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Conference btovt::modem

Title:MODEM Hints and Kinks
Notice:Questions on MODEMS belong in SOLVIT::MODEMS, not here!
Created:Thu Jan 09 1986
Last Modified:Fri Sep 27 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:424
Total number of notes:1644
Number with bodies:0
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1.0MARRHQ::RMURPHYWed Apr 03 1985Introduction
2.0MARRHQ::RMURPHYWed Apr 03 1985MODEM Product Description
3.02NERSW5::BEELERMon Apr 08 1985One Way Callback
4.01MARRHQ::RMURPHYTue Apr 09 1985Autodial Connection 'HANG' bug
5.03COORS::KRALFri Apr 19 1985%FTS-W-ABORTNG,...due to error
6.01CIVIC::WEBERTue Apr 23 1985problems
7.04BOOLE::CASSONETue May 28 1985MODEM doc in .RNO format
8.02NORDIC::JPETERSThu May 30 1985Modem installation
9.01NORDIC::JPETERSThu May 30 1985Setup questions
10.01NCVAX1::SSMITHTue Jun 04 1985Anybody have a working batch?
11.05SANFAN::MCMICKIPATue Jun 11 1985Dialing a printer
12.02KARMA::DMAGIDThu Jun 13 1985What is wrong?
13.02NORDIC::JPETERSTue Jul 02 1985File xfr using slv.exe with /out
14.04LITE::KRALWed Jul 03 1985Channels not getting closed pro
15.06MARRHQ::RMURPHYThu Jul 04 1985New version of MODEM
16.04KARMA::DMAGIDFri Jul 19 1985data overrun
17.07SPIDER::PELAGATTIFri Aug 02 1985DF224s
18.03COORS::KRALTue Aug 06 1985
19.01COORS::KRALFri Aug 16 1985SCRIPT and the begin command
20.03SPUD::GAYFWed Sep 04 1985modem with DMF-32's
21.0PD75Tue Sep 17 1985MINITEL
22.03NORDIC::JPETERSWed Sep 25 1985Protection error using GET in SL
23.01WILVAX::PEREIRAThu Sep 26 1985using FTS
24.03WILVAX::PEREIRAThu Sep 26 1985info in modem.log
25.0MARRHQ::RMURPHYTue Oct 01 1985V4.
26.04MOTHER::PETERSONTue Oct 29 1985A "Smooth" Appeal
27.06MENTOR::BIGELOWThu Nov 07 1985FTS sends 2 copies back
28.01NOVA::ARNOLDWed Nov 13 1985CTRL/S and CTRL/Q passing
29.03MARRHQ::RMURPHYWed Nov 13 1985MODEM V4.
30.0MARRHQ::RMURPHYSat Nov 16 1985MODEM V4.
31.04MOTHER::PETERSONFri Dec 06 1985Probs with Logs
32.01OEDPUS::PETERSONSat Dec 14 1985Default not default
33.02ARUBA::SLATERSun Dec 22 1985ATTACH Command?
34.0MAASSG::RMURPHYTue Dec 24 1985Merry Christmas! <V4.
35.04BOEBNR::BOEBINGERFri Dec 27 1985MODEM and scripts
36.08WARLRD::M_HYDETue Jan 07 1986Can't get DF112's to dial
38.01MAASSG::RMURPHYMon Jan 13 1986MODEM V4.
39.02MAASSG::RMURPHYThu Jan 16 1986Restart on FTS
40.01ASYLUM::YETMANMon Feb 03 1986Swamped with security logs
41.01CEDSWS::FINNERTYMon Feb 17 1986Error Check/Correcting ??????
42.01COORS::DUTKOTue Mar 18 1986MODEM times out under Y4.4
43.09MARVIN::SCOTTTue Mar 18 1986Problems with MODEM
44.0EKLVFri May 09 1986DF124 MODEM
46.0ANCHOR::REGISTRARThu Jun 05 1986Dial Guard Modem??
48.05OVDVAX::MARTINThu Jun 19 1986Prob: losing characters
49.07MARY::CAMPANELLAThu Jun 26 1986Help on DF124's
50.0MAASSG::RMURPHYSat Jul 05 1986MODEM V4.
51.01BLUES::WOODWARDWed Jul 23 1986Get from Dow Jones Databases ??
52.01CACHE::KOTOKThu Jul 31 1986Honor set term/NOBROADCAST, please
53.02CACHE::JACKSONThu Jul 31 1986A Script for DF224 dialing
54.03SAFARI::DHOLMANWed Aug 06 1986Modem V4-1
55.07CACHE::KOTOKSat Aug 09 1986Script driver feature requested
56.01CSC32::VENTURELLAMon Aug 11 1986Missing Routines?
