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Conference cadsys::decsim

Title:DECSIM User Exchange
Created:Fri Feb 07 1986
Last Modified:Thu Oct 03 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:527
Total number of notes:1868
Number with bodies:0
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1.03ELSIE::LTSMITHMon Feb 04 1985Introduction
2.02ELSIE::LTSMITHMon Feb 04 1985simulation methodologies
3.01NULL::PHILLIPSFri Mar 01 1985BDS template for LSE
4.0ELSIE::KEARNEYWed Jun 12 1985An
5.0ELSIE::KEARNEYWed Jun 12 1985EQUATIONS, Plain and Fancy
6.0ELSIE::KEARNEYThu Jun 13 1985EX and DEP with groups of bits
7.0ELSIE::KEARNEYThu Jun 13 1985More EX and DEP with bits
8.04ELSIE::KEARNEYThu Jun 13 1985DECSIM model clearing house
9.0ELMER::HILDUMMon Jul 01 1985Dump interest group
10.0ELSIE::HILDUMTue Jul 09 1985Dump command survey
11.0ELSIE::TELLIERWed Jul 10 1985New DETECT Cmd Functionality
12.02AEGEAN::KANNTue Jul 23 1985Help Conditional Compilation?
13.0ELSIE::ALDRIDGEWed Jul 24 1985BDS Conditional Compilation
14.0ELSIE::INSINGAThu Jul 25 1985Modeling PLAs/PALs
15.0ELSIE::INSINGAThu Jul 25 1985Known Bug: Errors & Macros
16.0ELSIE::INSINGAFri Jul 26 1985Limitation: Module, Search List
17.0ELSIE::HILDUMWed Jul 31 1985RMS parameters affecting DECSIM
18.0ELSIE::INSINGAFri Aug 02 1985Limitation: Wildcard Digits
19.01AEGEAN::KANNTue Aug 06 1985array passing??
20.05ELSIE::INSINGATue Aug 13 1985MMS for compiling DECSIM models
21.0ELSIE::KEARNEYWed Aug 14 1985Examining faulty machine values
23.09AEGEAN::KANNTue Aug 20 1985Trace on arrays???
24.02ELSIE::INSINGATue Aug 20 1985Negative word subscripts in BDS
25.0ELSIE::INSINGATue Aug 27 1985Multiple assignments in BDS
26.0ELSIE::FARMERMon Sep 16 1985EDIT/EMACS with DECSIM V4.7
27.0ECAD::WILLIAMSThu Sep 26 1985discrete components
28.03ELSIE::TELLIERTue Oct 22 1985Prelim. Functional Spec for DET
29.01ELSIE::HEILMANMon Dec 23 1985Param functionality going away
31.04SWATT::JAMESWed Jan 15 1986What training is available?
32.03GNERIC::SMITHTue Jan 21 1986Using the SHARE command...
33.03ELSIE::LTSMITHTue Feb 04 1986VAX Notes Conversion
34.01SWATT::LEEBERMon Feb 24 1986DECSIM Requirements for Test - Summarize here?
35.01YAHOO::SYSTEMWed Feb 26 1986Installation Questions
36.0ELSIE::GIRAMMATue Mar 04 1986CSME/TSE Simulation Requests
37.0ELSIE::GIRAMMATue Mar 04 1986DECSIM Replies To TSE Requests
38.018ARUBA::RANDALLThu Apr 03 1986New DECSIM Documentation
40.03HYDRA::THALLERFri Apr 04 1986WATCH won't halt
41.0ELSIE::FILLMOREMon Apr 07 1986Call for participation
42.04SWATT::LEEBERWed Apr 09 1986DECSIM Simulator Hardware/Software "PORTS"
43.01HYDRA::THALLERThu Apr 24 1986DECSIM vs. HI-LO
45.02CAD::GIRAMMASat May 17 1986TRACE/BINARY File Format
46.02VEN513::CHINGFri May 30 1986DECSIM Behavioral Model for the VAX ISP?
47.01ENDOR::GARVEYMon Jun 02 1986VMS Tuning For DECSIM
48.06FIVER::HOROVITZThu Jun 19 1986.nob from which .net
49.01CAD::HEILMANFri Jun 20 1986Improving NETPRO err messages
50.08SWATT::LEEBERTue Jun 24 1986Hardware Modeling, What's Your View?
51.08SSDEVO::RICHARDThu Jun 26 1986Port Delay Assignments
52.01FIVER::HOROVITZTue Jul 01 1986Library
53.09HYDRA::THALLERWed Jul 02 1986SHARE
54.04CACHE::MARSHALLWed Jul 09 1986VCO model needed
59.02SSDEVO::LARYFri Jul 18 1986programming PALs in DECSIM
60.04ECAD::LIPPITTWed Jul 23 1986Supported Library Release
61.02WHEN::ROSEThu Jul 24 1986Behavoral Models
63.0CAD::HEILMANThu Jul 24 19861-bit vs. multi-bit BEHAVIOR PORTS
64.02BPOVMon Aug 04 1986DECSIM On A MicroVAX II????
65.016CAD::LOVEJOYWed Aug 06 1986DECSIM Modeling/Simulation Tools Announcement
66.03RICKS::SPEARMon Aug 11 1986BDS Utility routines
67.02CAD::FILLMOREFri Aug 22 1986DECSIM Workshop
68.01CAD::HEILMANThu Aug 28 1986BEHAVIORal BUS modelling examples
69.0SWATT::LEEBERThu Oct 02 1986Announcing Model Registry and Depository Conference
70.04AEGEAN::POLZINWed Oct 08 1986Can Netpro Work using DECNET?
