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Conference orarep::nomahs::dbintegrator_public_public

Title:DB Integrator Public Conference
Notice:Database Integration - today! Kit/Doc info see note 36
Created:Mon Sep 21 1992
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1171
Total number of notes:5187
Number with bodies:725
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1.0+9BROKE::HOLDENMon Sep 21 1992Welcome
2.0+6WILBRY::BOURDEAUMon Sep 21 1992PUBLIC Directory
3.0+5WEORG::ROGOFFFri Sep 02 1994DBI and Gateway Documentation Directory
4.039WILBRY::BOURDEAUMon Sep 21 1992Who's Who
5.07WILBRY::BOURDEAUMon Sep 21 1992Sales Resources
6.01MQOSWS::M_LEBELMon Sep 21 1992Time frame
7.0WILBRY::BOURDEAUTue Sep 22 1992QFD RESULTS: Data Access/Integration
8.03JRFVAX::HODGESTue Oct 06 1992POWERSOFT agreement in the works?
9.07CNTROL::DGAUTHIERFri Oct 23 1992Need more general info on DB Integrator
10.09MQOSWS::M_LEBELFri Dec 18 1992Helper services!!!!
11.0BROKE::HOLDENMon Jan 18 1993DBI Phase 1 Closure Notice
12.02ACESMK::MCKIMTue Feb 16 1993RdbAccess for Custom Drivers information
13.010KERNEL::JACKSONFri Feb 19 1993Joining Rdb and RMS
14.08COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Mar 12 1993How to actually do the join and follow-ons
15.03WILBRY::BOURDEAUFri Mar 19 1993Pre-FT DEMO Kit Now available
16.0SIERAS::WALLISFri Mar 19 1993Any plans for an OS/2 client?
17.02SIERAS::WALLISFri Mar 19 1993When will DBI support TCP/IP and Novell?
18.08COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDSun Mar 28 1993Some questions about usage
19.011HERON::MARSHALLFri Apr 02 1993What happens when the Underlying Database Changes?
20.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Apr 07 1993View updatable ?
21.02HERON::MARSHALLThu Apr 08 1993CASE SEnsITive Table Names
22.02HERON::MARSHALLThu Apr 08 1993VIEW Syntax?
23.02MUNICH::KONOPIKThu Apr 15 1993Access Problem with DBI and NSDS
24.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Apr 15 1993Warnings from DBI schema database when converting Rdb
25.03MUNICH::KONOPIKTue Apr 20 1993DBI and VIDA for DB2
26.04WILBRY::BOURDEAUMon Apr 26 1993FT Training - Sign up NOW !
27.01CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Apr 26 1993What can we make public about DBI?
28.0WILBRY::BOURDEAUTue Apr 27 1993Sales Update Article
29.03KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWFri Apr 30 1993Compatibility and linking question Compatibility question and linking query Compatibility question and linking
30.04XLIB::PAANANENMon May 03 1993Database API libraries?
31.04VNASWS::EDERTue May 04 1993DB Independence
32.08TELGAR::WAKEMANLAMon May 10 1993Any Public presentations yet??
33.011NSDC::SIMPSONWed May 12 19933GL callouts from within DB integrator
34.04WILBRY::BOURDEAUThu May 13 1993NEW Literature and Presentations
35.04ELIS::TBARRETTWed May 26 1993Dynamic, Interactive SQL memory leaks
36.0+59BROKE::HOLDENMon Jun 07 1993DB Integrator Kit Information
38.022USDEV::JBONINThu Jun 10 1993Performance problem scenario
39.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Jun 10 1993How many tables can be joined ?
40.09UTOPIE::KREISLERMon Jun 14 1993Can't print FT training slides
41.0BROKE::HOLDENWed Jun 16 1993Fix for invalid metadata problem coming shortly
42.07STKHLM::KNORNTue Jun 22 1993Using INSTANTSQL to query a DBI-database
44.04GLDOA::RBROWNTue Jun 22 1993DBI - Sounds GREAT - Is IT Ready ?
45.02STKHLM::KNORNThu Jun 24 1993Extra characters in show link command
46.03UTOPIE::KREISLERThu Jul 01 1993How to install DBI on VMS 6.
47.07NYTP22::NAEGELYTue Jul 06 1993msaccess
48.03SUOSWS::RHEINSCHMITTWed Jul 07 1993DBI-access to DBs with ODBC-interface?
49.01UTOPIE::KREISLERFri Jul 09 1993disconnect from link ?
50.02CTHQ::COLLOPYMon Jul 12 1993-SYSTEM-F-CONNECFAIL, network object timed-out or failed
51.02UTOPIE::KREISLERTue Jul 13 1993DBISQL: show tables not consistent ?
52.01UTOPIE::KREISLERWed Jul 14 1993Show table(link) ?
53.0BROKE::ABUGOVFri Jul 16 1993Installing DBI on a Cluster
54.02JARRAH::BRADLEYTue Jul 20 1993Bucheck with show table (link) - SQL$SEMUTL - 27
55.02SIERAS::WALLISTue Jul 20 1993LIB-E-ACTIMAGE error when running IVP for FT1
56.03POBOX::HORTONWed Jul 21 1993Browsing ???
57.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Jul 22 1993access to oracle
58.02BROKE::SERRAFri Jul 30 1993Open Systems Today article
59.02WILBRY::BOURDEAUTue Aug 03 1993Opening Phase
60.01QCAVWed Aug 04 1993DBI in a multi node environment ??
61.03ARTUD5::OLLODARTThu Aug 05 1993DBI not pushing predicates - live example
62.01NWDWed Aug 11 1993Translate diff. column values
63.01FDCV14::WILLIAMSWed Aug 18 1993Expected SSB date
64.0EXPLOR::64594::nielsenFri Aug 20 1993Network connect DL/1 db to OSF (or UNIX) system
65.04BROKE::HOLDENWed Aug 25 1993DBI RdbExpo Slides available
66.013ANGLIN::RIGDENFri Sep 10 1993DBI vs Percussion's data integration features?
67.011TAVWed Sep 15 1993An optimizer question
68.05IJSAPL::OLTHOFThu Sep 16 1993Will this demo setup work, what pittfalls?
69.01POBOX::OLEARYThu Sep 16 1993Field Test Site
70.03ANGLIN::RIGDENThu Sep 16 1993help needed on VMS/OSF DM interoperability
71.02DOD2::PARKERFri Sep 17 1993any info on PASSPORT?
72.05STKHLM::WAHLQVISTMon Sep 20 1993Stored procedures in DBI
73.05ZOWEE::ANTHONYMon Sep 20 1993Views
74.01ANGLIN::RIGDENFri Sep 24 1993DTF vs DB2 Gateway?
75.02STKHLM::KNORNMon Sep 27 1993Messages missing
76.03STKHLM::KNORNMon Sep 27 1993Security access information
77.01POBOX::BAKERMANWed Sep 29 1993Integrate or Distribute?
78.02MSDOA::CLARKTue Oct 05 1993Question about dbi_sample.com in dbi$examples
79.01CHTPTue Oct 05 1993DBI & 2PC
80.07GENIE::FERRUThu Oct 07 1993Looking for info's on EDA/SQL
81.02MSDOA::CLARKThu Oct 07 1993Getting error - "Message number xxxxxxx"
82.05GENIE::FERRUFri Oct 08 1993Who knows AIT?
83.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Oct 11 1993NODEFDB on FT1
84.03PACWH::CASSELLSMon Oct 11 1993API interface to form queries on non-database sources
85.06ANGLIN::KOETTINGLTue Oct 12 1993Does DBI Offer Referential Integrity?
86.03MSDOA::CLARKWed Oct 13 1993error on help in DBISQL - missing SQL$HELP6
87.02MSDOA::CLARKThu Oct 14 1993Does dbi do data transformation or conversion?
88.03STKHLM::KNORNThu Oct 28 1993Oracle access to DBI on Oracle
89.03IJSAPL::OLTHOFFri Oct 29 1993When use tables, when use views
90.04DBSUK1::HOBBSTue Nov 02 1993GRANT Privs on Table/View
91.05BROKE::MAYANKMon Nov 08 1993Partitioned Views - Important Optimization in V1.
92.07DBSUK1::HOBBSWed Nov 10 1993Cortex 4GL
93.01GUIDUK::HEALYThu Nov 11 1993Multi-version Joins?
94.04ELIS::MONDThu Nov 18 1993Common components of RDB T6.
95.01ISIDRO::ANTONIOPEREZFri Nov 19 1993Accessworks oportunity
96.0WILBRY::BOURDEAUTue Nov 23 1993NEW DB Integrator Animated Demo
97.01NMGDV9::MONDFri Nov 26 1993Problem with remote access.
98.03FOOSW3::DANEMon Nov 29 1993Sybase as catalog keeper?
99.04HERON::GODFRINDThu Dec 02 1993What rdb version will be required/supported in the shipping product ?
100.08GENIE::FERRUThu Dec 02 1993DBI on OSF/1 with Informix
101.01WILBRY::BOURDEAUSat Dec 04 1993DBI and ODBC Training
102.01ALICAT::BUDILOVTue Dec 07 1993does DBI rely on physical attributes of linked DBs?
103.05ALICAT::BUDILOVTue Dec 07 1993how do i use SQLmod to access DBI link databases?
104.01ALICAT::BUDILOVTue Dec 07 1993SQLmod compile/link/run and sql$setver ????
105.014ALICAT::BUDILOVTue Dec 07 1993DBI performance ?
106.03SKTUThu Dec 09 1993No attach to catalogue from Rdb V4.2-
107.08SNOCThu Dec 09 1993-RDB-F-SYS_REQUEST_CAL from time to time
108.0+7ANGLIN::FOSTERWed Dec 15 1993Custom Drivers?
109.04WILBRY::BOURDEAUTue Dec 21 1993DBI demos parallel query execution against one Rdb DB
110.03NYTPWed Dec 22 1993Is CC a subset of Rdb's DEV kit?
111.03RAISSA::PASSAQUINDICWed Dec 29 1993partitioned view and hash index
112.03ALICAT::BUDILOVThu Dec 30 1993DBI/DBICC and Rdb T6.
113.04CSC32::S_MAUFESun Jan 02 1994please make sales info easier to find
114.011STKHLM::KNORNTue Jan 04 1994Prices and licenses
115.04SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Jan 06 1994PCs in hidden areas: someone had to ask
116.04ZIMBOO::HILDEBRANDTThu Jan 06 1994CC RDB T6.
117.02NEWVAX::MURRAYFri Jan 07 1994Positioning Info
118.01TLSEFri Jan 07 1994DBI & VDD
119.09ZIMBOO::HILDEBRANDTTue Jan 11 1994LEVEL4 crash dump with "There is an internal software"
121.0HGODCS::AARONYUENThu Jan 13 1994ODBC -> RMS , configuration ??
122.02JGODCL::SPACThu Jan 13 1994Can DBI do this too???
123.01HOPFEN::DIETRICHThu Jan 13 1994Integrator Gateway for DSM info wanted
124.03ROMThu Jan 13 1994sqlservices & DBI
125.01BROKE::NYOSFri Jan 14 1994RS6
126.07CGOOA::NICOLETFri Jan 21 1994Internal error using DBI and IMPROMPTU (PowerHouse)
127.012TAVWed Jan 26 1994Powerhouse on Oracle
129.01WILBRY::BOURDEAUThu Jan 27 1994Competitive Positioning Paper
130.02WILBRY::BOURDEAUFri Jan 28 1994DBI Licensing, UPIs, and SPDs
131.02BMW318::HARRISMon Jan 31 1994%RDB-E-DISTABORT, distributed transaction was aborted....
132.01COPCLU::JEPPEMon Jan 31 1994DBI - DB2 - POWERHOUSE
133.01CLO::MOLLEYMon Jan 31 1994HP and IMAGE DB
134.02KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWTue Feb 01 1994Whose ruj is it?
135.04ODIXIE::CAIRNSTue Feb 01 1994A few questions
136.08KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWWed Feb 02 1994Bugcheck - utl_e_insufficient_memory
137.01WILBRY::BOURDEAUThu Feb 03 1994Win against OmniSQL
139.03BOLINA::GADALETAMThu Feb 03 1994Gateways to RMS
140.01ZPOVC::EAPENGEORGEFri Feb 04 1994Positioning DBI and TM's (trans. mon)
142.011VHSSA::S_STRYKERFri Feb 04 1994We can really make use of this, if we can get it installed!
143.01COHO::HEALYFri Feb 04 1994DBI Optimizer-does it use CPU power?
144.01ZPOVC::EAPENGEORGESun Feb 06 1994ODBC driver for DBI
145.03STKHLM::KNORNMon Feb 07 1994DBI is FUN
146.08STKHLM::KNORNMon Feb 07 1994Connect from axp gets timeout
147.05VHSSA::S_STRYKERMon Feb 07 1994Questions on using remote physical DBI database
148.01ATHVS2::BRAUNTue Feb 08 1994DBI and INGRES
149.0354831::VANTRICHTTue Feb 08 1994insufficient IBM DB connectivity
150.01NYOSTue Feb 08 1994Sizing help on OSF/1 platforms
151.0BROKE::HOLDENWed Feb 09 1994DBI Product Family Releases
152.03CHTPThu Feb 10 1994How do we compare with Oracle here?
