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Conference cdsrv::askenet_v4

Title:Generic Questions for the EASYnet Note Community
Created:Fri Jul 31 1992
Last Modified:Wed Apr 14 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3937
Total number of notes:24584
Number with bodies:0
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1.019MEIS::GORDONTue Nov 10 1987Welcome
2.01MEIS::GORDONTue Nov 10 1987Reserved for Directory Listings
3.01MEIS::GORDONTue Nov 10 1987System Announcements
4.015MEIS::GORDONTue Nov 10 1987Compressing Your Notebook
6.03JON::CALABRIAWed Nov 11 1987Tufts HMO health club benefit for DEC employees?
7.07MEWVAX::AUGUSTINEWed Nov 11 1987How do I find Ploughshares?
8.05NCMWVX::WARRENSWed Nov 11 1987Across the Pond: USA to England...
9.011PARITY::KLEBESWed Nov 11 1987Easynet Access from Kingston NH
10.04TALLIS::HASSThu Nov 12 1987Tire sizes
11.04SHIRE::MORIAUDFri Nov 13 1987Digital in Latin America?
12.015TALLIS::SOBRIENFri Nov 13 1987What do bees do in the winter?
13.03BETA::EARLYFri Nov 13 1987WANTED: Automatic 'personal name changer' .
14.0FXADM::OCONNELLFri Nov 13 1987Advice on Writing Biz Plans
15.01EUCLID::PAULHUSFri Nov 13 1987Wellington Boots, narrow ?
16.04SAHQ::LILLYFri Nov 13 1987SPERRY UNIVAC help needed
17.04RDGENG::KEDMUNDSSun Nov 15 1987Television questions...
18.013MEMORY::BERKSONSun Nov 15 1987How do anti-lock brakes know?
19.01SHIRE::MORIAUDMon Nov 16 1987"Ferrari+Digital..."
20.03LEC::CORNEMon Nov 16 1987Whats a megacell?
22.03USFSHQ::LDIPROFIOMon Nov 16 1987Rulers from DECMate in Edt?
23.01TELCOM::MCVAYMon Nov 16 1987Questions for Video Game Afficionados
24.010NEWVAX::FINNERTYMon Nov 16 1987Speeds & Routes of E-net lines ????
25.06DIODE::CROWELLMon Nov 16 1987Travel Reservations
26.0SEINE::RAINVILLETue Nov 17 1987Magtape Replication Systems?
27.0SLDA::OPPTue Nov 17 1987University research contacts?
28.04FDCVTue Nov 17 1987Electronic publishing?
29.05STLSEE::STALZERTue Nov 17 1987VMS Microfiche for 4.5/4.6?
31.05WAV14::HICKSTue Nov 17 1987Access Easynet from Tymnet?
32.05VISA::BIJAOUIWed Nov 18 1987Spray Cans For Screens Wanted ...
34.011COMET::ROBERTSFri Nov 20 1987Cuban Air
35.03THE78Fri Nov 20 198778
36.05LANDO::ROGERSFri Nov 20 1987Understanding the lingo.
37.015FTMUDG::CHARRONFri Nov 20 1987clock program?
38.06RDGCSS::WINWOODSun Nov 22 1987Taft. Notable President?
40.03SOPHIA::DEVALTue Nov 24 1987Systems population history ?????
41.01DISSRV::MARMATTue Nov 24 1987Optical Scanner access in DEC?
42.07HLDGTue Nov 24 1987Thanksgiving Day ?
43.06ULTRA::OFSEVITTue Nov 24 1987Need help tracking stolen property
44.02REGENT::MERRILLTue Nov 24 1987Big Pictures on Cloth ???
45.01LDP::JZEMCIKTue Nov 24 1987Hawaii
46.03STKHLM::GOLSSONTue Nov 24 1987Third party VMS software?
47.06RDGE23::PARTENQWed Nov 25 1987VT22
48.05MYBOAT::HEBERTWed Nov 25 1987Looking for a weathervane
49.03RDGE23::PARTENQWed Nov 25 1987DEPCA on COMPAQ-386 ?
50.01QBUS::MITCHAMWed Nov 25 1987Is salt less expensive than pepper?
51.04FLOCON::ESCOTThu Nov 26 1987Where to buy a portable CD player in NY city?
52.015FOOT::BOOTHThu Nov 26 1987What does 'Third World' mean ?
53.03BEAGLE::REZUCHAThu Nov 26 1987Info about the Ivory Coast...
54.018ULYSSE::WADEFri Nov 27 1987WWII encryption machine
55.09BELFST::MULLANFri Nov 27 1987Need a BIT of help
56.03NORDIC::SURRELLSat Nov 28 1987Venture capital for DEC?
57.0TAVSun Nov 29 19873rd party (BISCOM) VAX FAX?
59.05ANNECY::ROBERTSMon Nov 30 1987Clogs and Cheese
60.05MOIRA::FAIMANTue Dec 01 1987Purchasing chemicals in quantity
61.01BUMBLE::FULLERTONTue Dec 01 1987Request for ACM petition signatures
62.04PARITY::KLEBESTue Dec 01 1987DEC Engineering Organization Guide?
63.03PNEUMA::WILSONTue Dec 01 1987Seeking ARTISTS at DEC
64.01IVOGUS::SHATZTue Dec 01 1987Where Do I Ask This?
65.01MISFIT::SCHLITZERMWed Dec 02 1987PDP-8E Help Wanted
66.024SOFBAS::RENOWed Dec 02 1987So, how's the weather on Mt. Washington?
67.03PIWKIT::MAHLERWed Dec 02 1987Magazine Subscription address change - how to?
68.06HLDGThu Dec 03 1987Supported MENU DRIVERS ?
69.03PSYCHE::WILSONThu Dec 03 1987Need _Nikon World_ Magazine Info
70.0MUNDIS::SPOIDAThu Dec 03 1987CHILL - Programming Language
71.05WFOVXFri Dec 04 1987Are You Fluent in German?
72.05RENKO::KOPECFri Dec 04 1987Built in Health club - sign of things to come?
73.03GEMVAX::DIXONFri Dec 04 1987Fiscal vs. Calendar Years
74.01ECAD::LEEFri Dec 04 1987STOCK PRICES?????????
75.04MGOSMon Dec 07 1987?? Security Manager ??
76.08SCENIC::CLARKMon Dec 07 1987Christmas Lights Display in MA?
77.01EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Dec 07 1987DSPL Questions
78.04NAZARD::WHITEMon Dec 07 1987Need to read PC/AT diskettes
79.01PARITY::KLEBESMon Dec 07 1987Need a copy of November's HomeOwner Magazine
80.02GVAADG::DONALDSONTue Dec 08 1987Style checker
81.07LEELA::MYEETue Dec 08 1987Where to buy Christmas trees ?
82.02FEISTY::MORTIMERTue Dec 08 1987Robot workstation for quadraplegics
83.06SUPER::KENAHTue Dec 08 1987This question is driving me bananas!
84.05ECADSR::SHERMANTue Dec 08 1987PE Exam info?
85.04ZGOVWed Dec 09 1987DEC Shops.
87.017GEMVAX::DIXONWed Dec 09 1987Edaville Railroad
88.04EXPLOR::GONZALEZWed Dec 09 1987Contact Lenses
89.010WFOVXWed Dec 09 1987Sending Packages Overseas...
90.05RDGEThu Dec 10 1987Going through customs
91.06BRILOR::BRIANThu Dec 10 1987How does a telephone ring?
92.04STLThu Dec 10 1987Effct Present Class Info?
93.06DYO78Thu Dec 10 1987Policies re customers on Enet nodes?
94.0SKETCH::HODESThu Dec 10 1987Volunteers needed for PCSA software usability test
95.03JRDVFri Dec 11 1987Is there a conference about optical communications ?
96.02MARX::ZELTSERMANFri Dec 11 1987Where to submit internal papers?
97.07FASTER::DECUS1Fri Dec 11 1987
98.02RSTS32::BROWNFri Dec 11 1987Help on Antiquity Conf.
101.0TOLKIN::ROMANOSun Dec 13 1987Need information on Sales System
102.0SERPNT::SONTAKKEMon Dec 14 1987Snow Chains / Nylon Snow Nets - Where??
103.01FHOOA::SARKOZYTue Dec 15 1987Court reporting (stenography translation)
104.01SOFBAS::RENOTue Dec 15 1987How big is Graphwriter?
105.05PFLOYD::WROTHBERGTue Dec 15 1987Wither the smiley faces ?
106.05PBA::AREANOTue Dec 15 1987Caribbean vacation information?
107.012HOT::CASTALDITue Dec 15 1987ZKO satellite dish?
108.05VAXWRK::FERNANDEZTue Dec 15 1987Chapter 11!!, What book?
109.019SUPER::HENDRICKSTue Dec 15 1987Legality of flashing lights to warn speeders
110.014ULYSSE::WADEWed Dec 16 1987VAX Notes conference membership question
111.0HLDGWed Dec 16 1987Application error logging tool?
112.04BLITZN::ROBERTSWed Dec 16 1987"Infinite Voyage" schedule?
113.03RDGEThu Dec 17 1987How can I "error check" DCL?
114.03DIEHRD::MAHLERThu Dec 17 1987Wherest be DUPONT?
115.07HYSTER::NASH_JThu Dec 17 1987Digital Trivia
116.02PUZZLE::BLUMThu Dec 17 1987terminal server question
117.015KLAATU::THIBAULTFri Dec 18 1987Where's Bill Smith?
118.05BRSDVP::CAPPELLEMANSMon Dec 21 1987Looking for SAAB 96 lead model car
119.011CIMNET::LUNGERMon Dec 21 1987How does a steam heat radiator valve work?
120.0WCSM::PURMALMon Dec 21 1987Has anyone played "Therapy" yet?
121.05WAV14::NEWMANMon Dec 21 1987Updated copy of VAX Performance Summary needed
122.08RDGETue Dec 22 1987What's the word for it ?
123.03UCOUNT::DICKENSONTue Dec 22 1987VAXmate -> LA21
124.02SCAVAX::LAPERLETue Dec 22 1987Look'n for DMB-32 driver patch, Please.
125.04MTV::CASTELLANITue Dec 22 1987VAXmate PageMaker
127.011FSBIC1::GOGRADYWed Dec 23 1987How do you figure lbs/square inch?
128.01MTV::CASTELLANIWed Dec 23 1987LA21
129.06WAV14::NEWMANWed Dec 23 1987And some say IBM's networks aren't powerful...
130.013BEAGLE::REZUCHAThu Dec 24 1987Rolling balls which gather the trophies?
131.03PILOU::REZUCHAThu Dec 24 1987Online device,driver cross reference lists?
132.06GLIVET::RECKARDMon Dec 28 1987Cost of living
133.04PUZZLE::BLUMMon Dec 28 1987Info on American Indians
134.05BRUTUS::MTHOMSONMon Dec 28 1987Policy on time off for internal interviews?
135.01BRUTWO::MTHOMSONTue Dec 29 1987Help- Automated Hotline
136.02WRASSE::FRIEDRICHSTue Dec 29 1987Japanese book reader wanted
137.06PSYCHE::WILSONTue Dec 29 1987A Question on Ants...
138.05AIMHI::BERNARDTue Dec 29 1987Wine delivery service?
139.04--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 29 1987F7 Key
140.06--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 30 1987Sweet Charity
141.04MOSAIC::COUTUWed Dec 30 1987Hydroelectric Power Generators
142.02NCVAX1::BLACKWed Dec 30 1987Windmills - the old kind for pumping
143.03WRASSE::FRIEDRICHSThu Dec 31 1987Atari repairman wanted
144.02SLDA5::KIRICHOKThu Dec 31 1987Bringing a puzzle back from the dead
145.03SPIDER::EGOLFFri Jan 01 1988Cable TV tones?
146.03HBO::CASTELLANIFri Jan 01 1988Connecting PRO to VAXmate?
147.03CAM2::MCDONALDFri Jan 01 1988Problems accessing VMSMAIL conference?
148.05HBO::CASTELLANISat Jan 02 1988DEC Memorabilia?
149.011ARVOX::MARKMon Jan 04 1988List/file of Facility codes/addresses?
150.0FDCVMon Jan 04 1988Property Disposal Center Slates Sale
151.01WRASSE::FRIEDRICHSMon Jan 04 1988Dial-up access from Newmarket, NH?
152.014YODA::COOKMon Jan 04 1988Weather info in Mass area
153.03THEBAY::WOODRIMon Jan 04 1988Surplus VR1
155.07VISA::BIJAOUITue Jan 05 1988Football Team Organization ?
156.04MEMORY::BERKSONTue Jan 05 1988Exporting a car - U.S. to Eng
157.01SHRBIZ::STOCKDALETue Jan 05 1988VAXSITE Product
158.07SOFBAS::ROSCHWed Jan 06 1988Editor for binary files?
159.02SHRBIZ::STOCKDALEThu Jan 07 1988Data Distributor Product?
160.011PILOU::REZUCHAThu Jan 07 1988Cold water fast, hot water slow?
162.02GOOGLY::KERRELLThu Jan 07 1988Marmalade;the group;late sixties
163.04FDCVThu Jan 07 1988PDP8 Documentation?
164.08SCOMAN::THILBERTThu Jan 07 1988Rents for Grown Children
165.05MEMORY::BERKSONThu Jan 07 1988Where to buy 1M DRAMs?
166.017CURIUS::HANAMThu Jan 07 1988License plate questions
167.02WARSAW::CHEETHAMThu Jan 07 1988NOTES-11 to VAX Notes conversion utility?
168.09HPSCAD::FORTMILLERThu Jan 07 1988Radon Measurements in DEC?
169.09RUBY::LALIBERTEThu Jan 07 1988Metric system abbreviations?
170.07EXPLOR::GONZALEZThu Jan 07 1988Subliminal Reducing Tapes
171.04MSAVFri Jan 08 1988Freight Container Tracking software ?
172.06PILOU::REZUCHAFri Jan 08 1988Tax advantage: Mortgage vs Cash
173.01EXPLOR::GONZALEZFri Jan 08 1988Patents & Inventing
174.02MOIRA::FAIMANMon Jan 11 1988Back-yard skating ring
175.04NORDIC::SURRELLMon Jan 11 1988Leather care questions
176.03NEWVAX::FINNERTYTue Jan 12 1988"ERROR_LOGGING" notesfile ? Where ?
177.02HARPO::B_HENRYTue Jan 12 1988Automotive clipboard source needed
178.05KYOA::CLEARYTue Jan 12 1988Where can I comment on "Infinite Voyage"?
179.02IND::HERMITTTue Jan 12 1988Price of used VT22
180.01BETA::EARLYTue Jan 12 1988Electronic Game Machines/ Toys (Atari, Sega, etc).??
181.04PBA::DURRTue Jan 12 1988Confab
183.01FNYFS::LOVELLTue Jan 12 1988Electronic Squash Ladder?
184.08TKOV58::SHIMONOTue Jan 12 1988nuclear news on net?
185.01WFOVXTue Jan 12 1988Vax-Profi Center?
186.07FXADM::OCONNELLWed Jan 13 1988Documentation for VAXNOTES
188.05GEMVAX::DIXONWed Jan 13 1988Ability to read new notes as mail?
189.0SERPNT::SONTAKKEThu Jan 14 1988Looking for ODS-II, Files-11 detailed description
190.04SCOMAN::THILBERTThu Jan 14 1988Radar Detectors Illegal in MA?
191.01PILOU::REZUCHAFri Jan 15 1988Q4 and Q5 machines?
192.01BOSTON::DAGOSTINOFri Jan 15 1988DEXPO info anyone?
193.03THEBAY::WOODRISat Jan 16 1988Tinted glasses for the color-blind?
195.05EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Jan 18 1988Central Mass Health Care Rumors?
196.05PLAYIN::VANGILDERMon Jan 18 1988Problems with GE washer -- spots on clothes
197.06BMT::COMAROWWed Jan 20 1988Printer Com File
198.08PUZZLE::BLUMWed Jan 20 1988EBCDIC to ASCII conversion program?
199.015ENGINE::CASEYWed Jan 20 1988Orlando/Daytona Beach vacation tips & advice?
200.07NUKMAC::GSMITHThu Jan 21 1988Australian Cookery Question
201.023OASS::M_HYDEThu Jan 21 1988Party activities to break the monotony?
202.01DIEHRD::MAHLERThu Jan 21 1988LN
203.02JUNIOR::CRRMAILThu Jan 21 1988Programmer Training Program sponsor needed
204.03PPASRV::ONEILLThu Jan 21 1988Looking for a friend...
205.03FSTVAX::HERZIGThu Jan 21 1988DEC device naming conventions?
206.06DR::BLINNThu Jan 21 1988Does the line on the left go faster?
207.01TSG::KELLEHERThu Jan 21 1988Video Graphics Generators!!
208.0DORIS::CUMBERLEGEFri Jan 22 1988looking for RT11 books
209.07SCAVAX::RENOFri Jan 22 1988Need to *Print* in Foreign Language, PLEASE!
210.01NRADM2::BROUILLETFri Jan 22 1988Need Directions to Bayside Expo Ctr.
211.03DIEHRD::MAHLERFri Jan 22 1988Need 8
212.04GUCCI::HERBSat Jan 23 1988International Word Processing Help?
213.0WAV12::NEWMANSat Jan 23 1988Can anyone recommend a good accountant?
214.021DIEHRD::MAHLERSun Jan 24 1988Egg on your face!
215.03HLDGMon Jan 25 1988Gambling vs Insurance?
216.03DORIS::CUMBERLEGEMon Jan 25 1988DECUS Programs
217.010JOET::DARVINTue Jan 26 1988Special Enrollment
218.0MSDOA2::SHERRILLTue Jan 26 1988Info on ComShare ?
219.03WFOVXTue Jan 26 1988Just a Souvenir...
220.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 27 1988Info needed on Wisconsin Marine Co.
221.01SAHQ::LILLYWed Jan 27 1988Need ALL-VAX reference
222.06STP::DEBBIWed Jan 27 1988Are we the only one's responsible???...
223.02KYOA::CLEARYWed Jan 27 1988How to edit a posted note?
225.01VAXWRK::CONNORWed Jan 27 1988Directions to Cambridge Hospital
226.02THRILL::MACOMBERWed Jan 27 1988Internals & Data Structures ?
227.05DIEHRD::MAHLERWed Jan 27 1988NMail Developer? Kodak?
228.03DRCS::ABEYAThu Jan 28 1988Does tea get weaker after a while ?
229.05CHEFS::MAURERThu Jan 28 1988HMOs / Medical Group in Leominster, MA
230.05GLINKA::GREENEThu Jan 28 1988Need names of Russian Blue cat breeders in ENGLAND
231.02CHEFS::JMAURERThu Jan 28 1988Hi Fi notesfile ?
232.04CASVThu Jan 28 1988Reimbursal for long-distance dial-up logins?
233.03SRFSUP::DITTEMOREThu Jan 28 1988Need for Color?
234.09DIEHRD::MAHLERThu Jan 28 1988Taluse Latrek?
235.08THAVThu Jan 28 1988What is ASSETS? Does it cost?
236.04HARDY::HENDRICKSFri Jan 29 1988USENET subscription procedures
237.02TLE::SAVAGEFri Jan 29 1988Computer networks, looking for descriptive info
238.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANFri Jan 29 1988Software engineers needed for survey
239.07NRADM5::JCURLEYFri Jan 29 1988Dial-in to Northboro from Maynard?
240.03EPOCH::JOHNSONSat Jan 30 1988Looking for someone in Virginia
241.014MILT::JACKSONMon Feb 01 1988Place to be married - Suggestions?
242.01MAY25::YURYANMon Feb 01 1988Component Acquisition conference?
243.0SAFETY::SEGALMon Feb 01 1988TAXFORMS 1987 Available - NOTE: Access Restricted!
244.04SCOMAN::THILBERTMon Feb 01 1988Film to Tape Transfers
245.0THEBAY::WOODRITue Feb 02 1988Extra copy of DATA SOURCES SOFTWARE?
246.04EVE::ANDRUSTue Feb 02 1988Help -- I need a doghouse
247.02FDCV13::LANGTue Feb 02 1988DEC-2
248.01VIA::DIAMONDTue Feb 02 1988Video camera needs guidance
249.018DIEHRD::MAHLERTue Feb 02 1988File Handle?
250.01CSSE::QUINNWed Feb 03 1988N.O.W.
251.03PBSVAX::HALBERTWed Feb 03 1988copying existing BACKUP savesets to floppies
253.01WHYVAX::HAMPTONWed Feb 03 1988Murder of Mary Phagan tape wanted
254.02BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Feb 03 1988Small Claims Jurisdiction
255.01GNUVAX::QUIRIYFri Feb 05 1988Wouldn't you like to be a pepper?
256.04VIDEO::OSMANFri Feb 05 1988What keeps gasoline station soda from freezing?
257.02ANGORA::MORRISONFri Feb 05 1988Where is Larry Glick (radio talk show)?
258.014STING::HAMILTONFri Feb 05 1988Copying Notes to a New Node
259.0WRO8A::BLUMFri Feb 05 1988Wedding graphic needed
260.019STUBBI::B_REINKESun Feb 07 1988Strange phone offer
261.023SNOWY::HEDRICKMon Feb 08 1988Credit card and Signature
262.01--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 08 1988Day Care Info, please
263.02EUCLID::PAULHUSMon Feb 08 1988Noise Control microfiche --> Hard Copy?
264.02VAXRT::CANNOYMon Feb 08 1988Taoist priest needed
266.05SEAPEN::PHIPPSMon Feb 08 1988DECsystem 4
267.01SCOTCH::VARIKOOTYMon Feb 08 1988ride to Washington DC
268.05DIODE::CROWELLMon Feb 08 1988Virus stories wanted
269.05AUNTB::SOEHLTue Feb 09 1988Access to DIALOG or other information services?
270.05JAWS::COTEWed Feb 10 1988Mass. Meals Tax
271.04REGENT::MERRILLWed Feb 10 1988Engineering Specs?
272.01IND::ZENZEROVICHWed Feb 10 19883D Math package search
273.01VINO::KSTEVENSThu Feb 11 1988Father's groups
274.01MARX::GIBEAUThu Feb 11 1988EASYnet? Easynet?
275.014FGVAXZ::LAINGThu Feb 11 1988Wanted: DIGITAL paraphernalia!
277.03IOSG::PERRYFri Feb 12 1988A Valentine's Day question..
278.0OSAVSat Feb 13 1988PLOT1
280.07VIDEO::GUENTHERSun Feb 14 1988What is the size of a No. 1
281.0BCSE::KREFETZMon Feb 15 1988Presidents Day in the U.S.
282.02CURIUS::HANAMMon Feb 15 1988Who insures DEC equipment at home on loan?
283.02PANIC::PACKTue Feb 16 1988Africa/S. America travel ideas?
284.03IOSG::CARLINTue Feb 16 1988Wanted: noting help
285.01VINO::KSTEVENSTue Feb 16 1988Drawing maps?
286.03BRUTWO::VMILLERTue Feb 16 1988Banner printing program?
287.04SCOMAN::THILBERTWed Feb 17 1988Commodore 64 to DEC?
288.03BMT::YANNIOSWed Feb 17 1988Overseas EASYnet links?
289.01CTCADM::MCKENZIEWed Feb 17 1988Gasoline from oil ?
290.04IOSG::CARLINWed Feb 17 1988Brainteasers etc?
291.06STLSEE::STALZERWed Feb 17 1988Car rental discounts on vacation?
292.01BMT::SAPIENZAThu Feb 18 1988Where for art thou RACQUETBALL?
293.02MDVAX3::STEIBThu Feb 18 1988Online VMS doc from VTX?
294.010KIPPIS::BACKSTROMThu Feb 18 1988Does the word "ghoti" ring a bell?
295.0MYCRFT::PARODIThu Feb 18 1988Cash Register Plus
296.02IND::CANZONERIThu Feb 18 1988Orthokeratology
297.014USHSThu Feb 18 1988What happened?
298.03AUNTB::WARNOCKThu Feb 18 1988Manhatten Transfer's whereabouts
300.01SAVVAH::CASSFri Feb 19 1988Old Magazines
301.03MARX::STEVENSFri Feb 19 1988Wanted: Live 4.
302.08STUBBI::B_REINKESun Feb 21 1988Can you identify this mug?
303.010SALEM::REKMon Feb 22 1988A bowling notesfile?????
304.08COLORS::FLEISCHERMon Feb 22 1988SISU?
305.01COLORS::FLEISCHERMon Feb 22 1988Paul Simon poster? (the senator, not the singer)
306.04NCADC1::PEREZTue Feb 23 1988Need help finding info on productivity tools
307.05PANIC::PACKWed Feb 24 1988VMS the book ?????
309.02RANCHO::HOLTWed Feb 24 1988IBM 3192 ... ?
310.06RUBY::MORINThu Feb 25 1988Print screen at 132 width
311.04GAUSS::WEINRICHThu Feb 25 1988How to buy External S/W ?
312.0FULLER::ROMThu Feb 25 1988Spoon jewelry maker's name?
313.01BPOVThu Feb 25 1988Help finding Rainbow part numbers
314.02ECADSR::LAWThu Feb 25 1988La75 hookup to a DHV11
315.03AUNTB::WARNOCKThu Feb 25 1988Magic tricks, where do you learn ?
316.02TSG::MCGOVERNFri Feb 26 1988LAVC Notesfile Referrals Wanted
317.02BUNYIP::QUODLINGFri Feb 26 1988Where did Sales Update Go?
318.02RANCHO::HOLTMon Feb 29 1988BEING::GATEWAYS gone...?
319.05NUGGET::MCLAUGHLINMon Feb 29 1988Nova Scotia & Honeymoon Ideas
320.04MSAVTue Mar 01 1988PORT MNGT + MIS SYSTEM
321.03AUNTB::WARNOCKTue Mar 01 1988The David Letterman Show
322.0WAV12::DENTONTue Mar 01 1988Superman's 5
323.012RUBY::LALIBERTETue Mar 01 1988black russians
324.01TWEED::FARHADITue Mar 01 1988Calling all Project Mgt Applications....
326.01ASD::DIGRAZIATue Mar 01 1988CIM courses?
327.06CALL::SWEENEYTue Mar 01 1988Personal Time Management
328.01AIAG::KAMESHWed Mar 02 1988Personal Injury lawyer needed
329.0JOET::DARVINWed Mar 02 1988Certificate question
330.05SCAVAX::RENOWed Mar 02 1988Why?
331.01VAXWRK::SWARDWed Mar 02 1988Looking for a AVATEX Modem
332.03VAXWRK::SWARDWed Mar 02 1988Looking for Kosta/Boda
334.04WELSWS::RISDONWed Mar 02 1988WordPerfect conference?
335.04WRO8A::BLUMWed Mar 02 1988E-mail to IBM?
336.02FGVAXZ::LAINGWed Mar 02 1988MicroVAX I still around?
337.02VIKING::PRAETORIUSThu Mar 03 1988unstitching? reweaving?
340.01NYEM1::RDAVISThu Mar 03 1988Old Part Numbers List?
341.06CALLME::MR_TOPAZThu Mar 03 1988Status of Actress, pls.
342.01HPSVAX::MILLERThu Mar 03 1988VT5
343.05NRPUR::ZEREGAThu Mar 03 1988Traveling off calories?
344.01PLAYIN::VANGILDERThu Mar 03 1988? Net Update By Areas ?
345.03AUNTB::WARNOCKFri Mar 04 1988DECUS, IDECUS, etc.
347.03PENUTS::PENNINGTONFri Mar 04 1988TENVAX Anyone?
348.037EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Mar 04 1988Time zone unimportant question
349.02SEDJAR::THIBAULTMon Mar 07 1988Natural Flavor?
351.05VAXWRK::SWARDMon Mar 07 1988Eye doctor in Maynard
353.0ONNIX::BRADCJTue Mar 08 19881st level software managers?
354.0CURIUS::ROBERTSTue Mar 08 1988SW Test Plan??
356.01LDYBUG::GOLDMANWed Mar 09 1988DEC and relocation properties
357.02MILRAT::MCALLISTERWed Mar 09 1988**** Transfering Files ****
358.011NRPUR::ZEREGAWed Mar 09 1988Getting rid of bees
359.01TWEED::FARHADIWed Mar 09 1988FREE air travel discount certificate
360.01ELWOOD::WALRAVENWed Mar 09 1988Where is Nickerson Rd. (NKS)?
361.03BRDWLK::VEALEKWed Mar 09 1988VMS V5.
363.0ONNIX::BRADCJThu Mar 10 1988Wanted: RSM IFT sites!
364.09SCAVAX::RENOThu Mar 10 1988How to Print a Notesfile Directory?
366.02CADM::THOMASThu Mar 10 1988Best price for airline tickets?
367.0SLDA::VATANThu Mar 10 1988Looking for a map of the world
368.01TSG::MCGOVERNThu Mar 10 1988Help Obtaining Node Network Addresses
369.07SPIDER::EGOLFThu Mar 10 1988Schmoo picture needed
370.0CARMEL::HARVEYThu Mar 10 1988Scheduling/production planning info???
371.01USHSFri Mar 11 1988FORTRAN timings
372.01WRO8A::BLUMFri Mar 11 1988Front-end mechanic needed
373.0PSG::PURMALFri Mar 11 1988Answer without a question.
375.02MILT::JACKSONMon Mar 14 1988San Francisco vacation - Where to go?
376.06HPSCAD::QBARRYMon Mar 14 1988File review/type/delete program?
377.0SUPER::HENDRICKSMon Mar 14 1988Bibliographies for internally published articles?
378.05RUNTUF::SZKLARZMon Mar 14 1988STAR Search
379.08REMACP::RICHARDSONMon Mar 14 1988Revolutionary War Books Wanted
381.03SIGANA::GOODSTEINTue Mar 15 1988MURPHY BEDS! Where do you buy?
382.02NRADM::MACDUFFIETue Mar 15 1988Looking for kayaking conference
384.05SCOMAN::THILBERTTue Mar 15 1988Problem with the I.R.S.
385.0VIDEO::DCLTue Mar 15 1988Theater group needs chairs
386.04MILVAX::HAGLUNDWed Mar 16 1988Good "DEALS" For Atlantic City!!??
387.02SUPER::HENDRICKSWed Mar 16 1988Charles Lindbergh trivia question
388.05AIAG::BILLMERSWed Mar 16 1988Steven King questions
389.01MEMORY::BERKSONWed Mar 16 1988Cosmetics trade shows?
390.01TOMCAT::HOPPERWed Mar 16 1988Jobs postings gone from VTX?
391.08FIDERE::NAMOGLUThu Mar 17 1988Wanted: HOT and SPICY!!!!
392.01ARCHER::FOXThu Mar 17 1988LA75 question
393.05SMCFri Mar 18 1988VNS News
394.03LYMPH::RYDERFri Mar 18 1988Renaissance musicians needed
395.0RENKO::KOPECFri Mar 18 1988Just wondering about CIP
396.01WORDS::KRISTYFri Mar 18 1988Chinchilla breeders in VT/NH/MA area???
397.01BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSun Mar 20 1988Know a good travel club?
398.0BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSun Mar 20 1988Good 2nd mortgage rates?
399.05RAINBO::SAWYERSun Mar 20 1988Printer/Terminal character set design?
400.0SCOMAN::MOSSEYMon Mar 21 1988Wanted VT1
401.03ASD::DIGRAZIAMon Mar 21 1988Fast-paced C course?
402.05GRECO::ANDERSONTue Mar 22 1988I Need A Rock Band
403.02EMASS::NEWMANWed Mar 23 1988Who is responsible for the QAR Software?
404.03SKIVT::HEARNWed Mar 23 1988Help needed for continuing German studies...
405.0UPROAR::EVANSMThu Mar 24 1988Firebase
406.016FIDDLE::MITCHELLThu Mar 24 1988BJ's Wholesale Club
407.06KYOA::MURRAYThu Mar 24 1988love that dirty water!
408.02FLOCON::ESCOTFri Mar 25 1988What is the TARO plant?
409.05JRDVFri Mar 25 1988Louisiana
410.04COMET::AIKALAFri Mar 25 1988Preventing fresh from going flat
411.01CIVIC::ROSENFri Mar 25 1988VMS/SNA AND 327
412.02ZGOVSun Mar 27 1988Time-sharing Holidays
413.02VLNVAX::RWHEELERTue Mar 29 1988Video Screen Cleaner
415.022EXIT26::SAARINENTue Mar 29 1988Fully Vested at DEC
416.02SHIRE::GOLDBLATTWed Mar 30 1988Amethyste
417.03DCC::COURTSWed Mar 30 1988Psion Organiser II anyone ?
418.08QUARK::LIONELThu Mar 31 1988Where do little tulips come from?
419.01KAOOThu Mar 31 1988Body Language Dictionary Please
421.011CURIUS::CIUFFINIFri Apr 01 1988... Looking for C_S kit ...
422.01CSC32::M_BAKERMon Apr 04 1988Use Epson Printer as a slave
423.0REGENT::MERRILLMon Apr 04 1988Is a FLASH eeprom delivered quickly?
424.08HPSCAD::FORTMILLERMon Apr 04 1988Time Change Time - Why 2am?
425.01HPSCAD::FORTMILLERMon Apr 04 1988Teton Wildflower Season
426.03JON::CALABRIAMon Apr 04 1988can you help me find a B-day present?
427.0SEAPEN::PHIPPSMon Apr 04 1988Almost Lost My Shorts on This One
428.07ODIHAM::RICKLERTue Apr 05 1988MS-DOS Software. Public Domain or Shareware
429.02PALMER::PALMERTue Apr 05 1988Book Restoration in Greater Boston Area
430.0YODA::BARANSKIWed Apr 06 1988Where to get minerals in Boston Area?
431.014BRDWLK::VEALEKWed Apr 06 1988Franklin Mint Sword?
432.03AIMHI::SMITHWed Apr 06 1988Is Notesfile BIOLOGY defunct?
433.01SCOMAN::THILBERTWed Apr 06 1988Banks Loans for repairable wrecks??
434.09VIDEO::OSMANThu Apr 07 1988what company cleans up spilled gasoline in car interior?
435.01HALLEY::MUNROEThu Apr 07 1988CMS V1.x needed
436.07BLITZN::ROBERTSThu Apr 07 1988Seven Deadly Sins
437.021COMET::AIKALAFri Apr 08 1988What causes hiccups?
438.0TRNAF1::FRACCHIAFri Apr 08 1988VAX Coral net-kit wanted
439.04AUNTB::WARNOCKSat Apr 09 1988Who are DIAL items for ?
440.017IOSG::PERRYSun Apr 10 1988Seven Wonders of the World
441.014TAVENG::CHAIMSun Apr 10 1988Is your refrigerator running ???...
442.03SCOMAN::THILBERTSun Apr 10 1988The "Rail Rider"
443.06DISSRV::MCVAYSun Apr 10 1988What to get for a Portuguese friend?
444.06PUGET::SCHEELSun Apr 10 1988Phone number for WWV
445.01CRFS8Sun Apr 10 1988PRO TMS Unit
446.01HKOVMon Apr 11 1988Component Locator Interface Wanted
447.013VLNVAX::RWHEELERMon Apr 11 1988Phone clicks in the night
448.08USADEC::CLOUDMon Apr 11 1988In a word....
449.07MARMAT::JERRYMon Apr 11 1988Ring Back Test Number?
450.01DECSIM::HEILMANMon Apr 11 1988Its a MAD, MAD, MAD world
451.05SLISST::VEALEMon Apr 11 19886 min Answer Machine?
452.012REGENT::EPSTEINTue Apr 12 1988Airport Lockers?
453.08NRPUR::ZEREGATue Apr 12 1988What's the difference between British and English?
454.09HPSCAD::FORTMILLERTue Apr 12 1988Equipment to do own Call Forwarding
456.01INFACT::BEVISTue Apr 12 1988CCITT X.12 info?
457.016YODA::HOPKINSTue Apr 12 1988IS THIS INCOME?
458.07MEMORY::BERNSTEINTue Apr 12 1988NY Times in Worcester ??
459.03TAVENG::CHAIMThu Apr 14 1988Looking for DDS Conference...
460.03DISSRV::MCVAYThu Apr 14 1988Good Realtors in Acton?
462.012ELVES::GILLISThu Apr 14 1988Up in the air, junior birdmen...
463.021SALEM::ALIZIOThu Apr 14 1988Advice on College Financing Needed
464.02ATLAST::DROWNThu Apr 14 1988CACHE node problem?
465.06EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Apr 15 1988Looking for Poem
466.01SALEM::ABATELLIFri Apr 15 1988What does "Target Zero" mean?????
467.05SWEET::SUKONNIKFri Apr 15 1988PHD and GEEP info
468.041IND::SAPIENZAFri Apr 15 1988Telephone exchanges...
469.01DISSRV::MCVAYSat Apr 16 1988Hotels in L.A. area?
470.03DIXIE1::LOWEMon Apr 18 1988Porta-copier Review?
471.010BRDWLK::VEALEKMon Apr 18 1988Sunglass Info?
472.02CADSYS::MCDONOUGHTue Apr 19 1988COBOL manuals on-line?
473.02SPGOPS::MAURERTue Apr 19 1988FROZEFRUIT popsicles
474.06CADSYS::RICHARDSONTue Apr 19 1988Need the address for "Dear Abby"
475.04EXIT26::MILLERTue Apr 19 1988Need custom BUMPER STICKER. HELP!
476.021FASTER::DECUS1Tue Apr 19 1988How do I set a NOTES personal name?
477.013MECAD::ALBARELLITue Apr 19 1988BLU-BLOCKERS (Sunglasses) I need the address
478.04LABC::FRIEDMANTue Apr 19 1988"Stand Up For"
480.04CIMNET::MIKELISWed Apr 20 1988Wedding Photographer Wanted
481.07TALLIS::ROBBINSWed Apr 20 1988Light amber maple syrup
482.0DELNI::JONGWed Apr 20 1988Where is Cathy Moulton?
483.011TELCOM::MITCHELLWed Apr 20 1988Who "owns" Help files?
484.024VOLGA::B_REINKEWed Apr 20 1988At the end of the train
485.04LABC::FRIEDMANWed Apr 20 1988H31
486.011UCOUNT::BAILEYThu Apr 21 1988Exercise Bike advice needed!
487.022HOT::CASTALDIThu Apr 21 1988Soccer league - Andover
489.08XNTRIK::LARRY_MFri Apr 22 1988"Caring for Elders" conference?
490.02CSSE::COLMANSat Apr 23 1988HOW TO WRITE
491.03BOSTON::DAGOSTINOMon Apr 25 1988What's a VME bus?
492.04JENEVR::RIMALOVERMon Apr 25 1988Looking for ReGIS Information
493.01IOWAIT::WOODSIDEMon Apr 25 1988VMS Manual Titles On-line?
494.04PILOU::REZUCHATue Apr 26 1988Stock, Where to go to buy?
496.02EUCLID::PAULHUSTue Apr 26 1988Lap pools
497.02YODA::GROETZINGERTue Apr 26 1988New Mass. health insurance law effective date?
498.01NAZARD::WHITEWed Apr 27 1988Help needed - voice samples
499.014MEMORY::BERKSONWed Apr 27 1988Mail sent to return address?
500.011DISSRV::MCDONALDWed Apr 27 1988Sunblock for Car??
501.06EMASS::NEWMANThu Apr 28 1988How does battery backup on a VAX work?
