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Conference abbott::x400mail

Title:DEC MAILworks
Notice:Conference has moved to ABBOTT::MAILWORKS-VMS
Created:Thu Apr 13 1989
Last Modified:Wed Aug 11 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3758
Total number of notes:13146
Number with bodies:0
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1.014LORRI::MENARDThu Apr 13 1989Welcome to the new X4
2.052LORRI::MENARDThu Apr 13 1989Reserved for documentation
3.085LORRI::MENARDThu Apr 13 1989Reserved for Kit notices
4.03LORRI::MENARDThu Apr 13 1989Reserved for Other Notes conferences
5.06VEENA::thomasFri Apr 14 1989What, no Ultrix ?
6.03INBLUE::SMITHThu Apr 20 1989A) COMPRESS B) Case sensitivity
8.01GLDOA::COHENFri Apr 21 1989Documentation Comments/Corrections
9.0LORRI::MENARDMon Apr 24 1989IVP fails when installed from a SYSTEM account
10.023LORRI::MENARDMon Apr 24 1989Reserved for addressing questions, answers
11.02LORRI::MENARDTue Apr 25 1989Customize your READ screen
12.03BERNFri Apr 28 1989explain muas$server.inf
13.0548311::BRANDONTue May 02 1989Caller is unknown
14.07ENGSV1::WIDMERWed May 03 1989How to get address information from MailPAB ?
15.01STANLY::FOSTERThu May 04 1989MUAS hung up with msg from ALL-IN-1 2.3
16.010ZPOVTue May 09 1989MS-DOS X.4
17.04ZPOVTue May 09 1989what is X.4
18.0KOALA::HUJSAKThu May 11 1989Interesting Read_Receipts, VMS X.4
19.07CSC32::S_HALLWed May 31 1989X.4
21.0GYPSC::ARTMANNWed Jun 07 1989Callable interface, 88 standards ?
22.01DFCON1::PICARDFri Jun 09 1989Team minutes
23.03IJSAPL::KWAAKMon Jun 12 1989X.4
24.0ASDS::CMCDERMOTTWed Jun 14 1989X.4
26.01ENUF::CAUDILLThu Jun 22 1989Need nicknames for groups or organizations or systems
28.0ENUF::CAUDILLThu Jun 22 1989ADD ENTRY should be smarter
29.01WKRP::LENNIGFri Jun 23 1989Unofficial sign-in note
30.02ATLACT::KEMP_MMon Jun 26 1989Unable to send from MS-DOS
31.04MERIDN::KEHOETue Jun 27 1989PC to DISOSS to VAX, X.4
32.06TROPPO::JOHNKWed Jul 19 1989Accounting and statistics ?
35.012KOALA::BOEBINGERTue Aug 15 1989Feedback requested on MS-DOS X.4
37.020OADEV::KAUFMANNMon Sep 11 1989Official product name ?
38.02OASS::HEARNSMon Sep 11 1989Problem Addressing Mail through X.4
40.01GLDOA::COHENWed Sep 13 1989Using the mouse with EFT1
41.03GLDOA::COHENWed Sep 13 1989Memory for the MS-DOS/EFT1 product
42.07ODIHAM::HARE_DMon Sep 25 1989CLI and DDS ?
43.013POBOX::DIDATOMon Sep 25 1989PC x.4
44.04ENUF::CAUDILLThu Sep 28 1989Is there any way to make it use a bigger font ?
45.02PANIC::HEPWORTHMon Oct 02 1989Problems with X4
46.01PANIC::QUINLESSMon Oct 02 1989X4
47.04EVTAI1::BRANDONMon Oct 02 1989Ever tried WORDSTAR ?
48.0KOALA::BOEBINGERWed Oct 04 1989DOS problem with 386 machines and expanded memory
49.0KOALA::BOEBINGERWed Oct 04 1989Checklist for DOS problems
50.016ROMCSA::RUSSOThu Oct 05 1989Binary body over X.4
51.023GLDOA::COHENThu Oct 05 1989What's in a name? (or a rose is a ROSE no matter what the name)
53.04OTOOTue Oct 17 1989Cannot send messages from DOS client
55.02FRAWed Oct 18 1989Software prerequisites ?
56.04KOALA::DOCOSWed Oct 18 1989addressing help
58.01BERNMon Oct 23 1989cannot read the text
59.08OTOOWed Oct 25 1989ALL-IN-1/WP and DOS X.4
60.03UTRUST::DEWIJKFri Oct 27 19891984 or 1988 CCITT rec.
61.0COPCLU::GERTTue Oct 31 1989Transfer addresses from DDS and PAB
62.0KOALA::VANDENBONThu Nov 02 1989Does anyone out there have X.4
63.02ROMCSA::RUSSOFri Nov 03 1989Remote file cabinet: where are you ?
64.02SAGE::PREVOSTFri Nov 10 1989BOIS Technical Training Center - Atlanta
65.01DFCON1::GRAFFTue Nov 14 1989Showing A1mail to customers
66.07DFCON1::GRAFFTue Nov 14 1989What's that name again ?
69.01GLIND1::PECENKAWed Nov 22 1989PC X.4
71.0UTRUST::WILLEMSENWed Nov 29 1989Functionality questions
73.0--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 29 1989Support for remote Message Router
74.03HERON::WENGERThu Nov 30 1989Change the MR poll interval ?
75.0EVTAI1::BRANDONWed Dec 06 1989Some questions/wishes
76.02WARABI::JACOBSWed Dec 06 1989Communication Protocol Error
78.0MEO78B::SHALLUETue Dec 12 1989Integration with WPS-DOS file cabinet
79.02CUJO::WILLIAMSONWed Dec 13 1989X.4
81.06--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 18 1989MAC X.4
82.04ENUF::CAUDILLTue Dec 19 1989Will A1mail ever manage its own DDS entries ?
83.02JOCKEY::NUTKINSMWed Dec 20 1989Urgent - Configuration Help
86.03UJEST::SOPRANOThu Jan 04 1990DW2.
87.010DELNI::MCGORRILLThu Jan 04 1990VMS > X.4
90.03SAC::HAREMon Jan 08 1990Addressing telex
92.02BREAKR::BUDZOWSKITue Jan 09 1990HP NewWave and AdvanceMail vs DEC
93.05WARABI::JACOBSWed Jan 10 1990Trouble with send
95.04SNOCWed Jan 10 1990Missing queue for remote start and stop
98.08BIGRED::DUANESat Jan 13 1990Info needed about ALL-IN-1 mail for MS-DOS
99.04DUBMon Jan 15 1990Some simple addressing questions
100.02SAC::HAREMon Jan 15 1990PAB entries for X.4
103.01ENUF::CAUDILLTue Jan 16 1990No way to get address from DDS lookup pull down menu to the To:
104.03MUNICH::ROSENBERGERWed Jan 17 1990Addressing X.4
107.03SAC::HARETue Jan 23 1990Document Conversion
114.05ENUF::CAUDILLTue Jan 30 1990Why should the MUAS server get 1.75 meg!?!!!!
115.01BREAKR::BUDZOWSKITue Jan 30 1990PC X.4
116.07KADOR::MORIAUDWed Jan 31 1990Ultrix server ?
118.03RTPSWS::DAVISFri Feb 02 1990doc, RTC $. MRG, mult. servers
120.09ENUF::CAUDILLMon Feb 05 1990Use @ECHO OFF in those .BAT files
123.07TAVIS::RONYTue Feb 06 1990P2 conformance
124.03LSVAX::SALZMANNWed Feb 07 1990Paper Mail Capability in A1mail for DOS ?
126.01BIGRED::EATONFri Feb 09 1990Where do I get information ?
127.03KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Feb 12 1990Some P2 fields ?
129.08POSSUM::GRAFFMon Feb 12 1990NEW USER memo
130.016KOALA::GRAFFMon Feb 12 1990Codes for file formats -- HELP NEEDED
132.02FANTA::EATONWed Feb 14 1990Stack dump in A1mail for DECwindows
133.01--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 14 1990MS-DOS Release notes
134.03CRVAX1::SANDERSWed Feb 14 1990Extracting binary attachment
135.03NZOVWed Feb 14 1990Wang/Digital X.4
136.06SAC::HAREThu Feb 15 1990Binary File Interworking
140.07WLW::SHREVEFri Feb 16 1990Error message "NET8
141.02EEMELI::MANNISTOTue Feb 20 1990Usage with a mouse ?
142.03EEMELI::MANNISTOTue Feb 20 1990Password optionally as a parameter ?
143.01EEMELI::MANNISTOTue Feb 20 1990With PC DECwindows position problems
144.0UTRTSC::EDERVEENTue Feb 20 1990Support guide ?
145.02LARVAE::BURGESSTue Feb 20 1990X.4
146.02BREAKR::UDICKWed Feb 21 1990MAIL to BANYAN and NOVELL
147.03DPDMAI::RITZCThu Feb 22 1990DDS require login ?
148.011UTRTSC::EDERVEENThu Feb 22 1990Remote MR EFT2 ?
149.0COPCLU::GERTThu Feb 22 1990Customizing this product
150.01MAIL::SANDERSRThu Feb 22 1990Quick lookup guide ?
151.0136617::CATALANOThu Feb 22 1990General Questions on X.4
152.06CBOSWS::TUTASThu Feb 22 1990VAXmate help
153.01BREAKR::UDICKPFri Feb 23 1990No NET START RDR in Ver 3.
154.02OSLACT::JOSTEIN_PFri Feb 23 1990PCSA V3.
155.0BREAKR::UDICKFri Feb 23 1990What about startup services.
156.01TROAMon Feb 26 1990Mail Server Needed ?
157.03TOOHOT::POWERSTue Feb 27 1990Config assistance needed ... RUSH!
158.01WELUP::MCCALLUMWed Feb 28 1990Check for Mail from PC ?
159.019IMLAY::COHENWed Feb 28 1990DOS Client/Can't connect to file cab
160.01MUNICH::MATTHESThu Mar 01 1990install problem on VMS 5.3-1
161.09LEMAN::GERVAZFri Mar 02 1990Using the mouse with EFT2 - it doesn't work ...
162.05ATLACT::KEMP_MFri Mar 02 1990DOS Client with Memory Managers
163.08MAIL::SANDERSRSun Mar 04 1990Displaying the NEW MAIL counter
164.03HSKPRF::TAURIAINENMon Mar 05 1990Character set conversion
165.0ZHSSWed Mar 07 1990Problems: Installation / DOS over Bridge
166.01WKRP::LENNIGWed Mar 07 1990MRLISTEN process
167.01BDYSRF::SYSTEMThu Mar 08 1990REM:1
168.05EEMELI::MANNISTOThu Mar 08 1990Not releasing PCSA disks
169.02EEMELI::MANNISTOThu Mar 08 1990When should conversion occur ?
170.04MEO78B::SHALLUEThu Mar 08 1990Still on schedule ?
171.01MSAMSun Mar 11 1990Competition with Retix Mail
172.01DSTEG::BROWNMon Mar 12 1990CVP again ?
173.013KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Mar 13 1990ALL-IN-1 IOS/MAIL and WP
174.06KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Mar 14 1990X.4
175.05SHALOT::GOZALOFFWed Mar 14 1990MHS codes anyone ?
176.01RTPSWS::DAVISThu Mar 15 1990pointers or 5
177.01RTPSWS::DAVISThu Mar 15 1990samples of VT messages
178.02TRNOIS::ASTRUAThu Mar 15 1990A1mail for MS-DOS using X.29 access ?
180.05--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 15 1990How to get X4 to talk to MR/S via DDS! ?
181.04HERON::WENGERPFri Mar 16 1990Automatic receipt correlation, where ?
182.05CONFG5::BERMANSat Mar 17 1990I think I will like X.4
183.02BDYSRF::SYSTEMMon Mar 19 1990INTERMITTENT Unable to connect to Server
184.07COPCLU::GREGMon Mar 19 1990ALL-IN-1 mail & accounting
185.03CBOSWS::TUTASMon Mar 19 1990more connect probs
186.0BDYSRF::SYSTEMMon Mar 19 1990External Editor slows reading mail
187.02DPDMAI::YUCHASTue Mar 20 1990Autoforward to more than 1 user
188.06LEMAN::GERVAZWed Mar 21 1990Accented characters ?
189.0SUBWAY::SENKENWed Mar 21 1990A1mail for DOS via Async PCSA V3.
190.03BIGUN::FINCHWed Mar 21 1990Autoforwarding, Blackholes, and no notification.
191.01ODIXIE::JBROWNThu Mar 22 1990Product Status
192.03WARABI::JACOBSThu Mar 22 1990A1mail for MS-DOS over a WAN
193.0BORIKN::EFRAINFri Mar 23 1990Application/User Interface ?
194.05FANTA::EATONFri Mar 23 1990MS-DOS client, modifiable, integration with converters ?
195.015LEMAN::GERVAZMon Mar 26 1990Multinational Character Set ... again!
197.01LSVAX::SALZMANNMon Mar 26 1990DOS Client with PCSA Creates new virtual drive
198.01WAV13::HELVEMon Mar 26 1990VT users and WordPerfect
199.02HOO78C::BATSMon Mar 26 1990Anyone an idea
200.02HAACK::HAACKMon Mar 26 1990How about DECwindows X.4
201.0NUTMEG::VANPATTENTue Mar 27 1990EFT3 Availability ?
202.02CASEE::MORRISTue Mar 27 1990Printing messages containing DDIF bodyparts
203.0CASEE::MORRISTue Mar 27 1990Modal Dialogue Boxes
204.06WARNUT::GUPTATue Mar 27 1990how to transfer DW4 doc to IBM Profs
205.03TRNOI2::ASTRUAWed Mar 28 1990A1mail for MS-DOS with DECnet
206.0EEMELI::RAISKINENWed Mar 28 1990trouble with DECnet links ?
207.03MEO78B::SHALLUEThu Mar 29 1990Numeric subscribers ?
208.02BOSTON::BIANCOThu Mar 29 1990VAXmail and OSI/X.4
209.04SCAACT::HAYASHIFri Mar 30 1990some "feature" type questions
210.02BERNMon Apr 02 1990important files in saveset C
211.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJTue Apr 03 1990Remote MR? Remote servers ?
212.0FROSTY::CANNONTue Apr 03 1990Need your assistance!
213.04BORIKN::EFRAINWed Apr 04 1990Delivery of messages to ALL-IN-1 for DOS
214.05TOOHOT::PATCHWed Apr 04 1990A1mail Configuration questions
215.05ATFAM::HARRISWed Apr 04 1990help mail server will not start
216.05NUTMEG::VANPATTENWed Apr 04 1990DECwrite as editor in A1mail DECwindows
217.0PUNTER::coopermThu Apr 05 1990
218.01MINDER::BANKSThu Apr 05 1990Note or DOC to PROFS ?
219.01MINDER::BANKSThu Apr 05 1990Can't delete Drawer
220.04OTOAThu Apr 05 1990Message Router Mandatory, Right ?
221.0TRNOI2::ASTRUAFri Apr 06 1990A question about A1mail configuration
222.06CASEE::CIOTMon Apr 09 1990Body part types ?
223.012LORRI::MENARDMon Apr 09 1990Letter that went out to EFT sites with EFT3
225.03WILARD::JENNINGSWed Apr 11 1990X.4
226.04STANLY::FOSTERThu Apr 12 1990Building a template entry for Internet addresses
227.05EVTAI1::BRANDONFri Apr 13 1990DL limits on DOS Client ?
228.04BALZAC::ROMNEYFri Apr 13 19908-Bit Characters, looks like "Stone Age".
229.09SWAM2::VIERS_MAMon Apr 16 1990DOS Client Does Not Work
230.01EVTAI1::BRANDONTue Apr 17 1990Select many subscribers from DDS ?
231.06LARVAE::ANDREWSTue Apr 17 1990Looking for latest DOS kit (T1.
232.02MEO78B::BARNHOORNWed Apr 18 1990O/R header information
233.03NUTMEG::VANPATTENWed Apr 18 1990A1mail to ALL-IN-1 V2.3: No can do
234.02MANMWed Apr 18 1990X.4
235.017LORRI::MENARDThu Apr 19 1990Remote Message Router info
236.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKThu Apr 19 1990Documentation about A1mail for ms-dos (VT)
237.02SUBWAY::ZAMORAThu Apr 19 1990A1mail for DOS and VMS 5.4
238.02BDYSRF::UDICKThu Apr 19 1990VT access to DDS address lookup
239.01MSAMTue Apr 24 1990A1MAIL$CONNECT killing CPU !!
240.02BGYBRD::DITTEMORETue Apr 24 1990Server State ?
241.03NUTMEG::VANPATTENWed Apr 25 1990WordPerfect: NOT converting to ASCII
242.05BERNWed Apr 25 1990error opening <node>"" as input - but works fine
243.04DEMOAX::HAYESWed Apr 25 1990DEPCA mouse and uSoft emulator (again)
244.02NZOVThu Apr 26 1990Prospect questions
245.04BCSE::KLASMANFri Apr 27 1990Any test tools (DCL) available for the X4
247.05HAMPS::COHEN_DMon Apr 30 1990Performance / VMSmail
249.02SUBWAY::ZAMORATue May 01 1990MUAS callable interface IVP fails
250.04OTOUWed May 02 1990VOTS or X.4
251.01UTRTSC::EDERVEENThu May 03 1990MUAS process dies after creation
252.01BDYSRF::UDICKThu May 03 1990Conversion Options
253.0WALRUS::VANDENBONThu May 03 1990How to get a kit
254.04CLOUD9::KLASMANThu May 03 1990What message structure for FORWARDED messages ?
255.02FORTY2::ABRAMFri May 04 1990Useful logicals ?
256.01NUTMEG::VANPATTENMon May 07 1990Sanity Check: VT Message Unreadable
257.03CLOVE::VANPATTENTue May 08 1990Access to DW MAIL/DECwrite as editor
258.02KETJE::VANHOOSTETue May 08 1990PAK expired
259.08INFACT::BEVISTue May 08 1990Pondering topic 16 ...
260.01CLOVE::VANPATTENTue May 08 1990.WK3 in DECwindows MAIL
261.03LEMAN::GERVAZTue May 08 1990A1mail for MS-Windows and LLV ?
262.01DPDMAI::YUCHASWed May 09 1990SSB install-kit expired
263.06KOALA::DAUGHERTYWed May 09 1990Customer feedback ?
265.02EEMELI::MANNISTOWed May 09 1990A1MAIL$convert fails
266.02EEMELI::MANNISTOWed May 09 1990Error connecting to the file cabinet ?
267.03EEMELI::MANNISTOThu May 10 1990A image not installed ?
268.03BALZAC::ROMNEYThu May 10 1990Wastebasket Problem
270.07DPDMAI::YUCHASThu May 10 1990lots of REAL customer questions
271.01BLUES::HASSThu May 10 1990Trying to decipher MRX error messages
272.01BLUES::HASSThu May 10 1990Need help configuring test bed
273.05STANLY::FOSTERThu May 10 1990Losing DDA's from the template
274.03BDYSRF::UDICKFri May 11 1990Can I not display the distribution lists.
275.0BALZAC::ROMNEYFri May 11 1990Remarks about DOS interface
276.01BALZAC::ROMNEYFri May 11 1990"connect/disconnect to the Server" Option ?
277.05KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri May 11 1990Pre-SSB ; Callable interface IVP fails
278.02BDYSRF::UDICKFri May 11 1990
279.0BDYSRF::UDICKFri May 11 1990Purge in the background
280.02HAMPS::HARE_DSat May 12 1990Dial-up UI
281.08BERNMon May 14 1990mandatory PerRecipientFlag missing
282.01YUPPY::HOWGMon May 14 1990Sizing Info ?
283.03BDYSRF::UDICKMon May 14 1990Click and DRAG to select
285.0246598::COHENTue May 15 1990Mouse Support/DOS Client
286.02IMLAY::COHENWed May 16 1990User profile owned by another UA
287.01THEWAV::HAACKWed May 16 1990install fail batch job errors(nodecheck) ?
288.04WEFUNK::NICHOLSWed May 16 1990Use of the MAIL server for third party mail agents ?
289.01OTOAThu May 17 1990PCSA based mail to X.4
290.01NZOVThu May 17 1990NET8
291.03THEWAV::TAKASHIMAFri May 18 1990General X.4
292.02COMICS::MARSDENFri May 18 1990MDL Documentation
293.01SDOGUS::DEMRYMon May 21 1990X4MAN error -- License Expired ?
294.03GBLDEV::BUTLERTue May 22 1990Distribution List etc ...
295.07GBLDEV::BUTLERTue May 22 1990Getting DDS Updates into PAB's
296.01HERON::WENGERTue May 22 1990Can't delete user
297.03SCOTMN::TALBOYSTue May 22 1990ADD user gives MUAS error
298.05HERON::WENGERTue May 22 1990Can't start server on VAXcluster
299.01TROATue May 22 1990VT client A1mail : command driven or menu-driven ?
300.02BREAKR::BUDZOWSKITue May 22 1990PC X.4
301.04STANLY::FOSTERWed May 23 1990problem setting colours
302.03WR2FOR::HORSCHMAN_ERWed May 23 1990DOS Client Version Number Mismatch
303.01BDYSRF::UDICKFri May 25 1990Adding user problem
304.03LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKFri May 25 1990%MUAS-E-FAIL_MAP_CNT opcom message
305.03KOALA::PAWELKOFri May 25 1990Problem displaying DX files - blank or "no displayable contents"
306.09BCSE::KLASMANTue May 29 1990Question about FROM: field contents
307.01BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONTue May 29 1990Any comparison data with competition
308.01WEFUNK::NICHOLSTue May 29 1990MRX and A1mail configuration
309.06RTPLWed May 30 1990BCC's ?
310.01BACHUS::VERBRAEKENWed May 30 1990Can an X.4
311.011KOALA::LAVASHWed May 30 1990If you see %MUAS-E-FAIL_MAP_CNT, please ...
312.05HAMPS::SHOREThu May 31 1990WORDPERFECT as default editor ?
313.04WAGGIS::ALTORFERThu May 31 1990DDIF and ALL-IN-1 2.3
314.03NUTMEG::VANPATTENSat Jun 02 1990sending Lotus Attachments
315.06CANOVA::RUSSOTue Jun 05 1990Error occurred reading the local copy of your use
316.06MEO78B::BARNHOORNWed Jun 06 1990Windows 3 support
317.01LSVAX::SALZMANNWed Jun 06 1990Server Programmer's Interface
318.01KOALA::LIUThu Jun 07 1990ALL-IN-1 MAIL for Macintosh
319.01LORRI::MENARDThu Jun 07 1990Notes and Mail ?
320.0LACVThu Jun 07 1990X.4
321.07RUMOR::FOSTERMon Jun 11 1990DECw and CLI client fail-over to available server
322.09MINDER::BANKSTue Jun 12 1990WPS,DX,DDIF Convert fails
323.01FORTY2::ABRAMTue Jun 12 1990ctrl_Z in Wordperfect viewed files on PC
324.0FORTY2::JONESTue Jun 12 1990DOS Client and DW4 as a viewer
325.055WALRUS::VANDENBONTue Jun 12 1990Wish list for V1.1
326.06SWAM2::VIERS_MATue Jun 12 1990Is Mac client ready for field test ?
327.03KAOOTue Jun 12 1990No Servers after reboot - Help appreciated
328.03CHOVAX::GAULWed Jun 13 1990A1mail > A1mail, without X.4
329.03KOALA::PAWELKOThu Jun 14 1990V1.1 Improvements to VT DDS access
330.01NUTMEG::VANPATTENThu Jun 14 1990DECworld staging: HELP with DECwrite
331.03COMICS::MARSDENFri Jun 15 1990The problems with DOS is ...
332.03HERON::WENGERFri Jun 15 1990Unable to resume work on DRAFT messages
333.012KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Jun 15 1990A1mail does NOT work with RETIX (latest version)?! ?
334.01EDCS::WRIGHTFri Jun 15 1990So, what is X4
335.04SAC::HAREMon Jun 18 1990Directory Templates for VT client
336.04WAGGIS::ALTORFERMon Jun 18 1990DW client only ?
337.03BREAKR::UDICKMon Jun 18 1990Run away MUAS$server_
338.02HGOVC::RUIVOWed Jun 20 1990training
339.01WALRUS::VANDENBONWed Jun 20 1990How to get A1mail
340.05YUPPY::HOLDERRWed Jun 20 1990Where's my GENI ?
341.02ODIXIE::MEDERWed Jun 20 1990Using several Mail systems ...
342.05TOWNS::MATTHEWSThu Jun 21 1990need a much longer distribution list
343.06TROAThu Jun 21 1990Customer Feedback on A1mail for DOS
344.04PANIC::QUINLESSFri Jun 22 1990Read receipt didn't get logged in transaction file
345.06SAC::HAREFri Jun 22 1990Idiot Guide for Async connection please
346.0PRSUD1::CARRAYROUMon Jun 25 1990hang server 1 PC/ MULTI MBX
347.02ROMCSA::BIANCHINIMon Jun 25 1990Crypto information
348.01PRSUD1::CARRAYROUTue Jun 26 1990
349.03KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Jun 26 1990PC and colour
350.05SIZZLE::DALTONTue Jun 26 1990Async DECnet support ?
351.02UTRUST::WILLEMSENThu Jun 28 1990ISO LATIN character set versus DEC MCS
352.03USRCV1::TSOISFri Jun 29 1990X.5
353.01WALRUS::VANDENBONMon Jul 02 1990Latest Schedule for translated versions of the shipping V1.
354.02HERON::WENGERMon Jul 02 1990Can't toggle between MCS and 7-bit operation
355.03ROMCSA::BIANCHINITue Jul 03 1990create new pull-down menu
356.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Jul 03 1990losing DDIF semantic ...
357.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Jul 03 1990changing default attachment format? ...
358.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Jul 03 1990attachment format type in DW-client
359.02ZPOVWed Jul 04 1990A1mail - PROFS/DISOSS
360.03WAGGIS::ALTORFERThu Jul 05 1990RFC822 address style wanted
361.02EVTAI1::BRANDONFri Jul 06 1990DOS Client and DDS Cache.
362.01GBLDEV::BUTLERMon Jul 09 1990Using reply <decwrite_file>.doc
363.02MUNICH::MATTHESTue Jul 10 1990VT: Problems with V1.
364.01HAMPS::POETTTue Jul 10 1990Connecting DOS client to server
365.01GBLDEV::BUTLERTue Jul 10 1990DIR/Full or View Full Index, are misleading
366.0KOALA::LAVASHTue Jul 10 1990Server Startup Problem
367.01KETJE::LEFEVERWed Jul 11 1990kit - PAK
368.0JOCKEY::MARSHALLJWed Jul 11 1990Enough memory on a Q3 uVAX ?
369.03DPDMAI::YUCHASWed Jul 11 1990Video Terminal Questions
370.02KOALA::PAWELKOWed Jul 11 1990Hook for extended directory service to use during address verify
371.02COPCLU::PETHOMSENThu Jul 12 1990Detect RECEIPT from MRIF
372.01ROMCSA::BIANCHINIThu Jul 12 1990Server problem
373.03DPDMAI::YUCHASThu Jul 12 1990VT doc set and question
374.02DPDMAI::YUCHASFri Jul 13 1990Customize? Sys administrator ?
375.02DPDMAI::STACKMon Jul 16 1990Autoforward from VAX to PC ?
376.02RUMOR::FOSTERMon Jul 16 1990MTS monitor entity module for A1mail
377.03SWAM2::VIERS_MATue Jul 17 1990Auto reply capability ?
378.02UBOHUB::PERKINS_NWed Jul 18 1990PICS wanted for ALL-IN-1 mail
379.01DPDMAI::STACKFri Jul 20 1990Problem with registering licenses
380.05PULSAR::FAMULAROFri Jul 20 1990A1mail/DOS V1.
381.04ISIDRO::JCLOPEZMon Jul 23 1990Sensitivity in P2 compliant messages
382.01OASS::BUSH_STue Jul 24 1990"error opening template file"
383.07WAGGIS::ALTORFERThu Jul 26 1990long records cut down ?
384.05RUMOR::FOSTERThu Jul 26 1990Multiple delivery problem
385.06HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGFri Jul 27 1990Presentation material
387.01TRNOI1::ANDERNELLOMon Jul 30 1990A1MAIL MAC HELP needed
388.02KCBBQ::SCHELLTue Jul 31 1990Configuration Questions
390.0COMICS::MARSDENThu Aug 02 1990A1MAIL$server_list contains ^Z
391.0LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKThu Aug 02 1990Printing comments
392.01OSLACT::OLAVFFri Aug 03 1990Problem sending DDIF document with image and link to DECview3d
393.02TRCOFri Aug 03 1990X4
394.02WARNUT::GUPTAMon Aug 06 1990server state from broken to real how ?
395.02BCSE::KLASMANMon Aug 06 1990Is symbol substitution supported at the command line ?
396.03BAHTAT::WILLIAMSHTue Aug 07 1990Administration tools ?
397.02PANIC::QUINLESSTue Aug 07 1990ALL-IN-1 username and VMS SYSUAF entry
398.0JUDIT::PAWELKOWed Aug 08 1990Comma in personal name in PAB may hang A1mail
399.02CANYON::HARDMANWed Aug 08 1990PC Menu Product
400.01SPANNA::BALLETTAThu Aug 09 1990Angle bracket (<>) as directory delimiters in UAF record prevent
401.01DEOWS2::MELINEThu Aug 09 1990Migration Plan ?
402.02DEOWS2::MELINEThu Aug 09 1990A1mail> STARTUP
403.01SHIPS::GAHAN_GFri Aug 10 1990Performance and sizing ?
404.02IDEFIX::GEOFFFri Aug 10 1990Schedule for A1mail on other systems
405.02ROMTue Aug 14 1990Documentation about X.4
406.06JUDIT::PAWELKOTue Aug 14 1990A1mail for VMS Mail Users Guide
407.021OSLLAV::TORKILD_PWed Aug 15 1990Problem connecting to Server from DOS Client
408.04GIDDAY::AIKINSWed Aug 15 1990Newmail Count incorrect ...
409.0OAXCEL::KAUFMANNMon Aug 20 1990Diagrams of Addressing Templates Needed
410.07RTPSWS::DAVISMon Aug 20 1990Mail + MR/X: require MR ?
412.05COPCLU::WALINThu Aug 23 1990X.4
413.02SED75Fri Aug 24 1990MASS-11 to ALL-IN-1 with WPS
414.0UTRUST::WILLEMSENTue Aug 28 1990network_character_set & user_character_set use ?
415.01VISA::ZAAFWed Aug 29 1990X4MAN list problem
416.01SCAACT::PUCKETTWed Aug 29 1990NET8
417.03HERON::LYSAAWed Aug 29 1990Delete "duplicate" entry ?
418.02ZPOVThu Aug 30 1990Print with PRN_MSG.BAT to remote printer.
419.04SHALOT::WEIRThu Aug 30 1990Server has wrong version number
420.01DEOWS2::MELINEThu Aug 30 1990Encryption of messages ?
421.01CANYON::HARDMANThu Aug 30 1990Some MR, VAXcluster, ALL-IN-1 questions
422.03JOCKEY::MARSHALLJFri Aug 31 1990Customising the Mail server
423.01DEOWS2::MELINEFri Aug 31 1990Archiving with A1mail ?
424.02WOTVAX::MEAKINSFri Aug 31 1990Multiple ADMDs etc
425.01CANYON::HARDMANSat Sep 01 1990DDS Directory Lookup Case Sensitive
426.01ROMCSA::BIANCHINIMon Sep 03 1990ALL-IN-1 V2.1 vs ALL-IN-1 mail
428.011SLOVAX::TOLMANWed Sep 05 1990New Mail Notification w/ A1mail
429.03WPOPTH::BEESONThu Sep 06 1990ALL-IN-1 -> MS-DOS
430.0VISA::ZAAFThu Sep 06 1990Connecting to a remote server using proxies
431.04PIRU::GOETZEThu Sep 06 1990Will the Mac client beep upon mail delivery ?
432.01TROAFri Sep 07 1990Customize A1mail ?
433.07MSAMSat Sep 08 1990Which server package ?
434.08WILARD::JENNINGSMon Sep 10 1990A1mail for Macintosh
435.01GIDDAY::AIKINSTue Sep 11 1990Moving a user to a new node ...
436.0WNOUTue Sep 11 1990A1mail for DOS new mail count ?
437.03JETSAM::REYNOLDSTue Sep 11 1990install keeps failing
438.01SNOCWed Sep 12 1990Automatically add addressee ?
439.010KAZAN::CHALLALWed Sep 12 1990A1mail for DOS and Toshiba
440.01DEOWS2::MELINEWed Sep 12 1990Is it callable & what about batch invocation ?
441.03DEOWS2::MELINEWed Sep 12 1990Multi-lingual and Multi-national ?
442.03VISA::ZAAFThu Sep 13 1990DDIF received as DOTS !
443.01BDYSRF::UDICKThu Sep 13 1990DW A1mail Crashes
444.0BDYSRF::UDICKThu Sep 13 1990Move does not show correctly
445.04SNOCFri Sep 14 1990ALL-IN-1 mail with VMSmail questions
446.0UKCSSE::MAILBUSSun Sep 16 1990MB & X.4
447.02UBOHUB::ENGLAND_MMon Sep 17 1990Internal error code 24
448.012ZPOVC::APSCHOUTENTue Sep 18 1990Questions on security/cc prmpt + various problems
449.06COPCLU::BRIANTue Sep 18 1990Help needed on ATTACH/FILE
450.02INFACT::BEVISTue Sep 18 1990What's a "Touch" box ?
451.04MEO78B::BARNHOORNWed Sep 19 1990VMSmail to A1mail without MRG
452.02OSLLAV::TORKILD_PWed Sep 19 1990DDS and 'Job Title'-field
453.02OSLLAV::TORKILD_PWed Sep 19 1990Interface to VT Client
454.02UTRUST::DEWIJKThu Sep 20 1990delivery notification through MRX generates error
455.01UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDThu Sep 20 1990New To X.4
456.04UTRUST::DEWIJKThu Sep 20 1990strange DECnet access to server from DOS client
457.06NZOVFri Sep 21 1990MS-WINDOWS V3.
458.0UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Sep 21 1990*** MR V3.1B and MRX V2.1B - Mandatory Updates ***
459.0WALRUS::VANDENBONFri Sep 21 1990What if ...
460.07514Mon Sep 24 1990login problems on VMS 5.4
461.02COPCLU::PERJHMon Sep 24 1990How to disable SPAWN of DCL commands ?
462.015KOALA::LIUMon Sep 24 1990Want to be an IFT for the Mac client ?
463.0SHALOT::GOZALOFFMon Sep 24 1990CIS HELPDESK can help
464.01IJSAPL::FITSKITue Sep 25 1990ALLIN1 Mail to ALLIN1/Wordperfect - Foreign DSAB ?
465.01MRVAPC::HOWARDTue Sep 25 1990Duplicate global sections (delete pending) after startup
466.01OSLLAV::Torkild_PWed Sep 26 1990DOS Client and DDS search limit ?
467.02ZHSSWed Sep 26 1990RFT-Format to ALL-IN-1 IOS
468.01PAULUS::LAUERWed Sep 26 1990Routing Decision Class 3
469.01DPDMAI::STACKWed Sep 26 1990PROFS addressing using Softswitch Gateway ?
471.02DPDMAI::STACKFri Sep 28 1990Questions on DOS client
472.0VCOUFri Sep 28 1990Large configuration performance, Server
473.03HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGMon Oct 01 1990file attachment
474.03STLACT::DONOVANMon Oct 01 1990OS/2 Client Availability ?
475.0HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGTue Oct 02 1990remote dial-up
476.03ZPOVC::APSCHOUTENWed Oct 03 1990Keyboards locked/PC Unusable after A1mail.
477.01WNOUWed Oct 03 1990ALL-IN-1 mail for DOS and DDS fields
478.01SHALOT::DUNCANWed Oct 03 1990Customizing mailbox names (inbound and outbound)
479.02YUPPY::HOWGWed Oct 03 1990Sizing/Performance data ?
480.0ROMCSA::BIANCHINIThu Oct 04 1990IBM Dislaywrite IV
481.01COPCLU::GREGThu Oct 04 1990ALLIN1 mail and standards (P3 and P7)
482.01MISFIT::KINNEYDThu Oct 04 1990Posting to ALL-IN-1 mailbox
484.01EMASS::VANPATTENFri Oct 05 1990Problem installing
485.02ZPOVC::RICHARDTEOSat Oct 06 1990V1.
486.06BERNMon Oct 08 1990any API possibilities on A1mail ?
487.02TSGDEV::BRODERICKMon Oct 08 1990xxx% support (alt. mail prtcl)
488.02WAGGIS::ALTORFERTue Oct 09 1990DDS access from DECwindows Client doesn't work
489.02UTRTSC::EDERVEENThu Oct 11 1990Wild card DDS world searches
490.02AUNTB::WILSONJThu Oct 11 1990OSI/MAILbus Gateways
491.02OGOMTS::HENRYFri Oct 12 1990Unread needles in the *.X4M haystacks
492.017POSSUM::MACKINFri Oct 12 1990non-DECnet/async connections
493.0KYOA::TURNERMon Oct 15 1990Printing mail messages
494.03OTOATue Oct 16 1990VMSmail to X.4
495.01TSGDEV::BRODERICKTue Oct 16 1990install and PAGEDYN suggestion
496.05TARDS::TORKILD_PTue Oct 16 1990DOS-client and Norwegian/Danish character set
497.08IAMOK::DEVIVOWed Oct 17 1990X.4
498.02STLACT::HYSLIPWed Oct 17 1990Easel Office ?
499.01STLACT::HYSLIPThu Oct 18 1990PAB is it really personal ?
501.01TROAThu Oct 18 1990Drive Q for file cabinet ?
502.02KAOOThu Oct 18 1990How to probe MR status flag from application
503.02EMASS::VANPATTENThu Oct 18 1990Memory on VAX 641
504.01TROAFri Oct 19 1990Addressing Problems
505.0UTRTSC::KLEINFri Oct 19 1990receipts and delivery notifications
506.05PCOJCT::REMOLIFri Oct 19 1990muas$server goes away during startup
507.07HXOUMon Oct 22 1990MS-WORD, A1mail, and Macintosh
508.0PDVWed Oct 24 1990X.4
509.01ZPOVC::RICHARDTEOWed Oct 24 1990multiple copies of mail
510.02MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERWed Oct 24 1990address templates and DDS reverse lookup
511.01CTOAVX::EGERTONWed Oct 24 1990can A1mail ...
512.0OTOAThu Oct 25 1990VMS MAIL VS A1mail
513.01OTOAThu Oct 25 1990Problem displaying International Characters
514.01OTOAThu Oct 25 1990BAD Key sequences
515.010TRNOIS::NEGROMon Oct 29 1990Kit for VMS V5.4 ?
516.0EVTIS2::CORNUMon Oct 29 1990Incompatible versions of A1mail
517.06UBOHUB::ENGLAND_MMon Oct 29 1990Installation on cluster using Aliases
518.02LORRI::MENARDMon Oct 29 1990Work-around for COMPRESS bug in VT/DW
519.0SHALOT::GOZALOFFMon Oct 29 1990Ready for customer projects
521.01GVMIND::VASICTue Oct 30 1990Looking for a reference (Switzerland/Europe) for A1mail DOS
522.03IJSAPL::EISINKTue Oct 30 1990Supported configuration ?
523.04WILARD::JENNINGSThu Nov 01 1990The University crowd wants to know!
524.03HXOUThu Nov 01 1990A1mail for Macintosh questions
525.04WAGGIS::ALTORFERThu Nov 01 1990VT Client limited to 32 users ?
