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Conference bulova::vms_encryption

Notice:Conference is write-locked; mail postings to STAR::DEMERS
Created:Fri Mar 14 1986
Last Modified:Mon Jan 29 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:195
Total number of notes:705
Number with bodies:0
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1.0STAR::POLLACKWed May 08 1985VMS Encrypt NOTES
2.04MILDEW::POLLACKMon May 13 1985Performance and Export
3.01SAUTER::SAUTERWed May 15 1985QuickCrypt?
4.0SYBIL::REINIGSat May 18 1985Byte Ordering Problems
5.02MILDEW::POLLACKTue May 21 1985QUICKCRYPT.C example.
6.05SUMMIT::RDFThu May 23 1985Kit availability
7.01COORS::KRALTue Aug 13 1985How to obtain VMS ENCRYPT
8.06XENON::REINIGWed Aug 21 1985No more DES?
9.05GALAXY::GOLDSTEINWed Sep 04 1985V1.
10.01TAHOE::JENSENMon Sep 09 1985encrypt=invisible?
11.01MOTHER::SIEBOLDWed Sep 25 1985ENCRYPT V1.
13.0GALAXY::GOLDSTEINWed Oct 16 1985V1.
14.0ELKTRA::SIEBOLDMon Oct 28 1985ENCRYPT-F-PARSEFAIL undocumente
16.0ELKTRA::SIEBOLDWed Nov 06 1985Upper case for algorithm ?
17.010VAXWRK::HELSELTue Nov 19 1985Encryption Expert NEEDED!
19.03AYOUThu Dec 12 1985Access Indexed Files
20.06AYOUThu Feb 06 1986Sample Cobol Progrs
21.03BERGIL::TARDOMon Feb 10 1986International Standards
22.03WKRP::GERACITue Feb 18 1986expert and questions
23.01MILDEW::POLLACKFri Feb 21 1986VAXNOTES conversion.
24.02PULSAR::WALLYTue Mar 18 1986Message Authentication and the Trojan Horse
25.02MILDEW::POLLACKThu Mar 20 1986Users of the facility?
26.05MILDEW::POLLACKThu Mar 20 1986Product Wishlist...
27.01ZEPPO::TIBBERTTue Apr 01 1986Encrypt `in-place'?
28.02VNATue Apr 15 1986Need only docs
29.03ODIXIE::LAMBKEWed May 14 1986DECNET encryption
30.02CHAPLN::TIBBERTWed May 28 1986Preserving context across Image activations?
31.04MLNMon Jun 09 1986Installing VAX Encryption
32.02PLDVAX::ZARLENGAWed Jun 11 1986How does DES algorithm work?
33.04EARTH::CELENTANOMon Jun 16 1986& throw away the key??
34.02ZEPPO::TIBBERTSat Jun 21 1986Encryption in DETACHed process?
35.03GRAMPS::FORTIERFri Jul 11 1986Two kits?, which is right?
36.01ROMWed Jul 16 1986encryption load on cpu
37.0CUJO::PITTSBURGHFri Jul 18 1986Reference Sites?
38.05PASTIS::MONAHANTue Aug 12 1986Is there a new version?
39.06TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Sep 18 1986documentation?
40.01TIPPLE::WALKERSun Dec 14 1986Domestic Regulations?
41.02CSC32::MISFELDTThu Feb 12 1987Problem with ENCRYPT$STATISTICS
42.02LA78Thu Feb 26 1987I need this product!
43.06TIPPLE::WALKERWed Mar 18 1987VMS V4.5 install fails?
44.01CELICA::PATTERSONTue Apr 07 1987VMS Encrypt & RDB ??
45.02AKOV75::SHEPROThu Apr 09 1987Netkit Availability
46.07--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 28 1987Encryption key storage
47.06TOHOKU::TAYLORThu May 21 1987cyptographic checksum ?
48.0TOHOKU::TAYLORThu May 21 1987$encrypt_file and $statistics ?
49.0XANADU::JFAUSTTue May 26 1987on-line documentation, again...
50.04VNABRW::RAISINGERThu Jun 11 1987HW-Implementation of DES
51.02OSLThu Jun 11 1987Encryption blackboxes - anyone ?
