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Conference mr1pst::sedt

Title:Files are in CURIE::USER$11:[ANKER.SEDT.*.*]
Notice:Major version is 4.0 (273)
Created:Mon Mar 24 1986
Last Modified:Wed May 14 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1413
Total number of notes:10034
Number with bodies:2
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.019CURIE::ANKERFri Oct 25 1985Sedt notes file
2.023WHYVAX::HETRICKFri Oct 25 1985SEDT on PDP-11?
3.01LEHIGH::CANTORSat Oct 26 1985Is there a Robin version?
4.02GYCSC1::JOERGMon Oct 28 1985SEDT --> UNIX ????
5.032TMCUK2::WARINGMon Oct 28 1985Enet Kit Location ?
6.0CURIE::ANKERThu Oct 31 1985Demise of V3SEDT
7.011GYCSC1::ZALLASun Nov 03 1985Startup command file problems
8.02HBO::PENNEYMon Nov 04 1985Is SEDT a DEC Product ?
9.06RAVEN1::STOGNERWed Nov 06 1985Extras for SEDT
10.08CHAIN::BERUBEWed Nov 06 1985SEDT and DECSpell on VMS
11.04KEEPER::BONNEAUThu Nov 07 1985Access to date or time?
12.06MTV::PENNEYFri Nov 08 1985HELP: Minor difficulties
13.030HBO::PENNEYTue Nov 12 1985Bolding & Underlining ??
14.01VAXINE::FITZPATRICKThu Nov 14 1985Timezone is off
15.01ATLAST::WAYERTue Nov 19 1985Confusion in IBM Ver. HELP
16.03CHAIN::BERUBETue Nov 19 1985%SYSTEM_F_PARTESCAPE error on V
17.02NYJOPS::RICHARDSONWed Nov 20 1985File Terminators
18.03HAMSTR::STRYKERWed Nov 20 1985Trouble starting VMS SEDT
19.02HAMSTR::STRYKERThu Nov 21 1985Tabs: Expanded
20.08CURIE::ANKERFri Nov 22 1985Sedt Version 2.1(99)
21.01LUDWIG::SOTENTISat Nov 23 1985Punctuation
22.010CURIE::ANKERMon Dec 02 1985SEDT for the IBM PC and AT
23.03CHAIN::BERUBETue Dec 03 1985free publicity
24.04NETWRK::SANDERThu Dec 05 1985Missing HELP functions
25.014VAXINE::FITZPATRICKThu Dec 05 1985VMS SEDT still a 'bit' off
26.01PAUPER::GETTYSMon Dec 09 1985vms 4.1 vs. 4.2
28.04CURIE::ANKERTue Dec 17 1985Undelete cursor
29.01FSTVAX::NEDBALEKWed Dec 18 1985SEDT on CCPM?
30.05UPTOWN::MMOYWed Dec 18 1985Vertical scrolling?
31.07GOLLY::HEBERTThu Dec 19 1985Rainbow [ Do ] Key
32.01GIGI::GINGERMon Dec 23 1985SEDT under dbaseIII
33.02KIRIN::DPMMon Dec 23 1985What's the latest SEDT?
35.02EXODUS::HARROWTue Dec 24 1985TAB Expansion ??
36.0NETWRK::SANDERThu Dec 26 1985VMS Cont Search/Replace prob
37.011MLOKAI::SANFORDMon Dec 30 1985SEDT for the Amiga
38.022CURIE::ANKERThu Jan 02 1986Version 2.1(11
39.0453GOLLY::HEBERTFri Jan 03 1986SEDT WishList
40.01NRCP2::GARCEAUTue Jan 07 1986Entity def question...
41.06NETWRK::SANDERWed Jan 08 1986Ruler Quirks?
42.01CURIUM::PETERSONThu Jan 09 1986SEDT and Turbo Pascal
45.03EXODUS::HARROWMon Jan 20 1986V2.1(115) Help problem
46.09NRCP2::GARCEAUThu Jan 23 1986SEDT problems/hints
47.011CHAIN::BERUBEThu Jan 23 1986SEDT Public Domain?
48.04VAXINE::FITZPATRICKThu Jan 23 1986Another VMS Sedt problem
49.0PAUPER::GETTYSFri Jan 24 1986_W_I_D_E_ shifts
50.04PAUPER::GETTYSTue Jan 28 1986Special chars in search strings
51.030CURIE::ANKERTue Jan 28 1986Version 3.
52.06ISWSW::VILAINMITue Jan 28 1986V3 Doc Suggestions
53.012BPOVWed Jan 29 1986GLD Files For Version 3
54.016ISWSW::VILAINMIThu Jan 30 1986V3.
58.017BPOVTue Feb 04 1986SEDT and TCL Spawning
59.01KIRIN::OREILLYFri Feb 07 1986SEDTCOM on VMS???
60.01KIRIN::OREILLYSat Feb 08 1986Bug in V3.
61.04STOWMA::LAFLAMMESat Feb 08 1986SEDT and V2
62.03VIRGIN::STIEGERWed Feb 12 1986VMS_SEDT V3.
63.01CURIE::ANKERFri Feb 14 1986I'll be gone a while
64.020WIKKET::COUNSILSun Feb 23 1986What is latest CPM version?
65.02VIRGIN::STIEGERMon Feb 24 1986Problems with embedded
66.01VAXINE::FITZPATRICKTue Feb 25 1986Another cute bug w/ VMS
67.02RDGE28::TLINDEMon Mar 03 1986SEDT weirdo!!
68.02WILBUR::BROWNThu Mar 13 1986SEDT V3 and SWITCHAR=- error
69.05CURIE::ANKERFri Mar 14 1986A piece of news
70.01CHAIN::BERUBEMon Mar 17 1986VAX Notes Converson?
71.08PAUPER::GETTYSSat Mar 22 1986Gold bug? Global replace
72.0CURIE::ANKERWed Mar 26 1986Sedt in VAX notes format
74.019CURIE::ANKERTue Apr 01 1986Using Sedt in VAXnotes
75.08CURIE::ANKERWed Apr 02 1986VAXstation support
76.05PARVAX::PFAUWed Apr 02 1986SEDTCOM not used when input doesn't exist
77.026CURIE::ANKERThu Apr 03 1986Version 3.
78.02MODULE::JOHNSONFri Apr 04 1986SEDT Advanced Guide Errors
79.034GUIDUK::STEBBINSMon Apr 07 1986Memory Usage / Disk I/O
80.026CURIE::ANKERTue Apr 08 1986What is it that you like?
81.015HAVEN::PORTERTue Apr 08 1986SEDT on COMPAQ Deskpro-286?!?
82.05SPIDER::EGOLFWed Apr 09 1986VMS SEDT V3
83.014EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Apr 10 1986Version 3 bombs
84.03ATLAST::BROWNMon Apr 14 1986GOLD FIND text FORWARD ?
85.06CLT::HEBERTMon Apr 14 1986I think I fouled my nest.
86.06YOGI::REILLYTue Apr 15 1986Sedt on Generic MS-DOS?
87.04MODULE::JOHNSONTue Apr 15 1986Problem using Sedt with MAIL
89.07OBLIO::WADEThu Apr 17 1986minor bug
90.04CHAIN::BERUBEThu Apr 17 1986Named Ruler Definitions files
91.019VAXINE::FITZPATRICKFri Apr 18 1986A couple of VMS bugs
92.0AKOVTue Apr 22 1986PC Crashes
94.03HAMSTR::STRYKERTue Apr 22 1986VT1
95.07MANTIS::EGOLFWed Apr 23 1986SEDT from DTR?
96.012LINK::BERUBEWed Apr 23 1986Dare I ask this? TPU vs SEDT
97.09ASGNQH::BOIKOWed Apr 23 1986SEDT on the Atari ST???
98.03HBO::PENNEYThu Apr 24 1986V3 PC1
99.05DAFFY::WHITNEYThu Apr 24 1986need help with SEDT macro
100.05IOSG::HORSFIELDFri Apr 25 1986screen update problem?
101.0104EDISON::ANKERFri Apr 25 1986Some nifty features are here for testing
102.03TMCUK2::WARINGMon Apr 28 1986IBM SEDT marketed?
103.03AKOVMon Apr 28 1986.ENV & .PIF Inquiry
104.010HAMSTR::STRYKERMon Apr 28 1986Display Message limitations
105.015OBLIO::WADEMon Apr 28 1986Another bug or cockpit error?
106.02MODULE::BANKSWed Apr 30 1986Questions from a busy user
107.08AKOVThu May 01 1986Toggle Direction Command Request
108.01EAGLE4::DANTOWITZThu May 01 1986Key definitions
109.01LOUIE::ELLENBERGERSat May 03 1986UNIX (Ultrix) Revisited
110.010EXODUS::HARROWMon May 05 1986How to define a GOLD-SHIFT-1 key?
111.05IOSG::HORSFIELDTue May 06 1986lost key defs in new buffers
112.03MODULE::JOHNSONTue May 06 1986A Coupla Questions
113.018MODULE::JOHNSONTue May 06 1986Missing Delimiters
114.0COFFEE::PFAUTue May 06 1986Callable SEDT
115.014IOSG::HORSFIELDThu May 08 1986is this any good?
116.03EXODUS::HARROWThu May 08 1986A bigger window into your world...
117.04BPOVThu May 08 1986Interrupt Key (F6) Problem?
118.016OVDVAX::TEATERFri May 09 1986More on block markers
119.03VIRGIN::STIEGERFri May 09 1986Ctrl-C during command_execution !!!!
120.05ANKER::ANKERMon May 12 1986I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up..
121.03IOSG::HORSFIELDMon May 12 1986problem with recalled response to prompt
122.08CGHUB::CONNELLYMon May 12 1986help needed on file size changes
123.012ANKER::ANKERTue May 13 1986How would you like to use a mouse?
124.03IOSG::HORSFIELDWed May 14 1986minor bug with column cut
126.06MODULE::JOHNSONThu May 15 1986Block mode bugs??
127.05RDVAX::FIRTHFri May 16 1986Keywords?
128.02RDVAX::FIRTHFri May 16 1986Justify page or document?
129.03BPOVFri May 16 1986Bolding/Underlining???
130.01CLOUD9::BULKAFri May 16 1986line feed problem
131.03ZEPPO::KUSCHERMon May 19 1986Extra unwanted characters
132.06BARAKA::BILLINGSLEATue May 20 1986To XFR or not to XFR...
133.01IOSG::HORSFIELDWed May 21 1986minor screen update problem
134.03BPOVWed May 21 1986PREV/NEXT SCREEN "Solution"???
135.0--UnknownUser--Wed May 28 1986New Gold key bug??
137.03PAUPER::GETTYSWed May 28 1986Gold key Global Replace bug
138.010YOGI::REILLYWed May 28 1986Does the IBM version work?
139.06CECILE::DEVIVOFri May 30 1986RULERS
140.02LIBAN::BILLINGSLEAWed Jun 04 1986I'm confused...
141.02OVDVAX::TEATERFri Jun 06 1986poor man's line drawing
142.04HGOVMon Jun 09 1986Another trivial question
143.02CLOVAX::COBURNMon Jun 09 1986Problem with MAIL and SEDT?
144.01DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYTue Jun 10 1986VAXstation Support Please - I Dont Like TPU
145.010MALIBU::MAPPSWed Jun 11 1986keytronic 5151 keyboard
146.07RAVEN1::SYSTEMThu Jun 12 1986Small question
147.01OVDVAX::TEATERSun Jun 15 1986v 147 RB FTSV and KERMIT problem
148.0ANKER::ANKERTue Jun 17 1986China, here I come!
149.04JANUS::TSMITHThu Jun 19 1986SEDT for VMS 4.3/4.4 - Where?
150.01SNEAKY::OREILLYFri Jun 20 1986CHNGCASE repeats...
151.04MTV::PENNEYFri Jun 20 1986TEMPORARY Binding ??
152.0DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYSun Jun 22 1986EDIT.CLD that supports SEDT
153.034DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYSun Jun 22 1986Performance Issues
154.011HBO::PENNEYMon Jun 23 1986Telling VMS I'm a VT24
155.05RAVEN1::NELSONMon Jun 23 1986DOS 3.1 keys error
156.03COMET2::COLLINSTue Jun 24 1986SmEDT?
157.01OLORIN::MITTONWed Jun 25 1986Mouse Problems
158.06UPTOWN::SBODELLTue Jul 01 1986VMS Installation Problem
159.08NETMAN::SANDERWed Jul 02 1986F4, F7 & F9 keys
160.02MODULE::JOHNSONThu Jul 03 1986^X = ^U
161.07LONGS::BILLINGSLEATue Jul 08 1986Veritcal Column-izing?
162.09TROLL::DCOTEWed Jul 09 1986Mouse support on Rainbow ??
163.0ANKER::ANKERWed Jul 09 1986A bug that makes it hang
164.0MODULE::BANKSMon Jul 14 1986Guinea pigs PLEASE
165.09WHYVAX::HETRICKMon Jul 14 1986Directory names with period
166.04IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Jul 15 1986short ruler
168.080ANKER::ANKERThu Jul 17 1986If you aren't tired of new versions
169.06IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Jul 21 1986files all over the place
170.038BPOVMon Jul 21 1986TXTF Futures
171.015HOMBRE::WILLIAMSTue Jul 22 1986Question about running a kept SEDT
172.0CHAIN::BERUBEWed Jul 23 1986SEDT and the tool PROCNAME
173.0111671::PORTERSat Jul 26 1986Raves and wishlist from outside DEC...
174.04RDGE28::TLINDETue Jul 29 1986strange line numbers
175.029CAFEIN::PFAUTue Jul 29 1986New Distribution Method
176.010MANTIS::EGOLFTue Jul 29 1986Full Screen Editing
177.03GALAGR::MOODYTue Aug 05 1986Have TI Boat-anchor need Sedt, please!
178.06TMCUK2::WARINGWed Aug 06 1986Good Ink on SEDT
179.04RDGE28::TLINDEWed Aug 06 1986column text entry ???
180.04OLORIN::MITTONWed Aug 06 1986Problems with Change buffer on PCs
181.038PUFFIN::WILSONThu Aug 07 1986Pull "Offical DEC's" head out of the sand
182.05MODULE::JOHNSONTue Aug 12 1986RWED Attributes For All Files
183.03MSTIME::WISETue Aug 12 1986DECMATE II Version?
