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Conference tape::infoserver

Title:InfoServer (Ethernet System Server)
Notice:Much more than just a CD Servere TAPE::
Created:Wed Mar 21 1990
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2223
Total number of notes:9773
Number with bodies:126
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1.029DECWIN::IZBICKIWed Mar 21 1990Welcome
2.0DECWIN::IZBICKIWed Mar 21 1990Sample procedure for using virtual CD disks
3.041DECWIN::IZBICKIWed Mar 21 1990CD disks available on the network
4.0DECWIN::IZBICKIWed Mar 21 1990Release notes/Known problems
5.015DECWIN::IZBICKIWed Mar 21 1990Installation registration
6.01STAR::KAPLANMon Mar 26 1990Using ESS with AETNA (5.4)?
7.02COMICS::BUTTMon Apr 23 1990What is ESS ?
8.0CVG::PETTENGILLMon Apr 30 1990Who, where, what to order?
9.01CVG::PETTENGILLMon Apr 30 1990Where to get ess software?
10.05CVG::PETTENGILLMon Apr 30 1990Functional specification?
11.02STAR::DICKERSONMon Apr 30 1990MOUNT-F-VOLALRMNT error when it isn't mounted?
12.03CVG::PETTENGILLMon Jun 11 1990Current ESS documentation
13.011GIANTS::KEANEMon Jun 18 1990Recent ZKO slowness
14.01CVG::PETTENGILLWed Jun 20 1990ESS QARs
15.01MARVIN::WARWICKThu Jul 19 1990Can it do this ?
16.02GIANTS::KEANETue Jul 31 1990V5.4 question
17.05PTOVAX::TYRRELLThu Aug 09 1990Info on InfoServer?
18.0PTOVAX::TYRRELLTue Aug 21 1990IBM Formats?
19.0CVMS::DOTENSun Aug 26 1990ESS interest list
20.01CVMS::DOTENMon Aug 27 1990What is an RRD41? (or is it unannounced)
21.012CVMS::DOTENMon Aug 27 1990Questions about booting via InfoServer
22.02CVMS::DOTENMon Aug 27 1990What is floating point chip used for?
23.01CVMS::DOTENMon Aug 27 1990Modem on comm port?
24.06CVMS::DOTENMon Aug 27 1990Asynch ports
25.06CVMS::DOTENMon Aug 27 1990How to avoid service name conflicts?
26.06DELNI::KLINKMon Aug 27 1990LAST/LAD Vs. DFS
27.01CRBOSS::LEMONSTue Sep 11 1990Details on MOP handling, LAT/LAD/LAST
28.05CRBOSS::LEMONSWed Sep 12 1990What hardware model(s) for testing ESS?
29.01STAR::DICKERSONThu Oct 04 1990Serve a VMS system disk from an Infoserver???
30.01CRBOSS::LEMONSTue Oct 09 1990Can't connect to management service using VWSLAT
31.024ISETue Oct 09 1990Info Server on Ultrix?
32.01CRBOSS::LEMONSThu Oct 11 1990'Load failed, partition type'
33.02TROASat Nov 03 1990Silver Platter
34.016SAYER::ELMOREFri Nov 09 1990Client Support for other OS
35.011CGOUThu Nov 15 1990V5.4 ESS Docs???
36.019STAR::DICKERSONTue Nov 20 1990Updating/adding CDs; system mgmt issues
37.02STAR::BOIKOMon Dec 03 1990Infoserver available at MK
38.03KAOFS::K_MAINFri Dec 07 1990RRD42 support ?
39.02HYEND::MMCDOWELLFri Dec 14 1990Product Availability Date
40.03STAR::MANNSat Dec 15 1990Command file for VMS users managing InfoServers.
41.08NWGEDU::WOERTMANFri Dec 21 1990Problem with the case of a service-password
42.03COMICS::BUTTTue Jan 08 1991LAST over TransLAN ?
43.04BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOThu Jan 10 1991Infoserver for multiple VMS Upgrades = YES ?
44.06VNAACT::WILFRIEDFri Jan 11 1991Will there ever be support for a tape?
45.08DWOMV2::CAMPBELLMon Jan 14 1991Thickwire + No heartbeat = No function (have patch)
46.028GIDDAY::KINGSMILLWed Jan 16 1991booting standalone backup
47.01DENVER::JESPERSENWed Jan 16 1991Patch for VMS 5.2?
48.012CRONIC::LEMONSTue Jan 22 1991Adding magnetic disks to InfoServer
49.019CRONIC::LEMONSTue Jan 22 1991Discussion on MOP downline loading
50.06UTRUST::WILLEMSENTue Jan 22 1991ISL for VAX 4
51.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu Jan 24 1991LAST/LAD error/how-to-use documentation
52.02TEXAN::ALBURYFri Jan 25 1991Manage Cache?
53.05SHTHPN::STANARDFri Jan 25 1991NOSUCHDEV attempting Mount on a newly created virtual disk
54.01STAR::DICKERSONMon Jan 28 1991LADCP BIND (incorrectly?) requires SYSNAM priv?
55.01STAR::DICKERSONTue Jan 29 1991Performance and limitations questions
56.09WIKKIT::WARWICKTue Jan 29 1991Software order number ?
57.02COMICS::MUNSLOWWed Jan 30 1991"loop help" loops forever
58.02RBW::WICKERTWed Jan 30 1991DFS serving ESS disks...
59.03STAR::DICKERSONFri Feb 01 1991New CD with more blocks not seen (I entered a QAR)
60.0STAR::MANNFri Feb 01 1991Performance data (I have not seen) on InfoServer 1
61.05STAR::DICKERSONTue Feb 05 1991UNXSIGNAL crash with writable disk on Infoserver
62.010WYNDE::FSSGTue Feb 05 1991Mounted disks suddenly disappear
63.09PARVAX::LUTJENWed Feb 06 199131
64.011TEXAN::ALBURYWed Feb 06 1991CDROM drive specs?
65.01MARVIN::WARWICKThu Feb 07 1991Unrecognized destination counters
66.02CRONIC::LEMONSFri Feb 08 1991Privilege/file protection problem with accessing the boot partition from VMS
67.09CRONIC::LEMONSFri Feb 08 1991Order information/description of MOP cd
68.01POLAR::HUTCHSat Feb 09 1991Announce both default and owner set server name?
69.016STAR::DICKERSONMon Feb 11 1991Mgmt Problems with mostly-read-only magnetic disks
70.02OLDTMR::SECGMon Feb 11 1991Released InfoServer 1
71.0OLDTMR::SECGMon Feb 11 1991Released InfoServer 1
72.01BLUMON::IZBICKITue Feb 12 1991Loading VMS on VAX 6
73.03UTRUST::KUIJPERWed Feb 13 1991Prsentation/slides available ???
74.05SOS6::BERNARDWed Feb 13 1991Infoserver client licensing questions
75.04COMICS::LANGFri Feb 15 1991Hard Disk Vol Label disappears
76.0KETJE::BIDONNETFri Feb 15 1991Load device support for all systems?
77.03KALI::SYSTEMFri Feb 15 1991mount hang process
78.04DENVER::RUOFFFri Feb 15 1991How to Configure InfoServer in WANS/E-Lans?
79.02SAYER::ELMOREMon Feb 18 1991speeds and feeds?
80.01BRSSWS::HUWAERTMon Feb 18 1991No online access to infoserver
81.07CRONIC::LEMONSMon Feb 18 1991Making new CDs available will be an administrative hassle
82.01ROMWed Feb 20 19919
83.06CSCOA1::SZUMINSKY_RWed Feb 20 19912 conferences? DOC SET?
84.017COMICS::LANGMon Feb 25 1991Partitions,RRD4
85.0108FUNYET::ANDERSONThu Feb 28 1991InfoServer Monitor
86.01GUCCI::BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri Mar 01 1991ESS kit ??
87.01LARVAE::BATESFri Mar 01 1991boot info server over net ??
88.05GIDDAY::DUBBERSun Mar 03 1991PCSA and V2.
89.02STKHLM::HEGNELIUSMon Mar 04 1991pcsa and XCOPY to Infoserver 1
91.09CX3PST::WSC183::D_LEWISTue Mar 05 1991InfoServer software VMS, VAXeln, or?????
92.010KETJE::VDKERCKHOVEFri Mar 08 1991Startup from sysman problem
93.02LAIDBK::ELLISONTue Mar 12 1991OK how about access from other systems...
94.01KANGAR::TANWed Mar 13 1991Unable to mount created service
95.015NEWPRT::CERVENKA_GARSun Mar 17 1991Macintosh Clients on InfoServer?
96.01POLAR::HUTCHMon Mar 18 1991SHOW USER functionality?
97.07CRONIC::LEMONSMon Mar 18 1991Hardware for rack-mounting InfoServers
98.04WKRP::LENNIGTue Mar 19 1991VMS servers?
99.04WKRP::LENNIGTue Mar 19 1991Desktop VMS CD server?
100.07CSC32::D_CLOWTue Mar 19 1991Infoserver V1.1 operating system update
101.02GIDDAY::BRODRIBBFri Mar 22 1991How to remove unwanted DAD
102.02CRONIC::LEMONSMon Mar 25 1991LADCP BIND logical name not created
103.01CRONIC::LEMONSMon Mar 25 1991LADCP BIND fails s/IVDEVNAM if default directory set to another node
104.04TRCOTue Mar 26 1991VMS and DOS based application - General Question
105.04CRONIC::LEMONSWed Mar 27 1991How to write a VMS command procedure to manipulate the InfoServer?
106.05CSC32::D_CLOWFri Mar 29 1991Maxtor drive causes ESS$LADCP to fail
107.08SLUGER::GRABOWSKITue Apr 02 1991Infoserver password
108.015KYOA::FLYNNWed Apr 03 1991Mis-information on the infoserver
109.03SCAACT::HILDEBRANDMon Apr 08 1991INCONSTATE client crash using password
110.08MARVIN::WARWICKWed Apr 10 1991Update to 1.1 caused my Infoserver not to work
111.06RDGENG::GBROWNThu Apr 11 1991ladcp show service causes rwast process
112.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSMon Apr 15 1991Cannot connect to Infoserver management service from Decserver with Thin-wire connection
113.03TRCAMon Apr 15 1991extendend lan access to infoserver
114.04SALEM::WONGMon Apr 15 1991VMS DECnet, service class
115.04POLAR::HUTCHWed Apr 17 1991Exception 11?
116.03FMTCMP::DOVE_NPWed Apr 17 1991Mount-F-INTDIV with VMS 5.3-2 Clients & April ADS V1.1 of Infoserver
117.01SALEM::WONGThu Apr 18 1991REuse deleted space ??
118.05PEACHS::SCHULTZThu Apr 18 1991Where is the software ??
120.01ISIDRO::JMGONZALEZFri Apr 19 1991Infoserver documentation ?
121.01CSC32::D_CLOWMon Apr 22 1991LAST and VAX 4
122.01CSCOA1::SZUMINSKY_RWed Apr 24 1991Client Startup Fails under FileView
123.08MPGS::TRIBUNAWed Apr 24 1991VS 31
124.01COMICS::LANGWed Apr 24 1991Disabling MOP on specific Infoservers
126.0KYOA::KOCHFri Apr 26 1991Price reduction in the wings?
127.03MANTA::SIMONTue Apr 30 1991Perculiar LAT problem
128.08MAIL::HUGHESDThu May 02 1991"How to" documention
130.021HOBBLE::RUFFIEUXMon May 06 1991Building my own, again...
131.0CSC32::S_LEDOUXTue May 07 1991detecting state of lastcp before mounting i.s. disks ?
132.05PHDVAX::WINIGRADThu May 09 1991SoftPC and Infoserver 1
133.03SALEM::WONGThu May 09 1991DELQA/DESQA LAD/LAST problems ??
134.03FUNYET::ANDERSONThu May 09 1991VMS crashes writing to partition on internal disk
135.05SALEM::WONGMon May 13 1991Sometimee cann't find service
136.01SIOG::CARRICKMon May 13 1991Help needed for response to customer
137.01SALEM::WONGMon May 13 1991stack dump & reboot itself
138.02SNOFS2::AFAMASAGAWed May 15 1991CD Creation Service?
139.02SALEM::WONGWed May 15 1991ISL failure in QIO ATI setup
140.04COMICS::LOWEFri May 17 1991PCSA/INFOSERVER protocol mismatch ??
142.06STKAI1::SZMULIKSun May 19 1991PC/CD-ROM support with SOFTpc
143.03SALEM::WONGMon May 20 1991ISL support KA62
144.04SHTHPN::STANARDMon May 20 1991Does Pre-emptive write work as intended?
145.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue May 21 1991Sales Update 5/13 questions
146.01CX3PST::WSCTue May 21 1991VMS bugcheck while reading from DAD device
147.02UTROP1::ZWETThu May 23 1991What systems do O.S. load?
148.02SALEM::WONGTue May 28 1991How to interpret the INFOSERVER statistic data
149.08SNOCWed May 29 1991Another Mount problem.
150.013KYOA::KOCHWed May 29 1991Can an INFOSERVER also load routers?
151.014CSC32::D_CLOWWed May 29 1991VTX Exception 1
152.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu May 30 1991ISL_SCRIPT.ESS and the 'USE' command
153.02PRSARL::TESSIERFri May 31 1991Kit location ?
154.010UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MMon Jun 03 19911. Write own application. 2. Read ULTRIX CD.
155.03UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MTue Jun 04 1991Failover WRITE partition.
156.0CSCOAC::SZUMINSKY_RTue Jun 04 1991VMS5.3 ladcp>show service
157.02BSS::PARKSWed Jun 05 1991Registering Client Nodes?
158.02BOMBE::ALDENThu Jun 06 1991Help on serving VMS disks using LAD
159.09CSC32::D_CLOWFri Jun 07 1991Printing from Infoserver disks in a cluster
160.01VNOTSC::BOSTERSMon Jun 10 1991Another InfoServer monitor
161.01COMICS::LOWEMon Jun 10 1991ISL_SVAX/31
163.04CRONIC::LEMONSFri Jun 14 1991MO devices on the InfoServer
164.02STARGL::CONNELLMon Jun 17 1991Problem Mounting
165.01SALEM::WONGMon Jun 17 1991Load-balance problem with 2 INFOSERVER
166.02VNOTSC::BOSTERSTue Jun 18 1991DADxxx: --> what service?
167.03CSC32::D_CLOWTue Jun 18 1991VMS 5.
168.07NANOOK::COOPERTue Jun 18 1991MS-DOS CD-ROM access
169.04SALEM::WONGFri Jun 21 1991ISL CRASHED ON VAX 64
170.01XSTACY::OKEEFFEMon Jun 24 1991CD won't mount on infoserver
171.03SALEM::WONGMon Jun 24 1991VMS standalone backup crashed -VAX4
172.01SALEM::WONGMon Jun 24 1991Another Crash-dump with RW-ISL-SVAX on VMS
173.07STARGL::CONNELLMon Jun 24 1991Restrictions
174.0MLNCSC::MARCHETTIWed Jun 26 1991InfoServer 1.1 and Pathworks 4.
175.03KYOA::FLYNNWed Jun 26 1991Serving infoserver to a client
176.03ROYALT::GONDAFri Jun 28 1991Mount/for/noass sees partition like a vms disk.
177.017STAR::DICKERSONWed Jul 03 1991Problem - pool depletion over time
178.08ENUF::STRAUBTue Jul 09 1991Access violation on ISL
179.0BBOVAX::CHILESMon Jul 15 1991EXIT
180.04STAR::BSEGALTue Jul 16 1991InfoServer Trademark
181.03COMICS::MUNSLOWThu Jul 18 1991Mount problems. Bug or Not bug?
182.021BAHTAT::JAGOFri Jul 19 1991tape support soon please
183.03BRSSWS::RIJMENANTSFri Jul 19 1991static rating drops to
184.03HSOMAI::LINSun Jul 21 1991multiple SCSI interface?
185.03HSOMAI::LINMon Jul 22 1991WORM support?
186.011CAPITN::JOSEPH_BOThu Jul 25 1991Can infoserver hardware be used for other things
187.06CVG::PETTENGILLMon Jul 29 1991My `practical' solution to updating the InfoServer OnLineDocs AutoMagically
188.06UTRTSC::CAHILLTue Jul 30 1991ISO966
189.04TROOA::GILBERTWed Jul 31 1991Connection from Emulex crashes ESS
190.02SALEM::WONGThu Aug 01 1991NO service found problem
191.03SCCAT::DICKEYFri Aug 02 1991PCSA remote booting?
192.02GIDDAY::ROSICSun Aug 04 1991DEC Infoserver Client for VMS .ps on netA
193.03BADDOG::SYSTEMMon Aug 05 1991Infoserver VMS 5.4K
194.01MR1PST::SYSAP::PARRISTue Aug 06 1991Virtual Microsystems to resell InfoServers
195.03VMSNET::CHURCHETue Aug 06 1991lastcp displays garbage in show client?
196.04CRBOSS::COLBATHTue Aug 06 1991Error invoking ESS$STARTUP
197.09KAOFS::H_SWAFFIELDFri Aug 09 1991VAX4
198.02BONNET::STRATMANWed Aug 14 1991Rebuild RZ23 from ConDist CD ?
199.0CRONIC::LEMONSThu Aug 15 1991Converting ULTRIX documentation to VMS file format
200.02DUNE::MAGGINETTIFri Aug 16 1991VXT and what needs to be done
201.04KAOFS::H_KUHNENTue Aug 20 1991tape drives supported?
202.01COMICS::LOTAWed Aug 21 1991INFOserver on extended ethernet
203.01CSCOAC::SZUMINSKY_RThu Aug 29 1991Arithmetic Trap on mount of DAD$xxxx
204.03CSCOAC::SZUMINSKY_RThu Aug 29 1991VAXft 3
205.03MALTEX::TESSIERTue Sep 03 1991Unable to UPDATE SYSTEM to BL5 or BL8
206.02CSCOA1::SZUMINSKY_RTue Sep 03 1991ESS$last_startup.dat & syntax errors
207.02RIGI::DEMETRIOUWed Sep 04 1991LAT connection between VT12
208.01LJOHUB::LOWEWed Sep 04 1991External SCSI Cable
209.06EDWIN::IZBICKIFri Sep 06 1991InfoServer V2.
211.02CRONIC::LEMONSFri Sep 06 1991MOUNT gives 'no such device available' on DAD
212.03AYOV24::IZENUWAHMon Sep 09 1991Infoserver needs ROM upgrade ??
213.01CRONIC::LEMONSTue Sep 10 1991Servers not known immediately after ESS$STARTUP execution
214.0HAMSUP::HOLMWed Sep 11 1991Extcachiv on dismount
215.0SALEM::WONGWed Sep 11 1991When will Infoserver Support ULTRIX NFS ???
216.01AYOV24::IZENUWAHFri Sep 13 1991load media
217.01CVG::PETTENGILLSat Sep 14 1991Interesting analysis of problems with dismounting DAD crash from vmsnet.internals newsgroup
218.05LEMAN::BAGNOUDMon Sep 16 1991problem runing last on two ni controller
219.02LAVETA::J_LAWSONMon Sep 16 1991Specific service questions ...
220.01CSC32::BARELAMon Sep 16 1991RWAST when attempt to SHOW SERVICE or MOUNT
221.08BACHUS::VERCAMMENTue Sep 17 1991Infoserver services not seen by 1 node in the cluster...
222.012EDWIN::WAYLAY::GORDONTue Sep 17 1991Support for Non InfoServer Hardware in V2.
223.05MARVIN::WARWICKWed Sep 18 1991IFT 2.
224.02SHAWB1::FLYNNBFri Sep 20 1991Do Partitions need Initialising ?
225.0DELNI::GILLIAMFri Sep 20 1991CD-ROMs on DEC Networks
226.01CSCOA1::SZUMINSKY_RMon Sep 23 1991remote service password modification
227.01WARNUT::FOSSEY::FOSSEYTue Sep 24 1991Multiple LAN adapters and VCI interface
228.09SMOOT::ROTHTue Sep 24 1991WRITE LOCK error copying to partion from client
229.01TAVWed Sep 25 1991InfoServer s/w upgrade distribution media
230.04VNOTSC::BOSTERSThu Sep 26 1991More memory usable in V2.
231.02TROOA::POOTSThu Sep 26 1991Have Ultrix + InfoServer - Can travel ?
232.01CSCOAC::SZUMINSKY_RFri Sep 27 1991Deassign dad logical?
233.03ONOIS1::BROCHARDMon Sep 30 1991UPDATE MOP - Which CD ?
234.011MSBCS::KINGMon Sep 30 1991VXT compatible with VMS V5.4-2?
235.06MANTA::SIMONMon Sep 30 1991VMS T5.5 problem...
236.0USWAV1::BRAMHALLMon Sep 30 1991CD-ROM in Boston?
237.03GIDDAY::TANTue Oct 01 1991VMS installation failed
238.03UTROP1::ZWETTue Oct 01 1991DECnet Extensions (OSI) ?
239.05WARNUT::FOSSEY::FOSSEYThu Oct 03 1991V2.
240.05NOTYOR::BELHOP::SYSTEMFri Oct 04 1991The Case of the Double DAD Logical
241.06THEWAV::KRUEGERMon Oct 07 1991ULTRIX O.L.D. ?
242.01GARIT::VANSICLENMon Oct 07 1991Plans for RX floppy support?
243.0GENIE::SPIESTue Oct 08 1991pathworks for dos (infoserver) kit location
244.012BRSSWS::BRST2Thu Oct 10 1991Infoserver 15
245.03UTOPIE::ROBERTFri Oct 11 1991ess$lastcp terminates with %SYSTEM-F-EXQUOTA, exceeded quota
246.05ANGLIN::CORRIGANMon Oct 14 1991No add-on RRD42 supported??? Why??
247.01TRUCKS::EVANS_MATue Oct 15 1991Infoserver going spare?
248.015TPSYS::HARRISTue Oct 15 1991installing an infoserver 1
249.01SALEM::WONGTue Oct 15 1991Where is ISL_LVAX_F.SYS ??
250.01BEAGLE::J_FRANCOISWed Oct 16 1991How to access CDROM files from a captive account
251.05HANNAH::B_COBBWed Oct 16 1991Insufficient dynamic memory error
252.02KERNEL::FARROW_SMITHFri Oct 18 1991ISL_LVAX and standalone backup
253.012FSTVAX::OTOOLEMon Oct 21 1991!! ISL_LVAX_F !!?
254.04MEO78B::FLAHERTYTue Oct 22 1991Infoserver in TCP/IP network???
255.011CRONIC::LEMONSTue Oct 22 1991Part number for bootable VMS cd?
256.04CRONIC::LEMONSTue Oct 22 1991MOUNT of DAD device hangs on one node in cluster
257.02GIDDAY::KOWed Oct 23 1991Mounting Infoserver logical unit returned NOSUCHNODE
258.03ORO5Wed Oct 23 19918MM tape support questions ?
259.03AYOV24::JVEITCHThu Oct 24 1991ISL additional systems under InfoServer V2.
260.08EDWIN::IZBICKIThu Oct 24 1991Which tapes did you use?
261.05SHAWB1::ENTWISTLESFri Oct 25 1991ess$lastcp source code?
262.01GENIE::STUKERFri Oct 25 1991MS-Client Kit
263.012ILKKA::KORKKOSun Oct 27 1991How to force same device number in whole cluster?
264.04BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODMon Oct 28 1991IBM Bookmanager and other questions
265.04ZPOVC::JIMMYTANMon Oct 28 1991Processor type of Infoserver 15
266.019LNKUGL::BOWMANWed Oct 30 1991Questions on using external tape/disk in V2.
267.01MSDSWS::TAYLORFri Nov 01 1991TLZ
268.01CSCOA1::SZUMINSKY_RFri Nov 01 1991New Idea, Lat port on InfoServer
269.01TRCOA::TMCLEANMon Nov 04 1991Infoserver access question
270.01MBALDY::LANGSTONWed Nov 06 1991Bookreader from NetWare
271.05COPCLU::NISSENMon Nov 11 1991Service not seen when running PCSA
272.04OSLTue Nov 12 1991 Infoserver1
275.03MILPND::BACCARIThu Nov 14 19915.3-2 upgraded to 5.4-3 problem.
276.0MMOYER::MOYERThu Nov 14 1991Performance restrictions utilizing multiple RZ57s?
277.03NITMOI::WITHERSThu Nov 14 1991ULTRIX Initial System Load (ISL) from InfoServer
278.08ZPOVC::JIMMYTANMon Nov 18 1991PC can't see infoserver
279.014BREAKR::UDICKThu Nov 21 1991... But can it play music.
