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Conference clt::decdesign

Notice:DECdesign Kits are **NOT** available - See note 1475.1
Created:Wed Aug 01 1990
Last Modified:Thu May 01 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1500
Total number of notes:6692
Number with bodies:3
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1.03CQ::REHBERGWed Aug 01 1990Scope and Purpose of this conference
2.025CQ::REHBERGFri Aug 03 1990KIT Announcements - For Kit Availability, See note 1475.1
3.02CQ::REHBERGFri Aug 03 1990Information about use of Keywords in this Conference
4.03CQ::REHBERGFri Aug 03 1990Customization Policy for DEcdesign
5.05ALICAT::MACKAYMon Aug 06 1990PAK question from non-US user
6.03SHARON::BURLINGAMEMon Aug 06 1990DECdesign first impressions and wishlist items
7.03SHARON::BURLINGAMEMon Aug 06 1990Request for Visible Grid
8.05SHARON::BURLINGAMEMon Aug 06 1990More connect points on some icons
9.02SHARON::BURLINGAMEMon Aug 06 1990Change type of icon in place
10.01SHARON::BURLINGAMEMon Aug 06 1990Move connector request
11.05SHARON::BURLINGAMEMon Aug 06 1990Need connector labels to move with it
12.03SHARON::BURLINGAMEMon Aug 06 1990Wish: Coonect to point off screen
13.01SHARON::BURLINGAMEMon Aug 06 1990Question: hiding objects?
14.05SHARON::BURLINGAMEMon Aug 06 1990Wish: Break line to go "under" another
15.01PUGET::SCHEELMon Aug 06 1990Unhelpfull error message
16.09YENREF::OTTTue Aug 07 1990Composition equation syntax for a two-field key ?
17.09YENREF::OTTTue Aug 07 1990743 - Psychedelic messages on library opening.
18.030BIGUN::ANDERSONTue Aug 07 1990Fonts no good (see ADT_IFT, DECpresent notes)
19.03COLTue Aug 07 1990Problems with Online Help
20.014COLTue Aug 07 1990Strange redrawing procedure
21.02HAMSWS::STREMICKTue Aug 07 1990How to EXTRACT outside of ADT.
22.013DOWNBE::LOWEWed Aug 08 1990Performance trends
23.04DOWNBE::LOWEWed Aug 08 1990Bulk input of a design ?
25.04PUGET::SCHEELWed Aug 08 1990unseen map out of wack?
26.017ARIANE::OTTThu Aug 09 1990About some crashes...
27.04ARIANE::OTTThu Aug 09 1990structure charts - module specifications
28.04ARIANE::OTTThu Aug 09 1990structure charts - report problem
29.07DOWNBE::LOWEThu Aug 09 1990EER's validation
30.06MSVAX::SIMONIANThu Aug 09 1990V1.
31.02MEIS::SCHAUBERFri Aug 10 1990DES$CVT2_3
32.04TOWNS::LEVINEMon Aug 13 1990Is T
33.02TOWNS::LEVINEMon Aug 13 1990Can EER entities be 're-sized'?
35.02TOOK::QBARRYTue Aug 14 1990Problem with cross ref and/or getting data for other uses.
36.05STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Aug 15 1990Install Strangness
37.05WILARD::SIMONIANWed Aug 15 1990Loading Examples issues
38.08CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Aug 15 1990RDB-E-UNAVAILABLE Msg when installing
39.02LBDUCK::DEADERICKThu Aug 16 1990Stuck in EFT1B!
40.012DWOVAX::CORDONThu Aug 16 1990CDD/Repository V5.
41.02FSTTOO::ANNIBALLIThu Aug 16 1990Contact name
42.05JULIET::OLDING_NIFri Aug 17 1990Customization, housekeeping, UI and licensing questions
43.01TOWNS::LEVINESun Aug 19 1990Aggregates and Subtypes: more info?
44.09IJSAPL::VANGEESTMon Aug 20 1990DES*-I-*LIBRARY_ACC_ERR, Informational but still EXIT design...
45.01ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOMon Aug 20 1990Need info on post v1.
46.0RUTILE::HILLSMon Aug 20 1990STDs for customers
47.03NAC::WELCHMon Aug 20 1990Is Hatley going to be supported??
48.013MSDSWS::HENDERSONMon Aug 20 1990CDD Error when creating library
49.02TOOLEY::B_WACKERMon Aug 20 1990Installs on 9
51.013JULIET::OLDING_NITue Aug 21 1990Export to CDD loops
52.03DOWNBE::LOWEWed Aug 22 1990TOP_DOWN report problem
53.02MFGMEM::JANAWed Aug 22 1990 DESELECTion of View Objects possible?
54.01GALSAL::REEDWed Aug 22 1990Reference to note 532.X field test vs. CDD/PLUS 4.2
55.04SWAPIT::LAMWed Aug 22 1990DECdesign startup error - Aborts on startup
57.012SHARON::BURLINGAMEThu Aug 23 1990DEcdesign and Bookreader Files
58.02JULIET::OLDING_NIThu Aug 23 1990Product Manager?
59.01ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOFri Aug 24 1990Purposes of on Information Cluster and Common area
60.04IJSAPL::VANGEESTSat Aug 25 1990Some feature questions
61.012TOOLS::BURLINGAMEMon Aug 27 1990Resequence Problems
62.09RUTILE::HILLSMon Aug 27 1990DECdesign=>DECwrite
63.04MDVAX3::WRIGHTMon Aug 27 1990Intended market?
64.04MOSTO::PILARTue Aug 28 1990Moving labels???
65.07ALICAT::HARRIDGETue Aug 28 1990Rdb relations ?
66.08SOFBA1::SCARSDALEWed Aug 29 1990Invalid tag code when printing Context Diagram
67.011OHFMV8::DORNBUSHWed Aug 29 1990IDEF/Enterprise Modeling
68.08OSLACT::OLAVThu Aug 30 1990DECdesign presentation
69.010TRCOThu Aug 30 1990Customization: Report and Nomenclature
70.02TOOLS::IRELANDThu Aug 30 1990ERROR accessing ADARTL
71.02POLAR::YUILLThu Aug 30 1990Converting Excelerator Models
72.02BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Sep 03 1990Wishlist?
73.07BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Sep 03 1990Feedback from DW DU and DECUS Australia
74.01SAC::EXTON_MTue Sep 04 1990Wish: Risc client stub
75.021MOSTO::PILARTue Sep 04 1990Fatal error saving views
76.018MQOUTue Sep 04 1990New user questions
77.01SHARE::DEVITue Sep 04 1990Need help moving library
78.02SICML::LEVINTue Sep 04 1990User Guide errors
79.03SHARE::DEVIWed Sep 05 1990Excelerator vs. DECdesign
80.013COLThu Sep 06 1990New Report Wishes
82.07JURA::OTTFri Sep 07 1990wish for batches
83.07SAC::STEVENSON_MFri Sep 07 1990Post installation problem
84.01SAC::EXTON_MFri Sep 07 1990Public CDD access problems
85.011SAC::EXTON_MFri Sep 07 1990Reference sites wanted
86.07MSDSWS::HENDERSONFri Sep 07 1990Bug in Client/server mode?
87.03TRACE::GILBERTFri Sep 07 1990Problems with partially installed software
88.03BISTRO::VIGIERMon Sep 10 1990Some info on Yourdon methodology
89.05BERNMon Sep 10 1990Partition for dde's
90.04CHOVAX::KURTZMon Sep 10 1990Linking CD & DFD
91.0JITTue Sep 11 1990I want UIL source file.
92.01THEPGA::LEBLANCTue Sep 11 1990DECdesign V1.
93.04DATABS::TAYLORTue Sep 11 1990Reqts for Database design
94.010XCUSME::APONTETue Sep 11 1990Garbage after opening Library
95.01SICML::LEVINWed Sep 12 1990CADRE filter for DECdesign???
96.02SICML::LEVINWed Sep 12 1990LSE (or other editor) for text windows???
97.03VITAL::KEEFEWed Sep 12 1990Online Training after kit installation
98.03LBDUCK::DEADERICKThu Sep 13 1990Creating a decomposition
99.012MSDSWS::HENDERSONThu Sep 13 1990Some observations and suggestions
100.03CADSE::MACKINThu Sep 13 1990DECwindows font problem
101.02JURA::OTTFri Sep 14 1990validation of SC in G&S
102.01TRACE::GILBERTMon Sep 17 1990Takes a lickin' ... then dies
103.02HOYDEN::BURKHOLDERTue Sep 18 1990error fetching next stream entity
104.03ACESMK::RLEETue Sep 18 1990Wish: Is DECdesign ESML compatible?
105.05ODIXIE::EVGONZALEZTue Sep 18 1990DECdesign re RFP
106.019TROUWed Sep 19 1990Server/Client Configuration? Help!
107.014PLAYER::BARDEZWed Sep 19 1990Cannot create a new design library !
108.01THEPGA::LEBLANCWed Sep 19 1990** Help - DECdesign installation error ** * Help: DECdesign installation error *
109.02XSTACY::GRAINNEThu Sep 20 1990Many-to-one relationship between datacouples and DDE entries.
110.03ADTSHR::WHEATLEYThu Sep 20 1990X Client/server supported device list
111.01VNASWS::LOBSANGThu Sep 20 1990copy dfd from one view to another
112.01COMICS::BEECRAFTThu Sep 20 1990project identifiers and diskquota with decdesign
113.012TROAThu Sep 20 1990Yourdon --> Gane Sarson?
114.04IJSAPL::VANGEESTFri Sep 21 1990How to position datacouples?
115.0DUGGAN::LYSAKOWSKIFri Sep 21 1990Data Architect Needed ASAP...
116.02VNASWS::LOBSANGMon Sep 24 1990Help deleting view from library
117.03CHECK::MMCCAULEYMon Sep 24 1990LSDM methodology
118.02SUPER::HENDRICKSTue Sep 25 1990Structure Chart Validation Question
119.01STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Sep 26 1990Report question
120.06ODIXIE::EVGONZALEZThu Sep 27 1990DECdesign Integrated w/MMS?
121.08TOWNS::LEVINEFri Sep 28 1990Need more info on CDD and DECdesign
122.01SAC::EXTON_MFri Sep 28 1990Get selected bug
123.02UNTADA::BACHNERFri Sep 28 1990Composition equation from EERD ?
124.04ROMFri Sep 28 1990EER vs. ERA
125.01SICML::LEVINFri Sep 28 1990Hanging DECdesign with wide diagram - or is it DECW?
126.06WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GFri Sep 28 1990DECwrite won't display some DECdesign files when LINK to PICTURE
127.03BUOVAX::HOUGHTONTue Oct 02 1990Storage_error
128.08MPGS::GIFFORDWed Oct 03 1990Getting access violation using design
129.03ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOThu Oct 04 1990Can DECdesign be installed on a non-system disk
130.011MSDSWS::HENDERSONThu Oct 04 1990Another access violation
131.01MSDOA::HEFNERThu Oct 04 1990DEMO Help
132.03WARNUT::DUANEFri Oct 05 1990DECdesign Callable Interface
133.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOFri Oct 05 1990Praise and a CDD Link question
134.02CRBOSS::BEFUMOFri Oct 05 1990File access problem after reinstalling DECdesign
136.02COPCLU::SCHOUBOTue Oct 09 1990Field test offer for Code Generation - too soon?
137.017KERNEL::HIGMANWed Oct 10 1990Privilege error when creating design library.
138.01TOOLS::IRELANDWed Oct 10 1990User request for Customization
139.06MRCSSE::MATATIAThu Oct 11 1990SYSLCK Priv needed to open library?
141.04DECWET::SCOTTThu Oct 11 1990Getting rid of a process specification ...
142.04IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSFri Oct 12 1990Urgent: Next releases ?
143.05ROMSat Oct 13 1990Design sizing question
144.07WARNUT::DUANETue Oct 16 1990Yourdon Methodology help?
145.05GRANE::HEINTZETue Oct 16 1990Automated conversion of Data Dictionary Entries to C statements?
146.01SOJU::POZZETTAWed Oct 17 1990DECdesign and EWS?
147.03SAC::STEVENSON_MWed Oct 17 1990No G&S Top-Down-Design
148.0SAC::EXTON_MWed Oct 17 1990Recursive "where used"?
149.04WARNUT::DUANEFri Oct 19 1990DECdesign may be used with CDD V5
150.04CSC32::S_JOHNSONFri Oct 19 1990Upgrade trouble w/ comp. libraries
151.0IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSMon Oct 22 1990DEF(T) <-> DECdesign
152.06WARNUT::DUANEMon Oct 22 1990DECdesign Hyroglyphics (funny chars)
153.04COMICS::HIGMANMon Oct 22 1990Problems with Project Identifiers.
154.0ADTSHR::WHEATLEYMon Oct 22 1990Help - External Field Test Sites Needed
155.01--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 23 1990Compostion equation and rdb tables
157.04VAXWRK::HAJINLIANWed Oct 24 1990reports not "top down" printed.
158.09ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOThu Oct 25 1990Teamwork to DECdesign conversion or migration ?
159.02CSC32::K_TICEThu Oct 25 1990Local access not allowed ...but should be!
160.01QCAVFri Oct 26 1990neccessary hardware for DECdesign
161.011WMOIS::E_FINKELSENFri Oct 26 1990Documentation
162.06FORTSC::LAUGHTERFri Oct 26 1990Merging 2 libraries
163.02ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOWed Oct 31 1990Module name in SC in DECwrite obscured (by clouds?)
164.03SPROUT::GREENWOODWed Oct 31 1990Yourdon and general UI feedback
165.03LEMAN::ROSSIERFri Nov 02 1990DECdesign 1.
166.0VAXWRK::HAJINLIANFri Nov 02 1990moving into design
167.07MKODEV::OSBORNEMon Nov 05 1990ADA-F errors on startup...
168.04FORTSC::LAUGHTERMon Nov 05 1990crashed w/out escape hatch
169.02SNOCTue Nov 06 1990Getting access violation error
170.01BACCUS::KENNELLYTue Nov 06 1990ddif reporting error..
171.04CURRNT::GREENSTue Nov 06 1990design/define_releationship problem
172.04HAM::MARTENWed Nov 07 1990CDD/plus import link incomplete... ERROR ???
173.02FSAWed Nov 07 1990Aggregates in EERs Problem
174.03PUGET::SCHEELWed Nov 07 1990Multi-sheet printing of views
175.01ZURThu Nov 08 1990%DES-I-LIBRARY_ACC_ERR & %CDD-E-OBJDEL how?
177.03ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOThu Nov 08 1990Sizing rules for hardware ?
178.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOFri Nov 09 1990Yet another DES-I-LIBRARY_ACC_ERR
179.07ROMMon Nov 12 1990Unable to import_from/export_to CDD.
180.05ZURTue Nov 13 1990Print on A4 possible?
181.03FSATue Nov 13 1990Backup of DECdesign database
182.03VICE::JANZENTue Nov 13 1990Structures Charts from DFDs
183.07FDCV14::FAHERTYTue Nov 13 1990Access Violations
184.08FDCV14::FAHERTYTue Nov 13 1990CDO Access to DES Library ?
185.02FDCV14::FAHERTYTue Nov 13 1990View Integration ?
186.08THEFOX::UTZIGWed Nov 14 1990Installing DECDesign using CDD
187.010ZUREDU::BLAISEThu Nov 15 1990Example Projects - Real Time
188.01TOWNS::LEVINETue Nov 20 1990Location for DECdesign PID?
189.01PLAYER::BARDEZWed Nov 21 1990VERIFY a REMOTE design library.
190.03AWOSMon Nov 26 1990Online Training - Invalid composition Equation?
191.02ACESMK::CHELSEAMon Nov 26 1990Can't open display
192.04COLTue Nov 27 1990Error in Installation Guide
193.03NANOOK::KOSYDARTue Nov 27 1990teaching opportunity
194.04CSC32::S_JOHNSONTue Nov 27 1990Trouble importing during install
195.012SUPER::HENDRICKSTue Nov 27 1990SEEKING INPUT BY 12/6: Online Training Wishlist
196.03COPCLU::SCHOUBOWed Nov 28 1990James Martin logical/physical model - is it needed?