71.07GNERIC::KAGENWed Oct 08 1986Future features?
72.03COOKIE::E_FONTANAThu Oct 09 1986Save/Restore don't work.
73.0CAD::KEARNEYTue Oct 21 1986Current Release Schedule
74.01CAD::KEARNEYTue Oct 21 19865.1 new features summary
75.010CAD::HEILMANTue Nov 11 1986Archive of previous Release Notes
76.01CAD::TELLIERWed Nov 12 1986CAEDENT / DECSIM Plans
77.01CAD::KEARNEYTue Nov 18 1986DECSIM 5.1 release
78.0APOLLO::BERKSONTue Dec 09 1986auto test vector generator?
79.07WLDWST::HASSETTThu Dec 11 1986Tool for perusing DECSIM TRACE output
80.01CAD::RANDALLFri Dec 12 1986AUTODLY Documentation
81.0CAD::GROSSThu Dec 18 1986Observable changes to MOS simulation in V5.1
82.0CAD::GIRAMMASat Dec 20 1986Fault Simulation With DEPOSIT/FORCE
83.0CAD::LOVEJOYWed Dec 24 1986Fourstate Modeling
84.0CAD::KEARNEYTue Dec 30 1986siyonara... (SP?)
85.03CAVER::LEAVITTTue Dec 30 1986Feature Request - Scalar Ports
86.0HYDRA::BALLMon Jan 05 1987Is this type of conversion possible???
87.03HUDSON::STANLEYWed Jan 07 1987Model wanted for AM799
88.02JEREMY::GIDEONThu Jan 08 1987SPR about SPR mechanism
89.02ECAD::SHERMANThu Jan 08 1987BUSCON - New from ECAD
90.04REMEDY::KOPECMon Jan 12 1987DECSIM and the end of time...
91.0ASTRO::HASSANTue Jan 13 1987Needed: Intel 8
92.01HUDSON::STANLEYWed Jan 14 1987Advanced DECSIM course?
94.01MILRAT::SOUSAFri Jan 30 1987Want to run 5.
95.03MORRIS::SMCAFEEFri Jan 30 1987Internal vs Transport
96.08ECADSR::SHERMANTue Feb 03 1987PRINT logicals
97.02HPSCAD::SEIGELWed Feb 04 1987"Aperiodic" Strobing
98.06ADVLSI::LESHAYFri Feb 06 1987Expansion of macro parameters
99.02SSDEVO::RICHARDFri Feb 06 1987Return to Zero Signals
100.01KNGCAD::THALLERTue Feb 10 1987system variable to show trigger signal
101.06UHCLEM::BENTOWed Feb 11 1987Will more memory help or a 87
103.02TIGER::WUOTIFri Feb 13 1987pattern continuation character
104.08GNERIC::KAGENMon Feb 16 1987/exclude qualifier for fault insertion...
105.09GNERIC::KAGENMon Feb 16 1987Zycad as a fault grading tool...
106.01ESASE::DARCYTue Feb 17 1987microvaxII model
107.05GNERIC::KAGENWed Feb 18 1987A more effecient decsim?!?...
108.01BONBON::FARMERThu Feb 19 1987calling nonBDS from behavior models
109.03PUERTO::ALVAREZFri Feb 20 1987Setup & pulse width check in behavior models
110.012RICKS::SHERWOODFri Feb 27 1987Cmd Lang Tricks,Work-arounds: Macros, etc.
111.0RICKS::SHERWOODThu Mar 05 1987Performance of DECSIM execution
112.03QENCAD::THALLERWed Mar 11 1987Simulation time overflow
113.01QENCAD::THALLERFri Mar 13 1987model for 68
114.0DECSIM::ALDRIDGETue Mar 17 1987DECSIM Conference is moving on 3/3
115.04DECSIM::ANWARThu Mar 19 1987Pin-based connection lists for beh models.
116.02DECSIM::ANWARThu Mar 19 1987Deposit to behavioral ports
117.025DECSIM::ANWARThu Mar 19 1987deopsit to behavioral ports
118.013MORRIS::SMCAFEETue Mar 24 1987WIREOR nets
119.01PLDVAX::SMCAFEEMon Mar 30 1987Trace E#.# vs signal_name?
120.01ESASE::GLEESONTue Mar 31 1987 LANCE DECSIM model wanted.
121.02HPSCAD::SAWINWed Apr 15 1987files and quotas
122.0ECADSR::DIAZWed Apr 15 1987HAMMER VAX NOTES announcement
123.0DECSIM::GROSSThu Apr 16 1987Announcing improved setup/hold/pulsewidth check models
125.09DECSIM::FARMERTue Apr 28 1987BDS source file formatter
126.03JEREMY::ADYTue Apr 28 1987V5.1 vs V4.9 performance observations
127.0CNTROL::RICEMon May 04 1987IF-THEN-ELSE (I see white coats)
128.04DECSIM::FARMERFri May 08 1987DECSIM V5.2-334
129.0DECSIM::GREENEFri May 08 1987New DECSIM Reference Manual revision
130.05ECADSR::KINZELMANWed May 13 1987Macro woes
132.012CAMPER::LOMICKAJWed May 20 1987PCA and DECSIM?
134.02TSE::DONNELLYThu May 21 1987how do you concatenate in a MACRO?
135.0ESASE::VAN_LEWThu May 21 1987Wanted DECSIM/HILO DC
136.011DECSIM::FARMERWed May 27 1987new behavior routine ENTRY specifiers
137.07CAMPER::LOMICKAJThu May 28 1987BEHAVIOR of dynamic RAMs?
