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Conference bulova::lowendcluster

Title:Local Area VAXcluster Notes (Read-Only)
Notice:Use ELKTRA::CLUSTER conference for questions.
Created:Fri Feb 28 1986
Last Modified:Wed Nov 29 1989
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:245
Total number of notes:1438
Number with bodies:0
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1.04DAVET::THIELFri Dec 20 1985Introduction
2.05DAVET::THIELFri Dec 20 1985Release Notes
3.01OURVAX::GITNERFri Dec 27 1985NI Cluster Information Please ?
4.038GODZLA::HUGHESThu Jan 09 1986Low end cluster registry
5.02KAHLUA::NEWELLSat Jan 18 1986VWS dying
6.03KOKO::KNOCHWed Jan 22 1986Comments, ??'s and HELP!
7.03AK1A::NEWELLThu Jan 23 1986Problem building satellite
8.09AK1A::NEWELLFri Jan 24 1986Same VMS on cluster?
9.0KAHLUA::NEWELLFri Jan 31 1986Default DECNET acct problem
10.02AK1A::NEWELLTue Feb 04 1986Boot member not reloading
11.0435886::KNOCHFri Feb 07 1986This stuff is GREAT!!!
12.05STAR::NUNNERLEYTue Feb 11 1986REV's Of DEQNA's Used In LEC's
13.03THUNDR::NOYAThu Feb 13 1986DEUNA's, DELUA's and DEQNA's
14.04ROCK::MORRISMon Feb 17 1986Who/when should we crash?
15.030HEART::COBBTue Feb 25 1986Adding satellites to "big" clus
16.0HEART::COBBFri Feb 28 1986logical name for satellite root
17.0112VMSINT::THIELThu Mar 06 1986Name This Product !!!
18.04VNAFri Mar 07 1986NI-Clu. = CI-Clu. Isn't it?
19.028FURILO::JACKSONWed Mar 12 1986Where's the docs?
21.02BOEBNR::BOEBINGERSun Mar 16 1986Warning - totally naive potential user.
22.0ATHENS::FOXMon Mar 17 1986QAR System for LEC problems
23.04RENOIR::MCLEMANTue Mar 18 1986How about Non-Common sysdisk
24.09CSSE32::SNAMANWed Mar 19 1986In search of a bigger/better hammer
25.0ENGGSG::GROLLMANWed Mar 19 1986Fault tolerant offering at NORDEN
26.0VMSINT::THIELFri Mar 21 1986Low End Cluster status
27.03VMSINT::THIELFri Mar 21 1986Tentative plans for US Spring DECUS
28.0VMSINT::SZETOThu Mar 27 1986Phase review notification
29.04NOODLE::SCHUMANNFri Apr 04 1986LEC IO Performance Problem
30.01SNO78C::SMITHIFri Apr 04 1986Big and little with same NI?
31.023KZIN::CORNEMon Apr 07 1986NI load?
32.08MEO78B::MARSHALLTue Apr 08 1986FTV4.4 Release Notes!
33.012KZIN::CORNEWed Apr 09 1986How many roots?
34.01RDVAX::OTOOLEMon Apr 28 1986In search of a cluster node #
35.04KZIN::CORNEThu May 01 1986V4.4 upgrade?
36.0KZIN::CORNEFri May 02 1986Test kit on V4.4?
37.06AEGINA::TSCHAENTue May 06 1986LEC Kit availability
38.02AEGINA::TSCHAENWed May 07 1986correction on kit location
39.05RSPITZ::TSCHAENThu May 08 1986Low end cluster release notes
40.07ADVAX::TSOUFri May 09 1986Creating member without RX5
41.016FURILO::JACKSONMon May 12 1986HELP! Can't get satellite to boot??
42.01RDGE99::HUDGELLTue May 13 1986re-boot problem
43.07FURILO::JACKSONTue May 13 1986No OPCOM on satellite nodes???
