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Conference cadsys::aloe

Title:At Last, One Editor!
Created:Tue Nov 17 1987
Last Modified:Wed Jan 29 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:239
Total number of notes:776
Number with bodies:0
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1.01CADSYS::HYNESTue Nov 17 1987Welcome
2.049ORACLE::RAMEYMon Nov 23 1987Initial questions and comments
4.04CADSYS::HYNESTue Dec 08 1987Decwindows Features
5.013RICKS::YODLOWSKITue Dec 08 1987Consistency Between Schematics
6.029CADSYS::HYNESTue Dec 08 1987Hierarchical Methodology
7.01CADSYS::HARKNESSThu Dec 17 1987Aloe
8.01CADSYS::HYNESFri Dec 18 1987Your Favorite Chip Design Story
9.015CADSYS::HYNESMon Dec 28 1987Plotting in ALOE
10.02CADSYS::HYNESTue Jan 05 1988Custom Library Specification
11.09CADSYS::HYNESWed Jan 06 1988Complex Gates
12.05ORACLE::GRODSTEINWed Jan 06 1988Questions...
13.01CADSYS::HYNESWed Jan 13 1988Bus Expansion for ALOE and GENIE
14.02PASTA::WATERSThu Jan 14 1988Requirements doc. and software specs
15.013CADSYS::HARKNESSMon Jan 18 1988Automatic Body Generate Spec
16.02ORACLE::RAMEYWed Feb 10 1988ALOE/CLEO?
17.0CADSYS::HYNESWed Mar 16 1988ALOE March Monthly
18.0CADSYS::HYNESFri Mar 18 1988Bundled nets
19.01CADSYS::HYNESTue Mar 22 1988ALOE (1.
20.0CADSYS::HYNESTue Mar 22 1988VIEWLOGIC: Brief appraisal from Tony
21.0CADSYS::HYNESThu Mar 24 1988Valid Users Meeting in Hudson
22.06CADSYS::CRABBThu Mar 24 1988ALOE T1.
23.01ORACLE::DAHLFri Apr 01 1988no batch ALOE on non-UIS machines?
24.04CADSYS::HARKNESSTue Apr 05 1988Helpful hint on naming instances
25.0CADSYS::HYNESWed Apr 13 1988VHDL - VHSIC Hardware Description Language
26.0CADSYS::HYNESTue Apr 26 1988ALOE/ORCHID Contact List
27.0CADSYS::HYNESTue Apr 26 1988ALOE (1.2) Directory Bug
28.02CADSYS::HYNESThu May 12 1988Project Management via a Schematics Editor
29.03CADSYS::CHAIFri Jun 24 1988From Document conference
30.0LEDS::DEROOWed Jul 06 1988hardware design automation
31.01CADSYS::YOSTThu Jul 28 1988Postscript output from GED/ALOE
32.0CADSYS::BILLINGSMon Aug 08 1988Running Regression Tests on ALOE
33.04CADSYS::LEWISTue Sep 06 1988Aloe interface to Refine
34.08CADSYS::HARKNESSFri Oct 07 1988Transistor sizing with Aloe and the Custom Library
35.02CADSYS::COOKTue Oct 11 1988ALOE V2 Beta test dates and user feedback
36.06CADSYS::CRABBFri Oct 21 1988ALOE Test Party Bugs Here
37.0CADSYS::COOKThu Nov 03 1988ALOE field test manual
38.01LEDDEV::WALLACEMon Nov 14 1988File name extensions
40.0CADSYS::FRAZIERThu Dec 01 1988DIRECTORY listings
42.03CADSYS::HARKNESSTue Dec 06 1988Aloe can't find ascii files with design versions
43.0CADSYS::LEWISFri Dec 09 1988Description of Push command
45.03CADSYS::HARKNESSSun Dec 11 1988LOW priority bug: Non-workstation error recovery
47.0CADSYS::LADEROUTEThu Dec 15 1988BUG: Macroboxes can be deformed
48.0CADSYS::COOKTue Dec 20 1988WLU SPICE command qualifiers
50.02CADSYS::HARKNESSTue Jan 03 1989Instance/wire disconnect problem
51.03CADSYS::LADEROUTETue Jan 10 1989BUG: ALOE$WINDOW_GEOMETRY placement is incorrect
53.0CADSYS::FRAZIERThu Jan 12 1989DIRECTORY command bombs
54.01CADSYS::FRAZIERThu Jan 12 1989BUG: FORMAT command
55.01CADSYS::WILLIAMSMon Jan 16 1989BUG: PUSH command bombed
57.01PASTA::SHERREDMon Jan 16 1989T2.
