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Conference clarid::dasc

Title:DASC Tool, Problems & Suggestions
Notice: Latest kit: see note 85.0
Created:Mon Mar 26 1990
Last Modified:Fri May 23 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:208
Total number of notes:848
Number with bodies:22
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1.01TONYS::SARAOMon Mar 26 1990Welcome to the ASC$CONFIG Conference
2.03TARGON::DRUEKEMon Mar 26 1990New Versions Available
3.0TARGON::DRUEKEMon Mar 26 1990Perceptions and Expectations
4.02IOENG::DCARRFri Apr 27 1990documentation ?
5.0FSHQA2::EDEMIKATThu May 03 1990Change for ASC$CONFIG
6.0FSHQA2::EDEMIKATThu May 03 1990change #2 for aSC$config
7.01HOO78C::STARRENBURGThu May 10 1990Badly wanted extra feature
8.0TINGAU::HEFELEThu May 10 1990KIT?
9.06FSHQA1::EDEMIKATWed May 16 1990hardware comments to Andre Reply to Healthnet
10.04FSHQA1::EDEMIKATWed May 23 1990Bowater Test Site Comments
11.03FSHQA2::EDEMIKATSun Jun 03 1990V1.7A H/W Requiremetns
12.08FSHQA1::EDEMIKATMon Jun 11 1990Software Requirement For V1.7A
13.0FSHQA1::EDEMIKATMon Jun 18 1990V1.8 Potential Change
14.0VINO::BHATThu Aug 02 1990R/CMP - Resource/Configuration Management Program
15.0EVOAI2::TRICHETThu Aug 16 1990dual path problem
16.05USRCV1::SCOBLICKFri Aug 24 1990LAN$REPORT.TXT not produced
17.0LEMAN::BLANCThu Aug 30 1990Sheet template to be signed
18.01FSOA::EDEMIKATTue Sep 04 1990Need For Explanation of LAN$CONFIF Device Type
19.03USRCV1::HEMMINGThu Sep 06 1990Decservers have no area address
20.03CSSE32::FRAZIERFri Sep 21 1990Cant' get ASC$SOFT.SITE to worlk...
21.02DEBUG::GALLOThu Jan 03 1991ASC$SOFT.LIST file updates?
22.01OSOSPS::KAGEYAMAMon Jan 21 1991Cluster with multiple system disks
23.03BRSSWS::MARCELFri Jan 25 1991Using ASC$config or a related tool to trace image revisions and eco's (patches)
24.06CLARID::KREYERWed Feb 20 1991DASC V2.
25.02KNUT2::THIELTue Mar 05 1991DASC problem on VMS V5.4-2
26.03KNUT2::THIELTue Mar 05 1991DASC reports problems DECserver name/port number garbage
27.02CLARID::PIRIOUWed Mar 06 1991ASC1.9/DASC2.
28.02ASDS::DIOTALEVIWed Mar 13 1991Problem with Hardware configuration
29.0CLARID::PIRIOUFri Mar 15 1991Ultrix Config Collector announcement
30.0CLARID::KREYERFri May 10 1991Conference availability
31.02DLOWed May 15 1991Problem with latest version of LAN$CONFIG
32.04MAIL::HUMBERTSONWed May 15 1991DASC and hardware serial numbers
33.02MAIL::HUGHESDThu May 16 1991Local Node Controller Info
34.07EEMELI::HELMINENThu May 16 1991DASC and module revisions
35.01MAIL::HUGHESDMon May 20 1991license headaches!!!
36.0CLARID::KREYERWed May 22 1991DEC or vendor RAxx disk drive???
37.0CLARID::PIRIOUWed May 29 1991DASC for ULTRIX new release
38.03XSNAKE::GRACETue Jun 04 1991Batch Capability?
39.01ZURMon Jun 17 1991The right directory to instal
40.01COGITO::LANKIEWICZTue Jun 25 1991problem running on 5.4-2 any hints ?
41.03DEBUG::GALLOTue Jul 16 1991DASC$SOFT.LIST needs updating
42.02LIOVAX::NIXONWed Jul 31 1991problem creating distribution for unix
43.03CSC32::MONROEWed Aug 14 1991What's it mean ? "****"
44.04ANGLIN::GAINESFri Aug 16 1991Incorrectly identified allinone version.
45.01ANGLIN::GAINESFri Aug 16 1991Difference report possible?
46.01GRANPA::TKURTZThu Aug 22 1991Decservers Not Seen!!!
47.05LIOVAX::NIXONWed Sep 18 1991problem installing dasc on vaxserver
48.01CSOADM::MARINOVMon Sep 30 1991Where to send recomendations?