154.03WILBRY::BOURDEAUTue Feb 15 1994SPDs for DBI and the Gateways
155.01MONSTA::COLLINSWed Feb 16 1994Sybase access to BDI database?
156.04DRAC::DSMAILWed Feb 16 1994EDA/SQL to ADABAS/MVS from Alpha/OSF
157.01WILBRY::BOURDEAUWed Feb 16 1994FT is Open for DBI V3.1
158.0WILBRY::BOURDEAUThu Feb 17 1994DBI Training Update
159.0WILBRY::BOURDEAUThu Feb 17 1994Internal Sites ?
160.06ROMFri Feb 18 1994DB2 gateway, is CICS the only way ?
161.03CLO::MOLLEYFri Feb 18 1994Any DBI Performance Numbers?
162.03SNOCWed Feb 23 1994CDD used for metadata?
163.04TAVIS::ISHAIWed Feb 23 1994UPI for gateways
164.03KYOSS1::FARESEThu Feb 24 1994DBI perf as data warehouse?
165.06DEKVC::JUYOUNGJEEFri Feb 25 1994Kit Pointer for DEC DBI gateway for DSM on VAX
166.03MLNORO::SCAGLIONIMon Feb 28 1994DBI & SQLServer
167.08VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Mar 01 1994When will ODBC 1.1 be available?
168.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Mar 02 1994Connecting to AS/4
169.01NYOSWed Mar 02 1994VAX/VMS DBI features Issue.
170.02BULLY::SHEPARDThu Mar 03 1994DBI Handbook and DEC Rdb SQL Ref. Manual
171.0424353::DSCGLF::FARLOWThu Mar 03 1994Oracle as DBI Catalog?
172.02SIOG::BATEMANFri Mar 04 1994DBI questions
173.02--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 04 1994Latest and Greatest Resourcelist
174.05ARRODS::STOTTORMon Mar 07 1994DBI and Data Distributor (Replication)
175.02TEE1UP::ANTHONYMon Mar 07 1994DBMS gateway
176.05COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Mar 08 1994Non-transparent distribution for Rdb, in 3.1 ?
177.0CHTPTue Mar 08 1994DB2 access, with a twist...
178.01CHTPWed Mar 09 1994Some Sizing info please
179.04SNOCThu Mar 10 1994AXP gateways?
180.02SNOCThu Mar 10 1994network distribution of components
181.05ALICAT::BUDILOVFri Mar 11 1994another impressed customer !
182.01GRANPA::CHOVAX::LEVINESat Mar 12 1994install problem
183.01MLNORO::SCAGLIONIMon Mar 14 1994Warehousing how to do it?
184.01SNOCTue Mar 15 1994Licences sold todate ?
185.06JRFVAX::HODGESTue Mar 15 1994Security aspects of DBI with MS Access
186.0ROMCSA::61461::systemWed Mar 16 1994DB2 and OS/2
187.010TAVThu Mar 17 1994CDE access DBI ?
188.01CLO::MOLLEYFri Mar 18 1994multiple schemas?
189.02SNOCMon Mar 21 1994replacement of link database type
190.06ROMTue Mar 22 1994DBI in IBM shop, EDA/SQL competition and other
191.03SNOCTue Mar 22 1994questions about licensing
192.04ROMTue Mar 22 1994ODBC gateway plans ...
193.02ROMTue Mar 22 1994DBI & DDD intgeration ....
194.011OSOEIC::YOBIKAWAWed Mar 23 1994DBI and ORACLE7
195.09RUTILE::GARUFIThu Mar 24 1994Archive Data and DBI
196.01MLNORO::SCAGLIONIThu Mar 24 1994DBI updatable views
197.03ALFTP::HOSSEINIThu Mar 24 1994Can not access oracle via dbi !!!
198.06USDEV::PKNEELANDMon Mar 28 1994DEC DB Integrator with Rdb/VMS V4.1
199.07HAMER::LIGHTBURNTue Mar 29 1994nsds$rms_ivp errors
200.01SOS6::MIROUXTue Mar 29 1994what about DAL
201.06METSYS::HELLIARWed Mar 30 1994Beginners questions
202.04KYOSS1::FARESEThu Mar 31 1994Updates, management, replication, transactions??
203.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Mar 31 1994DBI and SQL/Services
204.01KYOSS1::FARESEFri Apr 01 1994DBI vs UniSQL positioning?
205.0SNOCTue Apr 05 1994Moving a DBI database to another cluster
206.02NYTPTue Apr 05 1994DBI can't see newly inserted rows.
207.04MLNORO::SCAGLIONIWed Apr 06 1994<DBI & Two-phase-commit
208.05MLNORO::SCAGLIONIWed Apr 06 1994DBI OSF/1 gateway family
209.05MSAMWed Apr 06 1994PC - DBMS Gateway connectivity
210.01OZROCK::PERKINSFri Apr 08 1994DB2 on RS6
211.02BROKE::HOLDENFri Apr 08 1994DBI Course for U.S. Field (first of a series)
212.04JURA::SAPEY::LAROCHEMon Apr 11 1994DBI and DSRI, DBI and RMU.
213.06ALFETA::MICHELMon Apr 11 1994Error when creating a DB2 table
214.08CSC32::R_LEEWed Apr 13 1994SORT NODE SIZE 1 BYTE? Index linked into Catalog
215.03GRANPA::CHOVAX::LEVINEWed Apr 13 1994HP says it has something better
216.01HSSWS1::THOMPSONWed Apr 13 1994other TCP/IP support?
217.04KERNEL::WILESLThu Apr 14 1994IVP failure with invalid BLR
218.0135857::MATTHEWSFri Apr 15 1994Interbase access?
219.06ALFETA::BETHBAHIAFri Apr 15 1994enqueue limit accessing NSDS database
220.01ANNECY::BOCHATONMon Apr 18 1994Paradox access to RMS
221.05TLSEMon Apr 18 1994Meta Data and DBI
222.03ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSTue Apr 19 1994DBMS Insert and Delete???
223.03RAISSA::PASSAQUINDICTue Apr 19 1994Oracle and SYBASE Integration
224.06MBALDY::LANGSTONTue Apr 19 1994Make five hugies look like one gigantor?
225.01NZOMIS::ARTHURThu Apr 21 1994Gembase, DSRI, RDO issues
226.0HERON::GODFRINDThu Apr 21 1994DBI and ODBC workshop in Valbonne and Utrecht
228.01KALI::GAVINFri Apr 22 1994What is required for MS-Access to READ/WRITE RMS
229.0133491::TJIONASFri Apr 22 1994Why thru DBI from ODBC --to--> DB2 ?
230.05DNEAST::LEMARFri Apr 22 1994License woes
231.05STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWFri Apr 22 1994RDB-E-ARITH_EXCEPT: Problem with Date Field in View
232.03TAVMon Apr 25 1994DBI Gateways documentation is needed
233.01GVPROD::MAX333::wengerMon Apr 25 1994Read-only to VSAM ???
234.01MSDOA::CLARKMon Apr 25 1994ORACLE on OS/2
235.0WILBRY::BOURDEAUMon Apr 25 1994Consolidation of Data Integration
236.01MSDOA::CLARKTue Apr 26 1994If client is IPX, what is required on DBI server
237.08STKHLM::TCHANGWed Apr 27 1994DB ingrator configuratio and question ?
238.04SWAM2::SOTO_RUThu Apr 28 1994need help on partitioned views..
239.02KALI::GAVINThu Apr 28 1994Where is DBI Gateway to RMS v3.
240.01TLSEFri Apr 29 1994Oracle as dbi catalog
241.05KYOSS1::FARESEFri Apr 29 1994DBI/SYBASE questions
242.05NWGEDU::BOOTMon May 02 1994Multiple DBI Logical Database Configuration
243.02HAN::DOERINGMon May 02 1994Oracle as DBI Catalog
244.01DVOPAS::PINHI::ChapiewskyMon May 02 1994Database tool questions
245.08STKHLM::TCHANGTue May 03 1994DB Integrator GW or EDA/SQL to Progress ?
246.06CSC32::R_LEETue May 03 1994Performance Checklist available?
247.01HAN::DOERINGWed May 04 1994UDS/SQL database on Siemens
248.0WILBRY::BOURDEAUWed May 04 1994DBI shown at Pharmaceutical Show
249.05WATCH::SANTIAGOWed May 04 1994LSYB$IVP Failure
250.05EPAVAX::CARLOTTIWed May 04 1994Need some help selling DBI
251.03MLNORO::BIFFIGNANDIThu May 05 1994Installation problem, CREATE LINKS ...
252.02STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWThu May 05 1994Help Linking to DBI Database
253.012OSOEIC::YOBIKAWAFri May 06 1994How to Improve DBI Performance
254.01MLNORO::BIFFIGNANDIFri May 06 1994DBI query governor
255.03OTOUFri May 06 1994IDMS connectivity and query thresholds
256.0BROKE::ABUGOVSun May 08 1994Problem linking Oracle CI application on ALPHA
257.03TPOVC::JEANWANGMon May 09 1994NSDS-E-DRIVERINSERT,Data Driver doesn't support insert
258.01TPOVC::JEANWANGTue May 10 1994link to oracle db
259.0WILBRY::BOURDEAUTue May 10 1994ACCESSWORKS Consolidation Additional Informtion
260.04RUTILE::GARUFIWed May 11 1994DBI performance ...
261.03KAOFS::LIGHTMANThu May 12 1994watcom sql and DBI
262.02LACVMon May 16 1994Can't get ODBC attach to DBI database
263.04SNOCTue May 17 1994RMU/EXTRACT with DBI databases?
264.03RUTILE::ADNETTue May 17 1994DBI Performance ....
265.0--UnknownUser--Tue May 17 1994local use only
266.07OOTOOL::HUBERMANTue May 17 1994Error attaching to DBI catalog via ODBC
267.05TRUCKS::SMITH_BWed May 18 1994DMIV on Bull
268.01MLNORO::SCAGLIONIWed May 18 1994How to interface ORACLE's application with DBI
269.06MKOTS3::KENNEDYThu May 19 1994Help w/ RFI question - thanks!
270.07USDEV::DBAThu May 19 1994more installation woes even with RDB V6
271.03MUNICH::KONOPIKFri May 20 1994Licensing Question
272.03KALVIN::GAVINFri May 20 1994No Table info displayed using MSACCESS-ODBC-RMS
273.01CSC32::R_LEESun May 22 1994Any Rdb 6.
274.02SNOCMon May 23 1994READ ONLY transaction needed on underlying databasef
275.04OSOEIC::YOBIKAWAMon May 23 1994can't create DBI logical db on Oracle7
276.06GRANPA::MLEVINETue May 24 1994questions from Air Products
277.09RUTILE::ADNETTue May 24 1994Internal Software Error
278.06SNOCWed May 25 1994date conversion from char problems
279.03EMNTAL::CHAUME::HIRSCHLEThu May 26 1994Mapper on UNISYS?
280.01TPOVC::JEANWANGFri May 27 1994dbi reference site
281.03STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWTue May 31 1994How to Synch DBI Metadata w/ DB Changes?
282.02WILBRY::BOURDEAUThu Jun 02 1994Roaming DBI Demo at DB EXPO
283.01ROMFri Jun 03 1994DB2 and SQL/DS integration?
285.01KETJE::PUTMANSMon Jun 06 1994Update a Horizontal Partitioned View ?
286.013463::ANTHONYMon Jun 06 1994Query Governor note 254 ??
287.04OSOEIC::HISATSUNEThu Jun 09 1994WANT:DBI training materials
288.05SOS6::MIROUXTue Jun 14 1994dbi and oracle:supported by ddrv ?
289.0MUNICH::KONOPIKTue Jun 14 1994DBI bugcheck with DBI$CI_ORASHR +
290.03RCHSTue Jun 14 1994Competitive analysis of Info-pump/Info-hub anyone?
291.02SNOCWed Jun 15 1994multi-versioning being considered?
292.01GLDOA::DANEThu Jun 16 1994Access to Ingres??
293.0WRAFLC::GILLEYFri Jun 17 1994I was wondering....
294.011KETJE::VANTRICHTFri Jun 17 1994Gateway to ODBC databases on servers
295.01MUNICH::KONOPIKFri Jun 17 1994Pro*C and Rdb precompiled C programm?
296.02PWDER::ROPERFri Jun 17 1994VAX DBI pricing compared to AXP pricing???
297.015VAXRIO::MICHELMon Jun 20 1994Configuration for ORACLE catalog and access to DSM
298.01RCHSMon Jun 20 1994DBI access from SUN clients? AIX?
299.04MSDOA::SECRISTTue Jun 21 1994V1.
301.01GRANPA::MLEVINEWed Jun 22 1994unidata?
302.02MKOTS3::PCTOGO::KENNEDYWed Jun 22 1994Need help with Sybase/Novell customer question.
303.0135857::MATTHEWSWed Jun 22 1994Whitepaper source file problem
304.01STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWThu Jun 23 1994Where is Common Components on May '94 CD?
305.014MSDOA::SECRISTFri Jun 24 1994Fortune 5
306.04TLSEMon Jun 27 1994DBI fails to import CDD meta data definitions
307.01MANMWed Jun 29 1994Where is DBISQL or CC SQL?
308.04RUTILE::ADNETWed Jun 29 1994DBI 3.1 Performance .....
