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Conference waylay::askenet_v5

Title:Ask The EasyNet (V5)
Notice:Don't ask about notes conferences here - see 1.2
Created:Mon Apr 13 1992
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1236
Total number of notes:9997
Number with bodies:276
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.04CDSRV::GORDONMon Apr 13 1992Welcome
2.03CDSRV::GORDONMon Apr 13 1992Reserved for system announcements
3.011COVERT::COVERTTue Apr 14 1992First Question for the Easynet
5.018BIGVAX::HENRYWed Apr 15 1992Bat houses
6.02CPDW::ROSCHWed Apr 15 1992Blood type question
7.03LGP3Tue Apr 20 1993where to give donations of USED toys?
8.04BAHTAT::EATON_NTue Apr 20 1993Why the "strobe" before commercial breaks?
9.0SIOG::OSULLIVAN_DTue Apr 20 1993Integrated Demand Flow Mgmt. System
10.014HELIX::RUZICHTue Apr 20 1993Salvage?
11.01MICROW::GLANTZThu Apr 22 1993Learning foreign languages: tapes, etc
12.023SPESHR::JOHNSONThu Apr 22 1993I bet there's a reason
13.030POWDML::K_MITCHELLFri Apr 23 1993Tipping at Drive Up Windows
14.05MEOCSat Apr 24 1993Ever seen an Astrolabe..??
15.033DEMING::VALENZASun Apr 25 1993Toilet seats in public restrooms
16.08SPESHR::JOHNSONMon Apr 26 1993Cellular Telephone Antennae
17.08MLTVAX::DELBALSOMon Apr 26 1993Are "strike-anywhere" wooden matches still available?
18.05KRAUT::LASHERTue Apr 27 1993Lyrics to "To Anacreon in Heaven"
19.07CALS::DESELMSTue Apr 27 1993Why open the fire hydrants?
20.05SWAM1::BASURA_BRTue Apr 27 1993Ross Perot/U.W.S.A Address?
21.07JURAN::VALENZAWed Apr 28 1993GE answering machine
22.01--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 28 1993Motivational Tape(s)
23.02TOOK::MORRISONWed Apr 28 1993Matching hosts and house guests, organization for?
24.01WMOIS::RICE_JWed Apr 28 1993Looking for convention demos
25.06VORTEX::VANC::SMICKWed Apr 28 1993Searching for communication software for VS35
26.05BAHTAT::CARTER_AThu Apr 29 1993Draughtflow Beer Cans
27.012CSOADM::ROTHFri Apr 30 1993Social Security Number FAQ
28.044GRANPA::TTAYLORFri Apr 30 1993INTERNET - How does one gain access?
30.07ALFAXP::M_HYDEFri Apr 30 1993Work flow software/systems
31.09SPESHR::JOHNSONMon May 03 1993I need to conduct a survey
32.012POWDML::K_MITCHELLMon May 03 1993Made in Japan versus Japan
33.03CONTRA::PMCVAYTue May 04 1993Looking for medical statistics
34.014BAHTAT::EATON_NWed May 05 1993Banana Splits (!)
35.0SCAACT::RESENDEWed May 05 1993Groupware Conference?
36.026HANNAH::OSMANWed May 05 1993harm aiming camcorder at tv screen ?
37.01LBDUCK::DEADERICKFri May 07 1993Directory of DECUS Library
38.08CONTRA::PMCVAYMon May 10 1993Making stencils from hardcopy: best method?
39.03--UnknownUser--Tue May 11 1993European Auto Emission Controls?
40.08HANNAH::OSMANWed May 12 1993strange earthquake dream
41.04SPESHR::JOHNSONWed May 12 1993Looking for info on DECmodel
42.01STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANFri May 14 1993Similar product to IOF or SPF 3.8
43.07BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri May 14 1993Insanity defense
44.027OCTAVE::6518Mon May 17 1993Mystery signs in Shrewsbury Ma.
45.016MSD26::WOJDAKMon May 17 1993Tuna Fish
47.015RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERTue May 18 1993Death Wish
48.030STAR::BENSONTue May 18 1993What does "B.U.M." stand for?
49.011MKOTS3::SHATTUCKWed May 19 1993FAX FADES?
50.02LBDUCK::DEADERICKThu May 20 1993Graphics in DECwindows notes
51.06CPDW::ROSCHMon May 24 1993EB $ ?
52.05SANFAN::KAPLAN_AATue May 25 1993Second Anniversary?
53.05ACESMK::MEYERTue May 25 1993Looking for Software Product Intro Checklist
54.08MLTVAX::DELBALSOTue May 25 1993Searching for "Indiana Jones Authentic Hats"
55.0116BITS::DELBALSOWed May 26 1993Fabric-safe vs. color-safe bleaches
56.016WELLIN::GRAHAMThu May 27 1993Amway & Direct/Network selling ?
57.03MOSPRT::M_HENDERSONThu May 27 1993Mega-Memory ???
58.09MUNICH::HSTOECKLINFri May 28 1993knots
59.03MAYFri May 28 1993Telephone's a-law vs u-law
60.05SCOBIE::CLANESun May 30 1993Milk Crate Misuse?
61.07TOOK::MORRISONMon May 31 1993Hand washing by food vendors at outdoor events?
62.02PRSSOS::MAILLARDTue Jun 01 1993SQM:: new name?
63.05CNTROL::AMOSTue Jun 01 1993Heat Degree Days??
65.011USOPS::KADOWTue Jun 01 1993Short Wave Radio vs AM
66.05TAVWed Jun 02 1993Meat shrinking - why ??
67.03EVOCDG::MUZYThu Jun 03 1993DECnet-VAX V4.
68.06SHIPS::GKEFri Jun 04 1993London Central High School, Bushey England
69.017JURAN::VALENZAMon Jun 07 1993Black Ice
70.07JURAN::VALENZAMon Jun 07 1993Temperatures and the weight an airplane can carry
71.08CSLALL::COMPANIONMon Jun 07 1993Need help with a title..
72.03TOOK::MORRISONMon Jun 07 1993How to get Material Safety Data Sheet for Digital product?
73.01HANNAH::BAYTue Jun 08 1993Online encyclopedia?
74.02HANNAH::BAYTue Jun 08 1993Commercial art today
75.04STOWOA::CROWTHERTue Jun 08 1993Fenway Park . . .
76.044BRIEN::ROSCETTIWed Jun 09 1993Why is it a "21" gun salute
77.03TAVIS::BARUCHThu Jun 10 1993US tax information?
78.04JIT981::NODAMon Jun 14 1993anentropic knot
79.04BSS::GUTZMERFri Jun 18 1993How much is a pound of pennies worth?
80.02BRSVMS::PIGEONTue Jun 22 1993Location of the Olbricht Monument ?
81.02CHEEKO::ANDERSONTue Jun 22 1993highway/road repair - why delays
82.01ANGLIN::SEITZWed Jun 23 1993Erin Go Braugh translation?
83.01USPMLO::DESROCHERSMon Jun 28 1993Hiking notesfile?
84.01EARRTH::DOIRONTue Jun 29 1993Birds????
85.04BAHTAT::EATON_NTue Jun 29 1993Why do UK cars stink !?
86.03SISDA::CHERNACKTue Jun 29 1993City/state conferences... what happened?
87.019SPESHR::JOHNSONTue Jun 29 1993Help with word
88.01NODEX::MCGREALFri Jul 02 1993What happened to the Bicycle conferences?
89.06ASABET::RUTZENFri Jul 02 1993File pointers from previous ASKENET
90.02CCAD33::DUKEMon Jul 05 1993Reuters
91.021JGODCL::APETERSWed Jul 07 1993Detroit address verification
92.013SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Jul 07 1993MTS/site/location codes
93.02TAPE::LKLThu Jul 08 1993NAshville info search
94.0HELIX::SONTAKKEThu Jul 08 1993How to print .xpic files?
95.01WARNUT::BIDDULPHMTue Jul 13 1993Citizen 12
96.08RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERTue Jul 13 1993Why paired single quotes and generic double quote?
97.02XCUSME::TOMMYB::BERKNERTue Jul 13 1993Korean flag
98.03SHIPS::GKEWed Jul 14 1993Help with a Bible quote - please.
99.04CSLALL::MKEAVENEYWed Jul 14 1993Bankruptcy Chapters?
100.018JURAN::VALENZAWed Jul 14 1993Crossing the Mississippi by automobile
101.07BAHTAT::EATON_NThu Jul 15 1993The dreaded 3 letter abbreviations!
102.032MRKTNG::L_MOOREThu Jul 15 1993Travel to Canada?
103.03RUTILE::AUNGIERThu Jul 15 1993Writing a good CV - Pointers Needed
104.07MEMIT::BLESSLEY_SFri Jul 16 1993Seeking quote on failure as path to success
105.018CALS::DESELMSFri Jul 16 1993Is Morse Code obselete?
106.07TAVENG::FENSTERSat Jul 17 1993Looking for 8
107.07TAVSun Jul 18 1993How does a DODO scale work ...
108.01CCAD33::DUKESun Jul 18 1993Digital and Minitech against Wang
109.05TAVMon Jul 19 1993How far is San Diego from L.A.
110.011STAR::DZIEDZICMon Jul 19 1993"Cow mutilation" sci-fi movie?
111.07CSLALL::MKEAVENEYMon Jul 19 1993Encyclopedia Time! Grand Canyon
112.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 21 1993Defintion? Identification?
113.09BAHTAT::EATON_NThu Jul 22 1993Hooves, Stones, and the Swiss
114.03DEMING::VALENZAThu Jul 22 19931-8
115.06USOPS::KADOWThu Jul 22 1993Sort/Merge Manual
116.0+1MRKTNG::L_MOOREMon Jul 26 1993Ed Sullivan?
117.05CALLME::MR_TOPAZTue Jul 27 1993Looking for Blank Line Deleter
118.03DIODE::CROWELLTue Jul 27 1993$VTX POR - Education plan of record?
119.011TINCUP::MADDUXTue Jul 27 1993hantavirus/dram/sco/preguntas
120.02STOHUB::STOHUB::SLBLUZ::HABERERWed Jul 28 1993Scoville units - a hot question
121.021CCAD23::TANWed Jul 28 1993Node names
122.01NZOMIS::WILSONKENThu Jul 29 1993Industrial VAX/Alpha contacts for future systems
123.01BBIVThu Jul 29 1993INGRES Course Material reqd
124.06RTOIS::SUPPORT_ORThu Jul 29 1993US Nat.Parks Pointers
125.018KYOA::HANSONThu Jul 29 1993Need #s for MCI and Sprint, Please
126.03TOOK::MORRISONThu Jul 29 1993Tipping cards?
127.02ANGLIN::SEITZThu Jul 29 1993Heard DELL is filing bankruptcy!
128.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 30 1993public speaking course?
129.02RCWOOD::WOODFri Jul 30 1993Food stamps
130.06TAVSun Aug 01 1993AMTRACK - D.C. --> HBG, Pa.
131.03TAVMon Aug 02 1993AVIS rates in L.A. ...
132.03TAPE::LKLMon Aug 02 1993Backgammon ?
133.03WEORG::GILLISMon Aug 02 1993X server problems get reported where?
134.04VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Aug 03 1993Where to find Service Descriptions
135.07KARHU::PARENTThu Aug 05 1993Horse Shoes (the game)
136.08TOOK::MORRISONFri Aug 06 1993Software Engineering Institute?
137.03BIGUN::ANDERSONTue Aug 10 1993Bulk order for DEC coffee mug (recycle, reuse)
139.02TAPE::LKLThu Aug 12 1993LQP45 ribbon replacement cartridge
140.014KAOOA::SOWREYThu Aug 12 1993USENET Newsreader needed
141.03NIOMAX::LAINGFri Aug 13 1993Media Group spin off?
142.03IJSAPL::WOODROWSun Aug 15 1993Universal standard async. protocol?
143.0+7RTOIS::SUPPORT_ORTue Aug 17 1993Nigeria??
144.0MUDIS3::FISCALWed Aug 18 1993Struggle of Cultures
145.04KOLFAX::WIEGLEBThu Aug 19 1993"Cairo" and "Chicago" projects
146.07KYOA::BOYLEFri Aug 20 1993Notes$notebook growing like a cancer!
147.015TOOK::MORRISONSun Aug 22 1993Volunteer jobs in which I use my hands and brain?
148.09NITMOI::TURNERThu Aug 26 1993Who was in 199 Riverneck Rd, Chelmsford?
149.015MILPND::BENHAMThu Aug 26 1993Charlie Chan (not Charlie Chaplin)
150.01--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 27 1993MAGIC WINDOWS FOR VAX
151.020RTOIS::SUPPORT_ORSat Aug 28 1993Quiz questions
152.02CCAD39::DUKEMon Aug 30 1993Getting thru to Internet
153.018GRANMA::GTOPPINGMon Aug 30 1993Orange juice containers
154.09HIDEOA::VIGNEAULTMon Aug 30 1993What is Metered Mail ?
155.014RUSURE::EDPMon Aug 30 1993Thinnest Calculator
156.021REGENT::POWERSTue Aug 31 1993Brake for Moose bumper stickers
157.016RCWOOD::WOODTue Aug 31 1993Various Q's
158.010CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Aug 31 1993Semi-deceptive advertising
159.07CSOADM::ROTHWed Sep 01 1993Need use of car for 6 weeks- cheaply!!