50.05COGITO::LANKIEWICZThu Oct 17 1991error with dasc V2
51.02EEMELI::HELMINENTue Oct 22 1991STARLET.REQ file not found
52.08JCR::RZUCIDLOTue Oct 22 1991Has there always been a dependency on RUNOFF?
53.01TRFSV3::JOHNMon Nov 04 1991"(L)icence report" fails under DASC 2.1-5
54.02CSOADM::MARINOVTue Nov 05 1991Why always zero licence units?
55.06CSC32::D_LEWISThu Nov 07 1991DASC hangs/ stack dumps
56.05BRSSWS::BRST2Wed Nov 13 1991DASC$LAN.EXE V2.1-6
57.01XSTACY::HUTTONFri Nov 15 1991where is latest DASC$SOFT.LIST
58.01CSC32::D_LEWISSat Nov 23 1991DASC$LAN dies with DEVICE INACTIVE
60.03CGHUB::HOULEWed Dec 04 1991How does DASC$SOFT.list obtain info.?
61.05POBOX::HURDTue Feb 18 1992More
62.01CSC32::MONROEFri Mar 20 1992PADLENERR during FINAL report.
63.02SUBURB::PALMERRJMon Apr 06 1992<CPU Rev>
64.02HOO78C::GIELTJESTue Apr 07 1992When new version and extra features license check!
65.0PBST::GROSSMANMon Apr 27 1992Announcing LIFE V4.
66.0PBST::WHITEHORNTue Apr 28 1992Your opinion is appreciated
67.02HOO78C::KLINGERENWed Apr 29 1992DASC version 2.1 version mismatch problem
68.011GSFSYS::BLINNFri May 01 1992DASC kit location ????
69.06GOGTEM::LOVEJOYThu May 14 1992Problem installing dasc v3.
71.03UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERThu Jul 16 1992Two Rdb Versions/DASC V2.1-5 finds one
72.013HOO78C::RIETKERKFri Jul 17 1992DASC
73.01DEBUG::GALLOThu Jul 23 1992IVP failed on V3.
74.0SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Aug 20 1992DASC In A Cluster W/ Multiple System Disks
75.01TOPTEN::PLEVASat Aug 29 1992ESC location?
76.01KERNEL::TRAYLERTue Sep 08 1992How does DASC identify versions?
77.03BRSSWS::PETRIOLIWed Sep 09 1992ACCVIOL with ESM-DASC 2.5-1
79.05ANGLIN::LAUERSDORFFri Sep 11 1992No such device available?
80.02CGOOA::KUNDRIKFri Sep 18 1992Alias name problem/ V3.
81.02KAOTFri Sep 25 1992DASC$LAN and CPU Load
82.04WEORFI::ELMESWed Sep 30 1992Empty RP_TYP field /V3.
83.01KAOU58::MACDONALDMon Oct 05 1992Stand alone system / V3.
84.07BACHUS::PETRIOLIFri Oct 16 1992V3.
85.08SPECXN::GROSSMANFri Oct 23 1992ANNOUNCING LIFE 4.1 and DASC 3.1
86.03PEEVAX::QUODLINGSun Oct 25 1992DASC for OpenVMS AXP
87.01CGOOA::KUNDRIKFri Oct 30 1992CDD &DNS always in report?
88.03KAOFS::H_LECOMPTEFri Nov 13 1992DASCUV2
89.01UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERFri Nov 20 1992DASC V2.1-5 displays
90.06HGOVA::EDDYBULLTue Nov 24 1992SUBSTRSEL error DASC$MAIN+184
91.0+15EEMELI::HELMINENMon Nov 30 1992Another PAS-F-SUBSTRSEL
92.08HLFSWed Dec 09 1992wrong ucode rev. with RA9
93.011CGOOA::KUNDRIKThu Dec 10 1992DASC 3.1 & system crash?
94.04KERNEL::PARKERDAMon Dec 21 1992dual ethernet adapters
95.05CRONIC::ORTHMon Dec 21 1992ACCVIO on DASC v3.1-4
96.01UTRTSC::HALLINGTue Dec 22 1992SUBSTRSEL at rel PC F1E
97.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Dec 23 1992V3.
98.02CRONIC::KWALKERTue Dec 29 1992Problems with DASC V3.1 installation
99.04ATEAM::DEVANEYTue Jan 19 1993dasc,esm,tima,aes which one ?
100.02BIS6::VANWINCKEL_MWed Feb 17 1993Topology view question
101.03KERNEL::VTue Mar 02 1993Update LAN returns RMS-F-KBF, invalid key buffer
102.06BOGUSS::SHAWTue Mar 23 1993Customer Authorization Letter?
103.02TROU36::J_PLUGERSWed Mar 24 1993DASC-W-NOSYSID, No SYSID Message Found...
104.02UBOHUB::HERRING_JWed Mar 31 1993A date seen on field in LAN report?