184.0DRFIX::GUARINOTue Aug 12 1986Problems with IBM 3.1(156)???
185.011VIRGIN::STIEGERThu Aug 14 1986NO uppercasing of MCS_charcters
186.07COLORS::FLEISCHERFri Aug 15 1986delete current line?
187.015ANKER::ANKERMon Aug 18 1986Fruits of the weekend
188.07RDGE28::TLINDETue Aug 19 1986help with getting vms sedt going
189.05ZHDBC2::ZANGGERWed Aug 20 1986Non US keyboards on IBM AT?
190.08MUNICH::GENIUSWed Aug 20 1986(158) crashes my AT
191.016REGENT::GETTYSWed Aug 20 1986File prot problems on VMS 4.4 with 158
192.07ANKER::ANKERThu Aug 21 1986How to set Sedt up as your notes editor
193.04KLAATU::BERUBEFri Aug 22 1986Bug with Find, then Change Case combination
194.04ANKER::ANKERWed Aug 27 1986Sedt distribution policies
195.010KEEPER::BONNEAUFri Aug 29 1986SEDT, MAIL, and BUFFER 1 ?
196.02MODULE::BANKSTue Sep 02 1986Release of Lspella
197.04OBLIO::COMMOWed Sep 03 1986<< SEDT beats out DCL >>
198.02CLOVAX::COBURNWed Sep 03 1986Selecting rulers from Init file?
199.03BPOVThu Sep 04 1986High File I/O To Floppies?
200.08ANKER::ANKERThu Sep 04 1986Sedt sources in public domain
201.04KEEPER::BONNEAUSat Sep 06 1986SEDT and the TANDY 1
202.02IOSG::TATHAMTue Sep 09 1986Problem with defining keys
203.03KEEPER::BONNEAUWed Sep 10 1986How much buffering needed on Rainbow?
204.03MLNOIS::BOTTONThu Sep 18 1986Spawning to MS-DOS
205.02IOSG::HORSFIELDFri Sep 19 1986delete to end of line
207.03SMLONE::DAUGHERTYFri Sep 19 1986Problem with :REP in V3.1(16
208.02ID::TSMITHTue Sep 23 1986SEDT for BBC Micro???
209.01VNAEIS::POPPFri Sep 26 1986VAXmate-Compose Key
210.09ANKER::ANKERFri Sep 26 19863.1(162) is now the current, official release.
211.010MODULE::BANKSMon Sep 29 1986a little color
212.02JANUS::TSMITHTue Sep 30 1986The :SYS command and %F...
213.05EN::COPPOLAWed Oct 01 1986Is this a Problem
214.07JOULE::OBRIENThu Oct 02 1986VMS problem
215.04ATLAST::WAYERFri Oct 03 1986Where is the GOLD
216.017ANKER::ANKERFri Oct 03 1986Feedback on size limitations, please.
217.09ANKER::ANKERFri Oct 03 1986Compaq Portable II problems
218.03NANOOK::LANGONEMon Oct 06 1986SEDT for Ultrix ?
219.02PARVAX::PFAUWed Oct 08 1986Customization by File Type
220.05MYBOAT::HEBERTThu Oct 09 1986Repeat Learned Key Sequence?
221.014ANKER::ANKERMon Oct 13 1986Another improvement. File save times reduced.
222.04KEEPER::BONNEAUWed Oct 15 1986ALL CAPS ??
223.01PARVAX::BARBERThu Oct 16 1986.GLD Files for IBM XT ?
224.07MUNICH::BOEHMSun Oct 19 1986save selected text to disk
225.04MAXWEL::DC322Mon Oct 20 1986vote for line# in page
226.03BOGART::ROCHAMon Oct 20 1986HELP - need floppy with all files
227.04MAXWEL::DC322Fri Oct 24 1986<LF> & special chars in replace string
232.03ANKER::ANKERTue Nov 04 1986Notes file problems
233.01IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Nov 04 1986turn cursor into pen
234.05WHYVAX::HEWITTTue Nov 04 1986SEDT on Leading Edge Model "D"
235.025ANKER::ANKERWed Nov 05 1986Version 3.1(167)
237.04IOSG::HORSFIELDWed Nov 05 1986problems with :SO and :SI
238.015ANKER::ANKERWed Nov 05 1986MS-Windows Sedt
239.01HAYNES::REILLYThu Nov 06 1986What key definition file to use?
240.01DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYThu Nov 06 1986Alternate help screen for LK2
241.03MODULE::BANKSFri Nov 07 1986Spella
242.07NACHO::WILLIAMSSat Nov 08 1986Questions/Problems with VAXmate SEDT
243.03ANKER::ANKERMon Nov 10 1986Are you having problems spawning 3.1(167)?
244.011MAXWEL::DC322Tue Nov 11 1986Getting the current line number?
245.0CAFEIN::PFAUTue Nov 11 1986PARVAX::SEDT$DIST: going away
246.03MAXWEL::DC322Wed Nov 12 1986Make room at top for Timer?
247.02BCSE::SUITSThu Nov 13 1986Does ^E()(|) really work?
248.020ANKER::ANKERFri Nov 14 1986Freeing up real estate
249.010BCSE::BULKAFri Nov 14 1986Problem with nulls
250.01BIGALO::WIGHT_BRIANMon Nov 17 1986question from a beginner....
251.03CRVAX1::DIDATOThu Nov 27 1986Any way to redefine the "GOLD" key??
252.01NEWVAX::PRUSSSat Nov 29 1986Should Cursor be Visible?
253.0IOSG::HORSFIELDSat Nov 29 1986sedt as ALL-IN-1 editor
254.03TLE::GRIEBMon Dec 01 1986Past end of buffer question
255.02PIKES::BILLINGSLEATue Dec 02 1986Setting up a predefined file
256.09REGENT::GETTYSTue Dec 02 1986Gold Save changes file name
257.03TSE::MILLERTue Dec 02 1986Help Problem with VMS Sedt
258.06MKTUP1::EIBENTue Dec 02 1986Do I have to RTFM ??
259.010NIGHT::WEBERThu Dec 04 1986Can't Open Key Definition File
260.02USFHSL::FULLERSat Dec 06 1986SEDT Subprocess default directory
261.04MAXWEL::DC322Mon Dec 08 1986Search string for @N getting confused
262.06MAXWEL::DC322Mon Dec 08 1986Key def doesn't work in RBKEY.TXT
263.03PIKES::BILLINGSLEAMon Dec 08 1986help with notes editor
264.09MODULE::JOHNSONMon Dec 08 1986Blowing Away Files
265.020VAXINE::FITZPATRICKTue Dec 09 1986A couple of journaling concerns
266.01MODULE::BANKSWed Dec 10 1986what do I do now ???
267.033ANKER::ANKERThu Dec 11 1986Version 3.1(17
269.07NETMAN::SANDERMon Dec 15 1986Keypad mode on exit
270.08SEDJAR::BELDINTue Dec 16 1986SEDT problems with VAX-MAIL
271.02MODULE::BANKSTue Dec 16 1986my scalp please
272.02UPTOWN::SBODELLThu Dec 18 1986More problems with HELP
273.06RT1Thu Dec 18 1986Problems / 3.1.171
274.01CLOVAX::POLITZERThu Dec 18 1986SHIFT-arrow on Z-148 PC
275.0ANKER::ANKERFri Dec 19 1986New GLD files
277.02HBO::ORNSTEINTue Dec 23 1986new keyboard support?
278.07RAINBO::SCOTTWed Dec 31 1986A possible SEDT bug.
279.07MODULE::BANKSWed Dec 31 1986SPELLA
280.025ANKER::ANKERMon Jan 05 1987Version 3.1(172)
281.05BRDWLK::CARLINMon Jan 05 1987DECnet-DOS Binaries Xfer
282.03HOMBRE::WILLIAMSMon Jan 05 1987Multiple file loading at startup
283.010BIGHOG::BROOKSTue Jan 06 1987How about "QUIT" and "EXIT" in command mode?
284.017VIKING::SAWYERWed Jan 07 1987SEDT is broken on the IBM/PC-XT
286.02BETA::LAILFri Jan 09 1987SEDT listed as "Freeware" by Digital Review
287.04CHAPLN::DIIULIOMon Jan 12 1987Problem with VMS SEDT v3.1(172) installing???
288.09ANKER::ANKERMon Jan 19 1987The count keeps going up: 3.1 (175)
289.05ZHDBC2::ZANGGERTue Jan 20 1987SEDT.CNF please elaborate
290.06JOCKEY::BOTTOMLEYTue Jan 20 1987Text sticks in column 1
291.01NETMAN::SANDERTue Jan 20 1987GOLD/browse wish list item
294.05CRVAX1::DIDATOTue Jan 20 1987Can I re-define the ESC key??
295.03GRECO::WILSONWed Jan 21 1987Buffer number bug in two file start
297.04JOCKEY::BOTTOMLEYMon Jan 26 1987Problem with LSPELLA
298.05CHAPLN::DIIULIOMon Jan 26 1987VMS SEDT 3.1(175) QUESTION
299.04REGENT::GETTYSTue Jan 27 1987Problems accessing conference
300.029ABLE::VIVERITOThu Jan 29 1987Wishlist--Pagination
301.01CGFSV1::PHILLIPSFri Jan 30 1987need help on AT&T 63
302.09SAHQ::WILLARDPETue Feb 03 1987buffer...
303.021BPOVThu Feb 05 1987Screen Speed!!!
304.04ANKER::ANKERSat Feb 07 19873.1 (176)
305.06PAR5::BUTLERMon Feb 09 1987I'm carrying the .txt files around.
306.04QENCAD::ENGTue Feb 10 1987Control-P default output
307.01ZHDBC2::ZANGGERWed Feb 11 1987Compose broken on IBM AT?
308.03JEREMY::GIDEONWed Feb 11 1987reading a live file
309.03HULK::GEISENHAINERWed Feb 11 1987fansi console vs. sedt
310.03TSG::HATCHERThu Feb 12 1987Program to big to fit in memory - VAXmate problem.
312.08CAFEIN::PFAUFri Feb 13 1987How to write SEDT command files
314.05DRFIX::GUARINOSat Feb 14 1987Journaling problem...
315.03ANKER::ANKERMon Feb 16 19873.1(177)
316.0BPOVMon Feb 16 1987:UOFF and Block Mode Problem
317.015GENRAL::R_BROOKSMon Feb 16 1987short wishlist or "pet peeves"
318.011ORACLE::RAMEYTue Feb 17 1987Turn out that light!!!
319.013DRFIX::GUARINOWed Feb 18 1987Different Keyboard, again...
320.02ANKER::ANKERMon Feb 23 19873.1 (178)
321.02MASTER::BGARCEAUMon Feb 23 1987Callable SEDT?
323.03GALAGR::MOODYTue Feb 24 1987Block mode and Change Case??
324.06RIPPER::PIIPWed Feb 25 1987New AT K/B problems, still.?
325.05VIKING::SCOTTWed Feb 25 19872W or not 2W, that is my question.
327.06CNTROL::COTEThu Feb 26 1987Field of spaces, like EDD ?
328.02MYBOAT::HEBERTThu Feb 26 1987 Broken HELP in (177)
329.02CSOADM::TEATERSun Mar 01 1987VMS 177 recovery problem
330.02FROST::WALZMon Mar 02 1987Problems from a new user...
331.06KEEPER::BONNEAUTue Mar 03 1987SEDT on Tandy 1
333.01CHEERS::HEBERTFri Mar 06 1987:SUB Problem maybe
334.011ANKER::ANKERFri Mar 06 19873.1(179)
335.014BPOVMon Mar 09 1987Memory Resident SEDT???
336.07HOMBRE::WILLIAMSMon Mar 09 1987The Ultimate Text Editor
337.010CGFSV1::PHILLIPSMon Mar 09 1987Journal Problem / error message ?
338.014CHARON::COXMon Mar 09 1987128K SEDT ??
339.014MOSAIC::SCOTTTue Mar 10 1987Wanted: Disk cleaning person.
340.01CHARON::PAGEFri Mar 13 1987VT1
341.01SAHQ::WILLARDPEFri Mar 13 1987SEDT <-> WPS PLUS
342.07COLORS::BROCKMon Mar 16 1987Fanci-Console & IBM enhanced keyboard
343.04SAHQ::WILLARDPEThu Mar 19 1987<Non-Printables?>
344.0VICTOR::WARINGSun Mar 22 1987Journalling for Windows SEDT?
345.07DECWET::RMORGANWed Mar 25 1987ULTRIX V1.2 SEDT available for testing
346.02BMT::SPRINGERThu Mar 26 1987AT Keyboard problem: New User
347.09MOSAIC::SCOTTMon Mar 30 1987Math within SEDT
348.02ANKER::ANKERWed Apr 01 19873.1 (181)
349.07GALAGR::MOODYWed Apr 01 1987SEDT 3.1(18
350.01ENGINE::POIRIERWed Apr 01 1987Where is SEDT.COM???
351.03RAVEN1::NELSONFri Apr 03 1987How to pick your keys
352.04ASTRO::HASSANFri Apr 03 1987Mouse Eats Cursor !
353.05ANKER::ANKERMon Apr 06 1987New CPM versions
354.09WINNER::SGILMANTue Apr 07 1987VMS buffer oddities...
355.04HYEND::RROSSWed Apr 08 1987No rbkey.txt error message
356.04JOULE::OBRIENMon Apr 13 19872
357.02BCSE::BULKATue Apr 14 1987read-only?
358.016ANKER::ANKERTue Apr 14 1987Laser printed documentation!
359.02PARITY::SANDERWed Apr 15 1987<GOLD>-CTRL-F file name
360.010BPOVThu Apr 16 1987Laptops and SEDT???
361.06JOULE::OBRIENTue Apr 21 1987Invisible Page Markers?
362.03JOULE::OBRIENTue Apr 21 1987Syntax error?
363.02CRVAX1::DIDATOThu Apr 23 1987Block cursor
364.014HYDRA::BLATTWed Apr 29 1987sedt and PS/2 machines
365.01ANKER::ANKERMon May 04 1987An update
369.0ANKER::ANKERWed May 27 1987Head crash
370.01KEEPER::BONNEAUWed May 27 1987Better PAGE (KP7) definition??
