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Conference clt::cobol_generator

Title:COBOL GENERATOR Discussions
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Created:Tue Jul 26 1988
Last Modified:Mon Nov 07 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:342
Total number of notes:1435
Number with bodies:0
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1.01CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 03 1988Welcome
2.0CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 03 1988reserved
3.040CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 03 1988Contributor's Registery
4.0CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 03 1988cursor movement within fields
5.0CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 03 1988suggestion to promote common validation routines
6.03CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 03 1988comparison with 3rd party products
7.0CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 03 1988workarounds wanted
8.01CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 03 1988productivity estimates needed
9.02CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 03 1988trapping GOLD funtion keys
10.0CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 03 1988group key fields/local defs
11.06CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 03 1988data movement editor problem
12.01CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 03 1988problems with form field backup
13.02THATIS::SIMPSONThu Aug 04 1988Product Manager
14.0MCIS2::ROACHFri Aug 05 1988Promote the Generator!!!!!
16.01BMT::BRASHMon Aug 08 1988Multiple report destination procedure wanted
17.03BMT::BRASHMon Aug 08 1988Training...
18.01BMT::BRASHTue Aug 09 1988Form Fields
19.02DYPSS1::MOYERTue Aug 09 1988GEN/LIB CREATE shifts screen to the left
20.05RDOMVX::PAYNETue Aug 09 1988Form Package Selection?
21.01NEXUS::B_WACKERTue Aug 09 1988The future of bugs
22.02GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Aug 12 1988Can VCG access multiple databases?
23.02SKYLRK::KURATATue Aug 16 1988Key for relative files
24.02DYPSS1::MOYERThu Aug 18 1988USAGE IS POINTER problems
25.01MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPFri Aug 19 1988mouse requires CPU and DIO
26.04CSC32::E_VAETHTue Aug 23 1988gen-f-mismatch
27.02MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPTue Aug 23 1988process in RWAST ???
28.02MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPTue Aug 23 1988bug with GEN-SAVE-NUM
29.02FLYTRP::BRIDGESTue Aug 23 1988Data items generated by VCG
30.02FLYTRP::BRIDGESTue Aug 23 1988Wish list?
31.011DYPSS1::MOYERTue Aug 23 1988Have to hit each key twice to "see" it
32.04GIDDAY::BOERSWed Aug 24 1988Internal error 999 (Again) - Long lines.
33.04DYPSS1::MOYERWed Aug 24 1988Access violation when editing user defined proc
34.020CLT::TARBAYWed Aug 24 1988The official wish list note
35.0COGMK::PEABODYWed Aug 24 1988San Francisco anyone?!
36.04AKOV11::CONNAUGHTONThu Aug 25 1988Documentation (where does it live?)
37.03MUNEDI::MUELLERThu Aug 25 1988Training ???
38.01NICHE::COTTAYThu Aug 25 1988V5 VMS?
39.01AIMHI::TRIPPThu Aug 25 1988Release Notes
40.06FLYTRP::BRIDGESThu Aug 25 1988GEN_LIBRARY Locked by Another User?
41.01SKYLRK::KURATAFri Sep 02 1988Are manditory fields possible ?
42.014CSC32::E_VAETHFri Sep 02 1988RDB/INTERPRETIVE problem
43.01AIMHI::TRIPPTue Sep 06 1988Looking for internal demo site
44.05AIMHI::TRIPPTue Sep 06 1988PIC 9(18) COMP Primary keys supported?
46.02MGOSThu Sep 08 1988RENAME : old info still there
47.02HLDGThu Sep 08 1988Same .gen file, less blocks
48.01DUBThu Sep 08 1988Scroll examples + 2 tinchy problems
49.01MGOSFri Sep 09 1988returned to wrong group on GOTO/UP
50.0NZOVSun Sep 11 1988Customer Input
51.03CSC32::E_VAETHMon Sep 12 1988Scrolling bug??
