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Title:Design (and Analysis) Of Experiments
Notice:Please announce all courses in topic 19
Created:Thu Feb 01 1990
Last Modified:Thu Nov 12 1992
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:35
Total number of notes:135
Number with bodies:0
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1.01YIELD::HARRISThu Feb 01 1990Welcome to DOE. See note 3 for information.
2.0YIELD::FANGMon Feb 12 1990Administrative announcements
3.06YIELD::FANGMon Feb 12 1990How to use this conference.
4.02YIELD::FANGMon Feb 12 1990Suggestion Box
5.037YIELD::FANGMon Feb 12 1990Registry: Please sign in.
6.01YIELD::FANGTue Feb 13 1990DOE Program Office Announcements
7.0KBOMFG::HKLEINWed Feb 14 1990Info on Taguchi's methodology
8.04YIELD::FANGThu Feb 15 1990Case Study Form
9.03FIVEMon Feb 19 1990Software Tools (**Base Note)
10.01GIAMEM::FRAMEWed Mar 14 1990GIA Newsletter Article on DOE
11.03DISCVR::DERICKSONWed Mar 14 1990R**2, R-sq-adj, Rel Press
12.03KETJE::VANDENBERGHETue Apr 03 1990RS/Discover vs SAS/QC
13.02MAMIE::DESMARAISFri Apr 13 1990Articles on DOE
14.0STRATA::MOJZAKWed May 02 1990Greg Mojzak's report on MKO DOE forum, 4/26/9
15.02STORM::STCLAIRTue May 08 1990Are any of you experimenters also knowledgeable about computer models?
16.06SALEM::ATKOCAITISWed May 09 1990RS/1, RS/Discover, RS/Explore
17.06MAGOS::BELDINWed Jul 11 1990my personal approach
18.0WILKIE::LAMIAFri Jul 27 1990Proposal for a Digital-wide QFD Symposium
19.07YIELD::JOSHIWed Aug 01 1990DOE Courses in Digital
20.03LEDS::HAMBLENMon Aug 13 1990an elastomeric experiment
21.04AYOV11::MHOLLOWAYTue Aug 21 1990Need help with large variation in response
22.0SDOGUS::CRIDERThu Aug 30 1990Split-Plot, Nested designs?
27.010BHUNA::RCOLLICAMon Jun 17 1991Design exp. using simulated results.
28.0AIDEV::EGELMANMon Jun 17 1991'Process Capability Expert System' Application
29.01LEDS::HAMBLENMon Aug 12 1991Shainin?
31.0PERCPT::REEDFri Feb 21 1992Looking for datasets to play with
33.01DNEAST::OKERHOLM_PAUWed Apr 15 1992Getting stated with DOE - Novice questions
34.0LEARNFri Jul 17 1992Machine Learning for Manufacturing Presentation
35.0GALVIA::PFEHINThu Nov 12 1992New Book Guide to Usability is available