371.01SNOVThu May 28 1987PolyRegis and SEDT
372.01SPCTRM::NUSBAUMThu May 28 1987Can't reduce font size below 24
373.01TOPCAT::BOHRERTue Jun 02 1987need help with SEDT on Vaxmate
374.016CAFEIN::PFAUTue Jun 02 1987Callable SEDT (?!)
375.01CRETE::KEELERThu Jun 04 1987SAVK Produces Unusable Key Definition File
376.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYFri Jun 05 1987Replacement note for WSEDT startup problem
377.0IOSG::HORSFIELDFri Jun 05 1987undelete word key definitions
378.02IOSG::HORSFIELDFri Jun 12 1987abbreviation-expansion setup
379.03GVASA::LUGRINMon Jun 15 1987(parentheses flashing)
380.04COLORS::LORDMon Jun 15 1987problems with this conference?
381.01IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Jun 15 1987query-global-replace setup
382.08NWLONG::LONGTue Jun 16 1987WSEDT blows VAXmate Standalone?
383.01HPSCAD::WALLThu Jun 18 1987Multiple keystrokes for comands?
384.03JETSAM::MCCULLERSFri Jun 19 1987Problem w/ SEDT V3.1(181) & Large Files?
385.02JETSAM::MCCULLERSFri Jun 19 1987SEDT V3.1(181) Changes File Attributes
386.05HANMon Jun 22 1987Where are the latest kits?
387.010MDVAX3::WALTONWed Jul 01 1987SEDT and VMS search lists
388.030ANKER::ANKERWed Jul 01 1987Want to try 3.2(184)?
389.05VNACSC::HOFMANNMon Jul 06 1987Strange behaviour with 3.1(181)
390.04WELSWS::WALKERBMon Jul 13 1987Changing Colours in SEDT
391.05DURIN::ROBINSONThu Jul 16 19871
392.010ANKER::ANKERFri Jul 17 19873.2(186) uploaded
393.0ANKER::ANKERMon Jul 20 1987Last and final CP/M version
394.01FERRET::BBAKERThu Jul 23 1987CR and LF characters from no where
395.01COMET2::FULTONFri Jul 24 1987multiple ^Z at EOF
397.02SNOV17::CANTONIWed Jul 29 1987Why no :KE<key> Command?
398.04SNOV17::CANTONIWed Jul 29 1987Bug in LONG (>128ch) key defs
399.01KEEPER::BONNEAUThu Jul 30 1987ATKEY.TXT file??
400.01SEDJAR::BELDINThu Jul 30 1987Is it my VT22
401.04JETSAM::MCCULLERSTue Aug 04 1987Slap SEDT along side the head?
402.03SNOV17::CANTONIThu Aug 06 1987SEDT & ALL-IN-1 - Can it be done?
403.06MURPHY::ANKERFri Aug 14 1987DECworld just gobbled me up!
404.03BARNUM::FOBRIENWed Aug 19 1987New SPOOL.COM ??
405.08COLORS::LORDWed Aug 19 1987specify init file at run time?
406.01DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYWed Sep 02 1987Dare anyone ask this?
407.01JOCKEY::SHARKEYThu Sep 03 1987What happened to giving away SEDT?
408.06HAMPS::SELLTue Sep 08 1987fewer clears?
409.07CSOADM::TEATERTue Sep 15 1987186 Rainbow, rev J's show up on end of line
410.02HAMPS::SELLWed Sep 16 1987block cut tabs multiply?
411.010ODIHAM::SELLThu Sep 17 1987trim lines?
413.03NEDDY::Fri Sep 18 1987Screen colours problem on exit
414.03SNOCSun Sep 20 1987HELP file - BUG?
415.02EDUHCI::BOELKETue Sep 22 1987.DOC not found?
416.04DURIN::ROBINSONMon Sep 28 1987SEDT and a mouse
417.012UTOPIE::ASCHAUERTue Sep 29 1987Key definitions file under Ultrix - How?
418.01IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Sep 29 1987movement bug when overstrike
419.011CSMSRE::SHELTONThu Oct 01 1987INVOKING SEDT W Vmate mouse
420.02TACHYN::HWANGFri Oct 02 1987Block in center of screen?
421.03TACHYN::HWANGMon Oct 05 1987Another Gold Key Possible?
423.01RAGS::ARCEWed Oct 07 1987HELP does not work on ULTRIX
424.010HYEND::AVERYWed Oct 07 1987SEDT for the Macintosh?
427.015CRVAX1::DIDATOFri Oct 09 1987SEDT on T31
428.012MURPHY::ANKERSat Oct 10 19873.2 (188) now available
429.01JOCKEY::SHARKEYMon Oct 12 1987SEDT goes strange with a clock
430.018VIKING::SAWYERMon Oct 12 19873.2 (188) Bugs
431.04JOCKEY::SHARKEYTue Oct 13 1987Which version of 188 is correct
432.04ISWSW::VILAINMITue Oct 13 1987Revisiting SEDT as a product
433.05JOCKEY::SHARKEYWed Oct 14 1987Whats <F14> for ?
434.05JOCKEY::SHARKEYThu Oct 15 1987A query and a bug
436.02IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Oct 19 1987slow screen update on rainbow version
437.03MURPHY::ANKERMon Oct 19 19873.2 (189)
438.02CSSE32::OTTERSONTue Oct 20 1987SEDT.CNF and SEDTCOM.TXT files...
439.01MUNICH::GENIUSTue Oct 20 1987188/9 crashes INTEL SBC 386
440.0MURPHY::ANKERWed Oct 21 1987Hanging system bug workaround
441.08BPOVFri Oct 23 1987Problem with ^J's and Search/Replace
442.016MURPHY::ANKERTue Oct 27 1987Yet another upload - 3.2 (192)
443.09LDP::FORBESWed Oct 28 1987RULER being reset by fill
444.019RITA::SANDERThu Oct 29 1987Padding while reformating
445.013DELNI::GILMANThu Oct 29 1987Potential Enhancements?
446.044MURPHY::ANKERMon Nov 02 19873.2 (193)
447.0MURPHY::ANKERMon Nov 02 1987Generic keyboard key definitions
448.01JOCKEY::SHARKEYWed Nov 04 1987Small bug in 193 ???
449.04MURPHY::ANKERFri Nov 06 1987BIGBUFF
450.07VIDEO::LENFMon Nov 09 1987Any interest on PostScript from SEDT?
451.04FDCVMon Nov 09 19873.2 (194) Bugs
452.01GRANMA::FPRUSSMon Nov 09 1987First time WSEDT/VAXmate user
453.07MURPHY::ANKERMon Nov 09 1987Any distribution suggestions?
454.01GLIVET::FLORENTINETue Nov 10 1987wsedt problems
455.01BPOVTue Nov 10 1987Where to get latest version?
456.012BEING::PETROVICWed Nov 11 1987String substitution within a select range?
457.03FROST::DANIELWed Nov 11 1987CP/M SEDT Problems
458.010MURPHY::ANKERThu Nov 12 19873.2 (195)
459.015MURPHY::ANKERThu Nov 12 1987Generic is dead, long live mapping=scancode
460.06BPOVThu Nov 12 1987Underlining, Off???
461.05LDP::FORBESSun Nov 15 1987PALETTE= and EGA?
462.08RDGE23::PARTENQMon Nov 16 1987it wont work, HELP
463.09IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Nov 17 1987save position on exit from sedt
464.08BPOVTue Nov 17 1987Change Bar Program From DIF???
465.015MURPHY::ANKERThu Nov 19 19873.2 (196)
466.08MURPHY::ANKERMon Nov 23 1987Edit 197
467.04BPOVTue Nov 24 1987New OUTLINE-ing approach for SEDT
468.04GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue Nov 24 1987SEDT Documentation Comments, Notes, etc.
469.01STAR::BECKTue Nov 24 1987SEDT doesn't like VT3XX?
470.04REGENT::GETTYSTue Nov 24 1987Another keyboard and Gold key files
471.04IOSG::GEEWed Nov 25 1987ATARI ST SEDT on AMSTRAD PC164
472.043MURPHY::ANKERTue Dec 01 1987Edit 198
473.05CELTCS::BULKAWed Dec 02 1987WSEDT help needed
474.032BPOVTue Dec 08 1987Wishlist Items Again...
475.07BPOV1Tue Dec 08 1987VMS,3.2(2
476.0GCLEF::COHENTue Dec 08 1987Config file funnies
477.01CHET::NILSENWed Dec 09 1987Problems with 3.2(2
478.015MURPHY::ANKERThu Dec 10 1987Edit 2
479.0VIKING::SAWYERThu Dec 10 1987A BIGBUFF that works with SEDT
480.05BPOVFri Dec 11 1987New GLD's: Pagination, Outlining, Counters, etc.
481.03RITA::SANDERFri Dec 11 1987Translating keystrokes
482.02SNOCSun Dec 13 1987multiple file editing; :ERC bug?
483.012VMSDEV::BECKSun Dec 13 1987SEDT & NEC Multispeed Help key unhealthy combination
484.03JETSAM::MCCULLERSTue Dec 15 1987Line too long for :SYS?
485.01IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Dec 15 1987wish - counter in message line?
486.06GALAGR::MOODYTue Dec 15 1987insect report..
487.014IOSG::HORSFIELDWed Dec 16 19873.2(2
488.01RETORT::BANKSWed Dec 16 1987final call
489.07DELNI::GILMANThu Dec 17 1987Trouble with Recover function
490.010MURPHY::ANKERFri Dec 18 1987Edit 2
491.016IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Dec 21 19873.2(2
492.07GENRAL::WOODMon Dec 21 1987Bug/wish V3.2
493.011DELNI::GILMANWed Dec 23 1987Operating System Command Enhancement/Question
494.030MURPHY::ANKERMon Dec 28 1987Sedt for OS/2
495.016MURPHY::ANKERTue Dec 29 1987Edit 2
496.01PFLOYD::ROTHBERGWed Dec 30 1987Epson Equity II . . .
497.021MURPHY::ANKERTue Jan 05 1988Edit 2
498.07MURPHY::ANKERTue Jan 05 1988Change in distribution policy
499.01FDCVTue Jan 05 1988Does the SEDT manual change much???
500.07JOCKEY::SHARKEYWed Jan 06 1988Help on LK25
501.02JOCKEY::SHARKEYThu Jan 07 1988Help files and TAB stops
502.03DELNI::GILMANThu Jan 07 1988Questions about :SYR and ARC
503.05MAGIC::HEBERTFri Jan 08 1988Another request for <CR><LF>
504.019MURPHY::ANKERMon Jan 11 1988Edit 2
505.03DELNI::GILMANMon Jan 11 1988Need :SYR help!!
506.01SNOCWed Jan 13 1988Ruler mode different in VMS & MS-DOS?
507.035MURPHY::ANKERWed Jan 13 1988Edit 2
508.09GENRAL::WOODFri Jan 22 1988text file <ESC> ?
509.02WORSEL::DOTYFri Jan 22 1988VAX TXTF
510.03STOPIT::LINNELLMon Jan 25 1988Whats changed in the NEW keyboard file
511.01COGVAX::NARODMon Jan 25 1988SEDT.DOC & LN
512.06MURPHY::ANKERTue Jan 26 1988Just a few more bugs to fix before 3.3
514.02BPOVTue Jan 26 1988Can I Un-Mark A Character Position?
515.04JOCKEY::SHARKEYWed Jan 27 1988Importing Keyboards
516.02VAXWRK::INGRAMWed Jan 27 1988Initialization file problem in (2
517.01CSSE::GORMANThu Jan 28 1988SEDT for 14
518.01GALAGR::MOODYThu Jan 28 1988Oh great 'C' guru, answer my plea
519.01COGVAX::NARODSun Jan 31 1988Ryan McFarlane Cobol
520.03MURPHY::ANKERMon Feb 01 1988Where for disk mailers?
521.062MURPHY::ANKERMon Feb 01 1988Edit 212
522.0CXCAD::HAAGTue Feb 02 1988Again: where is it found?
523.01BPOVTue Feb 02 1988To TAB or not to TAB???
524.01DELNI::GILMANWed Feb 03 1988Problem with Select Region
526.03RAVEN1::NELSONWed Feb 03 1988block cut and paste
528.08SNOCSun Feb 07 1988What's the fastest way to invoke SEDT on PC?
529.0HAVEN::PORTERMon Feb 08 1988SEDT really >FLIES< on a 386 clone!
530.02BPOVWed Feb 10 1988New GLD's
531.03ASD::WILLIAMSThu Feb 11 1988Does SEDT do (DEC)Windows?
532.01DORIS::WARINGFri Feb 12 1988DECUS Version of PC & Windows SEDT?
533.05SAACT3::SAKOVICH_AFri Feb 12 1988Rulers based on filetype?
534.06REGENT::GETTYSMon Feb 15 1988Conference access problems
535.01UPBEAT::MMOYMon Feb 15 1988SEDT for VAXStar?
536.06KETJE::MISTIAENFri Feb 19 1988problem with windows version
538.01DIEHRD::JAQUESFri Feb 19 1988SEDT arc ??
539.02FDCVFri Feb 19 1988Setting the number of line on screen...
540.011THOTH::KLEEMANSat Feb 20 1988SEDT MSWINDOWS on VAXmate defalting to AT keys?
541.08IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Feb 22 1988vt3
542.01DELNI::GILMANWed Feb 24 1988Initial Load Suggestion
543.03ASD::WILLIAMSThu Feb 25 1988Is SEDT running on VMS Version 5??
544.06HPSTEK::FOBRIENMon Feb 29 1988Backwards line counter
545.02CADWRK::WHITNEYTue Mar 01 1988%NONAME-W-NOMSG, Message number
547.0SAACTMon Mar 07 1988Integrating SEDT w/ MIXC
548.0IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Mar 08 1988printing documentation
549.05JOET::JOETTue Mar 08 1988Phoenix V3.
550.04ORGMAN::GORMANWed Mar 09 1988SEARCHing for blank lines
551.05LDP::FORBESSat Mar 12 1988Ascii codes over 127?
552.018PFLOYD::ROTHBERGSat Mar 12 1988SEDT + big_file = system_hang
553.09KLAATU::BERUBEMon Mar 14 1988Bug in 3.2(215)
554.02GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue Mar 15 1988:STAB bug
555.05MURPHY::ANKERFri Mar 18 1988Version 3.3 (216)
556.01CSOA1::FISHERFri Mar 18 19881
557.01BLASFri Mar 18 1988Ident mismatch with LIBRTL?
