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Conference allvax::cohesionworx

Created:Fri Jul 23 1993
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:240
Total number of notes:1186
Number with bodies:3
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1.0SOLVIT::STRAIGHTFri Jul 23 1993Introduction
2.07SOLVIT::STRAIGHTFri Jul 23 1993Related Conferences
3.06SOLVIT::STRAIGHTFri Jul 23 1993Kit Locations
4.03SOLVIT::STRAIGHTFri Jul 23 1993SPD and SSA
5.01SOLVIT::STRAIGHTFri Jul 23 1993Sales Updates
6.04SOLVIT::STRAIGHTFri Jul 23 1993Problem Reporting
7.07SOLVIT::STRAIGHTFri Jul 23 1993Conference Announcements
8.04SOLVIT::STRAIGHTWed Mar 22 1995License File Requests
9.0SOLVIT::STRAIGHTFri Jul 23 1993Reserved for Future Use
10.0CFSCTC::CERNESEMon Jan 17 1994Related (non-"SEE") Documentation
11.044HERCUL::MOSERWed Aug 04 1993Whitepapers, Documentation
12.07AKOCOA::JANDERSONFri Aug 06 1993some questions
13.010HERCUL::MOSERSun Aug 08 1993DMQ for high bandwidth messages?
14.01TRCU17::BROWNWed Aug 11 1993Comptitive/Coopertive Info? (esp ORACLECASE)
15.0MR4DEC::NUCASE::EPPERSONThu Aug 19 1993COHESION SEE European Team
16.05OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Sep 02 1993Installation (Ultrix) problem
17.05VNASWS::HAUSBTue Sep 07 1993OSF/1 V1.3 - some Questions..
18.02DPDMAI::GROVETue Sep 07 1993X.desktop IVP Error: XDTARCH
19.03DPDMAI::GROVEThu Sep 09 1993Location of Demo Files
20.03JITNS1::JITFri Sep 10 1993Can't open /etc/see_tool_location.cf
21.05OSITEL::BRITTAINFri Sep 10 1993Fatal Error: Cannot map libdnet.so ???
22.01DPDMAI::GROVEFri Sep 10 1993Integrate Interleaf with COHESIONworX
23.04JITNS1::JITTue Sep 14 1993dynamic load failed (Ultrix)
24.03MR4DEC::DITOMMASOMon Sep 27 1993ERROR? No more servers defined for ...
26.0CFSCTC::SMITHMon Oct 04 1993ToolTalk FAQ (from Sun)
27.02MRSVAX::CLARKTue Oct 05 1993Reserved*Installation Questions/Answers
28.01MRSVAX::CLARKTue Oct 05 1993OSF/1 COHESIONworX Install Hints
29.01PRIM18::SAUNDERSWed Oct 06 1993Cross-platform setup help, please...
30.03OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Oct 07 1993COHESION Team/SEE under DoD 2167A on OSF/1 ???
31.03JITNS1::JITFri Oct 08 1993send message to vi, Emacs
32.03TAVSun Oct 10 1993Ada Support in COHESION Team/SEE ?
33.02SOLVIT::STRAIGHTFri Oct 15 1993First COHESIONworX Sale, on OSF!
34.06SWAM2::MARTIN_KESat Oct 16 1993COHESIONworX debugger license issue
35.04THEWAV::CREIGHANTue Oct 19 1993COHESIONworX and Ada?
36.03IJSAPL::BLEDOEGWed Oct 20 1993PROBLEM: Cannot launch vi
37.05IJSAPL::BLEDOEGWed Oct 20 1993Code Manager - Bug and wishes
38.02SWAM2::MARTIN_KEWed Oct 20 1993ACAS Startup Problems
39.03SWAM2::MARTIN_KEWed Oct 20 1993PIXIES core dumps
40.08SWAM2::MARTIN_KEWed Oct 20 1993FUSE tools start from decterm?
41.08IJSAPL::BLEDOEGThu Oct 21 1993COHESIONworX: missing functionality?
42.04UTRUST::BLEDOEGThu Oct 21 1993PROBLEM: multiple sessions
43.03UTRUST::BLEDOEGThu Oct 21 1993PROBLEM: Resident objects
44.04UTRUST::BLEDOEGThu Oct 21 1993NICE TO HAVE: max. 1 tool instance per workarea
45.06UTRUST::BLEDOEGThu Oct 21 1993Setting up a shared environment?
