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Conference chefs::uk_mcse

Created:Fri Dec 08 1995
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:124
Total number of notes:894
Number with bodies:69
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1.03CHEFS::LOWEMon Dec 11 1995Introduction
2.096CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Who is Who
3.03CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Other Conferences
4.01CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Conference Information
5.01CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Other Information Sources in Digital
6.016CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Other Information Sources outside Digital
7.011CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Where to take the exams
8.027CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995General Information and Tips
9.03CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Test Exams
10.013CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995NT Server
11.04CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995NT Workstation
12.04CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995SMS - Systems Management Server
13.01CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Visual Basic
14.015CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Visual Basic for Applications
15.07CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Access
16.011CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995MS-Mail
17.09CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995WfWG - Windows for WorkGroups
18.0CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Project
19.01CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995SNA Server
20.05CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995SQL Server Implementation
21.01CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995SQL Server Administration
22.03CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Networking with Windows
23.01CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Microsoft Word
24.043CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Networking Basics
25.01CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Microsoft Excel
26.0+18CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Windows 95
27.02CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995TCP/IP
28.0CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Reserved
29.0CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Reserved
30.0CHEFS::JORDANFri Dec 15 1995Reserved
31.0CHEFS::JORDANTue Dec 19 1995Reserved
32.0CHEFS::JORDANTue Dec 19 1995Reserved
33.0CHEFS::JORDANTue Dec 19 1995Reserved
34.0CHEFS::JORDANTue Dec 19 1995Reserved
35.0CHEFS::JORDANTue Dec 19 1995Reserved
36.0CHEFS::JORDANTue Dec 19 1995Reserved
37.0CHEFS::JORDANTue Dec 19 1995Reserved
38.0CHEFS::JORDANTue Dec 19 1995Reserved
39.0CHEFS::JORDANTue Dec 19 1995Reserved
40.01CHEFS::JORDANTue Dec 19 1995Reserved
41.013DYPSS1::DYSERTWed Dec 20 1995WOSA 1
42.024COPHK::RISTOFri Dec 22 1995Internetworking with TCP/IP (7
43.0ZPOVC::TAHIRAFri Dec 29 1995TIPs for Exams
44.01CHEFS::BARKERTue Jan 02 1996Free Copies of Windows NT Server 3.51 in UK
45.07ADCAWed Jan 03 1996Pre-requisites for MCSD & MCSE
46.0ZPOVC::TAHIRAMon Jan 08 1996SQL Server tips ?? Anyone
47.0+84CHEFS::JORDANMon Jan 08 1996MCSE Roll of Honours
48.021CHEFS::JORDANMon Jan 08 1996MCSD Roll of Honours
49.05DYPSS1::DYSERTTue Jan 09 1996WOSA 2
50.08JULIET::HUNG_YUSun Jan 14 1996SMS (7
52.010JOBURG::HEYNISThu Jan 18 1996NT Server 3.51 exam
53.03OTOOA::ANDERSONTue Jan 30 1996SQL Server Imple - for MCSE and MCSD?
54.0+5WOTVAX::pcFri Feb 02 1996WIN 95 Exam
55.02WETONE::LICATAFri Feb 02 1996objectives over questions
56.018BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Feb 14 1996How is the score calulated?
57.011NECSC::LEVYWed Feb 21 1996SQL V6.
58.0+13DYPSS1::DYSERTFri Feb 23 1996business cards with the Microsoft logo?
59.05ODIXIE::GUGLIELMOMon Feb 26 1996MS Roadmap from MCS Learning Utility ???
60.05ODIXIE::DWYERRTue Feb 27 1996Windows 3.1
61.04CANOVA::CHIARANTINISun Mar 03 1996Who controls the controller?
62.06CANOVA::CHIARANTINIMon Mar 04 1996What about SNA?
63.0CHEFS::LOWEMon Mar 11 1996This Conference being over written.
64.08SWAM1::OCONNELL_RATue Mar 12 1996SQL 6.
65.04WOTVAX::WILLIAMSMTue Mar 12 1996failed tcpip and tips?
66.0+2OTOOA::ANDERSONTue Mar 12 1996Exam wont terminate on the last question?
67.04ADCAWed Mar 13 1996Some SQL Admin questions
68.04SIOG::1HThu Mar 14 1996Networking Basics
69.03NETRIX::"Dorthe Stang @nwo"Mon Mar 18 1996Basic Networking/Sliding Window-question
70.010ROMWed Mar 20 1996What is coming...
71.03WOTVAX::YATESMMon Mar 25 1996Networking Basics, 7
72.015KAOTMon Mar 25 1996Giving away Questions and answers.
73.012SHRCTR::PJOHNSONMon Mar 25 1996MS pays Digital?
74.02IVOSS1::NGUYEN_DThu Mar 28 1996Completed MCSE!