138.06RICKS::SPEARThu May 28 1987LOAD command question
139.04DECSIM::MACHLINFri May 29 1987Access to DECSIM Model Sources
140.041SWATT::LEEBERTue Jun 02 1987MEMORY Primitive Limited To 8 U's On Address Lines
141.03DECSIM::HEILMANThu Jun 04 1987SURVEY: Ordering of events/evaluations in a time point
143.05DECSIM::KADKADEMon Jun 08 1987Multiple activates in BDS.
144.08ANGORA::PKANDAPPANThu Jun 11 1987Help! Memory primitive.
145.06JEREMY::GIDEONMon Jun 15 1987VMS debugger for non-BDS code?
146.0RICKS::SPEARMon Jun 15 1987Random number generator in BDS
148.0PLDVAX::PKANDAPPANMon Jun 15 1987FOURSTATE Behavioral memory!!!
149.01MILCOW::JUSTUSMon Jun 22 1987WATCH performance
150.04RICKS::SPEARThu Jun 25 1987Non-BDS routines to execute floating point instructions
151.01DECSIM::FARMERTue Jun 30 1987%E-RSG, segments not loadable on RESTORE
152.08DECSIM::DEMBAWed Jul 01 1987MEMORY Specifications and commands
153.0DECSIM::FARMERFri Jul 03 1987DECSIM will require VMS V4.4
154.01HPSCAD::SAWINTue Jul 07 1987DETECT logging changed with new version
155.0DECSIM::LOVEJOYTue Jul 21 1987DECSIM Hazard Analysis Requirements Doc
157.04HPSCAD::SAWINMon Jul 27 1987TRACE/WHEN and STATE variables
159.01KBOMFG::PIMMon Aug 03 1987SPICE ?
160.01ORACLE::WINDNAGLEMon Aug 10 1987MOS fault simulation?
161.01ESD3Wed Aug 12 1987Micro2 outputs into DECSIM?
163.0WONDER::MASSAThu Aug 20 1987Binary Trace Concern
164.01SSDEVO::LARYThu Aug 20 1987BackSim?
165.02JEREMY::ADYThu Aug 27 1987DEP/FORCE to behavioral ports
166.013D::HAKKARAINENWed Sep 09 1987Cost ?
167.02JACOB::HOUSEThu Sep 10 1987Formatted .TRA file utility
168.0JACOB::HOUSEThu Sep 10 1987TPU extensions for .TRA files
169.0SIGANA::JWILLIAMSTue Sep 15 1987decsim.dmp
170.03AQUA::ROSTWed Sep 16 1987Port Deposits---Question
171.0JEREMY::KEARNEYSun Sep 27 1987References for Digital logic simulation.
172.0RICKS::ROCHAMon Oct 05 1987methods for changing values...
173.03PASTA::WATERSMon Oct 12 1987sychronous spawned processes?
174.02DECSIM::FARMERMon Oct 12 1987Log of new features and bug fixes
175.04CURIE::THACKERAYTue Oct 13 1987Tell the world about DECSIM?
176.02DELNI::LIPPISTue Oct 20 1987Which simulation tool to use?
177.0ECADSR::SHERMANThu Oct 29 1987ECAD Reference Materials
178.02WLDWST::WARDERFri Oct 30 1987TRACE with RADIX=16
179.03RGB::SREEKANTHTue Nov 03 1987Ports executing behavior routines
180.03RGB::SREEKANTHTue Nov 03 1987Multiple assignments to behavior outputs
181.0REMEDY::PARKINWed Nov 04 1987Signetics 68562 DUSCC (Decsim) model??
182.04ECADSR::LAWMon Nov 09 1987Exetomem version 1.3
184.0SWATT::CHEWFri Nov 13 1987WAVEFORM DISPLAY for binary trace file
185.02JACOB::HOUSEFri Nov 13 1987Variable SIM times ?
186.03RICKS::SPEARWed Nov 18 1987SIMULATE UNTIL command?
188.0SWATT::CHEWMon Nov 23 1987WAVEFORM DISPLAY available
189.0DECSIM::MCGEEWed Nov 25 1987Enhancing the DECSIM Pocket Reference Guide
190.02RGB::PANWed Nov 25 1987Module use problem
191.02RICKS::PEKKALAFri Dec 04 1987VDS for DECsim
192.07PLDVAX::DOSTALFri Dec 04 1987De-compiling .nlb files?
193.01SBG::BENZMon Dec 07 1987Unconnected outputs/compilation warnings
194.0GNERIC::NOBLEThu Dec 10 1987New DSW Notes Conference
195.011DECSIM::FARMERMon Dec 14 1987new, "super fast" NETPRO
197.010MEMORY::LYNX_TESTTue Dec 15 1987bidi and faultsim
198.01DECSIM::GRODSTEINFri Dec 18 1987Macros -- can it be done?
199.010DECSIM::GROSSThu Dec 24 1987Proposed change to scheduling delayed assignments
200.02DONNIE::MOSERTue Dec 29 1987Alternative to WAIT statements??
203.01CHUNGA::HEISERThu Jan 14 1988SPIDER
204.02ROCK::TUMBLINFri Jan 15 1988Need a /Offset qualifier to Load/Exe
205.0ECADSR::KINZELMANWed Jan 20 1988Request for another CONSTANT declaration
206.0SPHINX::DAVISMon Feb 01 1988DECsim/LASAR Bridge
207.01SWATT::LEEBERWed Feb 24 1988Internal HILO Conference Announcement
208.02STOKES::KIRKMANThu Mar 03 1988Two Drivers driving one I/O?
