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Conference bulova::fileview

Notice:Suggestion: try BULOVA::DECWINDOWS... see note 2.3
Created:Wed Jan 04 1989
Last Modified:Tue Dec 17 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:400
Total number of notes:1392
Number with bodies:0
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0.06--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 01 1970
0.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 01 1970
0.05--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 01 1970
0.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 01 1970
0.06--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 01 1970
1.01STAR::BENSONWed Jan 04 1989Introduction
2.03STAR::BENSONFri Jan 06 1989Related Conferences
3.01STAR::BENSONFri Jan 06 1989How to file a QAR
4.0STAR::BENSONFri Jan 06 1989reserved by moderator
5.0STAR::BENSONFri Jan 06 1989reserved by moderator
6.04STAR::BENSONFri Jan 06 1989Updated FileView Tailoring memo
7.02DECWET::ERCOLANOMon Jan 09 1989Using a logical name (search list) as the Directory
8.02DECWET::ERCOLANOMon Jan 09 1989Logical Name Tables
9.04EVETPU::REINIGMon Jan 09 1989Pop-up menus in command files
10.03KETJE::PUTMANSTue Jan 10 1989Filter for files /excl= ???
11.05ERIS::CALLASThu Jan 12 1989Using VUE to start remote applications
12.01CIM::KAIRYSFri Jan 13 1989Can't relocate VUE$PROFILE file
13.02SYSENG::COULSONFri Jan 13 1989EDIT with BIG font?
14.02VMSINT::THIELMon Jan 16 1989Distinguishing multiple VUEs
15.04VMSINT::THIELMon Jan 16 1989Intent/utility of NODE option in LAYOUT
16.01CADSYS::SLATERWed Jan 18 1989Command Procedure Defaults
17.01CADSYS::SLATERWed Jan 18 1989Dynamic Profile Switching
18.07MRFLEX::MILLERThu Jan 19 1989Some Xdefaults questions?
19.01ULTRA::WRAYFri Jan 20 1989Unwanted mouse commands
20.01CVG::PETTENGILLSat Jan 21 1989Verb action should be sensitive to file type
21.03CVG::PETTENGILLSat Jan 21 1989CLI callback type of interface contemplated?
22.03TLE::MEIERSat Jan 21 1989How to handle tools that define process logical names?
23.02TLE::MEIERMon Jan 23 1989Opinions in Customize and Control menus; why static too?
25.03HACKIN::MACKINThu Jan 26 1989how to customize VUE system wide?
26.011CSSE32::MERMELLFri Jan 27 1989several problems with VUE
27.01CVG::PETTENGILLMon Jan 30 1989Selecting menu items in VUE startup
28.05TLE::MEIERTue Jan 31 1989Interaction of sort order and display of fields
29.0QUARK::LIONELWed Jul 12 1989When in doubt, do the right thing
33.0STAR::BENSONThu Jul 13 1989
33.0WJCUST::MARSANWed Jul 12 1989Processes still exist on the system, but don't on Work in Progress
33.0cTAR:2BENSONWed Feb 15 1989
39.04EVETPU::RDINIMon Oct 23 1989
45.012ODIUM::DOUGFri Mar 10 1989detached processes instead of subprocesses?
46.01EVETPU::REINIGFri Mar 10 1989Edit when no files are selected
47.0NEXUS::B_WACKERFri Mar 10 1989default fonts/windows too big
48.04NEURON::NICHOLSONSun Mar 12 1989question on creating public profile
49.0COOKIE::KITTELLMon Mar 13 1989How to prevent -uefiles modifier?
50.05NEURON::NICHOLSONWed Mar 15 1989subsequent message boxes replace previous ones
51.02MCNALY::MILLERThu Mar 16 1989How to Un-Hide?
52.0545437::DAVIESFri Mar 17 1989Fileview Startup problem ?
54.04MOIRA::FAIMANFri Mar 24 1989Print job name = "sys$login" ?
55.04MOIRA::FAIMANFri Mar 24 1989FileView won't start subprocess
56.01ROCKO::GRAZIANOWed Mar 29 1989it's probably been asked before, but....
57.01OSLACT::OLAVSat Apr 01 1989Poor (or no) error reporting when task is pending
58.03STAR::BENSONMon Apr 03 1989Can't start tasks, always marked Pending?
59.01EVETPU::REINIGTue Apr 04 1989Does FileView always save dialog box state?
60.03CSC32::M_POTEETTue Apr 04 1989VUE iconified at startup?
