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Conference cesare::cim-standards

Title:Standards for Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Created:Wed Mar 14 1990
Last Modified:Mon Sep 27 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:93
Total number of notes:895
Number with bodies:0
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1.0CESARE::BSWDEVWed Mar 14 1990Introduction
2.019CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Mar 14 1990Conference Registry
3.011CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Mar 14 1990Related Conferences
4.011CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Mar 16 1990Organization
5.054CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Mar 16 1990ISO TC184 general management
6.0120CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Mar 16 1990ISO TC 184 SC4
7.08CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Mar 16 1990ISO TC 184 SC5
8.085CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Mar 16 1990ISO TC 184 SC5 WG1
9.02CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Mar 16 1990ISO TC 184 SC5 WG2
10.029CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Mar 16 1990ISO TC 184 SC5 WG4
12.040CESARE::ACTIS_DATOSat Mar 17 1990General purpose IT standards (JTC1)
13.08CESARE::JOHNSONWed Mar 28 1990CIMCON'9
14.0CURIE::REICHTue Apr 03 1990PDES Inc. job openings
15.05CIMNET::KYZIVATTue Apr 03 1990PCTE
16.02VARESE::ARGENTOFri Apr 06 1990PCTE Outline
17.05RIPPLE::MORRISSEY_THTue Apr 10 1990ISO 9
19.02CIMNET::KYZIVATWed Apr 18 1990EIP (Enterprise Integration Program)
20.06CIMNET::KYZIVATWed Apr 18 1990MITI IMS (Intelligent Mfg System) program
21.01CIMNET::KYZIVATThu May 03 1990JTC1/SC21/WG7?
22.05CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri May 04 1990comments on ISO TC184 SC5 meeting April 9
23.05CIMNET::KYZIVATMon May 07 1990MEIF relationship to CALS stds, CIMOSA, etc.
25.01CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri May 18 1990next moves by CIMOSA
26.02CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri May 18 1990enterprise standards
27.0CIMNET::KYZIVATFri May 25 1990OSF Distributed Computing Environment Selection
29.04CESARE::ACTIS_DATOThu Jun 14 1990CIM standards for ATIS
30.01CIMNET::KYZIVATFri Jun 22 1990Request for info on "queued messaging standards"
31.05CIMNET::KIRKLEYFri Jun 22 1990CAXATF Data Model V1.
32.05BYENGThu Jul 05 1990wpa-trip report
33.03BYENGThu Jul 05 1990din/nam9651_july_meeting
34.067CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Jul 06 1990New work item in ISO TC184 SC4
35.05CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Jul 06 1990Voluntary organizations or standards factories?
36.014CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Jul 11 1990Revision of CIMOSA for Moscow
37.06CESARE::ACTIS_DATOThu Jul 12 1990vote on MMS new work item
38.06CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Jul 18 1990reshape CIMOSA's activity in ISO TC184 SC5 WG1
39.05CECEHV::ABAUERWed Jul 18 1990Meeting EEC Officials & NBS
40.01CESARE::ACTIS_DATOMon Jul 23 1990CALS, IRDS, and ANSI
41.04CIMNET::KYZIVATWed Jul 25 1990Data Modelling & EDI
42.0EDRON1::ROTHSTEINThu Aug 02 1990new PDES notesfile
43.01CSGTue Aug 07 1990Info. on CIMOSA Needed.
44.011NOVA::RESCHKEThu Aug 16 1990ballot on EXPRESS
45.0CESARE::OLOBARDITue Aug 21 1990MMS protocol+ RT3
46.0BYENGFri Aug 24 1990"Distributed Office Applications model" (DOA) - ISO/IEC DIS 1
47.013CESARE::ACTIS_DATOThu Aug 30 1990Functional Standards
48.011CESARE::ACTIS_DATOThu Sep 06 1990OSETF
49.01DPDMAI::FLETTFri Sep 07 1990Info or source on Project Athena
50.04BYENGMon Sep 10 1990ESPRIT CIM Direction & New Projects
51.015CESARE::ACTIS_DATOMon Sep 24 1990The national dimension
52.06CIMNET::KYZIVATThu Oct 04 1990Possible pointers to other modeling stds
53.021CESARE::ACTIS_DATOMon Oct 08 1990CIMOSA's initiatives in CEN/CENELEC
54.01CIMNET::KYZIVATTue Nov 20 1990Digital US support for CIM-OSA in Standards?
57.09CESARE::ACTIS_DATOThu Nov 29 1990conformance test and certification
58.0ADO75A::WILEYTue Jan 15 1991Honeywell Control Systems?
59.08BYENGThu Mar 28 1991AFNOR
60.01ALEX1::CUSICKThu Apr 11 1991Graphic symbols for discrete mfg things
61.0CADSE::SMITHTue Apr 30 1991IEC/ISO Directives
62.0BYENGThu Jun 13 1991DIN response to TC184 questions
63.01ODIXIE::WEILERTue Jun 18 1991ISO 9
64.06CESARE::ACTIS_DATOTue Aug 13 1991standards newsletter and tracking reports
65.01SUOSW3::KRUEGERThu Aug 15 1991CIM-OSA or What ?
66.023CIMNET::BARATZFri Aug 23 1991MMS
67.01CESARE::ACTIS_DATOThu Aug 29 1991Future Generation NManufacturing Systems (FGMS)
68.0CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Aug 30 1991a place where to host standardization meetings
69.09CESARE::GODIOTue Nov 12 1991ODP Reference Model
70.07CIMNET::BARATZTue Nov 12 1991Step recommendations
71.0CIMNET::KYZIVATFri Nov 22 1991US/European EI cooperation
72.05CIMNET::KYZIVATSat Nov 23 1991ISO/TAG 7 open meeting on EDI (& Data Elements)
73.06CESARE::ACTIS_DATOThu Dec 19 1991ISO TC184 plenary agnda. Any suggestion ?
74.01CIMNET::KYZIVATFri Jan 24 1992Corp Policy on Participation in Standards
75.07CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Feb 12 1992ISO TC184 WG5 Integration
76.04BYENGTue Mar 03 1992Mandate on Integrating Infrastructure (IIS)
77.0CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Mar 11 1992glossary
78.05CESARE::GODIOWed Mar 25 1992OSI standards and Data Modelling Facility
79.01CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Apr 15 1992review of STEP for GMC4
80.02CESARE::ACTIS_DATOMon Apr 27 1992ISO TC184 SC5 plenary. Two liason reports
81.03CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed May 13 1992ISO TC184 SC5 plenary. April 3
82.01ANGLIN::SCHWEITZERWed Jul 22 1992LSV2 3964R Communication Info
83.01CESARE::ACTIS_DATOThu Sep 24 1992Step part 1 voting. Suggestions? (the document is rather long)
84.03ALLVAX::APPELWed Oct 07 1992Neal Laurance, Ford Motor Co. says "STEP ain't ready"
85.0EICMFG::BAUERFri Oct 09 1992Xopen - Consortium
86.04CESARE::ACTIS_DATOTue Nov 24 1992A new 45
87.0CESARE::ACTIS_DATOMon Dec 07 1992Open systems standards library
88.03PAOIS::PHILIPPEThu Dec 17 1992CIM-security-standards
89.0CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Mar 17 1993OSETF repository
90.05CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Mar 17 1993Expres, IDEDFx,....
91.08CESARE::ACTIS_DATOTue Apr 20 1993STEP presentation at the Standardization Programme Review April 93
92.02CESARE::ACTIS_DATOTue May 18 1993CEN TC31
93.0CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Aug 06 1993status of step (PMAG report)