160.092REGENT::BROOMHEADWed Sep 01 1993Stare-ios? (spelling?)
161.03WRKSYS::ARTHURThu Sep 02 1993Weather Map GIF File
162.05DIODE::CROWELLFri Sep 03 1993MA Registry Data base on 9track tape?
163.06TRUCKS::TREVENNOR_AMon Sep 06 1993Dewey Decimal system online?
164.05RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Sep 08 1993Salsa vs. Picante
165.06ATLANT::SCHMIDTWed Sep 08 1993Earliest "Screen Editor" by Digital???
166.01REGENT::POWERSThu Sep 09 1993network and station logos in the corner of the tv screen
167.03AWECIM::MCMAHONFri Sep 10 1993payroll tax tables?
168.04ELMAGO::BOLSONSat Sep 11 1993Info needed on vacuum systems
169.01DV78Mon Sep 13 1993Description of H8571-xx
170.05RENFRO::POWELLTue Sep 14 1993Interfacing big Xerox printers to VAXen
171.08BROKE::ZEHNGUTWed Sep 15 1993sports questions
172.07DELNI::WHEELERWed Sep 15 1993North Pole
173.03CPDW::CIUFFINIThu Sep 16 1993... looking for starlite article ...
175.06SNOFS1::FAKESMon Sep 20 1993LEZAH access problem
176.01USOPS::KADOWTue Sep 21 1993BioElectroMagnetic Society ?
177.038DYPSS1::DYSERTWed Sep 22 1993OK to eat sunflower seeds, shell and all?
178.07OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Sep 23 1993Where in the world is Eddie Bauer ?
179.01SMURF::BINDERThu Sep 23 1993Actress's name needed
180.06MILPND::BENHAMFri Sep 24 1993Mrs. Blanding
181.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONFri Sep 24 1993Movie title?
182.04REGENT::POWERSFri Sep 24 1993who is the man in black for Infiniti?
183.05SMURF::BENTLEYFri Sep 24 1993Display problems in NOTES, VIEW
185.04WRKSYS::ARTHURMon Sep 27 1993FTP and pushing files across the internet
186.01JOKUR::KEATINGWed Sep 29 1993What causes gray hair?
187.0WRKSYS::ARTHURWed Sep 29 1993New long distance phone company based in Seattle
188.02616BITS::DELBALSOThu Sep 30 1993Dumb questions about smart copiers
189.04HPOUThu Sep 30 1993Typing Tutorial needed.
190.08AWECIM::MCMAHONFri Oct 01 1993Looking for a Far Side cartoon
191.017HELIX::SONTAKKETue Oct 05 1993How does GPS (Global Positioning Sensor) work?
192.01COVERT::COVERTWed Oct 06 1993PCMCIA Memory Cards
193.011KARHU::PARENTWed Oct 06 1993SKIS & More
194.019DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Oct 06 1993How to discover pending litigation
195.06CPDW::CIUFFINIFri Oct 08 1993... Dressed to Kill? ...
196.01HANNAH::BAYFri Oct 08 1993Note about what notes we can and can't talk about
197.03TAVMon Oct 11 19938
199.01BROUGH::DAVIESTue Oct 12 1993SPRINTnet access ?
200.01TAVENG::FENSTERWed Oct 13 1993Looking for examples of business plans
201.025SEND::PARODIWed Oct 13 1993Portable CD player in car?
202.010PARITY::DOWWed Oct 13 1993Sawmills in eastern MA/ southern NH ?
203.0TKTVFS::KUDOHThu Oct 14 1993FRC
204.03--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 15 19936
205.01HGOVC::JOELBERMANMon Oct 18 19938
206.03AIMHI::TINIUSMon Oct 18 1993DAK?
207.08ASABET::RUTZENMon Oct 18 1993Directions to DEC sites?
208.09CPDW::CIUFFINIFri Oct 22 1993... World Cup/Soccer/Football Glosary ...
209.06AIMHI::TINIUSTue Oct 26 1993Where to find hiway center-line reflectors?
210.019RUSURE::EDPWed Oct 27 1993Fax Identifier
211.05RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Oct 27 1993Laws that are more amusing than sensible?
212.012ALFAXP::MITCHAMThu Oct 28 1993Get address info from a telephone number?
213.01BIGUN::ANDERSONFri Oct 29 1993DART - for reporting?
214.018CDROM::HENDRICKSSun Oct 31 1993International time question
215.011HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 01 1993what really is "corned beef" ?
216.01DBSALF::TOLLIVERMon Nov 01 1993COMDEX '93, Las Vegas - November 15-19
217.05UTRUST::TIMMERTue Nov 02 1993currency codes
218.012CDROM::HENDRICKSWed Nov 03 1993What is Worldwide Web?
219.01VNABRW::HERRMANN_CThu Nov 04 1993sale:Sabah Credit Corp.
220.03GSFSYS::STEINBERGERThu Nov 04 1993Where to Donate Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids?
221.05CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZThu Nov 04 1993Who said the following????
222.0JOKUR::KEATINGFri Nov 05 1993Ogilvie Sisters soap?
223.02STOWOA::SKINNERSun Nov 07 1993Need help with speeding ticket hearing in MA
224.021WLDBIL::KILGOREMon Nov 08 1993Bowling alley in White House? (USA)
225.01LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AMon Nov 08 1993USA Pen Pal Wanted.,
226.06SULACO::JUDICETue Nov 09 1993Rolling Display for Lobby?
227.06MUSIK::ParkerTue Nov 09 1993TSAnet - anyone know anything about it?
228.01RENFRO::POWELLThu Nov 11 1993Where or where are my DSSI disks?
229.014BOOZER::MARTIN::BELLFri Nov 12 1993ids, reference numbers and the like ...
230.026VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERFri Nov 12 1993Analog computing
231.05TOOK::MORRISONFri Nov 12 1993Master directory of books on tape?
232.015CSOADM::ROTHFri Nov 12 1993Codes used on tags in small shops
233.0MICROW::LANGSun Nov 14 1993The market for network mgmt services?
234.01--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 15 1993PC Antivirus Question
236.01ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Nov 15 1993Corporate Software Licenses for PC Software?
237.03NUTS2U::LITTLEThu Nov 18 1993Regular expressions?
238.017CALS::EGOLFThu Nov 18 19936
239.015KONING::KONINGFri Nov 19 1993Boston airport congestion avoidance
240.012QUABBI::"Ryohei.Noda@tko.dec.com"Sat Nov 20 1993What "catch-22" means?
241.0BIS1::STESMon Nov 22 1993Film Archive System - pointers requested
242.0PEAKS::RICHARDTue Nov 23 1993Government contracts
243.03TOOK::MORRISONWed Nov 24 1993What is CNS?
244.04BAGLDY::SIPILAWed Nov 24 1993Appraisers?
245.015CTHP12::M_MORINMon Nov 29 1993Newspaper article banned in Canada. Can US tell us?
246.01RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Nov 30 1993Lotto number verification
247.011NSTG::FOXTue Nov 30 1993Looking for Loan Calculator
248.04RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 01 1993What's the 'H' in 'H-kit'?
249.01EEMELI::PATARIThu Dec 02 1993How to configure DEC systems ?
250.01DV78Thu Dec 02 1993Russian Office? (RSO)
251.05CSLALL::COMPANIONFri Dec 03 1993Zip code??
252.0LARVAE::BRIGGS_RFri Dec 03 1993CarnaudMetalbox anyone?
253.06TOOK::MORRISONMon Dec 06 1993Vendor of used lab benches in Boston area?
254.06CONSLT::MCBRIDEMon Dec 06 1993Binocular numbers - What do they mean?
255.02MROA::BUFTON::nbuftonTue Dec 07 1993Now, what did they used to be in
256.05MARX::FLEMINGTue Dec 07 1993BBS software summary
257.02PLAYER::BROWNLWed Dec 08 1993Remote data access?
258.01BIS1::STESThu Dec 09 1993Looking for info on La Crescenta
259.04CCAD3Sun Dec 12 1993Abacus Software?
260.06ACESMK::MEYERMon Dec 13 1993Looking for movie theater..
261.06KYOSS1::BOYLETue Dec 14 1993Digital notes conference missing???
262.01NAPIER::RAJTue Dec 14 1993Learning Disabilities Software
263.03AYRPLN::LABBETue Dec 14 1993Seeking info on magazine named POLARIS
264.02CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Dec 15 1993pd VMS SLIP software ?
265.02NBOFS1::WEIGELWed Dec 15 1993ODP: Open Distributed Processing
266.03AYRPLN::ALLAN::CORMIERWed Dec 15 1993Looking for on-line latitude/longitude info.
267.06USOPS::KADOWMon Dec 20 1993Location of DW_LAT software ?
268.023TOOK::DELBALSOMon Dec 27 1993Are soda vending machines "climate controlled"?
269.01VAXSPO::GILSONTue Dec 28 1993Oligopontocerebellar atrophy ???
270.011CSLALL::HENDERSONTue Dec 28 1993Old Cars in Movies
271.01GUIDUK::ONOTue Dec 28 1993Bone china
272.02ACESMK::MEYERMon Jan 03 1994CACM Magazine?
273.0TOOK::MORRISONMon Jan 03 1994time dollar networks?
274.01LGP3Mon Jan 03 1994workstation video projector needed in MSO2
275.010CADSYS::CADSYS::RICHARDSONMon Jan 03 1994dogsled races January 9th?
276.03NOTIME::SACKSMon Jan 03 1994Peyton Place
277.01AIMHI::TINIUSMon Jan 03 1994FY1995 Holidays?
278.02OOLONG::ENGLISHMon Jan 03 1994Bartering?
279.08DSSDEV::RUSTWed Jan 05 1994A burning question [Gee, Mr. Wizard, why is the flame green?]
280.043RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERWed Jan 05 1994Why "Peace on earth"?
281.014USOPS::KADOWThu Jan 06 1994Definition of Synchronous and Asynchronous
282.01USOPS::KADOWFri Jan 07 1994On-line dictionary for VAX/VMS?
283.06TAPE::LKLMon Jan 10 1994Womens' Baseball
284.0BAHTAT::EATON_NMon Jan 10 1994Whisky with no 'E'!
285.02RAGMOP::KEEFEMon Jan 10 1994Palestinians in no-man's-land, 1 year ago
286.09TOOK::MORRISONTue Jan 11 1994How to file a missing person report?
287.010CADSYS::CADSYS::RICHARDSONWed Jan 12 1994tax forms mailed yet?
288.06PSYCHE::ELLIOTTFri Jan 14 1994Altitude of GMA?
289.0GLDOA::ESLINGERThu Jan 20 1994Setting Up a Software Distributor?
290.015CDROM::HENDRICKSThu Jan 20 199432 --> 8 char file names?
291.05STKHLM::LIDENFri Jan 21 1994Phone: Mapping chars to digits
292.02LEDS::CHEWMon Jan 24 1994Internet Access
293.03ELWOOD::LANEMon Jan 24 1994A little help needed for a joke....
294.04CNTROL::AMOSThu Jan 27 1994Iced windshield - INSIDE????
295.01BRAT::BUTWHY::GormanThu Jan 27 1994Are old magazines useful to anyone???
296.05RANGER::BONNEYFri Jan 28 1994How list employees in cost center
297.03CAPNET::PJOHNSONSat Jan 29 1994Looking for a representative Postscript file
298.03MEO78A::SIMMONDSSun Jan 30 1994Sesame ?
299.011CPDW::CIUFFINIMon Jan 31 1994... GIF Files ...
300.01MISFIT::SPMTESTMon Jan 31 1994Michael Jordan info needed
301.08RUSURE::EDPMon Jan 31 1994Voicephone
302.016ILBBAK::LEGERMon Jan 31 1994Pls. define "legally blind"
303.01QCAVWed Feb 02 1994Article on EASYnet for Customers/Press?
304.01QUABBI::"irwin@usdev.enet.dec.com"Wed Feb 02 1994Looking for Baltic or Edu groups ?
305.02MARX::BAIRDWed Feb 02 1994BOM for European DEC numbers?
306.0+4RUTILE::AUNGIERWed Feb 02 1994Legal Matters & Returning to study
307.05XSTACY::PHAYDENThu Feb 03 1994Info on compression Algorithms ?
308.03STAR::PRAETORIUSThu Feb 03 1994What experiment would you like to perform on 18 million people?
309.0524Thu Feb 03 1994Passport expenses reimbursed?
310.02ASABET::RUTZENFri Feb 04 1994VTX EASYNOTES, wherefore art thou?
311.01TOOK::MORRISONTue Feb 08 1994Printing large characters on laser printer?
312.05RTOEU::MGRABEWed Feb 09 1994CostCenter table
314.040KELVIN::DEVANEYFri Feb 11 1994dial a # hangup and phone rings back
315.03NEWPRT::GREEN_RIFri Feb 11 1994What is the DJIA?
316.01OTOOA::PERELLASat Feb 12 1994Masters in Business & Information Systems
317.01QUABBI::"Nonoshita.Kouji@tko.dec.com"Mon Feb 14 1994Dose anyone know SEGB format tepe device infomations?
