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Conference 2.301::cimfast

Title:BASEstar CIMfast - Kits in note 3.
Notice:Kit info in 3.*, Documentation info in 4.*
Created:Tue Jan 22 1991
Last Modified:Tue Mar 11 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:205
Total number of notes:770
Number with bodies:8
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1.01TGALE::GALETue Jan 22 1991Welcome to the CIMfast notes conference
2.01TGALE::GALETue Jan 22 1991CIMfast Announcements
3.037TGALE::GALETue Jan 22 1991CIMfast Kits
4.05TGALE::GALETue Jan 22 1991CIMfast Documentation
5.011EICMFG::HUTHTue Jan 29 1991Who are you?
6.04EICMFG::HUTHTue Jan 29 1991CIMfast training
7.01AMER::MORETTIMon Feb 25 1991First comment on CIMfast
9.02CESARE::VIOLAThu Feb 28 1991Comments from Turin MCC
10.0EICSTE::HUTHMon Apr 29 1991Let's get serious about CIMfast
11.04ALICAT::SMITHETue Jun 04 1991Can we force a point evaluation with PT_VALUE_GET
12.03EHVVS2::KEARNSThu Jun 06 1991Suggestions - How to overwrite the internal value with the external value of BASEstar point
13.02EHVVS2::KEARNSMon Jun 10 1991When to use ON EVENTS vs IF (EVALUATE) ?
14.01EHVVS2::KEARNSThu Jun 13 1991Significance of PT_EVENTS_NONE
15.01EICMFG::HUTHWed Jul 03 1991CIMfast - GMSRT Demo available
16.01EICMFG::HUTHTue Jul 30 1991DCM status information
17.011BYENGWed Jul 31 1991Prototype - Graphical Front-End to CIMfast
18.0752915::GOLOBARTThu Aug 22 1991cimfast programming
19.01BASEX::MAHONEYThu Sep 19 1991Extending expression processing with CIMFAST?
20.0112158::KISHANTue Nov 26 1991Other Platforms?
21.0EKAS::EGERTONWed Dec 04 1991When to look for points?
22.03EICSTE::HUTHWed Dec 18 1991text output callbacks available
23.01EICMFG::BABBRAWed Dec 18 1991FIELD TEST CIMfast V1.1 - Request for candidates
25.05BASEX::GEOFFREYWed Dec 18 1991Who has a crystal ball ?
26.04EICSTE::HUTHFri Dec 20 1991CIMfast reference list
27.014BASEX::GEOFFREYThu Dec 26 1991A quick demo I did for Ford
28.02EICMFG::BALZAC::SAGEFri Jan 17 1992Without C, what can I do ?
29.010GLADYS::HUISHMon Jan 20 1992Callbacks Clearinghouse
30.03DRAC::SALRAMon Feb 03 1992Cancelling pending pt notifications
31.0158633::YERUSHALMYThu Feb 13 1992 what is the correct product name ?
32.010BASEX::GEOFFREYFri Feb 14 1992Fieldtest 1.1 at Xerox
33.01EICMFG::BALZAC::SAGEThu Feb 20 1992CIMfast does not like texts with DEC multinational characters
34.010EICMFG::BALZAC::SAGEThu Feb 20 1992How to embed a CIMfast program into a Pascal program ?
35.03EICMFG::BABBRAFri Feb 28 1992CIMfast V1.1 FT update NOW available
36.02EICSTE::HUTHWed Mar 04 1992error handling on msg_send action
37.0144243::MRAMSAYWed Mar 25 1992CIMfast + RS232 DAS + B*/Rdb server
38.03GLADYS::PERTOTTue Mar 31 1992Strange behaviour with EXECUTE
39.065217Tue Apr 21 1992I18N = Internationalization
40.03EICSTE::HUTHWed May 06 1992Guide to Design CIMfast Applications
41.06EICSTE::HUTHFri May 08 1992Opening Phase
42.04BASEX::GEOFFREYFri Jul 10 1992time of day trigger application
43.0642873::ROXBURGHFri Jul 10 1992Structure point events
44.013324::ELFSTN::CUMMINGSTue Jul 21 1992How to Exit out of User Defined Events...
45.023324::ELFSTN::CUMMINGSTue Jul 21 1992How to create an internal point
46.03BASEX::MADDOXWed Jul 22 1992How do you embed a quote (") character ?