526.010WILARD::JENNINGSThu Nov 01 1990DOS & Mac Attachment Exchange
527.05MINDER::BANKSFri Nov 02 1990A1mail+MR/X+Binary attachments ?
528.03GLDOA::DISHNEAUSat Nov 03 1990Functionality Questions for A RFQ
529.05JOHNPC::BOEBINGERSun Nov 04 1990Internet addressing help needed
530.02PANIC::DUNCANMon Nov 05 1990changing default "file name:" when attaching file
532.02HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGMon Nov 05 1990A1mail questions
533.07BERNTue Nov 06 1990audit-and-confirmed report request
534.05WILARD::JENNINGSTue Nov 06 1990DOS Client Issues
536.02SNOCWed Nov 07 1990A1mail vs. ALL-IN-1
537.0HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGWed Nov 07 1990PC is hang when connecting to server
538.02PRIMES::VAUGHNWed Nov 07 1990Reading mail for another user
539.01DPDMAI::STACKThu Nov 08 1990Need help with server
540.01OASS::BUSH_SThu Nov 08 1990Login failure for Mac
541.01HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGFri Nov 09 1990Internet addressing again
542.0SAC::HAREFri Nov 09 1990Processing undelivered messages
543.06KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Nov 09 1990A1mail and SUPPINFO in RECEIPT NOTIFS ?
544.0GLDOA::DISHNEAUFri Nov 09 1990Request More Information For New Venture Gear Prop
545.02VAXRIO::HERALDOFri Nov 09 1990OSIware Interworking? ...
546.01OASS::BUSH_SFri Nov 09 1990Mac Q&A Session
547.02IJSAPL::EISINKSat Nov 10 1990Object 64 and nodename ?
548.0SSBN2::HORNIKSat Nov 10 1990Where do I learn about X.4
549.01GOTA1::AGUSTAFSSONMon Nov 12 1990? Callable interface to VT clients ?
550.08WALRUS::VANDENBONMon Nov 12 1990Looking for FT sites
551.01SUBWAY::ZAMORAMon Nov 12 1990VMSMAIL to remote A1mail MRGATE problem
552.01MSDOA::KNIGHTLYTue Nov 13 1990Title displayed in DOS inbox ?
553.02HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGTue Nov 13 1990HELP! HELP! Async connection
554.0FRUST::TREFFERWed Nov 14 1990News to Document Conversion ?
555.07UTESWed Nov 14 1990intended vs actual recipient
556.0106KOALA::MENARDWed Nov 14 1990S-kits to fix VMS V5.4 connection problem
557.01PANIC::DUNCANWed Nov 14 1990unexpected interrupt
558.01WILARD::JENNINGSWed Nov 14 1990Microsoft is Marketing E-Mail to Corporate
559.0PANIC::DUNCANThu Nov 15 1990printer support for PCtext4
560.01KADOR::MORIAUDFri Nov 16 1990Licence problem again.
562.01KAZAN::CHALLALFri Nov 16 1990Error when sending a message to A1mail
563.03MSAMSun Nov 18 1990Server/client across X.25 ?
564.04OTOUMon Nov 19 1990A1mail Icons for Windows
565.01OASS::BUSH_SMon Nov 19 1990opcom messages from server
566.03CMOTEC::AUSTINTue Nov 20 1990Server? Message Router? When ?
567.01BRYAN::ARCHERTue Nov 20 1990A1mail for Mac Questions ... Finder, DA, 6.
568.02SAC::HAREThu Nov 22 1990Novell Migration Strategy
570.05INFACT::BEVISMon Nov 26 1990DW client and VMS V5.4 (cont'd)
572.01STLACT::HYSLIPWed Nov 28 1990Mac can't read mail on server
573.01XLIB::JACKSONWed Nov 28 1990Sharing user and node information between mail servers
575.02TARDS::TORKILD_PWed Nov 28 1990Heterogeneous VAXcluster installation
576.06BRYAN::ARCHERWed Nov 28 1990A1mail for Mac Questions / Wish list!
578.03TROAFri Nov 30 1990Deferred Mail ?
579.05WR2FOR::HORSCHMAN_ERSat Dec 01 1990Server won't connect to Message Router
580.019GLDOA::DISHNEAUSun Dec 02 1990A1mail ACROSS TCP/IP
581.0HERON::WENGERMon Dec 03 1990Can't get DOS client to send images
582.04NEWVAX::HAYNESTue Dec 04 1990ALLIN1 Mail Network Details ?
583.01RTPSWS::DAVISTue Dec 04 1990de2
584.02HOCUS::JEBRINEWed Dec 05 1990X.4
585.03MSAMThu Dec 06 1990Multiple mail accounts on one PC ?
586.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Dec 06 1990UACONTID and delivery receipts
587.0LORRI::MENARDThu Dec 06 1990Second server won't start in heterogeneous cluster
588.0INFACT::BEVISThu Dec 06 1990Good work!
589.01MINDER::BANKSFri Dec 07 1990ULTRIX X.4
590.0IJSAPL::WILHELMFri Dec 07 1990Courier versus A1mail
591.0UTRTSC::MCCAULEYFri Dec 07 1990SSI_PROT_ERROR; Mail Server Unable to accept message
592.01MSBCS::KINGFri Dec 07 1990Addressing A1mail from VAXmail when using remote message router ?
593.05GUCCI::RJENKINSMon Dec 10 1990Questions
594.01WAGGIS::ALTORFERTue Dec 11 1990configure more servers ?
595.01OSLLAV::TORKILD_PWed Dec 12 1990Non-delivery; "Invalid parameters"
596.01EEMELI::RAISKINENWed Dec 12 1990How to forward multiple messages
597.06OASS::BUSH_SWed Dec 12 1990Expired passwords
598.04EEMELI::RAISKINENWed Dec 12 1990Wastebasket problem
599.03DPDMAI::STACKWed Dec 12 1990Addressing A1mail to VMSmail ?
600.03SKYLRK::HUNGSat Dec 15 1990QuickMail user list to DDS synchronization ?
601.04MAIL::RICHARDSONMon Dec 17 1990LAVCs & A1mail for DW
602.04SUBWAY::ZAMORAMon Dec 17 1990DOS client - failure to read server profile
603.0BIGUN::PLEMELTue Dec 18 1990Reference Site with lots of DOS users ?
604.01MSBCS::KINGWed Dec 19 1990object 84 in NCP database
605.06RLAV::BAKALETZThu Dec 20 1990Incorrect date on forwarded msg
607.01SUBWAY::ZAMORAWed Jan 02 1991Displaying all recipients from VMSMAIL forwarded messages
608.01CIVAGE::DANIELSWed Jan 02 1991Next Release ?
609.02RLAV::BAKALETZThu Jan 03 1991DIR/FOLD doesn't sho Wastebasket
610.02RLAV::BAKALETZThu Jan 03 1991RECIPIENT TYPE field ?
611.02FORTSC::ROCHThu Jan 03 1991X.4
612.010KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Jan 04 1991A1mail for DOS new mail notification
613.011SAC::HAREFri Jan 04 1991Saving Disk Space
614.09SSBN1::HORNIKFri Jan 04 1991DECmug Meeting Announcements
615.014BDYSRF::UDICKMon Jan 07 1991A1mail kills Motif V1.1 Window Manager
616.0GLDOA::DUNMYERTue Jan 08 1991A1mail eating up memory, causing hang
617.01TARDS::TORKILD_PTue Jan 08 1991DOS-client on a Toshiba 12
618.01EEMELI::MITTSWed Jan 09 1991Exact memory requirement for ALL-IN-1 / DOS ?
619.06ODIXIE::MAGOONWed Jan 09 1991ALL-IN-1 mail & MRX simple question
620.02KETJE::REMANSWed Jan 09 1991New mail folder on MAC
621.02WILARD::JENNINGSWed Jan 09 1991GEIS Mail and A1mail
622.02WILARD::JENNINGSWed Jan 09 1991Can we call Mail in MS Word or Excel
623.04EISYFI::ISLERThu Jan 10 1991Sizing question
624.0YUPPY::63657::GORARDMFri Jan 11 1991Access to A1mail for DOS ...
625.0WILARD::JENNINGSFri Jan 11 1991A1mail Appears to be a better fit ?
626.05ROMCSA::BIANCHINIMon Jan 14 1991DOS-attachment problem
627.01KOALA::LIUMon Jan 14 1991Sub-launching was in EFT1
629.02BDYSRF::UDICKTue Jan 15 1991DW ICON shows that there are 5 message -
630.014EVTAI1::BRANDONWed Jan 16 1991X.4
631.01SPANNA::BALLETTAWed Jan 16 1991forward/extract crash VT client
632.01DPDMAI::STACKWed Jan 16 1991Questions on conversion and binary files
633.01NEEPS::NORRIEThu Jan 17 1991Call Mail for VT's from DCL command proc.
634.0SPANNA::BALLETTAThu Jan 17 1991when recipient surname starts with AT the following letter gets
635.01SHIRE::SPEEK::SPEEKThu Jan 17 1991Confusing Complete folder Move / Copy on DOS Client
636.01SHIRE::SPEEK::SPEEKThu Jan 17 1991How to take a Mail cabinet/drawer/folder on a trip ?
637.08COPCLU::OVESENThu Jan 17 1991How to form an X.4
638.03KAOFS::M_MORINThu Jan 17 1991Wordperfect attachments
639.07JOCKEY::MARSHALLJThu Jan 17 1991Can't connect to server from DOS - urgent help please
640.08ROMCSA::BIANCHINIFri Jan 18 1991A1mail vs ALL-IN-1 (with WPS-PLUS)
641.04WAGGIS::ALTORFERFri Jan 18 1991DW client and DECwrite attachments, new style file
642.0HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGMon Jan 21 1991Error on memory allocation
643.03CTOAVX::EGERTONMon Jan 21 1991PCMAIL v A1mail performance
644.0BBIVTue Jan 22 1991SOME X.4
645.01ZPOVC::YEECHINTue Jan 22 1991A1mail Forwarding Error
646.03INFACT::BEVISTue Jan 22 1991Request for EFT2 status
647.04EEMELI::MITTSTue Jan 22 1991PAB update problems
648.03EEMELI::MITTSTue Jan 22 1991
649.01QCAVWed Jan 23 1991Any news on A1mail V1.1
650.03COPCLU::TRIERWed Jan 23 1991Addressing using initials. How ?
652.01OASS::BUSH_SThu Jan 24 1991Privileges to add or modify a user's template
653.0AUSSIE::MIUFri Jan 25 1991DDIF Bodypart & /FORMAT
654.01ROMCSA::BIANCHINIFri Jan 25 1991accented characters
655.04WAGGIS::ALTORFERFri Jan 25 1991Personal Address book and conversion bit on DOS cl
656.0RUMOR::FOSTERFri Jan 25 1991Using a printer attached to a terminal
657.0CANYON::HARDMANFri Jan 25 1991Doc for built-in Editor, Word Wrap
658.0CANYON::HARDMANFri Jan 25 1991^Zs in converted WordPerfect memo
659.03CANYON::HARDMANFri Jan 25 1991Adding a DIST LIST to the PAB for A1mail for VT
660.05CANYON::HARDMANFri Jan 25 1991Length of Distribution List for A1mail for DOS
661.0CANYON::HARDMANFri Jan 25 1991Multiple wastebaskets and mis-filing memos
662.02KOALA::MACKINSun Jan 27 1991V1.1 DOS client command line params
663.01GALVIA::JKELLYMon Jan 28 1991A1mail ACCVIO on DECwindows V3
664.02VMSNET::A_CARTERMon Jan 28 1991Internal Errors Logged in MUAS$EVL_ERROR.LOG
665.028VMSNET::A_CARTERMon Jan 28 1991A1mail with KEYPAK
666.02SNOCMon Jan 28 1991Sensitivity - What does it mean ?
668.02UTRTSC::MCCAULEYTue Jan 29 1991why do my deleted drawers remain,but marked DELETED
670.0COMICS::MARSDENTue Jan 29 1991DOS client corrupts VT PAB
672.04JOCKEY::MARSHALLJThu Jan 31 1991PCSA over async. DECnet OK ?
673.03DELNI::GRAFFThu Jan 31 1991Now you can demo A1mail over Novell!
675.02TARDS::TORKILD_PMon Feb 04 1991Image exit
676.0LEMAN::DELLAPUPPAMon Feb 04 1991A new one ...
677.01GIDDAY::LEHMon Feb 04 1991Subject field in receipt notification from Postmaster
678.01TROATue Feb 05 1991Interrupt Vector Conflict ?
679.0MRKTNG::AUSTINTue Feb 05 1991Help DRIVE Office Software Solutions from Digital
680.0TOOHOT::WALTERSTue Feb 05 1991A1mail problems, visit Arizona!
681.02UTRTSC::EDERVEENWed Feb 06 1991A1mail V1.
682.01CGHUB::CANNONWed Feb 06 1991VAXmate can't send to server.
683.03DELNI::GRAFFWed Feb 06 1991Limiting DDS searches
684.01DELNI::GRAFFWed Feb 06 1991Will Appleshare be supported ?
685.03YUPPY::CURRYThu Feb 07 1991How is EXPIRY DATE used ?
686.0--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 07 1991EDI BACKUP FROM BATCH ... ?
687.04COMICS::MAGUIREThu Feb 07 1991%MRX-E-NOTUNIQ,with no entry in DDS ?
688.02ROKCTR::JAWORSKYJFri Feb 08 1991Out of Memory under MS-Windows V3.
689.01VMSNET::A_CARTERFri Feb 08 1991Limit to the number of addresses in TO CC fields
690.0MEO78B::BARNHOORNMon Feb 11 1991A1mail, DW4 to MR/SNADS ?
691.03OASS::BUSH_SMon Feb 11 1991Username Character limitation for A1mail
692.014KETJE::LEFEVERTue Feb 12 1991cc and PAB
693.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Feb 13 1991pb with A1mail> DEFINE and X4
694.08ZURWed Feb 13 1991Extra characters in TO: field after VERIFY ADDRESS
695.0OASS::BUSH_SThu Feb 14 1991distribution list
696.02TAMRC::GOLDSTEINThu Feb 14 1991FALL DECUS presentation on MAILbus X.4
697.0OTOOThu Feb 14 1991DECstation mouse non-support
698.0OAXCEL::CALLERYThu Feb 14 1991Setting value for ORG_UNIT
700.07COMICS::MAGUIREFri Feb 15 1991ALLIN1 mail for DOS and DECnet areas
701.02SAC::HAREFri Feb 15 1991VT menu interface ?
702.06WAGGIS::ALTORFERFri Feb 15 1991DDS and remote MR configurations in V1.1
703.01CTOAVX::EGERTONFri Feb 15 1991CC:MAIL info ?
704.0CTOAVX::EGERTONFri Feb 15 1991Network Courier info ?
705.01EEMELI::RAISKINENSun Feb 17 1991first entry to PAB on PC fails
706.01CSSE32::REEDMon Feb 18 1991A1mail VT version, problems with large messages ?
707.02DYOSW7::POOLEMon Feb 18 1991S/W config question w/ALL-IN-1 & MR
708.02WILARD::JENNINGSMon Feb 18 1991Feel free to send mail offline
709.01HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGMon Feb 18 1991Invoke TPU editor on VT client
710.0SHIRE::SPEEK::SPEEKTue Feb 19 1991Questions on DOS V1.1 FT Client ...
711.0PRUNES::CAUDILLTue Feb 19 1991Suggestion to simplify DDS use in the VT client
712.04EVTAI1::BRANDONTue Feb 19 1991A1mail-E-ELENOTFOU ?
713.04SWAM2::VIERS_MATue Feb 19 1991Mac: Invisible Messages
714.01HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGTue Feb 19 1991A1mail V1.1 work on X.25 ?
716.01KOALA::GRAFFWed Feb 20 1991IFT of A1mail V1.1
717.01UTRTSC::MCCAULEYThu Feb 21 1991Can I stop new mail notification when I log off a PC ?
718.02SLOVAX::TOLMANThu Feb 21 1991Mail Address and DDS
719.0CSOA1::BUEMIThu Feb 21 1991Copy of Standards
720.06KADOR::MORIAUDFri Feb 22 1991V1.1 EFT connect error
721.03UTRTSC::MCCAULEYMon Feb 25 1991what does A1MAIL$broadcast do ?
722.01INFACT::BEVISMon Feb 25 1991BUG - DOS T1.1 Client
723.02NOBHIL::BAPTISTA_VIMon Feb 25 1991Default editor with word wrap ?
724.05WAGGIS::ALTORFERTue Feb 26 1991DOS and asynchronous DECnet again ...
725.02KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Feb 26 1991DECwindows client and DDS access
726.03DPDMAI::STACKTue Feb 26 1991Forwarding and the Subject field
727.05T31Tue Feb 26 1991PCSA V4.
728.0VMSNET::A_CARTERTue Feb 26 1991NEC Powermate hang after entering subject line
729.0ENUF::CAUDILLWed Feb 27 1991Is the DOS client support on MS-DOS V4.
730.0KOALA::GRAFFWed Feb 27 1991Maricopa County, AZ, Success Story!!!
731.02MAULER::PAWELKOWed Feb 27 1991Where to send bugs and suggestions
732.02GIDDAY::SPEEDYThu Feb 28 1991INSTALL OF A1mail V1.
733.0SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Feb 28 1991Problem with "" and @ in an address
734.03UKCSSE::C_MACKAYFri Mar 01 1991I want the queue to be ...
735.01BRSSWS::VERBRAEKENFri Mar 01 1991Prevent starting A1mail for users not added in X4MAN ?
736.01COMICS::MAGUIREFri Mar 01 1991A1mail and logical names
738.02KOALA::GRAFFMon Mar 04 1991Remote MR -- AND DDS service
740.06CRIME::BIJAOUIMon Mar 04 1991A1mail V1.1 EFT1 for DOS: some comments
741.03ZHSSTue Mar 05 1991A1mail Accounting
742.01PCA1Tue Mar 05 1991DOS Client now has Customizable UI
743.03OTOATue Mar 05 1991A1mail 1.
744.01WAGGIS::ALTORFERTue Mar 05 1991DOS client V1.1 kit questions
747.0YUPPIE::CRAWLEYTue Mar 05 1991surname field always part of header ?
748.02INFACT::BEVISWed Mar 06 1991EFT kit contents incomplete ?
749.04IDEFIX::GEOFFThu Mar 07 1991Access violation when entering new address
750.03PRIAM::OESTREICHERThu Mar 07 1991Menu for VT client
751.02VMSNET::A_CARTERThu Mar 07 1991Questions regarding A1MAIL$SHOW_UNOPENED.EXE
752.07VMSNET::A_CARTERThu Mar 07 1991A1mail Performance
753.05KOALA::GRAFFThu Mar 07 1991Competitive Info needed
754.02COMICS::MAGUIREFri Mar 08 1991Unread messages in other users accounts
755.01OSLLAV::HELGEM_PMon Mar 11 1991DEFAULT PRINTER ALL-IN-1 + DECwindows
756.01EMASS::VANPATTENMon Mar 11 1991x.4
757.01DPDMAI::YUCHASTue Mar 12 1991Mail to MR PROFS or SNADS
758.0ROMCSA::BIANCHINIWed Mar 13 1991ERR_CON_FILECAB: DOS interface
759.0GVMIND::VASICWed Mar 13 1991DOS performance accessing PAB
760.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Mar 13 1991how to disable keypad definition on A1mail
761.04TRCAWed Mar 13 1991FIND text in binary file
762.01TRCAThu Mar 14 1991Mail/Filecab programming interface
763.01OTOOThu Mar 14 1991MORE INFO NEEDED
764.01TROAThu Mar 14 1991Interrupt conflict ?
765.04CSSE32::REEDThu Mar 14 1991Inbox messages not moved after opened ...
766.01ATFAM::HARRISThu Mar 14 1991changing file cabinet drive letter from Q: to?:
767.01ZURFri Mar 15 1991problem with X4
768.01EMASS::VANPATTENFri Mar 15 1991Ultrix ?
770.02MAIL::SANDERSRFri Mar 15 1991MASS-11 editor
771.01KAOFS::M_MORINMon Mar 18 1991Mailing LOTUS spreadsheets from DOS client
772.02TRCAMon Mar 18 1991Can't FIND Wastebasket folder
773.01KAOFS::M_MORINTue Mar 19 1991Mailing ALL-IN-1/Wordperfect document to A1mail for DOS u
774.01HAMPS::DAVIES_SWed Mar 20 1991Sharing Mail Messages
775.0SLOVAX::VELISWed Mar 20 1991PC Hangs while reading large messages
776.01CARWSH::MURRAYWed Mar 20 1991Enterprise-Wide Implementation Guide ?
777.01KETJE::VDKERCKHOVEThu Mar 21 1991extract question.
778.09KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Mar 21 1991Wordperfect in A1mail / VMS
779.02SUBGPX::VANPATTENThu Mar 21 1991Errors after moving accounts
780.02COMICS::MAGUIREFri Mar 22 1991Error UNDELETING drawer ?
781.03DELNI::STACKFri Mar 22 1991Multiple deliveries of mail to one user
782.0COMICS::MAGUIRESat Mar 23 1991DIR/OUT but no DIR/TO ... ?
783.0COMICS::MAGUIRESun Mar 24 1991POSTED DATE in OUTBOX revisited
784.0AUSSIE::MIUMon Mar 25 1991MUAS Documentation
785.03OTOOMon Mar 25 1991Unwanted Logout
786.013SUBWAY::ZAMORAMon Mar 25 1991A1mail for MAC new mail notification
787.01KOALA::MACKINMon Mar 25 1991async interface spec
788.01COMICS::MAGUIREMon Mar 25 1991KEEP_SENT and receipt notification
789.03OASS::CARTER_AMon Mar 25 1991What are the .TE files on the DOS client
790.01OASS::CARTER_AMon Mar 25 1991Bad Network Path, async connection
791.03VAXRIO::MAURICIOTue Mar 26 1991REPLY TO: Too many recipients do display ?
792.01COMICS::MAGUIREWed Mar 27 1991A1mail in cluster and 5.4-1 VMS
793.0METMV2::VANPATTENWed Mar 27 1991Two Errors
794.01DELNI::STACKWed Mar 27 1991User transfer to another device
795.08KAOFS::M_MORINWed Mar 27 1991French new mail notification and <ctrl/page up> problem
797.01BRSSWS::DEFEYTERFri Mar 29 1991A1mail startup errors with INSTALL cmd
798.0ROMCSA::BIANCHINIFri Mar 29 1991HELP about S-kit
799.02EVOAI2::DAN_MFri Mar 29 1991Can I write my own client ?
800.0OASS::CARTER_AFri Mar 29 1991Please provide more information on the files
801.0DENVER::WOODFri Mar 29 1991A1mail
802.01MJBOOT::TENHUISENSun Mar 31 1991Sanity check for server/client
803.01GLDOA::COMFORTMon Apr 01 1991Technical Training ?
804.02TYSON::HUNGTue Apr 02 1991No A1mail server available again
805.0KERNEL::COLOMBOTue Apr 02 1991a1m$user, and others
806.01OASS::CARTER_ATue Apr 02 1991Unable to Accommodate Message Submission - DOS
807.02DPDMAI::YUCHASTue Apr 02 1991DDS - automation
810.09OTOOWed Apr 03 1991A1mail-WordPerfect Problem
811.0CANYON::HARDMANThu Apr 04 1991Addressing Wang Office Vision
812.03EEMELI::MITTSThu Apr 04 1991Hook in MAIL/DECwindows to export messages ?
813.04DUBSWS::ODRISCOLLThu Apr 04 1991VAXserver versus Multi-User
814.05OTOAThu Apr 04 1991A1,Mac Mail EFT2 questions
815.04STKHLM::LINDGREN_HFri Apr 05 1991Username limited to 12 char ?
816.02GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHFri Apr 05 1991A1mail & PATHWORKS V4.
817.01CASEE::MORRISFri Apr 05 1991Server compatibility
818.01WAGGIS::ALTORFERMon Apr 08 1991can't change LOCAL_ROUTING_ADDRESS
819.0SHIRE::SPEEK::SPEEKMon Apr 08 1991Asynchronous link using KERMIT ... efficiency problem ?
820.0WKRP::LENNIGTue Apr 09 1991Delete pending global sections ?
821.03SNOCTue Apr 09 1991DECforms Interface ?
822.0CSSE32::REEDTue Apr 09 1991Save Attributes (Window attributes) not saved ?
823.0WLW::SHREVETue Apr 09 1991FASTOPEN hangs message print function
824.03OTOAWed Apr 10 1991VT Client - Attaching Binary Files
825.03GLDOA::HALLBERGWed Apr 10 1991> Help with DDS access from Mac Client <
826.01COMICS::MAGUIREWed Apr 10 1991%A1MAIL-E-ERRPOSMSG when using system account
827.02BRSSWS::WAUTERSWed Apr 10 1991A1mail on VT
828.06ATLCL2::KEMPWed Apr 10 1991V1.1 Install broke remote message router
830.03ODIXIE::HIPPWed Apr 10 1991DOS, MAC, and ALL-IN-1 IOS Questions
831.01HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGFri Apr 12 1991Where is the S-kit of DOS client
832.0BRSSWS::WAUTERSFri Apr 12 1991DEFINE/KEY and X4
833.02OASS::BUSH_SSat Apr 13 1991MULTI-LINGUAL A1mail
834.010TROAMon Apr 15 1991Novell CTI Interface ?
835.03COMICS::MAGUIREMon Apr 15 1991RMS_E_RSZ,invalid record size when adding user
836.05CTOAVX::EGERTONTue Apr 16 1991Features common to all A1mail clients ?
837.07OTOATue Apr 16 1991EFT3 for A1mail for MAC
838.03MJBOOT::COLEMANWed Apr 17 1991MR connection going away
839.07ODIXIE::HIPPWed Apr 17 1991MAC and System 7
840.03NOBHIL::BAPTISTA_VIWed Apr 17 1991Support of X.4
841.05KAOFS::M_MORINWed Apr 17 1991Maximum number of sessions - DOS client
842.02ODIXIE::HIPPWed Apr 17 1991MAC send Voice Message ?
843.07OTOAWed Apr 17 1991Adding X.4
844.04COMICS::MARSDENThu Apr 18 1991Son of ERRCLOPAB
845.01MJBOOT::COLEMANThu Apr 18 1991startup problems on single node
846.01MJBOOT::COLEMANThu Apr 18 1991evl_transaction file empty
847.01ODIXIE::HIPPThu Apr 18 1991Q's on MAC MAIL Notification
849.02BRSSWS::DEFEYTERTue Apr 23 1991A1mail-DOS installation error
850.03RANGER::CRAWFORDTue Apr 23 1991how do you reset new mail counter
851.03ODIXIE::PEACOCKRTue Apr 23 19911.1 and 5.4-1 Install fails
852.05KURTAN::WILHELMSSONWed Apr 24 1991Originator not authorized
853.01LEMAN::GERVAZWed Apr 24 1991WINDOWS 3 Client? Where are we ?
854.06MAIL::VOGELWed Apr 24 1991CC:Mail and Network Courier knock-offs ?
855.05KAOFS::M_MORINThu Apr 25 1991MCS-E-NOT_CS, Name or Id is not a CS - VT client
857.03WELCLU::LIFri Apr 26 1991A1mail : EXEC failed ?
858.02VMSNET::A_CARTERFri Apr 26 1991How to change the A1mail prompt VT Client
859.02VMSNET::A_CARTERFri Apr 26 1991How to modify MAIL.X4M ?
860.05AUNTB::MAGENHEIMFri Apr 26 1991Cross-posted in ULTRIX-Mail
861.0MLAD19::BENASSATIMon Apr 29 1991ALL-IN-1 mail with asynchronous port
862.0IMLAY::COHENMon Apr 29 1991DCA/RFT vs. PC Files
863.03HAMPS::DAVIES_SMon Apr 29 1991MAIL for DOS and AMI Professional ?
864.01OTOAMon Apr 29 1991KOALA::X4
865.01DELNI::STACKMon Apr 29 1991Bad Block Address when logging into A1mail
866.01GUCCI::RJENKINSMon Apr 29 1991Error reading server profile
867.01KCBBQ::SCHELLTue Apr 30 1991HELP! EFT3 Install
868.04OASS::CARTER_ATue Apr 30 1991Does A1mail support VCPI ?
869.0ATLCL2::KEMPTue Apr 30 1991DR DOS 5.
870.05KADOR::MORIAUDWed May 01 1991Enqueue limit ?
871.01VMSNET::A_CARTERThu May 02 1991Sending Word Perfect file to VMSmail
872.01HAACK::HAACKThu May 02 1991A1mail Mac FT and A1mail DOS documentation locations ?
873.05NYDX12::LICATAThu May 02 1991Invalid session id errors
874.02HGOSPS::ANDYNGFri May 03 1991Missing addressee in ALL-IN-1 mail
875.06WOOK::LEEFri May 03 1991Problem with icon in A1mail V1.1 EFT2 DW client
876.04SUBWAY::AKRAMFri May 03 1991image file support ?
878.05ZHSSMon May 06 1991MCS on none EGA/VGA and o. Charset problems.
879.0UTRTSC::KLEINMon May 06 1991DDS Wishes for A1mail
880.03UTRTSC::KLEINMon May 06 1991A1mail/DOS V1.1 release ?
881.01EMASS::VANPATTENMon May 06 1991EFT3 vs EFT2 for demo ?
882.08HAACK::HAACKMon May 06 1991Does mouse work with A1mail for DOS ?
883.03NZOMIS::THAZHATHEMon May 06 1991Performance / Sizing information
884.01VNABRW::PAYLOR_STue May 07 1991V1.
885.01HAAG::HAAGTue May 07 1991HELP! X.4
886.02KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLTue May 07 1991Mac EFT3 Questions
887.02CGOSWed May 08 1991New Mail Notification for DECwindows
888.01HGOVC::JOLENEWONGWed May 08 1991License for A1mail for Mac ?
889.03NYDX12::LICATAWed May 08 1991Virus Protection Feature
890.01OASS::BUSH_SWed May 08 1991Deleted mail drawer instead of folder
891.06RT114::SYSTEMThu May 09 1991Unable to open drawer on Server
892.01YOSMTE::GARRISON_NAThu May 09 1991MAC menu customization ?
893.02GJOVAX::GRAEFFFri May 10 1991X.5
894.02WASHDC::SARASINFri May 10 1991problem with x4
895.01WAGGIS::ALTORFERMon May 13 1991reply request doesn't seem to work
896.02BCSE::SUEIZZ::GENTILEMon May 13 1991V1.
897.02TROATue May 14 1991Shared File Cabinet ?
898.03HAACK::HAACKTue May 14 1991A1mail for DOS - some questions on what it can do
899.03WKRP::LENNIGTue May 14 1991A1mail VMS account usage
900.0KOALA::OROURKETue May 14 19911.1 Information
901.0OTOOTue May 14 1991Error returning to Mail
902.05SCAACT::HAYASHITue May 14 1991nb$startup
903.03SUBURB::HARWOODJWed May 15 1991A1mail for VT's
904.05ROMCSA::BIANCHINIWed May 15 1991Message type field: HELP
905.05CHICHZ::EDELMANNWed May 15 1991A1mail for DOS startup eternity ...
906.01BDYSRF::UDICKWed May 15 1991A1mail for MAC Crashes on Printing
907.01OTOAWed May 15 1991A1mail for Mac/PC and Pathworks
908.01TAMRC::GOLDSTEINWed May 15 1991A1mail/WordPerfect-->PROFS in DCA/RFT format ?
909.0DPDMAI::RITZCThu May 16 1991E-mail comparison table
910.04JRDVThu May 16 1991Graphic library ?
911.01EVTAI1::BRANDONThu May 16 1991Delivery correlation from MRT
912.01WASHDC::KMOORESun May 19 1991Help with sw revs
913.01ATLCL2::KEMPMon May 20 1991DOS Client LAD Setup ?
914.04WOOK::LEEMon May 20 1991DW Client ACCVIO when displaying on DECwindows V3 Display Server
915.01HAACK::HAACKMon May 20 1991error - "Unable to access bodypart server" ?
916.03SNOCTue May 21 1991X.4
917.04KETJE::VANHOOSTETue May 21 1991Status on A1mail - WP - MR - ALL-IN-1 - WP ?
918.02SLOVAX::VELISTue May 21 1991Server Exhausted Resources Error
919.06DELNI::STACKWed May 22 1991Headers not printing
920.01HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGThu May 23 1991where is A1mail V1.
921.0HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGThu May 23 1991Run with Novell Coexistance
922.0NYDX12::LICATAThu May 23 1991DOS client passwords
923.010NYDX12::LICATAThu May 23 1991KEYPAK Document Conversion
924.02OASS::CARTER_AThu May 23 1991Display distribution list name vs recipient's names
925.02KADOR::MORIAUDFri May 24 1991Outgoing messages title ?
926.01ROMCSA::BIANCHINIFri May 24 1991Unopened messages in DOS interface
927.03ROMCSA::BIANCHINIFri May 24 1991I cannot cancel messages
928.01KURTAN::DIRINGFri May 24 1991X.4
929.01LEMAN::PITTETFri May 24 1991MS-Windows Client & CTI
930.02BRSSWS::WAUTERSFri May 24 1991SET EDITOR/FORMAT doesn't work
931.01WR2FOR::HORSCHMAN_ERSat May 25 1991DOS V1.1 Problem "There is an Error in the Message"
932.03OSPREY::LAAHSTue May 28 1991ALL-IN-1 DESKtop and A1mail I14Y.
933.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJTue May 28 1991Where are the kits ?
934.02BRSSWS::WAUTERSThu May 30 1991All users are now loading an editor
935.0--UnknownUser--Thu May 30 1991MUAS$SERVER_CONFIG.DAT lost correct config
936.0KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri May 31 1991Network char set q
937.022IOSG::VANDENBONFri May 31 1991A1mail for Macintosh product submitted to the SSB
938.07HSKPRF::TAURIAINENFri May 31 1991DOS V1.1 EFT2: Accented characters missing
939.03CGOSSat Jun 01 1991A1mail LICENSING AGAIN!
940.01NYDX12::LICATAMon Jun 03 1991BCC setup info needed
941.01COPCLU::TRIERMon Jun 03 1991Receipt-Not problem between A1mail, MRX, Ultrix MTA
942.04FULMER::LAAHSMon Jun 03 1991V1.
943.0OASS::CARTER_AMon Jun 03 1991Time Offset Error with DOS Client Field Test 2
944.06DWOVAX::64544::LICAUSEMon Jun 03 1991A1mail crashes Motif Mgr
945.05VOLLEY::NORRISMon Jun 03 1991Call for Requirements - Management
946.04BEWEST::DUFFEYMon Jun 03 1991Packaged Server-A1mail actually do a VMS login
947.0DWOVAX::64544::LICAUSETue Jun 04 1991MUAS$SERVER very active if A1mail run in BATCH ?
948.02UTRTSC::HOSANGTue Jun 04 1991attachment: first file missing
949.03KCOHUB::65Tue Jun 04 1991Need! MAC documentation
950.03SANFAN::BRENNAN_JITue Jun 04 1991Dist. List addressing format ?
951.01NYDX12::LICATAWed Jun 05 1991DOS Clients Mod Doc
952.0NYDX12::LICATAWed Jun 05 1991V.1.1 Password Exp. Update Request
953.02NYDX12::LICATAWed Jun 05 1991DDS to PAB made easy
954.0CARWSH::MURRAYWed Jun 05 1991How to allow secretary to read boss's mail from secretary account
955.01MERIDN::JENNINGSWed Jun 05 1991How much, etc ?
956.01COMICS::MAGUIREThu Jun 06 1991DDS lookup hanging ... URGENT
957.0258533::GBARNABEThu Jun 06 1991A solution to remote DDS problem ?
958.02OASS::BUSH_SThu Jun 06 1991.TMP files in A1mail
959.0CGOSFri Jun 07 1991A1mail enhancements ?
961.02WASHDC::KMOOREFri Jun 07 1991MSword from MAC to DOS via A1mail
962.02OASS::BUSH_SMon Jun 10 1991A1mail FT questions
963.0KCOHUB::65Mon Jun 10 1991MAC EFT3 and DDS World lookup
964.02BERNTue Jun 11 1991abstract syntax of the X4H files wanted
965.03IDEFIX::GEOFFTue Jun 11 1991How can a user change DRAWER file directories ?
966.01IDEFIX::GEOFFTue Jun 11 1991Problem with residue msgs in WASTEBASKET
967.05COMICS::MAGUIRETue Jun 11 1991%A1MAIL-E-ERRUPDWAS errors and others
968.03JOCKEY::MARSHALLJTue Jun 11 1991Which Kit ?
969.03FULMER::LAAHSTue Jun 11 1991Getting rid of 'x unopened messages' display
970.04BERNTue Jun 11 1991How to set language + error posting a message
971.02SUBWAY::LICATATue Jun 11 1991Wastebasket Question
972.02TRCOTue Jun 11 19911.1 release & Retix
973.02SCAACT::HAYASHITue Jun 11 1991Mac mail notification development
974.01SCAACT::HAYASHITue Jun 11 1991Miscellaneous Mac notes
976.02IDEFIX::GEOFFWed Jun 12 1991EFT2 problem with WASTEBASKET
977.02BRSSWS::BERVOETSWed Jun 12 1991No Delivery notification received
978.01FULMER::LAAHSWed Jun 12 1991Can remote drawers be outside of [.A1MAIL$ ... ]
979.02GIDDAY::SPEEDYThu Jun 13 1991Truncated record when file sent via A1mail
980.07HSKPRF::TAURIAINENThu Jun 13 1991Which File Cabinet Server ?
981.01TRCOThu Jun 13 1991V1.1 and TCP/IP
982.04CGOSFri Jun 14 1991A1mail MAC NOTIFICATION
983.03PROOF::H_HEARNSFri Jun 14 1991A1mail V1.1 INSTALLATION HELP
984.0OASS::BUSH_SFri Jun 14 1991Toshiba hanging
986.04RIPPLE::VELIS_MAMon Jun 17 1991Unable to connect to server - max. sessions ?
987.0BDYSRF::UDICKMon Jun 17 1991Ease of use suggestions
988.02OGOMTS::HENRYMon Jun 17 1991TELEPHONE field not passed in mail
990.05SUBWAY::LICATATue Jun 18 1991Negative Inbox
991.0SUBWAY::LICATATue Jun 18 1991Folder name missing
992.02SUBWAY::LICATATue Jun 18 1991Time integrity in DOS client
993.02SCAACT::HAYASHITue Jun 18 1991System 7 support ?
994.04SANFAN::BRENNAN_JITue Jun 18 1991"On Vacation" Mail Notification
995.02KCOHUB::65Wed Jun 19 1991Net Kit for MAC ?
996.02TRCOWed Jun 19 1991Jmail & Retix
997.03KETJE::MORRENThu Jun 20 1991X.4
998.03UTRTSC::MCCAULEYThu Jun 20 1991Changing the DRAWER for SENT mail ?
999.0CSOA1::BUEMIThu Jun 20 1991Conformance
1000.04DMSSThu Jun 20 1991Directions & Location for MAC V1 SSB network kit
1001.01OASS::CARTER_AThu Jun 20 1991Docs sent with DECbody7 and marked as foreign
1002.03GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHFri Jun 21 1991Facsimile Network Gwy Compatibility with A1mail ?
1003.02SDOGUS::DEMRYFri Jun 21 1991Configuring x.4
1004.0SALISH::ADKINS_STSun Jun 23 1991Print message for A1mail-DOS
1005.03TKOV51::MATTHEWSMon Jun 24 1991AM Mailbox and A1mail Transition
1006.01BEBBI::SCHMIDTIMon Jun 24 1991drawers have disappeared
1007.01COMICS::MAGUIREMon Jun 24 1991Draft/created folder ?