58.01CADSYS::WILLIAMSMon Jan 16 1989Bug: Unnamed schematic
60.0CADSYS::LADEROUTETue Jan 17 1989BUG: UIS [DELETE] option can access violate
61.0CADSYS::WILLIAMSWed Jan 18 1989Bug: Resizing the parent window after a push
63.01CADSYS::LADEROUTEWed Jan 18 1989BUG: Connectivity & Dependency files have version truncated
64.02CADSYS::LADEROUTEWed Jan 18 1989BUG: UNDO logs left behind
65.0CADSYS::WILLIAMSWed Jan 18 1989Bug: Cutting/Pasting groups
66.0CADSYS::WILLIAMSWed Jan 18 1989Bug: Last command field not always visible
67.03CADSYS::WILLIAMSThu Jan 19 1989Help command functionality
68.01CADSYS::WILLIAMSThu Jan 19 1989Help command issues
69.0CADSYS::WILLIAMSFri Jan 27 1989BUG: Path properties not erased during a move
70.03RGB::DAHLTue Jan 31 1989VMSV4 REFINE?
71.01ORACLE::MARLMANThu Feb 02 1989Logic drawings using changed body drawings
72.04PASTA::WATERSFri Mar 03 1989Opinions on /NOORCHID
73.01RGB::DAHLSat Mar 04 1989ALOEV2.1 bug: bad parent dependency file after body edit
74.01JEREMY::ORONWed Mar 15 1989Help in plotting in Versatec
75.0CADSYS::FRAZIERTue Mar 21 1989ALOE Reference Manual V2.1 Available
76.04RGB::ROSENBLUTHThu Mar 23 1989Hardcopy in NALOE?
77.02CADSYS::COOKTue Mar 28 1989ALOE V2.2 Feature document - No ORCHID
78.03CADSYS::COOKTue Mar 28 1989ALOE V2 release notes
80.02RGB::DAHLSun Apr 02 1989GENIE vs. MEDEA array expander?
81.01RGB::DAHLTue Apr 04 1989unREFINEable wirelists from WLU
82.01ORACLE::RAMEYThu Apr 06 1989Where's the Panic Button??
83.01RGB::DAHLTue Apr 11 1989ALOE ASCII-read bug: property rotations lost
84.03RGB::DAHLWed Apr 12 1989WLU DELETE/CONFIRM crashes ALOE
85.01PASTA::SHERREDWed Apr 19 1989Exterminate useless messages!
86.05RGB::SREEKANTHThu Apr 20 1989Wish list
87.01PASTA::SHERREDFri Apr 21 1989UNDO Crashes ALOE
88.01PASTA::SULLIVANMon Apr 24 1989Aloe bugs
89.04PASTA::SHERREDWed Apr 26 1989BUG: paste justification and a GENIE question
90.05RGB::SREEKANTHThu Apr 27 1989Running out of SELECT groups
91.03PASTA::SHERREDThu Apr 27 1989BUG: Little and Big
92.01PASTA::SHERREDFri Apr 28 1989WINDOW/WIRE oddity
93.02PASTA::SULLIVANWed May 03 1989Aloe child bug?
94.05RGB::SREEKANTHThu May 04 1989Path names ?
95.0PASTA::SULLIVANFri May 05 1989buffer updates
97.03PASTA::SHERREDFri May 05 1989ALOE/REFINE out of sync
98.01RGB::DAHLFri May 05 1989body-update glitch for bubbleable pins
99.0CADSYS::COOKFri May 12 1989ALOE V2.3 transistor sizing command proposal
100.03CADSYS::LADEROUTEWed May 17 1989ALOE V2.3 SET PICK command proposal
101.0CADSE::GOUVEIAThu May 18 1989ALOE, SIM, and VANTAGE
102.06CADSYS::WILLIAMSWed May 24 1989Proposal to change the PROPERTY command
103.02RGB::SREEKANTHThu Jun 01 1989How to find an instance ?