211.04ECADSR::SHERMANTue Mar 15 1988DECPAT notes announcement
212.03ANGORA::MPELLETIERWed Mar 16 1988?'s in input patterns
213.0PLDVAX::PKANDAPPANTue Mar 29 1988Zycad PULLUP?
214.0DECSIM::GROSSTue Mar 29 1988How should 4-state behavior arrays work?
215.02JANUS::HAQUEWed Mar 30 1988State machines - from drawings to models
216.01DECSIM::MATSUOKAFri Apr 01 1988DECSIM V5.3-3629 Released
217.01HYDRA::MARTINAGEThu Apr 07 1988Memory Models ?
218.09PUERTO::ALVAREZThu Apr 21 1988Need FAULT SIMULATION help
219.01HPSCAD::ESMITHMon Apr 25 1988AUTODLY
220.02DECSIM::GIRAMMAMon Apr 25 1988Accounting problem with fault detections
221.01TONTO::OSSAIFri Apr 29 19888288 decsim model
222.03TARKUS::CHOEFri Apr 29 1988model named bus
223.0127866::SLATERFri Apr 29 1988POWER CALCULATIONS
224.01USADEC::RITZThu May 05 1988Who to see
225.0USADEC::RITZWed May 11 1988Symbol editors ?
228.0HPSRAD::SAWINTue May 17 1988WATCH restrictions
229.04JON::KAGENWed May 18 1988How do you specify time units in a pattern file...
230.05JANUS::PARASKEVAFri May 20 1988Simulator time & log file for foreign routine?
231.06MAYIM::POLZINMon May 23 1988How to find an oscillating state?
232.011BINKLY::SABADATue May 24 1988behavioral model test coverage
233.05JANUS::PARASKEVATue May 24 1988Help on WATCH/CALL
234.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed May 25 1988NETPRO is excessive in page file requirements
235.01BARFLY::DAVISThu May 26 1988Data structures and the SHARE command...
237.06PARITY::ALLENThu Jun 02 1988Apparent data corruption (on transfers)
238.04BARNYD::LESHAYTue Jun 07 1988POWER statements in hierarchical models
239.0GNERIC::KAGENTue Jun 07 1988Is there a Western Digital SCSI model?
240.03WLDWST::WARDERWed Jun 08 1988Fault Simulations not dropping Faults
241.02LEDS::DEROOSun Jun 12 1988U#2's in pattern inputs
242.01MHORAM::LIPPITTMon Jun 13 1988%I messages during compile
243.03LEDS::DEROOTue Jun 14 1988Half-Documented features in 5.3
244.02HYEND::SSANTOROWed Jun 15 1988MMS dependencies rule builder (MFB)
245.0549ER::WARDERWed Jun 22 1988Problems with TRACE /EVERY
246.03BARFLY::DAVISFri Jun 24 1988Problem using activate from watch
247.06LEDS::DEROOFri Jul 01 1988@$FILE in MACROs
248.08BERNIE::KIRKMANFri Jul 01 1988fault coverage
249.03LEDS::DEROOWed Jul 06 1988hardware design automation
250.02VIDEO::CROUSEFri Jul 08 1988Model written in C
251.02SSDEVO::CALVERTFri Jul 08 1988DECSIM under VMS 5.
253.01ESASE::GLEESONThu Jul 14 1988Which signal woke up my routine?
254.0ECADSR::SHERMANMon Aug 01 1988.bds vs .c?
255.02ECADSR::SHERMANWed Aug 03 1988ENTRY?
256.03AWL::WOODSWed Aug 03 1988Problem compiling a model using SX 5.3
257.0MILRAT::UGRINOWTue Aug 09 1988decsim survey
259.0HYDRA::MCNICHOLTue Aug 16 1988Existing IBUS or XBI bmodel/transactor?
260.01ESASE::LOUGHLINThu Aug 18 198868
261.03MEMORY::BHARDWAJFri Aug 19 1988Scheduling in Behav.
262.0LEDS::DEROOSun Aug 21 1988log file cleaner
263.06TIFFNY::FORDEMon Aug 29 1988Another TRACE Question
264.0DECSIM::BELANGERWed Sep 07 1988Realmodel Documentation Available
265.0IAGO::SCHOELLERFri Sep 16 1988Announcing SEDAN
266.06BARFLY::DAVISTue Sep 20 1988SAVE/RESTORE with external routines?
268.04MEMORY::CHISVINMon Oct 03 1988STATE versus MEMORY Primitive
269.03ESASE::HANCOCKFri Oct 07 1988Delayed assignment seems never to occur ??
270.03SSDEVO::RICHARDFri Oct 07 1988Timing overflow problem
271.0ECAD2::KINZELMANMon Oct 10 1988Request: SHOW ACTIVATE/ALL
272.0RICKS::SPEARWed Oct 12 1988MAX hatchet cases for vector instructions
273.0ECAD2::LINAThu Oct 13 1988"Conversion program for pattern formats"
274.03--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 19 1988Advanced DECSIM training
275.0RICKS::PEKKALAThu Oct 20 1988Rand. Test for Func. Covrg: What's the Path?
276.01GEORGI::CRAWFORDThu Oct 27 1988Problem with installation on VSII RD53
277.02RICKS::SPEARThu Oct 27 1988MMS Rules generator for modular models
278.01ECAD2::KINZELMANFri Oct 28 1988Random request
279.02MEMORY::CHISVINSun Nov 06 1988MACRO Expansion Rules?