1008.03FLYWAY::BICHSELTue Jun 25 1991Incorrect delivery report
1009.03WELLIN::SIMMSTue Jun 25 1991Where is the V1.1 doc kit located ?
1010.01MSBCS::KINGTue Jun 25 1991addressing VAXmail users on same node (remote message router)
1011.01BAHTAT::BEAUMONTTue Jun 25 1991A1mail V1.1
1012.07WOTVAX::DORANATue Jun 25 1991A1mail Server info - PLEASE
1013.01NOBHIL::DRUMMOND_ROTue Jun 25 1991Server V1.
1015.03UTRTSC::EDERVEENWed Jun 26 1991DOS 1.
1016.0BEBBI::THOMMENWed Jun 26 1991Startup problems with A1mail for Macintosh
1017.011SUOSW4::MOOGWed Jun 26 1991A1mail / ALL-IN-1 IOS read receipts
1018.02KCOHUB::65Wed Jun 26 1991Question Mac Client Documentation
1019.04WELLIN::SIMMSWed Jun 26 1991No strip menu at top ...
1020.01OAXCEL::MCALLISTERWed Jun 26 1991Error trying to open MAIL folder from DOS
1021.01THEWAV::BRADLEYWed Jun 26 1991Mail Folders on MAC have been damaged error msg
1022.01VMSNET::A_CARTERWed Jun 26 1991Printing Tiff Attachments - Shareable Images Error
1023.0GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Jun 26 1991X.4
1024.05WR2FOR::HORSCHMAN_ERThu Jun 27 1991HELP! MR Protocol Error 15
1025.03COMICS::MAGUIREThu Jun 27 1991X4
1026.02IDEFIX::GEOFFThu Jun 27 1991Editing revisable messages in the VT client
1027.0OSPREY::LAAHSThu Jun 27 1991DOS EFT2 V1.1 on a disk service ?
1028.01OAXCEL::KAUFMANNFri Jun 28 1991CTI Documentation ?
1029.02NYAVE::SMYTHFri Jun 28 1991Function keys on PS/2 65 SX don't work
1030.04FULMER::LAAHSMon Jul 01 1991DECwindows client on different network node to server ?
1031.02COMICS::MAGUIREMon Jul 01 1991attachment problem with VT client
1033.0KCOHUB::65Mon Jul 01 1991Server Patch/Fix ?
1034.02ESSB::NEAVYNTue Jul 02 1991A1mail documentation location ?
1035.01FULMER::LAAHSTue Jul 02 1991Some problems modifying headers in EFT2
1036.02HERON::CLOKEWed Jul 03 1991ACB with dial-in clients.
1037.08HERON::CLOKEWed Jul 03 1991MUAS and logical MR addresses
1038.01OSPREY::LAAHSWed Jul 03 1991Some comments on DOS client
1039.05COMICS::MAGUIREThu Jul 04 1991date discrepancies on messages in VT client
1040.03OSPREY::LAAHSThu Jul 04 1991Create screen and Built-in vs external editors
1041.01OSPREY::LAAHSThu Jul 04 1991Feedback on external handling
1042.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJFri Jul 05 1991Problem after installing EFT2
1043.02OSLACT::TORKILD_PSun Jul 07 1991Changing the "from"-field
1044.01VAOUMon Jul 08 1991Mac client over FastPath or GatorBox
1045.0HERON::LYSAAMon Jul 08 1991HP X.4
1046.02TAMRC::GOLDSTEINMon Jul 08 1991Auto-reply and Auto-forward ?
1047.0KETJE::MONTEMon Jul 08 1991X.4
1048.01WELLIN::SIMMSWed Jul 10 1991Licence Issue A1mail for DOS
1049.0PANIC::DUNCANWed Jul 10 1991How much conventional memory needed ?
1050.01MAMTS5::SGOLDSTEINWed Jul 10 1991FORMS -- any way to provide forms to users ?
1051.01ADO75A::WILEYThu Jul 11 1991MS-Word attach. PC->Mac problem ?
1052.01TAMRC::GOLDSTEINFri Jul 12 1991username guidelines ?
1053.02CLARID::HYGONNETFri Jul 12 1991Why SYS$SHARE:MUAS$SM_SHARE.EXE is pull out of the memory
1054.02SNOCSun Jul 14 1991Is a gateway required ?
1056.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Jul 16 1991A1MLOGIN question
1057.02SPANNA::BALLETTATue Jul 16 1991how to stop A1MAIL$PRINT ?
1058.0SHALOT::TWITTYTue Jul 16 1991MAC system distribution list on the VAX
1059.01GLDOA::MAGLIONETue Jul 16 1991Sending Messages like IOS
1060.02GLDOA::DISHNEAUWed Jul 17 1991Presentations on The Network
1061.03COPCLU::TRIERWed Jul 17 1991Retix Open Server 4
1062.05CGOOA::ROBINSONWed Jul 17 1991Help! A1mail for Mac User comments
1063.01IJSAPL::VOERMANThu Jul 18 1991Result of first test EFT3 for DOS
1064.0CRIME::BIJAOUIThu Jul 18 1991EFT3 installation problems on PC
1065.06CRIME::BIJAOUIThu Jul 18 1991ACB and A1mail : Let's do it! But how ?
1066.01COPCLU::BIRGERThu Jul 18 1991X.4
1067.01HAMPS::HARE_DThu Jul 18 1991A1mail experiences
1069.0OSPREY::LAAHSFri Jul 19 1991FILES & BUFFERS in CONFIG.SYS settings?
1070.03OSPREY::LAAHSFri Jul 19 1991DDS not working after EFT3 upgrade?
1071.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Jul 19 1991XLATE info ???
1072.0OSPREY::LAAHSFri Jul 19 1991Function keys for added applications
1074.0IDOOA::VALASEKFri Jul 19 1991Surrogate Support Is it there ? MAC version has surrogate box
1075.01MSDOA::ISAACSat Jul 20 1991dos client questions
1076.02MSDOA::ISAACSat Jul 20 1991decwindows DDS search problem
1077.04OGWV5Mon Jul 22 1991ALL-IN-1 -> ALL-IN-1 MAIL Server?
1078.01COMICS::MAGUIREMon Jul 22 1991output format DDIF ??
1079.02DURDUR::DALMASSOMon Jul 22 1991update of user profiles
1080.04DURDUR::DALMASSOMon Jul 22 1991Encoding of messages when filed
1082.02VISA::CHURCHMon Jul 22 1991Front ending user profile maintenance
1083.05LEMAN::PITTETMon Jul 22 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail Client for IBM ?
1084.0RIPPLE::VELIS_MAMon Jul 22 1991Corrupt Client Configuration File
1085.02FULMER::LAAHSTue Jul 23 1991How can we get official support?
1086.01COPCLU::GREGTue Jul 23 1991A1MAIL for MAC comments...
1087.03KETJE::DESCHUYTERWed Jul 24 1991Change editor on MAC-client ?
1088.01CIVAGE::DANIELSThu Jul 25 1991Connectivity
1089.05DMSSThu Jul 25 1991AIN1 Mail for MS-Windows EFT2 kit avail...
1090.02MAIL::GAMBYThu Jul 25 1991Macintosh/DDS look problem
1091.0EISKVP::VANPATTENThu Jul 25 1991PW and MAC SE w/o hard disk
1093.01SUOSW4::MOOGFri Jul 26 1991A1Mail and EBD FTs
1094.02TYSON::HUNGFri Jul 26 1991How to make A1M for DOS PC diskettes?
1095.03HSOMAI::LINFri Jul 26 1991Multiple receipents??
1096.0OTOP21::macwilliamsFri Jul 26 1991error receiving WP attachments
1097.04HSOMAI::LINFri Jul 26 1991version compability???
1098.04BOBSEG::SEGRESTSat Jul 27 1991A1mail with no local MR ?
1099.04NZOMIS::VETTEMon Jul 29 1991Asynch DECnet, ALL-IN-1 MAIL for DOS
1100.01SUOSW4::MOOGMon Jul 29 1991SSI protocol error
1101.02DURDUR::DALMASSOMon Jul 29 19912 adresses in a DDS search
1102.09IOSG::VANDENBONMon Jul 29 1991Possible fix for Wordperfect interchange problem
1103.03HSOMAI::LINMon Jul 29 1991Ms Word application launch from Mac
1104.01DURDUR::DALMASSOMon Jul 29 1991DDS cache problem
1105.03DURDUR::DALMASSOMon Jul 29 1991Search in the address book: limited to 25...
1106.01NEWVAX::MURRAYMon Jul 29 1991Save a file option?
1107.05WELLIN::SIMMSTue Jul 30 1991EFT3 Mod.Headers,Search DDS,Start A1MAIL from DOS
1108.03KAOFS::M_MORINTue Jul 30 1991S-Kit on multilingual systems
1109.01OTOOA::GORMANTue Jul 30 1991Discard by receipt date
1110.04TYSON::HUNGTue Jul 30 1991Excel from DOS to Mac - missing data?
1111.010ARRODS::CARTERWed Jul 31 1991Mail for Dos/Mail for Windows questions
1112.03TAMRC::GOLDSTEINWed Jul 31 1991how to license and install on a cluster?
1113.01ADO75A::BAIRDThu Aug 01 1991A1MAIL modifies attachments - it seems.
1114.01BRSSWS::LAROCHEThu Aug 01 1991Programmer's Interface
1115.01WELLIN::SIMMSThu Aug 01 1991EFT3 Customising Menus - F1
1116.01SAC::HAREThu Aug 01 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail / DDS reconfiguration problem
1117.02HAMPS::HARE_DThu Aug 01 1991DECwindows client/DDS
1118.01COPCLU::BIRGERThu Aug 01 1991Security and All-In-1 mail for DOS
1120.03GOTA1::SBERGQUISTFri Aug 02 1991Server config in cluster
1121.01HAMPS::HARE_DFri Aug 02 1991MAC EFT3 DDS to PAB problem
1122.02GENIE::STUKERFri Aug 02 1991Problem A1-DOS/Win with DECPC433
1123.06BRSSWS::DEFEYTERMon Aug 05 1991TOSHIBA status?
1124.01OGOMTS::HENRYMon Aug 05 1991How does DX image get installed?
1125.010INBLUE::DAIANMon Aug 05 1991Asynchonous connection in the DOS client.
1126.05VLNVAX::TSMITHMon Aug 05 1991Unable to connect to server, error connecting to the file cabinet
1127.02MUNICH::MATTHESTue Aug 06 1991MUAS$SERVER account questions
1128.03DPDMAI::RITZCTue Aug 06 1991A1MAIL to FGATE using MRGATE?
1129.01ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Aug 07 1991Searching subset of World Search database?
1130.01ARRODS::WILLIAMSONWed Aug 07 1991Open Stream error - what is it?
1131.02RCKNRL::RYANWed Aug 07 1991Both? - for term. and win use
1132.02OTOUWed Aug 07 1991A1MAIL misc questions
1133.0KOALA::GRAFFWed Aug 07 1991Licenses in the ALL-IN-1 MAIL WAN Server kit
1134.05KOALA::GRAFFWed Aug 07 1991TCP WILL NOT BE IN V1.1
1135.02GOTA1::SBERGQUISTThu Aug 08 1991PSI-mail addressing supported ?
1136.0HTSC19::TERENCEYINGThu Aug 08 1991X4
1137.01GIDDAY::ROGERSDFri Aug 09 1991ALL-IN-1 for MAC's Hangs while tring to read
1138.01HAACK::HAACKFri Aug 09 1991NO sizing/performance info for A1 mail for DOS and MAC ? This is a problem!
1139.05KOALA::GRAFFMon Aug 12 1991Media for MS-Windows client
1140.03TROOA::DLOTENTue Aug 13 1991MicroSoft Mail info
1141.01RANGER::MADDERNTue Aug 13 1991GENI errors
1142.04SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Aug 14 1991EFT3, Installation and connection problems
1143.01HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUWed Aug 14 1991A1MAIL and MR V3.2?
1144.02WARNUT::GUPTAWed Aug 14 1991can keypak integrate with ALL-IN-MAIL
1145.04PARVAX::WARDLEWed Aug 14 1991VT Client and Keypack
1146.0SIOG::CLONANWed Aug 14 1991Reference Site for ALL-IN-1 Mail
1147.06COMICS::PATELAWed Aug 14 1991DECnet CLOSED logical links
1148.03GIDDAY::SPEEDYThu Aug 15 1991A1mail MAC NOTIFICATIONS revisted
1149.01COMICS::PEWTERThu Aug 15 1991CURSOR
1150.01BERNThu Aug 15 1991protocol violation: A1MAIL alters PerRecipientFlag
1151.0OASS::CARTER_AThu Aug 15 1991No Network Resources
1152.01SHALOT::JJJJJJ::JANCULAThu Aug 15 1991CTI for MS Windows?
1153.01SUOSW4::MOOGFri Aug 16 1991Questions to user interface
1154.01CRIME::SAINGERYFri Aug 16 1991MUAS server connection problem?
1155.01WASHDC::KMOOREFri Aug 16 1991Questions on doc convertions, etc.
1156.01WILARD::JENNINGSFri Aug 16 1991Demo system configuration help
1157.06MCDONL::SIMONIANFri Aug 16 1991ALLIN1 MAIL & Decnet on DOS
1158.01ODIXIE::HIPPFri Aug 16 1991Printing On-Line Mac "HELP"
1159.02SUOSW4::MOOGMon Aug 19 1991EFT and DOS 5.
1160.0ZPOVC::INDOMon Aug 19 1991Files left behind on DOS and VMS. Filling up.
1161.02ZPOVC::INDOMon Aug 19 1991Limited number of users on distr. list?
1162.01KAZAN::VUILLAUMEMon Aug 19 1991Read New Mail
1163.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Aug 19 1991Is the V1.1 SSB KIT available ?
1164.0DEOWS2::MELINEMon Aug 19 1991DA VINCI MAIL
1165.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Aug 19 1991IS VMS 5.4 a prerequisite for A1MAIL v1.1
1166.0OTOPTue Aug 20 1991EFT3 - DOS client not connecting
1167.01BDYSRF::UDICKTue Aug 20 1991A1Mail for DW Crashing with DECwindows V3 (SSB) Motif
1168.05GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHTue Aug 20 1991Problem w/Novell CoExistence S/W
1169.02GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHTue Aug 20 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail/Dos Srver on Novell Srver
1170.01VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Aug 20 1991Mail to Unisys and WordPerfect office?
1171.05NERSW5::MARTINELLOWed Aug 21 1991A1mail lookup slooow
1172.07KETJE::DESCHUYTERWed Aug 21 1991Invalid session id. again !!!
1173.01OTOUWed Aug 21 1991Wordperfect problem
1174.01WELLIN::SIMMSWed Aug 21 1991Folder Listing within DOS client
1176.01WELLIN::SIMMSWed Aug 21 1991Pound Signs within Built-In Editor?? - DOS Client
1177.01DURDUR::DALMASSOWed Aug 21 1991Creation of drawers from the client interfaces...
1178.04BDYSRF::UDICKWed Aug 21 1991A1 Mail for MS-Win/QEMM/DECpc 433
1179.0SAC::HAREThu Aug 22 1991Interface style
1180.0INFACT::BEVISThu Aug 22 1991News from "the other guys"
1181.01SUBWAY::LICATAThu Aug 22 1991Minimizing file type list
1182.01SUBWAY::LICATAThu Aug 22 1991Folder case sensitivity ?
1183.0SUBWAY::LICATAThu Aug 22 1991Go To Dos - return instr request
1184.01OTOUThu Aug 22 1991French characters
1185.04OTOPFri Aug 23 1991Async connections
1186.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Aug 23 1991Dos client can't connect on the server 1.1EFT3
1187.021KOALA::OROURKEFri Aug 23 1991A1 MAIL Version 1.1 SSB kit NOW AVAILABLE
1188.04SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Aug 23 1991Problems to start A1mail$connect
1189.02EEMELI::RAISKINENSun Aug 25 1991DOS 1.1 SSB and Accented Charactes
1190.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Aug 26 1991explanation please about WP-fix
1191.010KOALA::KINGSNORTHMon Aug 26 1991ALL-IN-1/WordPerfect interworking
1192.01ODIXIE::HIPPMon Aug 26 1991Mac API's ?
1193.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Aug 27 1991problem with A1MLOGIN in SSB V1.1
1194.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Aug 28 1991password expiration problem on V11
1195.03COPCLU::JACOBSENWed Aug 28 1991A1MAIL for MSWIN probs...
1196.01INBLUE::DAIANWed Aug 28 1991DOS, New UI not compatible with MCS char
1197.03NZOMIS::THAZHATHEWed Aug 28 1991Customisation for a Menu based VT interface?
1198.04TKTS::Expo-TeamWed Aug 28 1991Questions on MS-Windows X4
1199.06BDYSRF::UDICKThu Aug 29 1991A1mail for DW V1.1 Crashing !!!
1200.03WARNUT::GUPTAThu Aug 29 1991looking for a lad disk with customized menu
1201.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Aug 29 1991How to change Installed langage on the Dos client
1202.04CAPITN::SEELEY_JEThu Aug 29 1991"Error reading from drive..."
1203.04WARNUT::GUPTAThu Aug 29 1991dos client refuses to connect to server!
1204.01GOTA1::SBERGQUISTFri Aug 30 1991Help needed: ALL-IN-1 Mail & PathWorks in cluster
1205.01GOTA1::SBERGQUISTFri Aug 30 1991Error creating server %JBC-E-NOSUCHQUEUE
1206.01MUDIS3::SCHAEFERFri Aug 30 1991A1M/Windows is slow for me
1207.02LEMAN::GERVAZFri Aug 30 1991How do you call integrated editor in XCD_VIEW.bat?
1208.03HERON::WENGERFri Aug 30 1991DOS V1.1 SSB documentation error
1210.04SUOSW4::6361Fri Aug 30 1991More questions to user interface
1211.0SUBWAY::LICATAFri Aug 30 1991Post ssb 1.1 suggest/questions
1212.03PCAE::MILLERFri Aug 30 1991MS-Windows client & editor of choice
1213.03OASS::BUSH_SFri Aug 30 1991Decwindows Interface crashing
1214.05COPCLU::JACOBSENTue Sep 03 1991YET another I18N problem in DOS V1.1
1215.01DWOVAX::KEVILLETue Sep 03 1991Server/Client Version Compatability
1216.0LEMAN::GERVAZTue Sep 03 1991Attaching a WPS-PLUS/DOS document. How?
1217.02NEEPS::NORRIETue Sep 03 1991EXEC failed using Wordperfect??
1218.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Sep 03 1991known memory problems?
1219.015NIKKOR::EVANSTue Sep 03 1991connect problems with A1MAIL for WINDOWS
1220.0HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUTue Sep 03 1991:PCmail to X.4
1221.012GALVIA::PKENNEDYWed Sep 04 1991DECwindows Motif T1.
1222.05GLDOA::COMFORTWed Sep 04 1991Changing Reply Default
1223.02DMSSWed Sep 04 1991AIN1 Mail for Windows EFT3 avail...
1224.02ROMCSA::BIANCHINIThu Sep 05 1991Problem running PC v1.1
1225.010NEWOA::SMITHMRThu Sep 05 1991To: header info should contain routes?
1226.04GOTA1::SBERGQUISTThu Sep 05 1991Urgent: Mac client & System 7
1227.03BREAKR::UDICKThu Sep 05 1991VMS Mail Set file Command - in A1 Mail?
1228.01LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKFri Sep 06 1991Windows 3 and real mode
1229.024BONNET::STRATMANFri Sep 06 1991WPSPLUS conversion for ALL-IN-1 MAIL for VMS
1230.05OGOMTS::HENRYFri Sep 06 1991Upper/Lower case problmes between clients
1232.0ARRODS::CARTERFri Sep 06 1991Instant "mail"
1233.0SWORD1::ODONNELLFri Sep 06 1991How has A1mail group made A1mail Inspect compliant?
1234.02CARWSH::MURRAYMon Sep 09 1991Need to merge 2 A1mail accounts
1235.0FORTY2::PU::hardingTue Sep 10 1991Changing Background Colour
1236.0OGOMTS::HENRYTue Sep 10 1991DOS Client gets General Protection Fault when reseting mail count at startup
1237.0OGOMTS::HENRYTue Sep 10 1991New Server Drawers and the DOS client
1238.01SCAM::VPEREIRATue Sep 10 1991HELP! Need help to locate a kit
1239.03OTOOA::GORMANTue Sep 10 1991KeyPak setup
1240.02ARRODS::CARTERWed Sep 11 1991Documentation about Programming Windows
1241.01MYKENE::MOXLEYWed Sep 11 1991Mac client doesn't handle closed links
1242.02OSLWed Sep 11 1991Documented APIs available?
1243.010SUOSW4::MOOGWed Sep 11 1991URGENT ! Attachments DBase, LOTUS , Wordperfect
1244.04CVXNET::MSTEPHENSWed Sep 11 1991"Error reading file" on MAC Client
1245.02COPCLU::GREGWed Sep 11 1991DDS lookups on Server v1.1 and Mac v1.
1246.01GLDOA::COMFORTWed Sep 11 1991Memory & Compatibility Questions
1247.04ZPOVC::JIMMYTANThu Sep 12 1991Windows editor changeable?
1248.06OTOPThu Sep 12 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail to ALL-IN-1 IOS
1249.0WAGGIS::ALTORFERThu Sep 12 1991server not listening, processes missing ?
1250.03DWOVAX::KEVILLEThu Sep 12 1991DISMAILing an A1MAIL Account
1251.01CARWSH::MURRAYThu Sep 12 1991What is the >DDS=hex num< field in the PAB file?
1252.05WASHDC::KMOOREThu Sep 12 1991Startup errors for A1MAIL V1.1
1253.01NYAVE::SMYTHSun Sep 15 1991Windows 3.
1254.0NZOMIS::LOOMANMon Sep 16 1991Customising A1 Mail to be PF key driven
1255.03BACHUS::DEFEYTERMon Sep 16 1991Length limitation of attachment in A1MAIL
1257.01OASS::BUSH_SMon Sep 16 1991"file_types" table
1258.01BREAKR::UDICKPMon Sep 16 1991muas$server_system_startup login failure
1259.0WDFRT1::ADUGLY::ELSENHEIMERMon Sep 16 1991DOS Client: proposed change to %A1M$SYS%GETIN.TAK
1261.01JALOPY::HALLBERGMon Sep 16 1991> Macintosh Mail folder location <
1262.0JALOPY::HALLBERGMon Sep 16 1991> Macintosh install fails <
1263.01JALOPY::HALLBERGMon Sep 16 1991> Mac mail notification at boot time <
1264.09EEMELI::MITTSTue Sep 17 1991Ultrix server capabilities?
1265.04COPCLU::GREGTue Sep 17 1991Problems with DDS on MAC client/V1.1 Server
1266.0ARRODS::CARTERTue Sep 17 1991Terminal Emulation, VMSmail, DDE
1267.04TRCOA::TROTTITue Sep 17 1991How do I set up users?
1268.01TROOA::DLOTENTue Sep 17 1991DDS Search Criteria from TO: prompt
1269.06T31Tue Sep 17 1991Modifying Headers in DOS or MAC Clients
1270.01TRCOA::DMUIRWed Sep 18 1991Problems with LAUNCH, documentation
1271.01KURTAN::WILHELMSSONWed Sep 18 1991A1MAIL-I-DEFLANG, using default language !AS
1272.0USWRSL::SULLIVAN_JOWed Sep 18 1991File X-fer --> IOS --> ALL-IN-1 MAIL --> phooey!
1273.01T31Wed Sep 18 1991Domain Defined Attributes
1274.06GLDOA::HALLBERGWed Sep 18 1991> V1.1 Server errors with Mac Client <
1275.09IDEFIX::GEOFFThu Sep 19 1991Mail Mobility and working style
1276.01DWOVAX::KEVILLEThu Sep 19 1991Batch Register PC Users?
1277.07DWOVAX::KEVILLEThu Sep 19 1991LAVC A1MAIL Configuration
1278.01TROOA::DLOTENThu Sep 19 1991Stale PAB entry validation/update
1279.02GLDOA::HALLBERGThu Sep 19 1991> New mail on Mac with dialog in progress <
1280.01GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHThu Sep 19 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail on Token RIng?
1281.03LKPDEE::HELLSTROMThu Sep 19 1991A1MAIL for MS Windows license?
1282.05COPCLU::GREGFri Sep 20 1991Memory usage on MAC client?
1283.02ZPOVC::YEECHINFri Sep 20 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail in 3 COM network...
1284.01COPCLU::GREGFri Sep 20 1991Downgrading ALL-IN-1 Mail Server...
1285.01CTOAVX::POMPANOFri Sep 20 1991A1Mail Client Hanging
1286.012CSSE::BREYERFri Sep 20 1991Read New default font too small for my trifocals
1287.011CSSE::BREYERFri Sep 20 1991ALL-IN-1 IOS FOLDERS -> ALL-IN-1 MAIL?
1288.02GUIDUK::HAIRFri Sep 20 1991Loading DECnet high with windows
1289.06SUOSW4::MOOGMon Sep 23 1991Still, read receipt
1290.03ULYSSE::SMITHMon Sep 23 1991MAIL Glossary please?
1291.04COPCLU::GREGMon Sep 23 1991Maintaining distribution lists on MAC client
1293.05SUOSW4::MOOGMon Sep 23 1991system wide dist list and dos client
1294.03SANTEE::GREENEMon Sep 23 1991DCL error in V1.1 KITINSTAL
1295.02BIGRED::SPARKSTue Sep 24 1991A1MAIL command goes away after installation
1296.07BIS6::VANNESTETue Sep 24 1991a1mail windows and WPS-plus
1297.0COPCLU::GREGTue Sep 24 1991Wish for MAC Client v1.1
1299.01SANTEE::GREENETue Sep 24 1991More Install problems on V1.1
1300.0COPCLU::GREGTue Sep 24 1991Looking for A1MAIL for MAC users.....
1301.04NYAVE::SMYTHWed Sep 25 1991MSWindows Mail Notification RCV.EXE
1302.02BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Sep 25 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail for MAC / NETCOPY
1303.03ROMCSA::BIANCHINIWed Sep 25 1991X4
1304.02KCBBQ::HELTONWed Sep 25 1991All-in-1 Mail for MAC & MR/X
1305.03HERON::WENGERThu Sep 26 1991Can't MOVE messages
1306.01PCAE::LARGAR::BROWNThu Sep 26 1991"Text" attachments gobbled up by MRGATE?
1307.02SWORD1::ODONNELLThu Sep 26 1991INSPECT??? INSPECT ???
1308.02LEMAN::DA_SILVAFri Sep 27 1991Questions of use
1309.04GOTA1::SBERGQUISTFri Sep 27 1991MS-windows, central client installation ?
1310.01POBOX::DECAPPFri Sep 27 1991Add Sender to PAB problem
1311.02GOTA1::SBERGQUISTFri Sep 27 1991Performance... tuning ?
1312.01OTOOA::PBALLMon Sep 30 1991Any limitations on Attachment size?
1313.06CHICHZ::EDELMANNMon Sep 30 1991Help with ANS
1314.012OTOPMon Sep 30 1991V1.1 SSB recalled?
1315.02OTOPMon Sep 30 1991Customization in Windows client
1316.03VMSNET::J_MCLENDONMon Sep 30 1991macbinary VS datafork
1317.01VXMATB::SCARBOROMon Sep 30 1991Font under Windows default?
1318.01VXMATB::SCARBOROMon Sep 30 1991Windows lcient hanging up on send
1319.0MRKTNG::MENENGASTue Oct 01 1991V1.1 Postioning tables available
1320.0LEMAN::DA_SILVATue Oct 01 1991Distribution lists - Local Drawers problem
1321.02WASHDC::KMOORETue Oct 01 1991A1MAIL conversion errors
1323.02ZPOVC::INDOWed Oct 02 1991No messages received/no errors/why?
1324.01PCAE::LARGAR::BROWNWed Oct 02 1991Perhaps I'm in the wrong conference.
1325.01BRSSWS::LAROCHEWed Oct 02 1991MUAS Internal Error
1326.04OGOMTS::HENRYWed Oct 02 1991Async Network Services menu contrast poor on a laptop
1327.01BIGRED::SPARKSWed Oct 02 1991DDE's in Word, what about DECQUERY??
1328.0CSSE::BREYERWed Oct 02 1991MSwindows wishes
1329.01TROOA::DLOTENThu Oct 03 1991A1Mail for MS/Windows crashes PC
1330.01COPCLU::GREGThu Oct 03 1991Copy/Paste buffer and A1mail for MAC
1331.0COPCLU::GREGThu Oct 03 1991'LAUNCH' on ALL-IN-1 Mail for MAC client
1332.01GOTA1::SBERGQUISTThu Oct 03 1991License-handling (for a GROWING customer !!)
1333.07VISA::CHURCHFri Oct 04 1991QARs, how can I check?
1334.01HSOMAI::LINFri Oct 04 1991Questions on X4
1335.01BRSSWS::VERBRAEKENMon Oct 07 1991remote mailservers not found ?
1336.03COMICS::HALFACREEMon Oct 07 1991error using SEND/LAST/EDIT in A1mail
1337.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNMon Oct 07 1991Probs with All-in-1 Mail for DOS drawers
1338.04COMICS::BARHAMMon Oct 07 1991Unable to send offnode A1MAIL attachments
1339.03HSOMAI::LINMon Oct 07 1991Diskquota limitation?
1340.02HSOMAI::LINMon Oct 07 1991A1MAIL/MSMAIL/Alisamail
1341.03LAPO::BORSIMon Oct 07 1991How to convert and print message from A1MAIL
1342.01UIST::LAAHSMon Oct 07 1991Where can local drawers be created?
1343.02SUBWAY::LICATAMon Oct 07 1991New Mail Notification Msgs
1345.04ROMCSA::BIANCHINITue Oct 08 1991install fail
1346.02HSOMAI::LINTue Oct 08 1991wildcard lookup??
1347.01MSDSWS::DUNCANTue Oct 08 1991X.4
1348.01HERON::WENGERTue Oct 08 1991How do specify Distribution list file names ?
1349.02SWAM2::MCNAIR_JETue Oct 08 1991Word-wrap problem A1 mail for MAC
1350.03KAOTWed Oct 09 1991NOSERVERS, No ALL-IN-1 MAIL servers available
1351.0KERNEL::GARNERWed Oct 09 1991Problems Printing from A1MAIL for MAC
1352.01KOMAIL::VALASEKWed Oct 09 1991A1MAIL Mac,DOS client problem/suggestion
1353.02SUBWAY::LICATAThu Oct 10 1991DOS Client Printing Problem
1354.02GLDOA::MAGLIONEThu Oct 10 1991V1.1 Release Date?
1355.03BRSSWS::LAROCHEThu Oct 10 1991Modify/nopurge
1356.03DPDThu Oct 10 1991X.5
1357.02OGOMTS::HENRYFri Oct 11 1991Bad local folders on a laptop using EFT3
1358.016KOALA::ROUGHTFri Oct 11 1991New V1.1 kit now available
1359.01OSLACT::TORKILD_PSat Oct 12 1991I18N issue on DDS search results
1360.03DWOVAX::KEVILLESun Oct 13 1991Cluster Alias Revisted
1361.02KOMAIL::VALASEKMon Oct 14 1991Security and Appletalk/DECnet Gateway
1363.02CHICHZ::EDELMANNWed Oct 16 1991A1MAIL -> MR/S Where do we put Keypak?
1365.02COPCLU::GREGWed Oct 16 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail and VMS tailoring?
1367.06KYOA::CHANGWed Oct 16 1991Server state
1368.01GUCCI::RJENKINSWed Oct 16 1991General File cabinet error
1369.03PRESS1::HOWARDWed Oct 16 1991Using TASK object on logon to server
1370.01GUCCI::RJENKINSWed Oct 16 1991Keypak conversions on MSwindows mail
1371.05CGOSThu Oct 17 1991A1MAIL FOR DOS 1.
1372.01GLDOA::HALLBERGThu Oct 17 1991> Error messages at startup for V1.1 server <
1373.03FORTY2::RAKSHIT_UThu Oct 17 1991No ALL-IN-1 MAIL servers currently available after installation
1374.01PCAE::MILLERThu Oct 17 1991MAC New Mail Notification checklist
1375.01CGOSFri Oct 18 1991Quickmail vs A1Mail 4 Mac Image size
1376.03COPCLU::GREGFri Oct 18 1991Remote Message Router Overhead???
1377.0LFOIS1::DEMEESTEREFri Oct 18 1991A1M/WINDOWS EFT3 Performance ???
1378.07OGOMTS::HENRYFri Oct 18 1991Async problems with SSB v11
1379.02THEWAV::BRADLEYFri Oct 18 1991Problem with MSWINDOWS EFT3 for x4
1380.06WELCLU::LIMon Oct 21 1991ddif$read_dx.exe : no gobal sections ?
1381.03RDGENG::LEROUXMon Oct 21 1991FYI: Electronic access to CCITT Documents
1382.07TRCOA::TROTTIMon Oct 21 1991A1MAIL for MS-Windows Kit?
1383.02SCAACT::ANDERSONTue Oct 22 1991X4
1384.06ZPOVC::YEECHINTue Oct 22 1991Problem after upgrade to 1.1 ...
1385.09MEO78B::LIMWed Oct 23 1991X4
1386.01ARNE::WILHELMSSONWed Oct 23 1991MR body of attached MS-word file
1387.05ABBEYS::KALINAWed Oct 23 1991ALL-IN-1 MAIL & Doc Coversions across platforms (DOS ,VT & Mac)
1388.01KCBBQ::HELTONWed Oct 23 1991All-in-1 MAIL for Mac & X.25
1389.03DURDUR::DALMASSOWed Oct 23 1991Customisation of the User Interface for V1.1 DOS client
1390.03HALIBT::MCCANTAWed Oct 23 1991"not enough memory" with DOS 5.
1391.0ARRODS::WILLIAMSONThu Oct 24 1991TCP/IP support in A1M for Windows?
1392.04KERNEL::TAGGARTNThu Oct 24 1991Problems with Mail addresses
1393.0HAMPS::DAVIES_SThu Oct 24 1991Invoking MS-Windows Applications from within mail
1394.01NYEM1::YOUNGThu Oct 24 1991PC/Mac mail configuration help needed
1395.02GRANMA::TCANNONThu Oct 24 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail and RFT attachments
1396.06ALICAT::LIMFri Oct 25 1991DDS Search and others
1397.01DENVER::HALLFri Oct 25 1991Mac to Mac with WP 1.
1398.05ZURMon Oct 28 1991Default Values in Address Template ?
1399.02STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LMon Oct 28 1991WP and A1M for MS-Windows?
1400.011WAGGIS::ALTORFERMon Oct 28 1991WPS+ Integration, callable or spawnable ?
1401.01DWOVAX::KEVILLEMon Oct 28 1991TYPES_ACCEPTED in ALL-IN-1 MAIL Profile
1402.01WELLIN::SIMMSMon Oct 28 1991X4Man - What Version???
1403.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFMon Oct 28 1991New features Doc. for A1mail V1.1 for DOS???
1404.01OTOOA::BELLONIMon Oct 28 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail future server platforms
1405.01GIDDAY::BURTMon Oct 28 1991A1mail with DECwindows Client - language?
1406.03DWOVAX::KEVILLEMon Oct 28 1991A1MAIL/MASS-11 Integration
1407.02HXOUTue Oct 29 1991EFT3 can't read new mail
1408.03ZURTue Oct 29 1991X.4
1409.01DWOVAX::KEVILLETue Oct 29 1991Time Problem with MSwindow Client
1410.01DWOVAX::KEVILLETue Oct 29 1991MAC connection Error
1411.01WELLIN::SIMMSWed Oct 30 1991Startup Error!!!
1412.02ROMCSA::BIANCHINIWed Oct 30 1991A1MAIL$DW_DEFAULTS.DAT customization
1413.04FULMER::MURRAYWed Oct 30 1991Netware Co-existence and ALLIN1 bugs?
1414.01TROFS::A_HUNTWed Oct 30 1991Trouble disconnecting RTS connection
1415.03RUMOR::FOSTERWed Oct 30 1991PAB futures questions
1416.02NYTAXI::SYSTEMWed Oct 30 1991Problems converting WordPerfect to ASCII.
1417.03OASS::BUSH_SWed Oct 30 1991CONVERTING TO DX
1418.0COMPO::batesThu Oct 31 1991A1M/MSWindows Read New Mail problem
1419.05KADOR::GVANET::MORIAUDThu Oct 31 1991Time offset change problem.
1420.012COPCLU::GREGThu Oct 31 1991Error, unable to copy message (DOS-client)
1422.09KERNEL::TAGGARTNThu Oct 31 1991All-in-1 Mail with Novell
1423.04GLDOA::GRAEFFThu Oct 31 1991Client hangs on exit after drawer deletion...
1424.03NZOMIS::THAZHATHEThu Oct 31 1991Is an ALL-IN-1 DESKtop style 'mail run' feasible?
1426.05WAGGIS::ALTORFERFri Nov 01 1991asynch kermit connection using call back
1427.01GRANPA::KHARRISFri Nov 01 1991VMS X.4
1428.02ODIXIE::SHILLINGFri Nov 01 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail to NOVELL MHS?
1429.05OTOOA::LCAMPBELLFri Nov 01 1991Save vs. Save as Revisable
1431.01KOALA::GRAFFSat Nov 02 1991Mac and asynch DECnet
1432.04COMICS::HALFACREEMon Nov 04 1991Personal Address Book - ADD ENTRY error...
1433.0WKRP::LENNIGMon Nov 04 1991MR/Xlate tool conference
1434.02KOMAIL::VALASEKMon Nov 04 1991Customer Feedback RE: X-window interface for A1MAIl
1435.0MUNICH::MATTHESTue Nov 05 1991Problems with V1.1 S1 Kit
1436.02MUNICH::MATTHESTue Nov 05 1991ALL-IN-1 MAIL for Windows over token ring
1438.0TROOA::PIERCETue Nov 05 1991Async Non Decnet LAT ok, Modem no go...
1439.0WR2FOR::FIELDS_JETue Nov 05 1991demo kit????
1440.01HOCUS::KCARPENTERTue Nov 05 1991Questions on A1 Mail
1441.03BERNWed Nov 06 1991Attaching a file as a parameter
1443.03VAOUWed Nov 06 1991diff between a UA and a GW?
1444.01OZROCK::AIKINSThu Nov 07 1991Blind Copies Origination...
1445.01GIDDAY::LOCHRINThu Nov 07 1991Licencing...
1446.03COPCLU::COPRIS::RIISThu Nov 07 1991Can't install server - License not found ...
1448.04DWOVAX::KEVILLEThu Nov 07 1991MSwindow Client Crashed PC
1449.0DWOVAX::KEVILLEThu Nov 07 1991A1MAIL$CONNECT problem
1450.01HSOMAI::LINThu Nov 07 1991Excel/Word/Powerpoint between PC/MAC
1451.04HALIBT::MCCANTAThu Nov 07 1991ALL-IN-1 MAIL with WP -> ALL-IN-1 IOS hangup
1452.0SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Nov 08 1991A1mail for MAC - DDS access pb (SPR)
1453.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Nov 08 1991Notification pb with A1MAIL for MAC
1454.04STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LFri Nov 08 1991Windows 3.1 and OLE:s?
1455.0BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODFri Nov 08 1991MAIL with SUN and Netware clients?
1456.01DELNI::STACKFri Nov 08 1991Installing DDIF$READ_DX.EXE as shared?
1457.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Nov 11 1991Field test version for MSwindows?