52.04UBEAUT::MACKAYWed Sep 14 1988Line editing questions
53.03HILLST::AMELIThu Sep 15 1988Rdb V3.
54.02NEXUS::B_WACKERFri Sep 16 1988How to sort a table?
55.01MGOSWed Sep 21 1988problems reported by customer
56.03SKYLRK::KURATAWed Sep 21 1988How do you recover a library ?
57.01KYOA::SCHERERMon Sep 26 1988Interfacing with ACMS
58.04DUBMon Sep 26 1988Quit from a Form??
59.03MCIS2::FRIEDMANTue Sep 27 1988Mouse for VT34
60.02DYPSS1::MOYERFri Sep 30 1988Caps lock turned off when editing Other in Local storage node
61.02VAOUSat Oct 01 1988Aborts, Aborts and More aborts
62.03DUBMon Oct 03 1988System Limits/Quotas to use VCG?
63.010CLT::BOURQUARDMon Oct 03 1988Productivity Gains Using the Generator
64.02HOGAN::KIMMELMon Oct 03 1988Any training aids out there?
65.03MGOSTue Oct 04 1988problems,problems,problems...
66.08MERT::TARBAYTue Oct 04 1988T1.3 kit available
67.021COGMK::DOWNESTue Oct 04 1988SQL input
68.02CSC32::E_VAETHTue Oct 04 1988Possible corrupt gen file
69.01PANIC::BEVANWed Oct 05 1988VCG reference sites
70.01MORGON::TEBOULWed Oct 05 1988Message file ?
71.01FULTI::FULTIWed Oct 05 1988problems with SORT files
72.02FULTI::FULTIWed Oct 05 1988Report problem
73.01NEXUS::B_WACKERWed Oct 05 1988How to have 1.2 and 1.3 on same system
74.03KETJE::ROBBENSMon Oct 10 1988VCG-future ?
75.01KETJE::ROBBENSTue Oct 11 1988Where is Cobol T4.2 ?
76.02TAVENG::ENGNRWed Oct 12 1988V2 plans
77.05MGOSThu Oct 13 1988comment on article
78.03NANCY::BONOMOThu Oct 13 1988Unrecognized Command
79.02AIMHI::TRIPPThu Oct 13 1988Error 999 and Forms
80.06MGOSFri Oct 14 1988field editing question
81.04TADSKI::WILDWed Oct 19 1988rdb/generator version compatability?
82.01MGOSMon Oct 24 1988'rewrite'-connection
83.03MGOSMon Oct 24 1988printer page size
84.010HOGAN::KIMMELTue Oct 25 1988CDD / 6
85.021CSC32::E_VAETHTue Oct 25 1988help defining mulitiple databases in generator
86.014NADIR::HECKMANFri Oct 28 1988Rdb lock conflict error
88.0BANZAI::CARPENTERTue Nov 01 1988Database Systems Engineering Bulletin
89.01JOVIAL::GOYETTEWed Nov 02 1988Can't find v1.2 kits
90.06LAMBOG::MRCIThu Nov 03 1988help with EDIT/CHARACTERISTICS of flow in 1.3
91.0249286::LARMONIERMon Nov 07 1988
92.05DYPSS1::MOYERMon Nov 07 1988Poor Error Messages with VCG
93.02FNYFS::LARMONIERWed Nov 09 1988How to write transactions ?
94.04NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Nov 10 1988scaled binary not quite right
95.04NADIR::HECKMANFri Nov 11 1988Ambiguous reference problem
96.02MGOSTue Nov 15 1988like friday the 13th
97.05THATIS::SIMPSONWed Nov 16 1988CDD dependency recording
98.04HSKFri Nov 18 1988OPTION IBM-COBOL
99.04WKRP::BRIDGESFri Nov 18 1988Using the generator with MMS
100.02FRAMBO::SCHABACKERTue Nov 22 1988Help with Forms!
