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Conference cadsys::quickdraw

Title:QUICKDRAW wish list, etc.
Notice:V2.4 - Coming soon!
Created:Wed May 07 1986
Last Modified:Mon Sep 24 1990
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:100
Total number of notes:374
Number with bodies:0
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1.01KATIE::BURDICKMon Mar 11 1985Introduction
2.0KATIE::BURDICKTue Mar 12 1985General
3.07KATIE::BURDICKTue Mar 12 1985User Interface Comments
4.0KATIE::BURDICKTue Mar 12 1985Text Editing Issues
5.02KATIE::BURDICKTue Mar 12 1985Functionality Issues
6.04KATIE::BURDICKTue Mar 12 1985Wirelisting
7.06KATIE::BURDICKTue Mar 12 1985Command Language Issues
8.03KATIE::BURDICKTue Mar 12 1985Integration
9.01KATIE::BURDICKTue Mar 12 1985Symbol Libraries
10.01KATIE::BURDICKTue Mar 12 1985Hierarchy Issues
11.02KATIE::BURDICKTue Mar 12 1985Simulated Workbenches
12.08KATIE::BURDICKMon Mar 18 1985Bugs and Bug Status
13.08AUSSIE::BELLMon May 12 1986More information....
14.0CAD::BURDICKFri May 16 1986Symbol library files for project specific symbols
15.02CAD::BURDICKWed May 21 1986Make_setup.com updates requested
16.02CADSYS::BURDICKWed Jul 30 1986Get rid of instance names on non-wirelisted symbols
17.014QUICK::BURDICKWed Aug 06 1986Attribute functionality
18.0MARMIT::COOKThu Aug 07 1986KATIE/Quickdraw batch wirelisting problem
19.0MARMIT::COOKThu Aug 21 1986Febuary maintenance release notes
20.0MARMIT::COOKThu Aug 21 1986V2.3-64 (Update C) Maintenance Release Notes
21.0CADSYS::COOKThu Aug 21 1986V2.3-64 (Update C) has two symbol naming bugs
22.03MARMIT::COOKFri Aug 22 1986Quickdraw documentation
23.09ESCAPE::MONTANAROMon Aug 25 1986Making QD easier/faster to use
24.03MARMIT::COOKWed Aug 27 1986Remote plotting problem
25.04CADSYS::BURDICKThu Aug 28 1986Versatec plotting problems
26.05CADSYS::BURDICKFri Aug 29 1986Help needed for programmable arrays
27.02ESCAPE::MONTANAROTue Sep 02 1986Text width on Vaxstation
28.011BINKLY::WINSTONFri Sep 05 1986a keypad for quickdraw on workstations
29.06MARMIT::COOKMon Sep 08 1986Failure to report errors in the wirelister
30.03QUICK::BURDICKTue Sep 09 1986Probes
31.0MARMIT::COOKWed Sep 10 1986V2.3-
32.0QUICK::BURDICKThu Sep 11 1986VS wire command should "unwire"
33.02QUICK::BURDICKThu Sep 11 1986Text size bugs on VTxxx
34.03QUICK::BURDICKThu Sep 11 1986"Replace instance command"
35.05MARMIT::COOKFri Sep 19 1986PCAP no_charge_share attribute
36.01MARMIT::COOKThu Sep 25 1986V2.3-
37.02MARMIT::COOKThu Oct 02 1986CVAX CAD tools post-mortem
38.04CHAI::CHAIFri Oct 03 1986Wirelist (TAP) enhancement
39.0BINKLY::WINSTONWed Oct 08 1986Release procedure suggestion
40.01SEAMOS::REDFORDMon Oct 13 1986Learn key
41.02SEAMOS::REDFORDMon Oct 13 1986Buses
42.0SEAMOS::REDFORDMon Oct 13 1986Expanding undelete
43.06ROCK::REDFORDWed Oct 29 1986Sixels for output
44.0ADVLSI::LESHAYFri Oct 31 1986Bug in "open line" command?
46.05CADSYS::KATIEBUGSMon Nov 03 1986Plot option request
47.011ROCK::REDFORDWed Nov 05 1986Initial screen scale
48.04ROCK::REDFORDWed Nov 05 1986Slow clears on the 24
49.011CADSYS::BURDICKSat Nov 08 1986Grids!
