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Conference clarid::cablemanager

Notice:CABLEmanager and other CABLE Management Tools
Created:Thu Jan 23 1992
Last Modified:Wed Jun 26 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:132
Total number of notes:335
Number with bodies:0
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1.0CLARID::WALSHThu May 14 1992Welcome to the CABLEmanager Notesfile
2.029--UnknownUser--Thu May 14 1992Who is Who for CABLEmanager
3.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 14 1992CABLEmanager Software Availability
4.02CLARID::WALSHThu May 14 1992CABLEmanager Description
5.02CLARID::WALSHThu May 14 1992CABLEmanager - BUG reporting
6.01CLARID::WALSHThu May 14 1992Training Course Announcements
7.0CLARID::WALSHThu May 14 1992Reserved for future use
8.0CLARID::WALSHThu May 14 1992reserved for future use
9.0CLARID::WALSHThu May 14 1992Reserved for Future Use
10.0NSDC::CAILLEThu Aug 20 1992CABLEmanager FT
11.02PORLA::FRISKThu Aug 27 1992Disk requirements & DECmcc MSU interop
12.02DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Aug 31 1992Available in the USA?
13.01EEMELI::HONKANENThu Sep 17 1992OUTPUT refresh?
14.02EEMELI::HONKANENWed Oct 07 1992Error 69?
15.01DRAC::DSMAILFri Oct 09 1992Is it posible to change the icons...????
16.08COLTue Oct 20 1992! Troubleshooting !
17.02NSDC::CAILLEWed Oct 21 1992Wallbox connectors limitation
18.01NSDC::CAILLEThu Oct 22 1992Labeling
19.01NSDC::CAILLEThu Oct 22 1992Automatic cabling problem
20.02DECAUX::VNADS4::BOECK_PFri Oct 23 1992CMT from PC (eXcursion or PC-DECwindows)
21.01MUDIS3::PRAETZWed Nov 11 1992Connector type NEUTER does not work !?
22.01MUDIS3::PRAETZWed Nov 11 1992Patch panel labeling of connectors
23.01MUDIS3::PRAETZWed Nov 11 1992FLYlead length below 1 meter
24.02MUDIS3::PRAETZWed Nov 11 1992SUBCABLE length restriction
25.03MUDIS3::PRAETZWed Nov 11 1992how to create modular HUBs ???
26.0MUDIS3::PRAETZWed Nov 11 1992CORE dumps happen too often !!!
27.0MUNDIS::RSTOLZENBERGThu Nov 12 1992some problems (dxf-import...) and hints!
28.01LARVAE::EVANS_MThu Nov 12 1992Ability to move a floor automatically
29.03RIPPLE::SAUNDERS_MIFri Nov 20 1992Is it SQL based?
30.01EEMELI::HONKANENTue Dec 15 1992CABLEmanager infomaterial?
31.0CHEFS::BILLERSBFri Dec 18 1992Literature
32.02CHEFS::BILLERSBFri Dec 18 1992DXF process
33.0EEMELI::HONKANENMon Jan 11 1993some difficulties?
34.05DRAC::RAMOSTue Jan 12 1993Please help with dxf files....!!
35.0PAOIS::KEGREISZWed Jan 13 1993CABLEmanager Installation procedure
36.0PAOIS::KEGREISZWed Jan 13 1993DXF import procedure
38.01NSDC::CAILLEMon Feb 01 1993CABLEmanager/DECmcc Linkage X
39.0NSDC::CAILLETue Feb 02 1993CABLEmanager/DECmcc Linkage comments and bug reporting
40.0MUNDIS::RSTOLZENBERGFri Feb 05 1993manuals should be improved
41.0MUNDIS::RSTOLZENBERGFri Feb 05 1993what about "magnetic" trays?
42.0DECAUX::VNADS1::BOECK_PWed Mar 03 1993CMT only for "Hackers"?