101.04KETJE::ROBBENSWed Nov 30 1988Mayday-list
102.01GALACH::B_WACKERFri Dec 02 1988problem with stream names on 1.3
103.06NEXUS::B_WACKERFri Dec 02 1988problem with messages
104.012CSC32::E_VAETHMon Dec 05 1988problem with class clause
105.06TOOLS::TARBAYMon Dec 05 1988t1.3 update kit available
106.01CUJO::SMITHGRMon Dec 05 1988VGC Fit??
107.01KETJE::ROBBENSTue Dec 06 1988T1.3-2 problem ?
108.07KETJE::ROBBENSTue Dec 06 1988About function-keys again...
109.05NADIR::HECKMANFri Dec 09 1988Problem running on a workstation
110.04MERIDN::SIMONIANSun Dec 11 1988SQL/RDO in generator
111.011NEXUS::B_WACKERTue Dec 13 1988messages need help
112.04NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Dec 15 1988potpouri
113.05WKRP::ROMERFri Dec 16 1988T1.3-2 GEN-E-INVWINIDE on Data Movement Node
114.09NEXUS::E_VAETHFri Dec 16 1988help with reports
115.01NEXUS::B_WACKERFri Dec 16 1988invalid use procedure not flagged
116.03NEXUS::B_WACKERSat Dec 17 1988invalid file ch-->bad .rco
117.07NEXUS::B_WACKERSat Dec 17 1988? on read_sync error in rdb
118.07VAOUSun Dec 18 1988V1.2 and RDB start stream problems
119.03POBOX::LEVINMon Dec 19 1988User caveat when renaming key fields
120.03NEXUS::B_WACKERTue Dec 20 1988How about db_key?
121.03NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Dec 22 1988similar problems with store/erase
122.03CLO::BERNARDThu Dec 22 1988Problem: VT emulator locks using VCG
123.01BRSDVP::LEENFri Dec 23 1988No privilege for attempted operation
124.04KETJE::ROBBENSWed Dec 28 1988Rdb-precompiled (again and again...)
125.01HSKThu Dec 29 1988Educational material on VCG?
126.04MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPThu Dec 29 1988T1.3-2 and Rdb precompiler
127.03NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Dec 29 1988Lock mode changed on keyboard in form editor
128.01NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Dec 29 1988Can't see right side of 132 col report form
129.04NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Dec 29 1988Can't get to report layout from command mode
130.02NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Dec 29 1988Lost track of 132 col flag
131.01NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Dec 29 1988character irregularities in form editor
132.01EIGER::SCHILLINGFri Dec 30 1988Terminal VTX2
133.02POBOX::LEVINFri Dec 30 1988Why have flag for local storage nodes?
134.02NEXUS::B_WACKERWed Jan 04 1989rdb$interpret problem with RDB expressions
135.0NEXUS::B_WACKERWed Jan 04 1989kernel mode crash 1.3/5.
136.04CAADC::COFDAVIAFri Jan 06 1989debugging generated code problem
137.0TOOLS::DAMOREMon Jan 09 1989The COBOL Generator (and Rdb) wants YOU!!!!!!!
138.01POBOX::LEVINTue Jan 10 1989Users object to screen being set to black
139.03NEXUS::B_WACKERWed Jan 11 1989Installation guide in the kit?
140.02NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Jan 12 1989rec not found lives *%$@@!@#
141.01ALBANY::HEIGHTFri Jan 13 1989SDC Copy for VMS 4.7
142.0HOGAN::KIMMELFri Jan 13 1989Need someone for customer site
143.02NEXUS::B_WACKERWed Jan 18 1989Another system crash (not command mode)
144.07TOOLS::DAMORETue Jan 24 1989COBOL Generator T1.3-
145.02FACTThu Jan 26 1989Next Class? Doing Demonstrations?
146.03BPOVThu Jan 26 1989ABORTS, TPU, VMS 5.
147.03SMC::COGHILLFri Jan 27 1989Data Movement nodes don't handle OCCURS 1 TIMES tables
148.02DYPSS1::MOYERMon Jan 30 1989What's the matter with CLT?