558.03CSDPIE::BONNEAUFri Mar 18 1988Where is Outlining info?
559.05BLASSat Mar 19 1988Thank you, Anker.
560.08SNOCSun Mar 20 1988Word terminators - How do they work?
561.041HOTAIR::OMALLEYSun Mar 20 1988CONTEXT=??
562.011IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Mar 21 1988memory-resident problems
563.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYMon Mar 21 1988Keyboard layout thoughts
564.04CSDPIE::BONNEAUMon Mar 21 1988F4 on VMS SEDT - dead key?
565.09ASD::WILLIAMSTue Mar 22 1988Version 3.3 (218)
566.014MURPHY::ANKERTue Mar 22 1988Windows Sedt
567.010ASPEN2::BOIKOThu Mar 24 1988How to remove CR and LF's from a file with SEDT..?
568.0HIHOSS::HOSSFELDThu Mar 24 1988ln
569.0DELNI::GILMANThu Mar 24 1988Screen width feature
570.021CSDPIE::BONNEAUThu Mar 24 1988SEDT as NOTES editor
571.027BPOVFri Mar 25 1988SEDT, SEX, and new GLD's
572.06RAGS::ARCEMon Mar 28 1988Is SEDT available for ULTRIX?
573.03MURPHY::ANKERMon Mar 28 1988Mouse Systems mouse driver problem
574.0227958::MCGUIRETue Mar 29 1988Keydefs for Zenith Z-183?
575.011BPOVWed Mar 30 1988SEDT adding numbers?
576.01LDP::WEAVERThu Mar 31 1988Block delete, screen messed up bug is back
578.0PLATA::BILLINGSLEAMon Apr 04 1988Documentation: Reference & Guide/LN
579.01SHEEHY::SHEEHYMon Apr 04 1988AT with NI Kit problems?
580.01TASMAN::FOBRIENTue Apr 05 1988Permament Highlights
581.01BPOVTue Apr 05 1988^E()(^C()|) Problem
582.01BLASTue Apr 05 1988DECNET/DOS and PALETTE
583.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAWed Apr 06 1988any chance of a cut down SEDT?
584.07MSTEAK::ELFWed Apr 06 1988Access Violation! w/ V3.3 (219)
585.0RETORT::BANKSThu Apr 07 1988new location
586.02HPSTEK::FOBRIENThu Apr 07 1988GOLD x KP8 problem
587.02JOCK::MASINICKThu Apr 07 1988VAXmate GOLD keypad help needed
588.0ANGORA::JANZENMon Apr 11 1988heath-zenith z1
590.0STAR::BECKTue Apr 12 1988Keymaps (sort of) - EDT vs Native keypad switching
591.0LDP::WEAVERSat Apr 16 1988GEM SEDT is bombing on a Mega ST2
592.05SUOSW1::KAISERWed Apr 20 1988:SYR on ATARI
593.05JEREMY::YAACOVWed Apr 20 1988**** Sedt RB-Msdos should work ?? ***
594.02CGOSSun Apr 24 1988AT Keyboard Select on Clone (LK25
595.039MURPHY::ANKERMon Apr 25 1988Edit 222 uploaded
596.06BPOVWed Apr 27 1988GOLD=<ESC>...how to do it?
597.04MURPHY::ANKERFri Apr 29 1988New LN
598.03LDP::WEAVERSun May 01 1988How to use counters in <count>?
599.0IOSG::HORSFIELDMon May 02 1988palette codes affect these features
600.015CELTCS::BULKAThu May 05 1988journaling woes
601.03IOSG::HORSFIELDSat May 07 1988edit many files
603.05PANAMA::GILLIAMMon May 09 1988SEDT for the ST?
604.06COMET::MASONMMon May 09 1988Is a Spell checker available over the net?
605.03KIPPIS::BERGIUSTue May 10 1988WSEDT under MS-WINDOWS 2.
606.08MURPHY::ANKERFri May 13 1988Windows Sedt status
607.06MURPHY::ANKERWed May 18 1988Edit 223
608.01TOOK::COOKMon May 23 1988Keymap for TPU/EVE layout
609.03CADSE::RALTOMon May 23 1988XT-clone "Divide overflow" problem
610.01HAVEN::PORTERTue May 24 1988SEDT for UNIX(tm) ? - Save us from "VI"!!
611.03ALGAE::KANNTue May 24 1988PF1 W works??
612.016MURPHY::ANKERWed May 25 1988Edit 224
613.09NAC::ROBINSTue May 31 1988SEDT under OS|2
614.0BPOVTue May 31 1988Block Mode Adding...well, almost!
615.04PTOMV6::ANESTISWed Jun 01 1988Where is the ULTRIX version
616.03JEREMY::YAACOVTue Jun 07 1988useing rbspella from sedt
617.06CSDPIE::BONNEAUTue Jun 07 1988HELP - copy I*M to RAINBOW thru VAXMATE??
618.01GALLOP::SHARKEYAWed Jun 08 1988Help on -I command on a vaxmate please
619.010PERFCT::ANKERThu Jun 09 1988Edit 227
620.04PERFCT::ANKERThu Jun 09 1988Distribution moving to UPOA1
621.07ALGAE::KANNThu Jun 09 1988Shift function keys??
622.07COOKIE::FULTONThu Jun 09 19883 VMS problems on a workstation
623.03HEAVY::KESMITHFri Jun 10 1988Arrow keys in ruler mode
624.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAFri Jun 10 1988Can tab changes look at the ruler please ?
625.017KAOFS::READFri Jun 10 1988SEDT on a GRiDcase 15
626.01GALLOP::SHARKEYAWed Jun 15 1988IS it a bug or a wish ?
627.08GALAGR::MOODYFri Jun 17 1988WSEDT config ??
628.01CSOA1::REARICKTue Jun 21 1988Distribution Policy?
629.02IO::MCCARTNEYWed Jun 22 1988Screen Update Optimizations and Analysis
630.01RDGE43::BARRETTThu Jun 23 1988.JOU corrupts instead of recovering ASCII files!!
631.03GALLOP::SHARKEYAThu Jun 23 1988WSEDT drops me to DOS
632.05RAGS::ARCEFri Jun 24 1988how do I edit very large records
633.09TOOK::COOKMon Jun 27 1988MSWindows SEDT suggestion
634.085PERFCT::ANKERMon Jun 27 1988Edit 23
635.011MURPHY::ANKERWed Jun 29 1988New distribution directories
636.02SNOCSun Jul 03 1988132 Col mode on VAXmate - Problem
637.02EFVAX::FEATHERSTONThu Jul 07 1988global replace problem in WSEDT
639.01APE::MCCULLERSMon Jul 11 1988Recalling Defined Keys?
641.04MILRAT::MCMASTERWed Jul 13 1988Status on sedt for ultrix ?
642.05BPOVMon Jul 18 1988%E Lookups Question
643.03IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Jul 19 1988sort selected region
644.09IOSG::HORSFIELDWed Jul 20 1988use sedt to compile/review Document source
645.017JANUS::TSMITHThu Jul 21 1988Re-direction of broadcast messages?
646.02HIHOSS::HOSSFELDFri Jul 22 1988Command line Exit
647.0IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Jul 26 1988crashed sedt
648.08BPOVTue Jul 26 1988FESC.SEX - playing with escape sequences!!!
649.0IOSG::HORSFIELDThu Jul 28 1988:EK problem
650.05BPOVThu Jul 28 1988:YN in a command file...problem?
651.01BPOVFri Jul 29 1988RETURN=OFF...works on VMS???
652.02IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Aug 02 1988sedt filename -nnn bug
653.02MARMAT::JERRYMon Aug 08 1988SEDT.INI Command Line Error Message?
654.0GALLOP::SHARKEYAWed Aug 10 1988Ignore .CTX if file is new ?
655.01HAVEN::PORTERWed Aug 10 1988SEDT (233) AUTOSAVE not safe on VMS.
656.0IOSG::HORSFIELDFri Aug 12 1988screen update bug
657.03SCOMAN::DERICKSONThu Aug 18 1988Getting Started, Need Help
658.045BPOVThu Aug 18 1988Line Drawing Characters???
659.03KALKI::LANGThu Aug 18 1988SHIFT LOCK STATUS - T1
661.013IOSG::HORSFIELDFri Aug 26 1988another screen update bug
662.02OVRDRV::ILYADISFri Aug 26 1988Mouse support on vaxstations?
663.01COMET::MASONMSun Aug 28 1988Mouse support for Logitec
664.03CSOADM::COOPERMon Aug 29 1988help
665.0HPSTEK::FOBRIENTue Aug 30 1988Search & Replace with Wildcards
666.02BAGELS::BEAULIEUTue Aug 30 1988Procuring SEDT on 5 1/4 disks for my PC
667.026MURPHY::ANKERWed Aug 31 1988Edit 234
668.07MAGIC::CAMERONTue Sep 06 1988Trouble with ^S Conditional
670.03ASD::WILLIAMSThu Sep 08 1988Junk in DECterm buffers using SEDT
671.0BPOVMon Sep 12 1988Two Column Formatting SEX file...
672.0GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Sep 13 1988Why doesn't mouse.sys work ?
673.0BPOVTue Sep 13 19882
675.02CIMBAD::POWERSTue Sep 20 1988SEDT on an Atari under MT C-Shell
676.02BPOVWed Sep 21 1988Starting Up SEDT Command Files???
677.015Fri Sep 23 1988Sedt files being moved again
678.0LDP::WEAVERFri Sep 23 1988Atari ST GSEDT works under TOS V1.4
679.0CIMBAD::POWERSTue Sep 27 1988Atari SEDT possible bug
680.04MARMAT::JERRYMon Oct 03 1988Help Key Graphic Problem Resolved?
681.05BLASMon Oct 03 1988How does MSDOS get keystrokes?
682.04ILO::VMURPHYTue Oct 04 1988Bug in 234 ????
683.05LOCH::MAYERWed Oct 05 1988SEDT in DESQview Environment?
685.015ILO::VMURPHYThu Oct 06 1988Is .PS manual Up-to-date
686.01BISTRO::BALLETTAMon Oct 10 1988proper file for proper PC ?
687.03IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Oct 11 1988problem with @F
688.01RAVEN1::STOGNERTue Oct 11 1988"end of buffer reached" problem
689.01HAVEN::PORTERWed Oct 12 1988A mite - SEDT looping at or near end of buffer??
690.01COGMK::SILVAWed Oct 12 1988CP/M
691.0CURIE::ANKERThu Oct 13 1988Edit 236
692.02ILO::VMURPHYFri Oct 14 1988Buffers On PC
693.01CIMBAD::POWERSFri Oct 14 1988How is UNIX sedt to be distributed
694.01ILO::VMURPHYMon Oct 17 1988Keyboard definition Problem
695.05SYSENG::PICHETTEWed Oct 19 1988Underline cursor -> block ???
696.01PARITY::MITCHELLThu Oct 20 1988LJ25
697.01HPSTEK::FOBRIENThu Oct 20 1988More on DIF/MERG
698.03IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Oct 24 1988mail selected region
699.01HAVEN::PORTERFri Oct 28 1988Access problems to CURIE...
700.04PHAROS::MCHUGHMon Oct 31 1988Home modem = slow screen updates.
701.07CURIE::ANKERTue Nov 01 1988Edit 237, and almost an ULTRIX version!
702.03SMOOT::ROTHTue Nov 01 1988SEDT part of PCLAN/Server 2
703.0SHIRE::INGRAMWed Nov 02 1988WPS-like needed on Toshiba T1
704.01YUPPIE::TURCOTTEThu Nov 03 1988Has SEDT Moved?
705.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAFri Nov 04 1988Hang with -at on Compaq 286 - OK on vaxmate
706.04BPOVFri Nov 04 1988KEYWORD VMS Command Procedure
708.06KAOFS::N_KEMPMon Nov 07 1988WSEDT System Error
709.016CURIE::ANKERMon Nov 07 1988Edit 238
710.03CURIE::ANKERMon Nov 07 1988Sedt as a real, official DEC product
711.04ELWOOD::DMACKENZIETue Nov 08 1988Cursor Loss
712.09COMET::BLESSNERThu Nov 10 1988Key definitions corrupted??
713.0516BITS::HUDSONFri Nov 11 1988Port to AMIGA??, Please!!
714.06DASXPS::SSCARDIGNOThu Nov 17 1988Mysterious "J's" (line feeds) appearing- WSEDT
715.05CURIE::ANKERFri Nov 18 1988EMS specifications?
716.021CURIE::ANKERFri Nov 18 1988Edit 239 with ULTRIX support!
717.03GUIDUK::STEBBINSFri Nov 18 1988How I get the latest SEDT files
718.0YUPPIE::TURCOTTESun Nov 20 1988SEDT on T11
719.07CURIE::ANKERMon Nov 21 1988Running out of capacity
720.05--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 21 1988Sedt, Decwindows, and PVAXs
721.05PIXEL::PWONGMon Nov 21 1988SEDT under real mode OS/2
722.04ILO::VMURPHYTue Nov 22 1988Block Mode Question
723.04IOSG::HOPKINSTue Nov 22 1988Beginners Manual for SEDT
724.0CURIE::ANKERTue Nov 22 1988EMS support is here!
725.01MPGS::RAMANTue Nov 22 1988One small question...
726.05CADSYS::BURDICKWed Nov 23 1988Ruler editing with scan code key mapping
727.03BLASWed Nov 23 1988Input filter for SEDT
728.03TOOK::COOKTue Nov 29 1988tailoring SEDT
729.023UTRTSC::BRANCH_ADAMWed Nov 30 1988Ultrix sedt install help wanted
731.021DPDMAI::OMALLEYWed Nov 30 1988Ultrix and Large screens
732.016COMET::DEHAANThu Dec 01 1988Did a PDP Version Ever Happen?
733.02ILO::VMURPHYMon Dec 05 1988Cursor Problem on PC
734.022ROSSO::ANKERTue Dec 06 1988Edit 242
735.018WONDER::COMMOTue Dec 06 1988<< Ultrix version bug >>
736.011SETH::CAMUSOTue Dec 06 1988Sedt NOT a callable editor from MAIL>
737.03ILO::VMURPHYThu Dec 08 1988SEDT in VAXpc ?
