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Conference caldec::antiquity

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Created:Sat Jul 25 1987
Last Modified:Tue Mar 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Sat Apr 26 1997
Number of topics:250
Total number of notes:4930
Number with bodies:8
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1.04RANCHO::HOLTSat Jul 25 1987Welcome to ANTIQUITY
2.0105DICKNS::KLAESTue Aug 25 1987Noters' Directory
3.036ARGUS::CURTISThu Aug 27 1987Word Pronunciation
4.032PROSE::WAJENBERGFri Aug 28 1987Crete and Minoan Civilization
5.090HPSCAD::DDOUCETTEMon Aug 31 1987Early Christianity and Rome
6.041CSSE::BANCROFTMon Aug 31 1987Historical Truth and Accuracy
7.021CLOVAX::BERNARDTue Sep 01 1987Hannibal and the Carthaginians
8.027CLOVAX::BERNARDTue Sep 01 1987Historical Films/Movies
9.024CDROM::EBERTWed Sep 02 1987Ancient Egyptian Sites
10.0MONSTR::PHILPOTTMon Oct 05 1987Indo-Chinese History
11.011MRMFG1::C_MARTELWed Oct 28 1987Egypt's Great Pyramid of Cheops
12.024DICKNS::KLAESWed Nov 04 1987Pharaoh Tutankhamen of Egypt
13.08NEXUS::M_WILABYThu Nov 05 1987Pharaoh Ramses II of Egypt
14.050PROSE::WAJENBERGFri Nov 06 1987Historical Fiction Novels
15.07REGENT::BROOMHEADTue Nov 10 1987Antiquity Merchandise
16.06DICKNS::KLAESTue Nov 10 1987Museums and Sites of Antiquity
17.041DANUBE::REINKETue Nov 17 1987America Explorers Pre-Columbus
18.010REGENT::BROOMHEADTue Dec 01 1987The Biblical Garden of Eden
19.045PROSE::WAJENBERGThu Dec 03 1987Prehistory
20.0DICKNS::KLAESFri Dec 04 1987Were Burnt Mounds Saunas?
21.04DICKNS::KLAESTue Dec 08 1987Abelard and Heloise
22.02DICKNS::KLAESThu Dec 10 1987Mayan King's Blood Preserved
23.016FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIMon Dec 14 1987New England Amerind Artifacts
24.022COMET::WALKERMon Dec 21 1987Metal and Mineral Usage
25.079INK::KALLISFri Jan 15 1988Ancient Egypt
26.052JACOB::SULLIVANFri Jan 15 1988A Prehistoric Eve
27.039RANCHO::HOLTMon Jan 18 1988Jesus and the Shroud of Turin
28.09JACOB::SULLIVANMon Jan 18 1988Historical Theories
29.016BELFST::DOGGARTFri Jan 22 1988The Antiquity of Ireland
30.04ASIC::EDECKTue Feb 16 1988Trireme Trust USA/Greek Ship
31.018JACOB::SULLIVANFri Feb 19 1988Modern Humans 1
32.08DICKNS::KLAESTue Mar 15 1988Shipwreck Found Off Sicily
33.08MCIS2::HARDYTue Mar 29 1988Pharaoh Ramses II Exhibition
34.031PNO::CASEYATue Apr 05 1988Antiquity Television Programs
35.025PNEUMA::WILSONTue Apr 19 1988Easter Island Mysteries
36.010PNEUMA::WILSONTue Apr 19 1988The Epic of Gilgamesh
37.014JACOB::SULLIVANWed Apr 20 1988Gnostic Scriptures/Christ/Bible
38.09PSYCHE::WILSONFri Apr 22 1988Ancient History Book Club
39.024PNEUMA::WILSONTue Apr 26 1988Seven Wonders of Ancient World
41.057PNEUMA::WILSONWed May 04 1988Suetonius' THE TWELVE CAESARS
42.023USMRM3::WGRABOWSKIThu May 05 1988The Spartans of Ancient Greece
43.036MPGS::FREEDMANThu May 12 1988Native American Indians
44.06MARKER::KALLISTue May 24 1988Diets, Food, and Cook Books
45.04RANCHO::HOLTTue May 31 1988The Slavic Wends (Sorabs)
46.0MTWAIN::POLLOCKWed Jun 01 1988Paleolithic Demographics
48.0108RANCHO::HOLTFri Aug 12 1988The Roman Military System
49.09RANCHO::HOLTThu Aug 18 1988Rome's Volcano Mount Vesuvius
50.042ASIC::EDECKThu Aug 25 1988Alexander the Great
51.018GEMVAX::ADAMSThu Aug 25 1988Mythology
52.05ITGATE::HARBIGTue Aug 30 1988When Did Ancient Times End?