280.04CSCOA1::SZUMINSKY_RFri Nov 22 1991MOUNT verify/wrong volume?
281.06CRONIC::LEMONSTue Nov 26 1991Can't CREATE PARTITION disks, get ESS-E-NOTESSODS even after INIT
282.01DRAC::COLLWed Nov 27 1991%MOUNT-F-TEMPLATEDEV when attempting mount
283.036COMICS::HAWLEYWed Nov 27 1991infoserver V2.
284.02KERNEL::FARROW_SMITHThu Nov 28 1991mount on CD gives error %MOUNT-F-INTDIV
285.02TRCOA::STANIEWSKIFri Nov 29 1991
286.01HKOVC::WARRENSat Nov 30 1991VT12
287.01AYOV24::JVEITCHMon Dec 02 1991Native DOS client
288.05BGOMon Dec 02 1991Is this file usable ??????
289.04CRONIC::LEMONSMon Dec 02 1991Password control for type of access (read/write)
290.02CRONIC::LEMONSMon Dec 02 1991Buglet in the InfoServer help
291.04CGOSTue Dec 03 1991hardware upgrade 1
292.02HKOVC::WARRENTue Dec 03 1991RRD5
293.010COMICS::FARROW_SMITHThu Dec 05 1991Serving Regularly Update Compact disks
294.01COMICS::FARROW_SMITHThu Dec 05 1991 bind/group SYSTEM-F-NOLOGTAB
295.02SALEM::WONGThu Dec 05 1991Support more than one ethernet device DEMFA & DEMNA
296.07MPGS::TRIBUNAFri Dec 06 1991Differences between 15
297.03BIGRED::DOMINEYFri Dec 06 1991How good is IS15
298.03ITOMV::TSOIFri Dec 06 1991ULTRIX client available yet?
299.04ELLIE::KORKKOTue Dec 10 1991Additional hardware on IS 1
300.01HXOUTue Dec 10 1991DECnet areas ?
301.04SHAWB1::BURKEPWed Dec 11 1991INFOserver crash PC=8
302.05STAR::DICKERSONThu Dec 12 1991Suggestion: Hardware configuration for Infoserver
303.03SALEM::WONGThu Dec 12 1991V2.
304.07CRONIC::LEMONSFri Dec 13 1991Intermittent LAST/LAT service termination
305.02SMOOT::ROTHTue Dec 17 1991Service passwords and power fails
306.07KERNEL::RINGIWed Dec 18 1991Optionally boot InfoServer off external fixed disk
307.01KAZAN::LELAYThu Dec 19 1991Access from 3-COM PC network ?
308.01ELLIE::KORKKOThu Dec 19 1991MOP partition size vs load file size
311.05CSC32::D_CLOWMon Dec 23 1991Installing Infoserver tape access
312.01KERNEL::FARROW_SMITHMon Dec 23 1991ess$startup incorrectly copies rsm$startup to specific root
313.015KYOA::KOCHTue Dec 24 1991TSZ
314.02KETJE::VERVAENENMon Dec 30 1991VMS search list to access multiple CD-ROM's as 1 virtual disk
315.02MS31Wed Jan 01 1992Can't boot InfoServer?
316.0COMICS::FARROW_SMITHFri Jan 03 1992ess$startup places rsm$server_startup.com in specific root
317.01ELMAGO::AHACHEFri Jan 03 1992Changing bucketsize for server?
318.08CRLRFR::BLUNTFri Jan 03 1992No services on system with many E-net controllers?
319.02CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZFri Jan 03 1992local ownership of cdrom
320.013SAC::KINDER_NMon Jan 06 1992ISO 9171 and 966
321.01OBIWAN::KOCHTue Jan 07 1992What is the difference?
322.01HSKPRF::HARALAWed Jan 08 1992Request for VFS
323.02KETJE::STAESThu Jan 09 1992StorageTek - Infoserver connection seems now possible
324.03PJVAX::HOWARDThu Jan 09 1992loading Ultrix fonts
325.014NEAGP::PILITZFri Jan 10 1992TLZ
326.01BEBBI::SCHMIDTIFri Jan 10 1992Standard "rockridge"
327.01BEBBI::SCHMIDTIFri Jan 10 1992Competitive hardware
328.02CSC32::D_CLOWFri Jan 10 1992ESS$LADCP BUG handling "." character???
329.04EDWIN::WAYLAY::GORDONFri Jan 10 1992V2.
330.02CSC32::D_SLOUGHFri Jan 10 1992ESS$LASTCP Transport and Status Counters
331.05KYOA::WALKERMon Jan 13 1992FDDI can prevent VMS installation from Infoserver
332.06CGOOA::DOLMANWed Jan 15 1992CD Jukebox on an Infoserver
333.02AYOV24::JVEITCHThu Jan 16 1992CONdist and Info 15
334.04METZ::PAWLOWSKIThu Jan 16 1992Infoserver and backup
335.01UEOIS1::PAWLOWSKIThu Jan 16 1992dedicated software ???
336.08GUNGHO::COLBATHThu Jan 16 1992Hanging Mount on Info CDs
337.015CSC32::D_CLOWThu Jan 16 1992Tape access from standalone backup questions
338.02KERNEL::NBISHOPFri Jan 17 19925.4-3 on dismount devices unbound and deleted
339.044EDWIN::IZBICKIMon Jan 20 1992Why do we need InfoServer when we already have NFS? (ULTRIX Client Kits)
340.02STRASB::HONOREMon Jan 20 1992How to boot on a DECinfo server 15
341.05CSC32::D_CLOWTue Jan 21 19929
342.06LTLKNG::DOUGHTYThu Jan 23 1992Some Infoserver basics needed....
343.02BLKPUD::WATTERSONPMon Jan 27 1992Find device requesting load
344.016KYOA::KOCHWed Feb 05 1992If ISL not on CONDIST, where is it?
345.02HARBOR::VANSICLENThu Feb 06 1992One order number - all software
346.04SORGEN::HELMUTFri Feb 07 1992Infoserver V2.
347.04CSC32::M_RODASFri Feb 07 1992Starting LAST driver on 2 diff. e-net controllers
348.010CRONIC::LEMONSMon Feb 10 1992Problem booting DS (Diagnostic Supervisor) from InfoServer
349.01WARNUT::WARNUT::FOSSEYMon Feb 10 1992Suggestion: Password Protect Write Access Only
350.08WARNUT::WARNUT::FOSSEYMon Feb 10 1992Setting up our own ISL disk & service
351.04SAYER::ELMOREWed Feb 12 199288
352.02BLKPUD::WATTERSONPWed Feb 12 1992Can't mount/init RWZ
353.02BUDDIE::KORNSWed Feb 12 1992Is InfoServer really "Open"?
354.08SALSA::ABELSONWed Feb 12 1992Exabyte 8mm on Infoserver
355.03KAOFS::M_SINCLAIRWed Feb 12 1992MV31
356.05KERNEL::HANNANSThu Feb 13 1992Infoserver crash running V2.
357.0WNOUThu Feb 13 1992Pathworks SETHOST can't access 2 InfoServers
358.02KERNEL::RINGIFri Feb 14 1992X-Terminal supported devices with V2.
359.02CSC32::D_CLOWFri Feb 14 1992Unable to configure DAD1, after successful ISL
360.03MEO78B::MCKENZIESat Feb 15 1992Technical specs for LAST
361.04LANDO::R_ANDERSENMon Feb 17 1992Help need upgrading RZ23 to RZ25
362.06TROOA::LEONGMon Feb 17 1992Remote Access to Infoserver
363.04ILKKA::KORKKOTue Feb 18 1992Long Infoserver password?
364.012TROOA::NAISHTue Feb 18 1992Relative Performance of TF Tape vs VAX
365.04HAEXLI::PMAIERWed Feb 19 1992bootable Stabackit on RZ ?
366.01DSTEG::FOXWed Feb 19 1992Infoserver V2.
367.08CSC32::D_CLOWWed Feb 19 1992Are HP model 97548 R/W disks supported
368.05JOCKEY::YOUNGTWed Feb 19 1992Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (LSC)
369.05DSTEG::FOXThu Feb 20 1992ADS Subscription Code for Infoserver Updates?
370.02CSC32::D_CLOWThu Feb 20 1992Sources for ESS
371.05ILKKA::KORKKOFri Feb 21 1992Hanging CD:s
372.01ISLNDS::SCHWABEFri Feb 21 1992How do you start it on the clients
373.07SULACO::JUDICEMon Feb 24 1992Pre V5.4 Clients: R/W or R
375.01CX3PT2::WSC233::R_BUCKTue Feb 25 1992Infoserver and VMS clients - Periodic Polling/Hello messages?
376.01DCC::BISHOPPTue Feb 25 1992bindladcunit on Ultrix problem
377.013SANFAN::ROBAK_RIThu Feb 27 1992ULTRIX tape client?
378.09KAOFS::M_RENAUDThu Feb 27 1992%MOUNT-F-INTDIV, arithmetic trap (mounting DAD disk)
379.04DSTEG::FOXThu Feb 27 1992LAN Topology
380.04KYOA::KOCHFri Feb 28 1992More services questions...
381.02CSC32::D_CLOWFri Feb 28 1992Insufficient pool from 15
382.010NEURON::LEEFri Feb 28 1992Services not reliably seen...
383.05CRONIC::LEMONSMon Mar 02 1992Problems with RISC client EFT kit
384.01MXOVTue Mar 03 1992sizing/perf quetions
385.01STAR::DICKERSONWed Mar 04 1992Is there any way to use LADCP from a program?
386.01ROCHE::HUXTABLEThu Mar 05 1992InfoServer 1
387.010TROOA::DLOTENThu Mar 05 1992Which devices can be MOP downloaded?
388.06SUFRNG::WSAThu Mar 05 1992Which LAST is newer?
389.0252925::AUNGIERThu Mar 05 1992Services not seen, problem due to WORK GROUP ???
390.03CX3PT3::WSC233::R_BUCKFri Mar 06 1992UNBIND of Tape Service puts process in RWAST state
391.01METZ::PAWLOWSKIMon Mar 09 1992Infoserver and RSM
392.07EDWIN::IZBICKIMon Mar 09 1992InfoServer V2.1 field test now available
393.0TROOA::BALDOCKMon Mar 09 1992InfoServer Configuration on LAN
394.07SHLSAM::BEANEMon Mar 09 1992VXT boot problems
395.01TENNIS::KAMMon Mar 09 1992InfoServer and Telnet (tcp/ip) support?
396.01YOSMTE::GARRISON_NAMon Mar 09 199215
397.01ZURTue Mar 10 1992ESS$LAST_STARTUP.DAT, DCL syntax error within ESS$LAST_STARTUP.COM (V5.4, V5.5)
398.04WAYLAY::GORDONTue Mar 10 1992Conference Issues.
399.02ALFHD2::ZUMO::SZUMINSKYTue Mar 10 1992set service nowriters or writers
400.02BEBBI1::SCHMIDTIWed Mar 11 1992Infoserver 15
401.01XSTACY::HUTTONWed Mar 11 1992BIND / MOUNT problems
402.010CRONIC::LEMONSWed Mar 11 1992ISO-966
403.09CRONIC::LEMONSWed Mar 11 1992Feedback on InfoServer V2.1 installations
404.04CRONIC::LEMONSThu Mar 12 1992Add CREATE SERVICE field length to InfoServer> help create service
405.07DSTEG::FOXFri Mar 13 1992WISHLIST: MADx: Tape Drives Avail with ISL BACKUP
406.03NOOKIE::HCARTERFri Mar 13 1992Created Service Lost After Inforserver Reboot
407.02TINGAU::HEFELESun Mar 15 1992UPDATE MOP ->? File
408.08QBOPMon Mar 16 1992Access PC's CD-ROM with Infoserver
409.07WARNUT::FOSSEYMon Mar 16 1992ESS V2.
410.02SALEM::WONGTue Mar 17 1992Request more info on show service command
411.01PROMPT::MILLINGWed Mar 18 1992URGENT - how to set server for 75 dpi
412.05BOGUSS::FERMINThu Mar 19 1992Locating Disks/Tapes Function files
413.01WIKI::PAGANOFri Mar 20 1992Infoserver for DOS with PW DOS TCP/IP
414.03RDGENG::GBROWNMon Mar 23 1992Only one connection to V2.
415.02SALEM::WONGMon Mar 23 1992Downgrade INFOSERVER version ??
416.04XSTACY::PATTISONTue Mar 24 1992Writing to an ISO 966
417.03KRAKAR::WARWICKTue Mar 24 1992Can't ask a question and do MOP at the same time ?
418.04BACHUS::HUWAERTTue Mar 24 1992Infoserver access in hang
419.08SALEM::WONGWed Mar 25 1992one Write access allows multiple reads
420.02GIDDAY::BRODRIBBThu Mar 26 1992VMS installation problem - 43
421.04STAR::DICKERSONThu Mar 26 1992Intermittent SET HOST/LAT problems
422.02HGOVC::GILBERTYIPMon Mar 30 1992Can InfoServer 1
423.02ARGYLE::LEMONSMon Mar 30 1992'ESS-I-NOCLIENT ' error during ESS$STARTUP
424.02WKOLMon Mar 30 1992"What's DEClearn?"
425.01SUPER::SYSTEMTue Mar 31 1992Can only mount "some" discs??????
426.01DECWET::SHOEMAKERTue Mar 31 1992Can Inforserver 15
427.05CADSYS::LEMONSWed Apr 01 1992Tape drive/ MAD device not released when batch job using them finished
428.02MAIL::HAYDENWed Apr 01 1992workaround for standalone backup?
429.03CSC32::J_MANNINGWed Apr 01 1992copying from tape on infoserver
430.01ESSB::BREEThu Apr 02 1992Information creation query
431.09CSC32::BARELAThu Apr 02 1992VAX "sees" infoserver but no services, or not...
432.05CSC32::D_CLOWFri Apr 03 1992IVBUFLEN with ESS
433.04SWAM1::AIEEE::LONGOSun Apr 05 1992RRD4
434.04CGOWGS::OAKLEYMon Apr 06 1992SSB ESS
435.01RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Apr 07 1992Help with STANDALONE BACKUP, RTFM etc
436.01NBOFS1::HAHNTue Apr 07 1992Copy in an extended LAN not working!?
437.04ZURTue Apr 07 1992Downloading Terminalservers from Infoserver ?
438.04SMOOT::ROTHTue Apr 07 1992IS_V2.
439.0SNAX::ERICKSONTue Apr 07 1992Spelling error that should be fixed...
440.021KERNEL::HANNANSWed Apr 08 1992Tape Client Info Required
442.04KETJE::SYBERTZFri Apr 10 1992INFOSERVER & UNIX : problems/questions
443.01LABC::RUFri Apr 10 1992Load DECstation from infoserver?
444.02KERNEL::HANNANSMon Apr 13 1992Ess$startup.com p1 Params
445.04YUPPY::STUBBSPMon Apr 13 1992Macintosh to Infoserver 15
446.01ASAP::SYSTEMMon Apr 13 1992ESS before RSM?
447.012CSC32::D_MILLERMon Apr 13 1992System crashes if infoserver is rebooted
448.05ALOSTue Apr 14 1992General INFOserver Usage?
449.01CHANEL::BOUILLETThu Apr 16 1992Tape and infoserver 15
450.02YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUMon Apr 20 1992infoserving on a pwrks file server vax
451.0CX3PT2::WSC233::R_BUCKTue Apr 21 1992Controlling lastdriver configuration with FDDI and Ethernet adapters
452.05YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUTue Apr 21 1992Infoserver/mac access to a pc dbase application?
453.01SALEM::WONGWed Apr 22 1992booting VMS problems
454.03YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUThu Apr 23 1992Idea for an expanded infoServer
455.03BACHUS::BUGGENHOUTFri Apr 24 1992Problem with saving name and password
456.01CX3PT1::WSC233::R_BUCKFri Apr 24 1992Infoserver with 2.
457.02KERNEL::SHELLEYRMon Apr 27 1992Unable the save services that are created.
458.01KAOTMon Apr 27 1992multiple savesets, multiple systems, same tape?
459.08CSC32::MARILLTue Apr 28 1992Cache Hit Ratio =
460.03CSC32::BARELATue Apr 28 1992MOUNTing a bound volume set on >1 node in cluster
461.07NOODMA::KNIGHTLYTue Apr 28 1992Tape position lost
462.010YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUTue Apr 28 1992When will infoserver go wide area?
463.0MUNEDI::WERBERWed Apr 29 1992ultrix client and ris
464.010ZURWed Apr 29 1992$ SET HOST/LAT 'Infoserver' from a VMS 5.5 station causes the infoserver to reboot after 2 minutes
465.04BLKPUD::SHAWKThu Apr 30 1992Query about ESS$STARTUP
466.05BOGUSS::FERMINThu Apr 30 1992Need Clarification please!!!
467.04COPCLU::BRIANFri May 01 1992Configuration help
468.04XSTACY::JOCONNORFri May 01 1992RZ56 Info Server crash problem
469.04WAYLAY::GORDONMon May 04 1992V2.1 known bugs.
470.06JOCKEY::63961::Conferencing-UserTue May 05 1992Setting Max Readers for DOS CD service
471.02CSC32::C_NORMANTue May 05 1992CDMENU and CD$DIRECTORY
472.01SNAX::ERICKSONTue May 05 1992Problems doing a backup/list of tapes after performing image backups to TZ857 on infoserver 1
473.01BLKPUD::SHAWKWed May 06 1992Problem restoring services.
474.0WAYLAY::GORDONWed May 06 1992We'd like you to turn on Crashdumps...
475.01HTSC19::KENNETHThu May 07 1992Difference between Infoserver
476.013KERNEL::HANNANSThu May 07 1992Accounting Info?
477.05UTRTSC::DORLANDThu May 07 1992UNXSIGNAL crash caused by MADDRIVER
478.01UTRUST::WIJNENThu May 07 1992Problems starting ESS after ethernet address change
479.01VIVIAN::MAHAJANFri May 08 1992Infoserver Passwords
480.02BERNFri May 08 1992Client for Ultrix: Questions.
481.0ROYALT::DAIGNEAULTFri May 08 19925.1 to 5.5 hangs in phase 2 Mounting dad
482.04STARGL::CONNELLFri May 08 1992Services not Seen
483.012OTOOA::CORBINMon May 11 1992Backup errors on RZ23L-E
484.010BERNMon May 11 1992Client for Ultrix: SSB: Problems
485.03TEXT::HARRISMon May 11 1992 Cant see services
486.01CX3PT2::WSC233::R_BUCKMon May 11 1992Only one tape device allowed on an Infoserver?
487.01ODIXIE::HIPPMon May 11 1992PC Backup from NetWare?
488.03NQOPS::MALINMon May 11 1992SOFTWARE KIT?
489.03BKEEPR::BREITNERMon May 11 1992(Re)Creating a 15
490.04LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERMon May 11 1992HP machines as inforserver NFS clients?
491.01ZURTue May 12 1992VMOUNT loops when MOUNT-F-NOSUCHDEV
492.09BLKPUD::SHAWKTue May 12 1992VXT Exception 412
493.03BLKPUD::SHAWKTue May 12 1992Problem with workgroups
494.02TEXT::HARRISTue May 12 1992No services,I'm not alone.
495.01LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERTue May 12 1992Inforserver kernel on other VAXen.
496.01JOCKEY::BUSHATue May 12 1992PC boot from Infoserver
497.02PASSES::KLIMASTue May 12 1992system-w-dataoverun to tlz
498.01BLKPUD::SHAWKWed May 13 1992ESS-I-SET message.
499.01ZURWed May 13 1992Backup of VXT 2
500.02BLKPUD::SHAWKWed May 13 1992When will v2.1 be released?
501.011WAYLAY::GORDONThu May 14 1992InfoServer from Generic UNIX platforms
502.03SHAWB1::BURKEPFri May 15 1992VMS upgrade-no distrib. device at Phase II
504.02ELLIE::KORKKOSun May 17 1992SSRVEXCEPT after mount verification on MADx:
505.02BLKPUD::SHAWKMon May 18 1992Device disappearing.
506.02KAOFS::K_MAINMon May 18 1992Infoserver 15
507.015RDGENG::GBROWNTue May 19 1992Access to PC CD served from Infoserver
508.01WNOUTue May 19 1992InfoServer as a PCSA DiskServer
509.0HYDRA::PETTINIWed May 20 1992Problems
510.07ILKKA::KORKKOWed May 20 1992Reboot, verify, crash, reboot, ...
511.02CX3PT3::WSC233::R_BUCKWed May 20 1992Support for TZ857 from an Infoserver - Automatic loading
512.01GIDDAY::BURKEThu May 21 1992Any danger installing ESS
513.01WARABI::ROSICFri May 22 1992One Infoserver as tape server or extended LAN
514.03POLAR::HUTCHFri May 22 1992V2.1 boot corruption?
515.03NQOPS::MALINFri May 22 1992Remote Disk?
516.012POLAR::HUTCHMon May 25 1992NOPOOL, Insufficient memory problem questions
517.01SUBWAY::KABELTue May 26 1992InfoServer 15
518.01CSC32::C_REESETue May 26 1992ladcp for ULTRIX?
519.04MISTIK::JAURES::BROUSTEWed May 27 1992non-DEC Products on InfoServer 15
520.013JSOCSS::NOGUCHIThu May 28 1992InfoServer V2.1 Software order No. ?
521.02KAOFS::BOIVINThu May 28 1992Can;t start LAST on XQA
522.01KAOFS::K_MAINFri May 29 1992VAXstation 31
523.012JULIET::MORRISON_HUFri May 29 1992Protest Letter-need routable protocol
524.03ORO5Fri May 29 1992CAUTION when using 8MM !
525.03WAYLAY::GORDONFri May 29 1992The Program Management Topic.
526.02AUNTB::WILLIAMSLSat May 30 1992PATHworks DOS (TCP/IP) access to Infoserver
527.03TAVHLT::GANSun May 31 1992Failed to boot V2.
529.01SIOG::S_DONNELLYTue Jun 02 1992Using Infosvr TlZ
530.05JULIET::MORRISON_HUTue Jun 02 1992Converting LAST Using CISCO ?
531.09HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANTue Jun 02 1992VS31
533.01MALTEX::TESSIERWed Jun 03 1992Can anybody put V2.1 on the net for internal use ?
534.01MALTEX::TESSIERWed Jun 03 1992problem with remote backup of Infoserver System disk
535.02SALEM::WONGWed Jun 03 1992Boot VMS standalone for VAX6
536.03SUBWAY::KABELWed Jun 03 1992Backup InfoServer on InfoServer
537.03SHAWB1::HUGHESSThu Jun 04 1992delete partion reuse space
538.04VERS::HOANGThu Jun 04 1992Infoserver15
539.01HAEXLI::PMAIERThu Jun 04 19921
540.05LOEDGE::GAVINThu Jun 04 1992Mounting a Partition writable more than once.
541.06SNAX::VIRGONAThu Jun 04 1992Nodes crashing with XQPERR, INVEXCEPTN and SSRVEXCEPT bugchecks
542.02ALFHD2::ZUMO::SZUMINSKYThu Jun 04 1992tlz
543.09SHTHPN::STANARDThu Jun 04 1992Can't create a tape service under 2.1
544.03ZPOVC::SEOWHURNFri Jun 05 1992High Sierra from VMS ? WAN Infoserver access ?
545.04ZPOVC::SEOWHURNFri Jun 05 1992DOS APPL -/>Pathworks -> Infoserver ! Help !
546.050EDWIN::GUISSOSat Jun 06 1992InfoServer Client for Macintosh Kit
547.01VIVIAN::S_DONNELLYMon Jun 08 1992UPDATE MOP command
548.01STAR::DICKERSONTue Jun 09 1992To mount-verify or not???
549.02PTOVAX::WILKINSTue Jun 09 1992Configuration pros and cons
550.01SORGEN::HELMUTWed Jun 10 1992pool depletion after backup crash
551.02FILTON::MITCHELLWed Jun 10 1992RZ** disk performance?
552.09EEMELI::LINNA_ALHOThu Jun 11 1992services not seen on 9
553.03FSSB::LUNDBECKThu Jun 11 1992Problem mounting DAD devices
554.09CADSYS::LEMONSThu Jun 11 1992InfoServer resources by large number of connections
555.03BGOMon Jun 15 1992Backup error, medium offline
556.04CROWN::HILLMon Jun 15 1992MOUNT returns NOSUCHNODE for the 11th disk on 5.5
557.04MIACT::ROWELLWed Jun 17 1992Network Kits
558.02CSC32::D_CLOWWed Jun 17 1992Possible MADDRIVER problem??