52.01MICASA::LINDQUISTWed Jun 24 1987NBS/DES Question
53.04PVAX::DDS1Thu Jul 09 1987Problem. Insuf-Virtual-Mem
54.01NANUCK::OWENSFri Aug 07 1987Reference Sites and Product Manager?
55.04SKINUT::HALLWed Aug 26 1987Cannot decrypt after 4.6 installation
57.04QUARK::LIONELSat Sep 12 1987Unsupported file structure on decryot
58.05TPOVWed Sep 30 1987VAX <==> IBM in Encryption ??
59.01DELNI::CANTORThu Oct 29 1987Problem installing on VMS V4.6
60.01TPOVWed Nov 11 1987Encryption Alternative
61.04MILDEW::POLLACKTue Jan 05 1988Bugs and Enhancements?
62.01FNYADG::NEJJARWed Jan 06 1988encrypting the whole record?
64.08PASTIS::MONAHANThu Jan 21 1988Forging a message for a MAC
65.01FRATue Feb 09 1988Encryption Of Key Values
66.03CANYON::LEEDSMon Feb 15 1988how to get Export license ?
67.02MORRIS::SMCAFEEFri Feb 19 1988Encrypt$Decrypt w/fortran
68.03ZNANYE::WHORLOWTue Feb 23 1988Any open-key s/w about?
69.02CSC32::TAVARASMon Apr 18 1988<DESNC link-to-link, end-to-end>
70.0HAMPS::WELLSWed May 04 1988Loan of documents in Reading area
71.04TOLKIN::TRIPPThu May 05 1988Can anyone help?
72.01TADSKI::PAPPASSat May 07 1988Graphics Files ?
73.03TADSKI::PAPPASMon May 16 1988Encryption for many, many disk files ?
74.01TADSKI::PAPPASWed May 18 1988Lack of Key Management - Is a problem ?
75.01SIETTG::SOWINSKITue May 24 1988V1.
76.08ADVAX::HOMTue Jun 14 1988Encrypt and VMS 5.
78.0BOMBE::ISHIKAWAFri Aug 26 1988looking for field-test sites
79.01VAXRIO::NATALMon Oct 24 1988DECnet-DOS?
80.03HOTAIR::PAINTERMon Oct 31 1988HW Encryption
81.01HOTAIR::PAINTERTue Nov 15 1988best engine for enc. v1.1?
82.013MERIDN::PANZERWed Nov 23 1988VAX Encryption & ALL-IN-1
83.04LDYBUG::FULLERTONWed Nov 30 1988Minor Bug? and question on use
84.05MARX::DUMASWed Feb 01 1989Encrypt with VMS Mail Possible?
85.01SKYWAY::JOERGENSENTue Feb 07 1989Performance
86.02ULTRA::MADDENWed Feb 08 1989VAX Encryption V1.1 is here
87.05THEBAY::SYKESDOWed Feb 22 1989Need documentation
88.0BOMBE::ISHIKAWAFri Mar 03 1989***Export Problem - Custom Algorithms
89.01FRAMBO::BLANKENBERGTue Mar 07 1989Authentication in Heterogenous Systems
90.01TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Mar 09 1989encryption and decryption of VMSMAIL messages
91.02FRAMBO::KLIEBERFri Mar 17 1989Loading of keys resp. ICV
92.02HOTAIR::PAINTERFri Apr 14 1989ENCRYPT$STARTUP problem
93.02LISVAX::GIRBALMon Apr 17 1989X.25 data encription questions?
94.01HOTAIR::PAINTERWed Apr 19 1989encrypt$encrypt_file item-list?
95.04DPDMAI::PAINTERMon Apr 24 1989invalid alg?
96.01HUMAN::CONKLINSat Apr 29 1989is a VMS 5.2 version available?
97.01MPGS::TOWNSENDCMon May 01 1989looking for some info
98.03RUTLND::DEVANEYTue May 02 1989encrypt saveset needed
99.0116472::PAINTERFri May 12 1989FILSTRUNS compatibility?
100.0216611::POURZIAThu May 25 1989Performance during backups
101.0PSYCHE::ROOSMon Jun 19 1989Information on Cryptography.