45.012FURILO::JACKSONThu May 15 1986What rev DEQNA do I need?
46.01MAASSG::RMURPHYThu May 15 1986War story
47.03FURILO::JACKSONFri May 16 1986PAGEFILE and SWAPFILE questions
48.01NONAME::CONCORDIAFri May 16 1986Satellite Boot Problem
50.013177Fri May 16 1986Mail notification question.
51.01FURILO::SMITHMon May 19 1986Differences?
52.01--UnknownUser--Tue May 20 1986SHOW CLUSTER vs MONITOR CLUSTER
53.02BAGELS::DAVIDSONWed May 21 1986split directories
54.05STRSHP::SLATERWed May 21 1986PFCDEFAULT / General Tuning
55.03ADVAX::TSOUFri May 23 1986help! Partial nodes work only
57.01FURILO::JACKSONTue May 27 1986standalone and cluster on single disk?
58.06FURILO::JACKSONThu May 29 1986Disk full with 2
59.03GIGI::GREENESun Jun 01 1986User-implemented Ethernet Clusters
60.03NUWAVE::NOBLETue Jun 03 1986problem building common disk
61.06EDISON::PRINDLEWed Jun 04 1986Applications in a LEC
62.02CURIE::FLEISCHMANNWed Jun 04 1986multiple roots???
63.01CEDSWS::LINDSAYThu Jun 05 1986support for the tu8
64.08CURIE::KUHLFri Jun 06 1986Installing VWS on LEC ??
65.01CURIE::FLEISCHMANNMon Jun 09 1986autogen
66.016RAYNA::BRENNANMon Jun 09 1986SYS$SPECIFIC on Local disk
67.02OLD75Tue Jun 10 1986Ethernet + T1 = WAC
68.02RAYNA::BRENNANTue Jun 10 1986Only one satellite will boot
69.02FREMEN::S_SMITHThu Jun 12 19862 Ethernet controllers on boot member?
70.03VNAFCC::ERIKThu Jun 12 1986HSC25, works for LEC!
71.07SOFCAD::KNIGHTFri Jun 13 1986Need TK5
72.01METOO::KELLERMANMon Jun 16 1986Creating Common System Disk
74.06JETHRO::JACKSONTue Jun 17 1986Rename a cluster node????
75.01RDGE99::HUDGELLThu Jun 19 1986SPD wanted
76.03SWATT::RICEThu Jun 19 1986Satellite doesn't see HSC disk
77.05ZHORA::BRENNANFri Jun 20 1986How to get rid of MntVerifyTimeout
78.029VNAFCC::ERIKSun Jun 22 1986Positioning LEC against RSM
79.06VNAFCC::ERIKMon Jun 23 1986Security on LEC's
80.06VAXRT::WORRALLSun Jun 29 1986Does anyone have an answer to this?
82.04STAR::SZETOMon Jun 30 1986Diskless satellite member?
83.0GLIVET::BROOKSTue Jul 01 1986NEED TK5
84.09GLIVET::DEANEThu Jul 03 1986Feedback wanted from users of diskless satellite members
85.013JETHRO::JACKSONMon Jul 07 1986LEC's and VMS X4.5 do they play together?
86.06ROMWed Jul 09 1986just two boot members?
87.05GLIVET::DEANEThu Jul 10 1986LECs and the MSCP protocol
88.02STAR::GUISSOSat Jul 12 1986Documentation for FT1 Ethernet VAXclusters Available
89.01LAUSAN::NGUYENMon Jul 14 1986Locked portion of WS is full
90.08PROTO2::FOXMon Jul 14 1986The facts on the need for new VMS installations
91.04VNX::KELLERMANMon Jul 14 1986New mail broadcast not on all nodes
92.010RENKO::JACKSONWed Jul 16 1986A generic VMS question, but has a little to do with LEC's
93.02CIM::BEDOWed Jul 16 1986VOTS and XQDRIVER.EXE mods
94.01PCASSO::SCHNEIDERThu Jul 17 1986ISAM access and non-fatal bug check
95.03VICKI::LEKASFri Jul 18 1986Field Test Kit Status?