738.0SMOOT::ROTHFri Dec 09 1988Double spaced bolding lost text fix
740.09UTROFF::LUITJESMon Dec 12 1988SEDT problem on my BONDWELL 32
741.016BPOVMon Dec 12 1988SEDT as a database program?
742.022CURIE::ANKERTue Dec 13 1988My next application
743.01ESASE::ASICWed Dec 14 1988Column editing and :SUB/x/y/
744.02ABLE::VIVERITOThu Dec 15 1988VMS Install and SEDT
745.010SRFSUP::GOLDSMITHThu Dec 15 1988Num Lock won't disable...
746.01SNOCFri Dec 16 1988SEDT & ALL-IN-1 How is the integration done?
747.08HYEND::AVERYTue Dec 20 1988Which is the correct version number?
748.014TOOK::COOKWed Dec 21 1988help with ^E(:FE)()
749.01HAVEN::PORTERWed Dec 21 1988SEDT edit 243 - ACCVIO reported from FIDOnet user
750.03SARAH::CUMMINGSThu Dec 22 1988SEDT and OS/2 on PS/2 Model 7
751.024FSCORE::LATTUCASun Dec 25 1988Hang problem, after running big programs
752.09SNOCMon Dec 26 1988Edit 243 & <cr> at end of file - hangs
753.0TULA::ESANCHEZTue Dec 27 1988RET
754.01CURIE::ANKERWed Dec 28 1988Edit 244
755.03SSDEVO::KOLLERFri Dec 30 1988No wrap at right margin
756.02ASD::WILLIAMSSat Dec 31 1988SEDT corrupts DCL command file
757.021CURIE::ANKERTue Jan 03 1989Edit 245
758.02TOOK::E_FIELDSMon Jan 09 1989need help configuring wsedt
759.025CURIE::ANKERMon Jan 09 1989Edit 246 has read only buffers!
760.02DEMING::BRAUNTue Jan 10 1989Lx2
761.043CURIE::ANKERFri Jan 13 1989Edit 247
762.01BINKLY::WINSTONSun Jan 15 1989reference card for pc at (or others)
763.011CURIE::ANKERWed Jan 18 1989Sedt for PMAX available
764.02ATARI::reillyTue Jan 24 1989problem with 43 line mode
765.05SPIDER::EGOLFWed Jan 25 1989Case:Off ???
766.06DPDMAI::OMALLEYThu Jan 26 1989ULTRIX 3.
767.02SUPVAX::ANESTISThu Jan 26 1989Is the Rainbow still supported?
768.011SCARY::MOYMon Jan 30 1989How do you copy SEDT from a VAX system to an ULTRIX system? How to copy SEDT from VMS to ULTRIX
769.0LESPA::MCCULLERSMon Jan 30 1989Willing to Loan an LK25
770.038CURIE::ANKERTue Jan 31 1989Proposal to change some defaults
771.011LESPA::MCCULLERSTue Jan 31 1989Problems with V3.3(247)
773.05IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Feb 06 1989chapter on customising sedt - first draft
774.03LESPA::MCCULLERSTue Feb 07 1989How does the -P<pid> work?
775.01FDCVWed Feb 08 1989Problem duplicating VAX --> DOS Environment
776.02HOTJOB::GROUNDSWed Feb 08 1989So many key/help files!?
777.057CURIE::ANKERThu Feb 09 1989Edit 248
778.01ISWS::DARRYLFri Feb 10 1989Color problem on IBM, CGA, Mono.
779.09TFH::MORANFri Feb 10 1989how to substitute
780.08GHOST1::REDERSun Feb 12 1989SEDT.CNF on a VAX
781.03HAN::PAULSONMon Feb 13 1989Function of Control-C?
782.01GYPSC::DRECHSELTue Feb 14 1989LSE environment ???
783.02HAMSTR::TAILLONTue Feb 14 1989Searching Capabilities
784.05CURIE::ANKERWed Feb 15 1989Can anybody help with VS2
785.01GYPSC::DRECHSELThu Feb 16 1989Does :PL add CR/LF ??
786.03MUNICH::FUETTERERFri Feb 17 1989need help using sedt on xenix
787.09CURIE::ANKERFri Feb 17 19894.
788.03NZOVSat Feb 18 1989Ultrix V3.
789.05INBLUE::MANUELMon Feb 20 1989Are SEDT and Turbo Pascal incompatble ?
790.03ARTMIS::HIGHAMMWed Feb 22 1989Which files to copy???
791.01GARNIX::ZANGGERWed Feb 22 1989CTX files
792.016CURIE::ANKERWed Feb 22 1989VMS help needed
793.02CURIE::ANKERMon Feb 27 1989"Enhanced" keyboard problems
794.07PUGET::WARRENTue Feb 28 1989Screen Shift Bogus in 248?
795.09GIAMEM::DANEKWed Mar 01 1989Announcing OH
796.08PUGET::WARRENWed Mar 01 1989System messages going to more than one user.
797.01PUGET::SIPEThu Mar 02 1989Remember=On Question
798.03CAFEIN::PFAUThu Mar 02 1989Hints for a smaller VMS executable
799.0CURIE::ANKERFri Mar 03 1989I'll be on vacation next week
800.03DEMING::BRAUNTue Mar 07 1989SEDT Key code problem
801.01INBLUE::MANUELThu Mar 09 1989Problem after a spawn to DOS
802.01LEZAH::STERNMon Mar 13 1989The FREEZE Light is Light
804.06VANISH::WILKINSONWed Mar 22 1989SEDT and NOTES interaction
805.04GIAMEM::DANEKThu Mar 23 1989Mouse Cursor Disappears...
806.02WBC::SIMPSONTue Mar 28 1989suggestions
807.08NCCODE::SSMITHWed Mar 29 1989A couple novice installation questions
808.05MPGS::RAMANWed Mar 29 1989Kit for VMS
809.0CURIE::ANKERThu Mar 30 1989It hasn't moved, yet
810.06GIAMEM::DANEKThu Mar 30 1989Line character SEX file for VAXmate...
811.058CURIE::ANKERMon Apr 03 1989New key mapping scheme
812.0GIAMEM::DANEKMon Apr 03 1989New files uploaded...
813.010ALB::BUTLERTue Apr 04 1989ultrix sedt error
814.01MARKG::GOODRICHTue Apr 04 1989Problem with swapping Ctrl and Caps scan codes
815.016SMURF::LAMBERTWed Apr 05 1989Lauds/Kudos/Questions on SEDT for ULTRIX
816.03GYPSC::DRECHSELThu Apr 06 1989Scancode question
817.01GIAMEM::DANEKThu Apr 06 1989Problem with :SUB
818.02INBLUE::MANUELThu Apr 06 1989SEDT packaged with VAXPC ?
820.04WKRP::HENRYThu Apr 13 1989I am despriate Please help!
821.04OURBOX::ROBINSONThu Apr 13 1989Microport SYS V version ?
822.04GIAMEM::DANEKFri Apr 14 1989Problem with :PD sometimes...
823.04IO::MCCARTNEYTue Apr 18 1989Problems with SEDT commands :SK!"Key:". and :LK!"Key:".
824.06GIAMEM::DANEKTue Apr 18 1989Announcing WPS/GLD Editing
825.01GIAMEM::DANEKWed Apr 19 1989Edit region bug
826.01GIAMEM::DANEKMon Apr 24 1989Question about ^Ix(|) construct
827.01SYSENG::BANKSTue Apr 25 1989good by
828.01CIMBAD::FONTANAWed Apr 26 1989Defining Ctrl-Arrow Keys
829.02GIAMEM::DANEKThu Apr 27 1989Reformatting: a new idea...and a problem!!!
830.03GIAMEM::DANEKFri Apr 28 1989VAX Document and SEDT - some ideas...
831.03TROASun Apr 30 1989??learn on a vt1
832.06CURIE::WORRALLSun Apr 30 1989ULTRIX installation help
833.016IOSG::HORSFIELDWed May 03 1989decwindows, notes, sedt problem
834.07ANNECY::MERCIERWed May 03 1989SEDT on ATARIST : some troubles
835.016LEDDEV::BRASSWed May 03 1989Where is latest ultrix SEDT?
837.05CAFEIN::PFAUFri May 05 1989Couple of bugs
838.03MUCTEC::BOEHMWed May 10 1989SEDT/Ultrix questions...
839.02SUOSW3::KAISERThu May 11 1989GSEDT and dialog boxes
840.012FDCVThu May 11 1989Problem with defining key to prompt question
841.06USATMon May 15 1989Using the Compose Key
842.06AVNGRS::BOELKEMon May 15 1989SEDT and DECstations
843.04ESKIMO::DESHARNAISThu May 18 1989Defining ALT key on AT?
844.04FDCVFri May 19 1989Problem Using Defined key; <GOLD> CONTROL H
845.09COMET::MASONMSun May 21 1989SEDT problem with MS-DOS 4.
846.04POOL::CABALLEROTue May 30 1989Where is TXTF?
847.01TROATue May 30 1989UOFF help?
848.03GENRAL::WOODTue May 30 1989XT-286 and file not found
849.01AYOV27::WESTONFri Jun 02 1989Problem with requesting no .CTX with WPS keyboard
850.02SPANNA::BALLETTAMon Jun 05 1989new feature: key code
851.07COMET::DEHAANThu Jun 08 1989I need a tracking system
852.01DNEAST::SIVRET_JOHNFri Jun 09 1989help with SEDT to BASIC
853.02CURIE::ANKERFri Jun 09 1989Version 4 update
854.068CURIE::ANKERMon Jun 12 19894.
855.013OURBOX::ROBINSONTue Jun 13 1989Plea for UNIX version, any version
856.03OZZAIB::BIAZZOTue Jun 13 1989"Including" rulers with my file
857.01MARKG::GOODRICHWed Jun 14 1989Problem with arrow keys and 4.
858.01GENRAL::KOLLERWed Jun 14 1989Double spacing documents?
859.01AYOV27::WESTONMon Jun 19 1989International Shareware issues
860.01GIAMEM::DANEKMon Jun 19 1989:TF and Marks, maybe a bug...
861.011CURIE::ANKERWed Jun 21 1989How YOU can help
862.04GIAMEM::DANEKWed Jun 21 1989Some WPS Changes...
863.011MARKG::GOODRICHFri Jun 23 1989A question on TWO WINDOW mode for hackers
864.052814Mon Jul 17 1989A quick question........
865.07CURIE::ANKERWed Jul 19 1989Edit 253
866.05POLAR::GOSLINGThu Jul 20 1989:FW vs :FS CRASH
867.03SUBURB::MILLSONMFri Jul 21 1989how do i get a copy of sedt
868.04OLDTMR::BROWNWed Jul 26 1989SEDT.CNF for DECstations
869.01BLASThu Jul 27 1989VAXPC problems
870.03MEMIT::SHATARAMon Jul 31 1989Distribution Location?\
871.02OSLLAV::TORHWed Aug 02 1989Key defs. and tokens/counters.
872.01ATLV5::SAKOVICH_AWed Aug 02 1989Keyboards & ext v1.1=int v?
873.01DUBThu Aug 03 1989Tabs to Spaces ?
874.04RAB::DESAIFri Aug 11 1989(do not) clear screen on exit
875.012CURIE::ANKERMon Aug 14 19894.
876.03SHIRE::SCARBOROTue Aug 15 1989SEDT --- WSEDT relationship
877.0BLASWed Aug 16 1989V4.
878.03TOOK::COOKThu Aug 17 1989Problem using :KN for runtime binding
879.07TOOK::COOKSun Aug 20 1989A small bug in V4...
880.010MUNICH::BECKERSun Aug 20 1989Problems with mapping keys
881.02TOOK::COOKWed Aug 23 1989problems using OS/2 edit# 254
882.02USHSThu Aug 24 1989Cursor problems
883.04HLFSMon Aug 28 1989SEDT's hanging my XT
884.05CURIE::ANKERWed Sep 06 1989Edit 256
885.02ZHSSTue Sep 12 1989Using SEDT in batch mode?
886.02SSDEVO::DEHAANWed Sep 13 1989Window Freezes on Width Toggle
887.01GLIND1::VALASEKThu Sep 14 1989SEDT on PMAX HELP !!!
888.05NMGVFri Sep 15 1989CPM no help available?
889.01COMET::MCMAHONSat Sep 16 1989XT with an AT Keyboard "Sys Req" problem
890.03SIEVAX::KESMITHThu Sep 21 1989Yet another "trouble accessing curie::" note
891.055CURIE::ANKERMon Sep 25 1989Edit 256 uploaded
892.015SIEVAX::KESMITHTue Sep 26 1989%T
893.02GARNIX::ZANGGERTue Sep 26 1989Memory manager + SEDT hangs system
894.08GIAMEM::DANEKTue Sep 26 1989V4 WPS and .SX Stuff Is Available
895.03CURIE::ANKERFri Sep 29 1989I need a MAX account
896.0ASHBY::HARRISMon Oct 02 1989SEDT in DECwindows MAIL ?
897.05KEEPER::BONNEAUMon Oct 02 1989SEDT and AT keyboard!
898.03AYOV27::WESTONTue Oct 03 1989V4 on VMS V4.7
899.01MUNICH::BECKERWed Oct 04 1989SEDT V4 under Xenix?
900.02NECSC::PORTERWed Oct 04 1989VAX System V Rel 3.1x??
902.0CURIE::ANKERFri Oct 06 1989I'll be up in Maine next week
904.01DUGGAN::WEAVERTue Oct 10 1989Autosave loading broken in 4(256)
905.05AYOV27::WESTONWed Oct 11 1989V4 autosave freezes screen (on VMS at least)
906.01IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Oct 16 1989program to set sedt colours
908.012KAOFS::B_KELLYMon Oct 16 1989Sedt calls to mouse.com (on Rainbow)
909.03NAC::BRANNONMon Oct 16 1989"PowerStation" keyboard by KEA vs SEDT
910.08DECSIM::MAYERWed Oct 18 1989TANDY14
911.034CURIE::ANKERThu Oct 19 1989Sedt licensing
912.08SCOPLN::PAGFri Oct 20 1989Rainbow v4 ?
913.07BONNET::SCHMIDTMon Oct 23 1989SEDT on T1
914.010AUSSIE::AMOSMon Oct 23 1989MAPKEY under VMS?
915.013SMEGIT::GILMANTue Oct 24 1989What's the possibility of...
