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Conference clarid::isds

Title:Advanced Electronic Support
Created:Tue Jun 19 1990
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1026
Total number of notes:4789
Number with bodies:15
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1.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 19 1990ISDS NEWS
2.01CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Jun 22 1990introduction
3.01CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Jun 22 1990The ISDS team
4.01MLNCSC::TORTORATue Jun 26 1990ISDS revision matrix
5.02MLNCSC::TORTORAThu Jun 28 1990CSOnet : is it CISR ?
6.03AKOV14::KALINOWSKIWed Aug 01 1990ISDS Host questions
7.01HOO78C::STARRENBURGFri Aug 17 1990ISDS in multy uVAX environment
8.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Aug 21 1990VMSDSP.BCK for SSP has reference to EFRF
9.04CLARID::ROEMERFri Aug 24 1990DSNLINK security overview (draft)
10.03UTMUST::LUBBERSMon Aug 27 1990SSP DS2
11.0CLARID::ROEMERWed Aug 29 1990ISDS implementation plan
12.03MLNCSC::PENAZZIFri Aug 31 1990ESR requires SSP ?
13.02KNUT2::THIELTue Sep 04 1990ESRBL
14.05EEMELI::HELMINENThu Sep 06 1990DSN%DSn and DSN%HELP mail addresses
15.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Sep 10 1990Security details
16.07UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Sep 12 1990RSF installation problems
17.04KESU::KECKFri Sep 14 1990RSFX1.1 Installation logfile and some tips
18.03KESU::KECKFri Sep 14 1990LTA numbers limitation for RSFX1.1
19.0KESU::KECKFri Sep 14 1990RSFX1.1 fails to pass PARAM1 in modem script
20.01KESU::KECKWed Sep 19 1990KNUT2::THIEL, Modem did not hangup after "RSU> Disc"
21.01BIS2::VANWINCKEL_MWed Sep 19 1990ISDS / VMS versions
22.01BIS2::VANWINCKEL_MThu Sep 20 1990RSF over DSNlink - Security
23.0HOO78C::STARRENBURGTue Sep 25 1990NL-ISDS Schematic overview
24.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Sep 25 1990TCP/IP restriction?
25.0RINGMY::bellWed Sep 26 1990DSNlink DCNs and DANs
26.03MLNCSC::PENAZZIFri Sep 28 1990RSF and VAX9
27.02COMICS::REYNOLDSJTue Oct 02 1990Isds overview?
28.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Oct 03 1990Non SSP installation questions
29.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Oct 03 1990Ethernet requirements for ISDS?
30.02EEMELI::HELMINENMon Oct 08 1990LOGIN-F-OUTPUTERR when installing DSNlink V1.1
31.05UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Oct 10 1990Logfile record definition
32.03KNUT2::THIELWed Oct 10 1990XISR Installation problems
33.01STKHLM::DUFVAWed Oct 10 1990ISDS versions
34.0BIS2::VANWINCKEL_MWed Oct 10 1990ISDS
35.03BIS2::VANWINCKEL_MWed Oct 10 1990Remote installations via DSNlink
36.01COMICS::OMARAThu Oct 11 1990
37.01COMICS::OMARAThu Oct 11 1990
38.01COMICS::OMARAThu Oct 11 1990DSNlink in clusters
39.04COMICS::OMARAThu Oct 11 1990SDD/RHM/AES comparison?
40.0CLARID::BELLThu Oct 11 1990DECnet default for DSN VTX
41.0CLARID::BELLThu Oct 11 1990XISR BUG
42.05CLARID::BELLThu Oct 11 1990DSNlink Dialer Scripts
43.01COMICS::OMARAFri Oct 12 1990mail$server problem?
44.01STKHLM::DUFVAMon Oct 15 1990Canasta/Stars compatibility
45.05SHIPS::FROST_JTue Oct 16 1990VMS Version and SISR?
46.01BACHUS::PIRLETWed Oct 17 1990to synchronise or not to...
47.02STKHLM::DUFVATue Oct 23 1990DSNVTX startup problems
48.02VIVIAN::HOUSETue Oct 23 1990DSNlink s/w internal consistency check
49.04COMICS::REYNOLDSJWed Oct 24 1990ISDS confusion!
50.011CLARID::BELLThu Oct 25 1990DSNlink Problems
51.04MLNCSC::TORTORAFri Oct 26 1990ISDS versus SMART
53.03COMICS::OMARAMon Oct 29 1990Can we use the US kits ???
54.01COMICS::OMARAMon Oct 29 1990ESM comments (QARs?)
55.01BIS1::DURYTue Oct 30 1990RSF a lot of questions.
56.01MLNCSC::PENAZZITue Oct 30 1990new RSFs: which call handling sys?
57.02STKHLM::DUFVAWed Oct 31 1990Services or Support?
58.04STKHLM::DUFVAWed Oct 31 1990CECAR V1.2
59.05STKHLM::DUFVAWed Oct 31 1990CSCPAT and STARS
60.01COMICS::OMARAFri Nov 02 1990DSNlink LAT Problem ?
61.04COMICS::OMARAFri Nov 02 1990Unsuitable for demos
63.0STKHLM::DUFVASun Nov 04 1990Delays...
64.01MLNCSC::PENAZZIMon Nov 05 1990CANASTA's case confirmation
65.027UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Nov 07 1990NICE, no call logged
66.01BIS2::VANWINCKEL_MTue Nov 13 1990ISDS Installation prerequisites
67.0BIS1::DURYWed Nov 14 1990Some requests...
68.01BIS1::DURYWed Nov 14 1990Telephone number clarification.
69.01CLARID::BELLTue Nov 20 1990NICE Support
70.010UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Nov 22 1990SPEAR on CSC host
71.0CLARID::ROEMERWed Nov 28 1990
72.03BIS1::DURYThu Nov 29 1990SISR problems
73.03EEMELI::HELMINENFri Nov 30 1990DSNlink modem problems in decserver
74.02EEMELI::HELMINENTue Dec 04 1990CSC modems - Customer DCN's
75.02COMICS::TALBOTTue Dec 04 1990ESR customization
76.06BIS1::DURYTue Dec 04 1990DSN and normal user
77.01BIS1::DURYMon Dec 10 1990ESM Configuration routine
78.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Dec 12 1990SSP modem connection on VS31
80.02CLARID::ROEMERMon Dec 17 1990Documents on EXARC approval
81.04EEMELI::HELMINENWed Jan 02 1991Connect from CSC to customer using DSNlink
82.013UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Jan 08 1991Details on
83.0COMICS::OMARAThu Jan 10 1991Wide Area Networks
84.0CLARID::ROEMERThu Jan 10 1991Update on Field test schedule
85.01BACHUS::WILLEMSTue Jan 15 1991Dial/attach problem
86.0CLARID::ROEMERFri Jan 18 1991Operation Manuals
87.07KERNEL::MENDELSOHNFri Jan 25 1991CSCPAT (again) and other patch issues....
88.012COMICS::OMARATue Jan 29 1991ESR vs NICE system type
89.08COMICS::OMARAThu Feb 07 1991ESSB Kit part numbers
90.07COMICS::OMARAThu Feb 07 1991Training Documentation availability
91.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Feb 11 1991ESM
92.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Feb 11 1991SSN/ST confusion
93.05STKHLM::DUFVATue Feb 12 1991DSP/SSP requirements?
94.01COMICS::TALBOTThu Feb 14 1991ECSO and NICE
95.01CLARID::ROEMERFri Feb 15 1991Adding modems/servers to DSNlink
96.04STKHLM::DUFVAMon Feb 18 1991Supported modem controllers?
97.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Feb 18 1991Topology to .PS?
98.03HOO78C::STARRENBURGFri Feb 22 1991NICE - ISDS status
100.01HOO78C::STARRENBURGFri Mar 08 1991Dutch results test ISDS
101.0COMICS::OMARAFri Mar 08 1991World wide flash mail
102.06UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Mar 18 1991More Modem Trouble
103.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Mar 22 1991Out of hours ESR/SISR
104.05JOERG::JOERGTue Mar 26 1991DANs in LAVC
105.01JOERG::JOERGWed Mar 27 1991SDD Info
106.0+3KERNEL::MENDELSOHNWed Mar 27 1991Personal_Name and /HELP_TEXT
107.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Mar 27 1991SISR failure
108.011EEMELI::HELMINENTue Apr 02 1991Which DECservers are supported?
109.03UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERTue Apr 02 1991DSN Copy fails
110.010COMICS::OMARAWed Apr 03 1991How to report install on LARS?
111.05JOERG::JOERGFri Apr 12 1991ISDS
112.05STKHLM::DUFVAMon Apr 15 1991Installation manual?
113.01--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 15 1991
114.010COMICS::OMARATue Apr 16 1991CSC Host Clusters ?
115.01KNUT2::THIELMon Apr 22 1991ESM
116.0UTOPIE::SCHWARZTue Apr 23 1991DSN VTX connect fails
117.01HSKRHM::NOJONENWed Apr 24 1991Cable details
118.04KNUT2::THIELWed Apr 24 1991MultiTech MT932 modem setup for AES
119.04STKHLM::DUFVAThu May 02 1991SISR problems
120.04MLNCSC::PENAZZIThu May 02 1991ESM
121.012UTOPIE::SCHWARZFri May 03 1991deep troubles with DSN%OPENCALLS
123.06HSKRHM::NOJONENTue May 07 1991full access to DSN files
124.04EEMELI::HELMINENFri May 10 1991SDD V1.5 margins
125.04UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERFri May 10 1991SISR not running - no Job in DSN$BATCH
126.0MLNCSC::PENAZZITue May 14 1991Documentation feedbacks
127.03MLNCSC::PENAZZITue May 14 1991SISR simulated call?
128.0STKHLM::DUFVATue May 14 1991Training manual
129.07COMICS::OMARATue May 14 1991SISR and mail signature
130.01KERNEL::TALBOTMon May 20 1991Priority of calls logged!
131.06CLARID::BELLTue May 28 1991DSN Host Failure Messages
132.04MLNCSC::PENAZZITue May 28 1991Modem Error Correction?
133.0JOERG::JOERGWed May 29 1991Flash mail process
134.01JOERG::JOERGWed May 29 1991Demos available?
135.03CLARID::BELLFri May 31 1991A little bug ....
136.03COMICS::OMARAFri May 31 1991SSP Configuration
137.0JOERG::JOERGThu Jun 06 1991EXARC - DSDN V4.
139.03COMICS::OMARAThu Jun 06 1991CSC Modem line testing
140.01UTOPIE::SCHWARZTue Jun 11 1991DSN HOST from the customer site to the CSC?