502.09PUGH::JANEThu Apr 28 1988Anagrams anyone ?
503.09COOKIE::DEVINEThu Apr 28 1988Origin of 8 1/2 by 11 paper?
504.04OBLIO::BURKEFri Apr 29 1988Transatlantic Sailings
505.03MEDUSA::CLOUDSat Apr 30 1988Conference "pull" program?
506.07SCOMAN::THILBERTSun May 01 1988COOKIE program?
507.04ROMMon May 02 1988Disposable contacts -- cost/availability?
508.02CASVMon May 02 1988Resources needed to start conference
509.04QBUS::MITCHAMMon May 02 1988Sodium Fluoride: Is it a poisonous salt? :-)
510.02CHIRON::MANGUMon May 02 1988INSIDE_INFO newsletter?
512.06CALBAN::GILLISTue May 03 1988DEC developing an Image Disassembler Decompiler?
513.01NUTMEG::RYANTue May 03 1988Need printer spec sheets??
514.02LEDS::BATESTue May 03 1988Searching for a videotape
515.04DCC::COURTSWed May 04 1988Bose AM-5 Acoustimass Speaker system - comments ?
517.01RDVAX::GRIESWed May 04 1988looking for FPLS
518.04BC::BURKEWed May 04 1988'c:' for one copy only
519.01EPOCH::JOHNSONThu May 05 1988Outdoor Furniture Sources?
520.01SAGE::DERAMOThu May 05 1988How to fight Town Hall?
521.033BLITZN::ROBERTSFri May 06 1988Tipping
522.08PANIC::PACKFri May 06 1988US Pay ranges
523.010MISFIT::FOLTSDFri May 06 1988Easynet Size and Growth
524.04SMAUG::PEARSONFri May 06 1988Where can I obtain humidity sensors?
525.03MTNSKY::SYSTEMFri May 06 1988DATA WAREHOUSE/DECworld 86???
526.04HSKSA1::NISKANENSun May 08 1988AMF account mgr out there?
527.04MIMIC::DOWNINGMon May 09 1988New Node for Digital_Contractor?
528.01JON::CALABRIAMon May 09 1988Mixology (Bartending) classes in Maynard area?
529.03EXIT26::SAARINENMon May 09 1988House Rental on CapeCod 5/14/88
530.06CIVIC::FERRIGNOMon May 09 1988"Spot remover"
531.04AUNTB::WARNOCKMon May 09 1988Looking for Black Box address...
532.03MSCSSE::SILVERTue May 10 1988How to get there from here ?
533.02LABC::FRIEDMANTue May 10 1988Banners
534.04CEDSWS::WARNOCKTue May 10 1988Looking for Digital backdrop/banner
535.02UNTADI::DONALDSONWed May 11 1988Authorization checking software
536.02CALBAN::GILLISWed May 11 1988policies & procedures manual in VTX?
537.05SCOMAN::THILBERTThu May 12 1988Graphics on a VT22
538.01SAACT3::MICALI_JThu May 12 1988Mass. Prop 2 1/2 question.
539.03ERIC::SALLITTMon May 16 1988Research info wanted...
540.01OUTA::REINERTPMon May 16 1988Inventors Patent Process?
541.0IPOVAX::KENTMon May 16 1988Compass Microsystems - compiler for 65
542.01PRAVDA::JACKSONMon May 16 1988protecting a development idea?
543.05IOWAIT::WOODSIDEMon May 16 1988DOCUMENT disassembler?
544.07THEBAY::WOODRIMon May 16 1988What to do with old Journals and Texts?
545.05FRAGLE::LANGILLTue May 17 19881954 - a good year?
546.02SALSA::MOELLERWed May 18 1988DECworld Logistic Info ?
547.02SALSA::MOELLERWed May 18 1988Digital's 'DATAPRO' Ratings ?
549.0MYRRH::JOVANThu May 19 1988Pink Flamingo Poster?
550.03ANGORA::WOLOCHThu May 19 1988Vocal Instruction Inquiry
551.02UCOUNT::BAILEYThu May 19 1988ZKO Garden question...
552.03CSC32::M_BAKERThu May 19 1988Chicago Shopping Mall
553.03KGUVFri May 20 1988"Orioles" on sale ????
554.06SWSNOD::DALYMon May 23 1988Network conferences?
555.04HILLST::KOPECMon May 23 1988XC Ski machines - opinions?
557.06SPIDER::EGOLFTue May 24 1988Traffic Jam in Groton?
558.07MILRAT::HAMERTue May 24 1988Six feet under
559.06VTHRAX::KIPTue May 24 1988How do copying machines work?
560.01AUNTB::WARNOCKTue May 24 1988How does DIAL (Digital Idle Assets Listing) work ?
561.04TAVENG::CHAIMWed May 25 198817-Nov-1858 revisited ...
562.04CASVWed May 25 1988Ferrari needed!
563.03MILRAT::MCALLISTERWed May 25 1988**** Baby Oil Stains *****
564.04NAAD::NEWMANWed May 25 1988What programming language is "the best"?
565.06TWEED::E_FINKELSENWed May 25 1988How to clean a kitchen floor...
566.06REGENT::MERRILLWed May 25 1988Curious Current
567.05REGENT::MERRILLWed May 25 1988New Roofing (MLO3-6 :-
568.04MORRIS::WOLOCHWed May 25 1988Estate Jewelry - Where?
569.04GIDDAY::BRETTThu May 26 1988Heard of the engineering pgm 'gtstrudl' ?
570.012PRAVDA::JACKSONThu May 26 1988Sending DECmail from VAXmail. What am I doing wrong?
571.09WAV12::DENTONThu May 26 1988Noise from Hanscom field?
572.02XNTRIK::LARRY_MThu May 26 1988Looking for PT work to do at home
573.03KERNEL::WHEELERThu May 26 1988Battle Zone...
574.02HBO::MAILLETThu May 26 1988SPD 25.99 ---> NL:?
575.06SNOCThu May 26 1988Ever heard of a CCR proposal?
576.02REGENT::MERRILLFri May 27 1988military insurer?
577.01LABC::FRIEDMANFri May 27 1988Microsoft HQ
578.05NZOVSun May 29 1988MERIDIAN SL1 (but not Hi-Fi)
579.02ASD::WILLIAMSMon May 30 1988How to get on 'the net'???
580.02STRATA::LAMYTue May 31 1988info needed on technical writers training program
581.06FIDERE::NAMOGLUTue May 31 1988Pickup Cap ?
582.03CIMNET::LUNGERTue May 31 1988Floating CSR and Vector space gaps?
583.01OCTAVE::HERCHEKTue May 31 1988Voice Recognition
584.07TAVENG::CHAIMWed Jun 01 1988Problem copying notes files via SPOOL...
585.02CASEE::LACROIXWed Jun 01 1988American Killi fish Association
586.04VOLGA::E_FINKELSENWed Jun 01 1988Individual node names from cluster alias?
587.013UCOUNT::BAILEYWed Jun 01 1988A Friendly Complaint...
588.08EXIT26::SAARINENWed Jun 01 1988Hill % Gradients
589.03SARAH::P_DAVISWed Jun 01 1988"Head of Household" tax status
590.05LABC::FRIEDMANWed Jun 01 1988LN
591.03WFOVXThu Jun 02 1988Folders and Files in MAIL...
592.01IPG::CARLILLThu Jun 02 1988US Visa application question
593.012EDENPK::COGHILLThu Jun 02 1988Do you know the word for VALUES?
594.02NYEM1::MJOHNSONThu Jun 02 1988Access to conferences on UCOUNT:: ?
595.07BRAT::SMITHFri Jun 03 1988How wide is a football field?
596.0SMCFri Jun 03 1988English tutor
597.06ROMFri Jun 03 1988a month in the west coast? how?
598.011MEMORY::BERKSONFri Jun 03 1988How does Spag's do it?
599.03MPGS::ORNSTEINFri Jun 03 1988?Removing Xerox ink from vinyl
600.01COGSCI::TATLOWFri Jun 03 1988
601.05QBUS::WOODSat Jun 04 1988The meaning of L A .........
603.05SHARE::ASLANIANMon Jun 06 1988purchasing a decmate
604.06SEINE::RAINVILLEMon Jun 06 1988Tadpole Stew
605.03XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Jun 06 1988Got a tape of last week's live Prairie Home Companion?
606.02AIMHI::JACQUESTue Jun 07 1988Florist Needed!
607.03NAAD::NEWMANTue Jun 07 1988Max memory size on VAX 11/75
608.03TAVENG::GOLDMANWed Jun 08 1988Phone Book for GIA?
609.01MYBOAT::HEBERTWed Jun 08 1988How to get a donation?
610.04LESLIE::LESLIEWed Jun 08 1988Quick Optician in Nashua?
611.01PRAVDA::JACKSONWed Jun 08 1988Help on Goldfish care
612.06CSSE::COLMANWed Jun 08 1988databases (e.g. DIALOG)
613.04ROMThu Jun 09 1988looking for a job in the US
614.07OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Jun 09 1988Problems getting into ASKENET
615.05QBUS::MITCHAMFri Jun 10 1988I *know* I've seen this before somewhere (I think)
616.03MREASY::CROWLEYFri Jun 10 1988Looking for place in DEC to intro a new product?
617.03KYOA::CLEARYFri Jun 10 1988Info on LQP
618.02MPGS::ORNSTEINFri Jun 10 1988?large character printing
619.0USMVMon Jun 13 1988Volunteers for Medical Engineering?
620.01PNEUMA::SIMONMon Jun 13 1988Need help with Data access
622.05CPRS::RENOTue Jun 14 1988High Mowing School...huh?
626.06DIODE::CROWELLTue Jun 14 1988Where's the ONLINE SALES UPDATE??
628.01COGSCI::TATLOWWed Jun 15 1988Aircraft Carrier Crew Size
629.03CIMNET::LUISIWed Jun 15 1988Where to access Conf List'gs?
630.048CSC32::M_VALENZAWed Jun 15 1988What happens when we run out of area codes?
631.05COMET::AIKALAThu Jun 16 1988Spiegel Catalog needed
632.07MARMAT::JERRYThu Jun 16 1988Looking for KEN OLSEN and the MILL Tape
633.02MARKER::ZASLAWFri Jun 17 1988Question About Ithaca NY Branch
634.06ELVES::GILLISFri Jun 17 1988Source for QUOTE.EXE program?
635.04VAXWRK::SWARDSat Jun 18 1988Any speaker builders?
636.021DIODE::CROWELLTue Jun 21 1988The mill pond graveyard
637.06COGSCI::TATLOWTue Jun 21 19883 Letter Airport Codes
638.04MARUTI::PGORDONTue Jun 21 1988Ivy on buildings
639.014TWEED::E_FINKELSENWed Jun 22 1988Phone answering machine...
640.03VOLGA::E_FINKELSENWed Jun 22 1988RX
642.05DSM::CRAIGWed Jun 22 1988DEC and the China connection
643.02DRACMA::GOLDSTEINWed Jun 22 1988Why wrap those gifts ?
644.01BPOVThu Jun 23 1988EYE GLASS CLEANER
646.06--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 23 1988Conference/Meeting Planning Info
647.05BMT::SAPIENZAFri Jun 24 1988Ordering from MIT Press...
649.03DELNI::CANTORFri Jun 24 1988ALL-IN-1 product manager?
650.04CURIUS::ROBERTSFri Jun 24 1988File Security Question
651.02SHRBIZ::STOCKDALEFri Jun 24 1988Remote Q Mgr
652.02TELCOM::BOUDREAUFri Jun 24 1988Easynet and Pizza
653.08SWSNOD::DALYFri Jun 24 1988Baja peninsula?
654.02KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Jun 24 1988Algol
655.03WFOVXFri Jun 24 1988A Source for Frisbees?
656.01SCOMAN::THILBERTSat Jun 25 1988Dave Barry
657.04HPSCAD::QBARRYSat Jun 25 1988Looking for General Family Practice Doctor/Clinic in Acton area.
658.01TIXEL::ARNOLDSun Jun 26 1988Where to get a good tune up in southern NH?
659.06LDYBUG::GOLDMANMon Jun 27 1988S/W Engng. styles discussion
660.06HARRY::HIGGINSMon Jun 27 1988Numbers on Tennis Balls
662.08HOCUS::FOSTERMon Jun 27 1988Darning needles?
663.03SSVAX2::PMMMon Jun 27 1988PROBLEM USING VT24
664.07NITPIK::FIELDHOUSEMon Jun 27 1988Looking for Norfolk Downs, MA
665.02DOOBER::CLANCEYMon Jun 27 1988Wedding Anniversary Gifts
666.02JAIMES::MCDONALDMon Jun 27 1988Honorary US Citizens - Only 3
667.010COGSCI::TATLOWTue Jun 28 1988Looking for a good discussion...
668.08MOSAIC::SAWYERTue Jun 28 1988Super-Computer Information
671.04SPRITE::LWITTMANTue Jun 28 1988Where's the Bread and Circus office?
672.07COGSCI::TATLOWWed Jun 29 1988Black Indian Cord
673.09MPGS::DRURYWed Jun 29 1988USED LUMBER?????
674.04SKYLRK::BOHANWed Jun 29 1988Electronic Distribution Lists
675.05ULTRA::PRIBORSKYThu Jun 30 1988The cost of a stamp
676.02COGSCI::TATLOWFri Jul 01 1988How do I love thee?
677.01SLDA1::MITHALFri Jul 01 1988Need to rent some plates, etc..
679.04PANIC::PACKMon Jul 04 1988Video/Digital/Safety??
681.03COGSCI::TATLOWTue Jul 05 1988Checking processes from .COM files
682.02SWSNOD::BARRETTWed Jul 06 1988College information?
683.04GAO::FMORLEYWed Jul 06 1988Californian Car Rental - HELP!!
685.01KIRKWD::FRIEDMANWed Jul 06 1988Attorney-In-Fact
686.01PCASSO::ROMWed Jul 06 1988international mail
687.09--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 07 1988budget motels?
688.04LIBRAE::BAILEYThu Jul 07 1988LVP16 format to .PLO or POST ?
689.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 07 1988Need Info on USDD
690.01ISTG::HEARNSThu Jul 07 1988DECdirect
692.0TWEED::E_FINKELSENFri Jul 08 1988Win, lose, or Draw question
693.0EXIT26::SAARINENFri Jul 08 1988Tape Cassette Recording Problem
694.03LAIDBK::PFLUEGERFri Jul 08 1988Casual attire-- T-shirt and glacier glasses!
696.08WORDS::KRISTYTue Jul 12 1988Sniglet address?
697.07SEDJAR::THIBAULTTue Jul 12 1988Motel near Great Woods?
698.04BEING::POSTPISCHILTue Jul 12 1988Measuring Cup
699.07ALXNDR::FOSTERTue Jul 12 1988Place to walk in Marlboro?
700.04RAINBO::LARUETue Jul 12 1988Directions from Logan Airpt. to Mass Eye & Ear?
701.05CEDSWS::WARNOCKTue Jul 12 1988Looking for Grace Hopper's videotape
702.04BRAT::SMITHWed Jul 13 1988The "flea" in Flea Market
703.03QUOKKA::SNYDERWed Jul 13 1988Who performed these songs?
704.07IOSG::GARDNERWed Jul 13 1988Nodes' names <-- cluster name
705.03TRCAWed Jul 13 1988?LINUS PAULING
706.04SSDEVO::TEDONEWed Jul 13 1988C compilers for various processors
707.07DANUBE::E_FINKELSENThu Jul 14 1988Printer for a ROBIN
708.011VAXRT::CANNOYThu Jul 14 1988Who is this mysterious "Maggie"?
709.02WILKIE::EARLYFri Jul 15 1988WANTED: Customer Call problem reporting system..
710.06TIXEL::ARNOLDFri Jul 15 1988Recordings for telephone answering machine?
711.02HOCUS::FOSTERFri Jul 15 1988Help
712.08QBUS::MITCHAMSat Jul 16 1988In search of LP25/LP26 Technical Documentation...
713.02NUTMEG::RYANSat Jul 16 1988North Carolina Info??
714.06SAFETY::SEGALMon Jul 18 1988Question about Evergreens Mounted on New Buildings
715.02TLE::DANIELSMon Jul 18 1988VMS questions
716.0EUCLID::PAULHUSMon Jul 18 19881 mouse-breath = ?
717.01BRDWLK::VEALEKMon Jul 18 1988Plan A cars going away?
718.010DIODE::CROWELLMon Jul 18 1988Grammar Checking Program?
719.02MARUTI::PGORDONTue Jul 19 1988Ferry from Boston to Cape
720.016SMAUG::WOODSTue Jul 19 1988Cats on cars
721.05SWSNOD::DALYTue Jul 19 1988origin of U. S. Treasury cheque???
722.02ELVES::GILLISTue Jul 19 1988What is DSIN Digital Systems Information Network?
723.03MARUTI::PGORDONTue Jul 19 1988DTN and MIT
724.03LARVAE::SCANTLEBURYTue Jul 19 1988Help on Hotels in Orlando
725.01SALEM::PITERAKTue Jul 19 1988Personal Name?
726.03RGB::SREEKANTHTue Jul 19 1988Learning computer music
727.02MARKER::BRAKOTue Jul 19 1988Shades for PRO/Rainbow/DECmate
728.07NUTMEG::RYANWed Jul 20 1988Need Charlotte, NC newspapers.
729.06GIDDAY::VETTEWed Jul 20 1988Chester the Molester?
730.0GYRATE::HCROWTHERThu Jul 21 1988blood donations needed
731.01JUNIOR::YEATMANThu Jul 21 1988Florida info needed!
732.022EASY::PIKETThu Jul 21 1988Problem accessing classified_ads
733.07LAGUNA::SEIDMANFri Jul 22 1988Any amateur politicians?
734.02ENGINE::WARFIELDFri Jul 22 1988How big a customer is Digital?
735.02SMART5::BFARRELLFri Jul 22 1988ID Card?
736.02COGSCI::TATLOWFri Jul 22 1988How much does my machine cost?
737.01SAGE::DERAMOFri Jul 22 1988DEC Results
739.02FSDEV1::ESULLIVANFri Jul 22 1988Help on use of the Interrupt Key.
740.04FAB2NI::BELSKYMon Jul 25 1988Disk Jockey Wanted
741.04TWEED::FARHADIMon Jul 25 1988MASS BUY
742.03BUCKY::ROMMon Jul 25 1988glueing a puzzle
743.01LABC::FRIEDMANMon Jul 25 1988Shoe Polish Colors
744.05TELCOM::BOUDREAUMon Jul 25 1988Phoenix vacation
745.05DRCS::ABEYATue Jul 26 1988Astrological program on PC?
746.013EPOCH::JOHNSONTue Jul 26 1988Wind Direction
747.03EPOCH::JOHNSONTue Jul 26 1988Looking for Power Switch
748.01FGVAXZ::LAINGTue Jul 26 1988Vocal instruction north of Boston?
749.010COGSCI::TATLOWTue Jul 26 1988Morse Code
750.06BLITZN::ROBERTSTue Jul 26 1988Human Rights
751.05POOBAH::DOOLITTLEWed Jul 27 1988Auto Insurance Classifications?
752.02BMT::MISRAHIWed Jul 27 1988VAXPAC pointers, please
753.052OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTWed Jul 27 1988Lightning ..
754.02SWSNOD::DALYThu Jul 28 1988RF with AI
755.03MINAR::BISHOPThu Jul 28 1988Any German-Swiss out there?
756.08CIMNET::LUISIThu Jul 28 1988WPS-PLUS and Notes, writing to 2 conferences?
757.08RAINBO::SAWYERThu Jul 28 1988Wanted: Area codes in electronic format
758.09MARX::BELLEROSEMon Aug 01 1988DEC Employee Locator Function?
759.06DANUBE::FANTARONIMon Aug 01 1988Mileage listings?
760.02BARTLE::DENEGALLMon Aug 01 1988Help with GRAMMAR
761.04KIRKWD::FRIEDMANMon Aug 01 1988Killing Fields
762.06NRADM::KARLTue Aug 02 1988Dehumidifier suggestions?
763.01ODIHAM::RICKLERTue Aug 02 1988Hypertext on Digital ?
764.0MEIS::GORDONTue Aug 02 1988Speeding becomes expensive in MA...
765.010PIGGY::LEWISTue Aug 02 1988Speeding....Part II
766.01KIRKWD::FRIEDMANTue Aug 02 1988Terminal servers & host connections?
767.02WRO8A::BLUMWed Aug 03 1988Beer mug graphic needed
768.03ROMWed Aug 03 1988Summer job in a national park?
770.01PSYCHE::SIMONWed Aug 03 1988LCG
771.05USMRM3::JHUTCHINSWed Aug 03 1988Lifespan of an LNO3 Document?
772.047CALL::SWEENEYWed Aug 03 1988Authentication, Social Security Numbers, Privacy
773.09WFOV11::BANAS_FThu Aug 04 1988College Failures
774.03JGO::GAYThu Aug 04 1988Pacific Western 'University' L.A. Advice???
775.01VIDEO::SHARKUSThu Aug 04 1988Looking for Photographer
776.03MARX::BELLEROSEThu Aug 04 1988Need DECmate-II w/ CP/M
777.07ULYSSE::WADEThu Aug 04 1988"PARTICIPATE" Notes Product?
778.01COGSCI::TATLOWFri Aug 05 1988Looking for new old records
779.012JET::SOUSAFri Aug 05 1988Ruined Porcelain (White) Board
780.06WJO::STRAUBFri Aug 05 1988Bandannas on cars?
781.03CIVIC::FERRIGNOFri Aug 05 1988Chemical spill at W.R.Grace in Nashua, NH?
782.03NCVAX1::BLACKFri Aug 05 1988Unwell well
784.06CADSYS::MCDONOUGHSun Aug 07 1988Quebec, Nova Scotia info sought
785.04CPRS::RENOMon Aug 08 1988Suggestion for Canada conference...
786.01SOFBAS::RHODESMon Aug 08 1988URGENT**Need custody lawyer
787.013DECEAT::LANDINGHAMMon Aug 08 1988Long, metallic buzzing sound -- source?
788.06WRASSE::FRIEDRICHSMon Aug 08 1988Computer insurance
789.09SERPNT::SONTAKKETue Aug 09 1988Soft bed-sheets
790.014HOCUS::FOSTERTue Aug 09 1988Cutting Brownies
791.06DANUBE::E_FINKELSENTue Aug 09 1988Face painting materials
792.05TRCATue Aug 09 1988Source for Vitamin C in bulk powder form?
793.01IND::COMAROWWed Aug 10 1988Ultra Data Base
794.01COGSCI::TATLOWWed Aug 10 1988Polo Team info...
795.04PARITY::SMITHWed Aug 10 1988Discovery Toys?
796.07MARX::GIBEAUWed Aug 10 1988VAXmail-to-ALL-IN-1 mail, no MTS
797.03RBW::WICKERTWed Aug 10 1988Tape-to-tape copies?
798.04CIMNET::LUISIWed Aug 10 1988Krazy-Glue removal??
799.04KIRKWD::FRIEDMANWed Aug 10 1988Chemical Solid
800.09QBUS::MITCHAMThu Aug 11 1988Know where 'ya can buy seedless watermelon in Atlanta?
801.04FIDERE::NAMOGLUThu Aug 11 1988Tops for canning jars??
802.03MISFIT::FOLTSDThu Aug 11 1988Easynet to Brazil??
803.01VIDEO::ROACHThu Aug 11 1988Ken Olsen parables
804.01NEWS::HAKKARAINENThu Aug 11 1988United Nations passport
805.02STRATA::DESHARNAISThu Aug 11 1988Club for entrepreneurs or business people?
807.07MECAD::ALBARELLIThu Aug 11 1988DEC Athletic Facilities??
808.03AUNTB::WARNOCKThu Aug 11 1988Why do scanners omit some frequency bands?
809.02THEBAY::WOODRIThu Aug 11 1988Suggestions on phone/answering machine?
810.01IPG::BARRETTFri Aug 12 1988Video taping from GPXs?
811.01WOODRO::CORZINEFri Aug 12 1988RS423 Protocol definition needed
812.02ULTRA::ELLISFri Aug 12 1988Sweepstakes number?
813.03SNOWY::HEDRICKSat Aug 13 1988Since I found you!
814.01CNTROL::MENTALSun Aug 14 1988DCU credit card?
816.02VIDEO::SHARKUSMon Aug 15 1988Florist in Worc area?
817.014MARX::GIBEAUMon Aug 15 1988Heat wave & fall foliage
818.02UCOUNT::BAILEYMon Aug 15 1988Men's wear tailor for women's clothes
819.014VIDEO::OSMANMon Aug 15 1988How can I see a rainbow?
820.015COGSCI::TATLOWTue Aug 16 1988The Doughnut Controversy
821.02SMURF::KONGTue Aug 16 1988Directions to Commonwealth Pier in Boston?
822.07DPDMAI::RESENDETue Aug 16 1988Corporate Videotex Library?
824.04TKOV58::SHIMONOWed Aug 17 1988MIT Media Lab - contact person query
825.04UBOHUB::DAVIES_AWed Aug 17 1988Where is SOAPBOX?
826.01MARUTI::PGORDONWed Aug 17 1988Directions to Great Woods
827.01HPSVAX::YANCOWed Aug 17 1988Removing Burnt Mattress Pad?
828.015OILCAN::PATTONWed Aug 17 1988What's the origin of "Sh*t happens"
829.02PFLOYD::WROTHBERGWed Aug 17 1988Is there a politician in the "house" ?
830.018OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Aug 18 1988Orange globes on power lines ..
831.03KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Aug 18 1988Water
832.01LEPTON::PACK_JThu Aug 18 1988DECworld/hardware ?name please
834.04NRPUR::ZEREGAThu Aug 18 1988Dehumidifier Theory??
835.08VAXWRK::INGRAMThu Aug 18 1988Where can I buy American Indian Jewelery?
836.019BGYBRD::DITTEMOREThu Aug 18 1988International Driver's License
837.015CIMNET::LUISIFri Aug 19 1988How to open to end of DIR?
838.01MARUTI::PGORDONFri Aug 19 1988Jazz clubs -- no carding
839.03TRUCKS::CARLILLSat Aug 20 1988Long Island Iced Tea?
840.05SSDEVO::LOWEMon Aug 22 1988C Interpreter on VMS?
841.01BOSTON::DAGOSTINOMon Aug 22 1988Need to find PCSA V2 s/w
842.04BMT::MISRAHIMon Aug 22 1988Famous quotation?
843.02WRASSE::FRIEDRICHSTue Aug 23 1988Head of the Charles inquiry
844.0ENGINE::FRASERTue Aug 23 1988Book wanted - CANE (Cross posted in BOOKS)
845.07FDCV3Tue Aug 23 1988WaterBed Heater
846.05BAGELS::FINNERTYTue Aug 23 1988Setting up a TRUST fund ?
847.013ANT::WOLOCHTue Aug 23 1988How is dust formed?
848.010CIMNET::LUISITue Aug 23 1988Another Phrase Question??
849.05KIRKWD::FRIEDMANTue Aug 23 1988Living in RV
850.02NRADM::SWARTZTue Aug 23 1988Looking for a BI class machine for loan or rent
851.01RT1Tue Aug 23 1988Boston University
852.01GUMDRP::GERDEWed Aug 24 1988Podiatrist?--Gardner, Fitch, Leom. area
853.04SWSNOD::BARRETTWed Aug 24 1988Easynet node locations?
854.01FXADM::OCONNELLWed Aug 24 1988MBA PROGRAMS - Part time???
855.04MIST::BACKSTROMWed Aug 24 1988International Standard Book Number (ISBN)?
856.02CIMAMT::POWELLWed Aug 24 1988Photo -> Jigsaw Puzzle
857.06CVG::THOMPSONThu Aug 25 1988VAX C and bit map files (.BM)
858.04RDVAX::FIRTHThu Aug 25 1988Help! I'm too old to know
859.09SOFBAS::JOHNSONFri Aug 26 1988Russian slogan translation
860.04SMCFri Aug 26 1988Credit Bureau Information
861.01BMT::MISRAHIFri Aug 26 1988image exit force - stack dump from NOTES
862.03UTROP1::VRIES_JANSun Aug 28 1988EDU casette subscription
863.03UTROP1::VRIES_JANSun Aug 28 1988Looking for a SALES conference
864.03NEXUS::CONLONSun Aug 28 1988Moisture Bubbles on Brass Pictures
865.07FSLENG::PREVIDIMon Aug 29 1988Motorcycle jacket store?
866.014ABSZK::GREENWOODMon Aug 29 1988Shave and a haircut, two bits
867.03ISTG::COOPERMANMon Aug 29 1988Stereo speakers
868.01WORDS::KRISTYTue Aug 30 1988Planning tools on the net?
869.04HPSRAD::LAMTue Aug 30 1988Student desk
870.010BAGELS::FINNERTYTue Aug 30 1988Propane vs. Natural Gas Heat ?
871.01BAGELS::FINNERTYTue Aug 30 1988R-rating Insulation values ?
872.01HPSRAD::LAMTue Aug 30 1988Directions to Harvard SQ
875.010LDYBUG::MCGOLDRICKWed Aug 31 1988Name that tune?
876.03MEWVAX::AUGUSTINEWed Aug 31 1988ISO a shrinklet
877.02MARX::GIBEAUWed Aug 31 1988Taking a Mulligan??
878.01FOOBAR::KABELWed Aug 31 1988Translations wanted
879.01BRDWLK::LINCOLNWed Aug 31 1988HELP-IMS sanity check?
880.06NCVAX1::BLACKWed Aug 31 1988Craig Corp - where are you?
881.07DELNI::GOLDBERGWed Aug 31 1988Living in Washington D.C.
882.07FNYFS::AUNGIERThu Sep 01 1988Internal Digital Publications
883.0BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Sep 01 1988National Identification Number Quotation
884.02CURIE::TRIBEThu Sep 01 1988Why 17-Nov-1858?
885.01BOOKIE::KAVANAGHThu Sep 01 1988Looking for the right people
886.05CADSYS::BILLINGSThu Sep 01 1988Local area classified ads
887.02UTROP1::VRIES_JANThu Sep 01 1988DECWRL - UNIX network ??
888.02UTROP1::VRIES_JANThu Sep 01 1988ANSI C description ???
890.011COOKIE::DEVINEThu Sep 01 1988Derivation of Social Security Number?
892.01PALMER::PALMERFri Sep 02 1988Bush and Dukakis MA campaign headquaters?
893.012CURIE::JOYFri Sep 02 1988Greek festival in Boston
894.01IAMOK::ROMANOFri Sep 02 1988Need SIGHT Map of U.S. (.UIS file)
895.04LESLIE::LESLIESat Sep 03 1988Family accomodation needed during oct in New England
896.09EXIT26::STRATTONSun Sep 04 1988Black and green olives
897.01FROTHY::GONDATue Sep 06 1988Automatic Wrist Watch Repair Shops?
898.06FDCV3Tue Sep 06 1988Cable T.V. Receivers.
900.02JOEL::BERMANWed Sep 07 1988Chinese Banquet
901.07DIODE::CROWELLWed Sep 07 1988DEC ESD Consultants. WHO?
903.011HPSCAD::FORTMILLERThu Sep 08 1988Fire Alarms & Deaf People
904.03FDCVThu Sep 08 1988KO: SS Super makes good?
905.01GYPSC::SWOBODAFri Sep 09 1988Interfacing AEG-SEAB2-NP
906.02MDVAX3::DONOVANFri Sep 09 1988Name the group
907.08USATFri Sep 09 1988Where's the Benefit?
908.05CIMNET::LUISIFri Sep 09 1988Getting great Theater Seats?
909.01QBUS::MITCHAMMon Sep 12 1988In search of "Entry Level" programming courses...
912.04FDCVMon Sep 12 1988Unfinished Cabinets
915.08QUARK::LIONELTue Sep 13 1988No soap, radio!
916.06BRAT::SMITHTue Sep 13 1988Fast freezing hot water?
917.01ISTG::COOPERMANTue Sep 13 1988Parking at National Airport
919.01ROBOAT::HEBERTWed Sep 14 1988Clear ice cubes
920.06ISTG::COOPERMANWed Sep 14 1988Long term pkg at National Airport?
921.03BLITZN::ROBERTSWed Sep 14 1988Self-sense ?
922.013NOVA::M_DAVISWed Sep 14 1988Party Suggestions?
923.01AUNTB::WARNOCKWed Sep 14 1988Where did 555-nnnn numbers come from on TV ?
924.05SALSA::MOELLERThu Sep 15 1988Latin help needed
925.04PBA::WOODThu Sep 15 1988Ticketron -- Who? How?
926.04VIDEO::TEBAYThu Sep 15 1988Input televison signal standard?
927.02CURIE::TRIBEThu Sep 15 1988Paso Robles ??
928.06AIAG::SWARTThu Sep 15 1988Fric and Frac
930.023CALLME::MR_TOPAZFri Sep 16 1988Winter Olympics in 1994?
931.025TLE::DANIELSFri Sep 16 1988Annoying Fire Alarms
932.04USMRM3::JHUTCHINSFri Sep 16 1988Accommodations in Bedford area?
933.02LAIDBK::PFLUEGERFri Sep 16 1988DECUS Registration form wanted --asap..
935.02HOO78C::BESEMERMon Sep 19 1988AVN question
936.01TSG::KELLEHERMon Sep 19 1988Subgroups of large DEC groups?
937.03HOCUS::FOSTERMon Sep 19 1988Blushing
938.02BELFST::MCCLINTOCKMon Sep 19 1988Digital's Mission and Objectives
939.02GUCCI::HERBMon Sep 19 198824
942.02SPCTRM::KOVALCIKTue Sep 20 1988Seeking info on "VENDEX" IBM PC clone
943.02DSSDEV::RUSTTue Sep 20 1988Any tax-prep software under development?
944.03COGMK::KISERTue Sep 20 1988An external request for a good cause...
945.016WMOIS::B_REINKEWed Sep 21 1988Car nose covers (bras) -- why?
946.03BOSTON::DAGOSTINOThu Sep 22 1988LOJACK car theft info
947.01FXVNS::HOLLANDThu Sep 22 1988Banner Program
948.04MAY1Thu Sep 22 1988Calendar Program help?
949.01HBO::OFARRELLThu Sep 22 1988Sporting events on 5th October
950.05--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 22 1988Black & white t.v.
951.01WHYNOW::NEWMANThu Sep 22 1988Assistance needed on "LR" Software Pkg
952.01BOSTON::DAGOSTINOThu Sep 22 1988Cheap Vuarnets?
954.09SMCFri Sep 23 1988Book about KO
955.02MEMORY::BERKSONFri Sep 23 1988Always park hard drive before moving?
956.01IPG::BARRETTFri Sep 23 1988Looking for MAILLIST
957.05UCOUNT::BAILEYFri Sep 23 1988What's a LAT?
958.010CIMNET::LUISIFri Sep 23 1988Success tapes a scam?
959.015LESLIE::LESLIESat Sep 24 1988How to encash a $US cheque withouta US Bank account?
960.02NETMAN::DISMUKEMon Sep 26 1988Info on jig-saw as Christmas gift?
961.02NAZARD::WHITEMon Sep 26 1988Need to borrow Racal-Vadic VA3451 modem inst. book
962.09CSC32::M_VALENZATue Sep 27 1988Mousetrap
963.01AUNTB::WARNOCKTue Sep 27 1988Mission Impossible TV series
964.03SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GTue Sep 27 1988Liberty Mutual Insurance
965.07KIRKWD::FRIEDMANTue Sep 27 1988IRS "Sailing Permit"?
966.04TKOV58::SHIMONOWed Sep 28 1988NeXT Inc.
967.04LANDO::HARRISWed Sep 28 1988? # of Easynet Nodes
968.07AUNTB::REEDWed Sep 28 1988Twice as hot, is easy...
969.010--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 28 1988Roaches
970.02PSG::PURMALWed Sep 28 1988Where did left-wing and right-wing come from?
971.04MEMORY::BERKSONThu Sep 29 1988Anyone here working on nanotech?
972.012NRPUR::ZEREGAFri Sep 30 1988How many justices on the U. S. Supreme Court?
973.010GNUVAX::QUIRIYFri Sep 30 1988How are yearly salaries figured?
974.027TLE::DANIELSFri Sep 30 1988Why does OJ taste bad in the morning?
976.01FSLPRD::JLAMOTTEMon Oct 03 1988Was it a larva?
977.01EMASA2::HAGLUNDMon Oct 03 1988128 Fleet Group??!!
978.01CAADC::TRAINMAEGDLIMon Oct 03 1988Hospital Pharmacy Systems
979.017AQUA::SCHULLMANTue Oct 04 1988Does YOUR rendition of the DIGITAL Logo look like this?
980.03JOULE::CARROLLTue Oct 04 1988Mass drinking age question
981.03SHARE::CELLATue Oct 04 1988Honeymoon Spots!
982.01KYOV5Wed Oct 05 1988How to get official answer for technical question?
983.03LIBRAE::BAILEYWed Oct 05 1988Why does strenuous exercise sometimes cause headache?
984.09TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Oct 05 1988Cashing a check made out to his business?
985.032SHARE::SUPINOWed Oct 05 1988Suggestions, please?
986.05BRUTUS::DRAYWed Oct 05 1988Spot for a bachelor party?
987.013MYRRH::JOVANWed Oct 05 1988Tattoo?
988.021TKOV58::TOBAWed Oct 05 1988Why green is GO?
989.03BRDWLK::VEALEKThu Oct 06 1988Morale Boosters??
990.04CIMNET::LUISIThu Oct 06 1988Out-of-State speeding Impact?
991.01NUTMEG::KELLOGGThu Oct 06 1988FCC Testing Facility?
992.013TLE::DANIELSThu Oct 06 1988Can anyone suggest a good, safe, deodorant
993.02DACT6::CHASEFri Oct 07 1988FDCV
994.01KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Oct 07 1988Salmon Patties
995.04UCOUNT::BAILEYFri Oct 07 1988Gifts for abused kids -- HELP!
996.03VAXWRK::FERNANDEZFri Oct 07 1988Wine thermometer needed
997.01DELNI::JONGSat Oct 08 1988Rock-throwing in Westford
998.013SNOWY::HEDRICKMon Oct 10 1988Pointer to tooth fairy conference?
999.04CSC32::M_VALENZAMon Oct 10 1988The Flash of Green
1000.02NCVAX1::EVENSONMon Oct 10 1988Moss grows highest on the North side because...
1001.02NETMAN::DISMUKETue Oct 11 1988..jst follwing ordrs, I know rntl agncy will help
1002.02CHEFS::GILLS1Tue Oct 11 1988BLACKNOTES conference?
1004.07ULTRA::PRIBORSKYTue Oct 11 1988Chicken Man and The Story Lady
1006.013SUPER::HENDRICKSTue Oct 11 1988Sorting out the wires in a phone jack
1007.01CIMNET::MCCAIGTue Oct 11 1988PICK (sp) Operating System
1008.0216BITS::DELBALSOWed Oct 12 1988Reference, please - "A Thousand Points of Light"
1009.01CPRS::RENOWed Oct 12 1988Where did they get the "world" in World Series?
1010.07SALSA::MOELLERWed Oct 12 1988Object-Oriented Programming
1011.04PARITY::BERNSTEINWed Oct 12 1988lucky?