280.02ECADSR::KINZELMANWed Nov 09 1988Text command macroes and parameters
281.0ECADSR::GEORGEMon Nov 28 1988%TIME and BDS
282.04MEMORY::CHISVINWed Nov 30 1988Event Execution Order Among Routines
283.01SSDEVO::RICHARDThu Dec 08 1988Command buffer overflow
284.04DECSIM::CYRTue Dec 13 1988local state exam/eval
285.01LDP::FILZMon Dec 19 1988help with the decsim.ini
286.015DECSIM::MACHLINTue Dec 27 1988Question on behavioral simulation ordering
287.01LDP::FILZThu Dec 29 19888837 modeling
288.0TIFFNY::FORDEFri Dec 30 1988WANTED: DSSI Bus Transactor Model
289.01ECADSR::KINZELMANTue Jan 24 1989Watch or Trace of a command state
290.0ECAD2::KINZELMANMon Jan 30 1989Phantom Lab - for help in understanding phantoms
291.04IMNAUT::DEVOEWed Feb 01 1989DECSIM Archiver cad tool wanted
292.05OVRDRV::BROWNThu Feb 02 1989Structural to gate level problem
293.01AQUA::PALMERMon Feb 13 1989Decsim model of 8
294.02JANUS::PARASKEVAThu Feb 16 1989LSE diagnostic file support for DECSIM ??
295.02JANUS::PARASKEVAThu Feb 23 1989Can you call a BDS ROUTINE from a foreign language???
296.01ESD19::MOSERThu Mar 02 1989Shifting PATTERN traces??
297.02SIXCAD::KASISCHKEFri Mar 03 1989Spawn/Comm. with DECsim
298.02JANUS::PARASKEVAMon Mar 06 1989Call a foreign routine from a PORT ENTRY ???
299.01DECSIM::RICKABAUGHSun Mar 12 1989Decsim V5.4-3817 Released
300.02DECSIM::FILLMOREFri Mar 17 1989V5.4 Release meeting notice
301.05ECADSR::SHERMANWed Mar 22 1989wiredelay?
302.0MED::MIREIDERTue Apr 04 1989does DECSIM V4.6 work under VMS 5.x
303.01CXCAD::BARTLESONThu Apr 06 198929
304.0JOHNM::JOHNMSun Apr 09 1989Possible source
305.01ANT::PKANDAPPANWed Apr 12 1989LOADing MEMORY in ZYCAD - problem!
306.06JANUS::WALTONWed Apr 26 1989Problem with WATCH within a FOR loop?
307.02MHORAM::LIPPITTFri Apr 28 1989Forcing MACRO/TEXT expansion?
309.0DECSIM::CYRWed May 10 1989BFS needs benchmarks.
310.04HYDRA::RECKOThu May 11 1989SHARE/AXE problem
311.05LEDS::DEROOFri May 12 1989Request: CONTINUE/SKIP=n
313.01BOOTIS::PARASKEVASun Jun 04 1989Enhanced delayed assignment?
314.01DECSIM::CYRThu Jun 15 1989modeling guidelines presentation
315.04ESD19::MOSERTue Jul 11 1989AGATES / GATES library compatability request
316.01LEDDEV::PARKINThu Jul 13 198968
317.0TALLIS::JBELLTue Jul 18 1989finding primary inputs
318.09AESIR::SWONGERFri Jul 21 1989Binary Trace -> Ascii format conversion?
319.01MUDIS3::SELBACHWed Jul 26 1989DECSIM for DS-31
320.03TALLIS::SWEENEYFri Jul 28 1989General ZYCAD questions, and a specific problem
321.01EST::HEDAYATMon Aug 07 1989Deposit Vector macro?
322.01HYDRA::KEEFERFri Aug 25 1989Timing/max vs /defer=max
323.02LEDS::DEROOFri Sep 08 1989Yet another Macro Question
324.01MCGREW::RTHOMSONMon Sep 11 1989Decsim and Teradyne's Multisim
325.04EST::HEDAYATWed Sep 13 1989decsim BDS question.
326.0ECAD2::DINHTue Oct 10 1989Looking for DC7151 DECSIM model
327.03VCSESU::LANEWed Oct 11 1989BI models?
328.01CXCAD::COOMBEThu Oct 12 1989Local State in WATCH making me SAD
329.05TALLIS::THALLERMon Oct 16 1989Problem with Feedback in EQN
330.0STOKES::KEARNEYFri Oct 20 1989PATTERN/TRACE signal list limits?
331.01HPSRAD::PRYTHERCHFri Nov 03 1989ULTRIX compatible DECSIM, when ?
332.06DECSIM::PIERCEMon Nov 06 1989DECSIM V5.5-3888 Released
333.03JUNO::COLLISMon Nov 13 1989Can we have a truly 'integrated' display tool
334.05AV8OR::SANAVAGEThu Nov 30 1989Oscillator Model
335.0JRDLSI::KIKUTANIMon Dec 04 1989param file for CMOS-4 ?
336.0DECSIM::GROSSFri Dec 08 1989There is a conference for discussing Decsim 2
337.010TALLIS::THALLERWed Dec 20 1989examining locked log files
338.04LBDUCK::SULLIVANFri Dec 29 1989V1.
339.0DECSIM::HAOThu Jan 04 1990DCSMOSLIB
340.01FERVOR::LEZONMon Jan 08 1990DECSIM & Vector Processing
341.01NACAD::PLOUFFEThu Jan 11 1990Realchip questions
342.01JEREMY::OFERTue Jan 16 1990V5.5 COMPILE TIME
343.04ECAD2::KINZELMANTue Feb 06 1990Nested watch/immed question
344.01NACAD::PLOUFFEThu Feb 08 1990Activating our calling and external routine
345.04ORACLE::WATERSTue Feb 13 1990Recovering from syntax error with SHARE/COMMAND
346.04AYOV16::ABELSEYWed Feb 14 1990DECSIM of CVAX
347.01SUNYAB::GEORGEWed Feb 14 1990Linking user-defined modules with DECSIM
348.02TRLIAN::ELDRIDGEFri Feb 16 1990Best Behavioural Model Approach?