149.03ACESPS::WETTYTue Jan 31 1989GEN and the CDD interface
150.013DYPSS1::MOYERTue Jan 31 1989VCG T1.3-3 problems
151.05BOSTON::HYDEWed Feb 01 1989Specifying which Rdb index to use for access
152.02MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPThu Feb 02 1989paste probl i data-editor
153.03MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPWed Feb 08 1989moving libraries
155.01PHDVAX::LARSONWed Feb 08 1989Designing COBOL GENERATOR applications
156.02LUDWIG::MESSIERWed Feb 08 1989COPY LIBs???
157.03ATLS15::HENNESSY_JMon Feb 13 1989Scrollable,editable input?
158.06FULMER::CAMPBELLWed Feb 15 1989Help required for Customer problems
159.07MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPFri Feb 17 1989seq. of conn & RSE !
160.02MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPFri Feb 17 1989general questions
161.03EEMELI::MVUORIOFri Feb 17 1989multiple rdb-records with scrolling
162.02GLASS::PSOSFri Feb 17 1989Refresh overlays, gen COBOL w/out screen
165.012EEMELI::MVUORIOWed Feb 22 1989rdb&scrolling
166.07SMC::COGHILLWed Feb 22 1989Deleted nodes reappear after /ver (T1.3-
167.07MERT::TARBAYThu Feb 23 1989v1.3 net kit
168.06TUNER::POZZETTAThu Feb 23 1989Can we use it?
169.01EINE::BELAKHOVSun Feb 26 1989V1.3 under DECWindows Problem !!!
170.06EMASS::APOSTOMon Feb 27 1989Scrolling from a file for listing purposes
171.03EEMELI::MVUORIOWed Mar 01 1989Image size in RDB-application
172.02ATLS15::HENNESSY_JWed Mar 01 1989Rdb questions
173.08PBA::MOOREThu Mar 02 1989set flow problem
174.01416611::COHENFri Mar 10 1989Problem installing 1.3
175.01GLASS::PSOSSat Mar 11 1989multiple sources for setup key
176.02PHDVAX::COMFORTMon Mar 20 1989VS31
177.01BOOKIE::HECKMANThu Mar 23 1989Integrating new CDD+ fields into form
178.02NHL::MOOREMon Mar 27 1989Transaction Handles
179.02WAV14::SOLThu Mar 30 1989Any Generator Subroutines
180.01MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPTue Apr 04 1989more problems in dataeditor
181.02AIMHI::TRIPPThu Apr 06 1989Training needed
182.05UTRTSC::VDRIELMon Apr 10 1989COBOL GEN & colour workstation
184.03MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPFri Apr 14 1989V1.2 lib problem
185.01GLASS::FORDPHOTFri Apr 14 1989Input & Output procedures for SORT
186.01UBEAUT::GILLTue Apr 18 1989Rdb, Streams and Contexts
187.02NHL::BEJARTue Apr 18 1989RDB Error Handling & VCG COMMIT...help needed
188.02MTECHO::MOYERWed Apr 19 1989Cross-reference from library down to .GEN files?
189.01GLASS::FORDPHOTWed Apr 19 1989Multi-reports in one file
190.03COUNTWed Apr 19 1989Full DECwindows VCG?
192.02NEXUS::B_WACKERTue Apr 25 1989Too much conversion on display
193.01MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPWed Apr 26 1989wish for 'field editing'
194.01MERT::TARBAYWed Apr 26 1989ADGE and the COBOL Generator V2
196.06CSC32::E_VAETHWed May 10 1989data editor locking up
197.018WJO::DUFFYWed May 17 1989%RDB-F-BAD_REQ_HANDLE
198.01SHALE::SDAVISThu May 18 1989David R. Black's gen
199.01DIXIE1::JBROWNThu May 18 1989VCG <---> IBM?
200.03ODIXIE::SPRINGERThu May 18 1989application development for IBM mainframe?