46.03SWAM2::MARTIN_KEFri Oct 22 1993Global Code Mgr. comments
47.02QUIVER::DESMONDTue Oct 26 1993Future trends in COHESIONworX?
48.08QUIVER::DESMONDTue Oct 26 1993Testimonials? Internal Reference Sites?
49.02JITNS1::JITTue Nov 02 1993EnCASE
50.03JITNS1::JITTue Nov 02 1993Distributed Env Hints?
51.03MIMS::GINGHER_AWed Nov 03 1993no go see_csc_configure_system ...
52.05OTOUWed Nov 03 1993Integrating OpenVMS based CASE tools into COHESIONworX???
53.03ASIMOV::DITOMMASOWed Nov 03 1993open icon closes too soon, integration problem
54.08THEWAV::CREIGHANWed Nov 03 1993What's happening with COSE?
55.05ZPOVC::POHINGWed Nov 03 1993How do I position: SOFTBENCH, FUSE & COHESIONworX
56.01CFSCTC::MALONEYFri Nov 05 1993DCE Install and Setup Hints and Tips
57.02IJSAPL::BLEDOEGFri Nov 12 1993platforms supported ?
58.02JULIET::HATTRUP_JAWed Nov 17 1993FUSE coexistence with COHESIONworX?
59.0BRABAM::ROBERTSThu Nov 18 19932D and/or 3D .... is there a difference?
60.03TAVThu Nov 18 1993COHESIONworX --> COHESION Team/SEE questions
61.03ACESMK::MCKIMWed Nov 24 1993WANTED: Services Ideas!!!!
62.04VNASWS::HAUSBFri Nov 26 1993Config/Setup Question
63.01OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Dec 01 1993Creating Ada Makefiles in FUSE Builder ?
64.02TPOVC::ALLENCHENWed Dec 01 1993Aerospace Co., use COHESIONworX; COHESION ASD/SEE ?
65.04MUMPS::GOULDWed Dec 01 1993COHESIONworX - COHESION Team/SEE - COHESION ASD/SEE relationship?
66.02DRSERC::ROBERTThu Dec 02 1993SEE configurations
67.01FRIDYS::MCCAINFri Dec 10 1993Problem Tracking Support
68.03THEWAV::CREIGHANFri Dec 10 1993DCE licensing question
69.09CFSCTC::CERNESEMon Dec 13 1993Cells
70.010MKOTS3::JACOBSONTue Dec 14 1993Performance degradation over time
71.01MKOTS3::JACOBSONTue Dec 14 1993Configure Tool Location Utility
72.04THEWAV::CREIGHANWed Dec 15 1993Memory requirements
74.02ZPOVC::SEOWHURNFri Dec 17 1993COHESIONworX for client/server appl. development ?
75.011SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Dec 22 1993LSE-like editor ??
76.02TAVTue Jan 04 1994ObjectBroker (ACAS) V2.5 dependencies?
77.02TKOV5Fri Jan 07 1994Problem: Online document read error
78.03TAVSun Jan 09 1994AIX ?
80.01RHETT::LOHFri Jan 21 1994Documentation errors in Installation Guide v1.
81.01RHETT::LOHFri Jan 21 1994questions on application tools
82.06TAVTue Jan 25 1994EnCASE clarifications, please
83.04NEMAIL::MCDONALDJWed Feb 09 1994Development Tools - what to sell?
84.03TKOV5Mon Feb 14 1994WANTED: Reference site
85.02MLNFri Feb 18 1994COHESIONworX with PC (Pathworks/Excursion) environment ?
86.01SMARIO::TAYLORMon Feb 21 1994debugger plans ?
87.012CFSCTC::SMITHTue Feb 22 1994COHESION SEE World-Wide Web Server now available
88.03CFSCTC::CERNESEThu Feb 24 1994COHESIONworX [+related] V2.
89.0547Tue Mar 01 1994Which C++ environment ?
90.08CFSCTC::SMITHMon Mar 07 1994FUSE V2.1
91.02ORHVAX::HOLLYTue Mar 08 1994Core Dumps and Iconify/Restore Problems in V1.
92.02GLDOA::HOLBELSun Mar 13 1994Performance Coverage Analyzer for OSF/1?
93.01THEWAV::CREIGHANThu Mar 17 1994C++ on HP?