309.01ANGLIN::ELLISWed Jun 29 1994update on competitive paper
310.010BROKE::HOLDENThu Jun 30 1994Digital/Techgnosis Press Release
311.01WILBRY::BOURDEAUFri Jul 01 1994* NEW * Configuration Guide
312.01VAXRIO::63Fri Jul 01 1994What is the status of DBI on OSF/1
313.02KJAVMon Jul 04 1994How do we use DBI and DDD?
314.01SYSTEM::HELLIARMon Jul 04 1994DBI Gateway and SQL Services
315.01BOLINA::GADALETAMMon Jul 04 1994Arabic language support
316.05SNOCTue Jul 05 1994IBM/DB2/IMS/Accessworks questions
317.02COPCLU::DAHLTue Jul 05 1994Gateway to Tandem?
318.04OZROCK::HUNTERWed Jul 06 1994Rdb VARCHAR to Oracle LONG Problem
319.02EZLCHZ::EZZELLWed Jul 06 1994Other Mumps gateways?
320.01RUTILE::ADNETThu Jul 07 1994DBI-E-SORTEXECFAIL, Sort execution failed
321.02PWDER::ROPERThu Jul 07 1994Creation of Rdb Databases using DBI??
322.03ANGLIN::ELLISFri Jul 08 1994Another OSF Status/config question
323.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Jul 12 1994ACCESSWORKS/EDA needs DBI and DDD?
324.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Jul 12 1994Any additional licenses for ACCESSWORKS/EDA?
325.08PLAYER::BARDEZThu Jul 14 1994DBI transactions.
326.010OTOOA::OTOP19::AndersonThu Jul 14 1994Training needed
327.05ALFETA::MICHELThu Jul 14 1994DBI and DSM problem !!
328.06PACWH::BARDEZTue Jul 19 1994Problem with 2 'linked' databases on the same node.
329.04WILBRY::BOURDEAUWed Jul 20 1994More DBI Technical Training
330.04WILBRY::BOURDEAUThu Jul 21 1994Sequelink Gateway Deliverables
331.01TROOA::KAMPFri Jul 22 1994Are there any multi-platform reports tools for DBI?
332.01AMCUCS::MEHRINGMon Jul 25 1994Access to Sybase/AIX from Rdb/OpenVMS/AXP?
333.02PLAYER::BARDEZTue Jul 26 1994Field derivation.
334.04PLAYER::Tue Jul 26 1994Transfer tuning.
335.01PLAYER::BARDEZWed Jul 27 1994Query decomposition question.
336.02OTOUWed Jul 27 1994Sparc1
337.04SNOCThu Jul 28 1994accessworks/dbi animated demo request
338.010SNOCThu Jul 28 1994Accessworks HealthCare demo questions
339.06PLAYER::BARDEZWed Aug 03 1994Installation problem with DBI T3.1 FT2 on VAX/VMS.
340.06DNEAST::LARSEN_GARYWed Aug 03 1994Union and %RDB-E-ARITH_EXCEPT error
341.01BOUNCR::GLEAVEMon Aug 08 1994EDA/SQL still planned ? Capabilities ?
343.02ANNECY::MERCIERTue Aug 09 1994Automated tests and measurements for DB applications
344.09WILBRY::BOURDEAUThu Aug 11 1994DRAFT ACCESSWORKS V3.1 Sales Update Articles
345.02PERSKY::PERSKYThu Aug 11 1994? on DBI to multiple Rdbs
346.06NSICFri Aug 12 1994integration of RDB, DBMS and SYBASE or Oracle
347.06BROKE::SERRAFri Aug 12 1994US Sales Seminar Series
348.01AWECIM::VERMAFri Aug 12 1994%RMS-F-DME, dynamic memory exhausted
349.014AWECIM::VERMAFri Aug 12 1994How to read cryptic error messages?
350.03CSC32::FRANCESCHINISun Aug 14 1994Are compound statements supported by DBI ?
351.01ZPOACT::TUNGMon Aug 15 1994%NSDS-E-INVARG, Invalid argu....
352.03MBALDY::LANGSTONMon Aug 15 1994Airport Terminal Systems Integration with DBI/UNIX
353.02OZROCK::PERKINSThu Aug 18 1994What version of Oracle are you using on OSF V3.
354.02AWECIM::ROYALTYTue Aug 23 1994Unable to link to Rdb 5.1 database (-RDMS-F-ROOTMAJVER)
355.04TAOVWed Aug 24 1994Partitioned View
356.02ROMEOS::AGOPIAN_ARFri Aug 26 1994Database Software Unit sale to ORACLE
357.02TAVMon Aug 29 1994Update DBI view
358.0SNOCTue Aug 30 1994Sample dbi database and rdb v6.
359.01SNOCTue Aug 30 1994Integrating linked databases?
360.04DNEAST::LARSEN_GARYTue Aug 30 1994NOT EXISTS valid ?
361.02DNEAST::PCATue Aug 30 1994
362.01STKHLM::KNORNThu Sep 01 1994/REMOTE with NSDS-database don't work
363.01ROMEOS::AGOPIAN_ARThu Sep 01 1994DBI, DB2 Performance/Features/Optimization ?
364.04IJSAPL::OLTHOFFri Sep 02 1994Rdb sold, what now DBI?
365.04QCAADC::GURUPRASADMon Sep 05 1994Does DBI-T3.1-2 support Rdb 6.1 on AXP?..
366.03BROKE::BITHERTue Sep 06 1994DBI Horizontal Part views-enhancement requests
367.02BROKE::BITHERTue Sep 06 1994WHERE OTHERWISE in DBI horiz part views
368.02QCAVWed Sep 07 1994Why DBI at all ?
369.01PLAYER::61543::bardezWed Sep 07 1994Problem loading a DBI catalog under T3.1 FT2.
370.05MINNY::DESPC1::haaspWed Sep 07 1994How to access DBI/sybase from a PC Client?
371.02IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Sep 12 1994Database questionaire
372.02TAVIS::JONATHANMon Sep 12 1994DBI for DB2, ACF/VTAM V4.1 and TOP SECRET
373.04NSICThu Sep 15 1994Which databases from OSF/1 ?
374.02TPOVC::JEANWANGThu Sep 15 1994setting up dbi with oracle catalog
376.03TENNIS::KAMSat Sep 17 1994Looking for guidence on what C/S strategy we should present?
377.01BERNMon Sep 19 1994Status on NT
378.03GSGLXT::CHMURAWed Sep 21 1994DBI SPD for OSF/1??
379.03TLSEWed Sep 21 1994Trouble creating an ORACLE catalog
380.0TPOVC::JEANWANGFri Sep 23 1994sqlsrv-f-ftlexeerr,fatal execute server error
381.0TPOVC::JEANWANGFri Sep 23 1994SQLSRV-F-FTLEXEERR,Fatal execute server error
382.05KYPROS::PARELLISFri Sep 23 1994%SQLSRV-F-INTERR, internal Error:!SW
383.05ROMEOS::AGOPIAN_ARFri Sep 23 1994Exper. w/ Red Brick
384.01POBOX::OLEARYFri Sep 23 1994CDD required in Gateway to RMS
385.0TENNIS::KAMSun Sep 25 1994Diff between ACCESSWORKS, DB Integrator, RPCs, OO, & Messages
386.09SNOCMon Sep 26 1994Huge increase in price of DBI and Gateways?
387.0WILBRY::BOURDEAUMon Sep 26 1994MAC DAL clients useful information
388.02DBSUK1::HOBBSTue Sep 27 1994Customer Performance Question
389.01PLAYER::cantat.bro.dec.com::bardezThu Sep 29 1994-IPC-E-UNKNOWNENTRY, name does not exist in name space.
390.0WILBRY::BOURDEAUThu Sep 29 1994DRDA Requirements ???
391.02TLSEMon Oct 03 1994Cannot link to an Oracle Database
392.06SNOCWed Oct 05 1994DB2 - parallel requsts useful for one database?
393.05QCAADC::AKILAWed Oct 05 1994Accessing DBI using ODBC.
394.05SNOCThu Oct 06 1994concurrent licenses only with 3.1+?
395.02SWAM2::SOTO_RUMon Oct 10 1994AW/DBI with RTR ??
396.09LYOISA::GAUDIEZTue Oct 11 1994informix dbi gateway ?
397.03DUGROS::ROSSFri Oct 14 1994How do we best deliver pilots for DBI?
398.01SWTHOM::COUPEAUFri Oct 14 1994DBI on Openvms 6.1
399.02DEKVC::DONGWONSHINTue Oct 18 1994What's advantage compare to EDA/SQL
400.01GSGLXT::CHMURAWed Oct 19 1994DBI Gateway to Polycenter NetView?
402.02BROKE::BITHERWed Oct 19 1994DBI & DBIG DB2 hang w/MS Access limitation
403.02MLNThu Oct 20 1994DBI vs. Rdb performanches
405.01DNEAST::LARSEN_GARYFri Oct 21 1994%RDB-F-EXCESS_TRANS, exceeded limit
406.01CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Oct 21 1994Transfer from Rdb->RMS
407.02SNOCSun Oct 23 1994DEC SQL, SQL/Services, DEC ODBC and DBI
408.03VAXSPO::DJALMATue Oct 25 1994DBI Gateway for EDA/SQL config. help needed
409.02ANGLIN::FOSTERThu Oct 27 1994Datatrieve and the RMS Gateway - faster than DTR?
410.01JRDVFri Oct 28 1994DBI FT2 for OSF/1 and OSF V3.
411.02DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIMon Oct 31 1994DBI Gateway for PC Data
412.02DEKVC::DONGWONSHINWed Nov 02 1994Supports NDBMS on FACOM MSP?
413.01ZPOVC::ESTHERTANThu Nov 03 1994Gateways required for Siemens "SAMs" files
414.02LUXFri Nov 04 1994ACCESSWORKS used from within ORACLE and/or SYBASE ?
415.02GENIE::VONLANTHENFri Nov 04 1994Configuration-Questions (Products/Versions)
416.01JFULDE::FULDEFri Nov 04 1994Kit for Data Distributor V6.1???
417.02BROKE::ABUGOVFri Nov 04 1994Problem with DBI V3.1 and Rdb T6.1-
418.09TAVSun Nov 06 1994Problems in creating a table
419.05POBOX::OLEARYTue Nov 08 1994DBI - Ingres questions
420.01TAVWed Nov 09 1994Bidirectional access PC to MVS
421.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Nov 09 1994ADABAS V3.2 support? MU/PE fields?
422.08GENIE::VONLANTHENWed Nov 09 1994error at create-DB2-Table for DBI
423.01POBOX::OLEARYFri Nov 11 1994RMS performance
425.011IJSAPL::OLTHOFTue Nov 15 1994Browsing, Navigation through meta-data
426.04HGOVC::JOLENEWONGWed Nov 16 1994Starter package for new customers?
427.04JRDVWed Nov 16 1994Help. creating table with link (OSF/1).
428.01NWDWed Nov 16 1994Access to Tandem?
429.03CIMBAD::ASHLEYFri Nov 18 1994Declare transaction access violations
430.02CIMBAD::ASHLEYFri Nov 18 1994Intermittent Catalog access failures?
431.02POBOX::OLEARYFri Nov 18 1994RELTECH DB EXCEL ???
432.06BROKE::BOURDEAUFri Nov 18 1994NEW Pricing Guide
433.01DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYISun Nov 20 1994SQL/SERVER on Windows-NT ???
434.01ANNECY::HAGENMULLERTue Nov 22 1994status of gateways on OSF/1 ?
435.0ANNECY::HAGENMULLERWed Nov 23 1994APILINK/OSF for use with DBI
436.04CIMBAD::ASHLEYTue Nov 22 1994Runaway SQL query
437.04IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Nov 23 1994Intersolv Q+E products
438.0BROKE::BOURDEAUWed Nov 23 1994ACCESSWORKS Win in France
439.02OZROCK::PERKINSThu Nov 24 1994PRO IV (4?) ISAM file access
441.05VAXSPO::MOREYFri Nov 25 1994Info about SequeLink Gateways???
442.01TOOIS1::ICARDFri Nov 25 1994Another licensing question
443.05BROKE::BOURDEAUMon Nov 28 1994Updated V3.1 Shipping Schedule
444.01TROOA::MANNELLATue Nov 29 1994Datacomm DB ?
445.0148912::csoyve.vlj.DEC.COM::toubhansWed Nov 30 1994DBI with SYBASE & SQLServer
446.01ANNECY::HAGENMULLERWed Nov 30 1994which SQL on OSF/1
447.01CGOOA::WARDLAWWed Nov 30 1994Possible DBI Opportunity - NOVA Gas
448.02OZROCK::PERKINSThu Dec 01 1994Access to Informix mix on Ultrix
449.04VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Dec 01 1994What version of DBI with AXP VMS 1.5?
450.04ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Dec 05 1994Mac Excel to Oracle on VAX with DBI??
451.05TOOIS1::ICARDMon Dec 05 1994DECDECISION 1.5 and DBI
452.04VAXRIO::ABREUWed Dec 07 1994Oracle acessing RDB ???
453.01DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIThu Dec 08 1994ORACLE & Sybase Gateways ?
454.02JFULDE::FULDEThu Dec 08 1994Accessworks and Unisys
455.01OTOOA::WNOELThu Dec 08 1994DBI vs. CA - comp. analysis please!
