficient Comitment To Task....See help for more information
943.01NCBOOT::KERNSThu Aug 01 1991Please Explain...
944.03STRAIT::WETTYThu Aug 01 1991DECPLAN wont talk to DECCHART
946.08QUICHE::PITTFri Aug 02 1991Yet more printing problems
947.02HVDSQR::HERRLICHFri Aug 02 1991Problems with reports, known problems?
948.09TINCUP::KIMMELSat Aug 03 1991Question on scheduling with duration tasks
949.06CRONIC::SHAYNA::PCUMMINGSSun Aug 04 1991DECPLAN - install off system disk?
950.02KARAT::RIGGENMon Aug 05 1991Assigning commitment time on an individual, per task basis
951.01HVDSQR::HERRLICHMon Aug 05 1991Problems with scheduling...
952.03OSLSIT::bjornmyWed Aug 07 1991ULTRIX vclient hangs
953.04GIAMEM::DFISHERWed Aug 07 1991Error: No performance measurement data (FT 6)
954.04VERN::CARPENTERThu Aug 08 1991Problems with DPLCVTFT7
955.04GJOVAX::GRAEFFThu Aug 08 1991Any REAL training classes yet????
956.0JOEKUP::KUPREVICHThu Aug 08 1991FT7 Security problem
957.04BSLOPE::BOURQUARDThu Aug 08 1991Unable to connect to the requested server
958.02MINNY::MUELLERURFri Aug 09 1991Overloading when assigning external tasks
959.01VERN::CARPENTERFri Aug 09 19916 coppies of each view??
960.02NQOPS::SANTINELLIFri Aug 09 1991Convert problem...
961.01JOEKUP::KUPREVICHFri Aug 09 1991ULTRIX Client / VMS Server?
962.02NEWOA::EVENSONMon Aug 12 1991Accademic research into TM methodologies
963.01TALK::JARVISTue Aug 13 19916-aug kit?
964.04BROKE::JONESWed Aug 14 1991Access to DECplan data
965.013FORTY2::RAKSHIT_UWed Aug 14 1991DECplan FT7 SERVER/CLIENT License location.
966.01GIAMEM::DFISHERWed Aug 14 1991Security - Copy verses Import
967.03CFSCTC::MILINDWed Aug 14 1991Need info on DECplan command line interface
968.03RIPPLE::CESSNA_MAWed Aug 14 1991I'd like to use the latest Test kit
969.01TLE::FELDMANWed Aug 14 1991Prevent newline in Assignments Personal Name column
970.02TLE::FELDMANWed Aug 14 1991Assignments by Resource report including unassigned tasks?
971.01DERVAX::JNENNOThu Aug 15 1991Help on Kit
972.01MAIL::KUTZThu Aug 15 1991FT7 bug - QAR db not accessible
973.03KARAT::RIGGENThu Aug 15 1991Problems with Resource Loading
974.02PJWL::LAMBFri Aug 16 1991Using DECplan TM to schedule conference rooms
975.03LISVAX::MMOREIRAFri Aug 16 1991? Time Profile ?
976.010ABOX::PECKFri Aug 16 1991PAK for V1.
979.04CLEMSN::METCALFTue Aug 20 1991DECplan Newsletter - Internal version ?
980.01VAXWRK::WOODBURYTue Aug 20 1991Subproject Hexagonal box won't go away and other questions
981.01STUDIO::SAULTue Aug 20 1991%RDB-F-WRONG_ODS, the on-disk structure of database filename is not supported error
982.03TLE::FELDMANTue Aug 20 1991Automatic calculation of duration
983.019IRNBRU::WILSONWed Aug 21 1991V1.
984.07OZZAIB::SIMONIANWed Aug 21 1991Import of Tutorial Samples errors
985.03SAC::STEVENSON_MThu Aug 22 1991Data Glossary
986.03PICKET::FOLANThu Aug 22 1991DECplan and PC's???
987.06SAC::STEVENSON_MThu Aug 22 1991Connector of Convenience
988.01SAC::STEVENSON_MThu Aug 22 1991Task Attributes & their meaning
989.06BIGRED::GAUTThu Aug 22 1991Say it's not true...
990.012MAIL::KUTZThu Aug 22 1991V1.
991.03AUSSIE::BELLThu Aug 22 1991%DPL-E-NOSELECT, Unable to perform requested selection, sort, or filter
993.04BGOFri Aug 23 1991Bug in TM or????
994.02TEASE::WEAVERFri Aug 23 1991Trouble with the ft7 server??
995.02MAIL::KUTZMon Aug 26 1991Rdb database <-> DECplan database
996.07TAOVWed Aug 28 1991Help! problem with V1.
997.0KAOFS::K_MAINWed Aug 28 1991Misc DECplan issues ..
998.01MLNADThu Aug 29 1991RDB checks during installation
999.0BEBBI::STOECKLIThu Aug 29 1991License policy of DECplan Server
1000.01BIGRED::SPARKSThu Aug 29 1991No indexes on Database
1001.05VNASWS::GEROLDFri Aug 30 1991Report per keyword question
1002.01PAOIS::DUROUXTue Sep 03 1991Object can't be created
1003.010MLNADTue Sep 03 1991Bookreader and licenses
1004.02BSLOPE::BOURQUARDTue Sep 03 1991Error: Item could not be retrieved from database
1005.01KETJE::VANDOORSLAERWed Sep 04 1991Looking for help on estimation tools
1006.01SMAUG::GRAHAMWed Sep 04 1991Scheduling tasks backwards from a milestone
1007.06SMAUG::ZOLFONOONWed Sep 04 1991Where should I define the OVERHEAD?
1008.02MINNY::BRUNNERWed Sep 04 1991Volunteer / German slides
1009.01KARAT::RIGGENWed Sep 04 1991Trying to increase Productivity Levels
1010.01PICVWed Sep 04 1991??? Software requirements to run V1.
1011.01PRESS1::SMITHThu Sep 05 1991VAX notes integration
1012.03GIDDAY::LAMSIMONFri Sep 06 1991Access Violation - DECplan print
1013.04TOOK::WILSONFri Sep 06 1991DECplan knows about task IDs
1014.03SHALOT::JJJJJJ::JANCULAFri Sep 06 1991How is MANDATE supposed to work?
1015.06APBHUB::MADSENFri Sep 06 1991What's a "PMF" ?
1016.04DERVAX::JNENNOFri Sep 06 1991Help with error getting into DECplan
1017.08ODIXIE::EVGONZALEZFri Sep 06 1991Help getting started w/DECplan
1018.07SAC::STEVENSON_MMon Sep 09 1991unevaluated predecessors
1019.01CSC32::S_ROSCIOMon Sep 09 1991How to Create Per-Use Charges
1020.03MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERMon Sep 09 1991Changing a node from a task to a supernode
1021.01COUNTTue Sep 10 1991Wanted - a simple Guide to Time Management
1022.08TOOK::WILSONTue Sep 10 1991Commitment Change, No Effect on Estimated Finish
1023.08CFSCTC::CHABOTWed Sep 11 1991DECplan and DECdecision V1.5?
1024.012KARAT::RIGGENWed Sep 11 1991"New" Calendars versus Default Calendars
1025.0VNASWS::GEROLDThu Sep 12 1991Mark days marks wrongly
1026.02KARAT::RIGGENThu Sep 12 1991Changing Productivity Levels - how do you do this?
1027.01EVOAI2::BOURGESThu Sep 12 1991Modify WBS and PN
1028.04MAIL::KUTZThu Sep 12 1991Multiple DPL$LIBRARY locations
1029.01MAIL::KUTZThu Sep 12 1991DPL$OBJECT meaning
1030.05KETJE::VDKERCKHOVEFri Sep 13 1991Security on V1 broken !!
1031.01SLICER::RODFri Sep 13 1991%RDB-E-BAD_TRANS_HANDL, invalid transaction handle
1032.06CFSCTC::CERNESEFri Sep 13 1991Cannot Delete Planner(s)
1033.05SHALOT::JANCULAFri Sep 13 1991Who to invite?
1034.01IRDEV::ROACHFri Sep 13 1991Anxious: DECplan data entry inquiries
1035.02BIGRED::HELLERFri Sep 13 1991Questions on implementing DECplan
1036.01PASMMon Sep 16 1991Rdb RTO ok?
1037.03MUNLEG::MEIERMon Sep 16 1991Problems importing COSTAR estimates
1038.01KYOA::FRANKMon Sep 16 1991Is this a bug?
1039.02DRACUL::STRYKERMon Sep 16 1991Error: Invalid Network?
1040.06WILARD::SIMONIANMon Sep 16 1991Any EIS users or customizations out there?
1041.03BRAT::WREATH::LYNNMon Sep 16 1991Available servers in MKO?
1042.01HVDSQR::HERRLICHMon Sep 16 1991V1.
1043.05WILARD::SIMONIANWed Sep 18 1991Use of DECplan for managing Sales Support group
1044.01HARBRD::IRONSIDEWed Sep 18 1991Progress with TM and ALL-IN-1 Integration?
1045.02GIDDAY::LAMSIMONWed Sep 18 1991DECplan EFT - Schedule Error
1046.01MARX::CARNABUCCIWed Sep 18 1991client crash when moving task to another planner
1047.0FMCSSE::ELLISONWed Sep 18 1991Where are all the OTHER kits needed?
1048.010BGOThu Sep 19 1991Group of people as one resource?
1049.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Sep 19 1991Multi project scheduling and priorities
1050.05STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Sep 19 1991Problems on VT12
1051.04MANIOK::HERTHThu Sep 19 1991Internal Error: .. exeeds profiles's load
1052.01MANIOK::HERTHThu Sep 19 1991Commitment and time charges
1053.01GYLEG6::DICKAUWed Sep 18 1991Openings for Munich Experts training Sept 23-27
1054.01MAIL::KUTZWed Sep 18 1991Multi-file DECplan database
1055.06DLOPAS::DLO22::RAWLINSWed Sep 18 1991Column Names on DTIF Import - for SPE
1056.02CSC32::S_ROSCIOThu Sep 19 1991Trouble printing from DECplan
1057.02KALI::VISSERThu Sep 19 1991first time user - not impressed
1058.01ABOX::PECKFri Sep 20 1991Who calculates the 'Duration' of an 'Expenditure'?
1059.02BGOSat Sep 21 1991Why ARTEMIS is still ahead of DECplan in the Offshore Industry.
1060.01EVOAI2::BOURGESMon Sep 23 1991create a lag
1061.06EVOAI2::BOURGESMon Sep 23 1991Modify Security access for somes views.
1062.09CIMNET::LMADONIAMon Sep 23 1991DPL$SERVER process disappears
1063.01JOEKUP::KUPREVICHMon Sep 23 1991Database compatibility when exporting/importing
1064.03BYTECH::HENDERSONMon Sep 23 1991novice question #1
1065.020QUICHE::PITTTue Sep 24 1991Lost access to planner ... Help!
1066.09GUIDUK::EVANSTue Sep 24 1991Customizing DECplan
1067.07GIAMEM::DFISHERTue Sep 24 1991Time Negotiations
1068.01VMPIRE::STRYKERWed Sep 25 1991Glossary Additions?
1069.01ELNCHZ::BECKERWed Sep 25 1991Mandating Assignments to resources with "Negotiate" security question
1070.012GUILFD::MARKSWed Sep 25 1991PN View Problems after Converting Database (V1.
1071.01REGENT::LAIThu Sep 26 1991Schedule problem need help!
1072.02CFSCTC::CHABOTThu Sep 26 1991Scheduling problem w/leftover external milestones
1073.01OZZAIB::SIMONIANFri Sep 27 1991No Time Charge >1 day. Bug or Feature?
1074.01BYTECH::HENDERSONFri Sep 27 1991Work Breakdown Structure is 'broken down'...
1075.0HLDGFri Sep 27 1991Remarks for installation guide
1076.03CFSCTC::CERNESEFri Sep 27 1991External References and Planner/"Copy..."
1077.06ELNCHZ::BECKERFri Sep 27 1991Project / Resource Summary Reporting
1078.05MAIL::KUTZFri Sep 27 1991performance via multi-file database
1079.0LORAIN::RICARDFri Sep 27 1991Upcoming expiration of DECplan ULTRIX PAKs
1081.02SAC::STEVENSON_MTue Oct 01 1991DECplan on Rdb/VMS V3.1b
1082.01IRNBRU::SYSTEMTue Oct 01 1991Decplan components incompatible
1083.07CLARID::CHAMEROYTue Oct 01 1991decplan error server
1084.01FMCSSE::RIGGENTue Oct 01 1991External Milestones - help!