104.012AD::FARRELLThu Jun 01 1989bug: 16 letter limit on attribute names
105.01CADSYS::LEWISMon Jun 05 1989user-modified defaults to be preserved by VERSION, REPLACE
106.01RGB::ROSENBLUTHTue Jun 13 1989Problem with NEXT
107.014CADSYS::BELLTue Jun 20 1989Proposal for Attribute Validation in ALOE
108.01RGB::SREEKANTHThu Jun 22 1989text size for properties
109.03HYDRA::DENNINGTue Jun 27 1989BUG: DECW$ALOE does not hightlight on non-GPX
110.04RGB::SREEKANTHWed Jun 28 1989Warning : synonymous nodenames
111.03CADSYS::BRUENWed Jun 28 1989SIZING Hierarchical Symbols
112.0CADSYS::COOKWed Jul 05 1989ALOE V3 Requirements document available for general review
113.02RGB::ROSENBLUTHWed Jul 05 1989
114.0CADSYS::WILLIAMSThu Jul 06 1989Display text for non-horizontal and non_vertical pins
115.03CADSYS::LADEROUTEFri Jul 07 1989PLOT
116.04RGB::LAHRTue Jul 11 1989bug: macroboxes inside of page symbols
117.03RGB::LAHRTue Jul 11 1989BUG: pushing WIN; key causes refine to stack dump
118.08RGB::SULLIVANTue Jul 11 1989Using pin_names as labels
119.03RGB::SREEKANTHWed Jul 12 1989Passing cap's to DECSIM MOS
120.0HYDRA::DENNINGThu Jul 13 1989Looking for Cross Reference Tool
121.01CADSYS::LADEROUTEMon Jul 17 1989DECWINDOWS and ALOE heavy lines
122.02RGB::SHERREDFri Jul 21 1989What have I really edited ????
123.01BINKLY::YODLOWSKITue Jul 25 1989A Few Suggestions for ALOE
124.02RGB::SHERREDTue Jul 25 1989Should always default to .logic.1.1
125.02RGB::DAHLWed Jul 26 1989QDV - Quickdraw-to-ALOE conversion
126.01NACAD::KIMMon Jul 31 1989Is ALOE compatible with VALID GED ???
128.03CADSYS::LEWISTue Aug 01 1989Dependency checking; write on GENIE
129.01CADSYS::BAERWed Aug 09 1989Problem with SHOW ATTACH command
130.02CADSYS::LEWISWed Aug 09 1989back annotation proposal (reentered)
131.0CADSYS::COOKFri Aug 11 1989READ_AST crashes (ACCVIO and OPCDEC)
132.02BINKLY::LEVITINThu Aug 31 1989Documentation Bug
133.01RGB::SREEKANTHFri Sep 08 1989genie drops threshold attribute
134.01BINKLY::LEVITINFri Sep 08 1989How can I write all structdefs to a single file?
135.06RICKS::SHEDDFri Sep 08 1989Frustrations: Why is ALOE so slow??!!
136.01KBOMFG::HAUGWed Sep 13 1989How much $$$ ?
137.02BINKLY::LEVITINFri Sep 15 1989Where is Genie documented?
138.0RGB::SREEKANTHTue Sep 19 1989Suggestion : set cosmetic
139.03ROCK::MCKINLEYWed Sep 20 1989is there a way to rotate groups of objects?
140.01RICKS::SHEDDSat Sep 23 1989Rotating Versatec Plots?
141.02ROCK::EDMONDSONMon Sep 25 1989CHECK_OUT_VERTEX: vertex already linked to macrobox
142.04POTAK::LEVITINTue Sep 26 1989Cursor uses foreground color only?
143.0CADSYS::BAERFri Sep 29 1989Clearing ALOE Groups
144.01ROCK::EDMONDSONMon Oct 02 1989CONNECT_THUNK: Wire connected to more than one box
145.0BINKLY::LEVITINTue Oct 03 1989Please complain about the right line
146.02ROCK::EDMONDSONWed Oct 04 1989new repeated crash
147.06ROCK::EDMONDSONFri Oct 06 1989labeling a node twice causes warnings
148.03--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 09 1989minor bug
149.01RICKS::DEVERWed Oct 11 1989SET PUSH_TYPE problem
150.01IOENG::JWILLIAMSWed Oct 11 1989Legal Considerations?