94.03TLSETue Mar 22 1994COHESIONworX unknown product in quotation tools
95.04TKOV5Tue Mar 22 1994loan license request process
96.015JITTue Mar 29 1994Q: V2.
97.08JITThu Mar 31 1994COHESIONworX V2.
98.014CCAD39::ADAMSMon Apr 11 1994Automated Testing Tools?
99.01DPDMAI::GROVEFri Apr 15 1994Could Procss Control ==> LinkWorks?
100.02PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGThu Apr 21 1994Which PAK required for reading bookreader manual?
101.02OTOOA::WNOELTue Apr 26 1994FUSE questions in COHESIONworX context
102.01TAVTue May 03 1994Bugs in the [Online/Internal] Installation Script?
103.06TAVWed May 04 1994Using COHESIONworX 1.
104.03MR4DEC::WILLINGERFri May 06 1994 Feedback from 4/28 CwX Integration Class
105.05TAVSat May 07 1994SEE License Server question
106.02CIM::ANDERSONMon May 09 1994EnCASE Integration Tips
107.03TKOV5Fri May 13 1994Ordering Info.
108.08JITWed May 18 1994I can't Invoke remote tool (WRX2.
109.01JITWed May 18 1994Builder: project not found.
110.011PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGWed May 18 1994How to set FUSE tools environment in COHESION?
111.01CFSCTC::HUSTONThu May 19 1994Rationale for using DCE in COHESIONworX
112.01GOYA::JULIANRFri May 20 1994Online kits: no files found ?
113.02ACESMK::LEBLANCWed May 25 1994ISV Integrations Coming
114.01TAVSat May 28 1994COHESIONworX Usage Questions (Sun)
115.03CFSCTC::CERNESETue May 31 1994DIgital Internal Use ??
116.01THEWAV::CREIGHANWed Jun 01 1994Codevision vs. COHESIONworX
117.07TAVThu Jun 02 1994DCE Questions
118.01TAVThu Jun 02 1994Ghosts, Disappearing Icons, and Other Mystery
119.08THEWAV::CREIGHANTue Jun 07 1994CWX on OSF/1 V2.
120.01JULIET::THOMPSON_SAThu Jun 09 1994Copying kits -- Problems
121.01DV78Mon Jun 13 1994presentations??
122.01TAVTue Jun 14 1994Large Main Desktop
123.01VLNVAX::EMONDThu Jun 23 1994Installation pointers Please.
125.016OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Jul 07 1994TotalView Debugger from BBN Systems
126.01BALTMD::MALLORYWed Jul 27 1994problem configuring DCE...
127.04BAHTAT::CHRISTENSENThu Aug 04 1994SEE License Serving
128.05BAHTAT::CHRISTENSENFri Aug 05 1994Tool Configuration Tool Problem
129.0CFSCTC::SMITHFri Aug 12 1994Sales experiences with DCE and ObjectBroker sought
130.03TAVSun Aug 21 1994IBM buys Transarc - what about DCE ?
131.02DVOPAS::PINHI::ChapiewskyMon Aug 29 1994Cohesionworx consulting
132.0CFSCTC::MALONEYFri Sep 02 1994COHESIONworX V2.1 status
133.01AUSSIE::BELLSun Sep 04 1994Software Process Automation WWW page
134.02VELENO::MICHIELIMon Sep 05 1994CMS/MMS reusage?
135.06JRDVMon Sep 05 1994Old SEE.seewa on CWX2.1 & Japanese OSF/1
136.07JRDVTue Sep 06 1994CWX 2.1 & ACAs 2.1 & OSF/1 2.
137.05MLNAD8::LONGONITue Sep 20 1994Node SEEAXP is not reachable.
138.07JITWed Sep 21 1994How to install EnCASE V2.1 for Sun?
139.02JRDVTue Sep 27 1994BookReader on CWX V2.1?
140.06CFSCTC::CERNESEWed Sep 28 1994COHESIONworX [+related] V2.1 Release Notes Addendum
141.09MEOCWed Sep 28 1994Defence, Ada, Team/SEE and COHESIONworX??
142.07MLNAD8::LONGONIThu Sep 29 1994Error: Checkout of "COHESIONworX-User" failed
143.08AIMHI::LEVESQUETue Oct 04 1994COHESIONworX under Solaris 2.* OS?