916.0DECLB4::BURNETTEWed Oct 25 1989SEDT questions
917.017CURIE::ANKERThu Oct 26 1989Edit 26
918.02WOODRO::EARLYMon Oct 30 1989Date/Time stamp for LCTERM Script Files
920.07CURIE::ANKERFri Nov 03 1989Edit 261
921.05CSCOA3::PRICE_DTue Nov 07 1989IBM PS/2 Model 3
922.021CURIE::ANKERTue Nov 07 1989Edit 262
923.01CAFEIN::PFAUTue Nov 14 1989Documentation
924.031CURIE::ANKERMon Nov 20 1989Edit 264
925.02CURIE::ANKERTue Nov 28 1989VAX ULTRIX account needed
926.01WKRP::HENRYThu Nov 30 1989All I want is the documentation for now!!
927.04AYOV27::WESTONFri Dec 01 1989Key mapping question (V4)
928.02CURIE::ANKERFri Dec 01 1989Disaster
929.04AKAMAI::YOUNGFri Dec 01 1989Old Rainbows never die...
930.03PEARS::BOEHMTue Dec 05 1989SEDT Edit 267 for ATARI/ST
931.01MALLET::BURNS_TWed Dec 06 1989BIOS version incompatability ?????
932.09SANS::WILLARDThu Dec 07 1989Keyboard Blues Revisited
933.013CAABA::MCCULLERSFri Dec 15 1989Memory Error on 54
934.03STAR::KAPLANMon Dec 18 1989Which version/subdirectory to use?
935.06COMET::MASONMSun Dec 24 1989Location of a Spell checker?
936.05DIZZY::COULTERThu Dec 28 1989using > 24 lines of an ULTRIX DECwindow
937.037CURIE::ANKERThu Dec 28 1989Edit 27
938.09MOSAIC::LORDTue Jan 02 1990EMACS Key Bindings and Questions
939.04KEEPER::BONNEAUTue Jan 02 1990Getting back on track
940.03CAFEIN::PFAUTue Jan 02 1990Anyone using SOFTPC?
941.037CURIE::ANKERTue Jan 02 1990Edit 271
942.015STAR::BECKSun Jan 07 1990Useful key definitions to share
943.03ESCUDO::IS_SYSDEVFri Jan 12 1990!HELP; Special characters
944.03GIAMEM::YEETue Jan 16 1990SEDT as the editor in VMSMAIL
945.01SUOSW4::SURAUFWed Jan 17 1990Where is SEDT?
946.01GIAMEM::DANEKWed Jan 17 1990VMS Version of 273?
947.08PEARL::JAQUESWed Jan 17 1990ultrix questions
948.027GENRAL::KOLLERThu Jan 18 1990Keyboard confusion
949.03STKHLM::THOMASSONFri Jan 19 1990Extra characters in WSEDT
950.053CURIE::ANKERFri Jan 19 19903.3 is dead, long live 4.
951.01ALGAE::KANNMon Jan 22 1990SEDT for DEC Rainbow?
952.01GIAMEM::DANEKTue Jan 23 1990FREE and Edit Region Problem/Feature???
955.012BCSE::DESHARNAISFri Jan 26 1990Key Mapping Examples Needed
957.01GYPSC::DRECHSELTue Jan 30 1990One or two windows ?
958.01SDEVAX::BONNEAUTue Jan 30 1990LCTERM and "Scholar Plus Modem"
959.01AKOV12::TYLERFri Feb 02 1990gold key definitions for vaxmate
960.01STAR::KAPLANSat Feb 03 1990^X for direction?
961.07WEFXEM::MINERMon Feb 05 1990Gold J to justify don't work for me.
962.04GALVIA::STEPHENSMon Feb 05 1990SEDT doesn't maintain soft links on ULTRIX
963.05VISUAL::WEAVERMon Feb 05 1990Another ULTRIX bug
964.010BAHTAT::KENTTue Feb 06 1990LAPTOP USING 4.
965.07SSDEVO::ATKINSONTue Feb 06 1990SEDT gets hung on microVAX
966.02WYNTON::BMCWILLIAMSThu Feb 08 1990Write error on Rainbow
967.03LARKAN::KRALSun Feb 11 1990Problem using %E on MSDOS
968.05AKOV12::TYLERTue Feb 13 1990output file name in 4.
969.04MFGMEM::RBROWNTue Feb 13 1990trying to get VMS v4.
970.0SUOSW3::KAISERThu Feb 15 1990Minor bug in Atari GEM version
971.02TALLIS::JOHNSONThu Feb 15 1990New toy on the block!
972.04CURIE::ANKERFri Feb 16 1990ULTRIX REMEMBER=ON fixed
973.01CSCOA3::ROLLINS_RThu Feb 22 1990SEDT vs SEDTP
974.01COOKIE::WECKERFri Feb 23 1990Problems Running SEDT on a COMPAQ LTE/286
975.014FSTTOO::GALLOSat Mar 03 1990Key definition help needed
977.08RAMOTH::FARRINGTONThu Mar 08 1990Control P ( ^P ) function ?
979.06CSCOA3::EPLEY_TThu Mar 08 1990pc freezes in mono
980.03MOCA::VELILLA_JFri Mar 09 1990sedt internal (digital) use
981.03HANSat Mar 10 1990Interrupt or panic button in V4.
982.02GIAMEM::DANEKTue Mar 13 1990WPS has a new/modified <GOLD-D> key!!!
983.02ESSB::VMURPHYWed Mar 14 1990Is this Possible ?
984.05HANFri Mar 16 1990Help with conditional commands please
985.03SUBURB::LADDSPTue Mar 20 1990LAP-1 Commands
987.01ANDREW::OSTROMThu Mar 22 1990Help Command Problem with V4.
988.0COOKIE::BARNESFri Mar 23 1990Looking for TC files
989.01MRFLEX::WISERTue Mar 27 1990using SEDT in mail
990.02PEARL::JAQUESTue Mar 27 1990mhmail and sedt DO NOT WORK !!!!
991.06SSDEVO::DEHAANWed Mar 28 1990Can SEDT act on whether a buffer is empty or not?
992.02DSSDEV::CLOUTIERThu Mar 29 1990PageMaker and SEDT Hard CRs
993.01AYOV27::WESTONMon Apr 02 1990Problem with TABs?
994.09CURIE::ANKERTue Apr 03 1990Edit 274
995.06IAMOK::DEVIVOWed Apr 04 1990Kermit problem - FUNDEF.WPS
996.01IAMOK::DEVIVOThu Apr 05 1990Default help file
997.01ARGUS::BISSELLThu Apr 05 1990RBDOSM.WPS File Location
998.0BSS::GUTZMERFri Apr 06 1990^A and ^Z usage change needed
999.025SPIRIT::JAKOBSCHEFri Apr 06 1990Help: WSEDT exits immediately
1000.03ESCUDO::IS_SYSDEVMon Apr 09 1990License... What to do?
1001.03PEARL::JAQUESTue Apr 10 1990ULTRIX ruler problem
1002.09ARGUS::BISSELLWed Apr 11 1990Help with Help on Rainbow 4.
1003.01CORREO::EDMUNDOWed Apr 11 1990Look's like !Soogsuang?
1004.0GIAMEM::DANEKThu Apr 12 1990SEDT/WPS and QEDIT/WPS
1005.04BERNFri Apr 13 1990Is it ^T or is it me...
1006.012MSEE::HOANGFri Apr 13 1990Help to run Ultrix SEDT?
1007.03IOSG::HORSFIELDFri Apr 20 1990trademark?
1008.04SSDEVO::DEHAANWed Apr 25 1990No Status Line Updates on XT Clone
1009.03ESSB::NWARNERWed May 02 1990Outlining
1010.0CURIE::ANKERMon May 07 1990Sun 3 and Sun 4 version available!
1011.04EPSYS::WILLIAMSTue May 08 1990Looking for info on SEDT and VAX Document/SDML
1012.06ISLNDS::NEALANDTue May 08 1990ASCII --> Decimal
1013.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri May 11 1990sedt and mono monitors.
1014.06PUERTO::REPOLLETTue May 15 1990Sedt on IBM using WPS mode?
1015.04SUOSW4::SURAUFFri May 18 1990SEDT Journaling?
1016.01AHIKER::EARLYMon May 21 1990Bug/Feature?? 'File names with embedded SPACE"??
1017.03MARVIN::WARWICKTue May 22 1990SEDT as a TSR ?
1018.010MARVIN::WARWICKThu May 24 1990Keybounce problems w. SEDT on VAXmate
1019.01AYOV27::OAVAX_MBFri Jun 01 1990SEDT on a BBS?
1020.02SETPRV::jaquesFri Jun 01 1990SEDT doesn't run under windows 3
1021.04HKFINN::FUWed Jun 06 1990Where to get SEDT?
1022.0DIMSUM::PWONGThu Jun 07 1990Someone looking for SEDT users
1023.06STAR::BECKSat Jun 16 1990Key mappings for Windows V3?
1024.05KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Jun 18 1990repeating a command in one file
1026.02ISLNDS::SHATARASun Jun 24 1990AUTOSAVE help!
1027.04SANTEE::GREENETue Jun 26 1990TAR problem on ULTRIX kit
1028.06VAXWRK::GRANOFFMon Jul 02 1990SEDT and Novell Networks
1029.01CHEFS::COOKPWed Jul 04 1990Learned keystroke problem
1030.08FRSTSC::LAUERWed Jul 11 1990Location of CP/M version of sedt
1031.01LEDS::ZAYASWed Jul 11 1990KP4/KP5 as string terminators?
1032.02CHEFS::ALLENFri Jul 13 1990Problem using GOLD GET
1033.02WKRP::HENRYSat Jul 14 1990Help with Windows 3.
1034.04SANSON::WILLARDTue Jul 17 1990MAPKEY doesn't work the same for VMS?
1035.02COLThu Jul 19 1990Problem with SEDT$COMMAND:
1036.01RTOIC::RSTANGESun Jul 22 1990Help on decompress SEDTVMS.ZOO
1037.02PARITY::STOCKSun Jul 22 1990VMS Broadcast Messages
1038.01GSFNET::SANDERTue Jul 24 1990Problems running V4 of SEDT
1039.05SUTRA::LEHKYWed Jul 25 1990Alternate and "normal" keypad modes...
1040.07TLE::ELLENBERGERThu Jul 26 1990UNIX Distribution of SEDT
1041.05WJOUSM::NICKERSONThu Jul 26 1990Is there an old (small) version around
1042.03GSFNET::SANDERThu Jul 26 1990SEDT$COMMANDS still required?
1043.08GIDDAY::RALLINGSFri Jul 27 1990Mouse Cursor Disappears-Here We Go Again
1044.02CASEE::HAMNQVISTMon Jul 30 1990Numlock and COMPAQ 286/LTE
1045.05TROFS::WEBSTERMon Jul 30 1990Can SEDT command file be Single Stepped?
1046.02ASPEN2::BOIKOThu Aug 02 1990Ultrix/Mips - Function keys not working..why?
1047.02GUIDUK::MICHAELMon Aug 06 1990I know ULTRIX SEDT is out there somwhere!
1048.014CURIE::ANKERTue Aug 07 1990Version 4.1 (278)
1049.09RAVEN1::HANEYThu Aug 09 1990Version for MSWINDOWS V3.
1050.02OSL42::TorHTue Aug 14 19904.1 (277/278) buffers and context files
1051.01CHIRHO::SANDERFri Aug 17 1990?? ques & ^S(c1|c2) ques
1052.013CURIE::ANKERMon Aug 20 1990VMS network performance problem fixed
1053.01CHEFS::COOKPMon Aug 27 19904.1 %H BUG?
1054.03BPOVMon Aug 27 1990New WPS! <FIND>, <SELECT>, <F14> changed...
1055.02PFLOYD::WROTHBERGWed Aug 29 1990poly-STAR/G problem ?
1056.03BSS::GUTZMERTue Sep 04 1990Easy way from V3.3 to V4.X
1057.02TOOK::COOKSun Sep 09 1990SEDT on SCO-Unix/386
1058.05CTOAVX::GARBERAThu Sep 13 1990VT34
1059.0WJOUSM::CASHThu Sep 13 1990Is SEDT DECmate-like?
1060.018CURIE::ANKERTue Sep 18 1990Edit 279 fixes several serious bugs!
1061.03WNOUThu Sep 20 1990QEMM V.5.1 causes SEDT to reboot PC.
1063.04RAVEN1::HANEYFri Sep 21 1990Help with 8
1064.04PEARL::JAQUESTue Sep 25 1990sedt callable from decwindows mail ??
1065.026CURIE::ANKERFri Sep 28 1990Some thoughts for the next version
1066.01CGHUB::RYAN_BWed Oct 03 1990Problem starting SEDT on 386 clone
1067.04COLFri Oct 05 1990Questions on ATARI ST and LAPTOP 386SX
1068.04SSGBPM::STOREYMon Oct 08 1990SEDT/ULTRIX and MH
1069.01OGOMTS::LAFLAMMETue Oct 09 1990icon for wsedt loads
1070.016SNOBAL::ronWed Oct 10 1990HELP! SEDT does run with ULTRIX V4.
1071.04CAED::DIGILIOThu Oct 11 1990I need a hint!
1072.01UFRCS1::VINZENZWed Oct 17 1990Ruler Question
1074.03HDLITE::BHINDARWALAThu Oct 18 1990HELP: problem running sedt on ultrix 4.
1075.013CURIE::ANKERThu Oct 18 1990Now for something entirely different: Portable mapping
1076.05TROUFri Oct 19 1990WSedt 4.1 problems
1077.06ASSON::KLEINFri Oct 19 1990HELP: Sedt hangs on Business Parner 15
1078.03MACNAS::MMCCROHANThu Oct 25 1990Whither learn (Ctrl/k)?
1079.02MLTVAX::HEWITTMon Oct 29 1990-mo switch hangs system with 4.
1084.04MR4DEC::ANKERTue Nov 13 1990New node, MR4DEC
1085.03PUERTO::REPOLLETWed Nov 14 1990Rainbow-specific? When?
1086.09FORTY2::TATHAMFri Nov 16 1990Display (and memory?) corruption on V4.
1087.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Nov 16 1990wrapping at right
1088.03GUIDUK::STEBBINSFri Nov 16 1990Screen Update Bug
1089.02UTRTSC::EDERVEENMon Nov 19 1990SEDT V4 VMS logicals ??
