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Conference chefs::video_works

Title:This conf now read_only. The product is now in doubt.
Created:Wed Aug 18 1993
Last Modified:Fri Sep 06 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:87
Total number of notes:373
Number with bodies:0
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1.02LARVAE::GEORGE_RThu Aug 19 1993Welcome
2.053TRUCKS::TREVENNOR_AThu Aug 19 1993Sign in, Stranger.
3.0LARVAE::GEORGE_RThu Aug 19 1993Please identify youself
4.04LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AThu Sep 02 1993Info on products which compete, or vaguely relate to DECIUS
5.04TRUCKS::TREVENNOR_AFri Sep 17 1993Documentation?
6.02TRUCKS::TREVENNOR_AWed Sep 22 1993Associated Product announcements and issues
7.04LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AThu Dec 23 1993MPEG Decoder boards and technology
8.014LARVAE::GEORGE_RThu Jan 13 1994Press releases
10.06LARVAE::GEORGE_RMon Jan 17 1994VideoWorks Opportunities
11.0TPOVC::STEVEHSUWed Feb 02 1994Video-on-demand Research Papers
12.06LARVAE::GEORGE_RFri Feb 11 1994Contacts for SET-TOP-DEVICES
13.04LARVAE::GEORGE_RFri Feb 11 1994Networks Switch providers
14.0AZUR::TARANTOLAMon Feb 21 1994VOD from internet
15.03OZROCK::FARAGOTue Mar 01 1994Mashey on VOD requirements
16.013TPOVC::STEVEHSUSun Mar 06 1994Competition Info ?
17.0TPOVC::STEVEHSUSat Mar 12 1994Need MediaEA Video Server Info
18.01TKOVOA::USHIODAWed Mar 30 1994How many IISs in the maximum?
19.01TKOVOA::KATO_ZEWed Mar 30 1994Where is ChannelWorks Notes
20.01LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AThu Mar 31 1994So: Where Can I See Some Of This Stuff (DEMOS)?
21.0TKOVOA::USHIODATue Apr 12 1994JVC's MPEG2 CD jukebox. Any chance?
22.03TKOVOA::USHIODAThu Apr 14 1994Some urgent questions. Thank you!
23.010LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AMon Apr 25 1994Register opportunities HERE please.
24.06ANNECY::BIC_VWed Apr 27 1994Info on ADSL
25.03LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AWed Apr 27 1994Online Presentations
26.01LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AFri May 13 1994Bulk Storage Issues.
27.0VFOVAX::ZITELMANThu May 19 1994Testing parameters?
28.0MPGS::BALINThu Jun 23 1994The children are the future ...
29.04LARVAE::GEORGE_RFri Jun 24 1994Mpeg Encoded material
30.04LARVAE::GEORGE_RMon Jun 27 1994My thoughts on Microsoft and Tiger
31.02KAOU93::FALARDEAUWed Jul 06 1994PC's as Settop Devices
32.04KAOU93::FALARDEAUWed Jul 06 1994VOD Interaction Channels - how.
34.0LARVAE::TREVENNOR_ATue Jul 12 1994Distributed Multimedia And Copyrights.
35.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Jul 21 1994What's wrong with OVERVIEW.PPT?
36.01TKOVOA::USHIODAWed Jul 27 1994Update of VOD activity, wanted.
37.01KETJE::PERREMANSMon Aug 08 1994compatible set-tops, info wanted
38.0KETJE::PERREMANSMon Aug 08 1994VOD, ATM, MPEG, info available
39.04KAMPUS::NEIDECKERWed Aug 10 1994DSMCC ?
40.0TPOVC::STEVEHSUFri Aug 19 1994Fiber Coax. solution
41.03TPOVC::STEVEHSUSat Sep 03 1994Oracle Media Server on DEC OSF/1
42.04KAOU93::FALARDEAUWed Sep 07 1994Wizard as SMS tool ?