197.04LEHIGH::GANZWed Nov 28 1990Another DES-I-LIBRARY_ACC_ERR problem
198.01PUGET::SCHEELWed Nov 28 1990No associated data for Data Flows in Top Down
199.015YUPPY::PAUWed Nov 28 1990Problem with Online Training
200.0EMC2::MORANDThu Nov 29 1990Client = node in a hidden area ?
201.03MCDONL::SIMONIANFri Nov 30 1990OPEN LIBRARY window entry Deletion?
202.04PUGET::SCHEELFri Nov 30 1990Stucture Chart Reporting
203.07TOOK::MATTIOLIFri Nov 30 1990DECdesign and the blind
204.02RONAN::RONANFri Nov 30 1990%ADA-F messages on LAVC satellite
205.06VNASWS::LOBSANGMon Dec 03 1990Data Flow dispatcher to many processes
206.03VNASWS::LOBSANGMon Dec 03 1990Flow Charts ?
207.09MSDSWS::HENDERSONMon Dec 03 1990CDD Access
208.01SAC::EXTON_MTue Dec 04 1990More help on complex installations needed in doc
209.03AYOV18::ASLATERTue Dec 04 1990Data Flow problem
210.0SUPER::HENDRICKSTue Dec 04 1990Possible DECdesign pilot week of 12/17
212.02COMICS::HIGMANWed Dec 05 1990DECDESIGN 1.
213.03DOWNBE::LOWEThu Dec 06 1990V1.1 request - Multi user messages
214.0RUTILE::MANNINGThu Dec 06 1990Data model graphics
215.01MEIS::SCHAUBERThu Dec 06 1990Process Link to CDD Plus?
216.01SAC::STEVENSON_MFri Dec 07 1990Parsing 1
217.04ROMFri Dec 07 1990Report problem
218.07TENERE::SILVAFri Dec 07 1990Some OOA quetions?
219.01HXOUMon Dec 10 1990When will it integrate with Cobol Code Generator?
220.02TPOVC::CHRISYANGTue Dec 11 1990Qestion: System hang if no do SAVE
221.08ADTSHR::ROCHETue Dec 11 1990Help with Validation error?
222.03TROATue Dec 11 1990EER References??
223.04SAC::STEVENSON_MWed Dec 12 1990Parsing multiple Agg.DDE's
224.06APACHE::MCKINNONWed Dec 12 1990Need ARC connections not polyline!!!
225.01SUPER::HENDRICKSWed Dec 12 1990DDIF files in Online Training
226.0CSC32::K_TICEWed Dec 12 1990problems setting "Methodology node" on Create
227.07ROMThu Dec 13 1990Cannot duplicate Boundary Process.
228.01ROMThu Dec 13 1990Some wishes, some buglets.
229.05HARDY::ROCHEThu Dec 13 1990Constraint Error forces exit from DECdesign
230.01MSDSWS::HENDERSONThu Dec 13 1990More problems with client/server access
231.01OK4ME::JANAThu Dec 13 1990Subject Area Relationships in EERs...
232.08MALLET::TURNER_MFri Dec 14 1990Unable to attach to dictionary database
233.01UNTADA::BACHNERFri Dec 14 1990How can I "purge" my design library ?
234.04VICE::JANZENFri Dec 14 1990Removing items from Data STore
235.03VICE::JANZENFri Dec 14 1990Data extracted from aggregates
236.0MSDSWS::HENDERSONFri Dec 14 1990V1.1 Schedule?
237.01BRSFri Dec 14 1990DECdesign first try error
238.08DELNI::MCGORRILLSun Dec 16 1990install fail, adamsg.exe??
239.06FSAMon Dec 17 1990Suspending the rules...
240.04DELNI::MCGORRILLMon Dec 17 1990cdd$database size INCREASES?
241.03CADSE::MACKINTue Dec 18 1990moving objects between partitions?
242.02TOOLEY::B_WACKERWed Dec 19 1990Template file is currently in use bug
243.03CRBOSS::DEVIWed Dec 19 1990Renumber process boxes?
244.09BIGRED::GARRETTThu Dec 20 1990Help on layered products required for v1.1 ???
245.0STKHLM::STENSTROMFri Dec 21 1990LARGE EER-example needed
246.07MSDSWS::HENDERSONFri Dec 21 1990Library Corruption from deleted public CDD
247.03TAVMon Dec 31 1990IMPORT woes
248.0VNASWS::OFENSCHWed Jan 02 1991Report Character Set ?
249.03VNASWS::OFENSCHWed Jan 02 1991Load language spec. ?
250.02ROMWed Jan 02 1991Puzzled by validation error
251.06ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOWed Jan 02 1991Need the Online training library loaded
252.06HOBBLE::LEVINEThu Jan 03 1991Struct. Chart concept ?'s for demo
253.03SAC::STEVENSON_MThu Jan 03 1991Food for thought
254.02SUPER::HENDRICKSThu Jan 03 1991External Entities on G&S views - question
255.01CADSE::MACKINThu Jan 03 1991how to include report files into DOCUMENT?
256.016VICE::JANZENThu Jan 03 1991Including prints from DECdesign in VAX Document
257.03LEDS::HEATHMon Jan 07 1991Any way to move attach points?
258.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOTue Jan 08 1991Customization
259.03UNTADH::HAMPTue Jan 08 1991Error saving view
260.01HLDGTue Jan 08 1991Help needed on recovery
261.06NAC::SCHLENERTue Jan 08 1991DECdesign hardware requirements
262.04CADSE::DSMITHTue Jan 08 1991DECSTATION 5
263.09ROMWed Jan 09 1991Infinite loop (?) on EER save.
264.03UNTADA::BACHNERThu Jan 10 1991recursive relationships in EERs ?
265.03GOTA1::AHOLMQUISTThu Jan 10 1991DECdesign on RISC/Ultrix
266.010BUOVAX::TOLMANThu Jan 10 1991Sequencing View
267.05BIGRED::GARRETTThu Jan 10 1991DECdesign performance... Any way to speed it up?
268.01MSDSWS::HENDERSONFri Jan 11 1991DDE Description field
269.03LEDS::HEATHMon Jan 14 1991Context diagram at different levels
270.01VNASWS::LOBSANGWed Jan 16 1991Depict loop and inclusion in a module
271.05ROMWed Jan 16 1991TOP_DOWN_DESIGN won't point DDEs
272.0BHAJEE::MAYRWed Jan 16 1991What about pointers to description/specification files for DDE's/PDE's
273.01MSDSWS::HENDERSONWed Jan 16 1991Client/server error checking
274.02ROMWed Jan 16 1991Y: Empty partition won't delete.l
275.01SOJU::QUINNWed Jan 16 1991Request for streamlined STD condition/action labeling
276.05VINO::VOBAWed Jan 16 1991Abort Recovery
277.01MQOAThu Jan 17 1991delete in CDD after export ????
278.0TOOLEY::B_WACKERThu Jan 17 1991Suggestions for IVP improvement
279.011LTLKNG::KIERSat Jan 19 1991Help needed with text output from DECdesign
280.02ROMMon Jan 21 1991Subtype doesn't inherit key.
282.0SAC::EXTON_MTue Jan 22 1991Speeding up reporting
283.01HLDGTue Jan 22 1991Move labels ?
284.02CSC32::S_JOHNSONTue Jan 22 1991Library Access & Node ?'s
285.08CSC32::K_TICETue Jan 22 1991What's a "bug parse error" ???
286.03FRITOS::TALCOTTWed Jan 23 1991Looking for libraries that validate under V1.
287.01CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Jan 24 1991PROEXISTS Error & ?'s
288.01THEALE::DAUXOISAMon Jan 28 1991Gash in session manager
289.05HLDGTue Jan 29 1991All Blank
290.04SAC::EXTON_MWed Jan 30 1991DECdesign V1.1?
291.02IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSWed Jan 30 1991URG: info COHESION/DECdesign-demo envir. needed
292.03MSDSWS::HENDERSONWed Jan 30 1991Problems with VMS V5.3 client & V5.4 server?
293.01AYOV1Fri Feb 01 1991Validation between EER & DFD ?
294.06ALAMOS::ADAMSSat Feb 02 1991Need info on DSPM (???DPM???)
295.08IJSAPL::TIWONMon Feb 04 1991Performance of DECdesign on a PC
297.010ASDS::ACTIONMon Feb 04 1991DECDESIGN shows strange errors on EWS VS31
298.08SAC::HAYCOCKSTue Feb 05 1991DECdesign performance issues
299.02MSDSWS::HENDERSONTue Feb 05 1991Need help with balancing flow
300.07MSDSWS::HENDERSONTue Feb 05 1991References to old DDEs still in library
301.03ODIXIE::PACETue Feb 05 1991Display to DECsystem gets accvio
302.02MINNIE::RUSSELLWed Feb 06 1991revert causes access violation
303.04MINNIE::RUSSELLWed Feb 06 1991concurrent access to templates
304.01VINO::VOBAWed Feb 06 1991Persistent Customization Settings
305.03CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Feb 06 1991Atomic -> Aggregate
306.0BIGUN::ANDERSONWed Feb 06 1991Gaps from DECdesign to RALLY?
307.03BUOVAX::HOUGHTONThu Feb 07 1991VT12
308.05SAC::STEVENSON_MSat Feb 09 1991Design Map Needed
309.0SAC::STEVENSON_MSat Feb 09 1991DCL interface
310.03HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Feb 11 1991Description please?
311.01ROMMon Feb 11 1991Missing piece of Agg. DDE validates.
312.02CSC32::S_JOHNSONMon Feb 11 1991cdd-i-fixloc error
313.02RECLUS::HILLMon Feb 11 1991DECdesign V1.
314.03CSC32::S_JOHNSONTue Feb 12 1991Client/Server CDD Error
315.05KERNEL::BEECRAFTThu Feb 14 1991Yourdon report of DFD coming out compressed
316.02STKAI2::OLOFSSONFri Feb 15 1991DECdesign references wanted
317.02STKHLM::STENSTROMFri Feb 15 1991EER and Subject Area question
318.04STKHLM::STENSTROMFri Feb 15 1991Feedback and questions from large would-be DD customer
319.0KERNEL::BEECRAFTFri Feb 15 1991yourdon report - overtyping and truncation
320.01CRBOSS::DEVIFri Feb 15 1991Help with printing
321.0VSDD2Mon Feb 18 1991Descriptions and keywords
322.06BNKSIA::KISSMon Feb 18 1991Importing aggregates to CDD gives ADA-F-EXCEPTION
323.06RLAV::FRANKMon Feb 18 1991Error creating DECdesign library
324.09ADTSHR::ADTMon Feb 18 1991T1.1 installation problems
325.07GIDDAY::PRIESTTue Feb 19 1991CPU, DIO through the roof on cdd access
326.06QCAVTue Feb 19 1991Online trng for DECdesign?
327.01PAOXCS::LHERAULTTue Feb 19 1991Customization by customers ?
328.012SAC::EXTON_MTue Feb 19 1991DD tuning hint
329.02CSC32::K_TICETue Feb 19 1991%CDD-E-BADOBJTYP on export and link/save atomic DDE
330.01SWAM2::BENEDICT_JITue Feb 19 1991DECdesign auto specifications
331.03SUPER::HENDRICKSWed Feb 20 1991DECdesign 3 day course next week in Landover, MD
332.01DOWNBE::LOWEWed Feb 20 1991some multi-user improvements ?
333.02ELBERT::THANKU::MOEThu Feb 21 1991Printing Specifications
334.01MCDONL::TMORIARTYFri Feb 22 1991Design-->DECWRITE-->BooKReader problem.
335.02TPRING::DUNCANFri Feb 22 1991Error creating new decdesign library
336.0ADTSHR::PHILLIPSFri Feb 22 1991Size of libraries....
337.03BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Feb 25 1991wishlist for user preferences
338.02BEEZER::HIGMANMon Feb 25 1991EXTRACTING/LOADING DESIGN Librairies to improve performance.
339.03GIDDAY::PRIESTTue Feb 26 1991does v1.1 really fix based on problem
340.02ROMTue Feb 26 1991Client/Server via modem?
341.08ROMTue Feb 26 1991Help on tuning needed.
342.0SUPER::HENDRICKSWed Feb 27 1991CASE Reading list - extensive, well annotated
343.03BIGUN::ANDERSONThu Feb 28 1991Tools that integrate DECdesign??
344.01BIGUN::ANDERSONThu Feb 28 1991Transferring from one method lib to another?
345.03ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu Feb 28 1991Partition organization guidelines
346.03STOAT::BARKERThu Feb 28 1991Can't create new library
347.06STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Mar 01 1991Logical DB design in DEcdesign/RDBexpert ?
348.011ALICAT::HARRIDGEFri Mar 01 1991My wish list
349.03SUPER::HENDRICKSFri Mar 01 1991Cancel Operation in session mgr - a question
350.04EMC2::GUILLETMon Mar 04 1991CDD usage on remote node
351.07MSDSWS::HENDERSONMon Mar 04 1991DD and disk quotas
352.05ALAMOS::ADAMSMon Mar 04 1991X Window design
353.05BIS1::STESTue Mar 05 1991DECdesign crash when verifying librbary
354.05FRITOS::TALCOTTTue Mar 05 1991Using DD V1.
355.01PCOJCT::KHANNATue Mar 05 1991help for presentation
356.0VERN::CARPENTERWed Mar 06 1991Hidden nodes
357.08CGOSWed Mar 06 1991Yourdon EER diagram representation questions...
358.01HOTBX::MILLERWed Mar 06 1991Installing 1.1
359.013DOWNBE::LOWEThu Mar 07 1991DECdesign on PC's !
360.05COMPLX::WILSONThu Mar 07 1991DDIF files generated by DEC_DESIGN cannot be read by GobeRead
361.03BIGRED::GARRETTFri Mar 08 1991DECdesign aborts and errors?!?
362.0RUMOR::G_ARNOLDTue Mar 12 1991DECdesign crash
363.02RUMOR::G_ARNOLDTue Mar 12 1991Possible Bug in 1.
364.01RUMOR::G_ARNOLDTue Mar 12 1991Problem with hidden areas
365.03RUMOR::G_ARNOLDTue Mar 12 1991DECdesign crash
366.01TSGDEV::FAULDSTue Mar 12 1991Minimal hardware req's?
367.02ALAMOS::ADAMSWed Mar 13 1991DD Runtime Error (NCS)
368.03SUPER::HENDRICKSThu Mar 14 1991Need help with configuration for teaching DD
369.01BALTMD::DORNANThu Mar 14 1991Information needed about diagrams
370.04CSC32::K_TICEThu Mar 14 1991DESIGN/DEFINE_RELATIONSHIP on "client only"
371.02TOOLEY::B_WACKERThu Mar 14 1991design/define_relation garbage error message
372.05BIGRED::GARRETTFri Mar 15 1991View disappears on VALIDATE
373.018BERNMon Mar 18 1991Balancing DFD - EER
374.01SICML::LEVINMon Mar 18 1991Installation Guide errors(?) T1.1
375.04SICML::LEVINMon Mar 18 1991T1.1 installation errors
376.03VSDD2Tue Mar 19 19911.1 SSB, V2, WHEN?
377.03CGOATue Mar 19 1991Any Consistency Checks??
378.010AISG::MAGERSTue Mar 19 1991CDD 4.2A-2
379.05HARDY::HENDRICKSTue Mar 19 1991Not including specifications in a validation - wishlist
380.016SOLVIT::VALCOURTWed Mar 20 1991CDD$DATABASE.RUJ file not found for library creation
381.01SICML::LEVINWed Mar 20 1991Simplifying Training
382.05GBIThu Mar 21 1991DecDesign and VT13
383.01SICML::LEVINThu Mar 21 1991Change in Methodology "names"
384.07CSC32::K_TICEThu Mar 21 1991Problems SAVEing exercise11 from "client only"
385.06CSOA1::DAVIDSONThu Mar 21 1991Parent/Child Connection Problem
386.06SAC::EXTON_MMon Mar 25 1991Bug: T1.1: load dialogue box
387.0DOWNBE::LOWEMon Mar 25 1991Load problem with T1.1 ?