318.04BROUGH::DAVIESTue Feb 15 1994Tape stuck inside a TLZ
319.014--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 15 1994LZCOMP.EXE question
320.0TAPE::LKLWed Feb 16 1994TicketMaster address
321.03OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Feb 17 1994Cost difference between monitors and tv's
322.02TAVIS::NACHMANThu Feb 17 1994Help in NEW-YORK
323.09TOOK::MORRISONThu Feb 17 1994Conservative science magazine?
324.0TPSYS::LAINGFri Feb 18 1994Xmas Tree - did U buy from me?
325.0CONSLT::MCBRIDEFri Feb 18 1994Summer jobs for college kids?
326.018LGP3Sat Feb 19 1994Can DCU "savings-only" ATM card be used in England?
327.03CAPNET::PJOHNSONSat Feb 19 1994Here's a challenge
328.01TOOK::MORRISONSun Feb 20 1994Book on how to make snow sculpture?
329.01TAVMon Feb 21 1994El Segunda, California - where is it ???
330.015RCWOOD::WOODMon Feb 21 1994PET computer info?
331.07TOOK::MORRISONMon Feb 21 1994Notesfile on ISO9
332.013MUDPIE::MASONTue Feb 22 1994Sending a FAX from a VAX?
333.02DEMON::COPETue Feb 22 1994OCR anywhere in Digital?
334.014NLATue Feb 22 1994What does attorneys "P.S." mean?
335.012HELIX::LUNGERThu Feb 24 1994Skating and getting dizzy?
336.01DIODE::CROWELLThu Feb 24 1994B&W + LCD = Color display?
337.06DANGER::SWARDThu Feb 24 1994what to do with a busy signal on the phone
338.01ICS::BARRYFri Feb 25 1994SSB software
339.02R2ME2::GREENWOODFri Feb 25 1994as askenet so goes the internet
340.04MANANA::CUMMINGSMon Feb 28 1994Need Polish speaking person in ZKO
341.0RENFRO::POWELLMon Feb 28 1994Looking for Sequent people
342.05MYMUSE::MASHIATue Mar 01 1994What puts the 'sea' in a seashell?
343.02DANGER::SWARDTue Mar 01 1994Scalping in MA?
344.019OSOSPS::KAGEYAMAWed Mar 02 1994six digit number at the back of ID badge
345.05HANNAH::OSMANWed Mar 02 1994how does cement dry so fast ?
346.010SMURF::BINDERThu Mar 03 1994RISCEE::WEATHER gone. Wha' happen?
347.05DIODE::CROWELLFri Mar 04 1994U.S. Social Security $$ amount
348.07SLPPRS::SCHAFERMon Mar 07 1994Patriot's Day
349.010FLYSQD::MONTVILLEMon Mar 07 1994EPCOT and/or MGM Discounts available??
350.01DIODE::CROWELLTue Mar 08 1994Missing? VIA""::FINDNODE$KIT:findnode$loc_codes.dat *.dat
351.08NOTIME::SACKSTue Mar 08 1994How does bail work?
352.041UTRUST::TIMMERWed Mar 09 1994Money making chain scheme?
354.01--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 10 1994RA6
355.02TAVMon Mar 14 1994GRACO babay swing - how many $s ...
356.0FSAEUR::COMERMon Mar 14 1994Info on Digital Consulting (DCS)
357.012RTOMP1::STEFAN_ADMINTue Mar 15 1994RUBIK's CUBE solution wanted
358.05HANNAH::BAYTue Mar 15 1994Is a will the "final" word
359.02HANNAH::BAYTue Mar 15 1994How is stock issued?
360.03EMASS::GRECOWed Mar 16 1994Looking for Software Pkg????
361.013RUSURE::EDPWed Mar 16 1994What's "Button" in French?
362.0QUABBI::"jnelson@gauche.zko.dec.com"Wed Mar 16 1994wanted: access to Convex system
363.08DIODE::CROWELLThu Mar 17 1994METPAY Payout this year?
364.010CPDW::CIUFFINIThu Mar 17 1994... audio recording with subliminal messages? ...
365.011HANNAH::OSMANFri Mar 18 1994report half the tips ?
366.04COVERT::COVERTSun Mar 20 1994Key
367.05REGENT::POWERSMon Mar 21 1994why does "propellor head" mean "techno-weenie"?
368.05CAPNET::PJOHNSONMon Mar 21 1994Someone I know might want a pocketbook...
369.0DNEAST::WIGHT_BRIANTue Mar 22 199464 pin SIMM Memory?
370.017SPEZKO::FRASERTue Mar 22 1994A question of water pumps and indoor basement pools
371.011CAPNET::HODESWed Mar 23 1994Federal Express Discount for Employees?
372.015TAPE::LKLTue Mar 29 1994Daylight Savings Time
373.021MARX::FLEMINGTue Mar 29 1994DTN 8
374.065POLAR::TOMKINSThu Mar 31 1994Gloria Ramirez, unusual death.
375.05VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERFri Apr 01 1994Why does my modem speak at all?
376.03TPSYS::LAINGMon Apr 04 1994finding PEOPLE?!
377.033DYPSS1::DYSERTMon Apr 04 1994TV shut off from remote consumes electricity?
378.01WLDBIL::KILGOREWed Apr 06 1994What is business code for SW contractor?
379.06AWECIM::MCMAHONThu Apr 07 1994"driver's license" for bicycles?
380.03CAPNET::SADLERFri Apr 08 1994What does 'taraf' mean?
381.06AIMHI::STOKESMon Apr 11 19947
382.03SMURF::ACHANMon Apr 11 1994BMP file algorithm?
383.02GIDDAY::BURTMon Apr 11 1994Lotus versions inquiry
384.01WFOV12::GRABOWSKITue Apr 12 1994Cull or Pistol = ?
385.013CCAD23::TANTue Apr 12 1994White House/ Clinton Internet Address
386.01JMPSRV::MICKOLWed Apr 13 1994Need LCD Panel Display
387.04OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTFri Apr 15 1994Anyone ever heard of this law in Ma. ?
388.011CSC32::S_LEDOUXThu Apr 21 1994Mandated achievable data rates on voice grade lines ?
389.017NOTIME::SACKSMon Apr 25 1994Ex-Pres dies => Federal gov't shuts down?
390.03CCAD23::TANWed Apr 27 1994Digital Contacts - Cross-posted in ::Digital
391.05CSLALL::COMPANIONFri Apr 29 1994Help in writing a letter...
392.01USCTR1::KINGSat Apr 30 1994need e-net address for Greenpeace
393.03SEND::PARODIMon May 02 1994White chocolate?
394.04NOTIME::SACKSTue May 03 1994Sweeping questions about green stuff
395.03ECRU::CLARKWed May 04 1994Cinco de Mayo?
396.01BERNWed May 04 1994Need xMODEM for VAX
397.02KYOSS1::BOYLEThu May 05 1994Prodigy over internet???
398.05LANDO::NIEMIThu May 05 1994What would a 1922 US dollar be equivalent to today?
399.015FORTY2::BOYESThu May 05 1994How many witches?
400.03JGODCL::APETERSFri May 06 1994Is Skye a volcanic island?
401.02SPEZKO::FRASERFri May 06 1994Spanish language home study
402.01BIS1::STESFri May 06 1994Wargames anybody?
403.01SMURF::BINDERFri May 06 1994What language is this?
404.05TOOK::MORRISONFri May 06 1994Map showing upcoming solar eclipses?
405.03STAR::FENSTERSun May 08 1994Accessing the MIT library
406.03HGOVC::KEVINNGMon May 09 1994MOSAIC
407.0AUSSIE::KILLICKTue May 10 1994General Magic
408.05KERNEL::HOGGANDWed May 11 1994Epoch Dates
409.022MANANA::CUMMINGSThu May 12 1994Thermometers
411.02BRAT::UIDIOT::SmithFri May 13 19949
412.01COMET::RINESMITHMon May 16 1994Contact for purchasing DRAM by a reseller
413.02STOWOA::FARHADIMon May 16 1994Auto/Cars
414.04RAGMOP::KEEFETue May 17 1994removing eyeglass lenses
415.01ECRU::CLARKTue May 17 1994"Industrialized" country?
416.01VMSSG::FRIEDRICHSFri May 20 1994Media Contacts for NH press release Needed
417.02TPSYS::LAINGFri May 20 1994stats on injuries
418.04MUDIS3::JONESTue May 24 1994Engineering Commitment Process?
419.010TOOK::MORRISONTue May 24 1994What is "M software"?
420.0BIS1::STESTue May 31 1994Looking for DB2 Data Update Replication tool
421.07LOOKIN::LUCKMANWed Jun 01 1994Thou shalt not grow ragwort.
422.06AUSSIE::HOODWed Jun 01 1994Any Cockneys out there ?
423.01MARX::FLEMINGWed Jun 01 1994notes api
424.0RUTILE::AUNGIERMon Jun 06 1994URGENTLY NEEDED - The South China Morning Post
425.06KAOU93::JAMESMon Jun 06 1994repetitive stress syndrome
426.033IVOSS1::GREEN_RIMon Jun 06 1994Artichoke: fruit or veggie?
427.0RANGER::PANMon Jun 06 1994CASE tool for "FUSION process"
428.0COLTue Jun 07 1994CKL-3
429.011AWECIM::MCMAHONTue Jun 07 1994D-Day?
430.013TALLIS::KOCHTue Jun 07 1994How do you make soap?
431.07DPDMAI::BERNALTue Jun 07 1994Looking For a PDP 8A computer
432.06CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Jun 07 1994Looking for Digital-logo-only stationary
433.04CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Jun 07 1994What's "Dolphin"?
434.01CAMONE::ZIOMEKThu Jun 09 1994ZKO training question
435.04FRANZI::KRIEBELMon Jun 13 1994node SUBWAY gone ???
436.02RUSURE::EDPMon Jun 13 1994NTP Time Server
437.02BIS1::STESTue Jun 14 1994Automatic dialing using digital phone: how??
438.017BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLTue Jun 14 1994US bank charges?
439.02SEND::PARODIWed Jun 15 1994NextStep/ODP
440.03PIETWed Jun 15 1994where to legally take oil drum?
441.01FILTON::PACK_JThu Jun 16 1994DEC76x
442.06MOLAR::DELBALSOTue Jun 21 1994What the heck does "SKU" stand for?
443.015JGODCL::APETERSWed Jun 22 1994How many acquaintainces between 2 people?
444.02CHEFS::BUXTONRWed Jun 22 1994STRATOS/STRATUS Porting?
445.069CNTROL::ROBERTSONWed Jun 22 1994What does this say?
446.0BIS1::STESThu Jun 23 1994Looking for simple FAX solution on OSF/1
447.07TLE::FELDMANThu Jun 23 1994Lightweight, lint-free, absorbant gloves?
448.05ODIXIE::MOREAUThu Jun 23 1994Contact for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for customers
449.01BONNET::VERANFri Jun 24 1994PC Mail order in Taiwan?
450.03DYPSS1::COGHILLMon Jun 27 1994Conway's Game of Life
451.03CALLME::MR_TOPAZMon Jun 27 1994Spanish abbrs.
452.02IMPERO::GORRINOMon Jun 27 1994PRS
453.07DYPSS1::DYSERTMon Jun 27 1994short protuberances ("posts") on headlight lens?
454.07TPSYS::LAINGTue Jun 28 1994Sam Hill ???
455.03STAR::PRAETORIUSThu Jun 30 1994from the cinematic funereal poetry category
456.06CHEFS::BUXTONRThu Jun 30 1994Touch Tecnology INC Please
457.01CSLALL::COMPANIONFri Jul 01 1994saying???
458.09CHEFS::BUXTONRFri Jul 01 1994NRZI poser
459.04--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 01 1994NOTES Expert
460.08SNAX::PIERPONTWed Jul 06 1994PM for cable
461.05DIODE::CROWELLThu Jul 07 1994Baseball liability question
462.05CALDEC::GOETZEThu Jul 07 1994ordering disk drive brackets electronically: where do you go?
463.07DPDMAI::RESENDEFri Jul 08 1994Can You Identify This Cable?
464.07KLUSTR::GARDNERSun Jul 10 1994"green" alternative to Halon?
465.06AWECIM::FLOYDMon Jul 11 1994How do I on a Motorola flip DPC5
466.0KEPTIN::GRANOFFMon Jul 11 1994Looking for manual for Nitsuka FAX machine
467.04TOOK::DELBALSOMon Jul 11 1994How do you "dry out" a wrist watch?
468.010HIBOB::KRANTZWed Jul 13 1994VI editor for VMS?
469.026XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Jul 13 1994Bob Newhart sketch explanation needed?
470.02DPDMAI::RESENDEWed Jul 13 1994SENTINEL (formerly PNS) contact?
471.025BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLThu Jul 14 1994Jupiter?
472.0SMURF::BINDERThu Jul 14 1994Japanese typesetting help needed
473.01DNEAST::SURRELL_BOBFri Jul 15 1994APPIX database available?
474.01XSTACY::JLUNDONMon Jul 18 1994Doonsbury explanations
475.02CRAMTB::MCCONNEYMon Jul 18 1994Small Gas Engines Notesfile?