1458.04DWOVAX::KEVILLEMon Nov 11 1991TCP/IP
1459.01WAYLND::HOWARDMon Nov 11 1991Dail-up connect fails to see successful login
1460.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNMon Nov 11 1991ASCII file in A1MAIL
1461.0VMSNET::B_KOSINSMon Nov 11 1991insufficient Server resources
1462.03KYOA::WINGMon Nov 11 1991A1MAIL$CCT_MAIL looping endlessly
1463.01KYOA::WINGMon Nov 11 1991Internal Support Documents????
1464.08ADO75A::BAIRDMon Nov 11 1991A1 Mail to ALL-IN-1 via Keypak - mail me.
1465.03BGOTue Nov 12 1991Error init. mailfile cab.
1466.0STKHLM::BREMSJOTue Nov 12 1991MRX <-> A1 vs A1-MAIL attachments
1467.02EVTAI1::BRANDONTue Nov 12 1991INT 14 and CTIASYNC
1468.01ECAMVTue Nov 12 1991Dangerous S-KIT problem
1469.01HSOMAI::LINTue Nov 12 1991A1MAIL and Alisamail attachments
1470.01KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Nov 12 1991TO and CC list question
1471.01KYOA::WINGTue Nov 12 1991Del language files???
1472.04ALICAT::LIMWed Nov 13 1991Automatic Connection
1473.02EEMELI::MITTSWed Nov 13 1991MANA FILE/MODI = Macro error, HELP!
1474.03BAHTAT::BEAUMONTWed Nov 13 1991Profile Conformance?
1475.012ZPOVC::RICHARDTEOWed Nov 13 1991langauge changed to italian
1476.01CGHUB::CANNONWed Nov 13 1991Present date in Non-U.S. format
1477.05HXOUWed Nov 13 1991Installation failure, A1MAIL v1.1, MR v3.1
1478.0HSOMAI::LINWed Nov 13 1991Mac System 7 support
1479.0ALICAT::LIMWed Nov 13 1991Problem accessing OUTBOX
1481.0ROMCSA::BIANCHINIThu Nov 14 1991Windows async connection
1482.018HSOMAI::LINThu Nov 14 1991ALL-IN-1(ISO)WPSPLUS to A1MAIL
1483.08OTOP27::PARKERThu Nov 14 1991DOS client v1.1, french chars & WordPerfect attachments
1484.01OSLACT::VIGDIS_PFri Nov 15 1991A1mail v.1.1- DECW. "Cannot convert string......" when creating message !
1485.01BRSSWS::LAROCHEFri Nov 15 1991User Defined Asynchronous Service - Quickstart
1486.03HERON::LYSAAFri Nov 15 1991E-Mail from C.A. ?
1487.01SUBWAY::LICATAFri Nov 15 1991MSG RTR 3.2 and A1Mail v 1.1
1488.0SUBWAY::LICATAFri Nov 15 1991Dates on Printed Messages
1489.0BAHTAT::BEAUMONTFri Nov 15 1991Customising ALL-IN-1 Mail for Windows
1490.0SHLSAM::BEANEFri Nov 15 1991Security questions
1491.01INFACT::BEVISFri Nov 15 1991How to get legible letters on DW
1492.05HAMPS::ROBERTS_RMon Nov 18 1991cc:MAIL (Lotus) Competetive Edge?
1494.03OSLACT::BJORNAUMon Nov 18 1991Coexistence between ULTRIX and VMS-users
1495.06DURDUR::DALMASSOMon Nov 18 1991Receipt notification on A1MAIL V11 for DOS
1496.03DURDUR::DALMASSOMon Nov 18 1991Customisation of V11 for DOS questions
1497.01NOWIT::THOMPSONMon Nov 18 1991Addressing remote user from PC
1498.02KAOFS::M_MORINMon Nov 18 1991Mail notification on MAC not working
1499.01GIDDAY::WANMon Nov 18 1991NOSERVERS, No ALL-IN-1 MAIL servers available, A1Mail V1.
1500.01VAMPRE::SYSTEMTue Nov 19 1991MS-Windows vers. functionality?
1501.01MSAMWed Nov 20 1991%A1MAIL-E-SM_ERRPROMAN?
1502.01RBW::WICKERTWed Nov 20 1991IOS and ALL-IN-1 MAIL on the same system?
1503.01ZENA::GALOTTIWed Nov 20 1991all-in-1 mail problem
1504.01TKOV51::MATTHEWSThu Nov 21 1991A1 MAIL Local/Remote Folder Question
1505.02OSLACT::JENSHThu Nov 21 1991ALL-IN-1 MAIL for Windows positioning?
1506.01LEMAN::DA_SILVAThu Nov 21 1991How can I empty the wastebasket
1507.03INFACT::BEVISThu Nov 21 1991"Auto iconification"?
1508.01MQOSWS::C_GAVOUYEREThu Nov 21 1991Can't read my mail.
1509.02HXOUThu Nov 21 1991Turn off TYPES_ACCEPTED in X4MAN
1510.0FRUST::SPALTFri Nov 22 1991migaration of mail from a1mail dos->win
1511.01VMSVAX::TOLNAIFri Nov 22 1991X.4
1512.0WARNUT::GUPTAFri Nov 22 1991ms-win shared personal address book!
1513.01SAC::HAREFri Nov 22 1991How do I switch off document conversion?
1514.02HXOUFri Nov 22 1991WPS-PLUS to Word Perfect using A1MAIL
1515.01OSLACT::JENSHFri Nov 22 1991DDE interface to ALL-IN-1 MAIL for Windows
1516.02IMHOT2::Conferencing-UserFri Nov 22 1991Window sizing for MS Windows client
1517.01MRKTNG::GOLDMANTue Nov 26 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail for DOS - not exiting to bat file?
1518.02TOPTEN::MEIGHANTue Nov 26 1991questions re:route and batch
1519.01LJOHUB::CRAWFORDTue Nov 26 1991error when trying to start a1mail$startup
1520.07SUOSW4::MOOGTue Nov 26 1991Wordperfect-DOS-Win-Client
1521.01GUCCI::RJENKINSTue Nov 26 1991Document conversions on VT client
1522.0CACT23::BLAIRTue Nov 26 1991Is there any Async bagging function?
1523.02SUOSW4::MOOGWed Nov 27 1991ideas user frienliness
1524.01SUOSW4::MOOGWed Nov 27 1991Win client-separate system and user areas
1525.03PDVWed Nov 27 1991Help on asynch connections and MS-Windows
1526.0SUOSW4::MOOGThu Nov 28 1991Problems w/ DOS client
1527.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Nov 28 1991A1MAIL 1.
1528.01ONYA::ADO75A::WILEYThu Nov 28 1991MS-Word Style File Mac->PC?
1529.01MUNMCC::READFri Nov 29 1991All-in-1 Mail server V1.1-1
1530.02OSIBCO::ALTORFERFri Nov 29 1991problems reading DX bodyparts arriving from MR/S
1531.03KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Nov 29 1991Async connect problems - deadlock
1532.0WLW::SHREVEFri Nov 29 1991No local printing on Zenith, V1.1
1533.02EEMELI::MITTSMon Dec 02 1991New mail notification in autoexec.bat?
1534.01SNATCH::EGGIMANNMon Dec 02 1991Printing DX and other formats ....
1535.01LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERMon Dec 02 1991DECwindow display on other nodes ?
1536.01BERNMon Dec 02 1991ghostly stuckdumps
1538.01KURTAN::WILHELMSSONMon Dec 02 1991Multinational DDS subscribers and Mac client
1539.05DMSSMon Dec 02 1991AIN1 MAIL for Windows EFT4 available
1540.02KOALA::GASTONMon Dec 02 1991TCP/IP client ready for IFT
1541.01ADO75A::BAIRDTue Dec 03 1991WORD Style File problem
1542.014YUPPY::63657::GORARDMTue Dec 03 1991Mail Notification in Windows Client
1543.02NZOMIS::VETTETue Dec 03 1991V1.
1544.0IDEFIX::GEOFFTue Dec 03 1991ALL-IN-1 MAIL for MS/Windows - some functionality questions/requests
1545.02OSIBCO::ALTORFERTue Dec 03 1991problems reading DX bodypart arriving from MR/S
1546.02KYOA::CHANGTue Dec 03 1991Problems Copying VMSmail to A1MAIL
1547.02KYOA::CHANGTue Dec 03 1991Reset Counters in A1MAIL & Doc.Info.
1548.02ADO75A::BAIRDWed Dec 04 1991Kit for V1.1
1549.02TERPS::KMOOREWed Dec 04 1991A1MAIL to A1 IOS - Transparent conversion?
1550.0DWOVAX::KEVILLEWed Dec 04 1991MSWindow Crashed when Cancel Print
1551.03SNATCH::EGGIMANNWed Dec 04 1991IVP crashes during installation ...
1553.04SNATCH::EGGIMANNWed Dec 04 1991Setting Language gives "Using default language (!AS) with DW client
1555.01KYOA::CHANGWed Dec 04 1991Skits vs Full Kits
1556.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Dec 05 1991freeze on exit from ms-win
1557.018JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Dec 05 1991Comments on WORD and AMI macros
1558.06VS2K::GENTILEThu Dec 05 1991Windows Client can't connect to server
1559.01COMICS::MAGUIREThu Dec 05 1991DX documents cannot be displayed
1560.0ATH853::TSILIRAFri Dec 06 1991Corrupted File Cabinet?
1562.0TROOA::WEAVERFri Dec 06 1991Windows Network Login?
1563.03HSOMAI::LINFri Dec 06 1991WORD from MAC to PC
1564.01GUCCI::RJENKINSMon Dec 09 1991Followup from 1521.1
1565.05ROMMon Dec 09 1991a1mail$startup problem
1566.02WOTVAX::DORANAMon Dec 09 1991Windows 3.1 problem?
1567.03GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHMon Dec 09 1991A1 MAIL Interface to AT&T VoiceMail
1568.02GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHMon Dec 09 1991Custom Interface for A1MAIL VT CLient
1569.01VMSNET::B_KOSINSMon Dec 09 1991A1mail v1.1 abends with ACCVIO in DECwindows
1570.0HGOVC::ALEXCHEUNGTue Dec 10 1991A1MAIL/Italian system filder order
1571.01STKAI2::ACEDERHAGTue Dec 10 1991Possible MAc connect with wrong password
1572.01STKAI2::ACEDERHAGTue Dec 10 1991MAc mail cabinett never closes on server
1573.01KETJE::VERVAENENTue Dec 10 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail for Macintosh and Documentation ?
1574.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Dec 10 1991A1/WP <-> A1mail/WP interchange experiences?
1575.0OGOMTS::HENRYTue Dec 10 1991ALL-IN-1 MAIL for MS-WINDOWS EFT4r21 won't print multiple msgs
1576.01OGOMTS::HENRYTue Dec 10 1991Can I split the system/user areas for EFT4r21?
1577.03GUCCI::RJENKINSTue Dec 10 1991MRX 88 p2
1578.01WR2FOR::HORSCHMAN_ERTue Dec 10 1991TSR Fatal Error on PCs
1579.0TOPTEN::MEIGHANTue Dec 10 1991How does a1mail 1.1 edit header and comply to x4
1580.05CGDEIS::SWEATTTue Dec 10 1991Allin1 Mail for Macintosh Problem
1581.03KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Dec 11 1991Receipt correlation in ALL-IN-1 MAIL ?
1582.03SUOSW4::MOOGWed Dec 11 1991future features ?
1583.01GRANPA::FBOWLESWed Dec 11 1991ALL-IN-1 MAIL test environment
1584.04TOPTEN::MEIGHANWed Dec 11 1991Has anyone seen these issues?
1585.014KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Dec 12 1991ALL-In-1 MAIL V1.1 on eng hold ?!?!?
1586.0KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Dec 12 1991X4
1587.01SEDOAS::BURNSThu Dec 12 1991Sizing help required
1588.01BRSDVP::BERVOETSThu Dec 12 1991Mail notification problem MAC SE v6.
1589.0BRSDVP::BERVOETSThu Dec 12 1991New mail notification stays there on MAC
1590.0EEMELI::POKKINENThu Dec 12 1991Drawer is damaged even though it is not?
1591.01HSOMAI::LINThu Dec 12 1991Exchange mail with foreign mail system
1592.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWFri Dec 13 1991SYS$MSG.DAT could not be opened ? Why ?
1593.02MRKTNG::SLATERFri Dec 13 1991ISA Performance and Configuration Guide
1594.01ROMCSA::BIANCHINIFri Dec 13 1991dos 1.
1595.0WOTVAX::DORANAFri Dec 13 1991DDS lookup differences (DECwindos/Windows 3)
1596.02NBOIS2::ZALLMANNFri Dec 13 1991Integration of several PC-Mail-systems
1597.02COLISC::COLPC3::stalzFri Dec 13 1991Problems with mcs
1598.015TROOA::KINGFri Dec 13 1991connection prob/task object questions
1599.010STOHUB::MAIL::SHAHNAMFri Dec 13 1991Error initing File cabinet
1600.05HAMPS::ROBERTS_RMon Dec 16 1991PASSWORD Encryption: CLIENT --> SERVER
1601.03MUNICH::LEONHARDMon Dec 16 1991A1-MAIL for Mac and printing messages
1602.02MUNICH::LEONHARDMon Dec 16 1991A1 Mail for Mac and window sizes
1603.02COMICS::HALFACREEMon Dec 16 1991Problem with Mail File Cabinet...
1604.0233Mon Dec 16 1991Need A1MAIL/KEYpak help...
1605.05LJOHUB::CRAWFORDMon Dec 16 1991can't purge drawer
1606.03COPCLU::COPME2::WalinMon Dec 16 1991MCS and HOTKEY in ALL-IN-1 MAIL for DOS
1607.02ULTRA::SIMONMon Dec 16 1991Message Router
1608.01WR2FOR::FIELDS_JEMon Dec 16 1991Documentation for Macintosh
1609.07BREAKR::UDICKMon Dec 16 1991A1mail for Mac and System 7. When ?
1610.01BREAKR::UDICKMon Dec 16 1991Two A1 Mail for MS-Windows Clients ???
1611.01IJSAPL::EISINKTue Dec 17 1991Configuration question
1612.0NANTES::FARNETue Dec 17 1991Notification under MS-WINDOWS
1613.04LJOHUB::CORBOTue Dec 17 1991VMSmail MAIL.INIT equiv. in A1MAIL?
1614.07HXOUTue Dec 17 1991Want the cover letter left in TEXT
1615.01HACMAN::HACKTue Dec 17 1991How to send/receive from Banyan Vines PC LAN??
1616.01NZOMIS::VETTEWed Dec 18 1991ALL-IN-1 MAIL Server memory problems?
1617.0BLGWed Dec 18 1991X4
1618.08GRITS::CARTER_AWed Dec 18 1991Password with DOS Client V1.1
1619.05GIDDAY::LEHThu Dec 19 1991Access violation when saving and restoring profiles
1620.01GIDDAY::LEHThu Dec 19 1991Messages in A1MAIL$CONNECT error/output log files
1621.01UIST::HUTCHESONTThu Dec 19 1991notification of mail problems?
1622.06PCAE::PCAE2::klasmanThu Dec 19 1991Need to change MAIL.X4M files at will
1623.01FLYNHI::SIMONSONThu Dec 19 1991API documentation availability
1624.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Dec 20 1991How to disable automatic account creation
1625.05YUPPY::BAYLISSFri Dec 20 1991sharing mail - problems with damaged drawers
1626.03FOOSW6::ZIPPFri Dec 20 1991Documentation regarding EIT bit available?
1627.02WLW::PCLAN7::shreveFri Dec 20 1991Any printing problems with V1.1 and DOS?
1628.01DURDUR::DALMASSOMon Dec 23 1991Doc. a1mail for DECwindows V11.
1629.0DURDUR::DALMASSOMon Dec 23 1991Questions on A1MAIL for DECwindows V11
1630.01ZURMon Dec 23 1991Generate receipt...
1631.01IDEFIX::NANNIK::GEOFFTue Dec 24 1991The dreaded UAE strikes!
1632.03KYOA::CHANGTue Dec 24 1991PAB: Remove entry problem
1633.03ALOSWS::HEIGHTThu Dec 26 1991Async Connection using COM2
1634.02ZURFri Dec 27 1991Automatic read receipt
1635.07FCOIS::CANNETFri Dec 27 1991Help A1MAIL DW and WORD perfect
1636.03ULTRA::SIMONTue Dec 31 1991Installation problem with Remote Message Router
1637.03TALK::HICKSON_BThu Jan 02 1992Appropriate for Laptop?
1638.05TRHSUP::RUNESA_PThu Jan 02 1992Profile field : FORM -- giving problems
1640.03PRSST4::BELACHIKThu Jan 02 1992A1 MAIL for MS/Windows EFT4r21 Problem
1641.0OGOMTS::HENRYThu Jan 02 1992PC <>PATHWORKS<>WAN <>Server possible?
1642.04STOHUB::MAIL::SHAHNAMThu Jan 02 1992customer questions/comments
1643.03KAOFS::M_MORINThu Jan 02 1992DECnet error, async-modem connection
1644.06LJOHUB::CRAWFORDFri Jan 03 1992can't reset counter
1645.02DWOVAX::KEVILLEFri Jan 03 1992X4MAN STOP not severing connections
1646.0DWOVAX::KEVILLEFri Jan 03 1992Mswindows DDS searches
1647.01HAACK::HAACKFri Jan 03 1992a1mail server V1.1 and VMS v5.5 - do they work?
1648.04HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Jan 06 1992Customization Questions
1649.01ADO75A::BAIRDMon Jan 06 1992Problem with Remote User profile.
1650.01PRSST4::BELACHIKMon Jan 06 1992HELP : All-in-1 Mail V1.1 server(vt and DW clients) expired the 31 st of December!
1651.04MR4DEC::CARLINMon Jan 06 1992Asynch Modem Problem
1652.01CSOA1::BRANSTEINMon Jan 06 1992ALLIN1 Mail For Macintosh, System 7 questions
1653.01VMSNET::J_COLBURNMon Jan 06 1992[muas$server.db]counter_filename_
1654.01BREAKR::UDICKPMon Jan 06 1992File opened by another user.
1655.01PRSST4::BELACHIKTue Jan 07 1992URGENT !!!!!license expired
1657.08CGHUB::CANNONTue Jan 07 1992Purge/Reclaim - Is it an End user command?
1658.0GOTA1::SBERGQUISTTue Jan 07 1992Upgrading server from 1.
1659.01OBIWAN::CHANGTue Jan 07 1992Customization for refiling memos
1660.01COPCLU::TRIERTue Jan 07 1992Messaging, A Technical Overview White Paper
1661.01TRCOA::TROTTITue Jan 07 1992A1MAIL With WordPerfect.
1662.0HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Jan 07 1992EXEC failed, ALL-IN-1 mail is already loaded
1663.0IJSAPL::EISINKWed Jan 08 1992External editor in the MAC client ?
1664.0HSOMAI::LINWed Jan 08 1992Macbinary format?
1665.03CGOOA::DANCHOWed Jan 08 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail/DOS V1.1 Location?
1666.03GOTA1::SBERGQUISTWed Jan 08 1992Help needed: Installation of A1MAIL S1.1-1
1667.0MEO78B::PRIEBATSCHWed Jan 08 1992Heaps of questions/suggestions :-)
1668.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Jan 09 1992Problems in DOS client
1669.03LJOHUB::CRAWFORDThu Jan 09 1992is 1
1670.01IDEFIX::GEOFFThu Jan 09 1992Closed User Groups for ALL-IN-1 Mail?
1671.01CSOA1::STUTSONThu Jan 09 1992Need .ps slides !!!!
1672.02TKTS::ETEAMThu Jan 09 1992HELP ..... A1Mail (X4
1673.05OTOOA::GORMANThu Jan 09 1992WordPerfect macro
1676.03NCBOOT::LUNDINFri Jan 10 1992Any new Training courses available?
1678.03HSOMAI::LINFri Jan 10 1992DDS address problem
1679.0DRAC::FURIOMon Jan 13 1992Availability of TCP/IP All-in-1 Mail
1680.0SFCMon Jan 13 1992Unable to expand reference?
1681.07CHE::VISCAROLAMon Jan 13 1992ACCVIO with VMS V5.5 & DECW user interface
1682.0GRITS::MCLENDON_JMon Jan 13 1992Slow response time across bridge
1683.02LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERTue Jan 14 1992How to def MULTIPLE orgunit from MAC ?
1684.02EEMELI::SALMINENTue Jan 14 1992Remote Message Router DDS-searches ?
1685.01ODIXIE::SHILLINGTue Jan 14 1992Higgins LAN-based Email package
1686.02UTROP1::KOMEN_ATue Jan 14 1992No access to server...
1687.01YUPPY::63657::GORARDMTue Jan 14 1992Windows client documentation ?
1688.03PTOVAX::WILSONTue Jan 14 1992A1MAIL Async Connections for MAC and MS-Windows???
1689.01NOODMA::KNIGHTLYTue Jan 14 1992MSWindows error: DECnet not running
1690.01EEMELI::AMANNISTOWed Jan 15 1992Transferi user/DOS Client
1691.02VNABRW::PSCSWed Jan 15 1992Macro for WINWORD
1692.0UTRTSC::EDERVEENWed Jan 15 1992A1mail/dos+WP5.1 on XT 64
1693.02COLISA::WOLTERWed Jan 15 1992Printing on local pc-printer
1694.0COLISA::WOLTERWed Jan 15 1992mcs - works in adressfield but not in editor???
1695.04BACHUS::VERBRAEKENWed Jan 15 1992How to see a mail was autoforwarded ?
1696.02LJOHUB::CRAWFORDWed Jan 15 1992IAMONTINS, image for DX not installed
1697.04T31Wed Jan 15 1992A1 Mail/Win Eft4 & Pathworks 4.1
1698.08YUPPY::SPENCERWed Jan 15 1992Better user interface for A1 Mail
1699.01GRITS::CARTER_AWed Jan 15 1992Blank subject field from VMSMAIL
1700.02KYOA::WINGWed Jan 15 1992Read stuck in editor mode???
1701.0YUPPY::63657::GORARDMWed Jan 15 1992Lotus 123 3.1 attachments and external viewer ??
1702.01CREATV::YETCH::WHITWed Jan 15 1992DECnet not running error w/ A1MAIL for WIndows EFT4
1703.0OASS::BUSH_SThu Jan 16 1992A1mail v 1.1 with decwindows motif hangs
1704.04OSIBCO::ALTORFERFri Jan 17 1992how to prevent authomatic profile creation ?
1705.01FULTON::CARLINFri Jan 17 1992Printing from ALL-IN-1 IOS
1706.03CGOOA::OWONGSat Jan 18 1992DECwindows/ULTRIX Client?....
1707.01BREAKR::UDICKSun Jan 19 1992MAIL.X4M Corrupted. Can you rebuild. What causes ?
1708.02COMICS::MAGUIREMon Jan 20 1992A1mail v1.1 and REMOTE access in UAF
1709.02GRITS::CARTER_AMon Jan 20 1992Problem with replying to messages sent from X4
1710.05ADO75A::BAIRDTue Jan 21 1992KEYpak not converting?
1711.03PAULUS::HARTNAGELTue Jan 21 1992No Format Information given to ALL-IN-1
1712.01STKAI1::BRUNNERTue Jan 21 1992reply function - incorporate document!
1713.0TKOV51::MATTHEWSTue Jan 21 1992ALL-IN-1 to ALL-IN-1 MAIL Changeover\
1714.03VMSVAX::TOLNAIWed Jan 22 1992KEYPAK & DOS Client
1715.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DWed Jan 22 1992Wordperfect for VT/DOS clients ?
1716.01EEMELI::SRYYNANENWed Jan 22 1992Login failure event ?
1717.02IOSG::MCGANNWed Jan 22 1992Error initializing FC
1718.04SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Jan 22 1992How to read 132 column mail with A1MAIL VT ?
1719.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Jan 22 1992A1MAIL for VT, NAMESAKE and DDS
1720.05HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Jan 22 1992DDS search - Surname (must fill) ?
1722.05ALOSWS::STREVELLWed Jan 22 1992Managing Header Templates
1724.01GIDDAY::SETHIThu Jan 23 1992A1mail WordPerfect attachments and Save As problem
1725.0LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERThu Jan 23 1992Error during opening file cabinet server
1726.0--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 23 1992DOS 1.1 popup not working..
1727.01EEMELI::KINNARIThu Jan 23 1992Urgent help needed with A1Mail server
1728.01GOTA1::SBERGQUISTThu Jan 23 1992Urgent: Cannot read mail when using Motif
1730.0DELNI::B_WOESTENThu Jan 23 1992X.4
1732.0PAULUS::HARTNAGELFri Jan 24 1992Record Format Stream avoids w5-Conversion
1733.03BREAKR::UDICKFri Jan 24 1992How tell A1mail where my PAB is now
1734.0TKOV51::MATTHEWSSat Jan 25 1992Using TeamLinks as IOS-->MAIL Migration Tool?
1735.01CHOVAX::EHRLICHSun Jan 26 1992Async Connections and Offline msg creation???
1736.01GBIMon Jan 27 1992dds and a1mail server
1737.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Jan 27 1992local delivery report
1738.01GBIMon Jan 27 1992Mail Printing
1739.0HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Jan 27 1992Netware, memory, word perfect, and others
1740.05PAULUS::HARTNAGELMon Jan 27 1992Transparent conversion of formats possible?
1741.01ZPOVC::LCLEEMon Jan 27 1992Binary attachment again
1742.0DWOVAX::KEVILLEMon Jan 27 1992Accessing PAB & Distribution Lists
1743.0OSLACT::JOSTEINTue Jan 28 1992MAC Client v1.1?
1744.0MLNTue Jan 28 1992ALL-IN-1 client and Mac v. 7.
1745.0WARNUT::DORANTue Jan 28 1992V1.
1746.01VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Jan 28 1992How to do TCP/IP and A1Mail
1747.017CGOOA::OWONGTue Jan 28 1992Printing and shareable image error message...
1748.0COPCLU::TRIERWed Jan 29 1992Drawer coexit. between DOS and MS-WINDOWS Client
1749.01EEMELI::WAHLSTENWed Jan 29 1992Advanced features: expirity, altenate recipient...
1750.01WAYLND::HOWARDWed Jan 29 1992Error opening SYS$MSG.DAT
1751.01DPDMAI::RITZCWed Jan 29 1992DCL REPLY capability?
1752.03ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Jan 29 1992MAC Client .... latest revision?
1753.01GOTA1::SBERGQUISTThu Jan 30 1992Cannot start ALL-IN-1 Mail Server 1.
1754.01GOTA1::KLUGEThu Jan 30 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL FOR VT
1755.01STKAI1::BRUNNERThu Jan 30 1992WordPerfect connection with ALL-IN-1 MAIL for MS-W
1756.0STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LThu Jan 30 1992Another built-in editor for A1M Windows?
1757.01SUBWAY::LOUIEThu Jan 30 1992Cluster Alias
1758.02VNABRW::SWOBODA_DThu Jan 30 1992a1mail for ms-windows info about appl launching ?
1759.028Thu Jan 30 1992"Connect to server" dies
1760.02KID2::SOORENKFEThu Jan 30 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail <=> WordPerfect Office's Mail
1761.01MSAMThu Jan 30 1992fax integration to ALL-IN-1 Mail ??
1762.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Jan 31 1992Problem with ALLIN1 Mail for Mac
1763.03ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKFri Jan 31 1992Purge ???
1764.0BIS6::BIDONNETFri Jan 31 1992Windows client - callable editor for body part?
1765.04BIS6::BIDONNETFri Jan 31 1992Wordperfect for Windows macro for DDE, any experienceience
1766.02YUPPY::63657::GORARDMFri Jan 31 1992MS SNADS and Final Form
1769.01KAOFS::M_MORINFri Jan 31 1992MAC clients hanging, DOS ok.
1770.0OTOOSat Feb 01 1992PAB Queries
1771.0ZPOVC::YEECHINSun Feb 02 1992Mac Client mail loses underscore when printed...
1772.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Feb 03 1992DDS-search limitation
1773.01OSPREY::LAAHSMon Feb 03 1992DOS client licence without PATHWORKS?
1774.02YUPPY::BOE2::GORARDMMon Feb 03 1992Mail notification problem
1775.0HAMCL3::ROEBENTue Feb 04 1992Accessing shareable drawers from MSWindows-Client
1776.03TRCOA::LIUTue Feb 04 1992Image files and X.4
1777.03MAOTAI::MIKAO::MULLICKTue Feb 04 1992A1Mail with TCP/IP - the saga continues
1778.07FLYWAY::SCHORNORWed Feb 05 1992error running 2 servers on same node
1779.02COPCLU::TRIERWed Feb 05 1992File parameter to call of A1MAIL for DOS ?
1780.01TRNOI2::ANDERNELLOWed Feb 05 1992please, which kits and why?
1781.0TRNOI2::ANDERNELLOWed Feb 05 1992presentation available??????
1782.03LUXWed Feb 05 1992Using a1mail on DECpc433
1783.08SAHQ::LIVNGD::LIVENGOODWed Feb 05 1992Server not connecting to Message Router
1784.03WKRP::FRANKWed Feb 05 1992VT client consumes 1
1785.01TSG4::DWAGNERThu Feb 06 1992Memory required for DOS Client
1786.06KAOFS::M_MORINThu Feb 06 1992Wordperfect/DOS attachments to ALL-IN-1 IOS.
1787.01TKOV51::MATTHEWSThu Feb 06 1992DOS 5.
1788.0VMSNET::J_COLBURNThu Feb 06 1992Zero Length Record Error
1789.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Feb 07 1992Statistic on messaging activity and traffic ?
1790.03SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Feb 07 1992DDS lookup pb with DOS client
1791.01SUBURB::VEALESFri Feb 07 1992No servers available
1792.03OSLACT::JENSHFri Feb 07 1992Questions redarding Windows client etc
1793.05IDEFIX::GEOFFFri Feb 07 1992User Filing Cabinet problem with VT client?
1794.01IDEFIX::GEOFFFri Feb 07 1992User Filing Cabinet requirement
1795.0IDEFIX::GEOFFFri Feb 07 1992QAR for VT client
1796.03IJSAPL::VOERMANFri Feb 07 1992HELP!! A1mail and Keypak are not working proper
1797.01IJSAPL::BOERHOUTFri Feb 07 1992WPS/Plus-DOS File Cabinet to ALL-IN-1 MAIL FC conversion
1798.02HOBBLE::SWEATTFri Feb 07 1992Macintosh client problems
1799.01CGOOA::HOMMENFri Feb 07 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail for Windows in French?
1800.01TKOV51::MATTHEWSMon Feb 10 1992Menu for Asynch Connections
1801.02WARNUT::SOULMN::YATESMon Feb 10 1992A1Mail Dos client problem with MS Win v3.1 Beta & XGA driver
1802.01IJSAPL::HLLTMon Feb 10 1992Printing Mechanism???
1803.0STKAI1::LJUNGBERGMon Feb 10 1992X.4
1804.01BOMBOM::CHRISMon Feb 10 1992Major problem with latest version
1805.0HXOUMon Feb 10 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail to cc:mail over TCP/IP
1806.01HGOVC::RUIVOTue Feb 11 1992prd mgr?
1807.0KERNEL::HBUTTTue Feb 11 1992*EMM causes conflict with aplications/attachments
1808.01KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Feb 11 1992MAC and callable interface ?
1809.0KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Feb 11 1992INTerrupt 14 ?
1810.0LEMBEK::VogeleerTue Feb 11 1992How can we order ALL-IN-1 MAIL for DOS ?
1811.01GENIE::STUKERTue Feb 11 1992a1-Mail MS-Windows / editer
1812.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Feb 11 1992muas$evl_transaction.log give some info
1813.0GENIE::KUSTERMTue Feb 11 1992Icons become smaller/Graphics Controller
1814.01SANFAN::BRENNAN_JITue Feb 11 1992External Editor/Mac client??
1815.0SANFAN::BRENNAN_JITue Feb 11 1992Kermit support for Mac client
1816.01ALOSWS::STREVELLTue Feb 11 1992Windows client kit shipping?
1817.05MSAMTue Feb 11 1992fax with ALL-IN-1 Mail ??
1818.03BREAKR::UDICKPTue Feb 11 1992Reset the file type - Unable to display unread/new
1819.02YUPPY::BOE2::GORARDMWed Feb 12 1992PATHWORKS server / Mail server on different VAXes
1820.03CHE::VISCAROLAWed Feb 12 1992Changing fonts on A1MAIL DW interface?
1821.01YUPPY::BAYLISSWed Feb 12 1992EFT4 crashes for no apparent reason
1822.01KYOA::CHANGWed Feb 12 1992Logicals in SUPER and EXEC
1823.03INFACT::BEVISWed Feb 12 1992Odesta out of business!!
1824.02POBOX::ZEISLERWed Feb 12 1992Looking for doc sets
1825.01HALIBT::MCCANTAWed Feb 12 1992Automatic Connection with Windows ALL-IN-1 MAIL
1826.01POBOX::SZILVASYWed Feb 12 1992Information needed on CC:Mail and MS mail, Please
1827.02EEMELI::MITTSThu Feb 13 1992AI1-DOS/MRX bodypart 14 (binary) interworking
1828.01MSAMThu Feb 13 1992feedback/queries on ALL-IN-1 MAIL V1.1
1830.01TRHSUP::RUNESA_PThu Feb 13 1992Why does not NOFORM work....??
1831.0IDEFIX::GEOFFThu Feb 13 1992Large text documents in ALL-IN-1 MAIL for windows EFT4
1832.02VNABRW::HABRICH_PThu Feb 13 1992AppleTalk/DECnet Gateway question
1833.01SUBWAY::LOUIEThu Feb 13 1992Interoperability Database
1834.02SUBURB::VEALESThu Feb 13 1992Problems with licences during V1.1 install
1835.01COPCLU::TRIERThu Feb 13 1992A1M DOS Async, kermit and VGAMCS return stat prob
1836.01TMCDDA::SYSTEMThu Feb 13 1992Wanted! AMIPRO V2.
1837.0LEMAN::CLAVELFri Feb 14 1992Transparent conversions DX/WinWord/MacWord/Word for DOS ?
1839.01COPCLU::JESPERFri Feb 14 1992All-in-1 mail/DOS and NW Co-exist problem
1841.0SUBURB::EASTONFri Feb 14 1992Can you help?
1842.0SUBURB::EASTONFri Feb 14 1992DSU and cc:Mail, HP DESK
1843.05HAACK::HAACKFri Feb 14 1992autoforward sends personal things too! (It should not per x.4
1844.01CTHQ1::WALKERFri Feb 14 1992What is X.44
1845.01PCAE::BUSTR::slaytonFri Feb 14 1992A1MAIL for WINDOWS & MAC UPDATE
1846.03WR2FOR::FIELDS_JEFri Feb 14 1992Asynch? Doc. Conv?
1847.0MSAMSat Feb 15 1992 Async A1 Mail config question
1848.02BERNMon Feb 17 1992Notification (VMS/Ultrix)
1849.0LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERMon Feb 17 1992New kits for MAC or DOS ? [or patch ?]
1850.0KAOFS::M_MORINMon Feb 17 1992Asynch links going away
1851.05SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Feb 18 1992Problems mail enabling AMIpro
1852.0HAMCL3::ROEBENTue Feb 18 1992A1mail for Windows on 286-PC
1853.0GOTA1::SBERGQUISTTue Feb 18 1992Choosing word processor for Windows & Mac clients.
1854.02MEO78B::LIMTue Feb 18 1992Shared Drawers
1855.0MEO78B::LIMTue Feb 18 1992Unwanted xxxxxxxx.bod files
1856.0GOTA1::SBERGQUISTWed Feb 19 1992Again: Need for installing Client SW on server
1857.01ZURWed Feb 19 1992Print Attributes cannot be saved
1858.0DC1Wed Feb 19 1992PATHWORKS/NetWare X.4
1859.01KYOA::CHANGWed Feb 19 1992WordPerfect V5.1?
1860.03514Wed Feb 19 1992some configuration questions
1861.05KYOA::LAMMWed Feb 19 1992ALT & CTRL do not display menu.
1863.0CHE::VISCAROLAThu Feb 20 1992A1MAIL/DOS -- Editor problems?
1864.01COMICS::PEWTERThu Feb 20 1992Delivery Notification-SUBJECT?
1865.01GUCCI::RJENKINSThu Feb 20 1992How many a1mail users ?
1866.03IMLAY::COHENFri Feb 21 1992Message Store Questions
1867.04SHALOT::GOZALOFFFri Feb 21 1992Lotus OMI specification anyone?
1868.03IJSAPL::VOERMANSun Feb 23 1992Documentation A1mail for Macintosh?
1869.01STKHLM::KLOKER::LINDGRENMon Feb 24 1992Windows client and dist. lists
1871.0KERNEL::PATELAMon Feb 24 1992Understanding A1MAIL & MUAS$PROFILE_UPDATE
1872.07GOTA1::SBERGQUISTMon Feb 24 1992URGENT: Latest version of Server crashes
1873.0CGOOA::HOMMENMon Feb 24 1992Where is the DOC for Windows Client?
1874.02THEWAV::BRADLEYMon Feb 24 1992EFT4 for MS-WIN error "DECNET not running"
1875.0ZPOVC::YEECHINTue Feb 25 1992File Not Found during printing...
1876.05LEMAN::BAGNOUDTue Feb 25 1992a1mail for mac v1.1
1877.02KAOFS::M_MORINTue Feb 25 1992MAC hangs printing to port with no printer attached
1878.02BINARY::OSTTue Feb 25 1992Whats new/Whats old??????
1879.0COPCLU::JACOBSENWed Feb 26 1992MS-Win version as shared?
1880.01COPTOR::BIRGERWed Feb 26 1992Release dates for MSwindows
1881.0LEMAN::PITTETWed Feb 26 1992Addressing Templates
1882.0AUNTB::DAVISSTWed Feb 26 1992mrx, retix and answer (ADMD a problem?)
1883.0MYKENE::MOXLEYWed Feb 26 1992Anyone seen this?
1884.02BINARY::OSTWed Feb 26 1992Broadcast notification
1886.01ZPOVC::YEECHINThu Feb 27 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail for MAC problems...
1887.0BIS1::VANKERKHOVEThu Feb 27 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail v1.1 / DDS and "sur names" ?
1888.02BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLThu Feb 27 1992opcode reserved to DIGITAL fault - error with MUAS$SERVER
1889.02CSOA1::CSOPC2::mckennaThu Feb 27 1992Cannot access remote profile
1890.01ERLANG::SIMONThu Feb 27 1992Can't use DECwindows interface
1891.03KYOA::CHANGThu Feb 27 1992Is V1.1A the real thing?
1893.05COMET2::ATKINSONDThu Feb 27 1992No notification after moving to new server
1894.01OTOOA::ROUFThu Feb 27 1992Multi-lingual query for V1.1
1896.06COMICS::PEWTERFri Feb 28 1992External Editor problem
1897.02BASCAS::KNIGHTFri Feb 28 1992Sizing info on A1 MAIL for MACs
1898.0ZURFri Feb 28 1992View DX: Change proportional font to monospaced font for correct formatted tables
1899.0YUPPY::HOUSTONFri Feb 28 1992MUAS callable interface
1900.01WYZZY::PalmerFri Feb 28 1992DOS: Specify DDS Fields on Show?
1901.08MRKTNG::SLATERSat Feb 29 1992ASE Performance & Configuration Guide
1902.02COPCLU::GREGMon Mar 02 1992Notifications over Router
1903.0SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Mar 02 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail over TCP/IP or NETBUEI?