456.03JRDVFri Dec 09 1994Feedbacks from Japanese Customers
457.03JRDVFri Dec 09 1994DBI 2PC support
459.01DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYISun Dec 11 1994Stored Procedure ?
460.01DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYISun Dec 11 1994MultiLink on OSF/1?
461.02CHOWDA::ORRMon Dec 12 1994installing Sequelink server on MVS?
462.02FRUST::STELTERMon Dec 12 1994DAL - DBI - DSM problem!
463.0MUNICH::KONOPIKTue Dec 13 1994Access to IDMSX
464.03DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYITue Dec 13 1994Comparison & Purchasing
465.02DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIWed Dec 14 1994DB Integrator & RDBMS?
466.02DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIWed Dec 14 1994DB Integrator Gateways and OSF/1 ?
467.03IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Dec 14 1994Programming and enduser tools?
468.0DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIWed Dec 14 1994Comparison Chart
469.05THETA::FEINBERGThu Dec 15 1994IKEA - Questions on DB Integrator
470.01LUXFri Dec 16 1994Access to RMS files through Powerbuilder on PC
471.0FRUST::STELTERMon Dec 19 1994DBI - ODBC for Macintosh?
472.02KJAVTue Dec 20 1994IVP Fail ,DBI V3.1
473.0BROKE::BOURDEAUTue Dec 20 1994More DBI Training
474.0BROKE::BISSONTue Dec 20 1994DB Integrator Visual Schema Builder IFT 1.
475.08BROKE::BITHERWed Dec 21 1994natural left/right/full outer joins in DBI
476.09VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Dec 22 1994DBI Gateway for Oracle X DDD
477.013JRDVWed Dec 28 1994RDB-F-UNS_RCI error to create new table for Rdb table
478.04TAVThu Dec 29 1994Performance problems with Partitioned View
479.04ZPOVC::ESTHERTANThu Dec 29 1994PC DATA for Novell server
481.01BSS::HEWITTFri Dec 30 1994PAK Problem with DBI for OSF/1 demo
482.0ANNECY::HAGENMULLERTue Jan 03 1995cache mechanism with DBI ?
483.02BROKE::SERRATue Jan 03 1995Article in "Client/Server Today"
484.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOWed Jan 04 1995About the DBI animated demo...
485.04IJSAPL::OLTHOFThu Jan 05 1995CDD requirement using DBI GTWAY for RMS lifted?
486.0BROKE::BOURDEAUThu Jan 05 1995ACCESSWORKS in Digital Selling News
488.06WILBRY::BOURDEAUMon Jan 09 1995Requirements for DBI and DCE ?
489.07BROKE::BROWNMon Jan 09 1995Note 234 from DBINTEGRATOR_GATEWAYS note
490.02TAVWed Jan 11 1995DBI Gateway to DB2 - software versions problem
491.03SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMWed Jan 11 1995NSDS 3.
492.02SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMWed Jan 11 1995Defining proxies on links not as advertised
493.031SHIPS::ORP_MAIN_DBThu Jan 12 1995RdbAccess upgrade from 2.1 to 2.1A
494.03SIOG::KEYESFri Jan 13 1995 DL/1 on IBM VSE/SP
495.01MINNY::BERENSMon Jan 16 1995problems with updates using dbkeys ?
496.05SNOCMon Jan 16 1995OSF access to VMS RMS files
497.02SNOCTue Jan 17 1995Sequlink Server licencing in a cluster
498.01DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIWed Jan 18 1995Kit for RMS & DBMS Gateways ??
499.03BROKE::BOURDEAUWed Jan 18 1995UPDATED Configuration Guide
500.02DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIFri Jan 20 1995DBMS GW Kit ?, Windows-NT server
501.02OTOOA::GMACDONALDFri Jan 20 1995Access To HP's Image DB?
502.0OWENW::WRIGHTFri Jan 20 1995WARNING: Use RMS Journaling instead of NSDS$_BYPASS_JOURNALING
503.01KERNEL::JACKSONFri Jan 20 1995Gateway to PC Data status?
504.03TROOA::CSULLIVANFri Jan 20 1995BLOBS, ODBC, and Updates
505.0323465::KONGSat Jan 21 1995sequelink gateway with informix v5 online on osf/1
506.07NEMAIL::ORRSun Jan 22 1995DBI with Token Ring?
507.02JRDVMon Jan 23 1995English brochures of DB Integrator
508.05VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon Jan 23 1995Some doubts on DBI Gateway for Oracle...
509.03ANFORA::MAUTITue Jan 24 1995Application program question
510.03BSS::HEWITTTue Jan 24 1995DBI to ORACLE on SCO?
511.012MUCTEC::BORBATHWed Jan 25 1995BAD_META_QUERY when attaching ORACLE database
512.01DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIThu Jan 26 1995DB Int Conf ??
513.03GENIE::HARTMANNThu Jan 26 1995Config with Ingres,Supra,RMS,Access Data Sources
514.03HGOM11::ALEXCHUFri Jan 27 1995DBI join DBI, and Chinese code conversion?
515.06IJSAPL::ONDERWATERFri Jan 27 1995Can DBI handle this..........
516.01BVEUX::LAMAREFri Jan 27 1995DB2 and 2PC
517.02CSOA1::SWARDENMon Jan 30 1995Customer Questions
518.02JRDVWed Feb 01 1995NSDS-E-KEYNAMESREQ error in DBI G/W for RMS,
519.03DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIThu Feb 02 1995RMS gateway and CDD & RDB Run-time ?
520.05FRUST::STELTERThu Feb 02 1995DBI Gateway for DSM problem?
521.01DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIFri Feb 03 19952 Bytes - Localization ?
522.03DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIMon Feb 06 1995DB Integrator on Windows-NT ?
523.04MUZICK::STKHLM::KNORNMon Feb 06 1995Access methods into DBI when RDB parts has vanished
524.04SNOCMon Feb 06 1995Pathworks required? Other TCP/IPs?
525.01POBOX::OLEARYTue Feb 07 1995SGI & NOMAD
526.01BROKE::BOURDEAUTue Feb 07 1995NEW Presentation and PID
527.07RTP4ME::GALLAGHERTue Feb 07 1995Bypass Journaling and Fortran I/O?
528.01DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYITue Feb 07 1995PATHWORKS required ?
529.06DIEHRD::ODONNELLWed Feb 08 1995where's NSDS$MDI_CDD_SHR.EXE?
530.04OZROCK::PERKINSFri Feb 10 1995EDA Gateway having problem recognising table
531.05BROKE::BOURDEAUFri Feb 10 1995Intresded in DBI Training ?
532.05ODIXIE::ANDERSONBMon Feb 13 1995W/NT as DBI Client
533.06GENIE::HARTMANNTue Feb 14 1995Problem accessing Ingres Data
534.03JRDVTue Feb 14 1995NSDS-E-NOBUFFERS, no buffers can be request, error
535.04BROKE::BITHERTue Feb 14 1995DBI Intall Guide - pg 1-3 - accuracy question
536.06DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYITue Feb 14 1995Remote DBMS data Access ??
537.01KERNEL::PULLEYWed Feb 15 1995Read_only_view, updating table?
538.05VAXRIO::NOVELLOWed Feb 15 1995VIDA2$USER and VIDA2$USER_PASSWORD logical names...
539.04MINNY::HAASPThu Feb 16 1995Exists a kind of File Gateway on OSF/1?
540.03NWDThu Feb 16 1995Oracle questions
541.01IJSAPL::ONDERWATERFri Feb 17 1995Is the RMS gateway all I need.........
542.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFTue Feb 21 1995How do I get to the Sequelink software?
543.02OTOOA::WNOELTue Feb 21 1995Authentication on OSF & ODBC
544.04NZOVSun Feb 26 1995%CDO-E-ERRDEFINE and -RMS-F-BKZ with Rdb gwy RMS
545.01DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIMon Feb 27 1995Extended Stored Procedure ??
546.05MANMMon Feb 27 1995LightShip and DBI ?
547.01ATHDMO::RALLISMon Feb 27 1995PC <--> mFOCUS index files / OSF
548.04GENIE::HARTMANNMon Feb 27 1995Questions on Config-Files
549.01PHDVAX::FEINBERGTue Feb 28 1995Please change protection on DBI_HANDBOOK.PS
550.02HGODCS::EDMONDLEUNGTue Feb 28 1995DBI for IBM DB2, VSAM and Unidata
551.01MANMWed Mar 01 1995Progress as Catalog DB
552.02SAHNE::GASTWed Mar 01 1995location of DBI Product Family V3.1 for OSF/1 kits ?
553.02SAHNE::GASTWed Mar 01 1995DBI Oracle gateway V3.1 for OSF/1 local access supports only Oracle V 7.1 ??
554.08TNKSYS::RMUMFORDWed Mar 01 1995Status of DBI?????
555.07UNITED::MCCAMBRIDGEWed Mar 01 1995DSM and GW for DSM on different nodes?
556.0BROKE::BOURDEAUWed Mar 01 1995URGENT: Field help needed
558.06TAVSun Mar 05 1995Performance problem in Attach
559.01ZPOVC::ESTHERTANTue Mar 07 1995PC DATA in " maintenance mode"
560.0LARVAE::BRIGGS_RWed Mar 08 1995DB2 question
561.03ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANWed Mar 08 1995Guide on custom driver development
562.02COPCLU::DAHLWed Mar 08 1995DBI Gateway for DBMS experience?
563.03COPCLU::DAHLWed Mar 08 1995DBI Gateway for DBMS gives bugcheck with ACPVAFUL
564.06ZURWed Mar 08 1995DBI is using MUCH more resources than just the Gateway
565.02IJSAPL::ONDERWATERFri Mar 10 1995Which client tools support DB Integrator?
566.02NMGDV9::MONDFri Mar 10 1995Bugcheck dump problem with RDBaccess fro RMS
567.03SNOCTue Mar 14 1995Interconnections connection? (leverage for netware)
568.011TAVTue Mar 14 1995No partial result from view
569.0DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIWed Mar 15 1995RMS Gateway and DBI on PowerBuilder (PACKed Data!)
570.04DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIWed Mar 15 1995Access DBI & Packed RMS data with PowerBuilder
571.01CHEFS::HANSONNThu Mar 16 1995Sybase Support ?
572.02VAXSPO::ROGERIOFri Mar 17 1995HP-UX with Sybase
573.03HGOVC::IDE_PCMon Mar 20 1995default value of transaction mode ?
574.05SNOCTue Mar 21 1995arithmetic trap on create table link DBI RMS gwy
575.07POBOX::OLEARYTue Mar 21 1995access to DB4
576.05ESSB::HENEGHANWed Mar 22 1995RMS Gateway and Common Components
577.09AMCFAC::RABAHYWed Mar 22 1995segmented strings
578.03--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 22 1995P1, P2, P3 for nsds$rms_ipv.com
579.04MOEUR7::THATCHERThu Mar 23 1995DBI database creation error
580.0BROKE::BOURDEAUThu Mar 23 1995DRAFT SPD for Gateway for PC Data
581.04SNOCThu Mar 23 1995DBI support for RDB$FIELD_VERSIONS?
582.01WELCLU::GIBSONThu Mar 23 1995Partial keys can use index?
583.04SNOFS1::KINGPETERJFri Mar 24 1995DBI-DB2 attach prob - -SNA-E-SESINUNAC
584.01MLNORO::BIFFIGNANDIFri Mar 24 1995LORA, link OCI.olb problem
585.09STKHLM::LINDGREN_PMon Mar 27 1995DBI/Sybase, -2
586.09TAVMon Mar 27 1995Why two names to the same software products ?
587.05TAVMon Mar 27 1995Marketing questions
588.03KERNEL::PULLEYTue Mar 28 1995Access to DSM control, programmer or application?
589.05HGODCS::EDMONDLEUNGTue Mar 28 1995Customer's questions on DBI
590.03VAXRIO::NOVELLOWed Mar 29 1995DBI Gateway for Ingres???
591.04SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMThu Mar 30 1995DB2 demo database link definition
592.02PLAYER::CHALMETThu Mar 30 1995LOTUS 1-2-3 and RDB : Date field
593.02PLAYER::CHALMETThu Mar 30 1995License problem with DBI Gateway for RMS
594.03TLSEThu Mar 30 1995Gateway to EDA status
595.0BROKE::ALFREDThu Mar 30 1995Visual Schema Builder FT kit available
596.0BROKE::ROWLANDSThu Mar 30 1995Problem with sql services Preattached service to Oracle gateway
597.04HGOM19::LOUISWANGFri Mar 31 1995VIDAO V2.
598.03HGOVC::KITTYCHIMFri Mar 31 1995What is local and remote RMS?
599.03OTOUFri Mar 31 1995Is Rdb RT enough for DBI Interactive?
600.02BROKE::BOURDEAUFri Mar 31 1995NEW ACCESSWORKS "Electronic Brochure"
601.019RDGE44::ALEUC6Mon Apr 03 1995DBI (RMS + RDB) performance questions
602.011TAVMon Apr 03 1995Performance problems : Memory and I/O's to DBI DB
603.06TAVMon Apr 03 1995Performance problems on Partitioned View
605.04CHOWDA::ORRMon Apr 03 1995Ref. Accounts and objective reviews?
606.03GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Apr 04 1995what s/w is required to access rms from a pc?