476.01SNAX::PIERPONTTue Jul 19 1994PASE
477.08TPSYS::LAINGWed Jul 20 1994no spark plugs?
478.07CVG::EDRYWed Jul 20 1994Notes, P&P, employee owned businesses
479.03NPSS::BRANAMWed Jul 20 1994Carpal tunnel syndrome?
480.09TOOK::DELBALSOFri Jul 22 1994Query re: Technical consortium
481.09STAR::HUSSAINFri Jul 22 1994Cassette tape head skewed.
482.022NASENG::MUNYANMon Jul 25 1994Need a newer DEC stock QUOTE_V
483.02WEORG::ROGOFFMon Jul 25 1994Is anyone responsible for VAX SCAN?
484.06NSTG::FOXMon Jul 25 1994Looking for Educational Services Computer Based Courses
485.019MARCM3::TLOTTUMTue Jul 26 1994IKEA in the US??
486.04STOWOA::MRUZTue Jul 26 1994Digital Advantage in Certain Industries?
487.02DPDMAI::RESENDETue Jul 26 1994Non-disclosure form for PIDs?
488.06STOWOA::MRUZTue Jul 26 1994Toys R Us in Dayton, OH?
489.07AUSSIE::CAMERONTue Jul 26 1994Hot Water Systems - Consumption Modelling
490.028PERLE::glantzThu Jul 28 1994dangerous to shower during electrical storm?
491.012TOOK::MORRISONThu Jul 28 1994Source of desiccant pouches for pill bottles?
492.03RTOMP2::STEFAN_ADMINFri Jul 29 1994Las Vegas wedding
493.07STOWOA::MRUZFri Jul 29 1994Auto-Reply Command for VMS?
494.02DBGAVC::JNELSONMon Aug 01 1994Speed of sound (how long is a sound-mile?)
495.03GIDDAY::BURTTue Aug 02 1994MS Mail help wanted :^)
496.02STOWOA::MRUZWed Aug 03 1994Please translate!
497.017NYOSS1::YANNIOSThu Aug 04 1994TV Trivia Question: Flipper
498.01--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 04 1994Computer Based Instruction (CBI)
499.014STAR::PRAETORIUSFri Aug 05 1994what country (if any) is MV?
500.06COVERT::COVERTFri Aug 05 1994The 5
501.01SLPPRS::SCHAFERFri Aug 05 1994IDEF
502.05TOOK::MORRISONFri Aug 05 1994How to get DTN number of a Digital contractor?
503.04IAMOK::FISHERMon Aug 08 1994Decolores??
504.06SCASMon Aug 08 1994DECUS 94 Fall dates?
505.07GIDDAY::BURTTue Aug 09 1994GEM ??
506.01WARFUT::HERONDTue Aug 09 1994Systems + Options Cat's
507.014SCAACT::RESENDETue Aug 09 1994Why do paper sizes vary between US and Europe?
508.02PLAYER::VANDYCKWed Aug 10 1994Latest version of NMAIL kit, anyone ?
509.022XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Aug 10 1994OJ Simpson and The Fugitive
510.03AYRPLN::GA_OPSThu Aug 11 1994MAU's?
511.03STOWOA::CCALCAGNIFri Aug 12 1994H.O.M.E. ??
512.06CCAD23::TANSat Aug 13 1994Help with net access
513.05HANNAH::ALFREDWed Aug 17 1994Legal question
514.03TRUCKS::GAILANNThu Aug 18 1994Legal Questions -- contesting a will
515.017TOOK::MORRISONThu Aug 18 1994After-tax prices in whole nickels in Digital cafs?
516.016BUSY::SLABOUNTYThu Aug 18 1994Knogo [I believe] security disc left on clothing!!
517.03CHEFS::BUXTONRFri Aug 19 1994Tech Doc assistance
518.01WONDER::FEINMon Aug 22 1994URGENT: Directions to Tanglewood?
519.08STOWOA::CCALCAGNIWed Aug 24 1994Member only conferences?
520.01STOWOA::MRUZThu Aug 25 1994Foxwoods Info Needed
521.09LEMAN::PAIVAFri Aug 26 1994GIs ?
522.06MPGS::MCGARRAHFri Aug 26 1994Look up an area code
523.01NZOMIS::DUKESat Aug 27 1994Price List Information
524.05JGODCL::APETERSMon Aug 29 1994Inflatable Island
525.010AWECIM::FLOYDMon Aug 29 1994Cellular Passive Antennas
526.08TOOK::MORRISONMon Aug 29 1994Outgoing mail onto Internet: mystery error msg
527.01CALLME::MR_TOPAZTue Aug 30 1994Yoyos
528.04PIETTue Aug 30 1994can air conditioners be stored in a shed?
529.02WRKSYS::ARTHURTue Aug 30 1994Internet E-mail Reflector
530.033PERLE::glantzWed Aug 31 1994first stop sign?
531.02RCOCER::EDWARDSWed Aug 31 1994Casper Milquetoast?
532.013RAGMOP::KEEFEWed Aug 31 1994Why did Smokey lose his "the"?
533.09USDEV::STOCKDALEWed Aug 31 1994Conversion to metric?
534.03DEALIN::CONWAYWed Aug 31 1994Marlboro-Boston commuter pools
535.02EEMELI::KALINThu Sep 01 1994What is the specific weight of glass
536.04TPSYS::LAINGThu Sep 01 1994heavy equipment / trucks
537.026TPSYS::LAINGThu Sep 01 1994TV "filaments"?
538.04TOOK::MORRISONMon Sep 05 1994M. Scott Peck's foundation still exists? If so, where?
539.02HERON::KAISERTue Sep 06 1994Studying pottery in Japan
540.09TPSYS::LAINGTue Sep 06 1994Toe-head?
541.03DCEIDL::J_FULLERTONTue Sep 06 1994Virtual Reality game?
542.048OZROCK::HUNTJTue Sep 06 199417 November 1858?
543.08KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Sep 06 1994Portraits on US paper money/currency
544.07UTRUST::TIMMERWed Sep 07 1994FLAM ?
545.07SEND::PARODIThu Sep 08 1994Embedding in Clear Plastic
546.02HANNAH::BAYFri Sep 09 1994Mail order phone catalogs?
547.06CAPNET::PJOHNSONMon Sep 12 1994Lightning Strikes
548.08WRKSYS::ARTHURTue Sep 13 1994Biweekly mortgage payments
549.016REGENT::POWERSWed Sep 14 1994Hippocratic Oath
550.05ATHINA::PAGEThu Sep 15 1994Sea salt?
551.03ZENDIA::FLEMMINGSat Sep 17 1994Anyone know where you can buy MASA FERHINA in the area?
552.04LANDO::CANSLERTue Sep 20 1994Congressional E-mail addresses
553.08DPDMAI::RESENDETue Sep 20 1994Corporate Directory on VTX?
554.03PICA::VARDAROWed Sep 21 1994Moving notes?
555.01CSLALL::COMPANIONWed Sep 21 1994AIDS in the workplace??
556.06SISDA::CHERNACKThu Sep 22 1994PC Software and Yard Sales
557.011NUBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 22 1994I-II-III?
558.08KARHU::PARENTThu Sep 22 1994WHAT IS THIS??
559.013TOOK::MORRISONSat Sep 24 1994How much do colleges charge for alumni directories?
560.02TAPE::LKLTue Sep 27 1994WATCH MAIL command procedure
561.04TAVWed Sep 28 1994What does false positive mean ..??
562.01HOCUS::FOSTERWed Sep 28 1994Oregon Notes File?
563.06NCMAIL::KINNEYDWed Sep 28 1994ETI, or a needle in a haystack
564.0NCMAIL::KINNEYDWed Sep 28 1994VAX/VMS Accounting Data Graphic Reports
565.04PERLE::glantzThu Sep 29 1994videophones?
566.020TOOK::MORRISONThu Sep 29 1994Possible to add color to concrete in sidewalks?
567.016NCMAIL::KINNEYDFri Sep 30 1994Liar's poker
568.06TALLIS::KOCHMon Oct 03 1994Seeking info about Haldane.
569.022MSDOA::KINGMon Oct 03 1994Zip codes vs. telephone area codes/exchanges
570.05KARHU::PARENTThu Oct 06 1994Caning or Flogging ???
571.01WELLIN::GRAHAMFri Oct 07 1994s/w house port who to contact ?
572.06LANDO::CANSLERFri Oct 07 1994Part numbers for Microsoft software
573.09XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Oct 12 1994Lotus Notes and VAX/DECnotes comparisons et al
574.01LANDO::NIEMIWed Oct 12 1994Address sought to write to RE: Jurassic Park
575.019SKYLAB::FISHERThu Oct 13 1994Question about highway construction in Nashua, NH
576.03TOOK::MORRISONFri Oct 14 1994Anyone with exper. in Tcl or expect?
577.06SKYLAB::FISHERTue Oct 18 1994Weather sensors?
578.03STOHUB::SLBLUZ::BROCKUSTue Oct 18 1994Help me with one-act play title?
579.08NEWVAX::PAVLICEKTue Oct 18 1994F-22 anyone?
580.01SAC::JEPSONWed Oct 19 1994Hindu Creation story anyone?
581.01BOBSEG::SEGRESTWed Oct 19 1994Where did the licenses go .....
582.02ASABET::CMEYERThu Oct 20 1994Trumpet License Agreement?
583.04NCMAIL::KINNEYDFri Oct 21 1994Whatever you do...
584.09TAPE::FEASEMon Oct 24 1994What does M&M stand for/come from on M&M candies?
585.03TAPE::FEASEMon Oct 24 1994Where did the saying "State of the Art" come from?
586.010KARHU::PARENTMon Oct 24 1994Gideon's Bible ????
587.012REGENT::BROOMHEADMon Oct 24 1994Source for "The Way Things Go" video wanted
588.010NOTIME::SACKSWed Oct 26 1994Mt. Trashmore
589.01ECADSR::MBLAKEWed Oct 26 1994BNF Parser?
590.07ODIXIE::RYANKEWed Oct 26 1994On-Line Docs?
591.01SEND::PARODIThu Oct 27 1994Recycling Videotapes?
592.04NCMAIL::KINNEYDFri Oct 28 1994Where does one ask about unreachable nodes
593.017MSGAXP::FEASEMon Oct 31 1994What does "Family Values" mean?
594.01--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 31 1994SHOW INTRUSIONS question
595.04USCTR1::SCHILTONTue Nov 01 1994Engineer's Boots in Southern NH?
596.053RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEWed Nov 02 1994What stands the K in radio station names for?
597.09XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Nov 02 1994Where are they now?
598.0ODIXIE::RYANKEWed Nov 02 1994Remittance Processing?
599.01NCMAIL::KINNEYDThu Nov 03 1994Who delivers Firewall Service these days?
600.015WRKSYS::ARTHURThu Nov 03 1994Get program from vinyl to DOS file
601.06COVERT::COVERTThu Nov 03 1994Is my watch wrong?
602.07STAR::MONTAGUEFri Nov 04 1994pct7u question
603.01RDVAX::SRCHER::BREEDINGMon Nov 07 1994Acronym: SCC Management ?
604.02TRUCKS::GAILANNMon Nov 07 1994List of Recruitment Agencies for the Boston Area
605.0CAMONE::JOHNSONTue Nov 08 1994looking for engineers who went into education
606.05SAC::JEPSONTue Nov 08 1994Water-skin ??
607.01BELFST::PSMPPL::millingWed Nov 09 1994Digital's Internal Network
608.01BELFST::PSMPPL::millingWed Nov 09 1994Digital & Standards Bodies
609.09DELNI::HUNTERWed Nov 09 1994Need answers to a movie and a music ?
610.08SMURF::BINDERThu Nov 10 1994How do PCs emulate VTxxx terminals?
611.01KAOOA::LATTUCAThu Nov 10 1994VAX to Alpha Migration
612.01456958::MORRISONFri Nov 11 1994email addr form john.doe@xxx.MTS.dec.com?
613.05CAPNET::PJOHNSONFri Nov 11 1994Looking for a product
614.012MARCM3::TLOTTUMFri Nov 11 19948
615.01SCASS1::RESENDEFri Nov 11 1994Corporate Events Calendar on VTX
616.03ODIXIE::RYANKETue Nov 15 1994Network Buyer's Guide?
617.06NCMAIL::KINNEYDWed Nov 16 1994Noisey Mice
618.09REGENT::POWERSThu Nov 17 1994why is there a hole in the plastic tops of aerosol containers?
619.013RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEThu Nov 17 1994Highway Speed Limit
620.01--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 17 1994VAX grammar checker
621.01RCOCER::MICKOLFri Nov 18 1994Customer query
622.0LABRYS::CONNELLYFri Nov 18 1994is Concord Coalition on-line?
623.01JOBURG::HARRISFri Nov 18 1994Ever heard of the REVCON system? Help!
624.015BRIEN::ROSCETTIFri Nov 18 1994Gluing a floppy disk to cardboard
625.05SNAX::PIERPONTTue Nov 22 1994Relative Humidity
626.035RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEThu Nov 24 1994What stands ZIP for?