43.02DRAC::RAMOSFri Mar 05 1993Problems working with DXF files
44.02DRAC::RAMOSFri Mar 05 1993Questions in the building environmment
45.02RTOEU::HFAUSTThu Mar 11 1993DECmcc-linkage for VMS
46.05EEMELI::HONKANENMon Mar 15 1993CMT install problem?
47.02RTOEU::HFAUSTWed Mar 17 1993Screenshots from CABLEmanager
48.01EEMELI::HONKANENWed Mar 24 1993Some APPLICATION and other errors?
49.03LEMAN::VINCENTThu Mar 25 1993CABLEmanager SPD ?
50.01DRAC::IBANEZTue May 04 1993Performance problem patch qP1.
51.01VNABRW::VNADS4::BOECK_PSat May 08 1993CMT 1.
52.01VNABRW::VNADS4::BOECK_PSat May 08 1993Manual cabling: No cable in tray!
53.03UTOPIE::LOEFFLERWed May 19 1993Service & Support ?
54.01LARVAE::DUNNE_CThu May 20 1993Other Cable Management Systems ???
55.01BERNThu May 27 1993Physical Network Design Expert System
56.02STKAI2::ANDERSSON_PThu Jun 17 1993How to import DECbuild-files
57.03DRAC::RAMOSMon Jun 28 1993X server problem
58.01DRAC::RAMOSFri Jul 02 1993Problem with vertical tray
59.01MUNDIS::RSTOLZENBERGFri Jul 02 1993CABLEmanager <-> DECmcc <-> PBX, just a dream !?
60.01DRAC::RAMOSFri Jul 09 1993Aerial L. ???
61.03MUNDIS::RSTOLZENBERGMon Jul 12 1993SUN OS ???
64.0DRAC::RAMOSThu Jul 29 1993Edit Data function from try menu
65.0VNABRW::VNADS4::BOECK_PThu Aug 05 1993Patch_install = setld -d
66.0DECAUX::VNADS4::BOECK_PThu Aug 12 19931 HOLE in ceiling = 2 HOLES IN CEILING
67.02BERNFri Aug 20 1993internal CMT experiences
68.0BERNFri Aug 20 1993looking for an operational demo database
69.04BERNFri Aug 20 1993time estimations for CMT use
71.01BERNMon Aug 23 1993Some bugs in V1.
72.04CHEFS::BILLERSBWed Sep 01 1993CMT presentation files
73.01VNABRW::BOECK_PWed Sep 01 1993DECmcc obsolete?? CMT-Link to NetView planned??
74.03NSDC::CAILLEThu Sep 16 1993completely stuck with GESTFICH selection
75.01NSDC::CAILLEFri Sep 17 1993CABLEmanager object naming related to DECmcc services
76.01NSDC::CAILLEFri Sep 24 1993Do not include CMT error log file into your note...
78.0PLAYER::SAELSFri Oct 01 1993Has CABLEmanager Export (and reimport) facilities?
79.01DECAUX::VNADS4::BOECK_PSat Oct 02 1993Cablemanager for PC's - DEMO ("TRACER")
80.02BERNTue Oct 05 1993Feedback to CMT-workshop
81.03ATYISA::WALSHWed Oct 06 1993X Display of CABLEmanager on PC's etc
82.03BERNThu Oct 07 1993work tickets
83.0NSDC::CAILLEFri Oct 22 1993CABLEmanager/Network mgnt Linkage. -Directions-
84.0BERNTue Oct 26 1993Hints and tricks for beginners
85.02BERNTue Oct 26 1993Some input to improve the user interface
86.03BERNTue Nov 02 1993CMT reference installations
87.0BONNET::P_DOREFri Nov 12 1993New Version of OPEN DECconnect NETdesigner
88.02CLARID::MALKOWIAKFri Nov 12 1993CMT Workshop actions follow-up entry.
89.0NSDC::CAILLEMon Nov 15 1993Digital-IBM-Microsoft NetView Announcement
90.02NSDC::CAILLEThu Nov 18 1993Announcement-CABLEmanager/DECmcc Linkage X
91.02NSDC::CAILLEMon Nov 22 1993qP1.