1012.02SKYLRK::JHAYESWed Oct 12 1988Need Online access to manual
1013.03CHEFS::GILLS1Thu Oct 13 1988Deleting conferences
1014.01BOSTON::DAGOSTINOThu Oct 13 1988*Real* VT22
1015.01TOPDOC::PHILBROOKThu Oct 13 1988Recovering a VAXmail .tjl file
1016.03STAR::LLEEThu Oct 13 1988Looking for an Artist
1017.02KETJE::GORREMANSThu Oct 13 1988Help! VAX - PC file transfer problem
1018.05WENDY::REIDThu Oct 13 1988Fresh Laundry
1019.05DECEAT::HASSThu Oct 13 1988Electronic ride board?
1020.04BELFST::MULLANFri Oct 14 1988Screening Public Speakers
1021.016EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Oct 14 1988Remove Sticker from Car
1022.07TRUCKS::GKEFri Oct 14 1988Document/Overhead HELP!!!
1023.02PSYCHE::D_SHERMANFri Oct 14 1988CAPTURE information
1024.05SNDCSL::SMITHMon Oct 17 1988Do I have to leave my apartment?
1025.03EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Oct 17 1988Osibili, si ergo.
1026.05BEING::POSTPISCHILMon Oct 17 1988Freedom of Information Application to States
1027.03HAVOC::GILLIGANMon Oct 17 1988MUSIC JAM?
1028.05MCIS2::POLLERTMon Oct 17 1988Lake vs. pond?
1029.04MIDCIM::CARROLLMon Oct 17 1988Questions on bonding (the legal kind)
1030.01HKOVMon Oct 17 1988How To Transfer File Between VAX and TANDEM?
1031.019NRPUR::ZEREGATue Oct 18 1988Electoral College
1032.018CIMNET::LUISITue Oct 18 1988Left versus Rightside driving
1033.011CIMNET::LUNGERTue Oct 18 1988What is Evaporation?
1034.08ENGINE::CASEYTue Oct 18 1988Where is my husband's suit?????
1035.026CEDSWS::WARNOCKTue Oct 18 1988How long does it take to trace a phone call ?
1036.02RANCHO::HOLTWed Oct 19 1988Legal question - ISV software on DEC Systems
1037.022QBUS::MITCHAMWed Oct 19 1988And equal Bath Robes for all...
1038.02CADSYS::RICHARDSONWed Oct 19 1988Anyone ever stationed on Midway Island?
1040.02HSOMAI::GARRETTWed Oct 19 1988HP Laserjet on a PDP-11
1041.02MILRAT::HAMERWed Oct 19 1988Who invented the Parachute?
1042.03QBUS::MITCHAMWed Oct 19 1988Here's a way to check the location of a Conference
1043.01SPGOGO::STUDIVANWed Oct 19 1988Need SIDs for VAXsta 32
1044.010HPSRAD::MOTTThu Oct 20 1988Printer/Copier, is there such a machine?
1045.07QBUS::MITCHAMFri Oct 21 1988Who do I complain to on Floral delivery problems?
1046.04WMOIS::B_REINKEFri Oct 21 1988Getting return mail from Wesleyan University
1047.04CSGFri Oct 21 1988Lost Birds??
1048.011TIXEL::ARNOLDFri Oct 21 1988Major Credit Problems -- Suggestions Anyone?
1049.02ECAD2::KINZELMANSat Oct 22 1988Airbrush question
1051.05AUNTB::WARNOCKMon Oct 24 1988Why is there a cash value on coupons ?
1052.04AUNTB::WARNOCKMon Oct 24 1988Why do contest usually specify no purchase necessary ?
1053.01POBOX::MAEGDLINMon Oct 24 1988VMS to Unisys Connectivity
1054.012LOOKIN::BELLTue Oct 25 1988So what is "SANKA" ?
1056.08PRINCE::POWERSTue Oct 25 1988straw vs. hay
1057.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 25 1988Group involved with fall 88 COMDEX?
1058.06DECEAT::LANDINGHAMTue Oct 25 1988splines or lines?
1059.02DIODE::CROWELLTue Oct 25 1988Where will housing prices go in MA??
1060.06CGOSWed Oct 26 1988CECV
1061.034TAVENG::GOLDMANWed Oct 26 1988Standard time / daylight savings time change?
1062.018CISM::HAWESWed Oct 26 1988FULL MOON?
1063.02CIMNET::LUISIWed Oct 26 1988Taking a Consumer Mfg Co. to Court
1064.010GAUSS::WEINRICHWed Oct 26 1988Bonomo's Turkish Taffey?
1065.04FSLPRD::JLAMOTTEWed Oct 26 1988Varilux
1066.02MUSKIE::GRASSINIThu Oct 27 1988Lost conference "Garden"
1067.07HPSRAD::MOTTThu Oct 27 1988Digital Food Services. Can we do something?
1068.019BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Oct 27 1988Contact Lenses
1070.05PRAVDA::JACKSONFri Oct 28 1988Help! - Do you own a metal detector that I could rent?
1071.06DELNI::S_CLARKFri Oct 28 1988Know Any women's specialty shops?
1072.01649ER::MEYERSFri Oct 28 1988I want my TURKEY!!!
1073.03SAACTFri Oct 28 1988"Gibson Mix"???
1074.08RAINBO::RUMon Oct 31 1988Where to donate clothes in Lowell
1075.07KIRKWD::FRIEDMANMon Oct 31 1988Organizing Important Papers
1077.03--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 31 1988California Lotto
1078.04WRO8A::BLUMTue Nov 01 1988Biorythm program needed
1079.010POOBAH::DOOLITTLETue Nov 01 1988Wheaties Cover-people??
1080.04CASVTue Nov 01 1988Critical Applications
1081.01CASVTue Nov 01 1988Data Center Definition
1082.015FSLENG::PREVIDIWed Nov 02 1988Need ROT-13
1083.05CAADC::TRAINMAEGDLIWed Nov 02 1988Software Library System
1084.03SSGBPM::KENAHThu Nov 03 1988Whence the noise?
1085.03CASVThu Nov 03 1988English ----> Laotian ??
1086.01DRUID::LAPOINTEThu Nov 03 1988Direction to Youth Forum in Westboro Ma.?
1087.02CAADC::VISIONMANGUThu Nov 03 1988Lilliput Dictionary
1088.02SOFBAS::ROSCHThu Nov 03 1988PAL -> US?
1089.07GIDDAY::WYLLIEFri Nov 04 1988American Cowboy Boots?
1090.01031999::RYANFri Nov 04 1988tractor feed transparencies???
1091.0434823::HACKMANFri Nov 04 1988Party Line Info needed
1092.08IAMOK::MCVAYFri Nov 04 1988Pointer to a C Intro/Handbook?
1093.01RUTLND::TEWHEYSat Nov 05 1988Florist in Ill.?
1094.01TSG::KELLEHERSun Nov 06 1988A Comedy Celebration?
1095.03OSAVSun Nov 06 1988PERT ???
1096.012BEISL::LOBSANGMon Nov 07 1988Tax question
1097.08CADSYS::RICHARDSONMon Nov 07 1988What's "Boxing Day"?
1098.02PUGH::JANEMon Nov 07 1988Restore from initialised tape ??
1099.01VMSDEV::ELLISMon Nov 07 1988Furniture quality ??
1100.01MISFIT::FOLTSDTue Nov 08 1988Contact in CAD/CAM Center???
1101.04BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Nov 08 1988Corporate Software?
1102.011DR::BLINNTue Nov 08 1988Did you vote today?
1103.04MPGS::DRURYTue Nov 08 1988Boy Scout Uniforms??
1104.04FXVNS::OCONNELLTue Nov 08 1988Read Only's in a Conference
1105.02ESPN::NEWFIELDTue Nov 08 1988Trying to get to SPAN network
1106.07DACT6::CHASETue Nov 08 1988Praying mantis questions
1107.030NRPUR::ZEREGATue Nov 08 1988Succession to the presidency?
1108.05BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Nov 09 1988Book Ends
1110.02SARAH::VISWANATHWed Nov 09 1988Datatrieve question
1111.03TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Nov 09 1988Anybody got a friend at HP?
1112.03HKOVThu Nov 10 1988What Software Can Use With 378
1114.017BMT::MISRAHIThu Nov 10 19889-digit zipcodes
1115.01NUTMEG::RYANThu Nov 10 1988Endless loop 1/2" VHS tape???
1116.02WMOIS::E_FINKELSENFri Nov 11 1988Buone Feste Natalizie (in English please)
1117.04PNEUMA::D_SHERMANFri Nov 11 1988general business notesfile?
1118.01EASYNT::LANGLOISFri Nov 11 1988Looking for French lessons
1119.02WRO8A::BLUMFri Nov 11 1988MAXCIM/MANMAN info needed
1120.01--UnknownUser--Sun Nov 13 1988Australia information?
1121.05MEMORY::BERNSTEINSun Nov 13 1988Newspaper recycling?
1122.01WRO8A::BLUMMon Nov 14 1988TOFU nutrition
1123.04TAVENG::CHAIMMon Nov 14 1988How much does Bowling cost ...???...
1124.011RDGENG::DUNNMon Nov 14 1988MS-DOS, wherefore art thou ?
1125.01WMOIS::E_FINKELSENMon Nov 14 1988Birthstones and Flowers
1126.02EASYNT::LANGLOISMon Nov 14 1988is the President allowed to drive?
1127.07CIMNET::LUISIMon Nov 14 1988A smelly question?
1128.011LILAC::CONNELLMon Nov 14 1988How do I read the secret stuff
1129.01IMPULS::MCDONOUGHTue Nov 15 1988Imprinted tee-shirts
1130.024FDCVTue Nov 15 1988Radar Detectors
1131.010CUPMK::JAMESTue Nov 15 1988Info on Writing A Parser
1132.07MARX::CHANDLERTue Nov 15 1988Charitable Donations
1133.08--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 16 1988WANTED: BEAUTY MAKEOVER!
1134.02WRASSE::FRIEDRICHSWed Nov 16 1988Italian --> English translator needed
1135.013CALLME::MR_TOPAZThu Nov 17 1988Country Sex
1136.04GAUSS::WEINRICHThu Nov 17 1988Sing for Birthday?
1137.01THAVFri Nov 18 1988Writing Compilers and Debuggers...
1138.09DUBFri Nov 18 1988Digital Technical Journal
1139.017SUPER::HENDRICKSFri Nov 18 1988Thanksgiving "traditions" -- need suggestions
1140.012LEVEL::OSMANFri Nov 18 1988a pig in a poke ?
1142.07WOODRO::EARLYFri Nov 18 1988Airline "bonus tickets" -- any experiences?
1143.05AUNTB::WARNOCKSat Nov 19 1988Looking for Christmas software
1144.06KIRKWD::FRIEDMANSun Nov 20 1988Dentists vs. Doctors
1145.04JOKUR::MCCONNEYMon Nov 21 1988Conversion Question
1148.01CIMNET::LUISIMon Nov 21 1988A Chili[ng] Question?
1149.03STAR::PROSKAUERMon Nov 21 1988Is life truly random?
1150.04ELWOOD::NORCOTTMon Nov 21 1988Development plan outline?
1151.011IAMOK::ROMANOMon Nov 21 1988Prudential XMas Tree Lighting
1152.07LEVEL::OSMANMon Nov 21 1988does Waltham or Massachusetts require landlords to give smoke detectors?
1153.07QBUS::MITCHAMTue Nov 22 1988What duties are chartered for a Best Man?
1154.01HYEND::CANDERSONTue Nov 22 1988When and Where of Ski Swaps
1155.04ODIXIE::RIDGWAYTue Nov 22 1988Dollar bill question
1156.02ASHBY::GASSAWAYTue Nov 22 1988Mass Pike license plates
1157.03IAMOK::ROMANOWed Nov 23 1988VMS 5.
1158.04MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMWed Nov 23 1988PAL vs. PLA???
1159.09GEMVAX::DIXONWed Nov 23 1988LBJ's 1964 opponent?
1160.01BLUMON::JOVANFri Nov 25 1988Dentist in S. New Hampshire?
1161.02BAHTAT::SALLITTMon Nov 28 1988How to host with the most....
1162.01MINDER::JESSIMANMon Nov 28 1988Candy anyone ?
1163.02MUDIS3::SPOIDAMon Nov 28 1988Migration Tools Available (PDP/VAX) -?-
1165.01REGENT::MERRILLMon Nov 28 1988Insurance Savings
1166.03HARDY::PANGAKISMon Nov 28 1988Remove escape sequences from .LOG file?
1167.04NRADM::BROUILLETTue Nov 29 1988Chemical data wanted
1168.06ULTRA::PRIBORSKYTue Nov 29 1988Diamonds
1169.01DESTAR::HENRYTue Nov 29 1988Interview on vac=tax break??
1170.07MUSKIE::BLACKTue Nov 29 1988What's with EASYNET?
1171.02IMPULS::MCDONOUGHWed Nov 30 1988Microwave/convection ovens
1172.03ASD::WILLIAMSWed Nov 30 1988Looking for RSI, Inc. (Timeshare Condos)
1173.02MISVAX::ROSSWed Nov 30 1988Looking for "Baseball America" and "Spy" magazines
1174.08SMURF::MURPHYWed Nov 30 1988What is a person from Beirut called?
1176.026AKOV11::SCHAVONEThu Dec 01 1988Popeye
1177.08THRILL::MACOMBERThu Dec 01 1988What are these Rusty Things?
1178.02LEDS::CUDDYThu Dec 01 1988WANTED: Wedding Gown Cleaning Service
1179.06LIBRAE::BAILEYFri Dec 02 1988RM
1180.019EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Dec 02 1988Highway Marking Practices
1181.05MRVAX::MBERTONFri Dec 02 1988FY9
1183.04TROAMon Dec 05 1988Energy to reduce Entropy in Computer?
1184.014DROPIT::BENHAMMon Dec 05 1988Can't have your cake and eat it too
1185.02SWSNOD::BARRETTMon Dec 05 1988Health insurance open enrollment period?
1186.05BARB::FEINMon Dec 05 1988Help: Telephone Installation
1187.016EUCLID::FRASERMon Dec 05 1988Reverse Polish Notation?
1188.06BODACH::APATILTue Dec 06 1988U.S. legislation at work... how?
1189.08GRECO::DEVITue Dec 06 1988Help needed on equipment...
1190.04RAINBO::LARUETue Dec 06 1988Address for Control Data
1191.02KYOA::DAVISPTue Dec 06 1988Counseling for Careers
1192.05LANDO::BILAFERTue Dec 06 1988Trying to sell a Yearbook Ad to Digital
1193.04SALSA::BLUNDELLTue Dec 06 1988CBI software needed
1194.02CSC32::J_MARSHTue Dec 06 1988Looking for a "Dyna-Bee" toy
1195.01IOWAMV::LEEWed Dec 07 1988Microcode (PCS75
1196.05LEVEL::PARSONSWed Dec 07 1988Tickets to sell?
1197.020SMURF::MURPHYWed Dec 07 1988Same word different meaning.
1199.0CURIE::RICARDThu Dec 08 1988MIT graduates?
1201.01DACT6::CHASEThu Dec 08 1988List of 3rd party terminals?
1202.01FDCV13::CADLEFri Dec 09 1988L Shaped Hinge for Kitchen Cabinet
1203.02TALLIS::HADUCHFri Dec 09 1988What is DECtop University???
1204.021CVG::THOMPSONFri Dec 09 1988How do you say "Happy New Year"?
1206.03HARRY::HIGGINSSun Dec 11 1988Seating Plan for Hartford Civic Center?
1207.03SNDCSL::SMITHMon Dec 12 1988Old-style fire extinguisher cleanup?
1208.08FNYFS::ESCOTMon Dec 12 1988Travel agent in Australia?
1209.0477Tue Dec 13 1988driftwood
1210.07SMAUG::WOODSTue Dec 13 1988Transportation services from LKG --> Logan
1211.018COGMK::MCKIMTue Dec 13 1988Promotional prizes
1212.02CSG::HENDRYTue Dec 13 1988Mail off of Easynet
1213.011NRPUR::ZEREGAWed Dec 14 1988Genuine Rolex watches -- can you tell by looking?
1214.01IAMOK::ROMANOWed Dec 14 1988In search of... firewood
1215.02IAMOK::MCVAYWed Dec 14 1988Need an Apartment in Connecticut
1216.015WMOIS::MOSCOWed Dec 14 1988First Quality Maps for Framing
1217.01CADSYS::GIL_PASSOLASWed Dec 14 1988Skiing Around Lake Placid, N.Y.
1218.011WONDER::FEINWed Dec 14 1988One Ringy-Dingy
1219.05THEHUT::HARRISWed Dec 14 1988Was anyone awake in Chemistry class?
1220.04VLNVAX::RWHEELERWed Dec 14 1988Care and feeding of rabbit coat
1221.03EVER11::KRUPINSKIThu Dec 15 1988Internal Computer Museum
1222.07SWSNOD::BARRETTThu Dec 15 1988question on turkeys
1223.01LEZAH::BOBBITTThu Dec 15 1988Temporary Agencies in Central Massachusetts
1224.01PHDVAX::MURRAYFri Dec 16 1988Technical Doc. Librarian software?
1226.01SALSA::MOELLERFri Dec 16 1988Hydrogen-Chlorine Engines
1227.03MEMORY::BERKSONFri Dec 16 1988Boston taxi medallions info?
1228.01AUNTB::WARNOCKFri Dec 16 1988TV games, videocassette games, etc..
1229.02IAMOK::BANCROFTMon Dec 19 1988Your Sage Suggestions Please
1230.04IAMOK::BANCROFTTue Dec 20 1988DEEX anyone heard of it????
1231.04CIMNET::MIKELISTue Dec 20 1988Public directory for VMS layered products?
1232.02SMURF::MURPHYTue Dec 20 1988Jack Kemp Question
1233.01SCENIC::JANEBWed Dec 21 1988BASIC / modem / PDT questions
1234.011CIMNET::LUISIWed Dec 21 1988NH State Income tax!
1235.08BODACH::JLENIHANWed Dec 21 1988Digital Press
1236.01DECSIM::HEILMANWed Dec 21 1988Looking for info on QFD process
1237.07LAMHRA::WHORLOWThu Dec 22 1988Please translate 'spark'
1238.07WRO8A::BLUMThu Dec 22 1988How many blocks per tape?
1239.01AUNTB::WARNOCKThu Dec 22 1988How do videocassette games like CLUE work ?
1240.09REGENT::MERRILLThu Dec 22 1988What's an LA degree?
1241.03MCIS2::TKELLEHERThu Dec 22 1988Vacationing in Russia
1242.05ARCHER::MOORTHYTue Dec 27 1988DCL debugger ...
1243.05WILKIE::JTAYLORTue Dec 27 1988Pachinko info?
1244.03--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 28 1988Mammies little baby loves Motzah Balls!
1245.01FNYFS::ESCOTWed Dec 28 1988DEC in New Caledonia?
1246.0102EASY::PIKETWed Dec 28 1988DTN questions
1247.08CIVIC::FERRIGNOThu Dec 29 1988Breakdown lane
1248.010SSVAX::BROBINSONFri Dec 30 1988Vt32
1249.04ASD::WILLIAMSSun Jan 01 1989Looking for a Mailing List Supplier
1251.08THEHUT::BILAFERTue Jan 03 1989Translation for a Latin Phrase Needed
1252.07TUT::MAXHAMTue Jan 03 1989Clay needed for ceramics
1253.06KIRKWD::FRIEDMANTue Jan 03 1989International Date Line
1254.04OADEV::KAUFMANNTue Jan 03 1989Value of Sheet Music?
1255.04KIRKWD::FRIEDMANTue Jan 03 1989Purpose of Duty
1256.027NRADM::SKUTTTue Jan 03 1989What follows the 9
1257.02SHIRE::GOLDBLATTWed Jan 04 1989probability calculator ?
1258.03LABMAN::CARONThu Jan 05 1989JPOIND:: moved
1259.02MEMORY::BERKSONThu Jan 05 1989"KB" in uVAX windows?
1260.03MUSKIE::EVENSONThu Jan 05 1989SONY service location?
1261.04MXOVThu Jan 05 1989Clocks in Clusters
1262.07RAINBO::LARUEFri Jan 06 1989brass rings
1263.02DELNI::GOLDBERGFri Jan 06 1989Home Insurance Questions
1264.0WEA::PURMALFri Jan 06 1989I need a photo album delivered
1266.04BTO::MORONGFri Jan 06 1989Where can I find "Thomas' Register"?
1267.010HBO::CASTELLANISat Jan 07 1989How do they know all of those things
1268.03CHET::SULLIVANSun Jan 08 1989Marshall Islands - WWII
1269.03--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 09 1989Band-Aid Sterility
1270.015LESLIE::LESLIEMon Jan 09 1989Long sighted contacts?
1271.018CALBAN::GILLISTue Jan 10 1989Crossing the equator for the first time...
1272.05HPSCAD::FORTMILLERTue Jan 10 1989Moraine Lake Wild Flowers in Bloom?
1273.02MARKER::HARRISTue Jan 10 1989Typewriter Decibels?
1274.04NRMACK::GLANVILLEWed Jan 11 1989Portuguese-English Translation Wanted
1275.06OFFHK::SCANLANDWed Jan 11 1989President Ford's VP?
1276.07CADSYS::RICHARDSONWed Jan 11 1989we're related somehow
1277.01EASYNT::LANGLOISWed Jan 11 1989need to contact the CCITT
1278.06TLE::DANIELSWed Jan 11 1989Cheap but decent hotels in Paris?
1279.011EPOCH::JOHNSONThu Jan 12 19894
1281.02BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Jan 12 1989Great Temptations Bakery
1282.010BUSY::KLEINBERGERThu Jan 12 1989Schedule D on 1988 Tax Forms
1283.011TIXEL::GUESTFri Jan 13 1989How does bankruptcy work?
1284.01DIODE::CROWELLFri Jan 13 1989Sending mail to CompuServ accounts???
1285.02BCSE::KREFETZFri Jan 13 1989The Bahamas
1287.01KETJE::ROBBENSMon Jan 16 1989Irish teachers wanted for inter-school project
1288.02OFFHK::HENDRYMon Jan 16 1989DEC move to Phoenix
1289.05ISLNDS::THOMSONMon Jan 16 1989Directions to BXB1
1290.01EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Jan 16 1989Can you see what I'm saying?
1291.06USATTue Jan 17 1989Help with Form Feed character
1292.02CIMNET::MIKELISTue Jan 17 1989source for de-fragmenter?
1293.02SMAC1Tue Jan 17 1989A formula for Tidal Prediction?
1294.06EXIT26::CONLEYTue Jan 17 1989Looking for source to compare state taxes
1295.05DPDTue Jan 17 1989DIAL
1296.04SPIDER::EGOLFWed Jan 18 1989Getting started in Silver Jewelry
1298.08SALEM::ALIZIOWed Jan 18 1989You know, a whatchamacallit
1300.010HANNAH::OSMANWed Jan 18 1989why doesn't ice freeze the water in a glass?
1301.03SKYLRK::OLSONThu Jan 19 1989Where to order FY89 GSA Schedule?
1302.014YARD::BADMANSat Jan 21 198933rd State ?
1303.02PRYDE::ROSARIOFri Jan 20 1989Naughtie Nightie Rep Needed!!!
1304.02LEZAH::KAVANAGHFri Jan 20 1989How to Wallpaper?
1305.08BOEHM::M_SAWYERMon Jan 23 1989Loans and the Rule of 7/8's
1306.04MEMORY::BERKSONMon Jan 23 1989Remove bad eye?
1307.014BPOVMon Jan 23 1989Can Turkeys fly?
1308.06GUCCI::HERBMon Jan 23 1989Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets?
1309.02BMW32Tue Jan 24 1989Duces Tecum
1310.02DROPIT::BENHAMTue Jan 24 19893-D Glasses
1311.01FSHQA2::JBRINDISITue Jan 24 1989Is there still a Dec Vanpool??
1312.06HYEND::CANDERSONTue Jan 24 1989Paintball Anyone?
1313.06TLE::RENOTue Jan 24 1989Stress tabs
1314.05BUSY::KLEINBERGERTue Jan 24 1989Dinner Theatre
1315.01DELNI::JONGTue Jan 24 1989How does a surge suppressor fail?
1316.02NHL::MILLSTue Jan 24 1989Executive Delivery Services Wanted!
1318.02OADEV::MCALLISTERWed Jan 25 1989Seeking location of furniture manufacturer
1319.05DSM::COURTESYWed Jan 25 1989Looking for DEC souveniers!
1320.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 25 1989SOUTH OF THE BORDER
1321.09YARD::BADMANThu Jan 26 1989Xmas Capital!
1322.05IAMOK::BOUDREAUThu Jan 26 1989How to capture screens for use in documentation?
1323.010LIBRAE::BAILEYFri Jan 27 1989Black 'n' White Holes
1324.07DPDMAI::AINSLEYFri Jan 27 1989Anybody tape 48 hours?
1325.010SCOMAN::THILBERTFri Jan 27 1989Stock Quotes
1326.03DECSIM::HEILMANFri Jan 27 1989"VDT disease" / Carpal tunnel syndrome
1327.014MPGS::DRURYFri Jan 27 1989Finding a missing person
1328.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 27 1989What Happened to Easynet Conf?
1329.02SALSA::MOELLERFri Jan 27 1989Computer Integrated Telephony (?)
1330.05CIRCUS::KOLLINGFri Jan 27 1989white "polish' for sneakers?
1331.03AUNTB::WARNOCKSun Jan 29 1989Can Notes be used to win contests ?
1332.03LARVAE::TURNERMon Jan 30 1989Film / Computer Trivia
1333.03REGENT::MERRILLMon Jan 30 1989Medical Math
1334.04--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 30 1989Seeking WICN-FM Radio
1335.01REGENT::MOZERMon Jan 30 1989UMass (Amherst) questions
1336.03XPERTS::BARRETTMon Jan 30 1989mininode file layout ?
1337.015MSEE::BREAULTMon Jan 30 1989Directions to Lowell Memorial Auditorium requested
1338.02ANT::MCKENNEYTue Jan 31 1989Beauty/Hair Salons?
1339.014HANNAH::OSMANTue Jan 31 1989how do gas pumps know when she's full ?
1341.03KIRKWD::FRIEDMANTue Jan 31 1989Royal Appointment
1342.05KIRKWD::SERVERTue Jan 31 1989South Carolina Winter
1343.03SHIRE::ROUSSETWed Feb 01 1989Who knows Wells American?
1344.02LDYBUG::MCGOLDRICKWed Feb 01 1989DEC and Education
1345.010DELNI::JONGWed Feb 01 1989How big is the "average" network?
1346.09DELNI::JONGWed Feb 01 1989Sounds from above and below -- ?
1347.01BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Feb 02 1989Data Protection Act
1348.02TSE::GRAYFri Feb 03 1989Where can I buy a microscope?
1349.010REGENT::MERRILLFri Feb 03 1989what's a `kts.'
1350.05PSYCHE::D_SHERMANFri Feb 03 1989Dichroic glass?
1351.018DELNI::JONGFri Feb 03 1989Ozone--friend or foe?
1352.06CSC32::M_VALENZAFri Feb 03 1989How much should you tip for a buffet?
1353.0FSTVAX::GALLOSun Feb 05 1989Software Tools
1354.01MEO78B::MCCOYMon Feb 06 1989DG, CEO & VT3
1355.01WRO8A::BLUMMon Feb 06 1989AIDS statistics
1356.03BOOKS::GERDEMon Feb 06 1989Hotel phone calls $
1357.02NRADM::CONGERMon Feb 06 1989Law Library in Central Mass???
1358.02HPSRAD::MOTTMon Feb 06 1989Need MAYFAIR information.
1359.05LEDS::UYENOMon Feb 06 1989marketing internship program?
1360.03WEA::PURMALMon Feb 06 1989Help finding a recently missing friend!
1361.04TOLKIN::WILLIAMSMon Feb 06 1989Need Allergy Doctor near Shrewsbury, MA
1362.01TAMARI::MCGOVERNMon Feb 06 1989LAVC h4
1363.03--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 07 1989Whatever happened to Tom Snyder?
1364.03LEDS::UYENOTue Feb 07 1989financial aid for veterans?
1365.03NYSBU::CHURCHETue Feb 07 1989What is MASS-11?
1366.04CANYON::MARSHALLTue Feb 07 1989
1367.04AUNTB::WARNOCKWed Feb 08 1989What's Jim Brady doing these days ?
1368.03TLE::RENOWed Feb 08 1989Spoons...strange mirrors!
1369.05FRNEDI::BAPISTELLAWed Feb 08 1989ALL-IN-1 didn't go fishing for the weekend
1370.02LEDS::UYENOWed Feb 08 1989Need doctor in Worcester-Shrewsbury Area
1372.04EASYNT::LANGLOISThu Feb 09 1989"Foggy Bottom"?
1373.06KOALA::MENARDThu Feb 09 1989VMS Process States
1375.01PARLEE::MOSCOThu Feb 09 1989Tax-Person in the General Worcester Area?
1376.01SALSA::MOELLERThu Feb 09 1989Digital Reference Service ??
1377.0DSSDEV::HALLGRIMSSONFri Feb 10 1989Quote from Usenet
1378.03AUNTB::WARNOCKSun Feb 12 1989What are Sea Monkeys ?
1379.02WMOIS::FANTARONIMon Feb 13 1989In search of the Tootsie Roll
1380.01TLE::KRUGERMon Feb 13 1989What does IMHO mean?
1381.01GERBIL::GONZALEZMon Feb 13 1989Auto Software Distribution contact?
1382.033BALMER::MUDGETTMon Feb 13 1989What is the plural of VAX??
1383.04ESKIMO::DESHARNAISTue Feb 14 1989Any famous quotation experts out there?
1384.03INFACT::BEVISTue Feb 14 1989Disaster Recovery?
1385.06WMOIS::C_JALBERTTue Feb 14 1989Seeking info on Lansing, Michigan
1386.09SUPER::HENDRICKSTue Feb 14 1989Where to find Rustler blue jeans?
1387.01AUNTB::WARNOCKWed Feb 15 1989Field people field testing hardware ?
1388.05ESKIMO::DESHARNAISWed Feb 15 1989A question about art...
1389.02MSBIS1::MSBSECWed Feb 15 1989NOTES Conferences?
1390.09KIRKWD::FRIEDMANWed Feb 15 1989High Crimes and Misdemeanors
1391.03NACMIS::GUPTAWed Feb 15 1989Mortgage notes files?
1392.04ZAMMY::NANCYZThu Feb 16 1989Electrician Apprenticeships/Hudson,Marl
1393.07WMOIS::A_STYVESThu Feb 16 1989What's It For?
1394.04NRPUR::ZEREGAThu Feb 16 1989AM/FM
1395.04WRO8A::BLUMFri Feb 17 1989Chamber of Commerce
1396.01--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 17 1989Is Hojo memorabilia collectable?
1398.02CIVIC::FERRIGNOFri Feb 17 1989Company information
1399.03HDSRUS::MULLIGANSat Feb 18 1989Insurance BATTLE!!!!
1400.021LYRIC::QUIRIYSun Feb 19 1989Safe Shipping
1401.07TALLIS::INGRAHAMMon Feb 20 1989Should he buy a VAX / write programs for one?
1403.01USHSTue Feb 21 1989ALF andreseting terminals
1404.05FSHQA1::LDIPROFIOTue Feb 21 1989LN
1405.02TLE::KRUGERTue Feb 21 1989Bell Labs network address?
1406.03LAIDBK::PFLUEGERTue Feb 21 1989Looking for HELP on REMINDER V4.2
1407.07GAUSS::WEINRICHWed Feb 22 1989Where is Rutgers U.?
1408.06BRDWLK::VEALEKWed Feb 22 1989Find these Attractions?
1409.02BOARDS::BROUILLETTEWed Feb 22 1989Free software for colleges?
1411.07PARITY::DDAVISThu Feb 23 1989Need Parallel Port..
1412.08LYRIC::QUIRIYThu Feb 23 1989How are the steps to a dance recorded?
1413.02BMW32Thu Feb 23 1989ELF representative ??
1414.08HWSSSFri Feb 24 1989White envelopes
1415.06KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Feb 24 1989Embalming
1416.04HPSMEG::BUCKLEYFri Feb 24 1989Video-Photogs for Upcoming Wedding
1417.01UPNRTH::ARNOLDFri Feb 24 1989Dip switch settings (24
1418.08SUPER::HENDRICKSMon Feb 27 1989Bar Mitzvah gift?
1419.06TLE::DANIELSMon Feb 27 1989Why does coaxial cable work?
1420.02FINSER::KEHOEMon Feb 27 1989Terminal Radiation Level Information
1421.016TKOV58::SHIMONOMon Feb 27 1989name of the TV program
1422.07ILLUSN::SORNSONTue Feb 28 1989"White Collar Holler"
1424.015SUNRIZ::JBONINTue Feb 28 1989Question of the English language
1425.013SUNRIZ::JBONINTue Feb 28 1989What gasoline do *you* use?
1426.014WMOIS::C_JALBERTWed Mar 01 1989Custom-van rentals?
1427.07MECAD::GONDAWed Mar 01 1989% profit on reference books?
1428.02SPGOGO::TREMBLAYWed Mar 01 1989U.S. trade deficit computation
1429.03HPSCAD::FORTMILLERWed Mar 01 1989Index to Advertisers?
1430.04GIAMEM::GRILLOWed Mar 01 1989Officer Bill
1431.03SMURF::MURPHYWed Mar 01 1989Question about lobsters
1432.02WMOIS::E_FINKELSENThu Mar 02 1989Note on North Carolina?
1433.04IAMOK::ROMANOThu Mar 02 1989How to use attached printer from workstation?
1434.05JOKUR::SMALLERThu Mar 02 1989TSN Info
1435.018SMAUG::MURALIMon Mar 06 1989How is "residency" determined ?
1436.07CIRCUS::KOLLINGMon Mar 06 1989VMS facility code (error message) mapping/handling?
1437.013NOTIME::SACKSMon Mar 06 1989Torn currency
1438.02COOKIE::TORZEWSKIMon Mar 06 1989Digital and helping the disabled
1439.011SUNRIZ::JBONINTue Mar 07 1989Are these things worth anything??
1440.02WEA::PURMALTue Mar 07 1989Help finding a roller coaster
1441.01MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMTue Mar 07 1989SCSI protocol?
1442.02MPGS::BOURQUETue Mar 07 1989ARM's higher than Fixed rates ???
1443.06NRPUR::ZEREGAWed Mar 08 1989Where can I buy telephone poles/light poles?
1444.08CVETTE::MARCINWed Mar 08 198914k gold turns skin green????
1445.05--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 08 1989NYLON MATERIAL - WHERE?
1446.05CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZWed Mar 08 1989Where did accents come from?
1447.0TAZRAT::CAMUSOThu Mar 09 1989United Nations
1448.01EPOCH::JOHNSONThu Mar 09 1989Info re: John Ford
1449.07LAIDBK::PFLUEGERThu Mar 09 1989Help on where to find info on Dome Homes
1451.01SMAUG::WOODSMon Mar 13 1989What's INFORMIX?
1452.013MTWAIN::WOODSMon Mar 13 1989Liberty Mutual
1453.012MCIS2::TKELLEHERMon Mar 13 1989We want to fall from the sky
1454.04ISWS::PAANANENMon Mar 13 1989Boot/shoe stretcher tool sought
1455.03SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Mar 14 1989The Digital Price File
1456.012SMOOT::ROTHTue Mar 14 1989Changing names on airline tickets?
1457.03SMOOT::ROTHTue Mar 14 19893-axis graphing for VAX/VMS sought
1458.04MAMIE::HUTue Mar 14 1989Where is MSO ??
1459.02DIODE::CROWELLTue Mar 14 1989VS31
1460.012NOTIME::SACKSWed Mar 15 1989Cost centers?
1461.02STATLR::ORNSTEINWed Mar 15 1989LA12
1462.06BAGELS::MCMAHONThu Mar 16 1989Rental Security Deposits
1463.02TAMARI::MCGOVERNThu Mar 16 1989Recycling Help
1464.04USEM::CALCAGNIFri Mar 17 1989Sending mail to the outside?
1465.02VIDEO::BOOTHMon Mar 20 1989Numbers for the lottery
1466.01WILKIE::JTAYLORMon Mar 20 1989stun gun
1467.01BOBOB::LEMBREEMon Mar 20 1989What does "E2" stand for on NH bridges?
1468.010CIVIC::WEBERMon Mar 20 1989Daylight Savings Time?
1469.012BOOKS::GERDEMon Mar 20 198911x17 hanging file folders?
1470.04MTWAIN::OLIPHANTMon Mar 20 1989Digital Acronyms
1473.012GIAMEM::GRILLOTue Mar 21 1989What's a "rathole"?
1474.08BOXTOP::OFARRELLWed Mar 22 1989Source of quotation
1476.05DIODE::CROWELLWed Mar 22 1989DEC Stock crashing, why?
1478.05FSTTOO::FOSTERThu Mar 23 1989Highland disclaimer
1479.011CTCADM::GONDAThu Mar 23 1989World Citizenship?
1480.04NHL::WOODThu Mar 23 1989Desperado?
1481.01AUNTB::WARNOCKThu Mar 23 1989Ticket Brokers - is it legit ?
1482.012QBUS::MITCHAMFri Mar 24 1989Street lights turning off "by themselves"?
1483.09ATEAM::POTUCEKFri Mar 24 1989New York State 8
1484.02DIODE::CROWELLFri Mar 24 1989MA Emissions test, corrective actions?
1485.02GUIDUK::BURKESat Mar 25 19893rd Party Finance/Accounting Application Packages?
1486.01SKELTN::BELLEROSEMon Mar 27 1989Connection to UNH's Network?
1487.017BOXTOP::OFARRELLMon Mar 27 1989Cost of FAX?
1488.07DASXPS::HENDERSONMon Mar 27 1989A or An
1489.015MCIS2::TKELLEHERMon Mar 27 1989BIG book 'o Monet!
1490.010DEMOAX::MCKENDRYMon Mar 27 1989Uigur alphabet?
1491.03DSAS::BALGERTue Mar 28 1989Labor Tracking Systems?
1492.04DIXIE1::BIRCHTue Mar 28 1989How many nodes on E-Net
1493.06ABSZK::GREENWOODTue Mar 28 1989Prison sentences
1494.01ABSZK::GREENWOODTue Mar 28 1989How do bail bonds work ?
1495.016OIS1::SYSTEMTue Mar 28 1989Time at the Mill??
1497.02GAUSS::WEINRICHWed Mar 29 1989How to contact Tobin Corp for refund?
1498.0CANYON::ABELSONWed Mar 29 1989CSB - Timesharing ala' DEC
1499.03DPDMAI::AINSLEYThu Mar 30 1989John Hancock assistance
1500.03WHYVAX::DELBALSOThu Mar 30 1989What happened on the Bruce Stevens show yesterday?
1501.01TPVAX1::WHITEWAYThu Mar 30 1989On Line resume writer
1502.07TALLIS::SOBRIENThu Mar 30 1989Paper Mache
1503.03DECEAT::HARRINGTONThu Mar 30 1989Espresso software application
1504.08LAIDBK::PFLUEGERFri Mar 31 1989USA-wide paging capability??
1505.04CIMNET::LUNGERFri Mar 31 1989Sending a horse to a glue factory
1506.06SALSA::MOELLERFri Mar 31 1989DSIN - DEC Software Info Net ?