141.03UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Jun 13 1991%RMS-F-BUSY, user structure (FAB/RAB) still in use
142.013AZUR::KEHONThu Jun 13 1991Use of pre/post processors. Feedback needed.
143.05COMICS::OMARATue Jun 18 1991DECserver 55
144.01COMICS::OMARATue Jun 18 1991DSN Watchdog program
145.019COMICS::OMARATue Jun 18 1991Statistics gathering program
146.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Jun 24 1991%STARS-F-DISUSERDATA with remote ITS
147.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Jun 24 1991ITS extract large article
148.03CLARID::BERRYMon Jul 01 1991NICE V1.3 and INFRA
149.04HLFSWed Jul 03 1991Starting DSNlink from the SYSTEM account
150.09BIS1::DURYThu Jul 04 1991Nice _ On Line Interface
151.012CLARID::BELLThu Jul 04 1991PAMS - see Note 247 as well
152.03CLARID::BELLThu Jul 04 1991CSC Retry Interval
153.0CLARID::BELLThu Jul 04 1991Script Info
154.02CLARID::BELLThu Jul 04 1991Replies to <DCN>::DSN%SRQ fails
155.03CLARID::BELLThu Jul 04 1991Telephone Prefix Broken
156.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Jul 05 1991Customer complaint on DSN COPY
157.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Jul 05 1991Cluster with more access numbers
158.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Jul 08 1991HSC tools?
159.02SHAWB1::ACHESONWed Jul 10 1991Why delay on New M/c's??
160.0BIS1::DURYMon Jul 15 1991Status list.
161.07UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Jul 16 1991DSN$ITS_
162.05SHAWB1::ACHESONWed Jul 17 1991Help on DSN
163.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Jul 19 1991%SYSTEM-F-EXBYTLM, in SRI logfile
164.09UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Jul 19 1991monitor DSN lines
165.06UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Jul 19 1991COPY to CSC confusing DP
166.01KERNEL::MENDELSOHNFri Jul 19 1991Prog to automate CSCPAT db update
167.01KERNEL::MENDELSOHNFri Jul 19 1991Prog to scan & produce CSCPAT kits from CSCPAT db
168.01KERNEL::MENDELSOHNFri Jul 19 1991Prog to build CSCPAT kits from CSCPAT db
169.01KERNEL::MENDELSOHNFri Jul 19 1991Prog to keep CSCPAT db purged
170.05CLARID::BELLFri Jul 19 1991Patch Update - Update
171.02EEMELI::HELMINENMon Jul 22 1991ISDS
172.04JOERG::JOERGMon Jul 22 1991Support for ISDS applications
173.06KNUT2::THIELTue Jul 23 1991ITS databases from STARS ???
174.0JOERG::JOERGFri Jul 26 1991PAMS V3.
175.037CLARID::BELLMon Jul 29 1991CSCPAT Database Available
176.01KERNEL::WIBREWWed Jul 31 1991Disk space requirements
177.04HLFSTue Aug 06 1991Naming of logfiles
178.01TAVWed Aug 07 1991Where I could find ESM last REVision Save Set ?
179.01KNUT2::THIELWed Aug 07 1991Customer copy to CSC (CSC filename not in NICE)
180.017AZUR::LANGENSTEINThu Aug 08 1991public directory for (unsupported) Infra/ISDS tools?
181.01TAVIS::BOAZMon Aug 12 1991CNF-E-SIGNERR & LIB-F-BADBLOSIZ when using ESM
182.01UTOPIE::SCHWARZMon Aug 12 1991Error during installing INFRACSC
184.0WARNUT::FRECKNALLWed Aug 14 1991DAN to DCN Communication
185.04HLFSMon Aug 19 1991NICE to AES via PAMS, not always easy...
186.02KERNEL::MENDELSOHNMon Aug 19 1991 Here does one enter Suggested Enhancements...
187.016UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Aug 20 1991Problems installing INFRACSC
188.01KNUT2::THIELTue Aug 20 1991Client Copy - please (DSNCC)
190.08EEMELI::HELMINENThu Aug 22 1991SDD V1.2A kits, where to find??
191.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINFri Aug 23 1991remember the support model please
192.01KNUT2::THIELMon Aug 26 1991DSN VTX customer text enhancment for DAN's
193.03KNUT2::THIELTue Aug 27 1991ESM target minimum privileges needed and secondary password problem
194.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Aug 28 1991ESR confirmation
195.01KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINWed Aug 28 1991Engineers using AES
196.02SEDSWS::EVANSWed Aug 28 1991Cannot Access DSNlink after first connection
197.02KERNEL::MERRYDWed Aug 28 1991Query on DSN%OPENCALLS
200.02EEMELI::HELMINENThu Sep 05 1991DSN hangs the CSC host
201.02CLARID::ROEMERFri Sep 13 1991This is SISR calling...
202.04EEMELI::HELMINENMon Sep 16 1991DSNlink CSC host Access Violation
203.01EEMELI::HELMINENMon Sep 16 1991Meaning of VAXsim monitor mailing list
204.02COMICS::OMARAMon Sep 16 1991Multiple SISR calls logged
205.03COMICS::OMARAMon Sep 16 1991ITS full database descriptions
206.06CLARID::BELLThu Sep 19 1991No SISR calls
208.01SHAWB1::ACHESONFri Sep 20 1991MS88 on 11/785's ??
209.03KNUT2::THIELMon Sep 23 1991Customer/Sales slide with Bazooka Security arguments ?
210.02BIS2::VANWINCKEL_MTue Sep 24 1991Patch database content
211.07COPCLU::JORNTue Sep 24 1991Problems with LATmaster ???
212.0CLARID::BELLWed Sep 25 1991LATmaster/LAT Problems
213.0AZUR::DESOZAWed Sep 25 1991INFRA fault diagnosis aid
214.01WARNUT::FRECKNALLWed Sep 25 1991DSN SHOW NET/CONT terminates with insufficient memory
215.09EEMELI::HELMINENMon Sep 30 1991ITS survey won't work
216.02BIS2::VANWINCKEL_MMon Sep 30 1991DSN copy quota
217.02MLNCSC::PENAZZIThu Oct 03 1991Revalidation and DSN%OPENCALLS issue
218.01KNUT2::THIELThu Oct 03 1991DCM exec file for monitoring AES
219.08UBOHUB::MASKELL_AMon Oct 07 1991Decserver 25
220.02EEMELI::HELMINENTue Oct 08 1991How to get all the ESR's by mail
222.02WARNUT::BALMFORTHKTue Oct 08 1991closed calls
223.02EEMELI::HELMINENWed Oct 09 1991DSN VTX keypad defination
224.04VNATIA::SCHWARZWed Oct 09 1991DAN to DCN conversion ?
225.01BIS1::DURYThu Oct 10 1991LAT rejection code
226.06COLFri Oct 11 1991AES Instal/ New sys + Upgrade Problem
227.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINFri Oct 11 1991 procedure to display the access and phone numbers
228.02HAMSC2::JKANITSFri Oct 18 1991Local Modem does not drop the line correctly
229.012JOERG::JOERGFri Oct 25 1991Two new conferences
230.06BIS1::DURYMon Oct 28 1991ISDS will comply with DEC std
232.07UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Nov 04 1991Retry revisited
233.04HAMSC4::JKANITSTue Nov 05 1991Multitech bugs - German PTT Version only !
234.02HAMSC4::JKANITSTue Nov 05 1991INFRACSC
235.03EEMELI::HELMINENWed Nov 06 1991Strange mail from INFRA Exception handler
236.02HAMSC4::JKANITSWed Nov 13 1991Modem Setup Utility
237.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Nov 15 1991DSN VTX and remote pages
238.03FILTON::PADDICKMon Nov 18 1991AES with DS3
239.04EEMELI::HELMINENWed Nov 20 1991Does INFRA
240.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Nov 21 1991Network ACCVIO pc =
241.05KNUT2::THIELThu Nov 21 1991NICE, PAMS and new group numbers 4 digits long problems...
242.015JOERG::JOERGWed Dec 04 1991MODEMS in Europe
243.05KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINThu Dec 05 1991DSNlink through switchboards
244.03MLNCSC::PENAZZIThu Dec 05 1991DSN Host requires a valid contract
245.010MLNCSC::PENAZZIFri Dec 06 1991REGISTRATION.DAT: to remove an entry
246.01BRSDVP::PETRIOLIMon Dec 09 1991SISR problem reporting failure.
247.011UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Dec 10 1991PAMS + Infra
248.03EEMELI::HELMINENTue Dec 10 1991Sending a flash mail to all registered customers
249.015BIS2::VANWINCKEL_MThu Dec 12 1991NICE call back problem
250.01COLFri Dec 13 1991AES Questions for the Future
252.02KERNEL::BAXTERGMon Dec 16 1991Dsn ITS failure...
253.04KNUT2::THIELWed Dec 18 1991Mysterious disconnects from $ DSN HOST connection
254.0COMICS::LOANEFri Dec 20 1991SDD System Info field and NICE validation
255.03BIS2::VANWINCKEL_MMon Dec 23 1991DSN registration problems
256.01CLARID::BELLMon Jan 06 1992VTX Help Pages
257.06EEMELI::HELMINENTue Jan 07 1992CTRL-Y / CTRL-C hang DSN HOST connection
258.07COLThu Jan 09 1992DSN HOST problem (infra
259.01RIGI::GRUBENMANNTue Jan 14 1992Only SISR functionality
260.06EEMELI::HELMINENWed Jan 15 1992DSN VTX throws out decterm window
261.0CLARID::ROEMERWed Jan 15 1992AES activity by SDU report
262.03EEMELI::NOJONENFri Jan 17 1992ITS information not up to date
263.08VNABRW::SCHWARZHAPPETue Jan 21 1992DSNlink and "Modem dial back" ?
264.05TSCPC2::STECTue Jan 21 1992AES and the near future (requirement) (also in INFRASTRUCTURE)
265.0TSCPC2::STECTue Jan 21 1992DECserver setting characteristics with TSM
266.029EEMELI::HELMINENWed Jan 22 1992Strange VAXsim theory code
267.02MLNCSC::PENAZZIWed Jan 22 1992CSCPAT VTX not updated?
268.0KNUT2::THIELWed Jan 22 1992Automatic access from CSC to DCN non-Privileged account (open customers)
269.01KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINThu Jan 23 1992ESM on PCwindows
270.02KERNEL::RINGIThu Jan 23 1992ESM V
271.04KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINWed Jan 29 1992Corruption in ESM display
272.06BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MWed Jan 29 1992DSNlink network Sw not present or not running
273.03COMICS::OMARAThu Jan 30 1992SDD 1.2 to 1.6 gotya
274.0KNUT2::THIELThu Jan 30 1992RSF CALLBACK and MultiTech932 modems for Banks
275.01CROWN::GRUBENMANNThu Jan 30 1992Error during SISR call logging
276.01CLARID::ROEMERMon Feb 03 1992Announce AES V1.