57.03BLUES::WOODWARDThu Sep 04 1986How to re-dial if hang-up ??
58.05GLORY::VAN_HEUSENTue Sep 09 1986Hayes/MicroVAX problem?
59.05BOEBNR::BOEBINGERFri Sep 26 1986Dropping signal with DF224 and callback
60.0NETCOM::HANDELTue Oct 07 1986Borrow Modem
61.01KRAKEN::FAULKNERMon Oct 20 1986VAXPAC - VAX Public Access Communications
62.05NETMAN::SANDERTue Oct 28 1986SCRIPT help needed
63.02CACHE::KOTOKMon Dec 15 1986Hello There...
64.05CSC32::VENTURELLAFri Dec 19 1986troubles with binary file transfers
65.05RSTS32::HUNTMon Dec 22 1986MODEM enhancements???
67.02USHSTue Feb 03 1987Modem on RACAL 24
68.03PAXVAX::KRUEGERFri Feb 06 1987user problem / problem user
69.04NY1MM::FLADUNGFri Feb 06 1987Ga{rb{ag{e Ch{ar{act{ers
70.01USHSFri Feb 13 1987Script LOG files??
71.02UFP::MURPHYSat Feb 14 1987MODEM V4.1 Field Test
72.04PUFFIN::LAPLANTEMon Mar 16 1987Modem Doc needed
73.0NUTMEG::RYANMon Mar 23 1987autodial with credit card??
74.01ADO75A::PRICETue May 05 1987Auto-dial via Scitec
75.01CACHE::KOTOKTue May 05 1987Conflict on /MODEM line property
76.02CACHE::KOTOKTue May 05 1987Phone number lists with baud rates?
77.011UFP::MURPHYWed May 06 1987Announcing MODEM V4.1
78.01CACHE::KOTOKThu May 07 1987XON/XOFF Woes
79.03FROST::W_PIPERWed May 13 1987V4.1 ACCVIO
81.03FROST::W_PIPERTue May 19 1987%SYSTEM-W-ALLOC, but I'm the "other user"
82.0DLO15::HULLThu May 28 1987DHV sending extra characters
83.02HARRY::RUBINSTEINMon Jun 01 198796
84.03CACHE::KOTOKMon Jun 15 1987Trouble with HELP
85.04CACHE::KOTOKMon Jun 15 1987Lost characters
86.02NEDVAX::CJOHNSONTue Jun 23 1987Redial on busy.
87.02WATNEY::ROARKTue Jul 07 1987DF124 on DECserver 2
88.02CACHE::KOTOKWed Jul 08 1987Problems with Authorization File
89.01SRFSUP::LONGOWed Jul 08 1987MODEM V4.1 logs start but not stop to MODEM$CALL_STATS
90.03GLASS::GRAEFFThu Jul 09 1987modem source code
91.01SRFSUP::LONGOThu Jul 09 1987$ HELP MODEM MODEMINI is incomplete
92.02SYSENG::COULSONTue Jul 14 1987PKTGET errors
93.02ODIXIE::COLLINSJEFri Jul 17 1987FTS command stream
94.04FALEK::FALEKFri Jul 17 1987Can this make ASYNC DECNET connections?
95.01NEWVAX::KURATATue Aug 11 1987Selling modem
96.0UFP::MURPHYMon Aug 17 1987MODEM V4.2 Release
97.01JOE::WORRALLTue Aug 18 1987Can't access KERMIT from MODEM V4.2
98.03SLOVAX::ADKINSWed Sep 09 1987MVII to PRO & VAXstations with MODEM???
99.01REGENT::HUMMERSThu Sep 10 1987DMZ32 supported?
100.01GLORY::HICETue Sep 22 1987Comatose Terminal Server
102.02CUJO::NNAWed Sep 23 1987Parity problem on autodial
103.02JETSAM::MCMILLANMon Oct 05 1987BREAK script command under 4.2
104.03CUJO::NNATue Oct 06 1987Where is the XOFF coming from?
105.03CUJO::NNAWed Oct 21 19878 bits byting you too?
106.05MUMPS::CRAIGWed Oct 28 1987Dial twice before answers?