1904.0DRKGMon Mar 02 1992
1905.02DELNI::STACKMon Mar 02 1992Error occurred during initialization
1906.01BASCAS::KNIGHTMon Mar 02 1992DDS search on Organisation hangs PC
1907.01POLAR::HUTCHMon Mar 02 1992MUAS$TIDY runaway
1908.03GOYA::ANGELMon Mar 02 1992V1.1 Installation. Parsing error
1909.05TROOA::PIERCEMon Mar 02 1992ASYNC Modem Dialup MS-DOS: Out of Network Resources
1910.01GBIMon Mar 02 1992attachments and file names
1911.03CIVAGE::FALCOMon Mar 02 1992Fed up
1912.0LARVAE::ROBERTS_RTue Mar 03 1992MAPI and XAPI/MAILbus
1913.0KURTAN::WILHELMSSONTue Mar 03 1992System wide dist lists in Mac client 1.1?
1914.05FAILTE::LAAHSWed Mar 04 1992Customizations
1915.03FAILTE::LAAHSWed Mar 04 1992Management and administration issues
1916.04CANOVA::RUSSOWed Mar 04 1992A1M DOS asyncronous leaves LAT port dirty
1917.0TRCOA::BALSDONWed Mar 04 1992Populating the PAB in A1MAIL for Windows
1918.0TRCOA::BALSDONWed Mar 04 1992Remote MAC's
1919.01JOCKEY::63946::SharkeyaWed Mar 04 1992Edting the PAB ?
1920.01WELCLU::MASONWed Mar 04 1992Address Templates from DOS client
1921.01BREAKR::UDICKWed Mar 04 1992Error occurred updating the wastebasket
1922.01BREAKR::UDICKWed Mar 04 1992DW Mail crashs when opening multiple folders
1923.09PCAE::BUSTR::SlaytonWed Mar 04 1992Windows client shipping by months end
1924.03GIDDAY::LEHThu Mar 05 19921.1A server hung on image CTISHR$DECNET
1925.01BREAKR::UDICKThu Mar 05 1992I was trying to get a list of all of my mail files
1926.07PCAE::BUSTR::SlaytonThu Mar 05 1992OS/2 Needed?
1927.01TKOV51::MATTHEWSFri Mar 06 1992DDS: Max Entries Displayed
1928.08KERNEL::HBUTTFri Mar 06 1992Mail counters & repair utility
1929.03JEAVES::RICKFri Mar 06 1992Running Windows client from read-only LAD drive
1930.02RUMOR::FOSTERFri Mar 06 1992Problem with the a1mail1.1 SSB kit ?
1931.02KETJE::GEESSELSFri Mar 06 1992Attachm. not recogn.
1932.02THEBAY::BRENNANJIFri Mar 06 1992Async performance is poor
1933.0OSLSun Mar 08 1992Problem with return-path using TCPware
1934.010COPCLU::COPRUG::RUNEMon Mar 09 1992VT Interface for ALL-IN-1 Mail
1935.0KETJE::BHP83::bidonnetMon Mar 09 1992MAIL Windows EFT4 - message id's problem
1936.02OTOOA::PBALLMon Mar 09 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail 1.1 - when?
1937.01FRAFS1::ELHAJTue Mar 10 1992Sending a mail to HP UNIX system
1938.02OSLACT::TORKILD_PTue Mar 10 1992Connect problem from Windows EFT4
1939.02KETJE::DESCHUYTERPTue Mar 10 1992DOS client problem with TOKEN RING
1940.0COMICS::PEWTERWed Mar 11 1992MAC DDS search
1941.0SUOSWS::MOOGWed Mar 11 1992Win client setup questions
1942.016MAIL::VOGELWed Mar 11 1992CC:s being converted to TO:s
1943.02HANWed Mar 11 1992Decnet not running ?
1944.05UNYEM::PAYNEPWed Mar 11 1992VMSmail migration, doc conversion, PAB Questions
1946.04BREAKR::UDICKWed Mar 11 1992Can I forward the whole message.
1948.02FAILTE::LAAHSThu Mar 12 1992Can you attach messages in the DOS client?
1949.03TRNOIS::ANDERNELLOThu Mar 12 1992alfaalfa poste or UMC?
1950.03TRNOIS::ANDERNELLOThu Mar 12 1992no notification over MAC
1951.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Mar 12 1992DECnet Not Running ? Why ?
1952.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Mar 12 1992A1M$CONNECT decnet object problem
1953.04SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIThu Mar 12 1992PAB message header/delivery problems
1954.03DWOVAX::KEVILLEThu Mar 12 1992Error Occurred Initializing the mail file cab
1955.01HTSC19::STEVENLAUThu Mar 12 1992A1MAIL$CONNECT crashed with access violation
1956.01SANTEE::GREENEThu Mar 12 1992Aysnc Bug?
1957.02ZPOVC::YEECHINFri Mar 13 1992MAC hangs during DDS access...
1958.06KOALA::MROZIENSKIFri Mar 13 1992Bodypart Conversions - helpful hints
1959.0MAIL::GAMBYFri Mar 13 1992program for dds population
1960.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWSun Mar 15 1992internal error
1961.01BACHUS::DEFEYTERMon Mar 16 1992SHO HEADER, Message Router id = ****.WHY?
1962.02KETJE::GEESSELSMon Mar 16 1992DDS lookups MS-WIN
1963.01LEMAN::LUXMon Mar 16 1992Windows 3.1 Support ?
1964.02GVMIND::DOMINIQUEMon Mar 16 1992DDE API's
1966.06TAMRC::ROMMMon Mar 16 1992DDA's don't appear to work in A1Mail 1.1A
1967.09FAILTE::LAAHSTue Mar 17 1992How do we limit size of messages?
1968.01TEMOLO::MERONITue Mar 17 1992client V1.
1969.02SUOSW3::MOOGTue Mar 17 1992Time diff
1970.0OSLACT::OLAVFTue Mar 17 1992complex problem, Novell, CC:mail, Pathworks etc
1971.02KYOA::LAMMTue Mar 17 1992SSB Kits?
1972.01LEMAN::PITTETTue Mar 17 1992(TO:) search order. Windows Client
1973.02LEMAN::PITTETTue Mar 17 1992PAB (ideas ?)
1974.02SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Mar 17 1992Insufficient privilege on DDS Lookup ...
1975.01BREAKR::UDICKWed Mar 18 1992Internet addressing
1977.02GLDOA::LINDBLADWed Mar 18 1992Please clarify
1979.01EEMELI::TOUKKARIWed Mar 18 1992Help!! ALL-IN-1 MAIL for Windows crashed.
1980.010KOALA::GRAFFWed Mar 18 1992Why one physical copy per user???
1981.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Mar 19 1992MANAGE USER - no servers available
1982.02SUBURB::VEALESThu Mar 19 1992Problem using addressing template
1983.014YUPPY::BAYLISSThu Mar 19 1992no mail servers available since 1.1 installation
1984.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Mar 19 1992ITU (CCITT) chooses A1mail...
1985.02OSLACT::BGOThu Mar 19 1992Problem starting A1MAIL Server
1986.0OASS::CARTER_AFri Mar 20 1992Cannot get New Mail Notification on PCs with BL6
1987.02KYOA::LAMMFri Mar 20 1992WP -> text w/o Keypak?
1988.01EISKVP::VANPATTENFri Mar 20 1992MAIL License w PATHWORKS
1989.02WR1FOR::STEINBENAFri Mar 20 1992A1 Mail/Mac Notification
1990.0PCAE::BUSTR::SlaytonFri Mar 20 1992MAC Client Update
1992.0PCAE::BUSTR::SlaytonFri Mar 20 1992A1MAIL Windows kit on-line
1993.01SANTEE::GREENEFri Mar 20 1992Drawer names case sensitive?
1994.01SANTEE::GREENEFri Mar 20 1992Infinite loop in DOS client
1995.03FAILTE::LAAHSSat Mar 21 1992Is /M on DOS client working correctly?
1996.04STOHUB::MAIL::SHAHNAMSun Mar 22 1992a1mail addressing question
1997.01GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHSun Mar 22 1992Client in Mfg Facility/3 Shifts
1998.07COMPO::batesMon Mar 23 1992Problem re-filing across server drawers
1999.01KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Mar 23 1992System wide nicknames
2000.0DECAPP::decappMon Mar 23 1992Printing control characters
2001.03OTOOA::KUTAMon Mar 23 1992FAX Interface?
2003.01KETJE::GEESSELSMon Mar 23 1992upgrade V1.
2004.02BELFST::DEANMon Mar 23 1992Why sell ALL-IN-1 Mail?
2005.02BREAKR::UDICKMon Mar 23 1992DECwrite for MS-Win as default editor for a1 for MW win
2006.0GBIMon Mar 23 1992a1mail and printers
2007.01TYSON::HUNGMon Mar 23 1992"Print" button on A1M-DOS-WIN
2008.04OTOOA::GORMANMon Mar 23 1992Subscriber's list?
2009.01MSAMMon Mar 23 1992MAC V1.
2010.04IJSAPL::NIESSINKTue Mar 24 1992PAB, Maximum number of addressees ?
2011.07SEDOAS::DAVIES_GTue Mar 24 1992DDS and ALL-IN-1 Mail Server
2012.0DMSSTue Mar 24 1992setting VAX password from Mac
2015.01GRITS::CARTER_ATue Mar 24 1992What files are called with local DOS Print
2016.01GRITS::CARTER_ATue Mar 24 1992Need Information on XCD_Prof.dat
2017.01GRITS::CARTER_ATue Mar 24 1992Questions regarding with PC Anywhere
2018.02LEMAN::DA_SILVAWed Mar 25 1992Filing folders in Local drawers-Deleting multiple messages
2019.01SUBWAY::LOUIEWed Mar 25 1992Netware Global Messaging Server
2020.04YUPPY::BAYLISSWed Mar 25 1992startup problems v1.1
2021.01MSAMWed Mar 25 1992DDIF and PostScript Viewing under ALL-IN-1 Mail for Windows
2023.08MSAMThu Mar 26 1992Non-DECnet Asynch connects in ALL-IN-1 Mail for Windows
2024.0PCAE::BUSTR::SlaytonThu Mar 26 1992Windows client shipping
2025.09SNATCH::EGGIMANNThu Mar 26 1992A1MAIL$STARTUP / License problem ...
2026.0ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 26 1992MB Engineering Update Training - Handouts
2027.02HEARNS::HUNGThu Mar 26 1992Mail-enabling WINWORD in DOS WIN
2029.02GRITS::CARTER_AFri Mar 27 1992File similar to vmsprofile.dat
2033.01GLDOA::CARLENFri Mar 27 1992Remote Clients: Push or Pull Messages?
2034.02KOALA::GRAFFFri Mar 27 1992X.4
2036.02KOALA::GRAFFFri Mar 27 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL for UNIX SERVER??
2037.05KOALA::GRAFFFri Mar 27 1992NEED FOR API'S
2038.02KYOA::LAMMFri Mar 27 1992A1Mail -> VMS? Dynamic DDS changes?
2039.04BIKO::PROCTORSun Mar 29 1992HELP!!! sending mail to A1Mail.
2040.012HEARNS::HUNGSun Mar 29 1992A1M-DOS and A1M-Mac attachment question
2041.02PCAE::BUSTR::SlaytonMon Mar 30 1992MAC V1.1 Phase
2042.02PCAE::BUSTR::SlaytonMon Mar 30 1992Parisian close bog order for Windows client
2043.04TERPS::KMOOREMon Mar 30 1992A1MAIL for MAC on engineering hold??
2044.01TKOV51::MATTHEWSTue Mar 31 1992PC/Mac WordPerfect Conversion
2045.02ISIDRO::LUCIATue Mar 31 1992Connection/Password problem - help needed
2046.01GUCCI::RJENKINSTue Mar 31 1992No Servers Available
2047.01NEEPS::NORRIETue Mar 31 1992System VII and ALL-IN-1 mail for MAC
2048.02WOTVAX::MORRISONWed Apr 01 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail and the Distributed File Cabinet
2049.01WOTVAX::MCGUIREVWed Apr 01 1992ALL-IN-1 IOS V3.
2050.04WELCLU::MASONWed Apr 01 1992What type for Word for Windows attachment?
2051.07WOTVAX::MORRISONWed Apr 01 1992Word on MAC <=> Word on Windows
2052.04MACAW::CASSONEWed Apr 01 1992Can't launch WinWord from A1MAIL for Windows
2053.02PEODS1::DecappWed Apr 01 1992Where is Quickstart?
2054.0PCAE::BUSTR::SlaytonWed Apr 01 1992Test sites needed
2055.01NZOMIS::TURRELLWed Apr 01 1992A1 Macintosh client problems??
2056.01ESTASI::COMISSOLIThu Apr 02 1992A1-Mail with KEYPAK problem
2057.01GRITS::BUSH_SThu Apr 02 1992Pab from Decwinodws lost
2058.01KYOA::WINGThu Apr 02 1992Need UNREGISTERED_USER explaination.
2059.01VAXRIO::BIANCOThu Apr 02 1992A1 MAIL SERVER installed on a SERVER configuration
2060.03TIGEMS::PALUKA::LawtonThu Apr 02 1992Word for WIndows Macro Problem
2062.02GRANMA::TCANNONThu Apr 02 1992CTI information?
2063.01STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LFri Apr 03 1992Error connecting with PATHWORKS account.
2064.03WELCLU::LIFri Apr 03 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL and NOVELL
2065.01GRITS::CARTER_AFri Apr 03 1992Accounting Information
2066.02GRITS::CARTER_AFri Apr 03 1992How to disable a1mail usage
2067.0HEARNS::HUNGFri Apr 03 1992A1MAIL DOS/WIN/Mac attachments
2068.01LJOHUB::CRAWFORDMon Apr 06 1992time zone offset? Does this need changing
2069.09ARRODS::CARTERMon Apr 06 1992Problems running A1MAIL FOR WINDOWS from FILE SERVERICE
2070.03ZURMon Apr 06 1992grab errors during MOVE or CLOSE read window
2071.05KYOA::WINGMon Apr 06 1992Need Install Help...
2073.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Apr 07 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail in File Service?
2074.0LEMAN::PITTETTue Apr 07 1992Print-outs with username
2075.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Apr 07 1992%SSI_ERROR on MACSHR, code 29
2076.06NEPHI::COARTue Apr 07 1992Problem: ATTACH /MESSAGE folder name is case-SENSITIVE
2077.0OTOOA::ROUFTue Apr 07 1992Mail notification with Pathworks V4.1
2078.06ARRODS::CARTERWed Apr 08 1992Wordperfect for Windows and A1Mail for Windows
2079.01GRITS::BUSH_SWed Apr 08 1992Alias username
2080.01FLYNHI::FLYNHI::SIMONSONWed Apr 08 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL licensing, one more time...
2081.02BREAKR::UDICKPWed Apr 08 1992Where is kit for A1mail for MS-Windows
2082.0BIGRED::SPARKSThu Apr 09 1992Batch download or Script for Async desperatly needed
2083.03BEBBI1::STUKERThu Apr 09 1992A1-Mail intgr. WP for Windows
2084.01SEDOAS::SEDTU5::DAVIES_GThu Apr 09 1992Mail for Windows and ASYNC connections
2085.02KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLThu Apr 09 1992Presentation:Windows?
2086.01TRNOI2::ANDERNELLOThu Apr 09 1992MAC 1.1 kit when?
2087.01DELSThu Apr 09 1992MAILBUS TO MHS questions!
2088.02SFSCV1::BRENNANJIThu Apr 09 1992"SYS$MSG.DAT cound not be opened"
2089.02BOBSLD::DALEThu Apr 09 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL for MAC SPD ?
2090.01MDCRAB::STUARTThu Apr 09 1992Dial-out to asynch DOS client?
2091.04ASSETS::HANSONThu Apr 09 1992A1mail - through MTS - to Ultrix
2092.02FLYNHI::FLYNHI::SIMONSONThu Apr 09 1992MS Mail Competitive Information
2093.01UTROP1::KOMEN_AFri Apr 10 1992DL's from PC to MAC. Wrong Document type!!!
2094.0BRSSWS::VERBRAEKENFri Apr 10 1992MUAS$NODE_CHECK Can i run it detached ?
2095.02TRCOA::DMUIRFri Apr 10 1992a few notes/questions on async
2096.01PARVAX::STORMFri Apr 10 1992DaVinci mail info needed
2097.02MSBCS::KINGSat Apr 11 1992Default DECwindows editor problem with wrapping
2098.0HTSC19::ANDYNGMon Apr 13 1992auto-forward ALL-IN-1 mail to X4
2099.0PRSNRD::DALMASSOMon Apr 13 1992Info on DEC X.4
2100.01VNASWS::HELENEMon Apr 13 1992Client for Windows under VMS 5.4?
2101.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Apr 13 1992A1MAIL/Wordperfect A1-IOS/Wordperfect - BUG
2102.03LFOIS1::DEMEESTEREMon Apr 13 1992Mail notification under MS WINDOWS ?
2103.07INFACT::BEVISMon Apr 13 1992A1mAIL addressee processing questions
2104.0THEBAY::SOORENKFEMon Apr 13 1992Can A1 Mail for DOS work over synch modems?
2105.0COWPOK::MCMICKINMon Apr 13 1992A1 MAIL - Good review for DDE API
2106.04HEARNS::HUNGMon Apr 13 1992DDS lookup using first/location/orgname fields ?
2107.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Apr 14 1992A1MAIL notifier use
2108.016GIDDAY::BURTTue Apr 14 1992A1MAIL for Macintosh - damaged drawer
2109.05COPCLU::ELINTue Apr 14 1992Original address truncated when A1MAIL forwarded
2110.03NOSNOW::LAROETue Apr 14 1992where is mac client kit?
2112.01UTRTSC::EDERVEENWed Apr 15 1992unable to connect to mail server (insuf resources)
2114.07FAILTE::LAAHSWed Apr 15 1992Management Tools
2115.01EEMELI::KOIRA::TOUKKARIWed Apr 15 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail for Windows is loosing fonts
2116.01OTOPWed Apr 15 1992Link to other applications
2117.0BALZAC::GALION::ROMNEYWed Apr 15 1992eXcursion and a mono user license
2118.01GOTA1::SBERGQUISTWed Apr 15 1992LAN Manager 2.1 and Windows client ?
2119.01LJOHUB::CRAWFORDWed Apr 15 1992HELP...user hangs when trying to use A1Mail
2120.04COPCLU::TRIERWed Apr 15 1992Not enough memory problem with A1M for DOS overla
2121.06OTOP67::BellWed Apr 15 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL for DECWindows
2122.03EISKVP::VANPATTENWed Apr 15 1992Modify Header & DDS
2123.03OTOPWed Apr 15 1992A1MAIL for Mac - how much disk space?
2124.01CHGVWed Apr 15 1992Screen attr and ALT key functionality
2125.04OAXCEL::CALLERYWed Apr 15 1992MAC MSWord to MAC MSWord
2126.02NZOMIS::THAZHATHEThu Apr 16 1992CDA Convertor library V2.
2127.04DMSSThu Apr 16 1992Windows client new mail notification
2128.04BACHUS::VERBRAEKENFri Apr 17 1992.X4H files stuck in the a1mail$ directory ?
2129.04SPELTA::SPELTAFri Apr 17 1992Change VMS Password from Windows Client ?
2130.01SOBEL::SharynFri Apr 17 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL Windows ACCESS Problem
2131.05ZPOVC::YEECHINMon Apr 20 1992DDS$COMPRESS Fails with ALL-IN-1 Mail locking file
2132.02MARVA1::MILESMon Apr 20 1992X4
2133.04COPSER::COPBRI::RIISMon Apr 20 1992Remote MR again !
2134.05KOALA::GRAFFMon Apr 20 1992New Mail Presentation with Script!
2136.02STOHUB::MAIL::SHAHNAMTue Apr 21 1992possbile bugs with V1.1 dos Asynch.
2137.0GOTA1::SBERGQUISTWed Apr 22 1992Replacing LAN Manager 2.1 with PathWorks
2138.01BERNWed Apr 22 1992not all recipients are displayed
2139.02MLCADG::ECUWed Apr 22 1992Bug in GIVEN_NAME parsing?
2140.03UTROP1::KOMEN_AWed Apr 22 1992Use Shared File Cabinets Read-Only?!?!
2141.01LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERWed Apr 22 1992LAT service name .NE. DECnet node name ?
2142.01TRNOIS::ANDERNELLOWed Apr 22 1992mac problems, please reply!!!
2143.05LARVAE::COHEN_DWed Apr 22 1992DOS / MAC - what can I offer
2144.01BAHTAT::HILTONWed Apr 22 1992Unable to read drawer list
2145.04GRITS::SHEPPARD_JWed Apr 22 1992DEC 32
2146.07OTOOA::GORMANWed Apr 22 1992IOS to DX to a Mac
2147.02CGOOA::HOMMENWed Apr 22 1992KERMIT supported for asynch connection?
2148.01BDX64::GUISELINThu Apr 23 1992Mail Correlation for answer
2149.02COPCLU::TRIERThu Apr 23 1992DDS search orgunit disp. prob A1M for DOS X1.1
2150.0NEWVAX::MAASThu Apr 23 1992Cannot reply to msg from A1 MAC via Internet
2151.03MDCRAB::MARSHALLThu Apr 23 1992UAF Quotas for A1 Mail users accounts?
2152.0SUBWAY::LOUIESat Apr 25 1992Windows 3.1 and asynch and TCP/IP
2153.01TROPPO::HUNTSun Apr 26 1992Defer Delivery?
2154.04OSLACT::TORKILD_PSun Apr 26 1992Some Windows client (shared) questions
2155.06SUBWAY::DLYONSMon Apr 27 1992MAPI, X.4
2156.0TROPPO::HUNTMon Apr 27 1992ULTRIX client when?
2157.03LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERMon Apr 27 1992ACCVIO with 1.1-6 at start time
2158.03HSKPRF::JJARVINENMon Apr 27 1992Problems with reading and sending with WINDOWS client
2159.01ZHSSMon Apr 27 1992Problem with DOS V1.1.23NE and German Characters
2160.02KERNEL::HOULDINGJMon Apr 27 1992V1.
2162.05VEGAS::GEORGESMon Apr 27 1992Any Way for Automatic Login?
2163.0DRLSGT::JENNINGSMon Apr 27 1992How will we add value in time
2164.0HAACK::HAACKTue Apr 28 1992MS/mail vs. A1mail features list?
2165.01STOHUB::MAIL::SHAHNAMWed Apr 29 1992latest A1MAIL DOS V1.1 FT KIT?
2166.02BACHUS::DEFEYTERWed Apr 29 1992Small pitch in Window version. How to change to normal again?/noedit
2167.01BACHUS::DEFEYTERWed Apr 29 1992How to change pagelayout in Window version?
2168.010GIDDAY::LEHWed Apr 29 1992X4MAN STOP not stopping server completely
2169.01SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Apr 29 1992Update on TCP/IP transport position?
2170.01COMICS::PEWTERWed Apr 29 1992KFD?
2171.02ZURThu Apr 30 1992Reading DX file on a PC
2172.01QMARY::CHRISThu Apr 30 1992Some fix for Quadras/system 7 and ALL-IN-1 Mail - PLEASE
2173.0SAC::HAREThu Apr 30 1992Mac client - Type and Creator clues
2174.01TOPTEN::MEIGHANThu Apr 30 1992mswindow customer questions?
2175.01GUIDUK::GUMYBR::kerouacThu Apr 30 1992update on NOVELL & ALL-IN-1 Mail
2176.03HTSC19::STEVENLAUFri May 01 1992How to reset drawer and folder in DOS client?
2177.01NZOMIS::THAZHATHEFri May 01 1992Coversion on delivery to IOS
2178.01HTSC19::STEVENLAUFri May 01 1992Incorrect Delivery/Receipt Notification.
2179.02CGOOA::HOMMENFri May 01 1992Changing search order for addressee?
2180.0NZOMIS::ROBBINSFri May 01 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail Notifier
2181.02ZPOAC3::SYSTEMMon May 04 1992MAC client still on hold?
2182.01BACHUS::VERBRAEKENMon May 04 1992A1MAIL & licenses philosophy request.
2183.03EISKVP::VANPATTENMon May 04 1992Mail Clients over TCP/IP
2184.02HAMCL3::ROEBENMon May 04 1992Mail notification/windows client/token ring
2185.02KYOA::CHANGMon May 04 1992Automatic Restarting A1MAIL
2186.02TRCOA::DMUIRMon May 04 1992KEYPAK +1/WP
2188.01JAYJAY::GIAUQUEMon May 04 1992DDS to PAB for address validation
2189.0--UnknownUser--Mon May 04 1992MAPI Specification Available
2190.01DRLSGT::JENNINGSMon May 04 1992MAPI Preliminary Spec Available
2191.05GIDDAY::LEHTue May 05 1992Windows display problem on PS/2
2192.0PORVAX::SILVA_JCTue May 05 1992Problems with Excel and A1-Mail for windows
2193.03KYOA::LAMMTue May 05 1992A1Mail w/Windows V3.1?
2194.02OTOPTue May 05 1992Time triggered sending
2195.05CGOOA::HOMMENTue May 05 1992VT Client question.
2196.03RUMOR::FOSTERWed May 06 1992First Microsoft, now Lotus...
2197.01DPDMAI::RITZCWed May 06 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL V1.1A different from V1.1-6?
2198.05RKNROL::MARSHALLWed May 06 1992WINRCV TSR and Windows 3.1 possible problem
2199.0YUPPY::GORARDMWed May 06 1992Bug fixes in 1.1 DOS client
2200.0RKNROL::MARSHALLWed May 06 1992Customer Issues with ALL-IN-! Mail for Windows
2201.03LSVAX::SALZMANNWed May 06 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL for DOS V1.1 shipping yet???
2202.01NEWVAX::MAASWed May 06 1992DDS lookups on fields other than surname???
2203.02WR2FOR::FIELDS_JEWed May 06 1992Mac - Mail Notification!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2204.02GIDDAY::WANThu May 07 1992MS window client send confirm timestamp 1 hour off
2205.02HLLTThu May 07 1992Customize default ASCII tagging
2206.03LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERThu May 07 1992More LANGUAGES ?
2207.0TROOA::BURGOSThu May 07 1992Arcnet-Novell-WP Office Solution
2208.02CAPNET::FENTROSSThu May 07 1992Using SYS$INPUT for message file
2209.0DC1Thu May 07 1992direct for CC:mail ???
2210.01MJBOOT::COLEMANThu May 07 1992displaying lotus spreadsheets from a vt client
2211.03POLAR::BAYNEThu May 07 1992IVP failure v1.1-1 access violation
2213.03KYOA::LAMMThu May 07 1992Bugs?
2214.01SNOCFri May 08 1992Mail White Paper available??
2215.01LARVAE::ROBERTS_RFri May 08 1992ACB and ALL-IN-1 MAIL for DOS
2216.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri May 08 1992How to get at KERMIT on the server ?
2217.01ZURFri May 08 1992All distr. lists on DW Client?
2218.01TOPTEN::MEIGHANFri May 08 1992window to small to use?
2219.01TOPTEN::MEIGHANFri May 08 1992Can you move a tagging table?
2220.01TOPTEN::MEIGHANFri May 08 1992windows client should display folder name
2222.0MSBCS::KINGFri May 08 1992Adding SEDT editor to list of registered editors on clients other than DOS
2223.023ODDONE::KNIGHTFri May 08 1992=DECforms interface to ALL-IN-1 MAIL for VTs
2224.01CGOOA::BARNABESat May 09 1992Support Guide / File Mapping
2225.02KYOA::LAMMMon May 11 1992Unread message count when logging in?
2226.02TRCOA::DMUIRMon May 11 1992Modifying Profile Templates
2227.05WELCLU::MASONMon May 11 1992Fax/DDS/Template Addressing Question
2228.01PCAE::BUSTR::SlaytonMon May 11 1992A1MAIL for Mac status
2229.0MIPSBX::thomasMon May 11 1992From USENET: Alternate for DEC's All-in-1 product?
2231.02VMSNET::J_COLBURNMon May 11 1992A1MAIL V1.1-6 and DECWRITE V2.
2232.01BREAKR::UDICKPTue May 12 1992Could not modify AM during install
2233.01OSLACT::JENSHTue May 12 1992Plans for documentation of the Windows client?
2234.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue May 12 1992Proper Shutdown procedure ?
2235.02WELLIN::SIMMSTue May 12 1992KIT Location please!!
2236.04KURTAN::DIRINGTue May 12 1992Pathworks,ERRCLOPAB ....
2237.01DELNI::ROSSMEISLTue May 12 1992Install failure for V1.1-6
2238.03GIDDAY::BURTTue May 12 1992A1MAIL startup - unrecoverable DOS error
2239.03CGOOA::BARNABEWed May 13 1992A1 DOS 1.
2240.0HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed May 13 1992Netware Coexistence
2241.03VOGON::READINGWed May 13 1992Printing from ALL-IN-1 MAIL is a real problem
2242.0PRESS1::MARSHALLWed May 13 1992Filing Attachments?
2243.01LRGFMT::FIELDSWed May 13 1992Notification on Mac clients???
2244.01BREAKR::UDICKWed May 13 1992Resetting user profile to last saved settings - Why
2245.01TRCOA::DMUIRWed May 13 1992Problems copy to revisable
2246.01TRCOA::DMUIRWed May 13 1992Null () Recipient
2247.011A1VAX::GUNNWed May 13 1992Name Change to DEC MAILworks.
2248.03GIDDAY::SETHIWed May 13 1992A1MAIL deleted message text files remain (RMS)
2249.05YOROWN::WALTERSThu May 14 1992Cannot reply to mail sent via x4
2250.01PCAE::BUSTR::SlaytonThu May 14 1992Windows client non-English versions available
2251.01MDCRAB::MARSHALLThu May 14 1992Sensitivity field on printed document?
2252.06OASS::BUSH_SThu May 14 1992DECWINDOWS MOTIF V 1.
2253.01SUOSWS::6361Fri May 15 1992A1Mail$connect 98%of CPU
2254.0SUOSWS::6361Fri May 15 1992Limit DDS search
2255.02TROOA::BWONGFri May 15 1992A1mail for VMS V1.1 Still on hold ???
2256.01DURDUR::MONGE::Conferencing-UserFri May 15 1992Bug in A1MAIL for DECwindows
2257.05KETJE::GEESSELSFri May 15 1992No Receipt_notification
2258.01UNYEM::PAYNEPFri May 15 1992What's our strategy with PROFS?
2259.0VCOUFri May 15 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail for DOS
2260.03DPDMAI::RITZCFri May 15 1992Software requirements / engineering hold?
2261.04NEWVAX::MAASMon May 18 1992convert Wordperfect cover memo only
2262.06PCAE::BUSTR::SlaytonMon May 18 1992A1MAIL for MAC V1.1 FT Kit Loc
2263.05GIDDAY::SETHIMon May 18 1992A1mail for MAC, DOS and Word mail corrupted
2264.02ODDONE::KNIGHTTue May 19 1992DDS search limited to 25 subscribers
2265.0LRGFMT::FIELDSTue May 19 1992MAC hangs in MSWord, conflict with mail???
2266.0YUPPY::BAYLISSTue May 19 1992Mail ignores template file?
2267.02TROOA::BURGOSTue May 19 1992Word Perfect conversion?
2268.02KURTAN::WILHELMSSONTue May 19 1992Word -> RTF conversion when attaching Word doc
2269.01EISKVP::VANPATTENTue May 19 1992V2.
2271.02BER::RAMMWed May 20 1992New Mail Notification using WINRCV
2272.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed May 20 1992Need for DEC Mailworks for Mac that supports nat. char
2273.0PCAE::LARGAR::BROWNWed May 20 1992Binary tag changed to RMS
2274.04PRSST4::HENONWed May 20 1992Customization on all-in-1 for MS/windows interface
2275.01POBOX::ZWIKELWed May 20 1992Location of Kits?
2276.02GUCCI::PROSENBAUMWed May 20 1992Lotus Notes to ALL-IN-1 Mail - The Latest?
2277.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu May 21 1992A1MAIL 1.
2278.04STKAI2::RADOLFSSONThu May 21 1992Damaged drawers
2279.01STKAI2::RADOLFSSONThu May 21 1992Problem createing
2280.01HAACK::HAACKThu May 21 1992DDN TCP X.25 for RETIX to MRX?
2282.0COPCLU::JACOBSENFri May 22 1992A1 Mail DOS asset, allows sending from WP
2283.0KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri May 22 1992Exceeded ENQ quota ...
2284.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri May 22 1992DOS Drawers
2285.03PRSST4::HENONFri May 22 1992All-in-1 Mail for MS/windows documentation
2286.03BAHTAT::BELLFri May 22 1992Customer Config Query
2287.01KETJE::BRH516::VandenEyndeMon May 25 1992Standard font on editor MS-Windows client
2288.01ATHINA::VELONIASMon May 25 1992X4
2289.03TRCP6Mon May 25 1992Token Ring?
2290.03COLLEX::SCARBOROTue May 26 1992MS-Windows fonts, 1
2291.03PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue May 26 1992DEC MAILworks over TELNET over TCP/IP
2292.06UTRTSC::BOSMANTue May 26 1992MUAS-E-FAIL_MAP_NON, Failed to map Non-Dynamic Section
2293.01AIMENG::BOLGATZTue May 26 1992Mac/Win attachment tagging
2294.03ODIXIE::LAROETue May 26 1992Questions on MS-Windows client
2295.01BIGRED::SPARKSWed May 27 1992Mobilizer, x4
2296.0YUPPY::STUBBSPWed May 27 1992WOSIS (Wang)
2297.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed May 27 1992How does it tag attachements ?
2298.01GRITS::BUSH_SWed May 27 1992Setting Default Editor to TPU
2300.0--UnknownUser--Wed May 27 1992
2301.01GRITS::CARTER_AWed May 27 1992a1mail$dw_mail.exe error during installation
2302.01GRITS::CARTER_AWed May 27 1992Is microsoft mouse supported with V1.1 of dos clienee
2303.03ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed May 27 1992Password Expired with Windows Client V1.
2304.01QMARY::CHRISThu May 28 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail Server creates jobs under SYSTEM account
2306.01WOTVAX::DORANAThu May 28 1992ASYNC - how much memory required?
2307.02KAOFS::R_OBASThu May 28 1992A1MAIL$USER_PROFILE.DAT vs DDS !!
2308.01ARRODS::CARTERThu May 28 1992WPSPLUS losing bold etc/unsupported.
2309.07SNOCFri May 29 1992WordPerfect attachment
2310.01COPCLU::TRIERFri May 29 1992A1M for DOS/Danish unable to find ibm$run.ovl
2311.01TRCP6Fri May 29 1992limit on number of local drawers???
2312.0COPCLU::GREGFri May 29 1992New-mail notification request...
2314.01KYOA::CHANGMon Jun 01 1992Missing line 13-DOS Client
2315.02UNYEM::PAYNEPMon Jun 01 1992Coexistence: Mailworks and ALL-IN-1 IOS
2316.02COPCLU::GREGMon Jun 01 1992A1Mail for DOS with MCS supp. in Novell coex.
2318.02AUNTB::MCLAINMon Jun 01 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail for Windows Message Attachments
2319.01VAXRIO::MAFRATue Jun 02 1992Accents chars on A1 Mail DOS/8
2320.04ZHSSTue Jun 02 1992Callable Interface to ALL-IN-1 Mail Decwindows
2321.01CAATS::CAATSB::tamTue Jun 02 1992VMS mail user dropped in To:
2322.02WELLIN::SIMMSTue Jun 02 1992WP 5.1 as the EDITOR
2323.0VCOPTue Jun 02 1992MAILWorks and DECnet Areas
2324.03TROOA::DLOTENTue Jun 02 1992Windows Client text editing
2326.03LARVAE::ROBERTS_RWed Jun 03 1992Scripted Downline Load
2327.01NEPHI::COARWed Jun 03 1992Problem: SELECT (no messages) doesn't result in empty list
2328.05SWETSC::YEAH::wilhelmssonWed Jun 03 1992Select DDS server from Windows client
2329.01KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Jun 03 1992Ghost mails
2331.0BACHUS::AUSSIEWed Jun 03 1992Can't create a1mail for dos "out of memory"
2332.01KOALA::GRAFFWed Jun 03 1992Do you need Japanese?
2333.02OASS::BUSH_SWed Jun 03 1992Error occurred closing your PAB
2334.0TKOV51::MATTHEWSThu Jun 04 1992Some specific ASYNC Kermit A1M DOS Questions
2336.03BACHUS::LAROCHEThu Jun 04 1992Unable to expand reference ...
2337.0WELLIN::SIMMSThu Jun 04 1992Wordperfect for the MAC
2338.03GNOJP::PORELLThu Jun 04 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail for MAC kit location?
2339.02BACHUS::AUSSIEThu Jun 04 1992Allin1/wordperfect to a1mail for ms-windows/wordperfect
2340.0GRITS::BUSH_SThu Jun 04 1992No delivery date on sent_keep copies
2341.01COPCLU::GREGThu Jun 04 1992Display more DDS fields pls.
2342.01TRCP53::MacWilliamsThu Jun 04 1992Proper network installation?
2343.01ROMFri Jun 05 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL: problem attaching DDIF file
2344.01LEMAN::PITTETFri Jun 05 1992Passing invalid handles to Windows...
2345.03NEOVSun Jun 07 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail questions
2346.01ISIDRO::JCLOPEZMon Jun 08 1992Remote connection problem
2347.01KYOA::LAMMMon Jun 08 1992Pointer for help to reside on network?
2348.014SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIMon Jun 08 1992Will Async get better soon?
2350.01AIMENG::BOLGATZTue Jun 09 1992setting the record straight
2351.01GRITS::BUSH_STue Jun 09 1992termination error upon exiting A1mail for VT
2352.0GIDDAY::SETHITue Jun 09 1992How to determine the value of MAIL$SYSTEM_FLAGS
2353.01KERNEL::CHEWTERWed Jun 10 1992Password Problem V1.1
2354.01KAOFS::R_OBASWed Jun 10 1992Forwarding mail VT-client
2355.0COPCLU::GREGWed Jun 10 1992A1M for DOS and printing without PATHworks
2356.02WARNUT::BANKSTWed Jun 10 1992Microsoft MAIL X.4
2357.04YUPPY::63657::GORARDMThu Jun 11 1992REPLY/ALL on VT client ??
2358.01KAOFS::R_OBASThu Jun 11 1992Upgrade disables license !!
2359.01SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Jun 12 1992MUAS$SERVER 1.1A startup register dump
2360.01IJSAPL::EISINKFri Jun 12 1992Buildin editor prob X1.1.32
2361.05YUPPY::63657::GORARDMFri Jun 12 1992Title in read/delivery mail message receipts ??
2363.0ECAMV1::REISTERFri Jun 12 1992Out of Network Resources?!?
2364.0NEPHI::COARMon Jun 15 1992A1MAIL$.DIR MAIL_DIRECTORY created wrongly
2365.03HOWICK::VETTEMon Jun 15 1992UAE when printing from Windows client V1.
2366.01HSKPRF::TAURIAINENMon Jun 15 1992Windows client & WP for Windows
2367.06COPCLU::COPSPD::GLARGAARDMon Jun 15 1992Process does not terminate properly ???
2369.0PRSPSU::GUIRAUDMon Jun 15 1992availibility for DEC MAILWORKS TCP/IP
2370.05NZOMIS::ROBBINSMon Jun 15 1992MRX problem
2371.01GIDDAY::BURTTue Jun 16 1992A1mail 1.1 with WordPerfect attachment - print problem
2372.02AUNTB::DAVISSTTue Jun 16 1992can customer use 1.1 for test safely?
2373.02PCFRC1::Conferencing-UserTue Jun 16 1992Word Wrap and Window Sizing And Placement
2374.06JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROTue Jun 16 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL, MS Mail, QuickMail
2375.01KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Jun 17 1992Error 2 in A1M DOS FT
2376.01KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Jun 17 1992What DOS ?
