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Conference cadsys::decuserve

Notice:The conference for DEC employees subscribing to DECUServe
Created:Tue Nov 08 1988
Last Modified:Thu May 23 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:24
Total number of notes:102
Number with bodies:0
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1.0COVERT::COVERTTue Nov 08 1988Welcome to the DEC employees' DECUServe conference
2.0COVERT::COVERTTue Nov 08 1988Reserved for future use
3.0COVERT::COVERTTue Nov 08 1988Conference and Host Announcments
4.0COVERT::COVERTTue Nov 08 1988Reserved for future use
5.05COVERT::COVERTTue Nov 08 1988Information about DECUServe
6.02COVERT::COVERTTue Nov 08 1988DECUServe do's and don't for DEC employees
7.03LEDS::GRAYTue Dec 20 1988Operational Status?
8.020GLASS::OAKLEYWed Dec 21 1988TSN Access / WATN Access
9.016VMSSPT::BUDAMon Feb 13 1989Why us? [DEC employees on DECUServe; Fee Waivers]
10.01ANITA::KELLEYTue Jun 11 1991How to use TELNET
11.0DSTEG::FOXTue Mar 03 1992DECUS Conference Missing?
12.03SIMON::SZETOSun Mar 15 1992SIMON::ONEKEY_NOTING conference
13.02RENFRO::POWELLThu Jun 25 1992DECUS library online on ENET?
14.0CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Jan 21 1993All signed up, what shouldn't I do?
15.0DPDMAI::WISNIEWSKITue Apr 13 1993DECUS Counterparts Notesfile
16.04IOSG::PYEWed Jun 23 1993DECUServe accessible via EasyNet?
17.01NEWOA::PAVITT_ATue Sep 14 1993DECUS CDROM Collection
18.01CHEFS::ALLANTue Oct 05 19931994 Annual DECUS UK Conference
19.06IOSG::PYETue Nov 02 1993Looking for user of Office Conference
21.02ULTOE::browderThu Jul 21 1994Help, would someone pull a thread from DECUSERVE?
22.0SLO::VUJNOVICWed Oct 05 1994Copy from DECUS Software Library. How?
23.011COVERT::COVERTWed Sep 06 1995Telnet to DECUServe from within DEC
24.01NEPHI::COARWed Jan 10 1996Pay as you go now?