107.0UFP::MURPHYThu Nov 05 1987MODEM 4.2-3 Update
108.01CAADC::TRAINIGHAHRAMon Nov 09 1987XMODEM in BASIC or C for VAX
109.0UFP::MURPHYMon Nov 16 1987Dumb bug fixed
110.03RT1Mon Nov 23 1987Modem software not seening connections
111.05MARVIN::COBBMon Nov 23 1987Dialback security
112.07CUJO::NNATue Dec 08 1987MODEM on cluster??
113.04MDVAX3::WOODINGWed Dec 09 1987changes effect 75
114.04IND::RATTRAYFri Dec 11 1987Dial out?
116.0DISSRV::NORRISMon Feb 15 1988MicroFrame Dial-up Presentation
117.05NEWVAX::SCHMALFUSThu Feb 18 1988Modem over X.29
118.02MAADIS::WICKERTWed Mar 02 1988No init of comm line
119.01CSCMA::LEVYMon Mar 14 1988Problem using FTS on a large image file
120.01ROMWed Mar 16 1988V25 - V25bis Interface
121.01ECADSR::FINNERTYTue Mar 29 1988Cheap way to send an ID message
122.03KAOFS::CARSWELLFri Apr 08 1988FTS/SLV without MODEM???
123.07CAADC::GREGORYWed Apr 13 1988MODEM-2
124.014CAFEIN::KAUFMANFri Apr 15 1988DF242 Support???
125.01VANISH::DUGGANTue May 10 1988Network testing of a national network.
126.07ENDURE::TDAVISThu May 19 1988Problems dialing out...
127.03HIBOB::KRANTZMon May 23 1988DEFINE question
128.03KISMIF::COTEThu May 26 1988MODEM across a hardwire?
129.01HIBOB::KRANTZThu Jun 02 1988GET /noERROR problem
130.02OTOUThu Jun 02 1988DIFF MODEM & VAXPAC
131.01DUZERS::CONNELLYSat Jun 04 1988Help dialing up
132.03CHOVAX::FORMANThu Jun 30 1988Help for a NOVICE
133.01POBOX::GHAHRAMANIThu Jul 28 1988Communications protocol??
134.04CSCMA::TERRYFri Jul 29 1988LAT served modems on multipl clusters
135.08TONNYX::COBBThu Aug 04 1988VMS V5 hangup notification problem
136.06TONNYX::COBBThu Aug 04 1988GET/HANGUP=
137.0GLASS::GRAEFFTue Aug 16 1988HELP-URGENT-DF124+
138.01PCOJCT::SELZAMFri Aug 26 1988Weird screeches,hums
139.08SLDA5::DUNAISKYTue Aug 30 1988new installation problem
140.01JCBVAX::BARNWELLMon Sep 05 1988DF242 experiences
141.06REGENT::DAILEYMon Oct 17 1988Performance hints? (24
142.01TROLOP::JOHNKThu Nov 03 1988Product Status ? Support ?
143.01FSLENG::GOSSFri Nov 04 1988Question on MODEM (ports).
144.06DIEHRD::JAQUESFri Nov 18 1988modem program disconnects
146.08SMOOT::ROTHMon Dec 12 1988Trouble with basic SCRIPT file
147.06XLR8::EIKELBOOMTue Dec 13 1988non-privledged users = no lines available
148.01CLO::POLITZERTue Dec 20 1988Spawn hang problem
149.02SMOOT::ROTHWed Dec 21 1988Current time avail from within SCRIPT file?
150.03MSDSWS::ALLEYWed Dec 21 1988Hayes Autodial Support
151.06DAVE::MITTONTue Dec 27 1988Help with dialback?
152.02SMOOT::ROTHWed Jan 04 1989How to output Control-^ in a script file
153.02SMOOT::ROTHThu Jan 05 1989Vitalink network box and script files
154.03DNEAST::WIGHT_BRIANThu Jan 12 1989HELP...
155.01SHARE::LEMONSThu Jan 12 1989Modem for VMS V3.7?
156.01TROLOP::JOHNKThu Jan 19 1989How to debug dialer routine ?
157.0MDVAX1::HAYDENThu Jan 19 1989References?
158.03CIMNET::CREASERTue Jan 24 1989DF224 startup help
159.05TROLOP::JOHNKWed Jan 25 1989Problems with script facility
160.04SVCVAX::BOWETue Jan 31 1989Help with autodial & df124
161.02EGAVWed Feb 01 1989Data Compression
162.03TROLOP::JOHNKWed Feb 15 1989Scripts and log file
163.01NCCODE::SSMITHThu Feb 16 1989***** No (Terminal Server) lines currently available ...
164.03WOODRO::EARLYTue Feb 21 1989HELP. Scripting for remotely parameter to modems.