201.02THRILL::DUFFYThu May 18 1989Executing an END_STREAM?
202.01THRILL::DUFFYThu May 18 1989Inconsistent SET FLOW
203.02CSC32::E_VAETHTue May 23 1989edit/contents file node problems
204.01CEMENT::SDAVISTue May 23 1989next release time frame
205.02DEOVAX::DAVISThu May 25 1989changing fields on forms to WS
206.01NEXUS::M_KETERFri Jun 02 1989ACCVIO when Editing User Defined Node
207.03CANYON::KERRFri Jun 02 1989COBOLgen Rated?
209.02CSC32::E_VAETHTue Jun 06 1989help with changing editors
210.03CSC32::E_VAETHThu Jun 08 1989gen-f-rsz on convert from 1.2 to 1.3
211.0CLUSTA::HAGANSun Jun 11 1989Common Generation Interface
212.03CSC32::E_VAETHThu Jun 15 1989internal error 6
213.01HADDOC::WINGFri Jun 16 1989VCG 1.3 PAK Expired
214.01RICARD::ZANONIMon Jun 26 1989FT2.
215.0NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Jun 29 1989How to handle control fields in footings?
216.02CSC32::E_VAETHMon Jul 17 1989gen-f-insvirmem
218.0SOJU::POZZETTAWed Jul 19 1989VCG in DECwindows
219.02ACESMK::PEABODYTue Jul 25 1989Training...Bedford MA...Aug 21
220.04MSDSWS::VEREGOWed Jul 26 1989Stream name problems
221.05CSC32::E_VAETHWed Jul 26 1989help with template files and sub pgms
222.01CSC32::B_WACKERFri Jul 28 1989lintoolon error on copy from dictionary & modify
223.02CSC32::B_WACKERFri Jul 28 1989cut/paste user-defined loses pic string
224.0CSC32::B_WACKERFri Jul 28 1989Where's start regardless and unlock?
225.01UTRTSC::DORLANDFri Aug 04 1989How to insert CR or DB field characters ??
226.01WJO::BEJARFri Aug 11 1989RDB Logic Question??
228.01COPCLU::TROELSTue Aug 22 1989problems with video attributes
229.01SWSCHZ::EZZELLMon Aug 28 1989Should I wait for V2?
230.04COMICS::JACKSONWed Aug 30 1989Need documentation
231.01AIMHI::SMARTINWed Aug 30 1989Looking for a programmer
232.01THRILL::DUFFYFri Sep 01 1989Changing the Program-Id?
233.03UTRTSC::KOETSTue Sep 05 1989condition names (88) ?, WHen V2 ???
234.015MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPWed Sep 06 1989still sell VCG????
235.01THRILL::DUFFYWed Sep 06 1989Templates?
236.04DPDMAI::DAVISGBTue Sep 12 1989working with Sybase
238.04CSC32::B_WACKERThu Sep 14 1989Patch for 1.3 data editor problem
239.01COPCLU::JORNMon Sep 18 1989Users Guide, please
240.07WMOIS::FULTIMon Oct 02 1989old bug reported again; request for input on form field validations
241.01DEKVThu Oct 19 1989Looking for EDU course material
242.01EEMELI::MALMIThu Oct 19 1989PC-emulator for Cobolgemerator
243.01FACVAX::RODONThu Oct 19 1989RDB fetch problem
244.014HGOVC::ANDREWWAITESThu Oct 26 1989Example files - Rdb in particular
245.03BSLOPE::BOURQUARDThu Nov 02 1989News Flash! Openings in next week's training course in Bedford, MA
246.01DUBMon Nov 13 1989VCG -> SQL??
247.01POBOX::METSADTue Nov 21 1989Using VCG on a long-term project?
248.04ZPOVTue Nov 28 1989Version 1.2 works with DECwindows?