1507.019CHGVFri Mar 31 1989Copyright to Public Domain
1508.09AUNTB::WARNOCKSun Apr 02 1989How do you tell if someone *isn't* nuts ?
1509.03ROMMon Apr 03 1989VAX 73
1510.05FDCVMon Apr 03 1989Looking for Sandra Dee
1511.01KETJE::GORREMANSTue Apr 04 1989Info on PABX connections?????
1513.021BEING::POSTPISCHILTue Apr 04 1989Gizmo Stores
1514.015QBUS::MITCHAMWed Apr 05 1989How do "automatic" traffic lights sense automobiles?
1515.03SUNRIZ::JBONINWed Apr 05 1989Book or wholesale value on a car?
1516.03KETJE::ROBBENSThu Apr 06 1989backup on video-tape ?
1517.05EXIT26::SAARINENThu Apr 06 1989U.S. dollars exchange rate in Jamaica?
1518.03MARKER::S_WILLIAMSThu Apr 06 1989LOTUS PROBLEM - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
1519.015RICKS::BUTLERThu Apr 06 1989Copyright Information
1520.07SENIOR::MATTEUSFri Apr 07 1989Gyms/workout rooms at DEC facilities?
1521.01AUSSIE::BELLFri Apr 07 1989NCR -- Tower -- IH-DLC - 2126 -- Any info?
1522.04BRDWLK::VEALEKFri Apr 07 1989DEC Stock quotes revisited
1523.01TARKIN::GOODYSat Apr 08 1989looking for woodworking note.
1524.01CVAX2::KENSat Apr 08 1989City tax question
1525.014DRAKAR::HANNAMon Apr 10 1989How much wood to make paper ?
1526.03PLANET::COOKMon Apr 10 1989DECWINDOWS
1527.02GIAMEM::GRILLOMon Apr 10 1989H&R BLOCK
1528.05AUNTB::WARNOCKMon Apr 10 1989Need supplies for reloading toner cartridges
1531.02PBA::COOKTue Apr 11 1989VAXstation 31
1532.01FSHQA2::CGIUNTATue Apr 11 1989Product FRS dates?
1533.02BUSY::WOLOCHOWICZTue Apr 11 1989Why is Worcester, MA called `Wormtown'?
1534.07HANNAH::OSMANTue Apr 11 1989What's a sink trap REALLY for?
1535.022MCIS2::TKELLEHERWed Apr 12 1989Toilets: Why izz it that...
1537.01IOSG::GARDNERWed Apr 12 1989Printing on LA5
1538.01NETMAN::CARTERWed Apr 12 1989Caterers in N. Worc County?
1539.04PLANET::COOKThu Apr 13 1989DECCALC
1540.07BRSDVP::PIGEONThu Apr 13 1989Looking for a guide thru the Mill.
1541.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Apr 13 1989Modelling/Simulation tool ?
1542.02BOOKS::GERDEThu Apr 13 1989Recognition awards
1543.01CAPO::VANBEZOOY_JOThu Apr 13 1989aviation maintenance
1544.010SNOWY::HEDRICKThu Apr 13 1989Check your paystubs!
1545.02PAWN8::CYRThu Apr 13 1989ACL's
1546.05CANYON::WALTERSFri Apr 14 1989Does DEC really support old products?
1548.011KIRKWD::FRIEDMANMon Apr 17 1989Soft Cookies
1549.03BRDWLK::VEALEKWed Apr 19 1989Centralized vs. Distributed?
1550.07CSC32::M_VALENZAWed Apr 19 1989Is is possible to buy an 8x12 picture frame?
1551.01EPOCH::JOHNSONWed Apr 19 1989Soldier's and Sailor's Relief Act?
1552.04REGENT::EPSTEINWed Apr 19 1989Ultra Metric Analysis?
1553.08EST::JARGENTATIThu Apr 20 1989Radio Use in the Office
1554.09BOXTOP::OFARRELLThu Apr 20 1989No of VAXmail only locations plus why 2 mail sytms
1555.015DLOACT::ZIPPFri Apr 21 1989Death in the family
1556.0WHYNOW::NEWMANFri Apr 21 1989Looking for a WBZ Boston Radio Listener
1557.04FACVAX::MORRISEYFri Apr 21 1989Trout Fishing in America
1558.04IMPULS::MCDONOUGHFri Apr 21 1989Wrist I.D.'s
1559.08CISM::HAWESFri Apr 21 1989FRENCH
1560.03SKIVT::HEARNMon Apr 24 1989What's the origin of the word "dairy"?
1561.07TLE::RENOMon Apr 24 1989International Balloon Festival - New Mexico
1562.015BUZZER::VACCAROMon Apr 24 1989A Giraffe's neck...
1563.03VAXWRK::SKALTSISMon Apr 24 1989Where can I buy an Easter Lily?
1565.02IOSG::GARDNERWed Apr 26 1989Encrusted lime scale from hard water.
1566.02VLNVAX::RWHEELERWed Apr 26 1989Rechargable kids Motorcycle repairs?
1567.03CANYON::WALTERSWed Apr 26 1989LMF and 3rd party applications
1568.021LESLIE::LESLIEWed Apr 26 1989Speed of growth of human scalp hair
1569.04GIAMEM::GRILLOWed Apr 26 1989Motorcycle jump
1570.04MISERY::BLUM_JOWed Apr 26 1989ARCO address
1571.02SALSA::MOELLERWed Apr 26 1989World-Class Squirt Guns?
1572.010SALSA::MOELLERWed Apr 26 1989'Barcode' on envelopes
1573.017LUDWIG::CAPALDIThu Apr 27 1989Origin of term Ivy League...
1574.02FSTTOO::STEVENSThu Apr 27 1989WATCH.EXE ?
1575.08DRCS::ARNOLDThu Apr 27 1989Displayable weather maps?
1576.014HPTS::JOVANFri Apr 28 1989Nerf Ball Instructions?
1577.06ASABET::K_HAMILTONFri Apr 28 1989looking for Storage info
1578.04ANT::PTHAYERSun Apr 30 1989Confirmation gift?
1579.010BOXTOP::OFARRELLMon May 01 1989Cost-effective Paperless Office????
1582.01MAAFA1::WYOUNGMon May 01 1989Seized property?
1583.02BOSHOG::TAMMon May 01 1989Lemon Law - Help ....
1584.01LABC::ALLENMon May 01 1989How to order DECwindows documentation?
1585.01CADSE::WONGMon May 01 1989Sales tax for buyouts?
1586.02LUDWIG::CAPALDITue May 02 1989Amer Mkting Assoc. What is it?
1587.011LUDWIG::CAPALDITue May 02 1989Highest City in USA???
1588.02PLANET::COOKTue May 02 1989Small Business Administration office in NH?
1589.01CLOSET::T_PARMENTERTue May 02 1989Shootout at the salad bar
1590.07PLINK::NANCYTue May 02 1989dialing up with credit card?
1591.09BMT::MISRAHITue May 02 1989Furniture sales
1592.05SHIRE::GOLDBLATTTue May 02 1989Where's ASIMOV::MARKETING?
1593.07CIMNET::NMILLERTue May 02 1989Looking for a String Hammock
1594.03GRANPA::SARCHIETue May 02 1989siberian hamsters
1595.07WJO::COOKWed May 03 1989MA Sales Tax on car for new resident?
1596.05MARCIE::JLAMOTTEWed May 03 1989Registering a car that belongs to a relative
1597.03FSTTOO::GOKHALEThu May 04 1989Speed limit or Recomendation
1598.02EXIT26::SAARINENThu May 04 1989Seek lap swimming pools near Boston
1599.016NOTIME::SACKSThu May 04 1989Digital trademarks
1600.03GAUSS::WEINRICHThu May 04 1989Copyright for TV commercials?
1601.02ANT::MORRISONThu May 04 1989Wanted: VAX banner prog. source code
1602.08KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri May 05 1989Shower gal/min?
1603.04EXIT26::CONLEYFri May 05 1989What legislators would I complain to?
1604.02WJO::COOKFri May 05 1989Question on Lease
1605.05AUNTB::WARNOCKMon May 08 1989Trying to find out what this item is!
1607.01CNTROL::AMOSMon May 08 1989EVE in NOTES
1608.04LAIDBK::PFLUEGERMon May 08 1989Is the piano keys trademarked??
1610.03WECARE::BAILEYTue May 09 1989Boston Globe, May 7 (Sunday) needed
1611.011DELNI::STRAUBTue May 09 1989Salv Army/Goodwill box location
1612.01TOLKIN::ADABYWed May 10 1989HELP - Demographics needed
1613.01HPSCAD::GATULISWed May 10 1989HPGL --> PostScript ?
1615.04SCARY::MOYWed May 10 1989What to do with DECMATE I?
1616.011DIXIE1::BONEThu May 11 1989DEC product packaging dimensions?
1617.04AKOVThu May 11 1989DECtemp .. what is it?
1618.08SNOWY::HEDRICKThu May 11 1989Damage to my brain and ears?
1619.07BEING::POSTPISCHILFri May 12 1989Discussing Legal Action in Progress
1620.02CPLAN::BLAIRFri May 12 1989Need DUP11 and DV11-xx
1621.07ANOVA::HODESFri May 12 1989What is Beacon Communications?
1622.05COMCAD::PMCVAYMon May 15 1989Graduation Present
1623.05BMT::MISRAHIMon May 15 1989Online VMS V5.2 release notes -- where?
1624.05MU::PORTERMon May 15 1989Unloading old vinyl?
1625.03RAINBO::LARUEMon May 15 1989Who was Seabiscuit?
1626.01SENIOR::MATTEUSWed May 17 1989need Family Ties final show
1627.09VIDEO::CORLISSWed May 17 1989Lancaster MA Plant
1628.05BMW32Wed May 17 1989PNEUMONIA!
1629.05WJO::COOKWed May 17 1989Hunting??
1630.014KIRKWD::FRIEDMANWed May 17 1989Farm Animals
1631.02ULTRA::OFSEVITWed May 17 1989need a copy of "Pomp and Circumstance"
1632.012CLOSET::KEEFEWed May 17 1989Where's Joey Heatherton?
1635.0135873::DAGOSTINOMon May 22 1989Group insurance...
1636.028291::RSMITHMon May 22 1989Leaking...
1637.0817683::COOKMon May 22 1989Romantic Getaways
1638.0115593::SALOISMon May 22 1989Florida Info Needed....
1640.05TLE::RENOMon May 22 1989Horse and Buggy needed
1641.0612116::MIKELISMon May 22 19891st Anniversary ideas
1642.01049262::VANDENEYNDEHTue May 23 1989LIGHTNING
1643.03582Tue May 23 1989True measure of inflation - lawn mowing
1644.0458418::RUSHTONTue May 23 1989Source for bags and beater bars
1645.0526922::HENDERSONTue May 23 1989What are those things?
1647.01017576::LYLESTue May 23 1989Macy's & Filene's
1648.022COVERT::COVERTTue May 23 1989Why do they say SIXTEEN when I only get THREE?
1649.04USATWed May 24 1989Amana telephone number?
1650.039CSGWed May 24 1989How do you get a passport?
1651.08THOM::LANGLOISThu May 25 1989AAA address/phone?
1652.05ULTRA::SAWYERThu May 25 1989Easynet policy
1653.02GUCCI::HERBFri May 26 1989Need Help for ISV
1654.02NSSG::FEINSMITHFri May 26 1989ACR/NEMA Standard
1655.03WFOV12::SPORBERTSat May 27 1989Novice questions about CBI, home computer
1656.02DIODE::CROWELLTue May 30 1989Safe way to kill algae in a pond?
1658.01SALEM::POTUCEKWed May 31 1989UNIX/ULTRIX system exerciser needed
1659.0WMOIS::E_FINKELSENWed May 31 1989Photo album distributers???
1660.01ENGINE::ONEILWed May 31 1989Need help interpreting "system" messages
1661.08CNTROL::AMOSThu Jun 01 1989Dinosaurs???
1662.01WJO::COOKThu Jun 01 1989Where to find a Mixing Drill
1663.03COLA1::GOETZFri Jun 02 1989The Hitchhiker Guides to the Galaxy
1664.02STAR::ILESFri Jun 02 1989July 4th celebration
1665.04ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Jun 02 1989Massachusetts Megabucks
1666.03WMOIS::E_FINKELSENSun Jun 04 1989Address for SE Lab in Feltham,England?
1667.04HKFINN::GALLAGHERMon Jun 05 1989Is $94 for a 4-Draw File Cabinet Good?
1668.04CADSYS::RICHARDSONMon Jun 05 1989Anyone collect wine or beer labels?
1670.02BOXTOP::OFARRELLMon Jun 05 1989Head of DEC's Library?
1671.012VAXINE::THILBERTTue Jun 06 1989Becoming a Notary Public/Republic
1672.05USMRM4::PKADOWTue Jun 06 1989Truck Rodeo
1673.05DELNI::GOLDBERGTue Jun 06 1989Pennies-per-pound?
1674.016LABC::FRIEDMANTue Jun 06 1989Fleas
1675.05VANPYR::BLAKETue Jun 06 1989regis images wanted
1676.03CSSE::CIUFFINITue Jun 06 1989... Rameses Exhibit ? ...
1677.08AWARD2::HARMONWed Jun 07 1989Extended Service Contracts
1678.07GALLOP::COOPERMFri Jun 09 1989Specific Heat Capacity
1679.06SMOOT::ROTHFri Jun 09 1989Truck/rail placard 'DANGEROUS'
1680.03AUNTB::MOOREFri Jun 09 1989Performance vs Memory size
1681.04TPVAX1::WHITEWAYSat Jun 10 1989accessing from home?
1682.05CADSYS::RICHARDSONMon Jun 12 1989Does anyone still collect S+H green stamps?
1683.03HSOMAI::LANGSTONMon Jun 12 1989JNET information needed
1684.03WJO::COOKMon Jun 12 1989WJO to WFR - Directions, Please??
1685.03DYO78Mon Jun 12 1989Complete (more or less) list of 8
1686.010CALL::SWEENEYMon Jun 12 1989Countries/Nations/States
1687.01ROBOAT::HEBERTTue Jun 13 1989Colonial costumes for July
1688.011DOODLE::MEAGHERTue Jun 13 1989Problems with modem
1689.03IAMOK::KOSKIWed Jun 14 1989How to sell a diamond ring?
1690.05CLOSET::KEEFEWed Jun 14 1989where's Reverend Moon?
1691.010STAR::KOHLSWed Jun 14 1989Smiley Faces
1692.013HANNAH::OSMANWed Jun 14 1989What can we do about MUSIC HOLD?
1693.04TOOTER::RUThu Jun 15 1989Why dentist charge so much?
1694.05OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Jun 15 1989This topic's for the birds ...
1695.04WAV12::HUNTSThu Jun 15 1989What are the names of the Seven Dwarfs ??
1696.01RANCHO::MEYERSThu Jun 15 1989Information Needed on DIAL
1697.022SMURF::S_FRASERFri Jun 16 1989Snapping turtles - eek!
1698.07NOTIME::SACKSFri Jun 16 1989First ladies' pet projects
1699.01WJO::COOKMon Jun 19 1989DATATRIEVE
1700.04WMOIS::FANTARONIMon Jun 19 19893
1701.06AQUA::SAMBERGMon Jun 19 19891991 Holiday Dates
1702.01CACHE::LEIGHMon Jun 19 1989ULTRIX & VAX conferences?
1703.01MISERY::BLUM_JOMon Jun 19 1989FY9
1704.012OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTTue Jun 20 1989Directions: Marlboro, MA to Providence, RI
1705.02TAVIS::LANDAUWed Jun 21 1989DECgraph beginner
1706.02DSTRWed Jun 21 1989TANGLEWOOD "POPS" SCHEDULE????
1709.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 21 1989Lump Sum benefit at retirement -- formula?
1710.031--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 21 1989Avoid Postmark Date?
1711.01PIGGY::TAMWed Jun 21 1989INFO. on Ireland
1712.08EPOCH::JOHNSONWed Jun 21 1989Looking for condiment packs
1713.05WAV12::HARTFORDWed Jun 21 1989Addresses of Politicians/Celebrities
1714.019SMOOT::ROTHWed Jun 21 1989Things of Science
1715.06CHOVAX::RASKISWed Jun 21 1989New SPR system
1716.06WJO::COOKThu Jun 22 1989HEALTH INSURANCE advice needed...
1717.04WECARE::BAILEYThu Jun 22 1989Nashua area Florist?
1718.05SCIVAX::FRYEFri Jun 23 1989Whither SIGGRAPH?
1720.07DLOACT::ZIPPSat Jun 24 1989Multi-alarm fire
1721.03IAMOK::BANCROFTMon Jun 26 1989DSSI Dual Ported Disks
1722.01PIRU::GOETZEMon Jun 26 1989Home of WORKSYS newsletter?
1723.02ENGINE::FRASERTue Jun 27 1989'Collaborative Document'
1724.01WJO::COOKTue Jun 27 1989Who did Annette Funicello marry?
1725.04VIDEO::WALTHERWed Jun 28 1989vegecaninism?
1726.01FINS::JMINVILLEWed Jun 28 1989Digital Rock and Roll Fest?
1727.03MAAFA1::WYOUNGWed Jun 28 1989Sales pitch/contest...
1728.04WHYVAX::DELBALSOWed Jun 28 1989DEC Big Band (or DECBIGBAND)
1729.01SALSA::MOELLERWed Jun 28 1989DBX source code for DS31
1730.03BMT::MISRAHIFri Jun 30 1989Info on GREs
1731.01DELNI::GRACEFri Jun 30 1989Directions to Lime Rock, Conn.
1732.08EXIT26::SAARINENFri Jun 30 1989Skateboarding in Lexington,MA
1733.01MUDIS3::JONESFri Jun 30 1989Customer support plan??
1734.09CNTROL::AMOSFri Jun 30 1989Auto Window Screen??
1736.02WMOIS::B_REINKESat Jul 01 1989Invalid unseen counts
1737.02MSAMSun Jul 02 1989Customer Leased Line Connection to E-Net VAX?
1738.03CURIE::DECARTERETMon Jul 03 1989Insurance
1739.01KRELL::AMURRAYMon Jul 03 1989Denver - The last dinosaur ????
1741.01TALLIS::KOCHWed Jul 05 1989Want info about Access Technology
1742.01ESRAD::FINDLEYWed Jul 05 1989Washington, DC Hotel/motels ?
1743.02DCC::COURTSWed Jul 05 1989Telefax gateway on Enet needed
1745.04ALLVAX::DENNERLEINThu Jul 06 1989New Bedford Ferry
1746.05FROTHY::TATLOWThu Jul 06 1989Mass. State Tax Refund
1747.05COOKIE::DEVINEThu Jul 06 1989cricket thermometer
1748.07EPOCH::JOHNSONThu Jul 06 1989Interest Problem?
1749.03LDYBUG::PINCKThu Jul 06 1989Blue clothes bleed red?
1750.02NSKILL::DOIRONFri Jul 07 1989Cruising "lost at sea"
1751.02MAMIE::HAMELFri Jul 07 1989looking for old office furniture
1752.0VAXUUM::KEEFEFri Jul 07 1989where's the Perfect Master?
1753.01DEC25::HALLFri Jul 07 1989Who was Reuben James?
1755.043Mon Jul 10 1989UNIVAC to VAX conference?
1756.04REGENT::POWERSMon Jul 10 1989Did Jim Wright resign from the House?
1758.08SELECT::CHESLERMon Jul 10 1989Wood eating creatures?
1759.08EAGLE1::BRUNNERTue Jul 11 1989In search of BIG distribution lists
1760.010ANT::SLABOUNTYTue Jul 11 1989Remote transmitter and receiver
1761.04BTOVT::BROWN_JTue Jul 11 1989line feed $
1762.05KYOA::WINGTue Jul 11 1989Where r official press releases??
1763.013Tue Jul 11 1989Easynet Area Manager list available?
1764.01TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Jul 12 1989Escape sequence for LN
1765.04CURIE::KELLEHERWed Jul 12 1989Here's a challenge -- remove the must!
1766.03BAHAMT::MURPHYWed Jul 12 1989LP27/37 VFU pointers please
1767.09USWAV1::TUCKERWed Jul 12 1989Gnomes???
1768.030HPSRAD::MOTTWed Jul 12 1989DRY ICE Information requested?
1769.04HLDGThu Jul 13 1989Want LOGIN.MAR from April, 1989 "VAX Professional"
1770.02AXIS::YOUNGThu Jul 13 1989DEC MOVERS
1772.02AIMHI::BERNARDThu Jul 13 1989Baseball cards for young son
1773.02VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Jul 13 1989Uganda
1775.03TOLKIN::LEVERThu Jul 13 1989Who died first?
1776.04MISFIT::FOLTSDThu Jul 13 1989Customer notes files -- are they available??
1777.014SUPER::HENDRICKSSat Jul 15 1989Quick black and white photos?
1778.02USATMon Jul 17 1989HBR Information Request
1779.03CURTIS::CURTISMon Jul 17 1989Ford Motor Company President?
1780.05CLOSET::KEEFETue Jul 18 1989pay-per-view/phone service question
1781.04TALK::ROGERSWed Jul 19 1989Putting it up on Blocks...
1782.04LUDWIG::SHILBERTWed Jul 19 1989Canadian electric power specs?
1783.014NRADM::CONGERWed Jul 19 1989Orange Cones???
1784.04USCTR2::ZAPPIAThu Jul 20 1989Accelerator -- third-party software?
1785.0DEC25::HALLThu Jul 20 1989The elixir that made Victor Mature
1787.014CSC32::S_LEDOUXSat Jul 22 1989We just won some land (or did we?) !!!
1788.09CADSE::WONGMon Jul 24 1989Glo-in-the-dark Material
1789.010SUPER::ROSENBERGTue Jul 25 1989Directions to Museum of Science
1790.013EPOCH::JOHNSONTue Jul 25 1989I want to roll in poison ivy
1791.02LOOP::SCHLIESMANNTue Jul 25 1989What is RETOS?
1792.02LABC::FRIEDMANTue Jul 25 1989Vinyl Carpet Runners
1793.03CEOWS::BALSAMOWed Jul 26 1989Training Courses...
1794.018BINKLY::WUWed Jul 26 1989Liz Claiborne Outlet in MA?
1796.010COMET::BARRIANOThu Jul 27 1989What's a "chain horse"?
1797.05CNTROL::AMOSThu Jul 27 1989< Romancing The Stone ?? >
1798.02VAXINE::STPETERSun Jul 30 1989Flower Garden
1799.013MINDER::HUNTMon Jul 31 1989Touch Typing learning aid ?
1800.04AKOV12::SPASHMon Jul 31 1989Directory listing for Notes File
1802.01ANT::SLABOUNTYMon Jul 31 1989Conference on PLANTS? BOTANY?
1803.04UPROAR::EVANSMMon Jul 31 1989TRANSPUTERS anyone please?
1804.03ADCCP::SYSTEMTue Aug 01 1989site manager for spitbrook?
1805.03TALLIS::INGRAHAMTue Aug 01 1989Where did DECtp (or is it DECtop) U. go?
1806.03CIMAMT::MULAWed Aug 02 1989Death to fruit flies!
1807.06CSSE32::GRIMEWed Aug 02 1989Zebra Skin Rugs
1809.02DEC1Wed Aug 02 1989CONSUMERS notesfile?
1810.02EXIT26::SAARINENWed Aug 02 1989How many people work at DEC?
1811.03WJCUST::WOODWed Aug 02 1989Risks-Digest
1812.01XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Aug 03 1989Looking for GW-Basic for Rainbow
1813.012COVERT::COVERTThu Aug 03 1989How do you clean up a Mercury spill?
1814.04EPOCH::JOHNSONThu Aug 03 1989Looking for trademark/copyright/spelling list
1815.08INFACT::BEVISThu Aug 03 1989Bat-cups?
1816.034CLOSET::KEEFEThu Aug 03 1989THE places
1817.03TLE::RENOFri Aug 04 1989Help: Butcher Block furniture repair
1818.01USATFri Aug 04 1989The Transition from TCP/IP to OSI
1819.04TAMARI::MCGOVERNFri Aug 04 1989Writing Publications Sought
1820.04FSTVAX::STEVENSMon Aug 07 1989Artesian well?
1821.03ASPEN2::BOIKOMon Aug 07 1989Computer Museum tickets..?
1822.02BELFST::MULLANTue Aug 08 1989Address Required in Phily
1823.09BOOKS::GERDETue Aug 08 1989Bacteria in drinking water.
1824.09TLE::MEIERWed Aug 09 1989Selling a car - legal advice about the title
1825.03WOODRO::BEMPKINSWed Aug 09 1989Writing and Filing a Will?
1826.010REGENT::BROOMHEADWed Aug 09 1989Looking for use of a bill counter
1827.05ULTRA::ELLISThu Aug 10 1989NY State govt banking agency address?
1828.05TOLKIN::FARLEYThu Aug 10 1989Digital Revenue History??????
1829.09SALSA::MOELLERThu Aug 10 1989Q's on Traffic Counter devices
1830.04DYO78Fri Aug 11 1989HUMAN RESOURCE software info needed
1832.04DYO78Fri Aug 11 1989VMS & layered product docset on CD
1833.03GAOVFri Aug 11 1989 Calling all Koalas ..
1834.03LACVFri Aug 11 1989Lottery systems ?
1835.01DIODE::CROWELLFri Aug 11 1989Dial-ins in Portland OR??
1836.03WFOV12::DOBOSZ_MFri Aug 11 1989VAX R Us?
1837.08FROTHY::TATLOWMon Aug 14 1989Liquid Breathing Device
1838.07FROTHY::TATLOWMon Aug 14 1989Biggest Building in the World?
1839.05HPSRAD::LAMMon Aug 14 1989TV preview at Stouffers hotel
1840.08CALLME::MR_TOPAZTue Aug 15 1989US History: slavery
1841.03MTADMS::DOO_SECURITYTue Aug 15 1989advice in diamonds
1842.020HANJA::GREENWOODTue Aug 15 1989I will gladly pay you next Friday
1843.02USHS11::GARRETTWed Aug 16 1989DEREP fiber specifications???
1844.04FACVAX::HAGLUNDWed Aug 16 1989"HARPERS FERRY"...
1845.01WELSWS::RISDONWed Aug 16 1989Info on VARICUT??
1847.02BUFFER::TREMBLAYWed Aug 16 1989consumer note file not found (see Note 1.1
1848.05WECARE::BAILEYWed Aug 16 1989MIPS Magazine, LAN Technology
1849.048BELFST::MCCLEANThu Aug 17 1989Infinity - Odd or Even?
1850.02CNTROL::AMOSThu Aug 17 1989SMOC
1851.012SMOOT::ROTHThu Aug 17 1989Chemical test for lead
1852.02KRAPPA::RHODESThu Aug 17 1989Cost of living indicators
1853.03CARTUN::DEVIFri Aug 18 1989Looking for pictures...
1854.012CLOSET::KEEFEFri Aug 18 1989Hat size units?
1855.019BCSE::KREFETZMon Aug 21 1989A as in Aesthetic (or Aisle)
1856.01INXCES::CANSLERWed Aug 23 1989Venture Capitalist for Apple
1857.05RAINBO::LARUEThu Aug 24 1989melted sleeping bag
1858.08XCELL::WOODThu Aug 24 1989inside a ship with no artificial gravity
1859.016ANT::SLABOUNTYThu Aug 24 1989What causes stuttering?
1860.08KRAPPA::RHODESFri Aug 25 1989Land surveying
1861.09KESNUE::KENSat Aug 26 1989Desiderata?
1863.05PH4VAX::POINDEXTERSat Aug 26 1989Node locations?
1864.07TAVENG::CHAIMMon Aug 28 1989Calling all Acronyms.....
1865.09DONVAN::DECAROLISMon Aug 28 1989Directions to Flushing, New York plse.....
1866.01MARMAT::JERRYMon Aug 28 1989Where is "Employee Activities"?
1867.05WMOIS::E_FINKELSENMon Aug 28 1989Royal plaza hotel question
1868.03CONFG5::MSTAGTue Aug 29 1989Directions to VRO
1869.03MORO::NEWELL_JOTue Aug 29 1989Dry Cleaners
1870.09ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Aug 30 1989Sending cash/check overseas to England?
1871.06DASXPS::HENDERSONThu Aug 31 1989Emergency lights at intersections?
1872.05GIAMEM::SANDERSThu Aug 31 1989King Richard's Faire
1873.032STEPN::WHEELERThu Aug 31 1989Wind Speed/Direction meters?
1874.02MQOP12::N_CARDELLAThu Aug 31 1989VAX systems sold in U.S. and Canada
1875.01IJSAPL::MALLETTFri Sep 01 1989SPIN?
1876.02MLTVAX::DELBALSOFri Sep 01 1989An OEM type question
1877.06CSSE32::GRIMEFri Sep 01 1989Kentucky ideas
1878.01TAMARI::MCGOVERNTue Sep 05 1989System Parameter Info for uVAX II GPX/DECwindows
1879.012HANNAH::OSMANTue Sep 05 1989Where does "Open sesame!" come from ?
1880.04DIODE::CROWELLTue Sep 05 1989Good Food, etc - WORCESTER MASS
1881.01FGVAXX::LAINGWed Sep 06 1989Boston Univerity CS Program
1883.01SALEM::SHELDONWed Sep 06 1989Florida car insurance? Laws?
1884.03JURAN::KOZAKWed Sep 06 1989Harvesting corn
1885.04HAVOC::DESROCHERSWed Sep 06 1989Banner for Rock Band
1887.02CLOSET::T_PARMENTERWed Sep 06 1989Software porting center for 3d party manufacturers
1888.01STAR::NORCOTTWed Sep 06 1989VAXpc doc set ??
1889.03CADSE::WONGThu Sep 07 1989Sports: Let's make a deal!
1890.01CLUSTA::CONWELLThu Sep 07 1989Gateways to other networks?
1892.02GLDOA::GHEESLINGFri Sep 08 1989DEC US AREA list?
1893.05PEPPR::MCGOVERNFri Sep 08 1989Editing PostScript Files - Help Wanted
1894.07SEAPEN::PHIPPSFri Sep 08 1989Uniforms: They are known by how they are dressed.
1895.05SHAPES::CAMPBELLSMon Sep 11 1989Roll over Beethoven, dig those rhythm and blues...
1896.02CLOSET::KEEFEMon Sep 11 1989What is "SM" (like TM for trademark)?
1897.012SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Sep 11 1989Online copies of literary work; expired copyrights
1898.01CRLVMS::HALBERTMon Sep 11 1989What is ISMS?
1899.03BAGELS::MCMAHONTue Sep 12 1989DEC in Westminster info request
1900.02SMOOT::ROTHTue Sep 12 1989Now how does that graycode work?
1901.06LABC::FRIEDMANTue Sep 12 1989X-Ray Specs
1902.01BINKLY::LEVITINTue Sep 12 1989Source of Nursery School Recipes?
1903.07LASHAM::CRAWFORD_DWed Sep 13 1989FORESTERS - Who?
1904.01CLOSET::SAGALThu Sep 14 1989What happened to the founders of Daisy
1905.022REGENT::POWERSThu Sep 14 1989Hazardous cargo codes
1906.05USATThu Sep 14 1989Luck of the Irish
1907.01TOPDOC::CORMIERThu Sep 14 1989Dir.> N. Shore Music Theatre
1908.02BEING::POSTPISCHILSat Sep 16 1989Bush's Atheist Remark Request
1910.014COMCAD::PMCVAYSun Sep 17 1989And I used to teach high-school science!!
1911.01BOOKIE::MURRAYSun Sep 17 1989Pins in shirts
1912.010SPGBAS::DAOUSTMon Sep 18 1989Wedding Suggestions Needed
1913.02MISFIT::EPSTEINJMon Sep 18 1989Third party software distributed with VMS CDROM
1914.03MCIS2::POLLERTMon Sep 18 1989Temp/Weather in Northern Calif.
1915.02MANUEL::LARCOMBETue Sep 19 1989Disney Trip. Holiday_travel note unavail ..?
1916.03DIODE::CROWELLTue Sep 19 1989International Character Sets?
1917.06DONVAN::BWALKERWed Sep 20 1989What the heck is NEO-TECH
1918.04AISG::KURASWed Sep 20 1989Questions about fiscal year calendars
1919.014WINERY::BOUCHARKEWed Sep 20 1989Recover the note after lost link, etc?
1920.04ALLVAX::DENNERLEINWed Sep 20 1989VA Hospital Bedford, directions?
1921.011FROTHY::TATLOWThu Sep 21 1989Laser Printers
1922.01JIT761::MANAKAFri Sep 22 1989DECnet Security Facility?
1923.03ULTRA::OFSEVITTue Sep 26 1989Who were the MacArthurs?
1925.02MNMS::LINIHANTue Sep 26 1989Car museum in Mass?
1926.02CASPRO::SALOISTue Sep 26 1989Network Cost of transmission??
1927.07HPSMEG::COLMANTue Sep 26 1989on-line cost ctr x-ref file
1928.02MSAMWed Sep 27 1989COCENTS and Census Software?
1929.04EPOCH::JOHNSONWed Sep 27 1989Need info on Internet/gateway addresses
1930.08KERBER::KEWWed Sep 27 1989Escape sequence "movie" editor??
1931.013TAVENG::CHAIMWed Sep 27 1989Bye Bye Miss American Pie .....
1932.03BRGNDY::BOUCHARKEWed Sep 27 1989DEC transistor part numbers?
1933.09CARKEY::FANGWed Sep 27 1989Digital in Turkey?
1935.011USCTR2::ZAPPIAThu Sep 28 1989DECscope-31
1936.02YUPPY::EVANSJThu Sep 28 1989Firmware - What is It?
1937.06AZTECH::MADDUXThu Sep 28 1989cricket wicket
1938.02FASDER::AHERBFri Sep 29 1989Looking for Info on DG's AOS
1939.09SPACEY::CSILVAFri Sep 29 1989HELP Bubblepack Needed! ASAP
1940.08EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Sep 29 1989
1942.08VINO::SWARDFri Sep 29 1989Change ----> real money?
1943.01CIMNET::MIKELISFri Sep 29 1989DNS Object Name question
1944.01SCARY::MOYFri Sep 29 1989How to disable mail broadcast?
1945.08GUCCI::ESTEKIFri Sep 29 1989VMS overview
1946.04LEZAH::QUIRIYFri Sep 29 1989Korean music near Boston?
1947.05CSC32::S_LEDOUXSun Oct 01 1989Converting watts to btus ?
1948.03ULYSSE::WADEMon Oct 02 1989Translation requested ....
1949.01MUDIS3::STADLERMon Oct 02 1989SRC notes at palo Alto
1950.02PENPAL::JAMESMon Oct 02 1989Commenting in APL
1951.010ARCHER::SUTERMon Oct 02 1989Strange Ceremony - What is it?
1952.01VMSDEV::MARCONISMon Oct 02 1989shuttle launch schedule?
1953.06TAVIS::LANDAUTue Oct 03 1989SIXTOPS where are you?
1954.02RHETT::MITCHAMTue Oct 03 1989Asking the 'Globe' an ASKENET question?
1955.01AKOV13::AGRACETue Oct 03 1989Who plans Fiscal Calendars?
1956.01RELLAB::KIFERTue Oct 03 1989tournament schedules - like bowling schedules
1957.07AXIS::GERTZTue Oct 03 1989Belted Bucking Bronco
1958.06CSC32::C_SCOTTTue Oct 03 1989Need notes conf for info on living in EAST
1959.02DIODE::CROWELLTue Oct 03 1989Module Mailer, Repair??
1960.04COVERT::COVERTTue Oct 03 1989Frequent Flyer Awards becoming Taxable?
1961.01WORDS::ALBINOWed Oct 04 1989Cork Expansion.
1962.06MILKWY::COLESWed Oct 04 1989Digitals Top 25?
1963.07MISERY::BLUM_JOWed Oct 04 1989Calculating square footage
1964.06OADEV::KAUFMANNThu Oct 05 1989Maynard Crafts Fair?
1965.02--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 05 1989Is there a SF area classified_ads notesfile?
1966.02SMURF::S_FRASERFri Oct 06 1989Internal code name?
1967.05SALSA::MOELLERFri Oct 06 1989Why the stick ?
1968.02DELNI::S_ALUNNIFri Oct 06 1989PTFE resins?
1969.07JAIMES::SELTZERSun Oct 08 1989Anyone in Abu Dhabi?
1970.02DICKNS::STANLEYMon Oct 09 1989Do they still exist?
1971.01DEMING::GARDNERMon Oct 09 1989Definition of "NEW" in product/part life....
1972.06RIPPLE::KOPEC_STMon Oct 09 1989Any forestry majors or knowledgeable tree people?
1973.01TAVENG::GOLDMANTue Oct 10 1989Electricity in China? (voltage)
1974.06REGENT::POWERSTue Oct 10 1989What's happening in Lebanon, and why?
1975.08HPSMEG::COLMANTue Oct 10 1989Caterpillar nests?
1976.03--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 11 1989Activated Charcoal
1978.0WORDS::PIERCEWed Oct 11 1989Help needed from NH->MA commuters
1979.01NIKON::CHRISTENSENWed Oct 11 1989Xerox 97
1980.04XANAX::SMALLERThu Oct 12 1989Equipment Donations
1981.08DIODE::CROWELLFri Oct 13 1989Little Endian History?
1982.013ULTRA::ELLISFri Oct 13 1989Friday the 13th
1983.03COVERT::COVERTFri Oct 13 1989SELDANE
1984.07ESKIMO::DESHARNAISMon Oct 16 1989Making fabric flame resistant?
1985.02HARDY::ROSENBERGMon Oct 16 1989What Happened to Easynet Conference?
1986.012MISERY::BLUM_JOTue Oct 17 1989Cereal
1987.06SA1794::GUSICJTue Oct 17 1989DEC Equipment on Loan (at home)??
1988.08EXIT26::CONLEYTue Oct 17 1989MasterCard only vs. specific bank/Mastercard
1989.0516BITS::DELBALSOTue Oct 17 1989Can you get OTC drugs via prescriptions?
1990.03HOMBAS::THOMPSONTue Oct 17 1989DECdesign product manager?
1991.03OADEV::KAUFMANNTue Oct 17 1989Electronic Messaging Acronyms
1992.02OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTWed Oct 18 1989Ever heard of Anzac's Flying Colors ?
1993.04DEMING::OLANDWed Oct 18 1989Titanic questions
1994.04LSN::SZKLARZWed Oct 18 1989Don't know what a CRONEL is - but I received 2 of them!
1995.08MTA::MISRAHIWed Oct 18 1989!
1996.05PH4VAX::POINDEXTERWed Oct 18 1989Any "Bay" notes?
1997.08CURIE::KELLEHERWed Oct 18 1989Where to buy odd items for wedding?
1998.021CIMAMT::MULAWed Oct 18 1989POSTCARD HOAX
1999.02CURIE::KELLEHERWed Oct 18 1989Name of Steve Martin album?
2000.05DRCS::GODWINThu Oct 19 1989Author of Ken Olsen book?
2001.01DR::BLINNThu Oct 19 1989Welcome to the third millenium!
2002.04JAWJA::GRESHFri Oct 20 1989AUTOFACT - Exhibit Floor Hours?
2003.01--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 20 1989Ulcer Problem
2004.02ESPN::CALCAGNIFri Oct 20 1989Decorative Telephones??
2005.04SNOCSun Oct 22 1989VAXphone to/from Australia and the Future??