47.0EICMFG::BABBRAFri Jul 24 1992European BASEstar and CIMfast training announcement
48.01ALICAT::SMITHEWed Aug 05 1992Expired PAK on Field Test kit
49.01BASEX::GEOFFREYThu Aug 06 1992Printing arrays
50.01EICSTE::HUTHWed Aug 19 1992Looking for - Potential field test sites
51.033324::ELFSTN::CUMMINGSWed Aug 19 1992Macros and CIMfast
52.0EICSTE::HUTHThu Aug 20 1992Func-spec V2.
55.0GOTA1::GUNNARSONFri Sep 04 1992Positive CIMfast report from Chalmers
56.04ALICAT::SMITHETue Sep 29 1992Does EXPORT_DATA work?
57.03ALICAT::SMITHEThu Oct 01 1992Problems with SYNC events
58.03ALICAT::SMITHEThu Oct 01 1992One blocked event blocks ALL events
59.04ALICAT::SMITHEMon Oct 05 1992Docs not corrected for V2
60.022268Tue Oct 06 1992Selling CIMfast presentation slides
61.0128864::NEWTONWed Oct 07 1992? Installing two versions on one system ???
62.04ALICAT::SMITHEFri Oct 09 1992Error if connected point is on disabled device?
63.01ALICAT::SMITHEMon Oct 19 1992DOes wilding carding force case change?
64.016Tue Oct 20 1992U**X availability?
65.0EICMFG::BABBRAWed Oct 28 1992European DECfactory/DECplant component Training
66.0RLANG::LANGEMon Nov 02 1992CIMfast appl. as detached process
67.01EICSTE::HUTHMon Nov 23 1992BASEstar CIMfast V2.
68.0GALVIA::PFEHINMon Nov 23 1992New Usability Book Available
69.03ALICAT::SMITHETue Nov 24 1992Probelm with notification on expressions
70.03ALICAT::SMITHESat Nov 28 1992Problem with port full for CIMFAST procedure
71.02ALICAT::SMITHEMon Nov 30 1992Stack dump if BSTAR_CLI fails???
72.07EICSTE::HUTHFri Dec 11 1992CIMfast for OpenVMS FT2 available now
73.0EICSTE::HUTHWed Jan 13 1993Updated Presentation available now
74.01EICSTE::HUTHFri Jan 15 1993BASEstar CIMfast V2.
75.01VAXRIO::THEMETue Jan 19 1993CIMfast: What's happen about pak for V2.
76.05BASEX::GEOFFREYWed Jan 27 1993Example CIMfast programs
77.02BASEX::GEOFFREYThu Feb 18 1993File performance ?
79.01BASEX::GEOFFREYFri Feb 19 1993Trying to re-establish a circuit
80.0EICSTE::HUTHFri Feb 26 1993New promotional literature available
81.02BASEX::GEOFFREYMon Mar 22 1993CIMfast response of B* shutdown
82.02BASEX::GEOFFREYMon Mar 22 1993quick pt_event execution
83.0BASEX::GEOFFREYMon Mar 22 1993SQL support for CIMfast
84.01BASEX::GEOFFREYMon Mar 22 1993FILE_EOF and stream_lf files
85.02BASEX::GEOFFREYMon Mar 22 1993support for get_pt_info, device_info etc..
86.0BASEX::GEOFFREYMon Mar 22 1993string operator on structures
87.02BASEX::GEOFFREYMon Mar 22 1993using BASEstar points as pointers
88.0BASEX::GEOFFREYFri Apr 02 1993ITT Automotive DB11
89.05EKAS::EGERTONWed Apr 14 1993EASYWIN V1.2
90.02CECEHV::HAKKESTEEGTTue Apr 27 1993TIMER problems
91.02BASEX::GEOFFREYFri May 07 1993pt_event_none S-L-O-W
92.0347211::SITZIAMon May 17 1993CIMfast for BASEstar Open for OpenVMS?
93.03BASEX::GEOFFREYWed May 26 1993pt_value_get_extern
94.0EICSTE::HUTHFri May 28 1993Field test end for OpenVMS
95.02BASEX::THEMESat Jun 05 1993Problems with bcf_bp_set_pt
96.01BASEX::GEOFFREYTue Jun 15 1993SET_OUTPUT_FILTER and Performance
97.06EICSTE::HUTHFri Jun 25 1993DECthreads MUP for OpenVMS 5.5-2 available
98.02EICMFG::HUTHMon Jun 28 1993CIMfast V2.