349.05ECAD2::KINZELMANTue Feb 27 1990Accessing CPU time?
350.01JACOB::HOUSEThu Mar 01 1990Macro vs Indirect (@) Performance
351.01REDUCR::ILYADISThu Mar 08 1990Parallel Processing?
352.013RICKS::KAGENSun Mar 11 1990DECSIM2 will only run on RISC machines
353.01BINKLY::WUMon Mar 26 1990Odd Bliss Warning message
354.02CXCAD::STEVENSWed Mar 28 1990Wanted: Chip Tester Model
355.02ECADSR::KINZELMANThu Mar 29 1990Ethernet driver model wanted
356.03TALLIS::SWEENEYFri Mar 30 1990Distributed fault simulation
357.03OVRDRV::ILYADISMon Apr 02 1990Only 64 ACTIVATES?
358.0JANUS::FROSTTue Apr 03 1990Realmodel/DECSIM privs
359.03OVRDRV::ILYADISThu Apr 12 1990External Routine Question
360.02JUNO::HAQUEThu Apr 19 1990Automatic generation of Valid Ged bodies (BDS source)
361.03BINKLY::KUMPFSat Apr 21 1990what if you need text concatenation within begin-end blocks?
362.01JRDLSI::TOHARASat Apr 28 1990DCSMOS4.PRC model
363.04JUNO::PARASKEVAThu May 03 1990Bidirectional pins up through hierarchy?
365.02WOODRO::BIROMon May 07 1990EDIF to DECSIM/valid program wanted
366.01LUGGER::REDFORDTue May 08 1990Macro argument size limit?
367.02DECSIM::PIERCEWed May 09 1990DECSIM V5.6-4
368.04HYDRA::JOBRIENTue May 15 1990Illegal Mode/Code Error
369.0DECSIM::GROSSMon May 21 1990Decsim DEBUG command
370.01JUNO::PARASKEVAMon May 21 1990Multisim links LASAR and DECsim-any buyers?
371.0RICKS::AKHIANIThu May 24 1990DECSIM Version V5.6-4
372.02PROXY::CADMGRWed May 30 1990MMS examples for decsim???
373.05JOHNM::JOHNMSun Jun 03 1990V5.6 Parameter Table Size error
374.02JUNO::HAQUEMon Jun 04 1990Next course dates needed
375.02MFGMEM::RBROWNMon Jun 04 1990how may decsim gates per 1 flip/flop
376.01ORACLE::WINDNAGLEThu Jun 07 1990An array of inputs?
377.01MIZZOU::SHERMANFri Jun 08 1990NETPRO versions lead to hang?
378.02BOLT::ARNOTTWed Jun 13 1990a different point of view
379.04MAY28::KINZELMANTue Jun 19 1990Shift op and wide data?
380.07JEREMY::MAURENEWed Jun 20 1990How to use DCL logicals?
381.05SSDEVO::EGGERSThu Jun 21 1990VMS 5.4 and the VAX 9
382.01MAY28::KINZELMANMon Jul 02 1990Decsim Crash and sim-time printing
383.0MAY28::KINZELMANMon Jul 02 1990Mark large files /NOBACKUP
384.08CHIRPA::TABBARATue Jul 24 1990%XPO-E-SYS_ERROR, unexpected operating system erro??
385.01CXCAD::COOMBEWed Jul 25 1990(Delay) Parameter Table question
386.0JUNO::HAQUEWed Aug 01 1990VMS status from compilations? COMNET, COMBEH?
387.05TALLIS::WESTGATEFri Aug 03 1990External Routines and Dynamic Memory Allocation
388.03VIDEO::FURMANMon Aug 06 1990Netpro 5.4 Toplevel Netlist Compile Problem
389.015ECAD2::KINZELMANFri Aug 10 1990Decsim and the age of the wireless
390.02SIOG::COFFEYWed Aug 15 1990removed faults?
391.010DECSIM::FILLMOREMon Aug 27 1990DECSIM Workshop 199
392.0TALLIS::WESTGATETue Aug 28 1990What does %PTR return
393.01HPSRAD::ARTHURMon Sep 10 1990EGRESS (?) Automated regression testing
394.04CXCAD::COOMBEFri Sep 21 1990BUFTSAHE problem and solution
395.0CIRCUS::PETRASMon Sep 24 1990WRL 199
396.02TARKIN::GARVEYMon Oct 01 1990Synonym Info
397.034ECAD2::KINZELMANMon Oct 01 1990Is DECSIM2 in our future?
398.02ECAD2::KINZELMANThu Oct 04 1990Test for undefined signal symbols?
399.0243Wed Oct 17 1990Inverse command to LOAD?
400.01JUNO::WESTONMon Oct 29 1990Does DECsim have problems communicating via mailboxes?
401.0ECAD2::KINZELMANFri Nov 02 1990Helpful printing macros can be used in BDS models
402.0ECADSR::MARTINOWed Nov 07 1990SIMLIB newsletter.
403.011DRLND::PATILTue Nov 13 1990fault coverage in decsim
404.01NACAD::L_QUINNWed Nov 14 1990Hazard checkers
405.01TALLIS::WESTGATEFri Dec 14 1990Can you get a . in a state name ?