61.010AKO455::SHEPROMon Apr 10 1989Delete-a-File Dialog Box
62.04CSC32::G_JOHNSONTue Apr 11 1989Two views get confused
63.01DECWIN::KLEINMon Apr 17 1989Suggestions cross-posted in DECWINDOWS
64.03NEURON::NICHOLSONTue Apr 18 1989searchlists for VUE$PUBLIC_PROFILE
65.05TOOK::MERSHONMon Apr 24 1989Layered Products and FileView
66.02NEXUS::B_BRADACHWed Apr 26 1989percentage function in calculator
67.02NEXUS::B_WACKERWed Apr 26 1989Accvio on wip stop task of compile w/output
68.02SAPIR::FOSKETTTue May 02 1989Printing from Fileview
69.04SKETCH::GROSSTue May 02 1989VUE sticks around after a hasty logout!
70.02DEMOAX::HENCHEYTue May 02 1989Task Messages Supported for Customers ?
71.03BANZAI::COFFLERFri May 05 1989DECterms get "hung" and will ony beep ...
72.07SMAUG::FLOWERSMon May 08 1989LP installation and VUE$LIBRARY
73.01VMSINT::PIPERMon May 08 1989VUE procedure to delete a directory tree
74.01COMCAD::WALDENMon May 08 1989Creating a verb with dialog boxes
75.02NEXUS::B_BRADACHTue May 09 1989remote fileview;DECstation to VMS VAXstation
76.02OSLACT::OLAVWed May 10 1989Direct manipulation?
77.04CRBOSS::LEMONSWed May 10 1989Nodename in FileView 'Directory' line?
78.035Fri May 12 1989Using wildcards to show logicals.
79.0438328::TENNYTue May 16 1989Wishlist: Keypad defns, nested sorts
80.0857523::BACCARITue May 23 1989fileview quits with print
81.0STAR::BENSONMon Jun 05 1989Task Message changes
82.0DEMOAX::COPELANDThu Jun 08 1989Ultrix - How to execute a program
83.05WELWEL::GRAHAMWed Jun 14 1989Can I pass info to a TPU session ?
84.04WJCUST::MARSANThu Jun 22 1989VUE procedure to set file protections
85.04WJCUST::MARSANFri Jun 23 1989Does "Set Vue/NoEcho" exist?
86.02VMSINT::PIPERWed Jun 28 1989Is there anyway to get a smaller font in the main window?
87.02WJCUST::MARSANFri Jun 30 1989Comment on FileView Documentation and symbols
88.01VESTA::BAILEYWed Jul 05 1989Defaults ?
89.02ABLE::DICKENSONMon Jul 10 1989FileView ..Startup, no commands
90.0QUARK::LIONELWed Jul 12 1989VAX FORTRAN V5.3 implements DWCI
91.01MAPROP::BARKERThu Jul 13 1989door number 1, 2, or 3?
93.0FRAGLE::WIEGLEBTue Aug 01 1989Passwords displayed in Task Output windows
94.01WJCUST::MARSANThu Aug 03 1989How can I get my hands on FileView V2?
95.01STKHLM::HOLMFri Aug 04 1989FileView crash if run from remote nod....
96.03KOALA::BULKAMon Aug 07 1989revision date vs creation date
97.04HACKIN::MACKINThu Aug 10 1989undesirable change in the message box
101.0TOOK::C_PEREZFri Aug 18 1989Customize to reverse Video...
102.01BDWISR::HEAFEYTue Aug 22 1989FileView stopped: Message number 13AB82
103.01CSC32::R_SOMBERGTue Aug 29 1989VUE$INQUIRE and CANCEL
104.020LNKUGL::BOWMANThu Sep 07 1989malloc problem with X5.3 FileView
105.02RTPSWS::MCMULLENWed Sep 13 1989Ultrix FV and adding commands
106.01TOOK::W_MCGRATHThu Sep 14 1989Automatically updating Menu Bar
107.0ERIS::CALLASFri Sep 15 1989Font customization
108.01EMILE::TREGERTue Sep 19 1989FileView strange behaviour
109.04COMICS::BELLTue Sep 26 1989ROPRAND - reserved operand fault from FileView
110.01ARTFUL::SCOTTWed Sep 27 1989SSB V5.2 FileView Won't Recall My Profile
111.03NEXUS::L_HERZLICHMon Oct 02 1989DCL Command window is a VT2
112.01MEK::KENNEDYThu Oct 05 1989Pause Message?