144.01MQOSWS::M_HUELWed Oct 12 1994COHESIONworX support for OSF/1 V3.
145.018MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERWed Oct 12 1994COHESIONworX for OSF/1 V3.
146.04LGP3Sat Oct 15 1994I'd love to read the entire conference but...
147.08STKHLM::STENSTROMMon Oct 17 1994Installation strangeness
148.09TAVMon Oct 17 1994FUSE DECLadebug launch problem
149.01MKOTS3::JACOBSONTue Oct 18 1994COHESIONworX V2.1 and eXcursion or eXceed??
150.01RT93::MURDOCKTue Oct 18 1994Technical Summaries Availability ?
151.01MKOTS3::JACOBSONWed Oct 19 1994OSF/1 upgrade --- CAUTION
152.02GOYA::JULIANRMon Oct 31 1994Online kits, %DIRECT-W-NOFILES
153.013JITThu Nov 03 1994GTL vs. Create EnCASE tool
154.01JITThu Nov 03 1994EnCASEment with many argument input.
155.01ZURTue Nov 29 1994WRX_nfs_install.sh script
156.01TAVThu Dec 01 1994C++/emacs questions
157.05TAVThu Dec 01 1994COHESIONworX V2.1a
158.02TAVTue Dec 06 1994DCE PAKS
159.07TAVMon Dec 12 1994Problems of new installation
160.0LARVAE::ROBERTS_KTue Dec 13 1994
161.05PEACHS::FORDWed Dec 14 1994COHESIONworX/FUSE license questions?
162.05JRDVMon Dec 26 1994CallGraph 'connecting' problem
163.02TAVThu Dec 29 1994How to *abort* long actions
164.04TAVThu Dec 29 1994Builder questions
165.04TAVThu Dec 29 1994Search (find) fatal error
166.05REQUE::VANGILDERThu Dec 29 1994CDIF and other interchange formats
167.01TAVTue Jan 03 1995Glockenspiel C++
168.02JITWed Jan 11 1995see_module no found install message.
169.04OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Jan 18 1995COHESIONworX -nodesktop & ???
170.01TAVThu Jan 19 1995Call Graph Browser doesn't behave
171.01MQOOA::JDGIGUEREThu Jan 26 1995CASE Tools Questions !
172.02DNEAST::KOENIG_TODDFri Jan 27 1995ivp checksum errors????
173.015NETRIX::"uri_l@tavis.enet.dec.com"Sun Jan 29 1995Enableing Tool Launches on Multiple Hosts
174.07MLNADTue Jan 31 1995CMVC in COHESIONworX
175.02OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Feb 01 1995VxWorks andor MULTI EnCASEments for available for demo ?
176.02JITWed Feb 08 1995about DCE context launch
177.03OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Feb 13 1995problems debugging Ada
178.02RHETT::LOHTue Feb 14 1995An old IPMT case - customizing FUSE in COHESIONworX
179.03ADOVWed Feb 15 1995CCC Impact?
180.04IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSFri Feb 17 1995U: who can demonstrate?
181.02ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Feb 17 1995CASE Tools for multi-threaded development
182.01ROMFri Feb 24 1995Plans for COBOL?
183.03DNEAST::KOENIG_TODDWed Mar 01 1995Is OSF/1 OSF/1? Alpha models
184.02SAWA::STEFANOWICZFri Mar 10 1995basic questions from OpenVMS folk...
185.011CFSCTC::SMITHWed Mar 15 1995Discussions of WWW topics
186.01TAVIS::GURThu Mar 23 1995Emacs version in CWX V2.2
187.04TAVIS::GURMon Mar 27 1995COHESIONworX running demo
188.0CFSCTC::SMITHMon Mar 27 1995For us other FUSE customers...
189.08CFSCTC::CHABOTTue Mar 28 1995COHESIONworX [+related] V2.2 Release Notes Addendum
190.04TAVIS::GURTue Apr 11 1995ObjectTeam/ProDev information
191.07JITThu Apr 13 1995ACAS version on WRX2.1
192.03VAXRIO::63131::BIANCOThu Apr 13 1995how to use PC clients with eXceed for Windows
193.04NSICWed Apr 26 1995worX V2.2 and new version of Team/SEE ?
195.03CFSCTC::SMITHMon May 01 1995Quick Reference (Look-up) Guide
196.02TAVTue May 09 1995Performance Improvement
197.01CFSCTC::CERNESEWed May 10 1995Problems Printing?