388.03SICML::LEVINMon Mar 25 1991Saving Known Library List
389.04POBOX::DURBINTue Mar 26 1991Moving connectors????
390.03DOWNBE::LOWEWed Mar 27 1991Exporting Aggregate DDE problem with 1.1
391.04SAC::STEVENSON_MWed Mar 27 1991Questions on the future
392.07FLOPPI::TENBRINKEWed Mar 27 1991Performance is a real problem
393.011QCAVThu Mar 28 1991Problem in printing
394.05ALAMOS::ADAMSThu Mar 28 1991Problem with DECwindows 3.
395.02LVIRA::STRYKERFri Mar 29 1991Dictionary Object Pieces Tracking to DECdesign?
396.0OSKIDS::TAIMon Apr 01 1991documents ?
397.02FILTON::LANETue Apr 02 1991Sundry obscure questions
398.03BLKOUT::GLASERTue Apr 02 1991OO Case course in SHR by Dr. Paul Ward
399.02VNABRW::HOEFINGER_RWed Apr 03 1991Yourdon OLT - Missing exercises 8 and above
400.02ALICAT::HARRIDGEWed Apr 03 1991More wishes
401.01SUPER::HENDRICKSWed Apr 03 1991OPENINGS in DD lecture lab April 8-1
402.01EMC2::BERTUZZIFri Apr 05 1991Ctrl MB1 and Ctrl Z a wish
404.04MILPND::CROWLEYFri Apr 05 1991Wish List for EERs and DDEs
405.01ISIDRO::FMOYAMon Apr 08 1991Some feed-back from a local seminar
406.05ATLUTX::WALTERS_CMon Apr 08 1991Novice startup question
407.04CRONIC::CRONIC::DUNLOPMon Apr 08 1991Problem installing DECdesign V1.
408.03TOOLEY::B_WACKERMon Apr 08 1991library module specifications too unique
409.06CIM1NI::RUSSOTue Apr 09 1991Can't access library
410.05SAC::EXTON_MWed Apr 10 1991Alternative method of exiting from DD
411.02TELFON::MAILMANMon Apr 15 1991invalid template library
413.0GRANMA::BJOHNSONTue Apr 16 1991Compound Documents and DD
414.0FRAMBO::KREBSWed Apr 17 1991Wishes for EER-modeling
415.01FRAMBO::KREBSWed Apr 17 1991Report problems with EERD
416.01HLDGThu Apr 18 1991Description of PDE in G&S report?
417.05ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu Apr 18 1991Open direct from library ?
418.04TOOHOT::PUCHIThu Apr 18 1991Top-Down with Multiple Children
419.04CSC32::S_JOHNSONFri Apr 19 1991Validation & Load/Extract ?s
420.01DEMSUP::BRUNOMon Apr 22 1991Inserting a level into a G&S DFD hierarchy
421.06BERNTue Apr 23 1991Question on EER
422.023PLAYER::MCGUIREWed Apr 24 1991Reporting on DATA DICTIONARY
423.05THATIS::MOOREHEADWed Apr 24 1991Cardinality numbers behind Entity boxes
424.09TOOLEY::B_WACKERMon Apr 29 1991Hung computable importing from CDD
425.01SYSTMX::MAGALETTATue Apr 30 1991cdd$database.rdb error
426.06KAOU93::SENSKETue Apr 30 1991<select all><copy><paste> gives junk in text wind
427.01CSC32::K_TICEWed May 01 1991How to EXPAND Subject Area into an EER diagram ???
428.03PICOTT::MCUSACKWed May 01 1991Can't Delete Field in CDD after DELETE LINK
429.06FDCV14::FAHERTYWed May 01 1991Automatic Creation of DECdesign Library ?
430.03SICML::LEVINWed May 01 1991Install error (1.1) - command element too long
431.01WHELIN::LAMBERTThu May 02 1991Comments & Wishlist Items
432.01MCIS2::NORTONThu May 02 1991Error-Chart: create print file failed
433.0POBOX::DURBINThu May 02 1991Balancing Training files?
434.04PLAYER::MCGUIREMon May 06 1991Utilities.Report problem
435.01CSOA1::HOLLERANMon May 06 1991CDD interface?
436.03TOOHOT::ORTIZTue May 07 1991Problem reporting on DATA DICTIONARY
437.09LNKHUB::HALLBERGWed May 08 1991More wishes
438.01FDCV14::WILLIAMSThu May 09 1991DECdesign V1.1 & CDD V4.3
439.04UTROP1::HOOSEMANS_RFri May 10 1991Common attributes between CDD/Plus & DECdesign
440.01UTROP1::HOOSEMANS_RFri May 10 1991Validating WHOLE process model
441.01DOOZER::RUSSELLFri May 10 1991Arrays from CDD+?
442.04CSC32::K_TICEFri May 10 1991Xlib Sequence lost error from DECdesign?
443.03ADTSHR::OZANFri May 10 1991MERISE book translated in english.
444.02GLORY::CHAPMANMon May 13 1991Client and Server version mismatch
445.011TOOHOT::PUCHITue May 14 1991cddplus not installed...
446.04DACT58::DESKTOPDEMO2Tue May 14 1991cdd-f-noattach, unable to attach to dictionary db
447.0IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSWed May 15 1991WPS-plus in DECdesign?
448.01BROKE::LONGFELLOWWed May 15 1991DES
449.08WHELIN::LAMBERTFri May 17 1991datastore: lookup values & destructive references; dataflows: "or" conditions
450.04VFOVAX::TYSONFri May 17 1991general 1.1 questions
451.02SUPER::HENDRICKSTue May 21 1991Looking for DD online training success stories?
452.02CPDW::BISHOVTue May 21 1991"No information extracted" message on attempted extract
453.0ALICAT::HARRIDGEWed May 22 1991STD queries/problems
454.04IJSAPL::LONINKWed May 22 1991Sizing DECdesign in client-server configuration
455.05MBALDY::LANGSTONWed May 22 1991T1.1 bytlm error with bytlm=31
456.06RTPSWS::FLACKFri May 24 1991DECdesign vs CASE*DESIGNER
457.08PERFCT::BAREFri May 24 1991Edit Label=System Hangs
458.03PICOTT::MCUSACKFri May 24 1991Create Library Problem
459.011NCADC1::PEREZTue May 28 1991DECDesign abort with Insufficient virtual memory error
460.01MILPND::CROWLEYTue May 28 1991Some feedback on Merise in T1.1
461.04NCADC1::PEREZTue May 28 1991Unable to resequence common-function dataflow diagram
462.01H2OHUT::SEABERGWed May 29 1991Constraint error using FT 1.1 DECdesign, multiple users
463.0SFCPMO::HATHCOATThu May 30 1991Code generator released?
464.01THRILL::NAVKALFri May 31 1991DECdesign novice doing OO design
465.05ISLNDS::LAUBACHFri May 31 1991Move Views to Sub-Partitions?
466.01KERNEL::BEECRAFTMon Jun 03 1991free floating comments on DFD's ??
467.09BERNMon Jun 03 1991Duplicate entities in EER?
468.05VBVMon Jun 03 1991More on Yourdon-Gane/Sarson
469.05PENUTS::DEFAZIOMon Jun 03 1991Connecting lines in shapes are broken!!
470.04TAVTue Jun 04 1991DecDesign abort - what to do next ?
471.03SFCPMO::HATHCOATTue Jun 04 1991Losing info from the Dictionary partition
472.01SFCPMO::HATHCOATTue Jun 04 1991Validation between DFD and SC?
473.05WARNUT::DUANEWed Jun 05 1991'Spec Gen' utility for DECdesign?
474.08ISLNDS::NAVKALWed Jun 05 1991*Which* Yourdon method?
475.04TCC::MCKNIGHTWed Jun 05 1991%ADA-F-USE_ERROR Error
477.025BSLOPE::BOURQUARDFri Jun 07 1991DECforms Generator Prototype
478.05CGOASat Jun 08 1991Question on yourdon's OOA/OOD technique
480.01MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREMon Jun 10 1991Looking for V1.
481.023UNTADA::BACHNERTue Jun 11 1991DESDPM - A Func Spec / System Design Spec Generation Tool
482.03DYPSS1::DYSERTWed Jun 12 1991Memory requirements for V1.1 on VS31
483.01EISJB::BAKERThu Jun 13 1991Changing sizes of objects
484.03NCADC1::PEREZFri Jun 14 1991X error event of some kind in my message window
485.09BRSMV1::BHT736::VERHOEVENFri Jun 14 1991It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing
486.03DYPSS1::DYSERTMon Jun 17 1991Server on 16MB machine and client on 12MB machine?
487.02PICOTT::MCUSACKTue Jun 18 1991Access Refused - No Clue Why?
488.02KETJE::GHYOOTTue Jun 18 1991Yourdon flavor in DECdesign?
489.02ADTSHR::STEINKUHLERTue Jun 18 1991DECdesign Logical Data Model
490.01MILPND::DIMARZIOWed Jun 19 1991X error
491.04TLE::MCCARTHYWed Jun 19 1991Error creating DECdesign Library
492.05DEMSUP::BRUNOMon Jun 24 1991G&S Data Store Limitation
493.010UTRTSC::SOBCZAKMon Jun 24 1991CONSTRAINT_ERROR when trying to create library
494.06SFCPMO::HATHCOATMon Jun 24 1991URGENT - Atomic DDE help from anyone???
495.07URSIC::LEVINMon Jun 24 1991Bug trying to get LSE selected text
496.09URSIC::LEVINMon Jun 24 1991DDE Descriptions lost (G&S)
497.04URSIC::LEVINMon Jun 24 1991DECdesign crash - Get Selected??
498.01VSDDWed Jun 26 1991Where is DESCDD
499.03VSDDWed Jun 26 1991Where is DESCDD
500.02SFCPMO::HATHCOATWed Jun 26 1991DECdesign crash with more than one access to lib
501.04SFCPMO::HATHCOATWed Jun 26 1991DDE entries disappearing
502.01SFCPMO::HATHCOATWed Jun 26 1991DDE problem between data flows and structure charts
503.02WHELIN::LAMBERTWed Jun 26 1991How to get the Event List view?
504.01WHELIN::LAMBERTWed Jun 26 1991Dis-associate children from parent diagrams?
505.02LNKHUB::WALLINThu Jun 27 1991CDD error while SAVEing data
506.06DYPSS1::DYSERTFri Jun 28 1991Bugs: process hang; ACCVIO
507.01NCADC1::PEREZMon Jul 01 1991DECdesign process aborted with error
508.01SFCPMO::HATHCOATMon Jul 01 1991ETA for SCALE?
509.03SFCPMO::HATHCOATMon Jul 01 1991EXPORT of all DDEs?
510.02DOWNBE::LOWETue Jul 02 1991Problem with Motif 1.1
511.01DOWNBE::LOWETue Jul 02 1991Privilege problem with CDD/Repository
512.0SFCPMO::HATHCOATTue Jul 02 1991Answers?
513.05RIVAGE::JORDANTue Jul 02 1991DECdesign and Database population
514.03SICML::LEVINTue Jul 02 1991Duplicate entries during online training
516.0ACESMK::MCKIMMon Jul 08 1991DECdesign/RALLY Link
517.021POBOX::DURBINMon Jul 08 1991DECdesign fails to link to CDD
518.05SAC::STEVENSON_MTue Jul 09 1991License Time Out
519.02KOBAL::WILSONTue Jul 09 1991Wanted: Interviews with Experienced DECdesign Users
521.02CXCAD::KGIBSONTue Jul 09 1991No CDO dictionary?
522.04EMC2::HILLSWed Jul 10 1991DECdesign MERISE is available
523.02DYOSW7::STOKESThu Jul 11 1991"Gane-Sarson" flavored demo
525.01HLDGTue Jul 16 1991Duplicate no duplicate after copy
526.06BOGGY::FOUNTASTue Jul 16 1991CDDV5 public dictionary problems (Moved from 517 which were unrelated )
527.01BOGGY::FOUNTASTue Jul 16 1991Bug_parse_error - Need to upgrade to V1.1
528.03DYPSS1::DYSERTWed Jul 17 1991Help text problems
529.05DYPSS1::DYSERTWed Jul 17 1991Why won't this view validate?
530.01MERLOT::BASSETTWed Jul 17 1991IEW and DECdesign?
531.08DYPSS1::DYSERTThu Jul 18 1991CDD Export/Link & composition equations
532.04SICJD::DURBINThu Jul 18 1991Update Link to Latest Version! inconsistent??
533.08AIRG::REEDThu Jul 18 1991Exceeded Virtual Memory Limit
534.05NOVA::ANDERSONThu Jul 18 1991Rdb/VMS 4.1 FT2 exec images name change.
535.09DYPSS1::DYSERTFri Jul 19 1991I think there's a problem with data flow validation
536.02IJSAPL::TIWONTue Jul 23 1991Changing font size possibility
537.05TOOLEY::B_WACKERTue Jul 23 1991library invalid, template broken or inaccessible
538.03NCBOOT::SHARROWWed Jul 24 1991Can't rename DFD
539.01PICOTT::MCUSACKWed Jul 24 1991VMS Access vs. User Registry
540.01CSC32::K_TICEWed Jul 24 1991Report customization, linking to DDIF files
541.02FRAMBO::LANGSDORFThu Jul 25 1991Need HW recommendation
542.03URSIC::DURBINFri Jul 26 1991DELETE link problem
543.06FDCV14::FAHERTY$PTue Jul 30 1991Access Violation
544.05MARVIN::MORRISWed Jul 31 1991Error creating DD Library from DCL
545.014USRCV1::JACOBSMThu Aug 01 1991Printing Problem
546.03HKOVC::KELVINNGFri Aug 02 1991CDD Link Problem!?
547.02TINCUP::TINCUP::MOEMon Aug 05 1991What kind of DDIIF ??
548.09STKHLM::STENSTROMTue Aug 06 1991Merise demo examples needed
549.04ROMWed Aug 07 1991DECDESIGN and RDB 4.1
550.05BIS1::BHP181::DAUXOISWed Aug 07 1991%CDD-F-NOLINK
551.01COPCLU::BOWed Aug 07 1991Desparate need for instructor
552.06ROMWed Aug 07 1991* URGENT * CDD-NOATTACH DECDESIGN 1.1 CDD 4.3
553.01NCBOOT::SHARROWThu Aug 08 1991Trouble validating
554.02ADTSHR::RAGHAVANThu Aug 08 1991Trying to collect Information
555.04CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Aug 08 1991Crashing DECDesign at Will
556.01DASMIA::CUSACKFri Aug 09 1991Can't Save Views
557.09RIGI::SCHWARZAFri Aug 09 1991%CDD-F-NOTADIC, not quite true.
558.01THRILL::WILSFri Aug 09 1991Variant Dataflows
559.0ENTIAT::GORDONSat Aug 10 1991Design Standards?
560.05KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Aug 12 1991Documented Import/Export posibilities?
561.015BERNMon Aug 12 1991Performance problem with large library
562.015VERN::CARPENTERMon Aug 12 1991descdd
563.03KERNEL::BEECRAFTTue Aug 13 1991system-f-accvio on des/system
564.01VNAACT::GEROLDTue Aug 13 1991Different name for store and data flow ?
565.03GUIDUK::MILLERTue Aug 13 1991NOPRONAME error when exporting to CDD T5.
566.02OZROCK::TAYLORWed Aug 14 1991disk errors copying kit
567.03CRBOSS::DEVIThu Aug 15 1991Duplicate processes/Single PDE?
568.09CRBOSS::DEVIThu Aug 15 1991Re-use data store numbers?