559.06JULIET::HATTRUP_JAWed Jun 17 1992Any jukebox support?
561.07TOOK::YIUThu Jun 18 1992Infoserver CDROM, PATHWORKS, PC-DOS access fyi
562.01CSC32::D_CLOWThu Jun 18 1992MADDRIVER not working with DUMP utility
563.02ZPOVC::SEOWHURNFri Jun 19 1992Infoserver with Hitachi CD-ROM drives ?
564.05VAXRIO::RUSTFri Jun 19 1992SZ1
565.06UTROP1::ZWETSun Jun 21 1992InfoServer + PATHWORKS = WAN synergy!!
566.01KERNEL::TRAYLERMon Jun 22 1992Lat_responder , how to see the cache?
567.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Jun 22 1992configuration with SKA-net and novell ?
568.04SUOSW3::FLOEGELMon Jun 22 1992read/write restrictions from VMS clients ?
569.04CLPRTue Jun 23 1992Infoserver15
570.08WMOIS::REED_CTue Jun 23 1992Problem Mounting Infoserver Device on ULTRIX
571.07TENNIS::KAMTue Jun 23 1992Can't access infoserver's TZ85 from a VAX 4
572.02TIMAWed Jun 24 1992VXT2
573.02BIGRED::SPARKSWed Jun 24 1992Multi disk applicatons with PC/pathworks
574.06VELI::KORKKOFri Jun 26 1992Rz58 on Infoserver?
575.01BLKPUD::SHAWKFri Jun 26 1992DAD
576.0BIS6::VANLOOCKMon Jun 29 1992'TAPE POSITION LOST': we too!!!
577.03HTSC19::KENNETHTue Jun 30 1992What is the Max rating value.
578.02HGOSPS::DENISLIThu Jul 02 1992product license requested to access documentation?
579.03CLPRFri Jul 03 1992infoserver Client for ultrix
580.04JOCKEY::BUSHAMon Jul 06 1992SoftPC access to Infoserver
581.01VMSNET::E_MAULUCCIMon Jul 06 1992sibernetics optical drive problem
582.07BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Jul 08 1992Questions about tapes on infoservers
583.05SCHOOL::BOBBITTWed Jul 08 1992Need technical info quickly!....
584.06CSC32::D_CLOWWed Jul 08 1992ESS
585.017EDWIN::HARVELLWed Jul 08 1992ULTRIX known problems and patches
586.03CSC32::D_CLOWWed Jul 08 1992DECwindows server process terminated
587.02BRSDM::BOKORThu Jul 09 1992TZK1
588.02REDBUD::garrisonnaTue Jul 14 1992LAST over 56KB link?
589.01BSS::C_OUIMETTETue Jul 14 1992Mount verification after CD swap, busy LAN?
590.02PORLA::FRISKWed Jul 15 1992Too fast INIT after load of TZ857
591.01PORLA::FRISKWed Jul 15 1992UNLOAD on TZ857 causes MAD device to disappear
592.02JOCKEY::63961::Conferencing-UserWed Jul 15 1992Password on PC CD-ROM service
594.05VISUAL::KRATOSKAThu Jul 16 1992InfoServer SW on CONDIST in August
595.02GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Jul 17 1992V2.
596.02COPCLU::HANNEKFri Jul 17 1992Update fra 1.1 to 2.1 fails
597.02BLKPUD::SHAWKMon Jul 20 1992disk function CD
598.04BLKPUD::SHAWKMon Jul 20 1992upgrade to 2.1 from 2.
599.05HIHOSS::HOSSFELDTue Jul 21 1992load 13
601.03KYOA::KOCHThu Jul 23 1992We should charge for function PAKS, not the kernel
602.03SEDOAS::MANNINGFri Jul 24 1992Using Infoserver with an 855
603.0CX3PT1::WSC233::R_BUCKSat Jul 25 1992ESS$ Component versions - A partial chart
604.01KERNEL::BARSBYJMon Jul 27 1992RRD42 compatibility question.
605.01LEMAN::ROSSIERMon Jul 27 1992how to dedicate a disk to VXT's stuff ?
606.020SHAWB2::MILLERMTue Jul 28 1992mounting 11th disk - nosuchnode
607.01GIDDAY::SCHWAGERMANNTue Jul 28 1992mop request monitoring
608.012ROMOIS::GRAMIGNATue Jul 28 1992VMS installation on 651
609.013BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Jul 28 1992How to stop MAD devices being deleted?
610.02CSC32::D_CLOWTue Jul 28 1992Driver incompatabilities
611.01NOODMA::KNIGHTLYTue Jul 28 1992Ultrix disk in dk2 at boot time = failure
612.03SUBWAY::ZAMORATue Jul 28 1992Are PC's on a Netware Token Ring supported as clients?
613.03ISIDRO::JCUENCAThu Jul 30 1992LAT_responder isn't enabled
614.02BERNThu Jul 30 1992insufficient memory!!!
615.01SDOGUS::SPENDLOVEThu Jul 30 1992TLZ
616.07CADSYS::LEMONSMon Aug 03 1992Another "%ESS-E-NOPOOL, Insufficient memory available for operation" problem
617.02CARECL::SYS_FRANKENTue Aug 04 1992No service available on VMS Client
618.03CADSYS::LEMONSTue Aug 04 1992How to keep duplicated writeable InfoServer partitions in sync
619.02SHAWB2::WHITTLEIWed Aug 05 1992RX support with InfoServer software
620.05BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Aug 05 1992disk going offline.
621.03CADSYS::LEMONSWed Aug 05 1992
622.0CADSYS::LEMONSThu Aug 06 1992WISHLIST for post V2.1
623.01WIKI::PAGANOFri Aug 07 1992Config Help
624.01KYOA::KOCHFri Aug 07 1992Backing up INFOSERVER disks?
625.03CAATS::VANGORKUMFri Aug 07 1992TLZ
626.01CRONIC::ANTROBUSSun Aug 09 1992ULTRIX Infoserver Kit: System crashes stopping/restarting LAT
627.05CADSYS::LEMONSMon Aug 10 1992'I/O error' upon doing a 'ls' of a volume
628.09CADSYS::LEMONSMon Aug 10 1992InfoServer Monitor dismount/mounts one device repeatedly
629.014WAYLAY::GORDONMon Aug 10 1992Attention Folks with Homegrown InfoServers...
630.015BACHUS::VERCAMMENTue Aug 11 1992Copy from TK5
631.02HAEXLI::PMAIERThu Aug 13 1992short ship problems
632.02BLKPUD::SHAWKThu Aug 13 1992Problem with internal disk being formatted
633.01KYOA::KOCHThu Aug 13 1992SET IDENT isn't shown in SHOW SERVER command
634.04ZPOVC::INDOFri Aug 14 1992Update v1.1 --> v2.
635.019QUARK::LIONELMon Aug 17 1992Infoserver 15
636.01BSS::PARKSMon Aug 17 1992Removable RZ57 support on Infoserver
637.03GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Aug 17 1992General Infoserver for DOS Questions
638.02LEMAN::ROSSIERTue Aug 18 1992How big could be the pagefile ?
640.09VELI::KORKKOThu Aug 20 1992ESS V2.1 help
641.01WIKI::PAGANOThu Aug 20 1992One more time on read/write access please
642.05CSC32::D_CLOWThu Aug 20 1992A hardware related question
643.04KAOFS::V_LEDOUXThu Aug 20 1992Dataoverun on Cypher 9
644.02HGOVC::LILLIANTANGFri Aug 21 1992infoserver 15
645.03LEMAN::ROSSIERFri Aug 21 1992some function lost after reboot ?
646.01INFACT::NORTHERNMon Aug 24 1992Homegrown CD Servers
647.01BRSDVP::VERCAMMENTue Aug 25 1992'Shared' access to MAD device from different nodes
648.01LEMAN::ROSSIERTue Aug 25 1992Infoserver management stuff
649.02KAZAN::KRESSMANNTue Aug 25 1992ISL-F-BADOPEN infoserver 1
650.01BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Aug 26 1992Loading MADDRIVER.
651.01BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Aug 26 1992Gripes about Infoserver documentation
652.01NBOFS1::RAUCHWed Aug 26 1992Udate VXT-SW via ULTRIX
653.06TROOA::LEONGWed Aug 26 1992MS Windows driver
654.05KYOA::KOCHWed Aug 26 1992How do I mount a generic service /SYSTEM?
655.07SQM::ROYWed Aug 26 1992PC sees infoservers except the one I need...
656.04JULIET::GARRISON_NAWed Aug 26 19924 MMJ's; Purpose?
657.03HAEXLI::PMAIERThu Aug 27 1992TK5
658.05HTSC19::SIMONLAUThu Aug 27 1992MOUNT VERIFICATION problem.
659.06BLKPUD::SHAWKThu Aug 27 1992PCSA and Infoserver drivers.
662.01DEVIN::LUCASSat Aug 29 1992DMS Ultrix client software install
663.05MSAMTue Sep 01 1992To convert infoserver to mv31
664.01DECAUX::ULLI::BOSTERSTue Sep 01 1992DISMOUNT/NOUNLOAD changes device owner..?
665.03XSTACY::KMCGRATHTue Sep 01 1992Problem writing to infoserver from ultrix
666.07JAYJAY::KORNSTue Sep 01 19923rd Party SCSI CDROMs
667.011HGOVC::LILLIANTANGWed Sep 02 19921
668.04CADSYS::LEMONSThu Sep 03 1992Unable to boot MDMNET image
669.03KAOTThu Sep 03 1992dad device unvailable for mounting when pcsa on the system
670.06SMAC1Thu Sep 03 1992SUN or SGi clients supported ?
671.04CALLAO::CORRALESFri Sep 04 1992<< TZ857 on infoserver goes offline >>
672.03DEVIN::LUCASFri Sep 04 1992Infoserver Client on DS55
673.016RDGENG::GBROWNFri Sep 04 1992problems with ULTRIX v4.3
674.02GIDDAY::KINGSMILLSat Sep 05 1992Backup questions
675.01ZPOVC::INDOSun Sep 06 1992Infoserver Unable to mount
676.0HGOVA::TIMA_BURANCEMon Sep 07 1992NOMULTBK bugcheck
677.07GIDDAY::HAGANTue Sep 08 1992Mount/verify across Translan.
678.01FRSCS::WEBERWed Sep 09 1992ESS
679.01TEXT::HARRISWed Sep 09 1992VXT2
680.03NANTES::PAYNEWed Sep 09 1992cp -r hangs from Ultrix client
681.01BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Sep 09 1992status of BIND/TAPE/CONNECT
682.04SQM::WUZZLE::BOWERWed Sep 09 1992Device goes into mount verify/timeout at a whim..
683.0CSC32::CALLAGHANThu Sep 10 1992Ultrix: lastcp & dxlastcp unsupported progs on the distrib
684.09ONOIS1::MENGUY_MFri Sep 11 1992VMS Bugcheck when writing write-protected tapes
685.015CSC32::S_LEDOUXMon Sep 14 1992Can't see service for iso 966
687.03GIDDAY::ARTHURMon Sep 14 1992How to tidy up RRD42 stack?
688.04BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Sep 15 1992Questions about standalone backup
689.03BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Sep 15 1992upgrading vms from an infoserver
690.05POLAR::RICHARDSONTue Sep 15 1992MicroVax II with VMS 5.5-2 hangs with ESS V2.1
691.01ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Sep 16 1992Accessing CD with no label ...
693.01PIYUSH::RUPARELIAWed Sep 16 1992Future/PID for next generation INFORSERVER
694.05SORGEN::MICHAELTThu Sep 17 1992cd in mount verification
695.01SWTHOM::WUILQUEThu Sep 17 1992infoserver with ultrix
696.02ANNAP::JFLUHRThu Sep 17 1992InfoServer tapes for large cluster & unattended backup?
697.05UTRTSC::TIELEMANFri Sep 18 1992medofl when using no rz23
698.06BLKPUD::SHAWKFri Sep 18 1992TZ85 tape drives on an infoserver.
700.02GIDDAY::WANMon Sep 21 1992Cannot initialize virtual disk partition.
701.09BLKPUD::SHAWKMon Sep 21 1992dcl-w-usgoto when installing ESS
702.02DEBUG::GALLOMon Sep 21 1992problems updating disk partition
703.01COLTue Sep 22 1992Are MAD devices configured with standalone backup?
704.011JOCKEY::BUCKGTue Sep 22 1992infoserver console ? VCS ???
705.01BIGUN::KEOGHWed Sep 23 1992ESS V2.1 net kit location?
706.06XSTACY::JOCONNORWed Sep 23 1992Info server hardware problems
707.02BSS::G_HEDRICKWed Sep 23 1992RZ25 and RZ26 supported on Infoserver?
709.0STAR::DICKERSONWed Sep 23 1992PCSA causes DAD devices to be unreachable - any fix?
710.04HGOVC::LILLIANTANGThu Sep 24 1992questions regarding Clients and max CD/server
712.02CTOAVX::BERNIERThu Sep 24 1992SoftPC and 327
713.03BLKPUD::SHAWKThu Sep 24 1992V2.1 cd shipped with Infoserver?
714.01CLPRThu Sep 24 1992Infomon for U*ix
715.03GIDDAY::WANFri Sep 25 1992Server write access policy "BLOCKING" does not work.
716.02ALFHD2::ZUMO::SZUMINSKYFri Sep 25 1992Is backup/phy correct for pulling crash_partition?
718.0CSC32::K_DEITKEFri Sep 25 1992MAD device mount verifies during backup.
719.02CSC32::K_DEITKEFri Sep 25 1992How can backup to multiple tapes work?
720.04ULYSSE::MAHIEUXMon Sep 28 1992V2.2 kit access or CD availability
721.06STKHLM::JUTEMARMon Sep 28 1992Performance, PC to Infoserver 1
722.03KEMER::KAYATue Sep 29 1992Limited Number of LAT X Sessions
723.03LAVGOD::ALLENWed Sep 30 1992Mounting CD & Limit Network Polling
724.02CADSYS::LEMONSWed Sep 30 1992Thousands of MOUNTs/DISMOUNTs of a few DAD devices per day
725.01SUOIS3::FALCKThu Oct 01 1992mount CD for SOFTPC use
726.02CSC32::D_WEEKSThu Oct 01 1992SHOW SERVICES/TAPE Problem
727.0NOBOZO::MOSCARITOLOFri Oct 02 1992LAP server bugs
728.011CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Oct 02 1992New to using an INFOSERVER and have lots of ???
729.02WHYNOW::NEWMANFri Oct 02 1992Can two disks become a volume or stripe set?
730.03DREICH::GRANTMon Oct 05 1992Viewing Dos Services
731.01SHAWB1::MILLERMWed Oct 07 1992%ESS-E-BADVMS
732.03BLKPUD::SHAWKThu Oct 08 1992Cannot find LASTCP.EXE.
733.04CADSYS::LEMONSThu Oct 08 1992Some InfoServers visible on some nodes, not visible on others
734.02HANSBC::BACHNERThu Oct 08 1992LASTCP service not seen and EXQUOTA error
735.02LASMon Oct 12 1992make a vms device a service
736.07LABC::RUMon Oct 12 1992Window NT CD on Infoserver
737.0CSC32::S_ROCHFORDTue Oct 13 1992Ethernet bandwidth usage
738.01TLSEWed Oct 14 1992LAST protocol. Documents wanted
739.05SYOMV::BYERSThu Oct 15 1992Infoserver file format?
740.05SWAM2::JAMES_KEThu Oct 15 1992Info on exception 41 crash ?
741.03KAOTFri Oct 16 1992Exabyte supported yet?
742.01CSC32::CALLAGHANSun Oct 18 1992LAD/LAST, LAST uses 8
743.02MSAMMon Oct 19 1992List of CDs available?
744.02METMV4::DRGMon Oct 19 1992Help!! SW Upgrade
745.05KXOMAA::ALLEYMon Oct 19 1992Problem with InfoServer 2.2 Software
746.01TARUGO::ALVAROWed Oct 21 1992CDROM: MSD
747.01MUNICH::TATSAKISWed Oct 21 1992DELETE PARTITION doesn't free the blocks
748.02OSLThu Oct 22 1992Ultrix "no lad services"
749.08MVSUPP::MILLERMThu Oct 22 1992rz57s in MOUNT VERIFY
750.02ELWOOD::LANEThu Oct 22 1992%BACKUP-F-ALLOCMEM, error allocating virtual memory
751.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJThu Oct 22 1992X font sizing problem
752.01VMSNET::E_MAULUCCIThu Oct 22 1992dirty pool
754.02CGOOA::BARNABEFri Oct 23 1992is Infoserver Monitor on condist?
755.01BLKPUD::SHAWKMon Oct 26 1992problems booting diagnostics from an infoserver
756.01RT93::TEDESCOMon Oct 26 199215
757.02CGOOA::GERLITZMon Oct 26 1992Support for Sony Magneto Optical?
758.04DV78Tue Oct 27 1992Client access from Pathworks for Dos
759.0PTOECA::JOEWTue Oct 27 1992MAD device mount verifies
760.09HGOVC::LILLIANTANGWed Oct 28 1992pointer to infoserver for DOS kit & doc
761.02PVAX1::JPHIWed Oct 28 1992How to create R/W DOS partition and use it with F11CD
762.01BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Oct 28 1992LASTDRIVER started on FDDI adaptor.
763.01NEMAIL::LYONSJWed Oct 28 1992Practical Maximum Simultaneous Users
764.011LEMAN::MOINETThu Oct 29 1992TSZ
765.03MARCOM::CLARKThu Oct 29 1992ULTRIX disk won't come clean
767.0CHIPS::PAGEMon Nov 02 1992ESS$MOUNT hangs mounting CDROM
768.02SAC::EDMUNDSTue Nov 03 1992Infoserver s/w available on CD?
769.02SCHERZ::SAMPLTue Nov 03 1992INIT TAPE (TZ85)
770.03BLKPUD::WATTERSONPTue Nov 03 1992ESS-E-NOPOOL again
771.04SALSA::MOELLERTue Nov 03 1992PC Print/File svc from IS 15
773.04SMAC1Thu Nov 05 1992Auto-mount services on ULTRIX client ?
774.01BDX64::GUISELINThu Nov 05 1992how to lend infoserver software without hardware
775.01BLKPUD::SHAWKThu Nov 05 1992MOUNT-F-NONEXPR when using CD_MOUNT.
776.011CGOOA::WASYLENKOThu Nov 05 1992Corporate-wide Backup
777.02OSLFri Nov 06 1992Ultrix Showladservice probl.
778.04GMTNET::SYSTEMMon Nov 09 1992Best way to backup the Infoserver hard disk
779.0HSKPRF::HARALAMon Nov 09 1992?: Any workout for Local VMS CD_ROM to be used by MSDOS/MSCDEX supported
780.03DELNI::SIMEONEMon Nov 09 1992times out mounting cd's
781.03AUSSIE::LISTERMon Nov 09 1992Infoserver crashes partition problems..
782.03KYOA::KULKARNITue Nov 10 1992DOS-cd VIA Mac?
783.01TKTV2Tue Nov 10 1992cp / large file
784.03RANGER::CRAWFORDMon Nov 16 1992help booting standalone on 31
785.04GLIND1::HIOEWed Nov 18 1992VT13
786.07KERNEL::CBANKSThu Nov 19 1992RRD42 mounting orientation info needed...
787.08JOCKEY::63993::Andy-BushThu Nov 19 1992Alpha Support?
788.0UTRTSC::GEERARTSThu Nov 19 1992trying to backup the RZ23L disk in the infoserver
789.03DECAGE::HOWESMon Nov 23 1992Loading Ultrix on a Decstation using an Infoserver.
790.01WMOIS::CHEW_CMon Nov 23 1992%SYSTEM-F-MEDOFL error on $QIO
791.01BACHUS::ROETSTue Nov 24 1992bindladcunit -serviceClass iso_966
792.05ISIDRO::DELCURATue Nov 24 1992Many CD-ROMs accesing in WAN ?
793.03ALFWTue Nov 24 1992VMOUNT hangs mounting CDs
794.02TOHOPE::WSATue Nov 24 1992Service Rating of
795.03UTRTSC::TIELEMANWed Nov 25 1992update to v2.1 and strange behaviour
796.0ISKATE::BILLDWed Nov 25 199215
797.0SMAC1Sun Nov 29 1992LAST support over <1
798.08UTOPIE::SCHIEFERMon Nov 30 1992ultrix 4.3 bookreader problems
799.029LIVES::BELDINMon Nov 30 1992Send/recieve failures on infoserver
800.03BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Dec 01 1992DISMOUNT/NOUNLOAD problem.
801.08CSC32::CALLAGHANTue Dec 01 1992UERF error LADC log abort- F43C????
802.03BLKPUD::WATTERSONPTue Dec 01 1992Can't see SERVICES from VMS
803.08SUBWAY::LEEThu Dec 03 1992TZ85 for standalone and image backup
804.03SQM::BROWNFri Dec 04 1992No media name via sys$getdviw
805.01VAXRIO::IVANSat Dec 05 1992Innfoserver with CD- Very Very Slow
806.06HGOVC::LILLIANTANGMon Dec 07 1992class name
807.06COPCLU::GREGMon Dec 07 1992Backup of multiple VMS systems to an INFOserver
808.03BACHUS::BRST2Tue Dec 08 1992Dynamic rating property does not survive booting
809.06SUFRNG::WSATue Dec 08 1992?83 and no boot after 2.2 upgrade to InfoServer 1
810.05TOHOPE::WSAThu Dec 10 1992crash- exception 1
811.03GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Dec 10 1992Infoserver Platform
812.06BLKPUD::SHAWKFri Dec 11 1992General Quetsions
813.03TENNIS::KAMFri Dec 11 1992enable Disk and Tape support for an Infoserver 15
814.03EEMELI::KORKKOSat Dec 12 1992Tape support on Ultrix?
815.02LEMAN::ROSSIERMon Dec 14 1992Audio CD access for MacIntosh ?
816.05ANGLIN::LAUERSDORFMon Dec 14 1992How do you boot standalone on VAX 762
817.018ANGLIN::SCOTTGMon Dec 14 1992Infoserver tape support (ESS
818.03SUFRNG::WSAWed Dec 16 1992NEC CDR-74, Has someone tried this on an InfoServer?
819.06CSC32::K_DEITKEFri Dec 18 1992system-w-dataoverun doing backups to infoserver tape drive
820.01SWTHOM::MENICACCIMon Dec 21 1992Can f11cd
821.04GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Dec 22 1992NOSUCHDEV problem with mount cd disk
823.010SAC::MUNRO_MThu Dec 24 1992V2.2 Of Inforserver software
824.02GIDDAY::WANTue Dec 29 1992READBLOCK error during remote backup of local RZ23L
825.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Dec 29 1992remount problem with dev not available for mount/nosuch
826.03FUTURE::RHUHTALATue Dec 29 1992Data loss after Insufficient memory Info Server crash
827.03UTRTSC::XAVEERWed Dec 30 1992Infoserverclient on Macintosh
828.06BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONWed Dec 30 1992Any plans for a Windows NT Client?
829.0KERNEL::PARKERDAThu Dec 31 1992Multivolume infoserver tape support.
830.04OTOP39::pondMon Jan 04 1993CDC InfoServer product?
831.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Jan 06 1993clarify client s/w for VMS .
832.02QBUS::LOVELLWed Jan 06 1993DOS format of 2 gigabyte disk
833.05CRONIC::ANTROBUSWed Jan 06 1993UNXSIGNAL Bugcheck on VMS V5.5-2/ESS V2.
834.06TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 07 1993Does the InfoServer accept infinite connects?
835.02TAINO::RUIZJMon Jan 11 1993Mounting service on Ultrix V4.3
836.01KYOA::KOCHMon Jan 11 1993Where is doc for resetting Infoserver Password?
837.07SMURF::BEIKMANWed Jan 13 1993humble request for a loaner
839.01VIVIAN::S_DONNELLYThu Jan 14 1993Diagnostic timeout fixed in 2.2??
840.0ANGLIN::SCOTTGThu Jan 14 1993Infoserver tapes and OPCOM messages
841.02TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 14 1993Disks and Tape Access Functions - two separate CDROMS??