53.048RANCHO::HOLTWed Aug 31 1988ANTIQUITY Conf. - Before 1453
54.09ITGATE::HARBIGWed Sep 14 1988Native Americans - The Moche
56.01COMET::FULLERSThu Oct 06 1988Prehistoric Cro-Magnon Humans
57.024MARKER::KALLISThu Oct 27 1988Archimedes of Syracuse
58.018KSA::WAJENBERGTue Nov 01 1988Lost Books
59.010MLNOIS::HARBIGWed Nov 09 1988The Library of Alexandria
60.031MLNOIS::HARBIGMon Nov 14 1988The Vikings
61.07LAIDBK::MIKKELSONWed Nov 16 1988William Shakespeare
62.023FDCVThu Nov 17 1988Native American Sites
63.022MORGAN::FISHERMon Dec 05 1988Megaliths, Henges, Astronomy
64.011NECVAX::VEILLEUX_LThu Dec 15 1988Myths - History or Fiction?
65.064PSYCHE::WILSONFri Jan 06 1989Origins of English Culture
66.01RDGENG::SIMThu Feb 23 1989Classical Quotations
67.07MTWAIN::KLAESTue Mar 07 1989Stop Historical Destruction
68.014ODIXIE::JPIERCEThu Mar 16 1989Stradivarius Violins
69.06BLKWDO::HUFFAKERSat Apr 22 1989Velikovsky and Pseudoscience
70.017HAMSTR::MASONSun Apr 30 1989England - Medieval to Tudor
71.07DELNI::BEECHERSun Apr 30 1989Romany (Gypsy) Culture
72.028LESCOM::KALLISTue May 16 1989England's King Arthur
73.01RENOIR::KLAESMon Jun 12 1989Chinese Astronomy
74.03AKOVFri Jun 23 1989Military Armories
75.019AKOV13::MCGARGHANFri Jun 30 1989Europe's Medieval Period
76.02EAGLE1::DANTOWITZMon Jul 17 1989Brides and Wedding Traditions
77.08PERFCT::ENSLEYTue Jul 18 1989Spartacus and Roman Slavery
78.011AYOV29::GBUCZMATue Oct 17 1989Roman Emperors Caligula and Claudius
79.04STIKNY::GUENTHERWed Nov 01 1989The Piri Re'is Earth Map
80.016ENTERT::ENSLEYFri Nov 17 1989Historical Ages
81.08ENTERT::ENSLEYFri Dec 15 1989America's "Stonehenge"
82.038AYOV29::GBUCZMAWed Dec 20 1989Europe and Europeans
83.041LESCOM::KALLISWed Dec 20 1989Jesus and the Star of Bethlehem
84.0REVEAL::LEEMon Jan 15 1990Bactrian Civilization
85.01TRAMNR::HummerstonSun Jan 21 1990Viking Thorkell the Tall
86.015SIOG::BRENNAN_MThu Feb 15 1990Origins of Ireland's Celts
87.010RVAX::MCGARGHANMon Feb 19 1990East Slavic History Pre-11
88.03DOCSRV::STARINMon Feb 19 1990The Netherlands Before 16
89.08TOMCAT::PRESTONWed Feb 21 1990The Walls of Jericho
90.012ROMSLS::MENGHITue Feb 27 1990The Battle of Poitiers
91.027OSLWed Feb 28 1990Transcribed Historical Names
92.06142963::RAYERFri Mar 02 1990Greek and Roman Cultures
93.042CRISTA::MAYNARDWed Apr 04 1990Was Jesus from Nazareth?