100.01BASEX::GEOFFREYThu Jul 08 1993CE
101.03AMER::MORETTIMon Jul 19 1993License problems
102.08BASEX::GEOFFREYFri Jul 23 1993Questions on CIMfast
103.02AMER::MORETTIMon Jul 26 1993How to run a CIMFAST program automatically
104.04NSDC::BOUCHETMon Jul 26 1993EVENT_ENABLE problem
105.05EICSTE::HUTHThu Aug 19 1993BASEstar CIMfast ULTRIX cancelled
106.0EICSTE::HUTHThu Aug 19 1993CIMfast transitions to the U.S.
107.0133918::VADOOTHKERThu Aug 19 1993Availability of Kits
108.04EICSTE::HUTHTue Aug 24 1993Pre-SSB kit now available
109.02BASEX::GEOFFREYMon Sep 20 1993CIMfast 2.
110.01BASEX::GEOFFREYMon Sep 20 1993BASEstar Group Services support
111.02BASEX::GEOFFREYTue Sep 21 1993Smartstar and CIMfast Installation annomaly
112.02BASEX::SHEPPARDWed Nov 03 1993Large scale production with CIMFAST?
113.05EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Nov 29 1993VTX PROMOLIT flyer
114.07EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Nov 29 1993CIMfast on BASEstar Open OSF/1?
115.02VAXRIO::CONT_THEMETue Dec 07 1993Instalation problems on Open VMS V6.
116.01COLWed Dec 08 1993working with structures in cimfast
117.0329169::BALICHWed Dec 08 1993Problem running CIMfast application
118.012Fri Dec 10 1993DCM_WRITE function (literals vs variables)
119.07VAXRIO::CONT_THEMEMon Dec 13 1993add double quotes in STR_CONCAT
120.01EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Dec 17 1993VMSINSTAL message about SYSTARTUP_V5.COM
121.03EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Dec 17 1993Licence problems
122.01COLWed Dec 22 1993
123.05SNOCTue Jan 25 1994Problem with network messaging
124.03SNOCWed Feb 09 1994CONDITION EVENTS for BCC$_NORMAL ??
125.01SNOCMon Feb 21 1994Support for DECmessageQ ???
126.0SNOCTue Feb 22 1994/DEFINE for callable cimfast ?
127.05BASEX::GEOFFREYWed Mar 09 1994CIMfast SQL
128.010ATYISA::PHILIPPEThu Mar 10 1994doc/presenation up to date?
129.01COLFri Mar 18 1994canceling events already in the event queue
130.03CAM::STEFANICKFri Mar 25 1994Formatted Msg + Structures
131.01CAM::STEFANICKFri Mar 25 1994detached CEL on OSF?
132.01COLTue Mar 29 1994macro problems
133.02CSCMA::BALICHTue Mar 29 1994CIMfast strips trailing space characters ?
134.01BASEX::GEOFFREYTue Mar 29 1994Extensible CIMfast
136.02COLWed Apr 13 1994EXPORT DATA processing
137.01ALICAT::SMITHEFri Apr 15 1994Timer changes in V2 ??
138.0CAMONE::CUNHATue Apr 26 1994B*Open CIMfast for OSF/1 AXP FT1 announcement
139.02COLThu Apr 28 1994locking mechanism
140.02VAXRIO::EZEQUIELMon May 23 1994dynamic atribution
141.02BASEX::EISENBRAUNWed May 25 1994Question on CIMfast port usage.
142.02COLFri Jun 10 1994arrays as callback params?
143.01BASEX::SHEPPARDMon Jun 13 1994Keeping it Quiet...
144.03COLMon Jun 20 1994Out of space in macro expansion
145.01AMER::MORETTITue Jun 21 1994SPAWN command
146.0EICMFG::HUTHThu Jun 23 1994Mapping of buffer type to array type
147.04CAMONE::CUNHAFri Jun 24 1994B*Open CIMfast for OSF/1 AXP FT2 kit
148.0EICMFG::HUTHFri Jul 01 1994BCFSQL
149.0EICMFG::HUTHMon Jul 04 1994Guide to SQL support - errata?
150.04EICMFG::HUTHMon Jul 04 1994What B* point format for RDB VMS time field
151.01BASEX::GEOFFREYThu Jul 28 1994ASCII representation of CUR_PT_STATUS
152.02VAXRIO::EZEQUIELMon Aug 01 1994initializing derivated data
153.07VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOTue Aug 02 1994pt_name_list use...