198.03TAVSun May 14 1995FUSE 2.x ?
199.03MPGS::RUSSOThu May 25 1995Software development tool to isolate memory leaks ?
200.01SNOCWed May 31 1995PCTE and ISSI
201.02SNOCWed Jun 07 1995Stuck inside of Mobile w/t standards blues again
202.06TAVIS::GURMon Jun 12 1995TakeFive Software's SNiFF+ ????
203.01TAVSun Jun 18 1995C++ Option Info
204.02TAVWed Jun 21 1995Multiuser invocation of CWX from the same server.
205.04TAVWed Jun 21 1995Combine BX & CWX license files
206.02TAVMon Jul 03 1995Build/make in a private environment
207.02RHETT::LOHWed Jul 05 1995How to change default editor for Call graph browser
208.011JITThu Jul 13 1995EnCASE V2.1 on SunOS, libils.so not found ?
209.05JITFri Jul 14 1995ANSI C compiler for Sun EnCASE?
210.04CHEFS::ROBERTSKMon Jul 31 1995The desktop file $HOME/trash.dt is corrupt. It will be rebuilt.
211.02CHEFS::ROBERTSKWed Aug 16 1995Builder resource file ?
212.03DPDMAI::GROVEWed Sep 06 1995RTM, COHESIONworX & Interleaf on latest D. UNIX
213.03HAN::DOERINGFri Sep 08 1995CWX Demoguide & Salesguide Wanted !!
214.01WOTVAX::WARNUT::GOODMANDMon Sep 18 1995Integration with FBE?
215.028CFSCTC::STRAIGHTThu Sep 21 1995FUSE V2.1a EnCASEment for CWX V2.2 Available
216.01NETRIX::"gindre@aeo.mts.dec.com"Fri Oct 13 1995X.Desktop Main as root window ?
217.02CFSCTC::CERNESEWed Oct 18 1995Common UNIX admin problem causes lots of software to break
218.04TKOVOA::MATSUNO_RMon Oct 30 1995Digital UNIX supported version?
219.04SCASWed Nov 01 1995Symbolic Link to C++ for FUSE?
220.05SCASWed Nov 08 1995DEC FUSE <=> DECladebug problems
221.01NETRIX::"Gur Nedivi @iso"Tue Nov 14 1995COHESIONworX technical training
222.04GOLLY::HORNERThu Nov 16 1995DEC FUSE Announcement for T3.
223.01AEOENG::GINDRETue Dec 12 1995COHESIONworX 2.2 and CDE ADK
224.03CFSCTC::SMITHTue Dec 19 1995External WWW page
225.03NETRIX::"uri_l@venus.iso.dec.com"Wed Dec 20 1995Problem with 24 plane graphics (ZLX-E2/E3)
226.06SCASS1::HORVATHFri Feb 02 1996COHESIONworX,Team/SEE, and the NAS licenses
227.01SCASS1::HORVATHMon Feb 12 1996Configure Tool Locations
228.04SCASS1::HORVATHWed Mar 06 1996license server CWX2.2 problems
229.015ECFAMon Mar 11 1996Fail to start COHESIONworX
230.01TAVThu Mar 28 1996CWX/Fuse 2.1a questions
231.0CFSCTC::SMITHWed Apr 03 1996Externally accessible WWW pages
232.09STOSS1::HORVATHMon Apr 15 1996DEC FUSE 2.1A EnCASEment & C++ environment
233.02TOLOSA::SCHLUMBERGERTue Apr 16 1996Evaluation CD-ROM; COHESIONworX-USER license, OK but from where?
234.09AUSS::BELLFri Apr 19 1996Windows/NT ?
235.010STOSS1::HORVATHSat May 04 1996Deinstall enCASEments? Also, TotalView not being configured?
236.01HAN::DOERINGTue May 14 1996Verilog's Logiscope ?
237.02CFSCTC::MALONEYFri Jun 07 1996COHESIONworX V2.2 Evaluation CD-ROM Release Notes Addendum
238.01WRKSYS::ALONGIMon Jun 24 1996Digital UNIX 4.
239.0 *VAXSPO::JOAQUIMThu Feb 06 1997Product version for COHESION V2.2
240.0 *+1CFSCTC::STRAIGHTTue Mar 04 1997COHESIONworX Moves Into Maintenance