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Conference bookie::winword

Title:Word for Windows
Notice:First-time readers: Please read note 1
Created:Mon Mar 08 1993
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:883
Total number of notes:4017
Number with bodies:93
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1.02HUMOR::EPPESMon Mar 08 1993Welcome and Guidelines
2.089HUMOR::EPPESMon Mar 08 1993Who's Who (Introductions)
3.0+3HUMOR::EPPESMon Mar 08 1993Conference Announcements
4.08HUMOR::EPPESMon Mar 08 1993Pointers to related conferences
5.0HUMOR::EPPESMon Mar 08 1993Directory Listing
6.036HUMOR::EPPESMon Mar 08 1993WinWord Latest Version/Upgrade Information
7.021HUMOR::EPPESMon Mar 08 1993Installation Problems/Questions
8.01HUMOR::EPPESMon Mar 08 1993Customer Support Center
9.05HUMOR::EPPESMon Mar 08 1993Other Sources of Information
10.0111Mon Mar 08 1993Discount for DEC Employees
11.011Mon Mar 08 1993Articles and Clippings about WinWord Features
12.01Mon Mar 08 1993Reserved
12.0 *ORION::chayna.zko.dec.com::tamara::eppesThu Mar 06 1997Docs and templates in KOOLIT public directory
13.01Mon Mar 08 1993Reserved
14.01Mon Mar 08 1993Reserved
15.01Mon Mar 08 1993Reserved
16.01Mon Mar 08 1993Reserved
17.01Mon Mar 08 1993Reserved
18.01Mon Mar 08 1993Reserved
19.02HUMOR::EPPESThu Apr 21 1994Creating a table of contents in WinWord V6
20.0+391Mon Mar 08 1993Templates for Various Documents
21.0121Mon Mar 08 1993Template Questions/Problems
22.0351Mon Mar 08 1993Tables
23.0131Mon Mar 08 1993Lists
24.0201Mon Mar 08 1993Getting DRAFT to Appear on Every Page
25.0111Mon Mar 08 1993Table of Contents (WinWord V2.
26.031Mon Mar 08 1993Index
27.091Mon Mar 08 1993Graphics/Screen Captures
28.085HUMOR::EPPESThu Mar 11 1993Printing questions/problems
29.0161Mon Mar 08 1993Headers and Footers
30.01Mon Mar 08 1993Windows Help Authoring Tools
31.05GANTRY::HULLThu Mar 11 1993Quick reformatting of paragraphs?
32.09EPS::CONNFri Mar 12 1993How to get auto numbering of legal outline style
33.04SAC::EDMUNDSFri Mar 12 1993Non-orphaned headings
34.02PHAROS::NORMANFri Mar 12 1993Size of .doc vs .ps file?
35.016SPECXN::WITHERSFri Mar 12 1993Known bugs and deficiencies
36.06SPESHR::PICCICUTOSat Mar 13 1993Can I put a border around a whole page?
37.028SPECXN::WITHERSSat Mar 13 1993Books and guides
38.016SPECXN::WITHERSSat Mar 13 1993WOPR
39.01IJSAPL::KLERKMon Mar 15 1993Text wrapping around non-rectangular figures
41.08AIDEV::PEPINMon Mar 15 1993Microsoft Word and Info Mapping
42.01POBOX::ALVESMon Mar 15 1993building a document from other documents
43.022EPS::CONNMon Mar 15 1993Fonts available to Word for Windows
44.09SAC::EDMUNDSTue Mar 16 1993Mayby Ami-Pro is better, but this is Word for Windows
45.07RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Mar 16 1993WinWord .DOC's to Bookreader format?
46.05PHAROS::ELLIOTTTue Mar 16 1993Grammar checker
47.020KAOFS::S_BAINSTue Mar 16 1993.EPS file and WORD
49.02CURRNT::BAILEYWed Mar 17 1993Page numbering query
50.09EPS::CONNWed Mar 17 1993Changed style: how to apply to all objects w/style
51.033HUMOR::EPPESWed Mar 17 1993Using Fonts
52.05TIMMII::RDAVIESThu Mar 18 1993Color/colour toolbars
53.03HUMOR::EPPESThu Mar 18 1993WinWord training/courses
54.06SIOG::KERRFri Mar 19 1993Macro developers kit..
55.021Fri Mar 19 1993Macros
56.04ANNECY::HOTCHKISSMon Mar 22 1993Only prints one page
57.02CHIRPA::MOTTMon Mar 22 1993Anybody have a Word macro to reorder pages?
58.0KAOFS::K_MAINMon Mar 22 1993Microsoft's OLE V2.
59.02RUTILE::MANNINGThu Mar 25 1993Problem with Dialog command in macro
60.06ZIGLAR::FPRUSSThu Mar 25 1993WinWord, HPDJ 55
61.05MEMIT::N_RICHFri Mar 26 1993WordBasic help needed. Input single keystrokes?
62.03NETCUR::CLIFFORDFri Mar 26 1993Portrait-Landscape mix?
63.07FSOA::OGRENFri Mar 26 1993Replacing ".5" with the symbol "1/2"
64.05ZUSE::KOETHESat Mar 27 1993LaTeX <--> Word Conversion?
65.02JOCKEY::AL35Mon Mar 29 1993How do I get NORMAL.DOT to come from the network?
67.06KYOA::HANSONMon Mar 29 1993Replacing Word icon in Excel spreadsheet?
68.06VANINE::LOVELLTue Mar 30 1993EDT Keypad emulator?
69.07PHAROS::NORMANWed Mar 31 1993Word for MAC to Word for DOS
70.02TAPE::LKLThu Apr 01 1993WordPerfect to WFW....
71.012KAOFS::J_DALYThu Apr 01 1993Send word with kermit
72.016VANINE::LOVELLThu Apr 01 1993Insufficient memory/RESCUE.DOC/out of memory
73.07WILBRY::JACKSONSun Apr 04 1993Convert WPS to WinWord? Include PowerPoint in WinWord?
74.08NAC::BLANCHARDMon Apr 05 1993I don't understand that ruler?
75.02GALINA::SSMITHTue Apr 06 1993Can't print business envelope with DECjet1
76.04MPGS::SCHOTTTue Apr 06 1993Automatic chapter numbering???
77.04ESSB2::EMCGUINNESSWed Apr 07 1993Printing to the edge of page ?
78.03ESSB::RBROWNEWed Apr 07 1993Pre-Printed Letter Heads
79.02ALOSThu Apr 08 1993NULL in wordbasic
80.022ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Apr 08 1993Importing Postscript .PS files...
81.04NZOMIS::HOWARDFri Apr 09 1993VAX DOCUMENT -> MS Word For Windows
82.0101Fri Apr 09 1993WYSIWYG
83.01VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKFri Apr 09 1993MS WORD/EPS and RMS attributes on network drive
84.02LEVERS::CARRAFIELLOSun Apr 11 1993Create Envelope Font Changes?
85.01MSBCS::BORSOMWed Apr 14 1993HELP! Delete attempt crashes Word
86.02MSBCS::BORSOMWed Apr 14 1993Word Fails to Format Columns
87.0CESARE::CATERINIWed Apr 14 1993POLISH dictionary
88.029376::WITHERSWed Apr 14 1993What to do about corrupt .DOC files
89.011Wed Apr 14 1993WinWord <--> MacWord
91.04SMAUG::GARRODSat Apr 17 1993Winword to .DDIF or .PS; how do you do it?
92.010EPS::CONNTue Apr 20 1993Winword is "shooting" bullets at me.
93.03ANNECY::HOTCHKISSThu Apr 22 1993Scientific fonts/equations
94.0SIOG::KERRMon Apr 26 1993Word text converters
95.01SNOCTue Apr 27 1993How do you print a banner on each page??
96.06MARVIN::STRATFORDTue Apr 27 1993"mail" style ?
97.01BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Apr 30 1993Graphics import
98.06OSLFri Apr 30 1993Problem with Word in a PATHWORKS/ULTRIX environment
99.015HUMOR::EPPESWed May 05 1993WinWord Performance
100.02WARHED::PIATTThu May 06 1993WINWORD --> WORKS ??
101.03MARVIN::STRATFORDFri May 07 1993Appendix section numbering ?
102.01LEZAH::DOWNINGFri May 07 1993Converting Interleaf to RTF?
103.0ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri May 07 1993Writing in Greek or creating characters...
104.012DEMON::ADAMMon May 10 1993Screen captures and MS-Word
105.01BOOKS::ANGELONEMon May 10 1993.DOC .RTF and .BMP to MS Help
106.06UPROAR::PLOWMANDTue May 11 1993Auto-select Mode?!
107.02SPESHR::JOHNSONWed May 12 1993Print-Merge
108.02TENTO1::BOURNEJWed May 12 1993"IF" problem in a table
109.071Wed May 12 1993Multiple files/chapters
110.01Wed May 12 1993Part pages
111.06DECSAD::ZDZERO::scratchleyMon May 17 1993multiple footnote with same number
112.02SOLVIT::SILVAThu May 20 1993Sales productivity tools?