96.03PBSVAX::HALBERTMon Jul 21 1986Must SATELLITE_CONFIG.COM reinitialize local disk?
97.07SCOTTY::SCHNEIDERMon Jul 21 1986b/1
98.04MONSTR::HUGHESTue Jul 22 1986A plea for LAT sanity
99.05GLIVET::BROOKSTue Jul 22 1986NEED HELP ON FT1 installation
100.0SSDEVO::HSCNOTESWed Jul 23 1986HSC Phase
101.06VMSDEV::FOXWed Jul 23 1986LEC FT1 Kit Availability
102.06FILMOR::PAULEYFri Jul 25 1986SAT node no-booty
103.03MONET::SCHNEIDERFri Jul 25 1986problem with decnet access
104.01VMSDEV::SZETOFri Jul 25 1986Satellite node definitions
105.01BELKER::SMITHMon Jul 28 1986YAQQ (Yet another Qna Question)
106.0PBSVAX::HALBERTMon Jul 28 1986LEC performance notes
107.011CIM::BEDOTue Jul 29 1986INITIALIZING... for ever (and ever)
108.03TRUMAN::PAULEYTue Jul 29 1986CHECKID
110.03MONET::SCHNEIDERWed Jul 30 198629,
111.08UFP::MURPHYWed Jul 30 1986Microvax-I Support?
112.04JD::BRENNANThu Jul 31 1986Why use a cluster name?
113.01PASTIS::MONAHANThu Jul 31 1986will heterogeneous clusters work?
115.05STRSHP::HEBERTThu Jul 31 1986NI,CI, & RMS question
116.08SHIRE::TAYLORMon Aug 04 1986STARTNET.COM failure
117.02GLIVET::BROOKSTue Aug 05 1986Possible mail problem !!
118.03SUPER::MATTHEWSWed Aug 06 1986Customer training materials for review
119.010SHIRE::TAYLORThu Aug 07 1986BUG with VWS/UIS on LEC
120.02WHISKY::HOWEThu Aug 07 1986satellite booting troubles..
121.05RDVAX::OTOOLEThu Aug 07 1986Moving sys disk to another machine doesn't work
122.05RDVAX::OTOOLEThu Aug 07 1986FT_2 WHEN ?????
123.09MFOX::FOXThu Aug 07 1986New XQDRIVER for use in clusters running FT1
124.01ANT::KEHOEFri Aug 08 1986Dual RA controllers?
125.07SHIRE::TAYLORThu Aug 14 1986Disabling CNX messages
127.04VAXRT::WORRALLWed Aug 20 1986MOM is killing us!
128.08DVINCI::SCHNEIDERWed Aug 20 1986Problems with REV D systems
129.01BVI::COLLINSFri Aug 22 1986Ethernet address for all cluster comm?
130.09HYDRA::MOOREMon Aug 25 1986BOOT XQ works, BOOT (sniffer) fails. Why???
131.04ADVAX::TSOUTue Aug 26 1986Can't init local disk
132.01ADVAX::MCMULLENThu Aug 28 1986FT1 Observations
133.01TENNIS::KAMThu Aug 28 19862 NODE VAXcluster working fine
134.05TENNIS::KAMThu Aug 28 1986STARTNET.COM on satellite
136.05CURIE::KUHLTue Sep 02 1986CMP Software on the LAVC
137.02MYVAX::ANDERSONWed Sep 03 1986CI disks on boot member -- when?
138.014DEMOS1::MELLORTue Sep 09 1986Educational Showing of LAV
139.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Sep 10 1986HELP, first installation
140.011BASHER::ROEWed Sep 10 1986Remote Service on the LAV???