151.03CADSYS::LEVITINWed Oct 11 1989Apparent mismatch of vector into array of instances
152.0CADSYS::HARKNESSWed Oct 18 1989summary of stand-alone aloe file locking
153.04JEREMY::ORONTue Oct 24 1989wlu gate level flattenning
154.0CADSYS::FRAZIERTue Oct 31 1989NET program may be of interest
155.08ROCK::MEYERTue Oct 31 1989check for 2 nodes named the same?
156.0RGB::DAHLWed Nov 01 1989Undocumented FIND pattern-matching, courtesy Neil Cook
157.01RICKS::SHEDDThu Nov 02 1989Rotating Groups of Objects???
158.01ROCK::BIROMon Nov 06 1989"text_box: surprising angle" message
159.04ROCK::MEYERFri Nov 10 1989interrupting the current command
160.01RICKS::DEVERFri Nov 17 1989SUBMIT yes -- @ no
162.0CADSYS::LEWISWed Dec 06 1989Update on near-term Aloe plans
163.01RICKS::KIRKMANWed Dec 06 1989printing schematics
164.05RICKS::DEVERTue Dec 12 1989Problems With Help
165.0RICKS::DEVERTue Dec 12 1989Clear After Error Message
166.01CADSYS::LEWISWed Dec 13 1989We need a 2% solution
167.02ROCK::MEYERWed Dec 13 1989I heard there was a bug...any info?
168.04CADSYS::RAMATIWed Dec 20 1989mulit page genie
170.03CADSYS::SHIPLEThu Dec 28 1989problem with INVERTED attribute
171.01ROCK::FISCHERFri Jan 19 1990ALOE 2.5 FT 1
172.0RICKS::SANTHANAMFri Jan 19 1990nine field pcaps
173.02CXCAD::DETARFri Feb 02 1990signal and naming convention document
174.01CADSYS::BAERThu Feb 08 1990strange edit occurance
175.0CADSYS::FRAZIERFri Feb 16 1990Updated Reference Manual now available
176.03CADSYS::FRAZIERMon Feb 26 1990Custom Library Databook Now Available
177.04JRDLSI::TANABEThu Mar 15 1990Bug? can't recover after crash in ALOE2.4
178.01ORACLE::BENZFri Mar 16 1990ALOE Crashes: filename too long ?
179.01ORACLE::BENZThu Mar 22 1990ALOE 2.3/2.4 and color on SPX
180.01ROCK::BIROTue Apr 03 1990Error: SIGNAME property not in wire context
181.02CHIRPA::DENNINGThu Apr 05 1990Auto date help
182.02ROCK::BIROThu Apr 05 1990%ALOE-E-LKPERROR lookup error- bad device or invalid logical
183.0CADSYS::LEWISFri Apr 06 1990restriction (to be fixed) on file names for BACKANNOTATE
184.0CADSYS::LEWISThu Apr 19 1990New Aloe-Refine Interface
185.05RICKS::DEVERMon May 21 1990ALOE$EXE definition
186.05RICKS::CHISVINSun Jun 03 1990ADD mode and functions
187.01JEREMY::ORONMon Jun 11 1990SPX ALOE
188.01JRDLSI::TANABEThu Jun 14 1990bug? UNDO log size increases rapidly
189.01VLSI::SYSTEMWed Jun 27 1990Help getting kits and licenses...
190.01CADSYS::LEVITINTue Jul 03 1990Why does Genie append <
191.02NITTNY::SHEDDFri Jul 06 1990Names for the nameless nodes
192.03WONDER::ENGDAHLWed Jul 11 1990GWL88 splits properties values...
193.01RICKS::DEVERTue Jul 31 1990ALOE T2.5 FT3 crashing on CHECK
194.0149ER::GLANVILLETue Jul 31 1990BUGS: Moving objects stick, dots don't move.