627.02WELLIN::GRAHAMThu Nov 24 199452 s in the US
628.012REGENT::POWERSMon Nov 28 1994no free gas for credit card use in New Jersey?
629.01MANANA::TRCKER::CUMMINGSMon Nov 28 1994Jigsaw puzzles
630.010CSLALL::COMPANIONTue Nov 29 1994Cellular phone price breaks?
631.02STAR::MONTAGUEWed Nov 30 1994NZ contact needed for computer leasing
632.013DYPSS1::DYSERTThu Dec 01 1994VCR+ (VCR-Plus) codes?
633.03TKOV51::NAKANOThu Dec 01 1994Question about EVENTS
634.04ODIXIE::RYANKEThu Dec 01 1994Internet AlphaServer 1
635.02HANNAH::BAYFri Dec 02 1994I18N calendars?
636.04MAASUP::MUDGETTFri Dec 02 1994Can't acess a notes conference I created!
637.01AIMHI::STOKESTue Dec 06 1994Buffalo Soldier
638.04RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEWed Dec 07 1994Fiscal Calendar Functions
639.02TAVIS::LANDAUFri Dec 09 1994Training info (course descriptions/schedules)
640.02HANNAH::BAYFri Dec 09 1994Rolodex?
641.03NODEX::BOGATYFri Dec 09 1994PAKs for CPU we own, but Off-Site
642.04TUXEDO::HINXMANMon Dec 12 1994Power sources in a shortwave radio
643.012OSEVMon Dec 12 1994Who is John Q. xxx?
644.045REGENT::POWERSTue Dec 13 1994aluminum foil: shiny and dull - rh: verbification (.12ff)
645.061LGP3Tue Dec 13 1994Does classical Greek lack ambiguity?
646.04KOALA::HAMNQVISTWed Dec 14 1994How to find a baby sitter
647.03TOOK::MORRISONTue Dec 20 1994Contact for "structured SW testing" CBI course?
648.013AKOCOA::BROUILLETTue Dec 20 1994Origin of Christmas Trees?
649.03CPDW::CIUFFINIWed Dec 21 1994... Looking for a magazine ...
650.017TALLIS::KOCHTue Dec 27 1994Anybody seen a heating pad made out of corn?
651.01CALDEC::RAHWed Dec 28 1994Delete notebook entry w/truncated name?
652.01ROWLET::AINSLEYWed Dec 28 1994People Support Network phone number?
653.02JURA::OPRTue Jan 03 1995DECpresent info
654.020USCTR1::MCCALLIONTue Jan 03 1995London Weather
655.01SHIPS::NEALE_BWed Jan 04 1995Basketball/ice hockey questions
656.03OFOSS1::GRECOWed Jan 04 1995Mileage needed????
657.018HANNAH::BAYWed Jan 04 1995Classic quotes in everyday English
658.018ZURThu Jan 05 1995ABS / ALS (?) Antilocking System
659.020SHIPS::HOUK_DThu Jan 05 1995Dealers in Alaska?
660.05TUXEDO::HINXMANFri Jan 06 1995What's wrong with S.E.Alaska?
661.012MTVIEW::ALVIDREZFri Jan 06 1995Software development process document
662.09HYDRA::SOUZAMon Jan 09 1995Computing Chinese New Yea Date??
663.04RANGER::MEIERMon Jan 09 1995Looking for a "Milk; it does a body good" ad?
664.02DNEAST::WIGHT_BRIANTue Jan 10 1995I need part number for power controller...!
665.06FIREBL::LEEDSWed Jan 11 1995"Digital Equipment: The New Hewlett Packard" ??
666.04FIREBL::LEEDSWed Jan 11 1995Corporate donations to schools ??
667.02TRUCKS::GAILANNFri Jan 13 1995Boston Days Inn
668.013FURFCE::LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Jan 13 1995laws and building codes on-line anywhere?
669.0LACULT::BIAZZOFri Jan 13 1995Anyone know DECspool?
670.02MOLAR::DELBALSOMon Jan 16 1995Why the high cost on CD-ROM ZIPcode directory?
671.06STAR::FENSTERMon Jan 16 1995Mind Gear anyone ?
672.07TNSG::GANAPATHITue Jan 17 1995Starting a Non Profit organization
673.06TROOA::SOLEYTue Jan 17 1995Murphy was an optimist
674.07QUABBI::"jeske@src.dec.com"Wed Jan 18 1995Commodity Manager list?
675.05PATE::MCGRATHWed Jan 18 1995soapbox not reachable?
676.03NCMAIL::KINNEYDWed Jan 18 1995Chinese Translation Software
677.012JRDVThu Jan 19 1995Pronunciation for WWW
678.09HANNAH::BAYThu Jan 19 1995Full Spectrum Lights
679.05MROA::DUPUISThu Jan 19 1995Penquins....
680.01PRSSOS::MAILLARDFri Jan 20 1995US prints of MONTIGNAC's books?
681.01KELVIN::DEVANEYFri Jan 20 1995where to get info for ordering cd's
682.027RG5Fri Jan 20 1995Desperately Seeking Red Lobster . . .
683.044VAXUUM::KEEFEMon Jan 23 1995Please provide your Driver's License number
684.0NLAMon Jan 23 1995Origin of "Mexican Standoff"?
685.05DPDMAI::GARRETTMon Jan 23 1995Dial up modem line sniffer???????
686.010SUBURB::COSME3::MUNRO_RTue Jan 24 199596 Column Cards
687.02ODIXIE::RYANKEWed Jan 25 1995ABU List?
688.02JVAX::SIPILAThu Jan 26 1995Where has Pet_Birds Notesfile?
689.02TALLIS::KOCHThu Jan 26 1995Seeking Ed Services info
690.015VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Jan 26 1995hypothetical question
691.019ATLANT::SCHMIDTThu Jan 26 1995Why do people act so badly "Online"?
692.0FSAEUR::RYESun Jan 29 1995Is Digital still in the Video to desktop market ?
693.010FORTY2::ABRAMMon Jan 30 1995Directions to DEC Facilities - any news
694.03BALTMD::GLOCKTue Jan 31 1995SPR Pointer
695.010MKOTS3::STOKESTue Jan 31 1995Hamlet buff needed
696.02EPS::BABINEAUTue Jan 31 1995college internet addresses ?
697.012HERON::KAISERWed Feb 01 1995Euro vs USA tire pressure gauge
698.04GUIDUK::BRENNAN_CAWed Feb 01 1995cheap software for work use?
699.03RCHSS1::GARBERAWed Feb 01 1995addressing BITNET
700.06CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu Feb 02 1995I need part info
701.02ECADSR::MBLAKEThu Feb 02 1995Elimination Racing/Events
702.01FIREBL::LEEDSMon Feb 06 1995need CRAY competitive info ASAP
703.03AUSSIE::PENNYMon Feb 06 1995Network 21 and the dreaded A-word
704.09CPDW::CIUFFINIMon Feb 06 1995... Flash Memory ...
705.03CCAD23::TANTue Feb 07 1995Powerbuilder
706.09SALEM::STYVESThu Feb 09 1995Premium Pay?
707.03CONSLT::MCBRIDEThu Feb 09 1995Used DECtalk available?
708.05NITMOI::BROWNFri Feb 10 1995US CENSUS INFO Rqst.
709.08MAY18::bobFri Feb 10 1995How long are days on other planets?
710.031TOOK::MORRISONFri Feb 10 1995How does Kodak one-time-use panoramic camera work?
711.02BAHTAT::SMITHDMon Feb 13 1995Regis Drawing OLB location?
712.012MKOTS3::TINIUSMon Feb 13 1995An interesting question...
713.02NCMAIL::KINNEYDMon Feb 13 1995Aviation Statistics
714.09HANNAH::BAYThu Feb 16 1995Why do they make new stamp covers (all the time)?
715.05FIREBL::LEEDSSun Feb 19 1995Electronic Blue Book ??
716.03MROA::DUPUISMon Feb 20 1995Looking for some help from someone in Ireland...
717.019KOALA::HAMNQVISTMon Feb 20 1995Four seasons pizza .. 18
718.05CLARID::HOFSTEETue Feb 21 1995bichro and quadri?
719.04HANNAH::BAYTue Feb 21 1995FAX modem protocol spec?
720.01NLATue Feb 21 1995Interactive Info Server opportunity
721.02WECARE::FERRIGNOTue Feb 21 1995Medical insurance
722.03TOOK::MORRISONWed Feb 22 1995List of monitors compat. with VS4
723.014HANNAH::OSMANWed Feb 22 1995two crimes for the price of one
724.04STAR::HUSSAINThu Feb 23 1995Info on PhD programs needed.
725.015TOOK::MORRISONThu Feb 23 1995How to get Systems & Options Catalog (S.O.C.)?
726.01SHARE::CHANGFri Feb 24 1995How to find out franchise info?
727.02LANDO::CANSLERFri Feb 24 1995map needed
728.0JESDP::KUMAGAIMon Feb 27 1995Digital contact for COMDEX/Spring '95
730.02TALLIS::KOCHWed Mar 01 1995IBM AS4
731.015PAMSIC::STEPHENSThu Mar 02 1995Bureau of the Census authorization for data
732.01LJSRV2::KALIKOWThu Mar 02 1995Which file to ask a Q about HiNote ext. pwr supply?
733.013RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEFri Mar 03 1995What stands 'foo' for?
734.02LACVFri Mar 03 1995Need location of FTSV/PICA
735.010MEMIT::CIUFFINIFri Mar 03 1995 Phone Format - Japan?
736.01STAR::FENSTERThu Mar 09 1995COntact person for Digital's payments for Social Security for Americans overseas
737.020HANNAH::BAYTue Mar 14 1995Free advertising?
738.013TOOK::MORRISONTue Mar 14 1995How to obtain keyboard shelf in Digital?
739.010SPEZKO::FRASERWed Mar 15 1995Meaning or derivation of the name: "Ku Klux Klan"
740.011SEND::PARODIFri Mar 17 1995Gardens/Arenas
742.011PROXY::OPPFri Mar 17 1995? Health effects of microwaves?
743.02SMURF::SWARDTue Mar 21 1995UPS weight limits.
744.02FRAIS::ISTURMThu Mar 23 1995Technical information/advice Test Equipment
745.020GUIDUK::BRENNAN_CAThu Mar 23 1995Obtaining PC software
746.017SNAX::PIERPONTThu Mar 23 1995P&G/Satan?
747.08KARHU::PARENTFri Mar 24 1995THC / NICOTINE
748.02CAPNET::ROSCHFri Mar 24 1995Sniff Strength
749.05LANDO::CANSLERMon Mar 27 1995Map of world in graphic format
750.03WECARE::FERRIGNOMon Mar 27 1995Paper
751.05MSDOA::ROSSMon Mar 27 1995Where can I legally solicit petition signatures?
752.04CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Mar 28 1995What does Rx signify?
753.03QUABBI::"jeske@src.dec.com"Wed Mar 29 1995vtx_motif sources?
754.04GIDDAY::BURTThu Mar 30 1995VICfax *Urgent*
755.06MKOTS3::RUTZENFri Mar 31 1995How to find IP address and domain suffix?
756.04NPSS::BENZMon Apr 03 1995Lewis and Clark's trip "photographer"
757.03CAPNET::ROSCHTue Apr 04 1995OUTLAND
758.01--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 04 1995ALPHA LOAN
759.07BAHTAT::DODDWed Apr 05 1995Stephen Sondheim
760.018NAC::BLANCHARDWed Apr 05 1995"CARTALK" (NPR) actual air-time?
761.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONWed Apr 05 1995Take your * to work
763.07WARNUT::FODDYThu Apr 06 1995Year 2
764.010HDLITE::SCHAFERThu Apr 06 1995Car 54
765.08HANNAH::BAYThu Apr 06 1995Popular myths
766.04DAVIDF::FOXThu Apr 06 1995Ken's Box? A little trivia for ASKENET!
767.019TOOK::MORRISONThu Apr 06 1995Does the game of Cootie exist today?
768.02MIMS::SANDERS_JFri Apr 07 1995PICK Help Needed
769.050BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Apr 10 1995Urban Legends
770.01TKTVFS::NEMOTOWed Apr 12 1995Communications Style
771.021TNSG::GANAPATHIFri Apr 14 1995Lunar Eclipse on April 15 95
772.06FBEDEV::MARALIGAFri Apr 14 1995Where are the flea markets ?
773.03VAXUUM::KEEFEMon Apr 17 1995Where is the Guru Maharaj Ji?
774.09NCMAIL::KINNEYDTue Apr 18 19951
775.04POWDML::CHERNACKTue Apr 18 1995Digital logo gifts
776.06LABC::RUTue Apr 18 1995Charge for node on net?
777.03BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Apr 19 1995Copyrights/trademarks
778.01DIODE::CROWELLWed Apr 19 1995US Mortage rates for the last 1
779.0IOSG::CARLINThu Apr 20 1995Renaissance mystery
780.012MEMIT::CIUFFINIThu Apr 20 1995... not the phrase :-) ...
781.04TOOK::MORRISONSun Apr 23 1995Stores specializing in low-salt foods?
