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Conference cesare::vsh1

Title:Vax/VMS Services for Sinec H1
Created:Fri May 20 1988
Last Modified:Mon Aug 01 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:109
Total number of notes:383
Number with bodies:0
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1.03CESARE::GORRINOFri May 20 1988Welcome to VSH1
2.030CESARE::GORRINOFri May 20 1988Who are you ?
3.03DCC::ELLAMWed Jul 27 1988When is V1.1 Phase
4.03CESARE::GORRINOMon Aug 08 1988documentation directory
5.04EIGER::BRUNNERMon Aug 15 1988Installation problems
6.0CESARE::MUGGIAFri Sep 02 1988Mauro's departure
7.011COPCLU::NJENSENTue Sep 06 1988* NEW SEMINAR ?? *
8.07MINNY::BRUNNERTue Sep 13 1988Programming S5 on VAX/VMS
9.01GYPSC::SPANIOLMon Sep 26 1988European Manufacturing Library support
11.0CESARE::MUGGIAWed Oct 12 1988Warning: VOTS without DECNET
12.0CESARE::MUGGIAWed Oct 12 1988"_" troubles
13.0CESARE::MUGGIAMon Nov 07 1988SHORT TSAP NAMES (less than 8 chars)
14.03COPCLU::NJENSENTue Jan 10 1989* VSH1 V1.1 Documentation *
15.0CESARE::MUGGIAWed Feb 08 1989V1.
16.02CESARE::MUGGIAThu Feb 09 1989My departure
17.01SUOSW3::FASSBENDERFri Feb 17 1989SIMPLC source
18.01EIGER::BRUNNERMon Feb 20 1989Multiple Ethernets ?
19.0CESARE::SITZIATue Feb 21 1989Responsible for VOTS V2.
20.04MLNTue Feb 21 1989Multiple Ethernets again
21.0UFHIS1::MAINTAINERTue Mar 07 1989Announcement of VSH1, Release 1.1
22.01MLNWed Mar 08 1989PLC SIEMENS model 135U/928
23.0GYPSC::NOWOTNYWed Mar 15 1989New NODE Name for Eur.Manuf.ASSETS Library
24.0CESARE::SITZIATue Mar 21 1989TSAP's names in VSH1 V1.1
25.02PRCSWS::CHARLESKWANThu Mar 23 1989VSH1, OSI, TCP/IP co-existence
26.02NRMACD::CARTERFri Apr 21 1989Sinumerik 85
27.01NRMACD::CARTERFri Apr 21 1989VSH1 Demonstrations ?
29.04MUDIS3::JONESFri Apr 28 1989VSH1 flyer available?
30.01DCC::ELLAMThu May 11 1989VSH1, Siemens AP and MMS ISO Marketing Statement.
31.04RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKIThu May 11 1989vsh1 performance data
32.06KETJE::PACCOWed Jun 14 1989Future of VSH1 once DECnet phase V becomes available.
33.02STRASB::EBLEFri Jun 16 1989"Problem with send VSH1 1.1 ?
34.0DCC::ELLAMMon Jul 10 1989VSH1 Course July 24th to 26th 89.
35.0DCC::ELLAMMon Jul 10 1989VSH1 Available to OEMs in Europe.
36.07COPCLU::NJENSENWed Jul 19 1989* PROBLEM: Device definition (VHS1 V1.
37.01EIGER::BRUNNERFri Jul 28 1989FLOATING format ?
38.07COPCLU::BRIANTue Aug 08 1989Help needed
39.02COPCLU::BRIANMon Aug 28 1989Program example for 115U/944 ?
40.05VNABRW::SMOLNIKWed Sep 20 1989Support for 155U PLC ?
41.01MLNWed Oct 11 1989Release note VSH1 1.1
42.04MGOIWed Oct 11 1989CP535 question
43.03COPCLU::NJENSENWed Oct 18 1989* Pricing Guidelines needed *
44.012GYPSC::BINGERMon Oct 23 1989GET EVENT AST problem
45.01SUOSW3::FASSBENDERMon Oct 30 1989complition code of VSH1$START_CONNECTIONW
46.03COPCLU::SCHOUBOFri Nov 03 1989PLC cannot handle messages?
47.02CESARE::ELIAMon Nov 13 1989Note re-entered
48.0CESARE::ELIAMon Nov 13 1989Note re-entered
49.0CESARE::ELIAMon Nov 13 1989Note re-entered
50.02CESARE::ELIAMon Nov 13 1989Note re-entered
51.01RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKIThu Nov 16 1989Required Privileges
52.0DCC::ELLAMThu Nov 23 1989VSH1 December 11-13 Training Announcement.
55.01NUKMAC::CARTERMon Dec 11 1989Minimum polling time suggestions ?