1086.01NODEX::JENSENTue Oct 01 1991Error trying to schedule: Insufficient commitment assigned to task.
1087.014MAIL::KUTZTue Oct 01 1991some performance notes
1088.0PUGET::SCHEELTue Oct 01 1991?CDA Converter Library V3.
1089.03GUILFD::MARKSTue Oct 01 1991License has terminated
1090.07VNASWS::GEROLDWed Oct 02 1991Need course materials
1091.08SHALOT::ELLISWed Oct 02 1991TM capacities of DECplan?
1092.04EN::VARDAROWed Oct 02 1991another license problem???
1093.07REDBRD::WRIGHTWed Oct 02 1991URGENT licensing problem!
1094.01CLARID::CHAMEROYWed Oct 02 1991new license - where ?
1096.01GIAMEM::DFISHERWed Oct 02 1991Remote Server Access - Problem with external subproject creation
1097.047PUGET::SCHEELWed Oct 02 1991Problems with graphics (HPGL) output to plotter
1099.02CSC32::COMULADAThu Oct 03 1991Accessing Planner's from other Nodes??
1102.05NODEX::JENSENMon Oct 07 1991Request for a variable commitment on task assignments.
1103.02MARVIN::COBBMon Oct 07 1991Where's the DFS disk gone?
1104.01GEMINI::CULLENMon Oct 07 1991Missing WBS!
1105.0FROIS1::ZIPSTue Oct 08 1991Slide Presentations and other promotional material
1107.03TYSON::KURATAThu Oct 10 1991Where are Ultrix release notes ?
1108.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Oct 10 1991Reuse of expenditures with correction
1109.013STKHLM::LAJIThu Oct 10 1991What's happening on ULTRIX??
1110.01VXCENG::READThu Oct 10 1991Problem getting DECplan to run
1111.09VLNVAX::TSMITHThu Oct 10 1991Performance problem - Very slow if ever response time
1112.010HANNAH::B_COBBThu Oct 10 1991Network links dropping
1113.01STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANFri Oct 11 1991Unable to connect to server
1114.03VINO::VOBASat Oct 12 1991Baroque Print
1115.03NODEX::JENSENMon Oct 14 1991Need to specify amount of time between finish of a task and start of another.
1116.03CFSCTC::NATARAJANMon Oct 14 1991Any recommended procedure on backing of DECplan ?
1118.0STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Oct 16 1991Wish for line-management capabilities
1119.04STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Oct 16 1991Better description of scheduling needed
1120.0CHEFS::MANTEGNARWed Oct 16 1991Error inserting into table
1121.04SUOSW3::BOCKWed Oct 16 1991negotiation and commitment problem
1122.06SIMAN::SERPASWed Oct 16 1991Trying to Delete Nodes and Arcs(Precedence Relationships)
1123.01NODEX::JENSENThu Oct 17 1991Problem copying the T1.1 kit using DFS.
1124.01PLAYER::VANDENEYNDEThu Oct 17 1991dpl$startup.com - unwanted 'feature'
1125.01WAYOUT::CLARKEThu Oct 17 1991Scheduler Continues After Display of Acknowledge Button
1126.02MANIOK::HERTHFri Oct 18 1991Internal Inconsistency - how to recover?
1127.04KBOMFG::KOEHLERFri Oct 18 1991A fatal internal error during startup.
1128.05ASICS::EDMUNDSMon Oct 21 1991Installation fails (SSB version)
1129.05ITSMEE::MEEMon Oct 21 1991Filter and printing problem
1130.07SMAUG::GRAHAMMon Oct 21 1991Scheduling problems after negotiating
1131.03JUNO::HAQUETue Oct 22 1991Why is my security setting being bypassed?
1132.02CSC32::COMULADATue Oct 22 1991Using RDB-EXPERT to tune RDB???
1133.01JUNO::WESTONTue Oct 22 1991Calendar entries disappear from time-slots
1134.03STRAIT::WETTYWed Oct 23 1991DISCONNECT from Database message on OPEN?
1135.01TRCOA::DOSANJHWed Oct 23 1991qs
1136.0TRCOA::DOSANJHWed Oct 23 1991PAK for DECplan Client
1137.01TRCOA::DOSANJHWed Oct 23 1991Customer Evaluation
1138.07CFSCTC::CERNESEThu Oct 24 1991Need Post-Schedule Analysis Aid
1139.01--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 24 1991Invalid context..in scheduling????
1140.01PAOIS::DUROUXThu Oct 24 1991KIT & DOC 1.
1141.0QUICHE::PITTFri Oct 25 1991A "funny" when the client-server connection drops ...
1142.01SAC::STEVENSON_MFri Oct 25 1991Caring for orphaned sub-projects
1143.01SAC::STEVENSON_MFri Oct 25 1991Creating Planners too early
1144.05CARECL::RUDOLPHFri Oct 25 1991Scheduling problem ?
1145.02SAC::STEVENSON_MFri Oct 25 1991Negotiation Prevents task deletion
1146.0SAC::STEVENSON_MFri Oct 25 1991Close Planner Option
1147.01SAC::STEVENSON_MFri Oct 25 1991Global Tailoring Required
1148.03SAC::STEVENSON_MFri Oct 25 1991Gantt chart display not always consistent
1149.01SAC::STEVENSON_MFri Oct 25 1991Changing tasks to sub-projects
1150.04TRCOA::DOSANJHFri Oct 25 1991Unable to Attach to Server
1151.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLFri Oct 25 1991compatability with VIEWPOINT
1152.02HGRDMon Oct 28 1991Entering weekends as calendar exceptions?
1153.02DLO13::BRUSCOMon Oct 28 1991ACCVIO on closing GANTT view
1154.01GIAMEM::DFISHERMon Oct 28 1991COCOMO
1155.05GIAMEM::DFISHERMon Oct 28 1991Filter item - Functional Organization
1156.01HGRDTue Oct 29 1991Scheduling with effort unit as lag in SS
1157.02OLDTMR::LAFLAMMETue Oct 29 1991Access to planners
1158.08KYOA::FRANKTue Oct 29 1991Configurations supported?
1159.03MR1PST::SITKA::WESTTue Oct 29 1991non-functioning scroll bar actions
1160.03DLOPAS::DLO22::BRUSCOTue Oct 29 1991Taking "checkpoints" ?
1161.06JUNO::HAQUEWed Oct 30 1991Error deleting duplicate external task
1162.03VNASWS::GEROLDWed Oct 30 1991Make a choice out of several ressources
1163.02CSC32::COMULADAWed Oct 30 1991Decplan Utilities for conversion??
1165.05SHALOT::LAMPSONWed Oct 30 1991External Resources/Assignments with DECplan/TM
1166.013GEMINI::CULLENWed Oct 30 1991Illegal exterior precedence
1168.0STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Oct 31 1991Server goes into infinite loop (T1.1)
1169.03STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Oct 31 1991Non leaf-tasks in gantt ?
1171.01STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Nov 01 1991Keywords on external resources not copied !
1172.0QUICHE::PITTFri Nov 01 1991V1.1 IVP doesn't cope cleanly with no license PAK
1173.01WELLIN::WALKERBFri Nov 01 1991System Management Training for DECplan?
1174.03LISVAX::MMOREIRAMon Nov 04 1991Hours per day, per week, per month, per year
1175.08BGOMon Nov 04 1991Problem with PAK for V1.1
1176.07BGOMon Nov 04 1991Any alternative to ARTEMIS for big OFFSHORE projects?
1177.02HANNAH::B_COBBMon Nov 04 1991Server dying
1178.03NODEX::JENSENTue Nov 05 1991Cannot modify a WBS arc for a contracted task error.
1179.03BROKE::BISSONTue Nov 05 1991Calendar alarms don't go off
1180.01DLOPAS::DLO22::BRUSCOWed Nov 06 1991Can I move a Planner?
1181.03GEMINI::CULLENWed Nov 06 1991Filter for External Tasks
1182.04JOEKUP::KUPREVICHWed Nov 06 1991PAK usage on a cluster
1183.05SKYLRK::KROMMENHOCKWed Nov 06 1991DECplan data input to ARTEMIS?
1185.0VNASWS::GEROLDThu Nov 07 1991Start on 1-Jan-197
1186.02VNASWS::GEROLDThu Nov 07 1991parsed token not recognized
1187.010OSLThu Nov 07 1991Task specified by effort or duration must have a positive minimum commitment
1188.01JURA::HUDELOTThu Nov 07 1991Crash : trying to expand views in Task CPM Schedule Table
1189.02MCDONL::SIMONIANThu Nov 07 1991Crashing Report request
1190.02MCDONL::SIMONIANThu Nov 07 1991Control Breaks in Reports
1191.04WILARD::SIMONIANThu Nov 07 1991Time Charge Report Assistance
1193.01TRCOA::DOSANJHMon Nov 11 1991SUpernode creation - Access Violation
1194.02AKOFIN::BIBEAULTMon Nov 11 1991Dpl$Client Hangs When Using SET DISPLAY/CREATE/NODE=
1195.05QUICHE::PITTTue Nov 12 1991Two questions on Time Management
1196.03QUICHE::PITTTue Nov 12 1991Request for additional print capability from personal planner
1197.02GLENNA::REILLYTue Nov 12 1991COSTAR - COCOMO Cost Estimation product
1198.04SHALOT::ELLISTue Nov 12 1991VT client on U*X?
1199.02TYSON::KURATAWed Nov 13 1991SSB Kit for Ultrix (client and server) ?
1200.04NODEX::JENSENWed Nov 13 1991Unevaluated predecessors error while scheduling.
1201.03VNASWS::GEROLDThu Nov 14 1991Layout algorithm in WBS ?
1202.02EVOAI2::BOURGESThu Nov 14 1991Virtual database inconsistencies
1203.01BERNThu Nov 14 1991virtual and physical database inconsistencies
1204.01AKO484::FREDAThu Nov 14 1991DPL
1205.04WIZZY2::WIRZBICKIFri Nov 15 1991Getting the Basics Down..
1206.03TYSON::KURATAFri Nov 15 1991Memory address error in Ultrix client
1207.01WIZZY2::WIRZBICKIFri Nov 15 1991-- DECPlan just dumped on me --
1208.015TBB2::CLARK_ROSun Nov 17 1991Filtering problem with time charges?
1209.02IRNBRU::WILSONMon Nov 18 1991V1.
1210.01KETJE::DELAMPERTue Nov 19 1991Ultrix client kit ?
1211.01SUBURB::ATKINSPTue Nov 19 1991Day View- Changing Hours Viewed
1212.03ZENDIA::P$CIGNOTTITue Nov 19 1991VTX PAKs for DECPLAN* don't look right!!
1214.01PUERTO::ORLANDOTue Nov 19 1991How do I delete/edit person resource?
1215.04SCAACT::RUBSAMENWed Nov 13 1991Presentation style Gantt charts
1216.01REGENT::SWOTINSKYThu Nov 21 1991sorting by keyword?
1217.02HANNAH::BOONEThu Nov 21 1991Changing hierarchy numbers?
1218.07HANNAH::BOONEThu Nov 21 1991scaling printout to one page
1219.016DLOPAS::DLO22::RAWLINSThu Nov 21 1991A Shot at Scheduling Rules
1220.08JOEKUP::KUPREVICHThu Nov 21 1991Imported Dates Dont Show?
1221.08JUNO::WESTONFri Nov 22 1991Scheduler is enforcing 3-week vacation!
1225.01DLOPAS::DLO22::RAWLINSFri Nov 22 1991Redefine Keypad?
1226.04BIG::SCHOTTFri Nov 22 1991DECplan Newsletter
1227.01DLOPAS::DLO22::RAWLINSFri Nov 22 1991DPL$PLANNER for multiple Planners?
1228.01CSC32::COMULADAFri Nov 22 1991Changing duration time
1229.01CSC32::COMULADAFri Nov 22 1991Parsing error messages
1230.0--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 22 1991Looking for volunteers for contextual inquiry
1231.04GUCCI::PROSENBAUMSat Nov 23 1991Anyone Running DECplan on a Macintosh??