842.0VNABRW::ARCH_RFri Jan 15 1993Ever lasting Backup to INFOSERVER Tape
843.02--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 15 1993Pathworks on CDDS
844.01CRLRFR::BLUNTFri Jan 15 1993Are the helpfiles incomplete for V2.2?
845.018CSC32::M_MONDOZZISat Jan 16 1993TZ86 support?
846.02EBYGUM::WATTERSONPMon Jan 18 1993BACKUP-F-NOTANSI restoring from TZ857 & TZ85
847.01ISEQ::ROLEARYMon Jan 18 1993Running on multiple adapters. Has this been answered ?
848.01CSC32::D_COHNMon Jan 18 1993ESS$MADDRIVER.EXE version question?
849.08STUTue Jan 19 1993TLZ
850.01ROMTue Jan 19 1993Real multivendor agents in the future ?
851.06SUFRNG::WSATue Jan 19 1993Bogus partition size?
852.01ROMWed Jan 20 1993Infoserver in no DEC pc environment, it'll work?
853.02XSTACY::MDUNPHYWed Jan 20 1993Application programming interface
855.01VNABRW::ARCH_RThu Jan 21 1993ONLINE Doc's for LAST ?
856.01CSOA1::GLASSFORDFri Jan 22 1993Upgrade to ver 2.2 questions.
857.05ISIDRO::DELCURAFri Jan 22 1993Backup for Alpha ?
858.01DLO15::SCHLICHTINGFri Jan 22 1993Infoserver v2.2 Release Notes location?
859.02I8BEVO::FINDLEYSun Jan 24 1993User limit?
860.01ROMMon Jan 25 1993LAST protocol on X.25 connection ?
861.0DOD2::PARKERMon Jan 25 1993Help with LASTDRIVER and Lan-manager
862.01ROCKT::MAMon Jan 25 1993info needed how to use infoserver on VMS5.5?
863.01MIMS::FINKELSTEINMon Jan 25 1993Cannot use Infoserver from ULTRIX V4.3
864.01PEACHS::PEACHS::BECHTOLDMon Jan 25 1993What are Orphan Partitions?
865.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jan 26 19931
866.01TKOV51::MIZUTAMAWed Jan 27 1993LASTport protocol document ?
867.02IJSAPL::PEURSUMWed Jan 27 1993Infoserver 15
868.06VMSNET::R_SZUMINSKYThu Jan 28 1993EXCEPTION 11 Curr: 5 PC : 8
870.03BLKPUD::SHAWKThu Jan 28 1993DAD device going into Mount Verification
871.04TROOA::PIERCEThu Jan 28 1993Product manager name / number?
872.01HAEXLI::PMAIERFri Jan 29 1993Infoserver 15
873.04DLOFri Jan 29 1993ESS$STARTUP and "no such device available"
874.01HGSWS1::GILBERTYIPMon Feb 01 1993diff kind of PC programs using CD-ROM
875.03KAOFS::A_FOURNIERMon Feb 01 1993mount/verify - infoserver/cdrom
876.01HGSWS1::GILBERTYIPMon Feb 01 1993what switch for MSCDEX.EXE?
877.03MUNICH::PFLUGERTue Feb 02 1993large response time for mounting dad-devices
878.06CGOOA::HOMMENTue Feb 02 1993wan/performance/tz86 questions
879.02KXOVAX::ISAACTue Feb 02 1993rock ridge today
880.05ROMVLC::SYSTEMWed Feb 03 1993Tape access ?
881.0GOYA::ACTECWed Feb 03 1993Backup Multivolume to RWZ
882.0ONOIS1::MARZINThu Feb 04 1993label processing on TZ85
883.01TAVIS::BOAZSun Feb 07 1993Using the infoserver to load fonts
884.01GIDDAY::SMALLMon Feb 08 1993DAD spinlock/MP performance question
885.07ADO75A::MCSHANEMon Feb 08 1993Infoserver Client for Novell Server?
886.03ISEQ::ROLEARYTue Feb 09 1993Problem seeing Tape Service.
887.06TROUTue Feb 09 1993Printer Services On Infoserver15
888.01DELNI::KLINKWed Feb 10 19932 Ethernet Controllers
889.018BLKPUD::SHAWKThu Feb 11 1993Questions about bootstrapping
890.02MSBCS::HURLEYThu Feb 11 1993lad/last protocol type?
891.05TOHOPE::WSAFri Feb 12 1993Can UPDATE SYSTEM copy 2.2 from a partition instead of a cd?
892.05VMSNET::RRICKMon Feb 15 1993Banyan Vines & InfoServer Client for DOS
893.06SUBWAY::HERENDEENTue Feb 16 1993Infoserver unreachable
894.0ELMAGO::AHACHEThu Feb 18 1993borrow CD for 2.2
895.02MARSThu Feb 18 1993load of diag on VAX from an INFOSERVER ?
896.04EDWIN::BERGERSat Feb 20 1993VERY SLOW archive bit clear
897.02GYUPCC::URBANSat Feb 20 1993automatic mount on ULTRIX for infoserver
898.03SUBURB::POWELLMMon Feb 22 1993Tape access to non-VMS systems?
899.01BLKPUD::SHAWKMon Feb 22 1993Infoserver 15
900.01CGOOA::BARNABEMon Feb 22 1993Where is CONDIST notesfile
901.0MEO78A::SIMMONDSTue Feb 23 1993unbind MADnnnn: /NOUNLOAD ??
902.01UTRTSC::VVISSERTue Feb 23 1993How to recover from verify errors?
903.03CSC32::D_MAHDERTue Feb 23 1993Booting 4
904.07STIMPY::QUODLINGTue Feb 23 1993The infotower.. bravo, team...
905.02MUNICH::REINWed Feb 24 1993Label switching on dad device when mount/for
906.09MUNICH::PFLUGERWed Feb 24 1993mount gives nosuchdev
907.01BACHUS::VERCAMMENWed Feb 24 1993PGFIPLHI crash at MADDRIVER+1238 - VMS V5.5-2
908.05TKOV51::SATO_TETThu Feb 25 1993Q about RZ23L in InfoServer
909.01HAMSUP::HOLMThu Feb 25 1993SPD V 2.2 confusing RZ57?
910.01DECAUX::ULLI::BOSTERSThu Feb 25 1993LADCP help libr. problem...
911.01MAIL::KULESSAThu Feb 25 1993Pathworks TCP/IP
912.04OSLACT::LARSL_PThu Feb 25 1993Problem reading Kodak Photo CD (ISO966
913.01MUNICH::REINFri Feb 26 1993Infoserver seen only from 1 node in 3 node cluster
914.03NSTG::FOXFri Feb 26 1993ISL code not being copied to temp partition...
915.02AUSSIE::LISTERSat Feb 27 1993VMS install problems. LASTgroup problem possibly??
916.08TAVSun Feb 28 1993How to install/use DecLearn CDrom?
917.02UTROP1::OEVELEN_PMon Mar 01 1993RX26 supported on Infoserver ??
918.03HGOVC::KELVINYEUNGMon Mar 01 1993LAN Manager Coexistence
919.01CIVAGE::PRIM13::arabiaMon Mar 01 1993Can I do This?
920.01EVOCDG::CHANCEWed Mar 03 1993TLZ
921.02PRSSUD::CARRAYROUWed Mar 03 1993LASTport Handbook order number
922.03ARRODS::WINTERSSThu Mar 04 1993INFOSERVER Based Restores
923.01UNYEM::SCHOLZThu Mar 04 1993YABQ - Yet Another Backup Question
924.012ROMTSS::CERIOLIFri Mar 05 1993LADC log - endServiceCB(): Unit 2 is disconnected, LAST reason = 4, LAD reason =
925.04NEWVAX::SPANNFri Mar 05 1993Limiting Access to DOS Application
926.03MAIL::SEITZMon Mar 08 1993MUMPS database on InfoServer?
927.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJTue Mar 09 1993Why classic, SE not supported?
928.01MUNICH::TATSAKISWed Mar 10 1993ESS
929.06WMOIS::DUPREZ_RWed Mar 10 1993problem with multi-volume BACKUP - has it been addressed?
930.02SQMJPN::KAKIMOTOTue Mar 16 1993F11CD order number. XZYAA or YSHAA ?
931.01BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Mar 16 1993Fixes in 2.2?
932.01SMAC1Wed Mar 17 1993More than 8 drives at once on ULTRIX client ?
933.03CIVAGE::PRIM13::arabiaWed Mar 17 1993Infoserver Client for DOS Kit
934.01CSC32::NOVEYWed Mar 17 1993Why is VMS
935.01SWLAVC::ALTIERIWed Mar 17 1993Client Driver Not available
936.03RULLE::KLASSONMon Mar 22 1993VXT V1.2 Services disappered after Infoserver reboot
937.01DPDMAI::FISCHERMon Mar 22 1993nosuchdev problems
938.02SWTHOM::WUILQUETue Mar 23 1993setld on infoserver 15
939.01RT93::SENGUPTATue Mar 23 1993Services for non-DEC Unix w/s
940.03OSLACT::BJORNWed Mar 24 1993Cluster-wide mount of DAD-disks?
941.01ZURFri Mar 26 1993regulat ft kit ULT Infoserver client v1.1
942.02CSC32::S_WAHLMon Mar 29 1993Infoserver 15
943.02PAOIS::LOCHOUARNWed Mar 31 1993Infoserver as centralized backup system?
944.07KERNEL::TAGGARTNThu Apr 01 1993Infoserver Client for MAC problems
945.0MUNICH::REINFri Apr 02 1993Backup brings medium offline
946.01MUNSBE::ROHDETue Apr 06 1993Info-server client 1.1 crash Ultrix 4.3
947.01DPDMAI::RITZCTue Apr 06 1993VXT V1.3 available?
948.01RHETT::SHEPPARDWed Apr 07 1993ULTRIX & Infoserver problems
949.01ZENA::PINNAThu Apr 08 1993rz58 on infoserver
950.03HLFSThu Apr 08 1993infoserver15
951.02ONOIS1::VIGNONFri Apr 09 1993MAD disappears on dismount
952.015EDWIN::BERGERFri Apr 09 1993Macintosh Client V1.1
953.01ALFHD2::MIMS::DOUGLAS_DMon Apr 12 1993What and where is the INFOSTUP.BAT file
954.03SAC::BURGESSSun Apr 12 1992VMS and ULTRIX Consolidated Documentation?
955.01BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Apr 14 1992ESS$MADDRIVER file id from patch ESSCLD
956.04FRANZC::ChristopherTue Apr 14 1992Tape client driver unavailable ?
957.03EEMELI::PAKKANENWed Apr 15 1992documentation problem
958.04MUNICH::TATSAKISWed Apr 15 1992F11CD
959.01EBYGUM::WATTERSONPSat Apr 18 1992Packet sizes
960.06MIACT::CARTERRWed Apr 21 1993V1.1 Client kit for Ultrix.
961.05CSC32::PITTWed Apr 21 1993fujitsu drive
962.03UTRTSC::PEETERSWed Apr 21 1993TZ85 mount verify with m. savesets
963.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Apr 21 1993SAVE does not save password after reboot
964.02GIDDAY::HADDADWed Apr 21 1993When is Infoserver V3.
965.03ZURThu Apr 22 1993cdds support ??
967.06BLKPUD::SHAWKFri Apr 23 1993Trouble starting LAST using ESS$STARTUP
968.05NSTG::FOXFri Apr 23 1993Subset Installation Failure with Ultrix CLNT V1.1
969.0ROMMon Apr 26 1993* URGENT * Infoserver support for TZ867...
970.04MUNICH::TATSAKISMon Apr 26 1993TZ85: Problem with backup restore
971.03TKOV51::SATO_TETTue Apr 27 1993Access DAT via Infoserver ??
972.03REFINE::HUGHESTue Apr 27 1993Convert InfoServer -> InfoServer 15
973.01SUFRNG::WSATue Apr 27 19936 cd's combined into one service?
974.04BEBBI1::BCOM37::STUKERTue Apr 27 1993User Access Accounting
975.02KYOA::KOCHTue Apr 27 1993Order number for V3.
976.03WAYLAY::GORDONTue Apr 27 1993InfoServer 1
977.01CMOTEC::JASPERWed Apr 28 1993Use infoserver for extra Alpha storage ?
978.0KERNEL::SHELLEYRWed Apr 28 1993Error in INFOSERV
979.0CITYFS::STUCKEYThu Apr 29 1993Cpu ROMS for Infoserver
980.0SNOCThu Apr 29 1993Performance & Configuration guide??
981.01RTPLThu Apr 29 1993Alpha OSF/1 client?
982.03SUBWAY::KABELThu Apr 29 1993InfoServer 1
983.03BEBBI1::BCOM37::STUKERFri Apr 30 1993Documentation of monitor utility
984.01AYOV17::BDONALDSONFri Apr 30 1993V3.
985.02ALFHD2::MIMS::DOUGLAS_DFri Apr 30 1993CDR1
986.05PILCH::HELMUTMon May 03 1993max. Partitionsize for Infoserver Disk ?
987.04BACHUS::DEMEYERTue May 04 1993Infoserver15
988.01FAILTE::MATOPO::gracieTue May 04 1993UNISYS on-line docs anyone?????
989.01WMOIS::DUPREZ_RTue May 04 1993InfoServer callable interface?
990.02SUBWAY::HERENDEENTue May 04 1993InfoServer for DOS with WRQ's Reflection 2 Software
991.03CSC32::D_COHNTue May 04 1993Problem reading "F11CD
992.01SUFRNG::WSATue May 04 1993V1.1 License scheme. How to raise authorized license count?
993.05WAGGIS::SCHWYNWed May 05 1993MAC Client mount
994.02SUBURB::JAMESHThu May 06 1993TFA Upgrade Problem
995.05KBOMFG::ADEHUYSSERFri May 07 1993SCSI device support update, or history only?
996.03KBOMFG::ADEHUYSSERFri May 07 1993SCSI connector of Infoserver 1
997.01EBYGUM::CLOUGHCFri May 07 1993INFOSERVER VTX disk backup ??
998.0PLAYER::VANDYCKFri May 07 1993Infoserver disk becomes unreachable from host
999.07SEDOAS::MANNINGFri May 07 1993DOS Client or X device ?
1000.01TROOA::TYOUNGFri May 07 1993Infoserver 1
1001.011CRONIC::ANTROBUSFri May 07 1993%SYSTEM-F-IVBUFLEN, invalid buffer length on ESS startup
1002.01HTSC19::DENISLIMon May 10 1993Infoserver 15
1003.04THEMV1::EMMANUELMon May 10 1993Infoserver access from VMS with SoftPC.
1004.01CGOSMon May 10 1993Infoserver with 21 CDs and PCs?
1005.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPWed May 12 1993How many tapes on infoserver?
1006.01BLKPUD::SHAWKWed May 12 1993MAD device deleted after batch job
1007.02ZURThu May 13 1993ISO 966
1008.0LARVAE::WALKER_AThu May 13 1993MS Windows VTX client install on info server
1009.02MIACT::ROWELLFri May 14 1993ESS
1010.01ISTWI1::ERTASTue May 18 1993database backup?......
1011.03UTROP1::OEVELEN_PTue May 18 1993TLZ
1012.03KERNEL::LLOYDATue May 18 1993LAT service is not password protected (tmp)
1013.04RUPERT::BROWNWed May 19 1993unable to mount iso-966
1014.06CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed May 19 1993Binding and mounting Infoserver disks on startup?
1015.03CSC32::D_COHNWed May 19 1993Problem MOP loading XYPLEX terminal server
1016.02LISPRO::RIBEIROOThu May 20 1993Extending partition from the user interface?
1018.01CSC32::L_DVORAKFri May 21 1993What is ISL_SCRIPT.ESS used for?
1019.01DMOTSMon May 24 1993any infos about KI RESEARCH
1020.04WAGGIS::SCHWYNMon May 24 1993Disk service problem
1021.01ISIDRO::DELCURAMon May 24 1993Logicraft vs. Infoserver
1022.01ROMMon May 24 1993Boot vax from infoserver ......
1023.01BLKPUD::SHAWKMon May 24 1993ESS$MADDRIVER provided with v3.
1024.04NSTG::FOXWed May 26 1993Fully loaded InfoTower & InfoServer 1
1025.04VAXRIO::OCTAVIOThu May 27 1993Network LOAD server?? Can Infoserver do it ??
1026.08BLKPUD::SHAWKThu May 27 1993Infoserver crash dumps
1027.02MUNICH::REINFri May 28 1993CD_MOUNT/SYSTEM ???
1028.01WASHDC::SARASINFri May 28 1993Is a beta kit for OSF/1 available?
1029.05KYOA::KOCHMon May 31 1993V3.
1031.01ALFHD1::MIMS::DOUGLAS_DTue Jun 01 1993ESS
1032.02UTRTSC::TIELEMANWed Jun 02 1993infoserver client documentation
1033.010ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZWed Jun 02 1993tsz
1034.01EWBV37::FUJIIThu Jun 03 1993Can't use tape from client
1035.01DMOTSThu Jun 03 1993DISK & TAPE HP are supported on Infoserver?
1036.03ALFHD1::ZUMO::SZUMINSKYThu Jun 03 1993Version 2.2 crash on two InfoServer 15
1037.01CX3PST::DEIMOS::D_COHNThu Jun 03 1993Tape drive configuration for Infoserver-1
1038.05LISVAX::BRITOFri Jun 04 1993ESS
1039.02CX3PST::DEIMOS::D_COHNFri Jun 04 1993Will the May CON-DIST provide OpenDisk Functionality?
1041.01WAGGIS::SCHWYNMon Jun 07 1993y
1042.055EDWIN::HARVELLMon Jun 07 1993A note for any interested OSF/1 parties
1043.08CMOTEC::EVANSTue Jun 08 1993General ISL questions.
1045.02BLKPUD::HUGHESSTue Jun 08 1993backup retrieve lose vxt customisations
1046.03UTRTSC::TIELEMANTue Jun 08 1993data-overrun blksize 32256, 32767 ok
1047.02DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Jun 08 1993SUN Client?
1048.011BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Jun 09 1993Problems changing infoserver prompt
1049.01BACHUS::VERELSTWed Jun 09 1993runtime error 2
1050.02EDWIN::GUISSOWed Jun 09 1993InfoServer Client for DOS Version 2.
1051.01NSTG::FOXWed Jun 09 1993InfoServer 1
1052.06DPDMAI::BERNALWed Jun 09 1993Mount/verify/timeout state when copying from cd
1053.01EEMELI::KORKKOThu Jun 10 1993ESS V3.
1054.01CMOTEC::TURNERThu Jun 10 1993BA35
1055.05ROMFri Jun 11 1993* URGENT * ...MS-DOS Client's kit required ...
1056.0WHYMAC::KENTMon Jun 14 1993PC applications available for CD access
1057.04MUNICH::REINMon Jun 14 1993TF857 and BACKUP-F-POSITERR
1058.03FROCKY::KRIEBELTue Jun 15 1993overcome "NO SA-Backup" restriction ?
1059.02UTROP1::OEVELEN_PTue Jun 15 1993What about the status of the TZ86 support
1060.01VMSNET::E_MAULUCCITue Jun 15 1993tz867 mount verify
1061.07BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Jun 16 1993Tape service disappeared
1062.01ELMAGO::AHACHEWed Jun 16 1993MicroVAX 31
1063.04QBUS::LOVELLWed Jun 16 1993USE/SHOW/ALL Password Column?
1064.01JDARC::SANTACREUThu Jun 17 1993Tape support for what O.S
1065.02ADO75A::SHARPEFri Jun 18 1993InfoServer and NETBUEI access
1066.0NBOFS1::HAHNFri Jun 18 1993mount verify during backup
1067.01VNABRW::ERDEIFri Jun 18 1993RZ73/74 on infoserver15
1068.09CRONIC::LIVINGSTONEFri Jun 18 1993Problems with Ultrix V1.1 Client on June CONDIST release & missing install guide/release notes
1069.01HAEXLI::PMAIERMon Jun 21 1993RSM 2.4 is changing startup sequence
1070.02ZURMon Jun 21 1993ods_2 via Infoserver Client ULT
1071.01BONNET::MAHERMon Jun 21 1993PC Memory Question
1072.01KYOA::KOCHMon Jun 21 1993Does VXT config files require a DK1 drive?
1073.01BBPPDR::ROWELLTue Jun 22 1993MOP timeout
1074.02BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Jun 22 1993Data transfer
1075.05BACHUS::BRST2Tue Jun 22 1993Back/physical did not restore partition attributes and services.
1076.09DYPSS1::THESINGTue Jun 22 1993ODI InfoServer drivers????
1077.02AUSSIE::SULLIVANWed Jun 23 1993Ultrix client problem ('last_init' at startup).
1080.09FAILTE::TODDFri Jun 25 1993using the a tape facility on the infoserver
1081.03CRONIC::LIVINGSTONEFri Jun 25 1993Problems with V3 SSB release of Infoserver System software
1082.04KTOV12::TAKEUCHIMon Jun 28 1993q: MO initialize from ultrix client
1083.05BLKPUD::SHAWKMon Jun 28 1993Infoserver v3.1 Base level 18
1084.04CSOADM::ROTHTue Jun 29 1993Access hang from host on extended LAN
1085.03SUFRNG::WSAThu Jul 01 1993%ess-e-notessods
1086.02ORO5Thu Jul 01 1993Standalone Backup questions ?
1087.02GIDDAY::KINGSMILLFri Jul 02 1993DK
1088.03HGRDFri Jul 02 1993Network kit for Infoserver V3.
1089.07COMICS::GLEDHILLMon Jul 05 1993VMS crashes when tape backup aborted - version 3.
1090.02WARABI::CHIUANDREWTue Jul 06 1993Remote Boot VXA4
1091.04ZURTue Jul 06 19934
1092.01BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Jul 06 1993F11CD problem
1093.02LEMAN::LA_GIOIAWed Jul 07 1993lock error
1094.04BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Jul 07 1993Partition ID mismatch VERIFY errors
1095.01OTOUWed Jul 07 1993Delete Disk Function for Infoserver VXT
1096.03GIDDAY::SHCHIUThu Jul 08 1993Is alpha vms infoserver client kit in cd dist ?
1097.08MUNICH::REINThu Jul 08 1993backup to infoserver tape
1098.02MUNICH::REINThu Jul 08 1993Infoserver Monitor will not work
1099.02UTRTSC::HALLINGMon Jul 12 1993Infoserver v3.
1100.012ATHINA::RALLISTue Jul 13 1993U: Questions on tape drives and INFOserver 1
1101.02BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Jul 13 1993Pool Poisoning
1102.01XSTACY::HUTTONTue Jul 13 1993CD_MOUNT problem
1103.03CSC32::CALLAGHANTue Jul 13 1993Customers DEMANDING tape support
1104.02SUFRNG::WSAWed Jul 14 1993f11cd strips dates?
1105.01MUNICH::REINThu Jul 15 1993Question about dismount/nounload of tapes
1106.03COPCLU::NISSENThu Jul 15 1993%LADCP-I-CONNACCDENIED, when connection to Infoserver system disk
1107.01CLPRFri Jul 16 1993INVEXCEPTN at LASTDRIVER +
1108.04SUFRNG::WSAFri Jul 16 1993INFOMON and OpenVMS V6.
1109.02MIMS::GRAFT_JFri Jul 16 1993Infoserver client 1.1 and Centris
1110.07MUNICH::REINMon Jul 19 1993Infomon doesn't work at 5.5-2??
1111.017DECLNE::PEACOCKMon Jul 19 1993Sony CD-Recordable drive
1112.02WASHDC::SARASINTue Jul 20 1993help on showladservice
1113.02BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Jul 20 1993Infoserver Halts when do a REBOOT
1114.01HOULA::SABIAUXWed Jul 21 1993automount v2.1 and v3.
1115.0DECAUX::ULLI::BOSTERSWed Jul 21 1993Parity error with 3.
1116.02FRSTSC::WEBERWed Jul 21 1993pool decrease x3.1
1117.03DECLNE::WILLETTWed Jul 21 1993data compression support
1118.03TAVThu Jul 22 1993F11CD kit for VMS V6.
1119.02EVOCDG::RALLISThu Jul 22 1993Disk (tape) client driver not available
1120.03DYPSS6::SMITHThu Jul 22 1993Audio CD - VAX/VMS
1121.01HAMSC2::JPULLERFri Jul 23 1993infoserver 15
1122.01CX3PST::WSC254::CARTERMon Jul 26 1993Is there a LAD$DEVICE logical name?