569.05AZUR::BERREZFri Aug 16 1991Hyerogliphic characters in library names
570.08CRBOSS::DEVIFri Aug 16 1991Bigger printing?
571.02COPCLU::SCHOUBOSun Aug 18 1991A sample SCAN program to read EXTRACT files.
572.03KERNEL::JACKSONMon Aug 19 1991BYI letter for V1.1
573.02INFACT::NORTHERNMon Aug 19 1991Major conversion problems, any help appreciated...
574.02KAOU93::SENSKEWed Aug 21 1991ACCVIO - after File->Include in SC Mod. Spec.
575.06BOBBYB::SHUCKTISThu Aug 22 1991Insufficient virtual memeory
576.01SAC::EXTON_MThu Aug 22 1991DECdesign and Rdb 3.1B?
577.02KAOU93::SENSKEThu Aug 22 1991%ADA-F-CONTRAINT w/ re-location of module call (S
578.018OSLACT::OLAVFri Aug 23 1991Object Oriented methods?
579.07CIM::GARTNERWed Aug 28 1991PS versions of the on-line training?
580.02KYOA::GRADYWed Aug 28 1991DECdesign on RISC PID?
581.01SICML::LEVINWed Aug 28 1991wrong DES$PREDEFINED???
582.03SICML::LEVINWed Aug 28 1991Strange error message with old template
583.015SICML::LEVINWed Aug 28 1991Problem generating New library
584.03WHELIN::LAMBERTThu Aug 29 1991Migration/Upgrade Woes
585.09WHELIN::LAMBERTThu Aug 29 1991%CDD-F-NOATTACH, followed by -NONAME-F-NOMSG, followed by -RDMS-F-BADROOTMATCH error
586.02CRBOSS::DEVIThu Aug 29 1991Move data flow labels?
587.01PRSUD1::CLEMENTFri Aug 30 1991errors copying KIT
588.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Sep 03 1991licenses on satellites for rdb, cdd required ?
589.07CIM::GARTNERTue Sep 03 1991On-line training - Trouble seeing the forest because of the trees.
590.01KETJE::VDKERCKHOVEWed Sep 04 1991Back Conversion, HOW ?
591.07KOBAL::WILSONWed Sep 04 1991How Does DECdesign Work with DECwrite?
592.05KETJE::GHYOOTThu Sep 05 1991EER Diagramming: feeling puzzled...
593.02OK4ME::KRISHNAFri Sep 06 1991Reduced prints when using a VT12
594.03TROU51::HANDYFri Sep 06 1991No window created under DECdesign
595.08CIM::GARTNERFri Sep 06 1991Default File Filter?
596.01TROOA::YERUSHALMYSun Sep 08 1991G&S - problem with dfd-
597.01WNOUMon Sep 09 1991Explaination of 4.4.2 of V1.1 Release Notes, pls.
598.01WARNUT::DUANETue Sep 10 1991DECdesign compatibility with other software
599.04BIS1::BHP181::DAUXOISWed Sep 11 1991Documentation and demos.
600.02VAXWRK::HARRINGTONWed Sep 11 1991Help needed extracting a library
601.02WNOUWed Sep 11 1991Customer evaluation (V1.
602.03MSDSWS::HENDERSONWed Sep 11 1991Internal Error in load utility
603.03SLOVAX::NICHOLSONWed Sep 11 1991SUBJECT AREA documentation
605.01WAYOUT::LEWISThu Sep 12 1991upgrade to decdesign 1.1 and extracted files
607.05MEIS::STOCKFri Sep 13 1991Corrupt saveset .B in kit?
608.02KERNEL::BEECRAFTWed Sep 18 1991unexpected description truncation in report
609.01KERNEL::BEECRAFTWed Sep 18 1991modifying a dataflow gave a bug_unexpected_lock_failure
610.01ROMThu Sep 19 1991DFDs and SCs
611.04CRBOSS::DEVIWed Sep 18 1991Problem...
612.02ACTHST::FISCHERThu Sep 19 1991Problem w/Dictionary Descript in Reports
613.03LEDDEV::GUSTINMon Sep 23 1991Linking DECdesign output into a DECwrite graphic frame?
614.02CIM::GARTNERTue Sep 24 1991Re-routing data flows
616.01TLSE1Wed Sep 25 1991REPORT PROBLEM
617.017IJSAPL::KLERKThu Sep 26 1991 %CDD-F-NOATTACH, unable to attach to dictionary database - revisited
618.05JENEVR::MCKIMThu Sep 26 1991EXPRESS Extracts?
619.05CRBOSS::WOLGASTThu Sep 26 1991corrupt file problem
620.07NEWAGE::SEABERGFri Sep 27 1991Constraint error when moving module call
621.01CANYON::HARDMANFri Sep 27 1991Two name forms for Elements (DDE, DFD, etc.)
622.03TROU51::HANDYTue Oct 01 1991ACP file create failed- Creating library error
623.02AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue Oct 01 1991Up-to-date tutorial available?
624.02MUDIS3::SWOBODAWed Oct 02 1991DECdesign usage comments
625.02AIDEV::LANDINGHAMWed Oct 02 1991Novice question: how to define algorithms
626.03BIS1::BHP181::DAUXOISThu Oct 03 1991NIAM
627.01QUIVER::SHAYThu Oct 03 1991ADA-F-IMAFOREXI error
628.0GANTRY::RUTTMon Oct 07 1991PostScript print file clips output
629.0FROCKY::KREBSMon Oct 07 1991Integration in CDD/Repository??
630.01AIDEV::LANDINGHAMWed Oct 09 1991How to share work?
631.0NEWAGE::SEABERGWed Oct 09 1991Structure chart entities
632.05ROMWed Oct 09 1991Any hints on coord sys for extract files?
633.0VAILSE::BRAMEFri Oct 11 1991%ADA-F-EXCEPTION, internal_error - Data Dict. Report
634.0EMC2::BERTUZZIFri Oct 11 1991New report for MERISE V1.1
635.05MCIS5::BAREMon Oct 14 1991Delete Library _ Help
636.01VLNVAX::SYSTEMMon Oct 14 1991Looking DES
637.05ANGLIN::HILDEBRANDTue Oct 15 1991X Toolkit Error: Can't Open display
638.03AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue Oct 15 1991Mysterious message from DDesign
639.06BYENGWed Oct 16 1991Problem - corrupt Menu
640.01USDEV1::MANNINGWed Oct 16 1991decdesign user guide
641.05FRITOS::TALCOTTWed Oct 16 1991Use survey: CDD/Repository V5.
642.03SSDEVO::JACKSONWed Oct 16 1991Buglet: auto input focus breaks when DECdesign running
643.0EMC2::GUILLETThu Oct 17 1991Library module specs shared in SC
644.01LKPDEE::HALLBERGFri Oct 18 1991DECdesign as general-purpose drawing aid?
645.01ADTSHR::WHEATLEYFri Oct 18 1991Phase 1 Documents for V2 Are Available
647.01RICKS::AKHIANIFri Oct 18 1991%ADA-I-TASTERUNH, Task with ID %TASK 14 of type term_type has terminated
648.01AIDEV::LANDINGHAMMon Oct 21 1991Yet Another Flow Validation Question
649.04ADTSHR::LAVIGNETue Oct 22 1991DECdesign and RdbExpert Integration
650.01AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue Oct 22 1991Where to report bugs?
651.03AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue Oct 22 1991Extract/Load between versions?
652.01TROU51::HANDYTue Oct 22 1991CDD-E-CPYERROUT; Cannot create new library
653.0SAC::EXTON_MWed Oct 23 1991DECset go
654.01BGOWed Oct 23 1991What code generators in V2.
655.05PHDVAX::LUSKThu Oct 24 1991Point data store to Subject Area?
656.01MCIS5::BAREThu Oct 24 1991Error=%CDO-E-ERRVERIFY
657.01RUMOR::WEBBERFri Oct 25 1991HELP-what goes in DES$PREDEFINED??
659.03DOWNBE::LOWEMon Oct 28 1991INVVIRMEM on large designs ?
660.01NCBOOT::LITASIMon Oct 28 1991SQL access to DECdesign data?
661.03MCIS5::BAREMon Oct 28 1991Can't Delete Decdesign Files
662.07QUIVER::PARISEAUTue Oct 29 1991invalid tag code?
663.03IOOVIK::WILCOXTue Oct 29 1991Performance Increase?????
664.05CSC32::K_TICETue Oct 29 1991Purge doesn't ...and quesion on view_cache_max
665.03CSC32::K_TICEWed Oct 30 1991Who was the last user to update a view?
666.01VAXRIO::MAFRAThu Oct 31 1991DECdesign 2.
667.06COASTL::MANNINGThu Oct 31 1991Context Diagrams - G&S
668.01CSC32::K_TICEFri Nov 01 1991ACCVIO printing top-down report ?
669.02PICOTT::MCUSACKFri Nov 01 1991Making Dialogue Boxes Active?
670.04CRBOSS::WOLGASTFri Nov 01 1991Help needed to access moved library
671.04CIVIC::MCCARTHYSun Nov 03 1991Cutting in dictionary description window
672.02MCIS5::BARETue Nov 05 1991Error:%CDD-F-NOJNLCRE
674.03CRUISE::MANNINGWed Nov 06 1991.DDIF files to .IMG
675.06ROMWed Nov 06 1991Security hole
676.01BOBBYB::SHUCKTISThu Nov 07 1991DECdesign CDD vs Public CDD????
677.010ROMFri Nov 08 1991Problems on VT1
678.01MCIS5::BAREMon Nov 11 1991Relationship&%CDO-E-NOTFOUND
679.08BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Nov 11 1991Licensing questions I've been asked
680.03COPCLU::KAMLAWed Nov 13 1991Propagate Changes removes quotes in Comp Eq
681.05COPCLU::KAMLAWed Nov 13 1991
682.03COPCLU::KAMLAWed Nov 13 1991CR in entity name becomes space in report
683.03ISIDRO::SANCHOThu Nov 14 1991Deleting all DDE in one operation?
684.01TINCUP::CSENCSITSThu Nov 14 1991User Ignored Warning
685.02CSC32::K_TICEThu Nov 14 1991ASTPKTQUO error with V1.1
686.02UHURU::LAMBERTThu Nov 14 1991What to do when Rdb is upgraded from 4.
687.02CSC32::K_TICEFri Nov 15 1991DCLTABLES.EXE not found during installation of V1.1
688.08FSDEV::DOMENIKOSFri Nov 15 1991Importing a DDE from CDD
689.0CSC32::K_TICEMon Nov 18 1991ACCVIO printing large report (again)
690.02VAXRIO::MAFRATue Nov 19 1991DECdesign and VAXst 4
691.07COPCLU::KAMLAThu Nov 14 1991Update Dictionary adds quotes in Comp Eq
692.0COPCLU::KAMLAThu Nov 14 1991Entity Description field
693.01CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Nov 21 1991Constraint error when adding couple
694.05UTRTSC::SOBCZAKFri Nov 22 1991DECdesign Problems
695.01UTRTSC::SOBCZAKFri Nov 22 1991DECdesign crash #1 - Re: Note #694
696.01UTRTSC::SOBCZAKFri Nov 22 1991DECdesign crash #2 - Re: Note #694
697.02UTRTSC::SOBCZAKFri Nov 22 1991DECdesign crash #3 - Re: Note #694
698.01UTRTSC::SOBCZAKFri Nov 22 1991DECdesign crash #4 - Re: Note #694
699.02UTRTSC::SOBCZAKFri Nov 22 1991DECdesign crash #5 - Re: Note #694
700.0UTRTSC::SOBCZAKFri Nov 22 1991Documentation suggestion - Re: Note #694
701.02RUTILE::TURNERFri Nov 22 1991NIAM User Reqirements
702.02CDROM::SCHWEIKERFri Nov 22 1991Reviewers wanted for DECdesign support course v1.1
703.03ALICAT::HARRIDGETue Nov 26 1991What is CDIF ?
704.01POLAR::WEINSTEINTue Nov 26 1991"LANDSCAPE" mode????
705.01ALOSWS::MULLERSat Nov 30 1991Help please importing?
706.03CSIDE::BSS_MGRMon Dec 02 1991Problems in importing Cdd/plus record.
707.01UHURU::LAMBERTMon Dec 02 1991Node name not accepted in "open library" dialogue
708.01BIGRED::GARRETTTue Dec 03 1991'WRONG' author after merge
709.02BIGRED::GARRETTTue Dec 03 1991Validation fails on pushed down view
710.03BERNWed Dec 04 1991Problems with the DFD and SC
711.01FSCORE::KAYEWed Dec 04 1991can DECdesign produce something that SCA can use?
712.0MUNICH::CLAUSThu Dec 05 1991M76 (gpx) internal runtime error
713.01JUPITR::NORTONThu Dec 05 1991Bookreader licensing problem
714.03JITFri Dec 06 1991Problem of DECdesign V1.
715.01MLCADG::ANTONANGELIFri Dec 06 1991CASE and Documentation Tools Integration
716.01PIETFri Dec 06 1991DISCO > DECdesign conversion utility needed
717.01CSC32::K_TICEWed Dec 11 1991multiple views with same version number ?
718.02CRBOSS::WOLGASTWed Dec 11 1991Access help needed
719.03CSC32::K_TICEWed Dec 11 1991Problems updating SC used in more than one place
720.02CSC32::S_JOHNSONMon Dec 16 1991ACCVIO when adding label in DFD
721.01FRUST::FRANKEWed Dec 18 1991New version of CDD-F-NOATTACH
722.01CHOVAX::KURTZThu Dec 19 1991Question & Answer Labels?
723.01RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEThu Dec 19 1991How to represent a library of common modules in Yourdon?
724.0MTWThu Dec 19 1991Request for quality V2.
725.04SAC::STEVENSON_MFri Dec 20 1991Some questions
726.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKFri Dec 20 1991cdd-f-errcredic noname-f-nomessage creating librarry
727.03LEMAN::ROSSIERMon Dec 23 1991problems during load process under 1.
728.05CSC32::K_TICEMon Dec 23 1991Linking SC Data Couple to existing DDE says "dic entry not found"
729.01TBJVOA::NAKATATue Dec 24 1991Customization in V2.
730.01ISIDRO::SANCHOFri Dec 27 1991How to balance a system without much detail?
731.06PLAYER::BARDEZSat Dec 28 1991VXT2
732.02HSOMAI::GARRETTMon Dec 30 1991DECdesign abort!!
733.02DIEHRD::ODONNELLTue Dec 31 1991DECdesign 1.
734.03BIGRED::GARRETTThu Jan 02 1992Can't save any work!!!
735.03AKOFIN::BERGLUNDFri Jan 03 1992Library Setup
736.01GIZMOE::SKOGLUNDMon Jan 06 1992DECdesign and O-O data models
737.04CSC32::S_JOHNSONTue Jan 07 1992PRIV error accessing remote library
738.012VAXRIO::EZEQUIELWed Jan 08 1992DECDESIGN V1.1 Performance Problems
739.019ALICAT::MACKAYThu Jan 09 1992bug_root_directory_not_found problem
740.03EN::DICKFri Jan 10 1992installation error with DESCDD kit
741.01FRAMBO::KREBSMon Jan 13 1992Import and link more than one rec/field at once?
742.01FRAMBO::KREBSMon Jan 13 1992Functionality of V2.
743.0DELNI::P_COLETue Jan 14 1992V1.1 install Problems
744.02CSC32::K_TICETue Jan 14 1992Several ?'s on DECdesign's use of CDD
745.01FRAMBO::KREBSTue Jan 14 1992Problem with public dictionary
746.09TOOLS::FOUNTASTue Jan 14 1992Request feedback on Concurrent Notification
747.08ALICAT::HARRIDGEWed Jan 15 1992EXCELerator >> DECdesign
748.04JENEVR::CONLONWed Jan 15 1992Wishlist items
749.01KERNEL::HIGMANThu Jan 16 1992DECDesign crashes when creating STD with %ADA-F-CONSTRAINT_ERRO error.