249.01EARWIG::MCCARTNEY_JWed Nov 29 1989what has changed
250.0BODRUM::OZILThu Dec 07 1989Yaprak Ozil
251.01BODRUM::OZILThu Dec 07 1989Simple VCG demo
252.03BODRUM::OZILWed Dec 13 1989COBOL 4.2 kit needed
253.04DENVER::BISHOPWed Dec 13 1989application performance questions
255.02MORK::BISHOPThu Dec 14 1989Code Optimizer?
256.01COPCLU::TROELSTue Jan 09 1990Print screen function
257.02KERNEL::MAUFEThu Jan 18 1990form-feeds in a report
258.08UTRTSC::DORLANDTue Feb 13 1990several problems with VCG
259.0TOOLEY::B_WACKERTue Feb 13 1990World readable 1.3 rdb update example available
260.05CSC32::E_VAETHFri Mar 02 1990Question on UNDERLINE as default char of form
262.07TOOLEY::B_WACKERWed Mar 14 1990How to get FIRST clause into an RSE
263.09BACHUS::LEENThu Mar 15 1990%GEN-F-RSZ, invalid record size
264.01CSC32::E_VAETHThu Mar 22 1990next page before attribute question
265.03SIOG::CAVERLYFri Mar 23 1990VT1
266.01THRILL::MOOREFri Mar 23 1990error invalid-i/o-channel
267.04TOOLEY::B_WACKERSun Mar 25 1990dup-key abort on ren/local to deleted name
268.01TOOLEY::B_WACKERWed Mar 28 1990Wrong subscript on auto-move
270.01TOOLEY::B_WACKERTue Apr 03 1990Subscripts handled wrong/inefficiently
271.03TOOLEY::B_WACKERFri Apr 06 1990How to do crosses (joins) in RDB
272.02HGOVC::SAMTSEMon Apr 09 1990problem on remote editing.
273.011UTRTSC::DORLANDTue Apr 10 19901 serious bug and 2 questions...
274.02BACHUS::LEENWed Apr 11 1990Scrolling.gen
275.02TOOLEY::B_WACKERFri Apr 13 1990misplaced arrow on connection
276.01THRILL::KONUTHULAMon Apr 23 1990renaming program-id of generator program
277.05CSC32::E_VAETHMon Apr 30 1990DECforms and generator??
278.0BUSY::DECWed May 02 1990Cobol Generator Demo.
279.07TOOLEY::B_WACKERThu May 03 1990Can't recover with LSE
280.02TOOLEY::B_WACKERMon May 07 1990rec not found abort and hung recover
281.05EMILE::DA_SILVAFri May 18 1990troubles with VS and VCG
282.01WARNUT::PAINTERThu May 31 1990Rdb:Start,Commit,Rollback
283.0TOOLS::BOURQUARDFri Jun 15 1990Generator Demo in CLT::GEN$KITS:DEMO.BCK
284.02COPCLU::TROELSTue Jun 19 1990Where is the PM for VCG!
285.07CSOA1::HALLIGANTue Jun 19 1990Customer evaluation of VAX COBOL Generator
286.03CANYON::HARDMANWed Jun 20 1990Initialize error using VT24
287.02CHOWDA::HEARNSFri Jun 22 1990Multiple Entries for Key field
288.08CSC32::E_VAETHTue Jul 10 1990library file won't gen
289.05DWOVAX::CORDONFri Jul 20 1990DECdesign <--> COBOL GENERATOR
290.0TOOLEY::B_WACKERFri Jul 20 1990Supported decterm take focus to be possible
291.02WEREOK::EPPERSONFri Aug 03 1990Need info on Generator users ASAP
292.06TPOVC::ROGERTSAIThu Aug 23 1990Training course and materials needed
293.02DENVER::BISHOPFri Aug 31 1990wanted: students for Gen training
294.01ODIXIE::EVGONZALEZTue Sep 04 1990V1.3 Documentation?
296.04ODIXIE::EVGONZALEZWed Sep 19 1990VCG=Transaction code?