113.08RECLUS::HILLThu Oct 05 1989VUE$DAT File Format
114.04COMICS::FISCHERFri Oct 13 1989FILEVIEW stops with ACCVIO
115.01ANARCY::DILIDDOThu Oct 19 1989Question from a rank amateur
116.02HSOMAI::LINMon Oct 23 1989Display DDIF File In FileView
117.02ROLL::ORTHWed Oct 25 1989Search lists in FV directory
118.04CVG::PETTENGILLMon Oct 30 1989What's special about <Background>?
119.02COPPER::D_BERRYWed Nov 01 1989TERMINAL HAS A MAILBOX ASSIGNED ERROR prevents new applications
120.02TOOK::RASPUZZIWed Nov 01 1989SUBMIT from FileView
121.02CDROM::DUPREZFri Nov 03 1989Automatic menu addition?
122.01CDROM::DUPREZMon Nov 06 1989while I'm asking stupid questions...
123.02KETJE::DIERICKMon Nov 06 1989preventing unauthorized changes
124.02EVTIS2::TISSERANDThu Nov 09 1989Subprocesses are not killed ?
125.0RICKS::WENNERSThu Nov 09 1989Question about File Manipulation
126.05HIBOB::KRANTZThu Nov 09 1989POPDOWN->POPUP comes back useless
127.03JUNO::WESTONFri Nov 10 1989Error handling and reporting could be improved?
128.0TLE::MEIERMon Nov 13 1989Ada's FileView tailoring
129.05TLE::MEIERThu Nov 16 1989VUE$POPUP_PROGRESS_BOX never pops down work in progress
130.01CIMNET::WIESERFri Nov 17 1989How to dismiss task output window in V5.3?
131.01STAR::MFOLEYSun Nov 19 1989FileView Autostart?
132.02TARN::RICHMon Nov 20 1989strange vue behaviour
133.01CSC32::L_HERZLICHThu Nov 30 1989What is the purpose of the PRINT ORIENTATION button
134.04MSBHVN::CALLAHANMon Dec 04 1989FileView Stopped: no condition handler found
136.02SCOTMN::FISCHERThu Dec 07 1989ACCVIO when starting FILEVIEW
137.01CONEJO::GLOVERThu Dec 07 1989VUE$ commands not found
138.0ADTSHR::TALCOTTFri Dec 08 1989Has SQM developed a standard naming scheme for FileView related files?
139.01FUN2DO::PORELLTue Dec 12 1989Logical Names Use in FileView
140.06DAVIDS::KUBELKAThu Dec 14 1989Verbs for all file types?
141.03BRSIS6::BUTTIENSFri Dec 15 1989Task output - Stop Task button
142.0UKEDU::DDAVIESThu Dec 21 1989font for task output?
143.011QUILL::BNELSONThu Dec 21 1989Insufficient privilege to access profile?
144.02SOJU::POZZETTAWed Dec 27 1989FileView Selection - /SINCE=TODAY?
145.01GIDDAY::OMELEYThu Dec 28 1989Fileview DCL Terminal Window.. how does it work ?
146.04DADS::THOMPSONFri Dec 29 1989vue$system_profile questions
147.0LOIOSH::GOUNThu Jan 04 1990Wishlist: Hide This Dialog accelerator
148.0HERON::DEVRIESFri Jan 05 1990VUE interface to ELF V2.
149.03WJCUST::MARSANThu Jan 11 1990Privileged account DCL Command window does not have privileges
150.0FRAGLE::WIEGLEBFri Jan 12 1990Buggy behavior of DECW V2.
151.01BRSDVP::ROETSMon Jan 15 1990ex
152.02FIVER::KEARNEYWed Jan 17 1990Resizing Fonts
153.03KETJE::PUTMANSWed Jan 31 1990print-queue settings ?
154.03AWAKE::WESTERVELTWed Jan 31 1990bookreader question(s)
155.02TOOK::RASPUZZIThu Feb 15 1990Problem with ANALYZE/CRASH in a .COM file for FileVue
156.07CADSYS::HEBERTFri Feb 16 1990SYS$LIBRARY_EN_US ???
157.016HSOMAI::LINSat Feb 17 1990Fileview in different platform
158.01CRBOSS::JOHNSONThu Feb 22 1990Wierd happenings with Fileview
160.08CASEE::CLARKThu Mar 01 1990FileView developer's guide or manual or documentation?
161.01PEACHS::BELDINFri Mar 02 1990Seeing a problem when running remotely...
162.03KETJE::PUTMANSWed Mar 07 1990how to program fileview ?