2006.05CVG::THOMPSONTue Oct 24 1989Liquid Light?
2007.01DIODE::CROWELLTue Oct 24 1989MAC II and its NUbus
2008.014FREEBE::KERSCHWed Oct 25 1989Ear problem while flying...
2009.015CURIE::KELLEHERWed Oct 25 1989Rent-a-bird?
2010.04TKTV2Thu Oct 26 1989CRACKET? for system security?
2011.05EPIK::J_JOSEPHFri Oct 27 1989Touch Tone Frequencies?
2012.01CAM::JOHNSONFri Oct 27 1989info on office environment consultant
2013.02--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 27 1989Wage freeze for US announced to be lifted?
2014.01WMOIS::B_REINKEMon Oct 30 1989Ringless Phones
2015.02LYRIC::QUIRIYMon Oct 30 1989looking for creaking door gizmo
2016.07STRATA::MANDREOLIMon Oct 30 1989Micronesia?
2017.06WHYNOW::NEWMANMon Oct 30 1989Looking for Digital Property Labels
2018.06BOXORN::ROYTue Oct 31 1989How to find metal parts w/o p.n.???
2021.04LEAF::S_DOWMANWed Nov 01 1989What color is a black box?
2022.01GEMINI::FROMENTThu Nov 02 1989Need directions to Portsmouth (NH) High School
2023.04SUSHI::KMACDONALDThu Nov 02 1989Anybody know about earthmoving equipment?
2024.012LAIDBK::FRIEDMAN_MIThu Nov 02 1989Plain M&Ms Question
2025.0316BITS::DELBALSOFri Nov 03 1989MKO1 metal sculpture - A fugitive from On My Own Time?
2026.04SSGVAX::BARRETTMon Nov 06 1989manual ordering - mail address??
2027.012HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 06 1989who knows how to set 24-hour format on CASIO watch?
2028.03EPIK::J_JOSEPHMon Nov 06 1989Carvel "whale cake" name?
2029.04CNTROL::HENRIKSONMon Nov 06 1989Sweaters?????
2030.013CNTROL::AMOSTue Nov 07 1989Raggedy Ann's??
2031.016SNOWY::HEDRICKTue Nov 07 1989Garage door openers and missing tools
2032.02LDYBUG::FULLERTONWed Nov 08 1989Pasta Machines?
2034.02RUTILE::ESCOTWed Nov 08 1989CD Player SONY D 25
2035.013TLE::MACDONALDWed Nov 08 1989The $.5
2036.0SALSA::BRANDTWed Nov 08 1989Ever hear of DEC/FAA?
2037.05MEMIT::CANSLERThu Nov 09 1989survivalist book store local
2038.013INTER::G_KNIGHTINGThu Nov 09 1989How do I clean my marker board?
2039.01R2ME2::BENNISONThu Nov 09 1989Tandy Discounts??
2040.01COMCAD::PMCVAYThu Nov 09 1989For all you journalistic muckrackers...
2041.07SAMSON::BAHLThu Nov 09 1989Looking for tailor and dentist near Marlboro, MA
2042.03RTOISA::SUPPORT_HSFri Nov 10 1989Brain Machines
2043.010FDCVFri Nov 10 1989How do I give away software?
2044.03TOLKIN::FARLEYFri Nov 10 1989Easy way to double space lines??????
2045.014EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Nov 13 1989Looking for song title
2046.02LAIDBK::FRIEDMAN_MIMon Nov 13 1989City-Boy Question
2047.01JUPITR::BOURQUEMon Nov 13 1989Networking ???
2048.03EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Nov 13 1989Exercise Bikes
2049.04SUTRA::RICHTue Nov 14 1989Request addresses: Lung Assoc., Cancer Instit.
2050.019BOOKS::GERDETue Nov 14 1989Need help with quiz (leap year question)
2051.02SUBURB::DARRALLDWed Nov 15 1989both o mier
2052.0GOTHIC::KELLEHERWed Nov 15 1989DECtalk module to lend?
2053.03GOTHIC::KELLEHERWed Nov 15 1989Days of peace in last 2
2054.02LAIDBK::FRIEDMAN_MIWed Nov 15 1989Pumpkin Pie Question
2055.014TPWEST::JOVANWed Nov 15 1989New Dr. Suess Special??
2056.02MURP::HINXMANThu Nov 16 1989Christmas custom
2058.01BUZZER::VACCAROThu Nov 16 1989LPS2
2059.06ABACUS::RUTZENThu Nov 16 1989DCL procedure for phone messages
2061.04FSHQA1::POTTOWITZFri Nov 17 1989Market Sizing Info, Please
2062.06AUNTB::MOOREFri Nov 17 1989Do we talk to scales?
2063.03RCA::PURMALMon Nov 20 1989RX-7 Ignition problems (CARBUFFS is off the net)
2064.04GALLOP::BLACKMTue Nov 21 1989Cross Refills?
2065.022STEPN::WHEELERTue Nov 21 1989Nantucket Winter Stroll - When?
2066.05ARCHER::LAWRENCETue Nov 21 1989Goose bump explanation?
2067.03AUNTB::WARNOCKTue Nov 21 1989DUCUS badges and stuff for the taking...
2068.01DWOVAX::YOUNGSun Nov 26 1989Conference for Vs32
2069.0BALZAC::COULONMon Nov 27 1989Project Status Barometer
2070.02WORDS::NISKALAMon Nov 27 1989Help of program to do this, may calculator is not programable.
2072.06BAGELS::MCMAHONMon Nov 27 1989Shipping Lobsters
2073.08TROATue Nov 28 1989Voice Mail info anybody ?...
2074.05BOOKIE::MURRAYTue Nov 28 1989Noise levels at rock concerts?
2075.031HPSMEG::COLMANTue Nov 28 1989PING-PONG (i.e. Table Tennis)
2076.04CSC32::L_MACLEANTue Nov 28 1989Author of WUMPUS?
2077.01SCCAT::BOUCHARDTue Nov 28 1989help with quoting from notes
2078.0SYOMV::DAVIDSONTue Nov 28 1989PASSPORT/ORACLE Question
2079.04ISLNDS::LAFOSSEWed Nov 29 1989Player piano info
2080.02TOLKIN::FARLEYWed Nov 29 1989Ora Pro Nobis = ??????????
2081.02RUTILE::ESCOTThu Nov 30 1989Contact lenses for one week?
2082.0EXIT26::SAARINENThu Nov 30 1989Holiday Turkey Certificate Artwork
2083.012HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 30 1989what does "right on red" REALLY mean ?
2084.01AKOV13::AGRACEThu Nov 30 1989Chilblains?
2085.01SALSA::MOELLERFri Dec 01 1989Prisma-foil question
2086.04AIAG::BILLMERSFri Dec 01 1989Looking for a word
2087.014REGENT::MERRILLFri Dec 01 1989time of day ?
2088.02SALSA::MOELLERFri Dec 01 1989Register 3rdParty VMS Logicals ?
2089.03HPSTEK::JELLISMon Dec 04 1989DECtalk donation needed
2090.02HLDGTue Dec 05 1989Process information database
2091.0316BITS::DELBALSOTue Dec 05 1989Is the KarmelKorn retail chain still in business?
2092.07BUFFER::CHOWWed Dec 06 1989English as a Second Language (ESL)
2093.01FXADM::HOLLANDWed Dec 06 1989Adv. Company in DEC
2094.05GAUSS::WEINRICHThu Dec 07 1989Japanese economics question..
2095.03SUBURB::DARRALLDFri Dec 08 1989VTX 3.1
2096.02WMOIS::MCDONOUGHFri Dec 08 1989Looking for GI Joe toy
2097.02PROXY::SCHMIDTMon Dec 11 1989DEC Legal Department needs DR11-A, TC11 docs
2098.010RAINBO::LARUETue Dec 12 1989The study of rocks is....?
2099.01USMRM4::PKADOWTue Dec 12 1989Normalizing a Data Base
2100.011VINO::EKLUNDTue Dec 12 1989School class size problem
2101.022CRAZY::FLATHERSTue Dec 12 1989the BANNED from the ENET conf.
2102.03TPWEST::JOVANWed Dec 13 1989Anyone from DEC Koln/West Germany out there?
2103.014CADSE::WONGWed Dec 13 1989Words from a cheer
2104.023BRAT::SMITHFri Dec 15 1989Can it be too cold to snow?
2105.014COMCAD::PMCVAYSat Dec 16 1989What's the current value of the Doomsday Clock?
2106.06EXIT26::CONLEYMon Dec 18 1989Good place to donate sweaters to the needy?
2107.08EUCLID::PAULHUSMon Dec 18 1989sunset vs. solstice
2110.04TALLIS::KOCHTue Dec 19 1989Bright obj rising ~6pm Jupiter or star?
2112.03HANNAH::OSMANTue Dec 19 1989does anyone have the TOY TRAIN Christmas picture ?
2113.022FIGGIE::KEEFETue Dec 19 1989how many zeros do I get with my billion
2114.0273STUJS::CONNELLTue Dec 19 1989Vegemite
2117.0HSOMAI::LANGSTONWed Dec 20 1989Implementing CHARGEBACK System Readings?
2118.012MAMIE::UPSONWed Dec 20 1989Cat Problem?
2119.021XCELL::WOODWed Dec 20 1989social security numbers and the public
2120.02TAVThu Dec 21 1989ALF edu center...???...
2121.03TALLIS::GRECOThu Dec 21 1989"no more new notes" problem
2122.04GLINKA::GREENEThu Dec 21 1989KITTEN needs airplane escort BOSTON to MIAMI ASAP
2123.015COOKIE::TORZEWSKIThu Dec 21 1989What comes after Giga-?
2124.01DEMON::PANGAKISThu Dec 21 1989TOP? What is it?
2126.011EXIT26::SAARINENFri Dec 22 1989Simple Math Question
2127.014DASXPS::HENDERSONTue Dec 26 1989What happens to food prepared on cooking shows?
2128.04COGITO::FRYETue Dec 26 1989Idea Killers
2129.023AKOV13::AGRACETue Dec 26 1989How Many Countries on this Planet?
2131.05BUFFER::LOMBARDIWed Dec 27 1989Barracuda Jackets...
2132.04BUFFER::LOMBARDIWed Dec 27 1989Anyone heard of a "Spenser" Cookbook?
2133.012XCELL::WOODThu Dec 28 1989Stupid popcorn ?
2134.02KETJE::ROBBENSFri Dec 29 1989Info about SRI LANKA please
2136.024GAUSS::WEINRICHFri Dec 29 1989Grammar paradox
2137.02EPOCH::JOHNSONTue Jan 02 1990If I have an idea
2138.07TINCUP::EDWARDSTue Jan 02 1990Ignorance being no excuse,...
2139.015COGITO::HARRISTue Jan 02 1990Backwards Question Marks
2140.04DIODE::CROWELLTue Jan 02 1990FCC regulating modems?
2141.07USMRM4::PKADOWWed Jan 03 1990Depression Notes Conference
2143.045BOOKIE::MURRAYWed Jan 03 1990Roman numeral for 199
2144.016TIXEL::JOHNSONThu Jan 04 1990Collection agencies: legal methods, options?
2145.010WHATIF::CROTEAUThu Jan 04 1990How are Dred Locks Created?
2146.01GOTHIC::KELLEHERFri Jan 05 1990DECwrite system available?
2147.02HPSMEG::COLMANFri Jan 05 1990diet vs. the common cold
2148.03WJOUSM::SCHWABEFri Jan 05 1990Charity for stuffed animals?
2149.03BAGELS::MCMAHONSat Jan 06 1990DEC posters, who and where
2151.01ESRAD::FINDLEYMon Jan 08 1990Co-op housing in Boston/Cambrdige?
2152.0LACVMon Jan 08 1990Help with Question on PRIME
2153.01WJOUSM::SECOVICHMon Jan 08 1990Help with Perfume Making
2154.014RAINBO::BONNEYMon Jan 08 1990Seeking Stuffed Gray Wolf toy
2155.03MARMAT::JERRYMon Jan 08 1990"Outward Bound" courses?
2156.02BELFST::COWANTue Jan 09 1990Info on USA Census?
2157.01TROATue Jan 09 1990Lawyers in Vermont ?
2158.03USADEC::KIFERTue Jan 09 1990adding/removing blank lines
2159.011AKOV13::SALLOWAYWed Jan 10 1990Dead or Alive?
2160.01FGVAXX::LAINGWed Jan 10 1990SID documentation system???
2162.03FROTHY::TATLOWWed Jan 10 1990Digital Blue
2163.03SNOCThu Jan 11 1990BOSS op system? for package PROPERTY
2164.03VINO::DZIEDZICThu Jan 11 1990Third party home purchase program
2165.04CHOVAX::RASKISThu Jan 11 1990Mail access for customers
2166.01ANNECY::KLAWSONThu Jan 11 1990Silvar-Lisco address please.
2167.022CRAZY::FLATHERSThu Jan 11 1990help finding media part #'s
2168.02BUFFER::LOMBARDIThu Jan 11 1990adding a conference via KP7...how?
2169.01RCA::PURMALThu Jan 11 1990Lost interoffice mail
2171.01TLE::MEIERMon Jan 15 1990What's the National Geographic theme song?
2172.018LAIDBK::FRIEDMAN_MIMon Jan 15 1990Bible Swearing
2174.035PHAROS::PATTONMon Jan 15 1990Road Etiquette / Headlights
2175.03SHAPES::CAMPBELLSWed Jan 17 1990Cap'n, is this germ or viral warefare?
2176.0KHUFU::EVENSONWed Jan 17 1990Info on Group Decision Support Systems
2177.011CLOSET::KEEFEThu Jan 18 1990name that cheap screw
2179.07AIMHI::AMANTEThu Jan 18 1990Topographic maps?
2180.02HANNAH::OSMANThu Jan 18 1990what notes file talks of inns in New England please ?
2181.01MISERY::BLUM_JOThu Jan 18 1990NOAA's statistics
2182.03ATLACT::GIBSON_DFri Jan 19 19903rd party disconnect
2183.09HAMSTR::PACLFri Jan 19 1990Midget vs. Dwarf??
2184.04AUNTB::MOOREFri Jan 19 1990Use of IBM printers?!?
2185.01BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSun Jan 21 1990A-to-Z software information?
2186.03LAIDBK::FRIEDMAN_MISun Jan 21 1990Roller Derby
2187.05MISERY::BLUM_JOMon Jan 22 1990Patent search
2188.0MGOIMon Jan 22 1990looking for admics
2189.02DEMON::PANGAKISMon Jan 22 1990DECWRL?
2190.01CASPRO::HORGANMon Jan 22 1990MAC - LAT (DEC) file transfer problems
2191.016DRCS::ABEYATue Jan 23 1990CHAIN letter: do not give in !
2192.04EAGLE1::BRUNNERWed Jan 24 1990How to reach Sales Reps
2193.07RUTILE::LETCHERThu Jan 25 1990Pakistan Information Request
2194.02PUGGS::DESROCHERSThu Jan 25 1990Contractor/Alien question
2196.05EXIT26::CONLEYThu Jan 25 1990Beer drinking
2197.02MCIS2::CADORETFri Jan 26 1990.RLB FILES
2198.03ULTRA::PRIBORSKYMon Jan 29 1990Dave Maynard / WBZ
2199.010VOGON::BALLTue Jan 30 1990"City of Light" and "Lucy" in Ethiopia
2200.04DEMON::PANGAKISTue Jan 30 1990VAX/VMS-compatible Wordperfect
2201.01FRAGLE::PELUSOTue Jan 30 1990Newfield NJ???
2202.01WECARE::BAILEYTue Jan 30 1990Archival storage/repair supplies
2203.014REGENT::POWERSTue Jan 30 1990emergency vehicle vs. school bus
2204.05HANNAH::OSMANTue Jan 30 1990how does the "Relax" ditty go from "Radio Days"
2205.02REGENT::POWERSTue Jan 30 1990How are school closing messages posted?
2206.05JGO::APETERSWed Jan 31 1990Light-computer.
2207.012HANNAH::OSMANWed Jan 31 1990what's that plastic lace we used to braid
2208.01IOSG::ROBERTSNThu Feb 01 1990Wanted: South China Morning Post
2209.03TROAThu Feb 01 1990Bruins and Celtics play when ?
2210.06PRSIS4::WDAVIESThu Feb 01 1990DEC EMployee Discounts and Postscript Printers
2211.0MGOIFri Feb 02 1990looking for information about EDMICS
2212.05CIMNET::MIKELISFri Feb 02 1990Help with drying out rugs, please
2213.05SCHOOL::KIRKSat Feb 03 1990Living will/organ donations
2214.03MISERY::BLUM_JOSat Feb 03 1990Pnuemonia
2216.01PROXY::SCHMIDTMon Feb 05 1990What's "ADMINS" ??
2217.01KERBER::KEWMon Feb 05 1990Decmail, who ran the implementation?
2218.01CSGMon Feb 05 1990SPEBSQSA, Inc.?
2219.05TPWEST::JOVANMon Feb 05 1990Location of CBI's or CAI's??? Please!!
2220.0216BITS::DELBALSOMon Feb 05 1990Big black limos rolling into the Kremlin
2221.011CSC32::M_VALENZATue Feb 06 1990"Get rich quick" scheme on late night cable
2222.08CLOSET::DUM::T_PARMENTERTue Feb 06 1990Copy Machine Paper Tray Half- Ream Mystery
2223.03SUBWAY::SAPIENZATue Feb 06 1990Need DEConnect specifications...
2225.07VMSZOO::ECKERTTue Feb 06 1990Recycling CDROMs
2226.05MISERY::BLUM_JOWed Feb 07 1990Best living in U.S.
2227.03JGO::APETERSWed Feb 07 1990Short Circuit robot toy
2228.03EPOCH::JOHNSONWed Feb 07 1990Is this fluid dynamics?
2229.023TAVThu Feb 08 1990How far from Albany, N.Y. to N.Y.C. ...???...
2230.010WMOIS::BERUBE_SThu Feb 08 1990Used pallet disposal??
2231.01BOSTON::DAGOSTINOThu Feb 08 1990VideoDisc VAX?
2232.09LAIDBK::FRIEDMAN_MIFri Feb 09 1990Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop?
2233.07LEDS::BLODGETTFri Feb 09 1990immigration question
2234.0EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Feb 09 1990Looking for Digital Press on net
2235.02STP::TRIBEFri Feb 09 1990Which Notes Conference for a suggestion?
2236.08LAIDBK::FRIEDMAN_MISun Feb 11 1990Why Boy's/Girl's Bikes
2237.012AUNTB::WARNOCKSun Feb 11 1990Why are garages on the left side of the house ?
2239.0MSAMTue Feb 13 1990Mail Address for Media Communications Group
2240.0WOOLCO::SNOWTue Feb 13 1990test systems
2241.011TLE::MACDONALDTue Feb 13 1990Do turtles hibernate?
2242.022TAVENG::PARMENTERTue Feb 13 1990Origin of phrase "Indian Summer"?
2243.05SNOCTue Feb 13 1990Employee suggestion program
2244.01PEOVAX::VANPROOYENWed Feb 14 1990ANNOUNCED Product Info
2245.07GLASS::BEICHMANWed Feb 14 1990UNIX Manufacturing Sites worldwide
2246.0LOIOSH::GOUNWed Feb 14 1990Request from singer Christine Lavin
2247.011ORACLE::BENZWed Feb 14 1990Heckle and Jeckle Illustration?
2248.017VANDAL::BAILEYThu Feb 15 1990Fast or Slow ?
2249.04WHELIN::TASCHEREAUThu Feb 15 1990Attachments
2251.027IAMOK::SLOCOMBEThu Feb 15 1990Latitude & Longitude
2252.03MILPND::CANSLERThu Feb 15 1990looking for mirror paint
2253.01FAYE::AREYFri Feb 16 1990Questions about IMPORT regulations
2254.02MSVAX::GOLDSTEINFri Feb 16 1990standard abbreviations
2255.08FORTY2::BOYESFri Feb 16 1990Ranked 3
2256.0142326::SCOTTMon Feb 19 1990Where did Marilyn Monroe die?
2258.0LEDS::BLODGETTMon Feb 19 1990searching for a poem
2259.08MILKWY::SLABOUNTYMon Feb 19 1990Looking for info on a NOTES conference? See 1.1
2260.03RCKPRT::DAGOSTINOTue Feb 20 1990Back the B.B.?
2261.03NOTIME::SACKSTue Feb 20 1990Infrared Survey?
2262.045HANNAH::OSMANThu Feb 22 1990year he, year he, leap to conclusions
2263.07TAVENG::PARMENTERThu Feb 22 1990What is "Hockey?"
2264.08CECVThu Feb 22 1990ASCII-->EBCDIC
2265.03VLNVAX::JCLOUDFri Feb 23 1990Hyperchanneling, anyone??
2266.02LEAF::D_DAVISMon Feb 26 1990WHERE is PSART?
2267.011PWRVAX::RIEUMon Feb 26 1990Can I Auto Forward Mail?
2268.035WHATIF::CROTEAUMon Feb 26 1990What happened to all the old money?
2269.09AITG::LACHIUSAMon Feb 26 1990Lava Lamps
2271.021OAXCEL::KAUFMANNWed Feb 28 1990World Awareness Questions
2272.05IAMOK::BANCROFTWed Feb 28 1990A notes file question
2273.02VAXRT::WILLIAMSWed Feb 28 1990Translation of VAXKABINETT
2274.01WECARE::BAILEYWed Feb 28 1990Goodbye from the Sleuth!
2275.02TANYA::GALLANTMWed Feb 28 1990Looking for Septic answers
2276.04CSSEDB::M_DAVISWed Feb 28 1990$$ Connecticut Lotto $$
2277.06HOMBAS::THOMPSONThu Mar 01 1990NCP protection
2278.06VANDAL::BAILEYThu Mar 01 1990John Borman ?
2280.02SALSA::ABELSONThu Mar 01 1990College Classes on Computer
2282.022CGVAX2::CONNELLFri Mar 02 1990My red lobsters are boiled with drawn butter
2283.03BELFST::MILLINGFri Mar 02 1990Answers Please???
2284.06HPSRAD::KOPACKOFri Mar 02 1990Fastest ball - Jai-Alai or Golf?
2285.07DYO78Mon Mar 05 1990Anyone know about water towers?
2286.01FORTY2::BOYESMon Mar 05 1990U.S. Police and their guns
2287.01EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Mar 05 1990How do they build *tall* antennae?
2288.05TLE::MACDONALDMon Mar 05 1990"...Easter's on its way!"
2289.04WORDY::G_KNIGHTINGMon Mar 05 1990"Bourning" room?
2290.04CALBAN::GILLISMon Mar 05 1990Multi-standard VCR player - to play PAL-1 European format?
2291.07CSC32::M_VALENZATue Mar 06 1990Extra sounds on pre-recorded cassette tapes
2293.02STLACT::DONOVANTue Mar 06 1990Odesta software
2294.0EXIT26::SAARINENThu Mar 08 1990Linotronic Machine 23
2295.0MARLIN::RYANThu Mar 08 1990Info on Business in Egypt
2296.02LENNON::GILLIGANThu Mar 08 1990How do high speed quads work?
2298.01PEACHS::MITCHAMFri Mar 09 1990Is there a way of estimating salary? A program, perhaps?
2300.07TRCAFri Mar 09 1990 Construction Cranes
2301.03MCIS2::POLLERTFri Mar 09 199011/785 I/O
2302.04EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Mar 09 1990Looking for indian emblems
2303.04BLUMON::QUODLINGSat Mar 10 1990Trying to find some friends.
2304.01ESRAD::PANGAKISMon Mar 12 1990English as a Second Language interactive video course
2305.01AUNTB::WARNOCKMon Mar 12 1990Need rack cabinet with slide out drawers/shelves
2306.0HANNAH::OSMANMon Mar 12 1990do they cook junk food ?
2307.020JAILER::KENNEDYTue Mar 13 1990Romantic atmosphere needed!
2308.033NOTIME::SACKSTue Mar 13 1990VW name = wind?
2309.06TAVWed Mar 14 1990Location Code --> exact location ...????...
2311.04WHATIF::CROTEAUWed Mar 14 1990Who Ya Gonna Call? State OFFICE!
2312.015TAVENG::MONTYWed Mar 14 1990Is there such a deviec as a water-detector ??
2313.010SMAC1Thu Mar 15 1990Futurebus+ info?
2314.04HOPS::J_MARSHThu Mar 15 1990Railroad manually-operated car thingy?
2316.0EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Mar 16 1990Looking for idle gadgets
2317.09WR2FOR::ULRICHJUFri Mar 16 1990Purchase of DEC Equipment
2318.01EBBVFri Mar 16 1990DEC to NEC Connection
2319.0CSSE32::M_DAVISSat Mar 17 1990DIGITAL Banner?
2320.03BSYBEE::EGOLFSun Mar 18 1990On-line Master Parts file available?
2321.05UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon Mar 19 1990Could You....!
2322.01WAHOO::LEVESQUEMon Mar 19 1990LA5
2323.01CBROWN::WILSONMon Mar 19 1990What cost to raise child ?
2324.02THEWAV::PFLUEGERMon Mar 19 1990Where to find newsletter central...?
2325.012VAXUUM::CLOSET::KEEFETue Mar 20 1990dirigibles vs zeppelins
2326.04SHARE::DEVITue Mar 20 1990Can anybody out there help me?
2327.04HBO::CALCAGNIWed Mar 21 1990Filing a Digital Vehicle Complaint?
2328.018NOTIME::SACKSWed Mar 21 1990Who chooses site codes?
2329.05REGENT::BROOMHEADWed Mar 21 1990Looking for a green soap
2330.01HPSTEK::SKIESTWed Mar 21 1990CAE2
2331.04BIS1::DEVALCKThu Mar 22 1990Utility that describes hardware/software environment ?
2332.02WR1FOR::KAPLANAAThu Mar 22 1990Nanook of the North?
2333.01SLUGER::KERSCHThu Mar 22 1990Texas Info Please...
2334.02UKEDU::BUSHENFri Mar 23 1990Vax boxes - contain what?
2335.03DASXPS::COMPANIONFri Mar 23 1990Adoption Conference??
2336.03SCAACT::EAGANSun Mar 25 1990Zif Davis on CDROM
2338.05LLOYDJ::OSTIGUYMon Mar 26 1990Do LIBRARIES carry H.S. Year Books ?
2339.04TOOTER::RUMon Mar 26 1990Why can't access 'JOB BOOKS'?
2340.02MISERY::BLUM_JOTue Mar 27 1990NOAA's weather statistics
2341.03HLYCOW::ORZECHTue Mar 27 1990How do you say it in Polish?
2342.04CSGTue Mar 27 1990DECville '9
2343.01CONTRA::PMCVAYTue Mar 27 1990Gift for a Visiting Turk?
2344.0SALEM::LYLESWed Mar 28 1990Digital Somalis?
2345.08ESRAD::FINDLEYWed Mar 28 1990Info. on flee markets?
2346.012CGVAX2::CONNELLWed Mar 28 1990Are these islands legendary or real?
2347.01EPOCH::JOHNSONWed Mar 28 1990Looking for help with go-kart
2348.04SALSA::MOELLERWed Mar 28 1990LifeSize Reprod. of VAXes?
2349.05BUSY::NPEASLEEThu Mar 29 1990Helium voice change??? WHY???
2350.04TPWEST::JOVANThu Mar 29 1990DEC's naming conventions for files and libraries?
2352.03SELECT::CHESLERFri Mar 30 1990Leads on Customer tracking systems
2353.01BRAT::SMITHFri Mar 30 1990Radiometric Dating Accuracy
2354.05OCTAVE::VALMon Apr 02 1990Silent Television Commercial
2355.067MINAR::BISHOPMon Apr 02 1990Anyone hear of this odd phone call/scam?
2357.010RMSOPS::SALOISTue Apr 03 1990Flowers and Gems ???
2358.015DIODE::CROWELLWed Apr 04 1990Double coupons, who pays?
2359.02DIODE::CROWELLWed Apr 04 1990Cellular phone oscillators?
2360.09PEACHS::MITCHAMWed Apr 04 1990Please spray in the direction of the red dot...
2361.02TALLIS::KOCHWed Apr 04 1990Where is Hobart College?
2362.03TLE::MACDONALDWed Apr 04 1990Abortion Bill
2363.05VAXWRK::MEYERWed Apr 04 1990Who does Videotaping?
2364.011ADS::MCDONOUGHThu Apr 05 1990Upcoming craft fairs? ?
2365.03EDCS::LAWThu Apr 05 1990Need access to a 63XX or 64XX Smp Machine
2366.01AQUA::SAMBERGFri Apr 06 1990Anyone buy into Premier Resorts?
2367.04DASXPS::HENDERSONFri Apr 06 1990GM/Saturn?
2368.03CURIE::KELLEHERFri Apr 06 1990Video footage of Berlin Wall, etc.?
2369.02MSESU::PANEKSun Apr 08 1990Where's FALCON CREST?
2370.01AUNTB1::WARNOCKMon Apr 09 1990Looking for DISCUSSION about sick boy who wants to set record
2371.08ROMTue Apr 10 1990Klu(d)ge? Red Tape?
2373.05MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu Apr 12 1990Listening to private conversations - illegal or no?
2374.07MAIL::HAYDENThu Apr 12 1990Grace Hopper?
2375.01HANNAH::OSMANFri Apr 13 1990are you tired of rubber ?
2376.021HANNAH::OSMANFri Apr 13 1990Sure, I'll have the Clam Casserole
2377.038QUILL::TAYLORMon Apr 16 1990AT&T Long-Distance commercial
2378.01ABACUS::RUTZENMon Apr 16 1990"Intro to LANs" book??
2379.01COVERT::COVERTMon Apr 16 1990Circles and Dots, MicroVAX-II auto-reboot
2382.01SMOOT::ROTHWed Apr 18 1990Accuracy in Media - organization address?
2383.05DIODE::CROWELLWed Apr 18 1990Liability at a Party
2384.03MYCRFT::PARODIWed Apr 18 1990Roasting Coffee
2385.014FENNEL::SZKLARZWed Apr 18 1990#@*%! Potholes
2386.03AKOV13::AGRACEWed Apr 18 1990Who owns the London Times?
2388.010HANNAH::OSMANThu Apr 19 1990how I conveniently find notes files
2389.04COVERT::COVERTFri Apr 20 1990BA23 box framitz
2390.08EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Apr 20 1990Police Car Bumper Springy Things
2391.01BOSOX::HENDERSONFri Apr 20 1990Delivering Smaller Commercial Aircraft
2392.03MARLIN::RYANFri Apr 20 1990Tuna-Fish Cat food
2393.011BTOVT::BROWN_JMon Apr 23 1990Phone number for Heathkit, Briggs and Stratton
2394.010JUPITR::MULLIGANMon Apr 23 1990Computer buying ease-please!
2395.010NANOOK::PARENTMon Apr 23 1990Optical Illusions
2396.04WORDY::G_KNIGHTINGMon Apr 23 1990Probably not what it sounds like...
2397.08TERZA::ZANETue Apr 24 1990Looking for Prodigy Information
2398.01BREW11::WOODSTue Apr 24 1990NBA Team names please
2399.01WAV13::DAGOSTINOTue Apr 24 1990VTX database list?
2400.02WHATIF::CROTEAUTue Apr 24 1990Need a Cube Van to Move to LONG ISLAND
2401.010CLOSET::KEEFETue Apr 24 1990intestines -- the inside poop
2402.05AUNTB::WARNOCKTue Apr 24 1990Ticker Tape parade ?
2403.03CSGWed Apr 25 1990Lombardi's Winning Quote
2404.03GENRAL::RINESMITHThu Apr 26 1990Class Reunion Ideas
2405.02SAILN::MIKKELSONDThu Apr 26 1990ARPA Internet address for Microsoft
2406.06HKFINN::GIANCOLAFri Apr 27 1990Problem deleting note entry - HELP
2407.07CACHE::LEIGHFri Apr 27 1990Drinking town pond water?
2408.08VAXINE::THILBERTSun Apr 29 1990F.B.I. prerequisites
2409.01LAIDBK::FRIEDMAN_MISun Apr 29 1990Deleting Note
2410.04TOOTER::RUSun Apr 29 1990How to reduce the note file size?
2411.07CSSE32::M_DAVISMon Apr 30 1990SIDEWALK SAM
2412.08VAXINE::KENNEDYTue May 01 1990Looking for books on cars/car repair
2413.03XANAX::SMALLERTue May 01 1990Garbage magazine?
2414.07WAV13::SCORZELLITue May 01 1990How high is DEC's electricity bill?
2415.01--UnknownUser--Tue May 01 1990Reference: Copying Old Movies to Videotape
2416.02MCIS5::LANDINGHAMTue May 01 1990Where's MASSACHUSETTS?
2417.02EDIT::JAMESWed May 02 1990What to charge to rent a garage?
2418.04IMPULS::MCDONOUGHWed May 02 1990Juried ? ?
2419.06NUTMEG::RYANSat May 05 1990SRI listing ????
2420.01NANOOK::FOXMon May 07 1990Sending mail to DECUS??
2421.01NRADM::LEWISMon May 07 1990Info on CN
2422.02--UnknownUser--Mon May 07 1990*** Sports Card Conference ***
2423.01CTOAVX::MACKINTue May 08 1990PCSA compatable menuing software for MS-DOS?
2424.0IMPULS::MCDONOUGHTue May 08 1990CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) Exam.
2425.04PIER39::MEYERSTue May 08 1990Info Needed (Macintosh Licensing)
2426.02DIODE::CROWELLTue May 08 1990Brussels to Stockholm, how?
2427.03NSSG::ROSENBAUMWed May 09 1990conversion: bar --> psi?
2429.03BMW32Thu May 10 1990Portable Display Panels in DEC
2430.010SEAPEN::PHIPPSFri May 11 1990What was the name of the other Radio Shack?
2431.019CGVAX2::CONNELLFri May 11 1990Curiousity will kill me yet
2432.05MDM::ROZETTSun May 13 1990Comic Relief 9
2433.03CADSE::WONGSun May 13 1990The "Hurricane" drink
2434.012WMOIS::RIEU_DMon May 14 1990SUNDIAL??
2435.03--UnknownUser--Tue May 15 1990Mystery Data Cartridge
2436.03MCIS2::POLLERTWed May 16 1990Looking for a summer rental....
2437.03SUBWAY::SPECTORWed May 16 1990pointer to pictures wanted
2439.02STLACT::DONOVANWed May 16 1990Mailing label program for LN
2440.01TIXEL::ARNOLDThu May 17 1990Need music for Canadian National Anthem!
2441.02ESRAD::FINDLEYFri May 18 1990Alarm Clocks with voice chips?
2442.03AUNTB::WARNOCKMon May 21 1990Looking for water fountain!
2443.01--UnknownUser--Mon May 21 1990Next Day Delivery Question
2444.015JARETH::EDPMon May 21 1990Cat Clock
2445.01MAGOS::BELDINMon May 21 1990ACM or IEEE COMSCI curricula
2446.06CSC32::S_LEDOUXTue May 22 1990Security Breach -- who to contact ?
2447.01EPOCH::JOHNSONTue May 22 1990Looking for Price on Exercise Bike
2448.0TROATue May 22 1990Anybody know about Satellites ?
2449.017REGENT::POWERSWed May 23 1990journalists and interviews
2450.0322CRAZY::FLATHERSWed May 23 1990good bye to the penny???
2451.02EPOCH::JOHNSONWed May 23 1990Send VT1
2452.04--UnknownUser--Wed May 23 1990Help With Flowers!!!
2453.08CSGThu May 24 1990the sky IS falling!!
2454.04BALMER::MUDGETTSat May 26 1990library (public) help
2455.01TIXEL::ARNOLDTue May 29 1990Organization ID card makers?
2456.01STLACT::DONOVANTue May 29 1990Wordmarc/Wordmark
2457.03ISLNDS::CALCAGNITue May 29 1990VanPool info?
2458.03AKOAV8::CAVANAGHTue May 29 1990Anyone know anything about ITS???
2459.01MINDER::HUNTWed May 30 1990Organisational Structure Cartoon/Sketch
2460.0116BITS::DELBALSOWed May 30 1990Is "Salvage" being reincarnated?
2461.017DEMON::RUHROH::FREEMANWed May 30 1990Fingerprints
2462.09JUNO::FRANKSThu May 31 1990Sounds interesting ...?
2463.03ICS::WEBERThu May 31 1990Restoring Marker Pens?
2464.06NOVA::NEEDLEMANThu May 31 1990Pentathlon ?
2465.04CGVAX2::CONNELLThu May 31 1990Sports question
2466.02CISM::FADDENThu May 31 1990Services Wanted Notesfile?
2467.01FDCVThu May 31 1990College major - Gracious living?
2468.0CALBAN::GILLISFri Jun 01 1990Micro-economics tutor needed ASAP...
2469.08NANOOK::FOXFri Jun 01 1990DECUS SIG and/or Library S/W online??
2470.01SQM::KOHARIMon Jun 04 1990Coal Stoves-what conference?
2471.03BALMER::MUDGETTTue Jun 05 1990how are paychecks printed?
2472.05SNAX::KENNEDYWed Jun 06 1990I need some inexpensive suits!
2473.05XCUSME::CSILVAWed Jun 06 1990Where to find USED Office Furniture...
2474.04BEDAZL::LINIHANThu Jun 07 1990Ewing Fairchild company
2477.02RTENG::MCALLISTERMon Jun 11 1990.PS & .DOC Files Nedded ASAP
2478.01LACVMon Jun 11 1990Connecting ot Registering with BITNET
2479.08TPWEST::JOVANTue Jun 12 1990DECwriter/DECprinter Manuals
2480.09ESRAD::FINDLEYWed Jun 13 1990What makes sky blue?
2481.02AIAG::KAMESHThu Jun 14 1990Need help with file transfer problem
2482.01WAHOO::LEVESQUEThu Jun 14 1990Printer Manuals
2483.03CIRCUS::KOLLINGThu Jun 14 1990on-line VMS manual set?
2484.07TRADE::CONWAYThu Jun 14 1990recover a deleted file?
2485.06SKELTN::GIBEAUFri Jun 15 1990What is the origin of this expression?
2486.04PEACHS::MITCHAMFri Jun 15 1990Posted: No Trespassing
2487.09DRACMA::GOLDSTEINFri Jun 15 1990ATM Ettiquette ?
2488.05MRCSSE::COLMANSun Jun 17 1990Other FOR SALE/WTD Bulletin Boards?
2489.014NRADM::ROBINSONMon Jun 18 1990Mace??
2490.03HPSTEK::SKIESTTue Jun 19 1990Just Wondering
2491.02PENUTS::PENNINGTONTue Jun 19 1990independent cons org.
2492.012GENRAL::BANKSTue Jun 19 1990Identity crisis (of a different kind :-)
2493.06TARKIN::GOODYTue Jun 19 1990UCX Ultrix connection help
2494.03SCAACT::HILDEBRANDTue Jun 19 1990Source of "Overview of VMS" Presentation?
2495.09DUGGAN::RUWed Jun 20 1990Software Specialist<--> Engineer?
2496.04MCIS2::POLLERTWed Jun 20 1990The rules of horseracing
2497.0LEZAH::QUIRIYThu Jun 21 1990appliance sales -- when?
2498.01ODIXIE::WITMANFri Jun 22 1990XMODEM Help!