94.015DELREY::MILLS_MAFri Apr 06 1990Essenes and Jesus
95.011CSCOAC::CONWAY_JFri Apr 13 1990Xenophon
96.04DELREY::MILLS_MAFri Apr 20 1990Ziggurats and Mesopotamia
97.07ROMSLS::MENGHIMon Apr 23 1990Rome's Founding in 753 B.C.E.
98.07FAB2NI::GOBBINIThu May 31 1990Uralo-Altaic Culture
99.086OSLWed Jun 06 1990The Norse
100.028SWAPIT::LAMWed Jun 06 1990Ancient China and Asia
101.043SWAPIT::LAMFri Jun 08 1990Attila the Hun
102.015RUMOR::LEEFri Jun 08 1990Ancient Korea
103.032SWAPIT::LAMFri Jun 08 1990Ancient China
104.019SWAPIT::LAMMon Jun 11 1990Ancient Japan
105.07MCIS5::ENSLEYMon Jun 11 1990Christian Gothic Cathedrals
106.090MCIS5::ENSLEYMon Jun 18 1990Moses and the Israelites
107.041MCIS5::ENSLEYWed Jun 20 1990Native Americans - Mayans
109.010FAB2NI::GOBBINIFri Jun 29 1990The Philistines
110.08SX4GTO::BERNARDFri Jun 29 1990The Hittites
111.017SFCPMO::HEADLEEThu Jul 26 1990Roman Names
112.022UPWARD::CASEYAMon Aug 06 1990The City of Petra
113.07MCIS5::ENSLEYMon Aug 27 1990The Normans
114.02UPWARD::CASEYATue Aug 28 1990The Semites
115.01ADVAX::KLAESTue Sep 11 1990Native American Aleut Site
116.026ATREUS::WHITNEYWed Sep 12 1990Roman Social Classes
117.02CX3COM::T_ESTESThu Sep 13 1990Masamune, Japanese Swordsmith
118.01MARVIN::COCKBURNThu Sep 20 1990The Antiquity of Scotland
120.021PERFCT::ENSLEYFri Oct 26 1990Medieval Europe/Dark Ages
121.02DBO113::TYNANTue Oct 30 1990Newman's Guinevere Novel Trilogy
122.050AIMT::GOBBINIFri Dec 07 1990The Roman Revolution
126.06BREAKR::UDICKFri Feb 22 1991Mesopotamian Civilization
127.02PERFCT::ENSLEYSun Feb 24 1991The Roman Navy
128.04PERFCT::ENSLEYSun Feb 24 1991The Biblical Three Wise Men
129.028NYTPTue Apr 09 1991Electricity and the Ancients
130.037MEALA::JOYCEThu Apr 11 1991The Crusades and Jerusalem
131.03NETCUR::REIDWed May 01 1991Caesar's Crossing the Rubicon
132.011DICKNS::POLLOCKThu May 02 1991Ancient Eccentrics
134.037CPDW::ROSCHWed May 22 1991Dead Sea Scrolls
135.068MEALA::JOYCEThu May 30 1991Historical Jesus Christ
136.07EPOCH::BIXBYThu Aug 01 1991Switzerland's Eternal Pact
137.02MTWAIN::KLAESFri Aug 09 1991Hazor of Biblical Israel
138.018GIDDAY::SVENDSENSun Aug 25 1991English to Latin Translations
139.011JGO::BEXTue Sep 10 1991Imhotep, Egyptian Pyramid Builder
140.016JGO::BEXTue Sep 17 1991Egyptian Hieroglyphics
141.028NYTPTue Oct 08 1991The Origins of Language
142.013SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERWed Oct 09 1991Mummies
143.0103AIMT::GOBBINIMon Oct 21 1991The Royal Family of France
144.048MTWAIN::KLAESFri Oct 25 1991Weapons of Antiquity
145.053SHIRE::BETTINAFri Nov 08 1991Human Evolution Dates
146.04JGO::BEXMon Nov 11 1991Egypt's Valley of the Kings
147.035SALISH::KARAISKOS_STWed Nov 13 1991Homer - The Illiad and Odyssey
148.0POCUS::LAMWed Nov 27 1991The Western Tradition
149.04MINAR::BISHOPWed Nov 27 1991Wedding Rituals and Traditions
150.09MTWAIN::KLAESMon Dec 16 1991The Persian Empire
151.02MTWAIN::KLAESMon Dec 23 1991Athletics and Sports
152.08TAVIS::JUANWed Dec 25 1991Ancient Rituals and Customs
153.07NYTPThu Jan 02 1992Neolithic Vacation in Denmark
154.04HELIX::KALLISWed Jan 08 1992The Legend of Robin Hood
155.06MILKWY::EDECKMon Jan 27 1992Shortwave Broadcasts in Latin