1232.01STKHLM::MNILSSONSun Nov 24 1991Info missing in doc's
1233.01PUGET::SCHEELMon Nov 25 1991Client-Server via 9.6 KB link performance?
1234.01MUNLEG::MEIERMon Nov 25 1991DECplan/TM: 'create report from table' not working
1235.01ZENDIA::P$CIGNOTTIMon Nov 25 1991DECPLAN won't startup - gives a dump!
1238.01MAIL::KUTZMon Nov 25 1991Clarify note 123
1239.04QUICHE::PITTTue Nov 26 1991Request for newsletter contents page
1240.01STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Nov 26 1991How to reshedule ?
1241.05VNAACT::GEROLDTue Nov 26 1991Feedback from a 2 days course
1242.01EMC2::POGLIANITue Nov 26 1991How to model a Project Leading task ?
1243.04DLOPAS::DLO28::BRUSCOWed Nov 27 1991Gantt Chart with Imbedded Milestones?
1244.07SIMAN::SERPASWed Nov 27 1991"Digital will distribute and support Microsoft ... development tools(...Project)"
1245.08MCDONL::SIMONIANWed Nov 27 1991Relocation of External Resource Steps
1246.03VNAACT::GEROLDThu Nov 28 1991Can we give DPL Newsletter to customers ?
1247.014JURA::MAURELThu Nov 28 1991How correct DB decplan?
1248.04KBOMFG::KOEHLERThu Nov 28 1991Look like every thihg is LOST?
1249.0STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Dec 02 1991Usability concerns
1251.01STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Dec 02 1991Combining scheduling options
1252.02WELLIN::WALKERBMon Dec 02 1991Some System Management Questions
1253.0BBOOP::SCAERMon Dec 02 1991Contextual inquiries being held in NH, MA
1254.01STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Dec 03 1991Delays in "Processing" state
1255.01STARCH::WHALENTue Dec 03 1991Stretchable window doesn't do me any good.
1256.04WILARD::SIMONIANWed Dec 04 1991Person Planner & Project Planner the Same!?
1257.01VNAACT::GEROLDWed Dec 04 1991Creating Subproj gives Milestone in UNB
1258.010SOADCWed Dec 04 1991Personal schedule of tasks and meetings
1259.01WARABI::MCLARENWed Dec 04 1991Can't raise windows under Motif
1260.09MANIOK::HERTHThu Dec 05 1991Original effort - how to be filled?
1261.04AZUR::BODINThu Dec 05 1991How to include a Precedence Network into DOCUMENT?
1262.02VNAACT::GEROLDThu Dec 05 1991Subproj turns into a task
1263.03KYOA::GRADYFri Dec 06 1991Presentation location?
1264.05MLCADG::ANTONANGELIFri Dec 06 1991CASE and Documentation Tools Integration
1265.01CAMONE::BRENNANFri Dec 06 1991Rdb Run Time?
1266.01TASTY::JEFFERYMon Dec 09 1991How to use DECplan for Equipment booking.
1267.02PAOIS::DUROUXTue Dec 10 1991HELP ! error preparing a dynamic sql statement
1268.03BERNWed Dec 11 1991TM Client for MS-Windows ?
1269.011EAYVWed Dec 11 1991Network display out of the window?
1270.01NODEX::JENSENWed Dec 11 1991Why don't the release notes lsit all fixed bugs?
1271.04VNAACT::GEROLDThu Dec 12 1991How to deny access to server ?
1272.03VNAACT::GEROLDThu Dec 12 1991Keywords for a set of planners ?
1273.01VNAACT::GEROLDThu Dec 12 1991Supernode to sum effort ?
1274.01VNAACT::GEROLDThu Dec 12 1991Ressource Load for internal res. only ?
1275.09VNAACT::GEROLDThu Dec 12 1991How to do time charges in reality ?
1276.02VNAACT::GEROLDThu Dec 12 1991'Close View' sometimes insensitive ?
1277.03VNAACT::GEROLDThu Dec 12 1991Force subproj to observe milestone ?
1278.02VNAACT::GEROLDThu Dec 12 1991How is CPM calculated ?
1279.03SUBURB::ATKINSPMon Dec 16 1991Help!! Lost My Planner
1280.012WELLIN::WALKERBTue Dec 17 1991DPL Questions!
1281.02IRNBRU::WILSONTue Dec 17 1991*** EFFORTLESS!.. OR IS IT? ***
1282.01HANNAH::B_COBBTue Dec 17 1991Verify program fix or report?
1283.06EAYVTue Dec 17 1991REPORTS - CPM NETWORK ?
1284.020PAOIS::DUROUXWed Dec 18 1991Low performances in DECplan ??
1285.01DLOPAS::DLO22::RAWLINSWed Dec 18 1991Revision Information Relation
1286.01DLOPAS::DLO22::BRUSCOThu Dec 19 1991Odd Gantt display
1287.0HACMAN::HACKSat Dec 21 1991ULTRIX v1.1FT Client installation problem
1288.02EAYVMon Dec 23 1991Problem with Reports !!!
1289.02MLCADG::ANTONANGELIMon Dec 23 1991Is DECplan standard ?
1290.05FDCV14::HEUSSMon Dec 23 1991CPM schedule being constrained??
1291.05REGENT::SWOTINSKYMon Dec 23 1991When is a week not a week?
1292.01FDCV14::HEUSSMon Dec 23 1991Printing PN's after supernode expansion
1293.05AKOCOA::CLEGGThu Dec 26 1991ULTRIX client security access
1294.0DLOPAS::DLO22::BRUSCOFri Dec 27 1991Milestone Table - Name too large
1296.07BEEDLE::DICKAUThu Jan 02 1992DECplan V1.1 patch -- scheduler/withdraw
1297.01CPCOD::WHITMOREFri Jan 03 1992DECPlan Storage and retrieval
1298.06MSDSWS::WADESun Jan 05 1992task estimated time incorrect in schedule
1299.03DLOPAS::DLO22::BRUSCOMon Jan 06 1992Problem printing Milestone Table
1300.01PRSUD1::KRTOLICATue Jan 07 1992How to access my planners ?
1301.05EVOAI2::BOURGESTue Jan 07 1992pb after instal DECplan V1.1
1302.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOTue Jan 07 1992Scheduling with Overhead
1303.06MARVIN::DAVISONWed Jan 08 1992Importing relationships ?
1304.01PUGET::SIPEWed Jan 08 1992Error:Period precedes profiles first period
1305.01VERN::CARPENTERThu Jan 09 1992Which paks do I need??
1306.01CGOOA::LMILLERThu Jan 09 1992ILKG PAKs
1307.01ATKINS::ATKINSPMon Jan 13 1992How do I save the Server Node Name
1308.09PRSUD1::KRTOLICATue Jan 14 1992IP listener
1309.02AOSG::TAPPANTue Jan 14 1992importing data from macproject?
1310.09BEEDLE::DICKAUTue Jan 14 1992DECplan Callable Manual for Review
1311.06JUNO::WESTONWed Jan 15 1992Random false alarms from DECplan Calendar
1312.01STUDIO::SAULWed Jan 15 1992Mandating external resource to subprojects causes corupt database
1313.0GLDOA::DSMITHThu Jan 16 1992accvio image dpl v1.1-545
1314.07SUBWAY::YATESThu Jan 16 1992Task Table Print Problem
1315.01SUBWAY::YATESThu Jan 16 1992Change Task Name Size?
1316.05BBOOP::SCAERFri Jan 17 1992New precedence dialog box
1317.01GRANPA::DLEADERFri Jan 17 1992Tellaplan projects converted to DECplan?
1318.02REDBRD::KALEEMTue Jan 21 1992DECCPLAN server disappears
1319.01BIG::SCHOTTTue Jan 21 1992Proposed changes to the DECplan V1.2 built in page sizes.
1320.01RUTILE::PRATZ::HOUZEWed Jan 22 1992Some views/options missing
1321.09REGENT::HUMMERSWed Jan 22 1992dpl server hung
1322.02RUTILE::63546::CAGNINWed Jan 22 1992How do I launch the online training?
1323.01UNEVER::NICKERSONWed Jan 22 1992Probelm Creating Child Task
1324.01VAMP::RIGGENThu Jan 23 1992Time Charges for meetings - how to?
1325.07JOEKUP::KUPREVICHThu Jan 23 1992Security settings dont seem to work for us?
1326.01CGOSThu Jan 23 1992DECPlan demos??
1327.09PUGET::SCHEELFri Jan 24 1992Export problem - numeric value too large
1328.07QUICHE::PITTFri Jan 24 1992How do I create a new database?
1329.02MODEL::KEENESat Jan 25 1992DECplan Training Available - MRO2
1330.017MANIOK::HERTHSun Jan 26 1992Cost's and hammock tasks
1331.015HANNAH::BATCHELDERNMon Jan 27 1992A plea for a single comprehensive, authoritative import example
1332.03FDCV14::HEUSSMon Jan 27 1992Issues with switching server nodes...
1333.04GLDOA::DSMITHMon Jan 27 1992two questions - hardcopy gantt/part time tasks
1334.01KARAT::RIGGENMon Jan 27 1992Directly Posting Time Charges
1335.01REDBRD::LANYONMon Jan 27 1992DECplan V1.1 Help Needed
1336.03HSOMAI::COOLEYTue Jan 28 1992Supernode expand causes dump
1337.010MVSXTue Jan 28 19927 day weeks
1338.01LISVAX::MMOREIRAWed Jan 29 1992Training materials
1339.011REGENT::SWOTINSKYWed Jan 29 1992speed ?
1340.02FDCV14::HEUSSThu Jan 30 1992Report Generator, Control Break Computation Problem
1341.04VAMP::RIGGENThu Jan 30 1992Can't print from Task Table view
1342.01IJSAPL::VANGEESTFri Jan 31 1992Personal Planner save settings?
1343.01KETJE::GILARDTue Feb 04 1992WBS numbering
1344.08MRKTNG::GUTIERREZTue Feb 04 1992Connecting to server
1345.01VAMP::RIGGENTue Feb 04 1992Definition of Task Complete
1346.02SMURF::COUTUTue Feb 04 1992Problem creating planners on ULTRIX
1347.01SMURF::COUTUTue Feb 04 1992Can't convert ULTRIX DW Calendar database
1348.04KETJE::GILARDWed Feb 05 1992Schrink option on Gantt Chart print
1349.01RT95::MCDONALDJWed Feb 05 1992View planner assignments
1350.01VAMP::RIGGENWed Feb 05 1992Tasks marked Complete - how to undo?
1351.07IOSG::STANDAGEThu Feb 06 1992Who's Attending? Who Scheduled the meeting ?
1352.06PROMPT::MILLINGThu Feb 06 1992any way to eliminate read_only interference?
1353.02KETJE::GILARDThu Feb 06 1992Plotting a large gantt on A1 paper (HP plotter)
1355.05SUBWAY::YATESFri Feb 07 1992Forecast Dates in Assignments by Resource Report
1356.07VINO::LLAVINFri Feb 07 1992DPL$SERVER V1.1 gets compute-bound
1357.09HANSBC::BACHNERFri Feb 07 1992Server starts looping with lots of I/Os
1358.04MARVIN::WALKERFri Feb 07 1992Sceduling multiple projects - how is it done ?
1359.02EMDS::SOWINSKISun Feb 09 1992Client install Only?
1360.05PJWL::SYSTEMSun Feb 09 1992Alarms and two clients
1361.02BEEDLE::DICKAUMon Feb 10 1992DECplan V1.1-545 patch -- server loop
1362.02BEEDLE::DICKAUMon Feb 10 1992DECplan V1.1-545 patch -- Negotiation
1363.07ZURTue Feb 11 1992DECplan training for support personnel
1364.05VERN::CARPENTERTue Feb 11 1992Client cant access server from all nodes in the cluster
1365.08WOOLCO::SWOTINSKYTue Feb 11 1992can't get to an external task
1366.02TWO21B::GLADTue Feb 11 1992Getting Started
1367.06WOOLCO::SWOTINSKYWed Feb 12 1992Is it possible to modify DEFAULT project calendar?