163.02IXION::UTZIGFri Mar 09 1990How do you change your vue$current_directory ?
164.01SCAACT::RESENDETue Mar 13 1990FileView print widget problems
165.03BRSDVP::ROETSThu Mar 22 1990eve open select, no slection active
166.0KYOA::SACHSFri Mar 23 1990CardFiler Documentation?
167.01EVTIS2::HOANGThu Mar 29 1990Only 1 dialog box with TPU.
168.0BRSDVP::ROETSTue Apr 03 1990filewview defmbxbufquo DEFMBXMXMSG
169.01PEACHS::BURQUESTThu Apr 12 1990FileView print process problem
170.01CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Apr 27 1990change fileview profile from DCL?
171.05CSC32::M_TURNERFri Apr 27 1990Automaticly starting an LSE session from fileview?
172.02PEACHS::MITCHAMFri Apr 27 1990Can PRINT/REMOTE (or something similar) be done from FileView?
173.0MEIS::FERRANTESat May 12 1990NO text in fileview with fastfonts set to 1
174.01SWTHOM::MALASPINAMon May 14 1990Compile and STOP TASK stops all active tasks !!!
175.02EIGER::BRUGGERWed May 30 1990TPU has not the selected File in the editor !
176.0WKRP::LENNIGFri Jun 01 1990CUstomize DCL command?
177.010SHALOT::NICODEMMon Jun 11 1990Information on '=VUE...' commands
178.01SKYWAY::HONEGGERWed Jun 13 1990Satrting application using double click
179.02IJSAPL::HOEVELAKENTue Jul 03 1990How to start dxue in iconic?
180.0COPCLU::SIIGFri Jul 27 1990Unrecognized FileView task message
181.02TLE::FORDFri Aug 10 1990How do you define filetypes in dxue?
182.04RHETT::PICKETTMon Aug 13 1990Remote file filters not showing correct subdirectories
183.04STARTue Aug 14 1990Specify default position for VUE$INQUIRE?
184.0AYOUThu Aug 23 1990Verbs and Menus
185.03ASDS::KELLICKERFri Aug 24 1990Print Problem
186.0COMICS::FISCHERMon Sep 10 1990Notepad Save problem
187.01PEACHS::MITCHAMWed Sep 12 1990Use of FileView over the net to a proxy account (or using file access strings)
188.01SPCTRM::GORCZYCAThu Sep 20 1990FILEVIEW started DECTERMs disable BROADCASTs
189.01RTPSWS::FLACKFri Sep 28 1990FileView crash with remote "default dir"
190.01PEACHS::MITCHAMFri Oct 12 1990Could FileView use a separate paste buffer?
191.01MLNOIS::CAPERDONIMon Oct 22 1990HELP on a widget!
192.01CSC32::D_COHNWed Oct 24 1990How to Auto Start two FileViews with own "Save Viewl"
193.0CSSE32::MERMELLWed Oct 31 1990DECW$DISPLAY logical not passed to subprocess
194.0RHETT::WILLIAMSThu Nov 01 1990Fileview, DECterm, Printing multiple files
195.0EAGLE1::BRUNNERFri Nov 02 1990ASTLM and Fileview
196.01MSDSWS::HENDERSONMon Nov 05 1990New features?
197.04OSL1Tue Nov 06 1990Quit Session from FileView Quit?
198.02ZURThu Nov 15 1990PENDING after DECterm
199.02OSL1Wed Nov 21 1990How to start remote FileView without the session manager?
200.01WELMTS::CRIDDLEWed Nov 21 1990Entering filter information in DW 3
201.06WELMTS::CRIDDLEWed Nov 21 1990Deleting files under DECW 3
202.02H2SO4::GERSBACHThu Nov 29 1990Empty popup output boxes
203.03OTOAFri Nov 30 1990POP UP PROBLEM!
204.02EVETPU::REINIGFri Nov 30 1990Is FileView on Motif?
205.01UTRTSC::CAHILLWed Dec 05 1990DCL window customization.
206.0CDROM::DUPREZFri Dec 07 1990FileView -> UUE?
207.01AUSTIN::SHWIFFThu Dec 13 1990Can "DCL command" be used instead of DECterm?
208.01CSC32::L_ALMEIDAThu Dec 13 1990Work In Progress box grows
209.04STAR::MFOLEYFri Jan 04 1991Annoying windows
210.04LATVMS::RASPUZZIFri Jan 11 1991VUE$DAT file corruption? - garbage file name in broadcast after printing
211.0PEACHS::GILBERTMon Jan 14 1991vue$get_selection seems to only read selected files once.