105.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Apr 26 1993ESM and MS-DOS feedback
106.055Mon May 03 1993dasc champs ffield
107.04JULIET::JOSEPH_BOMon May 10 1993DASC/LIFE is now BROKEN with VMS V6.
108.04KERNEL::VMon May 17 1993Revectoring Control Table required for ESM configuration?
109.07UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue May 25 1993%SYSTEM-W-DEVALRALLOC, while update LAN config
110.01ASABET::POWERWed May 26 1993New location for Ultrix kit?
111.01WMOIS::MELANSONTue Jun 29 1993Does this product use the LMF?
112.022CLARID::KREYERMon Jul 12 1993DASC and IO Express and RAxx, boum...
113.01BSS::GA_BURGESSWed Jul 28 1993Just want the HSC config !
114.03TKTVFS::MATSUZAWAFri Jul 30 1993Software Version incorrect
115.04BSS::GA_BURGESSMon Aug 02 1993-- Software Product list -- on multiple system disk
116.08MLNTSC::GRITTIThu Aug 26 1993DASC hangs with TP device (STINGRAY MTi)
117.01BSS::GA_BURGESSWed Sep 01 1993Release date ?
119.01SCOVAX::BARBERThu Sep 23 1993ESM in the States
120.01BALMER::MUDGETTSun Oct 17 1993DASC and the future
121.01SUPRWed Oct 27 1993Cluster topology on VXT2
122.013HAMSC3::JPULLERWed Oct 27 1993ESM - Update System Configuration Crash
123.01ATYISA::BOURHISTue Nov 16 1993M31
124.04BSS::GA_BURGESSTue Nov 23 1993Collect License Info ?
125.04BSS::GA_BURGESSTue Nov 30 1993%PAS-F-STRASGLEN with DASC 3.2-2
127.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Dec 07 1993AccViolat's in V4.2 and V4.1
129.03BACHUS::DEQUEKERWed Jan 05 1994DASC$REPORT_LAN.TXT some questions???
131.03HOO78C::GIELTJESFri Jan 14 1994Where DASC V3.1-xxx that work at VMS V6.
132.01HOO78C::GIELTJESTue Feb 08 1994Dasc available for Alpha OpenVMS V1.5?
133.04COMICS::VThu Feb 10 1994%PAS-F-STRASGLEN, string assignment length error
134.02SIOG::PKIRKMon Mar 07 1994LIB-F-INSVIRMEM, insufficient virtual memory
135.03BSS::GA_BURGESSWed Mar 16 1994Concerns about DISKMISSER
136.04BSS::GA_BURGESSTue Apr 19 1994Collecting link dates ?
138.02LISTIM::MATTOSMon May 09 1994DASC 3.1, FORTRAN 6.
139.01ANGLIN::HUGHESDFri May 20 1994How DASC determine software and license info
140.05ZPOVC::PHILIPLOWThu Jun 30 1994Next Release of DASC V3.2 ??
141.08KELVIN::DEVANEYThu Jul 07 1994dasc v3.2 pascal problems
142.07BSS::GA_BURGESSFri Jul 08 1994Errors with DASC 3.2-6
143.03ZURThu Jul 14 1994linking forever ?
144.02HGOVC::XKOVFri Jul 15 1994ques on DASC report
145.0HGOVC::XKOVThu Jul 21 1994DASC ultrix kit corrupted???
146.05AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Aug 04 1994dasc 3.2-7 fails on my vms v6.1 system
148.08ZPOVC::PARRYCHUAMon Aug 01 1994DASC V3.2 problem (Show Cluster)
149.02CX3PST::WSCTue Aug 23 1994DASC v3.2-7 fails on OpenVMS AXP v6.1 cluster - nosuchdev
150.012HOTAIR::SIMONMon Aug 29 1994Printserver Information
151.01BSS::GA_BURGESSTue Aug 30 1994Authorization field in loaded licenses section ?
152.01BSS::GA_BURGESSSat Sep 03 1994DASC$SOFT does no find PW 5.
153.05CSC32::FASANOThu Sep 15 1994Access violations running hardware collector in DASC V3.2-7
154.01DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Sep 27 1994errors running on dragon (t6.2) - any help?
155.02LYOISA::MASSETFri Oct 07 1994Ignore configuration for NON-DEC HSC
157.01DBCIC1::HANLEYMon Oct 17 1994Configure and printers looping
158.01KELVIN::DEVANEYTue Oct 25 1994stack dump w/ dasc.com on dasc v3.2-7
159.01CSC32::K_ROCHFORDWed Dec 21 1994DASC 3.2 Stack Dump
160.0+9KELVIN::DEVANEYFri Dec 30 1994latest version not always up-to-date
161.01CSC32::KLIMASTue Jan 24 1995%DASC-F-NOETHER on 21
162.06KERNEL::ADAMSWed Jan 25 1995ESM/DASC input from a customer.