278.01BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MWed Feb 05 1992Customer validation
279.01KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINThu Feb 06 1992sag$root:[adabas.v21
280.01BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MThu Feb 06 1992Notification problem
281.0CLARID::ROEMERFri Feb 07 1992Implementation status
282.07EEMELI::HELMINENTue Feb 11 1992VTX - how to find the access number
283.08BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MTue Feb 11 1992VMS 5.5
284.03ZURMon Feb 17 1992VTX CSC patch RMS error
285.09MLNCSC::PENAZZIMon Feb 17 1992SPEAR Extended 3.6 ?
286.04KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINTue Feb 18 1992VMS Upgrades
287.07UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERTue Feb 18 1992Update CSCPAT Database autom. from Clarid
288.02KERNEL::FARROW_SMITHWed Feb 19 1992PROBLEMS running CNF and PC DECwindows
289.03KERNEL::FARROW_SMITHWed Feb 19 1992Support Documentation for ESM please!!
290.02CLARID::BELLThu Feb 20 1992V1.
291.06CLARID::BELLThu Feb 20 1992DSN Authorize Window
292.02CLARID::BELLThu Feb 20 1992UIC specification problem for DSN$SERVER
293.04CLARID::BELLThu Feb 20 1992Problem with replies from DANs
294.01CLARID::BELLThu Feb 20 1992Space requirement for installation is blank
295.01CLARID::BELLThu Feb 20 1992ESM Upgrade Problem
296.0CLARID::BELLThu Feb 20 1992SDD Profiles
297.03CLARID::BELLThu Feb 20 1992Empty NICE descriptions
298.0CLARID::BELLThu Feb 20 1992CSC kit remove procedure
299.02CLARID::BELLThu Feb 20 1992DSNlink Monitor Function
300.0CLARID::BELLThu Feb 20 1992AES V1.
302.05BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MThu Feb 20 1992DSIN coms
303.01BUNTY::OMARAFri Feb 21 1992Flash mail (again)
304.01BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MFri Feb 21 1992Ultrix ?
305.02COPCLU::JORNTue Feb 25 1992Offhook problems on Multitech 932EAI
306.02EEMELI::HELMINENTue Feb 25 1992INFRA
307.01COMICS::OMARATue Feb 25 1992Stop task icon terminates AES
308.02KERNEL::FARROW_SMITHTue Feb 25 1992VTX-I-SRVLBRK being returned when using system
309.05KERNEL::FARROW_SMITHThu Feb 27 1992Security and Captive and Restricted Flags
310.02EEMELI::HELMINENFri Feb 28 1992Translate DSNMAIL texts
311.0CLARID::BELLFri Feb 28 1992Cluster-wide installation
312.03CLARID::BELLFri Feb 28 1992SDD Doc in wrong place
313.02CLARID::BELLFri Feb 28 1992No Bookreader Documentation
314.03UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Mar 03 1992AES
315.02BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MWed Mar 04 1992X25 support documentation
317.09UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Mar 05 1992Bug in HOST software?
319.04EEMELI::HELMINENFri Mar 06 1992Print cluster topology (ESM)
320.022UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Mar 06 1992Poor line performance
321.08SEDSWS::EVANSMon Mar 09 1992DECwindows/Motif problem when activating AES
322.05COPCLU::JORNWed Mar 11 1992AESUPD
323.06VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYWed Mar 11 1992Modem port on UVax 2
324.04COMICS::OMARAThu Mar 12 1992Seen a V1.
325.010EVTAI1::BRUNWed Mar 18 1992SDD calls, bad info in NICE
326.01COPCLU::JORNThu Mar 19 1992Caller and Phone in Nice incorrect
327.08UTOPIE::SCHWARZFri Mar 20 1992Problem with DSN$BATCH retry count exceeded
328.01SHAWB1::ACHESONFri Mar 20 1992Customer help plse...AES/ESM
329.03UTOPIE::SCHWARZFri Mar 20 1992DSNlink over DECnet ?
330.04KERNEL::BAXTERGSun Mar 22 1992Cause of problem seen in notes 325/326 - No signature for a sisr
331.01WELSWS::BAZLEYTue Mar 24 1992Closing ESM windows kills Session Manager
333.03COMICS::FARROW_SMITHTue Mar 24 1992LIB-F-INSVERMEM when using Update system Config
334.0BIS1::DURYWed Mar 25 1992Just INFO (EASE tips)
335.08COMICS::OMARAWed Mar 25 1992AES 1.1 PSI questions
336.09BACHUS::PETRIOLIThu Mar 26 1992Reply to a MAILGATE mail not received on a DAN.
337.0BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MFri Mar 27 1992Call back notification
338.02BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MFri Mar 27 1992dsn$log_sri.log
339.02EEMELI::HELMINENTue Mar 31 1992%DSN-F-UNEXPMSG, unexpected message type: 1
341.03AZUR::LANGENSTEINWed Apr 01 1992change DSN$REGISTRATION.DAT data model?
342.02KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINThu Apr 02 1992Processes goiing into MUTEX
343.02CLARID::BELLFri Apr 03 1992SDD Call Logging without AES software
344.01JOERG::JOERGFri Apr 03 1992RSF/ALL-IN-1
345.03KERNEL::TRAYLERFri Apr 03 1992lat reject code 34427
347.06UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERTue Apr 07 1992Spear+VAXsim+DSNLink/SDD Decoder Problem
348.01KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINTue Apr 07 1992Connection Problems
349.01COMICS::OMARAWed Apr 08 1992DSNLINK access violations
350.05ONOIS1::MENGUY_MThu Apr 09 1992AES installation problem
351.0CLARID::BELLFri Apr 10 1992AES V1.
352.07HAMSC2::JKANITSMon Apr 13 1992CNF - Internal Error signalled from PC....
353.02UTOPIE::SCHWARZThu Apr 16 1992PAMS V3.
354.02UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERThu Apr 16 1992ESM/CNF DECWindows problems
355.0CLARID::ROEMERThu Apr 16 1992V1.1 overview and implementation info
356.0AZUR::MANCINIFri Apr 17 1992AES 1.1 / EDSNLINKU2
357.04BACHUS::BRST2Tue Apr 21 1992ESM V
358.0CLARID::ROEMERWed Apr 22 1992PSI security background knowledge
359.0KERNEL::ALVISWed Apr 22 1992ESM V1.
360.02BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MFri Apr 24 1992AES site activity report
361.05EEMELI::HELMINENThu Apr 30 1992Patch to SDD
362.01STKHLM::DUFVAThu Apr 30 1992Installing SDD during AES inst. fails
363.04EEMELI::HELMINENMon May 04 1992ESM V
364.013ZURMon May 04 1992AES Calls in NICE, CLO and CLP rules
365.01KNUT2::THIELMon May 04 1992DHN other cluster members do not have same functionality
366.01KNUT2::THIELMon May 04 1992Security enhancement examples:
367.01MLNCSC::MOCELLINMon May 04 1992Decwindow remote display using ISDS??
368.04CLARID::BELLTue May 05 1992SDD Installations
369.04COPCLU::JORNWed May 06 1992AESUPD
370.0JOERG::JOERGWed May 06 1992Disk space needed
371.06STKSMA::OSTMANThu May 07 1992DSN MAIL does not invoke sys$system:dsn$mail
373.07EEMELI::HELMINENMon May 11 1992What can't be tailored?
374.03KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINMon May 11 1992ESM Configuration display
375.01MLNOIS::GONANOTue May 12 1992AES-NICE reliability
376.0EEMELI::HELMINENWed May 13 1992DSN$DNET_P's netserver.log files disappear
377.04JOERG::JOERGWed May 13 1992ULTRIX DB problems?
378.03BACHUS::PETRIOLIThu May 14 1992SDD Y1.7 for VAX9
379.01WELCLU::NEWBYThu May 14 1992MAIL$SERVER Setup for SDD?
380.05KNUT2::THIELFri May 15 1992E-DSNlink V1.1-2 (DECnet transport) ITS problem
381.06STKSPA::OSTMANFri May 15 1992What are the requierments on the VMS enviorment?
383.01VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINMon May 18 1992Is DACS V3 in AES
384.021UTOPIE::SCHWARZWed May 20 1992VTX not started from DW-Motif AES window
385.01MLNCSC::PENAZZIThu May 21 1992SDD Y1.7 without CLUE
386.05OSLLAV::HANSM_PThu May 21 1992AES with PSI failes to complete startup
387.07MLNCSC::PENAZZIFri May 22 1992Line setup: incoming/outgoing only
388.05KERNEL::ALVISFri May 22 1992Clarification on DSN HOST
389.06UBOHUB::BEVIS_SFri May 22 1992RDC line for AES?
390.04BACHUS::PETRIOLIFri May 22 1992SET FORWARD to Ultrix node = troubles
391.05UTOPIE::SCHWARZFri May 22 1992Mail address for ITS comments ?
392.0BACHUS::PETRIOLITue May 26 1992X25 SICL calls T work unit empty in NICE
393.0UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERTue May 26 1992CSCPAT Saveset problem/RMS-E-FNF, file not found
394.05BRSTR2::SYSMANTue May 26 1992strange editor behaviour
395.02CLARID::ROEMERMon Jun 01 1992Prioritization with another twist
396.03GOTA1::SJOBERGWed Jun 03 1992installation problem %VMSINSTAL-E-BADSPEC
397.02ZURWed Jun 03 1992%APPEND-W-INCOMPAT, Message with ESR Calls
398.0WARNUT::BALMFORTHKThu Jun 04 1992Emulex CS11 ?
399.02STKSPA::OSTMANThu Jun 04 1992special instructions can't be modified
400.08HLFSTue Jun 09 1992AES-NICE communication stops
401.03ZURTue Jun 09 1992DSN$BATCH init error on a cluster
402.03UTOPIE::SCHWARZWed Jun 10 1992Modems very slow since EDSNHOSTU2 install in CSC
403.07UTOPIE::SCHWARZWed Jun 10 1992$DSN SHUT does not stop all processes on CSC Host
404.02UTOPIE::SCHWARZWed Jun 10 1992AES / DECnet Phase V ?
405.011ZURThu Jun 11 1992DAN/DCN Concept with X25
406.01BACHUS::PETRIOLIThu Jun 18 1992An other E%DSN-E-DISMRSTRCT reply error.