156.0111CALS::RAVIFri Jan 31 1992Indus Valley Civilization
157.03VERGA::KLAESWed Feb 05 1992Lost City of Ubar Discovered
158.011AIMT::GOBBINIMon Feb 17 1992Greece and Macedonia
159.04NYTPWed Feb 19 1992LEGACY - Ancient Civilizations
160.028KETJE::DOMSThu Feb 27 1992General Archaeology
161.02MINAR::BISHOPMon Apr 06 1992Auroch (Bovine) Breeding
163.05CSSE::BREYERTue Apr 21 1992Trade, Merchandise, and Travel
164.0JGO::BEXMon May 25 1992Egypt's Saqqara Obelisks
165.083JUPITR::MESSENGERMon Jun 01 1992Judaism and Biblical Israel
166.01VERGA::KLAESTue Jun 02 1992African Antiquity - Nubia
167.018FORTY2::ELLISTue Jun 02 1992Roman Empire Roads
168.013TOOK::ALEXFri Jun 05 1992Sizes of Ancient Armies
169.07KETJE::DOMSTue Jun 09 1992The Neolithicum (New Stone Age)
170.088MACNAS::TJOYCETue Jun 09 1992Saxon England's Wars of 1
171.03NAPIER::VERMAFri Jul 24 1992Rigveda and Astronomy
172.0VERGA::KLAESWed Aug 05 1992Avignon, the "Other Rome"
173.0TAVIS::JUANMon Aug 10 1992Tombs of Biblical Patriarchs
175.01XAPPL::CMURRAYTue Aug 25 1992Classics List - Greek and Latin
176.0MILKWY::ED_ECKWed Sep 02 1992Historical Timelines Wrong?
177.017COLEOS::GOBBINISat Oct 10 1992Society After Columbus 1492
178.031COLEOS::GOBBINIWed Oct 14 1992Rus and Russia
180.039NAPIER::VERMATue Dec 01 1992India's Vedic Civilization
181.010SMURF::BINDERMon Dec 21 1992Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis
182.025TLE::JBISHOPTue Dec 22 1992Diluting Wine with Water
183.044VERGA::POLLOCKMon Jan 04 1993Bible Facts - Not an Oxymoron
184.017VNABRW::BUTTONFri Jan 29 1993Archaeological Dating
185.021COMET::VERMETTECSat Jan 30 1993Alphabets, Writing, and Language
186.01VERGA::KLAESTue Mar 23 1993Vatican Library Exhibition
187.014COLEOS::GOBBINIMon Mar 29 1993ANTIQUITY Noters Meetings
188.020TOOK::ALEXWed Mar 31 1993East European Nobility
189.0+11VERGA::KLAESThu Apr 01 1993History E-Mail Discussion Lists
190.04TLE::JBISHOPMon Apr 05 1993Antiquity Careers/Jobs
191.017WMOIS::MACK_JThu Apr 29 1993Otzi, the European 'Iceman'
192.012ELWOOD::AHMEDThu May 06 1993The Biblical Ten Commandments
193.014COLEOS::GOBBINITue May 11 1993Famous Male-Female Couples
194.017VERGA::KLAESFri May 14 1993The Byzantine Empire
195.06COLEOS::GOBBINITue May 18 1993Famous Male Couples
196.011GWYNED::SHAThu Jun 24 1993Tibet and China
197.03NAPIER::VERMAWed Jul 07 1993Taj Mahal - The Illumined Tomb
198.02VERGA::KLAESFri Jul 16 1993Oldest Cloth Found in Turkey
199.017HELIX::MAIEWSKIMon Jul 19 1993Ice Ages and Civilization
200.0NAPIER::VERMAWed Jul 21 1993Ancient Yagna
202.01NAPIER::VERMAWed Sep 01 1993Indo-European Languages
203.012NAPIER::VERMAFri Oct 15 1993Native Americans - The Incas
204.047RUSAVD::VERMAWed Oct 20 1993India's Mahabharat War
205.010HERON::BUCHANANThu Oct 21 1993Classical Bibliographies
207.041KETJE::DOMSFri Nov 05 1993Civilized vs. Barbarian Society
208.0+18SCOBIE::DOWENSFri Nov 12 1993Historical Dracula
210.01NAPIER::VERMATue Dec 07 1993Decline of Buddhism in India
211.017ANNECY::HUMANWed Jan 12 1994Alternate Histories
212.032CUPMK::WAJENBERGThu Jan 13 1994Theory of History
213.020ADISSW::SMYTHMon Jan 24 1994The Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia?
