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Conference clt::cobol$apa

Title:COBOL Arithmetic Performance Analyzer
Notice:Kit location in note 3
Created:Thu Apr 25 1991
Last Modified:Wed Mar 16 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:11
Total number of notes:19
Number with bodies:0
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1.04GL::HENNINGMon Sep 02 1991Welcome; Goals of COBOL$APA
2.024GL::HENNINGMon Sep 02 1991COBOL$APA description
3.014GL::HENNINGMon Sep 02 1991Kit location
4.014GL::HENNINGMon Sep 02 1991Support
5.014GL::HENNINGMon Sep 02 1991Documentation
6.024GL::HENNINGMon Sep 02 1991Related conferences
7.014GL::HENNINGMon Sep 02 1991Distribution to customers
8.04GL::HENNINGMon Sep 02 1991Who uses COBOL$APA?
9.04GL::HENNINGMon Sep 02 1991Reserved
10.04GL::HENNINGMon Sep 02 1991Reserved
11.04GL::HENNINGMon Sep 02 1991Reserved