212.0PEACHS::GILBERTMon Jan 14 1991How to tell if com file is running in dcl command, fileview verb, or in decterm
213.02AUSSIE::SULLIVANWed Jan 16 1991Edit multiple files with EVE?
214.0DSTEG2::HOSSFELDWed Jan 16 1991vue$popup_confirm fails resets session manager (dw3 eft2)
215.0STKHUV::HULTMANThu Jan 17 1991EDIT with BIG font ?
216.03CAESAR::MCGEEMon Jan 21 1991Two headed display question.
217.01FORTY2::RAKSHITFri Jan 25 1991Directory Field always contains SYS$SYSROOT:[SYSMGR] on FILEview display
218.0GALVIA::BREATHNACHWed Jan 30 1991Sample Motif compliant UIL wanted
219.0ZURA7::STUKERThu Jan 31 1991appl. does not start
220.01ROLL::MCGEEFri Feb 01 1991How to run fileview as a detached process..
221.08GIDDAY::WANSat Feb 02 1991Fileview complains not enough privilege?
222.01MUNICH::BENDERMon Feb 04 1991prohibit user from using filter or directory
223.03COPCLU::SIIGThu Feb 07 1991Patch for V2 FileView to display on V3 server
224.06MSDSWS::HENDERSONMon Feb 11 1991Stopping CONV/DOC blows Fileview away
225.02PJWL::LAMBTue Feb 19 1991Vue procedure to prompt for node name and fire off batch procedure
227.03PEACHS::MITCHAMFri Feb 22 1991File filter field clears when directories are changed
228.01AIAG::LINDSEYFri Mar 01 1991Edit shows no text in file
229.06RHETT::PICKETTFri Mar 08 1991Fileview customization file cannot be read: Invalid user buffer size
230.0WELCLU::CRIDDLEThu Mar 14 1991Occlusion of subdirectories by scroll bar
231.01COMICS::PENDERGRASTThu Apr 04 1991sys$disk blindly put in top table
232.03KOALA::RYANWed Apr 10 1991VUE$SUPPRESS_POPUP_OUTPUT & the Motif menu cursor
233.0ACESMK::MCKIMWed Apr 17 1991How to enlargen FileView fonts
234.04TLE::EIKENBERRYFri Apr 19 1991Running Fileview from DecWindows V3 on V2 system
235.02SNOCTue May 07 1991Using remote nodes
236.017DECWIN::JACKIEWed May 15 1991FileView Futures
237.05SKYLRK::BARTLETTWed May 15 1991Changing fonts in FileView???
238.0SKYLRK::BARTLETTThu May 16 1991VUE$LIBRARY replaced on installation????
239.01BRSSWS::RIJMENANTSFri Jun 07 1991vue$get_command
240.02QUIVER::WASHABAUGHThu Jun 13 1991Search Command Suddenly Stopped Working
241.03WFIS22::WHITTEMORE_JMon Jun 17 1991?a better? vue$library:vue$ddif_viewer.com ....
242.03GENIE::STUKERTue Jun 25 1991DCL / LOGOUT
243.03DSTEG2::HOSSFELDWed Jul 10 1991Vue directory spec
245.06MSDSWS::HENDERSONFri Jul 12 1991Bug: VUE$READ returning trailing NULs in symbol
246.02WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Jul 18 1991What about ULTRIX UE & do?? scripts
247.01SKYLRK::CHINNThu Aug 01 1991How to undo PRINT's HIDE DIALOG option
248.04SNOMAN::AARONFri Aug 02 1991DW3 & updating Public Profiles?
249.01MSDSWS::HENDERSONThu Aug 08 1991Library Utility procedures
250.01MSDSWS::HENDERSONMon Aug 12 1991Growing work-in-progress box
251.0MSDSWS::HENDERSONWed Aug 14 1991VUE$POPUP_MESSAGE questions
252.0BRSSWS::RIJMENANTSThu Aug 22 1991apply button does not get "updated"
253.0MUTTON::LAMBTue Aug 27 1991DEcpresent and Ultrix Fileview (user executive)
254.02COMICS::BELLTue Sep 03 1991What controls whether a popup can be iconised ?
255.01TARN::RICHMon Sep 16 1991Problem with Remote Session Manager
256.01CSC32::L_ALMEIDAFri Sep 20 1991Customizing Title Bar and Icon for all views
257.05HSOMAI::COOLEYFri Oct 04 1991Fileview promo??