607.01ISIDRO::ANTONIOPEREZTue Apr 04 1995Access to Vsam
608.02IJSAPL::OLTHOFTue Apr 04 1995Do we need Oracle code or not?
609.03MUCTEC::WESTERWed Apr 05 1995Siemens SNIRM6
610.01STOPAS::DSCGLF::FARLOWWed Apr 05 1995Sybase System 1
611.02MLNCSC::RESNATIThu Apr 06 1995problem with join tables
612.03NSICFri Apr 07 1995DB2 gateway server questions (IBM/MVS)
613.01ODIXIE::ANDERSONBMon Apr 10 1995Ingres Help Requested
614.01MQOU18::M_HUELMon Apr 10 1995RMS Datatype Restrictions
615.02STOPAS::DSCGLF::FARLOWMon Apr 10 1995Query Governor Questions
616.01SNOCMon Apr 10 1995suggestion re Developer 2
617.01SSMPRD::SUP_245958Tue Apr 11 1995Problem in accessing RMS files!!
618.01TAVTue Apr 11 1995INGRES is missing in the SPD...
619.013TAVTue Apr 11 1995What is the official support to RDO and DSRI ?
620.015HAN::DOERINGTue Apr 11 1995Confusion about DEC SQL and Common Components
621.04COPCLU::DAHLWed Apr 12 1995FATAL ERROR with NSDS/RMS in DDI
622.02JRDVWed Apr 12 1995Translation table of Gateway for DB2
623.06BROKE::BOURDEAUWed Apr 12 1995DBI Training course in May
624.04ROMEOS::GAVINThu Apr 13 1995DBI on NT versus SQL*Net from Oracle
625.07BROKE::BOURDEAUFri Apr 14 1995Looking for Gateway for PC Data FT Sites
626.01CSLALL::AHYAMon Apr 17 1995Help
627.07GENIE::HARTMANNTue Apr 18 1995Data Distributor 6.1 - Features for Accessworks?
628.011CSLALL::AHYATue Apr 18 1995Problem with ATTACH
629.01PWDER::ROPERWed Apr 19 1995Query from SUN workstations - any ideas
630.02CSC32::M_AUSTINWed Apr 19 1995ODBC-DBI-RMS&ORACLE7 ??
632.01MKOTS3::HAHNThu Apr 20 1995ODBC Drivers for RMS Gty
633.04LISSYS::MJMIGUELMon Apr 24 1995DB2 ---> ORACLE
634.01ROMEOS::GAVINMon Apr 24 1995which level of ODBC compliane do we support
635.04STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWMon Apr 24 1995VSB: How to Define Links?
636.03TKOV51::YAMASHIGETue Apr 25 1995Multi vesion and platform
637.06HGOM19::LOUISWANGTue Apr 25 1995SQL*NET V2 support on DBI Gty for Oracle?
638.06IJSAPL::OLTHOFTue Apr 25 1995Create real tables in DBI logical database
639.03BROKE::BITHERTue Apr 25 1995-DBI-E-EXTN_NOT_SUP, RDB$EXTENSION call...index=1
641.0BROKE::BOURDEAUTue Apr 25 1995Upcoming Article- Winning with ACCESSWORKS
642.04RDGE44::ALEUC6Wed Apr 26 1995DBI V3.1 + DB Integrator for RMS V3.1 + CDD?
643.01QCAVWed Apr 26 1995PAK available ?
644.03THETA::FEINBERGWed Apr 26 1995SequeLink Installation and Maintance Question
645.02GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Apr 26 1995will DBI support variant defs in the record defs?
646.05THETA::FEINBERGThu Apr 27 1995SAP/R3 and HP MPE Opportunity
647.05ALICAT::GILMOURFri Apr 28 1995Licence for Oracle Gateway on OSF/1
648.02DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIFri Apr 28 1995DEC SQL & OSF/1 & Application Configuration?
650.0BROKE::BOURDEAUFri Apr 28 1995Requirements for Access to ISM ?
651.03DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYITue May 02 1995SequeLink and DB Int Gateway for Sequelink?
652.04SALEM::MOITRAWed May 03 1995DBI error.... RDB-E-DECDTMERR
653.03TPOVC::JEANWANGThu May 04 1995gateway to access remote ORACLE on osf/1
654.01ANNECY::ALLEGUEDEThu May 04 1995DBI kit for OSF
655.02MQOU18::M_HUELThu May 04 1995FOCUS Windows Client
656.0THETA::FEINBERGThu May 04 1995Looking for VSAM/DB2 Expert
657.014PANIC::CLARKFri May 05 1995DBI - solution for database problem?
658.08TAOVFri May 05 1995Problem in using DBI_GATEWAY for RMS files:Urgent!
659.01BROKE::SERRAFri May 05 1995** NEW Electronic Brochure Available **
660.02BROKE::BITHERFri May 05 1995RMS gtwy cast(...as date) shows current time
661.01MKOTS3::HAHNFri May 05 1995RMS Gateway - Use Alternate Keys?
662.04TAOVFri May 05 1995Problem in inserting records
663.04ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANMon May 08 1995dbi chews up memory.
664.04USDEV::DBAMon May 08 1995Can DBI be used successfully here?
665.0BROKE::BOURDEAUWed May 10 1995NEW: ACCESSWORKS Data Warehousing Info Sheet
666.0BROKE::BOURDEAUWed May 10 1995Schedule for ACCESSWORKS V3.1a Maintenance Release
667.04VIVARA::ALLOGGIThu May 11 1995How do read-write operation by ODBC to a VMS file?
668.01THETA::FEINBERGThu May 11 1995Will DSM Gateway use the Class system for licenses?
669.03THETA::FEINBERGThu May 11 1995April Version of Config. Guide Available?
670.05VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu May 11 1995Error while using DBI Gtw for Sequelink...
672.01JRFVAX::HODGESFri May 12 1995What does "partitioning the data" mean?
673.02COPCLU::RAHBEKFri May 12 1995DBI license - counting users
674.07NSICFri May 12 1995TCP problem when using DBI gateway for Ingres
675.01LARVAE::MUNDY_MMon May 15 1995ADABASE access - read/write
682.012VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon May 15 1995Ingres and Sequelink...
683.05IJSAPL::ONDERWATERTue May 16 1995Datatype conversions?
684.0MUZICK::STKHLM::KNORNTue May 16 1995Access to datacom/DB on dos/vse ?
685.03HGOVC::JAMBUWed May 17 1995DBI/VSB related issues
686.05HAN::DOERINGWed May 17 1995MS Access crashes on WinNT
687.03ALFSS1::NESTERThu May 18 1995INGRES Questions
689.02HERON::ROWLANDSFri May 19 1995VSB startup error
690.04ANNECY::ORAND_GFri May 19 1995Question about logical database creation
691.01BROKE::SERRASat May 20 1995AccessWorks Q4 Opportunities ?
693.02VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon May 22 1995IDS-II and Zim questions...
694.01NSICMon May 22 1995DB2 on MVS (/DB_CONNECTION arguments)
695.03HAN::DOERINGMon May 22 1995Access RMS from PC: operation not supported...
696.03VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon May 22 1995Needing VSAM info...
697.03TAOVTue May 23 1995Insufficient Virtual Memory
698.02MLNCSC::RESNATIWed May 24 1995Still %rms-e-eof...
699.04POBOX::OLEARYWed May 24 1995NT LAN server
700.02SMOKN::MEAGHERThu May 25 1995Gwy for RMS:repeating group support?
701.01IOSG::GRAHAMThu May 25 1995PC <-> RMS Setup Query
702.01GIDDAY::BRYDENFri May 26 1995how to tell how many DBI users there are?
703.04ROMEOS::GAVINFri May 26 1995Simple question on setting up DBI
704.01NSICFri May 26 1995SQLSRV-F-NO_PRCAVL, no processes available
705.02TROOA::CSULLIVANFri May 26 1995Unix Access to SQL-Server under NT?
706.04VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon May 29 1995Problems while using DBI...
707.06GENIE::HARTMANNTue May 30 1995Questions on default links
708.0BROKE::BOURDEAUTue May 30 1995Sequelink for INFORMIX Tech Update
709.01BSS::MI_BAKERWed May 31 1995Information wanted on DBI
710.04DIEHRD::ODONNELLWed May 31 1995%DCL-W-ACTIMAGE, error activating image DBISQL
711.04GIDDAY::REINHOLDThu Jun 01 1995DBI-E-ATTLNKERR help?
712.04RDGE44::ALEUC6Thu Jun 01 1995Hanging process on a Create DbI Db
713.05GENIE::HARTMANNFri Jun 02 1995DBI-GTW to Sybase: rowcnt instead of rowcount?
714.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Jun 02 1995RDBACCESS-RMS PAK -- what product is this?
715.02POBOX::OLEARYFri Jun 02 1995DBI & DB2
717.02GNROSE::HAGGERTYSat Jun 03 1995DBI ported to what O/S versions?
718.01YUPPY::WOOLLEYMon Jun 05 1995SQL Server experience in UK?
719.02NZOVMon Jun 05 1995DBI subqueries and large tables.
720.01HGOVC::JAMBUTue Jun 06 1995PROGRESS DataServer - Competition ??
721.07NSICTue Jun 06 1995Sequelink GW for Ingres date/time conversion
722.08TROOA::MCMULLENTue Jun 06 1995can DBI handle this?
723.03ROMWed Jun 07 1995DBI Db2 and Oracle solution some suggestion ?
724.03BROKE::BITHERWed Jun 07 1995SPD & Install Guide differ for DBIG for DBMS
725.08FRUST::FRANKEWed Jun 07 1995Can't access DSM database with Gateway
726.06ANNECY::ORAND_GThu Jun 08 1995Impossible to create a table in a link
727.05ROMEOS::GAVINThu Jun 08 1995Problem with intel NT3.5 and ODBC
728.03THETA::FEINBERGThu Jun 08 1995Fortran and SQLMOD access to DBI
729.03SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMFri Jun 09 1995/remote seems to disappear after copying database
730.0+4KERNEL::PULLEYMon Jun 12 1995Mdcm_hash_insert cache corrupt Oracle?
731.0BROKE::BOURDEAUMon Jun 12 1995Looking for Prod Mgr.
732.09ANNECY::ORAND_GMon Jun 12 1995Can't create a DBI logical database with SYBASE
733.01QUARK::LIONELMon Jun 12 1995Custromer problem with DBI and Visual Basic
735.01BROKE::BISSONMon Jun 12 1995DB Integrator Visual Schema Builder V3.1 Announcement
736.06SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMTue Jun 13 1995Problem accessing remote dbi database locally
737.01FRUST::FRANKETue Jun 13 1995Wrong order number in DBI SPD from VTX IR ?
738.02OSAVWed Jun 14 1995Question about query optimization
739.01NCMAIL::SLIWINSKIWed Jun 14 1995VSAM access over TCP/IP
740.02WMGEN1::tba.wro.dec.com::gavinThu Jun 15 1995Qusetion accessing Oracle stored procdures using DB gateway
741.02GENIE::HARTMANNThu Jun 15 1995problem transfering domains to MS SQL Server
742.01GENIE::HARTMANNThu Jun 15 1995where to do data type conversions in a transfer?
743.04LFOIS1::GHESQUIEREFri Jun 16 1995DDD and OSF/1 ?
744.04MUNICH::KONOPIKFri Jun 16 1995HPV questions
745.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOMon Jun 19 1995Identifiers for protection - coming?
746.01THETA::FEINBERGMon Jun 19 1995KBSQL and DSM Gateway Questions
747.04GENIE::HARTMANNTue Jun 20 1995Waiting for the SeqeuLink Gtw for Supra
748.03NEWVAX::EBARONTue Jun 20 1995DBI access from MS Access
749.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOTue Jun 20 1995MS ACCess 2.
750.08SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMTue Jun 20 1995Sybase OMNI access of a DBI catalogue
751.01MKOTS3::HAHNWed Jun 21 1995EDA/SQL Gateway Requirements
752.03NEWVAX::EBARONWed Jun 21 1995How to populate metadata for access to RMS?
753.02VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Jun 22 1995Oracle catalog, DB2 and VSB...
754.01IOSG::GRAHAMFri Jun 23 1995Is Oracle Rdb v6 Pre-req for DBI?
755.03MUNICH::KONOPIKFri Jun 23 1995Prism Warehouse Manager
756.02NOVA::SMITHIMon Jun 26 1995so long from Rdb
757.02KERNEL::PULLEYTue Jun 27 1995Create link, look_for_stt Multiversion RDB?
758.0HGOVC::JAMBUTue Jun 27 19952PC with RMS & ORACLE using X/open XA i/f ??
759.04KERNEL::PULLEYTue Jun 27 1995Syb_dbshr.exe file not found fnf, Sybase gate?
760.01EUROSW::JHENEGHANWed Jun 28 1995Need Euro based Experts in DBI
761.03KERNEL::PULLEYWed Jun 28 1995Filaccerr, notdiskfile driver not capable DBMS GW?
762.01WMGEN1::absThu Jun 29 1995Access to Nomad ?
763.01WMGEN1::absThu Jun 29 1995Digital vs. Technosis DB2 gateway ?
764.02IOSG::GRAHAMThu Jun 29 1995CDD-E-FSDNF, file system directory not found Errorr
765.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Jun 29 1995Doubts using DBI...