102.03DENVER::CASEDTue Jun 20 1989Public Key systems
103.02DWOVAX::KAVANAGHTue Jun 20 1989V1.
104.03ASABET::PALMERThu Jun 22 1989image file not found
105.08HOTAIR::PAINTERThu Jul 06 1989Pick vers. for decryp.?
106.0BOMBE::ISHIKAWAWed Aug 09 1989Encryption within EVE?
107.018HPSCAD::MILLEVILLEFri Aug 25 1989New Cryptosystem available
108.01AUNTB::STETSONFri Aug 25 1989All-In-1 and VAX Encryption
109.02CUJO::WEBERWed Sep 06 1989Install Problems with V1.1 on VMS V4.7
110.03VALUES::PELLETIERMon Sep 18 1989Kit on net for 1.1???
111.02SUBWAY::MISRAHIMon Sep 25 1989transmission of encryption keys
112.06EVTAI1::GRISALTue Sep 26 1989Needs for keys distibution
113.01MAIL::RUHLTue Oct 31 1989Rally, Rdb, and VMS Encryption
114.02ARCANA::MASINICKWed Nov 08 1989HELP: VAX C usage of item_list in ENCRYPT_FILE
115.01HAVOC::DESROCHERSWed Nov 29 1989v1.
116.02VAXWRK::MANSEAUWed Dec 20 1989porting ULTRIX data to VMS
118.04MARKAY::CATALANOTue Jan 30 1990VMS Encryption and Oracle
119.01SNOCThu Feb 15 1990V1.
120.04HGOVC::SAMTSETue Feb 27 1990One-way encryption algorithm
121.03COMICS::BISHOPRThu Mar 08 1990nfo on data structure?
122.02CSC32::M_BURLEYTue Mar 13 1990 Create_key/system, what privs for system users to access key
123.02MCIS1::BONVALLATTue Mar 27 1990INVARGCOU error
124.01HSKPRF::JJARVINENThu Apr 26 1990Order code ?
125.06PRSUD1::SEYNAEVEMon Jun 11 1990<VE in France ??>
126.05HITPS::GAJNAKThu Jun 14 1990Embedding VMS encryption in other layered products?
127.01CNTROL::GORRTue Jun 19 1990DECwrite - DDIF Encrypt problem
129.02WONDER::BENTOTue Jul 24 1990PAK is there but product doesn't see it...
130.03TRCAThu Aug 09 1990Encryption and Backup
131.07ANNECY::LEMMATue Sep 04 1990RSA and DES, what are they?
132.09HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Sep 18 1990Encrypting spreadsheet
133.02WBC::BAKERThu Sep 20 1990Network kit availiability...
134.01TINGAU::HEFELEFri Sep 21 1990Germany??
135.02CRBOSS::LEMONSMon Oct 08 1990Order numbers for V1.2?
136.0PASTIS::MONAHANMon Oct 15 1990(How ?) Can we repackage this software?
137.01CSC32::M_BURLEYMon Oct 29 1990Encrypt$generate_key
138.02IAMOK::SWANWed Oct 31 1990algorithm problems
139.011AKOCOA::GCLIFFORDWed Nov 21 1990<Encrypted Data in Rdb
141.06NAMBE::RGREENBERGWed Feb 06 1991VMS 5.4 and Encryption V1.2
142.01CRONIC::LEMONSWed Mar 20 1991How can I automate, securely, BACKUP/ENCRYPT?
143.01DORIE::COMPTONThu Mar 21 1991DES support between vendors?
144.08TRCAFri Apr 05 1991Embedded VAX Encryption Application Questions
145.04PASTIS::MONAHANThu Apr 25 1991Encryption in France.
146.03VACATN::HEUSSMon Jun 10 1991V1.2 Doc problem defining ENCRYPT$DEFINE_KEY parameters
147.018HITPS::DESKTOP_ACMSTue Jun 18 1991Any plans/hopes for support of MS-DOS or Macintosh?
148.01PASTIS::MONAHANSat Jun 22 1991What are we doing about encryption laws?
149.03QUICHE::PITTThu Jul 11 1991Why does encrypting a file increase its size?