258.02KHAN::SELBYMon Oct 07 1991FileView problems displaying on a SUN SparcStation
259.06CSC32::M_TURNERThu Oct 10 1991F11 key terminates DCL command window
260.011DSTEG1::HOSSFELDTue Oct 22 1991
261.07SHAWB1::TAYLORJThu Oct 31 1991ACCVIO doing Save View... from Options pulldown
262.0KERNEL::LOATMon Nov 04 1991Menus in the wrong place
263.06DECWIN::JACKIEMon Nov 04 1991Profile Troubleshooter
264.0COMICS::PENDERGRASTWed Nov 13 1991Fileview bug via pcdecwindows?
265.03MLNCSC::RAMAZZOTTIThu Nov 14 1991txp27-fileview-accvio
266.01COMICS::PENDERGRASTFri Nov 15 1991dxue directory search for string ?
267.02BREAKR::MIKKELSONMon Nov 18 1991System customization file
268.01BREAKR::UDICKTue Nov 19 1991Applications list pointer bad. Wrong app. started.
269.07KHAN::SELBYWed Dec 11 1991Quiting FileView ends session.
270.06MINNIE::DDAVIESThu Dec 19 1991delay between select/deselect ?
271.08GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Dec 30 1991Starting Fileview as an ICON or WINDOW
272.01KERNEL::PARRYThu Jan 09 1992Replace Startup with something dxue
273.02CSC32::J_RABKETue Jan 21 1992Duplicate Menus in Fileview
274.05SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDMon Feb 03 1992End Session from remote fileview doesn't return login box
275.07IOSG::WDAVIESThu Feb 06 1992LSE from FileView ?
276.02TLE::CROWLEYThu Feb 13 1992EVE startup
277.01NWGEDU::DINGEMANSFri Feb 14 1992FileView CBI under DECwindows Motif?
278.08SFCFri Feb 14 1992Customized fileview crashing
279.04CSC32::L_ALMEIDAFri Mar 13 1992Public menu item doesn't show up
280.01CTOAVX::BUCKLEYFri Mar 20 1992fileview,bytlm mutex,942
281.02RHETT::MACEACHERNMon Mar 30 1992Print in Fileview leaving processes around.
282.04FSAEUR::PACETue Mar 31 1992VUE$username_# and DECterms
283.02BALZAC::KUOCHWed Apr 01 1992FILEVIEW on VTxxx ?
284.01ZURThu Apr 09 1992pulldown menu inside, overlapping another !!!
285.01SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDTue Apr 14 1992"DCL command" window not refreshed
286.019FRUST::KRAMERTue Apr 28 1992No multiple columns file list in Motif v1.1 fileview
287.02H2SO4::GERSBACHWed Apr 29 1992Problem with output popup and detached applications
288.07GLDOA::KOENIGTue May 05 1992FileView hangs at <shift><MB1>
289.01SAC::JENKINS_TWed May 06 1992Customising Task window buttons?
290.01HIHOSS::HOSSFELDFri May 08 1992profile with sys$login:
291.01TINCUP::GRAYWed May 20 1992shift/cont-MB3 with multiple files not working
292.04TINCUP::GRAYThu May 21 1992Session Manager/Fileview error with multiple views
293.01IJSAPL::DIRKSWed May 27 1992OPEN SELECTED can't find file (sometimes)
294.03PAPERS::PARRYThu May 28 1992Xtoolkit warning: null child passed to XtManageChildren
295.01TKTV2Mon Jun 01 1992Running an applications
296.01144Wed Jun 03 1992Fileview Sun-Sparkstation
297.06STAR::MEIERWed Jun 03 1992V1.1 doesn't start Fileview iconifed - V1.
298.01VNOTSC::BIRGITTue Jun 09 1992access to remote nodes again ...
299.04MINNIE::DDAVIESWed Jun 10 1992printf problem
300.01SHINER::D_HOHMMon Jun 15 1992What is the item named STARTUP meant for in the
301.01CSC32::L_ALMEIDATue Jun 16 19922nd print from Fileview returns ACCVIO
302.04EWBV37::FUJIIThu Jun 25 1992Automatic application start from FileView
303.01PAPERS::WOODMon Jul 06 1992CLITABLE in UAF has no effect for Fileview started from session manager
304.03JPS1::VAUGHNFri Jul 31 1992How to customize the colors for a fileview under VMS?
305.01SHINER::D_HOHMSat Aug 01 1992Where is the PROFILE DUMP UTILITY?