766.0BROKE::VISHUFri Jun 30 1995Technical paper on DBI now available in DBI$PUBLIC
767.0+2OTOOA::GMACDONALDWed Jul 05 1995Latest DBI Training Slides
768.02VAXRIO::MICHELThu Jul 06 1995Gateway to ADABAS
769.02GIDDAY::CHANMFri Jul 07 1995NSDS-E-NOLICENSE problem
770.01SIOG::FARRELLFri Jul 07 1995reference for RMS gateway
772.01IJSAPL::ONDERWATERTue Jul 11 1995PC access to C-ISAM on Alpha/Unix
773.04TAVThu Jul 13 1995Gartner paper about the future of DBI
774.01NCMAIL::SLIWINSKIThu Jul 13 1995Gateway to Oracle 6?
775.0NCMAIL::SLIWINSKIFri Jul 14 1995MS Access and RMS Keys
776.01MLNCSC::DEPOLIGFri Jul 14 1995VIDA compatibility
777.01POLAR::MCRAEMon Jul 17 1995Will DBI GW for RMS help me out?
778.01OSAVWed Jul 19 1995DBI and "FAST FIRST"
779.02STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWWed Jul 19 1995Customer DBI Questions
780.02NEWVAX::EBARONWed Jul 19 1995RMS Gateway V3.
781.01VAXRIO::ABREUWed Jul 19 1995Access to sybase on HP/UX machine .. questions .
782.02LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDThu Jul 20 1995db for RMS, support files in Memory?
783.01GUIDUK::HEALYThu Jul 20 1995Reverse Gateway, IBM to DEC?
784.01OSAVFri Jul 21 1995DBI and COALESCE
785.01EVTAI1::LAMAREFri Jul 21 1995internal error
786.02BROKE::BOURDEAUMon Jul 24 1995UPDATED Config and Price Guides
787.01DBCIC1::HANLEYMon Jul 24 1995DEC DB Integr V3.1 on OpenVMS Vax/Alpha V6.2
788.01GHOTI::PROTEAUMon Jul 24 1995Pre-announcing Data Distributor 6.1 Features and Field Test
789.04TAVTue Jul 25 1995DICTLOADFAIL - problem with DBI to DSM
790.05TAVThu Jul 27 1995Performance problem and DBI_FIXED_NET_COST
791.01IOSG::GRAHAMThu Jul 27 1995RMS-F-FAC Error - cannot update RMS data from SQL
792.01VAXSPO::ROGERIOThu Jul 27 1995Sequential Files
793.01VAXSPO::ROGERIOThu Jul 27 1995Sequelink for DB/4
794.04OTOOA::ANDERSONThu Jul 27 1995MS Access to RMS - software requirements
795.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFFri Jul 28 1995Is DECadmire and Gateways valid?
796.01EVTAI1::LAMAREFri Jul 28 1995NUUL date with DB for DB2
797.08ROMFri Jul 28 1995Sequelink gateway for DB2 and other quest.
798.01VAXRIO::63Mon Jul 31 1995SYBASE GATEWAY User Guide
799.01STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWTue Aug 01 1995DBI Catalog: Rdb -> Oracle?
800.01GIDDAY::REINHOLDTue Aug 01 1995Possible memory leak in DBI?
801.06TAOVWed Aug 02 1995-NSDS-E-INVINDEX error
802.02RDGENG::YERKESSWed Aug 02 1995Not sure which license this is complaining about
803.03RDOSW1::PARKERWed Aug 02 1995DB2 ambiguous date?? help.
804.02VAXRIO::MAUROWed Aug 02 1995Looking for a pointer...
805.0BROKE::BOURDEAUWed Aug 02 1995Updated ADABASE Sehedule
807.01VAXSPO::ROGERIOThu Aug 03 1995SNA on OS/4
808.01VAXSPO::INTERD_MARIOThu Aug 03 1995IVP for DBI GWY Sybase missing CMA$TIS_SHR
809.03STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWFri Aug 04 1995Very Easy RMS Gateway Questions
810.0RDVAX::C_PHILLIPSFri Aug 04 1995DTJ articles on DB Integrator
811.01VAXSPO::ROGERIOFri Aug 04 1995Custom Drivers on Unix
812.010VAXRIO::63Mon Aug 07 1995Installation Problem CC 6.1 and TCP from wologong
813.05NEWVAX::EBARONMon Aug 07 1995Oracle catalog setup question
814.03SWAM2::SOTO_RUMon Aug 07 1995Advantage of Alphaservers for Red Brick
815.02NEWVAX::EBARONTue Aug 08 1995Oracle Error 62
816.01VAXRIO::63Wed Aug 09 1995ODBC32.DLL - Pointer
817.04NEWVAX::EBARONWed Aug 09 1995dbi install question for SQL/Services
818.0BEJVC::WILLIAMZHAOThu Aug 10 1995Help DBI delivery immediately!
819.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANThu Aug 10 1995DBI Gateway for PC Data V3.1 supprt MS SQL Server?
820.04ZPOVC::WENGSUENFri Aug 11 1995AS 4
821.04BEJVC::SUSANCHENMon Aug 14 1995training schedule
822.02IOSG::GRAHAMMon Aug 14 1995CHANGES not allowed on primary keys?
823.09RDGE44::ALEUC6Mon Aug 14 1995DDAL + DBI + RMS Gateway
824.05HGOVC::JAMBUWed Aug 16 1995ORACLE / DBI problem
825.01ISTWI1::DARMAR::DARMARThu Aug 17 1995UUU:Rdb and As4
827.01OTOOA::GMACDONALDTue Aug 22 1995Can't create Logical DB
828.02NYOSS1::TJIONASTue Aug 22 1995Life without CDO> create database ...
829.01SWTHOM::DELOBELWed Aug 23 1995DBI 3.
831.03NEWVAX::EBARONWed Aug 23 1995Testing RMS Gateway from Unix
832.02MKOTS3::HAHNThu Aug 24 1995RMS Gateway - Array Support?
833.01KERNEL::PULLEYThu Aug 24 1995Nsds$default_dictionary_driver, exception, id_map?
834.0AIMTEC::BURDEN_DFri Aug 25 1995DECquery Add-in for Excel
835.01VNABRW::BURGER_KMon Aug 28 1995Project "Query" at Austrian PTT
836.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Aug 29 1995VSB problem...
837.03HGOVC::JAMBUWed Aug 30 1995IDMS access/stored procedure.
838.01NETRIX::"scaglion@wcuba.mln.dec.com"Thu Aug 31 1995Data warehouse requirements
839.03ULYSSE::TOSELLOThu Aug 31 1995327
840.03MLNORO::SCAGLIONIFri Sep 01 1995How to Access DBI from Oracle
841.012VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Sep 05 1995Error 'Select on object vida.relation_fields'
842.02NEWVAX::EBARONTue Sep 05 1995Where has teh SQL/Services notes conference gone to?
843.0HGOVC::JAMBUTue Sep 05 1995HP IW product.... LOT OF HIPE..
844.01JARRAH::BRADLEYWed Sep 06 1995RMS gateway slow to attach
845.02TAVWed Sep 06 1995Partitioned View over multiple columns
846.01MLNORO::SCAGLIONIWed Sep 06 1995Urgent: Codes for selling !
847.01ISIDRO::GUILLENWed Sep 06 1995OS/2 as DBI client ??
848.01PRSSOS::MISTLERThu Sep 07 1995Read Only trans with RMS Gateway ?
849.011HERON::TIG24::ROWLANDSThu Sep 07 1995DBI/OSF Oracle Catalog problem
850.01MLNORO::SCAGLIONIFri Sep 08 1995DEC SQL Development
851.02ANNECY::HAGENMULLERFri Sep 08 1995authentication file problem
852.01NEWVAX::EBARONFri Sep 08 1995Edit String with RMS Gateway
853.0GENIE::HARTMANNMon Sep 11 1995RDB->DDD->DBGW Sybase->MS SQL Server experiences
855.01BROKE::BOURDEAUMon Sep 11 1995PC Data Schedule & SPD
856.05EZLCHZ::EZZELLMon Sep 11 1995COSI error with UNION
857.0BROKE::BOURDEAUMon Sep 11 1995Upcoming Training Plans
858.03GIDDAY::REINHOLDWed Sep 13 1995AST's & DBI?
859.018UTRTSC::OOSTINDJERWed Sep 13 1995dbintegrator RMS with CDD6.1?
860.02ENSNCW::MCCAMBRIDGEWed Sep 13 1995VSB problem with ODBC32.DLL
861.01CALDEC::NUCKLESThu Sep 14 1995DBI questions from Database Associates
862.01HGOVC::JAMBUFri Sep 15 1995DEC SQL kit please.
863.05HERON::ROWLANDSMon Sep 18 1995OSF/1 to RMS - link spec?
864.016TAVMon Sep 18 1995Access DBI from old RDO programs
865.05HERON::ROWLANDSMon Sep 18 1995OSF/1 to Rdb/VMS
866.01TLSETue Sep 19 1995EDA LINK Client and TCP/IP
867.01HGOVC::KITTYCHIMWed Sep 20 1995DBI and DBI GW for SYBASE V3.1A
868.04RDGE44::ALEUC6Wed Sep 20 1995Go Fast Oracle ODBC Drive for Rdb V2.
869.01MERIDN::SLIWINSKIWed Sep 20 1995RDB-E-Readonly for NSDS access through ODBC
870.01MERIDN::SLIWINSKIWed Sep 20 1995ODBC access to DBI with Oracle Catalog
871.02HERON::ROWLANDSWed Sep 20 1995SQS attach problem...
872.06OSLLAV::BJARNE_PThu Sep 21 1995Need some hints, the RMS Gateway
873.04OSLLAV::BJARNE_PThu Sep 21 1995When do we NOT need the Visual Schema Builder ?
874.03HGOVC::JAMBUMon Sep 25 1995SQLNK, defunct processes problem
875.015REFDV1::DAVIESTue Sep 26 1995Using Integrator to access RMS files from PC
876.02NEMAIL::MCDONALDJTue Sep 26 1995Demo for Laptops?
877.07SNOFS1::KINGPETERJTue Sep 26 1995DBI-F-BUGCHECK accessing MS SQL srv via DBI-SYBASE
878.0HGOVC::JAMBUThu Sep 28 1995Simplified RMS access doc.
879.04SNOFS1::KINGPETERJThu Sep 28 1995ACCVIO in SQLSRV$EXE when using DBI datasource
881.07LEVEL4::L4NOD7::SWANSONFri Sep 29 1995What is the kit-name for DBI Gateway for RMS on Sept. CD?
882.01NCMAIL::SLIWINSKIFri Sep 29 1995Error on second access to DBI/Oracle catalog thru ODBC
883.01NCMAIL::SLIWINSKIMon Oct 02 1995Remote RMS access questions
884.04NCMAIL::SLIWINSKIMon Oct 02 1995DBI Object protection questions
885.04TAVTue Oct 03 1995Entire - is it a competitive to DBI ?
886.03COPCLU::OVESENTue Oct 03 1995Virtual memory exceeded using DBI for DB2 on AXP !
887.01OTOOA::BUTLERTue Oct 03 1995RMS Gateway and Multinet
888.04VAXRIO::AZEVEDOTue Oct 03 1995Persistent attaches using DBI/DBI GTWY for SYBASE
889.07RDGE44::ALEUC3Wed Oct 04 1995Computed fields ina DBI Logical database
890.01GIDDAY::REINHOLDThu Oct 05 1995DBI GW for RMS --> RMS file as ARRAY?
891.01COPCLU::OVESENFri Oct 06 1995DBI for DB2 dumpes 1 out of 1
892.05JARRAH::BRADLEYMon Oct 09 1995RMS gateway performance problem
894.02SNOFS1::KINGPETERJMon Oct 09 1995Problems with LDRV$ORACLE_SHR relink under Oraclee V7.1.3.2.
895.05COPCLU::RAHBEKTue Oct 10 1995Access Oracle on UNIX from OpenVMS
896.03OSLTue Oct 10 1995Problems accessing my RMS data
897.02ZPOVC::ESTHERTANWed Oct 11 1995DEC ODBC vs others
898.07STKHLM::KNORNFri Oct 13 1995Licens check for my first sale !!
899.0ZPOVC::ESTHERTANSun Oct 15 1995Sizing DB Integrator family products.
900.09ZPOVC::ESTHERTANMon Oct 16 1995storing metadata in Oracle database failed
901.01KERNEL::PULLEYMon Oct 16 1995Oracle DBA all databases in an instance??
902.01UKARC1::HAGUETue Oct 17 1995Questions on DB Integrator Gateway from developer
903.06TAVTue Oct 17 1995support OCI clients
904.01NCMAIL::SLIWINSKITue Oct 17 1995Remote RMS via TCP/IP from VMS
905.04ZPOVC::ESTHERTANWed Oct 18 1995config for ADABASE
906.04TAVThu Oct 19 1995AS4
907.01SARAGO::BIFFIGNANDIThu Oct 19 1995NSDS-E-EVALEXECEPTION, with floating fields
908.03HERON::ROWLANDSFri Oct 20 1995-COSI-W-ENDOFFILE, end of file
909.0+11MUCTEC::JOCHENFri Oct 20 1995Blanks get converted to NULL values (Oracle)
910.02TAVSun Oct 22 1995Next training schedule....