750.01FRAMBO::KREBSThu Jan 16 1992Store DDE's in other partitions ?????
751.011FRAMBO::KREBSThu Jan 16 1992Parsing of DDE's participating in subtype relationships
752.03FRAMBO::KREBSThu Jan 16 1992navigating to subject areas within EER
753.03FRAMBO::KREBSFri Jan 17 1992propagating changes related to subject areas?
754.05UTROP1::STERFri Jan 17 1992DECdesign crashes DECwindows
755.05FRAMBO::KREBSFri Jan 17 1992DECdesign and the ATIS interface of CDD
756.03KERNEL::JACKSONFri Jan 17 1992Licensing question
757.01TAVSun Jan 19 1992some questions...
758.06FRAMBO::KREBSMon Jan 20 1992Don't understand validation for weak entities
759.02BIGRED::GARRETTMon Jan 20 1992
760.01FORTY2::MOORETue Jan 21 1992Looking for introductory technical DECdesign material
761.05LUXTue Jan 21 1992Intro about Methodologies
762.02GUIDUK::BECKERTue Jan 21 1992Trouble creating a library - help
763.03STKHLM::BACKSTROMWed Jan 22 1992Video available?
764.014FRAMBO::KREBSWed Jan 22 1992DECdesign experience in large projects
766.03WHO2Wed Jan 22 1992P+ methodology?
767.0ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu Jan 23 1992SC questions
768.06ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu Jan 23 1992Public CDD disintegration
769.0ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu Jan 23 1992Motif problem ?
770.01BEAGLE::VIGIERFri Jan 24 1992problem when moving a transition in an STD
771.07ALICAT::HARRIDGEMon Jan 27 1992User Registry RW to RO
772.01SISDA::NOSUCH::MOOREMon Jan 27 1992Library template is broken
773.02ISIDRO::SANCHOWed Jan 29 1992Global fields in DECdesign??????
774.01ROMThu Jan 30 1992message number
775.02PENUTS::DRUSSOThu Jan 30 1992Incorrect, repetitive Dictionary Entry Pointer
776.07AKOFIN::BERGLUNDThu Jan 30 1992Plotter Output Possible?
777.03DELNI::P_KEATINGTue Feb 04 1992Post Install IVP Error - ending fetch stream
778.03VAXRIO::EZEQUIELWed Feb 05 1992Dictionary entries
779.020ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu Feb 06 1992DD causes DECW$ crash
780.01KERNEL::BEECRAFTMon Feb 10 1992partitions missing after load
781.02SAC::STEVENSON_MTue Feb 11 1992Can get a TOP-DOWN report
782.01KAL::OGRENTue Feb 11 1992How do we get G&S-reports into a DECwrite-document
784.04AWECIM::SEGALWed Feb 12 1992V2.
785.07AWECIM::SEGALThu Feb 13 1992Upgrade path from V1.
786.016ALICAT::HARRIDGESat Feb 15 1992DFD validation AGAIN and AGAIN
787.05ALICAT::HARRIDGESat Feb 15 1992How about a real "purge"
788.03BARYON::STEVENSON_MMon Feb 17 1992Connector Lables
789.01LTRBOX::JOHNSONTue Feb 18 19921.1 install errors %RMS-E-FNF, %RMS-F-ISI,
790.02AWECIM::SEGALTue Feb 18 1992Required Software for V2.
791.02AUNTB::FRYLANDTue Feb 18 1992Questions from a customer??
792.0AUNTB::FRYLANDTue Feb 18 1992Need competitive info against Oracle
793.01ISIDRO::SANCHOWed Feb 19 1992RDB Run-time for Decdesign ??
794.01TRNAF1::FRACCHIAWed Feb 19 1992DECdesign implementation of IE methodology
795.01CSC32::K_TICEThu Feb 20 1992Some "user interface" suggestions from a customer
796.0DECWET::SCOTTFri Feb 21 1992V2 Schedule Update?
797.03BGOMon Feb 24 1992DECdesign and Progress?
798.02CTHQ2::SAIZMon Feb 24 1992Help With Creating a New Library
799.04CSC32::K_TICEMon Feb 24 1992Pathworks, Mac-X, and DECdesign ?
800.02KETJE::BRH932::VERHOEVENTue Feb 25 1992Problem with DecDesign and Bookreader
801.016DECWET::SCOTTTue Feb 25 1992Coad/Yourdon Functional Spec?
802.01LEDDEV::DEMBATue Feb 25 1992need doc on custom DECdesign
803.05CTHQ2::SAIZTue Feb 25 1992Data Dictionary Question
804.05LEDDEV::DEMBAWed Feb 26 1992DECdesign simulation
805.02GIDDAY::SMALLThu Feb 27 1992Yourdon EER help required
806.07FRUST::FRANKEFri Feb 28 1992DECdesign - RdbAccess compatibility problem?
807.07CTHQ2::SAIZMon Mar 02 1992Sequence Number Question
808.01CTHQ2::SAIZMon Mar 02 1992Sequence Number Question
809.03CHOVAX::KURTZTue Mar 03 1992Some DES functionality suggestions...
810.06STKHLM::BACKSTROMWed Mar 04 1992VMS to Ultrix migration?
811.03SNOCWed Mar 04 1992Questions for tender response
812.03MARVIN::HAQUEThu Mar 05 1992Some "user interface" suggestions from an internal customer
813.06ALICAT::MACKAYThu Mar 05 1992DD `hangs' when CDD ACL's removed from library di
814.0ISIDRO::SANCHOFri Mar 06 1992Batch operations in DECdesign?
815.02PIETFri Mar 06 1992Is it possible to un-delete an object?
816.01MINNY::PFISTERWMon Mar 09 1992New feature DECdesign Vers. 2.
817.02FSCORE::NORRISMon Mar 09 1992A User Manual Anywhere?
818.01BIGRED::GARRETTMon Mar 09 1992DECdesign hangs during PASTE operation
819.0BGOTue Mar 10 1992EFT V2.
821.02VNASWS::GEROLDTue Mar 10 1992How to install DES 1.1 with CDD/rep
823.01SAC::STEVENSON_MWed Mar 11 1992Some more ideas
824.03SAC::STEVENSON_MWed Mar 11 1992Methods, Methods, Methods
825.07ESMAIL::MAGALETTAWed Mar 11 1992problems with motif!!
826.01IJSAPL::VIJFVINKELThu Mar 12 1992Meta meta data documentation required!!!
827.04USDEV1::MANNINGThu Mar 12 1992library created with lower version....
828.02GUIDUK::BECKERMon Mar 16 1992Methodologies availability?
829.03ACESMK::MCKIMMon Mar 16 1992Recommendations for DECdesign in an SDLC?
830.02FSCORE::NORRISTue Mar 17 1992Same Entity in Different Location (CDM)?
831.02HLDGWed Mar 18 1992DECdesign V1.
832.011AWECIM::SEGALWed Mar 18 1992Losing part of CD when printing / Automating live links to Decwrite
833.08ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu Mar 19 1992More wish list items
834.0PAFREY::VANPROOYENThu Mar 19 1992DECdesign/CDD/LMF?
835.01GRANPA::CORTYLThu Mar 19 1992Where's the COHESION???
836.02ALICAT::HARRIDGEFri Mar 20 1992Printing a pull down
837.02CSC32::S_JOHNSONFri Mar 20 1992Specification Acess ?'s
838.02ALICAT::HARRIDGEMon Mar 23 1992Details about PURGE
839.01ALICAT::HARRIDGEMon Mar 23 1992Parse problem
840.04ALICAT::HARRIDGEMon Mar 23 1992Parsed this way before ?
841.0MAIL::KOETTINGLMon Mar 23 1992V2.
842.02ALICAT::HARRIDGETue Mar 24 1992Getting an Aggregate DDE from a relationship
843.0ISIDRO::SANCHOTue Mar 24 1992SSADM-SF, MERISE tools, help!
844.01PLAYER::VANDYCKWed Mar 25 1992RDB$SHARE ?
846.05BUFFER::UNGUREANUThu Mar 26 1992"Hiding widgets" - known ?
847.01SICML::LEVINThu Mar 26 1992Question on DES$NEW_LIBRARY.COM and system logicals
849.03ISIDRO::SANCHOWed Apr 01 1992Wich SQL for ULTRIX?
851.015KERNEL::HIGMANThu Apr 02 1992Large DFD hangs on Monochrome screen, works fine on Colour.
852.016WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Apr 02 1992VMSINSTAL fails, no reason given
853.01JIT4Mon Apr 06 1992Pointer to good experienced users
855.01BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Apr 06 1992DECdesign generating ACAS?
856.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOMon Apr 06 1992Read-Only prohibits Navigate?
857.01HARDY::EARLETue Apr 07 1992Recommended hardware configurations?
858.04PLAYER::BARDEZTue Apr 07 1992DD too slow on a VXT2
859.05COPCLU::SCHOUBOWed Apr 08 1992New library format - in batch please!
860.03OSLACT::OLAVWed Apr 08 1992Prerequisite software for T2.
861.02BERNThu Apr 09 1992Loading problem with Version T2.
862.01TROOA::SPACKMANThu Apr 09 1992VTX Configuration Help?
863.0CDROM::HENDRICKSThu Apr 09 1992Online Training for V2
864.06VERN::CARPENTERFri Apr 10 1992DES-I-LIBRARY_ACC_ERR after trying to recover a database from poor backups
865.04DECWET::SCOTTMon Apr 13 1992Kudos On New Ultrix Version
866.01KAMPUS::STAUDENMAIERMon Apr 13 1992Ptech reference manual not world readable
867.09PUGET::SCHEELMon Apr 13 1992DES V2 install hung
868.0MEO78B::MANDERSONTue Apr 14 1992Points after a comparison with Excelerator
869.012LEMAN::CACCIATue Apr 14 1992cdd-e-errcredic msg
870.05MCIS5::BARETue Apr 14 1992Yes or No-Print DECdesign in Landscape
871.06KERNEL::HIGMANWed Apr 15 1992Previewing a REPORT gave a SYS-F-ROPRAND error mess in DES$LOG.LOG
872.06PAPERS::CORNEWed Apr 15 1992problems with Manage...User Registry - can't modify
874.03PUGET::SCHEELWed Apr 15 1992can't create library with FT Version 2.
875.01PUGET::SCHEELWed Apr 15 1992FT Version 2.
876.05ZURThu Apr 16 1992Motif supported or not ?
877.02CFSCTC::CTCThu Apr 16 1992Questions on DECdesign and ACAS
878.0DASMIA::DREWNIAKSat Apr 18 1992DMR vs DECdesign
879.01JOCKEY::BYNGNTue Apr 21 1992CDD integration ?
880.07PENUTS::DDESMAISONSTue Apr 21 1992composition equation parsing problem
881.0HARDY::EARLEWed Apr 22 1992Query into DECdesign repository
882.012BUSY::MACHLINWed Apr 22 1992Any Ward/Mellor experts around
883.0CGOOA::LEUCHTERWed Apr 22 1992DECDesign config questions
884.02KERNEL::WILESLFri Apr 24 1992Description missing on Yourdon reports
885.05OSLACT::OLAVFri Apr 24 1992DECdesign starts and exits immediately?
886.013AWECIM::SEGALFri Apr 24 1992Can't get converted extract to load into V2 library.
887.02OSLACT::OLAVMon Apr 27 1992DECdesign should create it's own directory if needed
888.02CTHQ1::SAIZMon Apr 27 1992Fetching an Deleted View
889.011VAOUTue Apr 28 1992DECDesign V1.1/V2.
890.03TRADE::SHAPIROTue Apr 28 1992howto landscape?
891.01OSLACT::OLAVWed Apr 29 1992Minor error in installation guide
892.08HLDGWed Apr 29 1992Questions to be answered
893.03CDROM::SCHWEIKERWed Apr 29 1992DES$LOAD.LOG should contain more information
894.07TOOK::DUSOWed Apr 29 1992ultrix install problem
895.03AWECIM::SEGALWed Apr 29 1992Diagram redisplay overkill?
896.0AWECIM::SEGALWed Apr 29 1992DECW$SERVER CPU Consumption
897.03DOWNBE::LOWEThu Apr 30 1992Problem accessing ULTRIX DECDesign from VMS
898.01HARDY::EARLEThu Apr 30 1992File format conversion to DECdesign EXTRACT/LOAD format -Reverse Engineering?
899.09AWECIM::SEGALFri May 01 1992FYI -Mistakes in online tutorial
900.03BIS1::SCHRECKENBERMon May 04 1992"DFD - Validation Problem"
901.03CDROM::SCHWEIKERMon May 04 1992too many redraws to paste Yourdon data flows
902.02CDROM::SCHWEIKERMon May 04 1992Yourdon data flows overwrite previous labels
903.04VAOUMon May 04 1992More questions on printing/erds/etc.
904.05PLAYER::BRH954::SLOPERTue May 05 1992DFD crashes VXT 2
905.04IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSTue May 05 1992dialogue diagrams in decdesign
906.03IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSTue May 05 1992reference visit for decdesign
907.09JITWed May 06 1992Reporting problem with TOP_DOWN_DESIGN
908.04MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREWed May 06 1992Installation problems (V2.
909.04MQOSWS::M_MORINWed May 06 1992Display problem with VAX 4
910.01WARNUT::DUANEThu May 07 1992DES T2.
911.01INFACT::BEVISSat May 09 1992! HELP ME !
912.01TINCUP::M_SPRATTEMon May 11 1992Lock server question on ULTRIX
913.01OSLACT::OLAVTue May 12 1992Ptech tutorial?
914.01ALICAT::HARRIDGEWed May 13 1992Vision tool ?
915.08DOWNBE::LOWEThu May 14 1992Saving to default partition
916.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 14 1992Decdesign
917.04FOYER::HESLINFri May 15 1992Ultrix Installation problem
918.02ALICAT::HARRIDGEFri May 15 1992How to remove a methodology
919.01ROMTSS::MORRONEFri May 15 1992Help: VTX2
920.04CSOMKT::BADAMSFri May 15 1992Reporting - text + pictures for the whole system
921.03ADTSHR::STEINMon May 18 1992DECdesign V2.
922.02DOWNBE::LOWETue May 19 1992Aggregate DDE validation problem
923.01DOWNBE::LOWETue May 19 1992Dictionary browser question
924.01DOWNBE::LOWETue May 19 1992V2.
925.06FRITOS::TALCOTTTue May 19 1992V2 Docs moved back to CLT::DECDESIGN$SPECS: from CLT::DECDESIGN_V2$SPECS:
926.09AWECIM::SEGALTue May 19 1992V2FT-1 Stack dump
927.04AWECIM::SEGALTue May 19 1992Whats the difference between VMS and Ultrix versions?
928.02CSC32::COMULADATue May 19 1992Node namein Reqistry
929.06CSC32::COMULADATue May 19 1992FT2...ERROR
930.0CSC32::COMULADAWed May 20 1992Suggestion on functionality of DES
931.01SUPER::EARLEWed May 20 1992Recommendations on DECdesign respository backups?
932.01TROOA::SPACKMANThu May 21 1992ULTRIX Installation Problem - T2.
933.01ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu May 21 1992Royalties
934.01SUPER::EARLEThu May 21 1992Blinking views while LOADing into Workspace
935.05COPCLU::SCHOUBOFri May 22 1992%SYSTEM-F-NOLOGNAM during installation of T2.
936.01ISIDRO::SANCHOSun May 24 1992Can't create libraries in FT2
937.03JIT763::HARAYAMAMon Jun 01 1992Question about PURGE
938.03EFGVTue Jun 02 1992CDD/DECdesign link problem
939.01AWECIM::KINGTue Jun 02 1992T2.
940.06VINO::VOBATue Jun 02 1992V1.1 Failed To Create Library
941.01DASMIA::DREWNIAKWed Jun 03 1992Swap an entity ?
942.02RUMOR::COHENWed Jun 03 1992Error when running addlinks
943.06RUMOR::COHENWed Jun 03 1992Coad/Yourdon problem
944.03ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu Jun 04 1992Bad printing
945.01ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu Jun 04 1992Unnamed ADEs & SDEs
946.01ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu Jun 04 1992Typos in Doco
947.0ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu Jun 04 1992ACCVIO with T2.