1090.01CHEFS::BAINThu Nov 29 1990WPS keypad for ATARI ST?
1091.01PEARL::JAQUESTue Dec 04 1990sedt ultrix questions
1092.04CSC32::S_HALLThu Dec 20 1990Command syntax troubles on Ultrix SEDT
1093.02HIJINX::LORDFri Dec 21 1990Output message (:OM) with persistence
1094.02REGENT::GETTYSThu Jan 03 1991Key definition file for Toshiba T1
1095.08CARROL::CONDOFri Jan 04 1991Error installing mips.tar
1096.02MAJORS::REVELLMon Jan 07 1991SEDT only works in one directory.
1097.01FNYLOG::DUBOISTue Jan 08 1991SEDT as ALL-IN-1 UDP editor
1098.03HIJINX::LORDThu Jan 10 1991Problem with screen update and context files
1099.06KA1GFN::HORTONMon Jan 14 1991Problems related to alternate keypad
1100.0MR4DEC::WILLINGERFri Jan 18 1991Selecting fonts for WSedt
1101.04CSCOAC::RADICK_DSat Jan 19 1991SEDT compile help?
1102.085MR4DEC::ANKERMon Jan 21 1991Version 4.2 (281)
1103.04CX3PST::WSC183::D_LEWISTue Jan 22 1991Have the files moved???
1104.01LEDDEV::PEACOCKThu Jan 24 1991need sedt on Vaxstation 2
1105.07ROYALT::PULSIFERWed Jan 30 1991need Form Feed and Global search/replace
1106.01KERNEL::COLOMBOThu Feb 07 1991SEDT and loadsa lines ( >> 32768 )
1107.01LEDS::ZAYASThu Feb 07 1991Environment variable support may exist...
1108.01ASDG::HARRISFri Feb 08 1991Looking for alternative documentation
1109.03RELYON::SAUBERTue Feb 12 1991FIND/SELECT keys don't work -- RISC/ULTRIX
1110.03SQM::BARRYMon Feb 18 1991SEDT support on OSF/1 Advanced Development Kit
1111.01OSLLAV::PER_PTue Feb 19 1991When will the SCO Unix version of SEDT be ready ?
1112.04RTOIC::RSTANGEWed Feb 20 1991Latest Location of SEDT pls.
1113.04NVSD6::BRAVERThu Feb 21 1991WPS layout help not working -NP keyboard
1114.02RUTLND::GANZThu Feb 21 1991Shareware questions
1115.05OSLLAV::PER_PSun Feb 24 1991SCO - SEDT problems
1116.010BAGELS::CAMPBELLTue Feb 26 1991Need Key Defs, .cnf for T11
1117.0MSAMMon Mar 04 1991polycom for cp/m anyone ?
1118.01BCSE::DESHARNAISTue Mar 05 1991VGA 5
1119.01CURRNT::SMITHWed Mar 06 1991Arrow keys/KP keys confusion.
1120.05ACETEK::TIMPSONWed Mar 06 1991MS-DOS (VAX-mate) SEDT Problem
1121.032PUERTO::REPOLLETThu Mar 07 1991GOLD-C with WPS on a Rainbow
1122.017SEDWS1::CREACYThu Mar 07 1991SEDT Help Menu Problems
1123.02CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESTue Mar 12 1991ultrix bugs - fixed ??
1124.01LESLIE::EDMUNDSWed Mar 13 1991sedt deletes files it shouldn't
1125.01LESLIE::LESLIEMon Mar 18 1991POSIX SEDT?
1126.03BIRMVX::TURRELLWed Mar 20 1991Files for IBM Convertible
1127.02JEANNE::KEELERWed Mar 20 1991Help Me Define a Key
1128.01HAMSTR::GILMANFri Mar 22 1991Possible bug in VMS version 283???
1129.02HAMSTR::GILMANSat Mar 23 1991Another ver 283 buggaboo for you
1130.05CSC32::R_IVERSWed Mar 27 1991Using a Mouse with SEDT
1131.01IBSOM::MOODYWed Mar 27 1991Problem installing on Ultrix Vax
1132.08CSOA1::HENRYMon Apr 01 1991WPS keyboard and WSEDT
1133.01HAMSTR::GILMANMon Apr 01 1991Continuing 132 column problem...
1134.01OGOMTS::HETTICHTue Apr 02 1991.CNF for SCO
1135.02MR4DEC::ANKERThu Apr 04 1991Edit 285, new MAPKEY features
1136.03CSC32::R_IVERSFri Apr 05 1991Sedt keypad question
1137.012WONDER::COMMOFri Apr 05 1991<< Can cursor be put at end of search string? >>
1138.011BCSE::NEUMANNFri Apr 05 1991MSWindows Fontsize
1139.03DMSSTue Apr 09 1991SEDT Environment Variable
1140.0DMSSTue Apr 09 1991Help with HELP.WPS
1141.01SHALOT::GEERDESWed Apr 10 1991WSEDT problem
1142.06SEZWHO::GalvinThu Apr 11 1991SEDT hangs on DECstation 425c
1143.012ASDG::HARRISFri Apr 12 1991SEDT gags on long file-spec
1144.01CHEFS::COOKPSun Apr 14 1991Bug in KEYBOARD=LTE?
1145.03LESLIE::EDMUNDSTue Apr 16 1991Accessing buffer over 3
1146.01SUBWAY::KABELTue Apr 16 1991zenith help request from the internet
1147.02MVDSTue Apr 16 1991MAPKEY execution under VMS 5.3-1
1148.01UKCSSE::EDMUNDSWed Apr 17 1991Gold D
1149.04CSC32::R_IVERSWed Apr 17 1991Keypad definition files
1150.04ECAD2::HONGTue Apr 23 1991problem with SEDT on server/client env.
1151.01LEDDEV::CAMUSOThu Apr 25 1991won't load in superuser mode
1152.01GIAMEM::DANEKTue Apr 30 1991Version 286/7 132 column question...
1153.07MR4DEC::ANKERWed May 01 1991132 to 8
1154.02HYEND::FOREMANWed May 01 1991Trouble with SEDT and Qemm, LK25
1155.011CWORLD::SMITHThu May 02 1991Why does SEDT shutoff autowrap on DECterms??
1156.02PENUTS::BATORThu May 02 1991BUG? with write-protected dsk
1157.010GAZERS::WADEFri May 03 1991BUG: SEDT 4.1(279) VMS
1158.02COLTue May 07 1991SEDT(285) - LK25
1159.06WONDER::COMMOThu May 09 1991<< Vertical Split Screen Problems >>
1160.01DIMSUM::PWONGThu May 09 1991Is there a version of SEDT for SunOS?
1161.03GUIDUK::STEBBINSThu May 09 1991DECstation 316sx, LK25
1162.01VMSMKT::STOREYThu May 16 1991OOPS
1163.09TADSKI::SANDERTue May 21 1991Sporadic .INI behavior
1164.02CWORLD::SMITHWed May 22 1991sun3 sun4 keypad files
1165.06COOKIE::BERENSONWed May 22 1991Remember=ON and multi-session environments
1166.07PRETST::BUTTSThu May 23 1991Key definition
1167.02NEEPS::WILLIAMSONWed May 29 1991Where Can SEDT be bought?
1168.05MQOU16::PLAMONDONThu May 30 1991INSTALL V4.2
1169.03LJOHUB::LAURENCELLEThu May 30 1991How to get page breaks?
1170.01LJOHUB::LAURENCELLEThu May 30 1991help hangs system
1171.01MARVIN::WARWICKFri May 31 1991Global search/replace like EVE/LSE ?
1172.010RICKS::PHIPPSWed Jun 05 1991WINDOWS 3.
1173.02KADOW::PKADOWSun Jun 16 1991Insert Line Feed
1175.0CAFEIN::PFAUThu Jun 27 1991VMS SEDT.EXE size
1176.07WXYZ::PARKINFri Jun 28 1991auto-generate language structures...?
1177.02CHEFS::64792::COOKMon Jul 01 1991Global search & select - using @ES in 4.2(288)
1178.02AIDEV::POLIKOFFFri Jul 05 1991Wanted: SEDT on floppies and other questions
1179.01HYEND::CKELLEHERWed Jul 10 1991Kit location problem...
1180.03TFH::REEDWed Jul 10 1991Packard Bell/MSDOS5.
1182.011MR4DEC::ANKERMon Jul 22 1991Any problems?
1183.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed Jul 24 1991Customer would like to order!!!
1184.02CZARS::MCGUIREThu Jul 25 1991Windows, DOS5, Sedt bug(s)
1185.02GOLF::BROUILLETWed Aug 07 1991Save/reload learned key sequence?
1186.022MR4DEC::ANKERThu Aug 22 1991Edit 29
1187.010SOLVIT::ADLERFri Aug 23 1991Looking for best way to download to PC
1188.016EMDS::BAUCOMMon Aug 26 1991Help... Something is hanging up.. SEDT , DECTERM, or other...
1189.04TONTO::MENARDFri Aug 30 1991Segementation fault (core dumped) on DS31
1190.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Sep 03 1991Mail received???
1191.06SHIRE::MALABONGATue Sep 03 1991Novice Questions
1192.0DANEK::DANEKWed Sep 11 1991Announcing TF (Text Formatter)
1193.02STAR::BECKWed Sep 11 1991Hint on using SEDT with 4DOS
1194.02SWAM2::CANNON_DAThu Sep 12 1991But with Context
1195.02NC17Wed Sep 18 1991A funny thing happened to me on the wa..............
1196.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Sep 19 1991nec 386/2
1197.08ACETEK::TIMPSONTue Sep 24 1991Problem with 29
1198.0SWAM2::CANNON_DAWed Sep 25 1991Location of new bug fixed version.
1199.01KAHALA::MURPHYWed Sep 25 1991SEDT for a PC ?
1200.01OSLLAV::PER_PThu Sep 26 1991MAPPING=NEW, how do I change the "`" Meta Char
1201.03LATINA::ALVAROFri Sep 27 1991sedt and security in DOS
1202.03SCAACT::BROWNLMon Sep 30 1991Atari Ruler Problem
1203.01HERON::WENGERWed Oct 02 19918-bit character set support
1204.03BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Oct 02 1991VGA/5
1205.02MKFSB1::ROYALFri Oct 04 1991Run DECspell from V4.
1206.01CSCOAC::TAYLOR_DTue Oct 15 1991Desparately seeking MACROs
1207.09AKOFIN::SOUSAThu Oct 17 1991Need sedt kit for ultrix
1208.03DECWET::LOWEFri Oct 18 1991SEDT and SoftPC
1209.04COMET::SKELTONSat Oct 19 1991Gateway system problems w/SEDT
1210.01AKOFIN::SOUSAThu Oct 24 1991Need help on SEDT
1212.012ARAPHO::SANDERMon Nov 04 1991Prob w/new MAPKEY.EXE on VMS
1213.01PUGET::SIPEWed Nov 06 1991Doing a Fill (PF1-8) in New
1214.02RANGER::BACKSTROMFri Nov 08 1991Two tiled windows without borders?
1215.03WRKSYS::DUFAULTFri Nov 08 1991Makefiles and TABS
1216.01PUGET::SIPEFri Nov 15 1991Repeating Delete Lines
1217.02PUGET::SIPETue Nov 26 1991Macro Learn Problems
1219.03TONTO::MENARDMon Dec 02 1991Missing CR at the end of lines?
1220.02FLYWAY::WALKERNFri Dec 06 1991Checksum error on #tar command
1221.01HIBOB::CHAMBONMon Dec 09 1991Several Questions
1222.04TSGWET::HOFFMANThu Dec 12 1991Multiple independent windows on one file?
1223.03SUTRA::BASSINNEThu Dec 12 1991Problems with 33mhz/386 and 25mhz/486 sim to 1149.
1224.03BITBKT::FORBESFri Dec 13 1991First line blanks if you delete a character??
1225.02BITBKT::FORBESSun Dec 15 1991Objects for latest VMS version?
1226.01UTRTSC::XAVEERFri Dec 20 1991Hidden file becomes unhidden
1227.01SWAM2::CANNON_DAFri Dec 20 1991Bug report w/ "Replace" & "Context" w/DOS
1228.04UTRTSC::EDERVEENTue Dec 24 1991WSEDT kit location ??
1229.010MIDIOT::POWERSFri Dec 27 1991Suggestion for SEDT
1230.0MR4SRV::SYSTEMMon Dec 30 1991LDPSCI:: going away, use MR4SRV::
1231.010SNOCFri Jan 03 1992Questions/suggestions
1232.03SANFAN::LESLIE_DASun Jan 05 1992Trouble programming multiple functions onto 1 key.
1233.010CSC32::R_IVERSMon Jan 06 1992SEDT and EMM386 problem
1234.06FORTY2::TATHAMWed Jan 08 1992DECpc 333 / LK25
1235.02MERISE::BROWNThu Jan 09 1992SEDT on ULTRIX ignores COMMAND file???
1236.03BITBKT::FORBESThu Jan 09 1992<Unassigned function> in help text?
1237.01BITBKT::FORBESThu Jan 09 1992GOLD HELP == GOLD Q ???
1238.05JUNO::JUNO::TSMITHSun Jan 12 1992Help on TOKENS with NEW style interface
1239.01EMIRFI::SEGALWed Jan 15 1992Is there a DECWindows Version of SEDT?
1240.0IJSAPL::KLERKFri Jan 24 1992SEDT using ATSPEED on Atari ST
1241.01TFH::MAHENDRAMon Feb 17 1992SEDT MANUAL ON THE NET ????
1242.032MR4DEC::ANKERWed Feb 19 1992Version 5.
1243.01CSCOA1::DALTON_KFri Feb 21 1992Calling Sedt from C
1244.09CSCOAC::KOMANDURIMon Feb 24 1992SEDT Keyboard mapping
1245.07SANFAN::LESLIE_DAMon Feb 24 1992LK45
1246.01SWAM2::CANNON_DAMon Mar 02 1992Minor bug with "+" on PC's
1247.05PHILIP::JOHNSONMon Mar 02 1992Does SEDT Support Sun?
1248.01MR4DEC::ANKERSat Mar 14 1992Long file name under VMS problem fixed!