911.09TIMABC::JOSEPEREZMon Oct 23 1995MS-ACCESS fails to delete/update RMS records cont
912.06NEWVAX::EBARONMon Oct 23 1995Proxy details?
913.06NEWVAX::RAYMon Oct 23 1995How do I avoid poor hash join optimization?
914.03KYOSS1::FERRAROTue Oct 24 1995Questions on upgrade to V3.
915.01THETA::FEINBERGTue Oct 24 1995Access Lotus Notes????
917.09NEOVFri Oct 27 1995DBI to AS4
918.02TAVMon Oct 30 1995DBI proposal to heterogeneous environment
919.06STKHLM::KNORNTue Oct 31 1995References
920.03SNOFS1::SAKROUGECWed Nov 01 1995RMS Access not updatable
921.03SNOFS1::KINGPETERJFri Nov 03 1995PC->Sybase->RDB$REMOTE=Bugcheck, sometimes!
922.08ZURFri Nov 03 1995DB Integrator Gateway Client (RDB 6.1, AXP), Server for Windows NT ( 32Bit Version ) ?
923.01VAXSPO::ROGERIOTue Nov 07 1995Oracle Transparent GW for DB2 ??
924.03FRTOS::abs_18.rto.dec.com::DoeringTue Nov 07 1995BASIC file definition & CDO file description
925.03SNOFS1::KINGPETERJWed Nov 08 1995bookreader won't read DBI books despite valid licence
926.04SNOFS1::KINGPETERJThu Nov 09 1995DBI-DB2 deadlock confusion
927.01SNOFS1::KINGPETERJThu Nov 09 1995Does LOST_CON => flaky network?
928.02LEVEL4::L4ALF1::SWANSONThu Nov 09 1995I need an ODBC driver for DBI (I think...)
929.04RCOJDS::BOUDJEMAIThu Nov 09 1995RMS Over TCPIP
930.02GLADYS::ATKINSONMon Nov 13 1995Multiple RMS files
931.01UNITED::MCCAMBRIDGEMon Nov 13 1995GW to IDMS-X: effort to develop?
932.02MINNY::WALDISPUEHLFri Nov 17 1995EDA/SQL reference sites? VSAM/BULL access?
933.01MUNICH::SBECKERWed Nov 22 1995Explanation for DBI_OPTIONS in the ODBC setup, please
934.03ZURWed Nov 22 1995SQL (DBI) syntax error accessing Excel data sheet ($) over PC Data Gateway
935.08REFDV1::DAVIESWed Nov 22 1995edit_string???
936.0+3LEVEL4::L4ALF1::SWANSONThu Nov 23 1995Will TRIM and CASE built-in functions work?
937.01HGOVC::FERNANDESThu Nov 23 1995Demo for Beijing C/S Conference
938.015TAVThu Nov 23 1995Unavailable Partition problem
939.02HGOVC::JAMBUThu Nov 23 1995sybase locking problem.
940.02BHAJEE::UHLIGThu Nov 23 1995Same authentication file problem
941.01OTOOA::ANDERSONThu Nov 23 1995ODBC client access to RMS
942.03HGOVC::JAMBUFri Nov 24 1995parameters passing in interactive sql ??
943.04VAXRIO::ABREUMon Nov 27 1995DB2_SUPP error, sqlcode = -134 during transfer
944.013TAVTue Nov 28 1995COSI-F-INSFARG Problem with PV
945.0SNOFS1::COLDRICKDWed Nov 29 1995gateway to Fujitsu AIM or RDB2?
946.02NEMAIL::MCDONALDJWed Nov 29 1995CDD Repository
947.03TLAVThu Nov 30 1995installation of SQL/Services
948.03RCOJDS::BOUDJEMAIThu Nov 30 1995Error on DBI install on Digital Unix
949.03ZPOVC::MIKEYUNFri Dec 01 1995DBI GW for RMS on Digital UNIX ?
950.03BHAJEE::UHLIGFri Dec 01 1995New licenses available for DBI V3.1A?
951.08TLAVMon Dec 04 1995Problem with COSI-NOTNETDEV, COSI-ENDOFFILE
952.05TAVTue Dec 05 1995Performance problems with a large HPV
953.0TAVTue Dec 05 1995Another Performance problems...
954.02NEWVAX::EBARONWed Dec 06 1995Closing RMS files no longer needed
955.02JURA::JURA::DUQUESNEThu Dec 07 1995Latest DBI kits for OpenVMS/Alpha ?
956.01USCTR1::rose.alo.dec.com::Rich Rose @aloThu Dec 07 1995EDA/Link Software needed on DEC UNIX?
957.05STOSS1::FARLOWMon Dec 11 1995Can't add Records with RMS Gtwy
958.04TAVTue Dec 12 1995DBI process is sometimes stucks for ever...
959.02IBThu Dec 14 1995MISSING_VALUE supported for fields on RMS files
960.02HAMIS3::SCHAEDEFri Dec 15 1995DBI on Unix & Netware
961.03BEJVC::WILLIAMZHAOWed Dec 20 1995DBI trainning course
962.03THETA::FEINBERGWed Dec 20 1995DSM and ISM Integration
964.02STKHLM::KNORNThu Dec 21 1995Installation failure of V3.1-
965.01JARRAH::BRADLEYThu Dec 21 1995Internal error detected (code 51)
966.03TAVMon Dec 25 1995Getting error messages of unavailable partition
967.04QCAVTue Dec 26 1995IS WNT SERVER ON THE WAY.......?
968.01TAVWed Jan 03 1996Status of DBI products ?
969.01RCOJDS::BOUDJEMAIWed Jan 03 1996EDA/SQL Gwy with CICS transactions
970.0BROKE::JONESWed Jan 03 1996Product Management status
971.02GIDDAY::REINHOLDMon Jan 08 1996CICS DBISERV orphaned?
972.01VAXRIO::AZEVEDOTue Jan 09 1996Point to DBI GTWY for DSM User Guide DOC's
973.01OTOOA::ANDERSONWed Jan 10 1996DBI/RMS definitions for PowerHouse/RMS - help!
974.01COPCLU::KIMBOThu Jan 11 1996Support on DBI - proxy etc.
975.01ROMMon Jan 15 1996SAS and Ingres SequeLink Gateways
976.04NEOVTue Jan 16 1996Stored procedures compatibility
977.01TAVThu Jan 18 1996DBI and RDB V7
978.0+7TAVThu Jan 18 1996Summary of problems/limitations...
979.01MBALDY::LANGSTONThu Jan 18 1996Does DBI Gateway for DB2 support latest version of IBM software?
980.01VNABRW::PLECHLO_JThu Jan 18 1996SequeLink Server for VMS DB/2
981.03KYOSS1::DUNAYThu Jan 18 1996DB Integrator on HP UX?
982.012ZPOVC::ANDYTANThu Jan 18 1996Help Needed Visual Schema Builder
983.02GIDDAY::REINHOLDThu Jan 18 1996DBI$WM_TMP.TMP file?
984.04LEVEL4::L4ALF1::SWANSONFri Jan 19 1996STRUCTUREs generate extra columns
985.02LEVEL4::L4ALF1::SWANSONFri Jan 19 1996What's more efficient: one or many CDO files and DBI link definitions?
986.0BROKE::SERRAFri Jan 19 1996DBI Software University Presentations
987.05TLAVMon Jan 22 1996link to Rdb & update the RMS
988.05BROKE::SERRATue Jan 23 1996AccessWorks Home Page...check it out !!!
989.01GIDDAY::REINHOLDWed Jan 24 1996DBI GW for DBMS inst prob
990.03OTOOA::ANDERSONWed Jan 24 1996Client/Server Licence for DBI/RMS Gateway
991.01GBIThu Jan 25 1996Rdb V4.
992.01NZOVSun Jan 28 1996Who owns DB Integrator and Gateways
993.03SNOFS1::COLDRICKDSun Jan 28 1996SQL/Server and Open Ingres
994.03TAVTue Jan 30 1996NOTALLPARTN does not include all partition names
996.05VAOUTue Jan 30 1996Which kit should I use for Windows 95?
997.07UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Feb 01 199666
998.04STOSS1::24313::lgrang.sto.dec.com::SalesRepresentativeThu Feb 01 1996Dialup Access to DBI Problem
999.03SNOFS1::KINGPETERJThu Feb 01 1996DBI->Oracle and how to give LOG_IO to *everyone*..
1000.02LEVEL4::LEVEL4::SWANSONFri Feb 02 1996Does NSDS$MDI_CDO_READER_SHR have to be installed?
1001.01LEVEL4::L4ALF1::SWANSONFri Feb 02 1996Using CAST(null AS DATE) in view definition sometimes(!?!) causes "invalid time" error
1002.01RDGE44::ALEUC6Mon Feb 12 1996DBI G/W for DBMS Documentation
1003.06VAXRIO::ABREUTue Feb 13 1996username/pasword and attach (DB2)
1004.03IBWed Feb 14 1996Performance in queries to DB2
1005.02IBWed Feb 14 1996To WRITE in DB2 from MS-ACCESS
1006.0+6PRSSOS::MISTLERThu Feb 15 1996dbibugcheck at utl_e_invalid_mem_alloc_size
1007.03RDGE44::ALEUC6Fri Feb 16 1996VAX DBMS & DBI Performance
1008.06ROMFri Feb 16 1996SequeLink server KIT and License
1009.01RDGE44::ALEUC6Fri Feb 16 1996PC - ODBC - DBI - VAX DBMS Problem
1010.03SNOFS1::KINGPETERJTue Feb 20 1996TDC*.DAT files just lying around
1011.01SNOFS1::KINGPETERJThu Feb 22 1996DBI$SHR for PC Data - is old memory leak fixed?
1012.01SNOFS1::KINGPETERJThu Feb 22 1996sequelink -1
1013.04STKHLM::KNORNThu Feb 22 1996DBI and RMU /UNLOAD
1014.01NEWVAX::EBARONTue Feb 27 1996CA-IDMS access using EDA/SQL
1015.04TPOVC::JERRYYEHSun Mar 03 1996SQL 6.
1016.02VAXRIO::AZEVEDOTue Mar 05 1996Configurating and using DASL on DBI GTWY for DSM
1017.013GIDDAY::VASSILWed Mar 06 1996-NSDS-E-NOBUFFERS, While performing update
1018.04AYOV29::SSMITHWed Mar 06 1996DBI Rdb Problem - System Service Error
1019.02NEWVAX::EBARONFri Mar 08 1996Order # for VSB?
1020.02NEMAIL::MCDONALDJFri Mar 08 1996Message Queing?
1022.03NEMAIL::MCDONALDJTue Mar 12 1996Ingres to DB2 Integrator?
1023.01--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 12 1996Polycenter Accessworks Support
1024.01AMCCXN::KARIMWed Mar 13 1996ODBC driver for COGNOS IMPROMPTU??
1025.0+10VAXRIO::AZEVEDOThu Mar 14 1996Configuring DBI and GTWYs for ORACLE 7 & RMS
1026.04IBFri Mar 15 1996Logicals w/o DBI?
1027.03VAXRIO::MSANTOSFri Mar 15 1996Null date problem...
1028.0+8ZURFri Mar 15 1996Super performace with DBI and Rdb!! No kidding :-)
1029.02NEWVAX::EBARONFri Mar 15 1996.CDO Syntax
1030.03VAXRIO::ABREUFri Mar 15 1996Many CICS messages when DBI application is run
1031.07AMCCXN::KARIMSat Mar 16 1996Rdb/VMS access from DBI Oracle7 catalog??
1032.06AMCCXN::KARIMMon Mar 18 1996ODBC access to DBI link databases??
1033.04FIREBL::LEEDSWed Mar 20 1996DBI, RMS and SQL
1034.01GIDDAY::REINHOLDFri Mar 22 1996DBI GW RMS & WIN 95 and DECNET
1035.01BBIVFri Mar 22 1996Gateway to Progress-which one?
1036.02MUCTEC::BORBATHMon Mar 25 1996DBI GW RMS - wrong results
1037.0+13UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Mar 26 1996DBI sold to Oracle ?
1038.02OSLLAV::BJARNE_PTue Mar 26 1996RMS gateway resource problems
1039.0+10IBWed Mar 27 1996Bugcheck and Performance.
1040.0 *BROKE::SERRATue Apr 02 1996Official DEC Q & A about deal
1041.0 *+2GIDDAY::VASSILWed Apr 03 1996%RMS-E-CRE, ACP file create fail
1042.0 *+1PRSSOS::MISTLERWed Apr 03 1996INVALID_BLR when updating a transfert to Oracle
1043.0 *+1CHOWDA::ORRWed Apr 03 1996DBI with Ross's IQ tool?
1044.0 *+7BROKE::SERRAFri Apr 05 1996Press Release
1045.0 *+2ORAREP::STKHLM::KNORNTue Apr 16 1996Performance tuning check list
1046.0 *+2ataxp1.at.oracle.com::RROEHRICThu Apr 18 1996DBI-E-SORTEXECFAIL, Sort execution failed
1047.0 *+1ORAREP::CHOWDA::ORRThu Apr 18 1996Configuration Guide?
1048.0 *+1ORAREP::VAXRIO::NOVELLOFri Apr 19 1996Gateway to CSP???
1049.0 *+2ORAREP::GIDDAY::REINHOLDMon Apr 22 1996METADATA error checks?