948.01ALICAT::HARRIDGEThu Jun 04 1992Version in DES$LOG.LOG ?
949.04MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREMon Jun 08 1992Demo DECdesign V2.
950.08LUNACY::SEGALWed Jun 10 1992Wishlist: Prompt for name of newly created views
951.02YUPPY::HARVEYThu Jun 11 1992*Urgent* DECdesign printing problem...
952.06BOSTON::BOSTON::IANNUZZIThu Jun 11 1992Various DECdesign questions
953.09VAXRIO::MAFRAFri Jun 12 1992Code Generators... Which, when ???
954.06NIXFIX::WERNERMon Jun 15 1992Tabulator problem
955.02ADTSHR::STEINMon Jun 15 1992Help Wanted!! - DECdesign testing
956.02CPDW::RROGERSTue Jun 16 1992FT2.
957.01HAMSTR::GIRARDFri Jun 19 1992Question - Validation Error Message
958.02JITMon Jun 22 1992A partition was broken.
959.02ALICAT::HARRIDGEMon Jun 22 1992Finish Edit inconsistency
960.04YUPPY::HARVEYMon Jun 22 1992V2 Stability?
961.01COOKIE::WILKINSMon Jun 22 1992DECdesign for a small project
962.01ROMMon Jun 22 1992SPD for DECdesign wanted
963.02ELWOOD::ROCKWELLMon Jun 22 1992RUMBAUGH/OMT Notation in V2?
964.04CPDW::MCCLUREMon Jun 22 1992HELP! - How can I RECOVER!!
965.01ALICAT::HARRIDGEMon Jun 22 1992Report name change
966.06JITTue Jun 23 1992with VXT2
967.010WOTVAX::EVANSPARKERDTue Jun 23 1992Install problems DES T2.
968.02ALICAT::HARRIDGEWed Jun 24 1992Prining Problems
970.02EISJB::BAKERWed Jun 24 1992Security and project control
971.01ALICAT::HARRIDGEWed Jun 24 1992Extract problem
972.01MAJORS::REVELLThu Jun 25 1992Datastore sequence Id's vanished.
973.01CSC32::C_TILDENThu Jun 25 1992LIB-F-INSVIRMEM, CDD Repository, RDB 4.
974.05HLDGFri Jun 26 1992URGENT, error creating dictionary FT2
975.01HANNAH::SKAGERLINDFri Jun 26 1992Help requested to use DECdesign
976.08PKDEV2::COHENFri Jun 26 1992Logical Data Model Feedback FT2
977.06SUPER::EARLEMon Jun 29 1992DECdesign client/server model
978.04CSC32::COMULADATue Jun 30 1992Decdesign hangs
979.02HERON::BOSSARDWed Jul 01 1992ULTRIX: cannot create an other library in separate process (different user)
980.02EMC2::GUILLETWed Jul 01 1992%DES-I-LIBRARY ACC_ERR, Error attempting to access the library
981.02WELLDN::MATTEWed Jul 01 1992Error event received from server...
982.03PKDEV2::COHENWed Jul 01 1992Close and Update LDM view:== SAVE?
983.02PAKORA::SUPPALThu Jul 02 1992Lower version library opening problem
984.06SEFIThu Jul 02 1992DECdesign V2.
985.06WARNUT::DUANEFri Jul 03 1992FT3 crash on insufficient dynamic memory
986.011WARNUT::DUANEFri Jul 03 1992Comment on ERR -> LDM -> SQL for datatypes
987.02WARNUT::DUANEFri Jul 03 1992Key attributes in a Relation - why not!!!!
988.01SEFIMon Jul 06 1992Some feedback for YOURDON On-Line Training
989.02IJSAPL::VANWOLFERENMon Jul 06 1992Release date of Version 2.
990.0CSC32::COMULADAMon Jul 06 1992VT13
991.01SEFIMon Jul 06 1992DES T2.
992.01SEFIMon Jul 06 1992DES T2.
993.01SEFIMon Jul 06 1992DES T2.
994.05SEFIMon Jul 06 1992DES T2.
995.03SEFIMon Jul 06 1992DES T2.
996.01SEFIMon Jul 06 1992DES T2.
997.04SEFIMon Jul 06 1992DES T2.
998.01SEFIMon Jul 06 1992DES T2.
999.0SEFIMon Jul 06 1992DES T2.
1000.03SEFIMon Jul 06 1992DES T2.
1001.04GIDDAY::SMALLTue Jul 07 1992Level of integration with CDD/Repository
1002.02VAXRIO::EZEQUIELTue Jul 07 1992customizinf DECdesign
1003.06WOTVAX::EVANSPARKERDTue Jul 07 1992Unable to create library
1004.02FRIDYS::MCCAINTue Jul 07 1992ULTRIX installation problem
1005.04EMC2::GUILLETWed Jul 08 1992DD v2.
1006.09FRUST::LUKASThu Jul 09 1992Ptech method information available ?
1007.01PICOTT::MCUSACKThu Jul 09 1992SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO - All views in library deleted!
1008.01KERNEL::JACKSONThu Jul 09 1992Various ACCVIOs while running DECdesign
1009.03CSC32::COMULADAFri Jul 10 1992Obtaining FT V2.
1010.03SEFIMon Jul 13 1992DES T2.
1011.05KAOU58::MACDONALDMon Jul 13 1992Need HELP determining Upgrade path
1012.06TLE::MCCARTHYMon Jul 13 1992Next Step? Can't create new library(v1.1-
1013.03LENO::FLEMINGTue Jul 14 1992Ultrix install snafu
1014.03COPCLU::SCHOUBOWed Jul 15 1992DES$NEW_LIBRARY deleted? Wrong direction!
1015.01MASALA::JOLLEYWed Jul 15 1992Looking for DECdesign V1.
1018.05EDWIN::HENNESSYWed Jul 15 1992DFD ?? from a new user...
1019.010DBSRFX::WAHLThu Jul 16 1992Label movement & graphics editing
1020.01XLIB::CHANGMon Jul 20 1992DECdesign future
1021.02ALLVAX::HILLMANMon Jul 20 1992structure types from aggregates
1022.0KDDID::DABAREINERTue Jul 21 1992Install "file not found" errors
1023.01FRUST::LUKASTue Jul 21 1992DES 2.
1024.03NMGDV9::MONDTue Jul 21 1992Software req. for DD T2.
1025.04FUTURS::CHAMBERSTue Jul 21 1992ultrix inst des_predefined is not defined or is too long
1026.09BROKI::CARONTue Jul 21 1992Novice questions
1027.09DUCKY::HANSONWed Jul 22 1992New user creating DD library
1028.03CIGRBX::VANPROOYENWed Jul 22 1992Integration with documentation packages
1029.06SWAM1::JAIDKA_ASWed Jul 22 1992Customization for process industries?
1030.03CSC32::COMULADAThu Jul 23 1992Help on Upgrade
1031.02COOKIE::WOODFri Jul 24 1992DECdesign and DECfonts conflict
1032.010GIDDAY::HADDADSun Jul 26 1992"fatal I/O error on XSERVER_WSA1"!!!!!!!
1034.03CSC32::COMULADAMon Jul 27 1992Upgrade protocols??
1035.01METZ::PAWLOWSKIMon Jul 27 1992WHAT TO SELL ?
1036.03ALLVAX::HILLMANMon Jul 27 1992defining pointers in data dictionary
1037.03DOWNBE::LOWEMon Jul 27 1992Installation failure FT3
1038.01ZUREDU::BLAISETue Jul 28 1992T2.
1039.01CSC32::COMULADATue Jul 28 1992Change Sequence number?
1040.03TAOVWed Jul 29 1992ADA-F errors on startup...
1041.04MAIL::KOETTINGLThu Jul 30 1992V2.
1042.01AWECIM::SEGALFri Jul 31 1992What version of FT are we at?
1043.03MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREMon Aug 03 1992Questions regarding DECsim
1045.05MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREMon Aug 03 1992Conversion from AD/W to DECdesign
1046.03COOKIE::LJONESMon Aug 03 1992Quick question
1048.03SUPER::EARLETue Aug 04 1992Access to DECdesign repository data
1049.03BROKE::HANCKELTue Aug 04 1992Courses?
1050.03WARNUT::DUANEWed Aug 05 1992Problems with PTECH
1051.04COOKIE::LJONESWed Aug 05 1992Library deletion
1052.01CURRNT::THOMPSONDFri Aug 07 1992Problem with Loading Extract.
1053.02MARX::FLEMINGFri Aug 07 1992other case studies?
1054.01JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROFri Aug 07 1992URGENT - References Needed
1055.01SUPER::EARLEMon Aug 10 1992Deleting older versions of views
1056.01COOKIE::LJONESMon Aug 10 1992Vison tool with T2.
1057.01CPDW::RROGERSWed Aug 12 1992CDD data segragation question
1058.01KERNEL::HIGMANWed Aug 12 1992Ward-Mellor Methodology queries
1059.0FRUST::SAUERWEINThu Aug 13 1992C++ Code-generation: AT&T standart used?
1060.02TOOLS::FOUNTASMon Aug 17 1992DECdesign V2.
1061.05HARDY::EARLEMon Aug 17 1992Removing from Workspace
1062.01CPDW::RROGERSMon Aug 17 1992ATIS interface pointer?
1063.02HALFDM::NUCKLESMon Aug 17 1992presentation needed
1064.06ITHIL::CHADTue Aug 18 1992problem installing V2.
1065.05DUNURE::DROBERTSONTue Aug 18 1992Update Dictionary Query
1067.01CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Aug 20 1992Abort using DD 1.1 and Motif
1068.02GUIDUK::KRUGMon Aug 24 1992Garbage text lines on folders of open library
1069.02DUNURE::DROBERTSONTue Aug 25 1992Unexpected results from Extract/Load (v1.1)
1070.01DUNURE::DROBERTSONWed Aug 26 1992Can DD be used for Logical DFDs?
1071.02SUPER::EARLEWed Aug 26 1992Hardware configuration question
1072.01HLDGThu Aug 27 1992Reflexsive relations
1073.01VNASWS::LOBSANGThu Aug 27 1992AST modules in a structure chart ?
1074.04AWECIM::KINGThu Aug 27 1992Printing oversize models in PS
1075.0BRSOPI::GHYOOTFri Aug 28 1992PTECH Ontos/C++ ?
1076.05AWECIM::SEGALMon Aug 31 1992Has V2.
1077.07MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREWed Sep 02 1992URGENT: Problems after installing DECdesign V2.
1078.0WOTVAX::EVANSPARKERDWed Sep 02 1992Descriptions for EER diagrams
1079.0WOTVAX::EVANSPARKERDWed Sep 02 1992Editing DDIF in DECwrite????
1080.03CGOOA::GUNDERSONWed Sep 02 1992DECdesign and DEC FUSE
1081.01WOTVAX::EVANSPARKERDWed Sep 02 1992DECdesign on OSF/1
1082.01DOWNBE::LOWEThu Sep 03 1992installation problem on VMS
1083.03DOWNBE::LOWEThu Sep 03 1992How do we learn PTECH ?
1084.03DUNURE::DROBERTSONMon Sep 07 1992Problems w/ Datastore automatic numbering (v1.1)
1085.02SUPER::EARLETue Sep 08 1992Window selection problem while running Yourdon
1086.04ADTSHR::PHILLIPSWed Sep 09 1992Useful? Bad Idea? ....
1087.02BAAH::LAMBWed Sep 09 1992How to specify arrays in the Coad/Yourdon model?
1088.010GUIDUK::KRUGWed Sep 09 1992Reporting 'based-on' atomic DDE
1089.04TRCOA::SIEThu Sep 10 1992To upgrade or not?
1090.01TRCOA::SIEThu Sep 10 1992Wishlists
1091.08DUNURE::DROBERTSONThu Sep 10 1992Unreferenced Dictionary Entries
1092.03COOKIE::POTEETThu Sep 10 1992Why is the MOVE button in the VIEW menu greyed out?
1093.0BIGUN::ANDERSONThu Sep 10 1992review of other OOAD tools
1094.02CEDSWS::DUPREEFri Sep 11 1992V2 OLT Help Needed ASAP
1096.04DUNURE::DROBERTSONWed Sep 16 1992Performance under v2..?
1097.05STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Sep 16 1992Examples , demos of C/Y or Ptech?
1098.02NHASAD::SHELDONWed Sep 16 1992breaking down context diagram to further processes
1099.04COOKIE::WOODWed Sep 16 1992Do I need to Extract/Load FT2.
1100.01CSC32::COMULADAThu Sep 17 1992Install Questions
1101.01AWECIM::KINGThu Sep 17 1992Cut and Paste under Coad/Yourdon ?
1102.04STKHLM::STENSTROMFri Sep 18 1992Load problem
1103.01STKHLM::STENSTROMFri Sep 18 1992Changing default colors?
1104.04METZ::PAWLOWSKITue Sep 22 1992double definition in CDD
1105.04CSC32::C_TILDENTue Sep 22 1992%DES-I-LIBRARY_ACC_ERR,%DES-E-CDDLOCK errors?
1106.03CSC32::C_TILDENTue Sep 22 1992ACCVIO after DESIGN/SYSTEM
1107.07CHOVAX::LEVINETue Sep 22 1992errors exporting to CDD
1108.07GUIDUK::KRUGTue Sep 22 1992Error defining object in install
1109.05VAXRIO::ABREUWed Sep 23 1992report / Yourdon / truncating problem
1110.01CSC32::COMULADAWed Sep 23 1992How to set fonts to 75dpi
1111.02SOADC::STREMICKWed Sep 23 1992'unbounded' vs. 'bounded' ??
1112.07COOKIE::LJONESWed Sep 23 1992Size upper limit on Yourdon SC module specifications?
1113.02GYPSC::SCHUBERTThu Sep 24 1992wish: proper windows
1115.02MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREMon Sep 28 1992VXT2
1116.01KETJE::ROBBENSTue Sep 29 1992Storage error message
1117.04TINCUP::CSENCSITSTue Sep 29 1992Process exiting??
1118.06CPDW::MCCLUREWed Sep 30 1992HELP - can't get the LARGE print-out
1119.05SUBWAY::COMASThu Oct 01 1992DECdesign and DEC Object/DB demo?
1120.01WARNUT::DUANEFri Oct 02 1992Replenish ULTRIX PAKs please
1121.08KETJE::VANDEVYVERFri Oct 02 1992European Ultrix paks?
1122.0TOOLS::FOUNTASFri Oct 02 1992WARNING! Installing Rdb/VMS V4.1 requires RMU.EXE be installed w/privs
1123.07GUIDUK::EVANS_BRFri Oct 02 1992I wish that...
1124.04GUIDUK::EVANS_BRFri Oct 02 1992What is DECdtm?
1125.03CSC32::COMULADAMon Oct 05 1992Problem saving/closing
1126.08CTHQ::SAIZMon Oct 05 1992V2.
1127.08COOKIE::POTEETMon Oct 05 1992Elapsed time for library recovery from Navigation window hang.
1128.0HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGTue Oct 06 1992How to get PAKs ?
1129.02GUIDUK::KRUGTue Oct 06 1992OLT problems--Dictionary Entries
1130.010COOKIE::POTEETWed Oct 07 1992How to tie DFD arcs to existing DDE's
1131.03DOWNBE::LOWEWed Oct 07 1992PTECH, history ?
1132.02CSC32::COMULADAWed Oct 07 1992DESCDD
1133.01COOKIE::LJONESThu Oct 08 1992Copying a library question
1134.02GUIDUK::KRUGFri Oct 09 1992Recursive relationship error
1135.0COOKIE::POTEETFri Oct 09 1992Can't get DICTIONARY BROWSER to produce STRUCTURE
1136.01CASEE::MAYSat Oct 10 1992Instance connections in Coad.Yourdon
1137.03PICOTT::MCUSACKTue Oct 13 1992Can't Extract Library...