75.09SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue Apr 02 1996Transcender?
76.03BELFST::BVOFIT::FITZPATRICKTue Apr 02 1996WOSA-I & Preemptive Multiprocessing..????
77.02KAOFS::M_LUKThu Apr 11 1996My 2 cents for TCP/IP test
78.02ASABET::tso_ken.tso.dec.com::steinerFri Apr 12 1996Waiver for CNE status?
79.0BALZAC::KUOCHMon Apr 15 1996WOSSA 1. Several questions.
80.0SPECXN::WITHERSWed Apr 17 1996MCTs in ALF or GMA?
81.01MROA::HEIER_LSun Apr 21 1996Digital's SP ID#?
82.05ADCAMon Apr 22 1996"Anything Else from Microsoft other than certificates"
83.01KAOFS::K_ARNINGMon May 13 1996New MCSE track - NT 4.
84.01FBEDEV::MARALIGAFri May 17 1996Spare Technet CD anyone ??
85.04NQOSMon May 20 1996Visual C++
86.03ADCAWed May 22 1996Just curious
87.03SHRCTR::PJOHNSONThu May 23 1996Reselling software?
88.07ADCAMon Jun 03 1996Yet to receive certificates
89.0CSC32::MEREOSSat Jun 08 1996Anyone have MS Mail Mac Docs?
90.01CSC32::MEREOSThu Jun 27 1996MCSE too!
91.0IVOSS1::16.62.Fri Jun 28 1996I'm honored
92.07RECV::REHBEINFri Jun 28 1996What is the real value of the MS Certs?
93.0+8ULYSSE::HOANG_KHACTue Jul 09 1996Networking Essentials
94.014KERNEL::WILTSHIREATue Jul 09 1996Exchange Server Beta Exam Starts Soon
95.06GRANPA::copdial1_port4.cop.dec.com::rsheinbergMon Jul 15 1996WOSA I Transcender: OLE objects
96.02MLNOI1::BORTOLUZZIThu Jul 18 1996some info needed
97.0taff.reo.dec.com::WOBTue Jul 23 1996Transcender Exam Demos available in UK
98.0CHEFS::RAVENFri Jul 26 1996More SMS questions
99.05SIOG::M_CRONINTue Sep 03 1996Windows NT 3.51 vs 4.
100.02WOTVAX::FAIRBAIRNAWed Sep 11 1996MCSE The Poor Man's Way.
101.04IJSAPL::RIETKERKTue Sep 17 1996Pointers to Assessment exams.
102.0+18IJSAPL::RIETKERKTue Sep 17 1996Impl&Supp MS Internet Information Server.
103.02JULIET::WRIGHT_KEThu Sep 19 1996Retired in mid-quest
104.04PLUNDR::LAWRENCEThu Sep 19 1996Retention package etc...
105.03SWAM1::WONG_HEMon Sep 30 1996Why more MCSE then MCSD??
106.03SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue Oct 01 1996Two Drake Vouchers
107.0COMICS::GLEDHILLTue Nov 05 1996uSoft exchange course place next week.
107.0+10WOTVAX::WILLIAMSMMon Dec 02 1996The real exchange server exam
108.0WOTVAX::TAYLORHWed Dec 11 1996Utopia at Last---I think!
109.04RTOMS1::KARNBAUMWThu Dec 12 1996Wrote down some questions
110.0EINE::ANDERSONTue Dec 17 1996PDC '96 powerpoint
111.01COPCLU::OVESENTue Jan 07 1997Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Server 4.
112.0 *+2COPCLU::OVESENSat Feb 15 1997HTTP://WWW.MCPMAG.COM is is great !
113.0 *+1ODIXIE::RREEVESSat Feb 15 1997MCSE exam internet newgroup ?
114.0 *+2COLTue Feb 18 1997MFC
115.0 *ACISS2::FWARDENWed Feb 19 199712
116.0 *SNOFS1::stylia.sno.dec.com::snov14::stylianouaFri Feb 21 1997NT4.
117.0 *+1IJSAPL::RIETKERKWed Feb 26 1997MS Certification Intra Web Pages.
118.0 *+3KERNEL::ANDERSONSMon Mar 24 1997Networkings Essentials - questions
119.0 *+2BIS6::SCHOBBENMon Mar 24 1997Networking Essentials
120.0 *+7OGBON::t2.tunnel.sno.dec.com::gordonFri Apr 25 1997NT4.
121.0 *TALAMH::KEYESMon Apr 28 1997MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) notes conference
122.0 *CHEFS::BOLAND_CWed May 14 1997Any waiver for CNE if MCSE
123.0 *+2VMSNET::C_ESTESWed May 28 1997Pointer to exams
124.0 *BRSADV::WARICHETFri May 30 1997Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Workstation 4.