2499.01JOELS::SARENSat Jun 23 1990Don't want to reinvent the wheel
2500.06HITPS::FALORMon Jun 25 1990Document on Easynet
2501.01AIAG::SURESHTue Jun 26 1990Info on MBA/Law School
2502.06PEACHS::MITCHAMTue Jun 26 1990Who wrote this verse?
2503.06SCAACT::ZIPPTue Jun 26 1990Swr. Development phase %'s
2504.0STAR::DZIEDZICWed Jun 27 1990Value of old champagne?
2505.034MAGOS::PIERRE_GThu Jun 28 1990How many battleships in USN?
2506.02MUDIS3::STADLERMon Jul 02 1990CMA info pls
2507.04SKID::LALIBERTEMon Jul 02 1990living wills
2508.02HDLITE::ALJAARTue Jul 03 1990Legal opinion on selling a car to a dealer in MA.
2509.02WLDWST::MARTIN_TTue Jul 03 1990{getting in conferences}
2510.02DIODE::CROWELLWed Jul 04 1990Re-charging airconditioners?
2511.08SSGBPM::KENAHThu Jul 05 1990How Now Dow Jones?
2512.02AKOV11::SCHAVONEMon Jul 09 1990Tent Trailer Rental
2513.01DSSDEV::BIBEAULTMon Jul 09 1990How to find out about copyright laws?
2514.02SMURF::HOFFMANMon Jul 09 1990Xavier Cugat vocalists
2515.02WLDWST::MARTIN_TMon Jul 09 1990Log-Out graphics?
2516.0STAR::DZIEDZICMon Jul 09 1990Digital-sponsored Monet exhibition tickets?
2518.01WMOIS::MOSCOTue Jul 10 1990Stainless Steel Cleaner(s)
2519.010NEST::ROMANOTue Jul 10 1990Clip Art Needed - for Wedding images
2520.01JGO::APETERSWed Jul 11 1990Bowling gear wanted.
2521.02CIVIC::ROBERTSWed Jul 11 1990format for writing a position paper
2523.08WIKKIT::WARWICKThu Jul 12 1990Sales Update on VTX ?
2524.01CALLME::MR_TOPAZThu Jul 12 1990NY/Gotham
2525.03KIPPIS::SIROThu Jul 12 1990Where all the Jeeps comes from?
2526.02MYCRFT::PARODIThu Jul 12 1990Cotton Candy
2527.06FROST::WALZThu Jul 12 1990How Many Lefties?
2528.0SALSA::ABELSONThu Jul 12 1990Point-of-Sale system
2529.05SMAC1Fri Jul 13 1990DEC-Camera?
2531.06REGENT::POWERSFri Jul 13 1990Scotch/Highland/Post-it/3M
2532.01AKOV11::SCHAVONEFri Jul 13 1990Ford's Folly in Sudbury?
2533.03CANYON::LEEDSFri Jul 13 1990looking for used typewriter
2534.02USEM::CHERNACKFri Jul 13 1990Looking for Seattle notes file
2535.05TAVSun Jul 15 1990How long from Sharon to PKO ...???...
2537.03--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 16 1990human::digital
2538.02NZOVTue Jul 17 1990Dominion Resources - Info required
2539.06WMOIS::RIEU_DTue Jul 17 1990WANTED - Grill
2540.05ICS::WEBERTue Jul 17 1990Water Mark on Furniture..Help!
2541.034BERNWed Jul 18 1990House numbering scheme??
2542.02CHEESE::KAISERThu Jul 19 1990On performance and portability
2543.011PRSSOS::MAILLARDThu Jul 19 1990VMS Internals V2.2.
2544.06HPSTEK::FOBRIENFri Jul 20 1990World Wildlife Fund question
2546.03RANGER::EIRIKURFri Jul 20 1990All set now: I've found an RSX-11M system
2547.04MRCSSE::COLMANFri Jul 20 1990Housing at BU Law School?
2548.04DELREY::UCCI_SATue Jul 24 1990When does coverage end?
2549.03CIMAMT::ZEREGATue Jul 24 1990Nannette Fabray????
2550.06STKHLM::LIDENWed Jul 25 1990Omaha NE. What kind of place is that?
2551.02GENRAL::BANKSWed Jul 25 1990G.V.W.R.?
2552.012PSW::WINALSKIWed Jul 25 1990electric timer needed
2554.04HLDGThu Jul 26 1990Wanted country address formats
2555.05DYPSS1::DYSERTFri Jul 27 1990Roman Numeral MVXIXVCC?
2556.0CRONIC::PAGEFri Jul 27 1990Accounting/Billing Software
2557.04AKOV12::PERLMUTTERFri Jul 27 1990new workstation now what
2559.04SMOOT::ROTHMon Jul 30 1990Pre-faded jeans; home method sought
2560.011NEST::ROMANOMon Jul 30 1990Different speeds on different sides?
2561.02WLDWST::MARTIN_TMon Jul 30 1990Archives
2562.05KIMR::HEMPHILLMon Jul 30 1990how to make puffed rice cereal
2563.01ISLNDS::CALCAGNIMon Jul 30 1990Block Island RI info .
2564.02RUTILE::LETCHERWed Aug 01 1990Answering Machine - English --> French
2565.04WLDWST::MARTIN_TWed Aug 01 1990WHERES HARLEY::MUSCLECARS (please read 1.1
2566.011NYEM1::MILBERGThu Aug 02 1990PRO-35
2567.0NYEM1::MILBERGThu Aug 02 1990Staffing Planning Algorithms???
2568.04REORG::GILLISThu Aug 02 1990Looking for EDT numeric keypad overlays
2569.03SWAM2::MASTROMAR_JOThu Aug 02 1990Facility management?
2570.0SWAM2::MASTROMAR_JOThu Aug 02 1990Pipenet?
2571.06SMAUG::PEARSONThu Aug 02 1990Home business requirements?
2572.01LYRIC::BOBBITTFri Aug 03 1990Looking for an Engraver in New England
2573.01TRADE::BOONEFri Aug 03 1990Law School GEEP Program??
2574.03ROYALT::JELENIEWSKIFri Aug 03 1990Where is Atlanta Stove Works?
2575.04ROBOAT::HEBERTFri Aug 03 1990Site Identifiers
2576.08CRLVMS::HALBERTFri Aug 03 1990Employee Expense VOUCHER program
2577.03CURIE::KELLEHERSat Aug 04 1990Cheap international courier firms, cheap tickets?
2578.0--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 06 1990N.E. Aquarium, where are you?
2579.08DEC25::ROBERTSMon Aug 06 1990Barometric Pressure
2581.08VARESE::SIEGMANNTue Aug 07 1990Meeting/conf room scheduler
2582.012XANADU::FLEISCHERTue Aug 07 1990looking for a home for a blue lobster
2583.02BELFST::MULLANWed Aug 08 1990NY Airport Help
2584.01MCIS2::DUPUISWed Aug 08 1990TELECHECK????
2585.012BIGRED::GALEWed Aug 08 1990It was 86'd
2586.04AIMHI::ALGERWed Aug 08 1990Telemarketing Experts?
2587.020OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Aug 09 1990Black Widow Spiders in Northeastern US ???
2588.03CIMNET::MIKELISThu Aug 09 1990The Phantom
2589.05JUPITR::GOLDSBOROUGHThu Aug 09 1990Old car part.
2590.016CSC32::L_MACLEANThu Aug 09 1990Why is toilet referred to as "john"
2592.03CSSE::SCOTTFri Aug 10 1990Help for sight impaired person with VT1
2593.07NANOOK::FOXFri Aug 10 1990Digital logo on name plates??
2594.0UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon Aug 13 1990Information on AMC??
2595.08DPDMAI::STEPHENSHMon Aug 13 1990Professional Engineer References Needed
2596.09BCSE::KREFETZMon Aug 13 1990what happened to the dog?
2597.012ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYTue Aug 14 1990Canobie Lake schedule 199
2598.08SNOWY::HEDRICKTue Aug 14 1990Could I have been Zapped?
2599.029COVERT::COVERTWed Aug 15 1990Nude Rollerskating
2600.02LDYBUG::MCGOLDRICKThu Aug 16 1990translation for "perestroika"
2601.02TRUCKS::GKEThu Aug 16 1990Signs needed...
2602.014PAXVAX::SONTAKKEThu Aug 16 1990How does helicopter move forward?
2603.06POIDOG::PARMENTERThu Aug 16 1990Second wind
2604.02EICMFG::MALLETTFri Aug 17 1990Singapore - Lions ?
2605.06NEST::ROMANOFri Aug 17 1990Get NODE names for employees?
2606.04CHOVAX::HORNUNGFri Aug 17 1990Question re: STARS
2607.0THAVMon Aug 20 1990SMART magazine: subscription address?
2608.01TIGEMS::ARNOLDMon Aug 20 1990Where are good seats at Fenway?
2609.03DWOVAX::EROSTue Aug 21 1990Source for vintage equipment?
2610.01LUGGER::PICKHOVERTue Aug 21 1990PPS Utility
2611.0VINO::SSCOTTTue Aug 21 1990Request for "Federal Computer News"
2612.03GNUVAX::QUIRIYWed Aug 22 1990How to find Boekamp, Inc. ?
2613.02SNOCThu Aug 23 1990Availability of DECwrite artwork libraries???
2614.06DENIS::DESHARNAISThu Aug 23 1990The Mensa Society?
2615.010--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 24 1990Moans
2616.04FRAGLE::PELUSOFri Aug 24 1990How do you speak Icelandic?
2617.04TRUCKS::GKEFri Aug 24 1990Help with Linear Equations
2618.0SALEM::LYLESFri Aug 24 1990Data Transfer To Rainbow
2619.03ICS::WEBERMon Aug 27 1990Operation Desert Shield Info
2620.03PEACHS::MITCHAMTue Aug 28 1990Any experience with gasoline pumps that take credit cards?
2622.04DCC::URBANWed Aug 29 1990Getting VISA for Au Pair
2623.06CIVIC::ROBERTSWed Aug 29 1990Who to call to donate a car ?
2624.010HYEND::C_DENOPOULOSWed Aug 29 1990Different waters
2625.01SERPNT::SONTAKKEThu Aug 30 1990Removing blue discoloration from plated stainless steel
2626.04PETERJ::JOHNSONThu Aug 30 1990Looking for Corp. Org. Chart (OnLine)
2627.02TRUCKS::GKEFri Aug 31 1990"Vms Developers Guide to VMSinstal"
2629.03REGENT::POWERSFri Aug 31 1990what makes a special agent special?
2631.0ULYSSE::WADETue Sep 04 1990Creative Non-Violence in Washington?
2632.012TALLIS::KOCHTue Sep 04 1990Seek complete story for "1
2633.01NOTIME::SACKSWed Sep 05 1990Oakley Thermonuclear Protection?
2634.02NSKILL::DOIRONWed Sep 05 1990Looking for a new look
2635.01--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 05 1990Copy of Computerworld (August 27, 9
2636.07JAWJA::GRESHWed Sep 05 1990In Search of ... Brooks Ketchup
2637.03EPIK::VISWANATHWed Sep 05 1990Possible customer for VAX systems needs info NOW.
2638.03SNOBRD::CONLIFFEWed Sep 05 1990Seeking "environmental advocacy agency"
2639.02CIVIC::FERRIGNOThu Sep 06 1990Chemistry?
2640.03CHESS::KAIKOWThu Sep 06 1990(IL)logical node::username
2641.01CACHE::LEIGHThu Sep 06 1990Notes & DEC employees on non-DEC systems
2642.03SKID::LALIBERTEFri Sep 07 1990pen pal organizations ???
2643.010SALEM::LYLESMon Sep 10 1990Power Lines
2644.01POWDML::MINOSHTue Sep 11 1990Snell helmet anyone?
2645.07WOODRO::FRASERTue Sep 11 1990Blue Laws
2646.03RAVEN1::MKENNEDYTue Sep 11 1990Word processor for publishing
2647.02WLDWST::MARTIN_TTue Sep 11 1990Delete A Directory
2648.01MISFIT::MICKOLWed Sep 12 1990Need MicroVAX II => MicroVAX 35
2649.07PETERJ::JOHNSONWed Sep 12 1990Old soldiers never die...
2650.09SAFETY::STRAUBWed Sep 12 1990VUPS to MIPS Conversion Factor
2651.08TRUCKS::COOPER_NWed Sep 12 19905
2652.02NETMAN::DRUEKEThu Sep 13 1990Looking for financial(?) software
2653.01MAMIE::CORZINEThu Sep 13 1990Software Prototyping
2654.012PETERJ::JOHNSONFri Sep 14 1990Body Tricks
2655.06--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 18 1990Conference "ARABIC" on node VOGON-->Where is it?
2656.03LMBASS::CLARKTue Sep 18 1990SCSI to Q-Bus boards and Port drivers?
2657.03TOOK::MCPHERSONWed Sep 19 1990Where to find "DIARY.EXE" ?
2659.021CARTUN::BUSCHWed Sep 19 1990Skunks in the Night
2660.0416BITS::DELBALSOWed Sep 19 1990Rubber bulb replacement - calling Clarabell!
2661.03MISFIT::FLOESERThu Sep 20 1990Where find clips for badges?
2662.011OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Sep 20 1990Ideas for a Halloween Party ..
2663.03LESPE::WHITEFri Sep 21 199068
2664.01RVAX::SKERRYFri Sep 21 1990Name this tune?
2665.0CHOVAX::HORNUNGFri Sep 21 1990How do I order ESTIMACS?
2666.02CADSE::FOXSat Sep 22 199025
2667.02MEMIT::CANSLERMon Sep 24 1990internal modem vaxmate
2669.03SMURF::BINDERTue Sep 25 1990How to get rid of home heating oil?
2670.02ULTRA::FERGUSONTue Sep 25 1990In search of MOON BOOTS
2671.02CSC32::K_BOUCHARDTue Sep 25 1990electric cars?
2672.03RHODES::MARSHTue Sep 25 1990Lexicon Encyclopedia Questions
2673.07CADSE::WONGWed Sep 26 1990Embassies and Consulates
2675.02TKOEDU::SHIMODAWed Sep 26 1990Where is RETOS's kit
2676.02CNTROL::AMOSWed Sep 26 1990Mohammed Moshet??
2677.022CSC32::M_VALENZAWed Sep 26 1990Urban interstate highway junctions
2679.010PEACHS::MITCHAMWed Sep 26 1990
2680.02CLO::POLITZERThu Sep 27 1990Value of John Wayne Album
2681.011WJOUSM::PMORINThu Sep 27 1990Compose UP and DOWN arrow
2682.035MCIS2::DUPUISThu Sep 27 1990Why do people call porpoises "dolphins"?
2683.0ZANNA::SANINOCENCIOThu Sep 27 1990Looking for Online Dictionary
2684.085DYPSS1::DYSERTMon Oct 01 1990Einstein's IQ?
2685.05HDLITE::ALJAARMon Oct 01 1990Anti-glare shield for workstation
2686.011TOOK::MCPHERSONWed Oct 03 1990Need 11/73
2687.017FLOP::KOCHWed Oct 03 1990What will dissolve calcium carbonate?
2688.07HYEND::C_DENOPOULOSThu Oct 04 1990It's right on the tip of my tongue.
2689.02POBOX::WIECHMANNThu Oct 04 1990What's UTS2
2690.01MCIS2::DUPUISThu Oct 04 1990Harvest Moon-What's the story?
2691.08SUPER::HENDRICKSThu Oct 04 1990Editing invisible characters?
2692.03PETERJ::JOHNSONFri Oct 05 1990Looking for YAST
2693.02MUDIS3::JONESFri Oct 05 1990SCSI <-> Q-bus (PU-driver) communication
2694.01WORDY::JONGFri Oct 05 1990Nintendo question
2696.02JGO::APETERSTue Oct 09 1990VAX PROFESSIONAL magazine.
2697.07HANNAH::OSMANTue Oct 09 1990why don't contact lenses drift ?
2698.0SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Oct 09 1990Board level diagnostics for 386 boards?
2699.025SMOOT::ROTHWed Oct 10 1990Interstate highway numbering
2700.039WAV12::NORDGRENWed Oct 10 1990?? fence shape on bridgres over highways
2701.02XFORM::PANFri Oct 12 1990e-mail to PSI?
2703.03ASDS::WARDMon Oct 15 1990Network mail destination question
2704.01TOTH::PREVIDIMon Oct 15 1990Want Coal Stove Dealer
2705.09YUPPY::DUTTONSTue Oct 16 1990How do kites fly?
2706.010--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 16 1990ACCARS::CARBUFFS
2707.02NANOOK::FOXTue Oct 16 1990Halloween pictures on the EASYnet?
2708.0COVERT::COVERTWed Oct 17 1990GIF viewer for Pro Series?
2709.04BIGUN::MAYNEThu Oct 18 1990Digital Technical Journal on-line?
2710.0TAVThu Oct 18 1990Sources for known benchmarks?
2711.03MUNLEG::STADTELMEYERFri Oct 19 1990Public domain spreadsheet for DOS?
2712.02MCIS2::DUPUISFri Oct 19 1990I need Fuller Brush
2714.04DCC::URBANMon Oct 22 1990fake languages in DECUS? (valgol)
2715.01WLDWST::MARTIN_TMon Oct 22 1990How deep is the Bay
2716.04DIODE::CROWELLTue Oct 23 1990Solid state heat-pump, Peltier effect
2717.01TAVTue Oct 23 1990VTX Callable Interface -- LINK -- which conference
2718.01CPDW::ROSCHTue Oct 23 1990What's the future Admin Environment?
2719.02PROXY::SCHMIDTTue Oct 23 1990Carnegie-Mellon (CMU) MACH Software Kernel
2720.02HAMPS::PACK_JFri Oct 26 1990Perfect Club for Risc ?
2721.03MSCSSE::SILVERFri Oct 26 1990computers to teach computers?
2722.01NANOOK::PARENTMon Oct 29 1990Oriental Furniture
2723.02--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 30 1990PFM Source Code
2724.02NEMAIL::DAGOSTINOTue Oct 30 1990VOUCHER program help
2725.011--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 31 1990boston-OPERATION OVERCOAT > phone number
2726.04CSGWed Oct 31 1990CHUNNEL..A miss is as good as a mile?
2727.020WMOIS::RIEU_DWed Oct 31 1990Boston From Space - Poster
2728.017PSYLO::WILSONThu Nov 01 1990Why Do Batteries Corrode?
2729.011PSYLO::WILSONThu Nov 01 1990Continental Seasons
2730.04SKID::LALIBERTEMon Nov 05 1990translation from latin
2731.01USEM::CADLEMon Nov 05 1990MacIntosh Computers
2732.0CIVIC::FERRIGNOMon Nov 05 1990Competency-based . . .
2733.09SUTRA::RICHTue Nov 06 1990World Oil Reserves ??
2734.02WLDWST::MARTIN_TTue Nov 06 1990Digital Policies?
2735.02FOUR::ARMSTRONGTue Nov 06 1990Cheers Parade ?
2736.05ROYALT::GALLAGHERWed Nov 07 1990Help with error message
2737.0GNOCLU::SOEHLWed Nov 07 1990Bonsai exporter in Japan or Korea?
2739.010ROMWed Nov 07 1990"Big green" results/discussion where?
2740.0NOTIME::SACKSWed Nov 07 1990Socialist Congressmen?
2741.01STAR::DZIEDZICThu Nov 08 1990Aluminum darkening due to NaOH exposure
2742.012BPOVThu Nov 08 1990SPELLING TEST
2743.06CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZThu Nov 08 1990England anyone?
2744.01MUDIS3::STADLERFri Nov 09 1990Cadence gate assemble info
2745.05JUMBLY::MCCARTHYFri Nov 09 1990Charcoal?
2746.013WMOIS::Y_BREENFri Nov 09 1990Types of Videotapes
2747.05JIT761::HTANAKATue Nov 13 1990need precedent for VMS on Particle Accelerator
2749.02REGENT::EPSTEINWed Nov 14 1990Need price of DEC stock 8/31/9
2750.02HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 15 1990looking for part 3 of "For a Mother's Love"
2751.02--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 15 1990Last Resort...
2752.02SKELTN::BELLEROSEFri Nov 16 1990Questions about Savings Bonds
2753.03KAOM25::GAGNONSat Nov 17 1990How many miles of Interstate Highway?
2754.03GLDOA::TREMBATHSun Nov 18 1990The Cukoo's Egg"
2755.0CUPMK::CLEMINSHAWTue Nov 20 1990Seeking out-of-print book
2756.04COMICS::HOGGANWed Nov 21 1990Documents in postscript
2757.04PAMSRC::BARRETTWed Nov 21 1990Looking for DECUS UUCP
2758.01MSBCS::BIROWed Nov 21 1990NEXPERT where is it, what to order
2759.01CRLVMS::HALBERTWed Nov 21 1990Internal users getting fix kits from CSC
2760.01CPDW::ROSCHSat Nov 24 1990Repair plates on 'Vettes'?
2761.011TLE::MEIERSun Nov 25 1990Sales tax on new cars in Mass?
2762.010SKID::LALIBERTEMon Nov 26 1990us mail lapse time
2764.01TROATue Nov 27 1990UNISYS Migration from MAPPER
2765.013HANNAH::OSMANWed Nov 28 1990...not to mention it's lighter again after it dries
2766.06AKOCOA::DROMANOWed Nov 28 1990How long can XMas trees last inside?
2767.09REGENT::POWERSThu Nov 29 1990United Nations Security Council
2768.012SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Nov 29 1990Time/GMT/UTC
2769.015PEACHS::MITCHAMThu Nov 29 1990Warnings and etiquette at your local gasoline station...
2770.0PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Nov 29 1990Did anyone tape Nova - We know where you live?
2771.02SMEGIT::ARNOLDThu Nov 29 1990Sweeps info -->> Direct Mailers?
2772.02PROXY::SCHMIDTFri Nov 30 1990Optical Microscopy Techniques
2773.03KITS::FORANFri Nov 30 1990Replacement Wick??
2774.02DELREY::UCCI_SAFri Nov 30 1990Locating Conferences
2775.01JAWJA::GRESHMon Dec 10 1990What happened to ASKENET?
2776.0TROAMon Dec 10 1990HALON 13
2778.08MCIS2::DUPUISTue Dec 11 1990Need help finding a X-MAS Album from years ago
2779.013BSYBEE::EGOLFTue Dec 11 1990Why is the South called Dixie?
2780.09VMSDEV::PAULKM::WEISSWed Dec 12 1990A billion seconds
2781.06RTL::HINXMANWed Dec 12 1990Woodpecker problem
2782.02RTOEU::HSTOECKLINThu Dec 13 1990Employee Purchase Program
2783.02POBOX::KINSLEYThu Dec 13 1990RK
2784.09TIGEMS::ARNOLDFri Dec 14 1990Where to find a bird feeder?
2785.01MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERTue Dec 18 1990Pointer to SPEC Benchmarks ?
2786.03SWAM2::MASTROMAR_JOTue Dec 18 1990Icon upon activation?
2787.031CHIEFF::HUBERThu Dec 20 1990Patron saint of engineers
2788.06SKELTN::BELLEROSEThu Dec 20 1990How do your eyes adjust to light?
2789.01YUPPY::DUTTONSThu Dec 20 1990Ageing cheese
2790.01TAUGHT::JERRYFri Dec 21 1990decstation ms/dos documentation
2791.015POPJ1::PRAETORIUSFri Dec 21 1990home carbonation
2792.04XCUSME::CSILVAMon Dec 24 1990DEC Collector
2793.08SKIVT::HEARNWed Dec 26 1990BONZAI trees...
2794.010SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Dec 26 1990Run/Start/Launch/Invoke
2795.011DIODE::CROWELLFri Dec 28 1990Did American Buffalo go extinct?
2796.04SHIRE::DABEYAFri Dec 28 1990COWS
2797.03DIODE::CROWELLFri Dec 28 1990Diff. Frogs and Toads
2798.05REGENT::POWERSWed Jan 02 1991How do fever thermometers work?
2799.05SALSA::DUPREThu Jan 03 1991Info. Needed
2800.062CRAZY::FLATHERSThu Jan 03 1991table tennis league ?
2801.032MRCSSE::COLMANMon Jan 07 1991oil companies vs super-mileage cars
2802.09VIA::GOODRIDGEMon Jan 07 1991Cafeteria Prices?
2803.06SEDOAS::NOBLEWed Jan 09 1991Please Help to Trace a Lost Father
2804.014WELLIN::GRAHAMWed Jan 09 1991Alpha,Bravo,Charlie list ?
2805.01WEORD::PERRYWed Jan 09 1991Passport System Reference Site
2806.020INFACT::BEVISThu Jan 10 1991Desert Shield/Coffee Mugs
2807.014TODD::WARNOCKFri Jan 11 1991What's the next war called ?
2808.04SMEGIT::ARNOLDSun Jan 13 1991How does "double elimination" work?
2809.03ELIS::KEWMon Jan 14 1991Wildcard specification
2811.08ZEKE::MCCOYTue Jan 15 1991Old Newspaper Source?
2812.07WORDS::ALBINOTue Jan 15 1991"Mystery Theatre on Radio?
2813.04GLDOA::FULLERTue Jan 15 1991Rap music translation
2815.07ELIS::KEWThu Jan 17 1991String matching mask notation
2816.011GUESS::TATLOWThu Jan 17 1991UV light
2817.02AKO569::JOYThu Jan 17 1991French Student looking for American home
2818.010JARETH::EDPFri Jan 18 1991Ski and Shoot
2819.012CRAZY::FLATHERSFri Jan 18 1991custom bumber stickers?
2820.06SMEGIT::ARNOLDFri Jan 18 1991Using computers to control security access?
2821.03ROMMon Jan 21 1991Magazine subscription (help wanted)
2822.03LUNER::DOIRONTue Jan 22 1991Wass Simon???
2823.02BCSE::KREFETZTue Jan 22 1991ALA
2824.01SCAVAX::ROSCHWed Jan 23 1991Mustard on Nylon WTW?
2825.03WMOIS::A_STYVESWed Jan 23 1991Freedom of Information
2827.010SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 24 1991Yellow Ribbons
2828.023KYOA::CHURCHEThu Jan 24 1991What is a DCSS?
2829.0517265::WARDThu Jan 24 1991Caught Red Handed!!!
2830.03DSSDEV::BIBEAULTFri Jan 25 1991What's an "E" stamp worth?
2831.02FDCVFri Jan 25 1991List of standard data definitions?
2832.04TPWEST::RANZENBACHFri Jan 25 1991Bar Code Standards
2833.08CVG::THOMPSONSat Jan 26 1991IBM S/34 would you take a free one?
2834.03CAPNET::CROWTHERMon Jan 28 1991VAXmail . . .?
2835.05DUCK::HARDYAMon Jan 28 1991Can anyone help me?
2836.068732::ROBERTSMon Jan 28 1991Tri-fortnightly?
2837.0PCOJCT::MILBERGMon Jan 28 1991LPO Software, Inc. / Philon, Inc. ???
2838.03HLDGTue Jan 29 1991overview of Merise
2839.07COMICS::HOGGANTue Jan 29 1991Virus HELP!!!!
2840.04MCIS2::DUPUISWed Jan 30 1991George Bush's cabinet members
2841.015ROMWed Jan 30 1991sports cars rent rates?
2842.05WFOV12::DOBOSZ_MThu Jan 31 1991Stockholm Syndrome?
2843.012HLYCOW::ORZECHThu Jan 31 1991Desert Storm Prisoners of War
2844.06BRSADV::ROBBENSFri Feb 01 1991US -> European modem compatibility ?
2845.03SIEVAX::JAMIEFri Feb 01 1991DVI Viewer ?
2846.01COMICS::HOGGANMon Feb 04 1991Surplus equipment Stores
2847.01NEMAIL::DAGOSTINOMon Feb 04 1991J-net software resold by DEC?
2848.01TPWEST::RANZENBACHMon Feb 04 1991Satellite Dish Alignment...
2849.01CUPMK::TEMPLETue Feb 05 1991Migration from Wang to WordPerfect?
2850.016NEWOA::BAILEYWed Feb 06 1991Flowing freezing tap
2851.07NOTIME::SACKSWed Feb 06 1991Emperor Bokassa?
2852.02--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 08 1991Do Any Disk Packrats Have the EEP Policy?
2853.0TOOK::MCPHERSONFri Feb 08 1991Whither an XNS-based Virtual Terminal App?
2854.03CECEHV::HOPPENBR_JTue Feb 12 1991Proposal Guidelines
2855.01CANYON::LEEDSWed Feb 13 1991starting a business info ?
2856.04VARESE::SIEGMANNWed Feb 13 1991Searching for Len BOSACK/Ex-deccie
2857.06HLYCOW::ORZECHWed Feb 13 1991"Talkin' 'bout my generation..."
2858.03NEMAIL::DAGOSTINOWed Feb 13 1991Basic-Four conversion
2859.05TLE::MACDONALDWed Feb 13 1991Publication address?
2860.01UFHIS::HMITSCHELEThu Feb 14 1991Looking for a chip company
2861.05BELFST::MCCLEANThu Feb 14 1991Another Valentine's Question?
2862.010TLE::FORDThu Feb 14 1991Where can I buy/rent/borrow a fez?
2863.0CLOSET::DUM::T_PARMENTERFri Feb 15 1991Nonprofit Org Promotional Oppty for DEC PCs
2864.014SALEM::FISHER_TFri Feb 15 1991Node Locations??
2865.0SKYBRD::MIRASSOUFri Feb 15 1991Generating test data for populating db?
2866.04MSAMSun Feb 17 1991General Reference Library Access on the Network?
2867.01CECEHV::NIGTEVECHT_EMon Feb 18 1991compilers
2868.03MCIS2::HUSSIANMon Feb 18 1991PRODIGY
2869.01EARRTH::CROWLEYMon Feb 18 1991stockmarket
2870.011SNAX::THILBERTTue Feb 19 1991Who developed the Transistor
2871.01ASABET::MCALLISTERTue Feb 19 1991Spot on No Wax Floors
2872.013NEWOA::BAILEYWed Feb 20 1991"Blue light special"???
2873.016SPIDER::VINELEAFThu Feb 21 1991Smart Vending Machines
2874.03SMURF::SMURF::BINDERThu Feb 21 1991Egg dye migration problem
2875.02EPIK::HEILMANThu Feb 21 1991Looking for trackball
2876.03ALLVAX::STAATSThu Feb 21 1991Does "plain" glass block ultraviolet light?
2877.010SSDEVO::YOUNGERFri Feb 22 1991Question on US constitution
2878.04HERON::KAISERMon Feb 25 1991Sony ICF 2
2879.02SALSA::DUPREMon Feb 25 1991Workgroup Product Info Needed
2880.013WEORG::GILLISMon Feb 25 1991What is the Continental Divide?
2882.01VINO::BIEGELTue Feb 26 1991Assisting in long distance relocation
2883.08CSC32::M_VALENZATue Feb 26 1991What are the Scandinavian countries?
2884.02RTOEU::HSTOECKLINWed Feb 27 1991view files in GIF format
2885.02FROST::WALZThu Feb 28 1991How Many Telephone Poles?
2886.02VAXWRK::FINNERTYThu Feb 28 1991New 5% Mass tax on memberships ??
2887.025ULTRA::DONAHUEFri Mar 01 1991Who's the product manager?
2888.02ULTRA::DONAHUEFri Mar 01 1991Who is the account manager?
2889.02HERON::KAISERMon Mar 04 1991Prices for scrimshaw?
2890.04RCSTAR::RCMon Mar 04 1991news release format
2891.03JSOVTue Mar 05 1991on-line dictionary on Easynet?
2892.01ATHINA::PAGETue Mar 05 1991PC for the blind
2893.020WLDWST::MARTIN_TTue Mar 05 1991Bond.James Bond
2894.01KOOZEE::HODESTue Mar 05 1991"Real World"
2895.011PEACHS::MITCHAMWed Mar 06 1991I posted this in the Mass. conference and got little response.
2896.013MATE::THOMASWed Mar 06 1991English to Spanish translator needed.
2897.01KEATNG::KEATINGWed Mar 06 1991Need User's Manual for Micro PDP-11
2898.02HGOVC::ARTHURLEUNGThu Mar 07 1991How to connect to DSIN?
2899.05MCIS2::DUPUISThu Mar 07 19914-1
2900.02MCIS2::DUPUISThu Mar 07 1991Is DEC getting into banking software???
2901.03PV12Thu Mar 07 1991Thanks for answering my question: Saint Michael's Day?
2902.0CARTUN::ROSEThu Mar 07 1991How do I get my name off of U.S. Mailing Lists?
2903.09IMTDEV::ROBERTSThu Mar 07 1991Memory Courses/Books
2904.03RHODES::GREENEFri Mar 08 1991Consumer Reports...which detergent?
2905.02KADOW::PKADOWFri Mar 08 1991Ginseng
2906.09COGITO::LANKIEWICZMon Mar 11 1991whats a VUP ?
2907.012KADOW::PKADOWTue Mar 12 1991Mail Order/Sales Tax?
2908.01AKOCOA::OSTIGUYWed Mar 13 1991Info. on what the 5th Anniversary gifts s/b !
2909.05VINO::ROMWed Mar 13 1991info on an accident
2910.02STKHUV::MARSELLThu Mar 14 1991Atlanta Newspapers Wanted!
2911.03TROAThu Mar 14 1991Info on Atlanta outside consultant ?
2912.05FMNIST::olsonThu Mar 14 1991How do ISVs register Message utility facility codes?
2913.07CRISTA::MAYNARDFri Mar 15 1991Trial De Novo?
2914.02BOOKS::MORRISONFri Mar 15 1991External Access Review Committee
2915.07SNAX::THILBERTSat Mar 16 1991The Boll Weevil
2916.04MCIS2::DUPUISMon Mar 18 1991Popular Club
2917.015HLYCOW::ORZECHMon Mar 18 1991Corned Beef, the Irish, and Irish Stew
2918.07HANNAH::OSMANMon Mar 18 1991I got the picture, but I don't plan on sending money
2919.02CRBOSS::DEVITue Mar 19 1991Distributed Databases Notes?
2920.016RCOWAO::OSSMANTue Mar 19 1991Looking for radio talk man
2921.09RUTLND::MCMAHONTue Mar 19 1991Venn diagram?
2922.01VIRGO::SEKURSKITue Mar 19 1991Information on Missouri
2923.050REGENT::POWERSWed Mar 20 1991the Hard Rock Cafe
2924.012CLOSET::VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERWed Mar 20 1991Data banks
2925.022I18N::GREENWOODThu Mar 21 1991Time Zones
2926.0SUPER::HENDRICKSThu Mar 21 1991Mnemonic devices/tricks for data normalization?
2927.06ACESMK::MCKIMFri Mar 22 1991Looking for workstation monitor magnifier
2928.02KITS::FORANFri Mar 22 1991"Tommy,Tommy,Tommy
2929.03KADOW::PKADOWFri Mar 22 1991Rush Limbaugh/talk show host
2930.04ICS::THOMPSONPFri Mar 22 1991help with reblocking a file
2931.02SNOFS1::FAKESSun Mar 24 1991Public Domain PROLOG
2933.03RHODES::GREENEMon Mar 25 1991Swiss Francs...US dollars?
2934.01SAURUS::AICHERTue Mar 26 1991Correspondence Schools
2935.05LUNER::DOIRONTue Mar 26 1991What does this mean?
2936.04STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANTue Mar 26 1991P12
2937.01AIMHI::TINIUSThu Mar 28 1991Licensing 3rd party on internal systems?
2938.02TALLIS::KOCHThu Mar 28 1991Question about machine tools.
2939.04ULYSSE::MILDERThu Mar 28 1991DECVEC
2940.01CADSYS::HECTOR::RICHARDSONThu Mar 28 1991When does Ramadan end?
2941.07SSDEVO::YOUNGERThu Mar 28 1991British flag?
2942.05MANMSat Mar 30 1991PDP 11/34 TO IBM 4331 USING ETHER. DOCU???
2943.01KADOW::PKADOWSun Mar 31 1991MOTIF ?
2944.04EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Apr 01 1991"Executive Education Program"?
2947.04ULTRA::DONAHUETue Apr 02 1991The job market must be expanding SOMEWHERE..!!??
2948.08TROATue Apr 02 1991Large Anti-glare Screen Filter needed
2949.0BIGRED::GARRETTTue Apr 02 1991FITS format???
2950.05JAWJA::GRESHWed Apr 03 1991VTX info-base directory?
2951.013TALLIS::KOCHThu Apr 04 1991How do 9
2952.04CHOVAX::HORNUNGThu Apr 04 1991Looking for LINPACK Math Routine Pkg.
2953.07KADOW::PKADOWFri Apr 05 1991American Research Bureau
2954.02MUHIS::HSTOECKLINTue Apr 09 1991VMS version history
2955.04ULTRA::DONAHUETue Apr 09 1991Looking for an IBM Pro-printer Manual
2956.02PEACHS::MITCHAMTue Apr 09 1991How to manicure a baseball outfield...
2957.03HANNAH::OSMANTue Apr 09 1991my appreciation for help in depreciation (TAX QUESTION)
2958.04MISERY::BLUM_JOTue Apr 09 1991Nutritionists and dieticians
2959.07MUHIS::HSTOECKLINWed Apr 10 1991DEClearn (?)
2960.04NEWOA::BAILEYThu Apr 11 1991Drive a PC remotely ?
2962.01CECEHV::NIGTEVECHT_EWed Apr 17 1991TeX on the VAX ?
2963.07TRCOThu Apr 18 1991Monitors in Southern Hemisphere
2964.08NOTIME::SACKSThu Apr 18 1991Movie ratings
2965.07THEWAV::PFLUEGERThu Apr 18 1991KMA-367??
2966.02ROYALT::BERNARDThu Apr 18 1991Hot Air Balloon notes file?
2967.04MISERY::BLUM_JOThu Apr 18 1991Geography question
2968.04LUGGER::PICKHOVERMon Apr 22 1991Pica and Elite
2969.09CLOSET::RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERMon Apr 22 1991What's the hardware equivalent of an SPR?
2970.012CPDW::ROSCHMon Apr 22 1991DeDecal decar
2971.0REGENT::BROOMHEADMon Apr 22 1991Wonderland radar?
2972.0REGENT::POWERSTue Apr 23 1991wheelchair athletics
2973.06POBOX::ZEISLERTue Apr 23 1991what/where is VOTS
2974.06MILKWY::MORRISONTue Apr 23 1991Rebooting workstations slows VAX to a crawl
2975.01MILKWY::MORRISONTue Apr 23 1991What is WAVE Script Language?
2976.06MPGS::BURGESSWed Apr 24 1991Clarinet.Com (???)
2977.04KADOW::PKADOWWed Apr 24 1991Eye Glasses
2978.033KADOW::PKADOWThu Apr 25 199112 o'clock, a.m./p.m.
2979.01SNAX::STPETERMon Apr 29 1991Federal Grants
2980.09NOTIME::SACKSMon Apr 29 1991U.S. President's salary?
2981.01HELIX::SONTAKKEMon Apr 29 1991Mercury Insurance Service, UK ???
2982.01SQM::FERNANDEZMon Apr 29 1991How to make presentations 35 mm slides in Digital?
2983.02CIMNET::LUNGERMon Apr 29 1991Land - they aren't making much of it anymore
2984.02SUBWAY::YANNIOSTue Apr 30 1991Foreign Language Translation S/W?