43.06LARVAE::GEORGE_RThu Sep 08 1994Applications on VIIS
44.0STKAI1::NKARLBERGMon Sep 26 1994Swedish Pressrelease
45.03LARVAE::TREVENNOR_ATue Sep 27 1994The VIIS Database saga and its effects.
46.07LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AWed Sep 28 1994The ILS (Interactive Library Server) note.
47.01LARVAE::GEORGE_RWed Oct 05 1994NFS license for Novell
48.01ZPAC2Tue Oct 11 1994Sun videoserver
49.0LARVAE::TREVENNOR_ATue Oct 11 1994MCS Expertise Centre announcement.
50.03LARVAE::TREVENNOR_ATue Nov 01 1994How are you supporting/selling VIIS?
51.018ZPAC2Thu Nov 10 1994MPEG-1 at 2 Mbps
52.03ZPAC2Mon Nov 14 1994Affordable MPEG encoder
53.02ISIDRO::LUISGONTue Nov 15 1994VoD connected to Northern Telecom ATM backbone?
54.06ISIDRO::LUISGONWed Nov 16 1994Training available?
55.0ZPAC2Wed Nov 23 1994ADSL at 6 Mbps ?
56.04FRIXEU::OLOBARDITue Dec 06 1994CAPIO - Cacheless Alpha project - specific feedbacks needed - Postscript in Reply
57.02VNASWS::ERIKWed Jan 11 1995MMSERV:: ??
58.01LARVAE::GEORGE_RMon Jan 16 1995Unrestricting this notes conference
59.04VFOVAX::ZITELMANThu Jan 19 1995Experiences with MS-Windows PC's
60.05LARVAE::GEORGE_RThu Feb 09 1995Multimedia demo facility in Skippetts House
61.07STKAI1::NKARLBERGWed Feb 15 1995The TV-revolution was here...
62.05ZPOVC::HALLINWed Mar 01 1995Need more info on HP's solution
63.02AZUR::NAVARROThu Mar 30 1995AlphaStudio Broadcast system ?
64.02TROOA::BROWNWed Apr 05 1995
65.0LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AFri Apr 28 1995BT Westminster Cable.
66.0CECAMO::JAGERMANTue May 02 1995References?
67.04AUSSIE::KIMPTONFri May 05 1995Settop News
68.0ZPOVC::HALLINWed May 10 1995IBM press releases
69.07ISIDRO::LUISGONThu May 18 1995VoD over ISDN?
70.0TROOA::BROWNThu Jun 08 1995Wavelet theory delivers 38 fps using HARC-C
71.01LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AWed Jun 21 1995DECIUS/Videoworks/VIIS/MediaPlex...and counting
72.01IJSAPL::LONINKTue Jul 04 1995K-NET (U.K.) or other DVB-C (Cable) interfaces ??
73.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 05 1995MPEG Encoded material on the net
74.0IJSAPL::LONINKThu Jul 06 1995Oralce Media Objects announced, june 26th
75.09LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AWed Jul 12 1995At last! Corporate MPEG Clips Available
76.0CHEFS::GEORGE_RThu Nov 16 1995Sun enter Video market
77.0CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AFri Nov 24 1995Only Win 3.1 support.
78.03IOSG::BILSBOROUGHWed Jan 03 1996Death of the PC?
79.04QUARK::LIONELThu Feb 15 1996Customer request for video server info
80.0CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AFri Feb 23 1996Demo facility for live trial visits
81.01SUOSWS::NIESSERThu Feb 29 1996billing for VOD / VIIS ?
82.0IBWed Mar 06 1996Questions
83.01FRAIS::EDDF1Mon Apr 01 1996Help for "Multimedia Library" offer wanted
84.0CHEFS::TREVENNOR_ATue Apr 02 1996Engineering group now renamed NMS
85.02NYOSS1::BUONOMOTue Apr 02 1996Corp Server APIs ??
86.02MANMTue May 21 1996white papers, other pointers?
87.01CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AMon Jul 22 1996Shall we close this one down?