113.02BITBKT::FORBESFri May 21 1993Change bars?
114.03GANTRY::HULLFri May 21 1993Winword doesn't see new TT fonts
115.03MPGS::MICHAUDMon May 24 1993Soule collection .PCX question.
116.03MSDOA::HICKSTMon May 24 1993Arrrgh! why the blank page???!?!?!?!
117.01OFSIDE::MARKOWITZWed May 26 1993printing wide tables
118.0SIOG::KERRWed May 26 1993DDE, word and Excel question
119.03HYEND::STONEHAMThu May 27 1993WFW to QuarkXPress and back again. Your inputs needed.
120.02EISNCG::LELLOSFri May 28 1993Help Utilizing Margins for Graphics
121.02BITBKT::FORBESSat May 29 1993Print Merge difficulties
122.012SUBWAY::HERENDEENTue Jun 01 1993Inserting an Excel Spreadsheet in a WORD document
123.02SUBWAY::HERENDEENWed Jun 02 1993print merge utilities?
124.03WR1FOR::MEYERS_NATue Jun 08 1993Macro for Mail?
125.02SNOOZR::CarlinFri Jun 11 1993{PAGE} instead of 1,2 etc...
126.08KYOA::KOCHMon Jun 14 1993Live Links (OLE) between W4W & Excel?
129.0CALS::PFLUMTue Jun 22 1993Phone # for Gilbert and Associates (ViewZ for Word for Windows)
130.04TROPPO::STINNG::HUNTTue Jun 22 1993Foreign Language Translation?
131.06AOSG::NORDLINGERFri Jun 25 1993two independent columns
132.0UPROAR::HALLMMon Jun 28 1993WFW Divide by Zero Error on Startup
133.03DIBDIB::DBATESMon Jun 28 1993Cannot start word file converter TXTWLYT.CNV
134.010FUTURS::GIDDINGS_DTue Jun 29 1993Word file viewer
136.06YOUWOT::WALTHEREWed Jun 30 1993Fast Saves and File Size
137.04SSGVWed Jun 30 1993Looking for CBT's
138.016HANNAH::BAYFri Jul 02 1993Document is formatted differently on different machines
139.010IJSAPL::KLERKMon Jul 05 1993RTF format documented somewhere?
140.02LEDS::LEBEAUTue Jul 06 1993Word uses wrong printer tray
141.015LARVAE::POOREThu Jul 08 1993Postscript (.PS) to Encapsulated Postscript (.EPS) converter ?
142.04STOWOA::PJOHNSONFri Jul 09 1993Can you print underlined tabs?
143.05SOLVIT::SILVAFri Jul 09 1993FAXing from Word using WinFAX...?
144.02STAR::PITCHERSun Jul 11 1993Frames within frames
145.01FCOIS::JOUVELLIERTue Jul 13 1993Special caracters
146.05BALZAC::STURTMon Jul 19 1993Adding new dictionaries
147.0BALZAC::STURTTue Jul 20 1993PostScript nightmares
148.017CSGVAX::SJAWAHRANIWed Jul 21 1993DECwrite ----> WinWord
149.04ROMThu Jul 22 1993Application interface?
150.02NAC::BLANCHARDThu Jul 22 1993Shrink a document, how?
151.01SOFBAS::SHAPIROThu Jul 22 1993Printer Drivers
153.016BRSISD::PELLEMANSThu Jul 29 1993Special Character, One-character word not printed
154.02GALVIA::EMURPHYFri Jul 30 1993Using Autosave
155.02JGO::DS_KLEINFri Jul 30 1993cursor difficult to see!
156.01HAN::DOERINGMon Aug 02 1993Q: how to create own style for auto numbering headers ?
157.06AEO881::HUMANTue Aug 03 1993ASCII output?
159.02SPESHR::PICCICUTOTue Aug 03 1993How do I do fractions?
160.01BIS1::DUBOIS_WWed Aug 04 1993Summary information print out macro ?
161.011KITVAX::METHOTThu Aug 05 1993WinWord equivalents for DECwrite features?
162.01AOSG::NORDLINGERThu Aug 05 1993seeking SPELL.DLL
163.02NEADEV::SAMPSONSat Aug 07 1993W4W linking to MSPROJECT
164.09GWYENG::RAWLINGSTue Aug 10 1993LETBLOCK Style
165.03MSAMThu Aug 12 1993Select page range and dealing with large files?
166.04KYOA::HANSONThu Aug 12 1993Macro in WfW to fire up another app?
167.0WKRP::HENRYThu Aug 12 1993Duplex Printing
168.02CAPVAX::PJOHNSONFri Aug 13 1993Short pages in W4W using generic printer?
169.01HOBBLE::EWELLMon Aug 16 1993How to increase input field size in dialog boxes?
170.02UTROP1::IDETA_PLTue Aug 17 1993Exchanging macro's
171.010GVPROD::BACHWed Aug 18 1993Stripping Paragraph markers from ASCII Text
172.03ANNECY::HUMANThu Aug 19 1993Drawing Package for Word?
173.02COPCLU::BIRGERFri Aug 20 1993DOC mgt from/to word
174.0KXOSRV::HAYWOODFri Aug 20 1993Linking long tables from excel
175.04PAMSRC::DECSWS::BARRETTSun Aug 22 1993Can one save window geometry?
176.02DTRACY::ROYALMon Aug 23 1993.DOC --> .EPS
177.03BITBKT::FORBESMon Aug 23 1993variable character attributes of a field??
178.04DYOSW8::WILDERWed Aug 25 1993Vertical or slanted text??
179.0MPGS::ROMANThu Aug 26 1993How to import Ami Pro picture?
180.01NIODEV::SLOZAKThu Aug 26 1993Double underline problem
181.03MPGS::ROMANTue Aug 31 1993How to Save As 8
182.03AMCFAC::SHIVESTue Aug 31 1993Pagemaker to Word
183.06CCAD11::KERRISKTue Aug 31 1993Two document versions from a single source?
184.02TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJThu Sep 02 1993Insert Excel but not updating.
186.02LARVAE::POOREWed Sep 08 1993{REF}erencing a figure using a {SEQ}uence field
187.015LARVAE::POOREWed Sep 08 1993Printing large documents to a DEClaser325
188.02CADSYS::LEMONSWed Sep 08 1993Word for Windows Cross Reference Assistant
189.02SMURF::MCMULLENThu Sep 09 1993PostScript file corrupted (EPS figures)
190.01ROMFri Sep 10 1993Embedded Object??
191.09KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLFri Sep 10 1993Bulleted list won't line up
192.04SEDMTS::CLARKE_CWed Sep 15 1993Printing envelopes problem
193.07UTROP1::WILMWed Sep 15 1993How to rotate text please?
195.05ATNRTH::OSBORNEWed Sep 15 1993Doing DFDs and such in Word?
196.06GALVIA::EMURPHYMon Sep 20 1993Pagination not retained on different installations of Winword?
197.07MACNAS::CBECKERTue Sep 21 1993Problem with Spell Checker
198.0BIS6::VANNESTETue Sep 21 1993Setting options with Wordbasic
199.0BLUFSH::FORBESWed Sep 22 1993Trouble inserting new address into LETBLOCK letter
200.05MR4MI2::DBOGATYMon Sep 27 1993Winword for Alpha/NT ?
201.03TELFON::MAILMANTue Sep 28 1993Problem with bullets: {SYMBOL 183...}
202.02SKYLAB::FISHERWed Sep 29 1993Converting FROM Word TO Excel
203.01ANNECY::HUMANThu Sep 30 1993.SDML tagging help needed
204.03IJSAPL::KLERKThu Sep 30 1993Garamond font + PD fonts locations
205.01ROMTSS::SCALELLAFri Oct 01 1993Multiple copies problem from Word for Windows 2.
206.02TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJMon Oct 04 1993Using info from one macro into another?
207.010ISIDRO::JAGOMEZMon Oct 04 1993Bidimensional editor
208.02CUPMK::MCKINNONTue Oct 05 1993w/scrn capture getting just empty frame?
209.01TOSSUB::DELLISANTIWed Oct 06 1993la424 printing problem in portrait mode
210.0CAPNET::SYKESFri Oct 08 1993customizing the thesaurus
211.0MINETT::BEABESMon Oct 11 1993Multimedia Usability & Effectiveness----You're invited!
212.09MTWAIN::CARTERMon Oct 11 1993AmiPro .sam files into Word
213.02JOKUR::FALKOFTue Oct 12 1993GPF error when printing
214.01ESSB::BEATTYTue Oct 12 1993Impositioning??
215.014ORION::LAQUERRETue Oct 12 1993Standard Word Templates for SES (formerly IDC)
216.0142ORION::LAQUERRETue Oct 12 1993Discussion of the SES (formerly IDC) Word Templates
217.04ALOSTue Oct 12 1993Any way to get Slavic characters using US version?
218.03CLARID::ARANWed Oct 13 1993Printing Problem: A4 and 8.5 x 11
219.03TALLIS::FREANWed Oct 13 1993How to display infinity character?
220.02REPETE::FRASCINELLAThu Oct 14 1993Word V2.