165.015APEHUB::ERVINThu Feb 23 1989Help! FTS won't work for me!
166.037UFP::MURPHYWed Mar 15 1989MODEM V4.3 Field test
167.01BRDWLK::CARLINTue Mar 28 1989MODEM version for VMS 5.1?
168.03BOSTON::DAGOSTINOWed Apr 05 1989MODEM-2 questions
169.04NCBDVX::HASKENWed Apr 12 1989DF242 doesn't like /PHONE in MODEMINI.DAT
170.01SRFSUP::KELLEYThu Apr 13 1989FTS abort during init, too many NAKs?
171.01VAXWRK::BOWLESWed Apr 26 1989uVAXII/36
172.01KAOFS::R_STJEANMon May 29 1989VT-22
174.01DEMOAX::KENNARDThu Jun 08 1989Usage log problems
175.02AKOV12::WALTERSWed Jun 14 1989DF224 and Hayes Compatibility Question???
176.02DIXIE1::BIRCHMon Jun 26 1989Sending up records from a data file
177.013YF23::VEALETue Jul 11 1989VS2
178.05IRT::REILLYMon Jul 17 1989LAT port PASSALL/PASTHRU
179.01SMOOT::ROTHMon Jul 24 1989ACCEPT variable strangeness
180.03SICVAX::WICKERTSun Aug 06 1989Attached Printer support?
181.0SICVAX::WICKERTTue Aug 15 1989V4.3 suggestion
183.05RIPPLE::CARLASCIO_JEFri Aug 25 1989INVALID XAB with MODEM T4.3-7
184.06CIGRBX::FIDDESWed Aug 30 1989A little help getting started...
185.03SICVAX::WICKERTFri Sep 22 1989SLAVE problem on V5.2-42W
186.03TPS::BRITTThu Oct 12 1989No TT: output, still logged in
187.013D::SLATERThu Oct 12 1989modem on csa
188.02ACESMK::SILVAThu Nov 02 1989df126?
189.01TPOVFri Nov 03 1989DF224--XXX--DF224?
190.016BAJA::THORSTEDWed Nov 15 1989Trouble using V.32 modem
191.06HIBOB::KRANTZThu Nov 30 1989GET/VAR problem
192.01HIBOB::KRANTZFri Dec 01 1989are compound string operations supported?
193.01HIBOB::KRANTZThu Dec 14 1989F$EDIT question
194.02CLO::COBURNThu Dec 14 1989Script questions - Transmit and FTS
195.03CLEVER::BONVALLATThu Dec 14 1989Connection problems - VMS 5.2,MODEM 4.2-6
196.011TPSWed Jan 03 1990Help with US Robotics modem
199.02CLO::COBURNMon Jan 29 1990FT4.3 behavior question (or is it a bug?)
200.03SMOOT::ROTHMon Jan 29 1990How to slow down SEND output in a script?
201.03SMOOT::ROTHTue Jan 30 1990ACCVIO in V4.3 if null string in TYPE command
202.02SMOOT::ROTHTue Jan 30 1990using F$symbol in script for argument doesn't work
203.02SMOOT::ROTHWed Jan 31 1990MODEM-F-RESET with V4.3 script in batch
204.02MRCNET::BOISVERTWed Jan 31 1990Bookreader to display MODEM Shelf?
205.05EMASS::HEBERTTue Feb 06 1990MODEM-2 include DF242 autodialer?
206.02ODIXIE::BEARDMOREThu Feb 08 1990How to SEND the ENTER KEY ?
207.022NAAD::HEBERTFri Feb 09 1990DMCL Auto Dialer Problems
208.02PH4VAX::BETZMon Feb 12 1990FTS NAKS over LAT modems???
209.02ODIXIE::BEARDMOREMon Feb 12 1990RS-232 25 pin to 9 pin, no modem
210.04BAJA::THORSTEDTue Feb 13 1990'switch' gives error in batch mode
211.01ODIXIE::BEARDMOREWed Feb 14 1990LOG P2 not working in SCRIPT?