2985.02FATBOY::TOPPINGGTue Apr 30 1991reflectors wanted
2986.02FATBOY::TOPPINGGTue Apr 30 1991Dr Demento in DC?
2987.01COVERT::COVERTTue Apr 30 1991Church Tax / Kirchensteuer
2988.04WLDWST::MARTIN_TTue Apr 30 1991Node Accessing/Directories?
2989.07CSSE32::LESLIEWed May 01 1991T-Shirts with messages made up
2990.07NEMAIL::DAGOSTINOThu May 02 1991Cheap towels (rags)
2991.01MILKWY::TRANDOLPHThu May 02 1991IRAF/astronomy research customers?
2992.02SUPER::HENDRICKSThu May 02 1991Need info on kite stores - NH and MA
2993.08ESCROW::ROBERTSFri May 03 1991How many days to get Mass Insp Sticker
2994.02POWDML::SIMARDFri May 03 1991CABLE TV file
2995.0NEGD::TRIBEFri May 03 1991ULANA (??) Compliance
2996.01RIPPLE::KOPEC_STFri May 03 1991Worst case max # hops on Easynet today?
2998.03ROMMon May 06 1991FAX+laser+scanner+copier??
2999.02KITS::FORANTue May 07 1991 What happened to "Coach"
3000.02DBSALF::TOLLIVERTue May 07 1991Ever heard of 'Redwing' products?
3001.01298Tue May 07 1991How many people use Digital terminals?
3002.08DECWET::METZGERTue May 07 1991How is the spark made ?
3003.02POBOX::DECAPPTue May 07 1991Obsolete product docs?
3004.07KIPPIS::BACKSTROMTue May 07 1991Bringing a cat from Europe to U.S.A.
3005.06ULTRA::ELLISWed May 08 1991Quayle Question
3006.01EPOCH::JOHNSONWed May 08 1991Looking for info on "Meetings That Work"
3007.02POWDML::SIMARDThu May 09 1991Blue Laws gone?
3008.01POWDML::SIMARDThu May 09 1991specific camping topic?
3009.011TENAYA::KOLLINGThu May 09 1991DEC logoed gizmo catalog?
3010.02HLDGMon May 13 1991cano = watersport
3011.02ABRI::MACVICARMon May 13 1991Cancer Support Groups?
3012.01--UnknownUser--Wed May 15 1991The final "Who Do I Contact" note
3014.01MARVA2::SNEADWed May 15 1991Seeking RC25 on VAX to do file transfer
3015.05AIMHI::ALGERWed May 15 19913rd Party Software Index?
3016.019EPOCH::JOHNSONThu May 16 1991Yesterday's rumor...
3017.07KIPPIS::SIROThu May 16 1991Squirrel troubles
3018.09TPWEST::JOVANThu May 16 1991Vertical Mouse
3020.01FOOSW6::ZIPPFri May 17 1991DEC number ===> Serial number?
3021.02WMOIS::COTTON_RMon May 20 1991LA324 printer
3022.02BOSTON::DAGOSTINOMon May 20 1991Product mgr for Ingres Tools?
3023.02KITS::FORANMon May 20 1991Sox game early WED nite???
3025.010TODD::WARNOCKTue May 21 1991DECtape still around ?
3026.08KITES::BOWENTue May 21 1991Horseshoes - the game
3027.05VINO::KOMARTue May 21 1991Book Reader (intell. scanner) Wanted
3028.06PENUTS::PENNINGTONWed May 22 1991Who owns the Interplant System?
3029.05SALEM::POTUCEKWed May 22 1991BC17Z-8
3030.05VIRGO::SEKURSKIWed May 22 1991A Feminine Looking Cane
3031.01EPOCH::JOHNSONFri May 24 1991LVP16 / Plotting
3032.09SUBWAY::SAPIENZAFri May 24 1991Magnetic strip capacity
3033.01EVETPU::RUSTTue May 28 1991Calculus: integral tool of daily life, or derivative time-sink?
3034.02SOLVIT::KAUFMANTue May 28 1991UFO Notesfile???
3035.05SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed May 29 1991Cybernetics
3036.08RICKS::SHERMANThu May 30 1991# story plots?
3037.07RAB::KARDONThu May 30 1991Tax questions about starting a company
3038.08TIGEMS::ARNOLDFri May 31 1991Visio French word processing program help?
3039.04TRCOFri May 31 1991Soap Opera Emmy Awards?
3040.0916BITS::DELBALSOSat Jun 01 1991Does advertising real estate in NOTES violate PP&P?
3041.016CLOSET::VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERMon Jun 03 1991International parcels
3042.01HAMPS::PATTISON_MMon Jun 03 1991DIGITAL office on customers network ?
3043.01CSSE::WOODMANMon Jun 03 1991Info request on Canoe Mfg.
3044.07CALLME::MR_TOPAZMon Jun 03 1991Bovine Nutrition
3045.01SHALOT::YOMMERMon Jun 03 1991Question about Icon Author (Multi-Media Training Tool
3046.02CADSYS::CADSYS::RICHARDSONMon Jun 03 1991Martha of Martha's Vineyard?
3047.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 04 1991Trying to find a new home for a V5.
3048.01LUNER::D_BROWNWed Jun 05 1991Discount auto purchases?
3050.06FROST::WALZWed Jun 05 1991Charcoal
3051.09SUPER::HENDRICKSWed Jun 05 1991Need highlighters in many colors
3052.06VAXWRK::MEYERWed Jun 05 1991Family Reunion Ideas???
3053.01WEORG::ROGOFFFri Jun 07 1991Contact for "Desktop 3"?
3054.02IMTDEV::ROBERTSFri Jun 07 1991U.S. Telephone Numbers
3056.02LEARN2::GOYKHMANFri Jun 07 1991Help! with database optimization/redesign info
3057.027JARETH::EDPMon Jun 10 1991Computer Map for Automobiles
3058.01LAIDBK::MUELLERTue Jun 11 1991Info on SW Initiative?
3059.0FRITOS::TALCOTTWed Jun 12 1991How do internal people in Europe/GIA get their PAKs?
3060.02PVCSSE::PICCICUTOWed Jun 12 1991Looking for information on DOCS., a HPMS application!
3061.011BRAT::AUSTINWed Jun 12 1991Need fiscal date routine
3062.09AIMHI::DECARTERETWed Jun 12 1991Thunder storm/Electrical
3063.08LTLDPR::WOODThu Jun 13 1991Is it the color or contents...
3064.02POWDML::SIMARDFri Jun 14 1991dist.for rub on letters
3065.01TKOV51::NAKANOMon Jun 17 1991MIL-STD-217D
3066.04CECVMon Jun 17 1991Health Insurance for Non-US Citizen?
3067.01GENRAL::REAVESMon Jun 17 1991POW bracelet from Vietnam War?
3068.02AIMHI::DECARTERETTue Jun 18 1991Directions from Nashua to Bedford
3069.016BELFST::MCCLINTOCKTue Jun 18 1991A question of Grammar
3070.06SHALOT::WELTONTue Jun 18 1991Mapping a license plate to a name
3071.07DPDMAI::BERNALTue Jun 18 1991Adding a relative to your insurance
3072.01JUNCO::THILBERTWed Jun 19 1991Relocation Question (Help)
3073.04NEMAIL::DAGOSTINOWed Jun 19 1991BASIC,Fortran, and/or PL/1 to C?
3074.018PEACHS::MITCHAMThu Jun 20 1991Clear stands near President's podium -- what are they?
3075.025HPSTEK::FOBRIENThu Jun 20 1991What time is it?
3076.05KADOW::PKADOWFri Jun 21 1991Computer call me when failure
3077.03PEACHS::MITCHAMMon Jun 24 1991Retirement income: 1 company > 3 companies?
3078.02MILKWY::SLABOUNTYMon Jun 24 1991Blisters
3079.017VAXWRK::MEYERThu Jun 27 1991$1
3080.01F18::ROBERTThu Jun 27 1991Vacation to Lake Tahoe
3082.06NOTIME::SACKSFri Jun 28 1991Raisin' a question
3083.01FMNIST::olsonFri Jun 28 1991Locking down an obscure machine name
3084.06KADOW::PKADOWSat Jun 29 1991Post Script to Ascii converter?
3085.09TROASun Jun 30 1991saudi experience?
3086.08VMSDEV::HALLYBMon Jul 01 1991Stand to hold papers next to VDT screen?
3087.06BOMBE::HORGANTue Jul 02 1991Lotus Notes info needed
3088.06DPDMAI::BERNALTue Jul 02 1991Viewing an Eclipse of the Sun ?
3090.03LUPUS::J_JOSEPHWed Jul 03 1991Where is this mail from?
3091.04CARMEL::GOETZEWed Jul 03 1991Videotex listing of US Holidays?
3092.03TAVThu Jul 04 1991Doppler affect and police radar ...
3093.05MGOIThu Jul 04 1991Black&Decker
3094.07TRADE::CONWAYMon Jul 08 1991Virtual memory tools
3095.05TIGEMS::ARNOLDMon Jul 08 1991Touch Screen Terminals/Monitors?
3096.02ESKIMO::MANDREOLIMon Jul 08 1991Architect Info Needed
3097.01AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue Jul 09 1991Where do I get an internal INET address?
3098.03IAMOK::CALCAGNITue Jul 09 1991BAQICIL for the pool
3099.01HERON::RUMEAUTue Jul 09 1991Trying to get informations on SMPTE and MIDI
3100.01ISLNDS::BUCKWed Jul 10 1991Blank Rental Lease?
3101.06JARETH::EDPThu Jul 11 1991Musical Lights
3103.032ESCROW::ROBERTSThu Jul 11 1991Urban Legends?
3104.02KADOW::PKADOWSat Jul 13 19911-2 Week Summer Rental in New England area
3105.011JARETH::EDPMon Jul 15 1991Domino's Pizza
3106.06HERON::RUMEAUTue Jul 16 1991Notesfile on Professional video discussions???
3107.04EICMFG::DOUGLASTue Jul 16 1991need info: air traffic, reservation, geography sys
3108.03DPDMAI::BERNALWed Jul 17 1991No books please ! Ascii format on Magtape or CD . ALL-IN-1 Doc Set
3109.04BORON5::WIGHT_BRIANMon Jul 22 1991Tie Dying....???
3110.02LJOHUB::NSMITHMon Jul 22 1991Here's mud in your eye!
3111.01RANGER::LOWELLMon Jul 22 1991Down East Spa's
3112.06TAVThu Jul 25 1991Who said these and under what circumstances...
3113.01BERNThu Jul 25 1991Panasonic NV-861
3115.04AIMHI::ALGERThu Jul 25 1991Custom numeric keypad overlays?
3116.04TIGEMS::ARNOLDFri Jul 26 1991Statute of Limitations on debts?
3117.08KADOW::PKADOWFri Jul 26 1991L. Ron Hubbard/Dianetics
3118.03JUMP4::JOYMon Jul 29 1991Biorhythm calculator?
3120.011KADOW::PKADOWTue Jul 30 1991Graphics Package
3121.08ROBOAT::HEBERTTue Jul 30 1991Rude Interruption Waiting
3122.016VAXWRK::MEYERWed Jul 31 1991Where to get DEC-stuff?
3123.02DSTEG1::CREEDENWed Jul 31 1991does anyone know about DEC land?
3124.0JGODCL::APETERSFri Aug 02 1991Jovanotti Request
3125.09SMEGIT::ARNOLDFri Aug 02 1991Text translation help for French, Spanish, Kanji
3127.09ENABLE::GLANTZMon Aug 05 1991photographs of crop circles in Wiltshire?
3128.010CUPMK::BATCHELDERMon Aug 05 1991Car Purchase: MA sales tax for NH residents?
3129.039CPDW::FADDENTue Aug 06 1991Exploding Water!! microwave mystery ...
3130.0232FAR::DFONSECAWed Aug 07 1991'Pipe farm' along Rte. 2
3131.011CPDW::CIUFFINIThu Aug 08 1991... linguini too! ...
3132.0916BITS::DELBALSOFri Aug 09 1991How does one participate in wholesale car auctions?
3133.03AKOPWJ::LANEFri Aug 09 1991Saco River (Conway, NH to Maine)
3134.07LUNER::DOIRONMon Aug 12 1991Backpacking..
3135.0BOMBE::CARIFIOMon Aug 12 1991s/w dev group at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard?
3136.08TRUCKS::SMARTThu Aug 15 1991Why do aeroplanes have black noses?
3137.01FROIS1::JAKOBIFri Aug 16 1991MBA someone ?
3138.05SMEGIT::ARNOLDFri Aug 16 1991Network monitoring software?
3140.011AIMHI::DECARTERETWed Aug 21 1991Concerning the freeway...
3141.015RTOISA::SUPPORT_ORThu Aug 22 1991quiz problems
3142.017SHALOT::WELTONThu Aug 22 1991Commercially available operating systems
3143.01SUPER::HENDRICKSFri Aug 23 1991PSI gateway?
3144.02ERICG::ERICGThu Aug 29 1991electronic SPRs?
3145.014CPDW::ROSCHThu Aug 29 1991PBS private?
3146.017PARITY::DENISEFri Aug 30 1991travel/rentacar ?
3147.04OTIGER::M_TACKETTFri Aug 30 1991Looking for 1134 (PDP-11/34?)
3148.0PLAYER::PUTMANSMon Sep 02 1991World-Expo (92 = Sevilla)
3149.03EICMFG::DOUGLASTue Sep 03 1991looking for a company - Ohio Forge
3150.015STAR::DZIEDZICTue Sep 03 1991How does one become a Notary Public?
3151.02SNAX::THILBERTWed Sep 04 1991World wide Site Codes
3152.07CNTROL::AMOSWed Sep 04 1991Scanner Channels
3153.01MYRON::KEATINGWed Sep 04 1991"Down the cellar" said the cricket
3154.01MYRON::KEATINGThu Sep 05 1991199
3155.02WHEEL::SIGLERSun Sep 08 1991Beautiful Visions ?
3156.025MUHIS::HSTOECKLINMon Sep 09 1991somebody living in Arlington, Virginia?
3157.02SELECT::BEAIRSTOMon Sep 09 1991Eye Opener Bob
3158.022BERNTue Sep 10 1991why U*IX and I*M instead of UNIX, IBM etc?
3159.05MYTPAK::BENHAMTue Sep 10 1991Tom Tryon
3160.04COVERT::COVERTTue Sep 10 1991Car Doors and Bicycles
3161.0JGODCL::APETERSWed Sep 11 1991I love my Mouse
3162.02JANL::WILSONWed Sep 11 1991National Lampoon's True Facts Issue
3163.01ASDG::NOORLAGWed Sep 11 1991"Smiling faces" in notes
3164.03DPDMAI::HOGGATTThu Sep 12 1991recycling toner cartridges
3165.04SUBWAY::SAPIENZAFri Sep 13 1991Formula for day of week...
3166.02A1VAX::KREFETZFri Sep 13 1991a tardy Bob (the hurricane) question
3167.05FOOSW6::ZIPPSat Sep 14 1991Bubble formula wanted
3168.0SUOSW4::HAMANNMon Sep 16 1991AUI adapter for DEPCA needed
3169.01WASTED::tomgMon Sep 16 1991Help Contacting a Contractor?
3170.02TAIPAN::BIBEAULTMon Sep 16 1991How to use VAXstation 31
3171.05STAR::DZIEDZICTue Sep 17 1991Search for company "Taito"
3172.03KAOFS::M_MORINTue Sep 17 1991Nu Skin products and Sales approach
3173.02SHIPS::GKEWed Sep 18 1991"potted" history of DEC
3174.03CSSE::WOODMANWed Sep 18 1991Help on obtaining a tape
3176.02POBOX::WIECHMANNThu Sep 19 1991Meaning of ACT "logo?"
3177.011TKOVOA::MIZUNOFri Sep 20 1991Electrical power frequency in US
3178.05MRKTNG::SWYP::SZKLARZMon Sep 23 1991TMNT or TMHT ??
3179.05NIOMAX::LAINGMon Sep 23 1991Cost of PDP-8E in 1971?!
3180.0JGODCL::HEIJSENWed Sep 25 1991FLuke 91xx tester.
3181.02TNPUBS::JONGWed Sep 25 1991ALS
3182.04NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Sep 25 1991Polish translation, please
3183.04SHIPS::NORRIS_CWed Sep 25 1991Who "had a dream"
3184.02CIMNET::MCCALLIONWed Sep 25 1991Tickets to Games Show - how to?
3185.01VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Sep 25 1991Country Club Applications?
3186.0KERNEL::MCCULLAGHAThu Sep 26 1991Where for WAN info
3187.01TNPUBS::JONGThu Sep 26 1991Japanese baseball player question
3188.04CIMNET::LUNGERThu Sep 26 1991Looking for info on cartoonist: Toles
3189.05JOKUR::KEATINGThu Sep 26 1991Fill in the blank?
3190.017SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Sep 27 1991Artificial Languages/Esperanto
3191.06VAXUUM::KEEFETue Oct 01 1991Oakley Thermonuclear
3192.02MRED::SMALLERTue Oct 01 1991LA21
3193.02SNAX::THILBERTWed Oct 02 1991Help Deleting NOTE
3194.05MOMAX1::WOODWed Oct 02 1991Trees changing color faster near water
3195.01REGENT::POWERSThu Oct 03 1991names of government bodies
3196.09MSBCS::CONNELLThu Oct 03 1991Solomon Grundy
3197.01SELECT::CHAVEZThu Oct 03 1991How to address a magistrate?
3198.04DEDMAN::EDWARDSFri Oct 04 1991Smoke detector going off
3199.01BOSDAG::DAGOSTINOFri Oct 04 1991How to change ENET node registration
3200.09DPD2Fri Oct 04 1991Need Help Writing to Notes
3201.05CHOVAX::YOUNGSun Oct 06 1991VAXstation II with a VR16
3202.03CLARID::LEBIDOISMon Oct 07 1991Belgian notes conference
3203.09NYTPMon Oct 07 1991Eyepatches.
3204.013MRKTNG::SWYP::SZKLARZThu Oct 17 1991Revolving Doors
3205.01WMOIS::CHOWThu Oct 17 1991condom litter
3206.02NEST::DABYThu Oct 17 1991note directory
3207.0CSSE::WOODMANThu Oct 17 1991Looking For Black Walnuts
3208.05SMEGIT::ARNOLDThu Oct 17 1991Hardware Equivalent of VTX SPD available?
3209.05WMOIS::MEIJERFri Oct 18 1991IRISH kilts needed
3210.02LUNER::DOIRONMon Oct 21 1991DECworld Person???
3211.08VEGAS::GURALNIKMon Oct 21 1991Buses Conference?
3212.01NEST::DABYMon Oct 21 1991Nursing Schools
3213.011GLDOA::TREMBATHMon Oct 21 1991Looking for drawings.
3214.02SCOAYR::GFLYNNTue Oct 22 1991HELP BOOKS
3215.02NOTIME::SACKSTue Oct 22 1991International mail -- who pays?
3216.03KYOA::BOYLEWed Oct 23 1991Microfiche support
3217.01SHALOT::WELTONWed Oct 23 1991Operating System Info
3218.022JGODCL::APETERSWed Oct 23 1991Foreign Application Restriction Tool?
3219.02REDBRD::KALEEMWed Oct 23 1991Possible to receive INTERNET mail from a hidden node?
3220.02REJOIC::LOMBARDOThu Oct 24 1991Mens' suits
3221.04OTIGER::D_HARLANThu Oct 24 1991Site Guide Materials???
3222.01FULMER::JONESRThu Oct 24 1991Looking for SW_INVENTORY.COM
3223.04MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu Oct 24 1991Why is it called a Lazy Susan?
3224.09HANNAH::OSMANFri Oct 25 1991leaves turning green again ?
3226.04TROOA::RITCHEFri Oct 25 1991Online access to telephone directories available?
3228.013BONNET::WOUTERMon Oct 28 1991Getting married around in Las Vegas
3229.02ULTRA::DONAHUEMon Oct 28 1991Looking for "Project Discrete Numbers"
3230.02REJOIC::LOMBARDOTue Oct 29 1991Cleveland Browns?
3231.01NYTPTue Oct 29 1991WP Typewriters vs PC's
3232.02LEZAH::QUIRIYWed Oct 30 1991C'mon big money!
3233.08--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 31 1991NEED HELP LOGGING IN FROM HOME TERMINAL !
3234.03GIAMEM::RIDGEThu Oct 31 1991why is the sky blue?
3236.0DEALIN::LOMBARDOSun Nov 03 1991Water guns history?
3237.01MUHIS::HSTOECKLINMon Nov 04 1991Looking for Seth people
3238.04CEEOSI::WILTSHIREMon Nov 04 1991Latin -> English Translation
3239.018TAIPAN::BIBEAULTMon Nov 04 1991Obtaining an 8
3240.02ANVIL::BUEHLERMon Nov 04 1991Pepsi/Dorito game pieces
3241.04USEM::M_MURRAYMon Nov 04 1991Looking For a Place to Stay in Orlando
3242.03GOTA1::HELINTue Nov 05 1991Harvard Business Review on line?
3243.02TIMES2::WILKINSTue Nov 05 1991Looking for ``Post-It Notes''
3244.07VIA::PARMENTERWed Nov 06 1991
3245.0CALS::HORGANWed Nov 06 1991Know about Applix??
3247.012COVERT::COVERTThu Nov 07 1991Burning question!
3248.04DOLPHN::SEARSFri Nov 08 1991RF barcode readers
3249.03EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Nov 11 1991Looking for help with speech therapy
3250.07TAIPAN::BIBEAULTMon Nov 11 1991How to accept credit cards?
3251.04PSYLO::ELLIOTTMon Nov 11 1991DST and sunset in May
3252.026BSYBEE::EGOLFMon Nov 11 1991Morgana vs Morgan le Fay?
3253.011DOBRA::MCGOVERNTue Nov 12 1991POSTscript Viewer File for DECwindows?
3254.08TOOK::MORRISONTue Nov 12 1991Questions about CompuServe
3255.018MLTVAX::DELBALSOTue Nov 12 1991Strobes 'n' stop lights
3256.06VINO::HOAGWed Nov 13 1991Eggs on paint.
3257.01JOKUR::KEATINGWed Nov 13 1991Program from "Forever Plaid"?
3259.019TLE::EIKENBERRYThu Nov 14 1991Removal from Junk Mail Lists?
3260.08REGENT::POWERSFri Nov 15 1991Louisiana election day - tuesday, saturday?
3261.04AIMHI::ALGERFri Nov 15 1991Need the Words to a Poem
3262.01EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Nov 15 1991Looking for VGA-Overhead display device
3263.05REGENT::POWERSMon Nov 18 1991sources of tainted trick or treat treats
3264.02SHALOT::WELTONMon Nov 18 1991Heads of State list
3265.08CUPMK::KNIGHTINGTue Nov 19 1991Who was it?
3266.09HALFDM::GOETZEWed Nov 20 1991Real-time badge printing app. {nice fonts and all}
3267.01MILPND::PANEKFri Nov 22 1991Need MDM netkit info....
3268.04DECWIN::FISHERSat Nov 23 1991Where to ask about Snowblowers?
3269.02ODIXIE::WITMANSun Nov 24 1991LASER TAG Equipment wanted!!!!!
3270.023AIMHI::TINIUSSun Nov 24 1991"Delivery charge" to store itself?
3271.0HERON::KAISERTue Nov 26 1991Source for Longchamp chinaware?
3272.013TAVTue Nov 26 1991Check in RED ink ...???...
3273.012CNTROL::COTETue Nov 26 1991Big Brother Bob Emery & Major Mudd
3274.024GVAFri Nov 29 1991Time Capsule Contents ???
3275.01POWDML::LALIBERTEMon Dec 02 1991joseph campbell lecture series
3276.0PRODTue Dec 03 1991Directions to Providence College??
3277.032ELWOOD::LANETue Dec 03 1991Rudolph the red
3278.01SDTMKT::DAVISONTue Dec 03 1991Russian novelist
3279.02TROOA::VIAUTue Dec 03 1991notefile problem
3280.04HGOVC::DEANGELISWed Dec 04 1991DECdirect catalogue (software)
3281.01SALSA::MOELLERThu Dec 05 1991Cybertools ?
3282.07SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Dec 05 1991Octet/Byte
3283.08R2ME2::CMURRAYSun Dec 08 1991"Easy Does It" / "One Day at a Time"
3284.02LJOHUB::GIBIANMon Dec 09 1991How do I do a literature search?
3286.07MYCRFT::PARODITue Dec 10 1991Telephone as intercom?
3287.014MLTVAX::DELBALSOTue Dec 10 1991Questions regarding the Gilbert Erector Set
3288.011HDLITE::ALJAARTue Dec 10 1991DECstation and Macintosh.
3289.08RTOISA::SUPPORT_ORWed Dec 11 1991Encyclopedia available?
3290.06DTIF::MCEVOYWed Dec 11 1991christmas nativity scenes?
3291.010LUPUS::J_JOSEPHWed Dec 11 1991What would happen if the Earth sped up?
3292.01TODD::WARNOCKThu Dec 12 1991Free Academy of the City of New York?
3294.08COVERT::COVERTSat Dec 14 1991Stairs
3295.05MOMAX1::WOODMon Dec 16 1991need to know how to contact the peace corps
3296.0OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTMon Dec 16 19913M Model 2225 fax machine question ..
3297.011FROCKY::LANGSDORFMon Dec 16 1991Desperately seeking some information about a Van.
3298.06USCTR1::EHILLTue Dec 17 1991Artifical Xmas Tree?
3299.05VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Dec 17 1991Video Projection Systems?
3300.02GEMVAX::DSMITHTue Dec 17 1991Notes Moderator Conference???
3301.02GIAMEM::SHARRINGTONThu Dec 19 1991Trademark info available?
3302.01ADTSHR::OCCURS::ALLENFri Dec 20 1991"trouble ticket" system?
3303.017TOOK::MORRISONSun Dec 22 1991Question re historical calendars
3304.03KOBAL::BELLEROSEMon Dec 23 1991DAK Industries Catalog or PIP box?
3305.02BSS::GUTZMERMon Dec 23 1991DZA11 port overrun question.
3306.017KURTAN::WESTERBACKThu Dec 26 1991Who is Kris Kringle?
3307.05NYTPFri Dec 27 1991A question about nose hairs.
3308.09SSVAX::DALEYFri Dec 27 1991where in Boston to learn Japanese?
3309.02NOTIME::SACKSMon Dec 30 1991 NTU -- National Technological University
3310.01MSD52::ENMANMon Dec 30 1991First Issues of Byte
3311.02UTRTSC::VDBURGMon Dec 30 1991Looking for manual for Tapestreamer (WANGTEK)
3312.02SALEM::SULLIVAN_DTue Dec 31 1991Who does mailing lists for DEC?
3313.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 02 1992Who won the Rose Bowl ?
3314.07ULTRA::ELLISThu Jan 02 1992Red ribbons?
3315.013CUPMK::CLEMINSHAWThu Jan 02 1992"Ultimate Final Exam" parody?
3316.0316BITS::DELBALSOFri Jan 03 1992Question regarding US Military mail
3317.07SALEM::NEAULTFri Jan 03 1992?? On Digital Mail Account
3318.033PINION::HACHEFri Jan 03 1992What Happens to a Letter After You Mail It
3319.01MSAMMon Jan 06 1992VAX Media Manager?
3320.06SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Jan 07 1992Ex-NASA Astronaut that works for DEC?
3321.02BEAGLE::CAMPBELLWed Jan 08 1992Info on Helen Sharman please.
3322.06TOOK::M_SAWYERThu Jan 09 1992Request for Holiday Information
3324.03RCOCER::EPSTEINThu Jan 09 1992Digital's Packaging Waste Reduction
3326.019TAVSun Jan 12 1992What is MINOXIDIL ...???...
3328.01STAR::VATNEMon Jan 13 1992Factory rebates on ordered cars
3329.024JGODCL::KWIKKELTue Jan 14 1992New years eve 1999/2
3331.02SALSA::MOELLERTue Jan 14 1992Computer Based Instruction pointer?
3332.01RIPPLE::KOPEC_STWed Jan 15 1992Ethernet client-server utilization studies?
3333.03REJOIC::LOMBARDOWed Jan 15 1992Wasted screen space?
3334.09OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Jan 16 1992Answering machines seem to be calling back ..
3335.033PEACHS::MITCHAMThu Jan 16 1992Why is gasoline sold at 9/1
3336.03ASDG::NOORLAGFri Jan 17 1992
3337.04NANOOK::PARENTFri Jan 17 1992Adidas Address/phone #
3338.015NYTPFri Jan 17 1992Kilowatts expended by halogen lamps/lights.
3339.0GLIND1::MCKEEFri Jan 17 1992Desprately seeking software......
3340.07LARVAE::DRSDMon Jan 20 1992what goes up must come down?
3341.02JGODCL::KWIKKELMon Jan 20 1992Bret Easton Ellis (writer)
3343.03SUBWAY::KABELMon Jan 20 1992Word needed
3344.09LUPUS::J_JOSEPHMon Jan 20 1992Transporting alcohol between US and Canada
3345.019STAR::DZIEDZICTue Jan 21 1992Blasting ahead?
3346.01CRLVMS::SIMSTue Jan 21 1992Seminars at Digital
3347.01RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Jan 21 1992EY-F441E-AG-
3348.026JGODCL::APETERSWed Jan 22 1992A really weird question...;-)
3349.01RIPPLE::DAVIS_PUWed Jan 22 1992where is the job conference
3350.06BIS1::STESThu Jan 23 1992"Fuzzy search" engine wanted.
3351.0BAGELS::REEDThu Jan 23 1992Raytheon - ARSR - 1963?
3352.02TPSYS::HORGANThu Jan 23 1992disk DRIVEs and airport security
3353.02GOOEY::BENNISONThu Jan 23 1992Info on "Charity"
3354.03SISDA::CHERNACKFri Jan 24 1992Is there a conference re. CRAY RESEARCH?
3355.0DELNI::MCGORRILLFri Jan 24 1992calc5
3356.01BRADOR::HATASHITASat Jan 25 1992Part Number Problem
3357.08PLAYER::BROWNLMon Jan 27 1992Templates/examples for Trouble-shooting guides?
3358.02SMURF::SMURF::BINDERMon Jan 27 1992Request withdrawn - see reply .2
3359.011BERNWed Jan 29 1992what, you don't have a drivers license?
3360.02DEBUG::GALLOThu Jan 30 1992ZIP code online listing request
3361.02TKOV51::NAKANOFri Jan 31 1992VAX-BI to NTDS interface
3362.08NAPIER::WONGSun Feb 02 1992Blue Blood
3363.03VINO::WELLINGTONSun Feb 02 1992EST?
3364.07FORTY2::BOYESMon Feb 03 1992Sitting close to a 31
3365.0EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Feb 03 1992Looking for database help
3366.03CNTROL::AMOSMon Feb 03 1992Herman Survivors
3367.0TKOV51::NAKANOTue Feb 04 1992Encore Financial Status
3368.0ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Feb 04 1992Computer Aided Architectural Relief
3369.01VERGA::CARTERTue Feb 04 1992State Street Bank on Enet?
3370.01GYUPCC::URBANTue Feb 04 1992send back empty TK5
3371.02BREAKR::MIKKELSONWed Feb 05 1992What is DAL (Digital Author Language)?
3372.019SCHOOL::ABIDIWed Feb 05 1992What is a "suspended sentence" ?
3374.03TOOK::M_SAWYERThu Feb 06 1992"Unix Cafeteria" and "See Figure #1"
3375.01GRIND::NBELKNAPThu Feb 06 1992Documentation for DSRI?
3376.02DOBRA::MCGOVERNThu Feb 06 1992PostScript Previewer for VMS V 5.4-3 w/MOTIF
3377.0MASALA::GHUTCHEONFri Feb 07 1992Desktop Manager Conference?
3378.01FSOA::HOLBROOKFri Feb 07 1992Weddings Conference?
3379.01HERON::KAISERFri Feb 07 1992Currency exchange rates: history?
3380.05AZUR::HALDANESun Feb 09 1992Looking for MANICOM
3381.05CIVIC::ROBERTSTue Feb 11 1992advice on in-home business startup?
3382.011REGENT::POWERSWed Feb 12 1992metric equivalent of horsepower?
3383.012TIGEMS::ARNOLDWed Feb 12 1992Valentine's Day Party "Ice-Breakers"?
3384.01USPMLO::DUFFYWed Feb 12 1992Winter Olympics Symbol
3385.03TKOV51::NAKANOSun Feb 16 1992Looking for NCSC security Document
3386.016BSYBEE::EGOLFMon Feb 17 1992How does VCR Plus work?
3387.01SALEM::COOPER_GMon Feb 17 1992Vendor/Subcontractor Question.\
3388.09TOOHOT::WALTERSMon Feb 17 1992Need info on Virtual Reality
3389.04A1VAX::KREFETZTue Feb 18 1992why White Russia is called White Russia
3392.04COVERT::COVERTWed Feb 19 1992Notes->News is ok, but News->Notes -- NEVER!
3393.07MARVIN::HEALEYWed Feb 19 1992How much for a UK - US relocation?
3394.03IAMOK::MITCHELLThu Feb 20 1992Strange license plate
3395.09EPOCH::JOHNSONSat Feb 22 1992The obligatory snuff topic
3396.03QUABBI::"jnelson@gauche.zko.dec.com"Mon Feb 24 1992Name that tune
3397.06TROOA::CURZONMon Feb 24 1992nmail file access
3398.01TKOV51::NAKANOTue Feb 25 1992Looking for NTDS Type E interface
3399.011ELWOOD::BERNARDTue Feb 25 1992Job interview, travel expenses, who pays?
3400.03SLBLUZ::STEIBTue Feb 25 1992Who knows about XCON?
3401.03FSOA::ASKIESTTue Feb 25 1992Need Communications help
3402.02VFOFS::MULLINSTue Feb 25 1992Ralph Nader's organization is ...?
3403.0QUABBI::"goun@ddif.enet.dec.com"Wed Feb 26 1992Need February's Computer Shopper
3404.015JOKUR::SQBIZ::MCCONNEYThu Feb 27 1992Personal Mailing Address Search
3405.04JUMBLY::MCCARTHYThu Feb 27 1992Helium
3406.023AKOCOA::KBURGESSThu Feb 27 1992No Channel One on TV ???
3407.07IAMOK::CALCAGNIThu Feb 27 1992Looking for Culinary College
3408.0EMDS::UCCOOPThu Feb 27 1992scanning technology
3409.07CANSLR::FILESFri Feb 28 1992help wanted
3410.08QUARK::LIONELSun Mar 01 1992The request which would not die...
3411.05BALMER::MUDGETTMon Mar 02 1992.Com file for converting nodename to node#
3412.06LOOPBT::WIECHMANNMon Mar 02 1992Smelling citrus?
3413.017SNAX::THILBERTTue Mar 03 1992What is this conference for ???
3414.03ABACUS::RUTZENWed Mar 04 1992Primerica??
3415.07BOBBIN::HOOPERWed Mar 04 1992Seeking ChEaP Airfare!
3416.05VLOPEN::RIMMERFri Mar 06 1992BSO Planner
3417.05REJOIC::LOMBARDOMon Mar 09 1992JUDGES
3418.02ASDS::BOOTHMon Mar 09 1992Government RFP weekly publication info
3419.01MEIS::HASHMIWed Mar 11 1992Relibility of Medical Syetems
3420.02WLDWST::MARTIN_TFri Mar 13 1992San German, Puerto Rico
3421.08AKOPWJ::LANEFri Mar 13 1992VAXphone question
3422.05TODD::WARNOCKMon Mar 16 1992Rush Limbaugh compuserve address ?
3423.011DKAS::BEAIRSTOMon Mar 16 1992What are "Magic Rocks" made of?
3424.01SALEM::NEAULTThu Mar 19 1992Dog Hearing Range?????
3425.07HELIX::SONTAKKEThu Mar 19 1992Special Deals with Museums in Boston?
3426.02--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 19 1992DIA AlphaWindows info sought
3427.02BEING::EDPFri Mar 20 1992Depressed Glass
3428.03CHAUCR::REAVESFri Mar 20 1992In-line skates
3429.03IAMOK::CALCAGNIFri Mar 20 1992Looking for Business units
3430.042CRAZY::FLATHERSFri Mar 20 1992indoor batting cages ?
3431.01MARVA2::SNEADMon Mar 23 1992What attaches an RZ25 in a SC12?
3432.01CGOWGS::OAKLEYMon Mar 23 1992USGS or Digital Elev. Models???
3433.04GNUVAX::QUIRIYMon Mar 23 1992it's an election year
3434.08BIGUN::ANDERSONTue Mar 24 1992Get DECdirect catalogues on non-DEC CDROMs?
3435.06WELLIN::NISBETTue Mar 24 1992ATM cards and machines around the world
3436.01SALSA::SCHENKERTue Mar 24 1992Networking Canon copiers
3437.09MEO78B::MANDERSONTue Mar 24 1992Sealing Wax Question?
3438.013DEMING::DEMING::VALENZAWed Mar 25 1992You can't judge a book by its cover
3439.07QUABBI::"jnelson@gauche.zko.dec.com"Thu Mar 26 1992Procedure for Citizens Arrest?
3441.010A1VAX::KREFETZFri Mar 27 1992NDR = what country?
3442.019RANGER::RICHFri Mar 27 1992Estimated TAX question
3443.08ENABLE::glantzMon Mar 30 1992AIDS test for marriage license?
3444.0CSLALL::COMPANIONMon Mar 30 1992Rod Stewart Posters?
3445.02CRUISE::BSERVEYMon Mar 30 1992Looking for SPR Classification
3446.01WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Mar 31 1992how to "shred" cd-roms ?
3447.02CNTROL::AMOSTue Mar 31 1992Seasonal Flags
3448.02WMOIS::MARCHANT_DWed Apr 01 1992TV antenna boosters
3449.031CSOA1::FOSTERWed Apr 01 1992April Fools!
3450.02POWDML::LALIBERTEWed Apr 01 1992david copperfield flying trick
3451.05DIODE::CROWELLThu Apr 02 1992How to unlock VW radio "SAFe" with code?
3452.07RTODWT::SUPPORT_AJThu Apr 02 1992TRUCKS : some questions
3453.012VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Apr 02 1992Istan-istan
3454.0IAMOK::MAGUIREThu Apr 02 1992MIRAGE = ?
3455.05SALSA::MOELLERThu Apr 02 1992Aurochs - extinct ?
3456.07ORACLE::BENZThu Apr 02 1992Lead in Ink ?
3457.01ICS::GOODWIN_CFri Apr 03 1992Video Toaster?
3458.01ELWOOD::LANEFri Apr 03 1992DECcashier
3459.05RDVAX::KALIKOWSun Apr 05 1992Pointers to users & developers of teleconferencing?
3460.05OLDTMR::FOXSun Apr 05 1992notesfile for WASHINGTON, DC
3461.06MISFIT::KINNEYDMon Apr 06 1992Forecasting Dollars
3462.010IMTDEV::ROBERTSMon Apr 06 1992Felis onca
3463.03GRANMA::GTOPPINGTue Apr 07 1992 DECpc 32
3464.03NOTIME::SACKSTue Apr 07 1992Packard Bell slogan
3465.02SCAACT::RESENDETue Apr 07 1992Atlanta DECUS dates?