297.06RUTILE::HOMOLATue Sep 25 1990VT33
298.03TOOLS::BOURQUARDWed Sep 26 1990Informal User Survey
299.03WARNUT::BEARDSLEYJTue Oct 09 1990Presentation material..?
301.01CACIQE::FONSECATue Oct 30 1990Invalid 88 level ???
302.02CIMPUL::BEFUMOWed Oct 31 1990Another problem using CDD?
303.03BACHUS::BHT452::LEENTue Nov 20 1990Internal error 999 when calling 'edit/contents' on a report node.
304.012AYOV27::THOMSONKWed Dec 05 1990Help urgently needed
305.01SALEBT::HEARNSTue Feb 12 1991Screen size question...
306.01MYMOON::CASSINELLIThu Feb 21 1991Conversion and Compatibility
307.01VNABRW::EHRLICH_KThu Mar 07 1991Report Writer and <FF> on a LA75 ????
308.03CACIQE::FARDONKThu Mar 07 1991Edit/contents hang session
309.01MR4DEC::PSALLEEFri Mar 22 1991core dump problems
310.04MLNAD8::LONGONIThu Mar 28 1991v1.2 kits wanted
311.03TOOLEY::B_WACKERWed Apr 10 1991error 11b83
312.01KERNEL::BEECRAFTWed Apr 24 1991gen-w-recnotfound or Hang in LEF ??
313.02BSLOPE::BOURQUARDTue May 07 1991Today's Press Release: Touch Technologies, Inc. takes over development of VAX COBOL GENERATOR
314.0BREAKR::MADDENWed May 22 1991Code Generator Documation
315.01YOUWOT::MACLEOD_9Thu Jul 11 1991Rdb and Streams (again) in VCG 1.3
316.0FILTON::LANEWed Aug 28 1991VCG Guide needed
317.0BSLOPE::BOURQUARDTue Sep 17 1991questions
318.02CX3PST::WSC157::E_VAETHThu Oct 03 1991Backing up fields
319.02YOUWOT::MACLEOD_9Mon Oct 07 1991Undefined Symbols linking with RDB v4.
320.01METZ::PAWLOWSKIWed Nov 27 1991development of VCG
321.06ATH651::TSILIRATue Dec 03 1991Various Problems
322.0CX3PT2::WSC157::E_VAETHMon Dec 09 1991Gen and CDD interaction
323.01CX3PT3::WSC157::E_VAETHWed Dec 11 1991cobgen and 88's created in cdd/plus
324.01JAYMES::WACKERMon Jan 13 1992Consulting opportunity
325.0JOELS::SARENFri Jan 31 1992Touch Technology
326.0BOSTON::IANNUZZIThu Apr 02 1992External Fields????
327.0JIT4Mon Apr 06 1992Pointer to good experienced users
328.01LSTTue Jul 07 1992Cobgen patch for 1.3 not on May '92 CD
329.03EVTAI1::DELOBELWed Aug 19 1992Motif
330.01BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Aug 31 1992Sales Update on V1.4
331.01COPCLU::GREGMon Oct 19 1992VMS v5.5?
332.0COPCLU::JEPPETue Oct 27 1992Scale must be a positive numeric integer
333.01LYOISA::ROCHEMon Nov 02 199272 line in print screen ?
334.02CSC32::E_VAETHMon Jan 18 1993Patch kit available for Gen v1.4
335.0MOEUR1::DAVIESWed Mar 24 1993Where has the kit gone ?
336.03BOSMCH::NOCELLAThu Apr 15 1993Increasing a screen field
337.01COPCLU::JORNThu Aug 26 1993Bug in 1.4-13 - missing &rdb& !
338.01RUTILE::MEROUANIWed May 18 1994Where is the VCG documentation ?
340.02CABMAC::WARDTue Jul 05 1994Any problems moving generated COBOL to AXP?
341.01HTSCFri Sep 02 1994Cobol Generator for OpenVMS V6.1
342.012COPCLU::JORNWed Oct 12 1994Motif again.