1368.01BCVAXG::SUNDARIWed Feb 12 1992printing from wbs view
1369.05MR4MI2::MWILSONWed Feb 12 1992Project Planner can't accessed her own Porject
1370.02KARAT::RIGGENWed Feb 12 1992Supernode boxes - how to delete?
1371.01BERNThu Feb 13 1992Decplan calendar problem!
1372.02MR4MI2::MWILSONThu Feb 13 1992Starting Fresh Again with DECplan
1373.0274GL::SHAVERThu Feb 13 1992Which ULTRIX relational databases for DECplan?
1374.03CHOVAX::KURTZFri Feb 14 1992Help installing ULTRIX client
1375.05HANSBC::BACHNERFri Feb 14 1992logical name for server node ?
1376.01KAOFS::LAVOIEFri Feb 14 1992Verification errors
1377.02KERNEL::LOATMon Feb 17 1992More verification problems!
1378.03MARVIN::WALKERMon Feb 17 1992Scheduling multiple plans - calendar exception problem.
1379.07MR4MI2::MWILSONMon Feb 17 1992Configuration Setup for Client/Server DECplan
1380.03BM1GSG::GROLLMANTue Feb 18 1992Planners disappeared from DECplan, V1.1-545
1381.02NOBOZO::WEAVERTue Feb 18 1992Calendar performance and misc gripes
1383.02TLE::RCASE_SMITHThu Feb 20 1992Vacation time not being clear on Gantt charts
1384.03NCBOOT::PILLAIThu Feb 20 1992Stack Dump with DECplan.
1385.06POSEUR::CARRUTHERSThu Feb 20 1992Why would the ULTRIX MIPs client be so slow compare to the VAX client?
1386.01KERNEL::CARLETONLFri Feb 21 1992Kit location for FTP
1387.09BACHUS::BRST1Fri Feb 21 1992system-f-accvio pc
1388.05JOELS::SARENFri Feb 21 1992resources per month
1389.05REGENT::SWOTINSKYFri Feb 21 1992corrupted database?
1390.0AKOCOA::BIBEAULTFri Feb 21 1992Experts Training & Implementation for Finance
1391.02QUIVER::WASHABAUGHMon Feb 24 1992ULTRIX Client and Saving Views
1392.04FDCV14::HEUSSMon Feb 24 1992Problem with sort orders in Reports...
1393.01DSSDEV::LANGONEMon Feb 24 1992How to get new nodes from WBS into a Precedence Network
1394.013DLOPAS::DLO22::BRUSCOTue Feb 25 1992Multiple Hierarchies
1395.02KAOFS::J_MORRISTue Feb 25 1992PS PN "faded pattern" printing...
1396.05ESSB::MCKNIGHTWed Feb 26 1992Entering bank holidays into calendar exceptions
1397.01SMOOT::CSOSWed Feb 26 1992How do I get Total Effort (Duration x Assignments)?
1398.01BERNThu Feb 27 1992Problem with Decplan TM
1399.02BERNThu Feb 27 1992Filter, Hierarchy, print 1.st level
1400.01LAVGOD::SIMONIANThu Feb 27 1992Is a Client License Needed?
1401.03MVSXFri Feb 28 1992estimated dates
1402.05MVSXFri Feb 28 1992Default task effort
1403.08VNASWS::GEROLDFri Feb 28 1992Customer feedback
1405.02BOSTON::GEOFFROYFri Feb 28 1992Report Total Units
1406.05LAVGOD::SIMONIANFri Feb 28 1992Configuraton Recommendation for Customer
1407.09KAOFS::J_MORRISFri Feb 28 1992Help Undeleteable Task
1408.03BIGUN::PRICEMon Mar 02 1992Need integration with CSCS for military use
1409.09FRAOST::THIMMMon Mar 02 1992 Ressource Scheduling?
1410.09KERNEL::LOATMon Mar 02 1992Scheduling with 7 hours/day.
1411.08QUICHE::PITTTue Mar 03 1992Thoughts from a user - wishlist ideas, really!
1412.03DLOPAS::DLO22::BRUSCOTue Mar 03 1992Gantt Chart Titles?
1413.0BEEDLE::DICKAUTue Mar 03 1992Server will not run
1414.01QUICHE::PITTWed Mar 04 1992Accvio in Server ...
1415.02VLOMIS::PARISOTWed Mar 04 1992CPM has not been updated with new WBS tasks
1416.07LEVERS::KIRKWed Mar 04 1992License expired on 1-Mar-92??
1417.01BOSTON::GEOFFROYWed Mar 04 1992Resource Hour Allocation
1418.05VNABRW::HOEFINGER_RWed Mar 04 1992User defined fields ?
1419.03KERNEL::LOATWed Mar 04 1992Calcu;ate BCWS gives blank dates.
1420.01NCBOOT::PILLAIWed Mar 04 1992Printing in DECplan
1421.0THEWAV::CREIGHANWed Mar 04 1992Anyone familiar with Dekker TRAKKER?
1422.02BOSTON::GEOFFROYThu Mar 05 1992Project Scheduling at a Customer Site
1423.01DASMIA::LENOWThu Mar 05 1992connecting planners into a super project
1424.02MSDSWS::VEREGOThu Mar 05 1992Proj. Planner Access Problem
1425.01BERNFri Mar 06 1992Plotter problems, HPGL
1426.07MVSXFri Mar 06 1992Part time on a project
1427.01ISIDRO::SANCHOFri Mar 06 1992unable to connect to the server error
1428.012JURA::THESY::CAGNINMon Mar 09 1992External Tasks do not have dashed-line boxes in PN,
1429.01QUICHE::PITTMon Mar 09 1992Printing problem ...
1430.02MINNY::PFISTERWMon Mar 09 1992New feature DECplan Version 1.2
1431.05CECVMon Mar 09 1992"Banner" printing
1432.010ICS::POLCARIMon Mar 09 1992Decplan compatbile with RDB...
1433.02KERNEL::LOATTue Mar 10 1992Reschedule doesn't recalculate estimated dates correctly.
1434.02JURA::TURET::MAURELTue Mar 10 1992Snapshot and Index
1435.02KERNEL::LOATWed Mar 11 1992Actual dates for resourse loading chart?
1436.06AZUR::RUEBNERWed Mar 11 1992Split task and distributed assignment over time
1437.07JURA::THESY::CAGNINWed Mar 11 1992Problems and remarks on Supernodes in PN
1438.02KAOFS::BOIVINWed Mar 11 1992How do I see an external task's children?
1439.04KETJE::DOMSWed Mar 11 1992A bunch of bugchecks in a day view.
1440.04WYVERN::COMEFORDWed Mar 11 1992How to restrict dates of resource availability?
1441.07MUNLEG::MEIERThu Mar 12 1992Problem with DECplan on shadowed disk?
1443.03GUIDUK::BECKERThu Mar 12 1992Import Planner problems
1444.01THEWAV::LEWThu Mar 12 1992DECPLAN in Secure Environment?
1445.04WYVERN::COMEFORDThu Mar 12 1992Problems in constrained scheduling
1446.08JURA::THESY::CAGNINFri Mar 13 1992Planned days since the beginning
1447.08KERNEL::LOATFri Mar 13 1992I've got the Scheduling Blues!
1448.02IOOHUB::STREITFri Mar 13 1992Specify a relation between tasks?
1449.03VBVFri Mar 13 1992moving tasks between projects
1450.0SAC::RILEYSun Mar 15 1992Microsoft Project 3.
1451.0PETRUS::BRANDLMon Mar 16 1992How to get rid of the subproject 'Flag' ???
1452.05JURA::THESY::CAGNINMon Mar 16 1992Scheduling Tasks in Concurrence with External Projects
1453.013MODEL::POMFRETMon Mar 16 1992Time Charges, BCWS,ACWP,BCWP ?
1454.05DSSDEV::PIANTONIMon Mar 16 1992DECplan's schedule operation goes into an infinite loop
1455.02BUFFER::UNGUREANUMon Mar 16 1992A stackdump - maybe interesting
1456.04BUFFER::UNGUREANUMon Mar 16 1992Where's the "show version"
1457.03CGOOA::DANCHOMon Mar 16 1992OS/2 clients and DECplan
1458.0KOBAL::FERWERDATue Mar 17 1992DECplan V1.1 Ultrix Client Create Planner Hang
1459.07ZURTue Mar 17 1992Clean up Procedure urgently needed
1460.01DSSDEV::PIANTONIWed Mar 18 1992I finally could access a planner !?!
1461.03KERNEL::LOATWed Mar 18 1992Time Charges are COMPLETED but POSTED!
1462.01CSC32::COMULADAWed Mar 18 1992Full RDB or RT only?
1464.05COOCHZ::BECKERThu Mar 19 1992Managing MANY Personal Use Licenses
1465.01DSSDEV::PIANTONIThu Mar 19 1992%DPL-E-INVHANDLE, Internal Error and symbolic stack dump
1466.06BUFFER::UNGUREANUThu Mar 19 1992DPM Standard Project Plan with DECplan
1467.04RAYON::BROOKERNFri Mar 20 1992join the dots
1468.01PEEVAX::GIFFORDMon Mar 23 1992Scheduling with external Milestones!
1469.01KERNEL::LOATMon Mar 23 1992One client stops the other processing!
1470.01KERNEL::LOATMon Mar 23 1992Priority of person planner?
1471.01REGENT::THOMASMon Mar 23 1992Help DPL$VERIFY
1472.01VNABRW::HOEFINGER_RTue Mar 24 1992Costs types ?
1473.01VNABRW::AUMAYR_WTue Mar 24 1992DECplan reference customers
1474.0BBOOP::SCAERTue Mar 24 1992Do you have any short cuts?
1475.04WAYOUT::LOATWed Mar 25 1992How to set up a sponge task?
1476.03VMPIRE::STRYKERWed Mar 25 1992Searching within DECplan Help --> bomb
1477.03VMPIRE::STRYKERWed Mar 25 1992Can't set meeting alarms in V1.1
1478.01EVTDD1::GLONThu Mar 26 1992When a time charge is posted........
1479.04WAYOUT::LOATThu Mar 26 1992Summing BCWS in a report?
1480.03KEMER::GUVENERFri Mar 27 1992ARTEMIS??
1481.01DSTEG::STRUCKFri Mar 27 1992'unable to connect to requested server'
1482.03SCAM::KRUSZEWSKISun Mar 29 1992Contract Information
1483.07ISEQ::DODONNELLMon Mar 30 1992Need help with Time Charges.
1484.0CINDYP::PICCICUTOMon Mar 30 1992Searching for a user in the Mill
1485.03JURA::THESY::CAGNINTue Mar 31 1992Print Filter bug?
1486.01SAILR3::LAVERDURETue Mar 31 1992Task Disappears but it's still there...?
1487.01SWAM1::YEUNG_TITue Mar 31 1992How to show schedule slippage?
1488.01BUFFER::UNGUREANUTue Mar 31 1992stackdump when printing dayviews - interested?
1489.01BUFFER::UNGUREANUTue Mar 31 1992Problem in creating external resource
1490.03PEEVAX::GIFFORDWed Apr 01 1992Server crash when using many planners
1491.04HELIX::WILLCOXWed Apr 01 1992illegal exterior precedence error
1492.03LAPO::BORSIThu Apr 02 1992Client Access Violation when try to start DECplan
1493.01PAULUS::CSCHMIDTThu Apr 02 1992Cost entries are not calculated correctly
1494.01OSLACT::OLAVThu Apr 02 1992Motif?
1495.03SOLVIT::FRASERThu Apr 02 1992Help needed: New user questions
1496.03WIZZY2::WIRZBICKIThu Apr 02 1992Decplan Crashes on User....
1497.016ISIDRO::SANCHOFri Apr 03 1992Printing Problems
1498.0MODEL::CARDUNERFri Apr 03 1992Online training feedback
1499.04MODEL::CARDUNERFri Apr 03 1992"Advanced" DECplan training - what do you need?
1500.04HANNAH::B_COBBTue Apr 07 1992Disable IP listener?
1501.03BERNThu Apr 09 1992Problems with fundamental setup
1502.01ROMThu Apr 09 1992There are DECPLAN API?
1503.02CHOVAX::BICKELThu Apr 09 1992Help on ULTRIX Printing
1504.05VNABRW::ACKERFri Apr 10 1992converting the database ?
1505.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Apr 10 1992What attributes of a task can be inherited?