212.03TUNER::RAVENELLEWed Feb 28 1990Hangup the line intentionally
213.02UFP::MURPHYThu Mar 01 1990MODEM V4.3-3 Kit available
214.04STEREO::RAVENELLETue Mar 06 1990KERMIT command in a script
215.05SQLRUS::EISENBERGWed Mar 07 1990Problem using FTS with TSN
217.03CSSE32::PARKERTue Mar 20 1990European numbers and MODEM
218.03TROPPO::CLAIRETue Mar 27 1990Hung terminal after KERMIT
219.01TENNIS::KAMWed Apr 18 1990Questions on DF126
220.01MANUEL::BRYANFri Apr 20 1990MODEM V4.2 & VMS V5.3
221.05BASEX::GARTNERWed Apr 25 1990A problem with SLAVE
222.07ROMTSS::MARTIREThu May 24 1990DHU11 & VAX11/75
223.02CSSEDB::OUYANGTue May 29 1990Help to Change vertical to Horizontal
224.014SELECT::MCKENZIEWed May 30 1990Problems using df224 set at 12
225.04SRFSUP::SALOGUBFri Jun 01 1990Help Program a Scholar Plus
226.02UBOHUB::BRYANWed Jun 06 1990Auto parity detection
227.019SDOGUS::BOYACKFri Jun 08 1990Will MODEM autodial AT command strings?
228.05UFP::MURPHYMon Jun 18 1990MODEM V4.3-5 released
229.03MANUEL::BRYANWed Jun 27 1990Hangup conditions ?
230.01HITPS::CONNETue Jul 17 1990Bad Message from Slave?
231.05GRANPA::DGRANTWed Jul 18 1990DTMF after connect
232.01FZOVAX::FRANDSENTue Jul 24 1990VT3xx dual sessions
233.03GOCELT::SHAHWed Jul 25 1990VAXstation 31
234.03JAWJA::PORTALATINMon Jul 30 1990SCHOLAR-PLUS Speed Buffering
235.05APACHE::MCKINNONFri Aug 03 1990VS2
236.010SWSCHZ::KIRKMANThu Aug 09 1990installation problems v4.3
237.02GATORS::VICKERSFri Aug 17 1990A strange silence virus with DMCL modems (or lines)
238.01QCAVThu Aug 23 1990Latest version + PC VAX INTERCONNECT
240.03STAR::DUTKOWed Sep 05 1990Xmodem Receive file characteristics
241.04USATThu Sep 06 1990Script parsing error on "DIAL/ERROR="
242.03CECVTue Sep 11 1990set host/dte
244.04SICKO::PATTERSONFri Sep 28 1990Prevent TTY_MODEM for a 31
245.01HAMSWS::STREMICKWed Oct 03 1990DF129 Manual
246.01NOBHIL::SINGER_THFri Oct 05 1990IN_BAND Dialing (AT, V.25bis)
247.03CGOATue Oct 09 1990DF224 does not display modem status
248.01HSOMAI::GAULTue Oct 30 1990troubles with df296
249.02DPDMAI::WOODWARDFri Nov 02 1990SLAVE won't work.
250.05ALLVAX::BRETMon Nov 05 1990MODEM vs. VAXPAC
251.05DONVAN::YOUNGFri Nov 09 1990NEW user needs help!!
252.03SHANE::PACIELLOTue Nov 20 1990MODEM w/35
253.09TROPPO::CLAIRETue Nov 20 19907 bit even parity problems?
254.04SMOOT::ROTHWed Nov 21 1990Using a newer Kermit in MODEM
255.01FDCV25::PFri Nov 30 1990DIALING FOR DUMMIES
256.04SMOOT::ROTHWed Dec 05 1990MODEM hangs after re-invoking Kermit
257.05PHONES::KOTOKWed Dec 19 1990Modem troubles after system upgrade
258.03PECAN::LITTLEFri Dec 21 1990Error retries and resuming a transfer
259.01PECAN::LITTLEFri Dec 21 1990Using GET to recognize "^[[c"
260.04PHONES::KOTOKThu Jan 03 1991What's legal in the "number" for an AT dialer?
261.01STC::TIMMONSFri Jan 04 1991Will MNP help with a noisy phone line?
262.0111SRUS::FERGUSONThu Jan 10 1991file transfer failures
263.05SELECT::WIKOFFFri Jan 11 1991Using a LAT to dial out...
264.01SELECT::WIKOFFFri Jan 11 1991A couple of documentation buglets.... ( MODEM V4.3-6)
265.03BUSY::SWANEYTue Jan 15 1991V.22 (12
266.02NRMACB::FRANCISFri Jan 18 1991Newcommer needs some advice.
267.03SDOGUS::BOYACKMon Jan 21 1991Getting <ctrl> G to work...
268.02KAOFS::E_SPLETTTue Jan 22 1991V4.3-6 all Kermit commands in Help
269.0BRSADV::ROBBENSFri Feb 01 1991US -> Europe modem compatibility ?