221.02BRSVMS::CORNELISMon Oct 18 1993Chemical Structure Formula Editor?
222.05WITNES::GUERTINMon Oct 18 1993Print Merge & Unwelcome Section Breaks
223.051Mon Oct 18 1993pointer to Digital logo/TrueType (TT) font
224.01UNTADI::BAUERTue Oct 19 1993make macro editable - how ?
226.03BROUGH::DAVIESFri Oct 22 1993List indenting outside list.
227.04KITVAX::METHOTFri Oct 22 1993Too many paste options
228.04MYKEY1::DANDURANDFri Oct 22 1993Label Printing Problem
230.01SNOFS1::ROHANMon Oct 25 1993More envelope sizes needed
231.054GL::CMURRAYTue Oct 26 1993Hidden text and Save As Write (WRI) format
233.02ICARUS::HENRYWed Oct 27 1993Status Bar position indicator question
234.01VERGA::FRIEDMANMon Nov 01 1993REPSIDE template
235.01AXEL::FOLEYMon Nov 01 1993CD ROM Label Template?
236.02IJSAPL::BLEDOEGTue Nov 09 1993How to call macros via DDE Execute?
237.01MARVIN::STRATFORDTue Nov 09 1993Output from WFW to 132 column wide text file
238.06KURTAN::WESTERBACKWed Nov 10 1993New chapter on odd page
239.0GNPIKE::MIKELISWed Nov 10 1993what to backup
240.02GNPIKE::MIKELISWed Nov 10 1993embedded image moves with layout view
241.03DAVE::MITTONWed Nov 10 1993MS Draw graphic text does not scale?
242.03RANGER::PESENTIFri Nov 12 1993How to put text "tokens" into a document.
243.0WELCLU::SMITHMMon Nov 15 1993version control
244.03ZSAZSA::READINGSMon Nov 15 1993Eliminate page numbers from headers?
245.0BSFDRO::PRCTue Nov 16 1993TrueType font with DEClaser 21
247.0LAMOZ::VASICWed Nov 17 1993Grey tables corrupted by white lines
248.02REPETE::FRASCINELLAWed Nov 17 1993Need Macro help with InsertPicture
249.0CTHQ::MCCULLOUGHWed Nov 17 1993MSAccess Report Samples to Winword Document
250.06TNPUBS::CAHALANMon Nov 22 1993Manual XREFS and TOC better than using FIELDS?
251.0HLFSTue Nov 23 1993NON-us characters included in WINWORD
252.05ICS::ENGLERTTue Nov 23 1993Bookshelf and Word
253.043BOOKS::HAMILTONTue Nov 23 1993Discussion/opinions of Word V6.
254.04MLNADWed Nov 24 1993Converting tabs to blanks
255.02HAN::HAOPCA::WINTERFri Nov 26 1993DDE Topics & Items of WinWord
257.03IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon Nov 29 1993How to get paragraph length?
258.0RTOEU::CUNGUREANUMon Nov 29 1993What is a QLFENGL.DLL file and where do I find it?
259.05BACHUS::COLLARTMon Nov 29 1993WORD v6 help problem if networked ...
260.03IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon Nov 29 1993How to faster add words for spell check ?
261.01TPSYS::WESTMon Nov 29 19936.
262.01ROCKS::BUDDTue Nov 30 1993Vertical text?
263.05DBCIC1::6277Thu Dec 02 1993Convert from Word 6.
264.01PLAYER::BOSSARDFri Dec 03 1993Moving a document with Excel chart links
265.04NWDFri Dec 03 1993MAC "works" import to dos-windows "WORD"???
266.01ROMMon Dec 06 1993word to la324?
267.02GRILLA::LALIBERTEMon Dec 06 1993SYMBOL - looking for zoom/magnifier
268.02MACNAS::DOHENYTue Dec 07 1993Print Preview causes GPF...
269.0SMAUG::HUGHESWed Dec 08 1993Word for OS/2????
270.07JARETH::SMARTWed Dec 08 1993Appendix page numbers, ToC entries, e.g., C-2
271.02SAHQ::LUBERFri Dec 10 1993Can you import Word documents into ALL-IN-1?
272.02JOKUR::FALKOFFri Dec 10 1993Excessive HDD Activity?
273.03MTWAIN::YOUNGWed Dec 15 1993Template Problem
274.01JULIET::MUELA_RHWed Dec 15 1993ALLIN1 Documents to W4W2 (.WPL>.RFT)
275.0LINGO::PETERSThu Dec 16 1993Invisible style name
276.06TRUCKS::SMITH_BThu Dec 16 19932 pages to one
277.05TUXEDO::KEEGANThu Dec 16 1993frames and page breaks
279.01MLNCSC::CESANITue Dec 21 1993UNIDRV.DL_ what does it do ?
280.0TAMARA::TEAMLK::hullTue Dec 21 1993Automatic, simple WinWord 2.
282.04GRILLA::LALIBERTEWed Dec 22 1993simulate handwriting over/beside text ???
283.0MLNCSC::CESANIThu Dec 23 1993wanted UNIDRV.DL_ (W4W 6.
284.05ETYPE::MCVICKERTue Dec 28 1993WinWord Assistant install problem
286.04CAPNET::ANGELONEWed Jan 05 1994PS artfiles into a WORD DOC file.
287.04GRILLA::LALIBERTEThu Jan 06 1994BUTTONS in Text
288.05TNPUBS::CAHALANThu Jan 06 1994Mark previously made revisions selectively?
289.0ISLNDS::HEIERSun Jan 09 1994Word 6.
290.01MSBCS::CANFIELDMon Jan 10 1994Turn off Options (View)?
291.01WREATH::HOLLIDAYMon Jan 10 1994Reducing size of files
292.03CAPNET::ANGELONETue Jan 11 1994Page numbering problem.
293.01MIMS::SNIDER_BTue Jan 11 1994French-US Conversion Tool?
294.0ROMEOS::TAYLOR_STWed Jan 12 1994Duplex state retrieval in macro.
295.0RICKS::PHIPPSWed Jan 12 1994W4W 6.
296.029BOUVS::OAKEYFri Jan 14 1994Save problems with WinWord 6.
297.01NSICFri Jan 14 1994.DOC ==> .EPS in batch ??
298.01MSDOA::BIGGSRFri Jan 14 1994Template does not work on converted doc's
299.02EEMELI::ROUHUSun Jan 16 1994How to convert .DDIF files into word readable format?
300.010FJIVThu Jan 20 1994Word For Windows Version 6.
301.04NUTS2U::LITTLEThu Jan 20 1994Finding a table?
302.02TAEC::MILES::MilesFri Jan 21 1994Variable Page Setups in Templates?
303.0DELNI::CLIFFORDFri Jan 21 1994wfw v6 questions
304.01TALLIS::FREANFri Jan 21 1994Word template for docplans?
305.04DELNI::CLIFFORDFri Jan 21 1994WFW V6 Optimizing/Troubleshooting Memory probs, etc.
306.0TROOA::MARSHALLFri Jan 21 1994Keyboard Assignment F13 to Del Prev Word, etc..
307.0TNPUBS::CAHALANFri Jan 21 1994Missing period in TOC leader
308.03ERMTRD::CLIFFEMon Jan 24 1994Mail merge include file
309.01OSLWed Jan 26 1994PostScript language error: stackunderflow?
310.02HGOVC::DAVIDCHERSONWed Jan 26 1994NFT copy problem
311.06VNABRW::BUTTONFri Jan 28 1994Deleting Headers/Footers in V6.
312.02VNABRW::BUTTONFri Jan 28 1994"Upgrading" a doc to a new template (V6.
313.02BRUMMY::GLANVILLEFri Jan 28 1994Print Merge Problem
314.03R2ME2::FOUNTASMon Jan 31 1994MORE Word For Windows 6.
315.01BROKE::ALEXANDERMon Feb 07 1994Suddenly help on field types freezes. Any clues?
316.0SCHOOL::SIMONWed Feb 09 1994WINWORD 6.
317.01BROKE::ALEXANDERThu Feb 10 1994Can I control spacing between words?
319.07BASLG1::MORRISTue Feb 15 1994Temporary Files
320.027SAHQ::LUBERWed Feb 16 1994Trouble Printing Word PostScript from ALL-IN-1
321.05TELFON::MAILMANWed Feb 16 1994Change envelope orientation?
322.071SPECXN::WITHERSWed Feb 16 1994WinWord 6.
323.03MTWAIN::YOUNGFri Feb 18 1994Problem with .eps art files
324.0MARIN::ROSSIFri Feb 18 1994Start Word minimized?
325.01USCTR1::NORTONFri Feb 18 1994Problem printing MS-Word V6.
326.03RICKS::PHIPPSSat Feb 19 1994Syntax Error - "WordBasic err = 1
329.08VNABRW::BUTTONWed Feb 23 1994Deleting V2 after upgrade to V6.
330.05IOSG::HORSFIELDWed Feb 23 1994Word to support SGML
331.04BICYCL::RYERThu Feb 24 1994WFW 6.