154.02VAXRIO::EZEQUIELWed Aug 03 1994structure
155.02BASEX::GEOFFREYTue Aug 09 1994str_substr and NULL strings
156.03BASEX::GEOFFREYTue Aug 30 1994ERROR_EVENT_SET and status
157.01BASEX::GEOFFREYWed Aug 31 1994CIMfast with both BASEstars
158.01BASEX::GEOFFREYWed Aug 31 1994problem from Brazil
159.012BASEX::GEOFFREYWed Sep 07 1994Structures and accvio's
160.04AMER::MORETTITue Sep 27 1994CIMFAST for B*OPEN 2.
161.04BASEX::CUMMINGSTue Sep 27 1994Tips & Sample CIMfast SQL Code
162.01BASEX::GEOFFREYFri Oct 14 1994Goodbye
163.03VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOWed Nov 02 1994Callback parameters problems...
164.01EICMFG::HUTHWed Nov 09 1994bcf_ex_check_if_event and bcf_ex_execute_event
165.03VAXRIO::EZEQUIELFri Nov 11 1994subscription failed
166.06VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOTue Nov 22 1994Status/Value changes selection/detection.
167.01EICMFG::HUTHFri Nov 25 1994Timing problem
168.01COLMon Dec 05 1994cf-bug representing b*-string-arrays ?
169.04EICMFG::HUTHWed Dec 07 1994Print action with B* Classic structures
170.01COLWed Dec 14 1994problems with pt_set action. Scope ??
171.01BASTAR::KAIRYSWed Dec 14 1994How does CF deal with BCC D_FLOAT on AXP?
172.01BASTAR::KAIRYSFri Dec 16 1994Three API questions...
173.03VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOWed Jan 25 1995Suspend/Cancel point events notif's...
175.07BACHUS::DEKEYSERMon Feb 13 1995PT_SET gives bcc-e-nopoint, but the point exists
176.0CAMONE::BETTSThu Mar 02 1995SQL Component for Alpha/VMS FT Kit
177.02COLThu Mar 16 1995general question about ACCVIO in CIMFAST
178.03VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOTue Apr 11 1995DCM device enabled/disabled test.
179.0CAMONE::BETTSFri Apr 28 1995SQL Component for Alpha/VMS now supports Rdb
180.01COLWed May 10 1995CIMfast Process eating Memory.
181.04HOUBA::BOUCHETTue May 30 1995Modification of default enbox size
182.05IMPERO::SERRAFri Jun 09 1995event declared twice ?
183.02EEMELI::GOSTROMMon Jun 12 1995Installation of BCFSQL fails
184.02COLTue Jun 13 1995bad block address ??
185.02ALICAT::SMITHEWed Jun 14 1995Another BCFSQL install fail with illegal opcode
187.01ALICAT::SMITHEThu Jun 29 1995Date fromats for CIMFAST SQL ?
188.02VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOThu Jun 29 1995Index error using array variables.
190.01EICMFG::DASSMon Aug 21 1995Inconsistent behaviour?
191.03EICMFG::MAHRThu Sep 21 1995device_data_point change not noticed by cimfast ?
192.06VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOTue Oct 10 1995CIMfast running on Windows/Windows-NT. When ?
193.03COLThu Nov 23 1995Absolute timers don't work in year 2
194.03VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOMon Dec 11 1995Latest CIMfast-SQL kits
195.01VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOThu Dec 28 1995CIMfast-SQL transactin types...
196.04VAXRIO::TULATue Jan 09 1996Problems with CIMfast and SQL
197.06VAXRIO::TULAFri Jan 26 1996sql-cimfast and c-sql
198.0ANGST::DWORSACKThu Feb 08 1996VMS 6.2 install fix
199.02VAXRIO::TULAThu Feb 13 1997Compatibilization problems with Cimfast-RdbV6.1
200.05CAM::JOHNSONMon Apr 22 1996async INPUT (INPUT event rather than action)
202.01VAXRIO::EZEQUIELWed Aug 21 1996PT_SET with blanks
203.01COLMon Oct 07 1996Point change notifications get lost
204.02GIDDAY::LUCRETue Nov 19 1996Cimfast and RDB upgrade
205.0 *+721272::CYROThu Feb 06 1997CIMfast on Windows-NT