306.01IJSAPL::DIRKSTue Aug 04 1992Logical for VUE$DCL_COMMAND.COM available?
307.01BLYTH::CORNWALLWed Aug 05 1992Popups on remote nodes
308.05RHETT::WILLIAMSTue Aug 11 1992Protection Menu Option
309.02OUTBCK::OMELEYTue Aug 18 1992Is VUE$POPDOWN still disabling later output ?
310.03KETJE::GHYOOTWed Sep 09 1992Are vue$* symbols/procedures documented anywhere?
311.01MSDSWS::HENDERSONTue Sep 15 1992Motif changes
312.04MSDSWS::HENDERSONWed Sep 16 1992V1.1 woes
313.0TOOLEY::GEORGEThu Sep 17 1992Customizing the compiler interface
314.02JURA::SAPEY::LAROCHEWed Sep 23 1992Directory List Size
315.02STKHLM::EKLUNDWed Sep 23 1992Fileview problem: string VUE$SUBPROCESS_INIT appears in many places
316.01RUMOR::LEE_WWed Oct 07 1992Can't start a task when displaying on DECstation 31
317.04BUSHIE::OMELEYWed Oct 14 1992FileView task popup with \EN_AU\ when using Print ...
318.03GIZARD::WETZELThu Oct 15 1992Want to suppress "FileView:LSEDIT" needless window
319.02PEACHS::MITCHAMFri Oct 16 1992Views menu come up empty?
320.0ZURMon Oct 19 1992No cursor visible
321.0GIZARD::WETZELTue Oct 20 1992Bingo....
322.01MSDSWS::HENDERSONThu Oct 22 1992Multiple message pop-ups?
323.02H2SO4::GERSBACHTue Oct 27 1992FileView looses Edit and Read customization
324.02H2SO4::GERSBACHTue Oct 27 1992Help in LAYOUT... panel broken
325.03CSC32::L_DVORAKWed Oct 28 1992Can't remove DECSound from Applications Menu
326.04CSC32::V_STROUDWed Nov 04 1992Autostart applications from fileview?
327.01BLKPUD::NORRISMMon Nov 09 1992WS Symbol Problem in DW MOTIF V1.1
328.01RUTILE::AUNGIERWed Nov 11 1992FileView, processes pending, what parameter
329.0RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Nov 17 1992FILEview customisation document
330.01RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Nov 17 1992FILEview and DECW$USER_DEFAULTS logical
331.02KERNEL::FISCHERIThu Nov 26 1992Cut and Paste includes control chars in v1.1
332.03CSC32::V_STROUDFri Nov 27 1992Views menu item in Fileview
333.0RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Dec 01 1992FileView drops sessions after 6th DECterm
334.01BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri Dec 04 1992Setting position of Session Manager in Public profile ?
335.02CGOOA::BARNABEMon Dec 07 1992browsing remote node/dir
336.03CSC32::L_DVORAKMon Dec 07 1992Can't start Mail or Cardfiler from remote Fileview Applications Menu
337.02OUTBCK::OMELEYWed Dec 09 1992Tailoring Autostart list for SM
338.03EWBV37::FUJIITue Dec 15 1992file name arrangement
339.01MSDSWS::RMUMFORDWed Dec 16 1992accvio and fileview
340.01COMICS::SUMMERFIELDTue Jan 05 1993Selecting Scattered Files????
341.04H2SO4::GERSBACHFri Jan 08 1993ACCVIO from CREATE/TERM/DETA from within SM/FV
342.02ZURTue Feb 09 1993Reproducable FileView crash with VUE$POPUP_PROGRESS_BOX 8
343.0ROTHKO::AUSTINThu Feb 11 1993vue$popup and focus ?
344.02MOURS::MALASPINAWed Feb 24 1993VUE$POPUP_HELP Broken under Motif 1.1 ?
345.02ZURMon Mar 01 1993Reproducable FileView / SM crash with edit (cut and paste)
346.0UHUH::CLEAVELANDFri Mar 19 1993"Fileview" on U*?
347.04RHETT::KNORRThu Apr 01 1993Hidden File Filter, ... but how?!
348.02PEACHS::MITCHAMMon Apr 05 1993VUE$INQUIRE_SYMBOL deletes its parent when <Cancel>'d
349.03JURA::SAPEY::LAROCHEFri Apr 09 1993Starting the Fileview with a given view
351.01RHETT::WESTTue Apr 13 1993Session staring with all privs.