270.01PENUTS::LDODGEFri Feb 01 1991Serial vs. Parallel ports
271.06UTRTSC::VANSENTENMon Feb 18 1991Modem and dial in??
272.04DEBUG::GALLOThu Feb 28 1991TRANSMIT in progress/can't ABORT
273.01TRCOTue Mar 05 1991Modem-2 and VMS 5.3 or 5.4
274.01PENUTS::LDODGETue Mar 05 1991Need a Break
275.01TLE::JNELSONWed Mar 13 1991Zmodem file transfer protocol
276.02CSGWed Mar 13 1991need Scholar User Manual
277.01CSSE32::SKABOFri Mar 15 1991MODEM hangs line.....
278.01KYOA::FLYNNWed Apr 03 1991ESCAPE sequences within a script.
279.0HORUS::MAINTAINERWed Apr 03 1991WANTED: Modem demo scripts
280.03DBCIC1::DOOLEYMon Apr 15 1991MODEM-2 & PSI
281.01NEWOA::LOVELLWed May 01 1991Autodial from telephone directory(ies)
282.03DEBUG::GALLOThu May 02 1991Hold Screen looses characters
283.012SHANE::PACIELLOFri May 03 1991VaxStation 31
284.02DYPSS1::DIXONMon May 13 1991Problem with intercept char
285.01USWAV1::GRINCAVITCHThu May 23 1991Unattended file transfer?
287.02CIM::KAIRYSFri May 31 1991Enabling MNP broke my script (???)
288.01KAOFS::E_SPLETTFri May 31 1991SLAVE vs. Gandalf Starmaster
289.03VAXRIO::NASCIMENTOSun Jun 02 1991yet another hang condition
290.0SIOG::DOOLEYThu Jun 13 1991
291.02SIOG::DOOLEYThu Jun 13 1991-SMG-E-EOF on ^/ for MODEM prompt
292.03CSDNET::DICASTROFri Jun 28 1991Need software
293.02CALYPS::KLAMERUSThu Aug 15 1991ANSI?
294.01RGNET8::BOUTHIETTEThu Aug 29 1991Can only dial out once...real problem...
295.09VCOUThu Sep 05 1991New MODEM-2 release?
296.0CALYPS::KLAMERUSMon Sep 16 1991protocols???
297.09CADSE::ARMSTRONGThu Sep 19 1991DECmodem V32, Cant transfer
298.03MAATJE::JANSENFri Sep 20 1991Transmission Appears Half-Duplex
299.01CRACKR::RITZFri Sep 27 1991Using a modem connected to the LAT?
300.04TRCOA::LEWTue Oct 01 1991Dialing in Batch
301.02BASEX::KAIRYSFri Nov 08 1991Can I have no break character?
302.07CLO::COBURNWed Dec 04 1991LATmaster V5.4-2 and Modem V4.3-7 problem
303.0ABACUS::PEREIRAFri Dec 13 1991needed: modem pool tester script.
304.05ABACUS::PEREIRAFri Dec 13 1991too many <CR>
305.01NECSC::BURNETTTue Dec 17 1991Modem problem after install.
306.01TAVWed Dec 18 1991Problem with MODEM + KERMIT in batch
307.05VCOUSat Dec 21 1991Hot key for turning logging on/off?
308.01LMOADM::CORMIERMon Dec 23 1991port error REM-E-PORTRXERR
309.01CLO::FORNERTue Jan 07 1992different modem$lines.dat
310.05UFP::MURPHYWed Jan 15 1992MODEM V4.3-8 Kit available
311.03UFP::MURPHYTue Jan 21 1992MODEM V4.3-9 kit
312.02ESBLAB::ERVINThu Jan 23 1992MODEM changes baud rate to DECmodem V32
313.02GLDOA::MUNYANFri Jan 31 1992autodial works only with phone # in modemini
314.04OLDNO7::LUCIERSat Feb 08 1992Procomm Plus Question
315.07SUPRThu Feb 13 1992How to connect a modem V32 to OPA
316.01DPDMAI::SIMMONSWed Feb 19 1992Any Microcom modem experts out there?
317.01SIOG::DOOLEYThu Feb 20 1992vaxmodem
318.0TROOA::GGOODFELLOWThu Feb 20 1992Lost digits in SCHOLAR autodial
319.01SIOG::DOOLEYMon Feb 24 1992no luck on -SMG-E-EOF
320.01SIOG::DOOLEYTue Feb 25 1992Rick here it is EOF
321.01SIOG::DOOLEYTue Feb 25 1992VAXmodem - status codes?