1050.0 *+2ORAREP::GIDDAY::REINHOLDTue Apr 23 1996DBI GW for ORACLE IVP failure?
1051.0 *+1svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANSun Apr 28 1996Update MSAccess data thro VAX.
1052.0 *+1NOVA::GODFRINDTue Apr 30 1996Current versions ? Availability on Unix ?
1053.0 *+2ORAREP::VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue Apr 30 1996DBI bugcheck - MDM_GET_ROUTINE_BLR
1054.0 *+8ORAREP::GIDDAY::VASSILThu May 02 1996SQL takes to long to insert into a file
1055.0 *+5ORAREP::MPOSFri May 03 1996Forte', Mumps, DBI, gateway, which way to go?
1056.0 *+5ORAREP::GIDDAY::REINHOLDMon May 06 1996Help with DBI GW for PC DATA
1057.0 *+5ORAREP::HAN::DOERINGFri May 10 1996DBI GW & Netware
1058.0 *+2ORAREP::OTOOA::otonWed May 15 1996Oracle to SQL Server v6?
1059.0 *+2ORAREP::CHOWDA::ORRThu May 23 1996Must define whole table?
1060.0 *+2ORAREP::GIDDAY::REINHOLDThu May 30 1996dbi 3.1 bugcheck
1061.0 *+2ORAREP::PRSSOS::MISTLERFri May 31 1996Wrong Strategy when using 2 RMS databases ?
1062.0 *+2ORAREP::GIDDAY::VASSILTue Jun 04 1996Unable to perform PARADOX query
1063.0 *+6ORAREP::GIDDAY::REINHOLDFri Jun 07 1996DBIGW for DB2 and DB2 V3.1 problem
1064.0 *+2ORAREP::STKHLM::KNORNFri Jun 07 1996Initial query by DBI ?
1065.0 *+34ORAREP::USDEV::JBONINFri Jun 07 1996Serious memory problems using DBI
1066.0 *+2NLVMS2::VVISSERFri Jun 07 1996Bugreports!!!!!
1067.0 *+4CHSR36::JSUBRITue Jun 11 1996products needed for a configuration ?
1068.0 *+4ORAREP::STKHLM::KNORNThu Jun 13 1996Copy data from Rdb to SQL/server on WinNT
1070.0 *+1ORAREP::GIDDAY::REINHOLDThu Jun 20 1996dbi V3.1-
1071.0 *+1ORAREP::LEMAN::NAUFFRAYThu Jun 20 1996%RDB-E-INVALID_BLR error during a replication transfer from RDB to ORACLE
1072.0 *+6ORAREP::VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Jun 20 1996DMS II and Sybase databases...
1073.0 *+6itvms1.it.oracle.com::MRESNATIFri Jun 21 1996dbi gtwy for RMS.
1074.0 *+2CHSR36::JSUBRIMon Jun 24 1996LDRV-E-ORA_DB_SUPP, ORA-
1075.0 *+1ORAREP::NEOVTue Jun 25 1996Techgnosis Phone Numbers?
1076.0 *+5ORAREP::LEMAN::NAUFFRAYThu Jul 04 1996Where is located the DBI7 FT2 version
1077.0 *+5ORAREP::VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue Jul 09 19963.1 on AXP X 2.
1078.0 *+3ORAREP::HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Jul 10 1996Replicate a huge RMS file to a DB???
1079.0 *+9chsr38.ch.oracle.com::ROHRThu Jul 11 1996Create table just hangs.
1080.0 *+4ORAREP::ZURTue Jul 23 1996DBI gateway to Sequelink MVS and DB2 Heeeeelp!
1081.0 *+2ORAREP::VAXRIO::NOVELLOWed Jul 24 1996Needing DBI course materials...
1082.0 *+12ORAREP::VAXRIO::63198::CSANTOSThu Jul 25 1996ACMS X DBI
1083.0 *+5ORAREP::EVOCDG::EL_YOUSSEFIFri Jul 26 1996Read/write access to an SQL server WNT from RDB
1084.0 *+2ORAREP::GIDDAY::REINHOLDThu Aug 01 1996DB2 & Sybase client on a WNT server
1085.0 *+1UKVMS3::SHISCOCKThu Aug 01 1996rdb gateway to O7 on IBM?
1086.0 *+8ORAREP::GVAThu Aug 08 1996DB int gateway for ALPHA server
1088.0 *+11ORAREP::GIDDAY::REINHOLDWed Aug 14 1996DBI GW/DBMS Table name length
1089.0 *+4caotv1.ca.oracle.com::MROYThu Aug 15 1996Ordering DBI information needed !
1090.0 *+17ORAREP::USDEV::JBONINMon Aug 19 1996poor performance using DBI7 and RDB7 - dbkeys
1092.0 *+33583::ZIONThu Aug 29 1996DBI & RMS customer list
1093.0 *+2UKVMS3::SHISCOCKFri Aug 30 1996Implications of SQLNET support?
1094.0 *+14ORAREP::BUMP::GWESTROPPWed Sep 04 1996Problem going to DBI with dynamic prepare statement
1095.0 *+2NLVMS3::VVISSERMon Sep 09 1996No unavailable warning in a partitioned view!
1096.0 *+3b-wFri Sep 20 1996dbi eternal pak ?
1097.0 *+4ORAREP::CHOWDA::ORRTue Sep 24 1996multi-version RDB and 4.2 applications
1098.0 *+2ORAREP::GIDDAY::BURKEThu Oct 03 1996MAPINFO and SQRDB32 don't seem to like each other
1099.0 *+3BROKE::ABUGOVTue Oct 08 1996ft sites for RMS, DBMS, Custom Drivers
1100.0 *+1ORAREP::GIDDAY::BURKEMon Oct 14 1996DB2 gateway and temp-table-files
1101.0 *+4AVMSV1::EKREISLEMon Oct 14 1996NOPRIV error on RDBSERVER.exe
1102.0 *+4ORAREP::NETRIX::"erezb@hel.dec.com"Thu Nov 07 1996VSAM and DB2 on IBM9
1103.0 *+1ORAREP::VAXRIO::63198::csantosThu Nov 14 1996BAD_META_QUERY
1104.0 *+15ORAREP::BUMP::GWESTROPPMon Nov 18 1996Not using index
1105.0 *+6chsr38.ch.oracle.com::ROHRFri Nov 22 1996When does V7 come officially?
1106.0 *+4UKVMS3::SHISCOCKTue Nov 26 1996rms-f-chg gateway 3.
1107.0 *+1ORAREP::ELIS::BAKKERThu Dec 05 1996STRANSNAL problem DBI/RDB access for RMS
1108.0 *+49221::MLINNAWed Dec 11 1996STRUCTURE supported
1109.0 *+2ORAREP::ZPOVC::CSNAQSThu Dec 26 1996Problem accessing RMS through DBI gtwy from Oracle
1110.0 *+22ORAREP::VAXRIO::ABREUMon Jan 06 1997Dbi bugcheck
1111.0 *+4ORAREP::JGODCL::BOWENWed Jan 08 1997Replicate RDB to SQL Server
1112.0 *+6M5::PSOEHLThu Jan 09 1997product DAI???
1113.0 *+9BROKE::SERRAThu Jan 16 1997Distributed Options for Rdb V7 VAX
1114.0 *+3BROKE::SERRAThu Jan 16 1997Distributed Options for Rdb V7 VMS CD
1115.0 *+10chsr38.ch.oracle.com::ROHRWed Jan 22 1997Another stored procedure one.
1116.0 *+2BROKE::BASTINEWed Jan 22 1997Who is using the Sybase Gateway???
1117.0 *+11Tue Jan 28 1997ORA_SQLOLB logical not found.
1118.0 *AVMSV1::EKREISLEWed Jan 29 1997RMS Gateway V7.
1119.0 *+2itvms1.it.oracle.com::MRESNATIWed Jan 29 1997ms sql server access from Rdb
1120.0 *+2chsr38.ch.oracle.com::ROHRThu Jan 30 1997How to creat link for multpile DBI logical db's?
1121.0 *+5UKVMS3::SHISCOCKMon Feb 03 1997dbi 3.1a and RDB-E-NO_PRIV
1122.0 *+3nomahs::ESHIHTue Feb 04 1997@PC in non-Digital machine
1123.0 *+4ORAREP::MXOCTue Feb 04 1997Db Integrator/Db Integrator for Db2 replacement?
1124.0 *+5ORAREP::NEOVFri Feb 07 1997Existing SQL Module Language for MS SQL Server
1126.0 *+1svrav1.au.oracle.com::DLAWLERThu Feb 20 1997DBI-E-DDRV_UNSUPPROD error on local rdb link.
1127.0 *+1svrav1.au.oracle.com::DLAWLERThu Feb 20 1997Is DECNET a requirement for DBI?
1128.0 *+3BROKE::BITHERTue Mar 04 1997change in behavior in dbi links & /user
1129.0 *+68292::PJACOBWed Mar 05 1997SYSVERDIF after installing DBI 3.1A?
1130.0 *+53583::ANNIESun Mar 09 1997DBI and external routine
1131.0 *+1144.24.1.1::ITOTAMon Mar 10 1997DBI pak needed
1132.0 *+1svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANThu Mar 13 1997DBI DB2 Server V3.1 on IBMS DB2 V4??
1133.0 *+31Fri Mar 21 1997DB2 via TCP/IP?
1134.0 *+11Fri Mar 21 1997Support for Oracle gateways?
1135.0 *+11Fri Mar 21 1997DBI and the web agent?
1136.0 *+10chsr38.ch.oracle.com::ROHRMon Mar 24 1997SQS database service priv prob with DO
1137.0 *+1M5::PTAKEOThu Mar 27 1997doubt about 1PC_UPDATE
1138.0 *+1NLVMS3::ADRIELFri Mar 28 1997Cust.Driver gtwy & 2PC
1139.0 *+8NLVMS3::ADRIELFri Mar 28 1997DDI interface questions
1140.0 *1Tue Apr 01 1997Fix for QAR 77?
1141.0 *+21Tue Apr 01 1997DBI7
1142.0 *+2chsr38.ch.oracle.com::ROHRFri Apr 04 1997Is SQL connect supported in ORA gateway?
1143.0 *+6chsr38.ch.oracle.com::ROHRFri Apr 04 1997Labels in config file with LORA_CONFIG_FILE
1144.0 *+2AVMSV1::EKREISLEFri Apr 04 1997WSAENO_DATA from gateway to PC
1145.0 *+3chsr38.ch.oracle.com::RROHRFri Apr 04 1997OS identification to Oracle?
1146.0 *+5DIGANT::GREENMon Apr 07 1997LDRV-E-UNKNOWN_TABLE using RTG/Oracle V7
1147.0 *+4DIGANT::GREENTue Apr 08 1997DBI and dbkey lengths greater than
1148.0 *+1BROKE::BITHERWed Apr 09 1997NSDS 3.
1149.0 *+11Wed Apr 09 1997Error during install.
1150.0 *+1BROKE::GREENWed Apr 09 1997Rally->DBI->Oracle bugcheck at line 87
1151.0 *+212293::ALLEMEERSCHThu Apr 10 1997RDBACCESS-RMS Oracle eternal pak ?
1152.0 *+2svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANFri Apr 11 1997Parallel Query Option with Rdb license??
1153.0 *+51Tue Apr 15 1997Remote links get out of hand.
1154.0 *+3NLVMS3::ADRIELTue Apr 15 1997Datatrieve & Oracle7 access
1155.0 *+2BROKE::BASTINEThu Apr 17 1997ldb2$ivp.com bug...
1156.0 *+3CHSR38::RROHRFri Apr 18 1997Scott sees too many tables via tg2 Oracle7
1157.0 *ORAREP::NYOSS1::TJIONASFri Apr 18 1997SYS$TEST:LDB2$IVP.COM vs /USER sql$database
1158.0 *+2AVMSV1::GEDERTue Apr 22 1997GWY for DB2 Installation experience
1159.0 *+4rdb4me.au.oracle.com::DLAWLERWed Apr 23 1997%DDAL-E-BADDBINFO in extraction from "trans gateway to PC DATA"
1160.0 *+11BROKE::BITHERFri Apr 25 1997Oracle NT & rtg/ora VMS (orauser & linking)
1161.0 *+3BROKE::BITHERTue Apr 29 1997Name of oracle client software
1162.0 *+7BROKE::BITHERWed Apr 30 1997ORA-
1163.0 *12293::ALLEMEERSCHFri May 09 1997Please provide ALL manuals on cdrom kit
1164.0 *+14ORAREP::VAXRIO::DJOVMon May 12 1997Performance problem with attach
1165.0 *+3ORAREP::SALEM::MOITRATue May 13 1997NSDS$SHR
1166.0 *+2M5::PTAKEOMon May 19 1997Questions about RTG with AS/4
1167.0 *BROKE::WRIGHTMon May 19 1997Just in case anyone stumbles across a "RMS-E-DDTM_ERR" with the RMS Gateway...
1168.0 *+2BROKE::BITHERWed May 21 1997DBI create table to remote rdb - access vio
1169.0 *+21Mon Jun 02 19977.
1170.0 *+5caotv1.ca.oracle.com::MROYWed Jun 04 1997V7.
1171.0 *+2CHSR38::RROHRThu Jun 05 1997restricted access to table in logical db