406.02JUNO::HAQUEThu Dec 20 1990Formal language defintion (BNF)?
407.04ECADSR::KINZELMANThu Dec 27 1990Performance question
408.011ORACLE::WATERSThu Dec 27 1990App. notes for foreign routines
409.0KALI::CHINNASWAMYThu Jan 03 1991SCSI transactor
410.03DECSIM::PIERCEThu Jan 10 1991DECSIM V5.7 Released
411.05ECADSR::KINZELMANFri Jan 11 1991BDS routine ordering question
412.01ELWOOD::WEISBACHMon Jan 14 1991ncr53c71
413.0ECAD2::LINATue Jan 15 1991SEDAN Field Test Version 2.
414.04MOOVThu Jan 17 1991Repairing Behavioral Models NU Project Review
415.04MOOVThu Jan 24 1991GATES.NET newer than .NLB in V5.7 ??
416.02HPSCAD::CJOSEPHThu Jan 24 1991Intermittent Fault Sources(INTFS) in DECSIM-fault-simulation
417.03HPSRAD::ARTHURTue Feb 05 1991Is DECSIM.EXE INSTALL-able?
418.0BEREFT::LINAMon Feb 25 1991SEDAN can read output from HILO now..
419.02THREAT::JBELLWed Feb 27 1991performance questions
421.01PROXY::CADMGRFri Mar 08 1991Dinotrace kit location
422.0SOLVIT::BIROMon Mar 18 1991MENTOR MIF to DESIM program
423.0JUNO::HAQUETue Mar 19 1991gSTATE change query/poll (cross-posted in gSTATE+Aladin)
424.02MOOVFri Mar 22 1991What Does DECSIM Return To DCL on PASS or FAIL?
425.0VWBUG::SCHNEIDERTue Mar 26 1991VALID to DECSIM translation
426.0VWBUG::SCHNEIDERTue Mar 26 1991JEDEC to DECSIM translation
427.0VWBUG::SCHNEIDERTue Mar 26 1991... to DECSIM .MEM translator
429.0DIETZY::PARKINWed Apr 10 199168
430.02CHIRPA::TABBARAFri Apr 12 1991hazards showing up in trace file
431.02NACAD::D_BRUGNOLIWed May 01 1991DECsim 5.7 SAVE/RESTORE with external routines?
432.04HPSRAD::NOGUEIRAFri May 10 1991EX/U why is it dumping all behavioral states too ?
433.02SNOOPI::ALONGIWed May 22 1991Multiple versions on same cluster
434.01WORDS::NISKALAThu May 23 1991DECIM command to differentiate input/output in .TRA file?
435.03MOOVTue May 28 1991%E-ICE, Internal Command Error SIMINI\Sim$ini_haz_from_nob...???
436.01CXCAD::COOMBETue May 28 1991SET HAZARD vs hazard checker in model
437.07TARKIN::FORSYTHEThu Jun 06 1991Question about %DECSIM-E-NOTTIE error message
438.07DECSIM::FILLMOREThu Jun 27 1991DECSIM V5.8 is released
439.04TAYSSG::WARRENMon Jul 01 1991Install guide for V5.8
440.0DIKYJR::CORADMINTue Jul 02 1991VHDL Design Process Forum
441.02DANGER::BRIDGEMon Jul 15 1991Trace buffer size
442.03PLOUGH::KINZELMANWed Jul 17 1991Need more info on RESOLUTION warning
443.03ASIC::ASIC::PRASADSun Jul 28 1991deposit/pin arguments
444.0MOOVMon Jul 29 1991Is .WLB (from SEINT) layout timing data usable in DECSIM?
445.01RICKS::SHERMANMon Aug 12 1991DECpat V3.
447.07IXION::TALESARAWed Aug 21 1991Realmodel & DECSIM
448.0ECADSR::MBLAKEMon Aug 26 1991Process Quotas
449.0BUNDLE::WHITETue Aug 27 1991Audiotapes of the VHDL Design Process Forum
450.01ORACLE::HUDEPOHLWed Aug 28 1991Using MOS trace/binary for BEHAVIORAL pattern/binary with buses?
451.0MILRAT::CORADMINThu Aug 29 1991VHDL Course
452.03TBONE::THALLERThu Aug 29 1991File found or not found?
453.03MEMORY::TRANFri Aug 30 1991How to load a Pattern file having 178 columns ??
454.01KALVIN::CHINNASWAMYThu Sep 05 1991need 8 PIN, SERIAL EEPROM decsim model!
455.01KALVIN::HORSEFIELDTue Sep 17 1991pointer to 68
456.0IXION::TALESARATue Sep 24 1991386 Personal Logician
457.02TCHYON::ELDRIDGEFri Sep 27 1991Conversion tool, MACH_TO_DSIM?
459.05SNOOPI::ALONGITue Oct 08 1991%E-NO_SPACE, insufficient space
460.04SNOOPI::ALONGIThu Nov 07 1991VMS 5.5 and Decsim
461.05DELNI::MCGORRILLTue Nov 19 1991DECSIM & SMP cpus
462.04MIZZOU::SHERMANThu Nov 21 1991Unique/random seed creation?
463.02FIONN::COFFEYTue Nov 26 1991Autodly kit location?
464.0DIKYJR::WHITETue Nov 26 1991January, 1992 Introduction to DECsim Training
465.0JUNO::DOSANJHTue Dec 03 1991Wanted - DECsim transactor model for TurboChannel
467.0TCHYON::ELDRIDGEFri Dec 27 1991TURBOchannel Transactor available
468.02PLOUGH::KINZELMANThu Jan 02 1992How to use a routine in several BDS models?