50.01LEROUF::DENISThu Nov 13 1986Raster->CAD & Editor
51.03ESCAPE::MONTANAROWed Dec 03 1986Text too small
52.0CADSYS::COOKThu Dec 18 1986Hardcopy/Batch plottting on LAVclusters/VAXstations
53.06KESTRL::CLOUSERThu Dec 18 1986Pullups, please?
54.02CADSYS::COOKSat Dec 20 1986Quickdraw Version 3.
55.05ROCK::REDFORDMon Dec 29 1986Text vs. Graphics
56.05ROCK::REDFORDWed Jan 07 1987Line-editting
57.01ROCK::REDFORDWed Jan 07 1987Spawn
58.02ROCK::REDFORDWed Jan 07 1987Graphics macros
59.0CADSYS::DIPACETue Jan 13 1987substrate and power/ground labeling issues
60.02ROCK::GIESEKEFri Jan 30 1987A number of Quickdraw problems
61.03BINKLY::WINSTONThu Feb 05 1987USeful defaults for include
62.0CADSYS::COOKFri Feb 06 1987Group box grid problem fixed
63.01CADSYS::COOKFri Feb 06 1987VAXstation/Regis terminal users on clusters
64.02JEREMY::PINCHASThu Feb 19 1987Header name concatenation
65.01VIDEO::HARVEYJFri Feb 20 1987VAX Host PostScript, Anyone?
66.01CADSYS::COOKThu Feb 26 1987Wirelister ignored user defined name
68.01CADSYS::COOKThu Mar 19 1987Lines running along box boundaries are forbidden
69.01CADSYS::COOKThu Mar 19 1987Using the correct graphics package
70.03CADSYS::COOKFri Mar 20 1987Modeling package pins for VDD/VSS
71.01SANOKI::HALEThu Apr 16 1987Saving a group
72.02JLR::REDFORDTue Apr 28 1987VAXstation label editting
73.0JEREMY::PINCHASTue May 05 1987No gates => No power
74.01MORMPS::WINSTONFri May 08 1987spice wirelisting inconsistency
75.05CADSYS::COOKTue May 12 1987Quickdraw conference will move to CADSYS
76.01CADSYS::COOKFri May 15 1987Quickdraw release notes for Y2.3-
77.05MORMPS::WINSTONFri May 15 1987^C problems again?
78.02CADSYS::BURDICKWed Jun 03 1987Circles and ovals
79.08JLR::REDFORDTue Jun 30 1987Block Diagram Editor
80.0SEAPEN::PHIPPSTue Jul 07 1987SIM9
81.07RICKS::PICKHOLTZWed Jul 15 1987<<<Another new QD "FEATURE"!>>>
82.03CADSYS::BURDICKMon Aug 24 1987PostScript Plotting
83.0RGB::CLOUSERTue Aug 25 1987Help library error
84.02CADSYS::BURDICKFri Aug 28 1987QUICKDRAW on GPX REGIS emulator
85.02CADSYS::COOKFri Sep 04 1987Final call for Macrobox sugguestions
86.01DIODE::CROWELLSun Sep 20 1987What is Quickdraw
87.08MTBLUE::MACKAY_RANDYTue Dec 15 1987netkit available?
88.0JEREMY::MAUROMon Jan 18 1988Better color set in a GPX
89.01MXOVMon Sep 26 1988Installing QUICKDRAW....HELP !!!
90.01SOOTH::NEUMYERWed Nov 16 1988quickdraw wirelist problem
91.01CRACKR::SYSTEMSun Dec 18 1988VMS 5.1FT2 ?
92.0CADSYS::COOKTue Dec 20 1988System tuning for Quickdraw. Please read!
93.0CADSYS::COOKTue Dec 20 1988Quickdraw V2.4 status
94.05CRACKR::SYSTEMThu Dec 22 1988DECterm in DECwindows
95.02CADSYS::YOSTWed Jan 11 1989GWL88 wirelister user requirements
96.02CSC32::S_ROSCIOMon Mar 06 1989Looking for PC Layout S/w
97.01JEREMY::PINCHASMon Apr 10 1989Quickdraw with DECwindows?
99.0CADSYS::YOSTThu Jun 15 1989QSYM = symbol editor for QUICKDRAW
100.0CIRCUS::PETRASMon Sep 24 1990WRL 199