407.02NIBLIK::YOUNGFri Jun 19 1992Strange mail message
409.05UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERWed Jun 24 1992SISR Request's/Excep.Mail's:connect to NICE failed
410.05UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Jun 25 1992"B" saveset missing in CSCPAT_3
411.01KERNEL::LOANEThu Jun 25 1992SICL calls for SysBugChk errors are a PAIN!!
412.03COPCLU::JORNThu Jun 25 1992Watch out for BATCH restrictions....
413.0CLARID::BELLFri Jun 26 1992Post-processor problem
414.05UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERFri Jun 26 1992NICE Database is unavailable/for one request
415.01ISIDRO::ACERATue Jun 30 1992NOSUCHDEV with X25 at customer site
416.02UTOPIE::SCHWARZWed Jul 01 1992VTX Patch local access in the CSC
417.02UTOPIE::SCHWARZWed Jul 01 1992AES V1.1 installation experience
418.06ZURFri Jul 03 1992SDD$SICL_TEST.COM IVP failed
419.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINFri Jul 03 1992ASSETS: PSI Accounting Report
420.07CLARID::ROEMERTue Jul 07 1992Comments anyone?
421.06COPCLU::JORNTue Jul 07 1992Message Router Support ??
422.015CLARID::ROEMERTue Jul 07 1992EUR deployment status
423.0CLARID::ROEMERTue Jul 07 1992AES operations
425.05JOERG::JOERGTue Jul 07 1992Bug in V1.1 customer kit
426.04SHAWB1::ACHESONThu Jul 09 1992Comments from a customer
427.0ASDS::CROWLEYFri Jul 10 1992AES Documentation/Training - Comments/Gripes??
429.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINWed Jul 15 1992ITS search in batch mode
430.05HAMSC4::JKANITSWed Jul 15 1992AES V1.1: Subaddress Values for Outgoing Calls ?
431.01UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERThu Jul 16 1992Exception Mail ?:Prblm exam. SRP rec. from NICE
432.02STKSPA::OSTMANThu Jul 16 1992The release notes for patches might be quite long
433.03BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MFri Jul 17 1992DSN host issue
434.02ZURTue Jul 21 1992X25 and Phase V installation problems
435.05KERNEL::RINGITue Jul 28 1992DSN MAIL with mail forwarded to ALL-IN-1 via MR
436.0CLARID::ROEMERThu Jul 30 1992AES V1.2 overview
437.01CROWN::FUCHSFri Jul 31 1992ESM/Displayproblem with 661
438.03UTRTSC::TIELEMANSun Aug 02 1992AES$ROOT wrong defined
439.07KERNEL::RINGIMon Aug 03 1992ESM LAN Update in batch mode
440.01HAMSC4::JKANITSWed Aug 05 1992AES V1.1 and the LOCKPWD Flag with X.25 transport
441.02HAMSC4::JKANITSWed Aug 05 1992AES V1.1, DEMSx Box and Cluster Alias Configs
442.02KNUT2::THIELThu Aug 06 1992DECnet-VAX Extentions DSNlink CSC host anyone? X.25 Gateway
443.08CSC32::E_ALSBERGMon Aug 10 1992Install without DSNLink?
444.04UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERMon Aug 10 1992Flash and CC Recipient def. for PSI/DECNet ??
445.03KERNEL::RINGIMon Aug 10 1992ESM Configuration Inventory Reports SN: _______?
446.02AZUR::LANGENSTEINWed Aug 12 1992good customer feedback
447.08KERNEL::RINGIWed Aug 12 1992DSN MAIL CC Address: Error sending mail to @dist
448.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINThu Aug 13 1992please mail me feedback about AES installation
449.07KERNEL::RINGIFri Aug 14 1992DECwindows AES menu icon displays the wrong version
450.01UTOPIE::SCHWARZFri Aug 14 1992DEC-PC/Excursion/Motif AES Window User Interfac
451.01EEMELI::HELMINENWed Aug 19 1992Running CNF (to get PS file) gives access violation
452.01HLFSMon Aug 24 1992Minor FLASHMAIL problems
453.07COLWed Aug 26 1992ESM Accvio's talking to a VMS 5.5-1 System
454.04KERNEL::RINGIThu Aug 27 1992DSN$SETUP_MODEM retries after SYSTEM-F-TIMEOUT
455.09UTOPIE::SCHWARZThu Aug 27 1992DECmcc alarms via DSNlink to NICE ?
456.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Aug 31 1992ACL's on AES
457.01CLARID::ROEMERMon Aug 31 1992Athens, Greece needs help
459.03EEMELI::HELMINENWed Sep 02 1992What's the minimum VMS version for AES V1.
460.03CLARID::BELLWed Sep 02 1992SDD V2.
461.0JOERG::JOERGFri Sep 04 1992Duplicates in different SMARTs
462.0STKHLM::DUFVAMon Sep 07 1992AES on Wave2 does not work
463.0BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MMon Sep 07 1992RSF users
464.010KERNEL::TRAYLERMon Sep 07 1992How does DASC identify product versions?
465.031STKSPA::OSTMANThu Sep 10 1992Would this be a useful use of a 'subject' :-)
466.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Sep 11 1992Data collection %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, PC=
467.04PAPERS::RINGIThu Sep 17 1992ESR site-specific cusomer details - DSN$SYS_ANNOUNCE
468.01PAPERS::RINGIFri Sep 18 1992ESM: Invalid Username/password
469.02COPCLU::JORNMon Sep 21 1992AES 1.1 customer kit installation fails !
470.09ONOIS1::MENGUY_MMon Sep 21 1992DCN infos on a DAN
471.02EEMELI::HELMINENTue Sep 22 1992SORT-F-STABLEEXC when collection system info with ESM
472.013KERNEL::ALVISTue Sep 22 1992DSN$ Housekeeping.
473.08BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MWed Sep 23 1992AES Host in NICE cluster
474.03MLNCSC::PENAZZISat Sep 26 1992Spear Extended and VMS 5.5
475.012AZUR::LANGENSTEINMon Sep 28 1992modem and storm
476.06UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Sep 28 1992Happy Xmas/Easter/Whatever
477.06EEMELI::HELMINENTue Sep 29 1992ESM: Small numbers in disk boxes
478.05COMICS::OMARAThu Oct 01 1992CSC Phone line tester
479.01BERNThu Oct 01 1992ESM: Data Collection Fails
480.01LNZTIA::PISWANGERFri Oct 02 1992Problem displaying DSSI-Cluster
481.07WARNUT::FRECKNALLFri Oct 02 1992RMS-F-RAC, Error when run LAN configure
482.011MLNCSC::PENAZZIMon Oct 05 1992NICE problem stops AES calls!
483.04ISIDRO::SALSOP3Mon Oct 05 1992VTX and MAIL problems in a customer using X25
484.03KERNEL::RINGITue Oct 06 1992Unsupported operation or function - VMS V5.5-2
485.02TOPPER::RINGITue Oct 06 1992AES for Ultrix/ OSF/ Unix
486.04TOPPER::RINGITue Oct 06 1992DSN MAIL (MFE) - Error sending mail to
487.013CLARID::BELLWed Oct 07 1992SDD V2.
488.02CLARID::BELLWed Oct 07 1992VTX Patch Application
489.04TIMABS::GERWILLWed Oct 07 1992DSN$MAIL_CC_RECIPIENT not working?
490.01BACHUS::PETRIOLIFri Oct 09 1992AES 1.
491.01BACHUS::PETRIOLIMon Oct 12 1992SDD
492.014BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MTue Oct 13 1992EASE VMS 5.5-1
493.07CSC32::E_ALSBERGTue Oct 13 1992Customer access to SSP's
494.07KERNEL::ALVISWed Oct 14 1992VMS V6.
495.010UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERThu Oct 15 1992CSCPAT #9999 not updated sind June ?
496.0EEMELI::HELMINENThu Oct 15 1992ITS remote databases
497.04KERNEL::LOANEFri Oct 16 1992Cluster Topology .DMP file; what format is it?
498.02HLFSSat Oct 17 1992ESM
499.02HANWed Oct 21 1992ESM V
500.02COPCLU::JORNThu Oct 22 1992DSN hangs, check TTY_ALTYPAHD !
501.07PLAYER::VANDENEYNDEFri Oct 23 1992CLI-W-CONFLICT during system startup of VAXsim / SDD V2.
502.01AZUR::LANGENSTEINFri Oct 23 1992RSF survey - please give feedback
503.08ISIDRO::SALSOP3Fri Oct 23 1992NOTIFICATION problem ERROR CODE = 136151464
504.0CLARID::ROEMERTue Oct 27 1992AES/Client V1.1-1
505.01BACHUS::PETRIOLIThu Oct 29 1992AES use of VSA ?
506.04LARVAE::KRISMAN_PThu Oct 29 1992AES v1.1 Documentation Available over the net?
507.08MLNCSC::PENAZZIMon Nov 02 1992AES/SDD issues with VMS 5.5-2
508.05MLNCSC::PENAZZIMon Nov 02 1992ITS doesn't Extract big articles
509.07AZUR::DESOZATue Nov 03 1992DSDN issues
510.02SCOTMN::RINGIWed Nov 04 1992DSN$MAIL_SIGNATURE defined twice - belt and braces?
511.02CLARID::BELLThu Nov 05 1992SDD Nouveau
512.0COMICS::RINGIThu Nov 05 1992Need for a new DSN%<address>
513.0EEMELI::HELMINENFri Nov 06 1992And endless loop with mails coming and going...
514.0CLARID::BELLFri Nov 06 1992DSNVTX: Pushing patches to customers
515.07UTOPIE::SCHWARZTue Nov 10 1992Backup strategy for AES logfiles on the CSC Host?
516.011EEMELI::HELMINENWed Nov 11 1992CLUE error when installing SDD
517.05BACHUS::PETRIOLIThu Nov 12 1992AES and SDD V2.
518.05HANSat Nov 14 1992%DSN-E-DIAL_ERR -> SDD not started
519.01ONOIS1::MENGUY_MTue Nov 17 1992X25 : which version of PSI
520.05KERNEL::TITCOMBERWed Nov 18 1992Problems printing inventory reports
521.01BELFST::COBAINWed Nov 18 1992AES on NON-SYSTEM DISK???
523.02MLNTSC::GRITTIWed Nov 18 1992IS DS7
524.02MLNTSC::GRITTIWed Nov 18 1992AES & FDDI
525.02VNABRW::SCHIESSERWed Nov 18 1992ITS-Problems with EDT and AES-Menue
526.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Nov 19 1992DT$_ margins info
527.0CLARID::BELLFri Nov 20 1992SDD V2.