352.02USOPS::KADOWFri Apr 16 1993Use 1 keystroke to invoke pulldown menus?
353.05TMAKXO::RMUMFORDFri Apr 30 1993Fileview date doesn't match Dir/date
354.06PEACHS::SELBYTue May 11 1993READ.. works intermittently
356.02LAURIE::HANSONTue Jun 01 1993EVE editor/EDT keypad functions
357.01CSC32::V_STROUDWed Jun 30 1993Can you change the FileView Ctrl+MB1
358.02JURA::SAPEY::LAROCHEMon Jul 05 1993Install Fileview Customization?
359.0TMAKXO::RMUMFORDFri Jul 16 1993Custom color?
360.03CSC32::V_STROUDTue Jul 20 1993resources for the fileview/session manager menu bar
361.01PADNOM::QUENARDMon Aug 09 1993Size Allocated value incorrect
362.04TSCGPX::SUSANNEMon Aug 09 1993change Dir with task message?
363.03CSC32::D_DERAMOFri Aug 13 1993"DCL Command" vs. Task Output vs. DECterm
364.01LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLThu Sep 09 1993
365.0LEMAN::GABLERFri Sep 10 1993Unable to save fileView settings with motif FR_CH
366.01CSC32::L_DVORAKTue Sep 28 1993How to enter more than one line of text in VUE$INQUIRE box?
367.03GYPSC::ALBERTERThu Oct 07 1993VUE$GET_SELECTION + VUE$READ return nothing.
368.03ALFAXP::BELDINWed Oct 13 1993Can you delete 'built-in' item names?
369.02JURA::JURA::VARONAKISMon Oct 18 1993Session Manager turns into fileview
370.01JURA::JURA::VARONAKISMon Nov 08 1993Problems with Task Box
371.0CORA::SOUBBLEFri Nov 12 1993Getting selected files from User Executive
373.01USOPS::KADOWTue Nov 30 1993$ VIEW/INTER=DECW FILENAME.PS, error: CDA Unsupported format
374.02CSC32::V_STROUDTue Dec 07 1993vue$popup_message limitation
375.02JAMTEN::NILSSONFri Dec 10 1993Added new commands to Fileview - How to click using VUE$ procedures?
376.02BACHUS::RENTYTue Dec 28 1993problems after CANCELling a command in fileview on AXP
377.02EMC2::POGLIANITue Jan 04 1994use of Print-Widget
378.02CFSCTC::CLAFLINFri Feb 04 1994Disable Remove Task and Close Buttons
379.02PEACHS::BROOKSFri Mar 04 1994Protection on files/directories created by fileview
380.05ALFAXP::MITCHAMFri Mar 04 1994Fileview's "Save Startup (Fileview)" in the Options menu
381.01BNKWed Mar 16 1994How FileView starts an app ?
382.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Mar 17 1994How to use my LSE environment from the Fileview ?
383.01KERNEL::BROWNLMon Apr 04 1994fileview menus...
384.01CYPHER::BERRYTue Apr 12 1994FILEVIE READ function
385.03FIEVEL::FILGATEThu May 19 1994FileVue under Motif 1.2, column behavior
386.02PEACHS::RROGERSThu May 19 1994Public Profile files
387.0STAR::JSAUNDERSMon Jun 20 1994Reading Passwords with No Echo
388.03AYOV27::SYSTEMTue Nov 01 1994fileview crash on save
389.02FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Nov 23 1994`file type' and the double click
390.01H2SO4::GERSBACHThu Dec 01 1994Problem with dead task output windows
391.01KERNEL::HEGARTYPWed May 24 1995Fileview logs out session!
392.03PEACHS::MACEACHERNMon Jun 19 1995Problem with starting a saved view
393.0CSC32::M_KETERTue Jun 20 1995Session Manager Accvio After Saving 19th View...
394.0KERNEL::NICHOLSONAMon Jul 10 1995views menu disappear
395.0BACHUS::RENTYThu Aug 31 1995Fileview TYPE losing the last lines after resize ?
396.01KERNEL::NICHOLSONAThu Oct 26 1995set term/insert causes empty fileview dcl command
397.01KERNEL::NICHOLSONAThu Dec 07 1995set term/insert and empty fileview?
398.0KERNEL::BARKERHSat Nov 02 1996Problem with Stepper Arrow when using edit from FileView
399.0DYPSS1::SMITHWed Nov 20 1996Losing views off bottom of screen
400.02DYPSS1::SMITHWed Nov 20 1996Navigating remote directories
25972.0--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 06 1926