1506.0POBOX::CONNER_DFri Apr 10 1992Internal contact using DPL on a real project needed
1507.01HGRDSun Apr 12 1992Any DECPLAN-CL PAK for T1.1-545B?
1508.04BIGUN::PRICEMon Apr 13 1992Scheduling & security issues
1509.03OLDTMR::LAFLAMMEMon Apr 13 1992Licensing and accessing server.
1510.01ANNECY::BURCHIANTI_NTue Apr 14 1992request_DECplan
1511.03ACESMK::WILLIAMSTue Apr 14 1992Help needed
1512.04DPDMAI::TATUMTue Apr 14 1992Error deleting from table when assigning resourcess
1513.02MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERTue Apr 14 1992Activities only "doable" during week-ends
1514.05REGENT::THOMASTue Apr 14 1992DPL$SERVER won't stay running
1515.01ANNECY::BURCHIANTI_NWed Apr 15 1992info_decplan
1516.0PEEVAX::GIFFORDThu Apr 16 1992Auto allocate of machines
1517.06KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Apr 16 1992Tasks in active negotiation cannot be deleted
1518.03ACESMK::WILLIAMSThu Apr 16 1992Fatal Internal Error?
1519.02WIZZY2::WIRZBICKISat Apr 18 1992See Note 1496 also.... Same problem
1520.01CUJO::WALTHERMon Apr 20 1992VUP's ...how many?
1521.08MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERMon Apr 20 1992Geographical or logical clustering of tasks
1522.0REGENT::THOMASMon Apr 20 1992DECPLAN WITH V5.5-1
1523.01DLOPAS::DLO28::BRUSCOMon Apr 20 1992Automatically changed filter
1524.04DPDMAI::TATUMMon Apr 20 1992Resource, Task, Start Date view
1526.01WAYOUT::LOATTue Apr 21 1992Critical path doesn't display properly.
1527.01VBVTue Apr 21 1992COPING PLANNERS
1528.02STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Apr 22 1992Error: Period precedes profile's first period
1529.05KEMER::DARUGERWed Apr 22 1992customizing menus?
1530.08MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERWed Apr 22 1992Different server = Different project? Related to topic 1521
1531.06BERNThu Apr 23 1992DPM Tasks
1532.02EVOAI2::BOURGESThu Apr 23 1992manage multiple projects
1533.01MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERThu Apr 23 1992Meaning of the units font in a Gantt chart
1534.0MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERThu Apr 23 1992Unbreakable task
1535.03PBST::RIGGENThu Apr 23 1992Using copy to create new personal planners
1536.01ANNECY::BURCHIANTI_NMon Apr 27 1992question of avaibalities
1537.02HLDGMon Apr 27 1992What are goals for????
1538.02MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERMon Apr 27 1992I have cheated : Start a successor before the predecessor ended
1539.03MODEL::KEENEMon Apr 27 1992Questions from DECplan Training
1540.02SWAM1::HALLMAN_KDMon Apr 27 1992report printing for mult projects
1541.02VBVMon Apr 27 1992filter on precedence network for estimated date?
1542.02DEVMKO::BROWN_JTue Apr 28 1992Two finish dates?
1543.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Apr 29 1992Internal error period preceeds profiles first period.
1544.03ESSB::MCKNIGHTWed Apr 29 1992Precendence network with no resource constraints
1545.01OZROCK::SALAMACHAThu Apr 30 1992Some info on Security...
1546.02VOGON::AWILLIAMSThu Apr 30 1992Install Problem
1547.01CFSCTC::CTCFri May 01 1992Problem installing DECplan in a mixed Rdb configuration
1548.02WIZZY2::WIRZBICKIFri May 01 1992DECPLAN on a VT13
1549.01TRCOA::BROWNFri May 01 1992QSM (Estimator/Tracking & Control Tools) & DECplan
1550.03ESBTST::TINCHERMon May 04 1992Print problem, insufficient privilege
1551.02MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERMon May 04 1992BCWS drawing a lot of resources on the client and the server
1552.02CIVIC::GIBSONMon May 04 1992Report of changes only?
1553.013MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERMon May 04 1992"ACWP Requires completed Time Charges"
1554.01CSC32::COMULADAMon May 04 1992Decplan Requirements??
1555.02MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERMon May 04 1992The two worlds of DECplan: Time Charges table and Task Table
1556.04DLOPAS::DLO28::BRUSCOTue May 05 1992Deleted external problem...
1557.0GLENNA::REILLYTue May 05 1992DECplan V1.2 Phase
1558.02DASMIA::DREWNIAKWed May 06 1992Multi-Project Resource Ghant?
1559.01CIVIC::GIBSONWed May 06 1992Only prints last page of the report
1560.02CGOOA::DTHOMPSONWed May 06 1992See help for more information (Stretch)
1561.02LAVGOD::SIMONIANWed May 06 1992Automatic Precendence generator
1562.03BOSTON::GEOFFROYThu May 07 1992Filter Wild Cards
1563.02VBVThu May 07 1992possible to move database off system disk?
1565.06BOSTON::GEOFFROYThu May 07 1992File Transfer of Extract Files?
1566.03BTOVT::GAGNONDFri May 08 1992Documentation for SYSMGR please....
1567.01BOSTON::GEOFFROYFri May 08 1992Delta Dates
1568.05FORTSC::MAJORSFri May 08 1992Print multiple task descr. lines
1569.0OSLACT::OLAVTue May 12 1992DECplan test specifications?
1570.01KERNEL::LOATWed May 13 1992Filter is too complex!
1571.01ANNECY::BURCHIANTI_NWed May 13 1992can't reach my server
1572.01BERNThu May 14 1992Import a plan from a PC product
1573.07MARSThu May 14 1992ULTRIX Client crashes
1574.0REVIEW::KAKAThu May 14 1992How do we measure up against Microsoft's Project for Windows.
1575.02BACHUS::WILLEMSFri May 15 1992Default priority of server = 6 Why?
1576.01VBVFri May 15 1992Two sets of estimated time for tasks
1577.03KERNEL::LOATMon May 18 1992DPL Client gives fatal error.
1578.05KERNEL::LOATMon May 18 1992Legend on Gantt chart - sometimes!
1579.01KERNEL::LOATMon May 18 1992Item was not created.
1580.0RDGENG::MOAKESRMon May 18 1992Yet more security....
1581.03EVOAI2::BOURGESTue May 19 1992Negotiate Problem: can't Start CA process.
1582.02VNASWS::GEROLDTue May 19 1992Need DPL <-> MS-Project info
1583.01MUDIS3::HROESNERWed May 20 1992Printing Again - URGENT
1584.0335261::KUTZWed May 20 1992other 3rd party estimating tools
1585.01PBST::GROSSMANThu May 21 1992DECplan client/server not robust enough...
1586.06MODEL::KEENEThu May 21 1992Multiple Project Scheduling
1587.02SUBWAY::CELESTINOWed May 27 1992Running Reports outside Decplan
1588.0MODEL::KEENEWed May 27 1992Inheritance - What Data?
1589.0CCAD1Thu May 28 1992Task Assignment and time charge
1590.05MODEL::POMFRETThu May 28 1992Precedence Network Wishes
1591.01MODEL::POMFRETThu May 28 1992DPM Project Plan Cost Reporting
1592.01MODEL::POMFRETThu May 28 1992DPM Project Plan Resource Loading
1593.01THEBAY::JENNINGSThu May 28 1992Roll your own DECchart?
1594.02RNDPIN::NUCKLESFri May 29 1992security system within DECplan
1595.04WARNUT::GUPTAMon Jun 01 1992ssb kit for vms need pointer to the kits
1596.01PAOIS::DUROUXThu Jun 04 1992Licence limitation on a VAX server ?
1597.05KAOFS::BOIVINThu Jun 04 1992%RDMS-I-BUGCHKDMP, V1.1B-545 server keeps crashing...
1598.09JURA::THESY::CAGNINFri Jun 05 1992External Tasks broken after migration to another server node
1599.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Jun 05 1992include/allow for times in date specifications?
1600.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Jun 05 1992How to make custom columns
1601.02MCIS2::BONVALLATFri Jun 05 1992VMSINSTAL-E-BADSPEC error installing V1.1
1602.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Jun 08 1992DECplan/TM why no Gantt Charts....
1603.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Jun 08 1992Resources with common skills.
1604.01CSC32::COMULADAMon Jun 08 1992Patch to RDB 4.
1605.0CSC32::COMULADAMon Jun 08 1992Here's the Patch to RDB4.
1606.04KERNEL::LOATTue Jun 09 1992What views are visable from DECplan/TM?
1607.01ESGWST::MAJORSTue Jun 09 1992RDB/DECplan maintenance
1608.01CSC32::COMULADATue Jun 09 1992TASK TABLE VIEW???
1609.05CGOOA::DTHOMPSONTue Jun 09 1992Can't print Day View
1610.01BAHTAT::64Thu Jun 11 1992DECplan/TM Licencing
1611.02FRMWRK::HAMMERSLEYFri Jun 12 1992Planner access denied - "The requested access has been denied"
1612.0319243::DCOLLENTINEFri Jun 12 1992H E L P PRINTING
1613.01TLE::ZANZERKIAMon Jun 15 1992Novice questions
1614.01SWAM1::HALLMAN_KDMon Jun 15 1992PN font selection??
1615.02CGOOA::DTHOMPSONMon Jun 15 1992Multiple Planners & Icon Names
1616.07AIRONE::MICHENCIGHTue Jun 16 1992Problem with subprojects
1617.011HANNAH::B_COBBWed Jun 17 1992HELP! SERVER died and will not restart
1618.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Jun 17 1992Task allocation..........
1619.01GUIDUK::BECKERThu Jun 18 1992Dumb license question
1620.014DYPSS1::BARTLETTThu Jun 18 1992Internal error:period work exceeds profile's work
1621.04SHALOT::ELLISThu Jun 18 1992a few novice (!) questions
1622.01KERNEL::LOATFri Jun 19 1992Header/Footer on each page of Gantt?
1623.05HANNAH::B_COBBFri Jun 19 1992RDB-E-BAD_DB_FORMAT in log file now
1624.04PRIMES::CONNORSFri Jun 19 1992Server - VMS or ULTRIX ?
1626.07HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Jun 19 1992Gantt chart by resource withOUT task breakdown
1627.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Jun 19 1992overlap in multi-page PostScript output
1628.06HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Jun 19 1992shrink-to-fit printing produces too many pages
1629.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Jun 19 1992simple way to move shared endpoint of many arcs
1630.09HANNAH::SCHULLMANSat Jun 20 1992CPM with constrained resources
1631.04HANNAH::SCHULLMANSat Jun 20 1992actual dates before start date?
1632.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANSun Jun 21 1992would like to SHOW/MODIFY arcs
1633.02BERNMon Jun 22 1992Urgent Problem, Ress. only 1
1634.03AKOCOA::BIBEAULTMon Jun 22 1992PM User Group Forum - TBR (to be rescheduled)
1635.02FRMWRK::STRASENMon Jun 22 1992Is this the Latest Version?
1636.06HANNAH::SCHULLMANMon Jun 22 1992schedule not optimized; critical path not shown
1637.05BERNTue Jun 23 1992DECplan compared with MS-Project
1638.04STARCH::WHALENTue Jun 23 1992A new way to display dates in task table (or wbs, pn, etc)
1640.01ISIDRO::SANCHOWed Jun 24 1992Bugcheck printing Resources:Assigments by Task
1641.0HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Jun 24 1992allow removal of empty Unplaced Node Box
1642.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Jun 24 1992allow generic and VMS values for UPDATE FROM ?
1643.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 24 1992SECOND REQUEST URGENT SECURITY
1644.04BAHTAT::LZOPRB::bellThu Jun 25 1992Error handling ?
1645.010HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Jun 25 1992clarification on precedence types and periods
1646.07HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Jun 25 1992when is a task finished/done ?
1647.05HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Jun 25 1992export/import views, reports, etc.?
1648.04HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Jun 26 1992where is a person's short name in item list?
1649.05KAOFS::J_MORRISFri Jun 26 1992Commitment & PN Parallelism
1650.0KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Jun 29 1992DPL-E-DESELFAI in the server log file.
1651.01AYOU73::CMCLAUGHLANMon Jun 29 1992Constrained Dates ?