142.01JD::BRENNANFri Sep 12 1986Bad Ethernet connection causes BM crash
143.05VNX::KELLERMANFri Sep 12 1986Error messages from unused CI
144.017JD::BRENNANWed Sep 17 1986Login temporarily hangs process
145.0PCASSO::SCHNEIDERFri Sep 19 1986Exception above ASTDEL
146.04PCASSO::SCHNEIDERMon Sep 22 1986Show clust counter problem
147.06MFOX::FOXMon Sep 22 1986Ethernet VAXclusters FT2 kit is available
148.022CURIE::KUHLTue Sep 23 1986Marketing the LAVC
149.012JACOB::FAZIOTue Sep 23 1986LAV's thru a Bridge??
150.05WHOARU::CERNESEThu Sep 25 1986Pre-performance test question
151.03MUNICH::POLZINFri Sep 26 1986FT2 and LATCP change
152.05RDGENG::CORNETue Sep 30 1986FT2 seems worse than FT1
153.02SHIRE::TAYLORTue Sep 30 1986FT2 documentation bugs
154.03RDGENG::CORNETue Sep 30 1986Problems making a satellite work in FT2
155.03SYSENG::STALZERThu Oct 02 1986Minimum Memory requirements??
156.05ENGINE::DURSOThu Oct 02 1986VSII as boot node ???
157.02RDGENG::CORNETue Oct 07 1986no UISSHR?
158.015CURIE::KUHLTue Oct 07 1986Set Host on LAVC from Satellite to Satellite
159.09LEROUF::COWANTue Oct 07 1986Cluster-wide disks
160.06ASHLND::SZEMPLINSKIFri Oct 10 1986LEC Announced?/Pricing
161.03SKINUT::HALLFri Oct 10 1986the lonely LAVcluster
162.010CSC32::DUTKOSun Oct 12 1986Documentation Problems?
163.0KBOVTue Oct 14 1986...or did I solve the wrong problem?
164.04BTO1::SWANTue Oct 14 1986Auto failover to a secondary boot member?
165.06STAR::SZETOWed Oct 15 1986Phase 3 review scheduled
166.01SUPER::MATTHEWSFri Oct 17 1986LAVc course pilot
167.04VMSDEV::FOXFri Oct 17 1986New XQDRIVER for FT2
168.03KBOVSun Oct 19 1986when is upgrate possible??
169.04ANT::KEHOEWed Oct 22 1986Pagefile used for swapping only?
170.020MILT::JACKSONWed Oct 22 1986Clean way to exit cluster with no privs?
171.06MILT::JACKSONWed Oct 22 1986no page/swap file names?
172.01INSECT::NUNNERLEYWed Oct 22 1986LAVc Configuration Feedback Requested
174.03SHIRE::TAYLORFri Oct 24 1986DECNET STARTUP suggestion
175.04WKRP::LENNIGFri Oct 24 1986Idle Curiosity
177.019STAR::SZETOMon Oct 27 1986New MSCP disk server
178.02CASEE::COWANTue Oct 28 1986BM crashes, satellite doesn't. Why?
179.03RDVAX::SYSTEMTue Oct 28 1986RA6
181.02LA78Wed Oct 29 1986XQA
182.0TENNIS::KAMWed Oct 29 1986Window Manager Fails to come up
183.0TENNIS::KAMThu Oct 30 1986%SYSTEM-I-MOUNTVER,... write-locked
184.02NIEMAN::SCHNEIDERMon Nov 03 1986XBDRIVER not found
185.03LA78Mon Nov 03 198673
186.01COMET2::CURTISTue Nov 04 1986RTAx errors
187.026SWATT::RICETue Nov 04 1986Can VAX 8xxx systems be satellites?
188.02SWATT::RICEWed Nov 05 1986How's it feel to be wanted?
189.06PBSVAX::HALBERTWed Nov 05 1986Node's physical address?