782.09CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Apr 25 1995Yet another bird question
783.06NCMAIL::KINNEYDTue Apr 25 1995Personal Day
784.01ULYSSE::JOERG::JOERGWed Apr 26 1995DEC CC server
785.07MEMIT::CIUFFINIWed Apr 26 1995... does umlaut contain an umlaut? ...
786.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONWed Apr 26 1995Switch to TCP/IP?
787.06ATLANT::SCHMIDTWed Apr 26 1995"I shot a query into the net..."
788.07TOOK::MORRISONThu Apr 27 1995Notesfile on former Soviet Union?
789.01MKOTS3::RUTZENWed May 03 1995Network Buyer's Guide?
790.01NZOVThu May 04 1995DEC Mailing lists?
791.020TOOK::MORRISONThu May 04 1995Postage to send letter to Canada?
792.06TOOK::MORRISONThu May 04 1995Wanted: Portuguese translation of brief sentence
793.032MEMIT::CIUFFINIFri May 05 1995Cinqo De Mayo
794.01NOTIME::SACKSFri May 05 1995Japanese holidays
795.02TOOK::MORRISONMon May 08 1995What is the LightShip product?
796.07NAC::BLANCHARDWed May 10 1995Info on Liechtenstein?
797.02MKOTS3::TINIUSFri May 12 1995Microsoft TV Traincast question
798.0ODIXIE::GARAVANOFri May 12 1995Looking for Logistics Applications
799.01TOOK::MORRISONTue May 16 1995VTX keyword for DTN phone book "back pages" info?
800.05HGOVC::ESCUADRAThu May 18 1995GEM??
801.04GIDDAY::BURTTue May 23 1995Windows for the blind?
802.01MAIL1::LEBIDOISThu May 25 1995TICKLE
803.0MSBCS::GARDNERThu May 25 1995Flea Market Type Dealers
804.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu May 25 1995Searching for firm
805.06HERON::KAISERFri May 26 1995Those ugly shower-curtain stains
806.02RIGI::JAUNINFri May 26 1995RE:VIEW - a (former ?) tool / product drom DEC ?
807.01--UnknownUser--Fri May 26 1995Allowed???? Biorythm prog search
808.07TAVMon May 29 1995Water temp for washing instructions...
809.020JGODCL::APETERSMon May 29 1995UK's richest women
810.07BRAT::GODDARDTue May 30 1995Where to take the Player Piano?
811.03KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue May 30 1995Questions on zafu (meditation cushion)
812.03SEND::LANGWed May 31 1995Limited Edition Beatles Albums
813.04DYPSS1::COGHILLWed May 31 1995HBO movie title help
814.01STAR::FENSTERFri Jun 02 1995Looking for information about Boston Computer Society (BCS)
815.08BPSOF::GYONGYOSIMon Jun 05 1995How to locate nodes?
816.021TOOK::MORRISONMon Jun 05 1995Trade association for road map publishers?
817.013HGOVC::ESCUADRASun Jun 11 1995Effect of different line freq on appliances?
818.01TRUCKS::GAILANNTue Jun 13 1995Back Issues of Game Shooting Magazines.....
819.02NAC::BLANCHARDTue Jun 20 1995Young wild Chickadees need help.
820.01HDLITE::SCHAFERTue Jun 20 1995PANAFAX Electronic Board
821.05USPMLO::DESROCHERSTue Jun 20 1995Paradigm shift
822.06ATLANT::SCHMIDTTue Jun 20 1995Myers-Briggs: What Types Go Together Well?
823.04DPDMAI::GARRETTTue Jun 20 1995Need a TOOL/UTILITY
824.04FILTON::PACK_JWed Jun 21 1995Quroum Magazine?
825.059REGENT::POWERSFri Jun 23 1995why did a filibuster kill the nomination?
826.06HERON::KAISERFri Jun 23 1995Timely currency exchange spot rates?
827.02DIODE::CROWELLMon Jun 26 1995Software auto distribution?
828.02JESDP::KUMAGAIFri Jun 30 1995WINDOWS WORLD Chicago '95 Info. please
829.08TOOK::MORRISONFri Jun 30 1995Questions re 12 oz limit on mail to CA
830.02RTOOF::SUPPORT_ORMon Jul 10 1995Bluebonnet ??
831.05TOOK::MORRISONMon Jul 10 1995How to append date-stamp to VMS Mail personal-name?
832.07SPESHR::BILLMERSTue Jul 11 1995How do you pronounce "TEVA"?
833.0RTOMP1::STEFAN_ADMINWed Jul 12 1995PACS Pricing Administration & Control System
834.010CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu Jul 13 1995Wanted: LJ25
835.018JESDP::KUMAGAIThu Jul 13 1995Info. please on computer shops
836.012MKOTS3::TINIUSMon Jul 17 1995Question about Bosnian Serb army
837.05HANNAH::BAYTue Jul 18 1995Calorie formula (nutrition)
838.0LJSRV2::STELLWed Jul 19 1995Royalty-free database needed
839.018BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Jul 20 1995Camera and Videocamera Filem costs ?
840.02ASABET::CMEYERFri Jul 21 1995LA75 printer driver needed
841.011QUARK::LIONELSun Jul 23 1995Barrys Gold Blend Tea
842.0RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABETue Jul 25 1995Looking for Corporate Customer Program Investment Standard.
843.02HANNAH::ALFREDMon Jul 31 1995Where is VALIDCOD.DAT?
844.011MSBCS::ODONNELLMon Jul 31 1995What are "POGS" and "SMASHERS"?
845.08JGODCL::APETERSTue Aug 01 1995How do I make *STEAM*distilled water?
846.022BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Aug 01 1995Resume generator
847.01TALLIS::SCHULERTue Aug 01 1995ID a 1MB X 36 BIT memory module?
848.03SUPER::GOODMANWed Aug 02 1995Bridge signs
849.03CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZThu Aug 03 1995Oil well pump - how does it work?
850.016PROXY::SHAThu Aug 03 1995How to save space from file NOTES$NOTEBOOK.NOTE
851.0CAPNET::PJOHNSONFri Aug 04 1995Looking for "Wisdomkeepers"
852.03CAPNET::PJOHNSONSun Aug 06 1995Does your hygrometer work?
853.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Aug 07 1995Sports venues?
854.09EVER::LALIBERTEMon Aug 07 1995magnifying lamp??
855.0TAVTue Aug 08 1995ZEISS optical lenses ...
856.03TRUCKS::GAILANNTue Aug 08 1995Need to know the Moderator of Several Member Only Conferences
857.02AIMTEC::BURDEN_DTue Aug 08 1995Noisy Helicopters
858.05LGP3Wed Aug 09 1995Chicago airport train to downtown
859.0I18N::LIGHTOWLERThu Aug 10 1995Job Costing Software
860.0ALFSS1:: RyanThu Aug 10 1995State & Local Govt Help
861.07GUIDUK::BRENNAN_CAThu Aug 10 1995rotcon
863.04RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEMon Aug 14 1995Need software to draw cartoon
864.012CSLALL::COMPANIONMon Aug 14 1995Resignation letter
865.010MPGS::MARKEYThu Aug 17 1995Please help me locate a notebook machine
866.03MSBCS::A_HARRISMon Aug 21 1995WWW Blue Book?
867.09LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Aug 21 1995PS2TEXT - Postscript to text tool
868.05SMURF::CANSLERMon Aug 21 1995rationalizing
869.06FILTON::PACK_JTue Aug 22 1995Copyright ?
870.027MSBCS::ODONNELLWed Aug 23 1995Make your own CD?
871.06IROCZ::MORRISONWed Aug 23 1995Accessing VTX in a VMS batch process: is it possible?
872.06IROCZ::MORRISONFri Aug 25 1995Where is Goddard College?
873.08REQUE::PARODIMon Aug 28 1995Sending PostScript files through a gateway
874.07PFSVAX::JMUSSERTue Aug 29 1995specific gravity of frozen water
876.07DIODE::CROWELLWed Aug 30 1995"MISC" field on time card
877.03FIREBL::LEEDSWed Aug 30 1995looking for toy stuffed Daschund
878.014TKTV2Thu Aug 31 1995The shortest sentence in English
879.08BUSY::SLABOUNTYThu Aug 31 1995Efficient use of space
880.01DEMON::PANGAKISThu Aug 31 1995Lab access in Greater Maynard area
881.04DELNI::DHILLTue Sep 05 1995Crowns on car dashboards?
882.03WECARE::FERRIGNOTue Sep 05 1995Time to jump
883.01SOLVIT::KOTTKE::BOOTHWed Sep 06 1995Horse-Back Riding
884.0IROCZ::MORRISONThu Sep 07 1995Any members of IEEE NH section?
885.04TAVSun Sep 10 1995U.S. citizenship ...
886.0HANNAH::BAYMon Sep 11 1995Full coverage sun glasses?
887.018AIMTEC::BURDEN_DMon Sep 11 1995Free floating balloons
888.04SOLVIT::ALLEN_RMon Sep 11 1995Contacting industry founders and/or innovators?
889.013IROCZ::MORRISONMon Sep 11 1995Use of "-san" for "Mr." in Japan?
890.01GIDDAY::BURTSun Sep 17 1995BookWriter Interface Routines - re-visited
891.01TKTVFS::KUDOHMon Sep 18 1995CONE System
892.02FOUNDR::FOXTue Sep 19 1995NEED: Roll-around under work table Stand
893.02MSBCS::GARDNERTue Sep 19 1995yard sales?
894.01QUABBI::"tal@muhthr.hlo.dec.com"Tue Sep 19 1995purchase discount DEC hardware
895.02DIODE::CROWELLWed Sep 20 1995Tide Chart Program?
896.02ALFSS1::FLAHERTYThu Sep 21 1995A1 to AOL??
897.05MROA::DUPUISFri Sep 22 1995Susan B. Anthony $1.
898.02MAY18::bobFri Sep 22 1995Sort order for Chinese Characters
899.01SKYLAB::FISHERFri Sep 22 1995Fall will be a little late this year
900.0ICS::BARRYFri Sep 22 1995Mass Buying Power?
901.04GUIDUK::ONOFri Sep 22 1995Jabberwocky?
902.01USTEST::GUESTFri Sep 22 1995Digital's Policy on Mental Illness?
903.011CSSE::HENRYMon Sep 25 1995problem dial in at night
904.06IROCZ::MORRISONTue Sep 26 1995How does a frost-free fridge know when to defrost?
905.06AUSSIE::WHORLOWWed Sep 27 1995fax number needed, please
906.03DIODE::CROWELLThu Sep 28 1995Looking for small audio mixer
907.02CGOOA::BONTJEThu Sep 28 1995Begin the what?
909.06XCUSME::HATCHFri Sep 29 1995WWW access on a VAXstation 31
910.012SKYLAB::FISHERFri Sep 29 1995Room-temp liquid fuel cells
911.05PEAKS::RICHARDFri Sep 29 1995Looking for info on 'Java"
912.04STOWOA::FARHADIMon Oct 02 1995Timeshare note
913.015DYPSS1::DYSERTMon Oct 02 1995Think Tanks?
914.015DYPSS1::DYSERTWed Oct 04 1995Noise reduction ear plugs?
915.05ZEKE::MCCOYWed Oct 04 1995Schedule of Shuttle Launches
916.09IROCZ::MORRISONThu Oct 05 1995How to convert All-in-1 Email addr to VMS format?
917.013HOTLNE::CORMIERThu Oct 05 1995Airline information, safety
918.01NETRIX::"castiglia@segsrv.hlo.dec.com"Thu Oct 05 1995Pick-up basketball in Marlboro?
919.06STOWOA::CROWTHERFri Oct 13 1995Looking for a referral . . .
920.020DIODE::CROWELLMon Oct 16 1995Multi-sync monitors/adjustments? Why
921.01NEMAIL::MCKENDRYWed Oct 18 1995Egyptian game of sennet?
922.0CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu Oct 19 1995Getting toner?
923.013CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu Oct 19 1995What does OFWAMI mean?
924.07SKYLAB::FISHERMon Oct 23 1995Ratings of houshold batteries?
925.012HANNAH::BAYMon Oct 23 1995IRS Form 8275
926.04LEMAN::PAIVAWed Oct 25 1995Mail order bookstore
927.06AUSSIE::PENNYThu Oct 26 1995MONOPOLY - the game
928.01AUSSIE::PENNYThu Oct 26 1995CRAMP
929.018DYPSS1::COGHILLFri Oct 27 1995Left-Handed Sugar
930.08CNTROL::AMOSMon Oct 30 1995 AlphaStation 4
931.011SMURF::SWARDMon Oct 30 1995Skip?
932.04DIODE::CROWELLMon Oct 30 1995DASD -- defined?
933.04PSDVAX::DAVILLITue Oct 31 1995Where ? Good buys on Security System Components
934.02PEAKS::RICHARDThu Nov 02 1995Commodore-16
935.06XSTACY::JLUNDONFri Nov 03 1995Where did the term _86 something_ come from
936.01LEMAN::PAIVAFri Nov 03 1995Enchiladas recipee?
937.04BPSOF::GYONGYOSIMon Nov 06 1995Adobe Photoshop for AXP ???
938.0HELIX::GERTZMon Nov 06 1995Queen-Sized Electric Blanket
939.02CSLALL::COMPANIONMon Nov 06 1995Related????