1652.06BERNMon Jun 29 1992Different questions, conc. subproj, scheduling
1653.04CSC32::COMULADAMon Jun 29 1992Install Failure
1654.04KAOFS::J_MORRISMon Jun 29 1992Help: 1
1655.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANMon Jun 29 1992date formats and report field widths
1656.01QUICHE::PITTTue Jun 30 1992DECplan client crash ...
1657.05SPESHR::DCOLLENTINETue Jun 30 1992Planners not recognized
1658.02SPESHR::DCOLLENTINETue Jun 30 1992? regard Structure of Tool
1659.04HSOMAI::COOLEYTue Jun 30 1992Infinite negotiation??
1660.02SPESHR::DCOLLENTINETue Jun 30 1992Converting DECwindows calendar
1661.05BERNWed Jul 01 1992WBS structure erase/overwrite
1662.02VINO::LLAVINWed Jul 01 1992How do I move DECPLAN
1663.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Jul 02 1992Importing Planner gives Access Violation.
1664.03KERNEL::LOATFri Jul 03 1992Forcast Finish date disappears.
1665.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANSat Jul 04 1992security & sharing reports, etc. from another planner
1666.02VBVMon Jul 06 1992Gantt Legend....
1667.01BERNTue Jul 07 1992Layout for multiple projects in pn
1668.01KERNEL::LOATTue Jul 07 1992What task is he doing today?
1669.01ANNECY::COULANGE_DWed Jul 08 1992Productivity. Scheduling.
1670.03BUFFER::UNGUREANUWed Jul 08 1992Problem with Charts on Accounting Period Range
1671.01BERNThu Jul 09 1992Server change
1672.014ANNECY::COULANGE_DMon Jul 13 1992Import Calendar Exceptions
1673.06BYTECH::HENDERSONTue Jul 14 1992DECplan compatibility with Rdb V4.1 (mv)
1674.04MUNLEG::MEIERTue Jul 14 1992Importing time charges
1675.05CFSCTC::CHABOTTue Jul 14 1992T1.2 installation problem; QAR entry problem
1676.02WHEELR::WESTMORELANDTue Jul 14 1992Can the RDB database be recovered from IMAGE BKP?
1678.011VINO::LLAVINWed Jul 15 1992has anyone seen this error???
1679.09BOSTON::GEOFFROYWed Jul 15 1992ACWP Question
1680.08BOSTON::GEOFFROYWed Jul 15 1992Cost Performance Report
1681.01MUCTEC::THOMASThu Jul 16 1992How to get a report including many projectplanners
1682.03BOSTON::GEOFFROYThu Jul 16 1992Problem T12: Rollup with multiple time charges
1683.08BOSTON::GEOFFROYThu Jul 16 1992Problem T12: Single Time Charge Problem
1685.01BOSTON::GEOFFROYFri Jul 17 1992T12 Problem: Assignment Window Frozen
1686.0BOSTON::GEOFFROYFri Jul 17 1992DECplan is GREAT
1687.01BOSTON::GEOFFROYFri Jul 17 1992How to Input LAG
1688.07BUFFER::UNGUREANUMon Jul 20 1992No GANTT chart...
1689.07OSLACT::OLAVThu Jul 23 1992Latest RISC ULTRIX kit?
1690.01MUNLEG::MEIERThu Jul 23 1992Legend information on T1.2 printed output
1691.04BOSTON::GEOFFROYFri Jul 24 1992ACWP/BCWP Problems
1692.02LEMAN::GOLON::bezenconMon Jul 27 1992DECplan & Process Control
1693.04BOSTON::GEOFFROYMon Jul 27 1992Anyone Been Able to get ACWP/BCWP Working?
1694.04ANNECY::COULANGE_DTue Jul 28 1992Resource Loading Chart-Unavailable Resource
1695.05MLNTue Jul 28 1992Corruption after changing LAG on ARC ?
1696.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Jul 28 1992Server Looping
1697.02FHOPAS::ECGLD3::SEGNITZTue Jul 28 1992CDD/Repository integration plans??? Hi - CDD/Repository integration plans?? CDD/Repository integration plans?
1698.04TENAYA::MELWANIWed Jul 29 1992ident mismatch
1699.03KERNEL::LOATThu Jul 30 1992Corrupt database?
1700.0PTATO::SOKOLOVSKYFri Jul 31 1992problem openning bookreader decplan books.
1701.02BROKE::HANCKELTue Aug 04 1992Fixing security mistake
1702.02CFSCTC::MONNELLYWed Aug 05 1992question on view
1703.04SEFIThu Aug 06 1992T1.2 Client only installation problem
1704.02BERNFri Aug 07 1992Planner from 1.1 to 1.2
1705.010UHURU::LAMBERTFri Aug 07 1992How to print to known size constraints
1706.07BUFFER::UNGUREANUFri Aug 07 1992Subproject issue
1707.01BUFFER::UNGUREANUFri Aug 07 1992How to delete "ghost" Supernodes in the PN?
1708.03BUFFER::UNGUREANUFri Aug 07 1992Subprojects visible in PN?
1709.07BERNMon Aug 10 1992Version 1.2 for the customer
1710.01BERNMon Aug 10 1992Print Menu: Size in cm
1711.01WSTENG::HICKMANMon Aug 10 1992Removing Server from a node
1712.02VOGON::LANDLESMon Aug 10 1992Fixed-length Resource Allocations ?
1713.01MARX::MCCROSSANMon Aug 10 1992Individual default views possible ?
1714.07OK4ME::PILOTTEMon Aug 10 1992DECPlan with DECWrite
1715.02WHO3Mon Aug 10 1992Server crashes with %DPL-E-NOSELECT
1716.01MQOSWS::F_DICAIREWed Aug 12 1992Reporting per Individual per Day
1717.01CFSCTC::CTCWed Aug 12 1992Can the WBS Graphical View by customized to show the "Custom Hierarchical Number"
1718.01CX3PT2::OBFSKT::G_THROWERWed Aug 12 1992problem with qar system
1719.03BREAKR::WEBERWed Aug 12 1992Server fails, db verify fails & QAR fails
1720.04BERNThu Aug 13 1992Table view print (not all expanded)
1721.05MARX::MCCROSSANThu Aug 13 1992Predicted at Start = Original
1722.01JURA::THESY::CAGNINFri Aug 14 1992Last Scheduled Date for a given planner
1723.04MARX::MCCROSSANFri Aug 14 1992Computed Actual Dates ?
1724.01BERNMon Aug 17 1992external ress. /time reporting
1725.013VNASWS::GEROLDMon Aug 17 1992PC-Client or DPL will die
1726.02CAMONE::MELOMon Aug 17 1992Precedence Graph question
1727.05JURA::THESY::CAGNINTue Aug 18 1992Customizing Reports
1728.06SOLVIT::JKELLEYTue Aug 18 1992RLE (Report Layout Editor) Frustration
1729.05KERNEL::LOATWed Aug 19 1992Install doesn't create database.
1730.06BERNWed Aug 19 1992Import data ->assignments and commitment...
1731.01SOLVIT::JKELLEYWed Aug 19 1992User Documentation Alternataives?
1732.05FORTSC::WILDEWed Aug 19 1992problems installing t1.2
1733.04VISUAL::DIAMONDWed Aug 19 1992Database compatability issues
1734.01BROKE::LONGFELLOWFri Aug 21 1992problem after upgrade to Rdb 4.
1735.02SOLVIT::JKELLEYFri Aug 21 1992Documentation - data element "what/where used?"
1736.02ISOISA::HAKKARAINENFri Aug 21 1992Stickup stays stuck
1737.03SOLVIT::JKELLEYFri Aug 21 1992RLE: Planner/Task Name reporting
1738.02CHENG6::ENDERTue Aug 25 1992Import Data: Time Charges
1739.01WOTVAX::MEAKINSTue Aug 25 1992Noddy user's guide
1741.01ISEQ::DODONNELLThu Aug 27 1992Scheduling Backwards
1742.01BERNFri Aug 28 1992Import resource planner
1743.03QUIVER::WASHABAUGHMon Aug 31 1992ULTRIX Print problem on latest kit
1744.01BERNTue Sep 01 1992CPM scheduling /deassign ress.
1745.0ODIXIE::YOSTWed Sep 02 1992Demo resource request
1746.03MODEL::POMFRETWed Sep 02 1992Importing a set of Ext Resources
1747.03SOLVIT::JKELLEYFri Sep 04 1992Date Documentation and Discussion
1748.08BERNMon Sep 07 1992Multiple project ->res. loading
1749.05CHENG6::ENDERTue Sep 08 1992Problem Deleting from Database
1750.02CFSCTC::CTCWed Sep 09 1992Cannot open reports in Reports Dialog box
1751.01COSCOB::BINGHAMWed Sep 09 1992Assign resources to portions of tasks
1752.02OZROCK::MCCANEThu Sep 10 1992DECplan V1.1B crash
1753.03OZROCK::MCCANEThu Sep 10 1992DECplan V1.1B Table sorting problem
1754.05EHVVS5::PALOThu Sep 10 1992Internal Error: Routine was passed an invalid context handle
1755.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHThu Sep 10 1992Security problem, RDO fix does not seem to work for me [HELP!]
1756.03JURA::THESY::CAGNINFri Sep 11 1992Scheduling with Observe Actual Data and Priorities
1757.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRSun Sep 13 1992PX graphics card and Gantt charts.
1758.011HLDGMon Sep 14 1992Introduction to DECplan
1759.02POLAR::HUTCHMon Sep 14 1992No UID server startup fatal
1760.01I8BEVO::FINDLEYTue Sep 15 1992Inputs to DECplan from an application?
1761.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Sep 16 1992Is the DPL$DATABASE corrupt.......
1762.02CSC32::COMULADAThu Sep 17 1992Micrvax39
1763.03CSC32::COMULADAThu Sep 17 1992HELP/MB1 on Ultrix?
1764.02MODEL::NEWTONThu Sep 17 1992DECplan Scheduling Dictionary
1765.01F18::GOEKEThu Sep 17 1992How do you do "what if" scenarios?
1766.04SOADC::STREMICKThu Sep 17 1992Column Names, Object Types for Importing
1767.01CFSCTC::HAMMERSLEYFri Sep 18 1992DPL$SERVER using 1
1768.03BUFFER::UNGUREANUFri Sep 18 1992Reporting project costs along accounting periods - what's wrong?
1769.06JUPITR::COOMBSFri Sep 18 1992DPL
1770.03LYOMon Sep 21 1992Creating external ressource
1771.09YAMS::SCHOTTTue Sep 22 1992Attention T1.2 users who PLOT
1772.02716917::ROBERTWed Sep 23 1992DECplan CBI Error
1773.05LUXFri Sep 25 1992Standard Presentation available ?
1774.07NODEX::HOLMESMon Sep 28 1992Invalid Item List error on Print
1775.02CIGRBX::VANPROOYENTue Sep 29 1992Misc. DECplan questions from a novice
1776.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Sep 29 1992Resource loading charts - too much information displayed
1777.01STARCH::WHALENTue Sep 29 1992Broken database?
1778.04EHVVS5::PALOTue Sep 29 1992Another crash
1779.05EHVVS5::PALOWed Sep 30 1992Help with names in meetings -- should be resources not planners !(?)
1780.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Oct 02 1992Fixed up unaligned data access for pid 287 (dpl_client) at pc
1781.02BUFFER::UNGUREANUMon Oct 05 1992How to regain WRITE access to planner
1782.03CSC32::COMULADAMon Oct 05 1992Creates no .PS
1783.05SPECXN::NAUGHTONTue Oct 06 1992Install failed - Message number
1784.02BERNWed Oct 07 1992Error getting from table
1785.07AYOV27::LTALBOTWed Oct 07 1992Help with use of Time Conversion Factor
1786.03GYPSC::DASCHNERWed Oct 07 1992Does V1.2 SUPPORT VaxStation 4
1787.01ZURThu Oct 08 1992RMS-E_WLK, device rurrently write locked on CD Ins
1788.01METZ::PAWLOWSKIThu Oct 08 1992DECplan and network object ??
1789.02MUCTEC::THOMASFri Oct 09 1992Latest DECplan kits and VMS T6.