163.07SIOG::PKIRKMon Feb 06 1995DASC V3.
164.0SIOG::M_CRONINFri Feb 24 1995Pathworks Management Utility with Pathworks V5.x ?
165.04CSC32::FASANOSat Mar 04 1995DASC Crashes %PAS-F-GETAFTEOF File "INP_FIL" Filename "$1$DIA
166.04TIMAMD::RODRIGUEZMon Mar 06 1995Printserver update in ESM
167.01TIMABS::BACHMANNTue Mar 21 1995DUMP WITH OSI 6.1
168.01UBOHUB::HERRING_JWed Mar 22 1995No Access to the NML object??
169.04NWDThu Apr 13 1995VAX7xxx, HSCxx, RAxx, MTIxx and DASC 3.2-7 no work
170.02DEBUG::GALLOTue Apr 25 1995ESS$LADCP.EXE = "Standard Product"
171.04CSC32::BLACKMERWed Apr 26 1995Documentation Available for Newer Versions...??
172.0BSS::GA_BURGESSFri May 05 1995Thank-you
173.03VELI::KORKKOThu May 11 1995%DASC-E-OTHFAIL $assign failed on device: NAUHA9
174.01VELI::KORKKOSun May 14 1995DASC V4.
175.02KILRB1::BOOTHMon May 15 1995V4.
176.02TIMABS::BACHMANNWed Jun 14 1995dasc
177.01SNOCWed Jun 21 1995$5$MAD1: tape device not shown in DASC report
178.08GIDDAY::DONNELLYTue Jun 27 1995DASC doesn't work with DCPS printers
179.02DEBUG::GALLOFri Jul 14 1995%DCL-W-IVQUAL and %DCL-W-INSFPRM (V4.
180.04SNOCTue Aug 08 1995NEED DASC FOR OpenVMS V1.5 on AXP
181.01VIVIAN::D_HICKEYMon Oct 09 1995Where DASC located ?
182.011WISCON::MARTINMon Oct 30 1995DASC Aborts after GETAFTEOF
183.01SETIMC::OSTMANThu Nov 23 1995Can DASC be installed to be used by the customer?
184.03SCASThu Nov 30 1995Where is the OSF kit?
185.03COLES1::SIEKThu Dec 07 1995PAS-F-GETAFTEOF with "CLU_FIL"
186.01DV78Fri Dec 15 1995V4.1 and TIMA
187.01SCASS1::GALVINFri Feb 02 1996where do I get the Alpha/VMS kit???
188.01REVHED::MOONEYWed Mar 20 1996DASC and IO Express
189.02IJSAPL::AARTSENFri Apr 05 1996Use Licenses properly
190.01BACHUS::PETRIOLIMon Apr 15 1996DASC 3.2-2
191.04MAASUP::TURROFri Apr 26 1996DASC limitations any new releases?
192.02CHEFS::HANCOCK_MMon May 20 1996Problem running reports on OpenVMS 6.2 cluster
193.01CHEFS::HANCOCK_MThu May 30 1996DASC 4.1 hanging during LIFE phase on CI cluster
194.01JOBURG::HARRISSun Jul 07 1996Dasc x-windows/windows interface?
195.01JOBURG::HARRISWed Jul 17 1996SPD/RElease notes for DASC?
196.04CLARID::KREYERTue Jul 30 1996PB with DASC V4.1-1 and StorageWorks...
197.0CLARID::KREYERTue Jul 30 1996LAN collection "buglet"...
198.03TKTVFS::NAGAI_YMon Aug 12 1996VMS 5.31 Supported kit
199.01CSC32::FASANOTue Aug 27 1996%PAS-F-GETAFTEOF on DASC__DUP.D (DASC V4.
200.02CHEFS::HANCOCK_MTue Nov 05 1996DCL-W-UNDFIL while on ILP section
201.02CSC32::M_LAWRENCETue Nov 05 1996Is there a DASCu (DASC for UNIX)?
202.0NETRIX::"mullin@alf.dec.com"Tue Dec 24 1996Use UniCensus for DU
203.0 *+1DEBUG::GALLOWed Feb 19 1997VAX CRASHED loading FYDRIVER!!!
204.0 *+2KERNEL::ADAMSThu Mar 27 1997I think I can anticipate the answer to this.
205.0 *+1SNOCTue May 20 1997Unexplained crash - any ideas?
206.0 *+1COLES1::AHRENSTue May 20 1997DASC 4.1 Report Problem with 1
207.0 *+2NEWVAX::TROMBETTAThu May 22 1997IVP error STMP_MAILSHR
208.0 *+2NEWVAX::TROMBETTAThu May 22 1997Run-time error