332.06POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAFri Feb 25 1994MS Word,Two Sides,DEClaser 22
333.05LEDS::MACKINNONSat Feb 26 1994Mailing Labels - problem creating
334.01BOOKS::CARTERMon Feb 28 1994Unable to open files on my home PC
335.02LARVAE::JORDANTue Mar 01 1994TOOLS OPTIONS and settings
336.018VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERWed Mar 02 1994Interaction paradigm? User model? Point of view?
337.019STOWOA::READMon Mar 07 1994Read V6.
338.01CALDEC::GOETZEMon Mar 07 1994The Digital ArtLibrary--a graphics resource for Digital employees
339.0GVPROD::RITCHIEMon Mar 07 1994Default printer from Wordbasic?
340.0HAN::HAEUSSERTue Mar 08 1994Converting PC TEXT4 to WinWord ??
341.03KYOSS1::LAZARUSTue Mar 08 1994Problem installing Network copy of Office 4.
342.05RMEDU2::NEBBIAThu Mar 10 1994Intelligent import of ASCII text files
343.0TROOA::PIGGOTThu Mar 10 1994Can Output Files be Cropped?
344.0ALFAM7::SIEBOLDFri Mar 11 1994Problems printing to a DEClaser 22
345.0349284::AMAZONMon Mar 14 1994*.doc pointers at startup
346.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon Mar 14 1994Printing objects in the background of each page
347.08LJSRV2::FEHSKENSMon Mar 14 1994Problems With Help Demos
348.02AKOCOA::BROUILLETMon Mar 14 1994TIFF output from Word?
350.02QOQUAQ::PELTZTue Mar 15 1994Robohelp question...
351.0SOTT::NAULTWed Mar 16 1994Form with FILLIN fields - F11 doesn't work
352.01OTOOA::HARTLINGThu Mar 17 1994MS/Word V6.
353.023NAC::BLANCHARDFri Mar 18 1994HARDDISK is way too active in Word
354.01GIDDAY::BURTFri Mar 18 1994Word Converter under TeamLinks
355.04BALZAC::STURTFri Mar 18 1994Creating list styles
356.01SEDOAS::CLARKE_CFri Mar 18 1994Table Heading Underline ?
357.05CSOA1::RANKINSat Mar 19 1994Import info from Access into Word?
358.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONMon Mar 21 1994Want to print to non-default printer
359.0NSICTue Mar 22 1994Now cheap offer for Word - dutch edition
360.09JARETH::ALEXANDERThu Mar 17 1994Help with Master Document feature in Word 6.
361.03VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERWed Mar 23 1994Organizing a project around Word for Windows (6)
362.01TNPUBS::FORTENWed Mar 23 1994WINWORD GPF /w CAR8
363.02NAC::GIBIANWed Mar 23 1994Word for Windows 6.
364.02ASABET::POMEROYThu Mar 24 1994Word Application error help
365.01DCEIDL::CLARKFri Mar 25 1994Deleting extraneous bookmarks and styles
366.07SUPER::JOSEPHSONTue Mar 29 1994Convert from PC to Macintosh
367.01DIBDIB::DBATESTue Mar 29 1994PowerPoint macro within WORD2 doesn't work for me
368.01ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Mar 29 1994Printing more documents (V2) with a single command...
369.01ROCK::BHAVSARWed Mar 30 1994Creating Page Styles
370.0DEVLPR::DIONSun Apr 03 1994Japanese version of Word
371.0RMEDU2::NEBBIATue Apr 05 1994MS Draw, Winword 6.
372.013VAXUUM::UTTWed Apr 06 1994Word->HTML filters?
373.03DOD2::PARKERWed Apr 06 1994Help with hard returns on sentences?
374.02CGOOA::OWONGThu Apr 07 1994Embed Powerpoint Object Problem.. V2.
375.0NSICThu Apr 07 1994Re-using foreign spelling on V6
376.02SIOG::E_CUSACKThu Apr 07 1994General Protection Error
377.0NDLVAX::IMPORTFri Apr 08 1994Change cursor in WW6?
378.0TNPUBS::SHARONFri Apr 08 1994Looking for standard back matter in WFW format
379.0RDGENG::NR75Tue Apr 12 1994Can't create VB OLE Word object
380.04ANNECY::DEVEZEAUD_EWed Apr 13 1994Automatic Installation ?
381.02RDGENG::NR75Tue Apr 19 1994How to get Title given a filename
382.02RDGENG::NR75Tue Apr 19 1994Large scale document import into Teamlinks
383.01SOLVIT::EIDW_OPSTue Apr 19 1994Needed examples/pointers print/merge
384.02HELFUN::LAAMANENWed Apr 20 1994Keyboard coding problem with wfw 6.
385.03BROKE::ALEXANDERWed Apr 20 1994Footnote positioning in Word V2.
386.02MERIDN::GOLDSTEINThu Apr 21 1994Hebrew Font available?
387.0931481::MCCANTAFri Apr 22 1994Printing brochure question
388.014HBFDSM::THODEFri Apr 22 1994Not enough memory to run winword V 6.
389.02CSCAPE::AnastasiaMon Apr 25 1994Goto Last Editing Point?
390.02LACVMon Apr 25 19943 or 4 columns?
391.02ZEKE::VIAUTue Apr 26 1994Word 6.
392.05ROBSON::ROBSON::PATTISON_MWed Apr 27 1994Can you store Word docs in CMS ?
393.02LINGO::PETERSThu Apr 28 1994Import filters
394.01BALZAC::STURTThu Apr 28 1994Putting content into styles
395.01LARVAE::JORDANFri Apr 29 1994Customising for 2 versions of WinWord
396.0SOLVIT::EIDW_OPSFri Apr 29 1994Spacing problem of INCLUDEDTEXT included file
398.0TPSYS::WESTMon May 02 1994Microsoft Office V4.
399.07DYOSW8::WILDERMon May 02 1994V6...different working directories??
400.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTWed May 04 1994Searching through a list of documents
401.04JUPITR::KIFERThu May 05 1994text formatted with (no proofing) was skipped - spell won't check properly
402.01NEMAIL::ADAMThu May 05 1994storing ruler settings?
403.04STKHLM::HOLMFri May 06 1994Importing EPS-file - No text after the picture.
404.08MIMS::OKIE::QUINN_JMon May 09 1994GENDRV Protection Violation
405.04HUMOR::EPPESTue May 10 1994Word thinks RTF files are text files
406.02LOVADA::SCHERRERWed May 11 1994WORD and BITFAX software
407.07NOTAPC::BARLOWFri May 13 1994Error saving Word 6.
408.03ANNECY::DEVEZEAUD_ETue May 17 1994Divide by zero with Print preview ...
409.015NAC::BLANCHARDTue May 17 1994Drawing a box around an entire Document?
410.0425472::HOSKERWed May 18 1994transfer word .DOC files from vax to pc
411.0UNTADH::JOEHNKFri May 20 1994V6.
412.01SMURF::STILLWAGGONFri May 20 19942 sided printing problem?
413.06BASLG1::MORRISMon May 23 1994Converting from Wordstar
415.01DONVAN::REICHERTWed May 25 1994Can't fax from Word 6.
416.02NZOMIS::HOWARDWed May 25 1994SHARE with single occurrence?
417.01MKOTS3::FERRIGNOWed May 25 1994subdocuments
418.02GVAADG::AMAZONThu May 26 1994WordPerfect vs. Word for Windows
419.01ZEKE::VIAUThu May 26 1994Word 2.
420.04GANTRY::HULLThu May 26 1994Line at top of a new blank doc
421.013DECWET::SERACKFri May 27 1994Need help with page setup problems
422.03GVAADG::AMAZONSun May 29 1994ascii (above 128) into W4W
423.01DIBDIB::BATESSun May 29 1994toolbar won't wrap in V 2.
424.04STOWOA::READWed Jun 01 1994Security and FAST SAVE option
425.02OSLThu Jun 02 1994How to change name and initials without running Word?
426.0DELNI::CLIFFORDMon Jun 06 1994Your Opinion Please....
427.02LACVMon Jun 06 1994Prob. with page number alignment
428.01NEMAIL::TUCKERMon Jun 06 1994Word6.
429.016SNOCTue Jun 07 1994Print Problems: Word 6.
430.013NSICTue Jun 07 1994External references to symbols/phrases
431.02DECWET::BINGHAMTue Jun 07 1994On Intel, how to make Word 6 work with WNT and Win 3.1
433.05DPDMAI::EAGANWed Jun 08 1994Mailing Labels and LA75s
434.02STUDIO::ARSENAULT_DFri Jun 10 1994Help with Temp Environment Variable
435.03NSICTue Jun 14 1994Word 6.
436.0ROMTue Jun 21 1994Unrecoverable disk error, on a networked installation
437.0GNPIKE::ASCHERWed Jun 22 1994Unable to save 'too large' document
438.08NSICThu Jun 23 1994Does Word provide journal/recovery?
439.02MUGGER::GRAHAMThu Jun 23 1994Italic text from word 6
440.04VAXRIO::63Thu Jun 23 1994Word 2.