940.01MUDIS3::FISCALTue Nov 07 1995WANTED: MACBYTE-company
941.015DELNI::BEERMANWed Nov 08 1995Price of parking at Logan Airport?
942.013TRUCKS::GAILANNWed Nov 08 1995An address and phone number in Concord?
943.011MEMIT::CIUFFINIThu Nov 09 1995... Processor Speeds ...
944.032USPMLO::GILLIGANFri Nov 10 1995Native Americans in WWII
945.015HANNAH::BAYFri Nov 10 1995National "Do not call" list
946.07DIODE::CROWELLMon Nov 13 1995MA sales tax - new car?
947.05HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 13 1995to overload a washing machine or not to, that is the question
948.04OSOEIC::T_YAMAMOTOThu Nov 16 1995HP WorkManager?
949.04LEMAN::PAIVAFri Nov 17 1995Climate in South Africa ?
950.06AIMTEC::BURDEN_DFri Nov 17 1995The title 'Cardinal'
951.03MAASUP::MUDGETTSat Nov 18 1995Promotional 1996 caledars
952.08TPSYS::MARCONISMon Nov 20 1995Deer feeder?
953.012NZOVTue Nov 21 1995prob. with normal bid_win channels
954.011AIMTEC::BURDEN_DTue Nov 21 1995Flight of the Phoenix
955.038STOWOA::PJOHNSONSun Nov 26 1995How to draw a 5-pointed star?
956.05ICS::CROWTHERMon Nov 27 1995Curious about medical coverage . . .
957.07NEMAIL::MCDONALDJMon Nov 27 1995digital PC
958.03COVERT::COVERTWed Nov 29 1995Wall Street Journal masthead font
959.05BIGQ::WETHERELLFri Dec 01 1995Info on Yule logs.
960.06HANNAH::BAYTue Dec 05 1995What is Capoten?
961.07JGODCL::APETERSWed Dec 06 1995Notebooks without Harddisk
962.042HANNAH::OSMANThu Dec 07 1995goat cheese
963.01IROCZ::MORRISONFri Dec 08 1995USPS citizen's advisory committee
964.04HANNAH::OSMANMon Dec 11 1995softshell crabs (continued from 962.24)
965.08HOTLNE::CORMIERMon Dec 11 1995Where to go for quickie divorce?
966.019SEND::PARODITue Dec 12 1995Answering machine that reports temperature?
967.019HANNAH::OSMANTue Dec 12 1995pop corn
968.04FOUNDR::ADEYTue Dec 12 1995Software Professional Organizations
969.012DIODE::CROWELLThu Dec 14 1995Dental Claim Forms? Where?
970.0STOWOA::PJOHNSONTue Dec 19 1995Looking for Potential Buyers
971.04CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AWed Dec 20 1995Newswire/ Intellect / Sentinel / Dow Jones?
972.040ABACUS::JANEBWed Dec 20 1995prisoner garb
973.011HANNAH::BAYWed Dec 20 1995What is "not a knowledge worker"?
974.03CASDOC::SAVAGEThu Dec 21 1995Percentage of households with computers?
975.07YIELD::HARRISThu Dec 28 1995LCD display panels or projectors?
976.05PATE::CLAPPTue Jan 02 1996wizard of oz on ice
977.02BIS5Thu Jan 04 1996COMPARISON-TABLES
978.02SWETSC::WESTERBACKThu Jan 04 1996Email address wanted
979.010WONDER::CASABONAThu Jan 04 1996Re-Sizing a Wool Sweater ?
980.0HERON::KAISERFri Jan 05 1996What is this US Robotics internal modem?
981.05EVER::CIUFFINIFri Jan 05 1996... Correct Product Name? ...
982.05AUSSIE::WHORLOWMon Jan 08 1996Bad vibes from the chiro?
983.03GLEWIS::BARNDTWed Jan 10 1996toboggan runs
984.07SALEM::DILLON_MThu Jan 11 1996Elvis Screen Saver, any out there?
985.09SALEM::WINANSThu Jan 11 1996"Cruiser" Indianapolis
986.0BRSVMS::PIGEONTue Jan 16 1996Rigolet in Labrador ?
987.03SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue Jan 16 1996Wanted: info re "value propositions" in MCS
988.07CLUSTA::NATUSCHWed Jan 17 1996Buying a Saturn through the Price Costco Auto Program
989.03--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 19 1996Early retirement
990.010HANNAH::BAYTue Jan 23 1996Rights to NOT be recorded?
991.06AKRON::KVOCHICKThu Jan 25 1996Is anyone in Digital focused on Year 2
992.032IROCZ::MORRISONSun Jan 28 1996How does "Commercial Advance" VCR work?
993.03AUSSIE::PENNYTue Jan 30 1996Airborne Alpha systems????
994.05CHEFS::MUNRORThu Feb 01 1996Paper Weight
995.0DYPSS1::COGHILLThu Feb 01 1996Help porting OS/2 to WIN32
996.01BROKE::RAMFri Feb 02 1996EXODUS Storage Manager on Alpha/UNIX ?
997.01WLDBIL::KILGOREFri Feb 02 1996How do fast modems do it?
998.01QUABBI::"bufton@ogo.enet.dec.com"Mon Feb 05 1996Notary Public (International) required
999.07HANNAH::OSMANMon Feb 05 1996the right purpose for a stove
1000.020TPTue Feb 06 1996Millennium One
1001.05REGENT::POWERSWed Feb 07 1996What are FAR and DFARS in SW licenses?
1002.09SUPER::HARRISWed Feb 07 1996INS Location?
1003.065NAC::BLANCHARDWed Feb 07 1996Looking for old GI friend
1004.06SNAX::PIERPONTMon Feb 12 1996For the APPIX impaired.
1005.06SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue Feb 13 1996Caucus versus Primary?
1006.04HANNAH::OSMANWed Feb 14 1996vulgar fractions
1007.01BPSOF::GYONGYOSISat Feb 17 1996DOS package for INTERNET
1008.04BIS1::BHP832::stesMon Feb 19 1996Looking for "Crimson Elektrik"
1010.02KANATA::ZUTRAUENTue Feb 20 1996VET info/documentation pointers?
1011.02NEMAIL::MCDONALDJWed Feb 21 1996VAX to Alpha performance?
1012.08SHRCTR::PJOHNSONSun Feb 25 1996VTX and VT1
1013.033VAXUUM::KEEFEMon Feb 26 1996Photo ID required for credit card purchase?
1014.04GUIDUK::BRENNAN_CAMon Feb 26 1996purchasing company cars
1015.018NPSS::HYLNDR::BADGERMon Feb 26 1996potato battery
1016.013RUSURE::EDPWed Feb 28 1996Reader's Choice -- Not!
1017.03SOLVIT::FEDORAThu Feb 29 1996CPU code names
1018.0CGOOA::OWONGSat Mar 02 1996Corporate Printers Program
1019.012ATLANT::SCHMIDTSun Mar 03 1996"Tyne" =?= "Tine"
1020.02REGENT::POWERSThu Mar 07 1996Fortune Magazine - Fortune 5
1021.09HANNAH::OSMANFri Mar 08 1996from occuipied Japan to independent Japan
1022.01EVER::LALIBERTEMon Mar 11 1996PBS SHOW - FIT or FAT for the 9
1023.01IROCZ::MORRISONThu Mar 14 1996How does the "marathon chip" work?
1024.05ALFSS1::FLAHERTYFri Mar 15 1996Embroidery machine info??
1025.08CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZFri Mar 15 1996Police K-9 handler rights?
1026.01BIS1::bhp832.bro.dec.com::stesMon Mar 18 1996Looking for contact: RNBNY
1027.06HANNAH::OSMANMon Mar 18 1996what are the silly sounds during traffic reports?
1028.015IROCZ::MORRISONMon Mar 18 1996Tourist attractions in Birmingham, Ala.?
1030.01SALEM::WINANSThu Mar 21 1996Black Forest Info
1031.010BRAT::mk1d25p15.mko.dec.com::SmithSat Mar 23 1996In the News - Extraterrestrials on the moon?
1032.03DIODE::CROWELLWed Mar 27 1996Are there any RX 3.5" SCSI floppy drives?
1033.08CSLALL::COMPANIONWed Mar 27 1996Mission statement and strategies
1034.08IROCZ::MORRISONFri Mar 29 1996Microsoft Certified Engr. training?
1035.013SHRCTR::PJOHNSONFri Mar 29 1996I need access to detailed sales data
1036.02SHRCTR::PJOHNSONSat Mar 30 1996Looking for Tufts HMO literature
1037.011BRAT::GODDARDMon Apr 01 1996Homestead Act?
1038.07IROCZ::MORRISONMon Apr 01 1996Dollar figure for 1 hr of DEC engr's time?
1039.04HNDYMN::MCCARTHYMon Apr 01 1996An old (I think) product DECdx
1040.01BRAT::JANEBWed Apr 03 1996Animator within Digital?
1041.05IROCZ::MORRISONThu Apr 04 1996What is a "walker's allowance"?
1042.025--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 09 1996who was Vice Presidential hopeful in 1976?
1043.02SHRCTR::PJOHNSONWed Apr 10 1996Smart?
1044.06XSTACY::JLUNDONThu Apr 11 1996America's most dangerous cities?
1045.03ROMThu Apr 11 1996altavista contact?
1046.02RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEFri Apr 12 1996Someone Finnish here?
1047.02DEMON::PANGAKISTue Apr 16 1996Digital groups that are hiring, by any chance?
1048.04SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue Apr 23 1996Looking for poem
1049.04TKOVOA::INOWed Apr 24 1996Inc.
1050.011IROCZ::MORRISONThu Apr 25 1996Name of specialty dealing with food safety?
1051.02CCDCAT::STCLAIRThu Apr 25 1996Looking for Macsyma (inc source)
1052.011SHRCTR::PJOHNSONMon Apr 29 1996Math lovers, help
1053.02JOKUR::MCCONNEYTue Apr 30 1996Worldwide Power Cord Plugs
1054.0NEMAIL::MCDONALDJThu May 02 1996C 37
1055.03CTPCSA::LALIBERTEFri May 03 1996need spanish translation pls
1056.07HANNAH::BAYTue May 07 1996Do male D-sub to MMJ connectors exist?
1057.040SHRCTR::PJOHNSONWed May 08 1996Can't find size AAAA batteries!
1058.04HERON::KAISERThu May 09 1996Where's the hammer?
1059.03EVTISA::ES_COLASFri May 10 1996Long term support commitment
1060.03JGODCL::APETERSMon May 13 1996Bouncing cars
1061.01RCHSS1::GOLDSTEINWed May 15 1996help with crashed disk drive
1062.024NPSS::HYLNDR::BADGERFri May 17 1996Last note read key
1063.03SHRCTR::PJOHNSONSun May 19 1996Looking for Sperry Topsiders
1064.08HANNAH::OSMANMon May 20 1996questions about multiple births
1065.05TALLIS::KOCHTue May 21 1996What charities want larger appliances?
1066.04CHOWDA::ORRTue May 21 1996conditions in Uganda?
1067.02NAC::BLANCHARDWed May 22 1996England/Ireland CATV standards?
1068.04SMURF::SWARDWed May 29 1996Art auctions
1069.08GRINCH::KALINThu May 30 1996Active ingredient in paper 'snaps'
1070.021HANNAH::BAYThu May 30 1996International currency tranfers?
1071.018SALEM::WINANSThu May 30 1996Directions to Statue of Liberty from NH
1072.03IROCZ::MORRISONFri May 31 1996Small, privately held company: How to find address?
1073.0PRSSOS::MAILLARDMon Jun 03 1996Interested in a French "au pair" girl?
1074.07SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue Jun 04 1996Microsoft Certification in the U.S.?
1075.020BRSVMS::PIGEONMon Jun 10 1996e.g. ?
1076.02TALLIS::SCHULERFri Jun 14 1996Regional Manufacturing Manager ???
1077.04NETRIX::"donna.leblanc@lex.dec.com"Fri Jun 14 1996Philadelphia - Albany
1078.01REGENT::POWERSMon Jun 17 1996daily birth and death rates
1079.09DIODE::CROWELLMon Jun 17 1996Internet address registry/lookup?
1080.06SEND::PARODIThu Jun 20 1996E-mail Newsletter Management Software?
1081.02KANATA::ZUTRAUENFri Jun 21 1996Acrobat reader for alpha-nt?
1082.01ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Jun 24 1996I need a "gas spring"
1083.02NEMAIL::MCDONALDJMon Jun 24 1996Vacation pay?
1084.014NETRIX::"ventura@powdml.enet.dec.com"Tue Jun 25 1996Web compatable software
1085.01SMURF::BINDERTue Jun 25 1996TEAC cassettes for computer backup?
1086.01AUSSIE::PENNYWed Jun 26 1996Network Solution Required
1087.06IROCZ::MORRISONThu Jun 27 1996Can I get a few copies made of videotape in-house?
1088.0MBALDY::LANGSTONMon Jul 01 1996Industri Matematik Inc. (IMI)
1089.01NPSS::KOPACKOTue Jul 02 1996Electoral College estimates for '96 US Election
1090.0IRNBRU::BRIDGEFORDFri Jul 05 1996Generic process design principles
1092.01SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue Jul 09 1996Zip Codes online?