2377.03TEACH::ANGIEWed Jun 17 1992A1MAIL Questions
2378.05SAC::EDMUNDSWed Jun 17 1992Windows 1.1 kit, please
2379.02TEACH::ANGIEWed Jun 17 1992SAVE and RESTORE problem
2380.03WOTVAX::MORRISONWed Jun 17 1992Microsoft/Digital MAPI announcement
2381.01WELLIN::SIMMSWed Jun 17 1992General Questions on the Client
2383.01TROPPO::WARDThu Jun 18 1992Windows Broadcast Message Receiver
2384.0DURDUR::MONGE::Conferencing-UserThu Jun 18 1992Compatibility a1MAIL V1.
2385.02A1VAX::GUNNThu Jun 18 1992Field help needed on TCP/IP requirements.
2386.03OAXCEL::CALLERYThu Jun 18 1992MS Word to MAC 1.1
2387.01KAOFS::M_MORINThu Jun 18 1992DECpc 32
2388.02DMSSThu Jun 18 1992New Mac SPD
2389.0SNOCThu Jun 18 1992X.4
2390.01BACHUS::2HFri Jun 19 1992Functionality Issue with Attachments
2391.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DFri Jun 19 1992API for DOS 1.1 ?
2392.01WOTVAX::MORRISONFri Jun 19 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail -> ALL-IN-1 IOS name loss
2393.0OTOOA::AUBINFri Jun 19 1992ALL-IN-1 IOS & ALL-IN-1 Mail Integration
2394.01LSNCSC::AKERETFri Jun 19 1992Invalid login pwd on MAC ?
2397.01ZHSSSun Jun 21 1992Change DDS lookup template?
2399.03KERNEL::PATELAMon Jun 22 1992Urgent! DOC's req - A1MAIL v1.
2400.01KERNEL::PATELAMon Jun 22 1992A1MAIL Straem to Fixed or Variable Length conversion
2401.01POBOX::DECAPPMon Jun 22 1992Print to local laserjet
2402.01COMICS::HALFACREETue Jun 23 1992File Types for Wordperfect V5.1
2403.04WOTVAX::MORRISONTue Jun 23 1992Display created message.
2404.04WOTVAX::MORRISONTue Jun 23 1992Default Editor Window Size Larger than Print Page Width
2405.02TERPS::KMOORETue Jun 23 1992Frustrated on product directions
2406.03MSAMWed Jun 24 1992assistance in defining features..
2407.08HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Jun 24 1992Quite some questions on MS-WIN client
2408.01KEMER::DARUGERWed Jun 24 1992GE Mail to PATHWORKS Mail?
2409.06SWTHOM::CORNUWed Jun 24 1992A1mail for Windows in asynchronous mode
2410.0UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Jun 24 1992Buildin Editor A1MAIL for DOS hangs PS/1 ?
2411.0KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Jun 24 1992A1MAIL for DOS and full disks
2412.03WKRP::GILBERTWed Jun 24 1992MailWORKS Postmaster
2413.02CGOOA::HOMMENWed Jun 24 1992net location for French Variant?
2414.0NEPHI::COARWed Jun 24 1992SEND searchlist:file Fails with FNF
2415.04RUMOR::STANPC::fosterWed Jun 24 1992Important reminder for MTS sites
2416.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Jun 25 1992Problem with printing on ALL-IN-1 Mail for Mac 1.1 FT
2417.0WELLIN::SIMMSThu Jun 25 1992Running out of Memory
2418.02SWTHOM::CORNUThu Jun 25 1992A1mail for Decwindows and Vaxmail
2419.02LSVAX::SALZMANNThu Jun 25 1992Runaway process on the server
2420.01POBOX::SZILVASYThu Jun 25 1992Problem going through MR/S adn MR/P w/MailWorks
2421.04SUOSW3::HILGENSTOCKFri Jun 26 1992Latest Client DOS Kit
2422.04NZOMIS::ROBBINSSun Jun 28 1992Mac memory usage
2423.01BRSDVP::AUSSIEMon Jun 29 1992X4
2424.01KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Jun 29 1992A1M MS W and large TEXT files
2425.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Jun 29 1992Config = disable. How come ?
2427.01LJOHUB::CRAWFORDMon Jun 29 1992Invalid session id
2428.09KYOA::CHANGMon Jun 29 1992A1MAIL$BROADCAST_STATE-Definition please
2431.02CGOOA::BARNABETue Jun 30 1992MAC 1.1FT + notification
2432.01SWTHOM::CORNUWed Jul 01 1992Questions about A1mail for DECwindows
2433.06KAAKAA::SEPPIWed Jul 01 1992Simple_text_delivery server param.
2434.0KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLWed Jul 01 1992WP, Word, Excel Integration
2435.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Jul 02 1992Burning MAILBUS 4
2437.01OTOOA::ROUFFri Jul 03 1992A1MAIL connect hang
2438.01HGOSPS::SIMONLAUFri Jul 03 1992OPEN FOLDER got hang !!
2439.02ZPOVC::YEECHINFri Jul 03 1992ONE user cannot confirm READ receipt...
2440.0COPCLU::JOHNSENFri Jul 03 1992DECforms VT interface - Attachments
2441.01SWTHOM::CORNUFri Jul 03 1992A1mail for DECwindows and distribution lists
2442.02GIDDAY::BURTSun Jul 05 1992DATE/TIME stamp
2444.02MSAMMon Jul 06 1992cannot send mail to remote A1 users...
2445.01SOTT::NAULTMon Jul 06 1992Languages and Competition for Windows Version
2446.0MFRFMS::SUSANNEMon Jul 06 1992CDA Converter Library V2.
2448.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKMon Jul 06 1992CTIdnet and A1MLOGIN and a 2e question
2450.0PRESS1::MARSHALLMon Jul 06 1992Losing DDAs in DEC Mailworks for Windows
2451.0A1VAX::GUNNMon Jul 06 1992TCP/IP Preferences.
2452.03JULIET::RILEY_ELMon Jul 06 1992User Friendly VT Interface?
2453.01KYOA::GREENJTue Jul 07 1992Attaching Excel Document
2454.08WOTVAX::MORRISONTue Jul 07 1992Intuitive Windows Interface.
2455.0TALE::PILOUI::Dominique PittetTue Jul 07 1992Advantages of MAILworks vs cc:Mail (ITU report summary)
2457.01AIMENG::BOLGATZTue Jul 07 1992AIN1 MAIL for Win does support Pathworks
2458.02GRITS::BUSH_STue Jul 07 1992Captive Accounts and Decmailworks
2459.02BEBBI1::STUKERWed Jul 08 1992competition report
2460.06LISVAX::MSEPULVEDAWed Jul 08 1992A1MAIL on a cluster
2461.01GIDDAY::KOWed Jul 08 1992Messages in wastebasket NOT "Auto_purged"
2462.02GIDDAY::SETHIThu Jul 09 1992RMS files not being deleted Deleted_Bytes_In_drawer is 668
2463.03DURDUR::DALMASSOThu Jul 09 1992V1.1C of ALL-IN-1 MAIL
2465.08ZPOVC::YEECHINFri Jul 10 1992READ mails stays in INBOX ...
2467.02OUTHSE::HOLVENSTOTFri Jul 10 1992File Cabinet Problems
2468.02JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROFri Jul 10 1992MS Windows clnt customizations?
2469.02SWAM2::THAI_MIFri Jul 10 1992All-In-1 Mail for MS Windows-Poor functionality
2470.01TODDLR::SALZMANNFri Jul 10 1992MS-WORD conversion problem with DECwindows
2471.01PARVAX::STORMFri Jul 10 1992Where Is MR/Xlate?
2472.02GIDDAY::SETHIMon Jul 13 1992Mail Notification problems DOS client v1.1 DOS 5.
2473.04BACHUS::VERBRAEKENMon Jul 13 1992Free Memory Needed ?
2474.0DMSSTue Jul 14 1992MAILworks for Macintosh Ship dates
2475.03TRCP6Tue Jul 14 1992v1.1a comments
2476.02VMSNET::B_KOSINSTue Jul 14 1992Define command using the vt client.
2477.02VAXRIO::MPARAIZOTue Jul 14 1992I need an accounting !
2478.0VAXSPO::CRISTINATue Jul 14 1992Restrict VMS account problem
2479.03BIGTOY::ROGERSDTue Jul 14 1992Error event log - need help interpreting
2480.01BACHUS::VERBRAEKENWed Jul 15 1992Async with A1mail V1.1A for dos ?
2481.03BEBBI1::STUKERWed Jul 15 1992create reomte drawer
2483.08OSIBCO::ALTORFERWed Jul 15 1992WASPRESENT error in MRXlog when issuing an A1MAIL reply
2484.06COPCLU::TRIERWed Jul 15 1992Miisng Originator info in P2 header
2485.01KYOA::CHANGWed Jul 15 1992Restarting MUAS$SERVER process
2486.02BACHUS::WILLEMSHWed Jul 15 1992MUAS-E-INVSESS, Invalid session id
2487.02JAYJAY::GIAUQUEWed Jul 15 1992DOS/Windows Clients under OS/2 V2
2488.01CAADC::SOBELWed Jul 15 1992Launching Attachment Issues
2489.01DPDMAI::RITZCThu Jul 16 1992A1MAIL.HLP text displayed in strange characters
2490.09DMSSThu Jul 16 1992***Prod Rq'ts Input Needed***
2491.01KYOA::GREENJThu Jul 16 1992MAC - MAILworks V1.1 of Pathworks V1.1??
2493.0SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Jul 17 1992how to send to a x4
2494.01MSBCS::KINGFri Jul 17 1992Checknew message
2495.02BACHUS::VERBRAEKENFri Jul 17 1992Excel-A1mail hates Graphs and Formatting when sending.
2496.08OTOOA::SVTHOMPSONFri Jul 17 1992Mac 1.1 Questions
2497.01VAXRIO::MPARAIZOFri Jul 17 1992Where can I find MAILBUS Data Collector ?
2498.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Jul 20 1992time sent always + 1 hr
2499.02ISIDRO::CANDIDOMon Jul 20 1992WINRCV doesn't behave the same way for every user
2500.07BASCAS::KNIGHTMon Jul 20 1992Support for attaching SUPERCALC files
2501.07CGHUB::CANNONMon Jul 20 1992Can I change Fonts in MAILworks for Windows?
2502.07DWOVAX::KEVILLEMon Jul 20 1992Logical Name Table is Full
2503.02OTOOA::GORMANTue Jul 21 1992Template customization
2504.01OTOOA::GORMANTue Jul 21 1992A1Mail for MAC - PAB on server?
2505.01COMICS::PEWTERTue Jul 21 1992DOS DRIVE
2506.0PCAE::RYAN_BTue Jul 21 1992Mobilizer Mail EFT1 is now available!
2507.07GRITS::BUSH_STue Jul 21 1992general protection fault error
2508.03IJSAPL::BROUWER_DWed Jul 22 1992wp attachments not readable
2509.02BACHUS::WILLEMSHWed Jul 22 1992empty trash or purge gives errors - messages are not deleted
2510.02DMSSWed Jul 22 1992Mac Client shipping!
2511.05DMSSWed Jul 22 1992Is Hi density OK?
2512.04COPSER::COPBRI::RIISThu Jul 23 1992Problem with Message Router - Mails disappears
2514.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Jul 23 1992A1MAIL/WINDOWS and group distributions list
2516.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Jul 23 1992Is it possible to use WRITE with A1MAIL WINDOWS
2517.01DMSSThu Jul 23 1992Need a User's Guide?
2518.01DMSSThu Jul 23 1992Reference Accounts?
2519.03LGRANG::ShahnamThu Jul 23 1992Urgent - MAILworks for DOS V1.1 over X.29
2520.03POBOX::DECAPPFri Jul 24 1992LARGE messages w/MAILWORKS/Windows
2521.01JULIET::PAIGE_JAFri Jul 24 1992E_Mail Confusion!
2522.0CGOOA::BARNABESat Jul 25 1992MUAS$TOOLS doc please!
2524.02LOOKIN::HALFACREEMon Jul 27 1992SET DRAWER name, cause ACCVIO
2525.01STOHUB::BXCLNT::GAMBYMon Jul 27 1992Binary Tag questions
2526.01OTOOA::GORMANMon Jul 27 1992Error connecting to server
2527.01OTOOA::GORMANMon Jul 27 1992Location of A1mail for Mac folder
2528.03ZPOVC::YEECHINTue Jul 28 19921.1B = 1.1-6 = 1.1-1
2529.010ADO75A::BAIRDTue Jul 28 1992V A5.5 of VMS anyone?
2530.01BER::BEOPC2::RammTue Jul 28 1992Connecting MS-Mail/Novell/Token Ring to MAILbus
2531.01HAMSC1::EBUSCHTue Jul 28 1992A!MAIL and PC-Editors. Urgent!!
2532.02MRKTNG::GOLDMANTue Jul 28 1992Can't add users after upgrade
2533.05SUBWAY::BOYDTue Jul 28 1992Mail notification on a Mac
2534.08A1VAX::GUNNTue Jul 28 1992Field Feedback on Quality Requested.
2535.01REDBUD::garrisonnaTue Jul 28 1992MW 4 DOS; Eng Hold??
2536.06BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Jul 29 1992Changing the mail_directory location in a template
2538.01BACHUS::AUSSIEWed Jul 29 1992MRX-E-DICFILERR RMS-F-IAN invalid index area number for key = 4
2539.03CAATS::CAATSB::TamWed Jul 29 1992Mac/DOS client questions
2541.03ZPOVC::YEECHINThu Jul 30 1992MAC Client v1.1 status ...
2542.03BACHUS::AUSSIEThu Jul 30 1992A1mail installation fails at IVP MUAS$TABLE_SHARE.EXE
2543.01SUOSWS::6361Thu Jul 30 1992Compression and Encoding
2544.02SAC::HAREThu Jul 30 1992Has the alias position changed?
2545.01SUOSWS::MOOGThu Jul 30 1992WPS->RTF in Mailworks
2547.02LISVAX::MSEPULVEDAThu Jul 30 1992A1Mail for Windows vs Dist. Lists
2548.02SNOCFri Jul 31 1992Two muas$server_startup logs!
2549.02HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUFri Jul 31 1992MR & MRX training materials
2550.012HTSC19::SIMONLAUFri Jul 31 1992Problem in X4
2552.06SAC::HAREFri Jul 31 1992Janitor?
2553.02OTOOA::GORMANFri Jul 31 1992Check before launching
2554.01DELNI::STACKFri Jul 31 1992Folder !AD does not exist in this drawer
2555.0MSBCS::KINGFri Jul 31 1992Unread mail count freqently is incorrect
2556.03A1VAX::GUNNFri Jul 31 1992Filtering.
2557.02MSBCS::KINGFri Jul 31 1992XTGRABNONE error when moving message with dw client
2558.01CITYFS::WATTMon Aug 03 1992MAC mail remember password gone?
2559.02QMARY::CHRISMon Aug 03 1992Lost 1 week of mail - Urgently need advice
2560.01JRDVMon Aug 03 1992DDIF$WRITE_TEXT is needed to be installed
2561.01BACHUS::VERBRAEKENMon Aug 03 1992File Cabinet display request !
2562.04VAXSPO::CRISTINAMon Aug 03 1992**** Case for S.Holmes ****
2563.01BINARY::OSTMon Aug 03 1992Mailworks Presentation location needed
2564.01WKRP::GILBERTMon Aug 03 1992VT Client; Slave Printing
2565.01GIDDAY::SETHITue Aug 04 1992Document being saved in Draft format in outbox and print prob
2566.02ZPOVC::YEECHINTue Aug 04 1992Created Mail Subject not changed with DIR ...
2567.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERTue Aug 04 1992Windows Client or Teamlinks required for asynch ?
2569.03SEDTU7::MCMICHAELTue Aug 04 1992Help file & Template location for MS Windows Client
2570.04ISIDRO::CANDIDOTue Aug 04 1992Language and New Mail Notification
2571.03STKHLM::KLOKER::LINDGRENTue Aug 04 1992DDIF POSTE -> MAILworks via X.4
2573.03MUNICH::PCI2Wed Aug 05 1992NO new mail notification on DMW for Mac V1.1
2574.01ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Aug 05 1992Sharing Violation when second user connects...
2575.03UTRTSC::GRIEPWed Aug 05 1992Installation problems with 1.1-6 and remote MR
2576.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKWed Aug 05 1992Probelsm with a1mail for dos v1.1a
2577.01BACHUS::VERBRAEKENWed Aug 05 1992Users reading the same File Cabinet accidently with the VT client.
2578.02ZURWed Aug 05 1992DOS client and CAB_SELECT error 2
2582.03NANTES::FARNEFri Aug 07 1992MAC Crashes on install V1.1
2583.04KERNEL::65182::horseycFri Aug 07 1992Printing to Deskjet in All in one Mail (Windows)
2584.02UTROP1::SIMPSON_DFri Aug 07 1992DEC Mailworks for DOS V1.1 hangs on send
2585.02GRITS::BUSH_SFri Aug 07 1992Moving to All-in-1 IOS
2586.01JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROFri Aug 07 1992URGENT - References Needed
2587.04RBW::WICKERTMon Aug 10 1992Spell Checking
2588.02KERNEL::CHEWTERMon Aug 10 1992external editor
2589.01DRKGMon Aug 10 1992Delivery Priority
2590.02SWTHOM::CORNUTue Aug 11 1992'Error connecting to the FC server'
2591.04SWTHOM::CORNUTue Aug 11 1992Sending a message without conversion
2592.0OTOOA::GORMANTue Aug 11 1992Local printer problem
2593.01BACHUS::AUSSIETue Aug 11 1992Anyone tried the following...A1mail for Windows
2594.03GRITS::BUSH_STue Aug 11 1992Backing up hard disk with Pc Tools
2595.02BODRUM::DARUGERTue Aug 11 1992cc:Mail LAN Connector
2596.05GRITS::BUSH_STue Aug 11 1992Conversion of postscript format files
2597.04TYSON::HUNGTue Aug 11 1992Mac client - pop-up box has no color?
2598.02GRANPA::GTHOMASWed Aug 12 1992EXEC failed
2600.01MQOSWS::M_BOILEAUWed Aug 12 1992Language fall-back through bodypart conversions
2602.03MFRFMS::RINGThu Aug 13 1992new product called mailbus postmaster?
2603.02TRCOA::TROTTIThu Aug 13 1992"Invalid session id" during install.
2604.02SWTHOM::CORNUFri Aug 14 1992Can't have new mail notification for VT client
2605.02UTROP1::WHITAKER_AFri Aug 14 1992Problem with Internal Error Codes 24****
2606.02SNATCH::EGGIMANNFri Aug 14 1992Starting Server gives 'undefined server type attempted to start'
2607.03SIOG::T_REDMONDFri Aug 14 1992Listing more than 59 messages from DIRECTORY
2608.02OTOOA::OTOP45::B_MELANSONFri Aug 14 1992Printing French
2609.0HIWA61::farowichFri Aug 14 1992Announcing MAILbus Conversion Manager
2610.0DPDMAI::DAVIESSat Aug 15 19922 levels of security
2611.01LISVAX::MSEPULVEDASun Aug 16 1992Oops ... I don't know who you are
2612.04JRDDVL::KIKUTANIMon Aug 17 1992OFFICE.INI points PAB/DIST lists?
2613.07JRDDVL::KIKUTANIMon Aug 17 1992send to ADD member ?
2614.0PEARS::SUSANNEMon Aug 17 1992RFT to Office Vision
2615.02SUOSWS::MOOGMon Aug 17 1992macros WP,HarvardGraphics,Lotus
2616.01KOALA::FAMULAROMon Aug 17 1992DEC MAILworks for DOS TIP
2617.0GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHMon Aug 17 1992Repeat..IPX ...TCP/IP???
2618.01CAATS::CAATSB::TamMon Aug 17 1992DECnet/Mac init problems
2619.01TENNIS::KAMMon Aug 17 1992Mailbus X.4
2620.08BIGRED::SPARKSMon Aug 17 1992does it work withg 5.4?
2621.015DCVMT2::NIESSINKTue Aug 18 1992FORMAT-TYPE problems on VT client
2622.0DMSSTue Aug 18 1992MAILworks for Mac for Europe
2623.01COPCLU::GRYNNERUPWed Aug 19 1992API to Allin1 mail DOS
2624.01FRAFS1::ELHAJWed Aug 19 1992A1mail to VMSMAIL, Mrgate probelm?
2625.02PAULUS::HARTNAGELWed Aug 19 1992CC MAil and DEC MAILworks
2626.01TRCOA::KUNAUSWed Aug 19 1992Status of TCP/IP for DEC MAILworks?
2627.010SLICER::RODWed Aug 19 1992%SSI_ERROR on MACSHR, code 29
2628.03WELIBM::HARTWed Aug 19 1992Binary attachments via MRX
2629.01POBOX::KOCHWed Aug 19 1992MAPI and VIM support?
2630.03JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROWed Aug 19 1992WAN Server Package - PAKs?
2631.02VAXRIO::MPARAIZOWed Aug 19 1992Mess.Router in Cluster!
2632.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Aug 20 1992Does the mail server handles all TEXT conversion ?
2633.02COPCLU::GRYNNERUPThu Aug 20 1992NewMailCount request using DDE in Windows
2634.0SEGUR::KUOCHThu Aug 20 1992X4
2635.02TYSON::HUNGFri Aug 21 1992Max connections for remote server?
2636.01TYSON::HUNGFri Aug 21 1992Installer 3.3 & A1MAIL folder location issue
2637.0CROWN::VELALOPOULOSFri Aug 21 1992Remote Reply
2638.01FAILTE::LAAHSFri Aug 21 1992Memeory reqs for Windows client
2639.02DWOVAX::KEVILLEFri Aug 21 1992Truncated TO: addresses when printed
2640.03JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROFri Aug 21 1992Attachment Filenames
2641.02GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONSat Aug 22 1992Multiple copies of Word Processor
2642.01MSAMMon Aug 24 1992CTIDNET.EXE ??
2643.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Aug 24 1992MS-Windows client using Asyn DECnet -- Works ?
2644.02GIDDAY::SETHIMon Aug 24 1992PAB duplicate nicknames unable to delete them
2645.0KIAORA::VETTEMon Aug 24 1992X.4
2646.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayTue Aug 25 1992Hold on DMW for Mac v1.1?
2647.02SUOSWS::MOOGTue Aug 25 1992CR/LF when saving attachments
2649.05LAMOTA::HUNGTue Aug 25 1992Questions on Mac/DOS/WIN clients
2650.03KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Aug 25 1992Servers fail with %SYSTEM-F-OPCDEC in V1.1C
2651.01KERNEL::CHEWTERWed Aug 26 1992error opening drawer
2652.01NEWOA::SMITHMRWed Aug 26 1992Force local mail into MR?
2653.05NEWOA::SMITHMRWed Aug 26 1992Use of DDS Cache?
2654.04FAILTE::LAAHSWed Aug 26 1992How can Mailworks talk directly to Mailbus 4
2655.01KAOFS::M_MORINWed Aug 26 1992ALLIN1-MAIL-SERVER bookreader documentation.
2656.03SQLSRV::Conferencing-UserWed Aug 26 1992More drawer corruption problems
2657.0COPCLU::BIRGERThu Aug 27 1992A1 for Windows DOES NOT SHOW DDE...
2658.02TRCP53::MacWilliamsThu Aug 27 1992Server doesn't cleanup deleted messages
2659.03WOTVAX::MORRISONThu Aug 27 1992Dr Watson dump from A1 Mail for Windows
2660.01DMSSThu Aug 27 1992Win V1.1 FT sites needed
2661.04ZPOVC::YEECHINFri Aug 28 1992SET NOFORM picks up which 'default' form ...
2662.05OSIBCO::ALTORFERFri Aug 28 1992A1MAIL and subject in delivery notifications URGEN
2663.01CROWN::VELALOPOULOSFri Aug 28 1992Message with FORWARD/EDIT/COVER.
2664.04JEAVES::RICKW::RickFri Aug 28 1992MAILWORKS server 1.1c fails at IVP: TPUSHR mismatch
2665.02BRSDVP::AUSSIEFri Aug 28 1992System crash...and A1mail windows client
2666.02VAXRIO::WILLECKEFri Aug 28 1992Error adding users manually in A1MAIL
2667.03KAOFS::M_MORINFri Aug 28 1992V1.1-6 server in French?
2668.02DWOVAX::KEVILLEFri Aug 28 1992Mac -> DOS Truncation Problem
2669.01PARVAX::YANAGISat Aug 29 1992Interfacing cc:mail <=> teamlinks
2670.01SAC::EDMUNDSSat Aug 29 1992Excel V4 macro broken
2671.01CGOOA::BARNABEMon Aug 31 1992Acess to Spelling software?
2672.013PIYUSH::RUPARELIAMon Aug 31 1992MS Mail & CC:MAIL support in MAILworks (survey)
2673.02NEMAIL::BYRNEMon Aug 31 1992List of MAC 1.1 Fixes Please
2674.01TRCOA::BBUTLERMon Aug 31 1992Mailbus 4
2675.04YUPPY::CARTERTue Sep 01 1992Connecting without Pathworks Ethernet and DECnet
2676.03--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 01 1992Title of binary attachment dissapears...
2677.04TRCP6Tue Sep 01 1992fix.exe?
2678.02SWETSC::WILHELMSSONWed Sep 02 1992X4MAN, ACCVIO and !AD is not a supported language
2679.0MSDOA::DAVISSTWed Sep 02 1992system dist lists: Mac, DOS, Win???
2680.010OTOPWed Sep 02 1992IOS to A1Mail again
2681.04COPCLU::TRIERThu Sep 03 1992MUAS-E_FAIL_MAP_CNT Problem again !!!
2682.02SUOSW3::6361Thu Sep 03 1992Problems with VT client
2683.04BRSDVP::WILLEMSHThu Sep 03 1992File Cabinet error 6
2684.01ZHSSThu Sep 03 1992A1M for DOS to A1M for MS-Windows
2685.03ANGLIN::PRENTISS_SThu Sep 03 1992X.4
2686.0MANTOW::knowlesjiThu Sep 03 1992Moving more than memo between folders
2687.02--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 03 1992MAILworks for Windows V1.1 Kit location
2688.01GIDDAY::SETHIThu Sep 03 1992%INSTALL-W-NOGBLSEC, no global sections created
2689.02GBIFri Sep 04 1992new KEYPAK 29I version ?
2690.04COMICS::PEWTERFri Sep 04 1992REVISABLE messages
2691.02COMICS::PEWTERFri Sep 04 1992sending BINARY files
2692.01GRANPA::GTHOMASFri Sep 04 1992Configuration Help?
2693.0BIGRED::SPARKSFri Sep 04 1992Questions from a customer who ran pilot.
2694.02ADO75A::BAIRDMon Sep 07 1992Use CDA not Keypak!
2695.02MRBEEN::WATTMon Sep 07 1992Customer query r.e. mail prod development
2696.02WELLIN::SIMMSMon Sep 07 1992Fathom Mail????
2697.0SWETSC::WILHELMSSONMon Sep 07 1992VT client -> VMSmail, strange TEL: field
2698.02SWETSC::WILHELMSSONMon Sep 07 1992Customize attribute names in Mac address template
2699.010BRSDVP::AUSSIEMon Sep 07 1992DDIF type attachments when using NBS dump.....
2700.0DRAC::DSMAILMon Sep 07 1992MS-Mail(Microsoft),Token Ring,Lanserver and Retix
2701.05KETJE::BHP83::bidonnetMon Sep 07 1992Wordperfect for Windows integration - viewer solution
2702.02GIDDAY::SETHITue Sep 08 1992MAC client crashes if startup procedure in Startup folder
2703.0HAMSC1::EBUSCHTue Sep 08 1992wps-dos and all-in-1 wps+
2704.01FAILTE::LAAHSTue Sep 08 1992How do you set accepted types with Windows client??
2705.02GRANPA::GTHOMASTue Sep 08 1992TCP/IP?
2707.08KAOFS::M_MORINTue Sep 08 1992A1MAIL$NOTIFY.DAT problems with DOS client
2708.01DMSSTue Sep 08 1992Mobilizer Mail FT Update
2709.0DMSSTue Sep 08 1992Windows client Phase closure
2710.01BRSDVP::LAROCHEWed Sep 09 1992SSI error code 29
2711.0COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDWed Sep 09 1992A1MAIL /C /N: /U: /P: connection inconsistent?
2712.01YUPPY::DEWINTERWed Sep 09 1992MAILworks for DOS and DDS searches.
2713.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Sep 09 1992Postscript and DECBODY7 coding question
2714.01DPDMAI::RITZCWed Sep 09 1992Benefits of X.4
2715.05DMSSWed Sep 09 1992Windows V1.1 client Phase
2716.03VCOUThu Sep 10 1992FC loading from ALL-IN-1 IOS
2717.06HTSC19::SIMONLAUThu Sep 10 1992Is DECWINDOW necessary ?
2718.02FAILTE::EWE::LAAHSThu Sep 10 1992Connecting to cluster alias?
2719.05OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mThu Sep 10 1992DDIF attachments from Windows client problem
2720.01KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLThu Sep 10 1992Mail notification locks up 433
2721.01CSOA1::STUTSONThu Sep 10 1992True User agent?
2722.03DPDMAI::RITZCThu Sep 10 1992Performance of cc:Mail / DEC Mailworks for MSW
2723.02KAOFS::M_MORINThu Sep 10 1992Pathworks file caching and Receipt notifications
2724.0AIMENG::BOLGATZFri Sep 11 1992MAILWorks for Mac open problems...
2725.02KAOFS::M_MORINFri Sep 11 1992Geni Status 94 and 98
2726.010COMICS::HALFACREEFri Sep 11 1992Sending mail causes Access Violations
2727.02CROWN::VELALOPOULOSFri Sep 11 1992Sending Mail in RFT format
2728.01SWTHOM::CORNUFri Sep 11 1992Sending binary files through X4
2729.04SNOCMon Sep 14 1992A1M v1.1-c with DECstep (EASE)
2730.03IJSAPL::EISINKMon Sep 14 1992Bypass priv and DDS performance ?
2731.01GOTA1::SBERGQUISTMon Sep 14 1992DECMAILworks and Motif
2732.03STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Sep 14 1992DOS-client how do I do?
2733.02KYOA::GREENJMon Sep 14 1992Sending Excel spreadsheet from DOS client
2734.01DPDMAI::RITZCMon Sep 14 1992Location of DEC MAILworks for DOS V1.1 (USA)?
2735.01KYOA::GREENJMon Sep 14 1992Modifying the VT client
2736.02STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Sep 15 1992Default language?
2737.0MLNOIS::COMISSOLITue Sep 15 1992VirScan question
2739.04YUPPY::CARTERTue Sep 15 1992RTF to WPSPLUS conversion using CDA Convertor V2.
2741.03BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Sep 16 1992DEC MAILworks DOS 1.1A "OUT OF MEMORY"
2742.05BREAKR::UDICKWed Sep 16 1992Error occurred accessing a message in the file cabinet.
2743.02KAOFS::M_MORINWed Sep 16 1992TO list showing up on PROFS system.
2744.04GIDDAY::SETHIWed Sep 16 1992MACbinary attachments sent from DOS via KEYlink
2745.02GOTA1::SBERGQUISTThu Sep 17 1992Restrictions on external mailing on user level ?
2746.01TEACH::ANGIEThu Sep 17 1992MAILworks questions
2747.02COMICS::PEWTERThu Sep 17 1992MAC DRAWER
2749.04UNYEM::MALONEWThu Sep 17 1992Request on Message Copy Counts for resource plans
2750.04ANTPOL::FALCOSat Sep 19 1992Syntax error entering A1MAIL
2751.01DEKVC::YOUNGKOOKLEEMon Sep 21 1992x.4
2752.02IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Sep 21 1992WP and VT interface/viewer
2753.01BACHUS::LAROCHEMon Sep 21 1992Server is Hung Due to PCSA Shutdown
2754.02COPCLU::COPSPD::GLARGAARDMon Sep 21 1992Chief/secretary setup - how?
2755.01RANGER::CRAWFORDMon Sep 21 1992unsupported document type
2756.01PRIMES::CONNORSTue Sep 22 1992OSF & OPEN VMS
2757.03BACHUS::BERVOETSTue Sep 22 1992Performance problems due to MUAS$SERVER
2758.02GVATue Sep 22 1992Problem with 1.1c server.
2759.06BACHUS::LAROCHETue Sep 22 1992Receipt notifications - DOS and VT client - Also posted in MAILBUS
2760.08ZPOVC::WENDYLAITue Sep 22 1992DDS lookup limit/Local drawer filenames
2761.01FORTY2::GUNNTue Sep 22 1992Current status of UNIX and TCP/IP Support.
2762.01KAOFS::M_MORINTue Sep 22 1992%SYSTEM-W-PRODNOTINS, optional software product WPCorp OA not installed
2763.01BGYBRD::UDICKTue Sep 22 1992Where is the journal. Is Mailworks for DECwin a real product ??
2764.03BINARY::OSTTue Sep 22 1992mail from within EXCEL is FLAKY
2765.01JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROTue Sep 22 1992MailWorks, MS Mail, X.4
2766.04GIDDAY::SETHIWed Sep 23 1992a1mail$connect and DDS search probelms
2767.01HGOVC::63563::LIKSANGCHOWWed Sep 23 1992Correlation in PRMD to PRMD setup
2768.01EVOAI2::DAN_MWed Sep 23 1992A1MAIL V1.1 support for SMTP
2769.01TODDLR::SYSTEMWed Sep 23 1992Customer questions
2770.03SWTHOM::CORNUWed Sep 23 1992Sending binary files from DEcmail works
2771.0GIDDAY::SETHIThu Sep 24 1992A bit of News from the opposition (IBM)
2772.02HGOVC::63563::LIKSANGCHOWThu Sep 24 1992Launching attachment
2773.03MSAMThu Sep 24 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail for Windows doing async ??
2774.05STKAI1::SWE152::AnnLjungberg@SOOThu Sep 24 1992A1 IOS(WPS-PLUS) -> A1mail Win
2775.05TRCOA::TRCP6Thu Sep 24 1992Screen Saver?
2776.04TRCOA::TRCP6Thu Sep 24 1992Attachment problems.
2777.0DMSSThu Sep 24 1992Nominations for Reference Sites??
2778.01TODDLR::SYSTEMThu Sep 24 1992Send Only or Receive Only???
2779.03THEBAY::GOODMANThu Sep 24 1992Batch mail capability?
2780.01BEBBI1::STUKERFri Sep 25 1992Editor in windows application
2781.01MFRFMS::RINGFri Sep 25 1992A1MAIL$ADDRESS_TEMPLATE. and VMSmail template
2782.0DMSSFri Sep 25 1992Japanese MAILworks for Windows is shipping
2783.0CANOVA::RUSSOFri Sep 25 1992A1MAIL DOS + Pathworks for X.25 ?
2784.01LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TIFri Sep 25 1992Do I need REDIR for MAILWORKS w/no shared folders
2785.02CADSYS::LEMONSFri Sep 25 1992How to get 'Remote Message Router Password'?
2786.0LARVAE::SKEEN_CFri Sep 25 1992Speaking mailworks ?
2787.02GIDDAY::BURTSun Sep 27 1992Problems with address templates
2788.04MSAMMon Sep 28 1992product mgr for ALL-IN-1 Mail for Windows ??
2789.014STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Sep 28 1992Bug in Mac/Windows-client
2790.02IDEFIX::CLOKEMon Sep 28 1992Remote Mac Client access problem
2791.01GNOJP::PORELLMon Sep 28 1992WordPefect file w/DEC MailWORKS to ALL-IN-1/IOS
2792.01RULLE::KLASSONMon Sep 28 1992MUAS$SERVER hangs (writing to mailbox?)
2793.02GNOJP::PORELLMon Sep 28 1992Macro or DDE for mail pulldown option
2794.08CADSYS::LEMONSMon Sep 28 1992MUAS-E-UNKUSER - where documented?
2795.012DELNI::S_ALUNNIMon Sep 28 1992SYSTEM CRASH! A1 Mail for Windows!
2797.04NANTES::FARNETue Sep 29 1992A1mail decwindows on ultrix platform in french
2798.01GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHTue Sep 29 1992V1.1 MAILworks/MS-WIN Ship Date?
2799.01DEKVC::JINWOOCHOITue Sep 29 1992Invalid Session ID??
2800.0VNOTSC::PETERTue Sep 29 1992Kermit and LATport
2801.03LORRI::MENARDWed Sep 30 1992Disk Usage by MUAS$SERVER account
2802.0OTOPThu Oct 01 1992Sensitivity Field
2803.03DMSSThu Oct 01 1992Windows V2.
2804.04KYOA::CHANGThu Oct 01 1992Formal Training for DEC MAILworks
2805.0CGOOA::HOMMENThu Oct 01 1992DMW under OS/2 window.
2806.04STKAI1::JNORRBOMThu Oct 01 1992Left margin - notification
2807.01DIEHRD::ODONNELLThu Oct 01 1992Why need Muas$server account?
2808.02GIDDAY::LEHThu Oct 01 1992Submission protocol error - MUAS IO error
2809.07ZPOVC::SELENACHOOThu Oct 01 1992Cannot Access A1MAIL
2810.02ZPOVC::SELENACHOOFri Oct 02 1992Exitting A1MAIL problem
2811.04HGOVC::63563::LIKSANGCHOWFri Oct 02 1992Broadcast + API support
2812.0KETJE::GEESSELSMon Oct 05 1992Maintenance possibilities ?
2813.04BACHUS::AUSSIEMon Oct 05 1992Call to undefined dynalink from windows client
2814.0TRCP6Mon Oct 05 1992slow printing
2815.03STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Oct 05 1992API - TEMPLATES?
2816.0GNOJP::PORELLMon Oct 05 1992DEC MAILworks and Keypak
2817.02ARTLIB::GOETZEMon Oct 05 1992Windows for WorkGroups
2818.02KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Oct 06 1992Receipt Notification correlatioon under V1.1 ??
2819.03ARRODS::HARTJTue Oct 06 1992Location of FIX.EXE ??
2820.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Oct 06 1992DECfax to DECmailworks?
2822.03JEAVES::RICKW::RickTue Oct 06 1992Questions on Auto-Reply (WATCH_A1MAIL.COM)
2823.0SWTHOM::CORNUTue Oct 06 1992Rename an A1mail account
2824.0PCAENG::LARGAR::BROWNTue Oct 06 1992X4
2826.02SWETSC::DIRINGWed Oct 07 1992PAB Windows client discard ;
2827.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Oct 07 1992Licence update, how should it work ?
2828.01CGOOA::HOMMENWed Oct 07 1992DMW for Win V1.
2830.01WLW::CYOPAC::shreveWed Oct 07 1992Error using VMSMAIL command in VT client
2831.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDWed Oct 07 1992wider margin all-in-one mail for windows
2832.0BELMNT::ETEAM2::RootsWed Oct 07 1992KEYPAK LAN E-MAIL Viewer & DECmailworks ???
2833.02EISYFI::ISLERWed Oct 07 1992X.4
2834.02ZPOVC::YEECHINThu Oct 08 1992Error with re-enter after deleting mails ...
2835.02MS31Thu Oct 08 1992Duplicate msgs - TeamLinks/MRGATE
2837.0GLDOA::LEONARDFri Oct 09 1992Implementation Plan??
2838.0DV78Fri Oct 09 1992format of a message
2839.01TALK::HICKSON_BFri Oct 09 1992API from VAX
2840.08IJSAPL::WILHELMMon Oct 12 1992viewing not accepted type?????