1123.0STAR::DEAN_GWed Jul 28 1993Epsilon IFT CD-ROM mailing list
1124.03WELSWS::EGGINTONThu Jul 29 1993VAX 46
1125.01SWLAVC::ALTIERIThu Jul 29 1993Partitions
1126.03DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Jul 29 1993KEY for Disk Function Access???
1127.01CGOOA::KLIPPENSTEINThu Jul 29 1993DILOG worm Drive support ?
1128.03YUPPY::BURGESSMTue Aug 03 1993Infoserver 1
1129.04KYOA::KOCHThu Aug 05 1993Customer has issue with Infoserver tape drives
1130.0OTOOA::PONDMon Aug 09 1993Discport product - direct competitor for InfoServer?
1131.05DECLNE::PEACOCKMon Aug 09 1993What comes with H
1132.03GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue Aug 10 1993System Crash At LASTDRIVER+3
1133.010SUBURB::POWELLMTue Aug 10 1993End of Life for the InfoServer 15
1134.015UTRTSC::VVISSERWed Aug 11 1993Too many services to save in NVRAM.
1135.03CSOADM::ROTHThu Aug 12 1993BIND uses logical translation for DAD$<servicename>
1136.01SNAX::VIRGONAThu Aug 12 1993Crash, crash, crash. UNXSIGNAL/SSRVEXCEPT/MULDEALNPAG
1137.02YUPPY::BURGESSMFri Aug 13 1993Licensing/Enhancements/Modems
1138.05WAYLAY::GORDONFri Aug 13 1993Known V3.
1139.03OSLMon Aug 16 1993DOS Client: Connecting from MS Windows? Version numbers?
1140.07UTRTSC::PEETERSMon Aug 16 1993MAD problems with OPCOM and device ownership
1141.05BIGRED::THOMPSONMon Aug 16 1993Tape support on Alpha VMS
1142.01MALTM1::SMEDBERGTue Aug 17 1993What is the diffrence of "MSDOS" and "V2.
1143.03DECLNE::KENNYWed Aug 18 1993rz26 supported on 15
1144.02CHEFS::BUXTONRWed Aug 18 1993TZ86 with InfoServer 1
1145.01CSC32::BUCKWed Aug 18 1993MOUNT of RWZ
1146.02CSC32::BUCKFri Aug 20 1993Invalid ACPTYPE for ISO966
1147.01GUIDUK::MACHSat Aug 21 1993InfoTower 1
1148.04TAVIS::ERANMon Aug 23 1993Can we connect a scanner ?!
1149.01CSC32::PITTMon Aug 23 1993gets crashing 31
1150.03DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Aug 24 1993TKZ6
1151.01DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Aug 24 1993TKZ
1152.04BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Aug 25 1993Pool Problems.
1153.04MIMS::GRAFT_JWed Aug 25 1993Centris 61
1154.05SUBURB::POWELLMThu Aug 26 1993 Alphatronix Inspire information?
1155.08MINNY::STOERRLEINThu Aug 26 1993Multisession possibility?
1156.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPThu Aug 26 1993Why ess
1157.05NSTG::FOXMon Aug 30 1993InfoServer Client Still not working on AXP V1.5!
1158.04TOHOPE::WSAMon Aug 30 1993%ess-e-nopool when 95% of pool is free, using 3.
1159.01SWLAVC::ALTIERIMon Aug 30 1993%MOUNT-F-VOLINSET, volume is already part...
1160.0TAVTue Aug 31 1993Library of congress CDROM on Infoserver?
1161.07TAVIS::ERANTue Aug 31 1993Physical characteristics needed
1162.03PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Aug 31 1993Where'd all my space go
1164.01ZURWed Sep 01 1993F11CD
1165.0IRNBRU::GRANTWed Sep 01 1993Pc's using 1gb service
1166.01MUNICH::REINWed Sep 01 1993dismount/nounload doesn't break the connection to tape service
1167.01PULMAN::ALUNNI::alunniWed Sep 01 1993Infoserver 15
1168.02DECLNE::PEACOCKWed Sep 01 1993VTX's on Infoserver without disk?
1169.01PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGThu Sep 02 1993INVEXCEPTN, MADDRIVER+12F4, Use of Deallocated IRP
1170.01CX3PST::DEIMOS::D_COHNThu Sep 02 1993F11CD support for OpenVMS-AXP V1.5?
1171.05SUBURB::POWELLMTue Sep 07 1993 An upgrade to V3.
1172.05YUPPY::BURGESSMTue Sep 07 1993Windows for Workgroups ?
1173.02BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Sep 08 1993Clients for HP machines - any yet?
1174.02MUNICH::TATSAKISWed Sep 08 1993TLZ
1175.01ALFHD2::MIMS::MUNOZ_CWed Sep 08 1993infoserver owners of lastdrivers
1176.0KURTAN::TORLINDThu Sep 09 1993Tape and no such service
1177.02KAOFS::P_SAVOIEThu Sep 09 1993Microsoft Select CD directories cannot be opened
1178.03ACSCKS::SHARROWThu Sep 09 1993Info server cds hang when switching networks on openVMS 6.
1180.05ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKFri Sep 10 1993TZ867, Infoserver 15
1181.0HGTAI1::BRENDACAOSat Sep 11 1993NON-DEC UNIX W/S client support?
1182.02UTRTSC::PEETERSMon Sep 13 1993Fixed MADDRIVER available ?
1183.04GIDDAY::CHAPMANTue Sep 14 1993Media for infoserver 1
1184.05KILARA::DEANGELISTue Sep 14 1993Copied disk has fewer blocks than source?
1185.03UTRTSC::TIELEMANTue Sep 14 1993infoserver 15
1186.02COPCLU::WAGTBERGWed Sep 15 1993InfoServer 1
1187.01UTRTSC::DORLANDWed Sep 15 1993Sources for MADdriver ??
1188.0JAMTEN::NILSSONWed Sep 15 1993TLZ
1189.04CSC32::B_MACKENZIEThu Sep 16 1993which infoserver is my DAD device connected to
1190.01SWLAVC::ALTIERIThu Sep 16 1993VXT2
1191.03MIMS::ZUMO::SZUMINSKYFri Sep 17 1993BL17 crash @ pc=8
1192.01MSESU4::MCCULLERSFri Sep 17 1993CD-ROM not High Sierra or ISO-966
1193.01JAMTEN::NILSSONMon Sep 20 1993When is Infoserver 3.1 ready to ship?
1194.03JAMTEN::NILSSONMon Sep 20 1993ESS
1195.01DPDMAI::SMITHDMon Sep 20 1993InfoServer 15
1196.01TROOA::TYOUNGMon Sep 20 1993exit
1197.01BGOTue Sep 21 1993infoserver clients hangs..
1198.0WAGGIS::SCHWYNTue Sep 21 1993Is Dosloader supported
1199.01COPCLU::GREGWed Sep 22 1993Upgrade infoserver to VXT?
1200.01OTOOA::DILLMANWed Sep 22 1993Convert RRD42-AA to RRD42-JL
1201.01ROMThu Sep 23 1993Remote kernel upgrade in no DEC env.
1202.05XSTACY::JLUNDONThu Sep 23 1993SYS$ASSIGN/SYS$QIOW read only disk problem
1203.02SWLAVC::ALTIERIMon Sep 27 199311th CD - Does not mount
1204.01KAOATue Sep 28 1993Deleting partitions to regain diskspace...
1205.014BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Sep 28 1993Pool Problems and server hang problems
1206.07MDCRAB::MARSHALLTue Sep 28 1993Mastering?
1207.02ADO75A::CLEGHORNWed Sep 29 1993Mixed CD types
1208.01POLAR::KAOP95::coneillWed Sep 29 1993Infoserver used as backup tool
1209.01CMOTEC::JASPERWed Sep 29 1993IS1
1210.01WAYLAY::GORDONWed Sep 29 1993InfoServer Folklore -- Information for Customer Distributiion
1211.01WAYLAY::GORDONWed Sep 29 1993Questions/Discussion of announcements in topic 121
1212.06COPCLU::WAGTBERGWed Sep 29 19933. party CD-drive support?
1213.01CSC32::SCHLABSWed Sep 29 1993tar: Directory Checksum errors install ultrix client v1.1 from june 1993 cd
1214.09WMOIS::JAMBU_SWed Sep 29 1993ISO 966
1215.04KETJE::DIERICKMon Oct 04 1993Burning CD's from OSF/1 for OSF/1 file system
1216.03CRLRFR::BLUNTMon Oct 04 1993Parts breakdown for Infoserver?
1217.09GENRAL::T_LEBARIOMon Oct 04 1993Problem w. DFA Install on 15
1218.02BERNTue Oct 05 1993MEDLINE CD database(s)
1219.010EBYGUM::TAYLORJWed Oct 06 1993Hang trying to boot standalone backup from VMS
1220.02BLKPUD::SHAWKThu Oct 07 1993ISL boot 761
1221.02ROMTSS::DESIDERIFri Oct 08 1993ESS
1222.01TROOA::LFUNGFri Oct 08 1993Seagate 4766N
1223.02DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Oct 12 1993CD/R function and Hard Disk?
1224.03USWRSL::LIOU_PETue Oct 12 1993load VXT sw over the network
1225.04BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Oct 13 1993Failover on PC clients
1226.01HANSBC::BACHNERWed Oct 13 1993how do I copy a small disk to a bigger one ?
1227.03PVAX1::JPHIMon Oct 18 1993Problem with SZ12G enclosure
1228.01COBI::VAXNOTESMon Oct 18 1993Exabyte on infoserver 1
1229.07DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Oct 19 1993Any plans for RZ28 in future?
1230.013CGOOA::DOLMANTue Oct 19 1993Writing to Infoserver disk with SAB
1232.02CRONIC::COLBATHWed Oct 20 1993Create Menu question
1233.05CSC32::D_COHNWed Oct 20 1993Confusion over "PEMANENT vs. NOPERMANT" MAD: device
1234.06MUNICH::HSTOECKLINThu Oct 21 1993Temporary MOP services?
1235.02BELFST::HILLISThu Oct 21 19931
1236.014WAYLAY::GORDONThu Oct 21 1993Announcing V3.1 Field Test Update (BL21) for internal use
1238.02OSLFri Oct 22 1993how to copy fonts to an infoserver
1239.01CSC32::D_COHNFri Oct 22 1993Need pointer to documentation on MOP DLL update procedure
1241.03ROMTSS::RUSSOMon Oct 25 1993Tape support, when and where ?
1242.02VELI::KORKKOMon Oct 25 1993Infoserver and CD/R drives
1243.02TAVMon Oct 25 1993Could I connect "MAXTOR" CDROM device?
1244.02BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Oct 26 1993ISL support on v6.
1245.01COLTue Oct 26 1993RPL support for remote boot of PCs
1246.01VAXRIO::VELASCOTue Oct 26 1993Hard disk going to mount verification.
1247.02CSC32::BUCKWed Oct 27 1993Tape Client for OpenVMS 5.
1248.01DMOTSWed Oct 27 1993Problem with ISO-966
1249.01FIRSC1::FROSINIFri Oct 29 1993RWZ5
1250.02EASEW9::BRADSHAWFri Oct 29 1993ODS 2 Disk Hangs InfoServer Boot
1251.01MUNICH::TATSAKISFri Oct 29 1993VMS-system crashes while accessing Infoserver tape
1252.03GIDDAY::BOJOVICMon Nov 01 1993AXP 1.5 crash in LASTCP
1253.01DRAC::MIRATue Nov 02 1993TZ86 support for Infoserver 1
1254.01EEMELI::PAKKANENTue Nov 02 1993F11CD
1256.03SUBURB::POWELLMWed Nov 03 1993 InfoServer 1
1257.05GENRAL::T_LEBARIOWed Nov 03 1993Service Not Available from the PC
1258.02MINNY::HEUSIThu Nov 04 19931
1259.01SUBURB::POWELLMThu Nov 04 1993 InfoServer and Netware questions.
1260.0SWTHOM::TISSERANDThu Nov 04 1993v3.
1261.03EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIThu Nov 04 1993Novell Netware ODI PC access?
1262.04CSC32::S_ROCHFORDThu Nov 04 1993SCSI performance questions between IS15
1263.01BOGUSS::KYCANThu Nov 04 1993License to use Norton Backup for Windows?
1264.02JAMTEN::NILSSONFri Nov 05 1993TLZ
1266.05TROOA::TRU112::DINELEYFri Nov 05 1993data overrun on tz8x7
1267.01ALFHD2::MIMS::DOUGLAS_DFri Nov 05 1993Infoserver Client for DOS V2.
1268.01DMOTSMon Nov 08 1993rw5
1269.03TRACTR::LAPERLEMon Nov 08 1993VXT2
1270.03MIMS::GRAFT_JMon Nov 08 1993error -1
1271.02HKOVC::KATSONTue Nov 09 1993When will have ISO966
1272.04MVSUPP::MILLERMWed Nov 10 1993pc disk corruption
1273.01VMSNET::ZUMO::SZUMINSKYThu Nov 11 1993Norton backup thru PCFS_Server to a DAD Drive hangs for 7 min...
1274.01NSTG::FOXThu Nov 11 1993Questions on partitions...
1275.01MIMS::GRAFT_JThu Nov 11 1993Disappearing Mac file, or now you see them, now...
1276.0GALLOP::BUSHAFri Nov 12 1993Accounting Information Again
1277.02ALFHD2::MIMS::DOUGLAS_DFri Nov 12 1993Set commands not saved after reboot
1278.03MACNAS::MERLEHANMon Nov 15 1993Problem formating a MSDOS virtual disk over 3
1279.02GENRAL::T_LEBARIOMon Nov 15 1993Infoserver not seen by LAT
1280.03COPVAX::MURRAYMon Nov 15 1993ISO 966
1281.03CSC32::M_BERNHARDTMon Nov 15 1993INVEXCEPTN DADDRIVER+DC4 need help
1282.06SX4GTO::CHONGMon Nov 15 1993Infoserver Scribe, TLZ
1283.01CSC32::D_COHNTue Nov 16 1993How to determine service's SERVER name?
1284.06KAOFS::S_BAINSTue Nov 16 1993NEC MULTISPIN on 1
1285.01CSC32::S_LEDOUXTue Nov 16 1993Tower expandable beyond 7 drives ???
1286.03GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Nov 17 1993tape function access not in INFOSERVER V3.
1287.02STRWRS::KOCH_PWed Nov 17 1993Infoserver 1
1288.01DECLNE::PEACOCKWed Nov 17 1993Infoserver in Secure Environment?
1289.01ALFHD2::MIMS::DOUGLAS_DThu Nov 18 1993NEC CDROM and the InfoServer
1290.03SLICER::RODThu Nov 18 1993bad parameter value
1291.01RULLE::SJOBERGFri Nov 19 1993Error-message from LADCP (modified by moderator)
1292.03WARNUT::WARNUT::FOSSEYMon Nov 22 1993ALLOCATE for disks as well
1293.01WARNUT::WARNUT::FOSSEYMon Nov 22 1993V?.? VMS client in Coral VMS v6.1
1294.04VSSCAD::LANGMon Nov 22 1993Problem: DAD$Watch and CDs going to Mountverify
1295.01HGOVC::KELVINYEUNGTue Nov 23 1993*** Urgent Need Infoserver Client for DOS V2.
1296.03CLOVA::REEDTue Nov 23 1993ESS version shipped with VMS 5.5-2
1297.01XKOVTue Nov 23 1993infoserver15
1298.02MEOCWed Nov 24 1993Can DECpc AXP 15
1299.01PVAX1::JPHIThu Nov 25 1993Standalone User Interface - How to
1301.03KURTAN::NORDBERGFri Nov 26 1993ESS$LASTCP> Start... ACCVIO
1302.0UTRTSC::VVISSERMon Nov 29 1993INFOMOUNT just another Infoserver Monitor.
1303.03DMOTSMon Nov 29 1993Infoserver in WAN with pc client there is any news?
1304.04NEWVAX::MURRAYTue Nov 30 1993CD/R Function Access for 15
1305.01PTOVAX::MUCCITue Nov 30 1993Use LAST and DECnet Simultaneously
1306.08TPOVC::JERRYYEHWed Dec 01 1993MS-DOS access infoserver tape function to do backup
1307.01COPCLU::FLEMMINGWed Dec 01 1993Infoserver 1
1308.01EVOCDG::CHANCEWed Dec 01 1993Infoserver V3.
1309.01ONOIS1::DEGATWed Dec 01 1993APPLE CD on InfoSvr
1310.04GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Dec 01 1993MULDEALNPAG, crash on 761
1311.05CSC32::BUCKThu Dec 02 1993Is DECnet needed on an OpenVMS CLient?
1312.03VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOThu Dec 02 1993SZ1
1313.03GIDDAY::SHCHIUFri Dec 03 1993move rz disk from infoserver to DS524
1314.01VMSNET::ZUMO::SZUMINSKYFri Dec 03 1993What is the MAX size of PARtiton that VMS client can INIT?
1316.03CHNAPS::DEGRAUWMon Dec 06 1993tape access software kit
1317.02TROOA::LEONGMon Dec 06 1993TLZ6L with Inforserver?
1318.01BELFST::HODGENTue Dec 07 1993infotower crashs with 2nd CD loaded
1319.0SUBURB::POWELLMTue Dec 07 1993 SPD for V3.1 on VTX?
1320.02ZPOVC::PARRYCHUATue Dec 07 1993How to format VCRP and NDB ?
1321.06KERNEL::BROWNLThu Dec 09 1993slow access to cd disk
1323.011BLKPUD::SHAWKFri Dec 10 1993Server crashes on 3.1
1324.02GOYA::ANAMon Dec 13 1993tricks to use ISO966
1325.01FATSYS::ANDYMon Dec 13 1993Copying from VDKx: devices
1326.04FSSB::WIDMANMon Dec 13 1993INVEXCEPT at LASTDRIVER+3191
1327.06EDWIN::LANGILLEMon Dec 13 1993Announcing InfoServer V3.1 and DOS Client V2.
1328.04EEMELI::PAKKANENTue Dec 14 1993SYSTEM-F-MEDOFL also with RZ25
1329.02PVAX1::JPHITue Dec 14 1993BL22 - VXT: Exception 1
1330.01DECAUX::ULLI::BOSTERSWed Dec 15 1993Offer a service from LADCP?
1331.02DYPSS1::SMITHWed Dec 15 1993Infoserver 15
1332.01HGOVC::JONASLEUNGWed Dec 15 1993infoserver
1333.01NSTG::FOXThu Dec 16 1993New SSB V3.1 Kit...
1334.01CSC32::K_ROCHFORDThu Dec 16 1993V3.1 fix problems with OPCOM messages?
1335.03KAOFS::P_CHAPLINSKYThu Dec 16 1993READERR, TAPEPOSLOST, Infoserver V3.
1336.02POBOX::KLINDWORTHThu Dec 16 19931.3 G WMRM drive on Infoserver
1337.01CX3PST::DEIMOS::D_COHNThu Dec 16 1993"Infoserver Network Backup?"
1338.01BELFST::HARTEMon Dec 20 1993decsa downline loading?
1339.04VIZION::CHEWMon Dec 20 1993What version of VMS is required for the v3.1 client
1340.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Dec 21 1993NEC 3XE drives, plus other questions!
1341.01CUESTA::CHAVARRIATue Dec 21 1993rwz
1342.02SWTHOM::DEGAGEThu Dec 23 1993Infoserver Software 3.1
1344.02MIMS::OTERO_RTue Dec 28 1993Info. 1
1345.02VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYThu Dec 30 1993MOP boot info request......
1346.02CSC32::D_COHNMon Jan 03 1994Request for an update on the AXP Tape Access CLIENT kit
1347.0HGOVC::JONASLEUNGTue Jan 04 1994V2.
1348.05BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Jan 04 1994TSZ
1349.03KAOM25::HAKANSSONTue Jan 04 1994TSM and Infoservers
1350.01GENRAL::T_LEBARIOTue Jan 04 1994WORM media supported yet?
1351.02TAMARA::HOVEYTue Jan 04 1994Can PC's access infoserver as a fileservice?
1352.05TAMARA::HOVEYTue Jan 04 1994Can PC format CD's be mounted from VMS 6.
1354.03HACMAN::HACKFri Jan 07 1994DEcnet/OSI (Phase V) support?
1355.04HYLNDR::WUZZLE::BOWERFri Jan 07 1994Bad parameter value when mounting CD's
1356.02EVOCDG::CHANCESat Jan 08 1994Infoserver 15
1357.06CCOFMon Jan 10 1994Netware clients accessing Infoserver 1
1359.02DECAUX::ULLI::BOSTERSTue Jan 11 1994Tape driver probs...
1360.0FATSYS::ANDYTue Jan 11 1994SYSTEM-F-PAGRDERR using standalone backup
1361.02MASS1Tue Jan 11 1994Problem installing Infoserver Monitor T2.
1362.01SUFRNG::WSATue Jan 11 19943.
1363.01MUNICH::WWERNERWed Jan 12 1994F11CD Installation on 5.5-2H4 ?
1364.01WMOIS::DUPREZ_RWed Jan 12 1994Need pointer to latest documentation
1365.02SUBURB::POWELLMThu Jan 13 1994 Which TFA for '15
1366.02KAOOA::RANGERThu Jan 13 1994where/Info/ver.2.
1367.07VMSNET::OTERO_RThu Jan 13 1994Photo-CDs and Toshiba XM-34
1368.02JEDI::CAUDILLThu Jan 13 1994Error log on the InfoServer?
1369.01JEDI::CAUDILLThu Jan 13 1994InfoServer for storage expansion instead of clustering
1370.0JOCKEY::BUSHAFri Jan 14 1994Infoshell and management questions
1371.0KERNEL::BROWNLMon Jan 17 1994tsz
1372.01DELSMon Jan 17 1994TZ87 support?
1373.02NBOFS1::HERMANNTue Jan 18 1994CD-Mastering on Infoserver 1
1374.04LFOIS1::ALIETue Jan 18 1994Infoserver1
1375.02VIZION::CHEWTue Jan 18 1994? on Infoserver Publisher support
1376.01LFOIS1::ALIEWed Jan 19 1994Netbeui & Infoserver1
1377.04ONOIS1::SABIAUXWed Jan 19 1994TZ85 and BACKUP , device OFFLINE.
1379.01TOHOPE::WSAWed Jan 19 1994
1380.03HGOVC::JONASLEUNGThu Jan 20 1994disk service & CD service
1381.01RDVAX::HENLEYThu Jan 20 1994Infoserver 1
1382.0MUNICH::URBANThu Jan 20 1994ULTRIX: can't bind to > 1
1383.02MUNICH::URBANThu Jan 20 1994ultrix script to mount cd's (Ver.2)
1384.03MIMS::DOUGLAS_DThu Jan 20 1994UPDATE SYSTEM does not change version
1385.05SUBURB::POWELLMFri Jan 21 1994 FCS dates for software versions?
1386.0JOCKEY::BUSHAFri Jan 21 1994Ultranet CD-ROM networking
1387.01DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Jan 21 1994VMS and DOS CD/R Function?
1388.02SUFRNG::WSAMon Jan 24 1994tape function access license for 1
1389.05CSC32::I_HIPSZKYMon Jan 24 1994Problem upgrading to VMS 6.
1390.04ZGOMIF::YMFONGTue Jan 25 1994No network driver binding was performed
1391.02--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 25 1994UPDATE SYSTEM to 3.1, now can't boot!
1392.05ZTOIS1::VISTAWed Jan 26 1994PC's SW client/INFOSERVER/NOVELL ??
1393.04NBOFS1::HERMANNWed Jan 26 1994CD/R mastering and staging disk
1394.0BLKPUD::WOODWARDJWed Jan 26 1994group code
1395.01SUBURB::POWELLMWed Jan 26 1994 RZ25L on an InfoServer with V3.1?
1396.03ISTWI1::OZILWed Jan 26 1994Configuration help
1397.01MIMS::GRAFT_JWed Jan 26 1994Mac system error -2
1398.0CGOOA::JCHANDLERWed Jan 26 1994Young Minds, Optical Media Int. & Elektroson Contacts
1399.012VNABRW::EHRLICH_KThu Jan 27 1994Infoserver <> FDDI...
1400.02DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Jan 27 1994Boot DEC 761
1401.01CSC32::PITTThu Jan 27 1994ultrix upgrade and infoserver client
1402.0CATLAN::LIThu Jan 27 1994Infoserver timeout on PC's
1403.08VNABRW::EHRLICH_KFri Jan 28 1994InfoServer Tapes and PW...
