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Conference chips::volunteer

Title:Volunteering - Opportunities, Needs, & Discussions
Created:Fri Aug 31 1990
Last Modified:Wed Aug 14 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:113
Total number of notes:498
Number with bodies:0
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1.04WEO::SHERWOODMon Oct 29 1990Intro & Administration & Keywords
2.0RICKS::RICKS::SHERWOODWed Nov 24 1993Emergency Needs/Oppor, News Flashes
3.01RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Volunteering Opportunities Summary
4.02RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: DEC-Sponsored Events, etc.
5.03RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Voluntary Action Ctr- General
6.041RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Medical/Hosp/RedCrs/Elderly/NursHome
7.04RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Medical: AIDS, HIV-related
8.075RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Children/Teens (& Families)
9.017RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Cultural/Library/Museum/Concerts
10.05RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Artists/Graphics Design/Posters
11.02RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Performers/Comics/Musicians/Magicians/Storytelling
12.07RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Carpentry/Painters/Home-handy-people
13.046RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Tutor/Mentor/Teaching
14.04RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Computer (PC) Consulting/Programming
15.06RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Drivers/Transportation
16.03RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Animals
17.012RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Clerical/Mailings
18.012RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Homeless-Housing & Soup Kitchens
19.08RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Crisis (Hotline, etc.)
20.011RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Handicap/Special Needs
21.01RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Telephone
23.01RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Spot Jobs
24.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Group Projects/Misc.
25.06RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Seasonal Needs (Holidays, spring clean-ups)
26.03RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Professional Services (Business Advice/Skills, Law, Accounting, Tax Prep, etc.)
27.03RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990OP: Earth/Ecology/Recycling
28.02WEO::SHERWOODThu Sep 13 1990OP: Singles Vol Pgm - Descr & Events
29.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
30.02RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Materials, Gifts-in-kind
31.03RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Matl: Furniture
32.04RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Matl: Housewares/Kitchenwares
33.02RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Matl: Towels/Linens
34.03RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Matl: Clothes- Adults
35.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Matl: Clothes- Children
36.05RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Matl: Food, garden produce
37.04RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Matl: Appliances, Stereo, TV, Computers
38.03RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Matl: Equipment
39.01RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Matl: Building/rennovation materials
40.01RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Matl: Seasonal gifts & needs
41.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
42.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
43.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
44.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
45.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
46.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
47.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
48.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
49.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
50.014RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Special Events, Fund Raisers, Charity-a-thons
51.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990News from Vol. Organizations
52.016RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Descriptions of area agencies & coordinating offices
53.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
54.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
55.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
56.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
57.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
58.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
59.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
60.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Reserved
61.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Vol Discussion: Rewards & benefits
62.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Vol Disc: Experiences & Feedback
63.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Vol Disc: Tax deduction information
64.0RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Vol Disc: Predicaments/Frustrations (hours, etc.)
65.01RICKS::SHERWOODTue Sep 04 1990Vol Disc: Liabilities; Hold-Harmless (Samaritan) Laws
66.0RICKS::SHERWOODWed Sep 05 1990Vol Disc: Anonymous Philanthropy
67.0WEO::SHERWOODThu Sep 13 1990Vol Disc: Homelessness Discussion
69.01JUPITR::LUSKEYWed Feb 27 1991English as a second language classes on weekends
70.01--UnknownUser--Sun Mar 17 1991OP: Volunteer Fair
71.0BMW32Fri Mar 29 1991MATL: Automotive supplies
72.024FSOA::DARCHThu Apr 11 1991From All Walks Of Life 1991
73.01BMW32Thu Jun 27 1991Oxfam America International Harvest Fair 1991
75.0REFINE::DURSOThu Jul 25 1991Seeking Volunteer Opportunities
76.0XCUSME::MACINTYREMon Aug 26 1991VolunteerNET/Check it out
77.04IOSG::JOHNSONRWed Aug 28 1991Volunteer info in England wanted.
78.0SOLVIT::MEISELTue Sep 03 1991Walk, Run or Ride!
79.0TPSYS::ESPOSITOMon Sep 23 1991Sick Boy Needs Help!
80.0SEMA::NEWFIELDTue Oct 15 1991WORCESTER FIRST NIGHT - Come Volunteer & have fun!
81.01ESBTRX::DUNNETue Oct 29 1991Seeking to Work with Cambodians in Lowell
82.0RLAV::BARRETTMon Feb 17 1992Swim-a-thon for Eye Research....
83.0HEDSET::ABBERTONMon Mar 09 1992Wanted: Events/Place for Singing Quartette to perfom
84.0AMAMA::MPHELPSTue May 05 1992DeCordova Museum needs fundraising help
86.01USEM::DERBYWed May 27 1992From All Wallks of Life '92
87.02MEMIT::GORSKIThu Jul 09 1992Habitat for Humanity - Lowell, Ma.
88.0MSHRMS::BRIGHTMANThu Jul 09 1992Op: Pan-Mass Challenge/Jimmy Fund
89.0DONVAN::STAMSTue Dec 08 1992Local social service agency needs
90.02DONVAN::STAMSThu Dec 10 1992Volunteers needed
92.0LJOHUB::MATHEWSWed May 05 1993AIDS WALK notes conference pointer
93.04WEORG::STUARTWed Jul 28 1993Eyeglass donations?
95.0ROCK::DBROWNTue Aug 31 1993OP: Volunteering activities for parent(s) and child(ren) together
96.0MILPND::J_TOMAOWed Sep 01 1993City Year - 1993
97.0GAVEL::PCLX4::WELLSWed Sep 08 1993"Stepping Forward" Benefit Walk
98.0JBPARK::PARKERMon Nov 01 1993OP: Worcester Shines at the Mustard Seed
99.0MTWAIN::CARTERTue Feb 01 1994Peace Corp Info Wanted
100.0LJSRV2::MATHEWSThu Mar 10 1994AIDS_WALK notes conference now open.
101.02ROCK::DBROWNFri Mar 25 1994Women's Issues: What is the Clothesline Project?
102.01ROCK::DBROWNTue Apr 12 1994Womens Issues/Events.
103.0AYRPLN::CHANDMon Jun 06 1994OP: City Year Telethon: A Call to Service!
104.0ROCK::CASTELINOWed Oct 12 1994OP: Worcester Shines at the CMSHV
105.01BSS::PAULMon Oct 17 1994Colorado Springs?
106.0RANGER::DORSEYMon Oct 31 1994Need folks to work with kids
107.01--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 17 1995FREE EXERCISE
108.0SUBSYS::BRIGHTMANWed Jul 19 1995Op: Volunteers need for the Pan-Mass. Challenge, August 5th & 6th
109.0XLIB::PARKERWed Jul 19 1995PC Networking for CMSFHV
110.0ROCK::CASTELINOFri Sep 29 1995OP: Worcester Shines at the Worcester Early Intervention Program
111.01EVMS::CAMILLIFri Oct 13 1995City Year Serve-a-thon 1995 - Saturday, October 21
112.01TLE::GEMEVN::HAMNETTFri Jan 26 1996Looking for weekend volunteer work
113.0BGSDEV::LEELAThu Mar 28 1996Nashua, NH volunteer work?