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Conference 2.301::cimfast_futures

Notice:BASEstar CIMfast Futures
Created:Mon Jul 08 1991
Last Modified:Fri Jun 09 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:31
Total number of notes:56
Number with bodies:0
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1.02TGALE::EGERTONMon Jul 08 1991Welcome
2.03EICMFG::BABBRAMon Jul 08 1991Opening Phase
3.0EICMFG::BABBRAThu Jul 18 1991Phase
4.01EICMFG::HUTHThu Aug 01 1991DCM status in GMS
5.02CAMONE::STEFANICKTue Sep 03 1991GUI/DMQ/Group/Pt_status
6.0TGALE::EGERTONWed Sep 11 1991Alcoa Requirements
7.03EICSTE::HUTHMon Oct 07 1991pt_events_update with wildcards
8.0EICSTE::HUTHThu Oct 10 1991Print out raw data coming from a deice
9.04BASEX::EISENBRAUNThu Oct 24 1991Musings on a DAS language
10.02EICSTE::HUTHTue Nov 05 1991ASCII file export
11.0EICSTE::HUTHWed Dec 18 1991secs_msg_create
12.0CAMONE::STEFANICKWed Aug 19 1992Event Log Access
13.01516Mon Aug 24 1992INPUT action wanted
14.01CAMONE::STEFANICKFri Sep 11 1992update_time + get_info
15.01EICSTE::HUTHFri Nov 06 1992More BASEstar ULTRIX support requested
16.0CAMONE::CUNHAFri Apr 22 1994request for support for OpenVMS time format
17.01EKAS::EGERTONFri Apr 29 1994BASEstar Classic - Blocking versions for SYNC services
18.0CAMONE::CUNHAWed May 04 1994User choice of event server domain
19.0CAM3::CUNHAThu May 26 1994Define and initialize vars on one line
20.0CAMTWO::CUNHATue Jun 14 1994capability to return arrays in callbacks to 3gl code
21.0CAMONE::BETTSFri Jul 01 1994Some enhancement suggestions
22.02CAMTWO::CUNHAWed Jul 06 1994New action to provide named enboxes for B*Open BCF
23.0CAMONE::CUNHAThu Jul 14 1994support for data point versioning
24.0CAMONE::CUNHAFri Aug 12 1994Getting ascii text for cur_pt_status
25.0CAMONE::CUNHATue Oct 11 1994request for pt_info_put ACTION
26.01CAMONE::CUNHAWed Oct 19 1994pt_event on value change only (not status change)
27.0CAM::PATTENThu Oct 20 1994strip trailing space chars on string point
28.0CAMONE::CUNHATue Dec 06 1994last char of a string reserved to CIMfast - change
29.01CAMONE::CUNHATue Feb 14 1995pt_create, pt_delete for B*Classic BCF
30.0CAMONE::CUNHATue Feb 14 1995envar/logical creation and set from BCF
31.0BASEX::EISENBRAUNFri Jun 09 1995Support for BASEstar Open cached data points.