1404.02MSAMSun Jan 30 1994Hardware Technical Performance Specifications
1405.01CDKAOS::SYSTEMTue Feb 01 1994CDROM writer software?
1406.010ZURTue Feb 01 1994138 VXT / Infoserver causes lost of terminal customizations ???
1407.02BACHUS::VERELSTTue Feb 01 1994wrong disk space !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1408.09CSC32::CALLAGHANTue Feb 01 1994mount of rrd42 from infoserver get newfs request
1409.01KAOFS::R_CILIATue Feb 01 1994Problem rebuilding RZ23L system disk.
1410.03ZURWed Feb 02 1994MAC hangs if y try to connect some INFOSERVER MAC-CD's.
1411.05PVAX1::JPHIWed Feb 02 1994Problem with MAD device : Device MALTEX$MAD1: is offline every 3
1412.04NEPHI::COARWed Feb 02 199414 devices on an Infoserver 1
1413.03TAVIS::BOAZThu Feb 03 1994Vax crashes because of ESS$MADDRIVER. Client is 3.
1414.04GIDDAY::FLAWNThu Feb 03 1994ESS 3.1 crash on V6.
1415.01CDKAOS::SYSTEMThu Feb 03 1994Pathworks file server from Ultrix CD on infoserver 15
1416.03CSC32::J_FELDMANThu Feb 03 1994infoserver crash v3.
1417.03GIDDAY::SHCHIUFri Feb 04 1994CONNACCDENIED for read access prob
1418.01NSTG::FOXFri Feb 04 1994NOSUCHNODE when trying to MOUNT DAD device??
1419.0TKTVFS::SEKINOTue Feb 08 1994Can I use 8mm device with v3.1?
1420.01ZURTue Feb 08 1994%LASTCP-E-INTERNAL, LASTCP internal error
1421.019WAYLAY::GORDONTue Feb 08 1994V3.1A Network kit announcement
1422.01STKHLM::WIDMANTue Feb 08 1994Invexceptn Lastdriver+317B
1423.0HAMSUP::BBURGERTue Feb 08 1994Mixed Inf.Kernel client crash ?
1424.01SWLAVC::ALTIERITue Feb 08 1994V2_DOS_CLIENT install - Adapter
1425.0454687::BARKThu Feb 10 1994Crash during backup with V3.1 BL22
1426.08ZOLA::AHACHEThu Feb 10 1994one more time VAXstation 31
1427.04ANGLIN::VALORAThu Feb 10 1994Where to get LASTport software?
1428.04POLAR::TOMKINSThu Feb 10 1994DCL command procedure.
1429.02FRAIS::SCHOENHERRMon Feb 14 1994CD-Recording for VMS-Backup
1430.04UTRTSC::PEETERSMon Feb 14 1994When connects MADDRIVER to tape ?
1431.012CHUECA::NIEVESDMon Feb 14 1994Infoserver 1
1432.03ROMWed Feb 16 1994Questions about CD access from PCs ...
1433.03CDKAOS::SYSTEMWed Feb 16 1994Pathworks file service from Info15
1434.01MUNICH::TATSAKISWed Feb 16 1994Problems with SLS and Infoserver
1435.03VSSCAD::STOWELLWed Feb 16 1994InfoServer 1
1436.04GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Feb 16 1994COMPACT MODE for TLZ
1437.01POBOX::ZEISLERThu Feb 17 1994Tape allocation problem on backup
1438.01IJSAPL::ESSERFri Feb 18 1994How to # of concurrent users
1439.02MUNICH::TATSAKISFri Feb 18 1994Tape service not visible
1440.04DRAC::JLSOLEFri Feb 18 1994invexceptn/exe$credit_bytcnt+
1441.02ROMFri Feb 18 1994infoserver 1
1442.06POBOX::KLINDWORTHFri Feb 18 1994Infoserver support for jukeboxes
1443.03KYOSS1::BOYLEFri Feb 18 1994Update not from CD?
1444.04SUBURB::POWELLMMon Feb 21 1994 End of Life for the RZ24L - questions.
1445.04SUFRNG::WSAMon Feb 21 1994undocumented SHOW ERROR command
1446.01ANGLIN::DPROSEMon Feb 21 1994how do I update or add FUNCTIONs
1447.04LANDO::WILSONMon Feb 21 1994Automount won't mount my ODS-2 volume
1448.05CGOOA::JCHANDLERMon Feb 21 1994Putting VMS files on a DOS readable CD
1449.01BACHUS::VERCAMMENTue Feb 22 1994What ESS kit to be installed on VMS V6.
1450.0BOUGY::LE_VIETTue Feb 22 1994Infoserver 15
1451.02KERNEL::COFFEYJThu Feb 24 1994RIS install on v43a of infoserver client s/w 92
1452.04DEBUG::GALLOSat Feb 26 1994ESS$MOUNT.COM - The Next Generation!
1453.01JULIET::HATTRUP_JAMon Feb 28 1994VAX7
1454.01BACHUS::HUWAERTTue Mar 01 1994disk access on infoserver 15
1455.06LEMAN::MARTINELLITue Mar 01 1994status about backup ?
1456.03KAOFS::P_CHAPLINSKYTue Mar 01 1994For ISO 966
1457.0TPOVC::BARRYCHANGTue Mar 01 1994Tape Server for Netware client?
1458.02HAEXLI::PMAIERWed Mar 02 1994AXP crashes
1459.01TAVENG::65237::SHAULWed Mar 02 1994VXT 2
1460.02BERNWed Mar 02 1994Problem with bindladcunit on ULTRIX
1461.05BACHUS::VERCAMMENWed Mar 02 1994INVEXCEPTN crash in ESS$MADDRIVER+43C3 - VMS V5.5-2 +ESS
1462.05ROMThu Mar 03 1994On Infoserver 1
1463.0POLAR::HUTCHThu Mar 03 1994How to see TZ8n microcode versions?
1464.03GLDOA::PINTOThu Mar 03 1994Need technical info
1465.07HTSC19::ANDYNGMon Mar 07 1994TLZ
1466.01LUXMon Mar 07 1994Infoserver concept on token ring ?
1467.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Mar 08 1994Where to put additionl CD drives (InfoServer 15
1468.01CSC32::CALLAGHANTue Mar 08 1994I/O Error with OEM CDrom, Ultrix 4.3a, Client 1.1, Infoserver 15
1469.06TOHOPE::WSAWed Mar 09 1994show device is missing a tape drive
1470.01CGOOA::DANYLUKWed Mar 09 1994Ultrix initial load
1472.01POLAR::HUTCHThu Mar 10 1994VOLINV, volume is not software enabled
1473.01ROMFri Mar 11 1994ISO 966
1474.07COPCLU::COPVM3::RUDFri Mar 11 1994Still Macintosh Problems
1475.03ROMFri Mar 11 1994Is TSM supported to control infoservers ?
1476.04JGODCL::NILLISSENFri Mar 11 1994CD-R function CD, where to get ?
1477.03HGOM25::TERENCELEUNGSat Mar 12 1994ISL load fails
1478.03MLNTue Mar 15 1994Reading OSF/1 doc from ULTRIX infoserver client
1479.03TKOV51::KOBAYASHIWed Mar 16 1994InfoServer on Alpha?
1480.029SUBURB::POWELLMWed Mar 16 1994 RRD43 or RRD44 on an InfoServer supported now?
1481.01DECLNE::PEACOCKWed Mar 16 1994VXT on Infoserver 1
1482.01UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MThu Mar 17 1994Support other (third party) X-terminals ??
1483.0UTRTSC::VDBURGThu Mar 17 1994Looking for new SYS$DADDRIVER.EXE
1484.0VAXRIO::CSANTOSThu Mar 17 1994tlz
1485.01UTRTSC::HALLINGThu Mar 17 1994Infoserver tape and scsi-id
1486.01COLES1::ESGFri Mar 18 1994Infoserver Client for OPenVMS AXP (tape access)
1487.04ALOSLS::CHRISTENSENFri Mar 18 1994Notebook freezes while copying from ISO966
1488.04CSC32::D_PERRINFri Mar 18 1994pc can't see served cdrom file attributes
1489.02ADO75A::BOUCHERSun Mar 20 1994Clarification on Client S/W please
1490.010FRAIS::SCHOENHERRTue Mar 22 1994Infoserveraccess for Alpha WNT
1491.04ADO75A::LEBLANCTue Mar 22 1994Q: Suitability of LAST for backup
1492.0WAYLAY::GORDONTue Mar 22 1994Looking for V3.2 IFT sites.
1493.015ZURTue Mar 22 1994cdd521 wont work
1494.03POLAR::BAYNETue Mar 22 1994Dual ethernet vax4
1495.06LEMAN::BEZENCONWed Mar 23 1994TCP/UDP or another transport ?
1496.01MIMS::GRAFT_JWed Mar 23 19941.1.1 client for Mac and Power PC?
1497.01AUSSIE::LISTERThu Mar 24 1994disk not in infoserver format????
1498.01ROMThu Mar 24 1994Infoserver management is not suitable in Large ACC
1499.02UTRTSC::VDBURGThu Mar 24 1994Looking for ISO966
1500.02STAR::KGREANEYThu Mar 24 1994Problem upgrading from V6.
1501.08PT73::MGRACEFFAThu Mar 24 1994Infoserver 1
1502.01PVAX1::JPHIFri Mar 25 1994
1503.05ALOSLS::CHRISTENSENFri Mar 25 1994password protecting Infoserver ISO-966
1504.03DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Mar 25 1994Changing CD disks "on the fly"?
1505.01ISTWI1::DARMARMon Mar 28 1994Searching??
1507.03GUIDUK::SOMERMon Mar 28 1994Shadowed disks with the Infoserver
1508.012VLISTue Mar 29 1994CD/R not totally readable.
1509.05FLYWAY::SCHAADSWed Mar 30 1994SUN Client Support
1510.01SOUPER::COOPERWed Mar 30 1994CD/R Refrence Needed
1511.0MUNCH::FRANCINIWed Mar 30 1994Cannot boot InfoServer 1
1512.05EDWIN::LOSThu Mar 31 1994Infoserver Server for Windows NT -- call for field test sites
1513.01ALOSLS::CHRISTENSENThu Mar 31 1994Upgrading Infoserver
1514.01UTRTSC::HOSANGFri Apr 01 1994pathworks remote boot from infoserver 1
1515.04TAVMon Apr 04 1994Tape function not saved across reboot
1516.02TALLIS::BEACHMon Apr 04 1994Looking for F11CD kit?
1517.01DRAC::JLSOLEWed Apr 06 1994Apply MUP ESS
1518.02BRUNEL::KIRBYWed Apr 06 1994TSZ
1519.0MIMS::DOUGLAS_DWed Apr 06 1994Infoserver Client for DOS V2.
1520.02BACHUS::RIJMENANTSThu Apr 07 1994Backup to TZ85 takes *LOTS* of time on 3.1
1521.02CSC32::D_COHNThu Apr 07 1994"INVEXCEPTN" bugcheck starting LAST/LAD (V1.5 AXP)
1522.09CCOFFri Apr 08 1994TZ86 on Infoserver 1
1523.06VIZION::CHEWFri Apr 08 1994Backup/image/verify with QIC has trouble at end of first tape
1524.02SUFRNG::WSAFri Apr 08 1994MAC client connects to ghost.
1525.09MIMS::DOUGLAS_DTue Apr 12 1994V3.1A, CSCPAT_1128, Infoserver still crashes
1526.02MUNICH::TATSAKISTue Apr 12 1994Problem with a WORM device
1527.02UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERWed Apr 13 1994Both disk-and tapefunctions not being saved after reboot
1528.0NSTG::FOXWed Apr 13 1994Can CSCPAT_1128 be installed on VMS V6.x?
1529.01ZURWed Apr 13 1994One VXT 2
1530.02OZROCK::COURTThu Apr 14 1994DECsystem 51
1531.06SUBURB::POWELLMThu Apr 14 1994 Booting from TZ86 on InfoServer
1533.01DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Apr 15 1994Server and Disk function license?
1534.02JOBURG::BERETTAFri Apr 15 1994Disk showing more free blocks than reality
1535.0WMOIS::JAMBU_SSun Apr 17 1994SSB Submission Requirements for CD-ROMs Doc updated.
1536.01EUCLPT::NORMANMon Apr 18 1994SUN connect to Infoserver
1537.01TOSSUC::PEGNAMon Apr 18 1994TSZ
1538.01NSTG::FOXMon Apr 18 1994New InfoTower With Severe Startup Problem...
1539.01MIMS::DOUGLAS_DTue Apr 19 1994CSCPAT_1128...install error
1540.03KAOTTue Apr 19 1994services not saved on infoserver 1
1541.02DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Apr 19 1994Downline Load Terminal Servers?
1542.05ADO75A::BOUCHERWed Apr 20 1994Infoserver and Sony MO drive
1543.07SUBURB::POWELLMWed Apr 20 1994 SW1
1544.03BIS1::VANDERSTRAETWed Apr 20 1994TLZ6L or TZ87 support ?
1545.05SUFRNG::WSAWed Apr 20 1994BIND command crashes InfoServer if service is not available.
1546.02SUBURB::POWELLMThu Apr 21 1994 InfoServer VXT Hard Disk situation?
1548.04TALLIS::SCHULERThu Apr 21 1994Newly installed Infoserver 1
1549.01SUFRNG::WSAThu Apr 21 1994dos client cant see server/services
1550.04MUCTEC::AMMERFri Apr 22 1994Two disks named DK1
1551.01SUFRNG::WSAFri Apr 22 1994v3.
1553.01OTOOA::LAVIGNESun Apr 24 1994CD's on Infoserver VS VAX for network access
1554.04MUNICH::TATSAKISMon Apr 25 1994external fonts on Infoserver 1
1555.01SNAX::ERICKSONTue Apr 26 1994Tape service intermittently disapearing
1556.03MANMWed Apr 27 1994DOS partition more than 128MB failed!!!
1557.02VAXRIO::MAUROThu Apr 28 1994Infoserver crash caused by Exabyte tapes...
1558.03BACHUS::VERELSTFri Apr 29 1994pcnfs and infoserver software for dos !!!!!!!!!!!!!
1559.02HGOVC::LEOHOFri Apr 29 1994Can SEADC mounted in SZ18A?
1560.04MVSUPP::MILLERFri Apr 29 1994dos client and pathworks
1561.03DECAUX::ULLI::BOSTERSFri Apr 29 1994X3.2 tape crash...
1562.01GENRAL::LUJANMon May 02 1994Please help with kit locations
1563.01CSC32::D_COHNMon May 02 1994LAST/LAD FDDI "issues"...
1564.03VMSNET::G_CHANGTue May 03 19948mm tape drives supported with V3.1?
1565.01IOOSRV::HITTENMILLERTue May 03 1994Best method to access VMS, DOS, and Ultirx data?
1566.03SNAX::ERICKSONWed May 04 1994What are the current driver compatibility?
1567.0AIMHI::BARLOWWed May 04 1994Help for customer infoserver 1
1569.02MIMS::ZUMO::ZUMOSWed May 04 1994CAn we do a copy from local disk to local TAPE ?
1570.03SMAC1Fri May 06 1994Can't see 3rd DAT tape drive on the Infoserver
1571.06MIMS::OTERO_RFri May 06 1994Problems with 3.1a InfoS 1
1572.0MIMS::WRIGHT_RMon May 09 1994Infoserver Client V2.
1573.01GIDDAY::MUNNMon May 09 1994Can't boot with MO drive connected
1574.0MUNICH::REINTue May 10 1994unmarked partiton extention on dsd52
1575.01MUCCS1::SIMADERTue May 10 1994Which formats on CD/R ?
1576.01MIMS::ZURIK_EWed May 11 1994Infoserver software on the AXP VMS Con Dist
1577.03FATSYS::ANDYThu May 12 1994MOP of APB_
1578.01HTSC19::TONYLIUFri May 13 1994Various question,Infoserver 12
1579.0WAYLAY::GORDONTue May 17 1994Attention Internal CD-R users!
1580.05IOOSRV::HITTENMILLERWed May 18 1994Connecting to Infoserver from Ultrix and Nonsuperuser access?
1581.03SUBURB::POWELLMWed May 18 1994 A little Windows NT feedback.
1582.01CANDOO::GRIEBWed May 18 1994NT Server questions
1583.01SUBURB::POWELLMThu May 19 1994 Publisher Formatter for ISO966
1584.05VMSNET::G_CHANGThu May 19 1994Move disk from 1
1585.07WWF::LONGThu May 19 1994Infoserver BIND capability - sanity checks
1586.03RANGER::CRAWFORDMon May 23 1994help please with standalone backup and sysboot error
1587.05MIMS::DOUGLAS_DTue May 24 1994CSCPAT_1128 kernel SW
1588.01MUNICH::TATSAKISWed May 25 1994Drive-Errors on InfoServer
1589.03VLJISA::MOCHELWed May 25 1994rwz
1590.01TOHOPE::WSAWed May 25 1994InfoServer MOP to boot a VAX through a VAX acting as a Router
1591.01FRSCS::PMURMANNMon May 30 1994Infoserver CD Publish
1592.01ADOVTue May 31 1994Infoserver 1
1594.02HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGThu Jun 02 1994User Guide?
1595.05BLGSUP::BONORAThu Jun 02 1994Infoserver 1
1596.02KAOAFri Jun 03 1994TCP/IP Internal Patch KIt?
1597.0BRSTR2::SYSMANSun Jun 05 1994dismounting DAD's takes AGES sometimes.
1598.015SUBURB::POWELLMMon Jun 06 1994 InfoServer Publisher information for customers.
1599.02UTRTSC::HALLINGMon Jun 06 1994Infoserver V3.1 and rz74
1600.08PASVC::STEVENTAMTue Jun 07 1994Can't see the tape service
1601.03WAYLAY::GORDONTue Jun 07 1994X3.2 EFT software available
1602.01STAR::B_LEAHYTue Jun 07 1994bootp support?
1603.012WAYLAY::GORDONTue Jun 07 1994Sales Update Article on CD-R package
1604.01COPCLU::FABRICIUSWed Jun 08 1994Support of TokenRing/OS/2
1605.01KAOAWed Jun 08 1994Can't Format DOS Drive
1606.03CHENG6::STADELMANNTue Jun 14 1994periodic OFF-LINE, MOUNT VERIFY, then OFF-LINE again
1607.03VELI::KORKKOTue Jun 14 1994RRD4x seen as "Generic SCSI disk" after X3.2 update
1608.05GIDDAY::SOUTHWELLWed Jun 15 1994WorkGroups & Terminals in BACKUP mode & shouldn't be
1609.03RDGE44::SYMONDSKWed Jun 15 1994updating infoserver 1
1610.01BOUGY::LE_VIETThu Jun 16 1994PC hangs while format a 1Gb HD on INFOserver 1
1611.01CHTIThu Jun 16 1994SUPPORT NCD?
1612.01SUFRNG::WSAMon Jun 20 1994is there a plan for adding a 7 cd tower?
1613.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSMon Jun 20 1994SPD inconsistency and VMS version req. for Tape function
1614.04NZOMIS::ROBBINSMon Jun 20 1994VMS System disk on IS 1
1615.01CSC32::L_DVORAKMon Jun 20 1994Getting SCSIWRITEERROR and BADSCRIPT when installing VXT sw
1616.02HGOM11::BRENDACAOWed Jun 22 1994infoserver 1
1617.02MUNICH::PFLUGERWed Jun 22 1994remote procedure on infoserver
1618.02OZROCK::SALAMACHAThu Jun 23 1994Unable to mount INFOSERVER disk on more than one node in a cluster
1619.01MINNY::DESPC1::haaspThu Jun 23 1994Infoserver 1
1620.01WBC::STASSEThu Jun 23 1994Reading Docs w/out host support?
1621.02NBOFS1::EISENMANNFri Jun 24 1994MOP boot - file not found
1622.03MINNY::DESPC1::haaspFri Jun 24 1994IRemote Boot for PC's Works
1623.02KERNEL::HANNANSMon Jun 27 1994New system disk, RZ23 -> RZ25
1624.01MUNICH::REINThu Jun 30 1994$status has not proper status
1625.01DECPRG::PRDS33::MOLNARThu Jun 30 1994REWIND/NOWAIT supported ?
1626.04SUFRNG::WSAThu Jun 30 1994ess$ladcp is getting services mixed up
1627.01TOHOPE::WSATue Jul 05 1994Is InfoServer an AVASTOR product?
1628.03PORVAX::JMOLIVEIRAThu Jul 07 1994Infoserver 1
1629.03CSC32::D_COHNThu Jul 07 1994PC tape backup "glitch"!
1630.04LATINA::NIEVESDFri Jul 08 1994Infoserver 1
1631.02TPSP11::SYSTEMFri Jul 08 1994V3.1a + INFOSERVER 1
1632.01MIMS::ZURIK_EFri Jul 08 1994Missing cover for SWDCI?
1633.06JGODCL::63815::fbrouwerTue Jul 12 1994RRD 42 on InfoServer 1
1634.03IJSAPL::MARELTue Jul 12 1994InfoTower & CD/R ?
1635.03SUBURB::POWELLMTue Jul 12 1994 Which SIMMs for the InfoServer 1
1636.01CSC32::PITTTue Jul 12 1994one for SUN question
1637.01MIMS::OTERO_RTue Jul 12 1994ISL_SCRIPT.ESS question.
1638.01RDGE44::SYMONDSKWed Jul 13 1994Backup Strategy On Infoserver
1639.010SUBURB::POWELLMWed Jul 13 1994"Update service" for InfoServer S/w on OpenVMS AXP?
1640.02VERN::CARPENTERThu Jul 14 1994VXT software on a VAX
1641.01DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Jul 14 1994Infoserver as PC backup engine?
1642.01SCOBOX::WestbrooksThu Jul 14 1994Can I install from distribution CD ?
1643.03ADO75A::SHARPEThu Jul 14 1994Infoserver client on DEC OSF/1?
1644.01SUBURB::POWELLMFri Jul 15 1994 Typo on SPD re Toshiba 31
1645.01CCOFSun Jul 17 1994Infoserver and TCP/IP, WAN support again.
1646.04GIDDAY::HAGANSun Jul 17 1994How long to format?
1647.04CSC32::D_COHNMon Jul 18 1994Issue with AXP ISL
1648.05RDGE44::SYMONDSKTue Jul 19 1994* Why can't the label name be changed *
1649.01AYRPLN::SYSTEMWed Jul 20 1994Setting VXT's remotely via Infoserver?
1650.02BRUMMY::LOXTONWed Jul 20 1994Vax CD on a PC?
1651.01MIMS::OTERO_RWed Jul 20 1994Infoserver client for AXP/VMS 1.5
1654.02WARNUT::RENCONTRETue Jul 26 1994V3.2 release date?
1655.04UTRTSC::PEETERSTue Jul 26 1994Infoserver1
1656.03MIMS::OTERO_RWed Jul 27 1994VERIFY takes too long...
1657.01MIMS::OTERO_RWed Jul 27 1994V3.1 crash stack:
1658.01PRMSWed Jul 27 1994Infoserver FDDI LAN Configuration Question
1659.01DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Jul 29 1994Rackmounting InfoTower?
1660.03HERIAM::DIAMONDMon Aug 01 1994PC com1 port as Infoserver console woes
1661.0343GMC::KEITHMon Aug 01 1994Pioneer DRM-5
1662.01CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Aug 01 1994Infoserver "BACKUP" and "RETRIEVE" commands
1663.01KERNEL::CURRENLWed Aug 03 1994vdcantconn on infoserver bind
1664.01TEACH::WICKERTWed Aug 03 1994Basic ISO-966
1665.02EEMELI::LINNA_ALHOThu Aug 04 1994TZ867 on infoserver 15
1667.04GYTV57::NAGASHIMAWed Aug 10 1994Help, CDW-9
1668.03NBOFS1::EISENMANNWed Aug 10 1994IS15
1669.01MIMS::ZURIK_EWed Aug 10 1994SWDCI SWXCI Difference
1670.0CSC32::D_DONOVANWed Aug 10 1994BIND command clones multiple DAD or MAD devices??
1671.04CCOFFri Aug 12 1994Infoserver 1
1672.01MIMS::OTERO_RFri Aug 12 1994Delete Function?
1673.01CSC32::D_DONOVANFri Aug 12 1994WAN Infoserver updates query - again...
1674.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Aug 15 1994LASTport driver not found Could not open the Infoserver driver -3
1675.01SUFRNG::WSAMon Aug 15 1994VLM instead of NETX for DOS Client V2.