2841.03PAULUS::HARTNAGELMon Oct 12 1992No mail notification for lang=german
2842.01ROMMon Oct 12 1992A1mail for windows customizations
2843.01SNATCH::EGGIMANNMon Oct 12 1992Lot of SSI_ERROR codes ...
2844.02CSOA1::BRANSTEINMon Oct 12 1992LOOKUP failures with MAC V1.1
2845.01FAILTE::EWE::LAAHSMon Oct 12 1992Is mouse support still possible with DOS client?
2846.03SOLVIT::SILVAMon Oct 12 1992VAXmail and my DECpc...?
2847.04LEMAN::BAGNOUDMon Oct 12 1992Mail notification crashes macintosh ?
2849.02UNYEM::PAYNEPTue Oct 13 1992Mailworks, DDS, gateway questions
2850.02TROOA::BURGOSTue Oct 13 1992Distribution of messages
2851.09OTOOA::ROUFTue Oct 13 1992Print problems
2852.01HAMCL3::SCHAEDEWed Oct 14 1992renewed submission?
2853.01UTRTSC::EISINKWed Oct 14 1992Printing, local and server drawers
2854.05KAOFS::M_MORINWed Oct 14 1992Logging a KERMIT asynch session
2855.01POBOX::HINRICHSWed Oct 14 1992VT & WordPerfect sent to VMSmail Error
2856.04STKHLM::NORRBOM_JWed Oct 14 1992Templates...
2857.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUThu Oct 15 1992MTA IN/OUT accounting.
2858.02TROOA::BURGOSThu Oct 15 1992Printing Problems
2859.03TROOA::BURGOSThu Oct 15 1992Remote Dial-in Problems
2860.06BACHUS::AUSSIEThu Oct 15 1992WPS to TEXT for MS-Windows client
2861.01SWTHOM::CORNUThu Oct 15 1992Printer's name in A1mail for DECwindows
2862.03STKAI1::BRUNNERThu Oct 15 1992DEC MailWorks for Mac - dial in!
2863.014HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWFri Oct 16 1992Menu-driven VT interface from France ?
2864.09LARVAE::COHEN_DFri Oct 16 1992Remote Message Router
2865.04WELCLU::LIFri Oct 16 1992Enabling Mail Notification in Windows
2866.01GNOJP::PORELLFri Oct 16 1992image for wk3 data type not installed
2867.03CADSYS::LEMONSFri Oct 16 1992Notification when DECwindows is un-paused
2868.05TROOA::BURGOSFri Oct 16 1992ALL-IN-1 IOS WP TO X.4
2869.01TROOA::BURGOSFri Oct 16 1992Message Counter goes Negative
2870.0STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LSat Oct 17 1992Macros for WP and Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows?
2871.04KYOA::ERICKSENSun Oct 18 1992DEC MAILworks for DOS v1.1A Questions
2872.02CECEHV::PALOMon Oct 19 1992VMSmail imports not replyable
2873.03WOTVAX::6379Mon Oct 19 1992Quickstart FULL document on-line?
2874.0BACHUS::SASMon Oct 19 1992/hs parameter?
2875.07TROOA::SISSONMon Oct 19 1992Are servers single- or multithreaded?
2876.07GIDDAY::SETHIMon Oct 19 1992Share drawers problems on VT and DOS clients
2877.07COPCLU::COPSPD::GLARGAARDTue Oct 20 1992A1MAIL/MAC keyboard mapping ? (thorn)
2878.03GIDDAY::BURTWed Oct 21 1992Internal error code 24nnnn - URGENT!
2879.01GIDDAY::BURTWed Oct 21 1992Internal Error Codes
2880.02BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Oct 21 1992RETURN_CONTENTS with DOS 1.1A Client does not work
2881.011TEGAN::DTOP2::GuytonWed Oct 21 1992More ATTACHMENT problems
2884.01MSAMThu Oct 22 1992OSI connection btw a1mail server and client ??
2885.01COLBIS::LUCASThu Oct 22 1992Other server platforms
2886.03ORO5Thu Oct 22 1992RETIX Openserver <=> MRX Fails
2887.05ISIDRO::LUCIAThu Oct 22 1992Notification message title
2888.05STKHLM::ALINDGRENThu Oct 22 1992Conversion and CDA Library (RTF) + question regarding Binary
2889.09BEBBI1::STUKERThu Oct 22 1992cc::mail
2890.01DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Oct 22 1992RFC 1
2891.06TROOA::BURGOSThu Oct 22 1992Dial-in hangs from ALL-IN-1
2892.02SLOVAX::PAGEThu Oct 22 1992Is their an A1 Mail V1.1-6?
2893.0MUDIS3::SCHAEFERFri Oct 23 1992Client/Protocol matrix ?
2894.05NEWOA::SMITHMRFri Oct 23 1992MUAS Server not fetching mesages
2895.06KAOFS::M_MORINFri Oct 23 1992Multinational characters not being maintained
2896.01CAATS::CAATSB::TamFri Oct 23 1992Life of DOS client
2897.03KOALA::KINGSNORTHSat Oct 24 1992DEC MAILworks for Unix
2899.02SCAACT::RITZMon Oct 26 1992Improved VT interface?
2900.010GIDDAY::SETHITue Oct 27 1992CC:Mail & MS Mail read mail on VT client unformatted
2901.01SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Oct 27 1992Mail Enabled Applications List?
2902.01EVOAI2::DAN_MTue Oct 27 1992MailWorks for VMS question
2903.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Oct 27 1992Where do I find A1M/Mac Swedish
2904.02VANPYR::BULLTue Oct 27 1992Managing Users Documents
2905.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Oct 27 1992Error conecting to server
2906.05COMICS::HALFACREETue Oct 27 1992A1MAIL$CONNECT reaches Max Working Extent
2908.04RT93::BYRNETue Oct 27 1992A1MAIL Profile and DDS
2909.0STKAI1::BRUNNERWed Oct 28 1992Mail filter for DEC MailWorks?
2910.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed Oct 28 1992Cluster-alias on server?
2911.06STKAI2::EXTEN::cederhagWed Oct 28 1992Address template, "S" instead of "SURNAME"
2912.03CANOVA::RUSSOWed Oct 28 1992Error connecting to the file cabinet - from DOS
2913.04KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Oct 28 1992DOS local FC -> WINdows local FC
2914.03KYOA::LAMMWed Oct 28 1992Max # of folders?
2915.02LKPDEE::PETTERSSONWed Oct 28 1992How does new mail notification work?
2917.03JRDVWed Oct 28 1992DW-client icon problem on Motif V1.1
2918.0PEARS::SUSANNEThu Oct 29 1992no broadcast received
2919.01OTOOA::PBALLThu Oct 29 1992Dangling A1MAIL messages?
2920.03KAOFS::M_MORINThu Oct 29 199224
2921.04BIS1::VANKERKHOVEFri Oct 30 1992Moving messages and XtGrab problem
2922.03STKHUV::MARTENSSONFri Oct 30 1992X4MAN prompt is EXIT
2924.03KAOFS::R_OBASFri Oct 30 1992Cannot send mail/add user Invalid session ID !
2925.01OTOOA::ROUFSun Nov 01 1992Counter & CTRL PAGE UP Problems
2926.02COMICS::HALFACREEMon Nov 02 1992FILTER option in DW causes ACCVIO
2927.03FAILTE::EWE::LAAHSTue Nov 03 1992Coexistence between ALL-IN-1 IOS and PC LAN based mail
2928.0TROOA::BURGOSTue Nov 03 1992Mail Security?
2929.0ISIDRO::ANTONIOTINTue Nov 03 1992Deferred mailing ?
2930.03HAMSC2::EBUSCHWed Nov 04 1992new-mail notific at login + help about procedure???
2932.01GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHWed Nov 04 1992DISOSS to MAILbus Asst Requested
2933.04GLDOA::CARLENWed Nov 04 1992SMTP Connectivity?
2934.05STKAI2::ACEDERHAGThu Nov 05 1992Windows client krash on quit
2935.03BDX64::GUISELINThu Nov 05 1992A1MAIL Win file cabinet by Excel or Winword
2937.01RT93::BYRNEThu Nov 05 1992Mailworks Interface to SMTP?
2938.01RT93::BYRNEThu Nov 05 1992Error - !AD is not a supported language
2940.02COMICS::HALFACREEThu Nov 05 1992Problem using Modified Header Template
2941.0OTOOA::ROUFThu Nov 05 1992Customization queries
2942.03HTSC19::STEVENLAUFri Nov 06 1992Internal error code 24
2943.02HTSC19::STEVENLAUFri Nov 06 1992Is MUAS error message documented?
2944.0STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Nov 06 1992Mac - max 25/server?
2945.05UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Nov 06 1992error initializing drawer context
2946.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDFri Nov 06 1992receipt notification
2947.05MALMFri Nov 06 1992Internals for notification on MAC
2948.0SEDMV1::MCMICHAELFri Nov 06 1992CTI Asynchronous Performance Concerns
2949.02TROOA::BURGOSFri Nov 06 1992X.4
2950.01KAOFS::M_MORINFri Nov 06 1992Error setting the configuration for the tool.
2951.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DFri Nov 06 1992No help available !
2952.01OISVS1::VDDOELENMon Nov 09 1992General purpose converter...
2953.02BELFST::DEANMon Nov 09 1992MAILCOUNT for VT Login?
2955.02KOALA::LUHRSMon Nov 09 1992DEC MAILworks for Ultrix V1.
2956.03DV78Mon Nov 09 1992Modification to Mailworks?
2957.03UTRTSC::KLEINMon Nov 09 1992Delivery Notifications not posted to MR
2958.01SUBWAY::KANEMon Nov 09 1992CA-Email - How can I connect?
2959.04HXOU1Mon Nov 09 1992How are attachments encoded?
2961.06KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Nov 10 1992DECmail works vms decw and editors
2962.03NEMAIL::BYRNETue Nov 10 1992Server/Message Router/Cluster Questions
2963.0ADO75A::BAIRDTue Nov 10 1992Mailworks on IP?
2964.05GIDDAY::LEHWed Nov 11 1992Lengthy delays after msg submitted/fetched
2965.06IJSAPL::NIESSINKWed Nov 11 1992Implicit Conversion not registered ?
2966.02STKAI2::ACEDERHAGWed Nov 11 1992Dos client and reciept notification
2967.06KYOA::LAMMWed Nov 11 1992Probs w/Mailworks under DECForms product.
2968.02RANGER::CRAWFORDWed Nov 11 1992mail hanging
2969.07NEMAIL::BYRNEWed Nov 11 1992Remote DDS Connect/Lookups ?
2970.01STKHLM::ALINDGRENThu Nov 12 1992Adding new file types (Interleaf) ?
2971.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDAThu Nov 12 1992DDS Search by USERID?
2972.02GALVIA::DUKEThu Nov 12 1992When does MUAS find out about converters ?
2973.02PANIC::63889::HopeThu Nov 12 1992
2974.0LAVGOD::ALLENThu Nov 12 1992Eating Memory on MAC
2975.01SWTHOM::CORNUThu Nov 12 1992Repairing a Decmail works account
2976.04KAOOA::WEISSThu Nov 12 1992X.4
2977.03KXOVAX::ISAACThu Nov 12 1992Multiple IA5 body parts and CC:mail
2978.0OTOOA::ROUFThu Nov 12 1992Memory problems
2979.01MSAMFri Nov 13 1992error initializing file cabinet
2980.06KAOTFri Nov 13 1992MAC Shutdown, Bad F-Line Instruction
2981.03BTOVT::HANLEY_RFri Nov 13 1992need help on adding drawers
2982.01ADO75A::BAIRDSun Nov 15 1992LOGIN from another application?
2983.0JOCKEY::NUTKINSMSun Nov 15 1992Licence/PAB issues using both Teamlinks & VT clien
2984.04GOTA1::SBERGQUISTMon Nov 16 1992DDS search using DECwindows client results in "..insuff resources ..."
2985.05BACHUS::VERBRAEKENMon Nov 16 1992Clicking on a Drawer and MS-Windows crashes with an UAE.
2986.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDMon Nov 16 1992HP laserjet 4 Undifined dynalink
2987.01BACHUS::LAROCHEMon Nov 16 1992File Cabinet Errors ; ALL-IN-1 MAIL DOS 1.1A ASYNC
2988.04BELFST::TAGGARTMon Nov 16 1992Problem emptying wastebasket
2990.01KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Nov 16 1992COMPAQ modems and A1M DOS V1.1A
2991.032Mon Nov 16 1992DECforms Interface (VT) Performance, please
2992.04UTCSCL::LOVEJOYTue Nov 17 1992Remote DDS lookup
2993.03STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Nov 17 1992Unable to connect to Mailserver
2994.02SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Nov 17 1992Cannot send mails to MR ...
2995.03GALVIA::DUKETue Nov 17 1992Questions on use of CDA converters
2996.02DMSSTue Nov 17 1992MAILworks TCP/IP FT sites needed
2997.03HGOVC::63563::LIKSANGCHOWTue Nov 17 1992Any File Type (only ?)
2998.06KETJE::DESCHUYTERWed Nov 18 1992Fonts and Int. Characters set in V1.1 for Windows
2999.03SOAEDS::HEARNSWed Nov 18 1992Questions On DEC MAILworks...
3000.02ZPOAC3::SYSTEMWed Nov 18 1992Windows client V1.1
3001.03KOALA::OROURKEWed Nov 18 1992MAILworks/MAILbus Overview Powerpnt presentation
3002.05HGOVC::63563::LIKSANGCHOWThu Nov 19 1992OpenVMS on ALPHA
3003.03COPCLU::TRIERThu Nov 19 1992Missing char in header on print from MAILwWindows clie.
3004.01OTOOA::BOGARTThu Nov 19 1992Distribution List/Order of Sending
3005.0ZPOAC3::SYSTEMThu Nov 19 1992Printing questions
3006.0ZPOAC3::SYSTEMThu Nov 19 1992Distribution list woes
3007.01ZPOAC3::SYSTEMThu Nov 19 1992user profile attributes across clients
3008.01BERNThu Nov 19 1992Black hole ?
3009.07NWDThu Nov 19 1992Help! Need proper way to shutdown A1MAIL.
3010.01SWTHOM::CORNUFri Nov 20 1992ROUTE TOO COMPLEX when replying a mail
3011.03KERNEL::PCIOF3::horseycFri Nov 20 1992A1MLOGIN Failure. Latest Kit Location (DOS)
3012.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Nov 20 1992SENSITIVITY indication in INBOX ?
3013.0HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWSat Nov 21 1992setting the "read flag" ?
3014.02STOHUB::STOSPT::EATONSun Nov 22 1992Looking for help... ALL-IN-1 to MAILworks problem
3015.04GIDDAY::SETHISun Nov 22 1992How do you file attachments to a message ?
3016.03MSAMMon Nov 23 1992menu for VT client ??
3017.02VNABRW::EHRLICH_KMon Nov 23 1992Insufficient file protection again ...
3018.04STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Nov 23 1992Reply-function
3019.08VNABRW::EHRLICH_KMon Nov 23 1992Message can not be delivered from ALL-IN-1
3020.04YUPPY::CARTERMon Nov 23 1992Teamlinks and MRS??
3021.04KAOTMon Nov 23 1992Async, Out of Network Resources
3022.03DMSSMon Nov 23 1992Win V1.1 Shipping 11/23
3023.01LSVAX::SALZMANNMon Nov 23 1992MAPI Directory on a system somewhere???
3024.03OTOPMon Nov 23 1992Can't print while reading message
3025.01THEBAY::ROZYCKITue Nov 24 1992DDE Error 286 - Timeout
3026.03HGOVC::63563::LIKSANGCHOWTue Nov 24 1992Re-directing New Mails
3027.09KIPPIS::OLLIKAINENTue Nov 24 1992PC-Client Unable to connect.. %SYSTEM-W-UNWIND ...
3028.01EVOAI2::DAN_MTue Nov 24 1992MRIF message router routines
3029.02STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Nov 24 1992Need for central distribution lists
3030.04GALVIA::DUKETue Nov 24 1992Question on ASN ID's
3031.03IJSAPL::EISINKTue Nov 24 1992Looping mus server ?
3032.0TROOA::BURGOSTue Nov 24 1992Encryption products?
3033.02SHERIF::KERRTue Nov 24 1992DECmailworks to A1 using MTS
3034.05OTOOA::ROUFTue Nov 24 1992Errors printing to network printer
3035.02SNATCH::EGGIMANNWed Nov 25 1992A1mail DW Client: Some windows persist to be at the front
3036.0ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGWed Nov 25 19921.1 FT2 bug?
3037.0KERNEL::PCIOF3::horseycWed Nov 25 1992UNABLE TO COPY MESSAGE ERROR. 1.1a DOS
3038.02TUSPMR::AIEEE::LONGOWed Nov 25 1992Internet addressing, MRGATE, and "@"
3039.02UTROP1::WHITAKER_AWed Nov 25 1992Conversion decisions at the Remote Server?
3041.02CECEHV::PALOThu Nov 26 1992Strange counters
3042.02CGOOA::DANCHOThu Nov 26 1992COPY functionality not in Mailworks for Windows
3043.08ATITUD::ATKINSONDThu Nov 26 1992Unsupport Doc Type error
3046.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWFri Nov 27 1992licence for VT and DECwindows clients
3047.06COMICS::PEWTERFri Nov 27 1992NO MENU
3048.08SNATCH::EGGIMANNFri Nov 27 1992File currently locked by another user -> MAIL.X4M
3049.01LARVAE::65Fri Nov 27 1992Windows client TO field
3050.02TRCOA::TRCP52::loneyFri Nov 27 1992Unexpected conversion/unreadable AM to A1
3051.03NEMAIL::BYRNESun Nov 29 1992Extract mail header info and put in DCL symbol
3052.02HTSC19::STEVENLAUSun Nov 29 1992Cannot start A1mail after system crashs?
3053.03HTSC19::STEVENLAUMon Nov 30 1992MS Windows got Unable to connect to server.
3054.03STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Nov 30 1992MAILworks TCP/IP timeframe?
3055.0TERRYH::BULPEP::BULLMon Nov 30 1992Preventing Users from Changing their profile?
3056.0SONATA::HENRYMon Nov 30 1992Request for info on Site Mgt of DEC MAILworks
3057.03GLDOA::HOLBELMon Nov 30 1992WP bodyparts?
3058.03KAOFS::R_OBASMon Nov 30 1992server not connected, unable to validate !
3059.02MSAMMon Nov 30 1992Windows V1.1 kit, access IOS fc ??
3060.014ZURTue Dec 01 1992error connecting to server
3061.02DELSTue Dec 01 1992Finder corrupted with a1mail for mac v1.1
3062.0SWAM2::MENDOZA_DATue Dec 01 1992Mac Mail Notification/FastPath Bridge
3063.02GLDOA::HOLBELTue Dec 01 1992Read Receipts and versions
3064.01OTOOA::ROUFTue Dec 01 1992Copy as revisable question
3065.01GVPROD::LIKIR::DA_SILVAWed Dec 02 1992Copy function is missing in Mailworks for Windows
3066.05CADSYS::LEMONSWed Dec 02 1992How to avoid starting remote server processes
3067.05COPCLU::COPSPD::GLARGAARDThu Dec 03 1992A1MAIL/DOS: Unexpected interrupt on move document
3068.0MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichThu Dec 03 1992DEMailworks Filecab future ??
3069.01CGOOA::HOMMENThu Dec 03 1992Many to one profile?
3070.02WARNUT::TYASDThu Dec 03 1992New Mail Broadcasts over Token Ring
3071.01COPCLU::JOHNSENFri Dec 04 1992MUAS$TRANSLATER_SHARE Description
3072.0COMICS::65182::horseycFri Dec 04 1992Copy to Revisable Message "Cannot Copy...error"
3073.0WOTVAX::MORRISONFri Dec 04 1992MS MAIL and MAPI support
3074.02ISIDRO::LUCIAFri Dec 04 1992MRGATE messages
3075.03CANYON::HARDMANFri Dec 04 1992WordPerfect Attachment for Higgins/MAILWORKS
3076.02XCUSME::DELTOROSat Dec 05 1992problem sending a1mail to local user
3077.05GIDDAY::BURTMon Dec 07 1992Disclose Recipients (windows & Mac)
3079.014GIDDAY::BURTMon Dec 07 1992%MSD-E-DOUBLE_ROGUE ?
3081.01GIDDAY::SETHITue Dec 08 1992DOS client and WPS-PLUS mail from ALL-IN-1 IOS
3082.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Dec 08 1992DECmailworks PC - TCP/IP - DECnet?
3083.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Dec 08 1992x.4
3084.01POBOX::DECAPPTue Dec 08 1992Print the PAB?
3085.0GIDDAY::SETHITue Dec 08 1992General file cabinet error unable to open drawer DOS
3086.0ADO75A::BAIRDWed Dec 09 1992Remote MR with Mailworks help required.
3087.0ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKWed Dec 09 1992User cannot access A1 Mail during Purging ???
3088.04GIDDAY::LEHWed Dec 09 1992Mac v1.1.1 user unable to select attach type
3089.04BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Dec 09 1992PAB ; inconsistency problem
3091.02BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Dec 09 1992New version for DEC MAILworks server and DOS client. When ?
3092.01BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Dec 09 1992Modification of a forwarded message is not allowed
3093.01KERNEL::CHEWTERWed Dec 09 1992DDS Searches
3094.03SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Dec 09 1992A1MAIL$CONNECT and DDS problems
3095.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Dec 09 1992With EMS ==> Not enough memory to load program
3096.01RT93::BYRNEWed Dec 09 1992Internet addressing help really needed
3097.03CADSYS::LEMONSWed Dec 09 1992How to route to mailbox on node at another site
3098.01HGOVC::63563::LIKSANGCHOWThu Dec 10 1992Find, Print, and more questions
3099.01SNATCH::EGGIMANNThu Dec 10 1992DW Client: Cannot update folder ; active in another window ... ?!?
3100.02COPCLU::BIRGERThu Dec 10 1992Microsofts X4
3101.0SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Dec 10 1992A1MAIL/WINDOWS and notification options
3102.02ISIDRO::LUCIAThu Dec 10 1992Changing font for MAC client
3103.0GNOJP::PORELLThu Dec 10 1992Can we sell Watch_a1mail.com?
3105.04VNABRW::EHRLICH_KFri Dec 11 1992DDS Search results in a hang process
3106.04HGOVC::63563::LIKSANGCHOWFri Dec 11 1992STOP/RESTART doesn't seem to work
3107.04GALVIA::DUKEFri Dec 11 1992Why not encode MR as BINARY (needed for conversion)
3108.01MLNFri Dec 11 1992WINRCV and PATHWORKS mail
3109.02BOMBOM::RICKW::RickFri Dec 11 1992User Administration questions
3110.02SUBWAY::BUONOMOFri Dec 11 1992Restrict send list
3111.0OTOOA::ROUFSun Dec 13 1992Addressing names with accented characters
3112.03GOTA1::SBERGQUISTMon Dec 14 1992DDS error: cannot add search result to mailheader (DECMAILworks for DECwindows)
3113.02BRSDVP::BHP144::LarocheMon Dec 14 1992PAB ; confusion !!!
3114.01KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLMon Dec 14 1992Send more than one message?
3115.01KYOA::CHANGMon Dec 14 1992Empty MUAS$EVL Log files after upgrade
3116.01LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TIMon Dec 14 1992Is PATHWORKS Server Required?
3117.02GIDDAY::SETHITue Dec 15 1992LICENSE-E-NOLICENSE, no license is active
3118.03ISIDRO::LUCIATue Dec 15 1992New Mail Notification problem on MAC Client
3119.01LARVAE::JORDANTue Dec 15 1992Ami Pro files?
3120.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Dec 15 1992How to change USERNAME i DECMAILworks?
3121.03STKAI2::PINGIS::AdolfssonTue Dec 15 1992Error in module core.dll
3122.04ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKTue Dec 15 1992Mail, Printing, Missing Information On Sender Mail
3123.03STKAI2::EXTEN::cederhagWed Dec 16 1992Another problem with notification on the mac client.
3125.04BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenWed Dec 16 1992Repair functions for DECmailworks for MS-windows
3126.02NBOSWS::SATTLERThu Dec 17 1992A1m+WORD doc's <--> WPS+-Ai1-IOS: Conversion quest
3127.02OTOP35::SLONOSKYThu Dec 17 1992Demo copy of cc:mail on net?
3128.0UTRTSC::EISINKThu Dec 17 1992DOS client DDIF and tagging
3129.04KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLThu Dec 17 1992Mail Bagging?
3130.02KAOFS::R_OBASThu Dec 17 1992Mail notification, hours late !
3131.06OSLACT::BJARNEC_PFri Dec 18 1992Adjusting left margin when printing from Mailworks for Windows??
3132.08SWTHOM::CORNUFri Dec 18 1992DECmail works for windows questions
3133.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Dec 21 1992How come these dates ?
3134.01MAIL::HOLLINGSHEADMon Dec 21 1992
3135.02CSOA1::FLOYDMon Dec 21 1992VMSmail gateway to internet
3136.0ADO75A::BAIRDTue Dec 22 1992RCV Broadcast - How can I tidy it up?
3137.08GOTA1::SBERGQUISTTue Dec 22 1992New mail notification problem
3138.02ZPOAC3::SYSTEMTue Dec 22 1992Secondary Password
3139.01OSLACT::OLAVFWed Dec 23 1992Help, Mailbus, mrx, DECmailworks and x.4
3141.01ZPOVC::LCLEEWed Dec 23 1992DEC MAILworks for VT/DOS/Windows/MAC to DaVinci via RETIX
3142.01SWTHOM::CORNUWed Dec 23 1992Windows 3.
3143.03TARUGO::LIDIAThu Dec 24 1992Modify attachment in a shared drawer?
3144.05ZPOVC::YORKSIEWMon Dec 28 1992Async Connection
3145.013GIDDAY::SETHIMon Dec 28 1992Mail server and X4
3146.01MSAMTue Dec 29 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail system version mismatch ??
3147.02STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Dec 29 1992Mac 7.1 and DECMAILworks server 1.1
3149.02COPCLU::COPSPD::GLARGAARDMon Jan 04 1993DOS/Windows client, internal documents/info?
3150.05TRIGG::VOGELMon Jan 04 1993Paper Mail support ?
3151.03MRKTNG::RAVENELLETue Jan 05 1993Message cannot be purged
3152.03TRIGG::VOGELTue Jan 05 1993File formats / definitions
3153.0AQOPAS::CONEJO::GLOVERTue Jan 05 1993Need help answering RFI questions
3154.0HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Jan 06 1993MAC V1.2 FT ?
3155.02ZURWed Jan 06 1993Resources for print toggle bottons?
3157.02NEPHI::COARWed Jan 06 1993Description of extended mail functions?
3158.01FAILTE::ADAMSThu Jan 07 1993P7 support ?
3159.02BACHUS::WILLEMSHThu Jan 07 1993New option "ATTACHMENT ENCODING" in DEC MAILworks for Windows V1.1
3160.04BIS6::VANNESTEThu Jan 07 1993A1MAIL_MACRO
3161.01GOTA1::SBERGQUISTThu Jan 07 1993Statistics over mail system usage
3162.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Jan 07 1993MAPI specs please?
3163.01TPOVC::CHARLESCHAOFri Jan 08 1993waiting for DDS transaction
3164.01GOTA1::SBERGQUISTFri Jan 08 1993DECMAILworks for DECwindows - error message
3165.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Jan 08 1993EDT instead TPU in X4MAN tools
3166.02VCSESU::BOWKERFri Jan 08 1993Larger Font on A1MAIL edit window?
3167.0NEWOA::DRATHSat Jan 09 1993Binaries, MAILworks, MRX and Kermit
3168.01STKAI1::SWE152::AnnLjungberg@SOOMon Jan 11 1993Message Router installation after DMW?
3169.01STKAI1::LJUNGBERGMon Jan 11 1993Excel 4.
3170.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDMon Jan 11 1993vt client %MUAS-E-IO_ERROR
3171.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Jan 11 1993A1MAIL serv. & pathworks on 2 nodes in a cluster
3172.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Jan 11 1993A1MAIL for MAC 1.1 crash
3173.04KOMAIL::VALASEKMon Jan 11 1993Notification, A1MAIL$BROADCAST STATE = "Netbios error sending datagram - 19-"
3174.02SIOG::B_RAFFERTYTue Jan 12 1993Internal Error Code 24
3175.02EVOAI2::FREULONTue Jan 12 1993Internal error code
3177.05SWTHOM::CORNUTue Jan 12 1993Editing the PAB : file becomes empty
3178.01BERNTue Jan 12 1993Z-Mail and IDA-Mail
3179.05SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogWed Jan 13 1993Broadcast / Notification in mixed ENet TokenRing
3180.02COPCLU::GREGWed Jan 13 1993DECwindows Client, ACP File Access Failed
3181.01COPCLU::GREGWed Jan 13 1993Error Creating Message, MS-Windows Client
3182.02ULYSSE::YLOUPC::LouisWed Jan 13 1993option not saved when restart A1Mail 1.
3183.08GLDOA::FINKELSTEINWed Jan 13 1993Delivery Receipt Problem - Somewhere
3184.06ZPOVC::GEORGEKOHWed Jan 13 1993Process loop when virtual terminal disconnects
3185.02HTSC19::TONYLIUWed Jan 13 1993Can delete empty message,A1 Mail for Windows
3186.04HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Jan 14 19933 problems encountered @ a customer's site
3187.06COPCLU::GREGThu Jan 14 1993Some letters are small, MS-Windows Client...
3188.02AUSSIE::CHANFri Jan 15 1993receipt notification
3189.02BACHUS::VERBRAEKENFri Jan 15 1993 Unknown error message
3190.01VNABRW::BURGER_KFri Jan 15 1993DEC Mailworks on OS/2 ?
3191.03EVOAI2::DUFAUDFri Jan 15 1993Unable to start server
3192.03KAOFS::R_OBASFri Jan 15 1993Is PSI addressing supported in Mailworks ?
3193.02ATITUD::ATKINSONDFri Jan 15 1993Dist list names dropped from header
3194.02BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLMon Jan 18 1993Host initiated message transfer from PC
3195.01COPCLU::HENRIKVJMon Jan 18 1993IBM Mail Gateway ?????
3196.01SIOG::B_RAFFERTYMon Jan 18 1993Internal Error Code 24
3198.01DELNI::STACKMon Jan 18 1993WPSPLUS as editor on VT terminal client
3199.01GIDDAY::SETHIMon Jan 18 1993Mac partitioning disk for drawers on client
3200.0HGOVC::STEPHENYEUNGTue Jan 19 1993Require help on some A1MAIL problems
3201.0GALVIA::PFEHINTue Jan 19 1993New Book on Usability Available
3202.014CADSYS::LEMONSTue Jan 19 1993Successful send = immediate results; unsuccessful send = wait a day
3203.05EPERNA::HummerstonWed Jan 20 1993Error - Unable to read server profile
3204.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed Jan 20 1993Cleaning-procedure for empty wastebaskets
3205.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Jan 20 1993File cabinet drawer is damaged
3206.02COMICS::PEWTERWed Jan 20 1993V1.1 - V1.
3207.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Jan 20 1993Missing Nodename in the NBS FROM field
3208.01VNABRW::EHRLICH_KThu Jan 21 1993Reply to UltrixMail Problem ...
3209.01AQOPAS::CONEJO::GLOVERThu Jan 21 1993email storage
3210.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Jan 22 1993Where do I find the unread-counter for DECmailworks?
3211.02STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Jan 22 1993Login-failure doesn't show in the UAF?
3212.02FILTON::GILLEN_FFri Jan 22 1993Windows Address Template
3213.0KYOA::LAMMFri Jan 22 1993Retix Open Server & Proteon?
3214.0KOALA::GRAFFFri Jan 22 1993Poste on OSF/1 Alpha AXP?
3215.0CGOOA::DANCHOFri Jan 22 1993Solution for OS/2 Clients
3216.03CGOOA::DANCHOFri Jan 22 1993VMS clients menu interface???
3217.04RESTRT::LATIMERFri Jan 22 1993File Structure for DOS Client
3218.01GIDDAY::BURTMon Jan 25 1993Patch prior to Upgrade for MRX?
3219.0BUSHIE::BURTMon Jan 25 1993Delivery & Posted times disparity concern
3220.09COPCLU::GREGMon Jan 25 1993HP4 print driver,MS-Windows Client
3221.0COPCLU::GREGMon Jan 25 1993Problem with notification....
3222.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Jan 25 1993no privilege for DDS ?
3223.03BELFST::MCCORRYMon Jan 25 1993WPS / DEC Mailworks interchangeability??
3224.01ULYSSE::ORSINIMon Jan 25 1993MAILworks for MS windows / changing fonts
3225.01TERRYH::BULPEP::BULLMon Jan 25 1993Automatic Handling of Incoming Messages
3226.03CGOOA::VAOPMon Jan 25 1993Multiple WordPerfect: Our Problem?
3227.04GOTA1::SBERGQUISTTue Jan 26 1993DECMAILworks counters
3228.01GOTA1::SBERGQUISTTue Jan 26 1993DECMAILworks servers and booting large clusters
3229.0GOTA1::SBERGQUISTTue Jan 26 1993SPD's with correct product name ?
3230.02KAOTTue Jan 26 1993File Cabinet timeout
3231.01KAOTWed Jan 27 1993Internal error code 24
3232.0TRCOA::BBUTLERWed Jan 27 1993DOS Client recieve 'REPLY/ALL', WELCOME.TXT ?
3233.04RT95::BYRNEWed Jan 27 1993PDMF - A third-party SMTP product
3234.0ODIXIE::VANESSOWed Jan 27 1993Reference site needed!
3235.0USWRSL::ROCH_VIThu Jan 28 1993To and cc limit??
3236.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Jan 28 1993Some user queries.
3237.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Jan 28 1993Modifying Mail_Directory in Profile Template
3238.01CAPOCO::andernelloFri Jan 29 1993Directly call LOOKUP?
3239.0COPCLU::GREGFri Jan 29 1993More wrong time-stamps, MS-Windows client
3240.03BRSSWS::BHP64::VerbraekenFri Jan 29 1993Has code been changed or was he just lucky ?
3241.03SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogFri Jan 29 1993Wrong charcters in A1Mail DOS w/ Wordperfect
3242.05BRSSWS::BHP64::VerbraekenFri Jan 29 1993Posted Date is not filled in the outbox.
3243.03KAOTFri Jan 29 1993MAil notification DOS/Windows confusion !
3244.0CGOOA::VAOP13::pdonoghueSat Jan 30 1993Mail enable WO & MA - any updates?
3245.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWSun Jan 31 1993Can't correlate receipt notification
3246.01COMICS::PEWTERMon Feb 01 1993New Mail notification for Windows?
3247.02MAIL::WYMANMon Feb 01 1993Modifying PROFS template
3248.04CADSYS::LEMONSMon Feb 01 1993ALL-IN-1 Mail for VMS truncates wide PRINT output
3249.06OTOOA::PBALLMon Feb 01 1993Mobilzer for A1MAIL?
3250.0COWPOK::MCMICKINMon Feb 01 1993Mail Janitor & Other tools
3251.0BUSHIE::SETHIMon Feb 01 1993MAC Mail notification trouble shooting hints and tips
3252.03GIDDAY::LEHTue Feb 02 1993New mail notif. to a large number of DOS users
3253.02LISVAX::KALENGATue Feb 02 1993cc:Mail over X.25
3254.02STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Feb 02 1993Dist. list from DECwindows?
3255.0YUPPY::CARTERTue Feb 02 1993Problems with MUAS$SERVER over Async DECNET
3256.01WLS321::CRONLAND_LOTue Feb 02 1993MRX and Quick Mail for MAC integration?
3257.01GIDDAY::LEHWed Feb 03 1993Various attachment types from/to Retix and MRX
3258.06BOOZE::SCHOELLHORNWed Feb 03 1993Error code 24
3259.03LSNCSC::BRAUNWed Feb 03 1993Call to Undefined Dynalink
3260.03MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichThu Feb 04 1993Problem with Winword-Macro
3261.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichThu Feb 04 1993more params for convert routine ?
3262.03GLDOA::FINKELSTEINThu Feb 04 1993Forms Driven User Agent?
3263.01LARVAE::ROBERTS_RFri Feb 05 1993LEX and DEC MAILworks for VTs
3264.06COMICS::HALFACREEFri Feb 05 1993Multiple Nicknames the same in PAB
3265.01KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Feb 05 1993Rules for numbering attachments ?
3266.02KAOTFri Feb 05 1993Printing MCS characters to HP Laserjet from DOS client
3267.01ATLABC::CurleFri Feb 05 1993Resetting Mail Notification
3268.02GIDDAY::LEHSun Feb 07 1993Posted/Delivered dates of message passing MRX
3269.04AKUNA::AIKINSMon Feb 08 1993A1mail running with DECnet/OSI (aka Wave II)
3270.03IJSAPL::NIESSINKMon Feb 08 1993TYPES_ACCEPTED problem
3271.07LEMAN::BLANCHARDMon Feb 08 1993config question
3272.02SUOSW4::MOOGMon Feb 08 1993Mailworks and Mailbus 4
3273.01SUOSW4::MOOGMon Feb 08 1993DEc Mailworks server for ULTRIX
3274.04UTRUST::DCPC1::NIESSINKMon Feb 08 1993SET QUEUE 'DCL_SYMBOL' possible?
3275.02CANYON::HARDMANMon Feb 08 1993Offical name for DEC MAILworks
3276.08CECEHV::PALOTue Feb 09 1993Option to *not* receive mail upon delivery notification when correlations enabled
3277.02TROOA::LFUNGTue Feb 09 1993Macros also work for DEC Mailworks?
3278.04MEOCWed Feb 10 1993Username aliases available?
3279.01ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Feb 10 1993TIFF format conversion
3280.02MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichWed Feb 10 1993PC hangs during new mail notification
3281.09KOMAIL::VALASEKWed Feb 10 1993Attachment issues. Who's to blame ??
3282.0KOMAIL::VALASEKWed Feb 10 1993Replies to NOTE 3281 from ABOTT::WINDOWS_OFFICE
3283.02KAOTThu Feb 11 1993Copy attachment, "error in message body"
3284.0UTRTSC::EDERVEENFri Feb 12 1993MRS endless processing A1MAIL service message
3285.03SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Feb 12 1993A1mail 1.2 field test and MOTIF
3286.03CGOOA::WNOPFri Feb 12 1993Meridan Mail Integration with MAILworks Win, MAC, VMS, DOS
3287.03HTSC19::SIMONLAUMon Feb 15 1993A1mail for window V1.
3288.04CECEHV::PALOMon Feb 15 1993Problem on reply using message 'sometimes'
3289.01BACHUS::COLLARTMon Feb 15 1993Cleaning A1MAIL$ directory after upgrade to A1mail for Windows 1.1
3290.01KOALA::MENARDMon Feb 15 1993Clean up orphaned files
3291.01VAXRIO::ABREUMon Feb 15 1993new_mail_counter from DOS set to -1
3292.02KOALA::GRAFFMon Feb 15 1993Field test sites needed for DEC MAILworks for UNIX
3293.03ADO75A::BAIRDMon Feb 15 1993Mail Pilot Problems.
3294.01HAMSC1::EBUSCHWed Feb 17 1993surname on TO: field instead of VMSusername???
3295.0VNABRW::PSCSWed Feb 17 1993Keyboard Problems
3296.0ORING::GULATIWed Feb 17 1993Beyondmail for Macs/Ultrix
3297.04BACHUS::COLLARTFri Feb 19 1993You cannot FIND your created messages !
3298.03BACHUS::COLLARTFri Feb 19 1993When printed from DRAFT folder => badly formatted ?