1093.010DELNI::FERRIGNOTue Jul 09 1996Denver Boot
1094.014OGRI::63536::BELLTue Jul 09 1996Name a Country
1095.02RTOMP2::STEFAN_ADMINWed Jul 10 1996How to get TCP/IP name from DECnet name?
1096.028HANNAH::OSMANWed Jul 10 1996what if water can't expand ?
1097.03AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dThu Jul 11 1996Hurricane names
1098.05NQOSThu Jul 11 1996Emergency Teams for the Olympics
1099.011HANNAH::OSMANWed Jul 10 1996how bright is the sun ?
1100.014SHRCTR::PJOHNSONSun Jul 14 1996Free Money
1101.02IROCZ::MORRISONSun Jul 14 1996What does OO stand for?
1102.09EVER::LALIBERTETue Jul 16 1996MS-NBC
1103.02STAR::FENSTERTue Jul 23 1996Looking for French speaking engineer in ZKO
1104.02HANNAH::BAYTue Jul 23 1996Stats on driver safety vs. age
1105.01POMPY::LESLIEWed Jul 24 1996CD Jewel Cases
1106.05IROCZ::MORRISONThu Jul 25 1996Tool to find manager if CC number is known?
1107.01POMPY::LESLIEFri Jul 26 1996KITSDIR.DOC
1108.0DIODE::CROWELLFri Jul 26 19964
1109.028IROCZ::MORRISONMon Jul 29 1996Questions re new airline security procedures
1110.02DECWET::KOWALSKITue Jul 30 1996Policy for mass-transportation commute reimbursement?
1111.05PLAYER::63767::HERTAThu Aug 01 1996F.A.B. - Thunderbirds
1112.030ORION::chayna.zko.dec.com::xanadu::eppesMon Aug 05 1996Crediting stamps put on postage-paid envelopes
1113.012IROCZ::MORRISONTue Aug 06 1996VMS calendar/reminder program?
1114.09REGENT::WOODWARDWed Aug 07 1996How to Call a Pager?
1115.017PAWN21::OSMANThu Aug 08 1996MARGARINE
1116.022QUARK::MODERATORThu Aug 08 1996Giving out salary information
1117.018KANATA::ZUTRAUENFri Aug 09 1996thanks for all the fish (?)
1118.02--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 12 1996How to access GEL?
1119.01CHEFS::PACK_JMon Aug 12 1996SOS Access Card (from Digital)
1120.02PHHSS1::JARTIMThu Aug 15 1996Internet Address Needed
1121.08HERON::KAISERFri Aug 16 1996Cost of living for USA & Euro cities?
1122.011OTOOA::SUTTONMon Aug 19 1996Spatial Jello
1123.02POWDML::VENTURAMon Aug 19 1996VTX page for Digital employee discounts?
1124.01SMURF::MONTAGUEMon Aug 19 1996where is the most current "Hitchhikers Guide to Digital Systems"?
1125.03ROWLET::AINSLEYMon Aug 19 1996Has interstate moving been deregulated?
1126.02IROCZ::MORRISONTue Aug 20 1996New battery for Digital UPS?
1127.012TPOVC::BONGESCUADRAWed Aug 21 1996Origin of cc, ff, and pp?
1128.06SSAG::SUSSWEINThu Aug 22 1996Mt. Rushmore Question
1129.011EEMELI::BACKSTROMSun Aug 25 1996What's an A.C.E.?
1130.02TPOVC::BONGESCUADRATue Aug 27 1996Moon Phases
1131.03SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue Aug 27 1996Boston over Labor Day?
1132.07ALFSS1::FLAHERTYThu Aug 29 1996Spoken language -> thoughts??
1133.05SHRCTR::PJOHNSONFri Aug 30 1996Looking to see if people are still with Digital
1134.08SHRCTR::PJOHNSONMon Sep 02 1996Looking for Nordic track store
1135.04NETCAD::MORRISONFri Sep 06 1996Question re TAY1
1136.04POWDML::WHEELERWed Sep 11 1996Looking for Wristband supplier
1137.04NETCAD::MORRISONFri Sep 13 1996Question re mixed VAX/VMS and Alpha AXP cluster
1138.06TPOVC::BONGESCUADRASat Sep 14 1996Smiley Variations
1139.09LGP3Mon Sep 16 1996Scanning for hire?
1140.01LGP3Tue Sep 17 1996An AltaVista internet scavenger hunt
1141.012NPSS::HYLNDR::BADGERWed Sep 18 1996Mill Clock tower image
1142.04POMPY::LESLIEThu Sep 19 1996Muldex Tributary Card?
1143.04NITMOI::BROWNMon Sep 23 1996Asset location
1144.01CSLALL::COMPANIONWed Sep 25 1996Glass ceiling at Digital
1145.04HANNAH::OSMANThu Sep 26 1996what's a "glass ceiling" ?
1147.014SOLVIT::ALLEN_RSun Sep 29 1996help sending mail via the net
1148.09KALI::MORRISONMon Sep 30 1996Question re WC 4 engrs working 2nd shift
1149.013HANNAH::OSMANMon Sep 30 1996rainbows again
1150.010RUSURE::EDPMon Sep 30 1996Part for Whole
1151.06AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dTue Oct 01 1996Computer analogies
1152.01KANATA::ZUTRAUENWed Oct 02 1996PIM's for Alpha?
1153.01SNOFS1::PENNYSIMONThu Oct 10 1996Old comms cards
1154.012LEMAN::PAIVAThu Oct 10 1996Phone billing in the US?
1155.024RTOMS::dhcp-2Thu Oct 10 1996How to tank up a car in the US?
1156.08AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dThu Oct 10 1996German translation request
1157.03COVERT::COVERTThu Oct 10 1996Chain Letters -- You are required to report them
1158.05PCBUOA::BAYJFri Oct 11 1996Fire extinguishers in cars?
1159.0+7SNOFS1::PENNYSIMONWed Oct 16 1996Keyboards, etc
1160.01SALEM::WINANSWed Oct 16 1996Your Opinion Please
1161.02DELNI::FERRIGNOTue Oct 22 1996Need a sponsor
1162.016RANGER::OSMANWed Oct 23 1996what would uwave oven feel like ?
1163.03POWDML::WHEELERTue Oct 29 1996Convicted Felon rights
1164.02POMPY::LESLIEWed Oct 30 1996PC<->Modem cable
1165.07TALLIS::KOCHThu Oct 31 1996Where to get this kind of info?
1166.05--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 01 1996HAPPY DAYS CHARACTER NAME
1167.08TPOVC::BONGESCUADRAMon Nov 04 1996Meaning of EV?
1168.02JURA::DUQUESNEMon Nov 04 1996Experience with Composer from TI?
1169.01MROA::SPICERMon Nov 04 1996Sydney, channels manager ?
1170.016NETCAD::MORRISONTue Nov 05 1996Duplicate numbers for different types of plates?
1171.03RICE::BRZOZOWSKIThu Nov 07 1996Digital Today in the mail?
1172.01LABC::RUThu Nov 07 1996Medicare and nursing home
1173.05NETCAD::MORRISONFri Nov 08 1996Question re auto insurance
1174.01SNOFS1::PENNYSIMONWed Nov 13 1996MTBF figures anyone
1175.02NETCAD::MORRISONMon Nov 18 1996Command line recall in DOS ftp session?
1177.012SOLVIT::ALLEN_RMon Nov 18 1996Sheet music
1178.05SNOFS1::PENNYSIMONMon Nov 18 1996CAD packages/interfaces
1179.05NYOSS1::VENEYTue Nov 19 1996Viewing Bookreader files from Laptop
1180.01CGOOA::OWONGWed Nov 27 1996Contact for Bann system sizing
1182.01ROMTue Dec 03 1996computergram, still online anywhere?
1183.014REGENT::POWERSThu Dec 05 1996How much do radio stations pay in music royalties?
1184.03USDEV::GERACEThu Dec 05 1996Grinch sweatshirt for Xmas gift
1185.01LABC::RUFri Dec 06 1996STROKE
1186.02SHRCTR::PJOHNSONSat Dec 07 1996Atlanta Directions needed
1187.05SEND::PARODIMon Dec 09 1996Area Code vs. Location?
1188.0+12NETCAD::MORRISONTue Dec 10 1996Environmentally safe ice melting compounds?
1189.06SHRCTR::PJOHNSONMon Dec 30 1996Looking for Auto Drink Holder
1190.02COMEUP::SIMMONDSTue Dec 31 1996'maven' ?
1191.01MSE1::mse_chenis.mse.tay.dec.com::chenisTue Dec 31 1996Digital Employee Discount On NordicTrack = 15% ?
1192.07HELIX::SONTAKKEMon Jan 06 1997The letter from CEO
1193.05PTHRED::J_FULLERTONMon Jan 06 1997who recycles computer equip?
1194.0+1EVTIS2::ES_COLASWed Jan 08 1997Who maintain the file UPI.LIS ?
1195.01PHHSS1::tunsrv2-tunnel.imc.das.dec.com::ErosThu Jan 09 1997Archive of Engineering Drawings?
1196.0+19REGENT::POWERSWed Jan 15 1997what's the status of the land speed record?
1197.0+18SNAX::PIERPONTWed Jan 15 1997If the ice melted...
1198.0+16skylab.zko.dec.com::FISHERFri Jan 17 1997Warm soda freezes faster?
1199.0 *+3ULYSSE::FINKAMon Jan 27 1997DAS - Digital Authentication Server ?
1200.0 *+15NETCAD::MORRISONWed Jan 29 1997Questions re narrow space bar on DEC PC keyboards
1201.0 *+1DOOSJE::HERTAMon Feb 03 1997Allan Ginsberg - Father Death
1202.0 *+1REGENT::POWERSMon Feb 03 1997who is Boyd Matson, reallY?
1203.0 *+13SHRCTR::PJOHNSONThu Feb 06 1997Legal term question
1204.0 *+4NETCAD::MORRISONThu Feb 06 1997Question re 1996 election
1205.0 *SHRCTR::PJOHNSONThu Feb 06 1997Old DEC training material plastic boxes?
1206.0 *+5SHRCTR::PJOHNSONWed Feb 12 1997DOA
1207.0 *+7TALLIS::KOCHThu Feb 13 1997Where can one buy pulleys, spindles, belts?
1208.0 *+1SHRCTR::PJOHNSONSat Feb 15 1997Question on VTX SEARCH
1209.0 *+9SHRCTR::PJOHNSONSat Feb 15 1997Mindmapping?
1210.0 *+2NETCAD::MORRISONMon Feb 17 1997Questions re new format for internal email addresses
1211.0 *+3SHRCTR::PJOHNSONMon Mar 03 1997Looking for source of award holders
1212.0 *+3BOOKIE::HEBERTFri Mar 07 1997Free software?
1213.0 *+10SHRCTR::PJOHNSONFri Mar 07 1997Wanted: brain
1214.0 *+5ENQUE::PARODIWed Mar 19 1997San Francisco Bay question
1215.0 *+5SSAG::SUSSWEINMon Mar 31 1997What do the initials BVD stand for?
1216.0 *+3RUSURE::EDPTue Apr 01 1997Macadamias
1217.0 *+6PCBUOA::BAYJTue Apr 08 1997SSA Webpage?
1218.0 *+10SSAG::SUSSWEINWed Apr 09 1997Any countries using non-western calendar systems?
1219.0 *+2SHRCTR::shr16Sun Apr 13 1997MCI Alliance?
1220.0 *+2SHRCTR::shr16Tue Apr 15 1997Looking for PC Clipart
1221.0 *+5REGENT::POWERSTue Apr 15 1997who followed Jackie Robinson across the color line?
1222.0 *+9JAMIN::OSMANTue Apr 15 1997question about xeroxed signature on US and MA tax returns
1223.0 *ROMTue Apr 22 1997Network Computer prd mgr??
1224.0 *+2NETCAD::MORRISONWed Apr 30 1997Question re siren-like auto theft alarms
1225.0 *JAMIN::OSMANFri May 02 1997molten center of the earth
1226.0 *+15HELIX::SONTAKKEMon May 05 1997Music Recognition
1227.0 *+2ALFSS2::MITCHAM_AThu May 08 1997What is LLC?
1228.0 *+3NETCAD::MORRISONFri May 09 1997What is SAP?
1229.0 *+1JHAXP::DECARTERETWed May 14 1997Part Number for Visual Studio 97
1230.0 *+2LUNER::WALLACEWed May 21 1997gnu c++ complier for msdos location?
1231.0 *+11JHAXP::DECARTERETWed May 28 1997Clock tower in Boston
1232.0 *+5JHAXP::DECARTERETWed May 28 1997Retrieving old TV shows
1233.0 *+5SHRCTR::PJOHNSONWed May 28 1997What is/was TARGET?
1234.0 *+5SHRCTR::PJOHNSONThu May 29 1997PGP?
1235.0 *+21DOOSJE::HERTAFri May 30 1997how do giraffes sleep?
1236.0 *+2SSAG::SUSSWEINTue Jun 03 1997Sueing a telemarketing company?