1138.05TRCOA::MESICWed Oct 14 1992replacing arrows quickly!
1139.04GIDDAY::HADDADThu Oct 15 1992-rms-e-fex on a brand new library!
1140.01TOOLS::FOUNTASThu Oct 15 1992WARNING: DECdesign REQUIRES special steps to work w/Rdb V4.2
1141.03USHSThu Oct 15 1992EER Methodology ??
1142.03DSM::GOULDFri Oct 16 1992no /etc/portmap?
1143.01SUBWAY::COMASMon Oct 19 1992Ptech Library example questions....
1144.02GLDING::OLDING_NIMon Oct 19 1992DESIGN report problem with Data Type for Atomic DDEs
1145.02SNOCMon Oct 19 1992DECdesign futures questions
1146.01CSC32::COMULADATue Oct 20 1992ACL err on install
1147.01WHOSTue Oct 20 1992DECdesign install
1148.05COOKIE::POTEETWed Oct 21 1992Dictionary Browser loops when obtaining STRUCTURE output
1149.023FRITOS::TALCOTTWed Oct 21 1992Information on obtaining PAKs
1150.01NEPHI::COARWed Oct 21 1992Bad font on 31
1151.01GUIDUK::KRUGFri Oct 23 1992Default values in generated SQL
1152.01SUBWAY::COMASFri Oct 23 1992Help with Ptech design.
1153.03RUNAWY::NIENTE::GERACEFri Oct 23 1992Problem creating new library
1154.01CSC32::COMULADAMon Oct 26 1992Validation errors on EER
1155.01ACESMK::LINDQUISTTue Oct 27 1992RDB logical
1156.01WAYOUT::CLARKEWed Oct 28 1992DECdesign DDIF -> Text Problems
1157.01TRNOIS::DELIAThu Oct 29 1992COAD-YOURDON-USER& PTECH-USER paks I need...
1158.0SUBWAY::COMASThu Oct 29 1992Ptech slides?
1159.01AZUR::BURKHARDFri Oct 30 1992DECdesign 2.
1160.02MANENG::WHITHAMFri Oct 30 1992Distributed version on Ultrix ?
1161.03SUBWAY::COMASMon Nov 02 1992PTech Wish List
1162.07DKAS::GALLUPMon Nov 02 1992Motif default key/button bindings?
1163.0MLNTue Nov 03 1992Presentation "DECDESIGN v2.
1164.01PENUTS::SKASTBERGTue Nov 03 1992Unable to open Library
1165.03COPCLU::SCHOUBOWed Nov 04 1992Hypersoft Application Browser - new animal in the zoo?
1166.06BACHUS::LEENWed Nov 04 1992Trying to understand 'Parse All levels'
1167.03VAXRIO::ERTHALWed Nov 04 1992URGENT - help needed
1168.01FRITOS::TALCOTTWed Nov 04 1992Install V2.
1169.02ACESMK::POZZETTAFri Nov 06 1992'Load on New' Question
1170.03TRCOA::MESICFri Nov 06 1992Problem with database attach
1171.02COOKIE::WALLACEMon Nov 09 1992Dictionary Structure output broken -- Syntax/Grammar for Extract format?
1172.04DSM::GOULDMon Nov 09 1992convert to version 2.
1173.01KERNEL::HIGMANMon Nov 09 1992Visibility of library files to user on Ultrix Client/Server system.
1174.02DASMIA::PWTKVL::DREWNIAKMon Nov 09 1992Just the Pictures ?
1175.01ZURTue Nov 10 1992expected 25.
1176.02QUIVER::DESMONDWed Nov 11 1992Possible duplicate name problem?
1177.01ISIDRO::SANCHOThu Nov 12 1992Modules used more than once in SC??
1178.03ZURFri Nov 13 1992Cannot get DES 1.1 installed with CDD 5.1!
1180.01KERNEL::HIGMANFri Nov 13 1992DECDesign font problem on Ultrix 5
1181.04TROOA::NAISHSun Nov 15 1992Lockserver for DECdesign & DEC Object DB?
1182.03GIDDAY::HADDADMon Nov 16 1992Can't generate a schema of 4
1183.09MACNAS::MKEYESTue Nov 17 1992Future of Decdesign
1184.06LENO::GRIERWed Nov 18 1992DECstation/Ultrix V4.3 -- nothing happens
1185.04SAC::EXTON_MWed Nov 18 1992V2.
1186.0KERNEL::PULLEYFri Nov 20 1992Risc client/server instal links (setld)?
1187.03CDROM::SYSTEMFri Nov 20 1992ident mismatch for V2.
1188.0KETJE::ROBBENSMon Nov 23 1992Client/Server licensing ?
1189.04XSTACY::JOCONNORMon Nov 23 1992Extract/Load
1190.01DOWNBE::LOWEMon Nov 23 1992Is the training course up to date ?
1191.01KERNEL::WILESLTue Nov 24 1992Partition name length limit?
1193.01MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREMon Nov 30 1992Question regarding normalization
1194.04KERNEL::HIGMANFri Dec 04 1992Upgrading from DECDesign T2.
1195.04VAXRIO::CSANTOSMon Dec 07 19921.1 ---> 2.
1196.01CSC32::COMULADAMon Dec 07 1992deleted data stores!
1197.01SWBNEU::KNOWLESTue Dec 08 1992Coad-Yourdon Problems
1198.02GBUSTA::LUSTMANTue Dec 08 1992cdd upgraded to 5.1 before decdesign 2.
1199.0SICML::LEVINTue Dec 08 1992Ultrix Installation Problems
1200.03STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Dec 09 1992DECdesign REALLY used?
1201.0KERNEL::WILESLWed Dec 09 1992no methodology def file CDD V5 DECdesign V1.1
1202.011GUIDUK::EVANS_BRFri Dec 11 1992unable to complete CDD$EXTENSIONS:DES$ADDLINKS.COM
1203.05QOQUAQ::PELTZMon Dec 14 1992IMPORTANT: Ptech code generation example fix didn't make it into the MUP
1204.04CRONIC::KOCHANSKYMon Dec 14 1992V1.1-->V2.
1205.02REPRB8::HARRIDGEMon Dec 14 1992Load utility internal error
1206.01TAOVWed Dec 16 1992Edit the list of errors from validation, how ?
1207.02EMC2::BERTUZZIWed Dec 16 1992Wich version of decdesign to instal with CDD V5.
1208.01KERNEL::JACKSONThu Dec 17 1992Problem installing with Rdb MV
1209.08KERNEL::JACKSONThu Dec 17 19923
1210.010KERNEL::JACKSONThu Dec 17 1992Problem merging libraries
1211.02TRCOA::TRCP56::SIEThu Dec 17 1992CDO-F-ERRFETNEXT error?
1212.02CTHQ::SAIZThu Dec 17 1992On-line Training
1213.02COPCLU::SCHOUBOFri Dec 18 1992Questions on DECdesign for Real-Time systems
1214.02RUTILE::PAILLY::GUILLETFri Dec 18 1992Problem installing DESMUPA
1215.0CSC32::COMULADAFri Dec 18 1992Decdesign on a Sun system?
1216.0AKOFAT::GDEVISat Dec 19 1992Is it MOTIF screwing up?
1217.012CRABS::SCHEELSat Dec 19 1992Problem installing DESMUPA
1218.01CSC32::COMULADATue Dec 22 1992Odd Behavior on VLC 4
1219.01TRCOA::TRCP56::SIETue Dec 22 1992Dictionary Scoping
1220.01CGOOA::BBRENNANTue Dec 29 1992DECdesign futures
1221.08MILPND::S_STRYKERWed Dec 30 1992Trying to Resequence Data Stores w/ V1.
1222.01CSC32::COMULADAThu Dec 31 1992Where's the .ps for yourdon?
1223.02KERNEL::PULLEYTue Jan 05 1993Ada-f-exception library access--save view?
1224.08KERNEL::WILESLTue Jan 05 1993EXCEPTION, librarian cannot be called recursively
1225.01WARNUT::DUANEThu Jan 07 1993Pthech Library example problems on VMS
1226.03CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Jan 07 1993Can dde scale attr. be neg.?
1227.01CSC32::COMULADAFri Jan 08 1993Extending the EER View
1228.01CSC32::COMULADATue Jan 12 1993Closing LIB messages
1230.011CSC32::M_HOEPNERFri Jan 15 1993DES$ADDLINKS fails with RMS-E-FEX
1231.03CSC32::COMULADAMon Jan 18 1993Pre-Install fails??
1232.03IRNBRU::SYSTEMTue Jan 19 1993CONSTRAINT-ERROR during library creation
1233.011CSC32::COMULADAWed Jan 20 1993CDD not installed msg.
1234.02CSC32::COMULADAWed Jan 20 1993Patch for Hangs???
1235.06TRCOA::TRCP56::SIEThu Jan 21 1993Performance issues revisited
1236.04SICML::LEVINThu Jan 21 1993MIF/UIL failure
1237.0SICML::LEVINThu Jan 21 1993MIF/ULTRIX/Data Consistency Check
1238.015KERNEL::HIGMANFri Jan 22 1993Can't create library in CLIENT/SERVER mode
1240.01OSTVSun Jan 24 1993Node name problem of user registry
1242.01ADTSHR::WHEATLEYTue Jan 26 1993DECdesign Support Statement
1243.02CSC32::COMULADATue Jan 26 1993Sql failure??
1244.04KETJE::ROBBENSWed Jan 27 1993Booth methodology ?
1245.01MISHTA::BELVALWed Jan 27 1993problems with DECdesign on workstations. problem with decdesign on workstations
1246.01FROCKY::KREBSThu Jan 28 1993algorithm for automatic routing?
1247.03CSC32::COMULADAThu Jan 28 1993Install of Yordon Training?
1248.04SICBL::LITTLEThu Jan 28 1993Data Type Generation Text Observations
1250.01MQOSWS::M_BOILEAUFri Jan 29 1993OSF/1 port ???
1251.03WARNUT::PAINTERFri Jan 29 1993QSL output from DECdesign
1253.03TOOLS::FOUNTASMon Feb 01 1993"Non-reproducible" problem by a few sites running VMS V5.5-2 and DECdesign. (old info)
1254.01TRCOA::TRCP56::SIETue Feb 02 1993What's running on the server and the client?
1255.04GIDDAY::SMALLTue Feb 02 1993Customer feedback
1256.01COOKIE::MHUAWed Feb 03 1993How to allow NULL values in EER attributes
1257.07CSC32::COMULADAThu Feb 04 1993General Spec's on DD??
1258.06CSC32::COMULADAFri Feb 05 1993No MDF file to compile?
1259.01CSC32::COMULADAFri Feb 05 1993SQL Generation ??
1260.0CSC32::COMULADAFri Feb 05 1993Reports on 2-way data flows?
1261.012CSC32::COMULADAFri Feb 05 1993Intenal error???
1262.0CHOVAX::KURTZSun Feb 07 1993DECdesign and GUI development...before its TOO late!
1263.0KERNEL::LEATEAMon Feb 08 1993Vax configurations and performance.
1265.06GUIDUK::EVANS_BRTue Feb 09 1993What's the value of DECdesign??
1266.03OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Feb 09 1993MUP 2.
1267.05COPCLU::SCHOUBOTue Feb 09 1993Methodology id changed during reinstallation?
1268.04COPCLU::SCHOUBOWed Feb 10 1993Back and forth between Y and G&S?
1269.04PENUTS::MCUSACKThu Feb 11 1993ADA-F-EXCEPTION, Exception create_partition_error
1270.013ZURThu Feb 11 1993Perfomace problems on DWdisplay machines. PCs,VT1xxx etc.
1271.06KERNEL::HIGMANThu Feb 11 1993Within Yourdon DDE Generate Names gives INTERNAL METHODOLOGY ERROR
1272.07UNTADH::IBRODIEFri Feb 12 1993name service / Federated Database problem (DECdesign/ULTRIX)
1273.02CSC32::COMULADAFri Feb 12 1993Help SQL...URGENT
1274.01STRASB::PAWLOWSKIFri Feb 12 1993DECdesign configuration
1275.02CSC32::S_CONNORFri Feb 12 1993Does cddrdbo42.a touch des$predefined also?
1276.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Feb 16 1993Windows NT?
1277.02VAXRIO::EZEQUIELTue Feb 16 1993Library Validation
1278.02COPCLU::SCHOUBOWed Feb 17 1993LIBABORT on DES V
1279.06CSC32::COMULADAWed Feb 17 1993Errors on IMPORT of Aggregate
1280.02STKHLM::STENSTROMThu Feb 18 1993Urgent question...
1281.04FRUST::FLOHRThu Feb 18 1993LOCK SERVER problem !!!
1282.02OSLACT::BJARNE_PThu Feb 18 1993Installation fails with "file currently locked.."
1283.04KERNEL::HIGMANThu Feb 18 1993Error generated when trying to modify User Registry on Ultrix.
1284.01CSC32::COMULADAFri Feb 19 1993Library Broken?????
1285.03CSC32::COMULADAMon Feb 22 1993Datatype invalid on export
1286.04CSC32::COMULADAMon Feb 22 1993Install on 4
1287.02SICML::LEVINMon Feb 22 1993Crash on Dictionary Browser/Display Structure
1288.02ASABET::HUANGMon Feb 22 1993Duplicate Data Store Number assigned by decdesign
1289.0ADTSHR::FOUNTASTue Feb 23 1993"Internal error in load utility" or "librarian cannot be called recursively" require special installs in V2.
1291.010TROOA::NAISHWed Feb 24 1993VMS -> ULTRIX Issues
1292.03CSC32::COMULADAWed Feb 24 1993TABS replaced by " in printout
1293.02TROOA::JMILLSWed Feb 24 1993Complete import of CDD/R into Merise library
1295.04CECEHV::WIT_RFri Feb 26 1993installation problem
1296.06CSC32::COMULADAFri Feb 26 1993What is DESCDD_backend.exe
1297.01SICML::LEVINFri Feb 26 1993Coad/Yourdon Question: arrowheads on structure connector
1298.05STKHLM::STENSTROMMon Mar 01 1993C&Y questions from (prospective) customer
1299.01HANSBC::BACHNERMon Mar 01 1993DESMUPA
1300.06ZURTue Mar 02 1993reduce, enlarge produces scrambled font
1301.05CSC32::COMULADATue Mar 02 1993import dde requires size for validation??
1302.01PKDEV1::SEIZWed Mar 03 1993Size of include files
1303.02TROOA::NAISHWed Mar 03 1993DO_ICODE error on DD V2/ULTRIX
1304.02KETJE::GHYOOTThu Mar 04 1993Extremely Urgent Question: DECdesign/DECodb match
1305.03UHURU::LAMBERTThu Mar 04 1993Windows/DOS support via xCursion
1306.02CSC32::COMULADAThu Mar 04 1993Validating/balance problem??
1307.04RIPPLE::REID_PAThu Mar 04 1993What/where is the Access List
1308.05CAIMAN::TURNDALFri Mar 05 1993DES V2.
1309.03BELFST::LYONSMon Mar 08 1993KIT on TAPE?
1310.0QCAADC::BRAMESHTue Mar 09 1993DECdesign - PCs running PATHWORKS
1311.02GYPSC::65133::KLBARTHTue Mar 09 1993Can you explode data flows ?
1312.02CSC32::COMULADATue Mar 09 1993Install questions..Urgent
1313.0ZURWed Mar 10 1993SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, decdesign 2.
1314.01KERNEL::HIGMANThu Mar 11 1993READ-ONLY DFD crashes DECDesign when you do EDIT - VIEW PROPERTIES.
1315.01IRNBRU::BRIDGEFORDThu Mar 11 1993%ADA-F-EXCEPTION, Exception err_vms_insvirmem
1316.02CSC32::COMULADAThu Mar 11 1993Subject area will not validate?
1317.01GLDOA::TROMBLEYFri Mar 12 1993SO LONG - ITS BE FUN !