1790.05KAOOA::STRAYMon Oct 12 1992Scheduling error after upgrading to 1.2
1791.01BERNWed Oct 14 1992Plot-queue
1792.04GYPSC::DASCHNERWed Oct 14 1992Problems with bookreader files (V1.2)
1793.03BUFFER::UNGUREANUThu Oct 15 1992Need a report on resource costs - Please advice!
1794.06MUNLEG::MEIERFri Oct 16 1992wrong schedule for duration-type task
1795.01BERFS4::SARANTISFri Oct 16 1992decplan v1.1 ivp fails with BUGCHECK
1796.09SQM::KOZIKOWSKIFri Oct 16 1992Interoperability with ULTRIX VAX DECwindows server
1797.02CFSCTC::CTCFri Oct 16 1992WBS Parent in import data file causes problems on a second import
1798.01LARVAE::GRAYFri Oct 16 1992V1.2 Instal Failure
1799.02BUFFER::UNGUREANUMon Oct 19 1992Some little SQL problem - just in case ...
1800.04KERNEL::LOATTue Oct 20 1992Automatic time charge posting isn't!
1801.011QUICHE::PITTTue Oct 20 1992"Row is out of selection results range" error while printing
1802.02PAOIS::KRTOLICATue Oct 20 1992PAK for V1.
1803.07MARX::MCCROSSANTue Oct 20 1992A problem that is growing exponentially...
1804.05BERNWed Oct 21 1992Time charges not recognized by ACWP calculation
1805.01NSDC::SALAThu Oct 22 1992System account have not access after migration to another node
1806.03QUICHE::PITTThu Oct 22 1992Is V1.2 actually T1.2?
1807.04GYPSC::DASCHNERThu Oct 22 1992Problems with negotiation
1808.02KERNEL::LOATMon Oct 26 1992Scheduling - early/late mismatch
1809.02SAC::STEVENSON_MMon Oct 26 1992Can't link to external resources
1810.01CHENG6::ENDERMon Oct 26 1992Help! Error when Scheduling
1812.06LAVGOD::SIMONIANTue Oct 27 1992Customer Questions for RFP
1813.01OSLLAV::HAAKONW_PTue Oct 27 1992Server and Client crash under DECplan V1.2
1814.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Oct 28 1992Errors received on Fileview......
1815.01CSC32::COMULADAWed Oct 28 1992Install fails
1816.09DLOPAS::DLO22::BRUSCOWed Oct 28 1992Export/Modify/Import Planner
1817.03KERNEL::LOATWed Oct 28 1992Bad display on DECstation 52
1818.05GYPSC::DASCHNERWed Oct 28 1992What if analysis: resource loading
1819.0LAVGOD::SIMONIANFri Oct 30 1992Concurrent Licenses are coming
1820.02BERNMon Nov 02 1992Problem with precedance tables
1821.010BERNMon Nov 02 1992Various demands for the next version of DECplan from customers
1822.04STRASB::HONORETue Nov 03 1992V1.2: unable to connect to....
1823.06STRASB::HONOREWed Nov 04 1992a DEC OSF/1 version ????
1824.07AYOV29::DBROWNWed Nov 04 1992Help for a novice with negotiation
1825.03RAGS::KUSCHERWed Nov 04 1992Reports and Filtering out certain Tasks and Time Charges
1826.010KYOA::LAZARUSThu Nov 05 1992User can't create Postscript
1827.06MKFSB1::ROYALFri Nov 06 1992Variable Effort Tasks ???
1828.01CSC32::COMULADAFri Nov 06 1992Errors Doing Verify
1829.02RAGS::KUSCHERFri Nov 06 1992Time Charge Posting
1830.0EEMELI::TAVIWed Nov 11 1992Futures of DECplan ?
1831.01KERNEL::LOATFri Nov 13 1992Negotiating multiple assignments fails.
1832.08UTOPIA::BOYACKFri Nov 13 1992WBS view crashes DPL
1833.04KERNEL::LOATMon Nov 16 1992Problem creating external subproject.
1834.0JURAN::HILLMon Nov 16 1992Printing Causes Access Violation
1835.02KERNEL::LOATMon Nov 16 1992Effort/rate chart problem.
1836.05TRCU11::WEISSTue Nov 17 1992Reference Sites for DECplan
1837.02DLOPAS::DLO22::BRUSCOWed Nov 18 1992DECplan V1.2 Startup Fail - global page table is full
1838.04AIRONE::MICHENCIGHThu Nov 19 1992Problems installing V1.2
1839.03MARX::MCCROSSANThu Nov 19 1992V1.2 stack dumps seemingly related to Gantt Charts
1840.01CRONIC::BUCKSHAWThu Nov 19 1992Ultrix client to run DECplan T1.2-68
1841.016PEELER::DEHOLLANFri Nov 20 1992Everything you need to know about Import/Export
1842.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Nov 23 1992DECplan V1.2 - Time charges are always mandated.
1843.03DLOPAS::DLO22::BRUSCOTue Nov 24 1992PN Print Problem in V1.2
1844.01LAVGOD::SIMONIANTue Dec 01 1992TIMELINE and Primavera vs. DECplan
1845.01UHURU::LAMBERTTue Dec 01 1992Cooperating components w/incompatible versions error
1846.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Dec 04 1992Internal error period load preceeds profiles period load
1847.02QUICHE::PITTFri Dec 04 1992How do I create a new database?
1848.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Dec 08 1992Time charges do not pick up Default name if left blank.
1849.01XCUSME::COUCHTue Dec 08 1992After Install v1.1b - Unable to connect to server
1850.03WOOK::LEETue Dec 15 1992RDSBUGCHK.DMP files since upgrading to RDB V4.
1851.0CECEHV::JAGERMANThu Dec 17 1992What should the DPL$SERVER account look like?
1852.012KERNEL::LOATThu Dec 17 1992Resources and minimum committment.
1853.02MODEL::LOVEJOYWed Dec 23 1992Time Charges & like task names across projects
1854.0GIDDAY::KINGSMILLSat Dec 26 1992DFECplan Client Concurrent use license
1855.06KERNEL::LOATTue Jan 05 1993Ultrix client cannot connect to VMS server
1856.04AYRPLN::ASISTue Jan 05 1993Help deciding to use DECPLAN & Getting started
1857.02KERNEL::LOATWed Jan 06 1993Negotiations in 'In progress' State.
1858.0CRONIC::LIVINGSTONEThu Jan 07 1993Is eXcursion access to DECplan a supported way to use it on a PC?
1859.04VINO::ESCHOTTMon Jan 11 1993DECplan wins a Target Award!
1860.012OZROCK::MCCANEWed Jan 13 1993Problem with "Shrink to Fit on"
1861.03CFSCTC::CTCFri Jan 15 1993Access Violation on Operations pulldown from DECplan/TM
1862.01MEOCMon Jan 18 1993Costs don't calc for effort unit of days
1863.03MUNLEG::MEIERMon Jan 18 1993Cannot open PN view with Rdb 4.1
1864.0CECEHV::PALOMon Jan 18 1993problem with tasks changing to parent task when already with assigned external resource
1865.06CSC32::COMULADATue Jan 19 1993Filter time charges
1866.03CHIPS::PAGEWed Jan 20 1993DPL process keeps dying
1867.010MRKTNG::UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Jan 25 1993update external task: %DPL-E-DESELFAI
1868.0VINO::TLITTMon Jan 25 1993Alarms, again
1869.04VNASWS::GEROLDMon Jan 25 1993Tasks with costs but no duration ?
1870.01MUNLEG::MEIERWed Jan 27 1993SYSTEM access for non-SYSTEM account?
1871.03CSC32::COMULADAWed Jan 27 1993Verify Errors
1872.02KERNEL::LOATWed Jan 27 1993Displaying on VS4
1873.0TANJ::JONThu Jan 28 1993Drop index causes error.
1874.012FDCV14::HEUSSThu Jan 28 1993Problem with constrained schedules using an external resource
1876.01TOOK::CLEVELANDTue Feb 02 1993Catch-22 converting from VAXPM on server-only node
1877.012LARVAE::GRAYTue Feb 02 1993DPL$DW.UID is missing or corupted
1878.03KERNEL::WILESLWed Feb 03 1993Table ETSK in DPL$DATABASE
1879.011KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Feb 04 1993ROLLUP with V1.2
1880.0RHETT::HILLThu Feb 04 1993ULTRIX Server?
1881.05HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Feb 05 1993milestone arc lag in calendar (vs. work) days ?
1882.01VNASWS::GEROLDWed Feb 10 1993DECplan futures ?
1883.012VNASWS::GEROLDWed Feb 10 1993Error creating planner
1884.02CSC32::COMULADAWed Feb 10 1993Print creates only a .ddif
1885.05JURA::SYSTEMThu Feb 11 1993install 1.2 failure on "DROP INDEX SIDX_OBE_SP"
1886.03KAOU93::FALARDEAUFri Feb 12 1993Time charge problem
1887.0CSC32::COMULADAFri Feb 12 1993ECO-1 for DECplan v1.2
1888.04AUSSIE::BELLSun Feb 14 1993DECplan want to give extra "holidays"
1889.013FRAIS::ORCHIS::MAASSTue Feb 16 1993Problems with DECplan V1.2/German
1890.01FDCV14::HEUSSTue Feb 16 1993Day View problems after V1.2 installation
1891.010VNASWS::GEROLDWed Feb 17 1993Customer and DPL futures revisited
1892.05VNASWS::GEROLDWed Feb 17 1993Time charges for tasks with the same name ?
1893.02VNASWS::GEROLDWed Feb 17 1993GANTT always starts today
1894.0VNASWS::GEROLDWed Feb 17 1993Finding free time gaps for person ressources ?
1895.04VNASWS::GEROLDWed Feb 17 1993Ext Tasks still dashed ?
1896.01VNASWS::GEROLDWed Feb 17 1993How to roll up costs ?
1897.02VNASWS::GEROLDWed Feb 17 1993Cannot import simple table
1898.0VNASWS::GEROLDWed Feb 17 1993API to bridge the gap ?
1899.03MODEL::KEENEWed Feb 17 1993Setting a Task to non-interruptable?
1900.01CECEHV::PALOThu Feb 18 1993More crashes with DB__VDBNOTIFYMG
1901.06KERNEL::LOATFri Feb 19 1993Ultrix client killed on unaligned access.
1902.03YAKKA::KEMPMon Feb 22 1993Fastrack for MAC and DECplan???
1903.02VNASWS::GEROLDMon Feb 22 1993How to proceed with DPL questions ?
1904.01CSC32::COMULADATue Feb 23 1993Does HPGL really work??
1905.01MODEL::LOVEJOYWed Feb 24 1993Another HP plot problem
1906.0LEMAN::SUBRITue Mar 02 1993V1.1B-545 crash with VA=
1907.04EEMELI::PAKKANENTue Mar 02 1993HPGL file generation problems
1908.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Mar 03 1993Print differences after upgrade ?
1909.02CVG::CIARALDIWed Mar 03 1993Need some help with server problems
1910.03CSC32::COMULADAMon Mar 08 1993Supernode in PN contracts prior to print
1911.03CSC32::COMULADAMon Mar 08 1993Does actula dates include weekends.
1913.02MLNADWed Mar 10 1993Now that we know DECplan HAS a future...
1914.0ESOA12::ORRThu Mar 11 1993help with customer questions...
1915.01SUOSW4::AMMANNThu Mar 11 1993Can' t delete my planner
1916.04KERNEL::LOATFri Mar 12 1993Cannot open Precedence Network
1917.02CFSCTC::BASLIN::RYANFri Mar 12 1993PostScript output not printing on ULTRIX
1918.03CSC32::COMULADAFri Mar 12 1993Accounting periods not correct
1919.02CSC32::COMULADATue Mar 16 1993Plotter overprinting
1920.0CSC32::COMULADAThu Mar 18 1993Plotter prints size gets smaller?
1921.01OZROCK::MCCANEMon Mar 22 1993Moving Server to a new node
1922.01OSLHW::HAAKONW_PWed Mar 24 1993Decplan V1.2 , dpl$server accvio after upgrade.
1923.02LARVAE::DRSD12::PATTISON_MWed Mar 24 1993DPL$SERVER crashing with DPL-E-NOSELECT & stack dump
1924.08SELKRK::MARSANWed Mar 31 1993Ultrix Goal Table problem parenting on V1.2
1925.01MLNADThu Apr 01 1993DECplan to DECwrite
1926.02DELNI::MCGORRILLWed Apr 07 1993DECplan1.1b & RDB4.2?