1676.03KERNEL::TAGGARTNMon Aug 15 1994CDs offered off Infoserver problem
1677.0MIMS::NUNEZ_PTue Aug 16 1994ESS$LASTDRIVER Ver LJ.177?
1678.03MIMS::OTERO_RTue Aug 16 19943.1a crash, PC 8
1679.01CSC32::S_WAHLTue Aug 16 1994CRITICAL _ LADCP errors...
1680.01PRSSUD::HOANGWed Aug 17 1994TZ87 ON INFOSERVER 1
1681.01ZPOTS3::JUSTINWed Aug 17 1994CSCPAT_1128 FAILS
1682.01VELI::KORKKOMon Aug 22 1994service is not there, attempt to create it.... on a V3-1 server
1683.01STKAI1::EXTEN::cederhagMon Aug 22 1994Infoserver corrupts macintosh files
1684.02CSC32::PITTTue Aug 23 1994prposterous in trk
1685.02SUBURB::POWELLMTue Aug 23 1994 RZ26L-E fit into Librarian or InfoTower?
1686.06CSC32::D_DONOVANTue Aug 23 1994SERVICE for more than one disk?
1687.02KERNEL::HEGARTYPWed Aug 24 1994PURGE command failing with %ESS-E-NOSCRIPT
1688.01ZOLA::AHACHEWed Aug 24 1994Help loading OpenVMS AXP from an Infoserver
1689.04GIDDAY::KINGSMILLThu Aug 25 1994ANALDISK-W-CHKSCB after writing CDROM
1691.03ROTHKO::AUSTINThu Aug 25 1994infosever 1
1692.04KERNEL::AUSTINMFri Aug 26 1994one connection only to v3.2 service
1693.07CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Aug 26 1994Infoserver software that supports RD43??
1694.02WPORPC::COURTMANMon Aug 29 1994Tape function kit urgent!!!
1695.02WAYLAY::GORDONWed Aug 31 1994A change in scope for V3.2
1696.05COMICS::PARRYThu Sep 01 1994Ultrix, share disk partition on InfoServer?
1697.02SUBURB::POWELLMThu Sep 01 1994Use of InfoServers and host based volume shadowing?
1698.02CSC32::D_DONOVANThu Sep 01 1994Problem starting LAST protocol
1699.0CSC32::S_WAHLThu Sep 01 1994TZ857 on Infoserver does not feed next tape
1700.03CSC32::D_LOWRYThu Sep 01 1994does sun file format work?
1701.02SKYLRK::LUTENThu Sep 01 1994INFOMON with Infoserver 1
1702.011SNOCTue Sep 06 1994Multi-media use ?
1703.04GIDDAY::MORANTue Sep 06 1994ODI dos client probs
1704.04EASEW4::FOOTEWed Sep 07 1994Problem installing Tape Access Function
1705.0TOHOPE::WSAThu Sep 08 1994ISSHELL.EXE sees no CDROMS from Windows
1706.02BSS::JSALEThu Sep 08 1994Infoserv volume label incorrect thru ptwks
1707.0MEOCFri Sep 09 1994Software to emulate microfiche???
1708.02STKHLM::SWE367::LETTERSTALFri Sep 09 1994Any additional software when offering CD/R?
1709.03IMBETR::DUPREZFri Sep 09 1994Is use of IO$_DIAGNOSE function code in $QIOW supported?
1710.04SKYLRK::LUTENFri Sep 09 1994Setting up INFOMON
1711.02KERNEL::ROOMEMMon Sep 12 1994V3.
1712.04FORAT::JLSMon Sep 12 1994INVEXCEPTN - IOC$REQCOM+17 (ESS?)
1713.08WRAFLC::SCHEINOHAMon Sep 12 1994Infoserver 1
1714.03COSMIC::PETERSONMon Sep 12 1994Help...Infoserver publisher woes...
1715.01HGOVC::CSCHANTue Sep 13 1994Infoserver 1
1716.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Sep 15 1994new ULTRIX mount/umount command scripts
1717.015MEOCThu Sep 15 1994RWZ52 support
1718.03SKYLRK::LUTENThu Sep 15 1994INFOMON - Waking it up
1719.01SUBURB::POWELLMFri Sep 16 1994 Blank CD/R Media?
1720.01BACHUS::VERELSTFri Sep 16 1994software is bypassing mscdex !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1721.01VELI::KORKKOSun Sep 18 1994got an Infotower instead of Infoserver librarian...
1722.012COPCLU::FABRICIUSTue Sep 20 1994Where's the CD Recorder
1723.01BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDTue Sep 20 1994infoserver dos client, odi install prob
1724.0RT93::MURDOCKTue Sep 20 1994Need Reference Info Publisher
1725.01SIOG::FITZMAURICEThu Sep 22 1994V3.1A and Condist ?
1726.01MIMS::DOUGLAS_DThu Sep 22 1994INFOMON & AXP
1727.01LATINA::ARANCHAFri Sep 23 1994Infoserver 1
1728.01VMSNET::WEATHERSPOONSat Sep 24 1994Show Recorder Full
1729.01MIMS::ZURIK_EMon Sep 26 1994TKZ15 support
1731.012FRSCS::PMURMANNThu Sep 29 1994Can't see CD from Infoserver1
1732.02GIDDAY::MORANMon Oct 03 1994LADDRV.SYS and Info Client DOS
1733.0MIMS::ZURIK_ETue Oct 04 1994Devices supported on InfoServer
1734.01TBJVOA::MINAMIZAWAWed Oct 05 1994RWZ
1735.02PVAX1::JPHIWed Oct 05 1994Where to find CSCPAT 1128 V1.6 ?
1736.01CSC32::D_WEEKSThu Oct 06 1994CSCPAT_1128 Kit Network Location
1737.01COMICS::FRAWLEYJFri Oct 07 1994TLZ
1739.015ZPOVC::CORE_LYYWed Oct 12 1994TKZ
1740.02MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERWed Oct 12 1994Pointer to Ultrix User guide ?
1741.01SUFRNG::WSAThu Oct 13 1994possible to cd/r a Sun Unix readable CD?
1742.01MEOCFri Oct 14 1994MOD/WORM drives on InfoServer??
1743.01CSC32::D_DONOVANFri Oct 14 1994Problem with "/NOPERM" on AXP systems
1744.01STKHLM::SWE367::LETTERSTALMon Oct 17 1994IS1
1745.03NETCAD::S_HARRISMon Oct 17 1994PC hangs when trying to use EMSLOAD
1746.02CSC32::D_DONOVANTue Oct 18 1994Problem booting "AXP_
1748.02UTRTSC::ANBEEKFri Oct 21 1994Norton Backup and Pathworks
1749.03MUNICH::TATSAKISMon Oct 24 1994INIT-F-VOLINV with TZ86 on Infoserver 1
1750.02KERNEL::ANTHONYMon Oct 24 1994help: infoserver crash with exception 6
1751.02VMSNET::E_MAULUCCIMon Oct 24 1994OSF VMS install problem from infoserver
1752.02FRSTSC::PMURMANNTue Oct 25 1994Infoserver for DOS V2.
1753.01SWTHOM::MENICACCITue Oct 25 1994dad, mad devices naming
1754.01SRVPC::USTINOVTue Oct 25 1994Thrird party CD-ROM and Digital CD/R double speed ?
1755.01GIDDAY::TANTue Oct 25 1994Can't do backup on a TLZ
1756.01SRVPC::USTINOVThu Oct 27 1994SPD for Infoserver software.
1757.017WAGGIS::SCHWYNThu Oct 27 1994Infoserv. 1
1759.02METZFri Oct 28 1994Manageworks and Infoserver
1760.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Oct 28 1994Info for Mac crashed mac, unimplemented trap
1761.024KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Oct 31 1994Ess$lastcp start transport fails
1762.04COMICS::DAWSONJThu Nov 03 1994Multiple Allocation of Blocks on Disk
1764.03MSAMFri Nov 04 1994Boot failure on VAX7
1765.05HLFSTue Nov 08 199425 CD's, 6
1766.01ROMTSS::MORRONETue Nov 08 1994Unable to backup my Infoserver system disk
1767.04DKAS::BEAUDETWed Nov 09 1994Building a PC-based infoserver
1768.05TOHOPE::WSAThu Nov 10 1994UPDATE FUNCTIONS from a R/W disk partition?
1769.01POBOX::ZEISLERFri Nov 11 1994TK5
1770.0SMURF::BEIKMANFri Nov 11 1994DEC OSF/1 for Alpha Client, yet?
1771.06CCOFTue Nov 15 1994Support for other Unixs
1772.01CSC32::R_EULENSTEINWed Nov 16 1994Intermittent Errors From ODS-2 Service On Infoserver
1773.04MOVIES::CHANDLEYMon Nov 21 1994Using a CD/R from DOS ...
1774.03HGOCS::TONYLIUWed Nov 23 1994CSCPAT_3
1775.01SUFRNG::WSAWed Nov 23 1994cache bucket size question/performance?
1776.01SUFRNG::WSAWed Nov 23 1994infoserver 15
1777.03OSLLAV::TRONDOE_PThu Nov 24 1994infoserver 15
1778.01PTOJJD::DANZAKMon Nov 28 1994Cable cable cable??!?!? duuh
1779.01SUFRNG::WSAMon Nov 28 1994ok to create a service for a whole r/w disk?
1780.04PLTFRM::STEVIETue Nov 29 1994Infoserver - Unavailable
1781.01HLFSTue Nov 29 1994V3.2 TK5
1783.01CSC32::BARELAThu Dec 01 1994Infoserver 1
1784.07KAOTFri Dec 02 1994Infoserver 1
1785.01NEWVAX::SCHMALFUSFri Dec 02 1994Multiple Infoservers on network
1786.02BELFST::COYLEMon Dec 05 1994Simple Query on CD/R technology??
1788.02BELFST::COYLEWed Dec 07 1994Young Minds/Electrogear Tel No's??
1789.0BACHUS::VERELSTWed Dec 07 1994infoserver for dos and windows connection !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1790.02TOHOPE::WSAMon Dec 12 1994Technical Journal Publications with InfoServer Articles?
1791.02TOHOPE::WSATue Dec 13 1994
1792.03UTRTSC::VISSERThu Dec 15 1994Infoserver1
1793.01CSC32::R_RIDGWAYThu Dec 15 1994Null Values from F$GETDVI for InfoServer virtual devices
1794.02MUNICH::REINFri Dec 16 1994cannot init Tapes from AXP
1796.05WIDGET::KLEINMon Dec 19 1994Pinnacle RDC-1
1797.03CSC32::R_LACORTEMon Dec 19 1994Inf-1
1798.01SUFRNG::WSAWed Dec 21 1994InfoServer Kernel on AXP Condist?
1799.01SWTHOM::MENICACCITue Dec 27 1994Info needed about > sh tape
1800.01TOHOPE::WSAWed Dec 28 1994SHELL gives 'File not Found' errors
1801.05SEDSWS::CLIFFEMon Jan 02 1995"service already connected " Mac client problem
1802.03KAOOA::PINKERTONTue Jan 03 1995TLZ
1803.03KERNEL::PETTETFri Jan 06 1995infoserver 1
1804.020KERNEL::HAWLEYIMon Jan 09 1995RWZ
1805.03KETJE::STAESMon Jan 09 1995Ghost service name for DK2: (CD-ROM)
1806.05CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERMon Jan 09 1995infoserver 1
1807.07KERNEL::SYMONDSKMon Jan 09 1995Infomon only mounts one disk
1808.01XANADU::POPCRN::CAMPBELLMon Jan 09 1995No burn, no errors with JVC recorder.
1809.0OTOOA::LAVIGNEThu Jan 12 1995RRD43-?? to mount in SZ18
1810.0TLAVMon Jan 16 1995Latest Presentation Material...
1811.01JULIET::STEPHENS_KIMon Jan 16 1995Pioneer "DRM
1812.0MUNCH::FRANCINIMon Jan 16 1995Recording "Red Book" [Audio] CDs -- can this be done using InfoServer CD-Recordable?
1813.02CSC32::R_LACORTETue Jan 17 1995ISO966
1814.02USPS::FPRUSSWed Jan 18 1995Guts of the Infotower?
1815.0MUNICH::REINThu Jan 19 1995init/erase tlz
1816.01PDMOPS::YAMARTINOMon Jan 23 1995Another Pioneer question
1817.04LATINA::ARANCHATue Jan 24 1995SABLE && Unable to transmit on network
1818.04CLARID::MALKOWIAK_PTue Jan 24 1995How to make CDROMs accessible for Easynet people?
1819.05MUNICH::TATSAKISTue Jan 24 1995INIT-F-INTDIV, initializing partition >2GB
1820.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLThu Jan 26 1995backup SYSTEM-W-DATAOVERUN to TZ86
1821.01STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Jan 26 1995Using an Infoserver as a MS-Windows Swap Disk?
1822.01CSC32::PITTFri Jan 27 1995MAKEDISC???
1823.02ROMEOS::MIKAO::mullickMon Jan 30 1995NT Client Still Under Concideration?
1824.04VNABRW::MISAK_GTue Jan 31 1995Multiple Adapters, which one is preferred via LAST
1825.01COSMIC::PETERSONTue Jan 31 1995Using InfoServer Publisher with SimpliCD et al
1826.07COPCLU::JESPERFri Feb 03 1995Infomonitor 2.
1827.06ANNECY::BESSEASMon Feb 06 1995OSF/1 doc from VMS
1828.01VMSNET::KOMANDURIMon Feb 06 1995Read VMS CD using PC CDROM
1829.03QCAVWed Feb 08 1995info server1
1830.02CSC32::R_LACORTEWed Feb 08 1995HELP at infoserver gives " %ESS-E-NOHELPFILE"
1831.01MLNORO::CAROSIWed Feb 08 1995TZ877 SUPPORT
1832.019IMBETR::DUPREZWed Feb 08 1995ESS-xx-xxxxx, disk not in InfoServer format, also volume not software enabled
1833.03LUXThu Feb 09 1995Some CD-R sftware (writtable CD) questions
1834.0CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERFri Feb 10 1995update to 3.2 and now infoservers are sending many multicast messages
1835.01HDLITE::KLINKTue Feb 14 1995PCSI SAB...
1836.02NZOVTue Feb 14 1995InfoTower System Led
1837.04TPOVC::FREDTSENGTue Feb 14 1995TFA for Infoserver1
1838.0VAXRIO::HENRIQUEWed Feb 15 1995Infoserver 1
1839.08MUNCH::FRANCINIWed Feb 15 1995Is the JVC CD-R writer sensitive to the _brand_ of blank media used???
1840.01MUNCH::FRANCINIWed Feb 15 1995Order # for InfoServer Publisher drive block?
1841.03COMICS::FRAWLEYJMon Feb 20 1995Mount verify/MOUNT-F-MEDOFL loop
1842.02MXOCMon Feb 20 1995Infoserver vxt 1
1843.05KERNEL::ROOMEMWed Feb 22 1995CD Writer Support
1844.01LIOSFri Feb 24 1995infoserver management question
1845.01OTOOA::MEVANSWed Mar 01 19958mm Support yet???
1846.03CSC32::BARELAThu Mar 02 1995connection limit for Infoserver 1
1847.05TAVIS::IZAKMon Mar 06 1995NOTAFUNC error while trying to update disk function
1848.03FROCKY::65477::LEHLTue Mar 07 1995Format Specification for ISO9669
1850.05UTRTSC::PEETERSWed Mar 08 1995Can't connect service, rating
1851.01ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEWed Mar 08 1995WfW and Infoserver x Dos: error 5733
1853.05NCMAIL::SCHEIDThu Mar 09 1995No NT client ... but can I do this??
1854.09SUFRNG::WSAThu Mar 09 1995RRD42 errors reading CD burned on InfoServer/CDW-9
1855.02MLNCSC::RESNATIFri Mar 10 1995TZ*% not configured...
1856.02MUNICH::TATSAKISMon Mar 13 1995Problems after installation of Decnet/OSI
1857.03CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Mar 13 1995"ESS-F-WRTFAIL" error with Software Publisher
1858.04SRNPWed Mar 15 1995Acorn Software's Virtual Branches a competitor??
1859.01PLUNDR::HEWITTThu Mar 16 1995tsz
1860.03BRSTR2::SYSMANFri Mar 17 1995update from expansion box with RZ56?
1861.05HGOCS::MICKWIDLAMMon Mar 20 1995MADRIVER not check process exist or not?
1862.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Mar 22 1995Infoserver 3.1 w/ OpenVMS 6.1?
1864.02CSC32::K_LAFRANCEThu Mar 23 1995suggestion from customer
1865.05MUNICH::HABENREICHFri Mar 24 1995InfoServer 1
1866.012ANGLIN::ALBERTFri Mar 24 1995v3.2 Distribution?
1867.03ZPOVC::BIJUJOHNMon Mar 27 1995CDROM as infoserver on VAX 5.5-2 to accessed by PC's on network on PATHWORK ver4.1
1868.08WAYLAY::GORDONMon Mar 27 1995InfoServer kernel V3.3 IFT announcement
1869.02HGOM11::HELENZHOUTue Mar 28 1995multimedia & Inforserver 1
1870.01FRSCS::PMURMANNTue Mar 28 1995How can I create a ISO966
1871.02MUNICH::REINFri Mar 31 1995ISL system disk restore?
1872.09RIGI::JAUNINFri Mar 31 1995Slow performance after liceense upgrade to 51-1
1873.01LISTIM::MORAISMon Apr 03 1995Are ULTRIX disk quotas, supported on a infoserver disk?
1874.0HGOSPS::MICKWIDLAMMon Apr 03 1995can't see service after install CSCPAT_!128
1875.02UTRTSC::BOORTue Apr 04 1995No OPCOM request if no tape media in drive (Openvms AXP V6.1)
1876.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Apr 04 1995I have this "InfoTower" thing
1877.01ZURWed Apr 05 1995Kodak 225 and Phillips 522 recorder supported?
1878.05HLFSWed Apr 05 1995Infoserver 15
1879.01ISIDRO::65151::dediegoWed Apr 05 1995Usage Statistics and other Mngt features asked
1880.01BPSTGA::TORONYWed Apr 05 1995v3.
1881.01VAXRIO::RENATOWed Apr 05 1995TAPEPOSLOST With Infoserver V3.1-A
1882.01GUIDUK::SOMERMon Apr 10 1995Where is the documentation set for the Recoder function
1883.0HGOVC::DONWONGTue Apr 11 1995Future Direction
1884.03TAVIS::BOAZTue Apr 11 1995%SYSTEM-W-NOMSG when starting ESS
1885.05POBOX::ZEISLERTue Apr 11 1995IS1
1886.012COMICS::DAWSONJThu Apr 13 1995Services & Infoserver 1
1887.04SSSAXP::LEMONSSat Apr 15 1995RRW11 CD-R Drive
1888.02KERNEL::BARLOWDTue Apr 18 1995TSZ
1889.01BRSTR2::SYSMANWed Apr 19 1995how to register vxt2
1890.03LATINA::JMGUERRAWed Apr 19 1995TZ877 support
1891.03DEBUG::GALLOMon Apr 24 1995ESS$LADCP.EXE A1.4 current?
1892.012CHUECA::ARANCHATue Apr 25 1995Infoserver1
1893.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Apr 25 1995Infoserver Mac Client and Mac O/S 7.5, Help!!!
1894.06CSC32::R_LACORTETue Apr 25 1995%MOUNT-F-NOHOMEBLK, Files-11 home block not found
1895.02TOPTEN::MEIGHANWed Apr 26 1995How Can I write a Ods-2 CD?
1896.09UTRTSC::DRUMMENWed Apr 26 1995RDD's in fault during power-up ??
1897.01BBPBV1::CARTERWed Apr 26 1995Failover, redundancy and load balancing ?
1898.06CSC32::S_ROCHFORDMon May 01 1995Infomonitor v1.3B terminates with ACCVIO
1899.05VAXRIO::63131::BIANCOWed May 03 1995Disk drives for INFOTOWER configuration
1901.05KERNEL::PETTETFri May 05 1995VXT: Exception: 11
1902.02SWTHOM::BERNEUILTue May 09 1995BIND/PERM OpenVMS VAX v6.1 and Infoserver v3.2
1903.02UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERThu May 11 1995Infoserverdisk constantly going in and out of mount verification
1904.02COMICS::SYMONDSKThu May 11 1995LASTCP INVEXCEPTN, Exception while above ASTDEL
1905.02DECLNE::PEACOCKMon May 15 199512
1906.02CSC32::S_WAHLMon May 15 1995Can't see ESS services on 6.1
1907.02MUCCS1::KRAEMERTue May 16 1995Write on TZ86 in TZ85 Format ?
1908.02WAYLAY::GORDONTue May 16 1995V3.3 EFT starts!
1909.01MUNICH::REINMon May 22 1995Question about CD-ROM XA (extented architecture)
1910.01VAXRIO::LEANDROMon May 22 1995CD-R and VXT sharing on Staging Disk
1911.04WAYLAY::GORDONTue May 23 1995InfoServer Availability Issues - Statement from product management
1912.0SEND::WINANTTue May 23 1995ULTRIX tar kit on cdsrv
1913.03MIMS::DOUGLAS_DTue May 23 1995Netware V3.12?
1914.03CSC32::BARELAWed May 24 1995CD-R drives only for read ?
1915.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUMon May 29 1995support for mounting ods-2 disk on OS/2 ?
1916.01COPCLU::GREGTue May 30 1995Configure VXT + CD-ROM'
1918.03HGOM26::WILLIAMBAIThu Jun 01 1995inforserver 1
1919.03LEMAN::LA_GIOIAThu Jun 08 1995tape mount verification on axp
1920.04TAGART::EDDIEWed Jun 14 1995infoserver 1
1921.04MAIL1::MORGASENSat Jun 17 1995Infoserver 1
1922.02BEJVC::HELENZHOUWed Jun 21 1995Need your help in urgent about InfoServer VXT!!
1923.03CSC32::MEREOSWed Jun 21 1995TLZ
1924.02CGOOA::KUHNENWed Jun 21 1995FDDI address ?
1925.01VAXRIO::IVANThu Jun 22 1995Support for Exabyte tape drives
1926.03CLOUD9::WEIERThu Jun 22 1995Need hardware ordering info for SWDCI-AA cabinets
1927.01COMICS::BARLOWDFri Jun 23 1995Data Overrun errors writing to a TZ867 on a Infoserver 1
1928.05KERNEL::MILLSSMon Jun 26 1995Update function without CDROM drive ?
1929.05CSC32::T_ABDELLAMon Jun 26 1995DEFPA and ESS$LAST_DRIVER
1930.01SWTHOM::DEGAGETue Jun 27 1995Logical last$device
1931.04PCPLOD::DRYGIN::PiesleysTue Jun 27 1995Service without an Infoserver?
1932.01SEND::WINANTWed Jun 28 1995Help with CD image generation on Infoserver using Infoserver ULTRIX client. and YMI MakeDisc
1933.01VELI::KORKKOThu Jun 29 1995%MOUNT-F-INTDIV, arithmetic trap, integer divide by zero at PC=8
1934.09COPCLU::FLEMMINGThu Jun 29 1995Infoserver Tape Support in OpenVMS 6.2 - When ?
1935.01VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKThu Jun 29 1995Maximum connections exceeded vs. Timing out
1936.01SIOG::PKIRKWed Jul 05 1995Boot Xyplex from Infoserver 1
1937.02LFOIS1::MOUSSUWed Jul 05 1995Infoserver VXT in UNIX environment
1939.01SWTHOM::DEGAGEThu Jul 06 1995Mad devices and error logging
1940.01VAXRIO::VELASCOThu Jul 06 1995Infoserver and Exabyte.
1941.05ENQUE::WINANTFri Jul 07 1995Trashing CD's
1942.01CSC32::K_LAFRANCEWed Jul 12 1995bogus MAD devices
1943.02TOHOPE::WSAThu Jul 13 1995CD-R can a CDrom be the 'staging' disk?
1944.01SIOG::PKIRKFri Jul 14 1995MOP DLL File Size Limit..???
1945.02SNOOTY::HAWLEYITue Jul 18 1995Infoserver client 1.
1946.05SIOG::MARTINThu Jul 20 1995Mop doesent load Xyplex
1947.01VAXRIO::MAUROThu Jul 20 1995Infoserver 3.2/VMS 6.1/Exabyte tape...