190.02ANT::KEHOEWed Nov 05 1986SYSGEN%W-NOMSG, Message number
191.04STAR::SZETOThu Nov 06 1986In search of ...
192.013STAR::SZETOThu Nov 06 1986This conference to be closed
193.02UTRFri Nov 07 1986Machine Checks
194.04DOOZER::BAILEYTue Nov 11 1986Cluster passwords - looking for clarification
195.03BVI::COLLINSThu Nov 13 1986Looking for sysgen parameter info
196.06SYSENG::VANSICLENFri Nov 14 1986Diagnostics?
197.07WHOARU::CERNESEFri Nov 14 1986What is %LIB-E-ACTIMAGE?
198.02RDGENG::CORNEMon Nov 17 1986
199.02ERLDH::HALBERTMon Nov 17 1986common NETOBJECT.DAT?
200.04ERLDH::HALBERTMon Nov 17 1986AUTOGEN needs to know number of nodes in cluster
201.02DOOZER::BAILEYTue Nov 18 1986LAVc questions - also posted in CLUSTER file
202.02JRDVTue Nov 18 1986My cluster can't have a satellite.
203.03HSKWed Nov 19 1986MicroVAX I question
204.0VMS::FOXWed Nov 19 1986LAVc V1.
205.023STAR::SZETOMon Jan 05 1987Sign in please
206.01TENNIS::KAMTue Jan 06 1987Installing VWSY V3.1 questions
207.04SIMON::SZETOWed Jan 07 1987Served disks on 2
208.05BCSE::BULKAWed Jan 07 1987problem initializing RX33's!!!
209.02DVINCI::SCHNEIDERThu Jan 08 1987teammate initial boot prob
210.06VMSDEV::SZETOThu Jan 08 1987Test sites wanted for larger clusters
215.02STAR::SZETOMon Jan 19 1987Run diskless now; update later
216.04DVINCI::SCHNEIDERTue Jan 20 1987decservers on VAXSTAR type systems
217.01QUALUD::MEANYWed Jan 21 1987Strange Service Requests
218.02STAR::SZETOMon Jan 26 1987V4.6
219.03NANUCK::WEISSTue Jan 27 1987SDC VMS upgrade for VAXstar??
220.03TENNIS::KAMMon Feb 02 1987DECnet up in order to boot Satellites
222.01KGB::TAYLORWed Feb 04 1987TEAMMATE LAT protocol problem
223.01TENNIS::KAMWed Feb 04 1987May this procedure INITIALIZE LINDA$DUA
226.02SYSENG::STALZERFri Feb 06 1987Boot member crash on booting
227.06MFOX::FOXMon Feb 09 1987Y4.5C is now available
228.03NANUCK::WEISSTue Feb 10 1987unable to init disk boot driver
230.02NANUCK::WEISSWed Feb 11 1987Star won't boot and crashes satellites
231.01STAR::SZETOThu Feb 12 1987Upgrade from released software only
232.06BETHE::LICEA_KANEFri Feb 13 1987Strangeness with bad Ethernet config
233.0DEBET::FOLEYTue Feb 17 1987DELUA's. Should we use them?
234.04ECAD::GILBERTFri Feb 20 1987can't load em
235.02BCSE::BULKASun Feb 22 1987I don't have a TK5
236.04HSKWed Feb 25 1987GPX as a boot member ???
240.01HSKTue Mar 03 1987Stabackit problem on Y4.5C
241.0STAR::SZETOWed Mar 04 1987Prerequisite ROM version for VAXstar/Teammate
242.0STAR::SZETOFri Apr 17 1987VMS V4.5C SDC kit available
243.0STAR::SZETOFri Jul 24 1987VMS V4.6 and LAVC V1.2 available
244.0STAR::SZETOFri Jul 24 1987LAVC V1.2 SPD
245.0STAR::SZETOFri Jul 24 1987How to order VMS for MicroVAX/VAXstation boot nodes