469.0DIKYJR::WHITEMon Jan 06 1992Call for Topics - VHDL Forum (2)
470.0DIKYJR::CORADMINTue Jan 07 1992February VHDL Training
471.0DIKYJR::WHITEMon Jan 13 1992Call for Papers - VHDL Design Process Forum (2)
472.08TENCAD::BBROWNFri Jan 17 1992Command Buffer Overflow Error
473.03CHIRPA::ROCHEFORTTue Jan 28 1992%E-IFF, Invalid or Out-of-date file format
474.02IRNBRU::GLEESONWed Feb 05 1992EISA bus transactor?
475.01TENCAD::RACCAFri Feb 07 1992DECSI Documentation?
476.0DIKYJR::WHITETue Feb 11 1992VHDL Vendors Are Coming to the Mill!
477.03VSSCAD::TURMELFri Feb 14 1992Will DECSIM V5.7 work under VMS 5.5???
478.0HPSRAD::JWILLIAMSFri Mar 06 1992Associative Arrays in DECSIM
479.0PLOUGH::KINZELMANTue Mar 31 1992Cadence simulation conferences
480.01MILPND::COTEMon May 11 1992Two versions simultaneously
481.0DIKYJR::WHITETue May 19 1992June, 1992 Introduction to DECsim Training
482.0DIKYJR::WHITEFri May 22 1992July, 1992 Training - Advanced DECsim
483.02DANGER::JBELLThu Jul 09 1992Alpha?
484.01HAMAN::GROSSWed Jul 15 1992DECSIM V5.9 is released
485.0PLOUGH::KINZELMANTue Jul 28 1992QUAD Design tool notes file
486.036HAMAN::GROSSMon Aug 03 1992Port Decsim to Alpha
487.01DANGER::BRIDGEWed Aug 12 1992Find the print in the pizza
488.03PROXY::GREENAWAYWed Aug 19 1992delay assignment?
490.06ROCK::MURPHYWed Sep 16 1992Universal states
491.0HAMAN::GROSSMon Oct 05 1992Help me discover the projects that are using Decsim
492.0LEDDEV::MEMBRINOMon Oct 19 1992Advanced DECsim Training
493.0PIPA::GALLAGHERMon Nov 02 1992Pattern Translation Tool, sim to sim or sim to tester
494.03ROCK::MURPHYWed Nov 11 1992C modules in Decsim - how to link object files easily
495.0AICADD::MARTYTue Nov 17 1992Graphical RTL Design System
496.02HAMAN::GROSSTue Dec 29 1992Anyone out there using Zycad/Decsim these days?
497.0ESBLAB::KINZELMANTue Jan 12 19938259 model?
498.01ROCK::MURPHYMon Feb 08 1993Signals disappearing
499.0HAMAN::GROSSThu Feb 11 1993Interaction between Trace and Non-BDS routines
500.03RICKS::SHANKARMon Mar 15 1993Not able to get into VMS debugger thru DECSIM
501.03HAMAN::GROSSFri Apr 30 1993Announcing a field-test kit for DECSIM version 6.
502.01ASG3::STEWARTWed Jun 09 1993Internal compilier error
503.0ECADSR::LINAWed Jun 09 1993Signal EDtor and ANalyzer (SEDAN) V
504.01ECADSR::HAMPTONThu Jun 17 1993EDA Data Engineering Services
505.0MARVIN::DOSANJHFri Jun 18 1993** For Sale (Lm1
506.04HAMAN::GROSSWed Jun 23 1993DECsim V6.
507.04EST::MADDOCKSThu Jul 15 1993Legal Symbol Names?
508.01EST::MADDOCKSMon Jul 19 1993external/internal signal referencing
509.02DOPEY::DICKENSThu Jul 29 1993What version of bliss to run on OVMS T1.5-4 ?
510.02ROCK::MURPHYTue Aug 10 1993Scalar/vector conversion
511.08RICKS::SNYDERWed Aug 11 1993Dinotrace - Trace viewer for Decsim/Tempest/Verilog
512.0PCBOPS::LINAFri Oct 29 1993Tools support announcement
513.01HAMAN::GROSSWed Jan 12 1994Bliss 4.7 fixes problems with complicated expressions in BDS
514.02ASIC::PTHAYERWed Feb 09 1994Page faults
515.04MARVIN::COFFEYWed Mar 16 1994%W-WIDOPS, Wide operations not yet implemented
516.0NACAD::SHERMANTue Apr 12 1994d2v - DECsim to VHDL conversion
517.013HAMAN::GROSSWed May 11 1994What projects are using DECsim now?
518.02ELWOOD::YANGTue Jul 26 199432kx8 SRAM memory model
519.01ECADSR::MBLAKEMon Nov 28 1994Why does Trace file contain "Z#2"?
520.06WRKSYS::ARTHURFri Feb 10 1995Verilog->DECsim (structural only) translator
521.03BUBBLS::GROSSMon Mar 13 1995I have some time to work on DECsim V6.1!
522.01LOW8::AHOFri Sep 22 1995DECSIM vs DECSET
523.0NETRIX::"takriti@spezko.mko.dec.com"Fri Oct 06 1995Looking for GPSS
524.03ASIC::MYERSMon Mar 25 1996set timing/max vs default
525.0CADSYS::GROSSTue May 07 1996Node DECSIM will be unavailable Thursday morning 9-May-1996
526.01SMART2::EV5MPIFri Aug 02 1996Problems with Watch_Machines macro
527.0CADSYS::GROSSThu Oct 03 1996Current DECsim users, please respond