528.01UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERFri Nov 20 1992Problems with Director and Notify on CSCHost
529.05BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MMon Nov 23 1992AES files on system disk
530.09SWECSC::OSTMANMon Nov 23 1992Will DSNVTX ever use a later version of VTX?
531.03CLARID::ROEMERTue Nov 24 1992How to use new client addresses
532.02MLNCSC::PENAZZITue Nov 24 19922 DHN with 1 CSCPAT database
533.0MOURS::MASSETWed Nov 25 1992use of VAXSIM$AUTOPURGE?
534.01AZUR::LANGENSTEINWed Nov 25 1992RSF V2.
535.01ONOIS1::MENGUY_MFri Nov 27 1992DMF32 ??
536.04STKSPA::OSTMANMon Nov 30 1992AES up-time calculations
537.07COMICS::RINGITue Dec 01 1992DSN COPY & VTX patch copy, returns file not found on DCN
538.03BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MWed Dec 02 1992DSN error messages consistency
539.02KNUT2::THIELWed Dec 02 1992NICE V1.5 / DECmessageQ ... AES compatibility ...
540.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINThu Dec 03 1992pls, do not change DSN$APPL_xxx logical names
541.05BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MFri Dec 04 1992Nice owned data
542.03HANTue Dec 08 1992VAXsim Theory 7
543.03COLTue Dec 08 1992DSN Registration returns SYSTEM-F-IVDEVNAM ..?
544.02RIMMR::ACHESONWed Dec 09 1992Help with ESM -> NI & CI collection
545.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Dec 09 1992DAN startup troubles if DCN down
547.02RIMMR::ACHESONWed Dec 09 1992Enhancement Request from Customer
548.02HAMSC3::JPULLERWed Dec 09 1992CNF crash with Cluster Topology
549.014UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Dec 10 1992ITS: %RMS-F-RNF, record not found on Workstation DB
550.02HAMSC3::JPULLERThu Dec 10 1992cnf documentation needed
551.04SUPRFri Dec 11 1992Customer's calls rejected witth...
552.07ISIDRO::SALSOP3Mon Dec 14 1992Moving CSC DSNlink from single node to a CLUSTER
553.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Dec 15 1992SICL test improvement tip
554.01KERNEL::PARKERDAWed Dec 16 1992Esm dual ethernet adapter support
555.04EEMELI::HELMINENWed Dec 16 1992Modem drops auto answer, what to do?
557.06CALLAO::CORRALESFri Dec 18 1992DSN VTX and nothing happens
558.03ZURMon Dec 21 1992DECnet Phase V Wave 2 ?
559.0HANTue Dec 22 1992X.25 RESETS cause DSN ITS ACCVIO, DSN-F-CTLFAIL
560.01VIVIAN::C_STEIERTWed Dec 23 1992Using TTA2 on a V31
561.05SUPRMon Dec 28 1992Security problem using PSI_SECURITY.COM on customer's systems
562.03PSTVX1::OMARATue Dec 29 1992UK AES Customer Survey
563.01CLARID::ROEMERMon Jan 04 1993Support model
564.02BERNMon Jan 04 1993ESM: location of ESM
565.03STKHLM::DUFVASun Jan 10 1993SPEAR V4.
566.02CLADA::FELICITYMon Jan 11 1993Introducing MPH - Monitoring Performance History
567.01UTRTSC::DRUMMENTue Jan 12 1993ESM help wanted, NO DOCS???
569.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Jan 13 1993DSN-E-LINKEXIT while sending mail to DAN
570.04LISTR::BURKEPThu Jan 14 1993DSN$MAIL_TEMPLATE needs to encourage the use of ITS
571.01UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERMon Jan 18 1993Open Calls "lost" after modifing Registration
572.05BACHUS::PETRIOLIMon Jan 18 1993Default address DSN%XXXXXX instead if DSN%ESR ?
574.08ZURMon Jan 18 1993no update to CSCPAT VTX ?
576.04HANWed Jan 20 1993ESM LAN data collection problem
577.05BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MThu Jan 21 1993 ^\ interrupts DSNlink
578.09EEMELI::HELMINENThu Jan 21 1993Canasta, AES and NICE / RDB
579.03ONOIS1::MENGUY_MFri Jan 22 1993SDD$PROFILE
580.04ZURMon Jan 25 1993Transfer from TIMA to DSN ITS database?
581.0HLFSTue Jan 26 1993SDD instal. problem under AES
582.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINTue Jan 26 1993DMQ and PAMS
583.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Jan 28 1993SICL's from NON AES systems
585.02COLMon Feb 01 1993DS25
586.02BELFST::COBAINTue Feb 02 1993ESM without AES???
587.06VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYTue Feb 02 1993Special CSC SICL queue possible?
588.01HLFSWed Feb 03 1993PAMS init file increase quotas....
589.01HANWed Feb 03 1993DSN SICL pre/post proc shouldn't delete errlog
590.01HAN::HALLEFri Feb 05 1993CLUE produces wrong CANASTA params for 87
591.014CLARID::BELLMon Feb 15 1993Au Revoir
592.014EEMELI::HELMINENMon Feb 15 1993Procedure to run AES statistic automaticly
593.011RIMMR::ACHESONWed Feb 17 1993AES and ALPHA?
594.03HLTIC2::TUINSTRA_BWed Feb 17 1993Emulexserver supported ?
595.0CLARID::ROEMERThu Feb 18 1993Access to commercial info
596.01VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYThu Feb 18 1993Automatic Open call status possible?
597.01RIMMR::ACHESONThu Feb 18 1993VTX Pre-Amble too loooonnnngggg
598.02BELFST::COBAINFri Feb 19 1993PSI In The U.K???
599.015BELFST::COBAINFri Feb 19 1993ESM View VAX9
600.04CLARID::ROEMERFri Feb 19 1993AES V1.2 Information Document
601.03MLNCSC::PENAZZITue Feb 23 1993CSCPAT_3
602.02BERNTue Feb 23 1993Who is responsable for the development of AES
603.03PSTVX1::OMARATue Feb 23 1993ITS database summaries
604.01SUPRThu Feb 25 1993Customer's comment
605.011EEMELI::HELMINENFri Feb 26 1993CSCPAT #1
606.02VNABRW::LNZTIA::PISWANGERFri Feb 26 1993ESM Problems
607.05WARNUT::FRECKNALLMon Mar 01 1993Unable to create DSN$MAIL DECTERM
608.03PSTVX1::OMARATue Mar 02 1993ITS restructure proposal
609.02COLTue Mar 02 1993AES Accounting?
610.03ZURThu Mar 04 1993AES/SDD on OSF/1 ?
611.01COLFri Mar 05 1993Customers Phone Bill! ,Modem stays up
613.01KERNEL::ALVISMon Mar 08 1993Unresponsive Network Processes.
614.04TRHWed Mar 10 19934
615.07UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Mar 11 1993V1.2 Transaction log file
616.01CROWN::FUCHSFri Mar 12 1993Unable to get CSCPAT_
617.06BERNFri Mar 12 1993aes called by login.com
618.04KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINTue Mar 16 1993ESM - X Toolkit warning:
619.03HLFSWed Mar 17 1993Hotline call anyone??
620.02BELFST::COBAINFri Mar 19 1993Modem Hangs After Using ITS
621.06VNABRW::SCHIESSERWed Mar 24 1993CSCPAT_3
622.03KERNEL::HORSNELLMon Mar 29 1993Printing Using CNF v4.1
623.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Mar 30 1993DSN$BATCH with VMS V5.5-n
624.01ASDS::LIPKAThu Apr 01 1993Help add access number to NICE
625.08KNUT2::THIELFri Apr 02 1993DSN$BATCH getting created on non DCN node !
627.03ZURMon Apr 05 1993ALPHA database in DSN ITS ?
628.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Apr 07 1993DSNmonitor for CSC host (Europe)
629.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Apr 07 1993VTX gives more than I want
631.029KERNEL::MENDELSOHNThu Apr 08 1993CSCPAT issues and problems ...
632.02EEMELI::HELMINENTue Apr 13 1993CLUE documentation?
633.01ASDS::LIPKATue Apr 13 1993RSF .. DRN ..DSDN??
635.02UTOPIE::SCHWARZWed Apr 14 1993AES V1.2 HOST Upgrade - Experiences
636.02ASDS::LIPKAWed Apr 14 1993PSI and MODEM Questions ...
637.06ASDS::MILANESIThu Apr 15 1993Help with DSN COPY from the Host
638.01ASDS::LIPKAThu Apr 15 1993DRN - DSDN????
639.011ASDS::MILANESIThu Apr 15 1993Problem with ITS Comment command
640.04ASDS::MILANESIFri Apr 16 1993Help Multiple DSN Host to same client
641.01LISTIM::PINHEIROFri Apr 16 1993Where is INJECTERR
642.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINMon Apr 19 1993How to obtain missing CSCpat patches
643.05UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Apr 20 1993ACCVIOLAT in AES menu (motif)
644.01STKSPA::OSTMANTue Apr 20 1993CSCPAT, %RMS-F-ISI, invalid internal stream identifier
645.015KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINThu Apr 22 1993?SPEAR: MSGFND -- Routine MSG$FIND
646.04MLSSP1::PENAZZIThu Apr 22 1993AES Host 1.1-1.2 migration questions
647.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINFri Apr 23 1993EDSNHOST 1.2 (AES 1.2-European DSNlink for CSC) AVAILABILITY
648.08BELFST::COBAINFri Apr 23 1993TAMPERED message after installation!!
649.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINTue Apr 27 1993AES V1.2 Client - Order information
650.05EEMELI::HELMINENWed Apr 28 1993When can DSIN read TIMA databases?
651.09EEMELI::HELMINENWed Apr 28 1993AES Overview document, V1.2
652.0EEMELI::HELMINENMon May 03 1993Change DSN VTX keyboard
653.02KNUT2::THIELMon May 03 1993Alpha AXP information in ITS databases ???
654.05STKHLM::DUFVATue May 04 1993AES V1.2 over X.25 EXARC approval?
655.03HLFSWed May 05 1993AES V1.2 (host) clusterwide startup
656.03UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu May 06 1993ALARM, security issue DAN install
657.06VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYMon May 10 1993Any plans to add LINK/NOMAP on AES install?
658.01AZUR::LANGENSTEINMon May 10 1993Some PAMS tuning for the interested
659.03KERNEL::ALVISTue May 11 1993ESM V1.
660.04KERNEL::ALVISWed May 12 1993XSITE and CANASTA V1.
661.04ZURThu May 13 1993AES V1.2 correct order of save sets on tape?