322.01FSAEUR::NEDBALEKTue Mar 03 1992Unable to copy the kit
323.02BNCHMK::CREANSat Mar 14 1992How to disable baud rate fallback?
324.02JRFVAX::FRANDSENSun Mar 15 1992ULTRIX port?
325.0SUPRWed Mar 18 1992Connection with VAX9
326.02VAXWRK::BARRETTMon Mar 23 1992control b question
327.0SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIMon Mar 23 1992Looking for VAXmodem references
328.06KTOV12::BAKOSHIThu Mar 26 1992VAXmodem starts as SET HOST/DTE ?
329.02SSDEVO::JACKSONMon Mar 30 1992MODEM doesn't like SSU
330.05BUSY::SWANEYWed Apr 01 1992How does a customer get a copy?
331.0834925::KAIRYSSun Apr 05 1992Timeout problems with FTS.
332.05ZURMon Apr 06 1992The yearly vote for ZMODEM support
333.08HDLITE::MORINTue Apr 07 1992Help on using MODEM to dial out ....
334.06SOLVIT::EARLYFri Apr 17 1992Using VAXmodem with null-modem Cable <--> Quantel System
335.04STAR::KAPLANFri Apr 17 1992Need helping getting MODEM working...
336.05VCOUTue Apr 21 1992VAXmodem syntax error
337.03BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Apr 23 1992Need more bits?
338.08GANTRY::FISCHERTue May 12 1992How do you make DF296's work with MODEM
339.02CGOOA::BARNABEThu May 14 1992Kermit - no line selected again
340.01SSAG::GARDNERThu May 14 1992XMODEM command doesn't work
341.0UFP::MURPHYSun May 31 1992MODEM V4.3-1
342.04SPANKY::PETROFFFri Jun 12 1992can't get MODEM command> prompt
343.02TROOA::DICORPOThu Jun 18 1992Problem with DECserver access via script file
344.01MARVIN::COBBTue Jul 07 1992SPAWN in script?
345.05CLO::COBURNTue Jul 07 1992Unattended file transfer - VAX to VAX
347.01PCAE::WHITMon Jul 13 1992What commands in COMMAND_FILE? (XMODEM???)
348.03DEBUG::GALLOTue Jul 14 1992No answer on line or busy... Really?
349.02TROOA::DICORPOTue Jul 14 1992Device detection when using auto line select.
350.03BTOVT::JPETERSWed Jul 15 1992Modem Users Manual Feedback
351.02BTOVT::JPETERSThu Jul 23 1992No phone hangup on exit
352.01BTOVT::JPETERSTue Jul 28 1992Callback script, request for help
353.02STAR::MISCIOSCIAMon Aug 10 199296
354.01VAXWRK::SWARDMon Aug 10 1992MODEM and voicemail
355.01VCOUFri Aug 14 1992VAXmodem and VMS 5.5
356.04SOLVIT::EARLYMon Aug 17 1992How to filter out all but ".." control codes ?
357.01CSC32::TSAKOPULOSTue Aug 18 1992Negating the intercept re-visited
358.02PHONES::KOTOKMon Sep 14 1992Getting cut off
359.02PLAYER::VANAVERMAETFri Oct 09 1992auditing
360.01SUBWAY::BRIGGSFri Oct 16 1992Echo during transmit file?
361.02VCOUMon Oct 19 1992VAXmodem update to ASSETS?
362.01CLARID::GACHOTWed Oct 28 1992Problem with the MODEM_AT dialer program.
363.03MACNAS::PCUNNANETue Nov 03 1992Modifying MODEM_AT.FOR
364.01EICMFG::DRECHSELTue Nov 10 199257.6
365.01SUPRFri Nov 20 1992How to verify setup on NOKIA NCE4896?
366.02BASTAR::KAIRYSWed Nov 25 1992Braodcast messages bging up MODEM> prompt (?!)
367.01CLARID::GACHOTThu Dec 24 1992VAXmodem FTS-CHECKSUM errors
368.04CLARID::GACHOTThu Jan 07 1993Line Gets dropped
369.0WECARE::TORTIWed Jan 13 1993Library needs help with VAXmates
370.05EOS::ARMSTRONGFri Jan 15 1993Alpha Version available?
371.01CSOADM::ROTHFri Jan 15 1993TRANSMIT filename --> record too large error
372.01CSC32::K_DEITKEMon Jan 25 1993DF296 modem's buffer overflowing?