150.02DENVER::RUUDFri Aug 16 1991start of file regular?
151.0TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Oct 08 1991Amailtpu -- Privacy Enhanced Mail
152.02DERVAX::JNENNOFri Nov 01 1991Encryption error
153.01GRAFOX::VIAUMon Nov 04 1991512 byte record too large for user's buffer
154.01USPMLO::SHEPROFri Nov 08 1991V1.2 vs V1.1
155.03HANNAH::BAYWed Nov 20 1991Need better hashing technique for EFC names
156.04AYOU34::GARYTue Nov 26 1991VMS 5.4-1a / ENC v1.
158.04TPOVTue Feb 25 1992 WEAK_KEY???
159.06ERLANG::MILLEVILLETue Feb 25 1992Software cipher selfcheck capability
160.0--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 24 1992Q-bus and VAX BI DES co-processors any interest??
161.01ZURWed Apr 08 1992How is a key deleted after usage ?
162.04QUICHE::PITTThu Apr 09 1992VAX Encryption bulk file performance figures
163.02ZURThu Apr 23 1992ADA, ENCRYPT_INIT returns with "CONINIERR, unable to initialize context"
164.04XCUSME::KRUYFri Apr 24 1992ILLALGSEL sometimes?!?
165.0DSM::MELNICKWed May 27 1992Encrypt for Alpha
166.01DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Jun 09 1992VMS 5.5 and Encrypt: Minimum supportable Rev?
167.0156658::MADDENFri Jun 12 1992VMS_ENCRYPTION conference is now read-only
169.0DELNI::QUINCE::MADDENFri Aug 07 1992VAX Encryption Reference Site needed
170.01DELNI::QUINCE::MADDENTue Aug 18 1992Encrypting a DECwrite document
171.03DELNI::QUINCE::MADDENWed Aug 26 1992Storage of keys
172.01DELNI::VINO::MADDENThu Oct 29 1992Why is ENCRYPTION not on the CD?
173.0DELNI::QUINCE::MADDENWed Dec 02 1992Non-US/Canadian kit orders must be placed with SSB
174.01DELNI::QUINCE::MADDENFri Feb 19 1993Sending encrypted passwords over the network?
175.0QUINCE::MADDENFri Feb 26 1993Encryption Guidelines
176.01VINO::MADDENMon May 10 1993Empty file when decrypting
177.01QUINCE::MADDENWed May 19 1993VAX Encryption CPU usage
178.01QUINCE::MADDENTue Jun 08 1993Undocumented status code
179.01VINO::MADDENThu Jul 01 1993Improving VAX Encryption performance
180.0QUINCE::MADDENFri Jul 02 1993Possible encryption s/w for VMS, ULTRIX, and OSF/1
181.0QUINCE::MADDENWed Jul 28 1993VAX Encryption and OpenVMS V6.
182.0QUINCE::MADDENMon Aug 02 1993VAX Encryption use with ALL-IN-1 ?
183.01QUINCE::MADDENMon Aug 02 1993Future VAX Encryption support?
184.02QUINCE::MADDENMon Sep 20 1993Encryption over WAN & modems...?!?!
185.04QUINCE::MADDENTue Sep 21 1993Simple encryption elgorithms; ENCRYPSHR stubs
186.07QUINCE::MADDENTue Sep 28 1993DCS - Digital Cryptographic Security Agent
187.0QUINCE::MADDENTue Oct 05 1993Query on ULTRIX encryption
188.01QUINCE::MADDENThu Oct 28 1993What compression algorithm?
189.01QUINCE::MADDENTue Feb 15 1994VAX Encrypt and Binaries
190.015QUINCE::MADDENFri Jul 08 1994Encryption and Access Violation
191.01QUINCE::MADDENMon Sep 19 1994Error with ENCRYPT$INIT
192.01QUINCE::MADDENTue Oct 11 1994Business case needed for Encryption port to Alpha
193.01QUINCE::MADDENWed May 31 1995Cypher key question when decrypting a file
194.02QUINCE::MADDENFri Aug 18 1995Memory leak in VAX Encryption?
195.0STAR::DEMERSMon Jan 29 1996Internal Field Test for Alpha about to start