195.07JRDLSI::TANABEMon Aug 06 1990bug?: PASCAL I/O error
196.02CRONIC::ORTHMon Aug 06 1990%SYSTEM-F-SECTBLFUL, section table (process/global) is full
197.01RGB::MUELLERFri Aug 10 1990Auto wire routing and altering bodies
198.02RICKS::DEVERFri Aug 10 1990FIND/NO_WIRE
199.06JEREMY::DAVIDKMon Aug 13 1990ALOE (V2.3-96/VWS) crash on HELP GROUP
200.03RICKS::DEVERFri Aug 17 1990VWS/GED problem, does it apply to ALOE?
201.01RICKS::BRITTONMon Aug 20 1990ALOE T2.5 FT3 crashes using REATTACH command
202.03RGB::ROSENBLUTHWed Aug 29 1990Zoom does not show body
203.0RICKS::SANTHANAMThu Aug 30 1990cut/paste in batch mode
204.0CADSYS::HARKNESSThu Aug 30 1990Aloe V2.5 is available
205.01JRDLSI::TANABEWed Sep 05 1990bug?:logical name table is full when writing
206.0CADSYS::HARKNESSWed Sep 05 1990Aloe V2.5 manuals are available
207.01RICKS::DEVERThu Sep 06 1990QUIT check/VERSATEC plotting with ALOE V2.5
208.0CIRCUS::PETRASMon Sep 24 1990WRL 199
209.01IXION::UTZIGThu Sep 27 1990Can Aloe be used for general Sch. Cap. ?
210.03WONDER::COMMOThu Sep 27 1990<< NULL Pointer message >>
211.02RICKS::SANTHANAMTue Nov 06 1990help in selecting macroboxes
212.01RICKS::DEVERThu Nov 08 1990Ghosts with new DECwindows image
213.01WONDER::CAFFOThu Nov 08 1990Diagram feature?
216.01JEREMY::REUVENMon Jan 21 1991problem with refine in aloe 2.5
217.01JEREMY::REUVENTue Jan 22 1991problem with refin in aloe
218.0ROCK::EDMONDSONMon Feb 04 1991bug in ALOE 2.6 FT#1
219.01RGB::SHERREDTue Feb 12 1991BUGS: FIND doesn't notice macroboxes - DECW$ALOE 2.6
220.03HPSCAD::KECKTue Mar 26 1991Naming a symbol "NOT" results in Genie errors
221.064233::BENZFri Apr 05 1991Aloe prob under VWS4.3/VMS5.4 ?
222.05POTAK::LEVITINThu Apr 11 1991Plot Q: When does an APAGE *not* fill an A-sized sheet
223.01JRDLSI::TANABEMon Jul 08 1991Support for DS5
224.0CADSYS::HARKNESSWed Jul 17 1991New ALOE V2 support contact
225.01ORACLE::RAMEYMon Aug 05 1991BUG: PUSH "select" broken!
226.0CADSYS::WILLIAMSThu Aug 08 1991Accvio - running VMS DECwindows with display on X11
228.0CADSYS::FRAZIERMon Nov 04 1991ALOE V2.6 manuals available
229.0CADSYS::FRAZIERMon Nov 04 1991New Custom Library manual available
230.08IDOFLY::LUDWIGThu Nov 14 1991X error event received from server:
231.0IDOFLY::LUDWIGFri Dec 06 1991Bad section header ID.
232.0149ER::MOOREMon Dec 16 1991GWL syntax doc?
233.02VLSI::INGRAHAMWed Feb 26 1992PUSH/GET failure w/library drawings (non-ORCHID)
234.01GOOGOL::YODLOWSKIThu Mar 19 1992Please don''t ignore existing selections on MB2 move and copy.
235.01ORACLE::BENZWed Jan 06 1993MOTIF, ALOE V2.6, and ^V breaks ?
236.01PASTA::WINDNAGLEWed May 19 1993convert from Aloe V1 to V2 or V3?
237.01DANGER::INGRAHAMMon May 24 1993Can't open DECterm windows anymore
238.02DANGER::INGRAHAMTue Nov 22 1994Do ALOE and eXcursion mix?
239.0NETRIX::"rubin@cadsys.enet.dec.com"Thu Dec 19 1996This is a test