373.0HIBOB::KRANTZWed Jan 27 1993GET/RECOVER - protocol errors
374.01SU2PLY::GALLAGHERSat Jan 30 1993C-Kermit insted of KERMIT32
375.04CLARID::GACHOTFri Feb 05 1993VAXmodem --> Paging Service
376.03CSOADM::ROTHTue Feb 16 1993Alpha-Numeric pager protocols
377.01CSOADM::ROTHWed Feb 17 1993Using GET and TRANSMIT/BEGIN with few chars from remote
378.02GDJUNK::HOULESat Mar 06 1993DECmodem V.32 (AT), using MODEM_AT
379.01COLTue Apr 06 1993MODEM ON VXT2
380.0311SRUS::FERGUSONTue Apr 06 1993fax software?
381.05CLARID::GACHOTThu Apr 08 1993VAX Modem Problem
382.0GTOWN::GLOCKTue Apr 27 1993XTeleServer Another Useful Tool
383.0MARX::YINGThu May 20 1993Any knows Windows Telephony standard
384.04KERNEL::LOANEFri May 21 1993ACB system produces Checksum errors with FTS
385.02TPSYS::KOTOKMon May 24 1993Problem with Turn_Around character
386.01HORUS::MAINTAINERTue Jun 08 1993VAXmodem and LATMASTER under 5.5-2
387.01MUGGER::SWCAThu Jun 10 1993Compression ratios ?
388.02NIKKOR::HICKSThu Jun 24 1993VAXmodem non-standard xon/xoff handling
389.01HGRDWed Jul 14 1993modem question to solve by...
390.02USCTR1::MREICHThu Aug 05 1993VAXmodem with ALF ?
391.0WOODRO::ROHNERTTue Aug 10 1993Modem tested with VMS 6.
392.03WOODRO::ROHNERTWed Aug 11 1993MODEM 4.3-7 and CKERMIT 5A-189
393.02BAUDR8::LAILWed Aug 25 1993Question on Character Format Supported
394.03TROOA::BWONGTue Aug 31 1993cannot copy file from remote to local system using vaxmodem
395.01QCAVWed Sep 01 1993FAX MAIL SERVICE
396.02CLARID::GACHOTThu Sep 02 1993VAXmodem problem
397.02KAOFS::B_SOUTTERMon Oct 25 1993How to get internally?
398.02PRSSUD::JANSMon Jan 17 1994Can I use LAT ports on each end of the line?
399.03DRJOHN::HALNANFri Jan 28 1994Zmodem for VMS
400.02SOLVIT::ROHNERTWed Feb 02 1994Anybody read scripts?
401.0SOLVIT::ROHNERTWed Feb 16 1994Script using XMODEM?
402.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue Apr 05 1994ULTRIX comm program
403.04214Tue Jul 19 1994DECmodem from EADC????
404.012127Wed Sep 21 1994Autodial using a PABX
405.02VFOVAX::STRONGTue Oct 04 1994Change <BS> to <DEL>?
406.0DEMOAX::CLAUSONThu Oct 13 1994Alpha modem-like tools?
407.04CSOA1::MARUHNICHWed Oct 26 1994Location of Latest Version of VAXMODEM
408.03214Mon Dec 26 1994Device speed drops to 3
409.0336418::SOJDAWed Dec 28 1994Output Not Displayed in Script Login
410.03PH8VAX::BETZThu Dec 29 1994Modem
411.04LOCH::SOJDAThu Jan 05 1995XMODEM /LOG doesn't work
412.05ANGLIN::AWDEMon Jan 09 1995Customer Request for HELP with VAXmodem
413.0GYPSC::ALBERTERThu Jan 26 1995Checksum calculations ?
414.01EEMELI::EKARJALAINENThu Feb 02 1995US Robotics Sportster 14,4
415.01BURFLE::murphySun Mar 05 1995That's all, folks :-)
416.0HORUS::MAINTAINERThu Mar 23 1995Anyone interested in engineering support?
417.0BBIVMon May 15 1995dialler for sync modems
418.0VFOVAX::CASOLATue Aug 29 1995DECnet Phase V Problems/No Access to Kit
419.0LOCH::SOJDAFri Sep 29 1995New moderator and product support
420.01CSC32::B_HARRISONFri Oct 20 1995What is the difference between Modem V4.3 and VAXmodem V2.
421.04LOCH::SOJDATue Oct 31 1995Kit now on BTOVT
422.01HEN::SCHNEIDERWed Nov 15 1995non priv users get insufficient priv
423.04STAR::LEACHESat Nov 18 1995Flow control at 19.2 kb
424.01TROOA::RITCHEThu Jan 18 1996Any chance of Alpha version?