663.0KERNEL::ALVISMon May 17 1993AES V1.2 - DHN thinks its a DAN
664.01VNABRW::SCHIESSERTue May 18 1993DSN$MAIN is hanging
665.03UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed May 19 1993DCN/DAN authorize confusing in AES 1.2
666.08UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon May 24 1993ESM collection ACCVIO PC=6AEA
667.06UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue May 25 1993DSN$MAIL_EDIT broken in V1.2
669.0KERNEL::ALVISThu May 27 1993ESM V1.
670.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Jun 02 1993mail from system and sdd$manager
671.01BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MWed Jun 09 1993CSCPAT sequence
672.070COPCLU::JORNWed Jun 09 1993CSCPAT again....
673.02AZUR::LANGENSTEINMon Jun 14 1993be aware of file version number limit
674.07BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MTue Jun 15 1993DECserver 7
675.02UTOPIE::SCHWARZThu Jun 17 1993DSNlink V1.2B PATCH KIT ?
676.03ASDS::KURASWed Jun 23 1993moving DSNlink Host/NICE to another node
677.07MLNCSC::PENAZZIThu Jun 24 1993AES 1.2 duplicated files/calls
678.09MLNCSC::TORTORAFri Jun 25 1993Statistics : how to build them?
679.01ISIDRO::SALSOP3Wed Jun 30 1993Several phone numbers for one AES customer ?????
680.01UTOPIE::SCHWARZWed Jun 30 1993PSI Configuration with Closed_User_Group setup ?
681.012UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERThu Jul 01 1993CSCPAT directory not accessible
682.010KERNEL::TRAYLERThu Jul 01 1993DSN VTX, NOSUCHDEV with Decnet/Osi
683.010KERNEL::HORSNELLMon Jul 05 1993Maximum Network Links Exceeded AES V1.2
684.01WIZZER::VWed Jul 07 1993Trouble-shooting the DSN$NETWORK process in LEF state
685.017JOERG::JOERGWed Jul 07 1993DFS used somewhere?
686.01ONOIS1::MENGUY_MFri Jul 09 1993AES and ALL-IN-1
687.012SHIPS::SYMES_RFri Jul 09 1993ESM Crashes Cluster
688.01CLARID::KREYERMon Jul 12 1993DASC and IO Express and RAxx, boum...
689.05HLFSTue Jul 13 1993Keep the link up longer....
690.010KERNEL::HORSNELLWed Jul 14 1993ESM V 1.
691.06EIGER::ISLERWed Jul 14 1993now cscpat INCREMENTAL BACKUP
692.05CLARID::BELLFri Jul 16 1993DSNlink Survey
693.09HLFSMon Jul 19 1993ITS crashes with PRINT/AFTER=
694.01BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MMon Jul 19 1993Ultrix Mail Server ?
695.08WIZZER::VTue Jul 20 1993SDD/ VAXsim fails to log SISRs after implementing security ACLs
696.01EIGER::ISLERTue Jul 20 1993VAXcluster System Quorum via AES
697.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Jul 20 1993%AES-E-EADDR with ** numbers
699.01EEMELI::HELMINENWed Jul 28 1993DSIN: Adding a new coverage code
700.01KERNEL::HORSNELLWed Jul 28 1993Does AES work with OpenVMS VAX V6.
701.012JOERG::JOERGFri Jul 30 1993electronic onsite access to Digital
703.02HAN::HALLEMon Aug 09 1993AES V1.2/P.S.I. 5.
704.017HAN::HALLETue Aug 10 1993CLUE_F_FATAL in SDD V2.
705.0KERNEL::ALVISWed Aug 11 1993ESM V1.
706.01STKSPA::OSTMANThu Aug 12 1993SDD tape from ESSB without content...
707.02WIZZER::VFri Aug 13 1993DSN ITS - SET SCREEN [TERMINAL] /PAGE= lines-per-page
708.05UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERFri Aug 20 1993DSN V1.2 startup uses NCP on VMS 6.
709.01COMICS::NAIRNMon Aug 23 1993Motif and DECwindows interface to AES
710.03WIZZER::VMon Aug 23 1993Incorrect documentation for V1.2 DSN$MAIL_CC_RECIPIENT logical name
711.01COLTue Aug 24 1993Multiple SISR Calls fro one error??
712.02BACHUS::DEVILLEWed Aug 25 1993VMS Mail Forwarding with DSNlink for VMS Mail
713.05UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Aug 26 1993CNF$SRV remains on target system
715.0KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINFri Aug 27 1993ESM - veiwing next screen
716.015CROWN::FUCHSMon Aug 30 1993ESM crashes...
717.02UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERMon Aug 30 1993LIB-F-BADBLOSIZ when opening Stars db
719.02JOERG::JOERGWed Sep 08 1993mailaddress file example
720.0JOERG::JOERGFri Sep 10 1993debug logging
721.0CLARID::ROEMERFri Sep 10 1993Lead, don't be lead through the re-org
722.08KERNEL::LOANEThu Sep 16 1993Automating SICL post-processing; Ideas requested!!
723.02HAN::HALLEWed Sep 22 1993CLUE V2.3 incorrectly reports RM&VA params
724.01KERNEL::HORSNELLThu Sep 23 1993[PW-VMS]PATHWORKS Network News - Enrollment Form
725.0BSS::GA_BURGESSSat Sep 25 1993Automatic Call Logging for Software
726.06UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERTue Sep 28 1993SYSTEM-F-FILNOTACC during DSN Copy/PSI transport
727.03STKHLM::DUFVAMon Oct 04 1993DSNVTX over X25 gives `SYSTEM-F-IVDEVNAM'
728.05HAN::HALLETue Oct 05 1993CLUE$STARTUP problem with SDD
729.01CLARID::BELLWed Oct 06 1993From the US Navy ...
730.0CLARID::LICARIFri Oct 08 1993SPR Db deletion: Guidelines for Euro AES/DSIN
731.0HAN::HALLEFri Oct 08 1993AES V1.2 - edit CLUE$LOG_CALL.COM for no. of blocks
732.02COMICS::VFri Oct 15 1993DSN MAIL V1.2 fails to translate logical DSN$MAIL_CC_RECIPIENT correctly
733.02MLNCSC::PENAZZIFri Oct 15 1993DSN Loopback and security
734.03PANTER::FUCHSMon Oct 18 1993CSCPAT_DB >PURGE?<
735.017HAMSC3::JKANITSMon Oct 18 1993CLUE Post Processing / Canasta V1.1
736.01ROMThu Oct 21 1993Link with IBM host for AES ?
737.013HAMSC3::JPULLERThu Oct 21 1993DSN VTX returns VTX-I-SRVLBRK
738.08COLWed Oct 27 1993DSNVTX future?
739.02HAMSC3::JPULLERWed Oct 27 1993ESM - Update System Configuration Crash
740.011STKHLM::DUFVAThu Oct 28 1993PSI/X.25 default network modification
741.02TIMAMD::RODRIGUEZThu Oct 28 1993DSN mail doesn't open System.lis
742.0SIOG::M_CRONINMon Nov 01 1993ACCVIO at PC
745.01MOURS::GARCIAFri Nov 05 1993Where are we with AES/DSNLink for OSF ?
746.03UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Nov 10 1993CLUE: Dump is not from this Node
747.02KERNEL::WHEELERWed Nov 10 1993Handling site specific text
748.05NECSC::LEVYThu Nov 11 1993Customer comments on US articles?
750.01KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINFri Nov 12 1993DSNmail fails with SYSTEM-F-MBTOOSML
751.03HAN::HALLESun Nov 14 1993NICE V1.5 CANASTA RDMS$RUJ logical name conflict
752.013JOERG::JOERGMon Nov 15 1993CSCpat naming structure
753.01JOERG::JOERGWed Nov 17 1993AES access for external partners
754.04EEMELI::HELMINENWed Nov 17 1993How CSCPAT works??
755.05SIOG::M_CRONINWed Nov 17 1993-RMS-E-FLK editing an ITS article
756.03SIOG::M_CRONINTue Nov 23 1993DSN Videotex, patch database ? (CSCPAT...)
757.02SIOG::M_CRONINFri Nov 26 1993DSN$BATCH resetting modem in a cluster ?
758.03MFOIS1::TURCHIWed Dec 01 1993Need pointer for AES_REQUIREMENTS
759.03SWECSC::OSTMANThu Dec 02 1993Long time before extended descr arrives from AES.
760.07UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Dec 02 1993Motif won't list all systems in configuration?
761.0ISIDRO::SALSOP3Fri Dec 03 1993AES working with a SCO-UNIX server????
762.01SIOG::M_CRONINMon Dec 13 1993Cluster Topology hangs
763.016KERNEL::HORSNELLWed Dec 15 1993%PAS-F-NOMSG, Message number
764.07HLFSThu Dec 16 1993How does AES know where to look for transf. calls
765.02VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYThu Dec 16 1993Logical link prob again...
766.01SWECSC::OSTMANThu Dec 16 1993NICE doesn't like non-printable characters
767.01NBOFS1::LEIKAMFri Dec 17 1993ESM update SUNOS problem
769.0BIS6::POTYMon Dec 20 1993AES PSI 5.
770.017UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Jan 03 1994ITS accvio @
771.06UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERMon Jan 03 1994VTX asks for media type / CSCPAT #587
772.01KERNEL::HORSNELLTue Jan 04 1994cluster topology from PC
773.01GORYO::POPPINSWed Jan 05 1994are hardcopy sitelog's used in Europe
775.06KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINMon Jan 10 1994MPH fails to install on VMS 6.
776.03HAN::HALLEWed Jan 19 1994loosing CLUE$LOG_CALL ?
777.05BERNThu Jan 20 1994DSN VTX timeout period expired
779.04STKHLM::DUFVAMon Jan 24 1994ESM hanging print queues?
780.08ZURWed Jan 26 1994AES on ULTRIX/OSF1????????
781.01HLFSFri Jan 28 1994Clue invalid history file
782.03BACHUS::BRST2Thu Feb 03 1994DSN$LIBRARY instead of SYS$SHARE after CSCPAT_9
783.03SIOG::M_CRONINMon Feb 07 1994Deinstallation ?
784.03ZURTue Feb 08 1994CSCpatch on Clarid not available!!!
786.01HLFSTue Feb 08 1994clue/display sets bottom margin on la1
787.05BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MTue Feb 08 1994dsn$mail_database
788.019BSS::GA_BURGESSWed Feb 09 1994Who supports CNF ?
789.01CLARID::BELLThu Feb 10 1994PC & Motif Stars Clients
790.05EWBV4Thu Feb 10 1994Who knows difference US kit and Europe kit
791.01UTRTSC::DRUMMENThu Feb 10 1994ESM complains about Insufficient Global Sections!