56.01AKOV11::CHANDRAFri Dec 15 1989Product Positioning of VSH1 vs STL
57.0RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKIFri Dec 22 1989STEP5 compiler under VAX/VMS
58.06IJSAPL::LENTINGWed Jan 03 1990Problem with VSH1 running in batch
60.08EEMELI::HONKANENFri Jan 12 1990-PLC Config HELP
61.03CESARE::SITZIAThu Jan 18 1990VSH1 and VAX Cluster.
62.01MUDIS3::SWOBODAFri Jan 26 1990....VSH1/AP???
63.05LYOIS1::GAUDIEZWed Jan 31 1990SINEC H1 with ULTRIX
64.0EEMELI::HONKANENWed Jan 31 1990Message-id?
65.01MDRADV::GUILLERMOThu Feb 08 1990SIEMENS-RSX 11M-PLUS connection
66.01DCC::ELLAMFri Feb 09 1990VSH1 Course For 19-21st Feb is CANCELLED.
67.02MUNCSS::KRIEGLWed Feb 14 1990VSH1 help!
68.03GOTA1::GUNNARSONMon Feb 26 1990Why S5-135U limitations?
69.01MUNCSS::KRIEGLMon Feb 26 1990WHY data access functions only for S5-135U?
70.05MUNCSS::KRIEGLMon Mar 05 1990help please on restarting message exchange
71.01MDRADV::JOSEANTue Mar 13 1990 Does VSH1 support mVAX 33
72.02MLNTue Mar 20 1990Broadcast message
73.01LYOIS1::GAUDIEZThu Mar 22 1990VOTS on WS 31
74.01STKHLM::ASLUNDTue Apr 10 1990VSH1 or VSH1/AP to CS275 ?
75.01MDRADV::JOSIERRAWed Apr 25 1990vsh1 telephone support needed
76.02MDRADV::JOSIERRAWed Apr 25 1990Questions with Read/Write function
77.03EICMFG::KRIEGLThu Jun 07 1990VSH1 questionnaire
78.01RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKIFri Oct 05 1990VSH1 in a detached process
79.01EEMELI::HONKANENTue Oct 09 1990-VSH1 2.
80.0IJSAPL::RENIERSFri Oct 12 1990Performance at VAX end ?
81.07ISIDRO::LESTEBANThu Nov 15 1990mmc and cp286 with vsh1?
82.03MLNMon Nov 26 1990SET TIME & VOTS
83.03FCOIS::DANANThu Jan 24 1991Asynchronous READ: crash of application
84.0ISIDRO::LESTEBANMon Feb 11 1991first 2 byte in a message, even length text
85.0EICMFG::ELLAMTue Feb 26 1991Next VSH1 Course 16/18 April Open To Customers.
86.0ZURFCC::BRUNNERMon Mar 18 1991155U ??
87.02EEMELI::HONKANENWed Apr 17 1991155 new modell support?
88.03FCOIS::DANANTue Apr 30 1991Troubling DESTA
89.03LYOIS2::BERNOUISMon Jun 03 1991help somebody help
90.07MIACT::CARTERThu Jul 11 1991Support for CP143 ?
91.0RTOEU::KPFEIFERFri Jul 12 1991Klaus Pfeifer
92.02RTOEU::KPFEIFERFri Jul 12 1991Transitional Phase for VSH1 to DECosap
93.04PAOIS::DANANWed Aug 28 1991DECosap/DEComni/VSH1 relationship
94.06EEMELI::HONKANENWed Sep 11 19912 processes with 1 PLC?
95.02PAOIS::DANANThu Sep 12 1991A question of priorities
96.02KETJE::VENLETFri Nov 08 1991Connection problem using 2 device windows
97.01MLNThu Dec 19 1991VSH1 over Extended Lan
98.04EEMELI::HONKANENThu Apr 09 1992VMS 5.5 and VSH1?
99.01EICMFG::ELLAMTue May 26 1992EIC VSH1 Service Delivery For VMS 5.5/VOTS 3.
100.0EICMFG::ELLAMTue Jul 14 1992VOST 2., VMS 5.5 and VSH1 To DECosap Migration.
101.0ISIDRO::LESTEBANMon Oct 05 1992errors with VOTS and VSH1 quotas
102.03LYOISA::GAUDIEZThu Nov 05 1992exit
103.0EICMFG::ELLAMThu Nov 05 1992VSH1 Sales Update Article NOVEMBER 1992.
104.01HLISMon Mar 15 1993vots-decnetrsx-phasev compatibility
105.04PAOIS::ROUSSELTue Mar 23 1993Clear-cut answer?
106.01EICMFG::ELLAMTue Apr 13 1993Whose Migrating VSH1 To DECosap.
107.03EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYFri May 28 1993Questions about VSH1
108.0EICMFG::MMCCREADYTue Mar 08 1994Retirement of DECnet-VAX Extensions
109.0DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONThu May 26 1994NI aborting connection to device