1318.01VAXRIO::CSANTOSFri Mar 12 1993size limitation for minispec
1319.03CTHQ::SAIZFri Mar 12 1993Can't Seem to Resenquence
1320.02VAXRIO::EZEQUIELMon Mar 15 1993PDE and DFD relationship
1321.016MQOSWS::M_BOILEAUTue Mar 16 1993TO VEST or NOT TO VEST
1322.01BOHEME::LAVELLIWed Mar 17 1993Problem with Gane Sarson Report on EERD
1323.0SICML::LEVINWed Mar 17 1993Problem with Coad/Yourdon annotations
1324.01SICML::LEVINWed Mar 17 1993Access violation removing view from workspace
1325.03CSC32::COMULADATue Mar 23 1993Performance issues, Urgent.....
1326.03SWAM2::ABEL_ERTue Mar 23 1993Help - .DDIF to MS Word Conversion
1327.05EVOCDG::FOLLYThu Mar 25 1993Alpha AXP port for OpenVMS and OSF
1328.05CSC32::S_JOHNSONFri Mar 26 1993Trouble Installing MUP for 2.
1329.01SAC::BLACKMAN_DPTue Mar 30 1993Help Needed ! ! ?
1330.02CSC32::COMULADAThu Apr 01 1993Open lib err"inconsistency"
1331.0SWAM2::ABEL_ERThu Apr 01 1993PC config for DECdesign?
1332.06UNTADH::IBRODIEFri Apr 02 1993Image terminated by SMGR task exception, PC =
1333.03CCAD33::HOPEMon Apr 05 1993Using DECdesign course
1334.04LASCPM::BEAUREGARDTue Apr 06 1993Print differences from PCs
1335.02LASCPM::BEAUREGARDWed Apr 07 1993%ADA-F-EXCCOP, Error on PC not on VAX
1336.01PKDEV1::SEIZTue Apr 13 1993Trouble with EER to LDM transformation
1337.01VAXRIO::EZEQUIELTue Apr 13 1993Condition in SC
1338.01VAXRIO::EZEQUIELTue Apr 13 1993Agregate composed by Agregates
1339.04CSC32::COMULADATue Apr 13 1993DD and the VXT-2
1340.03CECEHV::PAASEN_RThu Apr 15 1993CD --> DFD
1341.01CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Apr 15 1993Load & User Registery - Again
1342.02VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Apr 15 1993Output in PCL or TIFF->PCL conversion?
1343.03BACHUS::DEKEYSERFri Apr 16 1993Problem during generation of SQL constraints.
1344.01BACHUS::DEKEYSERFri Apr 16 1993Problem in report generation
1345.02PLAYER::SCHRECKENBERMon Apr 19 1993problems encountered after upgrade
1346.01CSC32::COMULADAMon Apr 19 1993Library not save in known list?
1347.02ALICAT::HOPETue Apr 20 1993A couple of Yourdon questions
1348.03GIDDAY::HADDADFri Apr 23 1993Data Couples Icon is missing!
1349.01ZABOT::LETIZIAFri Apr 23 1993DECdesign finds another lockserver
1350.09BREAKR::FLATMANFri Apr 23 1993Printing/DCL Commands/SMGR
1351.06GUIDUK::KRUGFri Apr 23 1993Printing from DES questions
1353.04COPCLU::SCHOUBOTue Apr 27 1993Problems with LDM arrows and lines
1354.04CSC32::COMULADATue Apr 27 1993Duplicaton of Primary key?
1355.03CSC32::COMULADATue Apr 27 1993Validate Hang
1356.04CSC32::COMULADAWed Apr 28 1993Licensing Questions
1357.0UHURU::LAMBERTWed Apr 28 1993SQL/RDO to DECdesign/EERD tool?
1358.02HERON::BUCHANANWed Apr 28 1993trap to avoid
1359.01DELNI::P_COLEWed Apr 28 1993RENAME seems to be hung...
1360.02CGOOA::BBRENNANWed Apr 28 1993Questions about importing and reporting
1361.02UHURU::LAMBERTThu Apr 29 1993What is the Extract File Format?
1362.03SICML::LEVINMon May 03 1993Passive Grab?????
1363.0FORTY2::SOLANOThu May 06 1993Any DECDESIGN users in Reading or London?
1364.09SFCThu May 06 1993multiple use of attributes in PTech...
1365.05CSC32::COMULADAThu May 06 1993LOAD Messages during load??
1366.01ISIDRO::SANCHOWed May 12 1993Importing CDD definitions
1367.02CSC32::COMULADAWed May 12 1993CD's with Common Terminator?
1368.0CSC32::COMULADAWed May 12 1993Composition errors
1369.02ISTWI1::SENYUZThu May 13 1993composition equation syntax not yet supported
1370.06CSC32::COMULADAThu May 13 1993Hangs on labeling relationship/EER
1371.01UTROP1::OLTMANS_BThu May 13 1993SQL-2 output ??
1372.02CSC32::COMULADAFri May 14 1993Node name change, unable to access lib
1373.07TOOLS::FOUNTASWed May 19 1993Library->New failing to create DECdesign library ( Template invalid message ) MOVED from 537
1374.01SUPER::EARLEWed May 19 1993Problem loading version 1.1 EXTRACT files into 2.
1375.02VAXRIO::ABREUFri May 21 1993parse error when validating
1376.0CSC32::S_JOHNSONFri May 21 19932.
1377.03NCBOOT::PEREZWed May 26 1993Changing size of transform changes label numbers
1378.0KETJE::GHYOOTThu May 27 1993Ptech 'Library' example
1380.02ISLNDS::CUDAKThu May 27 1993Can this be done?
1381.02CSC32::COMULADAThu May 27 1993Upgrade rdb to 4.2,cannot create new lib
1382.01KERNEL::HIGMANThu Jun 03 1993DECDesign problems/queries.
1383.01KERNEL::HIGMANThu Jun 03 1993Composition equation question.
1384.01KERNEL::HIGMANThu Jun 03 1993Coad Yourdon methodology question.
1385.02CSC32::COMULADAMon Jun 07 1993Dropping LINKS???
1386.0UHURU::LAMBERTTue Jun 08 1993Status of Ptech OO Anal. & Des. Training?
1387.01UTRTSC::WILLEMSThu Jun 10 1993Question about weak entities
1388.06BERNThu Jun 10 1993problems with corrupted view
1389.0CSC32::COMULADAThu Jun 10 1993Exclsive Access to create lib??
1390.03UHURU::LAMBERTMon Jun 14 1993Explain Weak Entities/Relationships please
1391.02PKDEV1::SEIZMon Jun 14 1993Unexpected Results from EER to LDM transform
1392.03MILPND::S_STRYKERMon Jun 14 1993Can't import CDD/Plus records?
1393.07IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSTue Jun 15 1993Fatal error validating weak entities
1394.01IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSTue Jun 15 1993'fatal' error validating weak entities
1395.02KERNEL::WILESLTue Jun 15 1993Flow connector too crowded to connect any more.
1396.02PLAYER::SCHRECKENBERTue Jun 15 1993Library Creation (dbkey)
1397.03ANNECY::BESSEASWed Jun 16 1993Order to upgrade DECdesign/RDB/CDD
1398.0TOOLS::FOUNTASWed Jun 16 1993DECdesign print problems on PCs using eXcursion 1.1c
1399.05UHURU::LAMBERTThu Jun 17 1993Are associated sets permanently linked to specific versions?
1400.01MLNADMon Jun 21 1993Aggregate Data Structure ONLY report
1401.0PKDEV1::SEIZThu Jun 24 1993No primary keys in SQL code
1402.01SICML::LEVINThu Jun 24 1993Question on ECO and ULTRIX
1403.01SICML::LEVINThu Jun 24 1993Deleting libraries (ULTRIX)
1404.01CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Jun 24 1993?'s @ updating C++ code in coad/yourdon
1405.01KERNEL::HIGMANFri Jun 25 1993EERD's and Subtype cardinality
1406.02ANNECY::BESSEASFri Jun 25 1993U: EBSARCH methodology upgrade pb
1407.04WECROW::HILLFri Jun 25 1993DECdesign DES V
1409.04FSCORE::KAYEMon Jun 28 1993checksum error - opening library?
1410.03ADTSHR::FOUNTASMon Jun 28 1993Reserved for ECO problems/discussions
1412.02VAXRIO::ABREUTue Jun 29 1993Size of specification for PDE
1413.0KERNEL::HIGMANWed Jun 30 1993Error installing DECDesign 2.
1414.02BERNThu Jul 01 1993sys$language / lib$dt_format ?
1415.03MR3MI1::DEVIThu Jul 01 1993Fatal error - CDD$DATABASE.RDB already exists
1416.03PLAYER::SCHRECKENBERMon Jul 05 1993in creating a new "ptech" library-license error
1417.01IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSWed Jul 14 1993teach Yourdon + DECdesign V2
1418.0SICML::LEVINThu Jul 15 1993display problems with ULTRIX 4.3
1419.01SICML::LEVINThu Jul 15 1993Memory leak??
1420.04ESD37::BLITZTue Jul 20 1993Ptech for firmware?
1421.05VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue Jul 20 1993Exception no_modifier_bug
1422.01DUNDEE::CLEARYTue Jul 20 1993V2.
1423.01BERNSun Jul 25 1993Data dictionary alphabetically ordered ?
1424.0BERNTue Jul 27 1993Defautl values in generated SQl
1425.03ZURTue Jul 27 1993Template within the same library ?
1426.0COPCLU::SCHOUBOWed Jul 28 1993Feedback on EER -> LDM etc.
1427.01LYOISA::LACOMBE_DThu Aug 05 1993PTCEH ON PC ???
1428.0KERNEL::HIGMANThu Aug 12 1993Can't create library using a RESOURCE IDENTIFIER.
1429.0BERNFri Aug 13 1993How to connect LDM - Subject areas
1430.0BERNFri Aug 13 1993Bug in relationship characteristics via offpage connectors
1431.0VNABRW::ZUBA_WWed Aug 18 1993Ptech-Method and/or DECdesign course material wanted!!
1432.02STKHLM::STENSTROMThu Aug 19 1993Future???
1433.01VAXRIO::EZEQUIELMon Aug 23 19932167 standard
1434.03VAXRIO::EZEQUIELMon Aug 23 1993print options
1435.02SUBURB::TANRFri Aug 27 1993Location for CDD release kits - urgent
1436.02GIDDAY::HADDADTue Aug 31 1993Which saveset has DES$EXTRACT_1_1_LIBRARIES, please!
1437.0VNASWS::LOBSANGTue Aug 31 1993OO Training info
1439.05CSSE::HANSONWed Sep 01 1993Version migration and Recover
1440.01HANSBC::BACHNERWed Sep 08 1993Problems with Ptech generated code and example code
1441.0HANSBC::BACHNERWed Sep 08 1993Ptech code generation modifies a dictionary entry
1442.01SUBURB::GROOMNTue Sep 14 1993Documentation for a new user ??
1443.04SUBURB::GROOMNTue Sep 14 1993Documentation for a new user ??
1444.05ALICAT::MACKAYWed Sep 15 1993Problem installing DESMUPA
1445.01ISLNDS::SCHWABETue Sep 21 19931.
1446.0BERNFri Sep 24 1993ISEE on VMS and UNIX
1447.04HURON::MCKINNONMon Sep 27 1993DECDES2.
1448.05PKDEV1::SEIZFri Oct 01 1993Deleting extraneous LDM aggregates
1449.01HANSBC::BACHNERTue Oct 05 1993export to repository: beware of path names without terminators
1450.01URSIC::LEVINTue Oct 05 1993URGENT - Lockserver problem on ULTRIX
1452.0PENUTS::WHITNEYTue Oct 12 1993Can notes be printed in a report?
1453.03SWTHOM::JACOBThu Oct 14 1993Is V2.
1454.01EMC2::HILLSThu Oct 21 1993DECdesign Ptech or ADT Ptech?
1455.05SUOSWS::SCHMITTThu Oct 21 1993Reports on Coad/Yourdon
1456.01MLNMon Oct 25 1993P-Tech or Coad-Yourdon references needed
1457.0CSC32::COMULADAWed Oct 27 1993SQL code does not contain the default value
1458.02MLNThu Oct 28 1993Exporting Descriptions of DDE to Rdb 'Comments On'
1459.01ISIDRO::ACHAERANDIOFri Oct 29 1993SQL Field's order for Tables
1460.04SUBURB::GROOMNWed Nov 03 1993Print formats for MS Word ?
1461.01SU2PLY::GALLAGHERWed Nov 03 1993How to det more detail on a data flow label??
1462.05SU2PLY::GALLAGHERThu Nov 04 1993How to Parse to all levels using G+S
1464.02SU2PLY::GALLAGHERTue Nov 09 1993External actor gets data from datastore???
1465.0MLNFri Nov 12 1993How to model a reflexive Many to Many relationship for Bill of Material like structure ?
1466.04MLNFri Nov 12 1993I need a tool for DataModelling and Database Generation on Alpha OpenVMS or Windows PC
1467.01MLNFri Nov 12 1993Problem with corrupted view
1468.03KERNEL::HIGMANFri Nov 19 1993Error when running setup_lockserver (Ultrix) DECDesign 2.
1469.010LEMAN::BOURAKOFFTue Nov 23 1993%CDDX-W-CNTEXPRTPROP #*&^%$@!!!
1470.01VAXRIO::ABREUTue Nov 30 1993VXT 2
1471.03STAR::BLOTCKYThu Dec 02 1993INTERVAL SQL data type
1472.02JURA::HUDELOTThu Dec 09 1993Pb Importing CDD definitions
1473.0MLNThu Dec 16 1993'extractors' to get from DECdesign extract files ?
1474.02NYOSFri Dec 17 1993Data Modeling with Ptech?
1476.02VLNVAX::MBROOKSWed Jan 12 1994DesDesign or CDD ?
1477.01SEFIWed Jan 19 1994Rdb 5.1 compatible with Decdesign V2.
1478.02CAIMAN::MAYMon Jan 31 1994Can't delete empty partition
1479.01FDCV14::WILLIAMSMon Jan 31 1994DECMUPA V2.
1480.02BERNWed Feb 09 1994Experience with multiple Libraries
1481.01SMURF::SREBNICKThu Feb 10 1994Anyone in ZKO can give me access to DECdesign?
1482.02NAPCED::ALLOGGIThu Feb 24 1994Installation fails on system with decnet phase V
1483.0PENUTS::CLYNCHMon Feb 28 1994G&S-Experience sought
1484.03PRSSOS::MISTLERWed Mar 02 1994SEARCHFAIL installing Yourdon Online Training
1485.01FUTURS::MARSHALL1Wed Mar 02 1994Where are the kits ?
1486.02CHPSC::LUEWed Mar 02 1994error fetching next stream entity on cluster env.
1487.011MEOVS1::HARRIDGEThu Mar 03 1994What tool is next ?
1488.0AUSSIE::BELLThu Mar 10 1994DECdesign future
1489.01PADNOM::MISTLERWed Mar 23 1994DFD on a 15-inch color monitor ?
1490.03SPECXN::NAUGHTONTue Mar 29 1994Diagrams are unreadable with Motif 1.2
1491.01KYOSS1::LAZARUSThu Jul 07 1994Library creation failure
1492.04ELIS::DOEVEWed Aug 24 1994V2.
1493.01ISTWI1::OZILWed Sep 07 1994CADRE migration
1494.01PTPMThu Sep 08 1994V1.1 Support course: .ps file is in .1
1495.0NSICMon Oct 03 1994DECdesing-Teamwork connection
1496.0QCAVMon Oct 24 1994Error while running IVP
1497.05ALICAT::HARRIDGEFri Jul 21 1995?
1498.03SEDSWS::BRODIEMon Nov 20 1995Almost an RDB question??
1499.01NEPHI::COARMon Aug 19 1996SA tools to create structure charts from source?
1500.0 *+2QCOCAL::POOLAKWed Mar 26 1997Alternate products on VMS/AXP ?