1927.02SELKRK::MARSANThu Apr 08 1993DPL$VerifyDatabase virtual database inconsistencies detected
1928.01CHIPS::PAGEFri Apr 09 1993Dpl$server process keeps crashing
1929.0CECEHV::PALOMon Apr 12 1993VDB$$GetObjectProperty traceback
1930.04VNAWed Apr 14 1993DECplan 1.2 /German crashes when doing a show version
1931.02CECEHV::PALOWed Apr 14 1993%DPL-E-NOTFOUND, Selected item could not be found or specified filter finds no items
1932.01MUCTEC::APPSThu Apr 15 1993DPL$VERIFYDATABASE reports errors - what next?
1933.04OZROCK::SALAMACHAFri Apr 16 1993Unable to create project planner
1934.02MUCTEC::APPSFri Apr 16 1993?? Effort type Sponge - a little help, please!
1935.0BERNFri Apr 16 1993Install fails, invalid device
1936.01FRSOLD::ORCHIS::MAASSMon Apr 19 1993More problems with DECplan V1.2/German, partially solved
1937.0OZROCK::MCCANETue Apr 20 1993Problem rolling up in WBS - It asked me to submit a QAR, but ...
1938.04GIDDAY::KINGSMILLSat Apr 24 1993Seperate Report line items with a line
1939.02CECEHV::PALOMon Apr 26 1993FALSE, file DPL$$BUILD_ROOT:[X
1940.03CSC32::COMULADAMon Apr 26 1993ACCESSVIO during Preview Print
1941.05PLAYER::HERICKXWed Apr 28 1993Error during DPL database conversion
1942.03JURAN::WATSONWed Apr 28 1993Need RDO or SQL help to delete external tasks
1943.02PLAYER::HERICKXTue May 04 1993QAR and SPR accounts
1944.02VNASWS::637Wed May 05 1993Making connections in the PN easier ??
1945.02JURAN::SYSTEMThu May 06 1993DECPLAN DUMPING....
1946.01JURAN::SYSTEMFri May 07 1993NO DPL$CA_
1947.03CFSCTC::CTCFri May 07 1993Don't create a planner with an percent sign % in it
1948.01PLAYER::HERICKXWed May 12 1993DECplan upgrade to V1.2 and process quota fault for DPL$SERVER account
1949.01CSC32::COMULADAThu May 13 1993Wollongong TCPIP??
1950.0CECEHV::PALOFri May 14 1993(status == NetedSCsuccess), file DPL$$BUILD_ROOT:[X
1951.06BERNTue May 18 1993problem with supernodes
1952.04RAGS::KEENANThu May 27 1993Need basic help
1953.03CAPVAX::ROYALTue Jun 01 1993Specifying Default Work Effort Units Problem?
1954.01SICVAX::TIMMINSTue Jun 01 1993Methodology? (At DECplans's Roots...)
1955.04RAGS::KEENANWed Jun 02 1993Where is renumber all ?
1956.01CSC32::COMULADAThu Jun 03 1993Default on "Effort" really work?
1957.01TBATF::CLARK_ROThu Jun 03 1993Report Problems
1958.02TBATF::CLARK_ROThu Jun 03 1993ACWS Issues
1959.0MR4DEC::LYSAKOWSKIFri Jun 04 1993PC and Mac Client Availability??
1960.09ISLNDS::YOUNGWed Jun 09 1993Plans for DECplan?
1961.08MTITAN::FREWINThu Jun 10 1993PROBLEM Creating External Projects
1962.07JURA::THESY::CAGNINThu Jun 17 1993Problems with sponge and hammock
1963.05JURA::THESY::CAGNINThu Jun 17 1993Constrained early/late start not respected without higher priority
1964.01USHSFri Jun 18 1993Phantom resources??
1965.04AUSSIE::CAMERONMon Jun 21 1993X-Timesheets - A Work Recording Tool
1966.05SOLVIT::JKELLEYMon Jun 21 1993Gantt Selection Day of Week in Heading
1967.0MODEL::NEWTONMon Jun 21 1993PMF Notes file
1968.02GIDDAY::BRODRIBBTue Jun 22 1993Precedence granularity to 1 hour ?
1969.02SOLVIT::JKELLEYWed Jun 23 1993Print Performance and View Vs. Report Question
1970.01VNOTSC::RANISCHFri Jun 25 1993DPL$MSGSHR is not installed on client
1971.03OZROCK::GROHNMon Jun 28 1993Performance tips
1972.01CSC32::COMULADATue Jun 29 1993Delivered and Completed assignments...
1973.02SOLVIT::JKELLEYWed Jun 30 1993Gantt date columns - correct year dates?
1974.01SOLVIT::JKELLEYFri Jul 02 1993Gantt/Report synchronization - weeks vs. months
1975.03SOLVIT::JKELLEYWed Jul 07 1993Documentation: "Time Manager" and Newsletter 2+?
1976.02OZROCK::MCCANEThu Jul 08 1993DECnet Vs TCP/IP Transport
1977.02SOLVIT::JKELLEYThu Jul 15 1993WBS hierarchical Number "reset"?
1978.08CSC32::COMULADAMon Jul 19 1993Unable to display client
1979.01SUPER::SYSTEMTue Jul 20 1993decplan v1.2 install failed
1980.04CSC32::COMULADAThu Jul 22 1993PC users get bugchecks?
1981.07KERNEL::LOATTue Aug 03 1993Invisable planners?
1982.04SELKRK::MARSANTue Aug 10 1993Task Lost and can't be found
1983.06KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Aug 10 1993When viewing a Gnatt Chart the Task Names do not line up.
1984.05SMURF::OZROCK::MCCANEWed Aug 11 1993Graphics editor error
1985.03CSC32::COMULADAWed Aug 11 1993How to ID a external task in a PN
1986.01CSC32::COMULADAFri Aug 13 1993Actual dates won't enter
1987.015WAYOUT::TALBOTMon Aug 16 1993Ganntt chart printing blues
1988.06WOODRO::JKELLEYWed Aug 18 1993SQL - Report Filter Errors - workaround?
1989.05TRIGG::VOGELWed Aug 25 1993Upcoming versions?
1990.04WOODRO::JKELLEYWed Aug 25 1993Source of "Assignment Description" for Verify Assg
1991.0WOODRO::JKELLEYThu Aug 26 1993Printing - scaling multiple pages w/Gantt Chart
1992.0OZROCK::MCCANEMon Aug 30 1993Program Management Facility??
1993.09OZROCK::MCCANEThu Sep 09 1993Can't copy planners after RDB upgrade
1994.04BM1GSG::GROLLMANMon Sep 13 1993RDSBUGCHK when converting from V1.1 to V1.2
1995.06CSC32::COMULADAWed Sep 15 1993PN won't print expanded supernodes
1996.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Sep 16 1993Task Status - DECplan V1.2
1997.01ZURFri Sep 17 1993RDB-E-BAD_DB_FORMAT when installing V1.2
1999.0MODEL::KEENEMon Sep 27 1993Questions from customers
2000.01OSLTue Sep 28 1993Stack dump when pointing at the Options menu
2001.04CSC32::COMULADAThu Sep 30 1993Problems using Rollup after setting committed dates
2002.03GUIDUK::BECKERThu Sep 30 1993Anyone using the API out there?
2003.01UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Oct 01 1993Gantt chart, filter and printing
2004.02DRSERC::ROBERTTue Oct 05 1993
2005.06WAYOUT::TALBOTMon Oct 11 1993Time Charges going into Processing mode
2006.04SOLVIT::JKELLEYThu Oct 14 1993Week View in Personal Planner?
2007.011CECEHV::PALOWed Oct 20 1993V2.
2008.02OSLThu Oct 21 1993Questions on reports
2009.03OSLThu Oct 21 1993Creating a new planner with the same name as one that has been deleted
2010.01SOLVIT::JKELLEYMon Nov 01 1993Custom Text 1/2 content not reported?
2011.02OSLAGE::AGE_PWed Nov 03 1993DPL$SERVER crash, AGAIN!
2012.03UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Nov 09 1993Access violations after move
2013.0OSLTue Nov 09 1993Global buffers useful in DECplan ?
2014.01OSLTue Nov 09 1993URGENT: Response time gets worse and worse as we proceed
2015.01XCUSME::LACROIXThu Nov 18 1993DPL SERVER fatal error
2016.0IJSAPL::BROUWERSFri Dec 10 1993DEcplan for VMS ?
2017.01GIDDAY::QUODLINGTue Dec 14 1993DECPlan DOC Printing...
2018.03OSLACT::BJARNEC_PWed Dec 15 1993Can not see REPEAT meetings from Meeting Table menu
2019.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Dec 23 1993Couldn't find frame csh PRV
2020.03CSC32::COMULADAWed Jan 12 1994Milestones shows up with line thru it
2021.03STRYKR::S_STRYKERThu Jan 13 1994Any way to get default assignments and negotiations?
2022.01OPENED::LIBOVESun Jan 16 1994Character cell terminal interface to calendar functions?
2023.01SOLVIT::JKELLEYWed Jan 19 1994Maximum Length Custom Text Column?
2024.02CSC32::COMULADAThu Jan 20 1994Decplan defaults factor values
2025.0CSC32::COMULADAFri Jan 21 1994Using 'FIND' button in Day View
2026.012WAYOUT::TALBOTFri Jan 28 1994Unable to connect to requested server
2027.01COLBIS::SITZERTue Feb 08 1994HPGL on CalComp
2028.05UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Feb 08 1994Error getting from table
2029.04KERNEL::LOATWed Feb 09 1994Scheduling, and server looping.
2030.01BAHTAT::CHRISTENSENMon Feb 21 1994Product Manager
2032.02CSC32::COMULADAMon Mar 14 1994Printing using Custom Hierarchy Numbers
2033.02SOLVIT::JKELLEYThu Mar 17 1994Unplaced List Entries AFTER Initial Creation
2034.06EEMELI::TAVITue Mar 29 1994DEC OSF/1 AXP kit ?
2035.01ROCCER::SYSTEMTue Mar 29 1994DECPlan - User Move to Another System
2036.01SOLVIT::JKELLEYTue Mar 29 1994Shaded Nodes // CPM Assignment Annotation ?
2037.02SOLVIT::JKELLEYWed Apr 13 1994Move Customized Reports Planner A to Planner B?
2038.01BERFS4::SARANTISMon Apr 25 1994DECplan what about cluster licensing
2039.09PIPE::PINETTEThu May 19 1994Customer questions, directions customer questions, future directions
2040.0CSC32::COMULADAMon Jun 06 1994Creating sibling or child in tabel view causes 'error opening cursor'
2041.0SUOSWS::DREWSWed Jun 15 1994Can't mandate tasks to external resoures
2042.02CSC32::COMULADAMon Jun 20 1994Ultrix Client Info
2043.02SMBIII::FRECHETTETue Jul 12 1994Can not create planner
2044.01SOLVIT::JKELLEYMon Jul 18 1994Restore Planner From System Backups?
2045.01AUSSIE::BELLTue Aug 23 1994
2046.01CSC32::COMULADAWed Aug 24 1994Info Model ???
2047.0CSC32::COMULADAFri Aug 26 1994Where to place dpl$startup.com on VMS6.1 's systartup_vms.com
2048.0GENIE::TANNERMon Sep 12 1994DECPLAN German 1.2 supported for VMS 6.1 (VAX) ?
2049.0GENIE::TANNERTue Sep 27 1994Product Manager please
2050.02GENIE::TANNERThu Sep 29 1994Dead Conference ??
2051.03CNTRT2::RYANThu Jan 19 1995DECplan V1.2A kit announcement
2052.01AXPMCS::BRUTTINTue Feb 07 1995Kit DPLMUPA
2053.01LEMAN::LA_GIOIAMon Mar 13 1995v1.2a supported ???
2054.03DYPSS1::DYSERTWed Apr 05 1995How to de-install?
2055.0CSC32::COMULADATue Sep 19 1995DECPLAN 1.2a license
2056.0CFSCTC::STRAIGHTFri Oct 27 1995DECplan to AutoPlan Migration?
2057.0MUNICH::DONNERTue Feb 06 1996Help needed on a customer problem