441.04TAVIS::ZEHUZE::BALDERMANSun Jun 26 1994Import Ps. graph file
442.09BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Jun 27 1994Frames and captions?
443.02TNPUBS::CLIFFORDTue Jun 28 1994WFW Survey Results
444.02TAEC::MILES::MilesWed Jun 29 1994Mirror printing?
445.02VNABRW::WESSELY_UWed Jun 29 1994Saving Winword, Excel files to OSF1 Server
446.05GALVIA::RAWLINGSFri Jul 01 1994Word V2.
447.04NSICMon Jul 04 1994Allow both numbered and Appendix A,B,C headings
448.025472::HEIERTue Jul 05 1994Irrating problem
449.02NSICWed Jul 06 1994Making document environments transportable: logical names
450.06PASVC::STEVENTAMThu Jul 07 1994Install OFFICE V4.2 fail??
451.03XSTACY::BRASMUSSENFri Jul 08 1994Autogeneration of documents using WORD ?
452.03GIDDAY::JOYCETue Jul 12 1994Odd section breaks
453.06GVPROD::ALBINO::DAWKESThu Jul 14 1994Watermark too bold !
454.03NSICFri Jul 15 1994How to do "Page n of m"
456.01NSICMon Jul 18 1994Replacing bookmark values
457.01ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Jul 19 1994Formulas not updated
458.02BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Jul 19 1994Out of memory splitting to subdocuments
459.04NSICThu Jul 21 1994Updating document fields in body and headers
460.04NSICWed Jul 27 1994Reformat / de-hyphenate text macro - version 2 (was 46
461.013YAKNOW::MCHIASSONFri Jul 22 1994Word 6.
462.0ODIXIE::GARABOMon Jul 25 1994Error - "Not enough memory to update display"
463.04NSICTue Jul 26 1994Word 6 + stepup = bugs in Word Basic?
464.03ERLANG::GLASERThu Jul 28 1994Changebar problem
465.01MROA::NORTON_KMon Aug 01 1994Page numbering problem with section breaks
466.03SUBPAC::SIEBER_KIMMon Aug 01 1994inserting *.eps files?
467.02GANTRY::HULLFri Aug 05 1994Copying paragraph formatting
468.06PINBOT::ERVINMon Aug 08 1994Deskjet driver breaks background printing?
469.05TRUCKS::BURYMon Aug 08 1994Can't save Master document
470.01NWGEDU::DINGEMANSTue Aug 09 1994Word Basic error 124
471.01SIOG::1HTue Aug 09 1994Word 6.
472.01FILTON::HICKS_SWed Aug 10 1994ALL-IN-1 & WinWord/P'point .doc
473.010NSICThu Aug 11 1994Print file spec limitation <= 31 chars ?
474.06CONSLT::OWENThu Aug 11 1994Selecting printer from a WORDBASIC Macro? (Also Posted in NOTED::MSWINDOWS)
475.02KETJE::marijke.bro.dec.com::CHALMETWed Aug 17 1994Display errors with V6.
476.04BASLG1::MORRISThu Aug 18 19946.
477.01NAC::TURMELThu Aug 18 1994Trouble Importing EPS file from Corel...
478.01UHUH::MICHAELSFri Aug 19 1994page numbering in master document (V6)
479.03TNPUBS::CARRIGTue Aug 23 1994Underline part of heading1 only
480.02GEMVAX::ROSSTue Aug 23 1994V6.
481.01GEMVAX::ROSSTue Aug 23 1994V6.
482.03LACVSat Aug 27 1994Losing paragraph format from Word to .HLP file
483.0BOUGY::LE_VIETTue Aug 30 1994Error, Bookmark not defined in table calculation
484.01EEMELI::EINAMOWed Aug 31 1994WP win 6.
486.0SAC::WGCThu Sep 01 1994Accessing remote files from within Word
487.01BREAKR::FLATMANThu Sep 01 1994MS Office & Bookshelf on CD
488.01GLDOA::RBROWNFri Sep 02 1994Need to Print the text file -- HELP !!
489.01TRUCKS::BURYTue Sep 06 1994Porting macros to Word6?
490.02ODIXIE::DWYERRTue Sep 06 1994Another not enough memory
492.0CLARID::MALKOWIAKWed Sep 07 1994I18N : What is the list of WINDOWS languages?
493.07SHIPS::AZAVEDO_RMon Sep 12 1994Multi Choice Lexicons and Grammar
494.0MONTOR::GLASERMon Sep 12 1994OLE Automation Anyone?
495.02GLDOA::RBROWNWed Sep 14 1994Moving Columns
496.03PLAYER::TAVERNIERThu Sep 15 1994problem saving Word V6.
497.03JUPITR::STEWARTThu Sep 15 1994Word Help problem, network drive
498.04EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Sep 19 1994German conference?
500.03GRILLA::LALIBERTEMon Sep 19 1994keyboard graphics?
501.0XSTACY::BRASMUSSENTue Sep 20 1994Cannot use a field delimiter of <return> with mutiple records
502.0+11LACVWed Sep 21 1994Send VAX mail from within Word?
503.01PLAYER::TAVERNIERThu Sep 22 1994Word 6.
504.02NSICThu Sep 22 1994Basic Error 5
505.02BERNFri Sep 23 1994Footnote reference and text not on same page
506.0TNPUBS::CLIFFORDFri Sep 23 1994Characters in a Box
507.0TNPUBS::CLIFFORDFri Sep 23 1994VTX IR and Digital ArtLibrary
508.0TNPUBS::CLIFFORDFri Sep 23 1994One .PS File fr. Multiple .DOC Files
509.04POWDML::PALVIAFri Sep 23 1994Sending Word file over the Internet ?
510.0ARRCEE::CATENAFri Sep 23 1994easy access to letter addresees??
511.01BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Sep 26 1994Searching for Greek letters?
512.01TNPUBS::CLIFFORDMon Sep 26 1994WFW V6 Notes
513.02GVAADG::AMAZONMon Sep 26 1994CorelDraw to Word 6.
514.02WELCLU::MCCAFFREYJThu Sep 29 1994All text is BOLD.
515.01TRUCKS::EVANS_MATue Oct 04 1994Undefined reference to DynaLink error, V2.
516.01RELYON::VARGASTue Oct 04 1994CUT feature/option is gone!!!!
517.04XSTACY::LSFri Oct 07 1994Word Basic common file select dialog box ?
518.03RDGENG::NR75Fri Oct 07 1994Microsoft Word 6.
519.0TNPUBS::CLIFFORDFri Oct 07 1994Creating a Product Warranty Card with Word
520.01NRSTAR:: Oct 07 1994are template files "open"?
523.019SPECXN::WITHERSMon Oct 10 1994Word 6.
524.0TNPUBS::CLIFFORDTue Oct 11 1994WFW compatible icons available
527.09TNPUBS::CHIASSONTue Oct 18 1994.PRN file is empty on hard drive
528.02TNPUBS::PHALENTue Oct 18 1994Vanishing header & page numbers
529.01RDGENG::NR75Wed Oct 19 1994User dialog help button calls user help file ?
530.04RDGENG::NR75Fri Oct 21 1994FormatHeadingNumbering Dialog from macro ?
531.0RDGENG::NR75Fri Oct 21 1994Insert linked file causes error
532.04JURA::COEFFICMon Oct 24 1994Something weird about huge file to save small document
533.02COLMon Oct 24 1994Table-line-count automatically ?
534.0RDGENG::NR75Tue Oct 25 1994Organizer, Styles and FormatStyle
535.03HERON::DAIMIO::BEAUTue Oct 25 1994What versions are in MS-Office 4.3 Pro
536.0RDGENG::NR75Thu Oct 27 1994One line AutoNew wizard uses memory up
537.01NR75Thu Oct 27 1994How do you get info on links ?
538.01SOLVIT::WHITE_AFri Oct 28 1994Hiding TextBox text
540.0ISLNDS::BUCCIERITue Nov 01 1994Word Basic Err=5, Illegal Function Call
541.01GIDDAY::MUNNTue Nov 01 1994More .EPS woes
542.04POLAR::THOMPSONWed Nov 02 1994Where is HYPHEN key?
543.0SIOG::FITZMAURICEThu Nov 03 1994lock / access on normal.dot
544.03LACVMon Nov 07 1994Sample feedback form and table of figures?
545.08GLDOA::RBROWNTue Nov 08 1994Two Pages Per Side - Possible ?
547.01COPCLU::MELSTEDSun Nov 13 1994Updating Normal.dot
549.02HURON::BATESMon Nov 14 1994Table Currency help needed...
550.03GLDOA::RBROWNMon Nov 14 1994I'm Missing it - MASTER DOCUMENT
551.08NR75Tue Nov 15 1994Dialog boxes, resolutions and font sizes ?
553.01NR75Thu Nov 17 1994Error 24 ("Too Many Files Open") Loading Add-In (.WLL)
554.02EEMELI::EINAMOThu Nov 17 1994i becomes I automatic in 6.
555.015HUMOR::EPPESThu Nov 17 1994Internet Assistant for Word for Windows
557.0UNTADH::JOEHNKMon Nov 21 1994Tables and snap-to-grid?