214.012COLEOS::GOBBINIThu Feb 03 1994Balkanic & Carpathic Middle Ages
215.013TLE::JBISHOPTue Mar 08 1994Greco-Roman Oracles
216.09GIDDAY::BURTSun Mar 13 1994The Ides of March
217.0ICARUS::NEILSENTue Mar 15 1994Genocide in Antiquity
218.04TLE::JBISHOPThu Mar 17 1994Half-jackets (Hussars)
219.02JVERNE::KLAESFri Mar 18 1994Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa
220.06ISLNDS::TANGMon Mar 28 1994Caucasians in Ancient China?
221.08MPGS::POLLOCKMon Mar 28 1994Days of the Week Utilities
222.05MEOCMon Apr 04 1994Beowulf and Anglo Saxon
223.05JVERNE::KLAESWed Apr 06 1994Europe's Renaissance
224.034TLE::JBISHOPThu Apr 14 1994Beards and Hair Styles
225.09TLE::JBISHOPMon Jun 06 1994Official Farewell Topic
226.023CNTROL::ROBERTSONThu Jun 30 1994Translations
227.0MTWAIN::KLAESFri Aug 05 1994Oxford Text Archive (OTA)
228.0MTWAIN::KLAESFri Aug 26 1994Kings' Tombs Site in Cyprus
229.0MTWAIN::KLAESFri Sep 16 1994Zarathushtra and Gathas
230.01AWECIM::VERMAFri Dec 16 1994Plastic surgery
231.01KETJE::DOMSFri Dec 23 1994Centuries of Darkness
232.03AWECIM::VERMAMon Jan 09 1995The Language of Genes
233.03REGENT::BROOMHEADThu Jan 19 1995New Painted Stone Age Cave Discovered
234.010COLEOS::GOBBINIMon Jan 30 1995Santiago de Compostela
235.07CSSE::NEILSENFri Feb 03 1995The standards of Antiquity (the conference)
236.014GIDDAY::SETHIMon Feb 06 1995Antiquities moral code and ethics
237.08GIDDAY::SETHITue Feb 21 1995The history of Hindu Kush region
238.0313KETJE::DOMSWed Mar 15 1995An Antiquity Quiz
239.06REGENT::BROOMHEADFri Mar 31 1995Do Any of These Cunning Artifacts Come from History?
240.012CAPNET::ROSCHThu May 04 1995Number systems in the Ancient World
242.05SX4GTO::OLSONFri Sep 01 1995references from Malraux
243.03COLEOS::GOBBINIMon Oct 16 1995Any moderator or system manager around?
244.038PRSSOS::MAILLARDThu Nov 02 1995Irish mythology and prehistory.
245.03SYSTEM::NELSONThu Jan 04 1996WorldWideWeb (WWW) Sites (URL Addresses)
246.031COLEOS::GOBBINIThu Jan 04 1996calendar and time measurement in antiquity
247.05MR1MI1::SHERWINWed Jan 31 1996Roman Judicial system ??? info on
248.0SWAM1::MILLS_MAMon Nov 04 1996Cleopatra and Marc Antony court found!
249.0+12ANNECY::HARRISON_NFri Jan 10 1997Lighthouse of Alexandria
250.0 *SYSTEM::NELSONThu Feb 13 1997Ancient History Related News Groups