3299.05BACHUS::COLLARTFri Feb 19 1993Ghost messages in a folder ?
3300.05BACHUS::COLLARTFri Feb 19 1993Submitted message not accessible (non delivery notification)
3301.03BUSHIE::SETHIMon Feb 22 1993CREATE/SEND option and Print Memo cover option
3303.02STKAI2::EXTEN::cederhagMon Feb 22 1993Attachement is corrupted when save as on PC
3304.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Feb 22 1993%INT_ERROR_EVENT and access-violation (a1mail 1.1C
3305.01SNATCH::EGGIMANNMon Feb 22 1993Address Templates and variable DDA Name and DDA Value ...
3306.01SNATCH::EGGIMANNMon Feb 22 1993Header Templates and Replaceable Text Items ...
3307.0KAOTMon Feb 22 1993Want an old copy of CTIASYNC.EXE
3308.02KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLMon Feb 22 1993Resource for ULTRIX X.4
3309.03CHGVMon Feb 22 1993A1MAIL 1.1c - No ALL-IN-1 MAIL servers currently available
3310.02KAOTTue Feb 23 1993DDS searches hanging from DOS clients, DDS-E-ENDOBJECT, SYSTEM-W-UNWIND
3311.0WOTVAX::6379Tue Feb 23 1993Moving the Help file around...
3312.03SAC::ROBERTS_RTue Feb 23 1993KERMIT over 8 BIT EVEN PARITY ???
3313.02ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGTue Feb 23 1993How to list connected users?
3314.02CRIME::BIJAOUITue Feb 23 1993Using the CTI broker
3315.01DEBUG::GALLOTue Feb 23 1993Internet addressee too long for inbox scan
3316.03CGOOA::WNOPTue Feb 23 1993# of created messages when sent to distribution list - Mailworks Internals
3317.01TENNIS::KAMWed Feb 24 1993ALL-IN-1 Mail and X.4
3318.0HGOVA::ALEXLUIWed Feb 24 1993Mail sent from ALL-IN-1 to A1MAIL Problem
3319.04HGOVA::ALEXLUIWed Feb 24 1993ALL-IN-1 mail to A1-MAIL client reading problem
3320.02MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichWed Feb 24 1993What components are in which place ?
3321.08TALE::PILOUI::PITTETWed Feb 24 1993Microsoft providing a client to our ALL-IN-1 Mail Server?
3322.01ISIDRO::TORRECILLAWed Feb 24 1993MAC & A1MAIL problem!!
3323.02MALMWed Feb 24 1993Swedish 1.1 MAC translate problem
3324.02ROMCSA::BIANCHINIWed Feb 24 1993monitoring the activity
3325.03DELSWed Feb 24 1993MISSING:[MISSING]A1MAIL$I$UAF.DAT error message??
3326.01BACHUS::WOODWed Feb 24 1993V1.2 Correlate problem
3328.05BUSHIE::SETHIThu Feb 25 1993DEC MAILworks presentation
3329.03BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheThu Feb 25 1993Wordperfect attachment to ALL-IN-1 IOS 3.
3330.01OSLACT::OLAVFThu Feb 25 1993more extensive logging facilities
3331.0VAXRIO::ABREUThu Feb 25 1993monitor not "flicker free"
3332.06CECEHV::PALOThu Feb 25 19933 problems with T1.2
3333.03MALMFri Feb 26 1993Length in MAC 1.1 new mail notification???
3334.03PAKORA::GMURRAYFri Feb 26 1993Area Routing reverse lookup adjustment ?
3335.03STKHLM::ALINDGRENFri Feb 26 1993DECmailworks server and IPMESSAGEID including O/R-name ?
3336.02COMICS::HALFACREEFri Feb 26 1993Sending Mail from $ prompt....
3337.06TARUGO::LIDIAFri Feb 26 1993Again the mail notification
3338.05CGOOA::VAOPFri Feb 26 1993MAILworks: "go bye-bye" ?
3339.01OTOUFri Feb 26 1993MASS-11 MAIL
3340.01BUSHIE::SETHIMon Mar 01 1993What sets the time a msg arrives in AM and time to deliver
3341.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Mar 01 1993Polling of new maill-messages?
3342.03GBIMon Mar 01 1993A1mail multiple attachments
3343.05STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Mar 01 1993Alpha not -ready yet
3344.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Mar 01 1993APIs for DMW server VMS ?
3345.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Mar 01 1993DMW/Windows future ?
3346.01BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheMon Mar 01 1993".HDR" and ".BOD" files in the A1M$USER directory ?
3347.01ROMTue Mar 02 1993HELP: DEC MAILworks installation failure
3348.06COPCLU::COPBRI::RIISTue Mar 02 1993No Broadcast Messages on V1.2
3349.02COMICS::65182::fredTue Mar 02 1993Error message on 286 IBM System
3350.06BALZAC::ROMNEYTue Mar 02 1993DEC MAILworks/DECforms V1.1
3351.08VCOUTue Mar 02 1993"Invalid password length" at boot time
3352.01KAOTTue Mar 02 1993Cannot print to Network Printer !
3353.02MUNICH::MATTHESWed Mar 03 1993DECnet OSI Wave 2 and our beloved product...
3356.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Mar 04 1993Printing problem, looks like buffer not cleared
3358.02IJSAPL::NIESSINKThu Mar 04 1993MAILworks without SYSTEM account?
3359.02HAMSC1::EBUSCHThu Mar 04 1993where is the message gone?
3360.03OTOOA::MOROZThu Mar 04 1993MCI Mail Information
3361.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUFri Mar 05 1993Printing to local printer in A1mail for DOS V1.1A.
3362.06HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWFri Mar 05 1993Operation requires SYSLCK privilege
3363.0UBOHUB::KNIGHTFri Mar 05 1993Async connection via LAT : Service name not = node name
3364.01UTRTSC::BATSFri Mar 05 1993ENhanced Redirector and DEC MAILworks for DOS 1.1a
3365.04ROMCSA::RMPC18::BIANCHINIMon Mar 08 1993Encryption
3366.06BACHUS::COLLARTMon Mar 08 1993SErver process goes " absent" and comes back "Real" ??????
3367.04STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTMon Mar 08 1993License for DECMAILWORKS!
3368.03BACHUS::WOODMon Mar 08 1993DOS Client Size of attachments changes
3371.01PAPERS::MCINTOSHTue Mar 09 1993Changing the ua_content_id
3372.0COMICS::HALFACREETue Mar 09 1993Time-Stamp problem with MS-Windows Client
3373.01HSSWS1::GREGWed Mar 10 1993Simple question? on Mailworks (I think)
3374.02BUSHIE::SETHIWed Mar 10 1993Licensing question
3375.04HTSC19::SIMONLAUThu Mar 11 1993How to set DISK QUOTAS in A1mail server ?
3376.06ROMThu Mar 11 1993Delivery and Conversion problems
3377.02XANADU::GRIEPThu Mar 11 1993unopened message count wrong
3378.01VAXRIO::ABREUThu Mar 11 1993Create Drawer / Errors 684/318
3379.04HURRU::SIEWERTThu Mar 11 1993What brands of TCP/IP will be supported/work on the server?
3380.0DPDMAI::RITZCThu Mar 11 1993Infoserver VXTs running DEC MAILworks?
3381.01BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheFri Mar 12 1993Async Connection - Out of Network Resources
3382.0HAMCL3::ROEBENFri Mar 12 1993MS MAIL <-> Retix <-> mailbus_4
3383.05HGOVA::KIMWAHNGSun Mar 14 1993General Protecton Fault ?
3384.03LEMAN::BAGNOUDMon Mar 15 1993Non-interactif mail
3385.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Mar 15 1993more user friendly postmaster messages needed
3386.0MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Mar 15 1993New Mail info at Windows-Startup ?
3387.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Mar 15 1993SETHOST hangs
3388.0IJSAPL::VANWOLFERENMon Mar 15 1993Store and Forward Mailbox system
3389.0MUDIS3::SCHAEFERMon Mar 15 1993Customers question about MAPI
3390.01CAPOCO::andernelloMon Mar 15 1993Mac notify urgent, please help me!
3391.01RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Mar 15 1993Moving users to different disks, modifying XCD_PROF.DAT
3392.03REDBUD::garrisonnaMon Mar 15 1993X4
3393.0MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichTue Mar 16 1993Doku/Help - sources available ?
3394.03CAM2::HENRYTue Mar 16 1993DECinspect errors after FT v1.2 Install
3395.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Mar 16 19934 questions
3396.05SWTHOM::CORNUTue Mar 16 1993A1mail for VT memory problem
3398.01BACHUS::WILLEMSHWed Mar 17 1993PRINT BUTTON in DEC MAILworks for Windows
3399.0MFRFMS::SUSANNEWed Mar 17 1993delete a distribution list
3400.0ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Mar 17 1993Document type of attached files
3401.02KOMAIL::VALASEKWed Mar 17 1993Help on error log !
3402.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUThu Mar 18 1993blank "Failure report generated at: " !?
3403.08HTSC19::TONYLIUThu Mar 18 1993MAIL.X4M held by A1MAIL$CONNECT
3405.011HTSC19::TONYLIUThu Mar 18 1993Print failed,undefined dynalink
3406.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWFri Mar 19 1993couple of questions
3407.04BUSHIE::SETHIFri Mar 19 1993Damaged drawers and lack of tools to fix them
3408.02UTRTSC::KLEINFri Mar 19 1993Messages lost ?
3409.02COMICS::PEWTERFri Mar 19 1993MACRO problem
3410.01GIDDAY::BURTMon Mar 22 1993missing msg & howto queries
3411.01BACHUS::WILLEMSHMon Mar 22 1993Macros for WordPerfect in DEC MAILworks for DOS V1.1-A
3412.0BIS6::THONNONMon Mar 22 1993A1MAIL/MAC user preferences problem
3414.01STKAI2::EXTEN::cederhagMon Mar 22 1993Mac Duo 23
3416.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Mar 23 1993GENI authenticate user .... error
3417.04JOCKEY::4294Tue Mar 23 1993Mail Server only starts when WAN license is loaded
3418.0KERNEL::PCIOF3::HORSEYCTue Mar 23 1993Local Drawer Limit ?? or Window problem
3419.01SUBWAY::BUONOMOTue Mar 23 1993Server Dual Transports ?
3420.04KERNEL::PCIOF3::HORSEYCTue Mar 23 1993Out of memory error. 55
3421.02KAOFS::R_OBASTue Mar 23 1993ASYNCH users AND xcd_prof.dat !
3422.03SANFAN::BRENNAN_JITue Mar 23 1993cc:mail is PC only app right?
3423.01HGOVC::STEPHENYEUNGWed Mar 24 1993Need help on A1Mail problem
3425.03TALK::HANLEYWed Mar 24 1993help with unwanted file creation on a send
3426.07GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed Mar 24 1993Internet address in the PAB drops quotes
3427.01HGOVA::ALEXLUIWed Mar 24 1993X4
3428.02EPAVAX::CARLOTTIWed Mar 24 1993AM Queue is stuck!
3429.0KERNEL::PCIOF3::HORSEYCFri Mar 26 1993Bebug mode on MAC A1mail
3430.02NEMAIL::BYRNESat Mar 27 1993Strange attachments and wasted paper
3431.0NEMAIL::BYRNESat Mar 27 1993Internet-related problems
3432.01KERNEL::PCIOF3::HORSEYCMon Mar 29 1993Numeric file in A1MAIL\USER ??
3433.01KAOFS::M_FETTMon Mar 29 1993invalid identify to AM from System
3434.03ADO75A::BAIRDTue Mar 30 1993WPO and DEC MAILworks?
3435.04GIDDAY::LEHTue Mar 30 1993True meanings of internal error codes
3436.02WOTVAX::DORANATue Mar 30 1993WINRCV - how to get it?
3437.01CHENG5::WIDMERTue Mar 30 1993Organisational recommendations...
3439.0GLDOA::CARLENWed Mar 31 1993Help! DEC MAILworks Issues.
3440.02OTOOA::LCAMPBELLWed Mar 31 1993TO & CC NUMBER
3441.02BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenWed Mar 31 1993Printing a binary attachment with A1mail MAC ?
3442.01VAXRIO::ABREUWed Mar 31 1993location of brower ??
3443.01SOADC1::STREMICKWed Mar 31 1993Remote File Cabinets for VMS users?
3444.06ISIDRO::TORRECILLAThu Apr 01 1993a1mail & mswindows problems
3445.04SIOG::T_REDMONDThu Apr 01 1993The A1M$DIREC* processes
3446.04KYOA::CHANGThu Apr 01 1993COMPRESS details needed
3447.02VAXRIO::ABREUThu Apr 01 1993print from a1mail
3448.03VAXRIO::ABREUThu Apr 01 1993receipt Notification date
3449.02GIDDAY::LEHFri Apr 02 1993 DDS search caused MS Windows client to hang
3450.01GRANPA::FBOWLESFri Apr 02 1993Instant Notification
3451.01CGDEIS::YOUNGFri Apr 02 1993X.4
3452.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Apr 02 1993Reversed order on incoming mails?
3453.01JULIET::THOMPSON_TAFri Apr 02 1993TeamLinks & ALL-IN-1 IOS v3.
3454.01NEMAIL::BYRNEFri Apr 02 1993The INBOX message that won't die
3455.0GIDDAY::LEHMon Apr 05 1993Abort the sending of BIG file to LARGE distrib list
3456.0GIDDAY::LEHMon Apr 05 1993Hex dump on DOS client at XCD_EXT.EXE
3457.01FRUST::STEINKEMon Apr 05 1993A1Mail/DOS and DDIF
3458.0EVOAI2::DAN_MMon Apr 05 1993MAILworks & INTERNET
3459.03MUDIS3::SCHAEFERMon Apr 05 1993DMW on ALPHA ?
3460.02JRDVTue Apr 06 1993MAILworks 1.1C stoped by ACCVIO
3461.03BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenTue Apr 06 1993Error 2 accessing drawer with dos, no prob for windows ?
3462.0HERON::VOGELEERTue Apr 06 1993MS-MAIL information
3463.03GVPROD::JORHAT::BOWERSTue Apr 06 1993PRINT/NOW releases jobs to print
3464.01RT93::NICHOLSTue Apr 06 1993error displaying large messages into A1mail/MAC
3465.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Apr 07 1993XCD_PROF.DAT not in syn.
3466.02KAOTWed Apr 07 1993Connect to Server, drops MS-Windows out to C: prompt
3467.0UBOHUB::KNIGHTWed Apr 07 1993GETIN.TAK - password expiry
3468.0HAAG::HAAGWed Apr 07 1993Everything to X.4
3469.0SWAM2::MENDOZA_DAWed Apr 07 1993Mailworks Mac / Listener
3470.01SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogThu Apr 08 1993wrong new mail count
3471.01LACMEZ::MEZZETTIThu Apr 08 1993Mailbus Consultant for Mexico - Anyone interested
3472.0HOBBLE::YOUNGFri Apr 09 1993X.4
3473.05OSLTue Apr 13 1993Date for version 1.2, PLEASE
3474.05BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheTue Apr 13 1993Time problem in the MS-Windows client
3475.08TRNOIS::ASSELLETue Apr 13 1993Central Distr. List with MS-Windows interface
3476.02KAOFS::R_OBASTue Apr 13 1993Cannot delete phantom drawer !
3477.012KAOFS::R_OBASTue Apr 13 1993SERVER ACCVCIO !!!
3478.03WOTVAX::64354::DoranWed Apr 14 1993TCP/IP in V1.2 - When???
3479.03HAMSC3::EBUSCHWed Apr 14 1993Help on conversions?
3480.01SWAM2::MENDOZA_DAWed Apr 14 1993Parse error Mailworks VT Command
3481.02HGOVA::ALEXLUIWed Apr 14 1993<DEL>/<BACKSPACE> make screen mash
3482.04HGOVA::ALEXLUIWed Apr 14 1993Last character of mail printer output lost
3483.0UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Apr 15 1993Open folder on MAC : rubbish ?
3484.02KETJE::CAPPELLEMANSThu Apr 15 1993Use of A1MAIL$PRINT
3485.02WOTVAX::DORANAThu Apr 15 1993A1M$DIREC_xxxx processes...
3486.02HTSC19::TONYLIUFri Apr 16 1993Inbox message not moved after read..
3487.09WELCLU::WELPC3::LIFri Apr 16 1993Using PAB on VT,MOTIF and Windows
3488.09PCOLA::HAMSat Apr 17 1993Addressing Syntax For SMTP
3489.02TRIGG::VOGELMon Apr 19 1993off-node flag ?
3490.02BUSHIE::SETHIMon Apr 19 1993LIB-F-INSVIRMEM, insufficient virtual memory
3491.0COPCLU::TRIERTue Apr 20 1993Async and redirection of COM ports
3493.03YUPPY::CARTERWed Apr 21 1993RESET RESERVED - Problem with wastebaskets
3494.0WOTVAX::63748::McGuireWed Apr 21 1993Problems with Wordperfect to text
3495.01BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheWed Apr 21 1993Using Wordperfect in DECwindows client
3496.01BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheWed Apr 21 1993Installing CDA images in the startup procedure
3497.01SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Apr 21 1993Macro for A1mail (Windows) for distribution list send?
3498.0GIDDAY::BURTThu Apr 22 1993Unread attachment query
3499.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERThu Apr 22 1993what TCP/IP stack required on the client for V1.2
3500.03GIDDAY::LEHFri Apr 23 1993DOS client mis-sending to a distribution list
3501.0WOTVAX::DORANAFri Apr 23 1993Conversion stops system...
3502.01TENTO1::MARSHALLJFri Apr 23 1993Address Validation questions
3503.05DELSFri Apr 23 1993Notify and PAB?????
3504.07TRIGG::VOGELFri Apr 23 1993does DDS come with Mailworks Server for LANs?
3505.04MAIL::WHITEFri Apr 23 1993Corupted mail box
3506.04HGOVA::ALEXLUIMon Apr 26 1993A1$CONNECT gone for unknown reason
3507.02MAIL::WYMANMon Apr 26 1993Customized Security ...?
3508.03STKAI2::EXTEN::cederhagTue Apr 27 1993x4
3509.03HAMSC3::EBUSCHTue Apr 27 1993decmailworks and Cab ALL-IN-1 IOS?
3510.01CGOOA::NIXONTue Apr 27 1993DECmailworks - DDS updates
3511.011FORTSC::ROCHTue Apr 27 1993EFT2 V1.2 INSTALLATION - HELP!
3512.03TALE::PILOUI::PITTETWed Apr 28 1993Licensing (once again)
3513.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Apr 28 1993A1MAIL/MR TS/CLUSTER unreconized recipient name
3514.013HTSC19::TONYLIUWed Apr 28 1993wrong sender name
3515.03VANINE::LOVELLWed Apr 28 1993
3516.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed Apr 28 1993DEC MAILworks server v1.2 and TeamLinks v1.
3517.06WELCLU::WELPC3::LIWed Apr 28 1993Distribution lists for VMSmail and MAILworks users
3518.04ODAY4Wed Apr 28 1993Missing MRAPPSHAR error, but, it's there!
3519.03HTSC19::TONYLIUThu Apr 29 1993Patch request
3520.04WELCLU::WELPC3::LIThu Apr 29 1993Problem with distribution list >2
3521.01VAXRIO::ABREUThu Apr 29 1993receipt notification / message router
3522.01DPDMAI::RITZCThu Apr 29 1993X.4
3523.04GVAFri Apr 30 1993Cluster problem?
3524.02HTSC19::TONYLIUFri Apr 30 1993DDS wrong output
3525.02TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJFri Apr 30 1993Name of MAIL drawer
3528.01BACHUS::COLLARTFri Apr 30 1993DCPS for AXP and licensing for PCL
3529.0ISTWI1::DARUGERSat May 01 1993ALPHA-VMS?
3530.02BELFST::64522::McCorryTue May 04 1993Still got a license problem
3531.03IDEFIX::CLOKETue May 04 1993Remote Mac access - ARAP?
3532.05HTSC19::ALEXLUIWed May 05 1993A1MAIL for DOS get wrong new mail message during LOGIN
3533.0GVPROD::5Wed May 05 1993Stalling large messages ?
3535.04WELCLU::WELPC3::LIWed May 05 1993Servers not started automatically during startup
3536.04VAXRIO::ABREUWed May 05 1993receipt notification /a1mail 1.1-c and allin1
3537.01STOHUB::ANGLIN::SHAHNAMWed May 05 1993What is fix.exe mentioned in 3.82
3538.01HGOVA::SIMONLAUThu May 06 1993PC dbase file -> DDS database !?
3540.02MFRFMS::SUSANNEThu May 06 1993A1MAIL for Mac:Documentation about the new mail notification
3541.07HLIS52::WHITAKER_AThu May 06 1993Interesting Cluster Situation..can anyone help?
3542.02HLIS52::WHITAKER_AThu May 06 1993A1MAIL$PRINT...when does it get used?
3543.04QBOUThu May 06 1993DECmailworks/VAX-VMS through DECmigrate ??
3544.01CGOOA::VAOPThu May 06 1993Large LAVC install - SANITY CHECK!
3545.01ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKFri May 07 1993Help ... Repair Corrupted Drawers/Folders
3546.06STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri May 07 1993Server v1.2 and TCP/IP
3547.01UFRCS1::SIMADERFri May 07 1993LAN Server Package not available anymore ?
3548.0FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSFri May 07 1993Whats the difference between....
3549.03FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSFri May 07 1993Disabling local VMS usernames?
3550.01USWRSL::ROCH_VIFri May 07 1993Address Templates
3551.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUESun May 09 1993VT terminal hang
3552.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUESun May 09 1993DEC MAILworks and MR
3553.03MSAMMon May 10 1993populate DDS from DECmailworks ?
3555.02LARVAE::OLDNIC::COHEN_DMon May 10 1993PAB not picking up actual mail address
3556.02KAOFS::R_OBASMon May 10 1993Problem moving files:General file cabinet error"
3557.03STOHUB::ANGLIN::SHAHNAMMon May 10 1993Does MW for DOS v1.1a supprot tcp
3558.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue May 11 1993Loop using DDS on MAC
3559.04ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue May 11 1993Tool to repair corrupted file
3560.02LEMAN::BLANCHARDTue May 11 1993Doc about ini files
3561.05ZPOVC::CHINGYUEWed May 12 1993MUAS$SERVER_xxx for discussion
3562.06ZURWed May 12 1993xcd_tmpl.dat a1mail for dos
3563.010343Wed May 12 1993Losing Headers with MAILworks
3564.06KAOTWed May 12 1993V1.2 FT Question ....
3565.01CECEHV::PALOThu May 13 1993DMW decwindows problems
3566.01EEMELI::AMANNISTOThu May 13 1993DEC MAILworks and MAILbus 4
3567.0COPCLU::GREGThu May 13 1993WAN package...
3569.05KAOTThu May 13 1993FT 1.2, MUAS$SERVER ACCVIO's
3570.01FILTON::GILLEN_FFri May 14 1993X.4
3571.02STKAI2::EXTEN::cederhagFri May 14 1993New mail notif on mac hanging problem
3572.03USWRSL::ROCH_VIFri May 14 1993FT1.2 - Receiving Message Problem
3573.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon May 17 1993Wollongong's TCP/IP and DEC MAILworks v1.2-server
3574.02UPROAR::PLATTPMon May 17 1993TCP/IP as a transport?
3575.0ATZMon May 17 1993DDS usage with DECmailworks for Windows
3576.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUTue May 18 1993How to store a mail as a DOS file in PC harddisk ?
3577.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUTue May 18 1993A1mail for DOS/forward msg WITH/WITHOUT header.
3578.07HTSC19::SIMONLAUWed May 19 1993WINDOW/Application error,general protection fault.
3579.03HTSC19::ALEXLUIWed May 19 1993"max time expired" - message cannot be sent
3580.03KYOA::ERICKSENWed May 19 1993Move DEC MAILworks server to new VAX (same DECnet info)?
3581.02LARVAE::COHEN_DWed May 19 1993Windows V1.1.4 install problems
3582.01GIDDAY::LEHThu May 20 1993Receipt notif not generated by MRX ?
3583.05LARVAE::COHEN_DThu May 20 1993Word macro and distribution lists
3584.01TRNOIS::ASSELLEThu May 20 1993Time in the submission window
3585.02FSOA::CKELLEHERThu May 20 1993Probl
3586.04GIDDAY::LEHFri May 21 1993Server 1.2 EFT 1 error on Disk Quota Exceeded
3587.02USWRSL::SWIERKOWS_SUFri May 21 1993Password displays on Mac...
3588.04ZURMon May 24 1993PAB from MAC client.. urgent
3589.03SWETSC::LAB4::AAMISEPPMon May 24 1993Error occurred with Macintosh DDS lookup
3590.03IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon May 24 1993binary att. over PAD ?
3591.0BUSHIE::SETHITue May 25 1993MS-Mail, MAC client and Windows MACbinary,binary prob.
3592.01KETJE::VANHOOSTETue May 25 1993API for the MAC Client ?
3593.02COPCLU::COPRUG::RUNETue May 25 1993Start A1MAIL$CONNECT only ???
3594.01KAOTTue May 25 1993French copy of DOS user's guide V1.1
3596.012GVAWed May 26 1993Dequeued messages for DEC Mailworks.
3597.02STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed May 26 1993Anything new on accounting?
3598.01WELCLU::WELPC3::LIWed May 26 1993Moving A1M stuff to different disk
3599.0HAACK::HAACKWed May 26 1993Self contained demo for MAC?
3600.01HGOVA::ALEXLUIWed May 26 1993Lot of user profile files lost for unknown reason
3601.0IDEFIX::CLOKEThu May 27 1993Is there an SPD (or draft) available for V1.2?
3602.01KOALA::MENARDThu May 27 1993Why there's a "1" at the end of the subject line
3603.04KAOFS::R_OBASThu May 27 1993Cluster/DMW:ms-windows Mail notification !
3604.0VIVIAN::J_GILBERTFri May 28 1993Compress makes mail file larger!
3605.01GOYA::YARBOC::MiguelAGarciaFri May 28 1993RTF to WPS conversion using CDA and ALL-IN-1
3606.0TARUGO::LIDIAMon May 31 1993RTF<--->WPSPLUS conversion again
3607.01BIGTOY::ROGERSDMon May 31 1993MAC Clients and Memory notification.....
3608.01HGOVA::PETELAMTue Jun 01 1993problem with redirection address
3609.02BUSHIE::SETHITue Jun 01 1993Keyboard mapping prob. for a DOS 1.1a client
3610.02BLGTue Jun 01 1993MUAS$SERVER authorize parameters needs
3611.08LARVAE::OLDNIC::COHEN_DTue Jun 01 1993Error displaying profile (SHOW ALL)
3612.02KAOTTue Jun 01 1993An internal MUAS error occurred, 61965171 and 6197153
3613.03COLLEX::VXMATB::SCARBOROTue Jun 01 1993Server not available
3614.04KAOTTue Jun 01 1993Mailworks for Windows 1.
3615.07UBOHUB::KNIGHTTue Jun 01 1993Async DEC MAILworks - loading TSRs hangs PC
3616.03TINNIE::SETHITue Jun 01 1993DMW's EFT 1.2 problems with FAX integration
3617.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUWed Jun 02 1993Failed to reach OAWEGO::A1SVC_PC , help please !
3618.01BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenWed Jun 02 1993Install fails creating the muas$profile.dat file !
3619.02MSAMWed Jun 02 1993Wordperfect, Lotus into DECMailworks ??
3620.04WELCLU::WELPC3::LIWed Jun 02 1993Missing file cabinet
3621.01STKHLM::LYNGARTHWed Jun 02 1993DEC Mailworks on NT
3622.04WELCLU::WELPC3::LIWed Jun 02 1993Error creating drawers
3623.01BRSSWS::BHP64::VerbraekenWed Jun 02 1993invalid session and offset value ???????????
3624.0KOALA::HOLOHANWed Jun 02 1993DEC MAILworks for unix conference
3625.08TINNIE::SETHIThu Jun 03 1993DOS client 1.1a problems printing non-text attachments
3627.01HTSC19::ALEXLUIThu Jun 03 1993Error code 7
3628.01HTSC19::ALEXLUIThu Jun 03 1993PC hang during mail send and receive
3629.02WELCLU::WELPC3::LIThu Jun 03 1993How to pre-set server and user name ?
3630.0KOALA::GIGERThu Jun 03 1993Wanted - DEC MAILworks for DOS/TCP/IP FT sites
3631.01KAOTThu Jun 03 1993PAB or DDS address corrupts X.4
3632.02MORGIE::JENNEYThu Jun 03 1993TCP/IP support????
3633.04STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Jun 04 1993Wollongong DEC MAILworks v1.2
3634.03ZPOVC::CHINGYUEFri Jun 04 1993Problem with MUAS$SERVER
3635.0BACHUS::COLLARTFri Jun 04 1993DEC MAILworks and dialup PSI (without MRX)
3636.01HGOVA::PETELAMMon Jun 07 1993pointers for teamlinks mail for windows v1.2
3637.04COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDMon Jun 07 1993How many users are connected?
3638.09ZURMon Jun 07 1993PSI mails and no poor mans routing?
3639.03ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKMon Jun 07 1993X4
3640.0KOALA::OROURKEMon Jun 07 1993Mail Expert Training -- Registration is now open
3641.03NERICH::GoldmanMon Jun 07 1993Mail delay - posted date AFTER delivered date
3643.03STAR::KAPLANTue Jun 08 1993'Insufficient server resources.' (Teamlinks setup)
3644.06KAOTTue Jun 08 1993HDR_NOMEMORY, Maximum memory exceeded.
3645.03GIDDAY::LEHWed Jun 09 19931.1 DOS client sending mail to a BLANK To: list
3646.01LEMAN::BLANCHARDWed Jun 09 1993Small Icon displayed
3647.07BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenWed Jun 09 1993decmailworks/forms
3648.02MIVC::MOALLIWed Jun 09 1993NO Mail even though the login says there is
3649.04ZPOVC::CHINGYUEThu Jun 10 1993Corrupted MAIL.X4M
3650.02VISA::BIJAOUIThu Jun 10 1993Get the new mail count from outside VT client ?
3651.0LARVAE::OLDNIC::COHEN_DFri Jun 11 1993Shared PAB problems
3652.02UTROP1::STEENIS_MFri Jun 11 1993Virus Checking and Asynch connections
3653.0CGOOA::VAOPSun Jun 13 1993Install base stats, anyone ?
3654.0152483::ANTEUNISMon Jun 14 1993Doc about callable interface available ?
3655.03GVPROD::WENGERMon Jun 14 1993VAXmail to MAILworks migration tool ?
3656.0751764::BROUWERMon Jun 14 1993Mail to TEST@X4
3657.01BACHUS::COLLARTMon Jun 14 1993Where is FIX.EXE for Windows client v1.1 ?
3658.05SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIMon Jun 14 1993MAILWORKS for DOS...its' future?
3659.01SWETSC::NORDBERGTue Jun 15 1993Default editor in VT-client, how?
3660.01BLGTue Jun 15 1993Address Template for ALL-IN-1 MAIL for MAC
3661.04WESTTue Jun 15 1993LAT based queues not visible from list
3662.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTWed Jun 16 1993DECMAILworks UA connected to MAILbus 4
3663.03ZURWed Jun 16 1993Domain defined attributes with A1mail MS-Windows
3664.01LARVAE::WESTWed Jun 16 1993Client/Server Version Compatability Question
3665.03KAOTWed Jun 16 1993Is this MAilworks or Message Router problem ?
3666.02UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jun 17 1993I8n support on decmailworks platform
3667.0EISYFI::ISLERThu Jun 17 1993DEC MailWorks/DECForms and ALL-IN-1 Mail Enhancements
3668.02SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIThu Jun 17 1993Ability to change password
3669.02SWETSC::PAAKKUNAINENFri Jun 18 1993 MTA congestion ????
3670.01VIVIAN::J_GILBERTFri Jun 18 1993Backwards Compatablility?
3671.02SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogFri Jun 18 1993OfficeVision-Mailworks problem
3672.03GALLOP::MARSHALLJMon Jun 21 1993EFT3 install loops because HELP is in use !!
3673.02ROMMon Jun 21 1993MRX gives AMBIGDOM error.
3674.04COPCLU::JACOBSENMon Jun 21 1993SSI Protocol err 18
3675.01SCAMIN::BROWNMon Jun 21 1993spd's (again...)
3676.01DYPSS1::YINGLINGTue Jun 22 1993Change DW & VT Client Title/Prompt ?
3677.02KAOTTue Jun 22 1993Logging QAR's for Mailworks for DOS/Server
3678.03IJSAPL::WOODROWWed Jun 23 1993Transfer documents from ALL-IN-1 to ALL-IN-1 MAIL?
3679.02BALZAC::KUOCHWed Jun 23 1993Exit from WORD PERFECT.
3680.01BACHUS::WOODWed Jun 23 1993Force body-part 14
3681.01ICS::COSEL::PieciulFri Jun 25 1993Is there a Limit on Redirection
3682.01JEREMY::OFERSat Jun 26 1993A solution for VAXmail users ?
3683.02VIVIAN::J_GILBERTMon Jun 28 1993Errors during FT1.2 startup.
3684.02BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheTue Jun 29 1993Can V1.2FT of DOS client run with V1.1C of the server ?
3685.04KAOTTue Jun 29 1993HDR_LISTFORMATERROR, Error formatting list
3686.03STKAI2::SWE23Wed Jun 30 1993MAILworks for DECwindows displayed on a ultrix workstation
3687.02GIDDAY::LEHWed Jun 30 1993Heterogeneous VAXcluster instal revisited
3688.05BACHUS::WOODWed Jun 30 1993MS-Windows client wants >1
3689.01COMICS::65181::CHEWTERFri Jul 02 1993Can't print from any other drawer than the MAIL drawer
3690.01WELCLU::WELPC3::LIFri Jul 02 1993MUAS$NODE_CHECK missing with V1.1a
3691.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Jul 05 1993.TMP, .PHD, .TDS, .BOD ....
3692.0COLMon Jul 05 1993Mailing form Novell MHS <-> Mailbus
3693.03SUOSWS::MOOGMon Jul 05 1993parameters for 4
3694.04UTRTSC::DIENAARTue Jul 06 1993spaces and printing
3695.05VIVIAN::J_GILBERTWed Jul 07 1993ACCVIO when Move documents between drawers.
3696.09QMARY::RICKW::RickWed Jul 07 1993Upgraded to EFT3 - now can't view DX format docs
3697.01GUCCI::JCONNORSWed Jul 07 1993MLS+
3699.01OTOP14::gormanThu Jul 08 1993DECmailWorks/Netware/Macs
3700.04GUCCI::RJENKINSThu Jul 08 1993Problems with the new server
3701.03TRNOIS::ASSELLEFri Jul 09 1993What's Max Size of a Message ???
3702.01ZPOVC::WENDYLAISun Jul 11 1993Qtns on remote MR
3703.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Jul 12 1993When will the v!.2 of DEC MAILworks Serer be released?
3705.03KAPLAN::KAPLANTue Jul 13 1993how to access mail on a different file store?
3706.0KAPLAN::KAPLANTue Jul 13 1993dealing with a mixed A1MAIL/VMSmail environment
3707.01ROMWed Jul 14 1993MRX over CLNS?
3708.04GIDDAY::LEHWed Jul 14 1993Sent message discarded after submission
3709.02UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jul 15 1993Maximum time expired
3710.03ISIDRO::SWASSOPThu Jul 15 1993TCP/IP connect??
3711.0KOALA::OROURKEThu Jul 15 1993CMC opportunities -- need feedback from field
3712.02OSLACT::OLAVFri Jul 16 1993Windows NT support?
3713.0TROOA::DLOTENFri Jul 16 1993Economic Analysis?
3714.09BACHUS::COLLARTFri Jul 16 1993Sun stat. locks keyboard with DECwindows 1.1 clnt
3715.01ISIDRO::SWASSOPMon Jul 19 1993TCP/IP and DOS client. HOW??
3716.015UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Jul 19 1993FTT errors
3717.03KURTAN::WILHELMSSONTue Jul 20 1993Windows client can't handle space in admin domain?
3718.012SEDPCW::SEDDIN::din_uTue Jul 20 1993Disappearing folders/messages
3719.010QMARY::RICKW::RickTue Jul 20 1993Creating MAILworks drawers outside of [.A1MAIL$]
3720.0GUIDUK::KANGTue Jul 20 1993VIM Support? - Someone may say cc:Mail API
3721.05NEPHI::COARWed Jul 21 1993WPS-PLUS in A1MAIL: can't EXTRACT, PRINT, or REPLY
3722.01MEOCSun Jul 25 1993V1.2 and Sensitivity field question?
3723.01SUBWAY::OLOFSONMon Jul 26 1993BCC in V1.2?
3724.01NEMAIL::BYRNEMon Jul 26 1993Mailworks and Remote DDS Connect/Lookups
3725.03BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheTue Jul 27 1993Multiple delivery of messages
3726.07KOALA::PRINCIPIOTue Jul 27 1993Phase
3727.01COMICS::65181::CHEWTERTue Jul 27 1993Strange error whilst cleaning up folder
3728.0NEMAIL::BYRNETue Jul 27 1993Accessing Mailworks on another VAX
3730.01DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMTue Jul 27 1993Question about DECMailworks for OSF1
3731.05SEDPCW::SEDDIN::din_uWed Jul 28 1993Auto Reply
3732.04SNATCH::EGGIMANNWed Jul 28 1993TL DOS and %MRX-E-UNSUPBODY, Unsupported bodypart type
3733.03BACHUS::COLLARTWed Jul 28 1993Bad font if a1mail win started after Organizer
3734.01TAKEOF::DELIPPEWed Jul 28 1993DDS, header, SUperVGA and more
3735.05STKAI1::JNORRBOMThu Jul 29 1993MCS and TeamLinks Mail
3736.08UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jul 29 1993cannot empty wastebasket
3737.01DECWET::snowThu Jul 29 1993Windows Client question?
3738.01THEBAY::SWANDBYThu Jul 29 1993Limiting Addressees to Approved Recipients?
3739.03TKTVFS::HORIE_HFri Jul 30 1993"Error connecting to the Server" problem occured
3741.0KAZAN::CHALLALFri Jul 30 1993Concurrent or sequential access to MR
3742.06ZURFri Jul 30 1993error GENI initialise server
3743.02GIDDAY::BURTSun Aug 01 1993mempkg error mem_resize
3744.08TINNIE::SETHIMon Aug 02 1993Delivery receipt correlation problems
3745.01HTSC19::TONYLIUMon Aug 02 1993Upgrade & version problem
3746.02TKTVFS::HORIE_HMon Aug 02 1993User Request(MAILworks for Mac)
3747.03GIDDAY::WANMon Aug 02 1993What is those A1M$DIREC_xxxxx process?
3748.01HTSC19::TONYLIUTue Aug 03 1993cant purge deleted message
3749.0KOALA::LAVASHTue Aug 03 1993Microsoft (TM) Mail Driver for DMW - FT Sites wanted
3750.04OSLACT::TORKILD_PWed Aug 04 1993Mail server accounting
3751.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTWed Aug 04 1993Is there a DECMAILworks server 1.2 SSB-version
3752.04LARVAE::WESTWed Aug 04 1993X4MAN error - English is not a supported language
3753.01GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSThu Aug 05 1993User files explanation
3755.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DFri Aug 06 1993automatically printing
3756.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Aug 06 1993TeamLinks for Mac kit ?
3757.02VAXRIO::ABREUFri Aug 06 1993Message Router - Remote ?
3758.01KOALA::PRINCIPIOThu Aug 05 1993Archiving File -- New Conference Available