1249.013JUMBLY::BEAUMONTMon Mar 16 1992keymap for DECpc 32
1250.01PAULUS::HUEGEMANNMon Mar 16 1992Problem with loading of files > 35
1251.01PBST::KOWALLWed Mar 18 1992mapkey - scancode problems
1253.07OTOOA::GMACDONALDTue Mar 24 1992Maintaining Multiple Versions
1254.07IJSAPL::WOODROWThu Mar 26 1992SEDT 4.
1255.03ARRODS::CARTERThu Mar 26 1992URGENT: SEDT on POQET? for tomorrow
1256.02MQOU16::PLAMONDONFri Mar 27 1992divide obverflow
1257.02CRLVMS::SEIDMANTue Mar 31 1992Xterm and SEDT
1258.03EMDS::BAUCOMThu Apr 02 1992Seem to be one keystroke behind all the time... and no jabs either please! ;^)
1259.0ASDG::HARRISThu Apr 02 1992Press any key?
1260.017CUSTOM::BEASLEYTue Apr 14 1992Toggling SEDT from 8
1261.04COMET::SHICKWed Apr 22 1992SEDT on VMS from a PC via Procomm ???
1262.02JUNO::JUNO::TSMITHMon Apr 27 1992Can macros be loaded at startup with NEW interface?
1263.01INFACT::NORTHERNTue Apr 28 1992Sedt for Unix, current status?
1264.02CAATS::MURRAYTue Apr 28 1992Help with MSWindows version?
1265.07POBOX::ZWIKELTue May 05 1992Spell Checker for SEDT for MS-DOS
1266.02LEDS::ZAYASTue May 05 1992PWB & SEDT would make magic together
1267.01NC17Thu May 07 1992SEDT and A1MAIL.
1268.03ASDG::HARRISMon May 11 1992SEDT v5.
1269.02WCW::whitneyTue May 12 1992SEDT V5.
1270.06CSC32::R_IVERSWed May 13 1992Problems with SEDT for windows
1271.08CZARS::MCGUIREMon May 18 1992Can't start TSEDT
1272.04VSSCAD::FOBRIENTue May 19 1992Direct <ESCAPE>
1273.07KALKI::LANGWed May 20 1992"COMBINATIONS" question
1274.03HSOMAI::TOUSIGNANTMTue May 26 1992SEDT Mapping
1275.02POBOX::ZWIKELTue May 26 1992Help using MAPKEY!
1276.03CRACKR::RITZThu May 28 1992windows install problem
1277.02COMET::SHICKFri May 29 1992have you hugged your edit region today?
1278.09POBOX::ZWIKELTue Jun 02 1992KEYMAP Bug?
1279.0PUERTO::REPOLLETThu Jun 11 1992Help with WPS mapping
1280.04CTHQ2::ENDRYFri Jun 12 1992WSEDT accepting a filename passed to it
1282.03TYFYS::PATTERSONWed Jun 17 1992Coherent version?
1283.08PINBOT::ERVINWed Jun 17 1992SEDT memory usage and recommendations.
1284.05LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIThu Jun 18 1992WSEDT maximized causing disk I/O??
1285.09CALS::BONNEAUMon Jun 22 1992How to install SEDT in a Windows Environment?
1286.01LEDDEV::DUFAULTWed Jun 24 1992flexible shell configurations possible?
1287.07PINBOT::ERVINWed Jun 24 1992SEDT 5.
1288.01CMOS4::SLOANFri Jun 26 1992new and edt keyboard both
1289.05KALI::DUMASTue Jun 30 1992VT4
1290.01VLSI::SLOANTue Jul 07 1992setr fatal and hangs
1291.03NETATE::BISSELLTue Jul 14 1992Toshba T2
1292.03GAAS::SLOANWed Jul 15 1992Bug with switching horiz split windows
1293.018EPS::WILLIAMSThu Jul 16 1992SEDT on Windows-NT
1294.011COLThu Jul 23 1992SEDT 5.
1295.07PCPULS::MR4SRV::DPULSThu Jul 30 1992PATHWORKS MAIL and SEDT Not work together....
1296.021MR4DEC::ANKERTue Aug 04 1992Alpha OSF version available
1297.02FROCKY::BLANKENBERGThu Aug 06 1992Outline for a novice SEDT EDT-style user
1298.08DPE::WATSONFri Aug 07 1992Idea: dxdiff + sedt
1299.024MR4DEC::ANKERMon Aug 10 1992SEDT+
1301.05CTHQ1::VANDERAAThu Aug 27 1992Problem. VMS SEDT hangs
1302.03PINBOT::ERVINFri Aug 28 1992NEW key mapping under SOFTPC...HELP!
1303.03IJSAPL::DOGTEROMFri Aug 28 1992failed to do self-extracting of the kit
1304.01CALS::BONNEAUFri Aug 28 1992Num-Lock!!
1305.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Aug 28 1992425c hangs with lk25
1306.06MRDATA::KIDWELLWed Sep 09 1992SEDT V5.
1307.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Sep 17 1992sedt and file 5mb
1308.09ESBSFri Sep 18 1992What files are required for SEDT for MS Windows (3.1)
1309.08FRUST::KRAMERMon Sep 21 1992SEDT 5.
1310.010ANDREW::OSTROMThu Sep 24 1992OpenVMS AXP version of SEDT.
1311.01GUIDUK::STEBBINSThu Sep 24 1992Moving on...
1312.01XMERVU::HUTTONTue Sep 29 1992defining combination keys - example required
1313.02XSTACY::HUTTONWed Sep 30 1992Shareware...
1314.05VIDEO::WILLIAMSMon Oct 05 1992SEDT on a Rainbow
1315.07CGOWGS::DREWMon Oct 05 1992ULTRIX MIPS, :SYQ not working
1316.0EPS::EPS1::MICHAELSFri Oct 09 1992Help with SEDT on Poqet
1317.01RGNET8::BOUTHIETTEThu Oct 22 1992SEDT problems
1318.05KALVIN::DUMASMon Oct 26 1992Goto Line
1319.04KALKI::LANGMon Nov 02 1992LK25
1320.02HGSWS1::NICHOLASHOTue Nov 03 1992Prev, Select key not work in DECterm
1321.016MEMORY::MEYERWed Nov 04 1992Missing characters in VMS .298 (EDT)???
1322.02LJOHUB::JESSOPWed Nov 04 1992Current cursor position (column)
1323.02TRCOA::JOHNSTONTue Nov 10 1992SEDT ported to AMIGA (did I miss something?)
1324.02BITBKT::FORBESSun Nov 15 1992How to dynamically re-map keyboard for bilingual w.p.?
1325.0525659::ROSKILLTue Nov 17 1992Problem with SEDT
1326.01MIMS::MCCRARY_JWed Nov 18 1992Doublespace lines automaticly?
1327.0AEOEN1::WESTON_JTue Nov 24 1992Problem with WINDOWS=OVERLAPPED on 486
1328.08EVTAI1::VERS::BOUBERTWed Nov 25 1992Problem with Pathworks for DOS SEDT V4.1.
1329.02EVTAI1::VERS::BOUBERTThu Nov 26 1992Information about French keyboard and New SEDT mapping.
1330.05NAC::BLANCHARDFri Dec 04 1992Missed characters at higher typing rates?
1331.01OSLLAV::PER_PMon Dec 07 1992sedt for SCO UNIX r3.2v4 ?
1332.02MR4DEC::ANKERMon Dec 07 1992Windows printing, finally!
1333.01NSTG::FOXWed Dec 09 1992Any news on a kit for OpenVMS AXP V1.
1334.03COLWed Dec 16 1992SEDT/ATARI-ST?
1335.03BAHTAT::NELSONTue Dec 22 1992Repeat Count?
1336.02BAHTAT::NELSONTue Dec 22 1992File Associate in WIN 3.1
1337.013CSOVM1::ZanggerTue Dec 22 1992sedt and Windows NT
1338.02WMOIS::BELANGER_FThu Dec 31 1992"Include" a file like VAX EDT can?
1339.01RANGER::COOKFri Jan 01 1993problem using %P in a macro
1340.0BBQ::JOHNSTONGSun Jan 10 1993Vaxmate key board not work after exit Sedt
1341.0BAHTAT::NELSONSun Jan 17 1993Windows Key Codes?
1342.01DSM::DOOLEYFri Jan 22 1993question about Form feed
1343.01OSLLAV::PER_PTue Jan 26 1993More than 24 lines in sedt for SCO UNIX
1344.06LEDDEV::PEACOCKMon Feb 01 1993SEDT for OSF/Alpha
1345.01AD::MORRISMon Feb 08 1993WNT-Alpha/AXP (liveing on the bleeding edge)
1346.0SLO::VUJNOVICFri Feb 12 1993Gold/TAB hangs PC
1347.012ACETEK::TIMPSONWed Feb 17 1993VMS Problems
1348.01SLO::VUJNOVICMon Feb 22 1993:SM menu function?
1349.01GALINA::SSMITHWed Feb 24 1993Bugs: SEDT V5.
1350.04HPSRAD::ARTHURFri Feb 26 1993SEDT for LINUX
1351.09UPSAR::ROBINSONMon Mar 01 1993Mapkey problem
1352.06COFFEE::PFAUWed Mar 10 1993SEDT for linux
1353.02VIA::HPISTE::EISENBERGFri Mar 19 1993could not create output file
1354.01MR4DEC::ANKERFri Mar 26 1993MAPKEY problem fixed, sorry
1355.01ZURTue Apr 06 1993Any chance to have SEDT (exe or sources) on NEXT?
1356.08ALLVAX::TERELLATue Apr 06 1993Problem selecting text w/mouse
1357.01VNABRW::ENGEL_WFri Apr 09 1993what is -s for ?
1358.02BAUDR8::LAILWed Apr 28 1993Minor Issues with WSET Print Function
1359.03VCSESU::CARROLLMon May 03 1993Setting Default Direction
1360.05DECWET::LOWETue May 25 1993Clear screen on exit
1361.03BLOFLY::ANGELESThu Jun 03 1993.obj file exists?
1362.05DNEAST::MCNVAX::WIGHTMon Jun 07 1993install.how does not seem to be in the VMS directory
1363.03ACEHI::M_HOPKINSWed Jun 09 1993Is SEDT available for customers w/ SoftPC?
1364.017MR4DEC::ANKERSat Jun 12 1993Native Alpha OSF/1 version is now available!
1365.04EMDS::SOUBBLEWed Jun 23 1993Key file missing
1366.01SCORN::MELODYMon Jun 28 1993Binary files
1367.01MPGS::MEYERFri Jul 02 1993Need control on shell(DOS) re-entry...
1368.01FIEVEL::FILGATETue Jul 06 1993Can a journal file be used as a super macro?
1369.03DNEAST::PCAMon Jul 26 1993WSEDT - Program Manager behavior
1370.03MUNSBE::HAEGAR::JPolsterThu Jul 29 1993Drag + edit / size in CNF?
1371.04LEDS::ZAYASFri Jul 30 1993Magic: WSEDT & OLE V2!
1372.0KBOENG::RHEINTue Aug 31 1993Programming with SEDT
1373.01MIMS::MEADOWS_CWed Sep 01 1993SEDT V4.1.
1374.05CGOWGS::GIBBTue Sep 14 1993SEDT for VAX Ultrix?
1375.06FORTY2::TATHAMWed Sep 15 1993WSEDT and NUMLOCK
1376.0SSDEVO::FIALATue Sep 21 1993Compaq LTE issues
1377.03MSESU4::MCCULLERSFri Oct 08 1993MS-Windows & Key Defs
1378.02MUDDY::WATERSWed Oct 13 1993Improve insert-tabs support?
1379.05EVOSY3::BELLALMon Oct 25 1993325 KEYMAP
1380.03CAPNET::TDOLANFri Nov 05 1993line drawing
1381.016SWAM2::CANNON_DAMon Nov 08 1993Questions about SEDT
1382.03MROA::DIAZWed Nov 10 1993WPS in Enhanced Keyboard and V5
1383.03GALINA::SSMITHTue Nov 16 1993Define {Del} to mean delete char with NEW kaymap?
1384.01LEDDEV::PRUCHATue Jan 18 1994Changing screen background
1385.05ALLVAX::PETERSWed Feb 02 1994Remapping a PC's Delete key
1388.0MAGEE::RMARTINThu Apr 14 1994Template Targeting
1389.01MAGEE::RMARTINThu Apr 21 1994INSERT (DATE + 14 DAYS)?
1391.0DECWET::LOWETue Apr 26 1994DECstation 5
1392.0TALLIS::MORRISFri Apr 29 1994Remapping PC keyboards under OSF for SEDT
1393.01TPSYS::BONNEAUMon May 02 1994SEDT under Motif??
1394.01LEDS::EASTFri May 06 1994Keypad mapping on a 425SLC Notebook
1395.09USOPS::KADOWFri May 13 1994Define edit mark to keypad 7 ?
1396.02PARITY::ESULLIVANMon May 23 1994SEDT on Gateway's Anykey Keyboard - Need help
1397.03ASABET::ANKERThu Jun 09 1994I may be gone by the end of the month
1398.06ASABET::ANKERWed Jun 22 1994This is it!
1399.03VNABRW::KARTNER_MThu Aug 11 1994SEDT sourced needed. How to get them ?
1400.0ADVLSI::BLOEMERFri Sep 02 1994SEDT Status Summary?
1401.01BABAGI::MCGRAILThu Sep 08 1994Help With MAIL$EDIT.COM Needed
1404.05LAVC1B::RIHMTue Nov 15 1994Current Kit Locations?
1405.0ALLVAX::PETERSFri Jan 06 1995Alpha AXP SEDT & KEAterm problem
1406.0TAVTue Jan 10 1995V5.
1407.0APLVEW::DEBRIAEWed Mar 08 1995Getting 132-col to automatically come up via SEDT.CNF "mode"
1408.04MINNY::WALDISPUEHLMon Aug 21 1995OpenVMS Alpha again....
1409.01DAVIDF::FOXTue Nov 28 1995DOS version won't run without license?
1410.0MRSERV::PETERSFri Jan 19 1996No 32bit Windows 95 version coming
1411.01SMURF::SWARDMon Mar 11 1996Spell checker on Digital UNXI
1412.0+3SSDEVO::LAMBERTTue Sep 03 1996Anker's Address?
1413.01LEMAN::JRSWed Nov 20 1996Sedt FTP archive