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Conference cadse::part_libraries

Title:Parts, and the Library Process
Created:Mon Nov 02 1987
Last Modified:Tue Mar 14 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:40
Total number of notes:171
Number with bodies:0
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1.07AURA::WONGMon Nov 02 1987Another service brought to you by CAD System Engineering
2.07CADDLE::WONGThu Nov 05 1987Part creation and/or layout
3.016CADVAX::WATSONTue Nov 17 1987"Edit Part Enhancement" Project. Still alive??
4.09KBOMFG::COLDITZTue Nov 17 1987Archive Data Structure Documents
5.015CADSE::WONGWed Nov 25 1987Part Pins - Who's on First?
6.018CADSE::WONGWed Dec 02 1987Bugs and Enhancements
7.04CADSE::WONGSun Dec 06 1987VBL Checker V1.
8.0ULYSSE::ZITTATue Dec 22 1987Question on DECLIB/Valid
9.0--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 23 1987DEC STD
10.01CADSE::WONGTue Jan 19 1988DEC STD
11.0CADSE::CERNESEMon Jan 25 1988Some light about the term "VLSLIB"
12.0CADSE::TATARATue Jan 26 19881/26/88 User Forum slides about Edit VBL...
13.04CADSE::WONGMon Feb 22 1988Data Structure changes
15.01CADSE::WONGMon May 02 1988Equivalence Equations
16.01CADSE::WONGFri May 13 1988Gate/Functions and Gate Legs
17.04ESASE::ODEAWed Jul 06 1988Request for a 224 pin device VBL
18.03CADSE::WONGMon Sep 26 1988Part Values Document
19.01TSE::SCHAUBERTue Jan 10 1989Data Validation/Quality
20.03CADSE::WONGFri Mar 10 1989Package Names
21.01WOODRO::DIMACALEMon Mar 13 1989Need info on class 12,29,7
22.07HOO78C::FOKKENROODWed Mar 15 1989in search of a partslist
23.01CADSE::WONGMon May 29 1989Component Lead Lengths
25.01CADSE::WONGTue Jun 20 1989Questions on part type and sub-type
27.02CADSE::WONGTue Nov 21 1989Heatsinks
28.09KAOA11::WEISSFri Mar 16 1990Request for Specific Parts
29.07CADSE::WONGThu Apr 05 1990Artwork parts
30.04CADSE::WONGWed Apr 18 1990Mixed English and Metric unit VBL's
34.09CADSE::WONGWed Sep 26 1990Mechanical Functions for Pins
36.0CSOADM::DOERINGERFri Apr 17 1992Laptop Partnumber Program
37.0JOBURG::HARRISThu Feb 24 1994Sales to Service Option number crossref?
38.0TAEN21::CWLINWed Mar 02 1994How can I create parts by formal way?
39.01HAMSUP::STIEHLMon Jun 06 1994Part Problem SA72
40.01TOPTEN::KELLERThu Feb 02 1995part discriptions