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Conference 2.301::cimfast_qars

Title:BASEstar CIMfast QARs
Notice:Use support mail account CAM::BSTAR_MAIL for critical problems
Created:Tue Jan 22 1991
Last Modified:Thu Nov 07 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:83
Total number of notes:247
Number with bodies:0
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.01TGALE::GALETue Jan 22 1991Welcome to the CIMfast QARs notes conference
2.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 22 1991CIMfast QAR form to be used to report all QARs
3.01CESARE::VIOLAMon Feb 04 1991Files *.bh missed?
4.01CESARE::VIOLAWed Feb 13 1991PARSE problem?
5.01TGALE::GALEFri Feb 15 1991Macro question, Doc. bugs
6.02COLWed May 08 1991BCF$STARTUP missing in kit?
7.01COLWed May 08 1991Missing parenthesis, access violation.
8.03COLWed May 08 1991Wishlist: CIMfast default input filetype
9.01CAM::BRENNANTue Jul 02 1991Documentation error
10.01CAMONE::BRENNANTue Jul 09 1991Getting Started Guide doc error
11.01EICSTE::HUTHFri Aug 23 1991access violation
12.01EICSTE::HUTHWed Aug 28 1991secs_msg_create problem using binary
13.0152915::GOLOBARTThu Sep 26 1991EVALUATE Problem
14.0152915::GOLOBARTFri Sep 27 1991pt_get_value
15.0352915::GOLOBARTTue Oct 01 1991User-Defined-Events and ( CUR_EVENT_P* )
16.0752915::GOLOBARTThu Oct 10 1991system acces violaton
17.0152915::GOLOBARTThu Oct 10 1991pt_set adds bytes
18.0152915::GOLOBARTThu Oct 17 1991CALLBACK parameters
19.01EICSTE::HUTHTue Oct 22 1991No secs_msg_reply with named sessions
20.0252915::GOLOBARTTue Oct 22 1991PT_EVENTS_UPDATE
21.01DRAC::FISMon Nov 25 1991STR_SUBSTR inside STR_SUBSTR
22.01DRAC::SALRAMon Jan 27 1992Attempt to put duplicate object into namespace
23.01EICSTE::HUTHWed Jan 29 1992SECS_ITEM problem
24.04DRAC::GOLOBARTTue Feb 04 1992callable Cimfast FT1.1
26.05DRAC::GOLOBARTThu Feb 13 1992PT action and point name
27.01DRAC::GOLOBARTThu Feb 13 1992PT and EVALUATE
28.01BASEX::GEOFFREYThu Feb 20 1992Field test 1.1 at Xerox
29.03EICSTE::HUTHWed Mar 04 1992pt_events_change problem
32.06DRAC::GOLOBARTThu Apr 16 1992PT_VALUE_GET_INTERN & CIMfast v FT1.1-3
33.01DRAC::GOLOBARTWed May 13 1992receiving events from a message port
34.01DRAC::GOLOBARTFri May 15 1992EXIT and bcf_cb_exit
36.01516Mon Jun 29 1992DCM_PUT and DCM_WRITE doesn't work with strings
37.01DRAC::GOLOBARTTue Jul 14 1992Cimfast-Bstar ports
38.01DRAC::GOLOBARTTue Jul 28 1992Notifications of point event not delivered
39.01BASEX::MADDOXThu Jul 30 1992Structured point-field references > 5
40.02--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 27 1992Macro usage causes some error messages
41.0ALICAT::SMITHETue Nov 24 1992Problem with notification on expressions
42.0734838::RYBAWed Nov 25 1992PT_SCOPE_EXTERN ACC VIO
43.0142873::ROXBURGHFri Jan 15 1993BCFDEV2
44.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 20 1993Known FT2.
45.042873::ROXBURGHWed Jan 20 1993Link library filespec error
46.01EICSTE::HUTHFri Feb 12 1993pt_set side effect
47.01EICSTE::HUTHFri Apr 23 1993two qars from sweden
48.06CECEHV::HAKKESTEEGTTue Apr 27 1993
49.01EKAS::EGERTONThu May 06 1993FT2.
50.06EEMELI::HONKANENWed Aug 04 1993CIMFAST-U instal failure?
51.04NSDC::RUTTIFri Sep 03 1993Messaging - wanted on Ultrix an/or OSF platform
52.02DRAC::GOLOBARTThu Oct 28 1993load a .CEL file from DCL or bcf_cb_load_cel_file()
53.0EICSTE::HUTHTue Nov 02 1993infinite loop causes accvio
54.0455153::GHAPSON_RTue Feb 15 1994MESSAGES FROM C++ TO CIMFAST
55.01NECSC::DWORSACKWed Mar 16 1994BASESTAR-CU-RT License problem
56.04BASEX::MAHONEYMon Apr 11 1994Inconsistency in interpreting type STRING within a STRUCTURE type.
57.04SEGUR::BSTAR_SUPPFri Apr 22 1994accvio using bcf_bp_get_pt_object
58.0CAMTWO::CUNHAFri May 13 1994TIME_STR expression used multiple times for an action problem
59.02CECEHV::BEER_SWed Jun 01 1994multiple message events
60.05AMER::MORETTIMon Jun 13 1994Server not reachable
61.01CAMONE::BETTSFri Jul 01 1994Some minor bugs...
62.03EICMFG::HUTHMon Jul 04 1994Question about (CUR_PT_FIELD_NAME)
63.0EICMFG::HUTHTue Aug 02 1994CIMfast and AMS
64.0EICMFG::HUTHTue Aug 02 1994/nolist creates aaaxxxxxx.lis
65.0CAMONE::BETTSWed Aug 10 1994str_length adds one for large strings
66.04EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Aug 17 1994event enable
67.02EICMFG::HUTHTue Aug 30 1994sql_prepare fails where sql_insert works
68.01MUGGER::ROXBURGHWed Aug 31 1994Wrong installation directory on OSF/1
69.0EICMFG::HUTHFri Sep 09 1994unaligned access, pid=xxxx type stq
70.03COLFri Sep 09 1994Looking for BIT_NOT
71.03CAMONE::CUNHAFri Sep 09 1994bug in FILE_READ action
72.02COLMon Sep 12 1994hexadecimal constant
73.0CAMONE::BETTSMon Sep 12 1994Extra "EC" causes accvio
74.01BASEX::GEOFFREYFri Oct 14 1994CIMfast and strings
75.02BALZAC::TIRIACThu Dec 01 1994Need help on PT_SET
76.0CAMONE::CUNHATue Dec 13 1994problem with trimming string arrays read from B*
77.02CAMONE::CUNHAWed Feb 15 1995pt_value_get should report error
78.0CAM::JOHNSONMon Nov 13 1995huish - request toupper expression
79.0CAM::JOHNSONTue Jan 09 1996sql insert - no rollback on error
80.05VARESE::MUGGIAThu Feb 22 1996DECthreads bugcheck on VAX VMS 6.2
81.05VARESE::CORBETTAWed Feb 28 1996hang at the exit
82.03VARESE::CORBETTATue Mar 05 1996multithreaded???
83.02VARESE::MUGGIATue Nov 05 1996From our old colleague Stefano Corgnati