792.0MUCCS1::WINKLERFri Feb 11 1994aes modem conection,here timeout
793.01COPCLU::JORNMon Feb 14 1994DSNVTX kit needed !
794.02KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINMon Feb 14 1994Multiple/Batch extract from ITS??
795.01KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINThu Feb 24 1994CLUE$STARTUP sets screen display
796.015NECSC::LEVYThu Feb 24 1994What is the ECO delivery mechanism?
797.01BACHUS::BOLLENMon Feb 28 1994x25 access filters and dsn$mail
798.01UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERWed Mar 02 1994DSN Mail doesn't forward Mail to VMS-Mail
800.01COLThu Mar 10 1994DSN-F-BADRESP between VAX and AXP??
801.0HIKORY::GILBERTWed Mar 16 1994Database MODIFICATIONS: *DISPATCH logical db changes
802.01HLFSFri Mar 18 1994DSIN - how to recreate empty survey answer file ?
803.02BACHUS::PETRIOLIMon Mar 21 1994Strip-off DSN%SRQ$ from the log# ?
804.09UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Mar 22 1994Reading second time gives shorter ITS article
806.014COPCLU::JORNThu Mar 24 1994ESM: Update System = Fatal Bugcheck!
807.01BACHUS::BRST2Fri Mar 25 1994Availability to customers of patches via Internet
808.07EVTVMon Mar 28 1994AES1.2B an d DECNET-OSI
809.02BSS::GA_BURGESSThu Mar 31 1994Where can I find ?
810.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Mar 31 1994error in dsn$startup produces wrong objects
811.02BACHUS::BRST2Tue Apr 05 1994Bug in ESM.COM (V1.
812.0BACHUS::PETRIOLIWed Apr 06 1994Is there a 192
813.05HIKORY::GILBERTFri Apr 08 1994Service Offers - Wayne Zumwalt seeking inputs
815.02COLMon Apr 11 1994Wrong System Type in SICL (SDD 3.
816.02MUCCS1::WINKLERTue Apr 12 1994aes for osf/1
817.02CLARID::JENSENTue Apr 12 1994ESM specific notesfile announcement
818.02MARVEL::MCGAUGHRINThu Apr 14 1994dsn auth returns SYSTEM-F-NOLOGTAB
819.01EEMELI::HELMINENMon Apr 25 1994How to add DISPATHCH databases into DSIN and AES?
820.07KERNEL::KAKOULLISAWed Apr 27 1994Mail subprocesses looping
821.04COLThu Apr 28 1994Problem with user DSN$DNET_P and DELIVER.??
822.01VNATIA::SCHWARZThu Apr 28 1994modem driver change without reinstallation ?
823.02UBOHUB::BEVIS_STue May 03 1994DSN using Telnet??????
825.06SIOG::D_MORRISSEYMon May 09 1994DSN VTX Problem
826.01EEMELI::HELMINENTue May 17 1994TIMA will delete some databases, action needed in DSIN DBUPD
828.01SIOG::M_CRONINWed May 18 1994AES installation IVP fails at ESM_CI.EXE
829.01EVTW1E::AMIARDThu May 19 1994DSN ITS return: %STARS -E-VEGA_UNALLOC, buffer is not allocated
830.03KERNEL::ALVISThu May 26 1994Automated LIFE Analysis
831.06HAMSC3::JKANITSFri May 27 1994Patch too large for elctronic distribution !?
832.01HLFSFri May 27 1994AES and ACB
833.03UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon May 30 1994PSI channels used by DSNlink
834.01HOO78C::JONGENELENWed Jun 01 1994many lost connections
835.03EVTVThu Jun 02 1994SDD 3.1 ??
836.02GIDDAY::LOCHRINWed Jun 15 1994Support for DECnet/OSI (esp. P.S.I. V5)
838.01MLNCSC::PENAZZIWed Jun 29 1994DECODER 3.1 ?
839.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Jul 04 1994topology accvio with motif
840.02WELCLU::LAMBLEYCThu Jul 07 1994Copying from Digital "Home" node to Site.
841.03HLFSSat Jul 09 1994PAMS phased out before oct ?
842.02SIOG::M_CRONINMon Jul 11 1994SDD$MANAGER fails to log a request
843.0SIOG::ODONNELLTue Jul 12 1994Problems with AES and PSI on a Minitel System.
845.08UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Jul 13 1994Report on failed mail, TRANSPORT REJECT
846.02UBOHUB::BEVIS_SFri Jul 15 1994No objects on VMS 6.1 OSI using Decnet transport
847.012UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Jul 18 1994DSN: [unknown internal error]
848.01HIKORY::GILBERTMon Jul 25 1994Will ARCHIVE be used at all ?
849.0JOERG::JOERGTue Jul 26 1994MBOM will be stopped
850.06KERNEL::BLANDTue Jul 26 1994cannot invoke ITS from non-privileged account
851.0HAMSC3::JKANITSWed Jul 27 1994Client version value in the transaction file ?
852.0EVTVWed Aug 03 1994OpenVMA AXP ,DECNET/OSI and AES
853.05MAJAVA::HELMINENFri Aug 05 1994TIMA, AES,DSIN vs. VMS V6.1/Decnet-OSI
854.04STKHLM::DUFVAWed Aug 10 1994VAXsim process looping
855.06UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERThu Aug 11 1994DSN Mail V1.2 AXP : Access Violation
856.01MUCCS1::WINKLERFri Aug 12 1994DSN$decnet_link_finder
857.08BERIS3::AFREIThu Aug 18 1994SDD 3.1 VAXsim exit 87
858.04STKHLM::DUFVAMon Aug 22 1994SDD V3.1 in TIMA for Europe?
859.05EEMELI::HELMINENFri Aug 26 1994Unable to use DSIN Menu mode
860.0AZUR::DESOZATue Aug 30 1994FYI, Current Network problem
861.01ONOIS1::CAVAILHEThu Sep 01 1994esm & aes window menu
862.02BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MTue Sep 06 1994CSCSPAT protection problems
863.0BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MThu Sep 08 1994Customizing notification mail
864.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Sep 13 1994dsn_viewer
865.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Sep 14 1994ITS dir/since broken?
866.011UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Sep 15 1994Notification problem
867.02EVTVThu Sep 15 1994TPU customization with DSN MAIL ??
868.01LISVAX::ANSELMOTue Sep 20 1994AES 1.3 kit
869.01UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERThu Sep 22 1994ITS : ACCVIO during READing SPD article
870.01KNUT2::THIELTue Oct 04 1994RMS-E-FLK, file currently locked by another user
871.01HAMSUP::STIEHLFri Oct 07 1994DSN ITS and eXcursion
872.08EEMELI::HELMINENMon Oct 24 1994SDD V3.1 license
873.02LISVAX::ANSELMOTue Oct 25 1994$dsn its and $dsn vtx problem after upgrade AES 1.1 to 1.3 host
875.04LISVAX::ANSELMOMon Oct 31 1994ITS> exit or quit doesn't work
876.03COPCLU::JORNWed Nov 02 1994STARS problem....
877.06EEMELI::HELMINENThu Nov 03 1994Patch access using Mosaic from Internet
878.0LISVAX::ANSELMOTue Nov 08 1994DSNlink V1.2B PATCH KIT
879.0JOERG::JOERGWed Nov 09 1994DSNCC client doesn't delete .tmp files
880.0HIKORY::GILBERTThu Nov 10 1994Direct access to TIMA databases ?
881.02KERNEL::BLANDTue Nov 15 1994PSI/AES blues
882.011EEMELI::HELMINENWed Nov 16 1994Session control applications under Decnet/OSI V5.8 (former NCP objects)
883.06KERNEL::ALVISWed Nov 16 1994AES V1.3MR2 upgrade gottchas...
885.03KERNEL::ADAMSWed Nov 16 1994%VTX-I-SRVNOOBJ ??
886.01LISVAX::ANSELMOWed Nov 16 1994Where can I find the AES 1.3MR2 kit?
887.04UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Nov 17 1994strange priv problem
888.03JOERG::JOERGMon Nov 21 1994MR2 Contracts
889.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Nov 22 1994CSCPAT_3125 missing
890.01KNUT2::THIELThu Nov 24 1994%PAMS-W-TIMEOUT 139757256
891.02UTRTSC::DRUMMENThu Nov 24 1994Have a AES problem with VMS 6.1 vs DECNET-osi
892.05KERNEL::BLANDFri Nov 25 1994AES V1.2 install fails looking for SDD V2.
893.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Nov 25 1994UNREGPROD, requested product is not registered
894.07EVTVSat Nov 26 1994AES 1.3 MR2 Installation experience in FRANCE
896.02EEMELI::HELMINENThu Dec 08 1994VTERM/CONN=DSNLINK says "DSNlink is not installed"
897.01KNUT2::THIELThu Dec 08 1994DSN$NOTIFY_TO_SRQ
898.04SHIPS::BRIGGS_JSun Dec 11 1994M31
899.01LISVAX::ANSELMOMon Dec 12 1994DSIN - Where can I find the last version?
900.012UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu Dec 15 1994Feedback request
901.03GVPROD::RSCHWEIZERFri Dec 23 1994"error sending to user ESR" with DSN mail
902.05MLNCSC::GRITTIMon Jan 02 1995DSN$INTRUSION.TXT - how can I iterpret it?
903.05MLSSP1::PENAZZIWed Jan 04 1995ITS invoke for TIMA_APPLICATION db?
904.05SIOG::M_CRONINMon Jan 09 1995AES for OpenVMS AXP V6.1 ?
905.07EEMELI::HELMINENTue Jan 10 1995DSNCC/ATP problem
906.0KNUT2::THIELWed Jan 11 1995hung lines ?
907.03SIOG::M_CRONINThu Jan 12 1995Remove PSI security from DSN
908.06EEMELI::HELMINENWed Jan 18 1995ITS databases list, what to use?
909.01CLARID::LICARIThu Jan 19 1995New Notes Conference for DIA (Dial-In Access)
910.0TIMABS::BACHMANNFri Jan 20 1995SDD3.1 and VMS 5.5-2 and DECNET/OSI
911.05SPARGL::6369Mon Jan 23 1995Problem with AES and Xcursion
912.0FRSAES::SEEMANNWed Jan 25 1995AXP VMS 6.1 Motive 1.2 AES 1.2
913.031LISVAX::ANSELMOFri Jan 27 1995AXP ITS Database?
914.05UTRTSC::DRUMMENMon Jan 30 1995DSN$NETWORK gets stuck in LEF ?