1948.03TINGAU::HEFELEMon Jul 24 1995InfoServer 1
1949.09PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Jul 24 1995iOmega ZIP and Syquest drives on infoserver
1950.02MLNCSC::PASSALACQUATue Jul 25 1995cd recorder
1951.02RANGER::COOKTue Jul 25 1995AUTOMOUNT and service CLASSes
1952.01CLARID::LIZT::malkowiakThu Jul 27 1995%MOUNT-F-DUPRVN, duplicate volume number already mounted
1953.02DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Jul 27 1995Recording in sections?
1954.01TOHOPE::WSAFri Jul 28 1995duplicate scsi addresses?
1955.04SUFRNG::WSAMon Jul 31 1995known crash?
1956.03VMSNET::P_ALBRECHTMon Jul 31 1995Infoserver returned messages to PW client
1959.02SIOG::MARTINWed Aug 02 1995Mop V3 specs
1960.03COMICS::BARLOWDThu Aug 03 1995Information Revolution or Revolting Information
1961.01HTSC19::MICKWIDLAMFri Aug 04 1995s/a backup to tape on Infoserver
1962.03MALMThu Aug 10 1995PartNumber for a RRW11-AA ?!?!?!?
1963.05CSC32::MEREOSFri Aug 11 1995TLZ6 restore very slow
1964.05KERNEL::HEGARTYPMon Aug 14 1995Yamaha CDR1
1965.01STUMon Aug 14 1995TAR CHECKSUM on VAX ULTRIX Client V1.1 Kit
1966.06HGOVC::EDDYWANGTue Aug 15 1995MAC & Netware client kit
1967.02HGOVC::EDDYWANGThu Aug 17 1995Infoserver for MAC client problem ...
1968.02RANGER::COOKThu Aug 17 1995I don't *want* _DADn+1:
1969.02ALFAXP::SZUMINSKYMon Aug 21 19951
1970.04ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSMon Aug 21 1995Windows NT Client?
1971.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Aug 23 1995Infoserver JVC record problems
1972.05NEWVAX::BARABIAWed Aug 30 1995Infoserver 1
1973.01NEWVAX::BARABIAWed Aug 30 1995Backup Suggestion Please
1974.02STKHLM::SWE367::LETTERSTALFri Sep 01 1995CDD522 problems?
1975.05COLFri Sep 01 1995Access ISO966
1976.02MFRFMS::SFISCHERTue Sep 05 1995RZ28 supported in Infoserver 15
1977.06CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Sep 05 1995Problem w/ Inforserver on VAXcluster startup
1978.01ADOVWed Sep 06 1995Boot ULTRIX on an InfoServer 15
1979.03CSC32::D_DONOVANWed Sep 06 1995"writes" set to "-1"??
1980.02BSS::HEWITTWed Sep 06 1995RZ26N on Infoserver 1
1981.01VELI::KORKKOWed Sep 06 1995infoserver 1
1982.01TNKSYS::RMUMFORDWed Sep 06 1995%SYSTEM-F-ILLIOFUNC in batch, interactive OK??
1983.03TIMAMD::CASTILLAThu Sep 07 1995Presenting several CD's as one (SMARTCD)
1984.03SHOPFri Sep 08 1995Kit for AXP ?
1985.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Sep 11 1995Can't see INFOSERVER
1986.02MUNICH::REINFri Sep 15 1995question on rrd44
1987.03SNOFS1::BROUGHTONJSun Sep 17 1995Win95 support ?
1988.01CSC32::BUCKLEYTue Sep 19 1995flakeness with show services/disk and tape
1989.03FRSCS::PMURMANNTue Sep 26 1995Windows95 and InfoServer support??
1990.04FRSCS::PMURMANNTue Sep 26 1995PC hang after DIR to Infoserver CD
1991.06STKHLM::SAXELSSONTue Sep 26 1995RRW11 writing problem
1992.02KEIKI::WHITEWed Sep 27 1995Infoserver-1
1993.0TOHOPE::WSAThu Sep 28 1995Please Respond if your customers require InfoServer Support on NT or Win95 Clients!!
1994.04OTOOA::LAVIGNEMon Oct 02 1995Need help Configuring infoserver
1995.02CSC32::ESCHMon Oct 02 1995Questions on UPDATE SYSTEM command on Infoserver 1
1996.01DECPRG::MRKVATue Oct 03 1995Update Function Open Tape no possible
1997.05CHUECA::JMGUERRAThu Oct 05 1995Problem with copy via translan again
1998.06ZURFri Oct 06 1995Infoserver Client for Macintosh with new PCI based PowerMac 95
1999.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Oct 10 1995axp vms v6.2 tape client driver support ?
2000.04UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERTue Oct 10 1995Exception 11 crash with V3.1A
2001.01RIVOLI::MENICACCIThu Oct 12 1995medium is offline during dir dad1:[
2002.03KERNEL::NICHOLSONAMon Oct 16 1995service disappeared since multia on the network
2003.03FSSB::JOHNSONMon Oct 16 1995Bad CD/R burns, IS15
2004.01HKOSWed Oct 18 1995DOS/Nt Client Kit Question...
2005.09PVAX1::JPHIWed Oct 18 1995Unable to work on TKZ
2006.01BPSWSFri Oct 20 1995Is there a CD in the drive or not ???
2007.02KETJE::SCHREURSFri Oct 20 1995Writing CD-R in ISO 966
2008.01SUFRNG::WSAFri Oct 20 1995cdr - problems creating the iso container
2009.01GIDDAY::BRODRIBBMon Oct 23 1995InfoTower Installation and Owners Guide - where?
2010.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUMon Oct 23 1995IDXMAPERR ret by optical drive due to remount process
2011.01HLFSTue Oct 24 1995%ESS-F-READFAIL with RECORD command
2012.0COMICS::BARLOWDThu Oct 26 1995RE: 1927
2014.04SOS6::DEGAGETue Oct 31 1995Infoserver v3.3 ??
2015.02TOHOPE::WSAWed Nov 01 1995InfoServer 15
2016.02PADNOM::DEGAGEMon Nov 06 1995Infoserver 15
2017.02OSLLAV::ARNEWed Nov 08 1995Problems with Infoserver an Mac 7.5.1
2018.011PVAX1::JPHIWed Nov 08 1995Problem with ALPLAD
2019.01WOTVAX::MELLINGAWed Nov 08 1995multiple backup streams
2020.01ECFAThu Nov 09 1995INFOSERVER AND TKZ
2021.03CSC32::D_BROWNFri Nov 10 1995INVEXCEPTN crash at SYS$MADDRIVER+
2022.0TROOA::NAISHSat Nov 11 1995ULTRIX Client Kit Urgently Needed
2023.03KILRB1::BACCARIMon Nov 13 1995Server not seen
2024.02CSC32::ESCHMon Nov 13 1995Support for RWZ52 Magneto Optical Drive
2025.03BULEAN::MCGORRILLTue Nov 14 1995CD write failures!
2026.02NCMAIL::SCHEIDWed Nov 15 1995Using Native Datalink Drivers with Infoserver
2027.03KERNEL::HORSNELLMon Nov 20 1995Maximum partition size info 1
2028.016TOHOPE::VORE_SMon Nov 27 1995Infoserver at End of Life?
2029.02SWETSC::WESTERBACKFri Dec 01 1995TZ87 on Infoserver 15
2030.01IBMon Dec 04 1995Infoserver client for NT
2031.01GIDDAY::BRODRIBBTue Dec 05 1995CONNNOSRVC, NOSUCHDEV binding problem
2032.06HANSBC::BACHNERWed Dec 06 1995V3.3 problems with tapes ? (TZ85, TSZ
2033.01VAXRIO::RENATOFri Dec 08 1995Copying From Tape To Tape
2034.011TAPE::NOBREGATue Dec 12 1995Input on deleting InfoServer options
2035.07TAPE::NOBREGATue Dec 12 1995Need input on new InfoServer clients
2037.0ROUTES::TEDESCOThu Dec 21 1995NCD boot/page support?
2038.02KERNEL::NICHOLSONAFri Dec 22 1995not able to see services after 6.1 upgradwe
2039.01DECBAH::PATROSat Jan 06 1996Client for DOS !!!
2040.03TBJVOA::MINAMIZAWAWed Jan 10 1996SEAVC-AE hardware
2041.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Jan 12 1996Infoserver Docs for Record "online"
2042.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Jan 15 1996Can a Yamaha cd-r x4 be read by x1 cd
2043.03IMBETR::DUPREZTue Jan 16 1996Replacing the base CD reader provided with an InfoServer 15
2044.08KERNEL::PETTETTue Jan 16 1996SSRVEXCEPT bugcheck running INFOSERVER_MONITOR
2045.04GEOFFN::LUNNWed Jan 17 1996Plasmon CDR422
2046.02NEPHI::COARWed Jan 17 1996How to see if INFOSERVER is up..
2047.01REGENT::HUMMERSWed Jan 17 1996ladcp-e-interr
2048.02RIVOLI::MENICACCIThu Jan 18 1996services (infoserver1
2049.0TPOVC::CHARLESCHANGThu Jan 18 1996How to tell version of MADDRIVER
2050.06CSC32::R_LACORTEThu Jan 18 1996CD-R RECORD and the case of the missing error
2051.01DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Jan 18 1996Macintosh client Installer Utility question?
2052.01NYOSS1::VENEYFri Jan 19 1996V3.
2053.06DUNDEE::CLEARYMon Jan 22 1996Lastport licensing ?
2054.04CSC32::R_LACORTETue Jan 23 1996Are there any "newer" CD writers supported?
2055.02CSC32::S_WAHLWed Jan 24 1996Need supported list of CD/R's on Infoserver
2056.01UTRTSC::DORLANDFri Jan 26 1996Support for SONY CDU 92
2057.04NQOSFri Jan 26 1996InfoTower RRD45's
2058.02PVAX1::JPHIMon Jan 29 1996Little story of trouble...
2059.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Jan 31 1996Problem reading ISO_996
2060.01TOPTEN::KELLERWed Jan 31 1996Just some questions?
2061.02NETRIX::"aumayr_w@vnabrw.enet.dec.com"Thu Feb 01 1996Configuring more than 7 SCSI devices ?
2062.05EVTAI1::BROCHARDMon Feb 05 1996Infoserver for Macintosh how to backup ?
2063.01COMICS::SHELLEYMon Feb 05 1996Client limit: 5
2064.09WAYLAY::GORDONTue Feb 06 1996InfoServer V3.4 Internal Field Test begins
2065.04UTRTSC::VDCRUIJSENWed Feb 07 1996Bad ethernet performance Infotower1
2066.01PVAX1::JPHIMon Feb 12 1996Latent european power supplies problem on InfoTower
2067.05PDMOPS::YAMARTINOMon Feb 12 1996Which CD-R's for ODS-2?
2068.02KETJE::MONTETue Feb 13 1996Window NT client ?
2069.01CHR27::YEUNGWed Feb 14 1996More InfoTower & RRD45 Question
2070.04KEIKI::WHITEWed Feb 14 1996Old Infoserver Crash Exception 6?
2071.03GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Feb 14 1996LADCP UNBIND madx: is the only way to break connection ?
2072.01UTROP1::ZWETSat Feb 17 1996Access from UNIX and NT platform?
2074.01VNABRW::MEINL_MTue Feb 20 1996InfoServer CRASH V3.3
2075.01NQOPS::FLYNNTue Feb 27 1996Reading Unix Docs from VMS
2076.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Feb 28 1996Infoserver 1
2077.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Feb 29 1996Install of V3.1 fails with system-f-opcdec
2078.0STKHLM::LINDSTROMFri Mar 01 1996TLZ
2079.01ISTWI1::OZILMon Mar 04 1996TFA license question
2080.01CSC32::D_DONOVANTue Mar 05 1996WORM drive behavior?
2081.01WOTVAX::DODDThu Mar 07 1996Infoserver as security route.
2082.03KERNEL::HEGARTYPFri Mar 08 1996dilog tape stacker support
2083.010TIMABS::OBERLETue Mar 12 1996IS15
2084.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Mar 12 1996Customer needs 3.2 client info for VMS
2085.02NWDFri Mar 15 1996Can Infoserver tower hook to PC?
2086.05VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Mar 15 1996Infoserver 3.4 condist or seperate cd
2087.01NWDFri Mar 15 1996Need disk access function CD or code
2088.03EVTAI1::DEGATThu Mar 21 1996Macintosh client
2089.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Mar 21 1996Macintosh Client 1.1 Lastport control options
2090.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Mar 27 1996INFO 1
2091.04VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Mar 27 1996INFO 3.3,3.4 tape hangs with dism/unl, 3.2 fine
2092.01ZURThu Mar 28 1996Does the InfoServer support MULTISESSION CD?
2093.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Mar 29 1996ISO_966
2094.02UTRTSC::LACEYMon Apr 01 1996ISO 966
2095.0CRONIC::LEMONSMon Apr 01 1996CDROM sharing in a heterogeneous environment
2096.04CSC32::R_LACORTETue Apr 02 1996Is "CONNACCDENIED",caused by client limit reached?
2097.08CSC32::R_LACORTEFri Apr 05 1996"Another scenario for LADCP>>>Show Service"
2098.01SNOFS1::snod16dp6.sno.dec.com::BroughtonMon Apr 08 199695/NT client support - any news yet ?
2099.01MXOCMon Apr 08 1996More info about Infoserver/Win95...
2100.02VAXRIO::VELASCOMon Apr 15 1996Help required on a VXT 15
2101.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Apr 15 1996What licenses are needed?
2102.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Apr 18 1996Info1
2103.04VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Apr 18 1996INFO15
2104.05CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Apr 22 1996RECORD operation fails with: "Error: 54 HEX"
2105.07VMSNET::D_THAXTONSat Apr 27 1996Infoser 3. crash exception 4
2106.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONSat Apr 27 1996Vax6
2107.06WAYLAY::GORDONTue Apr 30 1996The time has come...
2108.01CSC32::D_DONOVANWed May 01 1996RTFM might have helped :-{
2109.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed May 01 1996duplicate device unit number created problem.
2110.01CSC32::HOCKETTTue May 07 1996Crashes resulting from canceled I/O in progress occur.
2111.0TAPE::STONEHAMFri May 10 1996New location for InfoServer internal network kits and documentation.
2112.01BARNA::DSMAILMon May 13 1996How to use TLZ
2113.03BLGSUP::BONORAWed May 15 1996Infoserver disks go in mount verification
2114.02LATINA::MAJOSEThu May 16 1996Solution for INVEXCEPTN At IOC$REQCOM+17 ????
2115.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri May 17 1996Info1
2116.0ODIXIE::RUGGIEROMon May 20 1996RRW11 Jumpers
2117.05CSC32::S_WAHLMon May 20 1996SYSTEM-F-DEVINACT when starting ESS$LAD_STARTUP
2118.02VAXRIO::VELASCOTue May 21 1996Help required !
2119.01CSC32::D_DONOVANTue May 21 1996"LASTCP and LADCP Utilities" manual?
2120.02CSC32::R_LACORTEWed May 22 1996"INFOSERVER 1
2121.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu May 30 1996Info 1
2122.03NEOVThu May 30 1996Remote Access for PC Clients
2123.03COMICS::SHELLEYFri May 31 1996How do customers receive infoserver s/w ?
2124.0GIDDAY::REINHOLDFri Jun 07 1996Ultrix V4.5 and InfoServer Client driver latest version?
2125.0TAPE::NOBREGATue Jun 11 1996Adding CD Drives to SZ18 chassis
2126.01ALFSS2::DOUGLAS_DThu Jun 13 1996CD-DA audio CD?
2127.03ODIXIE::RREEVESMon Jun 17 1996Alpha VMS 6.2 client tape support ?
2128.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Jun 18 1996infoserver pw5.
2129.01COWBOY::MIRGHANEThu Jun 20 1996Tlz
2130.01HLTIC4::GIELTJES_RFri Jun 28 1996Infoserver15
2132.01TOSSUB::DELLISANTIWed Jul 03 1996Infoserver drivers for the macintosh
2133.02UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERTue Jul 09 1996Questions about Infoserver 1
2134.0242333::LESLIEThu Jul 11 1996TZ85 on an infoserver 1
2135.011TAVIS::BOAZSun Jul 14 1996Problem seeing CD on a INFOSERVER-1
2136.01HGOSPS::MICKWIDLAMMon Jul 15 19962nd volume prompted and offlined.
2137.01UTRTSC::DOCTERMon Jul 15 1996Support for Philips CDD2
2138.0342333::LESLIETue Jul 16 1996%ESS-I-NOCLIENT: ALPHA OpenVMS V6.2 remedial kit?
2139.03MUNDIS::KRUBENBAUERWed Jul 17 1996Multiple Ethernet Controllers?
2140.03ODIXIE::RREEVESThu Jul 25 1996Tape access problems VMS 6.2-1h2
2141.0CSC32::S_WAHLMon Jul 29 1996CONNDEVERR errors on LADCP BIND
2142.01NETRIX::"ramsay@tro.mts.dec.com"Mon Jul 29 1996Functions CD for Infoserver 15
2143.03CSC32::BARELAFri Aug 02 19961
2144.05TAVIS::BOAZMon Aug 05 1996Pointer to latest ESS kit.
2145.02SUFRNG::WSAMon Aug 05 1996publisher - how much disk space to allow for lead time?
2146.02CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Aug 05 1996Any differences in recorded ODS_2 data?
2147.03CSC32::PITTWed Aug 07 1996infoserver/Dunix yet again
2148.01VAXRIO::RENATOWed Aug 07 1996LASTCP START TRANS Accvios With FDDI
2149.02CSC32::D_DONOVANThu Aug 08 1996Infoserver Monitor and V7.x support?
2150.01OTOOA::LAVIGNEFri Aug 09 1996Need help with software on Infoserver & CDR
2151.03CSC32::K_DIMICKFri Aug 09 1996Infoserver 1
2152.01ISTWI1::OZILThu Aug 22 1996Infoserver15
2153.01KAOFS::M_COTEFri Sep 06 1996Mcheck on infoserver 15
2154.0COMICS::ROOMEFri Sep 13 1996illegal function code from QIO
2155.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Sep 13 1996VXT15
2156.02TOHOPE::WSAWed Sep 18 1996InfoTower to AlphaStation 4
2157.06CSC32::MEREOSWed Sep 18 1996Copy >1GB file?
2159.01CSC32::MEREOSTue Sep 24 1996hangs in VMOUNT
2160.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Sep 24 1996Info 1
2161.0SUBSYS::JOSEPHWed Sep 25 1996InfoServer Publisher White Paper
2162.02WOTVAX::LEUNGFThu Sep 26 1996Can't serve PC CDs from one infoserver 1
2163.02LYOISA::LABIAUTue Oct 01 1996INFOSERVER 1
2164.06SUFRNG::WSAWed Oct 09 1996InfoServer Crashes - only when a MicroVAX 31
2165.03BERFS4::NORDThu Oct 10 1996infoserver and tcp/ip ???
2166.06CSC32::MEREOSFri Oct 11 1996Cannot burn CD
2167.05CSC32::D_RESTIVOFri Oct 18 1996IDXMAPERR mounting cd's
2168.04KERNEL::HEGARTYPFri Nov 01 1996RZ28 as boot device on Info 1
2169.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Nov 05 1996Info 15
2170.02GUIDUK::SOMERWed Nov 06 1996Infoserver White Paper questions
2171.03MLNCSC::VOCIThu Nov 07 1996digital unix client?
2172.01BACHUS::BUGGENHOUTTue Nov 12 1996AUTOMOUNT problem after reboot
2173.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Nov 14 1996Mount of Infoserver drives has problems
2174.01HIGHD::MARCSat Nov 23 1996Can a TKZ
2175.01DEKVC::SUNDAEHONGTue Nov 26 1996Looking for CD Reader Function Access kits
2176.05VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Nov 26 1996Info1
2177.0DEKVC::SUNDAEHONGFri Nov 29 1996Thanks ! ;-)
2178.010ATZIS2::PIEBERWed Dec 11 1996CDR IS1K, 3.4, Ph CDD521/1
2179.0+4TAPE::ROURKEFri Dec 20 1996Win NT Client Field Test Announcement
2180.02CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Dec 23 1996Alpha NT Client problem: The network request is not supporte
2181.01ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Sun Dec 29 1996Addition RZ28 disk for 6 Infoservers
2182.01SUFRNG::WSATue Jan 07 1997InfoServer Client for NT, LADCD only? is LAD planned?
2183.05CSC32::MEREOSThu Jan 09 1997%ESS-F-SCSICHK error writing CD-R
2184.04CSC32::MEREOSThu Jan 09 1997NOVOLDESC error when label is blank
2185.07COMICS::ROOMEMon Jan 13 1997ess-e-filenotfound when updating infoserver 15
2186.03CSC32::STRINGTue Jan 14 1997IS1
2187.04SALEM::GWCOOP::GWCOOPWed Jan 15 1997Creating a bootable CD with save set?
2188.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Jan 16 1997Info1
2189.0TAPE::ROURKETue Jan 21 1997FT2 InfoServer Client for NT
2190.0 *+6CSC32::MEREOSFri Jan 31 1997BADSECSYS err mounting CD
2191.0 *+11TAPE::STONEHAMFri Feb 07 1997InfoServer Client for Digital UNIX (FT1) now available.
2192.0 *+4TAPE::ROURKEMon Feb 10 1997InfoServer Client for WNT V1 available
2193.0 *+5BRSTR2::SYSMANTue Feb 11 1997Client for WNT okay! but...
2194.0 *+5CSC32::S_WAHLTue Feb 11 1997Device Timeout on Infoserver Services
2195.0 *+3BLAZE::CHAINIKOVWed Feb 12 1997VMS ESS Client HALTs production system
2196.0 *+10QBUS::E_BURKHALTERThu Feb 20 1997Sense Key 6 Buffer Error
2197.0 *+3CSC32::STUBAI::T_FISHELTue Feb 25 1997Newbie question, CD to CD-R copies and ISO 966
2198.0 *+3MLNCSC::ZAGHIThu Feb 27 1997compatibility with OpenVms
2199.0 *+1SALEM::WONGWed Mar 05 1997CD-R for unix ufs file system ???
2200.0 *+2KAOTThu Mar 06 1997multivolume backup
2201.0 *+3TMCUKA::ROWELLWed Mar 12 1997Unix client FT
2202.0 *+2ROUTES::TEDESCOMon Mar 17 1997VXT boot support with Infoserver 1
2203.0 *+2VAXRIO::HENRIQUEWed Mar 19 1997Exception 11 with V3.4 .
2204.0 *+2TLE::MICHAUDThu Mar 20 1997VMS 7.1 and the Infoserver monitor
2205.0 *+5DECPRG::KASPARThu Mar 20 1997Infoserver & Yamaha CDR1
2206.0 *+5IOSG::BURTONTue Mar 25 1997What CD/R device to buy?
2207.0 *JGODCL::WIJGERSThu Mar 27 1997StorageWorks PRE-Sales Technical support helpdesk
2208.0 *+2ALFSS2::STILL_GThu Apr 03 1997%MOUNT-F-MEDOFL, medium is offline when remounting tape
2209.0 *+1UTRTSC::BOORFri Apr 11 1997RWZ52 Infoserver1
2210.0 *SANITY::LEMONSSat Apr 12 1997InfoServer server plans
2211.0 *+1SNOFS1::RASMUSSENFri Apr 18 1997VAXELN download via InfoServer, capable?
2212.0 *+1VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Apr 22 1997Info1
2213.0 *+1NNTPD::"zofka@mail.dec.com"Fri Apr 25 1997Is the NT Client kit "Cluster Aware"
2214.0 *+2NNTPD::"zofka@mail.dec.com"Fri Apr 25 1997Any CD-ROM JukeBox on Infoserver?
2215.0 *+1BSS::S_BELLFri Apr 25 1997Can't find QA-GGWAA-HX
2216.0 *+2BSS::S_BELLFri Apr 25 1997Alpha "show service" problem
2217.0 *+1NNTPD::"szuminsky@mail.dec.com"Mon May 05 1997another ISO formatter
2218.0 *+2UNITED::RENCONTRETue May 13 1997RRD46 12X CD
2219.0 *TAPE::STONEHAMThu May 29 1997DIGITAL InfoServer Client For DIGITAL UNIX, V1.
2220.0 *+2SHOGUN::JAMBU_SThu May 29 1997Infoserver client kit location
2221.0 *+3VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Jun 04 1997Infoserver for NT, can it use Mac CDs?
2222.0 *TAPE::ROURKEWed Jun 04 1997InfoServer Client for WNT V1.1 (FT1) available
2223.0 *TAPE::ROURKEWed Jun 04 1997How to burn a CD using GEAR on NT