558.07STOWOA::READMon Nov 21 1994Problem w/ Table of Contents with Revision Control
559.02GALVIA::DMCALISTERFri Nov 25 1994DocToHelp
560.04KAOOSC::boivinTue Nov 29 1994Can Winword V6.
561.0NPSS::GLASERThu Dec 01 1994OLE - don't try to use it for real work
562.06ORION::LAQUERREFri Dec 02 1994Selected Articles from the Microsoft Knowledge Base on America Online
563.07GLDOA::RBROWNTue Dec 06 1994Matching Page Numbers in TOC ??
564.03RTOIC::FSEVERINThu Dec 08 1994Lost password on file protection?
565.08SOLVIT::BRAMSONTue Dec 13 1994New Compression Scheme from Microsoft/Office V4.2c
567.04HPCGRP::BELANGERFri Dec 16 1994New WFW6 Macros from Microsoft
568.01LARVAE::DRSDTue Dec 20 1994Word on Alpha/NT
569.04OTOOA::MOWBRAYWed Dec 21 1994Help on English/French
570.032799::YANAGIWed Dec 21 1994Mixed-up Drive letters?
571.01GLDOA::RBROWNThu Dec 22 1994Extra Page in TOC from RD Commands
574.03TAVIS::TAVWIZ::ZIPESTue Jan 03 1995Line of Text "Blinks" in 2.
576.0TNPUBS::CLIFFORDWed Jan 04 1995Entering boxes around characters
577.06AYRDAM::DAGLEISHPMon Jan 09 1995Horizontal black line appeared in a table cell - how to cut it out
578.06USABLE::RAVENTue Jan 10 1995Convert Word for Mac to Word for Win?
579.04POLAR::BOSWICKTue Jan 10 1995flowcharting symbols?
580.02WELTM1::CRIDDLEWed Jan 11 1995Password protection doesnt?
581.01HYDRA::TABORFri Jan 13 1995Shortcut keys
582.0GVAADG::AMAZONMon Jan 16 1995icon in windows available in Word?
583.01TAVENG::PEREZMon Jan 16 1995WORD6.
584.01BOOKS::YOUNGTue Jan 17 1995Art Problem while printing .PS file
586.0SAWA::STANISZEWSKAWed Jan 18 1995mixed icons
588.0BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDWed Jan 25 1995wizards give errors on 6.
589.01VNABRW::WESSELY_UThu Jan 26 1995Problems with files on DECpxLPx+
591.01TAVENG::PEREZFri Jan 27 1995OLE 2.
593.011LARVAE::BRIGGS_RMon Jan 30 1995Captive WORD 'Account'?
595.01578Tue Jan 31 1995I-beam color help needed
596.04MROA::NORTON_KMon Feb 06 1995Missing Tab Alignment Button, Word V6
597.05NYFSTue Feb 07 1995Non Proportional Spacing needed
598.0HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue Feb 07 1995Word Art V2
599.01ODIXIE::WALTERSWed Feb 08 1995symbol substitution?
600.06BOOKS::YOUNGWed Feb 15 1995Quick Results using MS-Word V6-
601.0GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Feb 16 1995v6 mailmerge onto an rdb database using ODBC??
602.0GLDOA::OUMEDIANFri Feb 17 1995Insert CAPTION errors
603.02BLAZER::MIKELISMon Feb 20 1995Header3 breaks to next page
604.01CRONIC::LEMONSTue Feb 21 1995FrameMaker to Word
605.03ECADSR::BIROTue Feb 21 1995? how to Delete from "arg_1" until "arg_2"
606.0PCBUOA::YOUNGWed Feb 22 1995Looking for TEMPLATE for "Digital Memo's"?
607.02BAHTAT::HILTONFri Feb 24 1995Section/Heading numbering
608.04PINION::PEDERSONMon Feb 27 1995MS Drawings Objects are turning into 1 x 1 nothing
609.09GLADYS::HUISHTue Feb 28 1995Word with a Scanman Easytouch
610.02MLNOIS::64739::benassatiWed Mar 01 1995Ms-WORD error=1
611.02BLAZER::MIKELISWed Mar 01 1995Problem with Font Sizes in TOC
612.03MEMIT::64332::HYERWed Mar 01 1995Text Selection with Mouse - Scrolls too fast
613.01USDEV::SJOGRENMon Mar 06 1995Segment Load Failure
614.0PHDVAX::LUSKMon Mar 06 1995Warning: hidden mode deletes menu entries
615.02ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Mar 08 1995Font to write East-European languages
616.01BLAZER::MIKELISThu Mar 09 1995Bookmark not defined error!
617.02SNOFS1::FARRELLTue Mar 14 1995MACRO Icon under V2.
618.01STAR::TCARRTue Mar 14 1995V6.
619.05DIBDIB::BATESTue Mar 14 1995shared normal.dot
621.03WECARE::FERRIGNOThu Mar 16 1995Deleted documents still show up on File menu
623.02HERON::KAISERMon Mar 20 1995Word 2.
624.013NYOSS1::CKELLEHERTue Mar 21 1995TOC - insufficient memory (Table of Contents)
625.0MARVIN::BANASWed Mar 22 1995LJ25
626.0ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Mar 22 1995Methods and propertis accessible via OLE 2
627.01VAXRIO::CONDEMon Mar 27 1995How to setup macro session ?
628.02GOYA::ANATue Mar 28 1995DEClaser 11
629.01ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Mar 28 1995WinWord 2 <--> WordStar 6
631.0NAC::BLANCHARDThu Mar 30 1995Word 6 SLOW, lots of disk activity
632.02SALEM::C9H1Thu Mar 30 1995Linking MS Word / MS Project
633.01OZROCK::TAYLORFri Mar 31 1995embedded (linked to) text files cause "Error: cannot open file"
634.01SMURF::STRASENFri Mar 31 1995^M Appended to lines when saving txt file to OSF
635.01CUPMK::TALBOTMon Apr 03 1995need WinHelp-to-Word converter
637.01TNPUBS::MCKINNONWed Apr 05 1995Using Word but getting Wordperfect error msg.
638.0TNPUBS::CLIFFORDWed Apr 05 1995FrameMaker+SGML Product Description
639.03BAHTAT::HILTONThu Apr 06 1995Background repagination
641.0NETCAD::KOWALMon Apr 10 1995more Master Document probs
642.0GIDDAY::MUNNMon Apr 10 1995floating figures?
643.01KAPTIN::BLEIWed Apr 12 1995Help needed to view .ASC file type
644.03WMOIS::PAGLIARULOWed Apr 19 1995MAIL MERGE formatting
645.0LUXWed Apr 19 1995Weird behavior of Word 6.
646.01ARRODS::MICKO::collinsThu Apr 20 1995MS Test script for Word?
648.07TAEC::HILLIERThu Apr 27 1995PostScript Files in Word 6
649.03GVAFri Apr 28 1995How to conditionalise document sources?
650.01TNPUBS::CLIFFORDFri Apr 28 1995DOC-TO-HELP users
651.01HANNAH::ILSLEYFri Apr 28 1995Problem printing .EPS graphics with Adobe driver
652.04TNPUBS::CLIFFORDFri Apr 28 1995Find File / EDMS-Compliant books
653.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu May 04 1995Error 1
654.02SHRCTR::DJANCAITISMon May 08 1995WFW & Clipart
656.02OZROCK::TAYLORSat May 20 1995word 6 diagrams -> .gif or .xbm?
657.0UNTADI::JOEHNKTue May 23 1995Problem with ruler/margin display
658.01ASDG::HARRISWed May 31 1995MS-Word performance problems - HW or SW?
659.05TLE::TARSAThu Jun 01 1995Column balancing problem
660.0TLE::TARSAThu Jun 01 1995Hyphenation dictionary?
661.01SNOFS1::SAKROUGECFri Jun 02 1995Help with concatenating & printing several Word files
662.02ULYSSE::RURUTU::diquattroFri Jun 02 1995Winword 6.
663.0IRNBRU::HOWARDMon Jun 05 1995MSWord to .TIF ????
664.0GVAADG::AMAZONTue Jun 06 1995DOS screen dump to WORD ver 6
665.01ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Jun 06 1995Problems converting from Word DOS 5.5 to Winword
666.02TNPUBS::CLIFFORDTue Jun 06 1995Bookbuilding Suggestions
668.0TNPUBS::CLIFFORDTue Jun 06 1995Bookbuilding & Submission Guide
669.02MFOIS1::TURCHITue Jun 13 1995Word CBT out of memory
670.0SIOG::NMAGUIREWed Jun 14 1995Mail eMERGEncy
672.010BLAZER::MIKELISWed Jun 14 1995Hypenation of Proper names-NOT
673.01BLAZER::MIKELISWed Jun 14 1995How do I run BASIC macros?
674.02TAEC::HILLIERThu Jun 15 1995TOC and Print Problems - HELP!
675.0CRIME::BIJAOUIFri Jun 16 1995Header numbering schema
676.09EXCENT::STULTSThu Jun 22 1995"being used by another user"
677.02STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Jun 23 1995Invisible Microsoft Word for Windows
678.01COPCLU::JOHNSENTue Jul 04 1995Recognizing Word 6.