915.05SIOG::M_CRONINWed Feb 01 1995DSN MAIL fails on PSI / OSI
916.01LISVAX::ANSELMOFri Feb 03 1995AES transition database list, help needed
917.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Feb 21 1995dsn copy wants contiguous file?
918.07SIOG::M_CRONINWed Feb 22 1995Pathworks Management fails
919.05UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Feb 22 1995Customer wants DAN/DCN functionality back
920.01KERNEL::SCOTTThu Feb 23 1995What will AES be in the future?
921.02TIMAMD::RODRIGUEZThu Feb 23 1995ESM failure: %CNF-E_ERR
922.011KNUT2::THIELSun Feb 26 1995TPM and access to Hardware+Software databases
923.01UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERMon Feb 27 1995DSN Mailgate and more than one mail address
924.010BIS6::POTYTue Feb 28 1995axp 6.1 and aes 1.2b
925.03EEMELI::HELMINENThu Mar 02 1995ECO Copy finished mail to customer
926.05SIOG::M_CRONINMon Mar 06 1995Request Status in reply from DSN%OPENCALLS
927.05KNUT2::THIELWed Mar 08 1995failed to connect to NICE 2333
928.02TIMAMD::RODRIGUEZMon Mar 13 1995Printserver update failure
929.02EEMELI::HELMINENWed Mar 15 1995OpenVMS AXP and DSNlink over X.25
930.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Mar 15 1995%MAIL-E-LOGLINK, error creating network link to node DSN%
931.0MUCCS1::WINKLERWed Mar 15 1995us aes_axp kit
932.04UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Mar 29 1995Large patches...
933.010HAN::HALLEThu Mar 30 1995DSN$WUADD sometimes doesn't add descriptor in NICE
934.07EVTISA::ES_MENGUYFri Mar 31 1995DSN$NETWORK in LEF state again
935.01KNUT2::THIELTue Apr 04 1995*Q* NICE and the Web
936.07UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Apr 04 1995%DSN-F-NORESPREC, no response from receiver within timeout period
937.04UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Apr 07 1995AXP X25 host problem?
938.01HLFSSun Apr 09 1995UCX V2.
940.02HAMSC3::JKANITSThu May 04 1995DSNexpress setup on a cluster incl. a server ...
941.05HAMSC3::JKANITSThu May 04 1995DSNlink VTX - modify page 1-8
942.01SIOG::M_CRONINMon May 08 1995Lan COnfiguration device types
943.0MLNCSC::PARACCHIMon May 15 1995emulex server
944.011JOERG::JOERGWed May 17 1995Open up Mail?
945.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSThu May 18 1995Supportable environment please?
946.06UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERTue May 23 1995CLUE-E-DMPVER | no CLUE history file created
947.0MLSSP1::PENAZZIFri May 26 1995Problem with modem Codex 3267/3265
948.01JOERG::JOERGWed Jun 07 1995New notes location for User and devo offer
949.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Jun 09 1995AES window on MULTIA weardness
950.02TIMABS::BACHMANNWed Jun 14 1995write MPH and VAX VMS 6.1 some Question
951.01COPCLU::ALLANThu Jun 22 1995AES mail forwarding
952.08HAMSC3::JKANITSTue Jun 27 1995Missing DSN keyword and mailgate
953.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Jun 27 1995 %DSN-F-NETERR, DECnet channel error...
954.0SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue Jun 27 1995DSN$NETWORK present or not present ???
955.03HAMSC3::JKANITSWed Jun 28 1995CHS/DSN company name mismatches - update ?
957.04SIOG::ODONNELLWed Jul 05 1995SICL notification over the Internet ?.
958.0HAMSC3::JKANITSThu Jul 06 1995Dsn House_Keeping/Access ...
959.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Jul 27 1995OpenVMS-V6.2 and DECnet/OSI-v6.2 compatibility ?
960.02CROWN::FUCHSFri Aug 04 1995Problem with database WORKSTATION in ITS
961.02KERNEL::BLANDFri Sep 01 1995DSN not starting - F$MODE() is OTHER, should be NETWORK
963.03KERNEL::ADAMSMon Oct 02 1995AES from a PC ??
964.06UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERMon Oct 02 1995ACCVIO of DSN 1.2 network process after startup
965.01HLFSThu Oct 05 1995 DECevent Alpha SICL viar a VAX AES/DCN node
966.0BACHUS::GOOVAERTSFri Oct 06 1995DSN wit AXP pase IV and X25 ???
967.09KERNEL::SCOTTTue Oct 10 1995%SYSTEM-F-IVDEVNAM again...
968.04GENIE::MAURERFThu Oct 12 1995DECnet Phase IV and V mix?
969.07KERNEL::BLANDThu Oct 12 1995AES installation woes on A2
970.01KNUT2::THIELTue Nov 07 1995%NONAME-F-NOMSG, Message number 7FC9B924 ?
971.05AESIMP::JOERGENSENFri Nov 24 1995What happened to SATIRE::VAXSIMPLUS
972.01WOTVAX::LOXTONSat Nov 25 1995Decmux3
973.0HAN::HALLEMon Dec 11 1995Alpha 3
974.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Dec 14 1995How to clear an ESM collected configuration ?
975.03UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERFri Dec 15 1995call data mask changed in DSN V2.
976.02COLTue Dec 19 1995OPENVMS/VAX 6.2 DSN Support ?
977.0MLNCSC::GRITTIFri Dec 22 1995probelm with dsn$mail_enable_wu_notification
978.0KERNEL::SCOTTFri Dec 22 1995LAN update on VMS V6.2 & OSI V6.2 ?
979.03VNABRW::SCHIESSERTue Jan 02 1996DsnGateway::Transporterr
980.09UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERTue Jan 16 1996SICL Pre-& Post-Processor for Theory & ErrorLog
981.01COMICS::RINGIThu Jan 18 1996SICL calls on OpenVMS Alpha using DECevent
982.01MUCCS1::MWINKLERWed Jan 31 1996aes for unix
983.015EEMELI::HELMINENFri Feb 02 1996EDSNlink V2.
984.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon Feb 05 1996Error DSN-F-TERMINATE.. what it means ??
985.03BACHUS::GOOVAERTSThu Feb 08 1996AES /x.25 and own local subaddress
986.0+4SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Feb 14 1996ACCVIO while doing an EXTRACT (DSNlink-V1.2A)
987.05EVTVMon Feb 26 1996AES/DECEVENT SICL questions
988.03HAMSC3::hbfjka.hbf.dec.com::KANITSThu Mar 07 1996Error Code 75
989.05HAMSC3::hbfjka.hbf.dec.com::KANITSFri Mar 08 1996DSN$MODIFY_REGISTRATION.EXE - no modification ?!?
990.02BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MTue Mar 26 1996Tools database
991.03AESIMP::JOERGENSENFri May 10 1996Patch Orders for Off-Site and Onsite Services
992.06EEMELI::HELMINENWed May 22 1996Dsnnetex, host says "INTERnet ACP detected dsn_nsd exiting before 'socket'"
993.08EEMELI::HELMINENThu May 23 1996Invoke from Digital Unix fails in the host
994.04EEMELI::HELMINENFri May 31 1996ECO-SUMMARY-DO database contains
995.04EEMELI::HELMINENMon Jun 03 1996DSNlink V2 Unix client, customer using firewall
996.0+5COPCLU::CARSTENWed Jun 26 1996%DSN-F-NETERR
997.02KERNEL::SCOTTTue Jul 23 1996possible problem with DSM$MAILMSG.EXE ?
998.03AESIMP::JOERGENSENMon Aug 12 1996Access violation using WIS
999.02KNUT2::THIELWed Aug 14 1996DSNlink V2.1 upgrade 17-Aug-1996 Switzerland
1000.0MLNCSC::GRITTIFri Aug 16 1996Pointer for EDSNlink 2.1
1001.05COLES1::LONZECKMon Aug 19 1996U: AES V1.2 for AXP Problem with VMS V6.2 ??
1002.04HAN::HALLEWed Aug 21 1996DSN EKD fails to send READ_ME_FIRST or COPY_COMPLETED mail
1003.015KERNEL::SCOTTTue Aug 27 1996AES and Motif V1.2-4 - does it work?
1004.07HLFSFri Sep 20 1996aes 2.1a and Dunix
1005.03VNABRW::SCHIESSERThu Sep 26 1996ECO Delivery - DSN V2.1A Installation (DSNexpress)
1006.07HAN::HALLEFri Sep 27 1996DECevent SICL and %DSN-W-MAXFILESIZE
1007.0VNABRW::SCHIESSERSat Sep 28 1996connection type OUT do not work!
1008.01VNABRW::SCHIESSERThu Oct 03 1996no button to start network exerciser
1009.012HLFSThu Oct 03 1996AES dUnix 2.1 and DECevent 2.2 remote node
1010.01MUCCS1::MWINKLERWed Oct 16 1996AES via lantronix server
1011.02MLNCSC::PENAZZIThu Oct 17 1996UUU: WAVES warranty CHS and AES are incompatible
1012.01AESIMP::JOERGENSENMon Oct 21 1996VAXSIM SICL Test and OpenVMS 6.2 Problem?
1013.01COPCLU::CARSTENWed Oct 30 1996client kit for Unix 4.
1014.010CONSUL::WIESMUELLERTue Nov 05 1996Service Menu <-> AES/DSNlink
1015.02KERNEL::HANCOCKMThu Nov 07 1996Problems with routing mail inside VMScluster
1016.0HAN::HALLESat Nov 09 1996Logging CLUE crash calls via WIS
1017.02MLNCSC::PENAZZIThu Nov 14 1996PSI access supported by DSN 2.*?
1018.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue Nov 26 1996AES modem and RJ45 connection ?
1019.0HLFSFri Nov 29 1996dsnlink 2.1a questions/comments
1020.03VNABRW::SCHIESSERWed Dec 04 1996How can I transfer OpenVMS Patches via UNIX-DCN ?
1021.0 *DP1FS1::KLASINSKIWed Jan 29 1997Modem on VAX4
1022.0 *+1AUBER::COSTEUXTue Feb 25 1997AES on a A1
1023.0 *+3BACHUS::PIRLETTue Mar 11 1997DSNlogin does not work, DSNlink seems to work !?!?
1024.0 *COPCLU::CARSTENFri Apr 11 1997multitech mt2834 unix client
1025.0 *+1PADKOA::COSTEUXThu Apr 24 1997AES installed gives PFO problems ???
1026.0 *ATZIS1::SCHIESSERWed Apr 30 1997wrong syntax in DSN$NOTIFICATION_BATCH.COM ?!