3466.02HANNAH::BOONETue Apr 07 1992 Cable TV/VCR/Television Question
3467.05CDROM::HENDRICKSWed Apr 08 1992LEGO trivia question
3468.02QUABBI::"gibian@talent.ljo.dec.com"Wed Apr 08 1992Submitting new W4
3469.029PEACHS::MITCHAMThu Apr 09 1992Purpose of automobile "parking lights"
3470.02BIS1::STESThu Apr 09 1992Looking for an Advanced Table OCR Solution.
3471.09TOOK::MORRISONThu Apr 09 1992Where can I buy a "maximum thermometer"?
3473.01MARX::FLEMINGFri Apr 10 1992Flexelint by Gimpel
3474.01UFP::RJLMon Apr 13 1992DSP 52
3475.021JURAN::JURAN::VALENZAMon Apr 13 1992How are parimutuel winnings determined?
3476.08BODACH::WOFARRELLTue Apr 14 1992Phone charges from US to Ireland
3477.01CSSE::HENRYWed Apr 15 1992Federal Register
3478.035MISFIT::KINNEYDWed Apr 15 1992Counting Cards
3479.05TIGEMS::ARNOLDThu Apr 16 1992Need info on Orlando Florida
3480.08ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Apr 16 1992What's a Super Foonly?
3481.02SIETTG::SMITHThu Apr 16 1992need a "Pseudo Code" language
3483.01TNPUBS::JONGTue Apr 21 1992Old Mercedes info requested
3484.02ROYALT::PEACOCKWed Apr 22 1992About Lead Paint Removal ...
3485.03MRCSSE::COLMANThu Apr 23 1992fax machine contains OCR software?
3486.011PEACHS::MITCHAMMon Apr 27 1992$3.
3487.04CFSCTC::SNOBRD::CONLIFFEMon Apr 27 1992PDF?
3488.07KADOW::PKADOWMon Apr 27 1992V6.
3489.05GRANMA::GTOPPINGTue Apr 28 1992CPU Wars
3490.046DSSDEV::BIBEAULTTue Apr 28 1992Pork
3491.04SALEM::NEAULTTue Apr 28 1992Question on Ken Olsen
3492.04BODACH::WOFARRELLTue Apr 28 1992Hotel surcharges on International Phone Calls
3494.01CLARID::LEBIDOISThu Apr 30 1992Soap Operas
3495.011FROST::WALZThu Apr 30 1992Galvanizing Sheet Metal
3496.04CIMNET::COHENThu Apr 30 1992Notes-extract.com for Captive A1 Users?
3497.011MOMAX1::WOODMon May 04 1992holographic picture question.
3498.02SCOAYR::GFLYNNWed May 06 1992Viva Espania
3499.02--UnknownUser--Wed May 06 1992Freedom of Information Act
3501.02CSLALL::COMPANIONWed May 06 1992It shouldn't hurt to be a child
3502.02BREAKR::MIKKELSONFri May 08 1992filename.Z
3503.02WMOIS::MARCHANT_DMon May 11 1992Lawn & Gardening notesfile
3504.02MSD52::ENMANMon May 11 1992Characiture Artist?
3505.017--UnknownUser--Mon May 11 1992DEC sick leave policy.
3506.01SWAM1::BASURA_BRMon May 11 1992Customer Survey - Field Service
3507.016TAVTue May 12 1992Fat content and spoil rate for milk...
3508.03LABC::RUTue May 12 1992I can't access SOAPBOX, what happened?
3509.03TOOK::MORRISONWed May 13 1992Address of National Safety Council?
3510.021CSOA1::FOSTERThu May 14 1992European Community (EC)
3511.03KADOW::PKADOWFri May 15 1992Registering a new VMS Facility Code?
3512.012ISGVAX::OPERATORFri May 15 1992Network access to airline reservations
3513.04OURGNG::HEDRICKFri May 15 1992Anyone seen Mr. Eat-All??
3514.03GEMVAX::DSMITHFri May 15 1992Disabling Call Waiting
3515.02BODACH::WOFARRELLTue May 19 1992Size of Consultancy business
3516.04MAST::POLKTue May 19 1992vermin supreme '92???
3517.014SALSA::MOELLERWed May 20 1992metaquestion about Monkeys
3518.02GUIDUK::BRENNAN_CAThu May 21 1992AT&T phone credit cards -- contact?
3519.03LANDO::MARCHANTTue May 26 1992Calif. auto duster
3520.014HLYCOW::ORZECHTue May 26 1992Tabloids as a source of news
3521.03WHELIN::LOMBARDOTue May 26 1992Getting things published
3522.04OURGNG::HEDRICKWed May 27 1992EVICTION notes conference anyone?
3523.05KADOW::PKADOWWed May 27 1992'FDDI' ?
3524.012KALI::HASSThu May 28 1992BNC?
3525.02FHOPAS::JAMBE::MCMULLENThu May 28 1992ZIP CODE to Service Delivery CC Needed!
3526.07LEDDEV::CLARKThu May 28 1992USS Intrepid Info Sought
3527.0116BITS::DELBALSOThu May 28 1992How can one find out about DEC partnerships?
3528.021TOOK::MORRISONThu May 28 1992Is it "Ukraine" or "the Ukraine"?
3529.06WHELIN::LOMBARDOMon Jun 01 1992Northern Lights
3530.03SBPEXE::OTTENMon Jun 01 1992Make a VMS program LMF-Complient?
3531.05JGODCL::APETERSMon Jun 01 1992Salt Lake City radio station sought.
3532.06CALLME::MR_TOPAZMon Jun 01 1992Scotland Yard
3533.06FASDER::MTURNERMon Jun 01 1992Language Samples Wanted
3534.015BODACH::WOFARRELLTue Jun 02 1992New Light bulb discovery??
3535.05SALEM::NEAULTTue Jun 02 1992Ross Perot
3536.05LABC::RUTue Jun 02 1992Current unemployment benefit.
3537.06PEACHS::MITCHAMTue Jun 02 1992Finding someone who don't want to be found (by an individual, anyway)
3538.07WECARE::WADEWed Jun 03 1992Foreign Mail
3539.07MILPND::SIPILAWed Jun 03 19921942 Hit Tunes
3540.01316BITS::DELBALSOFri Jun 05 1992Ready-Mix Trucks - Why did they change?
3541.03TKOV51::NAKANOMon Jun 08 1992Looking for DoD document
3542.08SNAX::THILBERTTue Jun 09 1992Advertising ???
3543.04MILPND::BENHAMTue Jun 09 1992Name that Chef
3544.06EPOCH::JOHNSONTue Jun 09 1992Looking for a LN
3545.09VERGA::WARDTue Jun 09 1992What is 'OAKLEY Thermonuclear Protection' ???
3546.05JOKUR::KEATINGTue Jun 09 1992Cartoon Question
3547.03SMCWed Jun 10 1992Changes from G.M.T regarding INTERNET
3548.02VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Jun 11 1992New type of sunglasses (non-Oakley)
3549.02TIMBER::WHEELERThu Jun 11 1992Robert Bly Video whereabouts????
3550.04SMEGIT::ARNOLDThu Jun 11 1992SWAP VAXstation 31
3551.0SCAACT::RESENDEFri Jun 12 1992MIDAS agreements
3552.0TKOV51::NAKANOTue Jun 16 1992Q: CCSDS Time Record Format
3553.08CSOA1::FOSTERWed Jun 17 1992TV from far away
3554.08SALEM::NEAULTWed Jun 17 1992Spelling Help
3555.08ICS::MORRISEYWed Jun 17 1992Bozos
3556.07TODD::WARNOCKThu Jun 18 1992Info on Photon by Enertech (Lazertag clone)
3557.03SHARE::COLESThu Jun 18 1992Washington Post?
3558.015LARVAE::DRSD21::PATTISON_MFri Jun 19 1992How large is your memory ?
3559.014A1VAX::KREFETZFri Jun 19 1992get a life ... not
3560.04CSLALL::SOKOLOWSKIFri Jun 19 1992notesfile ofr employee purchases
3561.011CONTRA::PMCVAYSat Jun 20 1992Is there any difference in running or walking in rain?
3562.03TROOA::PIERCEMon Jun 22 1992New Dec Press book on Digital
3563.022POBOX::SACHSMon Jun 22 1992V1
3564.04SHALOT::WELTONTue Jun 23 1992Miniature Cows
3565.04SALEM::NEAULTWed Jun 24 1992"Bannockburn Day"
3566.02ODIXIE::RYANKEWed Jun 24 199215th Anniv
3567.06SASE::ALBINOThu Jun 25 1992Meet George Jetson!
3568.07THEBAY::WIEGLEBDAThu Jun 25 1992International telephone numbers
3569.010BERNFri Jun 26 1992names of radio/tv stations???
3570.01RANGER::GONZALEZFri Jun 26 1992ADRA Systems, Inc & DEC
3571.01016BITS::DELBALSOMon Jun 29 1992Johnson Controls?
3572.09SALSA::MOELLERMon Jun 29 1992Frost Free - how ?
3573.02POBOX::SCHWARTZINGETue Jun 30 1992"ADE" System
3574.06ESCROW::ROBERTSWed Jul 01 1992Source for ZEOLITE??
3575.015SHALOT::WELTONWed Jul 01 1992Bra Sizes
3576.01WELLIN::GRAHAMThu Jul 02 1992s/w called AMOS anyone ?
3577.014SALEM::NEAULTMon Jul 06 1992Corvette trivia question
3578.011HELIX::LUNGERTue Jul 07 1992Road Construction, Proceed at YOUR RISK
3579.01TAVTue Jul 07 1992Help with VAX notes...
3580.01SPESHR::JOHNSONTue Jul 07 1992Fiftieth Anniversary
3581.07KADOW::PKADOWTue Jul 07 1992TK7
3582.02COVERT::COVERTTue Jul 07 1992VAX Media Manager
3583.01WFOV11::DAMONTue Jul 07 1992importing from germany
3584.0SNOCWed Jul 08 1992Networked Building&Construction research
3585.02UTRUST::CAMPBELLWed Jul 08 1992MacEnroe/Stich result anyone?
3586.01JEREMY::OFERWed Jul 08 1992VMSCAI - LOCATION ?
3588.011DEMING::VALENZAThu Jul 09 1992How does one roll their "r"s?
3589.04MUHIS::HSTOECKLINFri Jul 10 1992I'm a friendly salesman
3590.02CARTUN::ELGINFri Jul 10 1992Locate a driver for a LONG distance?
3591.05VINO::ROMFri Jul 10 1992looking for wooden wind catcher
3592.013SELL3::FERRIGNOMon Jul 13 1992Truck rentals & parking
3593.08BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Jul 13 1992What causes gray hair?
3594.05TRADE::CONWAYMon Jul 13 1992Internet address
3595.014TODD::WARNOCKTue Jul 14 1992How do you "sell" a new idea ?
3596.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 14 19924
3597.06CALS::DESELMSTue Jul 14 1992What do we call the next decade?
3598.03SWETSC::WESTERBACKTue Jul 14 1992Donkeys and Elephants
3599.0RUTILE::AUNGIERThu Jul 16 1992Consultancy Services Provided, feedback/questionaire
3600.04TOGOD::ADDEOThu Jul 16 1992Toy trains conference?
3601.06I18N::YOSHIOKAThu Jul 16 1992MIPS in Digital?
3602.07SBPEXE::OTTENFri Jul 17 1992Benchmarking - Who does it?
3603.03CONTRA::PMCVAYMon Jul 20 1992National Information Highway?
3604.02SALEM::NEAULTMon Jul 20 1992Where's Soapbox gone to?
3605.01COMICS::HOGGANTue Jul 21 1992Pewter Quality?
3606.01VMSZOO::ECKERTThu Jul 23 1992Professional assistance for moving large objects
3607.01ULTRA::FERGUSONThu Jul 23 1992Flying from Bos->Europe: looking fora good price
3608.012CPDW::ROSCHMon Jul 27 1992How thick?
3609.017HANNAH::BAYMon Jul 27 1992Conference to discuss legal issues?
3610.013TOOK::MORRISONTue Jul 28 1992Non-DEC VAXNotes confs available to public?
3611.01IJSAPL::WOODROWTue Jul 28 1992Pointers for legacy application integration?
3612.04HEFTY::PARKERJTue Jul 28 1992Hypothetical situation!
3613.06LANDO::MARCHANTTue Jul 28 1992Painting over rust
3614.02SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Jul 28 1992Can you board 4 dogs for about 4-6 weeks?
3615.08TALLIS::PARADISWed Jul 29 1992A weighty matter (scales)
3616.014ERLANG::DICKENSWed Jul 29 1992Dudley Do-right's horse ?
3618.04FROST::WALZThu Jul 30 1992Rotomolding?
3619.01CGHUB::RYANThu Jul 30 1992Tucker Anthony/Anchor Finance?
3620.017NANOOK::PARENTThu Jul 30 1992TIME: = WHY
3621.04SPEZKO::A_FRASERMon Aug 03 1992Atari 26
3622.012ULYSSE::WADETue Aug 04 1992Area code 212 = where?
3623.06SALEM::NEAULTTue Aug 04 1992Lotus 123 Question
3624.010SPESHR::JOHNSONTue Aug 04 1992CONNECTing from several sites to SHR3
3625.02APACHE::BROWNWed Aug 05 1992weed wacker info source
3626.014HELIX::LUNGERThu Aug 06 1992Crying wolf, or when phone interrupted by emergency
3627.030LANDO::MARCHANTThu Aug 06 1992How many inches to a meter?
3628.03ELWOOD::LANEThu Aug 06 1992Hi! My name's KABOOM.....
3629.010DELNI::OFSEVITFri Aug 07 1992latest jogging attire?
3630.020COMET::DWENDL::ROBERTS$PMon Aug 10 1992Insider Trading
3631.026CPDW::LALIBERTEMon Aug 10 19921996 olympic mascot
3632.03DR::BLINNMon Aug 10 1992Lilli Crites ceramic indoor water fountain?
3633.04MILPND::BENHAMTue Aug 11 1992Problems with machanic
3634.02TAVIS::BARUCHWed Aug 12 1992International Postal Union?
3635.01TKOV6Thu Aug 13 1992an Arizona of the mind
3636.02FSOA::KCHERNACKThu Aug 13 1992Flowcharting software for BASIC programs
3637.018SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Aug 14 1992"Cracking" knuckles
3638.015GOLF::BROUILLETFri Aug 14 1992Project code names <=> product numbers?
3639.019SHALOT::WELTONMon Aug 17 1992Coding Speed: Lines of code per day
3640.01UTRTSC::VDBURGMon Aug 17 1992Looking for software for InterLan terminal server
3641.01TAVENG::GOLDMANMon Aug 17 1992Vintage Denim
3642.07ICS::ANDERSON_MTue Aug 18 1992Jacques Cousteau
3643.03SCHOOL::RIEUThu Aug 20 1992Layoff insurance?
3644.01TAPE::LKLFri Aug 21 1992Electronic Mail at Olympics?
3645.04MUHIS::HSTOECKLINMon Aug 24 1992system managment in mult-vendor environment
3646.07NIOMAX::LAINGMon Aug 24 1992Why "CORE" in DEC buildings?
3647.06HSOMAI::WHITEMon Aug 24 1992Purchase of Tagged Assets?
3648.028SUSHI::KMACDONALDTue Aug 25 1992VTX disability enrollment - is it possible?
3649.03VAOUTue Aug 25 1992Info on Marine/Radiophone svc substitute
3650.04TRADE::CONWAYWed Aug 26 1992Diagram software?
3651.02ROMThu Aug 27 1992Employee prices for the New PCs?
3652.01BIS1::STESThu Aug 27 1992Request help for ACESSWORKS demo
3653.017HARDY::PARMENTERFri Aug 28 1992I'd have to be paid to use a handkerchief
3654.02SALSA::MOELLERMon Aug 31 1992Radioactive Smoke Detectors,Disposal Of
3655.01NOTIME::SACKSWed Sep 02 1992Worldwide Church of God
3656.05JOKUR::KEATINGWed Sep 02 1992Door #1 or Door #2 ?
3657.05RANGER::EIRIKURWed Sep 02 1992What is a VAX-Lab B2? Circa 1986.
3658.08KERNEL::HOGGANDThu Sep 03 1992Cigar sizes
3659.04BREYER::BREYERThu Sep 03 1992A copyrights clearinghouse?
3660.014ODIXIE::RYANKEThu Sep 03 1992Customer Mail through Enet?
3661.01SWAM1::BASURA_BRThu Sep 03 1992INDEC::NASCAR What happened ???
3662.011--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 04 1992Concord Grapes
3663.07AIMHI::DECARTERETFri Sep 04 1992Info on hair loss on the E-net
3664.03--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 04 1992Classified_Ads
3665.04BUFFER::FAULDSWed Sep 09 1992TEAMLINK info?
3666.06SCAACT::RESENDEWed Sep 09 1992Alpha AXP? What does AXP stand for?
3667.07SCAACT::RESENDEThu Sep 10 1992Who's Who at Digital - updated since June?
3668.03FLYSQD::MONTVILLEThu Sep 10 1992Where to get copies of Annual reports
3669.06AIMHI::TINIUSThu Sep 10 1992How small a group to share a birth date?
3670.03RANGER::BACKSTROMThu Sep 10 1992Notes collision in extremis, don't you think?
3671.02STAR::PRAETORIUSFri Sep 11 1992Distributed software from Lithuania
3673.014EICMFG::DOUGLASMon Sep 14 1992airline litigation suit
3674.01WOTVAX::BIDDULPHMTue Sep 15 1992Pen Based Computing
3675.01JURAN::VALENZATue Sep 15 1992Damon Runyon
3676.020PCAE::KREFETZTue Sep 15 1992a question about mailboxes (U.S.) & people
3677.05QUEK::MOYTue Sep 15 1992Looking for Greek Uppercase Rules
3678.0411SRUS::DELBALSOWed Sep 16 1992Does anyone have State maps online?
3679.0TODD::WARNOCKFri Sep 18 1992Direct Deposit ?
3680.02CVG::THOMPSONMon Sep 21 1992Transfer paper?
3681.02PIRATE::RSMITHMon Sep 21 1992CROATOAN - Harlan Ellison?
3682.04RUSURE::EDPTue Sep 22 1992Stockholder Suits
3683.0HERON::KAISERWed Sep 23 1992Article in "Cryptologia"?
3684.06NECSC::BIELSKIWed Sep 23 1992where to post outside job openings?
3685.01TALLIS::KOCHWed Sep 23 1992When was Washington Mall changed?
3686.04TOOK::MORRISONWed Sep 23 1992Wanted: IEEE Reflector center page, photocopy of
3687.04DV78Wed Sep 23 1992Need Typing Tutor
3688.05CSC32::E_ALSBERGThu Sep 24 1992Life Insurance medical exams
3689.01NAC::BLANCHARDFri Sep 25 1992Ireland Notes conference?
3690.05SORGEN::HELMUTFri Sep 25 1992 getting used equipment in germany/europe?
3691.012RUSURE::EDPMon Sep 28 1992Car Theft
3692.02SALSA::MOELLERMon Sep 28 1992VTX U.S. ASSETS library ?
3693.01SWAM2::WONG_HETue Sep 29 1992MSCP Info
3694.02SPESHR::JOHNSONTue Sep 29 1992TQM-1
3695.02KERNEL::HOGGANDWed Sep 30 1992Icons for computer network diagrams
3696.01HELIX::SONTAKKEWed Sep 30 1992Flowchart Diagram Software ??
3697.04TINCUP::MADDUXWed Sep 30 1992sakhalin?
3698.026R2ME2::HINXMANWed Sep 30 1992Rabies vaccine?
3699.07REGENT::WOODWARDMon Oct 05 1992Hitachi and Huffy...Info?
3700.01TAPE::LKLTue Oct 06 1992Exerlopers
3701.05DIODE::CROWELLTue Oct 06 1992MST$::"nro::dics_dist" - Master list?
3702.01NHASAD::MCCLELLANWed Oct 07 1992Help....access from the boonies
3703.0SPESHR::JOHNSONFri Oct 09 1992Management Education Case Studies
3704.03LGP3Fri Oct 09 1992what time and channel Ross and the debates?
3705.024WECARE::WADETue Oct 13 1992FOLIAGE
3706.06STAR::CANTORWed Oct 14 1992How to handle a customer request
3707.024VNABRW::HERRMANN_CWed Oct 14 1992shortcuts make long delays
3708.02EICMFG::DORNIEDENWed Oct 14 1992Central Library or something similar which could get me access to an article
3709.04JOKUR::KEATINGWed Oct 14 1992When do ticket agencies mail tickets?
3710.02TKOV6Thu Oct 15 1992Mark Sheet Reader Question??
3711.0MUNICH::HSTOECKLINThu Oct 15 1992VAX 4
3712.02REGENT::BROOMHEADThu Oct 15 1992Red Mill restaurant
3713.020DV78Thu Oct 15 1992Cityhead Horseshoe Nails?
3714.02ADNERB::MAHONFri Oct 16 1992Paychecks...where to pick up?
3715.03TOOK::MORRISONFri Oct 16 1992Who was the architect for LKG?
3716.01SALSA::MOELLERFri Oct 16 1992CSC management pointers ?
3717.03ECADSR::SHERMANFri Oct 16 1992VITAL committee on timing specs stds?
3718.01BODACH::WOFARRELLMon Oct 19 1992Request for quotation from Debate
3719.01REGENT::POWERSMon Oct 19 1992Raccoon droppings?
3720.03CSLALL::COMPANIONMon Oct 19 1992Stephen King?????
3721.02SALSA::MOELLERMon Oct 19 1992Chair height adjuster mechanism ?
3722.021HELIX::LUNGERTue Oct 20 1992Aluminum in Anti-persperant
3723.04WECARE::WADETue Oct 20 1992How can one _not_ recycle leaves?
3724.011MYCRFT::PARODIFri Oct 23 1992Processor Clock Rates
3726.01TAVSun Oct 25 1992Screw on bottle caps ...???...
3727.032ULYSSE::WADEMon Oct 26 1992Area code 3
3728.033HARDY::PARMENTERMon Oct 26 1992Radial Keratotomy
3729.01JSF1::HASSMon Oct 26 1992Knock-hockey plans?
3730.04ICS::ANDERSON_MMon Oct 26 1992Name of the Surgeon General
3731.01ULYSSE::WADETue Oct 27 1992Opto-couplers
3732.05WFOV11::SPORBERTWed Oct 28 1992tax deductable trips
3733.015ICS::ANDERSON_MWed Oct 28 1992Looking for WOMANNOTES
3734.013BRSTR1::PIGEONWed Oct 28 1992White board markers solvent
3735.02KAOFS::MUNROEThu Oct 29 1992Where Does lb come from?
3736.02RANGER::RICHThu Oct 29 1992SAVE information on VTX ??
3737.018KOBAL::BELLEROSEMon Nov 02 1992Is this what a waterbed is *supposed* to be like?
3738.010CPDW::CIUFFINIMon Nov 02 1992... Canadian Postal Code(s) ...
3739.01TOOHOT::WALTERSMon Nov 02 1992documentation storage solution pls?
3740.07ICS::ANDERSON_MMon Nov 02 1992Could Ross Perot choose another VP?
3741.05VERGA::WELLCOMETue Nov 03 1992conversion rate for Peruvian currency
3742.06JURAN::VALENZAWed Nov 04 1992Milk Carton design
3743.04SLINK::CHILDSWed Nov 04 1992VT34
3744.05SNAX::THILBERTThu Nov 05 1992What magazine do these BIG RIG drivers read
3745.01NOTIME::SACKSThu Nov 05 1992Minor party presidential candidates
3746.012CPDW::CIUFFINIThu Nov 05 1992... BC vs ND ...
3747.05CRONIC::PATELFri Nov 06 1992Custom Recorded Cassettes
3748.09SALSA::MOELLERFri Nov 06 1992Eisenhower's last speech
3750.018CNTROL::AMOSMon Nov 09 1992Prepresidential Autos??
3751.0SPESHR::JOHNSONTue Nov 10 1992How do the Japanese negotiate?
3752.010HANNAH::OSMANFri Nov 13 1992 what are those words in "Mrs. Robinson" about Joe ?
3753.01ULYSSE::WADEMon Nov 16 1992Who responsible for Terminal/PC/WS Marketing?
3754.02MRKTNG::CUDDYMon Nov 16 1992VT1
3755.08HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 16 1992whoa boy !
3756.015PRIMES::WHITEMon Nov 16 1992Home address for K.O.
3757.03POWERS::POWERSTue Nov 17 1992pre-inaugural presidential mailing address
3758.09PRIMES::WHITETue Nov 17 1992Is DECWRL the only internet connection?
3759.011MILPND::BENHAMWed Nov 18 1992Need some advise
3760.04TUXEDO::LEIGHFri Nov 20 1992Equipment purchase by departing employees?
3761.08RCWOOD::WOODFri Nov 20 1992bagpipes
3763.0BIS1::STESMon Nov 23 1992Request Info on CBR White Paper
3764.014VAXWRK::SWARDMon Nov 23 1992Pringle sweaters around here?
3765.02UTRTSC::VDBURGTue Nov 24 1992Looking for address of CHINON manufacturer
3766.02BIS1::STESTue Nov 24 1992Enabling Technology for documentation Centrum???
3767.08KERNEL::HOGGANDTue Nov 24 1992Annual Percentage Rates on Loans
3768.0VNABRW::HERRMANN_CWed Nov 25 1992Parkside "Transpiler"
3769.03KAOOA::ALJAARWed Nov 25 1992Contact for Precision Visuals?
3770.020TAPE::LKLWed Nov 25 1992Bungy & Parachute
3771.01MR4DEC::AWILLIAMSWed Nov 25 1992Multi-lingual toast??
3773.02KAOOA::ALJAARWed Nov 25 1992Contact for SPSS vendor?
3774.01WELLIN::GRAHAMThu Nov 26 1992V-tech , Ca ?
3776.011MR4SRV::IORNSTEINMon Nov 30 1992LA75 Large Letters?
3777.02SPESHR::MAHONThu Dec 03 1992Looking for PSPRINT info
3778.03CPDW::ROSCHFri Dec 04 1992ALS query
3779.0SIOG::DOWNEYFri Dec 04 1992Thesaurus Search Techniques Query
3780.0TOOK::MORRISONMon Dec 07 1992Any members of World Future Society?
3781.03VNABRW::HERRMANN_CMon Dec 07 1992point-of-sale
3782.09DSSDEV::MBIBEAULTMon Dec 07 1992What's the proper procedure for business correspondence?
3783.03ISLNDS::AREANOTue Dec 08 1992Help Wanted Note??
3784.010LARVAE::DRSD12::PATTISON_MWed Dec 09 1992Where does Significant other come from
3785.02SPESHR::JOHNSONWed Dec 09 1992Anyone near Centralia, PA?
3786.06HANNAH::OSMANThu Dec 10 1992do long showers really waste water ?
3787.03DSSDEV::RUSTTue Dec 15 1992Query re Smith-Corona WP format
3788.07RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERWed Dec 16 1992Sapristi!
3789.03KARHU::PARENTFri Dec 18 1992German Christmas Customs
3791.016ELWOOD::BRADSHAWMon Dec 21 1992PC to PC communication??
3792.05RANGER::RICHMon Dec 21 1992IRS/tax question: mileage deduction
3793.015NOTIME::SACKSMon Dec 21 1992Sneezes
3794.06JEREMY::OFERSun Dec 27 1992Compuserve & Digital's policy ?
3795.01SONATA::STUDIVANMon Dec 28 1992Information on Nutcrackers
3796.05SNAX::THILBERTTue Dec 29 1992Toilet seat ice bucket
3797.03WHYNOW::NEWMANThu Dec 31 1992Looking for a special kind of bank for my son
3798.05STAR::BOIKOTue Jan 05 1993Twins - Share same room to bond?
3799.02MEMIT::BLESSLEY_SWed Jan 06 1993Copies of the Mill "map"?
3800.04CSOADM::ROTHThu Jan 07 1993SSB VAXmail ordering?
3801.012BMEUP::MUNSONThu Jan 07 1993STOP before entering the expressway??
3802.02CPDW::CIUFFINIThu Jan 07 1993... Or, Should I Ask in HOME IMPROVEMENT? ...
3803.01SOLVIT::GROYThu Jan 07 1993Looking for HP 165
3804.02PASHUN::ANDERSONThu Jan 07 1993charity and gambling
3805.011HANNAH::BAYFri Jan 08 1993Laws about generic drugs?
3806.05JIT981::NODAMon Jan 11 1993huxterism
3807.03CHAUCR::REAVESMon Jan 11 1993DECJet 2
3808.06WMOIS::HERTEL_KTue Jan 12 1993cutting the food budget
3809.05MRKTNG::L_MOOREWed Jan 13 1993Personal Trip
3810.06HLDGFri Jan 15 1993TYFYS:: and WANG , please
3811.010KAOOA::JROTHFri Jan 15 1993Superglue
3812.024RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERFri Jan 15 1993Cave Persons and Dinosaurs
3813.04DEMING::VALENZAFri Jan 15 1993Tierra del Fuego
3814.010HANNAH::BAYFri Jan 15 1993How do you change your name (when marrying)?
3815.01USDEV::DBAMon Jan 18 1993DEC Location Choice holiday for 1993 ?
3816.01JUMP4::JOYMon Jan 18 1993Looking for 5x5 photo album
3817.02TOOK::MORRISONMon Jan 18 1993Bottom Line readers: What should you "never eat on a plane?"
3818.01USPMLO::DESROCHERSMon Jan 18 1993Cheap Teak ?
3819.02SPESHR::MAHONTue Jan 19 1993connect to WATN service through VMS Motif windows?
3820.01CPDW::ROSCHThu Jan 21 1993America On Line phone #
3821.03HANNAH::BAYThu Jan 21 1993Did your Mom take DES?
3822.05HANNAH::BOONEThu Jan 21 1993Pepperoni lovers?
3823.013UTRUST::TIMMERMon Jan 25 1993Hidden messages in music?
3824.01GRANMA::GTOPPINGMon Jan 25 1993FAX number directory??
3825.02CAPNET::SKORKOMon Jan 25 1993DECModeling and Re-engineering
3826.06EEMELI::PATARIWed Jan 27 1993Business tool for all Sales
3827.031JURAN::VALENZAThu Jan 28 1993Were there *two* "Blizzards of '78"?
3828.02ICS::SELTZERThu Jan 28 1993Looking for Dale Carnegie School
3829.06DEMING::VALENZAFri Jan 29 1993Ovaltine
3830.01DEMON::PANGAKISFri Jan 29 1993Acceptance Testing Third Party-developed software
3831.021CARMEL::GOETZESat Jan 30 1993Marlboro == Marlborough == MR*?
3832.03TAVENG::FENSTERMon Feb 01 1993Looking for a salesman to try and sell DECPCA (or something similar) to these guys.
3833.01HLDGMon Feb 01 1993Compiling DbaseIV with Clipper?
3834.07FORTY2::BOYESMon Feb 01 1993"I'm going to Disneyland!"
3835.03MILPND::BENHAMMon Feb 01 1993Mondays child.....
3836.03ULYSSE::MILDERTue Feb 02 1993Telephone sales
3837.030ZENDIA::DONAHUETue Feb 02 1993Are "high power" lines a health risk?
3838.09LV2FSH::ADDEOWed Feb 03 1993Ping Pong Rules
3839.05SPESHR::JOHNSONWed Feb 03 1993How are radio towers erected?
3840.019CALS::DESELMSThu Feb 04 1993Indiana and Ohio
3841.03DDIF::MYCRFT::PARODIFri Feb 05 1993DECpc 4
3842.06TENNIS::KAMSat Feb 06 1993President Clinton's Internet Mail Address?
3843.04CFSCTC::CFSCTC::CONLIFFESat Feb 06 1993Not very Scholarly Modem
3845.02SALEM::COOPER_GMon Feb 08 1993Musical Chips Who do I contact...?
3846.03SWAM1::BASURA_BRMon Feb 08 1993Firearms Conferance ???
3847.03HELIX::POLKTue Feb 09 1993Author Robert Persig's son
3848.05MILPND::BENHAMWed Feb 10 1993UN Troops
3849.01HSSWS1::GREGWed Feb 10 1993Digital/MTI lawsuit status?\
3850.05CSOADM::ROTHWed Feb 10 1993White cotton glove source?
3851.04VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Feb 11 1993Looking for Powerpoint Cartoons
3853.02RUTILE::AUNGIERThu Feb 11 1993U: Basic Network/Telecoms Reading material
3855.03WMOIS::HERTEL_KMon Feb 15 1993how to inflate an inflatable pool
3856.02QUABBI::"gibian@ljohub.enet.dec.com"Mon Feb 15 1993Information on US/Russia travel restrictions needed
3857.04SWYP::SZKLARZMon Feb 15 1993School Zone
3858.03VMSDEV::HALLYBMon Feb 15 1993Odyssey of the Mind
3859.03WMOIS::RAINVILLETue Feb 16 1993Coating for circuit boards?
3860.03SCAACT::RESENDETue Feb 16 1993DECUS, Spring/Summer 1993?
3861.09NRSTA2::CLARKWed Feb 17 1993"Lower/Middle/Upper Class" ???
3862.02MAIL::SEITZWed Feb 17 1993Info on Ostrich farming?
3863.02PULMAN::CHIODOWed Feb 17 1993Support Group Notesfile?
3864.07HANNAH::BAYWed Feb 17 1993Where does the term "dingbat" come from
3865.021SNAX::THILBERTFri Feb 19 1993Is the atomic clock WWV over-th-air
3866.03CSLALL::LCOBURNFri Feb 19 1993Greek alphabet
3867.01WLDBIL::KILGOREFri Feb 19 1993DEC software using client/server/development licensing
3868.03CDROM::HENDRICKSSat Feb 20 1993suggestions for organizing lg amts of product info?
3869.02HANNAH::BAYSun Feb 21 1993Massachusetts Senators and Congressmen
3870.09UTRTSC::VDBURGTue Feb 23 1993Looking for description of FAX protocols
3871.01THEJUG::WHITEWed Feb 24 1993Info on plastics used in packaging
3872.04SNAX::THILBERTThu Feb 25 1993Brenda Lee Records
3873.01BRAT::GORDIE::CORZINEThu Feb 25 1993Pointer to PTT
3874.02MILPND::D_DUMASFri Feb 26 1993Function of [SYS$LDR]sys.exe?
3875.02DEMING::VALENZAFri Feb 26 1993Dis
3876.09SCAACT::RESENDETue Mar 02 1993DIGITAL TrueType font pointer?
3877.0STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANTue Mar 02 1993Pixel Vision information?
3878.02DEMON::PANGAKISWed Mar 03 1993CDU notes file or where it is discussed?
3879.04SPESHR::JOHNSONWed Mar 03 1993Time-to-Market
3880.01WHYNOW::NEWMANWed Mar 03 1993Looking for information regarding Digital-sponsored summer day camp
3881.023MRKTNG::L_MOOREFri Mar 05 1993TAX/STOCK problem?
3882.0FIXSOA::WARTHENMon Mar 08 1993CXPlus Office ASSETS Package for ALL-IN-1
3883.016PEACHS::MITCHAMMon Mar 08 1993Recorded statements when reporting insurance claim -- Why?
3884.01SNAX::THILBERTTue Mar 09 19937 Wonders of the world
3885.02ANGLIN::BRUNNERTue Mar 09 1993Current version of swing?
3886.07HANNAH::OSMANWed Mar 10 1993where does the moon orbit ?
3887.08HANNAH::OSMANThu Mar 11 1993remote call forwarding ? 71
3888.017RAGMOP::KEEFEThu Mar 11 1993VCR must be OFF to record--why?
3889.02WPODAM::BAILLARDFri Mar 12 1993Chesapeake Decision Sci. - MIMI
3890.01CPDW::ROGERSFri Mar 12 1993Country phone file
3891.02SALEM::COOPER_GFri Mar 12 1993Salt Lake City UT info request..
3892.028RUSURE::EDPMon Mar 15 1993Terrorist/Fanatic Acts and Religion
3893.04RAGMOP::KEEFEMon Mar 15 1993David Koresh--what's the charge?
3894.04STIMPY::QUODLINGTue Mar 16 1993PHone/FAX for Metpay?
3896.01TRADE::CONWAYWed Mar 17 1993Customized DECwindows session login window
3897.01SSGVThu Mar 18 1993Trouble accessing SUSHI::ALASKA
3898.017COVERT::COVERTFri Mar 19 1993Why you should never buy colored toilet paper
3899.04SMURF::BINDERFri Mar 19 1993Mouse --> trackball ??
3900.01DATABS::FERWERDAFri Mar 19 1993Magazine Broker?
3901.02CHEEKO::ANDERSONFri Mar 19 1993Merchant Card Account - VISA/MasterCard
3902.014HANNAH::OSMANFri Mar 19 1993slowing down jetliners
3903.03CONTRA::PMCVAYFri Mar 19 1993Date algorithms?
3904.04RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Mar 22 1993The Network Is the System
3905.0TKTV2Mon Mar 22 1993VAX/VMS System Dispatch
3906.03LEDS::SIMARDTue Mar 23 1993directions to Westboro from NY
3907.02CHOVAX::RASKISTue Mar 23 1993Alternative to docking stations?
3908.01WARNUT::HUNT_JSWed Mar 24 1993Electronic copy of ISO 3166 Country Codes
3909.04MPGS::CHRISTENSENThu Mar 25 1993How to find someone...
3910.08KADOW::KADOWThu Mar 25 1993matching gift or contribution form
3911.01MUNICH::HSTOECKLINFri Mar 26 1993Cray machine, where?
3912.02JOKUR::SQBIZ::MCCONNEYFri Mar 26 1993Attaching Wages
3913.05TROOA::RATTMANMon Mar 29 1993Modem Text Information
3915.013SWYP::SZKLARZTue Mar 30 1993Portable CD Players
3916.01111SRUS::DELBALSOThu Apr 01 1993Is there such a thing as "residual guilt"?
3918.01WFOV12::SPORBERTThu Apr 01 1993P.O. Box vs Residency?
3919.05PASHUN::ANDERSONFri Apr 02 1993chapter 13 - how does this work
3920.06CSOA1::BACHFri Apr 02 1993Looking for an obscure horror movie...
3921.05TROPPO::WARDFri Apr 02 1993DEC South Africa?
3922.01SALEM::COOPER_GSat Apr 03 1993Corporate donations to NPO's ??
3923.02AUSSIE::WHORLOWMon Apr 05 1993popular Fax modem?
3925.01PAWN8::CYRMon Apr 05 1993Supplier addresses ?
3926.013AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue Apr 06 1993Now that the season's about over...
3927.02MKODEV::REISTue Apr 06 1993Directions to Northeastern Univ
3928.06ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Apr 07 1993Big is the confusion under the sky...
3930.08DEMING::VALENZAWed Apr 07 1993Brown crunchy things to put on a salad
3931.02PRSSOS::MAILLARDThu Apr 08 1993Congress Library exhibition closing date?
3932.011MILPND::BENHAMThu Apr 08 1993Electricial wires and your car
3933.06MILPND::BENHAMThu Apr 08 1993 Orange Stickers
3934.08HANNAH::BAYThu Apr 08 1993What was the original name of the VISA credit card?
3935.018JOKUR::SQBIZ::MCCONNEYFri Apr 09 1993Writing Personal Checks
3936.03VAXWRK::SWARDTue Apr 13 1993Cost of moving
3937.0316BITS::DELBALSOWed Apr 14 1993VAXMail address for "Supply Chain Connection" owner?