679.0ARRCEE::CHERYLThu Jul 06 1995Word 6 and LA75
680.0SUPER::MCGANMon Jul 10 1995AutoRestore doesn't work for templates!!
681.04SUPER::MCGANMon Jul 10 1995Wizard questions
682.01TLE::TARSAThu Jul 13 1995Boxes splitting when columns vertically fill
683.01HUMAN::AVERYThu Jul 13 1995Converting Display Write files?
684.01CUPMK::TALBOTWed Jul 19 1995Need help to restore menu bar...
685.03NYFSWed Jul 19 1995Printing a graphic takes 2 hours!
686.01ADOVThu Jul 20 1995NumPages in a FAX Template?
688.01JOKUR::FALKOFTue Jul 25 1995WFW V2.
690.01FBEDEV::RUSCIOWed Jul 26 1995UNIX manpages from MS Word source?
691.03GIDDAY::OMELEYTue Aug 01 1995AutoText and Printing. Loses count !
692.02HOWICK::HOWARDWed Aug 02 1995MS Word V6.
694.0AKOCOA::MCGINNESSFri Aug 04 1995Printing envelopes on DEClaser 51
695.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONThu Aug 10 1995Not enough memory to open file
696.0WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Aug 11 1995Wordview GPF in storage.dll when spawned?
697.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONWed Aug 16 1995Want to replace with special characters
698.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONMon Aug 21 1995WORD crashes saving a file.
699.02FIREBL::LEEDSMon Aug 21 1995PDF Documents from VTX IR ??
700.01MKOTS3::abu112.mko.dec.com::KURTATue Aug 22 1995How to depict X-bar in one keystroke
701.01QUARK::LIONELTue Aug 29 1995Word 7.
702.0QUARK::LIONELTue Aug 29 1995Word Prank Macro
703.01BUMP::DHAZELWed Aug 30 1995Converting bitmaps to .EPS file?
704.0SNOFS1::ROHANThu Aug 31 1995Set scroll region???
705.0CRONIC::argyle.hlo.dec.com::lemonsWed Sep 06 1995Computer Virus Attacks Word Documents
706.0UTROP1::BRUIJNWed Sep 06 1995Mail merge date fields from MSquery
708.01TROOA::RITCHESun Sep 17 1995Need help viewing Execute Only macros!
709.02MLNADMon Sep 18 1995Pictures OK on screen, EMPTY on paper
710.09TNPUBS::CLIFFORDFri Sep 22 1995Portable PostScript Printer driver
711.0TNPUBS::CLIFFORDFri Sep 22 1995WFW Template files, guides & docs
712.0CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Sep 26 1995I can't edit equations
713.0EPS::ntisok.zko.dec.com::TURNERWed Sep 27 199532 bit print to file yields spurious Line Feeds
714.01MSE1::SULLIVANMon Oct 02 1995Modifying Wizards in Office95/Word V7.
715.02WRKSYS::VANTWUYVERMon Oct 02 1995Working in Groups
716.04NETCAD::HERTZBERGWed Oct 04 1995Frame position to bottom of paragraph
717.04MSBCS::BRYDIEThu Oct 05 1995Document prints blank page
718.0SIOG::SMYTHTue Oct 10 1995Scaleable font initialisation
719.04SUPER::MCMULLENTue Oct 10 1995Insert Caption - appendix prefix
720.02VIVIAN::RANCEThu Oct 12 1995What is the opposite of SPLIT TABLE?
721.0CURRNT::BAILEYTue Oct 17 1995Synchronising callouts with bitmaps?
722.01ADCAWed Oct 18 1995Parameters for OLE callable Word Methods ?
723.03GALINA::SSMITHWed Oct 18 1995Anybody have a template for TK5
724.05OHFSFri Oct 20 1995Mixed format - PORTRAIT / LANDSCAPE
725.02OHFSThu Oct 26 1995WORD 6 and NT Memory Problem
726.01OHFSFri Oct 27 1995Build an Information Source Document
728.02HACMAN::HACKTue Nov 07 1995Microsoft word err=1
729.06ALFA1::CAISSIEMon Nov 06 1995Printing problems WORD 6.
730.05ACISS1::ROGERSRTue Nov 14 1995First line indent problem
731.0ALFA1::CAISSIEThu Nov 16 1995Recto/verso problem in .ps file
732.03SNOFS1::FAKESSun Nov 19 1995Font filled with Bit Map?
733.01BSS::PROCTOR_RWed Nov 22 1995Install oops!
734.01ALFETA::MAURICIOTue Nov 28 1995How to rotate an Excel Worksheet on a Word doc?
735.08OHFSTue Nov 28 1995Help with SELECT
736.03GIDDAY::pcbu42.snl.dec.com::LIELLTue Nov 28 1995Need to Maximise WORD using WIN 95
737.03OHFSWed Nov 29 1995Font Problem ??
738.0CHGVWed Nov 29 1995Problem Printing Color Files
739.05TECWT2::BOUDREAUWed Nov 29 1995Can't use SAVE AS to save file as a different type
740.0LANDO::TYSONWed Nov 29 1995 Figure Info Overprints Figure with 1152 Driver
741.01ACISS1::ROGERSRThu Nov 30 1995MS Works (.wps) to Word (.doc)??
742.01GVAThu Nov 30 1995Proposal template?
743.02MKOTS3::KURTASun Dec 03 1995Printing Master Documents in Windows 95
744.01CRONIC::LEMONSTue Dec 05 1995Using Fax Wizard with Digital cover sheets
745.01SWETSC::WESTERBACKThu Dec 07 1995First chapter is 2...
746.01PULMAN::CROSBYFri Dec 08 1995Object Sizing
747.02TNPUBS::CLIFFORDMon Dec 11 1995Hints and Tips
748.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Dec 11 1995Word 6.
749.012CURRNT::WAVES_LDRTue Dec 12 1995encapsulated postscript on Windows 95
750.08BLAZER::MIKELISTue Dec 19 1995Comparing Frame or Pagemaker to Word
751.02WRKSYS::REICHERTFri Dec 22 1995Corporate Templates ?
752.03ANNECY::ras247.aeo.dec.com::mercierSun Jan 07 1996Word For W95: True Type Fonts not available
753.01OHFSTue Jan 09 1996Including LARGE EXCEL Spreadsheets
754.01RLG8Thu Jan 11 1996Can WinWord V6.
755.05CARECL::CASTIENFri Jan 19 1996Q: on Spell, CUSTOM.DIC, LISTS and ToC
756.05BASEX::KAIRYSFri Jan 19 1996Two sentences that crash Word 7's grammar check
757.0GRANPA::CPOINDEXTERTue Jan 23 1996Internet Assistant for Word 95
758.01BOHIO::LRIVERATue Jan 23 1996ProtectForm Command Word Basic Err=5
759.04PMRV7Thu Jan 25 1996ACCESS LINKING
760.04XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Jan 31 1996MSword problems on Windows-NT
761.03ODIXIE::MOREAUThu Feb 01 1996Show file extensions in Word for Win95?
762.08MUGGER::ADRIANThu Feb 08 1996Sloooooow!!
763.01MSAMThu Feb 08 1996Calling macro expert
764.01MARX::M_MCDONALDMon Feb 12 1996Winword/Hot virus and AutoMacros
765.01WONDER::SKRYPEKTue Feb 13 1996Changing Background color
766.01LEXSWed Feb 14 1996MACRO virus and GPF in Storage.DLL
767.0chayna.zko.dec.com::EPPESTue Feb 27 1996EasyHelp/Web - creates HTML and WinHelp files from Word sources
768.01TNPUBS::HODGMANWed Feb 28 1996Word Can't Start PowerPoint after Win95 upgrade
769.0UTROP1::BRUIJNThu Feb 29 1996Printing Autocorrect entries
770.04BATVXFri Mar 01 1996The WINWORD.HLP help file.
771.02GIDDAY::pcbu44.snl.dec.com::LiellDavidTue Mar 05 1996Double Quote switches Language
772.0CARECL::CASTIENTue Mar 05 1996WordArt?????
774.01STAR::TCARRWed Mar 06 1996saving formatting characteristics
775.02MFOIS1::TURCHITue Mar 12 1996Missing WKS3WIN.CNV converter
776.0WRKSYS::REICHERTTue Mar 12 1996WORD for NT- Alpha
778.05WKRP::HENRYThu Mar 14 1996Portrait headers/Footers on Landscape Page in Word 7/Word 95
779.01CGOOA::OWONGSat Mar 16 1996Printing Problem with Superscripts
780.01MEOCSun Mar 17 1996Possible bug/virus with Word under TeamLinks?
781.0UTROP1::BRUIJNMon Mar 18 1996Printing problems with HP 5L Laserjet
782.0WOTVAX::KAKAVWed Mar 20 1996Problem printing mailing labels - L7163
783.03UNTADA::RMAHERThu Mar 21 1996Courier Postcript Font?