93.0PLAYER::SAELSThu Nov 25 1993Partners in selling / RFP input.
94.03VAXRIO::ROLFFri Nov 26 1993help needed for large bid
95.0PLAYER::SAELSFri Dec 03 1993Q: SpaceMgmt Simulation in CABLEmanager.
96.01DRAC::IBANEZMon Dec 13 1993Where fint qP1.
97.01BERNWed Dec 15 1993Question on how to display telephone cable paths
98.0PLAYER::SAELSWed Dec 22 1993Q: Geographical beacon / Link to occupants or assets.
99.04DRAC::NANO27::RAMOSTue Dec 28 1993Cablemanager's API ????
100.01NBOFS1::HKLEINMon Jan 17 1994State of CM, Productmanager
101.0NSDC::CAILLEThu Jan 27 1994CABLEmanager Patch X1.1.1/DECmcc integration
102.0CLARID::DOREMon Jan 31 1994CABLE MANAGER - TRAINING ANNOUNCEMENT March 7th/11th, 1994
103.01ATYISA::WALSHFri Feb 11 1994CABLEmanager on OSF1 - Status
104.0ATYISA::WALSHFri Feb 11 1994CABLEmanager V1.1 Status
105.01PLAYER::SAELSThu Feb 17 1994External (remote) storage of events in the CABLEmanager DB.
106.0PLAYER::SAELSWed Feb 23 1994Q: V1
107.0PLAYER::SAELSWed Feb 23 1994Installation Guide / Some input.
108.0PLAYER::SAELSMon Feb 28 1994Error / Manual Cabling of subcables.
109.02MFRNW1::ROBERTTue Mar 08 1994What about OSF
110.0NSDC::CAILLETue Mar 29 1994CABLEmanager V1.1/DECmcc V1.3 Linkage is now available
111.0DRAC::NANO48::TEOFri Apr 08 1994cabling problems CABLEmanager V1.1
112.0NSDC::CAILLEThu Apr 28 1994CABLEmanager/DECmcc Linkage, new kit and doc location
113.03HOUBA::CAILLEMon May 30 1994CABLEmanager/NetView Linkage, Program Plan
115.0HOUBA::CAILLEWed Jun 29 1994Ann. CABLEmgr/NetView Integration
116.01PLAYER::SAELSFri Aug 12 1994How to use CABLEmanager to design & implement MOVES?
117.01PLAYER::SAELSWed Aug 17 1994Bug? Wallbox StdRep / Field Partnumber UnAccess.
118.01PLAYER::SAELSWed Aug 17 1994Bug? Remaining Ref Mark's.
119.01BIS1::BRISMEThu Nov 03 1994CMT on another platform???
120.04BIS1::SAELSWed Nov 16 1994Load of NetView + CABLEmanager on a WS?
121.03BIS1::SAELSWed Nov 16 1994Q: CABLEmanager via client (emulation).
122.0VNABRW::DRESSEL_PMon Nov 21 1994Cablemanager/Netview-Link: Problem with PNV 3.1
123.0VNABRW::DRESSEL_PMon Nov 21 1994BUG!! CMT 1.1a: Wrong Cablelengths when doing automatic cabling
124.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Nov 23 1994Can we sell CABLEmanager?
125.0BIS1::BRISMETue Nov 29 1994Plotting with CABLEmanager
126.01BIS1::BRISMEWed Nov 30 1994Color plotting?
127.01BIS1::BRISMEFri Mar 10 1995Announcement for notes inside CMT_SUPPORT
128.0BIS1::BRISMEFri Mar 10 1995Incomplete objects
129.01ROMOIS::OLD_MISTRETTue Mar 21 1995Order no. and prices ?
130.03ATYISA::STEFFENThu Apr 27 1995CABLEmanager TEAM
131.04HOUBA::CAILLETue May 23 1995Who really owns CABLEmanager ?
132.01HGOVC::MANJREKARSat Aug 05 1995ISICAD CMS port on Alpha-Unix ????