784.04TOOK::GASKELLFri Mar 29 1996Word unable to locate DLL wwintl32.dll
785.02HERON::thelem.vbe.dec.com::beauTue Apr 02 1996MS Word Technical Dictionary
786.04CXOSI::LIOUWOLKFri Apr 05 1996Call to undefined dynalink
787.05GVAWed Apr 10 1996Missing headings in ToC
788.0NZOVThu Apr 11 1996Appending 'separate' documents\
789.03MEOCMon Apr 15 1996WordStar 2
790.04MUGGER::LIVINGSTONEMon Apr 15 1996MS-Word V6 normal setup gone?
791.02HERON::KNOCHWed Apr 17 1996Convert ppt graphics to something else
792.0MOVIES::CHANDLEYFri Apr 19 1996problem using text with layout conversion in Word 7
793.01CURRNT::FORSTERJTue Apr 23 1996Reducing the Size of PostScript PRN Files
794.01STAR::COUGHLANTue Apr 23 1996Link and Expand PowerPoint in Word?
795.01BIS1::dbc146.bro.dec.com::ryanTue Apr 23 1996Sleepless Nights over a simple Macro
796.02RICKS::MANIONTue Apr 30 1996stuck on a: drive
797.0EDDF1Mon May 13 1996Word's temporary files
798.01LEXSMon May 13 1996Clipart & PCS files - Artgalry general prot. fault
800.0NYOSS1::MORANFri May 17 1996Problem with Printer Options under W95
801.01WREATH::SCOPATue May 21 1996Write in MS-WORD...Build in Frame
802.01HELIX::LFIELDThu May 23 1996template for Read Me First customer letter?
803.0RICKS::MANIONFri May 24 1996problems printing
804.03TAEC::DUHAMELTue May 28 1996How to re-size PowerPoint slide in a Word document?
806.04TENNIS::KAMFri May 31 1996Office v7: automatic alignment of numbers in Word?
807.05LATINA::UCEDAMon Jun 03 1996Fatal exceptions
808.0+8DOCTP::CARRASCOWed Jun 05 1996Importing EPS graphics into Word 7
809.06AWECIM::HANNANTue Jun 11 1996Cursor disappears/reappears
810.04MFOIS1::TURCHIThu Jun 20 1996Tabulations problem with Word 7.
811.02MFOIS1::TURCHIMon Jun 24 1996colors printed in black n' white
812.06AZTECH::SANBORNThu Jun 27 1996<CR> in Form Field result?
813.0AZTECH::SANBORNFri Jun 28 1996WordBasic Connect question...
814.0TAEC::WEBSTERMon Jul 15 1996Another Word / EPS file problem
815.02TNPUBS::BISCARDIWed Jul 17 1996ToC problem with DEC.DOT in Word V7
816.01VAXRIO::MARCIA_LThu Jul 18 1996Need Urgent Help - Word Setup Script
817.01MNATUR::LISTONMon Jul 22 1996Word for Windows 95 V7.
819.01MARVIN::ROBINSONFri Jul 26 1996Converting from TEMPLATE back to WORD
820.02PINION::BTUCKERFri Aug 02 1996ERSDEC (SES template for Word)
821.02BLAZER::MIKELISTue Aug 06 1996Need Digital hardware clipart
822.07TNPUBS::PHALENTue Aug 06 1996BinHex 4.
823.01DEMON::PANGAKISTue Aug 06 1996PKZIP problems with .DOC file.
824.0+2CHEFS::FILKINSAThu Aug 15 1996Master Document - Chapter numbering
825.01GEMVAX::TRUBIANOMon Aug 19 1996bringing a Visio file (.vsd) into word?
826.01TIMBER::BTUCKERFri Aug 23 1996Updating Linked Files ({INCLUDETEXT}
827.02USDEV::LELSTONFri Aug 23 1996How to save file in v 7.
828.01TIMBER::BTUCKERFri Aug 23 1996Find File
829.0USCTR1::MCMAHANMon Aug 26 1996help-graphs keep changing
830.04MUDIS3::BMAHRWed Sep 04 1996Tutorial for word 7.
831.02NETRIX::"alberter@xdevFri Sep 06 1996Saving label templates?
832.0MOIRA::FAIMANWed Sep 11 1996Can't run converters
833.0HYDRA::TABORThu Sep 19 1996VAX Document to MS-Word
833.02SNOFS1::GONZALEZFMon Sep 30 1996Help on using Program inside Word
834.01VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKMon Sep 30 1996Trouble working with page layout and formats
835.02TNPUBS::PHALENWed Oct 09 1996Bedeviled by networks and Word
836.02TNPUBS::PHALENFri Oct 11 1996vanishing footers
837.02CHEFS::BRIGGS_RTue Oct 15 1996Help with Macro needed...
838.023STOWOA::READTue Oct 15 1996Microsoft Office 97 Early Adopter Program
839.02OZROCK::GROHNThu Oct 17 1996Office 95 + NT V4.
840.04TELFON::MAILMANTue Oct 22 1996File Size for different versions of Word
841.0RICE::BRZOZOWSKIWed Oct 23 1996Line numbers/WordPerfect conversions
842.01SWETSC::WESTERBACKThu Oct 31 1996Index field code breaks TOC
843.03WOTVAX::WATSONRTue Nov 12 1996Anyone seen an ELLINGTON font around ?
844.0SPSEG::BRAMSONTue Nov 12 1996<Removing components from Office 95>
845.01KISMIF::MARAWed Nov 13 1996Office "Set Up" Problem?
846.04POMPY::LESLIEThu Nov 14 1996WORD 7 cannot find WORDART - help appreciated
847.06QUICHE::PITTThu Nov 21 1996Why do my date fields always get updated?
848.03STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaTue Nov 26 1996Converting DSR (Runoff) documents to Word
849.0LINGO::SILVERMANFri Nov 29 1996Can't open Help
850.0TDCISA::BORELTue Dec 03 1996Syntax of "current line" in a formula ?
851.0+6TAEC::SMITHThu Dec 05 1996No Blank Page(s) Printed
852.03NQOSFri Dec 06 1996GROWSTUB ERROR
853.02KANATA::CAMPOSFri Dec 06 1996How can I make macros part of the document?
854.03USPS::FPRUSSMon Dec 16 1996Word 7 and GIF "pictures"?
855.0+7OHFSS1::RBROWNMon Jan 13 1997TABLE OF CONTENTS in WORD 7 from WORD 6
857.05TAEC::SMITHThu Jan 16 1997Opening Word without Document1, Document2, ...
858.0OHFSS1::RBROWNMon Jan 20 1997Error! No table of contents entries found.
859.0+3LGP3Thu Jan 23 1997Corporate licence?
860.0 *TRUCKS::BURYMon Jan 27 1997NT bitmap print problem
861.0 *+1PEAKS::KNIGHTINGFri Jan 31 1997Printing table borders?
862.0 *CIMBAD::CROSBYFri Feb 07 1997MSWORD/ACCESS DDE Problem
863.0 *+6UKVWed Feb 12 1997WORD 8.
864.0 *+1ANNECY::16.4Wed Feb 19 1997Hyperlink from WinWord
865.0 *+1KOOLIT::GREENLEAFMon Feb 24 1997Help with Table Formats/Database Text
866.0 *CONSLT::HITZWed Mar 05 1997Office 97 WinWord No Toolbar/Buttonbar
866.0 *+1SPSEG::BRAMSONTue Mar 18 1997How much disk space for Office 97?
867.0 *SIOG::CORCORANSun Mar 23 1997Word v2 documents-garbage since Win95 upgrade?
868.0 *+2BLAZER::MIKELISMon Mar 24 1997Autonumber Tables and Figures
869.0 *OTOOA::GMACDONALDTue Mar 25 1997WNT 3.51 - Word 7 Response Time
870.0 *CIM2NI::CROSBYThu Mar 27 1997Font Preferences
871.0 *+4IROCZ::FAULDSMon Mar 31 1997drawing disappears (doesn't print) Word7.
872.0 *+1TNPUBS::MARKFri Apr 04 1997WORD locks up the PC.
873.0 *+1NETRIX::"Jytte.Beck@DMO.mts.dec.com"Mon Apr 07 1997Missing fonts in Word 7.
874.0 *+1SIGSR1::BEGLEY_MMon Apr 07 1997Memory problems with Word 7.
875.0 *+5MASS1Thu Apr 17 1997Printing Booklets
876.0 *+8BUSY::SLABMon Apr 21 1997Printing business cards
877.0 *BLAZER::MIKELISThu May 01 1997lost image
878.0 *OSTVMon May 12 1997How to debug Macro?
879.0 *+3CHEFS::SMITH_MTue May 13 1997Rounded Corners to Borders.
880.0 *SANITY::COLBATHTue May 13 1997Can't find MSSP232.DLL?
881.0 *OGOPW1::BERSONFri May 16 1997Looks like a Word Virus, but is it?
882.0 *+6HYDRA::LAVINMon May 19 1997how do I get the menubar back in Office 97
883.0 *ALFSS2::PROCTOR_MTue May 27 1997Problems printing to upper tray in Word 7.